Arrested Development – The West Redoubles its Efforts to Derail Sochi

Uncle Volodya says, "People's behavior makes sense if you think about it in terms of their goals, needs and motives."

Uncle Volodya says, “People’s behavior makes sense if you think about it in terms of their goals, needs and motives.”

Surprisingly, there is an abundance of homespun wisdom on the subject of childish behavior in adults. “Behavior in the human being is sometimes a defense, a way of concealing thoughts and motives, as language can be a way of hiding your thoughts and preventing communication“, said Abraham Maslow, psychological pioneer and developer of the “Hierarchy of Needs” model. If you prefer your philosophy a little more lighthearted, P.J. O’Rourke says, “I like to think of my behavior in the sixties as a learning experience. Then again, I like to think of anything stupid I have done as a learning experience. It makes me feel less stupid“. German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said simply, “Behavior is a mirror in which everyone displays his own image“.

What, then, are we to make of western behavior as it strives ever more stubbornly for a boycott of the Sochi Olympic Games in Russia, under the aegis of gay rights?

Oh, and terrorism. There was a brief suspension of the daily braying about the incredibly dangerous climate in Sochi, centered immediately around the latest double bombing in Volgograd, in which the U.S. State Department released a brief “We are all Volgograders Now” type statement and in which foreign leaders expressed solidarity with fighting terrorism: then it was straight back to towing the gay-rights, homosexual-advancement bandwagon through the streets, and encouraging everyone to jump on.

At around the same time – attacking on another front – U.S. President Barack Obama announced that he would not attend the Olympic Games in Sochi (which he was not likely going to attend anyway; he sent Vice-President Biden to Vancouver in 2010 and First Lady Michelle to London in 2012), at the same time appointing “openly gay” athletes to the American delegation, for the sole purpose of “tweaking“, “slamming” and “sending a message to” Russia and Putin.

What message would that be, Mr. President? I mean, I’m sure Billie-Jean King will be all over it like Mr. T on…well, anything shiny, because attention is the lifeblood of politics and her escalation to leadership of the American delegation will focus attention on her new Political Action Committee, launched in 2012. LPAC is intended to channel funding to political candidates who support lesbian rights. Not human rights, or even women’s rights. Lesbian rights. LPAC “distinguishes itself from existing women’s and LGBT groups – such as EMILY’s List and the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund – by specifically targeting lesbians.”

According to Ms. King herself, speaking as a homosexual, only 50% of homosexuals know who they are by the age of 13. I’m not sure where that statistic comes from, but since it is offered by a gay icon who should know what it is like to be gay, we are forced to give it due consideration. The remainder, she says, do not know until they are adults, presumably when some watershed moment reveals to them their true desires. If we assume that to be a fact, I am damned if I can understand why Billie-Jean King is throwing her weight behind opposition to a law which says you may not market homosexuality as a behavioral norm to children under 16. In theory, some 4% of children will be homosexual, and of those 4%, 50% will not realize their true orientation until they are adults. But in order to be comfortable with their orientation, children should receive reassuring information on same-sex relationships before they are 13, and since 50% of them will not even know they are gay until they are adults, you pretty much have to pitch it to them all, right? However, about 96% of them will actually be heterosexual. Is there any harm done by informing heterosexual children who are 13 and under about the pleasures of homosexual love? I couldn’t say; I’m not a psychologist. But if I were asked, as a parent,  if I thought basic sex education in schools taught kids what they needed to know about sex as a reasonable supplement to instinct, I would say I think so. If I were asked did I think a homosexual supplement should be added to the school curriculum, I would say I did not think so.

By her own admission, Ms. King knew she was a lesbian by 1968, but she kept it a secret until a lawsuit revealed it in 1981, 13 years later. Why? Because America was homophobic, and her parents were homophobic. Although she asserts that it cost her all her endorsements within 24 hours of the lawsuit’s being filed and at least $2 million – more than she made in prize money over her entire career – she dealt with it to the best of my recollection with courage and dignity, for which she deserves the respect such courage earns. I can’t help wondering, though, if she was bitter about her secret being blown to the world…and what she would have thought in 1981 of a bunch of crusading foreign busybodies trying to impose their “national values” on America, and insisting she come out immediately and be free.

But we live in a different world today; a world of tolerance and encouragement for human rights. Which reminds me – where’s all the American support for Jerry Sandusky? I mean, after all; all the visionary man was doing was encouraging boys to explore their sexual horizons and experience the piercing sweetness of homosexual gratification. I mean, when you’re gay, you know, right? For some unaccountable reason, mainstream America described Sandusky’s behavior as “disgusting and appalling“, and he was convicted of child abuse.

I'm layin' pipe, baby...all night long...

I’m layin’ pipe, baby…all night long…

Nor was that the only incidence of a clash between heterosexual and homosexual values at the unfortunate Penn State; my, no. Penn State Women’s Basketball coach Rene Portland instituted and maintained a firm policy for the teams she coached – no lesbians. Ironically, she was “outed” by those who thought they were endorsing her with positive reviews; “She does make it known when she’s recruiting that she doesn’t put up with homosexuality,” former Penn State player Suzie McConnell had told reporter Jere Longman, then with The Philadelphia Inquirer. Another former player, Patti Longenecker, had said, “She tells you, flat-out, ‘I don’t have any appreciation for the homosexual lifestyle. I won’t have that on my team.”

Those who are defensive about America’s human-rights record will be quick to point out that she was fired for her intolerance, but actually she was not – she was fired for insubordination because she refused to pay a $10,000.00 fine imposed upon her by Penn State for violating its anti-discrimination policy, after repeated lawsuits by gay-rights activists and after she had been employed as the Penn State Women’s Basketball coach for 27 years.

Oh, but those examples of intolerance were years ago, right? Au contraire. As recently as this past Monday, in a fit of open rebellion, the Utah State Supreme Court struck down gay marriage, and that ceremony will not be performed in Utah at least until a federal appellate court decides the constitutionality of the case on its merits, and in such cases, state law frequently prevails – especially since the Great Gay Victory which resulted in the modification of the Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA) struck down only provision 3, which provided that marriage was the state of union between a man and a woman. Performance and recognition of gay marriages was still left up to the discretion of state law.

In light of these facts, what message does America mean to send by selecting gay athletes for the American delegation based on their sexual orientation?  That it is pathologically incapable of minding its own business? Mission accomplished.

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1,806 Responses to Arrested Development – The West Redoubles its Efforts to Derail Sochi

  1. Drutten says:

    According to RIA, a record-breaking 50+ heads of state from around the world are present in Sochi for the openin ceremony. Apparently, this is more than both Vancouver and Torino combined.

    And on the other hand, a few Europeans and of course, Obama, have chosen not to participate.

    Should be a reality check, right there. The world is sometimes not what you want it to be, and you need to approach it from that angle rather than the narrow-mindedness we’ve seen to date.

  2. Moscow Exile says:

    The documnetary aired yesterday on German TV channel Phoenix showed the gross human rights abuses committed by the Russian authorities against the inhabitants of Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana. Illegal land seizure, murder threats against environmental activists and rampant corruption.

    The venues in Sochi are all built on marsh land which even Stalin ruled out for construction purposes. The sensitive and narrow Mzymta river valley which provided the people with clean drinking water has been destroyed by a four lane motorway and paralell high speed railroad. The valley which is served by these large scale traffic routes has a mere 4000 inhabitants.

    Gary Kasparov has said that all the venues will become delapitaded in 10 years and Boris Nemtsov has exposed state secrets about the corruption and the enormous costs of the games. In Sochi state officials are pocketing 50% of the cost of construction projects in bribes.

    Stop these “games”, they are criminal!

    Irate Guardianista in the Guardian on-line coverage of the opening of the Sochi games: Sochi 2014: Winter Olympics opening ceremony – live!

    And Shaun Walker is hard at it Twittering his inanities. Is he on a bonus scheme tied to how often he writes “gay” in his Twitters?

    • Drutten says:

      Kasparov says this, Nemtsov says that. Yes, we know and it’s bloody tiring.

      Imagine basing the reporting of any other country on the opinions of some crooks with a raving mad personal grudge against the state. Hardly objective.

  3. Al says:

    Via slashdot

    NBC News Confuses the World About Cyber-Security

    Nerval’s Lobster writes “In a video report posted Feb. 4, NBC News reporter Richard Engel, with the help of a security analyst, two fresh laptops, a new cell phone, and a fake identity, pretended to go online with the technical naiveté of a Neanderthal housepet…

    however; those ‘hacks’ he experienced could have happened in any Starbucks in the country, and does almost every day, Proctor wrote….”

    Scraping the barrel and the bottomless pit of Russia FUD! NBC scraping the FUD pit? Bottomless FUD scraping? (I should stop).

  4. Drutten says:

    Well, back from watching the opening ceremony. What can I say, it was breathtaking at times.

    The medias are out in a resounding “wow” too, it seems like.

    Good job, Russia, you show them.

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