People Would Rather Believe Than Know: Activists Gone Wild

Uncle Volodya says, "The question is whether privileged élites should dominate mass-communication, and should use this power as they tell us they must, namely, to impose necessary illusions, manipulate and deceive the stupid majority, and remove them from the public arena.”

Uncle Volodya says, “The question is whether privileged élites should dominate mass-communication, and should use this power as they tell us they must, namely, to impose necessary illusions, manipulate and deceive the stupid majority, and remove them from the public arena.”

Once upon a time I believed that the premiere, crème de la crème occupation in which you could be a total rolling on the floor, snapping at your own entrails, certifiable kook and still get respect – even acclamation – from the public was psychologist. After all, there are no wrong answers in psychology: the psychologist is not particularly interested in hearing you give the book answer, and is far more interested in what made you choose the response you did give. While that might be a science which reveals volumes about the human condition and baseline mental state, it also permits the practice, within the profession, of the aforementioned kooks who are merely grooming some kookie theory which has no basis in reality. It doesn’t mean all psychologists are kooks, but you could be a kook and fit right in among respected psychologists without causing a ripple.

Anyway, perhaps that was never really true of psychology. That’s just what I believed, but even if it were true, psychology couldn’t hold a candle to another professional pursuit for entertaining fantasy, wallowing in bullshit until you have to squint to see where you’re going, and prevalence of crazy people. And that professional pursuit is…drumroll, please…human-rights activist. And the craziest human-rights activists under the earth’s sun are those who write for the Kyiv Post.

Exhibit A – “Cargo 200 From Ukraine To Russia” Facebook group founder Eleva Vasilieva. According to Ms. Vasilieva, 4,000 Russian soldiers and mercenaries have been killed or are missing so far fighting in Ukraine.

That’s quite a statement, and certainly speaks to the ferocity of the Ukrainian military when you consider that according to the UN, only about 2,593 people have been killed in total – including civilians – between mid-April and 27 August 2014. While Ms. Eleva’s records tell her a thousand Russian soldiers were killed just in the battle for Ilovaisk, in only two days.

I guess nobody has figured out who they are yet, at least not most of them, because her ‘organization’ claims to have tracked and identified only 200 Russians. The rest of the bodies vanished when the Russians rammed through their phony ‘aid convoy’ to Lugansk and then, after loading up thousands of dead Russians – “Cargo 200”, so called from the film of the same name, and the likely source from which Cargo-200ophiles gleaned their breathless reference to “zinc-lined coffins” – they headed back to the Rodina, pausing only once in awhile along the way to steal top-secret Ukrainian military equipment, perhaps hoping it would teach them to make fire. That last comes to us courtesy of Project Maidan (“Serving as an informational bridge between the West and a changing Ukraine”), and they got it from the Ukrainian George Washington, Andriy Lysenko. So called because it is impossible for him to tell a lie.

Russian authorities have denied any involvement of regular troops in Ukraine, despite numerous photos of killed Russian soldiers“, author Oksana Grytsenko tells us. Well, if you want to know what a Russian soldier looks like, there’s a group of them frozen in guilty tableau in the photo accompanying the article, which is captioned “Slovyansk, April 13, 2014. Ambush of Russian soldiers.” How can you tell they are Russian soldiers? Well, by their….because they have….oh, I know!! Because they are wearing “Koloradki” ribbons!

Please, let us not have any more silliness about they-must-be-Russian-Special-Forces-because-they-are-carrying-AK-100-series-assault-rifles. Anyone can get their hands on a genuine AK-100 series rifle – they are manufactured for export – or a replica which is visually indistinguishable from the real thing.

Hell of a careless ambush, too, if you ask me. In the background a group is standing up gawping around, and the group includes at least one apparent civilian wearing a bright-blue parka. That’s probably Putin; I heard he was a micro-manager.

Vasilieva says she does not know how many Russian troops are still in Ukraine – live ones, she means – but there is absolutely no doubt there were as many as 30,000. Nearly half as many Russian soldiers in Ukraine as there were Ukrainians, since the strength of the Ukrainian army is only about 60,000. Hard to imagine a force that size going unnoticed, isn’t it? Especially when everyone who has an IPhone is a movie producer. Also hard to imagine the Ukrainian army was not crushed to bits, considering the Donetsk and Lugansk “pro-Russian terrorists” would be additional to 30,000 Russian soldiers, and there are supposed to be a couple of thousand of them. Mind you, the Ukrainians have their volunteer “punishment battalions” of goose-stepping Bandernazis, so perhaps that was the deciding factor that resulted in several thousand dead among the Russian army. Those Azov lads must be dead shots over their shoulders with a mirror, like Annie Oakley, since when seen they were often running away: last to arrive, first to depart.

The 30,000 Russian troops is solid, though – no getting around it. Even some military sources told her. Let me guess: “military expert” Dmitry Tymchuk? Let me clue you in on a little secret, Eleva – if a clock’s hands made a single revolution of its face every time Dmitry Tymchuk told a lie, you could use that clock for a fan in your office.

It’s not hard to discern where the mathwagon went off the track, though – Ms. Vasilieva claims the figure for casualties among the Ukrainians is wrong, too, by a factor of about 10, at 8000 killed. So the spawny-eyed dimwits at the UN had better wake the fuck up, because where they believe just under 3000 people have been killed, Eleva knows that number is actually around 12,000. Could prove it, too, if the Russians didn’t keep sneaking in under the cover of aid convoys and hauling off their dead.

I hate to use such a hackneyed western phrase – look for it coming soon again to an MH-17 report near you – but we may never know. Why? Because we live in a world where an international body like the United Nations takes its casualty figures from “activists” like the “Syrian Observatory For Human Rights”, a single crackpot working out of his living room in England, for overall Syrian casualties. Which is a roundabout way of saying the UN has more of a real idea how many angels can dance on the head of a pin than it does how many people have been killed in Ukraine, because Ukraine’s politicians just essentially make up the figures, minimizing those which could be damaging and maximizing their own destruction of the enemy – which is always comprised of Russian soldiers because otherwise somebody might notice they are actually Ukrainians who have done nothing to deserve being killed – until nobody has any idea of the true number.

For the wretched conceit of a liar, in supposing himself clever enough to invent stories so ingenious that they shall, for any time, impose on people for the truth, and the still grosser folly in imagining, as he must do, that the world will, without investigation and analysis, take for granted anything he chooses to assert–that world more shrewd, more cunning, and as prying as himself–what a conceited ass must the liar be! How superior over others in cunning must he not believe himself! What fools must he not suppose the rest of mankind!

Charles William Day, The Maxims, Experiences, and Observations of Agogos

The Kyiv Post carries at its masthead the maxim, “Independence. Community. Trust.” One of those words doesn’t belong there. See if you can guess which one.


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  1. ThatJ says:

    Ops, I forgot to add the source of the second article, ‘How The Media Controls Britain’.

  2. Warren says:

  3. Moscow Exile says:

    Следственный комитет возбудил уголовное дело о геноциде русскоязычного населения на юго-востоке Украины

    29 September 2014, 19:10

    The investigative Committee has opened a criminal case on the genocide of the Russian-speaking population in South East Ukraine

    The Chief Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia has opened a criminal case concerning the genocide of the Russian-speaking population living on the territory of Lugansk and Donetsk National Republics (article 357 of the criminal code). The investigation has established that in the period from 12 April 2014 until the present and in violation of the 1948
    “Convention On the Prevention of the Crime of Genocide and its Punishment”, as well as other international legal instruments prohibiting genocide, unidentified persons from the highest political and military leadership of the Ukraine, the Armed forces of the Ukraine, the National guard of the Ukraine and “the Right Sector” gave orders aimed towards the complete destruction of Russian-speaking citizens living on the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk Republics.

    The investigation has found that the murder of Russian-speaking citizens was performed with the use of multiple launch “Grad” and “Hurricane” missile systems, aviation missiles with cluster head warheads, tactical “Tochka-U” missiles, and other kinds of heavy offensive weapons and indiscriminate actions. As a result of these actions there have been killed at least two and a half thousand people. In addition, on the territory of the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics there have been destroyed more than 500 houses, communal and civic utilities, hospitals, and children’s and educational institutions, resulting in more than 300 thousand inhabitants, who, fearing for their lives and safety, were forced to leave their permanent homes and seek refuge on the territory of the Russian Federation.

    All these facts and evidence already collected by the Russian investigation confirm that the actions of members of the Ukrainian political and military leadership who issued such orders to destroy the Russian-speaking population are proscribed not only by Russian but also by international law. With regard to the Criminal code of the Russian Federation, the article concerning genocide provides for a custodial sentence of twenty years or the death penalty.

    Will this reach the Hague?

    You can bet your life it won’t!

    • Moscow Exile says:

      The IC site has an English language page (click the British Union flag icon at the top right for English – nothing down for US speakers of English, I’m afraid!), but an English translation of the the above bulletin has not appeared yet.

      The last translated into English bulletin appeared at 13:10 Moscow Time. The above bulletin that I have translated appeared not quite 2 hours go.

      The translators at IC must have already gone home by then, I suppose.

      I wonder if they’ll give me a start if I ask them nicely?


    • NorthernStar says:

      So when will the penalty (punishment) phase be executed? to speak

      • Moscow Exile says:

        Never – because Poroshenko, and Yarosh and Kolomaisky etc. are on the side of the good guys.

        Oh yes, and Russians are liars and torturers etc.

        • Moscow Exile says:

          RT has just reported the IC case:

          Moscow accuses Kiev officials of targeting Russian speakers in E. Ukraine, launches criminal case

          And the bile and venom rolls in, as usual, from (mostly, I suspect) US trolls:

          Perhaps if Russia had not invaded Ukraine there would be better treatment. I don’t believe anything from the state controlled media of Moscow (RT) anyway. [native English speaker; correct grammar in conditional sentence – usually a bugbear for speakers of Russian/Ukrainian]

          The damage they report is a direct result of the Russian occupiers using the people of east Ukraine as human shields by deploying their artillery in our neighbors, near our hospitals, and other places where people are in a direct effort to draw fire from the Ukraine military to which of course is killing civilians. It is the Russia occupiers who are responsible for the deaths in east Ukraine. [commentator uses US English orhography; grammatical errors; talks of “our” hospitals: probably Yukie]

          It must be a joke! In Ukraine almost all Ukrainians use Russian in their daily life, there are some small areas in Western Ukraine which only speak Ukrainian language. Even in Eastern Ukraine like Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporozia, Odesa, people are Russian speaking but they support a united Ukraine. Why tehy havent started to kill these people? You think 1 million people in Lviv can control 45 millions?
          Russia killed thousands of civilians in Chechnya during 2 wars, they kileld thousands of civilians in Georgia in 2008, they killed 350 children in Beslan and 350 people in MH17, bring Putin to justice.
          [Pretty sure that’s a Yukie who wrote that]

          There are always isolated incidents in any country with different views and cultures.

          The illogicality of their arguments is mind numbing.

    • yalensis says:

      Apparently the nazis beat up this unfortunate man because he tried to talk them out of destroying the Lenin statue. On the grounds that it was vandalism.

      The only possible silver lining in all of this mayhem is that the Banderites, like their Nazi heroes, like to film their own crimes, therefore it may be possible to prosecute some of them in the future. (Although these particular cowards wear masks, so it might be difficult to identify them. But I am sure they will all get what they deserve, in the end.)

      • yalensis says:

        P.S. – and this is also the reason why the anti-junta demonstrations are so small.
        It’s not because people are not opposed to the regime. It’s because people know that THIS will happen to them, if they speak out.

        A small minority are able to terrorize the majority, if they (the minority) are willing to employ extreme violence. Which the nazis can, and do.

        • NorthernStar says:

          “A small minority are able to terrorize the majority, if they (the minority) are willing to employ extreme violence. Which the nazis can, and do.”

          Yes…but that particular door CAN swing both ways…..

      • Oddlots says:

        Reading on twitter that he died. Brave soul. Evil low life.

  4. yalensis says:

    This essay is worth translating in full:
    The essay is entitled “This is real fascism”, and was written by, of all people, a Russian white-ribbon Bolotnaya Opp type named Alexei Sakhnin, who visited Ukraine to see what was going on, and fully expected to find out that Russian media was lying about the whole situation.
    Sakhnin was a leader of the movement “Left Front” [yalensis: I believe that is Udaltsov’s party], who fled to Sweden in 2012, and received asylum there. He was wanted in connection with the Bolotnaya riots of 6 May 2012.

    After his 9-day journey through Ukraine, Russian oppositionist Alexei Sakhnin, who had at one time fled to Sweden, shared his impressions in a letter to another Russian activist Alexei Gaskarov. In his (Sakhnin’s) words, all the “liberal mantras” about the democratic essence of the Kiev government, is in fact a lie.

    As Sakhnin writes in his letter, which was posted by, the Russian media, in general, are transmitting an accurate picture and atmosphere of what is transpiring in today’s Ukraine. While the discussing the “March of Liberals” [yalensis: the “Peace March”], the author unrestrainedly accuses them of rank prejudice and of becoming the proponents not of “peace”, but of one side of the conflict. “Do you know, the Ukrainian propaganda is also very strong. After many years of relative pluralism [in Russia], it is very strange to see what is transpiring in Ukraine. We visited the editorial offices of one of the more moderate sites. It’s like, people from Luhansk are participating there in Kiev, some former lefitsts are there too, it’s like, they are against torture, kidnappings, and so on. But on the wall is hanging this big cardboard plaque, on which is written the goals and principles of the editorial policy. The first of which is: “To create an atmosphere conducive to the anti-terrorist operation”. In other words, to incite war. On this basis is decided what gets into publication. Anything that serves this purpose – is published without verification or fact-check. Anything that doesn’t – is not published. I won’t even speak about the slush pile. NTV and Life News could learn something from them,” he writes.

    “Losha, I swear to you, what is going on there is a civil war. Without any intervention. An internal war. The most horrible part of it – was Odessa, continues this Bolotnaya activist. “7 out of 10 ordinary people, that is, taxi drivers, pensioners, who lease out rooms to tourists, waitresses, passengers on the bus – they all use words like ‘junta’, ‘fascists’… I don’t have any poll numbers, and in this type of situation polls cannot even be taken, and yet I feel in my bones, that these people are the majority in the city. And you cannot even imagine the degree of tension. I heard a typical speech from a taxi driver: ‘We are simply waiting for the day, when we can have our revenge.’ ”

    On the other side of the fence, it is even more interesting, according to the author of the letter:
    “We took an interview from Right Sektor. (I travelled to Ukraine under the guise of a Swedish journalist.) The dudes there are 18-year-old enthusiasts, carbon copies of the types who joined Left Front in 2011-2012. The same naive and inexperienced romantics. Their political heroes are Mussolini and Franco. They say things like: ‘People who don’t like the current Ukraine: suitcase, railroad station, Russia.’ This is a totally fascist organization, which is recruiting the wet-behind-the-ears youth.”

    As Sakhnin notes, an even more exquisite situation is forming in the camp of the “moderates”.
    “Just imagine: a marvellous office in the center of the city. An armoured car at the gates. Outside the door, a gang of bullies carrying automatic weapons. And a map of Ukraine. These are the ‘patriotic societies’. Business guys are collecting money for patriotic expenses. They have worked out a great system. There is enough money, both for ammunition, as well as for their own battalion of territorial defense, and for an armed gang at home. Just imagine: These are nobodies, they have no official status. But they are the real power, they have money, weapons, organization. And none of the official authorities can do anything to them. In their ideological views, they are quite moderate. Like, ‘we depise Ukrainian nationalists, they are provocateurs.’ But when I ask them, say, half the city disagrees with you, what do you intend to do about that? And they reply literally as follows: ‘We have a compromise scenario for them. They should quietly sit at home. If they want to talk about the ‘junta’, then they can have an intimate conversation with their toilet bowl. But if they come out into the streets, then we will shoot them.’

    “Do you know, Losha, this is actual, real fascism. Without the operatic clowns wearing swastikas. And there are a multitude of these guys in Odessa and in the other cities. And the possibility of civic dialogue is limited by that ‘We will shoot them’ mentality. As I mentioned, these types have money, weapons, organization. These are not empty threats. They have already shot people. And everybody has seen that,” Sakhnin states.

    “To summarize: First of all, Ukraine is split in two. That is a completely accurate statement, that is not Russian state propaganda. In any case, the Southeast of Ukraine, there is such tension that the smallest spark will incite civil war everywhere. Without any type of Russian intervention.”

    • yalensis says:

      Wrong link, sorry, here is correct link:

    • Erebus says:

      Is this it?

      • marknesop says:

        Too similar to be a coincidence – that has to be it. Chilling: it sounds like Berlin in 1933.

      • yalensis says:

        I’m sure that’s it, but I can’t get to the link. Maybe because I’m not on Facebook.
        Anyhow, it looks like somebody else might have translated the piece into English?
        I’m curious to see how they translated the expression ватмановский лист , because I had problem with that one. It’s some kind of art/craft supply thingy, I get that, but I don’t know exactly what it is, either in Russian, or the correction translation to English. Therefore I translated as “cardboard plaque”, but I am not 100% sure that is right.

        • Moscow Exile says:

          “Batmanesque sheet of paper” other translators give:

          “But on the wall hangs a large batmanesque sheet of paper on which is written the purposes and principles of editorial policy …”


          I suppose in English one could say “poster-art notice”.

          “Это реальный фашизм” – активист Болотной рассказал об увиденном на Украине

          • Moscow Exile says:

            It’s a trendy, arty-tarty loadabollocks term:

            Еще в покое все земное,
            Еще не вырвался гудок
            В глухое царство ледяное
            Медвежьих и людских берлог.

            Пустуют синие дороги,
            И небосвод отменно чист,
            Висит перед глазами Бога
            Весь мир как ватмановский лист.

            Еще без третьих измерений
            Он весь как плоскость, как чертеж,
            Предшествующий сотворенью,
            На землю вовсе не похож.

            Любое в нем чертою резкой
            Себя граничит от других,
            Он разноцветен, точно фреска,
            В такой перед гудочный миг.

            Yet nowhere over the whole earth,
            Has escaped the sound of the horn
            In the dead Kingdom of ice,
            Of bears and human dens.

            The blue roads have become empty
            And the sky perfectly clear,
            Hanging before the eyes of God
            The whole world is as a batmanesque sheet.

            And without this third dimension
            It is all of a plane, flat like a drawing,
            As if before the creation,
            Nothing like the earth we know.

            Any feature of it is sharp
            Separating itself from the others
            Coloured like a fresco,
            Such is the moment of time before the horn’s sound.

            Don’t know what the f***k he’s on about!


            • Moscow Exile says:

              But why ватмановский for “Batmanesque” – or, as I should prefer, “Batmanish”. (Why the French suffix? More “arty”?).

              Batman in Russian is Бэтмен, pronounced /betmjen/, and not Ватман, pronounced /vatman/, so why ватмановский and not бэтменовский?

              The “vatman” is a tax inspector in the UK: VAT – value added tax.

              These are pressing questions that must be answered!


          • yalensis says:

            I seriously doubt that “Vatman” is the same as “Batman”!
            When Russians say Batman , as in the comic book character, they say it with a “B” not a “V” !

    • marknesop says:

      I keep revising my opinion based on the facts as I learn them – and if this is factual, Novorossiyan independence is worth whatever it costs. In these circumstances, assuming their accuracy, the west deserves to take in a glowering thug like rump Ukraine without the East, and to make him their brother and invite him into their homes. It would be the kind of lesson that would last a lifetime. Sadly, the United States would never learn it, since it is only playing off Ukraine and Yurrup against Russia according to its customary divide-and-conquer template. It might get a few shady Ukrainian immigrants, but will never learn the brutal lesson Yurrup is going to learn.

      Previously I would have said the best solution for Russia would be a federalized Ukraine with significant autonomy for the East because (1) Russia could continue to trade with the East at the expense of the West and Centre, picking its markets carefully so as to starve the fascist areas of trade, (2) it would create a frozen conflict or provide the tinder for an independence bid if it looked like NATO membership for Ukraine, and (3) Kiev and its financial backers would have to foot the bill for Eastern reconstruction. I still think that’s the best solution for Russia, but for Ukrainians it looks as if Novorossiya could be a pretty big state; the whole southern half, extending all the way to Moldova. NATO is welcome to the Nazi rump that would remain, while its nature coupled with its eagerness to join the EU would be a moral victory for Russia.

    • Oddlots says:

      I sent a request / suggestion for a full translation to Gleb at Slavyangrad. Hopefully it will spread.

    • james says:

      thanks for sharing this.. it is rather chilling..

    • colliemum says:

      Thanks for this, yalensis!
      It’s especially important since it cannot be deemed to be written by a Putin-Propagandist by any means.

  5. Paul says:

    Then again, there is this Navalny sponsored poll of public opinion in Kharkov and Odessa districts, which suggests a rather different set of attitudes:

    • kirill says:

      Aside from the leading questions there is no evidence this polling was scientific. A predictable set of results from a predictable shill. Really, how many activists just happen to run their own polling organizations? Does he have paid employees asking 2000 people what their opinions are.

      Also, given the obvious state terror in Ukraine, where regime irregulars always show up at demonstrations to beat to death a few of the demonstrators to dissuade any dissent, I question how people would openly answer such questions. They could say what they thought the interviewer wanted to hear. So this poll is meaningless garbage.

  6. Fern says:

    An uh-oh moment. Ukraine’s Braided One has been attending the PACE meeting in Strasbourg – extraordinary, is it not, that the likes of Tymoshenko pitch up there while Russia is excluded – and giving voice to her views on a number of issues. She has announced that her party will oppose the decision to defer the implementation of the EU Association Agreement:-

    “”Our political party is against this decision, we believe it was a strategic decision to postpone the implementation,” Tymoshenko said on the sidelines of the PACE fall session in Strasbourg, commenting on the decision of the EU.
    “We will act after elections – strongly and forcefully – to eliminate this mistake,” she added.
    On Monday, the Council of the European Union posted a press release saying that the European Union will postpone a free trade zone with Ukraine under the Association Agreement until January 2016.
    “This is weak position, we regret that some European member states supported this idea as a sign of their weakness vis-a-vis the Russian Federation,” Tymoshenko said.

    She’s also given a glimpse of what the upcoming elections might deliver for Ukraine –

    “”I will no doubt stand with those pro-European democratic forces that will come to the new parliament to really change Ukraine,” Tymoshenko said on the sidelines of PACE fall session.
    Tymoshenko also expressed hope that the Ukraine’s new parliament will have entirely new parliamentarians. “I hope that Ukraine’s new Verkhovna Rada will have a principally new structure,” Tymoshenko said, adding that there would be no traitors in the new parliament.
    “There will be true Ukrainian Spartans who will embrace Ukraine’s European path, way to NATO,”
    Tymoshenko explained, adding that she also hopes that the new parliament would make new reforms “that Ukraine needs badly today.”

    ‘Ukrainian Spartans” – is that the new term for nazis, neo-nazis and fellow-travellers? So, the upcoming elections don’t seem to be offering the prospect of rationality breaking out anytime soon on the political front.

    However, her most worrying comments are on energy and energy supplies:-

    “”Time has come to deeply rethink the strategy and policies of real energy diversification. I believe that European countries together with Ukraine have means to limit monopoly of Gazprom to the energy supply to Europe,” Tymoshenko said.

    I think I’ve exhausted my vocabulary in trying to describe the utter, utter stupidity of European elites in hitching their wagon to the Ukrainian star and permitting a person like Tymoshenko to play any role whatsoever in determining European energy security. And yet only last week, some spokesperson from Oettinger’s office was reiterating that Europe was ‘committed to retaining Ukraine as the gas transit country”. Unbelievable.

    • kirill says:

      We’ll know how legit these elections are when the results for Odessa come in. I expect the regime friendly parties to get most of the votes even though most people are against the regime. The same goes for a the rest of the regions where the current regime elements never had much support.

      BTW, PACE is a total joke.

    • marknesop says:

      I cannot think of anything the west deserves more than a rump Ukraine without the southeast, and with Tymoshenko as President. Perfect.

      Tymoshenko has to play to the Nazi gallery – remember, when the Maidannuts were escorting her to the stage and saying, “You won’t forget us, will you?” and Tymoshenko replying with the practiced ease of the veteran liar, “Oh, no – it’s the most important thing for me!!” But you can’t just brush these nuts off. At the same time, the fascist label is beginning to gain a little traction in the west, more because it can’t be ignored than any other reason. So it’s necessary to call them something else.

    • EU insists to keep Ukraine as a gas transit country for Europe because EU knows that Russia will never cut off the supplies to Europe even if Ukraine keeps stealing the gas. This is a great way to help Ukraine and hurt Russia economically. So why not do it?

  7. ucgsblog says:

    “There will be true Ukrainian Spartans” – certainly Ukrainians will be living in Spartan conditions if they follow Timoshenko. Relevant:

    It’s Timoshenko as Gollum saying “they stole Crimea, our prrrecious!”

  8. colliemum says:

    Given the news of the last few days (no, not George Clooney!), I believe that the Kiev Junta has missed the boat, and that what we see coming out of the Ukraine are the death throes of Porky et al.
    The West has now a new bauble – or rather, two: one is the ‘war’ against ISIS which is of course not a war but only a counter-terrorist operation, like ATO, using up military resources which now cannot be gifted to the junta.
    The other is Hong Kong, complete with the warning by the Chinese government to the West not to meddle. Interesting, isn’t it, that this kicked off right now, when Russia and China are committing to closer economic and monetary cooperation.
    So the train has left the station as far as the junta is concerned, or so it looks to me.

    Btw – given the volcanoes erupting on opposite sides of the globe, in Iceland and Japan, spewing forth sulphur and ashes, the coming winter may become ….. interesting!

  9. yalensis says:

    More on the situation in Kharkov.
    This analysis pessimistically assumes that Kharkov will go like Odessa and be broken by raw terror of the junta supporters.
    Every time people try to react like ordinary people, or show any resistance, they are viciously beaten and quelled.

    After the Lenin statue was brought down, hundreds of distraught and grieving citizens flocked to the square (estimated number is 360 people) to lay flowers on the pedestal and to wash off the fascist graffiti. These citizens in turn were attacked by the right-wing mobs. Police and mob worked together to disperse the crowd with smoke grenades, after which the “ultras” threw away the flowers that the mourners had laid on the monument.

    With passions running high, Mayor Kernes promised to restore the statue fully. Maintenance of the statue falls under the Kharkov city budget, therefore the regional governor Baluta had no right to sign a decree permitting the demolition of the statue. Kernes hired a sculptor to analyze the shards of the statue and see if it could be glued back together; if not, he promised that it would be rebuilt from scratch.

    The article goes on to say that the Kharkov central square has web cameras, therefore all these incidents with the statue and the mobs and so on, are all on tape. The right-wing mobs outnumbered the statue defenders, and also had the open support of the police.

    Back in March, when this began, Kharkov citizens were able to successfully defend the statue against the mobs. However, since then Kharkov has gone the way of Odessa, with the “nationalists” prevailing by means of raw terror, supported by the police.

    Political analyst Vadim Karasev also connects these events with the political scene and the lead-up to the parliamentary elections He sees the “Svoboda” party as the instigator of these events, as part of their attempt to gain seats in the national Rada.

    Meanwhile, Alla Alexandrovskaya, leader of the Kharkov branch of the Communist Party [she was the person who led the “peace” demonstration which elicited the counter-demonstration of the Azov Nazis who tore down the statue] insists that things in Kharkov are not so bad yet, this is why most people don’t support secession from Ukraine, since the situation is not as bad as in Donetsk. [yalensis: She is in a state of denial!]
    She insists that all her people want is for the statue to be restored and the perps to be punished.
    [yalensis: She is in a state of denial!]

    Karasev goes on to say that the Donetsk scenario will not be repeated in Kharkov for an additional reason: people have seen what happened in Donbass, and how the army destroyed entire cities and towns. They have seen the consequences of secession, and they don’t want to repeat that fate.
    Karasev goes on to say that after the 26 October elections, a lot will depend on the socio-economic situation, whether there is hot water, etc.

    Russian political analyst Sergei Markov, agrees that the terror unleashed by Kolomoisky and Avakov is enough to keep the Kharkov citizens mostly passive. The opposition to the junta are unarmed civilians, and they cannot possibly compete with the youthful armed mobs of fascists. Markov sees a possibly bad fate for Kernes, who is trying to wiggle his way through this, but may not be able to survive, with both Avakov and Kolomoisky puttiing out hits on him.

    • Moscow Exile says:

      They’re hanging on like hell to Kharkov because they know that Kharkov province has just stood by and watched what’s been going on to the south. They nipped Kharkov in the bud with the shooting of Kernes.

      Putin must have told Kharkov not to rebel.


      • astabada says:

        Another point is that Kharkov is the fourth oblast by population, following Donetsk (first), Dnepropetrovsk and Kiev. In addition it is the second oblast by industry between Donetsk and Dnepropetrovsk.

        It is one of the things Kiev is desperately holding on to, hoping not to sink.

      • Al says:

        It wouldn’t surprise me if events boiled over properly in Kharkov, especially the way that the Ukranian nazis have been openly behaving. Over egging their pudding…

        I would doubt it would be a big uprising, but apathy can cut both ways, and in this case it could be to spite the fascist scum in passive protest and simply not do what they are told. I do wander what the actual numbers of these scumbags are because in central Kharkov they probably look like quite a lot but would they have the numbers to counter multiple seizures of Comms/infrastructure buildings etc. spread out? If it is well planned and traps are laid in advance…

    • astabada says:

      The right-wing mobs outnumbered the statue defenders, and also had the open support of the police.

      That the police supports the fascist must not come as a surprise. After all, we’ve all heard reports and declarations of intents concerning the replacement of “disloyal” policemen with right wing thugs.

  10. yalensis says:

    There are reports that Saakashvili’s request for a work visa in U.S. has been REFUSED. Saakashvili is desperately trying to convert his tourist visa into a working visa.

    This is as yet unconfirmed, but was reported in Gruzian newspaper “Alia”. The report came from Saakashvili’s own political party, which is now in a panic at the thought that their leader might be persona non grata in America. If he can’t stay in America, and can’t go home to Gruzia, then his only option will be to seek asylum in Ukraine.

    “Alia” goes on to say that Obama administration is “disillusoned” with Saakashvili.
    I wonder if that disillusionment has anything to do with this ?

    • Moscow Exile says:

      Mrs. Saakashvili is still in Tbilisi though with their offspring though, but they’re not talking, I think.

      Kiev’s his best bet. He can start up a used tyres business there: bound to pay dividends.

      • Jen says:

        You mean a second-hand clothes shop with all items very “pre-loved” and “bought” at Georgian taxpayer expense?

      • astabada says:

        In case of ties, the item might come “pre-chewed” but “still plenty of life left in them!”.

        Or maybe he won’t sell any ties, needing them for his substenance.

        • marknesop says:

          Ha, ha! Pre-chewed ties – so soft.

          I understand he does a similar line in deerskin moccasins, called “Georgian Presidents”. Each pair comes guaranteed to have been chewed to a buttery softness by the Georgian ex-President. Also helps him curb his weakness for rich snacks, which go straight to his hips.

          • colliemum says:

            Pre-chewed ties or toys or indeed socks and shoes are well known items in dog society, and amongst the dog owning population.
            While these items may be handed down – or should that be pawed down? – in the smaller or larger dog community, or indeed taken over by larger dogs or pesky puppies, with much growling, they are never sold at auction!
            The idea!

  11. Moscow Exile says:

    The West’s Ignorance of Ukraine Atrocities is an Outrage

    Horrific though the crime of rape is, to say nothing of its psychological consequences, I feel I must contest Gronych’s statement that the pattern of “repeated cases of gang rapes of minor girls aged 12, 13 and 14 years old” by Ukrainian thugs falls within the definition of “genocide”.

    It doesn’t. These beasts are not systematically murdering these unfortunate girls and women with a view to eventually murdering all their compatriots.

    I think the word “genocide” is bandied around too freely by some: likewise “fascist”.

    I know some people who say that the Irish potato famine of the 1840s was an attempt by the English to perpetrate genocide on the Irish nation, which would have been a rather strange policy for the British government of the time to follow in view of the fact that at the time, worldwide, the British army and navy had high percentages of Irishmen within its ranks, some regiments consisting of as many as 60% “other ranks” that was born in Ireland; to say nothing of the Irish peasantry that was providing the newly industrialized areas of England, Scotland and Wales with a source of cheap labour, something which the capitalists welcomed, as Engels noted, but the English, Scots and Welsh proletariat protested about.

  12. Al says:

    Et tu Brute!

    Moscow Crimes: Russia’s Government Questions Siemens’ $2.6 Billion Train Deal With Russian Railways

    Russian Railways’ 2.1 billion euro ($2.6 billion) order for 1,200 high-speed trains from German company Siemens is under threat due to government complaints over what they argue are unsustainable maintenance costs, business daily Vedomsti reported.

    The contract, which state-owned Russian Railways signed with Siemens and local partner Sinari in 2011, was to boost the number of Lastochka fast trains running on Russian rails to 1,470 by March 2015, up from the current 270. ..”

    Of course Siemens has had its fair share of controversy, from offering bribes for contracts and production issues, to an over active marketing department who sell far more trains than Siemens can actually deliver on time…

    The link at the bottom of the piece is interesting too:
    Medvedev to Let Yakunin Raise Railroad Shipping Rates by 10%

    Over the objections of government and shipping companies, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev will let Russian Railways chief Vladimir Yakunin raise shipping rates by 10 percent next year, reaping more than $850 million for the rail monopoly, Vedomosti reported Wednesday, citing two officials close to the decision…

    Russian railways is undergoing a deep upgrade of just about everything, in line with a rebuilding of all Russian infrastructure that had been left to rot since the 1980s. In the US, they’re not doing to well on the upkeep of theirs (collapsing elevated highways/tunnels etc.) and apparently in Germany they also need to reinvest and upgrade theirs too.

    • colliemum says:

      That seems to be the latest fashion in global capitalism: some infrastructure ‘delivery’, tied up with long and very expensive ‘service’ contracts.
      We’ve got that here in the UK with new hospital buildings, thanks to the bestest evah financial brains the world ever saw, the then Chancellor of the Exchequer, a certain Gordon Brown.
      So he didn’t need to borrow huge sums on the capital markets, got new built hospitals, and we tax payers not only have to pay enormous sums for the contracted 30-year lease-back, but have to follow the ‘service agreements’ where those private companies overcharge for maintenance, so that lightbulbs for example are ten times as expensive as when bought by ordinary people.
      That’s the way they now go: service contracts to pay for everything at exorbitant prices, until the pips squeak. No wonder Russia is taking a long hard look. Better late than never!

      • patient observer says:

        Privatization of public water treatment and distribution systems, education and prisons are nothing but schemes to transfer public money to private hands. Invariably, rates increase and quality of service decreases. So what is the politicians solution? Why of course, more privatization!

  13. Max says:

    This is weird. The comments don’t go past Sept 30, but it’s Oct 3. What gives?

  14. marknesop says:

    That IS weird. The tag on yours says October 3rd, but all the rest say September 30th. Yet on the comments page of the blog itself, from the administrator’s viewpoint, all appears normal.

    Oh. I see. You are not commenting on the most recent post, and attention has shifted away from the one on which you are commenting. There probably have been no new comments on that one since September 30th.

  15. cartman says:

    Is this Putin with Jimmy Carter?

  16. katkan says:

    “Independence. Community. Trust.” One of those words doesn’t belong there…. only ONE? you sure?

    One mistake in the article, which leads to others. The United Nations figures are only for civilians. The have no way of even estimating military losses, when bodies are buried 1/2 a metre deep or just left there, or have been blown into 7 or 8 parts not all of which can be found.

    When soldiers make statements that 75 made it out from 400 of them, and such stories come up repeatedly, (and the others never turn up) then the true figure is going to be over 10,000. Not all Russians of course, mostly Ukrainians. Government-side Ukrainians, as after the first better troops were lost, the replacements are barely trained, almost not equipped and have zero morale, being used as they are for cannon fodder. They roll down the road shelling ahead, as they don’t know how to fight (and have bee told to shell the civilians into submission). The “rebels”, on home ground, can often surround and ambush them with a tenth of the men. If the troops get pinned down they may not be resupplied, or the supplies are serially ambushed, so they run out of food and ammunition. The only place they’ve held out, Donetsk Airport, they get resupplied and rotated through Soviet era tunnels. In surface battles, after a few weeks they either surrender or die. Surrender just to get a meal.

    They’re just starting to open up the shallow graves from the big cauldrons, like Ilovaisk. Dnepropetrovsk morgue’s serial numbering is up past 6000 and most unidentified.

    There ARE 10,000 dead. Maybe double that. And it’s not over yet.

  17. patient observer says:

    Ebola – yes, Ebola. Is this the Empire’s hope for the long awaited human die-off? Or less ambitiously, Is it another excuse for erosion of rights, preparation for medical martial law, a “military response” to Ebola in the US? Remember the Anthrax attacks after 9-11 (eventually traced to a US weapons lab)? Will Ebola be the next pretext to use media to terrorize an already jumpy population?

  18. patient observer says:

    BTW, what better development for the Western empire than an Ebola outbreak(s) in Russia? I wonder if the major effort by the Russian biotech sector to develop and test an Ebola vaccine is anticipation of Western black operations.

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