Bla Bla Bla Vladimir Putin Bla Bla Bla Authoritarian Regime Bla Bla Bla Wrong Side of History Bla Bla Bla Fundamentally Unstable

Uncle Volodya says,”Déjà Moo – the feeling that you’ve heard this bullshit before.”

Have you ever wondered what an article comprised completely of buzzwords, clichés and hackneyed tropes would look like? Well, wonder no more. This piece in “The Diplomat” (and if this is what diplomats really read, it explains a lot) – thanks, Kirill – is a nonstop thrill ride for those who are convinced that Russia is the root of all evil in the world, that its Dr. Evil authoritarian leader made it that way, and that the only sensible way to deal with it would be to shoot it like a rabid dog. Although some other countries allegorical to the “bad crowd” that hang together on the street corner – smoking, spitting on the sidewalk and plotting no good – are included, of course Russia is the ringleader, with Vladimir Putin cast as Oz The Great And Terrible, pulling the levers and pushing the buttons from behind his screen. The “Axis of Authoritarianism”, we are told, arose from Vladimir Putin’s resumption of the presidency of Russia.

I took the trouble to count how many times the word “authoritarian” is used in this piece, and it appears 22 times. I don’t think it would be exaggerating to say Mr. Martel relies heavily on it to get his point across. That’s curious, because although Mr. Martel appears to have never served in the military himself, he has been associated with it most of his adult and professional life (6 years at the Air War College, another 6 at the Naval War College, served in an editorial capacity at the latter). Is the military authoritarian? You bet it is. In fact, the authoritarian leadership model is a recognized and desirable leadership technique from the U.S. Army Handbook, and is taught at military leadership centers throughout the western powers. Here’s how the Army views authoritarian leadership: “This style is used when leaders tell their employees what they want done and how they want it accomplished, without getting the advice of their followers. Some of the appropriate conditions to use it is when you have all the information to solve the problem, you are short on time, and your employees are well motivated. Some people tend to think of this style as a vehicle for yelling, using demeaning language, and leading by threats and abusing their power. This is not the authoritarian style, rather it is an abusive, unprofessional style called “bossing people around.” It has no place in a leader’s repertoire.The authoritarian style should normally only be used on rare occasions. If you have the time and want to gain more commitment and motivation from your employees, then you should use the participative style.

It’s worth discussing the participative style here as well, because I’m going to argue that this is much more accurately Vladimir Putin’s leadership style – but first, permit me to suggest the military is generally more authoritarian than any government. Although the amplification of the authoritarian model says it should be used only rarely, the military in fact uses it pretty much all the time. The boss tells you what to do, and you do it. He doesn’t huddle with you, explain his reasoning, and then ask you if you maybe can think of a better way it could be done. Not even when you’re both the same rank, but he or she is delegated command, never mind when he or she is a couple of ranks higher. Everybody is made to practice all three popular leadership styles – authoritarian, participative and free rein – during leadership training, but if you forgot every one except authoritarian after that, the military would not be too upset with you. More to the point, people who want every decision to be a consensus after consultation typically do not rise rapidly in the military, because they are seen to be unable to make a decision.

Anyway, the participative style: “This style involves the leader including one or more employees in the decision making process (determining what to do and how to do it). However, the leader maintains the final decision making authority. Using this style is not a sign of weakness, rather it is a sign of strength that your employees will respect. This is normally used when you have part of the information, and your employees have other parts. Note that a leader is not expected to know everything — this is why you employ knowledgeable and skillful employees. Using this style is of mutual benefit — it allows them to become part of the team and allows you to make better decisions.

How is that not Vladimir Putin’s governing style? Does Mr. Putin personally tell everybody in Russia what to do every single day? Of course not; the authoritarian model is based on your being able to personally address every individual who will be involved in completing the task, telling him or her what to do and how to do it, when you expect it to be completed and to what standard, and then you follow up to ensure you, as the leader, were understood and that the results reflect those you ordered. As much as think-tank wonks love the term “authoritarian”, it is practically impossible to rule as a true authoritarian over a group much larger than you could fit in a sports arena.

In practice, Mr. Putin has a group of employees – called “ministers” – who advise him during the decision-making process, contributing advice from their areas of expertise, while the decision is his alone. Does Putin write all of Russia’s laws himself? Any of them? Of course not. Does he dictate transport policy without the advice of the appropriate ministry? Of course not. This is the participative model, and a variation of the one every civilized government uses. It seems to me a hell of a lot further from “authoritarian” than a government in which the president signs a new law into being by appending a signing statement that establishes his right to disregard it if he finds it inconvenient to realization of his objectives.

You may be wondering what the military has to do with this. Well, for one thing, the United States military functions just fine as an authoritarian institution, and few Americans suggest it should be more of a group-thinky sort of organization. For another, who does America send in first to overthrow governments it doesn’t care for, suppress resistance to the forceful injection of American values and set up the transitional government? That’s right – the military. The newly-liberated Iraq had a government imposed upon it led by a retired Lieutenant General. Oddly enough, he provided excellent leadership and, of the conservative favourites and native turncoats who had a shot at running the place after him, Jay Garner was probably the man who tried hardest to give the Iraqi people a shot at success.

For another, among the “Russia Democratic Reform Working Group” that supplied expertise to “Russia’s Democratic Moment? Defining U.S. Policy to Promote Democratic Opportunities in Russia” – co-edited by Mr. Martel – high-ranking military officers outnumbered civilians 17 to 3. What the hell, I guess we’re not too busy: let’s take a look inside. “The time that it takes a totalitarian state” they tell us “to transform itself into a democratic state is bereft of any historical experience or empirical foundation. To be blunt, we simply do not know how long the transformation will take or whether it will succeed. For all we know, the Russian people may have their energies absorbed by democratic reform for ten, fifty or one hundred years – or the grand experiment with democracy may collapse in civil war and the rebirth of an authoritarian society.” Even then (1995), they had a thing about that word. I think it’s safe to say, though, that when they said “democracy”, they meant democracy written for them and steered at every stage by the west and especially the United States. It stretches the imagination pretty far to propose that a country obsessed with being Number One and with full-spectrum dominance would deliberately enable a powerful challenger with a huge resource base that might one day disagree with them. Then again, that’s the same country that is now busily setting up Islamist governments all over the Middle East and Africa. In any case, it seems fairly clear that although they claimed then not to have any idea how long it would take for Russia to become a democracy, their patience is now exhausted, and we’re at the, “Are you a democracy now? How about now?” stage. Back then, although they believed “ is in the national interest of the United States to influence democratic reform in Russia…, they also believed “…how Russia manages democratic reform is up to the Russian people themselves.” Only certain Russian people though. Like Alexei Navalny and Boris Nemtsov and Lilia Shevtsova and Vladimir Ryzkhov. People who, when we say “Bashar Assad has got to go”, will say, “Yassuh, Boss; where do I sign?”

Well, let’s take a look at the article. Without further ado, I present you – the Axis of Authoritarianism: China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Syria and Venezuela. Not Libya, you notice, which has a NATO-empowered al Qaeda government, but the less said about that the better, apparently. What North Korea is doing in there is beyond me, unless Martel simply wanted to include a country that was indisputably a dictatorship and which would excite nobody’s sympathies. I guess Burkina Faso was on vacation or something.

This axis, we are told, “can only inject turmoil into the international system”. The international system the Axis of Good Guyz has done such a great job stabilizing, I suppose he means. The Single Most Powerful State In Economic, Military, And Technological Terms, Mr. Martel hopes you know, would bitchslap them into next week, because they fear Democracy, Freedom and Liberty, except that “weakness and confusion in American policy from wars, recession and political divisions in Washington” mean that might have to be put off for a little bit.

There’s a good deal more feelgood flag-waving like that, but I got tired of it fairly quickly. Let’s get to work. These states, we hear, are on the wrong side of history, politics and economics – and they know it.

That “wrong side of history” chestnut is a throwaway that is growing tired from overuse, and simply means that if you do not accept western benevolence implicit in all its actions or you question its authority to do as it pleases regardless what the law says, you are on the wrong side of history. Ooooo – hurt me. Politics? Russia’s leader has job approval ratings up over 70%; ratings that, according to ABC News, the American president “can only dream about”.  A Pew Research Center Global Opinion Poll found that nearly 75% polled believed Russia deserves more respect from other countries. Meanwhile the USA waited with bated breath to see if the Supreme Court would overturn as unconstitutional a law on health care that the president had already signed, and which copies heavily from a state law passed by the opposition’s candidate, while political gridlock due to grandstanding antics by the minority party prevents the passage of any meaningful legislation. Wrong side of politics? Doesn’t look like it to me. Economics? I’m glad you asked. Here’s Russia’s Current Account to GDP figures, currently a surplus of 5.5% of the country’s GDP and described by Trading Economics as “an indication of the level of international competitiveness of a country. Usually, countries recording a strong current account surplus have an economy heavily dependent on exports revenues, with high savings ratings but weak domestic demand. On the other hand, countries recording a current account deficit have strong imports, a low saving rates and high personal consumption rates as a percentage of disposable incomes.” Here’s the USA’s, -3.1% of GDP. Good luck spinning that “strong imports” as a positive: they’re not free, and those people with the low savings and high personal consumption rates are paying for them. Unemployment? Around 5.4% for Russia, 8.2% for the USA. Balance of trade? Why, I’d be delighted. Russia, a $19 Billion surplus. The United States, a $50 Billion deficit. Just for fun, let’s look at China’s benchmark interest rate; currently 6.31% in solid, planned increases that are making the government a ton of money. The USA? Currently holding at a record low of .25%, and the government dare not raise it. Mushroom-cloud badboy Iran? Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) increased 20% year-over-year in 2010 despite economic sanctions imposed by the west, and had increased an astonishing 139% between 2008 and 2010 alongside collapsing FDI in U.S. satellites like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait. I imagine the softening of world oil prices has made a significant dent in that, but it is apparent the they’re-making-a-nuclear-weapon caterwauling is not frightening everybody away.  GDP growth in Venezuela is a robust 5.6%, while growth in the USA is an anemic less-than-half at 1.9%. Yet in Martel-World, all these authoritarian nations are suffering from fundamentally weak economies because they are cursed with lots of oil.

China, a colossus that is only gathering speed in spite of a temporary slowdown while the developed world decides if it is going to slide into a recession again, is forecast to pass the USA as the world’s largest economy in just 4 years from this date. Speaking of lots of oil, China is not waiting around until there isn’t. They’re the world’s largest producer of not only domestic renewable energy, but renewable-energy components such as wind turbines and solar panels…for all those countries who think the petroleum express is a perpetual motion machine. One of the sources Martel cites is a New York Times story which croaks about tumbling electricity demand in China owing to the slowing economy, and implies regional managers are fudging their statistics. This is a common feature of emerging economies the USA does not care for – if their statistics look cheery, they’re fabricated. I could see the “1 or 2 percentage points” the article claims (according to western economists and a couple of disgruntled executives) – but China’s demand for electricity has quadrupled in a decade, according to the CIA World Factbook, whom you would expect to trim the figures a little to allow for alleged fabrication.

Similarly, according to Mr. Martel, Russia’s FDI is “almost non-existent”. Is that so? No, I’m afraid it’s not. According to Ernst & Young’s “Growing Opportunities Russia FDI Report” from last year, Russia is the fourth-largest FDI destination in Europe, and has doubled its attractiveness to investors during the same time period former leader Western Europe lost 28% in a world where FDI values are steadily converging. Moscow ranked 7th of the top 10 European cities for FDI projects. The same reference reports that although Russia does rely heavily on its energy sector, industry has begun to catch up, and manufacturing provided 60% of aggregate GDP growth in 2010. But in Martel-World, it’s an authoritarian petro-state with nothing but nuclear ballistic missiles, oil and gas sales and a president for life. Don’t let bitterness be a blindfold, Bill.

Mr. Martel reports Iran’s currency is “in free fall”. Is it? Against the U.S. dollar, yes. Whoopty-do. Iran was spearheading an effort to dump the U.S. dollar for oil sales anyway, in favour of the Euro, against which the Iranian rial fell sharply between January and May of this year, but which has since regained almost half its value, more or less a mirror image of the exchange rate for the Russian ruble. The rial fell sharply against the Chinese Renminbi Yuan, but that’s because the Chinese peg their currency to the U.S. dollar. They have their own reasons for doing that, and are unlikely to rewrite monetary policy in order to help Iran. The point is that the U.S. dollar is not the only currency out there – might not even be the world reserve currency any more if China really does pull ahead in 2016 or thereabouts (they overtook Japan faster than forecast), and the dollar is not Iran’s only foreign exchange recourse. Since Iran dumped the dollar in 2009 in favour of the Euro for calculating the value of its Oil Stabilization Fund, the rial’s fall against the dollar does not hurt Iran as badly as Mr. Martel would have you believe.

In Martel-World, China, Russia and the others fear the United States because they are afraid of the powerful salutary effects of freedom and democracy. The economies of all the authoritarian countries except China are a catastrophe, and China is an unknown because they just make shit up when it comes to statistics. The United States – with its 99.5% debt-to-GDP ratio and its strongest allies drowning in a sea of red ink – symbolizes to these pariah states “the success of free societies that authoritarian societies most deeply oppose”, because its democratic values threaten their existence.

I don’t know about you, but I feel a little bit sorry for him.

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619 Responses to Bla Bla Bla Vladimir Putin Bla Bla Bla Authoritarian Regime Bla Bla Bla Wrong Side of History Bla Bla Bla Fundamentally Unstable

  1. This says:

    The World, but more importantly the Markets know that the European Union is Bankrupt, and that the Euro Common Currency is near Collapsing.

    This is because the European Union cannot afford even the SAA Agreement that the European Union signed with Serbia over 4 years ago.

    The European Union said that it would Fully Implement the SAA Agreement that it signed with Serbia last Month, and regrettably many Potential Investors see this as all the Proof they need that it is not wise to invest in the European Union, and that the Euro is highly overvalued.

    The European Union can be a Political Union to the same degree that European Union Politicians can be Honest, can be Selfless, and would always do the Right Thing for the Entire European Union, before looking after the Interests of their own Country, and before looking after the Interests of their own Political Party, and Especially before the selfish desire to be re-elected, even if their Policies are not good for the Entire European Union, but only good for their re-election.

    I think we all now know why Europe Union cannot be a Political Union, and why the Euro Zone should go back to their Old Currencies as soon as practicable, and they should just have a Free Trade Agreement, Friendship and Cooperation Treaty.

    As we all know, Serbia is a good place for Investment, with the newly elected Government to be approved by Parliament in a few days, and all serious Investors should look at investing in Serbia for a Good Profit for Foreign Investors.

  2. Misha says:

    Some idealistic bravado from David Kramer and Lilia Shevtsova:

    As suggested in the above linked piece, the West is holding off on Syria, so as not to offend Russia. The latter is responsible for the existence of unsavory dictators.

    “Nationalist” Navalny (not) has been a great counterweight (not) to such JRL promoted source material.

  3. Misha says:

    At the UN, Russia and China maintain a firm opposition to neolib-neocon meddling in Syria:

    As a follow-up to the above linked piece by Kramer and Shevtsova, it’s not despicable to advocate an across the board arms embargo in Syria (against the Syrian government and rebels), along with a ceasefire and negotiations between the Syrian government and the more reasoned of the anti-Syrian government opposition.

  4. Misha says:


    Around minute 3:30 is the following:

    Obviously there is a great deal of glee here in Washington among circles that insist that the Assad government must be removed, and it is just striking, it is stunning the extent to which the American establishment is essentially cheering on this kind of terrorism, killing government officials with this kind of terrorist bombing that has all the hallmarks of an al-Qaeda type jihad terror operation. [ . . . ]

    Here we have the murder of the defense minister. As an Orthodox Christian myself, I must say I am very concerned that a top ranking Christian in the Syrian government has been killed, and Washington is essentially cheering this on because we think our friends in the Muslim Brotherhood are going to come to power.

    What is amazing to me is how not only criminal this is, on the one hand, but naive, on the other hand, because if they really think the Muslim Brotherhood coming to power in Syria is going to serve US regional interests, I think they will be very badly surprised if and when that happens.

    • Moscow Exile says:

      “We came, we saw, we killed him” as Hilary Rodham Clinton once gleefully said about another murdered man.

      • yalensis says:

        Essentially this is a war between Syria and Turkey. Which, in turn, is a proxy war between Russia and USA.
        A glance at the map shows why Syrian army is in for a tough time, surrounded by hostile states, invading from all sides.
        Saudi-funded, American-armed Al Qaeda jihadists have not been able to set up any safe zones for themselves within Syria (they tried in Homs and a couple of other places, but they failed to do that), however they can easily escape across the border into Turkey or Iraq, where they get themselves revamped, re-armed, and re-inforced with Qatari mercenaries.
        In order to survive this attack from many fronts, Syria may find herself needing to go on offensive, Turkey is the main enemy. Syria has 2 major allies in the region: Iran, and also Hezbollah, which is an excellent fighting force, steeled in many battles against Israeli army. Hezbollah can help protect Syria’s southern flank. But the main problem, obviously, is Turkey. Maybe Assad could enlist some Kurdish “militants” to attack Turkey military and create diversions there?
        Russia and China could also do a lot, lot more to help. Sitting in UN vetoing resolutions is good … but is not enough. I agree with people who say there are a lot of things Russia could do, short of sending in the Cossacks. (Although it may come to that, and I note that Cossacks did have a long, noble tradition of fighting Turks.)
        At a certain point, Judo-Master, Macho-Man Putin will need to do something. Recall how Hillary warned him (a few weeks back) that he would “pay a heavy price” for his “intransigence” in the UN (=not hopping aboard America’s latest project to put Islamists in power in still another secular Middle Eastern nation).
        Hillary regards Putin as an insurbordinate foreign satrap who must be put in his place by Caesar Augustus. The bomb attack against Assad’s inner circle was her way sneering at his impotence.

      • marknesop says:

        I believe it was “We came, we saw, he died”, but you’re right that she can’t wait to render the same epitaph over Assad. There’d be outrage throughout the west if some ragtag heathens broke into the equivalent of the Syrian Presidential Palace in Germany and tried to kill Merkel, but the rule of law does not include leaders the west wants gone.

  5. This says:

    The Democrats are saying that Mitt Romney should release his Tax Returns, and we know that Mitt Romney is a Multi-Millionaire.

    Mitt Romney owns 64 cents for every American Citizens, and even if he stole it all, it would come to 16 cents a year over a 4 year Presidential term of Service.

    We need to know that Mitt Romney has payed sales taxes, and he has employed People who paid taxes to the Government, and I have no evidence that he has not paid his legal share of Company and Income taxes, and any other taxes.

    This is a matter between an individual and the Taxation Department, perhaps all America Politicians should their Tax Returns, because if it is good for one American Politician, then it is good for all American Politicians, even retired ones like Bill Clinton.

    If this was done, then it would degenerate into an endless circus, where there would be no time to formulate Public Policy, because we all know that when it comes these matters, that there are Lies, Damn Lies, and then then there is everyone’s biased interpretation of Accountancy Figures.

    If one Presidential Candidate can increase the wealth of every American Citizen by 65 cents or more over 4 years, compared to the other Presidential Candidate, then he has earned his Multi Millions.

    There are other things that are more important than making Money for every American Citizen, but I am not dismissing the importance of Job Creation or the Economy, or the responsibility to resist Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship.

    Employers have Many Responsibilities and they must find Markets for their goods, and if any Worker can save his or her Money and start their own business and Employ People, then that is commendable; but if they cannot, then they are encouraged to fulfil their Responsibility to cooperate in the Free Enterprise by only taking sick days off if there is a proper reason, and they should do a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.

    Many Voters want their Elected Public Servants follow and uphold what made America a Great and Prosperous Country in the first place, which is the American Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

    It was the respect and application of the American Constitution, and the Bill of Rights that made America a great nation, and we have seen how disrespect for and disregard for the American Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, in the recent past, and that this continues, then America will become a second rate nation.

    One of the issues in the upcoming Congressional and Presidential Elections will be which Candidate will best respect and uphold the American Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

    To Many Voters, these 16 cents a year for every American Citizen is more than worth it, and is in Fact Cheap Insurance, and it is the Freedom, Liberty, and Protection that the American founding fathers left to all Americans to inherit their gift of the Written Constitution, which guarantees Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness for all successive Generations of Americans.

    For a Proper Democracy, the America Democrats should be judged by the Voters on their Record during the last 4 years, and not on any temporary manipulation of the Markets, or of any promises that they are making in this Election Campaign.

  6. This says:

    I realized that I should have written Not to Resist Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, and it is what I meant to write, and I have corrected that sentence in the next sentence.

    There are other things that are more important than making Money for every American Citizen, but I am not dismissing the importance of Job Creation or the Economy, or the responsibility not to resist Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship.

  7. Moscow Exile says:

    Especially when the Russian media continues to spin lines such as that seen in the linked article, namely that they are to stand “trial on charges related to an anti-Putin protest”, implying therefore that they were arrested for political reasons.

    They were not arrested for protesting against Putin. There have been plenty of people who have insulted Putin with caricatures and slogans and chants during the “opposition” demonstrations and who have never been arrested. “Pussy Riot”, however, undertook their protest in a place of Christian worship, an act that was offensive to many; they were not arrested for insulting Putin per se, but for “hooliganism”.

    I should point out that term “hooliganism” in Russia carries far more serious connotations than it does in the West and is, acordingly, often severely punished. I speak from experience: I was once threatened with a 5-year term of imprisonment in 1990 after a large number of guests at a birthday party of mine that was held in a hotel in Voronezh ran riot after I had left the premises. (After I had gone, the cops came in and told my guests to go home – result: a running battle with the local militia.) Because I was responsible for organising the party I was arrested the next day and charged with “organising hoolganism”, whereas in the UK charges would have probably only been levelled at my drunken guests and would have been those of drunk and disorderly behaviour, causing an affray, threatening behaviour and criminal damage and assault.

    • Gosh Moscow Exile, you really have lived a life!

      I do not want to go on repeating myself but I will say again that what the Pussy Riot girls did in the Cathedral would be a serious criminal offence in Britain whilst some of the things they and Voina have previously done which in Russia have gone unpunished would in Britain not only be serious criminal offences but would be acts that would forfeit public sympathy. Someone I know who is much better informed and qualified about criminal law than me tells me that I have if anything underestimated the seriousness with which the episode in the Cathedral would be treated by the criminal law in Britain.

      In saying this I would say that though I totally disagree with what the Pussy Riot girls did I am becoming increasingly concerned at the way some people in the west and in Russia are now exploiting their case for political reasons. There is for example what I am sure is a typically inflammatory editorial about their case in today’s Times (I have not yet read it as it is behind a paywall).

      This is not helping the girls’ case. As of the time of writing the girls have not admitted that they were physically present in the Cathedral when the concert took place, which is complicating both the prosecution and the defence and unnecessarily prolonging the case. What the lawyers of the girls and their well wishers should be doing is asking themselves whether these continuing denials and the stunts like the hunger strike and all the other obstructive tactics are in the girls’ best interests.

      To my mind this is an obvious case for a plea bargain. If the girls simply admitted that they had been present in the Cathedral during the concert and pleaded guilty the proceedings would come to a swift end and the court would then be in a position to decide the sentence. It should not be difficult for the girls’ lawyers to negotiate in return for a guilty plea a reduced sentence possibly in the form of community service backed by an apology to the Church for any offence arising from what was done. The girls might then lose the opportunity to be martyrs of heroes but they could then be freed with the two younger girls reunited with their children and a line hopefully drawn under the whole affair. I am sure that if the case had not become so absurdly over politicised and was not being exploited by certain people for their own political ends that is what would have happened.

      What is happening instead is that the girls are being pushed by their own lawyers and their supposed supporters into a confrontation with the court and the prosecutors which in the end they cannot win. I wonder whether they understand that they are being used and that if more conventional and appropriate tactics were being followed they would probably by now be free? Anyway the result is that they have already been in pre trial detention and in the case of two younger ones separated from their children for much longer than they would otherwise have been whilst the tactics that are being followed are simply increasing the prospects of a prison sentence. How that helps the girls I simply cannot imagine.

      The girls are being sacrificed so that some people in Russia can call them heroes and martyrs and so that other people in the Russian white ribbon press and in the west can strike poses. Meanwhile the overwhelming bulk of the Russian population remains hostile or indifferent. As for the girls’ lawyers (who are presumably white ribbon supporters) they should remind themselves that their first duty as lawyers is not to some abstract political cause but to their clients. They should ask themselves whether the tactics they are following are in their clients’ best interests and if they decide (as they surely must do) that they are not they should either change these tactics or quit as the girls’ lawyers.

    • yalensis says:

      @MoscowExile: I can only echo Mercouris’ admiration of a (rowdy) life well lived.
      Are you sure you aren’t Irish?

      • Moscow Exile says:

        In reply to yalensis’s suggestion that the possibility of my being Irish may have been a contributary factor to the “rowdy” nature of my life so far:

        No, I am not Irish. However, my paternal grandmother and my maternal great-grandfather were both from Ireland, the former having been born in Co. Cork in 1868, the latter having been born in Co. Waterford in the 1880s. They, like hundreds of thousands of other Irish folk, came to the industrial towns of Northern England to escape poverty in their home country. My great-grandfather became a coalminer in England, and my grandmother became a nurse.

        According to my reckoning, I am, therefore, 37.5% “Irish”. The other 62.5% of me, though, is most definitely English: I have traced my family back 400 years and they’re all from the same neck-of-the-woods in the North West of England. Interbreeding, perhaps?

        Before I read yalensis’s comment above, it had never before occured to me whether my Irish antecedents and their genes that they contributed to my biological make-up may have had something to do with the various “adventures” that have occured so far in my life. Perhaps they have. I have often thought that Russians in general are similar to the Irish; that might be the reason why I get on so well with them.

  8. Not all Americans hate Putin. Here is an article by Mike Whitney on Counterpunch about Putin with every word of which I agree.

    I would add that Whitney has previously worked in Wall Street and is an exceptional commentator on economic questions and on the problems of the financial community. His articles on the eurozone crisis are exceptionally good.

    • Misha says:

      I respectfully take issue with MW’s suggestion that Ukraine has been a neolib-neocon victory of sorts. IMO, it more resembles a murky situation in flux:

      I’m in basic agreement with this excerpt from his piece:

      Okay, so according to the Times, Putin is an ass-kissing, paper-pushing, self-adsorbed, autocratic thug who has dreams of greatness. Did we miss something? Oh yeah, he’s also a misanthropic slacker who let’s everyone else do the heavy lifting.

      Is that what they call objective journalism at the NYT? Its worth noting that this laughable bit of propaganda was written by the Times editor himself, Bill Keller! Can you believe it? I mean, wouldn’t you think that the editor of the nation’s number 1 newspaper would make some effort to hide his bias?

      But, no, when it comes to serving the folks in power, Keller is just as willing to run his credibility through the mud as the next guy. And, so he has, but what does that tell us about Putin?

      It tells us that Putin is despised by powerful members of the US policy establishment. That’s what it tells us. After all, it’s their views that are reflected in the mainstream media via propagandists like Keller.

      But, why? Putin is not a fiery leftist like Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro. He’s a right-of-center nationalist who’s not particularly ideological, confrontational, or unreasonable. so, what’s the problem? Besides, Putin has bent over backwards to accommodate the US on everything from nuclear disarmament to the War on Terror. So why the hostility?

      It’s because Putin wants to be a partner on global issues, particularly security issues. But the US doesn’t want partners; it wants lackeys and puppets who will follow orders. And that’s why the NY Times and the others in the moron media are ganging up on him, because–in Washington’s eyes–if your not a lackey, your the enemy. It’s that simple.

      If you want to know why Russian-US relations have steadily deteriorated, you might want to read this excerpt from an article by Pat Buchanan who asks “Doesn’t Putin Have a Point?”

      “Though the Red Army had picked up and gone home from Eastern Europe voluntarily, and Moscow felt it had an understanding we would not move NATO eastward, we exploited our moment. Not only did we bring Poland into NATO, we brought in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, and virtually the whole Warsaw Pact, planting NATO right on Mother Russia’s front porch. Now, there is a scheme afoot to bring in Ukraine and Georgia in the Caucasus, the birthplace of Stalin.

      Second, America backed a pipeline to deliver Caspian Sea oil from Azerbaijan through Georgia to Turkey, to bypass Russia.

      Third, though Putin gave us a green light to use bases in the old Soviet republics for the liberation of Afghanistan, we now seem hell-bent on making those bases in Central Asia permanent.

      Fourth, though Bush sold missile defense as directed at rogue states like North Korea, we now learn we are going to put anti-missile systems into Eastern Europe. And against whom are they directed?

      Fifth, through the National Endowment for Democracy, its GOP and Democratic auxiliaries, and tax-exempt think tanks, foundations, and “human rights” institutes such as Freedom House, headed by ex-CIA director James Woolsey, we have been fomenting regime change in Eastern Europe, the former Soviet republics, and Russia herself.

      U.S.-backed revolutions have succeeded in Serbia, Ukraine, and Georgia, but failed in Belarus. Moscow has now legislated restrictions on the foreign agencies that it sees, not without justification, as subversive of pro-Moscow regimes.

      Sixth, America conducted 78 days of bombing of Serbia for the crime of fighting to hold on to her rebellious province, Kosovo, and for refusing to grant NATO marching rights through her territory to take over that province. Mother Russia has always had a maternal interest in the Orthodox states of the Balkans.

      These are Putin’s grievances. Does he not have a small point?”

      • marknesop says:

        Considering that the powerful in the U.S. establishment gave up on anything that could be called a worldview long ago, perhaps as far back as the end of the war, and concentrated entirely on American interests to the exclusion and detriment of the rest of the world’s population, to be despised by them is a badge of honour. Of course not all Americans think that way, probably the majority do not or are still able to be swayed by reason. But the people running the country – which does not always mean merely the government – think that way, and their efforts are dedicated to the continuous further enrichment of the rich and the gathering of power to themselves. Russia is perceived as standing in the way of global domination, as to a lesser extent is China, because the rich believe they can still “do business” with China as it is seen to be a nation of greedy self-interests like themselves which will abandon principles in favour of interests. They may be in for a surprise there. But I would look on the insults of the Washington elite as you would being called idiot by the class that has failed everything.

        Hard as it may be to acknowledge, America is struggling to hold its own as the most powerful nation on the planet, while China is looming large in the rearview mirror. America still dominates militarily, but maintaining a gigantic and sophisticated military force is expensive, and America’s is bleeding her to death because her economic strength no longer matches her military strength and the two are drawing apart. More importantly, the impression of overall American goodness that made the people of the world wish for her success and admire her has been squandered to the shortsighted aims of the greedy and avaricious.

        An alliance between Russia and the United States has always been on the edge of unthinkable, and the influential in the United States piss on that a little harder every day. An alliance between the United States and China is also unlikely, because China does not respect weakness and the USA will not acknowledge its own position, preferring to dream that it is still the unstoppable force it was just after the war. The writing is on the wall for a Russia/China alliance, and the first tentative fumblings toward such a union have appeared; will likely continue if nobody in either country does anything dramatic to derail the natural progression and as long as the USA continues its loud, boastful strutting. America perceives it can still split the two by downplaying China’s interference and exaggerating that of Russia. This strategy is paying few dividends, and rather seems to have the effect of pushing the two closer together against a common enemy.

        And in that case, look out.

        • Dear Mark,

          I completely agree with you about opinion in the US. Every opinion poll I have seen extending far back to the 1970s shows that the American people do not share in the megalomaniac visions of their political class. I don’t know if you have ever been to Washington DC? It is quite incredible how isolated from the rest of the country it actually is.

          One point I do rather take issue with: why is the idea of a US Russian alliance incredible? The US and Russia are two great continental countries that share much in common and which are geographically remote from each other and therefore have no obvious claims on each other. Russians as a people have always struck me as being strongly predisposed to like the US. Perhaps “alliance” is too strong a word to describe what theiir relationship could be but friendship and goodwill is surely possible and to my mind makes overwhelming sense. It is US policy that has pitted the two countries against each other just as it is US policy that is causing tensions between the US and China and just as it is US policy again that is making allies of China and Russia in an axis directed at the US.

          • Misha says:

            An example of what has been evident in DC:


            Kind of related, in a recent National Interest piece, Paul Saunders uncritically references Daniel Drezner on a thought that (if I correctly recall) isn’t so dramatically thought provoking. This happened after a recent piece by Drezner, which gave a negatively inaccurate characterization of The National Interest.

            For the purpose of improving the coverage, it’s better to promote quality under-utiluzed sources over those that have been involved with some of the (put mildly) questionable establishment driven commentary.

            This last point brings to mind a note I received which says that Russia Profile (RP) will no longer be hosting its weekly experts’ panel. IMO, that was the saving grace of that venue. The note in question claims that RIAN will be shutting down RP for budgetary reasons.

          • Misha says:

            A piece which is in sharp contrast to the spin in the above CSPAN link:


            According to one source, AJ’s Balkan bureau is located in Sarajevo, where prospective applicants are required to sign a statement acknowledging Srebrenica as a genocide. I wouldn’t be surprised if this claim is true.

  9. Moscow Exile says:

    Going way off topic, I know, but those who constantly voice doom and gloom about Russian demographic development, should be interested to read this ammended version of an earlier Moscow Times article that reported that sales of children’s goods are booming in Russia. The previous article wrongly stated that the death rate in Russia had fallen by 70%.


    • marknesop says:

      Meanwhile, in the same publication, Yulia Latynina’s latest howl at the moon, in which Putin speaks to the child in ordinary Russians rather than the adult, playing with their emotions by blaming how terribly the country is doing (????) on the west. Enjoy “Putin’s Islamist Mindset“. Hopefully your face will not hurt from laughing the way mine did.

      • Misha says:

        Utter nonsense, which is quite mild in characterizing this screed of hers.

        Try finding a regular commentator with a legitimate critical overview of nationalist anti-Russian views in the Kyiv Post. In a neocon-neolib foreign policy leaning way, RFE/RL,, openDemocracy are one-sided.

        Once again, RT can and should be doing more to offset such slants.

  10. Misha says:

    Over the past week and a half, this is arguably the most warped of mass circulated commentaries on Russia:

  11. This says:

    The Colorado Cinema shooting suspect, identified as the 24 year old James Eagan Holmes, graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Neuroscience in 2010.

    Holmes was Accepted last year in a Neuroscience PhD Program at the University of Colorado-Denver last year, but left the program in June 2012, said School Officials, who did not provide a reason.

    What this means is that he was and is intelligent enough to understand that by obeying the American Constitution, he would not have deprived his victims of their Inalienable Rights that guarantees Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness to all American Citizens.

    We need to know that there are People who are manipulating the American Government, and sometimes some of the Elected Public Servants are involved in the Conspiracies against the American People.

    These People could be Lobbyists, who were unsuccessful in their request to the Elected Public Servants, and like Dark Knights who want to be on the rise, they are using their Second Preference of Illegal Methods to try to influence Government Policy to work against the Interests of the American People they were Elected to Serve.

    It is better to be Generic, and I do not want to speak only of the unsuccessful Unprincipled Lobbyists, because this method is used by the Unprincipled who have a Secret Agenda.

    I have already written of the Unprincipled Methods that the Unprincipled having been using, and it is on other Websites, and it can be found easily, unless the search Engines are programmed to not show the Websites first up, but hundreds if not thousands of pages from the first page of search results.

    The Unprincipled Conspirators could easily place concealed Cameras at a home where someone is hired to the night to supervise children, and young teens, and the Person is lured and seduced to commit Acts of Paedophilia, thinking that no one is watching, or recording.

    The entire household has been paid good Money to keep Silent, unless of course there is a Court Case, but there will not be a Court Case, because the Unprincipled Conspirators make that Person, an offer they cannot refuse.

    They know that if they went to Court, they would have a very difficult time in jail, and they could be murdered in jail, but they would bring tremendous shame upon themselves and their family.

    This is why they accept a scenario where they are promised by the Unprincipled Conspirators that they will not go to jail, because the Unprincipled Conspirators falsely claim that they have a foolproof escape plan, but they are betrayed by the Unprincipled Conspirators, and they are arrested by the Peace Officers.

    I do not even wish to have an opinion at this stage, regarding the Colorado Cinema shooting suspect, because the Media is referring to him as suspect, and whoever was responsible for that terrible criminal act may have been motivated by other reasons.

    I like to take at least a week to read up on these matters, realizing the probability that the News Items could easily have misinformation in it.

    This does not necessarily mean that the Media will Lie, but others including the suspect or some Appointed Officials or Elected Public Servants may spread Disinformation, because of possible Vested Interests.

    It is not unreasonable to offer some theories, as long as they are with reservation at this stage, because after I have sufficient Information and Disinformation, then I wait at least three days before offering an opinion, but I will read comments written on blogs to see Only what others who are offering genuinely held opinions are saying.

    It is a regrettable Fact that once a Person is captured, then they will Lie, if they are Promised better Treatment in jail, and this can be done by those other that the Elected Public Servants.

    It is a Fact that Elected Public Servants do plan things in advance, and they then make their Public Statements knowing what will happen, and this is called the other Insider Trading, where it is not the Stock Market, but a Secret Political Agenda is behind this.

    I have no proof to accuse any Elected American Public Servant, and so I am not accusing anyone, but I think that it is important for even myself at times, to mention the need to speak positive words, because there could be someone under stress, because of Unemployment or because Unprincipled Conspirators made them leave their PhD Reaseach for some reason.

    On 15 july 2012, President Barack Obama said: “If you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own. You didn’t get there on your own. I’m always struck by people who think, well, it must be because I was just so smart. There are a lot of smart people out there. It must be because I worked harder than everybody else. Let me tell you something — there are a whole bunch of hardworking people out there.”

    On July 20 July, the Colorado Cinema shooting suspect, identified as the 24 year old James Eagan Holmes, who was last year Accepted in a Neuroscience PhD Program at the University of Colorado-Denver last year, but left the Program in June 2012.

    Perhaps, Holmes was so discouraged with negative words, possibly fromhis neighbours, because he knew that he had to discover something on this own for a PhD, and perhaps he thought he was Stupid and Useless, but I do not want to speculate on what he was thinking, and he should have known not to pay attention to everything others say, but theory is always easier than practice.

    We know that the Democrats said that if poor White People Vote for Mitt Romney, then they are Racist, and there really needs to be an end to playing the Race Card in American Politics.

    The true standard of a Post Racial America, is if Voters can Vote against an African American, but only if it is for genuine reasons.

    There are Poor White People, and there are Middle Class and Rich Black and Coloured People who will always Vote Republican, regardless of the Race of the Candidate, and this Pattern was set Decades Before before Barack Obama became a Senator.

    I think that America should start teaching the American Constitution at Schools, and how to responsibly teach others gun protection, and the peace of mind and sense of security that comes with responsible gun ownership, because this is not a matter of guns, because if guns no longer exist in America for the Upright and Law Abbiding, then more devastating explosives could be used.

    The Unprincipled Criminals will always be able to buy or manufacture guns, just like the Government cannot prevent People from buying drugs, or stolen goods.

    Perhaps, some Cinemas might consider having night vision Technology and Security Guards, or the City Police Department might assign Specially Trained Peace Officers to provide Security.

  12. Misha says:

    Regarding the development of Azeri identity:

  13. This says:

    I realized that I wrote a sentence that could be ambiguous, and so I provide the proper understanding of it.

    I wrote: If guns no longer exist in America for the Upright and Law Abiding, then more devastating explosives could be used.

    This does not mean that the Upright and Law Aiding will use explosives, but that the crazies will then need to use explosives like the Unabomber did, and Responsible gun owner will not be there to stop them.

    The Unprincipled Criminals will always be able to buy or manufacture guns, just like the Government cannot prevent People from buying drugs, or stolen goods.

    This is why there are Many people who want gun protection that comes with Responsible gun ownership, in order to protect themselves, their families, and others from Criminals.

  14. This says:

    For those who are having difficulty finding my other comments regarding the Methods of the Unprincipled, they should type the words Filmed in Acts of Paedophilia, into an Internet Search engine, and I did use different Monikers for those comments.

  15. Misha says:

    Leave it to HRW to release this statement with less than a week to go before the start of the 2012 London summer Olympics:

    One senses they’re in business to look for problems in a way that at times seems geopolitically biased.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if they’d be privately upset if the 2014 Sochi winter Olympics are a grand success without neolib-neocon leaning NGO related assistance.

    Reminded of a certain crank, who is noticeably silent in instances when Russian sports teams and individual athletes are victorious in major competitions.

    • marknesop says:

      “Many of these workers are migrants who have come to London hoping to work for a few weeks and return to their families having earned a little more than they otherwise could…Most are paying rent to live in temporary trailers. Packed together like sardines, the compound has been described as a slum…Insufficient toilet and shower facilities that were “filthy” from overuse…Women are being placed in trailers with men they don’t know…the employees have signed gag orders that prevent them from talking to the press…”

      • Misha says:

        Great intuitive comeback. I was wondering about London fault-lines myself, without offhand knowing for sure what to focus on.

        Intuition and advanced knowledge is super. When the latter is immediately lacking, the ability to do an effectively quick follow-up is a definite plus.

        I’ve had some other things on my plate of late. There isn’t a shortage of material to address.


      • Misha says:

        A great journalist, who appreciated critical follow-up to establishment biases, while astutely noting the limits of some who’ve been presented as offering a counter-view:

        • marknesop says:

          Sad. I loved his stuff for Counterpunch; some of it just seemed too incredible to believe, but he always had the links to back it up and he did more than most to make us see what a scheming, manipulative, backstabbing arena the world has become. Rest in peace.

          • Misha says:

            From Alexi Pankin:

            Побей дьявола

            На смерть Александра Кокбурна, великого критика прессы

            Алексей Панкин

            В воскресенье 22 июля в возрасте 71 года от рака умер Александр Кокбурн (Alexander Cockburn) – великий журналист, носитель великой традиции и мой учитель в профессии медиакритика. В последние годы он жил в Калифорнии и был соредактором электронного журнала Counterpunch («Контрудар») (, неутомимого критика американского истеблишмента с либертарианских позиций. Он писал колонки для либерального журнала Nation и консервативной газеты Wall Street Journal.

            Я познакомился с ним, когда он был культовым обозревателем в еженедельнике Village Voice, «органе рабочих и крестьян» Манхэттена», (сиречь интеллигенции), как он сам выражался. Было это в 1981-1982 годах, когда я был на трехмесячной стажировке в представительстве Института США и Канады в Нью-Йорке. Тогда я писал диссертацию на тему о роли СМИ в формировании внешней политики США. Вот несколько историй, с ним связанных.

            Незадолго до нашего знакомства Village Voice, знаменитое леволиберальное издание, купил Руперт Мэрдок, чьи правоконсервативные взгляды хорошо известны. Первым делом в обход условий покупки он попытался сменить главного редактора. Несколько обозревателей во главе с Александром поставили ему ультиматум: либо редактор остается, либо мы уходим. Мэрдок отступил, ибо без них газету перестали бы покупать. С тех пор в каждой своей колонке под девизом Beat the Devil («Побей дьявола»), посвященной прессе, он находил несколько обидных слов для хозяина своей газеты, причем всегда по делу. У Александра было блестящее перо, он виртуозно (цензурно) бранился в своих колонках, но все оскорбления основывались на фактах.

            Вот, наверное, самый громкий эпизод за время моего пребывания. Александр в своем Beat the Devil обратил внимание на то, что целые пассажи в очерке из тогда еще находившейся в состоянии гражданской войны Камбоджи, опубликованные в New York Times Magazinе, дословно повторяют книгу, кажется, Анри Мальро написанную (опять же, в датах сейчас не уверен) в двадцатые годы. Выяснилось, что автор никуда не ездил, а написал путевые заметки, сидя дома, по вторичным источникам. Скандал разразился несусветный. Помню помпезную редакционную в New York Times под заголовком The Lie in the Times, приносившую извинения читателям.

            Совсем недавно наткнулся на интервью с ним в Russia Today о состоянии современной журналистики. «Хорошо, что развивается блогосфера. Теперь люди могут самостоятельно выбирать источники информации, не забивая себе голову чушью, которую пишет New York Times и другие подобные ей издания. И если они сдохнут – то туда им и дорога», – таков был смысл его интервью.

            Он был другом Советского Союза, хотя любовь его к нашей стране была безответной. «Своими» таких вольных и неукротимо независимых людей наша пропаганда не могла признать. Он уважал Фиделя Кастро. «На Кубе самая большая продолжительность жизни, самый высокий уровень медицинского обслуживания и образования во всей Латинской Америке. Ничего подобного нет в странах, находящихся в орбите США», – не раз говорил он мне. Я, как многие советские интеллигенты, одуревшие к тому времени от брежневского застоя, разумеется, не мог поверить, что в социализме есть хоть что-то хорошее. Сегодня же сетования о том, что мы потеряли, от социализма отказавшись, стали общим местом не только для членов КПРФ.

            В последние недели моей трехмесячной стажировки в Нью-Йорке профессиональное общение переросло в дружбу. Чуть ли не каждый уикенд я либо бывал у него дома, либо он таскал меня по всяким экзотическим клубам. Причем всюду за меня платил, поскольку моей стажерской стипендии на такой образ жизни не хватало. Несколько расслабившись от вольной и безнадзорной жизни за границей, я приглашал его в Москву, обещая (и искренне веря своим обещаниям) ответить ему на гостеприимство у себя дома. Когда он таки приехал в краткую командировку то ли уже на самом излете застоя, то ли в самом начале перестройки, мне пришлось получать разрешение на общение с ним у начальства Института США и Канады, вести в ресторан «Прага», официально отведенное место для встреч сотрудников с иностранцами, и составлять потом запись беседы. Нам обоим было неловко, а мне потом еще и очень долго мучительно стыдно. Правда, недавно благодаря Wikileaks мы все увидели, как частные замечания в неформальной обстановке людей (среди них были и мои знакомые) попадают в официальные посольские отчеты. Неужели и тут то, что казалось нам в СССР чудовищным ущемлением наших свобод, является на самом деле нормой поведения для работающих на государство?

            Как бы то ни было, но благодаря той поездке я познакомился с младшим братом Александра, Патриком. Он дважды был корреспондентом в Москве, первый (от FinancialTimes) раз как раз в начале перестройки. Затем (от Independent) в конце 1990-начале 2000-х. Во время последнего пребывания в конце 1990-х вел в моем журнале «СРЕDА» рубрику «Как мной манипулировать» – колонку юмористических советов нашим официальным пиарщикам о том, как управляться с инокоррами. «Ничто так не раздражает иностранца в Москве, как уверенность вашей интеллигенции, в том, что ваши пороки – самые порочные пороки в мире. Вы даже обижаетесь, когда вам говорят, что и в других странах можно найти все то же самое». «Все правительства лгут, но западные правительства лгут своевременно, убедительно и согласованно, а российское – не убедительно, на разные голоса и запоздало». Эти два афоризма Патрика достаточно широко разошлись по нашей журналистской среде.

            Отец Александра и Патрика, Клод Кокбурн, выходец из старинного аристократического рода, прошел путь от собкора лондонской The Times в Вашингтоне, т.е. одного из самых престижных постов в мировой журналистике 1920-х годов, до бойца на стороне республиканцев в Гражданской войне в Испании, до корреспондента «Правды» в Лондоне, до независимого левого интеллектуала и издателя собственной скандально-разоблачительной газеты The Week.

            Оба брата гордились своим далеким предком, адмиралом Джорджем Кокбурном, который спалил столицу США Вашингтон во время англо-американской войны 1812 – 1815 годов. Американцы тогда, воспользовавшись тем, что Англия завязла в борьбе с Наполеоном, решили оттяпать у нее Канаду. Не вышло.

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  17. That says:

    This is how I would handle this matter, and I accept that everyone has their own different style.

    The EU says that it does not have any Fatigue, then the first Condition is for the EU to Order their the Albanians to Lobby Hard Day and Night for the SAA Agreement to be Implemented and for the Kumanovo Agreement to be scrapped before New Talks can commence.

    The Very Unambiguous Secret Tadic Agreement must be superseded by the New Talks with Negotiations in Writing and in Public, and not in Secret as Criminals would conduct their Sordid Affairs for Bribe Money.

    Serbia stands ready to File Genocide Lawsuits against Britain, America, France, Germany, and Albania, if all reasonable requests are not complied with.

    Britain could easily lose Scotland, and Britain and France could lose much of their Empires, and America and Germany will lose much Trade.

    This is true regardless of what America’s and Germany’s Lying Media says, and the Albanian will cease to have a reputation, and economic Genocide will result to Europe’s Albanians.

    To show that the Majority of the German People are Very Happy that Germany lost the Second World War; Photographs of Anti Nazi European WW 2 Heroes are to be sent to Angela Merkel, and it must be sent back with her lipstick prints on them.

  18. That says:

    I realized that I should have used the word Ambiguous rather than Unambiguous, and the next sentence is how it should be written.

    The Very Ambiguous Secret Tadic Agreement must be superseded by the New Talks with Negotiations in Writing and in Public, and not in Secret as Criminals would conduct their Sordid Affairs for Bribe Money.

    There are Many things to clarify on just what was actually agreed to during the Tadic dialogue, as these were unwritten agreements, which is very bad for this type of problem.

    People cannot work on the Spirit of the Law, because they must have Indisputable Wording, which is the Letter of the Law.

    Euro-America and the Albanians will not keep any agreement, and the Serbian Government should File a Genocide Lawsuit against Britain, America, France, Germany, and Albania, As Soon As Possible and this will both Protect Serbia and things will go Serbia’s way after these Genocide Lawsuits have been filed.

    The entire Tadic Agreement that was based on Verbal Agreements, with those who do not keep Agreements should be put in the bin, just like the Ahtisaari Plan was.

    The first Non Negotiable Conditions for the start of Proper Negotiations is that the SAA Agreement to is be Implemented and for the Kumanovo Agreement to be scrapped before the commencement of New Talks.

  19. That says:

    I think a Proper Designation could be used, where there was no reference to the current Footnote, which is being used at present.

    The term South Kosovo would be used to designate the 67 % of Kosovo that has been reserved for Albanian Autonomous rule of those Areas Designated by the Serbian Parliament in Consultation with the Kosovo Albanians, which will be 67 % of Kosovo.

    The rest of Kosovo should also be Present at whatever meetings that they wish to or need to attend, and this 33 % of Kosovo under Non Albanian rule should be Represented as North Kosovo, rather than being Represented by Serbia, and therefore People might forget that there is a Legal North Kosovo.

    The term Kosova must not be allowed as it denotes that it was Territory that was not owned by the Country of Serbia, and it appears that Serbia stole ‘Kosova’ from ‘Kosovars’.

    The Official names of the two different Areas of Kosovo and Metohija, would be North Kosovo and Metohija, and South Kosovo and Metohija.

    The entire Province of Kosovo will be Officially called Kosovo and Metohija, but as far as Representation at meetings, then North Kosovo and South Kosovo will be sufficient.

    If this model or something similar will be used, then the Serbian Parliament will have pass Legislation for this.

  20. That says:

    This comment has been modified and it says that, the Time Table for the Genocide Lawsuits should be that Turkey and Albania has the Leaders of Terrorism in the Balkans are Charged with their hundreds of years of Genocide As Soon As Possible.

    America is to be Charged with Genocide on 7 November 2012, so that no American can say that Serbia interfered in America’s Election.

    This is Only on the Condition that America supports Proper Negotiations, and if America goes back on this, then Lodge the Genocide Lawsuit against America.

    Germany is to be Charged with Genocide on the day they announce their Federal Election, and Serbia should not work with German Opposition Parties to help them win the next German Election, because they will know what to do.

    Britain is to be Charged with Genocide on the day that the Scottish Independence Referendum Campaign begins, and Serbia should not work with Scottish Independence Movement to help them gain Independence, because they will know what to do.

    Serbia will have to do their Homework with regards to a good time to Charge France with Genocide, but the examples of Britain and Germany provide a guide, but if they become Serbia’s Puppet, then we all know that there is no Statute of Limitations on Genocide.

    Serbia should ask the Serb Republic to Prepare the Paperwork for Genocide Lawsuits against Turkey and Albania, and Present it to Bosnia and Herzegovinian Government.

    I have said that I think that Milorad Dodik is a Very High Class Secret Fifth Columnist who is only rarely used at crucial times to mislead the Serbian People.

    I formed that opinion of him about after his statements on the News Item here at B 92 on 16 September 2011, concerning the News Item that is Titled: Serbia cannot stop snatching of Kosovo.

    It made more sense for them to all the Serbs to go to North Kosovo rather than Serbia proper and have Refugee Tents to show the World the Genocide that the International Community and the Albanians are perpetrating on the Serbian People so that at least North Kosovo could seek Independence.

    I suggested that the Autonomous Serb Republic should ask the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina to File a Genocide Lawsuit against Turkey and Albania, and if it is not passed by All the Constitutional Entities, then the Autonomous Serb Republic will not proceed on its own to Violate the Country’s Constitution.

    This was in response to the Bosnian Muslim Serbs of Bosnia Herzegovina Violated Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Constitution by Voting to support Al-Qaeda Terrorists against a United Nations Country.

    If he is a Patriotic Serb, then he will Prepare the Paperwork, and Present it to Bosnia and Herzegovinian Government.

    The reason for doing it this way is because a Corrupt Bribed Court cannot have enough time to Lie to help Britain and Germany with their Referendum and Election.

  21. That says:

    We all know that Croatia is Guilty of decades long Genocide against the Serbian People, that began with being Hitler’s Allies.

    The Least Expensive thing that Croatia could do is to Withdraw their support for Kosovo’ Independence, but they are hopelessly addicted to the Ways of Genocide, and this is why Germany and Lithuania who is withholding the SAA Agreement for Serbia have Judged Croatia as being Most Worthy to join the European Union.

    The United Nations will state that Kosovo belongs to the Country of Serbia, and there are Illegal and Criminal Separatists in the Serbian Province who have strong Connections to Al-Qaeda and other Jihadist Movements.

    If there is any whitewashing of these Facts, then America is to blame, and this will be noted and recorded and used in a Genocide Lawsuit against America.

    Any Acts of resistance will be Recorded and used against Euro-America and Turkey and Albania in the Genocide Lawsuit against them.

    What this means is that Serbia insists on Proper and Fair Negotiations with the Kosovo Albanians, and no Interference from other Countries.

    Again, Any Acts of resistance will be Recorded and Definitely used against those who Interfere in other Serbia’s Business, and Genocide Lawsuits will be Filed against them.

  22. That says:

    The SNS or Serbian Progressive Party Official Vucevic asked the SNS acting leader to reconsider the coalition agreement with the SPS or Serbian Socialist Party.

    He said that the Socialist Party of Serbia has not formed local self-governments with the SNS in several towns across Serbia, as if that is a big deal, and he wants a Fresh Election because of this.

    There will not be a Fresh Election if the SNS and the DS or Democratic Party of Serbia make a Coalition of treachery against the Serbian People.

    Perhaps President Nikolic and Deputy Prime Minister Vucic both of the SNS put him up to express these Excuses, because they have received Bribes from Euro-America to form a Coalition with the DS give away Kosovo.

    Vucevic said that SNS acting leader Vucic had his support, and he must not allow the SPS to humiliate their Party, but the reality of the matter is that the SPS could form a Coalition with the DS, and the SNS would humiliate themselves.

    The SPS has experience in Government; whereas, the SNS is a new Party, and their first objective is to stay with the Government for at least one year during this crucial time for Serbia, and put Serbia first, rather than concentrating on how to satisfy their own interests.

    The SNS can go to the next Election and show that they put Serbia’s interests above their own, and perhaps in a year’s time, when the SNS has more Experience, then things might improve, but the SNS would be wise to be modest.

  23. That says:

    The Euro Common Currency Zone has the possibility to break up the European Union, and to make Germany a second world Country.

    This will leave Anglo-America in control of Continental Europe, with Germany as an insignificant Country.

    The Countries that are not part of the Euro Zone do not want greater Political Union, and they would have to be genuinely insane, or have Bribed and Corrupt Politicians to want to join the Euro Common Currency.

    Germany should not think that the Germanic and Nordic Countries will be in any position to help Germany, because they will be Anglo-America’s Puppet against supposed Russian threat.

    I think that we should all know that Anglo-America knows how to divide and rule, and so they will not need any tips from me or anyone else.

    With this Euro Zone Debt Crisis, Germany may think they are in control, but they might come to realize that they have wasted too much time and trust from the other Continental European Countries that Germany will be damned if they do what is needed to resolve the Euro Zone Problems, and damned if they do not do what is needed to resolve the Euro Zone Problems.

    Anglo-America made Stalin occupy Eastern Europe, because Anglo-America said that if they take all of Europe then we coming after the Soviet Union next.

    The reason was to prevent Continental Europe uniting and becoming prosperous so as to be a rival to Anglo-American Hegemony.

    While it is true that the Soviet Union did Anglo-America’s dirty work for them for Free, while the Soviet Union had to pay for the cost of occupying those Countries of Europe, or be invaded by NATO.

    If the Euro Zone breaks up, then Germany will suffer, and Germany will get the blame, and European Countries will boycott the exports that Germany needs to survive.

    It could be that once the other Euro Zone Countries recover, they will have long Memories, and they will boycott all of Germany’s Goods and Services, while Many Non Euro Zone European Union Countries will be boycotting German exports, because of being the Puppets of Anglo-America, because of the manufactured Russian threat.

    Britain must have discussed this in the recent Northern League Summit, in which Germany did not attend.

    If Anglo-America makes it in Russia’s interest, then Russia will pretend to be a threat to Continental Europe.

    Anglo-America by means of their Corporations has Money in offshore Accounts for after when they break up the European Union.

    Anglo-America will Secretly Pay Serbia to bring Charges of Genocide against Germany and Albania to make sure that Germany becomes a second world Country, and the one of poorest Countries in Europe, because Europe has seen the Fourth Reich, and they know that every German Reich is a threat to Europe.

    Anglo-America has used Germany and other Germanic and Nordic Countries to be their NATO Ally with the promise that America will build up China in the hope that China would join NATO.

    I am not suggesting for a second that China ever wanted to join NATO, but Germany is hoping that China does join NATO one day, because America wants to encircle Russia.

    It is true that Anglo-America is guiltily, but that is why it will be a Secret Payment, because it could be that Germany might Pay more, and the highest bid will win, and the Genocide Lawsuit might come upon Anglo-America, rather than Germany.

    America will be able to make an offer better than Money, and that is to leave Continental Europe completely and permanently, although there might be some Money offered.

    Anglo-America will want Serbia will need to have a cover for the Blackmailing Germany for not pursuing a Genocide case against Germany, and the regular Monthly Blackmail Payment will need to be disguised.

    This is because Serbia does not want others to think it are Blackmailing Germany, but Anglo-America will inform Europe that Serbia’s Wealth is because of Blackmailing Germany who is responsible for Genocide.

    Serbia will disguise the Monthly Blackmail Payments as Regular Monthly Donation Payments from Friendly Countries, which is a technical truth, but what is Strictly Kept Secret is that Serbia Donates those Monies back to those Friendly Donor Countries with a 3 % additional Service Fee, and Serbia will keep 97 % of the Regular Monthly Blackmail Payment Monies from Germany.

    • marknesop says:

      Last chance, This (and That). We’re pretty loose here about staying on topic, but at least you have to show a little variety, suggesting you’re engaging in this venue rather than just using it to post long, rambling rants about Serbia. Any more will just get deleted. This is just spam, no different than if you were using this blog to sell jeans or sunglasses.

  24. Thats a shit load of comments for a short text like that. This is amazing. And boring. And fascinating. And blablabla Vladimit Putin.

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