Are Slavs Stupid?

Uncle Volodya says, "When the stupidest man in Estonia moved to England, it raised the National IQ 2 points!""

In one of his latest comments, which offer wild conclusions unsupported by any apparent studies or evidence, our pet troll AJ suggests “IQ tests show that Slavs have a lower IQ than Western Europeans”, which purports to support a theory that Russians should just accept a culture of backwardness.

Let’s forget for a moment that this is merely a technique designed to “get a rise”, to make other commenters fire off a bunch of angry retorts, gradually moving away from the subject of discussion. That’s not very effective here, since discussions rarely follow any kind of structure or focus on the premise of the post. However, it’s the sort of unsubstantiated viciousness I’d expect from La Russophobe, who also regularly suggests Russians are stupid and ignorant. She’s a little more focused, though, mainly concentrating on Russia and Russians. AJ appears to suggest this genetic stupidity affects all Slavs, so we might as well start off with a definition of who is included. The Slavs are generally recognized to be made up of the East Slavs (Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians), West Slavs (Czechs, Kashubians, Poles, Slovaks and Sorbs), the Czech-Slovak Group (the aforementioned Czechs as well as Bohemians and Slovaks) and the South Slavs (Bulgarians, Macedonians,  Slovenes, Croats and Bosniaks). There is some regional duplication, and there are numerous sub-groups, but this will do to go on. These main regional groups are Slavs by virtue of having majority Slavic ethnic populations.

I’m not an historian myself, but it seems curious on its face that such a huge piece of the globe could be occupied by people of substandard intelligence, and not have been absorbed by now by smarter people. Let’s take a closer look at the allegation. What’s a good way to measure intelligence and intellect? How about Nobel Prizes? Let’s see how Slavs stack up against Western Europe.

Gee; I guess before we start, we should agree on who makes up Western Europe. That’d be Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, with a combined population of just under 400 million.  The overall population of the Slavic states is somewhere between 287 million and 384 million (census totals not being especially accurate in many), but either figure will include assimilated groups who are not Slavs by definition. Similarly, there will be quite a few Slavs by definition among Western Europeans, so let’s call them more or less even.

Anyway, on to Nobel prizes. All told, the Slavic countries have won 51 Nobel prizes in various fields. Enough to dispel the notion that Slavs are stupid, certainly. Hold on, though – that begs the question, when do people become stupid? Are they stupid by virtue of their birth, or by virtue of their later education? This is an important distinction for us to wrestle with, because it is at the root of AJ’s theory that Slavs are stupider than West Europeans. This suggests they are born stupid. Ergo (according to this theory, not reality), your country of origin determines your IQ.

That’s curious, because it feeds into another of AJ’s paranoias – immigration. Germany has won a very impressive 102 Nobel prizes; but 10 of them were won by foreign-born Germans, and of those, 6 were Slavs.

1. Peter Grunberg            Physics        2007          born Czech Republic

2. Gunter Grass                Literature  1999            born Poland

3. Gerhart Hauptmann    Literature  1912            born Poland

4. Wilhelm Ostwald           Chemistry 1909            born Latvia

5. Albert Michelson            Physics      1907           born Poland

6. Philipp Lenard                Physics       1905          born Slovakia

France has also done quite well, with 57 Nobels overall – but 8 of them were won by the foreign-born and 3 of those by Slavs; Ivan Bunin, who won the Nobel for Literature in 1933 and was a Russian, and two-time winner, one of the most brilliant women who ever lived, Marie Curie. A Pole by birth, she somehow managed to overcome her genetic stupidity to win the Nobel for Physics in 1903 and again for Chemistry in 1911.

Similarly, the United Kingdom appears to be populated by a brainy bunch, with 115 Nobels. But wait – a full 27 of them were won by foreigners, and of those 3 were Slavs: Andre Geim, who won this year’s Nobel for Physics and is Russian-born; Joseph Rotblat, who won the Nobel Peace prize in 1995 and is Polish, and Bulgarian Elias Canetti, who won the prize for Literature in 1981.

The USA is not in Western Europe, but would serve to further illustrate the point; of its 326 Nobel prizes, 84 were won by foreigners – better than a quarter of the American total – 10 of them Slavs.

It should be manifestly clear that there is nothing genetically stupid about Slavs; it would be difficult to argue it based merely on Nobel prizes won by Slavic people in Slavic countries. It’s even more difficult to argue given the number of Slavs who have bested foreigners in their own countries to take the world’s highest honour in their chosen field.

But it’s an interesting subject, so lets look at how Slavs compare with the world at large. If you’re not familiar with the PISA tests (Program for International Student Assessment), these series focus on core abilities in the sciences, across an international spectrum, testing 15-year-old students in various subjects. Conducted every 3 years, the most recent available for review is the 2006 test; the 2009 results have not yet been released. The 2006 test focused on Science as a major, with secondaries in mathematics and reading. Reading was the major focus of the 2009 tests, while the majors in 2012 and 2015 will be mathematics and back to science again, respectively. Everybody still with me? Good.

Flag of the Slavs who kicked Western Europe's ass.

The 2006 PISA tests (warning, this is a fairly sizable PDF download, 4.5 mb) are revealing. If you downloaded the entire summary, have a look at table 1, on page 20.  Finland has surprised a lot of people in the last few years, outperforming the world at pretty much everything. It should come as less of a surprise, then, that Finland blew the whole world into the weeds in the PISA, with 3.9% of its students reaching level 6, the highest achievable. Level 2 equates to basic competency in science. I’m aware the Finns are neither Slavs nor West Europeans; I’m just in awe of Finland’s incredible development. But look at who’s number 2. In the world. Estonia. Slavs. Estonian students had 33.7% of their number reach level 3, above average, and overall outperformed every Western European country. Slovenia, also Slavs, outperformed every Western European country with the exception of the Netherlands. In all modesty, I feel I must point out that my own country also outperformed every country in Western Europe, and is 4th in the world – Canadian Slavs, take a bow. The Russian Federation didn’t do all that well, but still beat Italy and Portugal of the Western European countries, as well as beating the United States. I’m eager to see how they did last year.

Have you heard of Ayn Rand? Author of “The Fountainhead” and “Atlas Shrugged”, her philosophy of Objectivism forms the backbone of western conservative thought, and western foreign and domestic policy is powerfully influenced by her ideas. American think-tanks from the Cato Institute to the American Enterprise Institute can quote chapter and verse from these books, and when American Republicans speak of “going Galt”, they are invoking John Galt, the main character of “Atlas Shrugged”; the man who said he would stop the motor of the world. Arguably, no other dead person has had such a profound affect on western conservatism as a political philosophy, except perhaps for Ronald Reagan. Every book she published in her lifetime (she died in 1962) is still in print. Hundreds of thousands of copies sell each year, so far totaling over 25 million.

Ayn Rand was a Slav, born in St Petersburg and a citizen of the Soviet Union until she was 20 years old.

Of course there is no “IQ test” that “proves Slavs are less intelligent than Western Europeans”. There are, however, tests which prove beyond question that some Slavs are a good deal more intelligent than many Western Europeans, not to mention many among other countries in the world. Slavs are not stupid, by birth or as a result of their education, and there are no IQ tests which prove anyone in the world is stupid because of the country in which they are born.

On the other hand, insistently pushing a viewpoint for which one offers no substantiation, while other established and reliable data contradict it and which data are in the public domain, accessible by everyone, is just about the textbook definition of stupid.

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  1. Viktor Kierovski says:

    You forgot to include the Serbs in the South Slavic group!

    • William says:

      All Slavs are amazingly smart. To deny this is to be irrational and silly. Germans are smart( massively so, just check out german tech) , so are the Anglo-Saxons (English) – and the Celts. You are all Indo-European brothers, as myself.

  2. European says:

    The Indo Europeans originiated somwhere around the Volga. They were one tribe of white people with the same language. Around 4000 BC they started to spread into all directions. The various groups developed different languages like Germanic, Slavic, Latin, Greek ect

    So if you talk about Germanic peoples or Slavs ect – you just talk about white people/Europeans that speak a different Indo european language.

    The Finns, Hungarians and Estonians ect have non indo European languages – from groups that came perhaps from Asia – but they are Indo Europeans because those “invaders” have been assimilated by the Indo european population.

    People in India, Iran ect still talk a Indo European language from the white people that came from Europe and established a ruling cast there – (Aryan means: Noble from the North)but over time the white people from Europe mixed with the dark skinned aboriginies and in time dissappeared.
    Only the language of this white ruling class remained.

    So If anyone says India or Iran are Arayn – they mean the language and not the skin colour/people ect.

    Another matter is: The Europeans are one people/family and extremely mixed. They just speak different languages.

    How many Germans and Austrians went to the Czech republic and became Czechs and vice versa?

    How many Germans went to Russia and became Russians and vice versa?

    Britain and France, Spain and Italy, Rumania and Ukraine ect ect

    One misconception concenrning eastern Europe is that many people think that Gypsies are Russians, or Czechs or Slovaks or Poles or Rumanians ect

    They are not – Gypsies came from India and have never been assimilated by the European population.
    So while they speak the language of the country they live in the are NOT Eastern Europeans or Europeans in general.

    The same can be said about Albania and the Balkan.
    While many muslims there are considered Europeans they are not – they are descendants of the Turks that came there and like the Gypsies have never been assimilated by the European populations there.

    Rather these original European populations have been replaced with these turkish migrants.

    Another misconception about Eastern Europa is that it is backward – it was until 1990 – but not because they are less intelligent or something – but because they had to endure 45 years – in Russias case 70 years of Communism!

    And since communism is the most inhumane terror Ideologie ever created and killed over 20 million people in eastern Europe – that was a HUGE blow to Eastern Europe from which it has to recover.

    Imagine 40 or 70 years of Communism in Britain or France… just look what it did to eastern Germany….

    • John says:

      Great explanation!
      One Jewish comedian said, “Do you know what is the difference between a British joke and a Jewish joke? English tell their joke on their own British land, and Jewish tell their joke on the British land”.

      • European says:


        Its just stupid how some people say that eastern Europeans or the Balkans are not as good as the Western part of Europe. We are all white-have nearly the same religion and mentality and are Europeans.

        The Czechs in 1940 were among the top 10 industrialised nations on earth – before communism. Russia build a VAST Empire and defeated the Mongol hordes.
        Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth?

        Tesla, Dvorak,Tolstoj ect ect all slavic speaking.

        Take a baby from France and give it to some family in Moscow – and it will be slavic speaking. No one will ever know it came from France.

        Take a baby from Moscow and give it to a family in Britain – and it will be germanic speaking. No one will ever know it came from Russia.

        Because Europeans are the same

        The Balkans had to endure 500 years of turkish terror rule
        Eastern Europe 40 or more years of Communism + two world wars
        Additionaly a huge migration of Gypsies and muslims that are not Europeans since they were not assimiliated by the european population.

        It was all this that devastated these regions so much that they still recover from that blow.

        BTW: I live in Western Europe and when I travel to Eastern Europe I see 99% white people. While here in the West we allready have some 20 million Muslims and blacks and Gypsies that have never been assimilated into the european population……..

        • Igor says:

          i couldn’t agree with you anymore.

        • Vincent says:

          Yes, you are correct on most account if I do say so myself. I did not care to actually research the matters relative to your comment, however speaking personally from experience I can say that 99% of what you said cross-fades with what has happened to me.

          P.S – I live in Britain myself.

        • drake says:

          albanians are illyrian tribe and are white people probably you are greek …greeks are the most black people in balkans

        • Bill Hicock says:

          I agree with you, but you have to understand that it gets tiresome listening to Slavs boast about their singular brilliance when it hasn’t exactly been borne out in reality.

    • ini-itte says:

      “The Indo Europeans originiated somwhere around the Volga. They were one tribe of white people with the same language. Around 4000 BC they started to spread into all directions. The various groups developed different languages like Germanic, Slavic, Latin, Greek ect

      So if you talk about Germanic peoples or Slavs ect – you just talk about white people/Europeans that speak a different Indo european language.

      The Finns, Hungarians and Estonians ect have non indo European languages – from groups that came perhaps from Asia – but they are Indo Europeans because those “invaders” have been assimilated by the Indo european population.”

      Finno-ugrians are mostly the descendants of pre-europoids and pre-mongoloids and pre-amerindians. We simply haven’t evolved as fast as some others 😉
      However, that hasn’t hindered our finno-ugric IQ. Recent evolution is mostly about new diseases anyway.

    • wrong says:

      The Aryan invasion is a myth, there was no white ruling caste there

    • wrong says:

      There was no Aryan invasion

    • james says:

      albanians are illyrians yoy gypsy undecated person are whiter than greeks and they live ine balkan since ancient time so dond speak to much gypsy

    • Ali B says:

      Enough of this Bullshit. There is no evidence of this. There were never any Europeans or ”Aryans” who invaded India , Indians were always brown people , and non Europeans/ Asians with their own identity. AIT is clearly non-sense. It’s invented by whites, because they couldn’t handle the fact that those Indian people with a ‘darker skin’ were superior to them. All the ancient explorers were amazed by the beauty, wealth and knowledge of India (or the area that is now called India). And this was before any invasion of Europeans, Arabs etc.

    • Sev says:

      I just had to say, I stumbled upon this accidentally and going through comments only one really stuck out and that is that you claim that muslims in Balkans aren’t actually Slavic. That really cannot be more false because my dude, if I know something as a Bosnian/Serbian guy is that all the muslims here are Slavic people who took Islam as a religion because of political and economical reasons back in Osman days. Also a lot of people were forced to convert to Islam due to something called ‘danak u krvi’-‘tribute in blood’ where slavic people had to give away their children to Turks as a form of tax.
      So yea, muslims here are Slavic.

      And on the topic here, general opinion of Slavs is that western world is quite stupider than us because of their unsufficient and easy education and idk what else.

      Just a word from the Slav angle/

  3. frylnrind says:

    All trace holidays to March 8!!!

  4. Moscow Exile says:

    My wife, Natalya Vladimirovna, is a Slav born and bred in Moscow. She must be stupid because she married me, an Englishman born and bred not far from Manchester.!

  5. Igor says:

    I am Croatian and actually am not stupid at all. Look at nikola tesla. He invented the radio and was Croatian. Slavs are not stupid. In fact, not one race is smart, it’s all down to the person. race or ethnicity doesn’t reflect one’s intelligence.

    • marknesop says:

      I completely agree.

    • Misha says:

      Tesla was Serb.

      • Igor says:

        he was born in Serbia, but moved to Croatia and lived there for most of his life. And according to him, he announced to the world that he was actually a Croat. And if i might ask you Misha, why is there a statue of him in Croatia, i think it’s Dubrovnik?

    • Mateja says:

      Igor you idiot he was Serbian always hes Croatian with you Croats thats why nobody likes you you steal from us Serbs so stop it he is Serbian he sead it himself so just stop it.

      • Igor says:

        You lie. He was born in Serbia but moved to Croatia and lived there for most of his life and actually said that he was Croatian. Stop spilling out your lives you dirty Turk, get the fuck out of this site, you’re not even Slavic.

        • Misha says:

          Specific reference(s) with direct quotes of Tesla saying that he was Croatian.

          He was a Serb who lived on territory that’s part of the contemporary Croat state.

        • Abs says:

          Stay classy, guys. Today we move for new opportunities, eons ago we’d invade lands for similar reasons. Today’s residents didn’t *choose* to commit any associated atrocities so lay off your entitled supremacist claims. Instead, consider embracing new perspectives.

    • Dr says:

      You are right , but one correction.
      Tesla was Serbian not Croat.
      Only born on today Croatian theritory.

    • galatrox says:

      He was Serbian, born in Croatia. By his own words “I am neither Serbian, or Croatian, I am both”…

      I mean his father was an Orthodox priest. I am half/half myself, but if I came to Croatia no one would care that my mother is Croatian, but everyone would care that my father is Serbian. In case of Tesla it’s not so?

      Also I know I am 3 years late but who gives a fuck 😀

  6. Gustav Sänger says:


    Maybe you just don’t know a lot of German history or Eastern Europe history. Did you know that many towns and cities east of Germany were founded by Germans, had a German majority and all that was “high culture”/”western”/”civilized” was in German language?

    The list you provide of German Nobel Prizes won by “Slavs” is very incorrect. Those were Germans born in Eastern Europe and some of them from the early 20th century were born in provinces or states ruled by either Österreich (Austria), Preussen (Prussia) who spoke German or/and were born in cities that had a German majority. For example many cities in western Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia were entirely German, some centuries back there were even some German states in there, e.g. Kurland, Semgallen, etc. Look up for it.

    I’ll provide you with more info of the “Slavic” German Nobel Prizes.

    1. Peter Grunberg Physics 2007 “born Czech Republic” to Sudeten-german parents, this means they were GERMAN and spoke GERMAN at home in a time in which this city was called PILSEN and was a GERMAN city.

    2. Gunter Grass Literature 1999 “born Poland” to GERMAN parents in DANZIG which was at the time a GERMAN port city. He was even enlisted in the Waffen-SS. Yup, former Nazi.

    3. Gerhart Hauptmann Literature 1912 “born Poland” in SILESIA which was GERMAN for almost 500 years until the end of the WWII.

    4. Wilhelm Ostwald Chemistry 1909 “born Latvia” to BALTIC -GERMAN parents and had a GERMAN upbringing.

    5. Albert Michelson Physics 1907 “born Poland”, was born in Prussia (Germany) and was Jewish.

    6. Philipp Lenard Physics 1905 “born Slovakia”, PRESSBURG which was a city of Österrreich (Austrian Empire) and was a GERMAN city at the time.

    Germans went to Eastern Europe since the medieval ages to Christianize and to colonize. This was called Ostsiedlung. That’s why the intellectuals, capitalists, nobility and high ranking military were German in many places in the East such as Poland, Baltic states, Balkans and Russia. The Germans were so powerful in those areas that they sent “myths” of Eastern Europe back to Germany, fueling the desire to colonize further East. Two World Wars were made just by this desire called Drang nach Ost or Drive to the East in english.

    As you see you failed in all your examples given. You only took the modern day countries that have the cities or towns in which they were born and that belonged in past years to GERMAN speaking countries, rulers or were simply of GERMAN ethnicity with a GERMAN cultural upbringing in a foreign culture country such as the Russian Empire. What you did in providing those examples is called LYING as you provided false information on CHRONOLOGICAL/GEOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL background.

    I would advise you to read more German, Polish, Baltic and Russian history as you are lacking in many fields. For instance Estonians are by no means Slavic at all. They belong to the Finn-Ugric ethno/linguistic group toghether with Finns and Magyars (Hungarians).

    Hope I helped you clarify some issues on the topic. If you have any question feel free to ask. I’m a specialist in Germanic cultures.

    Kind regards, Gustav Sänger.

    • marknesop says:

      Thanks, Gustav. That particular piece was not very well-researched at all and there were several gaping holes in it, not the least of which was that Estonians are – generally speaking – not Slavs. However, I left it rather than scrapping it, because I hoped it would teach me a lesson.

      Your point is well-taken, and I would not be surprised to find many of the Nobels claimed by other countries were also won by immigrants from elsewhere who for one reason or another were residing in that country. Still, the notion that a pure vein of intelligence springs from one particular country and that others are more stupid by comparison by reason of their birth country is nonsense. Nobody has been able to prove anything of the kind, and even children from poorer countries who do less well in school and tests because of environmental factors improve once those conditions are removed. There are stupid and brilliant people amongst us all regardless where we were born.

      • Gustav Sänger says:

        True! I’m also against any kind of intelligence discrimination on grounds of place of birth and or ethnicity. BTW I really like your blog but I needed to give my opinion on this one. I am by no means saying that Germans are superior or more intelligent than Slavs, that is just a load of crap. Slavs unfortunately have been discriminated on the Nobel prize as many non-western nations on the stupid notion that Slavs are not western enough. Just as Latinamericans and Japanese have, even though Japan is very much westernized in almost every subject and LA is western by default as the countries were former Spanish and Portuguese colonies. And I don’t want to start with Africa.

        Thanks for your reply, I’ll keep on reading your posts.

        Regards , Gustav

        • Moscow Exile says:

          Yes, Gustav is on the ball with what he said about the descendants of the Ostsiedlung. However, many of the German speaking ruling classes in what was Prussia, Pomerania, Silesia, the Kurland etc. must have had a lot of “Slavic blood” in them. Many of the Junkers and high ranking Prussian officers had names ending in “-ow” – Karl von Bülow, a WWI general, for example, and Ludwig Adolf Wilhelm von Lützow, a 19th century Prussian general who organized an army corps to fight against the Napoleonic occupation of the German lands – the “-ow” suffix being cognate with the Slavic “-ов” and the “von” being the the German titular preposition cognate with the French “de”. I even knew an old German who was called Waldimar – the Germanified version of Vladimir.

          I should go so far as to say that the “natural” eastern frontier of the Germanic tribes was the Elbe; east of the Elbe there are many German towns and cities that were Slavic settlements, e.g. Leipzig from the Slavic “Lipsk”, which is in its turn from “lipa” (липа) – “linden tree”, as in Unter den Linden in Berlin, and which means “the Linden tree settlement”. And Pomerania (Pommern) is straight from the Slavic “po more” (по море) – “by the sea”.

          I am also in total agreement with Gustav’s opinion that as regards one’s intelligence, birthplace and ethnicity is inconsequential.

          Viele Grüsse aus Moskau!
          Большой привет из Москвы!
          Greetings from Moscow!

    • ini-itte says:

      “For example many cities in western Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia were entirely German.”

      Not so. In Estonian medieval cities, about half of the population was local estonians. And about 1/3 of so-called baltic germans actually were descendants of estonian nobility.

      “and all that was “high culture”/”western”/”civilized” was in German language.”
      Yes, that is what often masked local native ethnic origin.

      “You only took the modern day countries that have the cities or towns in which they were born and that belonged in past years to GERMAN speaking countries, rulers or were simply of GERMAN ethnicity with a GERMAN cultural upbringing in a foreign culture country such as the Russian Empire.”

      That does not explain the fact that by 1900, the literacy rate of finns, estonians and latvians was higher than that of germans and jews in the Russian Empire. Most of those germans were Volga germans, though.

      Nevertheless, I am not as critical of Gustav’s post as it might seem. I am less critical 😉

  7. curtd59 says:

    I think that the argument is that the distributions of iq vary between racial groups and that its largely determined by cultural mating patterns. The British benefit in iq is almost entirely a product of its middle class. The families above the hanjal line seem to fare better in general. But this is most likely the product of suppressing the birth rates of the lower classes from 1200 to 1850. And it’s now regressing toward the mean as the lower classes out reproduce the upper.

    I hope that makes sense

    Distributions are material.

  8. Moscow Exile says:

    How were the birth rates of the lower classes supressed from 1200 to 1850?

    I always thought that the 19th British middle classes were always complaining that they were in danger of being outbred by the Lumpenprolatariat, which event would lead to a deterioration in the nation’s IQ, albeit that there was no such co-efficient at that time. Basically, they were saying that the nation was becoming full of thickheads because the thickies, despite the booze and high mortality in the mills and mines etc., were better at reproducing.

    A case in point: my maternal grandfather (born 1899) had 11 brothers and sisters. He and all his brothers worked in the local coal mines, as did his father. (The girls all “went into service”, namely they worked as servants for the bourgeoisie.) So did my grandfather’s and great uncles’ sons, as did my father. So did I. They weren’t unintelligent though, and they weren’t illiterate either, though none of them read much – for leisure that is.

    This bourgeois fear of being overwhelmed by social undesirables led to the policy of eugenics. It wasn’t only in Nazi Germany where there was attempted the implimentation of a policy of killing off the “feeble minded”, recidivist criminals, alcoholics etc., who were all from the “lower classes” of course. I think Sweden had a eugenics policy right up to the mid-1950s.

  9. art says:

    be aware that Estonians are not Slavs

  10. RaDoSlav says:

    What a bunch of brain_washed id_io_ts is over there!
    You here know nothing about east slavic culture.
    Your standarts are just kind of show\nice looking wrapper, smooth facade of very decayed building, Your moral values are complete hypocricity in every aspect of your life and society.
    We don’t need yours gayrope social standarts completely based on loan, hypocrisy and pseudo-humanism populism.
    The most funny thing that yall ou completely don’t undestand in what slavery situation almost all gayropenian countries are as too US of merica and transtational and financila\banking capital\oligarchy\elite. Your societies are copies of the sheep’s farms, adopted to human species.
    Even more, if we consider all the war conflicts for the last 70 years you can clearly see an Axis of US+Europe(mainly UK, France and some other) which are in fact 4th Reich of nowadays.
    In 18th century Russian stundents studied Frech language- and kicked Napoleon’s ass.
    In 19th century Russian stundents studied German language – and kicked Hitler’s ass.
    In 21th century Russian stundents study English(*) – we never had so many options to choose before. he-he =)

    So, i would recommend you to piss off and left us alone without your unasked attantion to our contries and ppl. We would build our societies and countries by ourself this time. We have a good history of you help with financing Lenin, financing Hitler, recruit Gorbachev and many… So thanks, that is enough.

    To all those “smarters” above who claim they know someting on slavic culture: I should recommend you to shut up now and back to this disscussion for example in 2020-2025 years.

    Wish you all the best.

    *(however now many switched to chinese and arabic languages)

    • Alex Nolan says:

      Living proof of slavic stupidity.

      Have you seen how small your head is, how flat back of it is?
      Bird brain fool.

  11. Victor says:

    Just a small list for those intellectuals who recognizes the names:

    Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Chekhov, Tchaikovsky, Scriabin, Rachmaninoff, Solzhenitsyn, Alekhkine, Smyslov, Blok, Tchebyshev, Kolmogorov, Sikorsky, Zworykin, Karpov, Zhukovsky, Mendeleev, Netrebko, Chaliapin, Sholokhov, Alexandrov, Tikhonov, Basov, Pavlov, Stanislavsky etc., etc., etc.

  12. Dal says:

    The whole idea of IQ is fundamentaly flawed imho….the only thing it really reflects is how good you are at doing tests…..Germans considered themselfs superior and more intelligent to the Russians in the 40s until they were promptly kicked in the ass by their own arrogance….

    Most Slavs speak more then one language….most Americans can barely English properly. But all in all,good post…..

  13. Dal says:

    Damn it lol I meant can barely speak English properly lol I think I made my point 😀

  14. Edward says:

    what a retard, estonians as the rest of Baltic states: Lithuania and Latvia has nothing in common with slavs. They north nations.

  15. smerdyakov says:

    Slav defenders fail to realize that the insults about their intelligence are just their detractors flimsily trying to explain what they are really trying to express – that slavs are the missing link between man and chechen. No one doubts that they are smart, but they are still completely backwards in some form of typical human reasoning. It’s sort of like how the chinese are smart but dumb at the same time — slavs are smart but also apelike at the same time, and they display it through their general boorish behavior that somewhat misses the mark of western civilization.

  16. Michael says:

    All those “Slavic” German Nobel Prize winners you named were German ethnically, just born in Slavic countries. By your logic, any black man born in England is ethnically English, which is impossible.

  17. A. Alexander says:

    Russians are semi-slavs.Ayn rand was Jewish

  18. Rick says:

    Slavs were illiterate peasants for hundreds of years. When western Europeans were being civilized and developed monarchies, political order, and economic stability, way back in bc times, slavs were plowing potatoes, and fucking their siblings. That’s all they knew how to do, and more or less, not much has changed. They got fucked up the ass by just about every civilization that swept through their decrepit shithole (vikings, mongols, huns, turks, etc), and it wasn’t until Rurik, a western European landed in Novgorod that they grasped any sense of civility, and after that Cyrill who gave them an understanding of literacy. After the Varangians left they went back to their usual remedial ways of life.

    The demographics in North America prove it too. Buffalo, Detroit, Chicago, New Jersey. What do they have in common? Pollacks and Bohunks. I live in western Canada, in a place that has colloquially come to be known as the “toilet of Canada”, which can be directly attributed to the immigration of thousands of Galician peasants that landed here a little over a century ago, who were one rung up from cave people. Lets just say, you’ll be scouring their genealogical records forever before you come across any rhode scholars.

    So yeah, in conclusion, AJ does have somewhat of a point. Slavs are not much more than pea brained dufuses and cretins. It doesn`t require a lot of historic knowledge to understand that. Perhaps though, if you’re a slav yourself, that knowledge may still be daunting for you to grasp.

    • marknesop says:

      Wow. That was quite an intellectual spiel. I live in western Canada, too, although there doesn’t seem to be much to recommend it now. May I recommend Stormfront? Sounds like it would suit you better than here.

      • Rick says:

        Stormfront? I thought slavs ran that site? With every 3rd comment uttered out of a Bohunk’s mouth being something anti-semitic, and considering eastern europe owns a monopoly in skinheads, stormfront must be their haven. Perhaps you’re not even aware of how deeply racist your ethnic group seems to be, and only wake up to the thought of racism when someone directs at you.

    • Southerncross says:

      It must hurt you to have been surpassed in every metric of human success by the Canadian Ukes you revile. Well, cheer up! If you move to Vancouver some Chinese immigrant might give you a job mowing the lawns of his McMansion.

      • Rick says:

        Oh yeah, abusing the welfare system and the labor unions is surpassing me by a mile. Generational welfare reliant cretins who accomplish nothing in life but shitting out 7 welfare children before they’re 25 and smoking the pipe until they die of aids when they’re 55. Yeah…real achievers. I’ll live to see pigs fly before a bohunk ever gets a university degree.

        There is a reason Putin is in the process of wiping out your feeble ethnic group. The only value you’ve given anyone is in your slave labor and your use as human shields for the red army. Stalin should have finished the job 70 years ago.

        • Mike Rak says:

          Damn Rick you must be some butt-hurt seed of Nazi German whose ass Slavs kicked so hard he ended up in Nazi Heaven of United states.

          • Rick says:

            No, just an average joe of western European heritage who descends from a long lineage of successful people from whom I’ve inherited a superior intellect that allows me to recognize the truth about the world. Nothing Nazi about it really. Considering slavs are the most racist ethnic group on the planet right now, and in fact do own a monopoly in neo-nazi organizations, I find your accusation quite hilarious. I wont hold it against you though, your remedial intelligence doesn’t know any better.

            • Arno says:

              I had arguments with Nordicist, Anglo-Saxon fanatics and Germanics, and now they all remind me of you. Impossible to reason with, deluded to the core about their superiority as a master race.They didn’t put much effort in their arguments, they could only retaliate with insults, slurs and rage, not very intelligent really as they liked to portray themselves. The thing is if you would come face to face with your superior intelligence and big mouth like that to a Russian or a Pole, you would be hospitalized, then your superior intellect wouldn’t be useful anymore. You have the nerve to lecture here your moral justice about racism but you spew insults about Slavs like dragon fire.
              On top of that you generalize about 300 million people that they are low lifes, alcoholics and drug abusers. Eh you are a funny guy. You are probably just very very sad in your life (with your superior intelligence) that the only making you happy is your hatred of Slavs and enjoying being of some incest linage that was very common in western European houses, well good luck in your life you living, stinking sack of shit. You reek of smugness and arrogance, your predecessors were destroyed because of that.

              • Nick W. says:

                Ah ignore this Rick moron. He is a deluded, stupid fuck with no brains left what so ever. He only know to spew shit about other ethnic groups with no good reason. I’ve already had encounters with idiots like him, had to headbutt them very fast to stop their nonsense.

            • So Rick with your inherited superior intellect you must have lots of academical achievements to show us, please do tell.

    • Българин says:

      That smartness, that non-hate.. First of all Bulgaria, Serbia and Croatia dated earlier than England, Germany and Spain. Franks were pure barbaric people they ate with their bare hands and today they are burpig lowdly all over the street while in Bulgaria the people ate with golden forks and spoons. Check it — The oldest golden statues, forks , cups and etc.- they are from Bulgaria. Spartacus was thracian, John Atanasoff wa Bulgarian and much more! We were fuckin our siblings he said… for fuck sake do you even know which country has more inbreds? ITS FRANCE YOU IDIOT!!! The Slavs were perfect both psychicly and physicly fighters and people! We shouldn’t kick the Entente’s asses if we were dismoralized anyway!!!

  19. Nick says:

    I’m Russian and I agree with you. I lived almost 40 years in Russia and traveled 62 countries, Moscow State graduate and moved family in California (so, probably not average one) and I think that level of genral culture, attitude, kindness and moral in Russia is far behind most of Western cultures. I’m not talking about basic freedom and other things you have from your birth and do not even considering as privilege. I’m happy my kids are growing in beautiful environenent and will do my best to make them grow in the US. Without Nobel Prize numbers it is clear that Western culture due to many reasons – I don’t think genetic ones but more due to freedom and moral and fairness in everything – showing non-comparable advantages and really makes the progress of whole humankind.

  20. Fred G. says:

    Estonians are not Slavs, pardon me but not. They are Ugro-finns.
    But I don’t believe PISA tests are the measure of being smart. You can be intelligent and don’t care about science. Look up Slavs’ achievements in metaphysics and religion. They are quite superior in that field. Don’t forget Tesla and Pupin. Both were Serbs, Tesla was Yugoslavian born.

    • Maybe in the very beginning, but over centuries they mixed very heavily with slavs, this shit is so fucking stupid people trying to find genetic differences to explain intelligence, just because Einstein was (very liberally) Jewish or Da Vinci was Italian doesn’t mean that your average Jewish guy or Italian guy has some crazy amount of genetic intelligence. If this was true Einsteins children would be geniuses as well.

      • Patient Observer says:

        Couldn’t help but comment that Einstein was far less of a genius than generally believed. On the other hand, his wife seems to have been the originator of work attributed to him such as the photoelectric effect as well as the Special Theory of Relativity. Also, she may have been responsible in part for the General Theory. There are various articles on the internet providing details on the above. Also, a rather heavily promoted recent series by NatGeo on the life of Einstein did suggest that she was, at a minimum, a co-developer of Relativity. BTW, his wife was Serbian (yes, a stupid Slav).

  21. Artistof Mindwank SAP says:

    Why do people think they can judge you by their own norms? Like most British think we should have higher scores on PISA test which is actually made to measure WE intelect, we should use Thank you more often and have more care for gay freedoms. Well go to anywhere in the world including the UK and explain them they should live by your norms. They’ll kill you. Seriously.

  22. Egy Igaz Magyar says:

    Dude i dont wanna insult you but Philip Lenard is hungarian not slovak. I guess you west europeans forgot about the Trianon treaty and that you fucked up my country. Greetings from one of the 500 thousand hungarians living in Felvidék (slavs call it slovakia)

    • Samuel says:

      Nothing stands in your way to move to Hungary or Mongolia where you actually are from. My grand-grand father was beaten, was BEATEN, because he didn’t know Pater noster in Hungarian. And it was here, 22 km from Žilina, in purely Slovak area! No, we won’t let it be. We will take tanks and go towards Budapest, until it falls by ash!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Rastko Vukmirovic says:

    Wandering how Western Europeans are making such a good deal from combining science and politics…
    I am an ethnic Serb. My IQ was 139 when I was 14, my friends in school used 2 think I’m much backwards and no one of us ever took PISA test or became a rocket scientist…

  24. Daniel says:

    Estonians are mixed finnic and slavic

  25. androo says:

    i am part czech and i don’t believe in the holohoax

  26. Samuel says:

    This is arrogance!!! How can one just think about Slavs as stupid??? Let’s put a question, are Americans stupid? You don’t think of terms Slav and slave, it’s not the same, as you see!!! Nobel prizes are awarded by Americans, French, British and German who hate Slavs, because in their languages is similar to slave. And they were in Germany, Austria-Hungary just slaves and laughed!!! And why??? Would you like it? If Obama has a Nobel prize, why cannot Putin have? I’d tell you, he is Slav and being Slav means being less. No comment, your language is so poor without grammar, that everyone learns it easy.

  27. Joshua Goldberg says:

    The majority of both “Germans” and “Slavs” winning Nobel prizes are Jews, who are much smarter than whites on average, and are a distinct genetic group.

    • MLb says:

      Maria Curie Sklodowska, Wislava Szimborska ?…

      Nobel Prize = Shit

      Jews = Thieves

    • Oh really mr. Goldberg, could you please provide open source code for your genetics and if you could provide one for every other ethnic groups as well? How come Da Vinci who arguably is the smartest man ever, who studied everything and made advancements in every field of his study was not Jewish? Compared to the greatest “Jewish” scientist of all time Einstein (who was never attributed his intelligence to genetics mind you and chose to accept his ancestry as product of variables he had no control over) only made advancements in Physics/Mathematics and maybe from personal standpoint Philosophy? All these religions, politics and ideologies are extremely misunderstood and product negative impulses in our brains that lead to largest tragedies in human history. For Example Hitler, was he dumb? Yes and no, he was extremely intelligent orator when he spoke mountains moved, when he came to power Germany was in tatters, he was the force that made Germany superpower, he had talents of judging people and their qualities some of the Generals/scientists he hand-picked and promoted to positions of control became geniuses of their fields. And despite having some of Jewish ancestry he labeled jews/slavs/gypsies inferior races that must perish, in fact he thought Jews where the worst of them all. Why? Despite being intelligent, he never formulated principles that are so important to understand yourself, he had skills to manipulate situations with, but never let himself be manipulated, questioned or opposed. Thats why far right spectrum suited him, he could only see his ideals from his own perspective thus he had to be the god, the center, the superposition, the driving force. And thats why he lost the war, he thought he has no flaws, he didn’t let himself fail to learn and better himself, so when things came to an end only logical to him was suicide. Despite being very intelligent in some fields, he was very dumb in others, he didn’t listen to his generals and rushed the war on east front, didn’t listen to economical analysts that warned him he cannot sustain so many fronts.

      Those are just 3 geniuses in their perspective fields, we can go on and on and try to find common denominator to attribute to genetics. But truth is everyone no matter the race/skin of color/religion has the ability to become geniuses, it might be true that certain Jewish traditions or Jewish way of life, forces certain social variables that help Jews at developmental stages to understand certain fields better but its not connected to genetics. Lets say this: A Jewish parent takes very big interest in his children studies, when his child comes home from school he makes sure to go over homework with his kid, and explain to him different ways of solving the same problem from different perspectives, that develops critical thinking that that kid can use for the future problems. Compared to Slavic deadbeat parents who are not even home till 1am in the morning, and kid does his homework by himself, nobody checks it or cares to show him more interesting ways of doing it of course that kid will not have that essential tool in his arsenal to make things interesting to himself, to develop his fantasy etc.

      Not gonna go into those differentials any more deeper, but what is the difference here the probability is the Jewish kid will do better on iq tests and such vs Slavic kid. But guess what, if we reverse the situation than it will be the Slavic kid who will most likely have higher score. But there is factor #3 we cannot rule out, the spooky reaction at a distance, the superposition/the paradox maybe that Slavic kid or Jewish kid from reversed version, will use that freedom he has from not having his parents home to develop his fantasy, use those hardships he had to endure where he had to work hard to get something, and memories of not always getting what he wanted to develop his willpower, and develop his critical thinking from analyzing information from his own perspective nobody ever thought of. That 1 kid will come up with some potentially insane and at same time brilliant ideas, he score higher than 99% of all Jewish kids on iq test, or just like Einstein have principles and not even take that iq test because reality is that number means nothing and you should never tie yourself to any number or compromise yourself or your values for someone.

      So to conclude this and make it as simple as I can, if we have 2 healthy children born on same day in same place in a laboratory. And lets say they live in 2 exactly same rooms, that are theoretically filled with books on all known subjects possible from kid books to quantum physics. By Age of 10, 20,30,40,50 the development will be almost the same not enough factors to make it different really, too few factors for development.

  28. Majda says:

    I will like to use this opportunity to say, taht everybody alive now owns a big THANK YOU to en one great man Nikola Tesla… he inventet for us elecrtricety, x-ray, radio, everything wat powers oure home gadgets, tesla car and many more… and i am proud to say he is one of slavic people 🙂

  29. Alex Nolan says:

    Pretty sure that if you Google the IQs of Poland and Germany, they come out the same. 99. BELOW AVERAGE. Though only slightly. Europe in general falls in second place behind the East Asian nations (China, Japan, Korea) all of which are at 105.

    • Alex Nolan says:

      That said Poland does seem to be the highest ranking Slavic country, while Germany ranks in the middle for the Germanic lot.

  30. Me says:

    Estonians are no slavs pal… They’re a uralic (finnic) nation…

  31. reeeeeeee says:

    Estonians and Latvians aren’t slavs you fucking retard.

  32. bugmenot says:

    Estonians are not slavs you dumb fuck.

  33. Noname says:

    To answer this question everyone needs to live in slavic country and you definitely conclude that those slavic people don’t know how to live like human beings))) animals

  34. Khokloh says:

    Marie Curie killed herself with radiation….

    …not exactly a testament to her understanding her “discovery,” nor is the fact that she had to leave Slavic society to even learn about science lol

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