How Full of Shit Would You Have To Be, To Be More Full of Shit than Dmitry Tymchuk?

Uncle Volodya says, "Because veven if the lie is beautiful, the truth is what you face in the end. "

Uncle Volodya says, “Because even if the lie is beautiful, the truth is what you face in the end. “

Most of the readers here know, at least peripherally, who Dmitry Tymchuk is. He’s Kyiv Post‘s military expert, a former soldier in an Army Air Defense unit in the mid to late 90’s, the National Guard until 2000 and in the Defense Ministry after that. Most recently, he has started up the Center of Military and Political Research in Kiev; he is what passes for a think tank in Ukraine.  He writes a blog on military matters, regularly updated, in which he informs his Ukrainian “brothers and sisters” about the latest depredations of the Moskali scoundrels who are coming, any day now, to kill little Ilona and Stas and Maxim in their beds.

In fact, the Moskali invaded Ukraine just yesterday. Yes, sad to say, the fact is confirmed that a Russian military column broke through yesterday to Lugansk, to aid the beleaguered defenders of that city. Up to 40 of them are heavy armored vehicles, which customarily means tanks. How they managed to break through, considering the glorious Ukrainian army has Lugansk surrounded and controls all checkpoints, he is not able to say. This intelligence report is backed up by a photograph of some Russian armored units at the roadside – a truck and a pair of infantry vehicles – in Donetsk, Russia.  There apparently are no photographs of the ones in Lugansk, so pictures of Russian army units in Russia are used instead. But we should not doubt Mr. Tymchuk, because this is confirmed. The Kyiv Post “has not independently verified his findings”, but will be quite happy to accept corrections just as soon as you send them photographs of a Russian armored column not in Lugansk.

If I could have a little sidebar with you for just a moment before we go on, I’d like to talk briefly about jobs in which the experts are full of shit. According to Cracked Magazine – admittedly, not the most reliable source, but I think as long as we’re talking Dmitry Tymchuk, reliability is not a deal-breaker – the 6 Most Statistically Full Of Shit Professions are, in ascending order;

6. Stock Market Experts. The majority of professionally managed funds picked by stock market experts (70 to 85 percent) actually underperform the Dow or S&P indexes, which are technically supposed to represent the average performance of the market to begin with.

5. Wine Tasters. In a university experiment, tasters were given two bottles of the same wine. One was labeled a “vin de table” (France’s version of “Night Train”) and one was labeled a “grand cru” (top-rated vineyard since 1855). According to the article: “Whereas the tasters found the wine from the first bottle ‘simple,’ ‘unbalanced,’ and ‘weak,’ they found the wine from the second ‘complex,’ ‘balanced,’ and ‘full.'”

4. Art Critics. My personal favourite. In 1964, Swedish art critics were fooled into praising the works of Pierre Brassau with descriptions like “Brassau paints with powerful strokes, but also with clear determination. His brush strokes twist with furious fastidiousness. Pierre is an artist who performs with the delicacy of a ballet dancer.”

“Pierre Brassau” was actually a chimpanzee. I totally believe that one, because I recall reading an article about a Jack Russell terrier named Tillamook Cheddar (“Tillie”, to her friends) who makes pieces of art by gnawing or clawing at impressionable surfaces such as carbon paper. She has sold more than a hundred paintings, some fetching (ha, ha; “fetching”, see what I did there?) up to $2,200.00. All I can say is, some people have way too much money and no sense whatsoever.

3. Criminal Profilers. I know on TV they always describe the killer right down to the mole on his left temple without ever seeing him, but life is not TV. FBI profilers hunting the Unabomber identified their suspect as a married man living in a house in the suburbs, most likely an airplane mechanic. He was finally arrested in 1996 at his remote cabin where he had been living as a wild-haired, crazy mountain man for 25 years. They were partly right – he was a man. But often criminal profilers have no better results than the Quilters Club of America using educated guesses and common sense.

2. Weather Forecasters. We all love to hate these doofuses (doofii?), especially when they predict great weather for the ball game or the wedding, and what you actually get is a flash flood. Some say they could not predict yesterday’s weather today. Although I have seen meteorological technicians at work, and know from personal observation that they do actually use maps and charts and pressure readings and suchlike, TV weatherguessers are actually right about the same percentage of the time as flipping a coin. You could meet or perhaps even beat their record in most climates without ever getting out of bed, by simply predicting “it won’t rain” every single day.

1. The most full-of-shit profession, at least in the view of this source, is Sportswriters. An actual semi-scientific study in 1971 of sportswriters’ ability to accurately call college and NFL games yielded a success rate of .476, which is statistically – you guessed it – slightly worse than flipping a coin.

Which brings us back to Dmitry Tymchuk. How full of shit is he? Well, let me tell you; if you took a weather forecaster, and stuffed him full of sportswriters until he couldn’t hold any more , the result would not be as full of shit as Tymchuk is.

Let’s look at some examples. I love this part, because Tymchuk is so delightfully daft, while so obviously blowing sunshine up the asses of his devoted fan club as if he were some sort of  one-man nationalist wind tunnel, that you find yourself almost liking him, in the same way you might be abstractedly fond of a crazy uncle tied with a length of log chain to an old boiler in the back yard.

A few days ago, Tymchuk insisted the attack on a fleeing civilian convoy, which burned some people alive in their cars, was the work of the rebels . There must be some coordination between them and the townspeople, so that they can exit through rebel-held checkpoints, and it is a little difficult to imagine the rebels would do this and then open fire on them. But the militia are “rabid animals [that] can only be destroyed”, says Tymchuk, echoing his fearless leader Yatsenyuk, who previously referred to the east-Ukrainian Russian speakers as “subhumans” .

And this is a big part of the reason it is so important to Tymchuk that the Russian military be proven to be officially involved, in strength, in the insurgency in the east – or, better still, invading Ukraine. Because Igor Plotnitsky, insurgent leader in Lugansk, denies that Russia is involved in the insurgency, if it can be shown he lied about that, then it is easy to believe he is also lying when he says it was the Ukrainian army which shot up the convoy, even though the latter has established a reputation for shooting wildly at everything that moves. Some time back it was reported they had killed wounded militiamen in their hospital beds in Krasny Liman, after “liberating” the town.  I doubt any depth of viciousness is beyond them. And Tymchuk attributes exactly the same debased callousness to the militia. Hopefully we will see who is right, but from what I have seen so far, the nutty ideologists are all on the same side.

In June, Dmitry Tymchuk said that Russian troops who remained in their own country – although they are near the sacred line known as “Ukraine’s border”, were “a global provocation”. Earlier that same month, U.S. President Barack Obama announced a $1 Billion “European Reassurance Initiative” which would bolster the presence of U.S. troops and fighter aircraft already in nearby countries such as Poland. Nobody remarked that it might be a global provocation. Like in “Animal Farm”, some animals are evidently more equal than others. Should anyone be confused as to who is the aggressor here, Mr, Tymchuk went on to compare Vladimir Putin unfavourably to Hitler, who was “a child” (albeit a somewhat husky child with extraordinarily developed facial hair) in comparison to Mr. Putin. Mr. Tymchuk noted the further buildup of Russian military heavy weapons in Snizhne – without providing any evidence at all, each of his “confirmations” is an article of faith – and noted that the GRAD systems used by the militia are “an ideal instrument for bloody provocations by insurgents. For them, murdering peaceful civilians and attributing victims to the ATO forces is commonplace. Alas.” It should be noted that these are different from the GRAD systems used by the Ukrainian army – glory to heroes! – in that the latter dispense clouds of flowers when they explode, and recoil in horror if they are directed in proximity to civilians, returning to their launcher with high-pitched yelps. You will be glad to know, though, that in June the Kiev government appointed a Commissioner to the President of Ukraine for the Peaceful Settlement of the Conflict in Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts, Iryna Gerashchenko. I hope they’re not paying her much, because she appears to be doing little to earn a salary.

Later that month he said that it was beyond belief that the acting Foreign Minister, Andriy (it’s very important to Ukrainians that their names be spelt slightly differently than the same names in Russian) Deshchitsiya had been forced to resign for being filmed chanting “Putin huylo” outside the Russian Embassy. According to Tymchuk, he was just “performing a couple of words from a popular song in a circle of friends” (I’m sure you spotted the resemblance to the whitewash Pussy Riot got), and his brave actions prevented further violence – why, the man should have been promoted! Tymchuk clearly sees nothing undignified or incorrect in this behavior by a senior member of the national executive. But they banned The Bloodhound Gang from Ukraine for 5 years just because their bass guitarist simulated urinating on the Ukrainian flag, and pretended to touch it with his friendly penis while singing a happy little ditty in the company of friends. Sometimes you just have to shake your head at the monstrous injustice.

Tymchuk argues that Deshchitsiya was actually in the right, because Putin is a huylo, a fact which has been verified by independent experts. I’m sure this is just his idea of humour.

Earlier this month, Tymchuk – growing steadily more clownlike in his buffoonery, insisted that Russia had shot down MH-17 with a BUK launcher driven through Ukraine by an all-Russian full-time crew. No word if there were any unicorns among them. They fucked up and launched their missile from the wrong place, which meant they also hit the wrong plane – they had planned to shoot down one of their own Aeroflot flights so as to justify the Russian invasion, planned for July 18th. This, of course, was “confirmed”.

Look, we could go on with this, because every one of his posts is filled with high-voltage nuttery  (why, folks call him up and ask, Dmitry, is it time for me to grab the wife and kids and get out of here? I wonder why?) but it’s not as much fun as I thought it would be. It’s really…kind of sad. Like watching somebody lose their mind.

I really hope Ukraine loses this war. Not because I have anything in particular against Ukrainians, but because if they win, all this lunacy is going to be plowed over and covered up by its western pals. Including who shot down MH-17, and the war crimes perpetrated daily by the Ukrainian army against civilians. If they lose, there’s just a chance their western cheerleaders will throw them under the bus in an effort to disassociate themselves from implication. And since the convocation of the kangaroo government in Ukraine ushered in a new age of comfort with fascism, we can hope that defeat will also usher in acceptance of the punishment that accompanied its eventual failure.

Public hangings.

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1,076 Responses to How Full of Shit Would You Have To Be, To Be More Full of Shit than Dmitry Tymchuk?

  1. Fern says:

    Back to MH17. If this report is to be believed, it seems that large chunks of the plane’s wreckage are still lying uncollected and uninvestigated. No doubt the forthcoming whitewash report on the downing of MH17 will blame ‘Russian separatists’ for preventing access to the sites which, as the report will say, is why we’ll never really know what happened (i.e. the Russkies did it but we just can’t prove it). I’m still hopeful that when the families and friends of those who died get through the initial shock and grief at what happened, they’ll kick up such a stink that western governments and media will be unable to keep the lid on it. The scandal of MH17 may be the one thing that awakens the average European – that western elites care absolutely nothing for the lives of their citizens and, at best are willing to cover up the mass murder of 298 people or, at worst, conspired to bring about that mass murder, in the pursuit of elite geopolitical goals.

    They [pieces of the wreckage] are just lying there, and the most amazing part is, as it turns out, that neither the European side, nor anyone else needs them. The situation is very strange in my opinion,” Purgin said.
    When asked about how he assesses the work of international investigators at the crash site, Purgin said that “It’s hard to be called work, because there was no work done.”

    • Jen says:

      That’s really odd, the whole area around the crash site should have been pegged as a crime scene and every single piece of wreckage found should have been taken away as evidence.

      The Dutch are supposed to be in charge of the investigation. They are due to release an interim report but we should not hold our breaths that it will be made public: in early August they signed a non-disclosure agreement with Australia, Ukraine and Belgium that information related to the investigation of the causes of the crash and its results is classified.

      • Moscow, Russia says:

        You talk about a “crash site”.

        If a Boeing passenger jet – still 85% full of the aviation fuel needed for its inter-continental flight from Europe to Malaysia – were struck by a ‘ground-to-air missile’ of the kind claimed by Tymchuk, and asserted by crooks as diverse as Tony Abbott and Germany’s Steinmeier, the result would be a massive mid-air fireball that could be seen for hundreds of miles around.

        The passengers would have been incinerated instantly in temperatures exceeding 900C. The debris of falling burnt wreckage would been spread over several hundred kilometers.

        And yet we hear it was not so. The scatter-pattern of wreckage at the site represents an aircraft that was largely or entirely intact when it hit the ground. And mysteriously the fuselage sections show clear penetration by machine-gun fire. Bags and suitcases were recovered intact, and unopened. And most tellingly – at least one passenger was found dead *wearing an oxygen mask*. Now it’s peculiar that in the middle of a lethal fireball, someone found time to put on an oxygen mask, isn’t it??

        There are a lot of peculiar things about this case, to be honest. It’s peculiar that the Ukrainian Air Traffic Control transcripts for conversations with MH17 have all been “lost” from a moment of three minutes before the plane went down. (It’s a legal requirement to keep such transcripts for three years). It’s peculiar that radar records show an SU-27 fighter aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force – equipped, oddly enough, with exactly the kind of air cannon that could cause the bullet holes in MH17’s fuselage – was seen closing on MH17 on an intercept course… three minutes before MH17 droppped out of the sky. And it’s peculiar how the investigators grabbed the black boxes and ran with them – and have made no attempt to decipher or publish the data in those black boxes.

        It’s also peculiar that the Commander of Ukrainian forces attacking Donbas is Igor Kolomoisky… the owner of AviaSvit Airlines, Ukraine’s second-largest carrier. (He became owner due to a series of bandit actions including threatening the lives of the previous owners unless they sold-out to him for fivepence). Kolomoisky is able to walk around Air Traffic Control at Kiev Airport at will, since he has Security Passes that permit him to do so.

  2. Moscow Exile says:

    Mobile Upload: Volunteer battalion “Crimea”

    Мы выжили, не смотря на то, что нас слили. Мы возвращаемся домой, Альхамдулиллях!!

    P.S. Коридора не какого не было, колонну тупо начали расстреливать.
    Мы пробили 2 кольца окружения и смогли выйти.

    [We have survived, despite the fact that our numbers have been whittled down. We are coming home. Praise be to Allah!

    PS There was no such corridor. They began firing wildly into the column. We broke through two fortified rings and managed to get away.]

    К сожалению, около 500 ребят из различных подразделений погибли при прорыве колонны. Раненых, россияне добивали уже на поле.

    Сегодня “скорые” туда не пропустили, что бы общественность не узнала о том какие горы трупов остались на поле

    [Unfortunately, about 500 lads from different units were killed when the column was torn apart. Reporters have not been allowed there today so that the general public not find out about the mountain of corpses that have been left lying on the battlefield.]

    My thoughts and prayers are with them.

    (I bloody hate that cliché. :-))

  3. ThatJ says:


    Very interesting, if hostile take on Putin’s latest statements on Kazakhstan and a repeat of the Ukrainian scenario in that country.

    • Moscow Exile says:

      Written by a “Freedom House” shit-stirrer.

      • Drutten says:

        I just had to comment on that. “Shit-stirring” would be a most appropriate description, yes. This is the kind of baloney that follows in the wake of everything the man says, just as general a rule as the telling omissions are.

        • Moscow Exile says:

          Such shit-stirring operations never cease and the latest pieces of stirred shit appear as regular as though off a conveyor and are soon forgotten as soon as the next in line appears.

          Ever wondered what happened to the Independence for Siberia movement that appeared a couple of weeks ago?

          Where are the thousands of protesting, oppressed Siberians now that yearned so for freedom from the tyrant’s thrall?

          They must all be in gulags now – or mass graves.

  4. Moscow Exile says:

    Dostoevsky had it right even way back in 1869!

    Dostoevsky On Russian Liberals

    So pleased to see Austere Insomniac is back!

    Until just 10 minutes ago, I had not visited his blog for a long time. It had seemed to have gone dead and I thought Insomniac had just given up the ghost after having suffered incessant and relentless trolling off a certain “Hack” from the USA, who seems to be obsessed with bombarding the blog.

    I think “Hack”is a Yukie immigrant to the USA and it his life-mission to defend Saloland from any criticism.

    “Hack” seems to have taken particular offence at criticism from “Insomniac” because the latter is a Czech.

  5. ThatJ says:

    Meanwhile in Russia, a prominent journalist and opposition politician investigating the deaths of soldiers apparently killed on operations inside Ukraine was brutally assaulted within a few hundred metres of his home.

    Lev Schlosberg was reportedly attacked from behind as he walked to a meeting with colleagues on Friday evening. While he lost consciousness almost immediately, his unidentified attackers continued to beat him for several minutes with a blunt object. He has been hospitalised in a serious condition.

    One of the first people to write openly about the low-key funerals of Russian paratroopers last week in the Western Russian city of Pskov, Mr Schlosberg published reports in a local newspaper about how the soldier died and criticised the authorities’ silence over the issue.

    Poor Schlosberg (oy vey), he wanted to incite the Russian population against Putin but someone foiled his plan.

    • ThatJ says:

      Justice Ministry Adds 2 More Russian NGOs to Foreign Agents List

      Two St. Petersburg-based organizations, the Institute for Information Freedom Development and Soldiers’ Mothers of St. Petersburg, are the latest NGOs to be labeled foreign agents under a controversial law passed in 2012 under which the tag is applied to NGOs with any foreign funding whose activities can be defined as “political.”

      Both of the organizations have made headlines over run-ins with the authorities in recent weeks.

      This month, Jennifer Gaspar, the U.S. wife of the Russian founder of the Institute for Information Freedom Development, Ivan Pavlov, was deported after being deemed a national security threat. No grounds were provided by the Federal Migration Service for the decision. Both Gaspar and Pavlov cited his organization’s work, as well as the fact that Gaspar had worked as a consultant for a range of other NGOs in Russia during the 10 years she had lived here.

    • Moscow Exile says:

      Schlosberg won an award in 2011 off the Journalists’ Union for his reporting of the deaths of Pskov paratroopers that took place in 2000 during the 1st Chechen war.

    • Well, this is a wrong way to deal with people like him. No person deserves to be unlawfully attacked like that.

      • ThatJ says:

        I know. But I also know that he wouldn’t condemn the removal of the government by a violent putsch, or if the opposition somehow manages to dominate the streets and beat the life out of pro-Russian groups, he would look the other way.

        When chaos goes their way, people like him love it. So I can’t really say that I care when I read these things. I don’t condone it, but when shit happens, I don’t care.

        There’s a Kolomoyskyi trapped inside his body which I hope he will never have the chance to unleash on the Russian people.

    • kirill says:

      Oh looky here another propaganda rebroadcaster like Politkovskaya. Politkovskaya got to spew the NATO shite full time for years on end. I hope this fucker buggers off to the west. Over at militaryphotos this Pskov drivel is the daily fare of the Kiev regime parrots. For some reason the allegedly dead Pskov “VDV” are showing up alive.

  6. Moscow Exile says:

    Readers’ comments – compare and contrast:

    European leaders warn Russian invasion of east Ukraine is ‘a point of no return’

    Daily Telegraph, UK (right-wing politics)

    Ukraine president warns Europe nearing ‘point of no return’

    Guardian, UK (“liberal”)

    Oh! No comments allowed. How very surprising.

    Ah well, try this one then:

    EU threatens Russia with unspecified new sanctions if Ukraine crisis worsens

    See the references to Putinbots, Putler, etc? See the russophobes – many of them non-native English speakers from the Baltic States/Poland/ USA immigrants?

    • ThatJ says:

      The Telegraph author in the first link is “surely sure” of himself over Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine, isn’t he?

    • marknesop says:

      Symptomatic is one of the search terms which brought one reader to this blog today, reproduced exactly as written. I used to get quite few sexual ones because one article included a photo of a girl in a straitjacket – it dates back to when this blog exclusively made fun of La Russophobe, and the picture was yet another meant to enlighten readers as to her mental state. Anyway, somebody came here today looking for…..

      “russiqns are just a stupid peple”.

    • marknesop says:

      Interesting to see that now “a country that wants to be a part of Europe” meets the standard for being taken under Europe’s protection, to the point it pretends it is willing to get into a shooting war with a nuclear country over it. That shows you how far international law has fallen. Once a country would have had to prove it met the requirements for incorporation into the European whole, and would have had to demonstrate value added. Now it is enough that its acquisition be in Europe’s strategic interests, so that it can be used as a platform from which to menace a neighbour, and its human-rights status and economic provenance mean fuck-all.

      Perhaps Somalia, Chad and Malawi would also like to be a part of Europe?

      Dave has pledged to use London’s financial might to cut off Russian heavyweights from cash – that’ll be sure to make his banks happy.

      “Francois Hollande, the French leader, said the Ukraine crisis is “the biggest crisis since the end of the Cold War”. And completely, totally a manufactured crisis in its entirety, a steady ratcheting-up of tension by the west based on an entirely false premise – that Russia is directly interfering in and managing the eastern reaction to the crisis the west interfered in and directly managed in the first place. Russia did not help the east at all in the initial stages, and now its assistance is likely limited to sharing intelligence and the voluntary participation of some of its citizens, not enough to tip the balance of the war one way or the other, while the original premise of the uprising – the right to self-determination – is as legitimate and democratic as can be imagined.

      If this eventually falls the west’s way and it manages to wrest Ukraine into its orbit, look for the sanctions to be dropped immediately and efforts to be made towards “healing”, which will in fact be entirely cynical attempts to force Europe’s way back into the Russian market and to make it – through WTO legislation – accept Ukrainian goods so as to finance its rebirth as a western battle-star on Russia’s doorstep. Western leaders know full well this “Russia is going to invade everybody!!!!” meme is a complete fabrication from the ground up. But they are going with it by common and insidious backroom agreement.

      This has turned into the most fundamental existential battle of our time – whether international law, human rights and justice will prevail, or trickery, guile, self-interest and the passive support of dumbed-down populations taught to salivate patriotism on command.

  7. ThatJ says:


    Breaking – well it looks like finally, finally, negotiations will be taking place

    Machine translation, in part:

    Poroshenko forced to negotiate after Novorossian advances

    Trilateral contact group, which is the only meeting place for Kiev authorities and representatives of the Novorossia, will meet again on Monday. Ukrainian President Peter Poroshenko essentially admitted that to negotiate his forced success of a humanitarian mission militia, which began this week.

    The situation in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions reached the point where “we can no longer change anything,” says Peter Poroshenko, so the parties should sit down at the negotiating table. “We need to stop everything and start diplomatic negotiation format” -these words of President of Ukraine presented on his official website.

    The Russian authorities have repeatedly called for talks between Kiev and Donbass militias. In the Ukrainian capital was ready to take them only when the actual surrender of the armed forces of the DNI and the LC.

    Apparently, a successful counter-offensive, implemented militias this week as part of a humanitarian mission, forced Poroshenko to reconsider their positions.

    [ThatJ: For months, Porky was unmoved by negotiation pleas from Russia and the rebels themselves. His peace offer was: lay down arms, let us take over and we will decide what we do with you. Now, the winds are blowing the other way, and he suddenly thinks that negotiation is a good idea after all. Will the rebels accept it? Unless it’s on very good terms, I don’t see it happening]

    • ThatJ says:

      Now the user says it’s a false alarm and he’s sorry. I concur. Here’s the English press release:

      • ThatJ says:

        Yet, we now have this:

        Путин: есть договоренность с Порошенко о мирном разрешении конфликта
        Putin: There is an agreement with Poroshenko of the peaceful settlement of the conflict

      • Fern says:

        This suggests to me that Poroshenko’s western advisors or, more accurately, his handlers, have instructed him to buy time. You can always enter into negotiations and then withdraw from them at a later date on some jumped up pretext or another. No doubt one of the things he’s waiting for is the outcome of the NATO summit to learn how much money, nice new military hardware and ‘trainers’ and ‘advisors’ are likely to be Kiev-bound in the near future. Not a man to be trusted further than he could be thrown, as my old grannie used to say (before we sectioned her).

        • marknesop says:

          And not a man who could be thrown far, as his latest Eurosnaps suggest. He is virtually overflowing his chair with cheekiness, and will soon have to have a custom one brought in for his photo-ops which has the arms further apart and a wider bottom to accommodate his…well…wider bottom.

  8. ThatJ says:

    Bad news…

  9. ThatJ says:

    Putin: there is an agreement with Poroshenko on the peaceful resolution of conflict

    The Russian leader said to them with his Ukrainian counterpart, managed to reach certain agreements to stop the bloodshed in the South-East of Ukraine.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin and the head of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko soglie in the opinion that the conflict in Ukraine will be resolved peacefully through negotiations. About Putin said in an interview Irade Zeynalova says in the “Sunday times” on the First channel.

    “It seems to me that this is a very good lesson for us all, for this tragedy to finish as quickly as possible, and by peaceful means and through negotiations, and we agreed, by the way, with Petr Alekseevich, and that nobody ever repeating such mistakes, which now was made in Ukraine during the armed seizure of power. This is the root cause of what is happening now,” said Putin.

    The Russian leader stressed that without talking about statehood in South-Eastern Ukraine, the conflict is unlikely to be resolved.

  10. ThatJ says:

    The genie is out of the bottle, the UA media is reporting that some people in the volunteer battalions believe that the regime is trying to “weaken” the hardened shabbos goyim “nazi” volunteers, but this, the advisor to the Minister of Defence Oleksandr Danylyuk says, is a story “made up” by the Russian secret service to sow distrust of the government among the Ukrainian people and bring new protests of radicalized “newcomers” to Kiev.

    [machine translation]

    The situation around Ilovaisk forced to discredit command – Advisor to the Minister

    The atmosphere around the position of the Ukrainian military under Ilovaisk specially heated up by the Russian secret services to discredit the military command of Ukraine. The transfer used for the discharge of the atmosphere As a UNIAN correspondent, about this at a briefing on Saturday told reporters Advisor to the Minister of defence of Ukraine Oleksandr danylyuk. “Ilovaisk Russian secret services are trying to use to destabilize the situation in the country as a whole, undermining confidence in the leadership of the Ministry of defense, commanders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and operational command ATO” said danyluk. According to him, before the rebels tasked to destroy the Ukrainian military under Ilovaisk to start pre-prepared protests in Kiev with the seizure of administrative buildings.

    “There are attempts to destroy the entire group that is there, then the wave is partially inspired partially pre-organized protests to begin a campaign of direct action in Kiev”, – said the adviser. However, he has dismissed the allegations that the defense Ministry deliberately started a war in the trap under the Transfer in order to weaken the volunteer battalions. “If the staff really had such intentions, it would not be 6 day series” said danyluk, noting that in the environment, in addition to fighters of the volunteer battalions are many Ukrainian military personnel. He also called on Ukrainian citizens to soberly assess the situation and not to panic. This danyluk said that after the operation is completed in Ilovaisk the defense Ministry will initiate the investigation in respect of persons who have repeatedly disclose operational information, resulting in the dying of the Ukrainian military.

  11. ThatJ says:

    Putin: Impossible to say when political crisis in Ukraine will end

    • ThatJ says:

      Commenting on the new batch of sanctions against Russia threatened by western countries, Putin advised his counterparts to think again about what they are advocating.

      “What are the so-called European values then? Support for an armed coup, suppression of opponents with armed forces – so these are ‘European values’? I believe our colleagues should be reminded of their own ideals,” the president said.

      • Moscow Exile says:

        Ye Gods! I wish he would stop calling them “colleagues”.

        They are your sworn enemies, you berk!

        • Jen says:

          He’s probably using endearments like “colleagues” and “partners” in a sarcastic way and getting a chuckle out of them.

          • patient observer says:

            I can well imagine a similar situation with Polite Armed Men in Green kicking the crap out of their “esteemed” Ukie Nazis “colleagues”. Russia has been having fun with these “polite” terms at least as far back as the Georgian war where Lavrov referred to his “Georgian colleagues” who were running like scared rabbits from the Russian army. The Russians are turning our “polite” and “politically correct” BS right back against us. I for one am enjoying the show.

          • Max says:

            Then that’s a mistake. Sarcasm has its place but this ain’t it.

    • ThatJ says:

      As for the countermeasures Russia has taken, imposing a ban on certain food imports from the US, EU and several other countries, Putin believes the sanctioned European countries might find it hard to return to the Russian market. He expects new importers from Latin America, China and Russia’s eastern neighbors to secure the market during the year, and then it would “very difficult, almost impossible to budge them.”

      [ThatJ: a clear warning to Germans: if you sanction us, you will lose the Russian market for your cars and other industrial exports]

      • marknesop says:

        Which will bring home – hard – to Europe in general and Germany especially the difference between an emerging market and an established market. Germany is of course still going to sell Audis and Porsches and BMW’s around the world – might even still sell a few in Russia. But it has given up the advantage of having infrastructure on the ground – so that it must pay expensive shipping costs – and a growth market in favour of higher costs to market its products to Russia and a world market which is not expected to show anything like the same rate of growth.

  12. Warren says:

    Putin ‘urges talks on statehood for east Ukraine’

    President Putin has urged talks to discuss “statehood” for eastern Ukraine, Russian media report.

    He went on to say it was “impossible to predict” the end of crisis.

    His comments came after the EU gave Russian a one-week ultimatum to reverse course in Ukraine or face sanctions.

    Russia denies Western accusations that its forces have illegally crossed into Ukraine to support separatists there.

  13. Moscow Exile says:

    EU leaders deliver sanctions ultimatum to Russia over Ukraine

    European Union leaders have given Russia a week to reverse course in Ukraine or face a new round of sanctions as Kiev warned it was on the brink of “full-scale war” with Moscow.

    Just who do these shits think they are handing out ultimatums?

    • marknesop says:

      Dave is right about one thing – the relationship between Europe and Russia, Britain and Russia, the United States and Russia will be radically different in future. That die is cast already, Dave, so you’re a day late and a Euro short with your “if Russia does not stop the way it’s going on”. That reality is now irrefutable, and I promise you it will be to Europe’s ultimate grief and discomfiture. Its ushering-in marks the moment when Europe threw away a prosperous trade relationship that benefited both parties in order to throw a tantrum of two-year-old proportions when its grab for strategic advantage came back with nothing but air. If everything works out just right, a redrawing of borders will leave behind a new state allied by trade and language to Russia, whilst the EU is lumbered with the chronically-complaining and entitled Galicians and their cottage industries. You’re welcome to them. Trade with them to your heart’s content; they haven’t any money.

  14. Moscow Exile says:

    Oh they’re merrily cutting and snipping away at Grauniad comments now.

    One commenter has not long ago posted, beginning with a quote from Walker’s latest article:

    2 May Clashes in Odessa between pro-Russia and pro-Ukraine groups leave 42 people dead, most of them pro-Russia activists burned to death when the trade union building where they had barricaded themselves caught fire. Russia describes the deaths as a massacre.

    Even after all of the video footage and camera shots showing the deliberate murder of over 40 civilians,including a pregnant woman,the Guardian still peddles the nonsense that the building just caught fire. Shame on you, Shaun Walker.

    The Russian troops captured in Ukraine have been released and sent back to Russia, do try and keep up for crying out loud.

    You still have not explained how you saw Russian tanks cross the border, despite being 34 kilometres from that border with the aid convoy, have you Walker? Nor have you adequately explained how the OSCE monitors on the exact, border crossing you cited did not see your convoy of Russian tanks. Any chance of an explanation?

    As for this article, your desperation is clearly manifest. Satellites can read a car number plate, yet you cannot show one clear satellite image of your imaginary Russian soldiers, or Russian tanks. You could not even take a photograph of a Russian tank battalion you allege drove right past you. Truly pathetic journalism from you, yet again.

    Yes I know, breaching community guidelines, this post will self destruct in 5 seconds.

    Walker used to work for the Moscow Times.

    Enough said.

    Some journalists, however, do take Walker to task over his “journalism.


    More Guardian ‘brainwashing’ on Putin


    My reply to Guardian’s Shaun Walker

    • marknesop says:

      “We also call on Kiev to end provocations against Russian diplomatic missions and staff in Ukraine. The latest outrage, occurring on 28 August in Kiev, involved security staff of the Russian Embassy, including the bodyguard of the Russian Ambassador. They were detained while exiting a café under the patently fabricated charge of carrying grenades, even though they showed their diplomatic passports. We insist on the immediate release of all Russian Embassy staff and urge Kiev to refrain from further violations of international conventions on diplomatic immunity.”

      Ooooo….I didn’t hear about that one. Naturally Russian diplomats embedded in the heart of Kiev, who could probably arrange a meeting with the President himself and then blow themselves up along with him in a last act of fiery martyrdom would choose instead to blow up a café, and enter it festooned with grenades. I certainly hope Russia has already expelled all Ukrainian dipo personnel. If not, now would be a good time. Kiev is just pulling its stories out of its arse, and there is no advantage whatsoever realized by maintaining diplomatic relations between the two countries. After all, it’s not as if Russian embassy personnel there now in Kiev are having any effect on the rubbish Kiev spews out for eager daily collection and dissemination by the west. Give it up as a bad job – Poroshenko has a phone.

  15. ThatJ says:

    Will the US Succeed in Breaking Russia to Maintain Dollar Hegemony?

  16. ThatJ says:

    Rushing Ukraine in?

    The standards needed for NATO membership have sure fallen… despair?

  17. ThatJ says:

  18. Moscow Exile says:

    Fears of massacre after accusations Russians reneged on safe passage for rebels reports the UK Telegraph , giving its source as the Crimea Volunteer Battalion Facebook page that I mentioned in a posting above.

    Isn’t there something wrong with that headline?

    The “Russians” reneged on a safe passage for the “rebels”?

    Surely those who allegedly massacred were not the “rebels” but Kiev’s hirelings?

    And surely those that allegedly massacred them were citizens of the Eastern Ukraine Donetsk and Lugansk provinces?

    Poor, poor mercenaries hired to fight on the side of freedom of democracy and a plot of land in the East are now the latest to fall victims to Putin’s thugs!

    I don’t recall the Telegraph publishing pictures of the carnage amongst the civilians in those places that these “victims” chose to bombard.

    • Moscow Exile says:

      They’ve changed the headline at the Telegraph now.

      Took them long enough to notice what a load of bollocks it was.

      And here are a couple of typically crazy russophobe comments off a Telegraph-reading headbanger that offers to explain the demise of the Banderite fortunes:

      Rebels, lol! No drunk middle-aged desperados do not put large armies to flight. However, crack troops hiding inside of ridiculously disguised military trucks on the other hand, do.


      I knew that aid convoy had crack Spetsnaz in them. And that is why they were nearly empty. The Spetsnaz got off when they were being inspected. And then jumped back on a little while later. And that is how you sneak in crack GRU Spetsnaz under the nose of pesky NATO satellites or something.

  19. ThatJ says:

    The flag of the Novorossiyan Republic of Zaporozhia


  20. ThatJ says:

  21. ThatJ says:

  22. ThatJ says:

    Another Color Revolution in the making:

    Isn’t Hong Kong a financial hub? Certainly, it’s not in the interests of the US to allow the Chinese to have the upper-hand there, so welcoming “democracy” in order to tear it apart from authoritarian Chinese rule would serve Western interests. Unless I am talking bs, I don’t know much about HK’s status within China, or its importance to finances.

    • Jen says:

      HK and Macau have Special Administrative Region (SAR) status in China. Both SARs are self-governing and maintain their own parliaments and political parties, legal systems, police forces and currencies. As far as I know, people in HK still drive on the left-hand side of the road … well they did when I was there visiting family in Northpoint on Hongkong island over 10 years ago :-).

      Some more detail on that mobile phone demo over at this Canadian news website:

      Looks like the Chinese government might not be the only obstacle to the pro-democracy movement in HK:

      • marknesop says:

        I was there in 2008 and it was still very western. Many western corporations have, if not their headquarters, major branch offices there and there are far more fancy auto dealerships in Hong Kong than there are here. Streets still have their English names. Housing is so expensive as to be impossible unless you are a Sultan of a wealthy desert republic, but hotels are very reasonable and it seems like a great vacation spot; I’d love to go back with my wife. Hong Kong has its own flag; I have the lapel pin. China was making great strides wooing it peacefully – although it belongs to China, they don’t want the foreign corporations to book out because they sense oppression, which they might if they were not the ones doing it – and more importantly, had greatly increased its pull with Taiwan as well, using much the same persuasive methods. A diplomat who traveled the last little way with us reckoned to me that they would have Taiwan back within 10 years without ever firing a shot. We’ll see if he’s right; they’ve got until 2018.

        It will suit the west to play this up to China’s disadvantage, because they’re pissed at China. Otherwise they would be calling the protesters”terrorists”, and China could do whatever it wanted with them. Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose.

  23. Al says:

    The obvious thing to do is make use of the Donbass miners to provide security at the rear so free up battle hardened NAF troops for the front to blunt any attempted counter offensive by Kiev.

  24. Warren says:

  25. ThatJ says:

    Here we go again…

  26. Al says:

    Compare the ‘official’ map of Uke army and NAF forces in east Ukraine with the NAF version:

  27. Al says:

    The Garden Man’s Economics Blog: Russia and economic warfare: RIP the free market new world order
    Russia faces damaging economic sanctions, but this also brings down the final curtain on capitalism’s apparent victory in 1989

    Someone at the Garden Man isn’t actually asleep or a Borg journalist.

    • Moscow Exile says:

      The hysteric “human rights” fanatics, especially those who are obsessed with questions of sexuality, have a strong presence in the Grauniad readership though, judging by many of the latest comments:

      Russia is still behind the Iron Curtain. For them, it never fell. Russia is corrupt, brutal, repressed, the media is censored, journalists threatened, there are political arrests and killings. Cossacks patrol the streets with whips, punching and hitting women. It is a giant gulag.

      The economy is in free-fall, the rouble at its weakest since restructuring in 1998. Since Putin banned foreign food imports, there are food shortages, with prices rising between 7-60%. Illegal Western foodstuffs are being smuggled into the country, and traded at exorbitant prices.

      Russia is falling backwards into the 1990s. Much further, and Putin will be growing a Stalinist moustache.

      Stan Jacox:
      What?? Are you joking, surely you are. Have you ever walked the streets of a Russian city, have you ever been repressed in Russia or been arrested for political reasons? “Cossacks patrol streets with whips….women” Not even in movies or your overactive imagination. By the way Cossacks are not Russian and did not live in the Russia other than a few expats, more Americans in Russia than Cossacks.

      I am an American living in Russia for 12 years and know hundreds of others from Europe and US and none would support any of your wild claims. Walking the streets at any hour is a trivial matter without concern of street crime or the next idiot having a gun. It is a very different country than portrayed in western press or in your imagination.

      “Have you ever walked the streets of a Russian city, have you ever been repressed in Russia or been arrested for political reasons?”

      Here are some photos of people being repressed, and arrested for political reasons: 36 Photos From Russia That Everyone Needs To See.

      “”Cossacks patrol streets with whips….women’ Not even in movies or your overactive imagination.”

      Here you go, a video of Cossacks whipping and punching women. This was during the Winter Olympics at Sochi. Even with the world watching Russia, it still couldn’t behave itself. This is how the world remembers Sochi.

      “Walking the streets at any hour is a trivial matter without concern of street crime or the next idiot having a gun.”

      I found this story in the Moscow Times intriguing, about mini-bunkers for people to hide in, if they are attacked in the park.
      Safety Cabins May Appear in Moscow Parks

      You’re not impartial. You write all your bad comments about Russia because you think sexual minorities are abused in Russia, right?

      Russia’s treatment of its LGBT citizens was the canary in the mine. It was the warning. If a nation can treat its own citizens like that, it has gone of the rails.
      Since the Russian anti-gay law (Article 6.21) was adopted, LGBT have lived in a state of terror. On the day after the law was ratified, two girls jumped off a building together.
      The law prevents LGBT having a voice in the media, it is illegal for individuals, organisations or the media to portray LGBT in a positive manner, or to imply that LGBT are equal to straights. LGBT are forbidden from demonstrating, protesting, or parading. People are being fired from their jobs for being gay, most recently a teacher with 18-years experience.

      Encouraged by the Duma, gay men and women have been beaten up on the streets by mobs. Presently there are 40 neo-Nazi gangs across Russia entrapping, humiliating, kidnapping and torturing LGBT. There has been a surge in violence against LGBT, killings, and an alleged spike in suicides.

      One Russian MP, Alexander Mikhailov, called for gays to be rounded up and whipped:
      “I want to call on people to get a healthy perspective of this disgrace. Our district needs a law that would give troops the right to grab gays on the street and drag them to the city square, where Cossacks would whip them.”

      Stan Jacox:
      Again, you are nuts….I live in the second largest city in Russia and it has an active and vibrant LGBT community, no clubs have closed, no beatings, no arrests for being gay(Federal law passed before there was hardly any laws in the new Russian Federation) legalizing male homosexualty, which the US has never done. Female homosexuality has never been illegal. If anything, the largest gay club has only gotten more popular, with both straights and gay since all the western publicity. You have no facts or personal knowledge of any of your claims.

      It’s astonishing you should claim there have been no beatings, as since the anti-gay law came into effect, there are now an estimated 40 neo-Nazi gangs across Russia entrapping and torturing LGBT.
      The Internet is awash with their efforts, there are numerous videos and pictures of Russian LGBT being attacked in the streets, kidnapped, humiliated, tortured, and having urine poured over their heads (the so-called “the gay cure”).
      I can’t link to any videos or pictures, as Guardian moderators will remove this comment. They are very distressing, but you can easily find them, even on Youtube….

      …The rouble is worthless, at its lowest since it was restructured in 1998. The Russian economy is on its knees, since Putin banned foreign foodstuffs, there are food shortages and price hikes. There is a thriving black market in forbidden Western foods. And, the Russians are threatening to altogether collapse their own economy by cutting off gas to the West.

      Putin is resurrecting the USSR, but not how he hoped.

      As this rate, Ukraine will be able to buy Moscow, and annex it.

      Stan Jacox:
      Again you are misinformed. The Ruble is 36 to the dollar according to the bank across the street, that is not the lowest it has been by quite a margin. Growth is lower now than during the time between Putin taking office and the Wall Street crisis when it was averaging 7-8% a year, beaten only by China. The big difference between the weak US and weak Russia is where what growth there is, goes.

      In the US the middle and working classes, the 99% see none of it and actually are lower in household income than 2001, and most of the modest growth in Russia continues to go to the middle class who have passed the US in median net worth for families.

      Ask a single mother working two jobs in the US and starving who is more oppressed, a Russian woman or herself. When you talk about wealth you are only talking about a tiny portion of the population in the US, the rest are struggling. In Russia sure there are rich but the average family owns their home free and clear and have no car or other monthly payments except for internet access, mobile phone connect usage charges and a combined utility bill of about $100 for a family of 3. That ownership of living needs gives many far reaching options American families could only dream about. I see Russian families as being more resilient because of the core needs are secure, a loss of a job does not change things much or a sickness does not bankrupt them, nor are they afraid to take the month to 6 week vacation that are universal, for fear of getting behind. You have a very distorted view of Russia and it does not help others understand the situation when you make all these allegations up.

      “Again you are misinformed.”

      BBC News: Russian rouble falls to new low on sanctions threat
      “The Russian rouble fell to a record low against the dollar as investors fear further sanctions against the nation.

      The rouble fell to 37.03 per dollar on Friday, its worst valuation since the currency was restructured in 1998.

      The tumble comes weeks after Russia’s central bank pledged to intervene less in the currency’s valuation.”

      Game, set and match to ElectroMagneticPulse for quoting the BBC, which is always truthful.

      See the line of thinking?

      West =truth; Russia = lies.

      Arguing with these twats is like trying to persuade a Mormon there is no God – apart from Woden, of course.

      • Moscow Exile says:

        I wonder if this person who thinks that all that is wrong with Russia is reflected by how he believes homosexuals are treated there ever wonders about homosexual “rights” in Poland, the Baltics – not to mention the Ukraine. I wonder what his opinions are as regards women having their legs blown off in a Lugansk street by a Ukrainian fighter bomber?

        • Fern says:

          That’s an interesting point about professional human rightists. They seem to have forgotten that the most important human right is the most basic one of all – the right to life. So while they wax indignant at real or imagined violations of gay rights, they’re largely indifferent to Kiev’s killing campaign. We’re definitely through the looking glass.

      • Jen says:

        That’s assuming ElectroMagneticPulse is a real person and not one of several sock puppets created by a software program and plonked onto a low-paid apathetic call centre operator working for the NSA.

  28. pinky_pie says:

    Since no one brought it up yet, I’ll do. There were several mentions here about how Putin and Porky apparently agreed on some sort of cease-fire and peace talks (motives and commitment are a different story, of course). What wasn’t mentioned, is that Putin says, or at least Putin’s press-secretary Peskov says, that “Novorossiya must stay a part of Ukraine”. Which practically means that Vlad is basically selling Novorossiya down the river or just trolling, knowing that neither side will stick to any cease-fire in the first place.

    At the same time DNR PM Zaharchenko as well as LNR prominent field commander Mozgovoy are insisting that Novorossiya will most definetely exist and as a fully independent state at that. There are even people believing that it were Russians and not Ukrainians who attempted to assasinate Zaharchenko yesterday (?) so as to remind Novorossiya of the need to settle down. Hope it’s not that bad, though.

    • Al says:

      Good point but isn’t it all a bit early? And isn’t it normal that both sides state their maximalist positions in the run up to real negotiations?

      If Federalization isn’t a real option even though Germany now seems to have taken up this possibility rather late in the day, and the Novorossians are talking about independence, then maybe Putin is in essence talking about confederalization, i.e. a realistic compromise? Like Switzerland, except not Swiss. Western Ukraine can live of hot air, eastern Ukraine can sell stuff.

      If the Uke army continues to collapse like a house of cards, then the one week ultimatum from the EU (i.e. the Germans) to Russia looks exceedingly generous. In that case, speed and gaining territory is of the essence…

      Meanwhile, via the Asia Times Online:
      Malaysia Online: Russia urges ASEAN to boost agriculture exports

      On a side note, NATO’s Wales conference is all about its existential massaging, but underneath I think it is about the US and allies trying to bolster their argument (and thus crucial relevance) to keep the current 200+ B-61 European based nuclear bombs there.

      Popular sentiment is against keeping US nukes, more so that they are being ‘upgraded’ from free-fall nukes to stand-off nukes that can be launched via air launched missiles. As far as I understand it, the US is not allowed to deploy any new nuclear weapons under the various START treaties so they have stretched the meaning of upgrade beyond the breaking limit.

      No US nukes in Europe = emasculated NATO. Das is the crux.

      • pinky_pie says:

        I personally don’t think that any sort of compromise can be found, really. Because any sort of not-going-out-from-Ukraine will leave Novorossiya vulnerable from within – financially, militarily or otherwise. One can only imagine how fast the so-called National Guard and the SBU will swoop in on the former DNR and LNR fighters if they lay down their weapons and start believing in any “-zations”. Also, being Russian (and understanding directly what and how they are talking about), I absolutely don’t see Novorossians going for any compromise on the matter. Time will tell, of course.

        • Al says:

          I agree. The West cannot be trusted in any way, means or form short of them signing in blood with strict forfeit clauses included*. They’ve spend the last twenty five years talking about rule of law/ humanitarian law etc. and not stuck to it themselves.

          On the independence thing, I think that the West is trying to row back from the precedent they set from recognizing Kosovo, but obviously they will not admit that publicly. Looking at Turkey and Kurdistan in northern Iraq, it looks like the idea may be to keep Kurdistan nominally within Iraq but essentially independent.

          I think that may be the new model the West may be prepared to follow if the only alternative is independence.

          In that case, they can still pretend that Kosovo isn’t a precedent and hope that it isn’t too late. This is something I think that Russia, the EU (Spain etc.) and other countries could accept as a lowest common denominator because the alternative is endless creation of new states – i.e. very expensive for someone.

          Coming back more directly to Novorossia, clearly there is not way Kiev’s goons or anyone from the West of Ukraine *should be allowed back without the express approval of Novorossians and any future agreement should be loaded with a walk-out clause, i.e. Novorossia can quit the Ukraine in its entirety. The fundamental point at the moment is that the Novorossians need to have a contiguous and defensible frontier (vis Brcko in Bosnia and its map where the RS is almost split in two). Facts on the ground are 90% of any final agreement.

          I’m wary of getting over excited about all this too but it is epic history being playing out before our eyes. Russia has risen from the dead and has put in some mean judo moves, all playing against Western imperial obesity, weakness, division, incompetence and delusion.

          The fat kid can’t get through the door of the sweetshop any more. Game over.

          • pinky_pie says:

            A walk-out clause could be an interesting idea but to have any clauses signed at all Novorossians must have no small faith in junta’s intentions to honour the bargain (which already makes me laugh). But, yet again, time will tell. I am, for one, most curious how this one plays out.

            On the epicness of the events I agree wholeheartedly. Never have I thought to be a witness to such grand shifts in what seemed to be a concrete-stable world in 2000. Ukraine could really be the first major sign of US’s and, more broadly, West’s political downfall. As I see it, the plan from day one was to rip Ukraine from Russia for good, but Russia not only countered with Crimea, but can pretty much see the whole situation do a 180-turn by the efforts of rebels. It can ultimately come to the ousting of Porky and return of Ukraine into Russia’s orbit for good. That would be an enormous blow to US and EU, but it has yet to happen, so for now, good anticipation and surprise-moves, Russia. And all the best to the rebels, ordinary people who can bring the allmighty US low.

    • patient observer says:

      I thought that Putin was talking independence for Novorussia as the only means to reach a political solution. In any event, he made it very clear that its up to the Novorussians to decide their ultimate fate. If they do go independent, it may be only a short time before they ask to become a part of RF. Putin is not the type of guy to sell out anyone especially to the scum bag Nazis and their masters.

      The constant doubting of Putin and Russia’s good intentions have little basis in fact.

      Talk about Russians trying to assassinate Zaharchenko is what we call in the US “shit-house rumors” likely started and promoted by the Ukes or the MSM.

      • pinky_pie says:

        The basis of “doubting” Putin here is pretty simple, actually. If Novorossiya drives the ukes out and goes independent, the armed conflict can drag on for years because internal political situation will not allow Porky to just drop the war theme. This means a hot-bed of military activity at Russian border and probably more sanctions. One can easily imagine why Putin wouldn’t want an outcome like that.

        About the assasination – no, it was a guess, a wild one, I grant you, but not from any source like MSM or Uke media. In the context of what I wrote above doesn’t seem that wild to me, though.

        And one more thing. Of all the bits and hints I was able to pick up from watching leaders’ of DNR and LNR interviews is that they are definetely not going to become Russian regions. It seems, incredible though it be, that they really want to try their hands at building proper people’s republics there without anyone’s supervision, even Russia’s.

        • patient observer says:

          Good points. However, the Uke’s can’t afford a protracted battle with Novorussia as they are in over their head regarding a collapsing economy, a failing military, increasing social unrest and perhaps doubts about their usefulness to the EU and the Anglo empire. Something as simple as a cold winter can bring down the entire facade if the Novorussians do not do it first. What replaces Ukraine after Novorussia leaves is anyone’s guess – split into 2-3 countries? a federation?

          I was just speculating that the Novorussian would seek to join the RF but you are right, they may prefer to go it alone. But, it would be a hard sell for Russia to pour in $10’s of billions to rebuild the damage unless they had total assurance over the future direction of Novorussia. There may be creative solutions but incorporation into RF would provide the best assurance (assuming a strong majority of Novorussians and regular Russians agree).

          At the very least Novorussia needs some sort of defense treaty with the RF and membership in Eurasian union I would think.

          • pinky_pie says:

            Indeed, my assumptions on protracted conflict are based on the notion that junta will actually survive this winter at all and not get ousted by next Maidan or some such. As to what’s the situation will be in Ukraine in case of a Novorossian exit, I agree, it’s anyone’s guess, because the state and political institutions seem to be almost nonexistant, there’s nothing really holding the country together aside from inertia.

            And yes, I believe that Novorossians will opt to a defense treaty and Eurasian Union membership rather than ascension into RF, but yet again, as I see it, official treaties between Russia and Novorossia can only happen if Russia will be politically ready to repeat 2008 war in Ukraine. And I don’t think it’s a decided matter for Putin yet.

        • marknesop says:

          Do you really think Porky is going to be around that long? Have they even done a poll on his popularity lately with his electorate? Perhaps they’re afraid to.

          • pinky_pie says:

            There’s one thing that really worries me about Porky being able to survive not only this winter but the entire term and it’s Vlad’s generosity combined with his desire to see the conflict to its end already. Just like he allowed Ukraine to steal gas for several months without any payment in the beginning of this year because “they are our brothers and the troubles with payment are understandable in their situation”, now he can again start talking about “helping our poor Ukraininan brothers who would die of cold otherwise” and will resume sending gas to Ukraine without getting his 5$ billions first and for some stupid EU-brokered price. All to just settle the issue and get back to normal relations with EU and US. That’s how Porky and the junta can survive and I don’t think it’s an absolutely impossible turn of events. Although I of course want Vlad to stay firm and have the junta feel all the consequences of their own policies. Hope that’ll be the case.

    • astabada says:

      practically means that Vlad is basically selling Novorossiya down the river

      If you have been following the developments in Ukraine since the beginning of the Maidan, you’ll have heard that sentence so many times you’d be tired by now.
      Basically if Putin had truly sold Novorossiya the number of times he’s been accused of, that would be an exceptional show of entrepreneurial skills: how can you sell the same thing again and again and again?

      • pinky_pie says:

        Well, to this I can only say, that, if you followed the events too, you would most definetely see that as soon as the rebels start getting ground and winning, Putin immediately arrived to the scene to spoke about how everyone had to cease fire and start talking. What’s happening now is the second time already. First time was when the so-called “contact group” was established. And now he is (or at least Peskov is) talking about Novorossiya having to stay a part of Ukraine. I mean, why would he ever need to say that? Calls to peace are one thing (even if we turn a blind eye to the fact that they happen exactly when Kiev forces get whacked), but drawing guidlines for Novorossiya’s future, especially guidelines unfavourable for Novorossiya – is another. Yet again, why would he start speaking his mind on what has to be part of what? Before he maintained that it’s not his place to decide, for example.

    • Jen says:

      I think Al makes a good point about these peace talks being negotiations where the parties state their maximal positions and bargain from there.

      Putin or Peskov’s statement “Novorossiya must stay a part of Ukraine” initially looks an open-and-shut case the more I read it, the more opaque it becomes. Neither Putin nor Peskov was specific on how Novorossiya is to stay a part of Ukraine, nor did either say for how long. Either loose federation is the option or perhaps joint Russian-Ukrainian condominium governance should be considered along lines similar to how Vanuatu used to be ruled by Britain and France. China’s example with Hong Kong and Macau being self-governing regions is also an option.

      • pinky_pie says:

        All the options mentioned are, of course, possible, but can we really see the junta which was and is absolutely ravenous about winning the war agree to that? We must remember that they are actually under an attack from Russia (from their political point of view, of course, not in reality). Any semi-independance or co-governance treaty over Novorossiya will mean yet another annexation for the junta and those with them. I just don’t see them settling for something short of restoring Ukraine as it was (Crimea is a different story, of course), with no such thing as Novorossiya whatsoever. They just won’t be able to stomach anything else politically, I think.

    • marknesop says:

      “Hope it’s not that bad, though.”

      I don’t think so. Putin has a knack for making things happen that he desires and which are to Russia’s benefit, but which give the outward appearance of having happened accidentally or by divine providence. I believe he achieves this by an accurate reading of how events are going to turn out based on reasoning and the advice of his inner circle, and then arguing against them happening so that he can say “How can you accuse me of making this happen? I argued against it!”

      In this instance, arguing that the EU should get to pick up the pieces in all of Ukraine probably frightens them so much that they will consider it a victory of their cleverness if they get to keep only the poor, unprofitable part which is not damaged very badly rather than the industrial center which is a wreck.

      Putin argued all along for federalization, which would give Novorossiya (although they probably would not be able to call it that because it would provoke spontaneous fits in Kiev while the heads of people in Lviv would spin on their shoulders like Linda Blair’s in The Exorcist“) a significant amount of say in its own affairs and the ability to manage its own trade relationships. Russia would therefore be able to carry on a lucrative trade partnership with Saloland Junior (a good title to appease the Galicians) while letting Kiev and the west of Ukraine fend for itself. If it’s all the same country, Ukraine would get nowhere by shouting to the WTO about the trade imbalance. The west and centre could become as European as they liked; they could sit around in the park wearing wooden shoes and berets, playing dominoes and smoking gauloises and drinking cups of hot water because they can’t afford tea. Federalization would allow Russia to benefit from a relationship with its chosen part of Ukraine while the Ukrainian state would be stuck with the bill for fixing all the shit it broke.

      • pinky_pie says:

        To accomodate such a solution both junta and the Novorossians will have to do a 180-turn in their rhetorics. It sure is possible, since it’s politics, but something tells me it’s not going to be so easy, unless some Novorossiya leaders or some Ukrainian president get ousted or killed to usher in new people who would be able to folow through with something which was considered impossible by their predecessors.

  29. Fern says:

    Putin said during his most recent speech on sanctions that the EU should understand its producers will find it incredibly difficult to get back into the Russian market once suppliers from other countries become established even if sanctions are lifted. In other words, listen Europe, lift sanctions now and you might salvage something, perhaps a lot, of the former trade. Continue as you are though, well, the Russian market has gone as far as your farmers and producers are concerned.

    The EU will, no doubt, be shouting ‘sanctions, sanctions’ (like a dyslexic Quasimodo) too loudly to listen.

    • marknesop says:

      I imagine so, and I personally believe Putin held out for as long as he could hoping to see some sense on the part of Europe. But once he makes a decision he typically sees it through rather than waffling, and I believe those markets are gone already. Nobody who plans to be around for a long time trusts somebody who stabbed them in the back once. Europe showed it cannot be trusted, and therefore will henceforth be permitted only the degree of intimacy that serves Russian interests, where it will never again be in a position that a spiteful turn could allow it to hurt those interests.

  30. colliemum says:

    If confirmed – and the Polish mercenaries duly paraded before TV cameras, with their passports – this is big:

    • marknesop says:

      Yes, I did not doubt it was real because there was a story nearly a month ago about a Polish artillery battalion being landed at Odessa by dark of night with its vehicles and support and it had the ring of truth. But I found myself wondering if – had some actually been captured – we were ever going to see the evidence. This is indeed big, and goes far beyond Canadian supply of “non-lethal aid”. Not that I am in any way trying to excuse that, because it was reprehensible and based entirely on the false western narrative that Kiev is on the ropes (well, that much is true) because of “Russian aggression”, but it was pointed out at the time that NATO had crossed a line and was supplying military aid to a non-NATO country. Well, Poland is a NATO country, and has gone far, far beyond that.

      I wonder if we will be treated to Sammie Power making a guest appearance to do her “when is a Polish soldier not a Polish soldier” interpretive dance?

      • colliemum says:

        I recall that report of the Polish artillery group being landed at Odessa.
        Seeing that there were so many reports about how the artillery shooting into Donetsk was based at the airport, and that it was very difficult for the NAF to clear the airport, I think we can be confident that these are the same people.
        Madame Powers will of course tell us that these are just a bunch of misguided people, probably not Poles at all, who went there of their own free will while on holidays, nothing to see here, but look: RUSSIA!!!!1!Eleventy!11!

        IIRC, these Poles were returning from Afghanistan. So how come the Polish government/Army command ‘lost’ them in the Ukraine? For weeks? No questions asked?
        This can be labelled NATO incursion – and how delicious that this happens just before that NATO conference in Wales

  31. Moscow Exile says:

    I wonder when this promised victory parade in Sevastopol is going to be?

    I mean the one promised to the rada by the Ukraine defence minister.

    Sometime this century perhaps?

    • patient observer says:

      Just repackage it as the “We still have Kiev!” parade.

      • Jen says:

        They should look at repackaging it as the “We still have Lviv!” parade.

        Should the victory parade take place during the winter, they can parade down the streets in their refrigerators, using the fridge doors to slide along.

    • Moscow Exile says:

      To which article appears this comment:

      You can bet that if the black box recordings had in any way implicated the rebels it would have been published long ago. The silence around this issue now speaks volumes.

      There are many others of a similar nature.

      Remember: this is the Telegraph readership.

      • Jen says:

        Just read that Torygraph article and saw this comment from someone who must have watched CBC’s interview with Michael Bociurkiw and been visiting and Robert Parry’s Consortium News website recently:

        The audio recording from the black boxes contains the sound of the 30 mm rounds hitting MH17’s cockpit. Two Ukrainian Sukhoi 25s intercepted MH17 after it had been ordered by Borispol Air Traffic Control to change its route and fly over the war zone at a lower altitude so that it could be intercepted and shot down. There are photographs of the bullet-riddled cockpit all over the internet. As usual, Cameron and Obama have been peddling transparent lies in order to provoke war.

        • marknesop says:

          Of course, we have no way of knowing if that is true, and the sound of rounds hitting the cockpit would be indistinguishable from any number of other background noises unless you could hear the gun firing on the recording, and you couldn’t. I’m betting on someone who was on a headset saying something about being shot at that could not be blamed on the rebels.

  32. Al says:

    An interesting piece from US propaganda station RFE/RL on Chechens in the Ukraine with some usual bs in it liberally sourced from It should be no surprise that the US would sleep with anyone if it gives them any possibility of sticking it to the Russians:

    Chechens Now Fighting On Both Sides In Ukraine

    “…Munayev identified himself in that statement as commander of the Dzhokhar Dudayev international volunteer peacekeeping battalion and a brigadier general of the armed forces of the Chechen Republic Ichkeria (ChRI) of which Dudayev was the first president..”

  33. Paul says:

    Mainstream UA media outlets which are controlled by the oligarchs are reporting a very convenient poll result, IMO preparing the population for a possible “settlement” between the warring parties with the message that the majority no longer approves the ATO, so its continuation is futile. One or two major defeats and we will hear the need for concrete talks.

    Machine translation:

    The majority of Ukrainians (57%) believe that the anti-terrorist operation in the Donbass should cease immediately. Effective majority Ukrainians called for compromise and peaceful resolution.

    Such data results in the publication “mirror of the week” with reference to held in August, Ukrainian Institute of sociological research them. Yaremenko together with the center “Social monitoring” survey “Evaluation of a population of ATO in the Donbass.

    34% of respondents consider that the ATO should continue, and one in ten respondents could not answer the question.

    • marknesop says:

      Those results suggest a dramatic softening in the attitude of Ukraine’s western population, or outright manipulation or falsification of the results, because only a month ago their only impatience was that it was taking too long to kill off the easterners so that real Ukrainians could walk hand in hand into the sunset to meet their European destiny.

      However, I can see where there might well be a real change of attitude once they were losing. Lviv and Ternopol are not interested in seeing their charming little towns reduced to rubble by artillery barrages, although that was okay when it was happening to eastern towns. The political willingness to compromise underwent a dramatic transformation as well once the Ukie army started fleeing for its life. Funny how different compromise looks when you’re no longer seeing it through the filter of victory.

      • kirill says:

        The rebels have to ensure they get capitulation from Kiev and make no compromises. Their current stance of no longer accepting federalism and staying part of Ukraine is the correct approach. Western and even central Ukraine proved it will stab them in the back at the first opportunity.

  34. Paul says:

    Kiev Says Military Operation in Eastern Ukraine Not Obstacle to NATO Membership

    KIEV, August 31 (RIA Novosti) – Kiev’s military operation against independence supporters in eastern Ukraine is not an obstacle to the country’s membership in NATO, Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister Danylo Lubkivsky said Sunday.

    “It can be confirmed by experience and history of the alliance,” Lubkivsky told broadcaster.

    On Friday, Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk introduced legislation to the country’s parliament to drop its “non-aligned bloc” status and renew its path to becoming a member of NATO.

    According to NATO’s charter, a country cannot join the alliance if it has unresolved territorial disputes.

    • marknesop says:

      It might be a little different if NATO said that, but we have become accustomed to statements from Kiev which suggest it subsists on a diet of peyote buttons and absinthe.

  35. marknesop says:

    Merkel’s Christian Democrats turn in their worst electoral performance since 1990, making the forming of a coalition a necessity in order to continue governing.

    • ThatJ says:

      What election? It’s not federal, I suppose, because I recall there was one not long ago. Do you have a link?

      The Greens and the Left Party are bad, bad alternatives. The SPD is in cohorts with the CDU, so if there’s a coalition, it will be SPD & CDU. Think of the UK Labour and Conservative parties. Same difference.

      A better replacement for Merkel’s party is the eurosceptic AfD and the nationalist NPD. I hope both of these parties made gains.

    • Moscow Exile says:

      And Germany is the key player in all of this. Can’t find it now, but yesterday I was reading a long letter from Germany to the Saker blog in which the writer states that perhaps now is the time for occupied Germany to stop biting the bullet that it has had clenched in its teeth for the past 60 years or so, spit it it out and man up.

      • marknesop says:

        That being the case, you can be sure whoever it is that has leverage over her will be turning the screws hard at the NATO summit to ensure she does not go squishy. She’ll pay for it, of course, but those putting the pressure on her don’t care – she’s expendable, especially if she is losing influence over the German electorate. Time to turn their attention to her replacement. Who will it be? Contenders are Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen and my old favourite dartboard center – so nice they named him twice – Frank-Walter Steinmeier. My money’s on Frankie – von der Leyen certainly beats Merkel hollow in the looks department, but she lacks experience. Steinmeier has plenty of that, plus an encouraging tendency to flare his nostrils and breathe vitriol like some Wagnerian dragon at Russia with a little bit of prodding. If Merkel begins to waver, the west will do a Snoop Dogg and drop her like she’s hot. Always assuming the Christian Democrats could even win a presidential election, of course, which they might not. But the west likes to get its favourite horses in the race early.

  36. cartman says:

    MEMORANDUM FOR: Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany
    FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS)
    SUBJECT: Ukraine and NATO

    You need to know, for example, that accusations of a major Russian “invasion” of Ukraine appear not to be supported by reliable intelligence. Rather, the “intelligence” seems to be of the same dubious, politically “fixed” kind used 12 years ago to “justify” the U.S.-led attack on Iraq. We saw no credible evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq then; we see no credible evidence of a Russian invasion now. Twelve years ago, former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, mindful of the flimsiness of the evidence on Iraqi WMD, refused to join in the attack on Iraq. In our view, you should be appropriately suspicions of charges made by the US State Department and NATO officials alleging a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

    President Barack Obama tried yesterday to cool the rhetoric of his own senior diplomats and the corporate media, when he publicly described recent activity in the Ukraine, as “a continuation of what’s been taking place for months now … it’s not really a shift.”

    Obama, however, has only tenuous control over the policymakers in his administration – who, sadly, lack much sense of history, know little of war, and substitute anti-Russian invective for a policy. One year ago, hawkish State Department officials and their friends in the media very nearly got Mr. Obama to launch a major attack on Syria based, once again, on “intelligence” that was dubious, at best.

    Largely because of the growing prominence of, and apparent reliance on, intelligence we believe to be spurious, we think the possibility of hostilities escalating beyond the borders of Ukraine has increased significantly over the past several days. More important, we believe that this likelihood can be avoided, depending on the degree of judicious skepticism you and other European leaders bring to the NATO summit next week.

    For the Steering Group, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity

    William Binney, former Technical Director, World Geopolitical & Military Analysis, NSA; co-founder, SIGINT Automation Research Center (ret.)
    David MacMichael, National Intelligence Council (ret.)
    Ray McGovern, former US Army infantry/intelligence officer & CIA analyst (ret.)
    Elizabeth Murray, Deputy National Intelligence Officer for Middle East (ret.)
    Todd E. Pierce, MAJ, US Army Judge Advocate (Ret.)
    Coleen Rowley, Division Counsel & Special Agent, FBI (ret.)
    Ann Wright, Col., US Army (ret.); Foreign Service Officer (resigned)

  37. Moscow Exile says:

    In the Grauniad comments this morning, a response to this from some shit-for-brains British liberast:

    The EU’s spineless “leaders” are cowards in the face of Putin’s sociopathic war-mongering.
    Absolutely pathetic response on behalf of Free People everywhere (which Russians certainly are not…poor, brainwashed, Putin-loving peasants that they are)

    The response:

    For a glimpse into the thinking and values of the Kiev Government’s military, see this link:

    These are the fellows that our Western leaders are trying to convince us to support.

    Interestingly, if you look at the psychopath’s profile at the top and open full details, you’ll find the following:

    Military Service
    USA, since 2014

    And he claims he’s from Donetsk.

    Has he fled to the Home of the Brave recently, or did he just write that after pulling his plonker whilst fantasizing over cutting up girls’ bodies?

  38. colliemum says:

    First day of September, the last third of the year starting today, and the general stupidity continues unabated.
    EU business leaders, according to the FT (as seen on Al Beeb), are ‘concerned’ about the declining business prowess of Germany. Al Beeb’s talking heads nod wisely, and get agitated in the next sentence about Putin’s daring statement on Novorossyia: oh look, a new puppet state for Putin!
    Do their collective brain cells stretch to making the connection between declining business results and sanctions against Russia?
    Do they heck!
    Add in the cries for more spending on NATO and arms (2% of GDP), and how the dastardly Euroweenies don’t do enough, so the generous USA must send arms to the Ukraine to help them against dastardly Putin according to ‘US Senators’ (no, dunno who they are, it’s Al Beeb, remember!).
    I suppose that sitting nicely at Al Beeb, with a lovely big income, frees one from pondering basic economic facts, such as the point “there is no more money”.
    It is fascinating to observe the hack pack salivating about more spending on weapons and NATO on the one hand, sighing about declining GDP on the other, and always mindful that we must ‘help the poor’ with more and more benefits.
    There’s one other event which is reported baldly, without seemingly any effort being made to connect the dots: how Ebola now affects African economies. No – that’s the dark continent, it’s far more important to talk about Putin, because Ebola is far away, doesn’t affect ‘us’, and there are charities to deal with that, aren’t there.
    Well – that’s what happens when the politics of ‘feelings’ and ‘victim groups’ replace clear analysis, and when anything that happens does so as by magic, with a few wizards – good and bad – pulling strings behind their various curtains.

  39. c1ue says:

    How much shit would a Tymchuk chuck, if a Tymchuk could chuck shit?

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