Once He Was the King of Spain – Now He Vacuums the Turf at Skydome

Uncle Volodya says, "There’s fool’s gold—pyrite—and then there’s fool’s gold—gold owned by idiots willing to trade it for worthless dollars.

Uncle Volodya says, “There’s fool’s gold—pyrite—and then there’s fool’s gold—gold owned by idiots willing to trade it for worthless dollars.

Anders Aslund proves me wrong, over and over again. Every time I think I’ve seen the stupidest, most pedantic, most off-the-wall leap for mediocrity from the atrophied pecan in his head, he surpasses his previous foamy wild-eyed assessment of reality. Rodeo clown dressed as economist. All of it delivered in that whiny Swedish accent that makes him sound like he needs to be changed, and put straight to bed for a nap. I hasten to add that the Swedish accent is not annoying in all its speakers – pretty much only Aslund and the Swedish Chef from “The Muppets”, to whom he bears an astonishing resemblance. And it doesn’t end with physiognomy; they share a similar grasp of economics and government.

I can’t wait, I’m lowering interest rates, my people say:
“King, how are you such a genius?
There’s a roof overhead and food on our plates!”
It’s laissez-faire, I don’t even care
Let’s make Friday part of the weekend.”

Moxy Fruvous, from “King of Spain”

Hey, remember when Aslund was president of that country; Jeez, what was it called? Anyway, he became president way back in the late 90’s, almost further back than pterodactyls can remember, it’s not surprising that the details are a little fuzzy. I do remember that when he became president, the country was on the ropes: the inflation rate was around 27% (now it’s 11.4%), the unemployment rate was 12% (now it’s 5.2%), and per-capita GDP was about $3,500.00 USD (now it’s $7,000.00 USD). Adjusted for PPP, it’s about $25,000.00 per year, the highest it’s ever been. Personal income tax rate was a flat rate of 13%, and it still is. In how many other countries has the electorate seen its tax rates remain the same for 14 years? Not the UK, that’s for sure – they started the same period at 40%, went up to 50% from 2010 to 2012, and after that 45% looked like a tax break – neat, huh? The USA’s tax rate has remained stable, which is a remarkable achievement…but it’s at 35%, more than double what president Aslund was able to offer his electorate.

Of course Anders Aslund was never president of anywhere. That was Russia, and Putin was – and is – president. I introduced that short and harmless deception merely to showcase what a self-important, pompous toad Aslund is, when he says “In short, Putin – who is no economic expert – makes all major economic policy decisions in Russia, delivering orders to top managers of state-owned enterprises and individual ministers in ad hoc, one-on-one meetings. As a result, Russian economic policymaking is fragmented and dysfunctional.” Aslund wants you to know that he is an economic expert, and that Russia would be in so much better shape if only Putin would obey Aslund’s advice and step down, turning the presidency over to a brilliant fellow economist like, say….oh, I don’t know…Alexey Kudrin.

Aslund is at his entertaining best in his latest blowhard epic, “Putin in Denial“. World oil prices have halved since June, he says (he knows juicy insider stuff that you and I don’t because he’s an economist), and the value of the ruble has plunged along with the oil price (ditto). And, he warns, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Which he would know, of course, being an economist and consequently such a reliable engine of prediction. Like when he said back in 2009 that Gazprom – and whenever he speaks about Gazprom he has to switch over to his reserve vitriol tank, since he really, really hates Gazprom, probably because they will not “open up” to western investment and share ownership – was failing, citing the excellent book co-written by co-numpties Boris Nemtsov and Vladimir Milov. The following year, Gazprom overtook Exxon-Mobil as the world’s most profitable company. His masterwork, “Think Again: Russia” contained more stream-of-consciousness bullshit than you could carry home in an eighteen-wheeler; I think Foreign Policy Magazine became ashamed of the flash flood of drivel in it and deleted it. If you have a hard-copy subscription, you can probably still read it and marvel at the mental grounding of anyone who could argue that political stability is undesirable because it is poorly suited for reform; I quoted from it here, but the electronic link is now dead. He described the voucher scheme introduced under Yeltsin – which resulted in Mikhail Khodorkovsky making the leap from ambitious geek to oligarchical geek virtually overnight – as an acceptable way to create an owner class, and the oligarchs as “engines of capitalist development”. Describing that view as wrongheaded would be an understatement on the order of describing Bill Gates as financially secure. Better wrap the belt from your bathrobe around your jaw before you read “An Assessment of Putin’s Economic Policy“, to stop it from dropping to the floor: penned by Aslund in 2008, it describes Putin as “one of the lucky ones who happened to be in the right place at the right time, as Talleyrand said about Lafayette, but accomplished little that was positive”, and blithely informs the reader that “Lucky” Putin took over the helm in Russia after Boris Yeltsin had already successfully set it on the road to a market democracy. It is for howlers like this that some long-ago Suffolk writer coined the word “flabbergasted”.

Here, from the subject article, are a few glittering examples of Aslund reasoning; (1) cutting Russia’s imports in half is going to worsen Russians’ living standards considerably (now that they presumably cannot afford to vacation in New York or buy milk packaged by Pepsi); (2) Russia, which has greatly increased its holdings in gold by dumping its useless dollars to buy it, suffers from “ever-worsening corruption and a severe liquidity freeze”; (3) Because he is unprepared to act, Putin continues to pretend there is no crisis at all; (4) Putin could withdraw his troops from eastern Ukraine, whereupon the benevolent USA and Europe would lift their crippling economic sanctions, but he won’t do that because he can’t stand losing, and (5) Putin’s failure to use the internet prevents him from grasping the magnitude of the crisis because he does not have access to up-to-date statistics. I have to stop now, because I can’t focus on the screen while I’m shaking my head.

“Likewise, short of initiating a major war, Putin has few options for driving up oil prices. Moreover, even before the oil-price collapse, crony capitalism had brought growth to a halt – and any serious effort to change the system would destabilize his power base.”

Really? I can think of a way, although I won’t pretend I thought it up myself, because it’s already happened – shut off Europe’s gas. Did you forget that one, Anders? All based on a very strange piece in the Daily Mail in which they appear to have copied and pasted part of it, since it reports that Mr. Putin is the Prime Minister – which he was, for a time – but it is dated today and several other details suggest they meant it to be now. No major war. Have energy prices risen? You tell me.

Whether six European countries are without gas tonight and blubbering in terror as they try to marshal their reserves, or it is all a big hoax, some of that famous British humour, it is apparent that the suggestion it could really happen is enough to make energy prices jump, so don’t fool yourself.

“Though accurate and timely statistics on Russia’s economy – needed to guide effective measures to counter the crisis – are readily available to the public online, Putin claims not to use the Internet.”

I can’t think of a more reliable way to inspire commentary by western leaders that Putin had “lost touch with reality” than to learn he was trying to run the country using the Internet as a guide. Because every leader knows the Internet is more reliable than your closest advisers who are, theoretically, experts in their fields. That might be true if you were George W. Bush, surrounded by a sycophantic circle of people who took turns blowing sunshine up your ass because it made you so happy when things were going well regardless how they were really going, but there is no evidence at all that Putin is that kind of leader and ample evidence which suggests he is not. And the United States seems to still be slogging along, despite the description of the Internet by one of its elected representatives as “a series of tubes“.

“His actions suggest that he considers economic data to be far less important than security information – perhaps the natural attitude of a kleptocrat.”

It becomes steadily more evident that Aslund simply loathes Putin so deeply that his desire to rant and call him names seizes complete control of his brain so that he can’t think – his entire mental hard drive is focused on talking smack like a six-year-old. There is absolutely no evidence at all that Putin is so preoccupied with security that he is oblivious to the economic situation. If he were, the deliberate effort to cause a panicky run on the ruble that would collapse it entirely might have succeeded. It is Aslund who is totally oblivious to the fact that Russia’s economic woes are caused largely by a bitter economic war of which it is the sole target and against whom are arrayed the entire forces of the NATO powers, with varying degrees of enthusiasm. Aslund is acting as if the price of oil is the only consideration, and that Putin is mismanaging it terribly.

“If Putin wants to save Russia’s economy from disaster, he must shift his priorities. For starters, he must shelve some of the large, long-term infrastructure projects that he has promoted energetically in the last two years. Though the decision in December to abandon the South Stream gas pipeline is a step in the right direction, it is far from adequate.”

There you have it: Putin’s decision to shut down South Stream was a wise one, but not near enough. He must stop all the big projects that he only uses to steal from the Russian people anyway. What do the European Union’s mandarins think of the decision to shut down South Stream? I think it’s safe to say their take on it is all the way across town from Aslund’s.

I’m not sure how much more evidence anyone would need to conclude that Aslund was born an idiot, strove all his life to be an even bigger idiot – largely succeeding – and  will likely be carried in his pine box by six of his most thickwitted contemporaries in a celebration of idiocy that will see the grief-stricken pallbearers pass under an arch of giant crossed dunce-caps, to be laid to final rest under a stone which proclaims, “In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made economists.”








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2,333 Responses to Once He Was the King of Spain – Now He Vacuums the Turf at Skydome

  1. yalensis says:

    Continuation of historical debate about Ukrainian role in WWII.
    Recall how Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs Grzegorz Schetyna claimed that Ukies liberated Auschwitz.
    To which Lavrov and others called him out on that. Not that Ukies didn’t participate in the liberation, but they did so as members of the Soviet Red Army, and that is NOT what Schetyna was trying to imply.

    Other types of Ukies were on the other side, as Aleksei Pushkov (Russian Duma Head of the Committee on Foreign Affairs) just reminded Schetyna, bringing up the Babiy Yar issue.
    Pushkov tweeted: «А скажет любитель «правды» Схетына, как 1,2 тыс. украинцев-пособников Гитлера убили 180-220 тыс. человек в Бабьем Яре? Или на это духу не хватит?» – заявил Пушков в Twitter

    “And what does “truth-lover” Schetyna have to say, about the fact that 1,200 Ukrainians, hired helpers of Hitler, murdered 180-220 thousand people at Babiy Yar?”

    [yalensis: Estimates of Number of killed vary. The massacres took place over a period of several days. Pushkov’s 220K is probably on the high side. Official Russian government estimate is around 100K.]

    Finally! Some frank talk about Babiy Yar at the upper levels of Russian government.
    In conclusion, Soviet/Russian poet Yevtushenko can finally feel vindicated. In Soviet times people were not allowed to write about these matters, for fear of stirring up ethnic hatreds. But that was when Russians and “Western Ukrainians” had to live together in the same country. Now they don’t have to, any more, and people like Pushkov can speak his mind more frankly.

    In 1961, Yevgeny Yevtushenko, a renowned Soviet poet who was not Jewish, published his own epic Babiyy Yar in a leading Russian periodical, in part to protest the Soviet Union’s refusal to recognize Babi Yar as a Holocaust site.

    I checked his bio, and Yevtushenko is actually still alive, although he is very old now.
    Here is vid of an elderly Yevtushenko reciting his famous poem:

  2. ThatJ says:

    MOSCOW, January 24 (Sputnik) – The head of the US army in Europe, Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, told a press conference in Kiev on Wednesday that US troops are going to be deployed to western Ukraine to train the Ukrainian National Guard, according to media reports.

    The training is set to take place at the Yavoriv Training Area near the city of L’viv, although the exact number of troops taking part is yet to be confirmed. Pentagon spokeswoman Lt. Col. Vanessa Hillman told Defense News that the training is part of US State Department efforts “to assist Ukraine in strengthening its law enforcement capabilities, conduct internal defense, and maintain rule of law.”

    In May 2014 the Ukrainian government voted to form a 60,000 strong Ukrainian National Guard, for which the US has earmarked $19 million of funding in from its Global Security Contingency Fund, to help train and equip soldiers. In addition to the military training, on Wednesday the Kiev Post reported that the US Embassy in Ukraine has provided the Ukrainian Border Guard Service with a prototype of the Ukrainian-made ‘Kozak’ armoured personnel carrier, which is “analogous to a light version of a U.S. Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle,” the Embassy said, according to the paper.

    “To date, the United States has delivered dozens of armoured pick-up trucks and vans to the Ukrainian Border Guard Service. The ‘Kozak’ is larger and offers a higher level of protection,” US officials said in the statement.

    Our militias have no weapon systems near Mariupol that would be able to shell that region. Our positions are simply too far away,” a spokesman for the Donetsk militia headquarters told RIA Novosti.

    “According to our intelligence, the artillery fired from the Stariy Krim neighborhood [less than 10 kilometers from central Mariupol]. Ukrainian troops are stationed there. We believe it was a provocation committed by the Ukrainian troops,” the spokesman added.

    DONETSK, January 24. /TASS/. The Defence Ministry of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic called clear misinformation materials in Ukrainian media saying houses in Mariupol had been shelled by the militia.

    “This is clear misinformation. The forces of militia have not opened fire towards Mariupol or its houses,” spokesman of the defence ministry told the Donetsk news agency.

    The ministry says the militia was holding the fort at Novoazovsk (a town 40 kilometres from Mariupol, controlled by the DPR) and they were not delivering any shelling there.

    A man, living in Mariupol, who witnessed the shelling, told TASS “the shell came from the Ilyich plant, where shooting was heard. This territory is controlled by Ukraine’s Armed Forces.”

    Video: Interview of #NAF in liberated #Ozeryanovka: “locals complained about drunk #Ukrainian soldiers & abuse”.

    • Moscow Exile says:

      “To date, the United States has delivered dozens of armoured pick-up trucks and vans to the Ukrainian Border Guard Service. The ‘Kozak’ is larger and offers a higher level of protection,” US officials said in the statement.

      Wot? No Coca-Cola?

  3. Moscow Exile says:

    Here’s another Russian-Korean, a once very popular musician whom I quite liked but who, sadly, got killed in a road accident many years ago:

    A Star Called the Sun

    • Moscow Exile says:

      Sorry! If you can’t read Russian, his name was Viktor Tsoi.

      That’s the same family name as Anita has (above), but that’s her husband’s name. I don’t think he is any relative to Viktor Tsoi. Anita’s maiden name is Kim.

      Those names – Tsoi and Kim – are pretty common amongst Koreans, as is the family name Park, I think.

      There was (is?) a Korean called Park who plays/played for Manchester United.

      The Man. Utd fans (some of them) used to sing this little ditty when he came onto the pitch:

      Park! Park, wherever you may be ,
      You eat dogs in your own country.
      It could be worse,
      You could be a Scouse,
      Eating rats in your council house.

      (Sung to that Christian hymn: “Lord of The Dance”)

      A “Scouse” or “Scouser” is a native of Liverpool, all of whom Man. Utd. fans hate to distraction, and a “council house” is government subsidized housing.

      Ji Sung Park

      When Park scored, they also chanted:

      He shoots,
      He scores,
      He eats labradors,
      Ji Sung Park, Ji Sung Park…

      What wags!

      Funny thing is, as far as I know, neither Park nor any PC freaks have lodged any complaints about this open and despicable racial abuse.

      The Scousers don’t like it though.


      • Jen says:

        I heard of Viktor Tsoi and his car-crash death but don’t know any of his music.

        In Australia we have the Russian boxer Kostya Tszyu. His last name is actually Korean. After he retired from boxing he appeared in “Dancing with the Stars” and since then he’s been keeping a low profile.

    • marknesop says:

      Whoops, didn’t see your follow-up in time.

    • Moscow Exile says:

      To be honest, I don’t quite know what “civilian genocide” is.

      For some, that word “genocide” trips so lightly off the tongue.

      • kirill says:

        It’s fair to use the language that the American media routinely uses to describe civil wars. Recall the routine use of the word genocide in the case of Chechnya.

      • et Al says:

        Since the balkans wars, it means whatever you want. The Hague Tribunal in its judgement do not believe intent needs to be proved with actual evidence, inferred is just fine; numbers – again irrelevant especially if you define geographical areas arbitrarily, and best of all it includes armed and enlisted soldiers – even if they are the vast majority and not strictly civilians, women and children any more!

        It’s one non-stop genocide party.

        The UK annual Genocide Memorial Day excludes Serbs and Armenians (the official line on the latter is that it ‘was a tragedy’ and the former, Jasenovac/Cardinal Stepinac simply don’t exist in history and would clash with the ‘Bosnians’).

        It’s all quite disgusting.

      • marknesop says:

        I think the author just wanted to spice it up a little, but the thrust of it is correct. Since the dawning of international law, the life and property of the uninvolved non-combatant have been sacrosanct. Ukrainian troops and their commanders know it is absolutely against international law to simply blast away into a city with artillery day and night, careless of what you hit and knowing you will hit something in the city – you can’t miss. They also know they will not be held to account for any extreme of cruelty or wickedness, because the international-law shouters are going to give them a pass on this one, as long as they win. That alone should tell us that Ukraine is more important to the west than it will let on, and it’s far, far too early for any talk of the west giving up or backing down; the USA, anyway, because it has shit the bed with Russia beyond any talk of making up, so now it’s either the USA wins or Russia wins, there’s no middle ground. Russia will continue its pressure to drive the U.S. dollar to a limited-issue currency restricted to the western trading bloc. And the USA will not allow that.

        The precedent is important, because the west can never again cite international law as a justification for its interference somewhere – it blew its international-law wad on Ukraine, and cannot pretend it did not know the Ukrainians were shelling cities day in and day out with no spotters and no care at all for what they hit, firing ballistic missiles at city centers, inhumane detention of prisoners…and perhaps even the creme de la creme, shooting down a civilian airliner so as to tip the European leadership into supporting sanctions that were supposed to break the Russian economy and force it to cease support fot Novorossiya so Kiev could complete its work. I doubt that will ever be proved, because the west will “lose” the evidence – it is too unbelievable that it would ever admit to supporting such ghouls as the Ukrainian handpicked leadership are.

        • cartman says:

          Like I said, it is against the law for the Ukraine to lay landmines anywhere on its territory. That is exactly what they have done, and one of those probably killed a dozen people at a checkpoint the other week.

          It is the responsibility of those countries who signed it to enforce it. Germany, UK, Canada, Poland, etc. should impose sanctions on the Ukraine – otherwise the treaty has died. If Russia or Iran had ratified it, they would definitely use it against them. Therefore, there is good reason for countries to never sign another human rights treaty ever again.

          • et Al says:


            “…Ukraine voted in favor of the December 1999 UN General Assembly resolution in support of the Mine Ban Treaty, as it had in 1997 and 1998.

            Ukraine ratified Amended Protocol II (Landmines) to the 1980 Convention on Conventional Weapons on 21 September 1999, and opted for the nine-year delay in implementation of key provisions. It took part in both the preparatory meeting in May 1999 and the First Annual Conference of State Parties to Amended Protocol II to the CCW in Geneva in December 1999….”

            It’s always good to post the links and and source for the lurkers! I don’t even trust my own memory fully so….

          • marknesop says:

            “Therefore, there is good reason for countries to never sign another human rights treaty ever again.”

            Or consider themselves bound in any way by International Law. Russia pleaded with the west to respect and enforce international law, and NATO interpreted it as a sign that Russia was weak, on the ropes and about to go under. So it encouraged Kiev all the more. Nobody should feel any restriction from International Law, because the west uses it selectively to get its own way. There is not a common standard of application, so it is just another tool in the regime-change toolbox.

            • james@wpc says:

              “Nobody should feel any restriction from International Law, because the west uses it selectively to get its own way.”

              Agreed. The West’s (in particular the ‘Common Law’ countries) domestic legal codes are set up by the same people for the same reason. ‘Selective application’ is not an aberration but it’s raison d’etre.

  4. Moscow Exile says:


    • kirill says:


      Americans are making the same mistake that Napoleon and Hitler made. They underestimate Russia out of their own prejudiced bile. And just as with those two clowns, American clowns will break their teeth and jaw on Russia as well.

    • marknesop says:

      That’s “I believe Mr. Deripaska might be mistaken”.

  5. yalensis says:

    From the war front: Dispatch which I saw in a comment here , from a few hours ago, logged by correspondent Dmitry Steshin:

    “В Донецке сейчас стало пока спокойно, жители говорят спасибо армии Новороссии, что отодвигает фронт от города. Утром бойцами армии ДНР в районе Горловки была разгромлена батарея ВСУ. 4 машины РСЗО “Град” захвачены в качестве трофеев, 1 уничтожена. С утра ополчение продолжило попытки перехватить коммуникации Дебальцевской группировки. Окружить пока не удалось, но судя по сообщениям, артиллерия ВСН начала обрабатывать основную трассу ведущую из Дебальцево на Светлодарск. Есть информация, что батальон “Азов” сбежал из Мариуполя. В 11:40 ВСУ начали обстрел г.Енакиево из позиций у н.п. Ольховатка и н.п. Углегорск. Снаряды ложились в районе Юнкома. Из Луганска сообщают, что ночью на территорию рынка “Околица” прилетел, но не разорвался, снаряд”.

    In Donetsk now it has become very calm and peaceful, the residents say “thanks” to the army of Novorossiya, for moving the front further away from the city. This morning a Ukrainian battery was destroyed by DPR soldiers in the area of Horlivka. Four [“Uragan type”] Grad machines were captured as tropheys, one was destroyed. Since this morning, the insurgents have continued their attempts to intercept communications of the Debaltsevo grouping. They have not yet succeeded in encircling (Debaltsevo), but judging by the communications, the Donetsk artillery began to work over the main road leading from Debaltsevo to Svetlodarsk. [yalensis: From what I understand, insurgents are trying to trap Ukie soldiers in a cauldron near Debaltsevo, but there is still one open escape route]. There is information, that the “Azov” Battalion has fled from Mariupol. At 11:40 the Ukrainian army started shelling the towon of Enakievo from positions near Olkhovatka and Uglegorsk. Some shells landed in the suburb of Yunkom. From Luhansk people are saying, that during the night a shell landed on the area of the market “Okolitsa”, but did not explode.

    The main frontal action now is heading towards Mariupol. Ukies are accusing insurgents of Grad-ing the eastern outskirts of Mariupol (Grads flying from East to West), in which around 10 civilians were killed from the shelling.
    Insurgents retort that Azov Battalion, retreating in Westerly direction out of Mariupol, rocketed insurgents over the heads of Mariupol, and that some of the Grads fell short. (Grads flying from West to East.)

    I imagine the debate could be settled by determining the direction in which the Grads flew, which killed the civilians.
    No doubt Brown Moses is working on that around the clock.
    Unless it turns out to be the wrong answer.

  6. Western MSM is having a field day over the Mariupol GRAD attack that killed civilians and was supposedly done by the rebels. The MSM finds the shelling of civilians newsworthy only when it can be blamed on the rebels.

    Finnish MSM is in a full propaganda swing. They are ignoring the shelling in Gorlovka that has killed many civilians but are reporting the Mariupol shelling with big headlines. And they are once again censoring the user comments with a heavy hand that try to point of the media hypocrisy.

    • kirill says:

      Why doesn’t the west launch another crusade against Russia? It is clear it gives a flying fuck about the truth. It can dial up its “moral indignation” and “moral authority” like the Pope could to his flock centuries ago.

      Bring it, NATO!

    • yalensis says:

      Speaking of Mariupol, Shariy has debunked a fake video. Ukie media (=Unian) apparently did a big story on a supposed mass rally in Mariupol, thousands of angry citizens pouring into the streets with hand-made signs denouncing Rebels for shelling their town.

      So, here is Shariy’s video, entitled: “Moscow is Mariupol.”
      He proves that the rally actually took place in Moscow, not in Mariupol.
      Ukie fake was so lame, they didn’t even bother to conceal landmarks or street addresses, which are at a certain location in Moscow.

      The people at the rally turn out to be just the usual Moscow liberasts, carrying such snarky signs as “My pension went down – but at least we have Crimea!”

    • cartman says:

      At 2:32, a mercenary says “Out of my face. Out of my face” in American-accented English.

      • yalensis says:

        Agreed. I think I know American accent pretty well, and I hear him say:
        “Outta my face, outta my face, please.”

        Not enough words to determine the region, but I would say it is probably standard American dialect. Not deep South or Texas, and not ethnic.

        • Moscow Exile says:

          And he knew no Russian – at all!

          So how long had he been there?

          Who had been translating for him all the time?

          Nobody knew nothing about him?

          Say, who was that masked man, anyway?

          (A cultured person is someone who doesn’t think of the Lone Ranger when he hears the William Tell overture!)

          • yalensis says:

            Oh God! I love Rossini so much!

            • yalensis says:

              The greatest thing about Rossini is those wonderful patter songs!
              Gilbert & Sullivan had nothing on him!

              • colliemum says:

                Don’t you dare diss Gilbert & Sullivan in front of me!


                • yalensis says:

                  Please calm down, my dear!
                  I adore Gilbert & Sullivan too.
                  I was just pointing out how Rossini could also write brilliant patter songs!

                • colliemum says:

                  I’ve been sharpening my claws all day, just in case.
                  I shall now retract them and think of something else to sink them in …


            • colliemum says:

              Yeah but … whaddabout this then:


              • yalensis says:

                O Dio, one of my favorites! I hadn’t seen Jonas Kaufmann do it, though. I love his voice, it is deep and rich, but he can still reach those high notes without strain.

                Di quella pira l’orrendo foco
                Tutte le fibre m’arse avvampò!…
                Empi spegnetela, o ch’io tra poco
                Col sangue vostro la spegnerò…
                Era già figlio prima d’amarti
                Non può frenarmi il tuo martir.
                Madre infelice, corro a salvarti,
                O teco almeno corro a morir!

                I once saw Jonas live on stage do Parsifal, but I never saw him in anything Verdi, didn’t even know he could do the Italian repertoire.

                Dubious staging,though. Did they modernize the setting and get rid of all the gypsies? – LOL!
                In which case, how do they explain Azucena kidnapping the Count di Luna’s little brother, ’cause kidnapping babies was something that gypsies were said to do quite a lot of in those days. But then, being muddle-headed and drunk half the time, and because all babies tend to look alike (no teeth, no hair), the gypsies would tend to get them all mixed up, and forget who was whose, and sometimes even inadvertently toss the wrong one into a fire. Stuff happens.

                • colliemum says:

                  He is pretty special, is Jonas Kaufmann! I’ve never seen him live, and as for the production of that Trovatore: well, the Germans do seem to think if it ain’t done post-modern, nobody will come and watch …
                  One more thing: it never ever ever will do to question why the people in a Verdi opera do what they do, i.e. there’s no point in trying to rationalise his librettos. Else one would have to get up after the first aria, because one would want to give a jolly good shaking to hero and heroine and try and knock some sense into them. But then we wouldn’t have such excellent operas …

                  Here’s a bonus recording:

        • cartman says:

          Here’s another video of an American mercenary. I’m not sure if its the same guy, but you can see his face. Definitely not Ukrainian. It should be timed at about 14:30

    • marknesop says:

      They already got part of their just reward in the form of trade sanctions. Hopefully they will be cut out of Russian business altogether, and Russia can thank the United States for showing it the power of economic sanctions. Russia is well-prepared and has generous reserves; the west is all excited about how much of its reserves it is burning through, but I’m sure it will go through them all if necessary and whatever it needs to do after that, without collapsing, while the damage to the European economy will be irrecoverable. That, mind you, applies only if additional sanctions are levied. As far as the bank and other sanctions already levied, Russia can do those standing on its head and will eventually re-source everything, including access to credit from other partners.

      Anyway, Russia has now been shown that it is not only possible, but perfectly acceptable in this brave new world to shut off all trade ties to a target country until it either (a) replaces its political leaders with a new group more amenable to the desired viewpoint, (b) collapses economically, or (c) has to re-establish new trade networks, for which it will need substantial reserves to tide the population through the readjustment period. Thanks, Washington!!

  7. Moscow Exile says:

    Step-mother screams her innocence before being beheaded for murdering and sexually abusing six-year-old daughter in leaked footage that has outraged Saudi Arabia

    Note: “outraged” not because of the execution per se, but because footage of the beheading was leaked.

    The rapidly increasing number of women beheaded in Saudi Arabia – six this year alone – has shocked even normally conservative Saudis.

    John Kerry on Russia: “You just don’t, in the 21st century, behave in a 19th century fashion…”

    But you may behave in a 12th century fashion in Saudi Arabia!

  8. Warren says:

    RT equated to ISIS for ‘daring to advocate a point of view’

    Following comments from the US overseas broadcasting chief listing RT as a challenge alongside the Islamic State and Boko Haram, critics said the outlet was singled out for “daring to advocate a point of view,” as well as for “competing for viewership.”

    On Wednesday, the new chief of the US Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), Andrew Lack, told the New York Times that RT posed a significant challenge – putting the broadcaster in a list alongside the Islamic State and Boko Haram terror groups.


    • kirill says:

      The west is pathetic. It prances around denigrating “state run” media around the world but is too chicken shit to get some real competition in its “free” media market.

      • Warren says:

        The West will not tolerate anyone challenging their narratives. The West and religious fanatics have much in common – both reject alternative perspectives.

  9. kirill says:

    Note how a social media lie is instantly propagate by the liberast media in Russia and elsewhere. This is the quality of “journalism” that is supposedly bringing the truth to the oppressed people of Russia.

  10. ThatJ says:

    Important updates from mp.net and elsewhere (copy & paste):

    This is going to escalate quickly. Now the EU is threatening Russia over Mariupol.

    WASHINGTON — American soldiers will deploy to Ukraine this spring to begin training four companies of the Ukrainian National Guard, the head of US Army Europe Lt. Gen Ben Hodges said during his first visit to Kiev on Wednesday.

    Full text: http://www.defensenews.com/story/defense/land/army/2015/01/21/ukraine-us-army-russia/22119315/

    [ThatJ: What will happen if an American soldier is killed in a false-flag attack?]

    Statement by High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini on the attack on Mariupol

    Residential areas of the city of Mariupol have been fired upon today from separatist held territory, which has cost the lives of at least fifteen civilians, wounding many others and terrorising the innocent population. This comes after a series of indiscriminate attacks in the Donbas in the past few days, accompanied by the announcements of further offensives by Russia-backed separatists, who bluntly refuse to observe the cease fire.

    Full text: http://eeas.europa.eu/statements-eeas/2015/150124_01_en.htm

    [ThatJ: The EU maintains silence when Kiev attacks, but don’t worry, every time the situation gets dire for the Zionist puppets, the EU raises its voice to condemn Russia.]

    OSCE report: Grad rockets come from DNR conrolled directions.

    “The SMM conducted a crater analysis and its initial assessment showed that the impacts were caused by Grad and Uragan rockets. According to the impact analysis, the Grad rockets originated from a north-easterly direction, in the area of Oktyabr (19 km north-east of Olimpiiska Street), and the Uragan rockets from an easterly direction, in the area of Zaichenko (15 km east of Olimpiiska Street), both controlled by the “Donetsk People’s Republic” (“DPR”).”


    [ThatJ: A related comment by another user, “Can some specialists tell me why OSCE can determine both the distance and direction so precisely in Mariupol, but not in Volnovakha and Donetsk?”]

    Awkward feeling when #Ukrainian govt propaganda tells stories about #Russian soldiers, but the TV crew runs into #Americans in #Mariupol.

    Video: #Mariupol TV reporter films shelling damage and inadvertently runs into #NATO private contractors (2:20). #ATO

    [ThatJ: Advance to 2:33, you gotta hear that! People are arguing over his accent.]

    A week ago I said my $1 is on #NAF not storming #Mariupol head on and I continue to stand by this position. Too many potential casualties.

    In 1st campaign: #NAF fully surrounded #Mariupol and flooded the city with mobile force recon units to clip Ukr artillery. Good strategy!

    #Zacharchenko: #DNR troops are not planning on storming #Mariupol, but advance will continue. Same story as in 1st campaign. #ATO

    #NAF is pushing retreating #Ukrainian troops towards #Lisichansk, where there is already full-blown panic. #ATO

    #NAF claims that they surrounded #Debaltsevo and #Ukrainians have many casualties. #ATO

    Former ‘Deputy Premier of Crimea’: “Liberation of #Mariupol started. To Crimea it’s 280 km”

    SIT REP: #Ukraine forces have been routed from highway T1303, allowing the NAF a secure start line for assault N. toward #kharkov

    #Ukrainian forces are surrounded near #Debaltseve. That’s all, folks… for them

    Graham Phillips was blocked from YouTube:

    Graham Phillips @GrahamWP_UK · 16 min
    The policy of @YouTube is entirely hypocritical, designed to cater only convenient content to a western audience.

    Graham Phillips @GrahamWP_UK · 18 min
    I’ve been blocked from @YouTube for 2 weeks for ‘extreme content’. Will be using my 2nd YouTube account and @vkontakte

    18+ Dead Ukrainian Soldiers at Krasniy Partizan as Ukrainians Defeated: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=ee2_1422111583

  11. Moscow Exile says:

    Continued here because it was getting too narrow above:


    So the fact that a charge has been made is evidence enough for his guilt?

    No. Why? We’re merely discussing theories.

    Do you know what the evidence is?

    Yes, more or less. Litvinenko’s urine test and Polonium 210 traces all over London.

    Edward Jay Epstein

    You cannot be serious.


    I think you are missing the point; nobody is denying how Litvinenko died (I am certainly not!) and that the agent that killed him could be traced “all over London”: the question is, who administered the poison and why? Indeed, was the polonium-210 administered with malicious aforethought.?

    Could the irradiation that caused his death have been accidental?

    Furthermore, if premeditated murder did take place, why on earth did the killer/s use polonium-210?

    There has still been no official inquiry into Litvinenko’s death. This is, to put it mildly, extremely strange for someone who has died in such unnatural circumstances. The only “legal” thing one may say without let or hindrance about that unfortunate man is that he is dead and died from polonium-210 poisoning, although the British police are treating his death as murder and have made charges for the crime against Lugovoi, but no evidence has been presented because there has been no trial.

    It was fixed that way: they demanded the extradition of the person whom they wished to charge, but it has been denied them. Did the British Crown Prosecution Service really not know that Lugovoi could not be extradited? Or did they know full well about this and, because no trial could take place, then no evidence had to be presented – and let the media do the rest?

    The Russian State Prosecutor even said that Lugovoi could be tried in Russia for murder if satisfactory charges were presented, and that British counsel for the prosecution could present their case in a Russian court. Nothing doing, was the attitude of the British Crown Prosecution Service. The Russian police also wished to participate in the murder investigation with Scotland Yard. Again: nothing doing.

    As Luke Harding (Luke Harding? – You cannot be serious!) wrote in Litvinenko’s poisoners ‘made a big mistake’

    Detectives, meanwhile, made an extraordinary discovery: a trail of polonium billowing across central London. Whoever came up with the murder plot must have calculated that the obscure isotope was untraceable. In fact, investigators found the equivalent of footprints in the snow. They tracked polonium to Lugovoi’s hotel room, to his plane seat, and to northern Germany, where Kotvun stayed before he flew on to London. The clues pointed in one sinister direction: Moscow.

    Logic is clearly not Lukey boy’s strong point: Litvinenko’s killers “must have calculated that the obscure isotope was untraceable”?.

    Really? How does he arrive at that conclusion?

    Perhaps they knew very little about the isotope, apart from it being deadly poisonous if ingested. I don’t know, but Luke reckons he at least knows what they didn’t know..

    Perhaps the opposite to what Harding asserts is true: Litvinenko’s killers must have calculated – indeed knew full well – that the obscure isotope was traceable: that’s why they chose to use it, because, as Tintin points out: “The clues pointed in one sinister direction: Moscow’.

    I don’t know, but Harding says the opposite must be true, namely that “Litvinenko’s killers “must have calculated that the obscure isotope was untraceable”.

    How does he know this?

    He doesn’t!

    It’s all conjecture!

    According to Harding, Litvinenko’s poisoners “made a big mistake

    Silly, silly KGB thugs!

    Stupid, hateful Russian killers!

    Evil, evil Putin!

    • peter says:

      … the question is, who administered the poison…

      We’re going in circles, aren’t we? The CPS clearly believes it was Lugovoy. I find their theory plausible, you disagree, we both are entitled to our opinions.

      … why on earth did the killer/s use polonium-210?

      Because Polonium 210 is undetectable by usual means. You have to know in advance what you’re looking for.

      • Jen says:

        My understanding is that polonium 210 is also present in cigarettes and some foods (strawberries, for example). According to a 1968 study by the American Tobacco Company6, the average smoker inhales about 0.04 picocuries of polonium 210 per cigarette and would be exposed to more polonium 210 on a given day than Litvinenko would have received when he was poisoned.

        So if the agent/s that or who killed him could be traced all over London, the police would have had to be tracing a lot of smokers and cigarettes, or people buying and eating strawberries.

      • marknesop says:

        So they were told to look for Polonium by…who? Goldfarb? Litvinenko’s father?

        I find it a little comical, perhaps poetic justice, to re-read Boris Berezovsky’s opinion of the British legal system, which declared him to be a liar with no credibility. In an RFE/RL piece in which Berezovsky suggested if Luguvoi were truly innocent, then he should submit himself to Scotland Yard, Berezovsky prophetically said, “My experience with the English legal system shows that if you’re sure you’re in the right, then not even the smallest chance exists that that you’ll be subjected to illegal prosecution, that you’ll become just a victim of legal arbitrariness.”

        In retrospect, his faith is touching.

        • peter says:

          So they were told to look for Polonium by…who?

          You have already asked me this same question. The answer is, by the Health Protection Agency.

          • marknesop says:

            Oh, thanks for the reminder – yes, that was a good discussion, although I did not fremember having asked the same question. So Litvinenko himself knew that he had been poisoned with Polonium, yet allowed doctors to continue to treat him for Thallium poisoning up to his death? There is no mention of a change in his treatment when doctors – according to your analysis – became suspicious enough to do the test for Polonium, which takes several days.

            • peter says:

              So Litvinenko himself knew that he had been poisoned with Polonium, yet allowed doctors to…

              No, there is nothing to indicate that Litvinenko even knew the word “Polonium” before they started collecting his urine to test for Polonium on his last day alive.

              • Moscow Exile says:

                You can bet Dr. Goldfarb knew the word “polonium” though.

                Goldfarb studied biochemistry at Moscow State University and graduated in 1969.

                After graduation, he worked at the Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Energy in Moscow.

                He emigrated from the USSR in 1975. He earned his Ph.D. in 1980 at the Weizmann Institute in Israel and continued his research with a post-doctoral program at the Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry in Munich, Germany.

                From 1982 to 1991 he was an assistant professor at Columbia University in New York.

                From 1992 to 2006 he was a faculty member at the Public Health Research Institute in New York where he led a U.S. government-funded study “Structure and Function of RNA Polymerase in E. Coli” with a total budget of $7 million.

                He also directed the project “Treating MDRTB in Siberian Prisons” funded by a $13 million grant from philanthropist George Soros.

                According to a PubMed search, Goldfarb stopped publishing scientific work in 2005. -source Wiki

                These places where Goldman studied and/or was engaged in research are all top notch.

                In this video: Marina Litvinenko and Alex Goldfarb – Alexander and the Russian Secret Service, Dr. Goldfarb is described as being Litvinenko’s “best friend”.

                Alexander Litvinenko was born in the Russian city of Voronezh in 1962.

                After he graduated from a Nalchik secondary school in 1980 he was drafted into the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs as a Private.

                After a year of service, he matriculated in the Kirov Higher Command School in Vladikavkaz.

                In 1981, Litvinenko married Nataliya, an accountant, with whom he had a son, Alexander, and a daughter, Sonia.

                This marriage ended in divorce in 1994 and in the same year Litvinenko married Marina, a ballroom dancer and fitness instructor, with whom he had a son, Anatoly.

                After graduation in 1985, Litvinenko became a platoon commander in the Dzerzhinsky Division of the Soviet Ministry of Internal Affairs. He was assigned to the 4th Company, where among his duties was the protection of valuable cargo while in transit.

                In 1986 he became an informant when he was recruited by the MVD’s KGB counterintelligence section and in 1988 he was officially transferred to the Third Chief Directorate of the KGB, Military Counter Intelligence.

                Later that year, after studying for a year at the Novosibirsk Military Counter Intelligence School, he became an operational officer and served in KGB military counterintelligence until 1991. – source Wiki

                Clearly both Sashas (Tintin would like that!) – Goldfarb and “ex-KGB spy” Litvinenko – had a great deal in common: that’s why they must have hit it off immediately and became best buddies. Sasha the the cop and nark and lacking a higher education: Sasha the intellectual, scientist and academic. What stunning conversations must have occurred when these two giants of the intellect were together! They must have been near inseparable when working for Boris in London.

                It was Goldfarb, then employed by Berezovsky, who, in fact, sprung Litvinenko from his self-imposed exile in Turkey and brought him to Moskva-na-Temze and into Berzovsky’s employ:

                n October 2000, in violation of an order not to leave Moscow [because he had been dismissed from the FSB after having held a press conference, in which he and other alleged FSB officers appeared with their faces covered Pussy Riot style and wearing dark glasses and stated that they had been ordered to assassinate prominent politicians and businessmen], Litvinenko and his family travelled to Turkey…

                While in Turkey, Litvinenko applied for asylum at the United States Embassy in Ankara, but his application was denied [Nothing to trade?]…

                With the help of Alexander Goldfarb, Litvinenko bought air tickets for the Istanbul-London-Moscow flight, and asked for political asylum at Heathrow Airport during the transit stop on 1 November 2000. [Goldfarb was denied a British visa for one year because of this, as he had acted illegally. Only one year! Very mild punishment for breach of visa procedure. In my experience, if someone does something untoward in a British visa application, then he can forget about applying for one again – and the most serious offence is making a false statement.]

                Political asylum was granted on 14 May 2001, not because of his knowledge on intelligence matters, but rather on humanitarian grounds. [Figures!]

                While in London he became a journalist for the separatist Chechenpress…

                He also joined Berezovsky in campaigning against Putin’s government.

                In October 2006 he became a naturalised British citizen…

                Only two comments to that above linked youtube clip, which was posted almost 2 years ago to this very date. The first appeared one year ago:


                [The block capitals are as posted]

                Which righteous hysteria of biblical proportions (note the reference to stoning) received 6 months later received the following comment:


                Strangely, both comments have as their sender the name martha jane.

                Somebody playing games?

              • marknesop says:

                Pardon me; I was confused by your earlier statement on the issue, in which you took the position, “Which means that quite a few people, including Litvinenko himself, knew of the polonium theory a good day or two before he died.”

                So there seems to be some discrepancy still centered on when the authorities began to suspect Polonium when they were more or less committed to Thallium previously, and where they got the notion to test for Polonium. Was it the day he died, the day before, two days before…

                • peter says:

                  Was it the day he died, the day before, two days before…

                  The day before, so make it “there is nothing to indicate that Litvinenko even knew the word “Polonium” before they started collecting his urine to test for Polonium on his second last day alive.”

                  Thanks for correction.

        • colliemum says:

          He must’ve read too many Agatha Christie novels, that’s why he ‘believes’ in the British Justice system. It ain’t what it used to be, that’s for sure – not since Blair and his fragrant wifey got their grubby hands on it …

    • rymlianin says:

      The British legal system is so known for its prudence that at least a dozen cases against Irishmen in the 1980s had to be thrown out after those folks had spent years in prison. British justice is an oxymoron.

    • davidt says:

      Certainly, some people who were “close” to Berezovsky thought that he was capable of a little poisoning, though, to be fair, he had his sensitive side. “Badri spent the last hours of his life with Berezovsky…Badri collapsed that evening. Berezovsky would later tell reporters that he sped to Surrey in tears…Zeltser was in New York when he received a call about his death. He has no doubt that Badri was poisoned. “From the very first moment I thought Berezovsky was behind it,” he declares matter-of-factly, “and whoever knows Berezovsky would think that way.”” For a jolly good read:

  12. ThatJ says:

    From the Saker blog:

    A most unpleasant thing to post

    Dear friends,

    While I often post stuff I don’t agree with, this time around I am going to post something which I find most disturbing, but which I strongly believe has to be aired.

    As you might have heard, the mayor of Pervomaisk, Evgeny Ischenko, has been shot. Some (many?) are accusing Plotnitsky, just as in the case of Batman. I am not taking sides here, but I find the following video very disturbing because it does show something weird: Plotnitsky seemingly praising Ischenko and the footage of the latter absolutely infuriated by Plotnitsky and Zakharchenko. Notice that Ischenko also speaks some nonsense, for example when he praises Cossack units and their commanders when, in reality, Cossack forces are, by and large, 2nd rate and are not trusted with any critical sectors. The folks who made the video, FallenUSSoliders, clearly have a fixation on Jews, they also buy into the “Russian oligarchs” betraying Novorussia narrative, but you don’t have to agree with that to notice that two fierce opponents of Plotnitsky have been recently killed and that regardless of whether this is true of not there are plenty of folks in Novorussia who feel not only betrayed by Russia, but even attacked by the Kremlin or Russian oligarchs. Here is the video:

    Full text: http://vineyardsaker.blogspot.com/

  13. ThatJ says:

    Check out this twat:

    Now take a look at his other tweets:


    Oy vey!

  14. ThatJ says:

    • kirill says:

      Tusk should shove a sock in his filthy lying mouth. The aggressor since March of 2014 has clearly been the Kiev coup regime.

  15. peter says:

    • Oddlots says:

      Sandford? Really?

    • marknesop says:

      “Amid economic free fall”…interesting choice of words. The Economic Pit seems to be far deeper than any of us imagined. After all, Ukraine’s economy was in free fall a year ago, and it’s still doing fine according to western reporting. So I guess one man’s free fall is another man’s I’m all right, Jack.

      Personally, as I’ve often said before, I hope the west does believe Russia’s economy is in ruins. That will cause them to make bad decision. Of course I meant, “more bad decisions”.

  16. cartman says:

    “In December the activity of introducing new production has increased dramatically compared to November and corresponded to a very good performance in December 2013 of the announced investment in December totaled 125.7 billion rubles. (139, 8 billion. – In 2013). Created more than 5 thousand new jobs (a thousand more than in December 2013th).”


  17. peter says:

    • marknesop says:

      I wouldn’t believe Kudrin if he said “I’ve been putting on weight”. He has long had a personal policy of telling the west what it wants to hear.

      • kirill says:

        Kudrin is a liberast joke. He should go and join the “we make reality” community in the USA.

        According to GKS, the November unemployment rate in Russia was 5.2%. It was between 4.8% and 4.9% since the summer and started to climb late in 2014. I do not see any evidence of the story that Kudrin is spinning. Perhaps if the rate shot up to 6% in November he would have a case.

        • marknesop says:

          Kudrin makes a point of squealing “Oh, you’re really hurting us! If this goes on, we could go belly-up by Spring!”. I would not be surprised if he was getting a few bucks on the side, because he is widely quoted and has the oomph of a former finance minister, so the dumb clucks in the west are more likely to believe if they hold on just a little longer, Russia will collapse.

      • et Al says:

        I read a report in a major western news website (I don’t recall) yesterday or the day before actually writing that Kudrin was in line for the top job at the RCB! Projection, not analysis or truth at its best.

    • Moscow Exile says:

      Хорошие новости
      Good News

      by Elena Vladimirovna Krotova

      A site created by someone who is, it seems, the polar opposite of our beloved Peter: someone who diligently searches for something positive to say about Russia.

      Clearly, she is one of those Russians who does not loathe her motherland, looking forward with barely concealed delight to its hopeful demise and resulting colonization by the West (read “USA”), when she can live for evermore eating Big Macs and shopping at Walmart in a happy redux of Yeltsinland.

      Somehow, I feel that the attitude of Elena Vladimirovna is more representative of the vast majority of those Russian citizens who actually live and work in Russia and who do not constantly glower from afar with malice at their homeland :

      На днях я заинтересовалась, а есть ли хорошие новости? И удивительно то, что я нашла их, но они очень быстро стали исчезать, заменяясь страшными и ещё более шокирующими. Но из кризиса не выйти легко и быстро, если не обмениваться хорошими новостями и успешными действиями. Поэтому я объявляю о начале выхода газеты с такими новостями и каждый из вас может быть упомянут в ней- ПРИСЫЛАЙТЕ СВОИ! ХОРОШИЕ НОВОСТИ, УСПЕШНЫЕ ДЕЙСТВИЯ

      The other day I became interested in whether there was any good news. And the surprising thing is that I found some, but it quickly began to disappear, replaced by even more terrible and shocking news. However, we shall not quickly get out of this crisis or with any ease if we do not share good news and successful actions. Therefore, I am announcing the beginning of a newspaper with such news, and every one of you can get a mention in it – SO SEND IN YOUR GOOD NEWS, AND I WISH YOU SUCCESS!

      Here is a link to the statistics page of Elena Vladimirovna Krotova’s site:

      Статистика РФ 3 кв. 2014 г.

      RF Statistics, 3rd quarter, 2014

      Because of the nature of the information on the above linked statistics page, Google Translate, for example, will give an understandable rendering of what Elena Vladimirovna has posted as regards statistical data.

      Here is how she greets her readers with the presentation of “good news” statistics about Russia:

      Дорогие друзья!!! Закончился 3 квартал 2014года И Россия и я готова порадовать Вас беспрецендентными результатами развития России!!!Результатов настолько много, что я разделяю газету на 4! Первая- общие статистики, статистики сельского хозяйства и открытие новых предприятий сельского хозяйства, а так же статистика по спиртному ( пиво водка и т.п.). И здесь так же есть изумительные результаты!! Ведь 12 лет до этого у нас росло потребление спиртного, а теперь уже 3 года потребление рушится на 20% в год и уже закрыто 14 пивоваренных заводов!!! Производители спиртного в истерике!! Через несколько дней вам будет разосланы следующие выпуски и в них вы узнаете результаты социальных программ, спорт, развитие техники, открытие новых производств, а в последней газете- перспективы -это новые проекты которые уже начали своё развитие в России и в перспективе выведут Россию на новый уровень обладания. Таких мегамаштабных проектов и более 25 штук нет ни где в мире!!!

      А теперь начнём всё по порядку!!! Сначала общая статистика страны первые идут статистики только за сентябрь такой рост!!!!

      Dear friends!!! The third quarter of 2014 has ended and Russia and I are ready to please you with unprecedented results concerning Russian developments!!! The results have been so great that I am presenting them in four sections: the first is of general statistics, agricultural statistics and of the opening of new agricultural enterprises, as well as statistics on alcohol (beer vodka, etc.). And here there have been some amazing results!! After 12 years of increasing alcohol consumption, for 3 years now consumption has been collapsing by 20% per year and 14 breweries have already been closed!!! Alcohol manufacturers have become hysterical!! After a few days you will be sent information on the following topics and find out the results of social programmes, sport, the development of technology, and the opening up of new industries. In the last newspaper there will be туцы фищге perspectives – that is to say new projects that have already started being developed in Russia and that will lead Russia to a new advantageous position in the coming years. These projects are of such a massive scale and number more than 25 in all and can be found nowhere else in the world!!!

      So let’s get everything organized!!! First, the country’s general statistics, which are only those that concern statistics for growth this September!!!! [September 2014]

      Happy reading, Kremlin Stooges!


      PS She has an appropriate family name, has Elena Vladimirovna!

      Krot means “mole” in Russian, as in “garden mole”. So Elena Vladimirovna has been a busy little mole rooting around in the mounds of statistics in search of good news, for which activity I am very grateful.

      • Moscow Exile says:

        That gibberish in Cyrillic that appears in the middle of one of my translations above, namely this: In the last newspaper there will be туцы фищге perspectives, has appeared because I forgot to switch over my keyboard from Latin to Cyrillic or whatever.

  18. ThatJ says:

    If this is true, then we can expect mass casualties among Kiev loyalists in the coming days:

    [mp.net comment]

    Simply put this:
    The Ukr army is freaking out, there’s a determined sep offensive along the entire front. Kiev has had to cancel their own offensive and use strategic reserves to shore up the weaker areas of their defence. They’ve suffered a major PR defeat with the loss of the airport and the entire “Cyborg” propaganda backfiring on them. If things carry on for two-three more days they’ll have a major encirclement in the Debaltsovo area, putting anywhere from 4k to 7k troops in danger.
    The seps have taken a fair number of smaller villages all over the front and are rumoured to have the reserves to make a major push somewhere, with Kiev not having a clue about where that could be.
    Finally and most importantly, this is all happening with Moscow’s official go-ahead as one can witness simply by watching official Russian media coverage of the events.

    Kiev is in a frenzied panic, which is why we’re seeing all the ZOMG CHEBURASHKA IS INVADING and calls from every single western backer of the Kiev regime suddenly calling on Russia to stop the seps.

    Take this with a grain of salt:

    Pantsir-S1 in Shakhtars, Ukraine

    [mp.net comment:]

    Realistically, providing expensive and sophisticated combat systems like that can only mean 2 things.

    1) All of that is taken somewhere else. (EDIT: I mean that all these photos are actually fakes)
    2) Moscow is officially giving middle finger to Kiev & Co.

    If these systems are really there, it’s second. And if it’s second, these are pretty bad news for Kiev, because it will mean that things are going south for them, and the possibility of full scale intervention of RuA, Libya or Iraq style, just increased further.

    Also if these reports are true, then I won’t be absolutely surprised about Seps acquiring Smerch launchers.
    For the record: Each of Smerch launchers costs 12.5 millions USD (no idea why that high, though. But only figures I could find), and one full barrage of 12 missiles cost 1.5-1.7 mln USD. That’s why I was extremely sceptical about such equipment being transferred to them, especially in light of Russia not having that much of those in it’s own hands.

    [another mp.net comment about the photo:]

    I think people should be far more sceptical of this image of a Pantsir “in Ukraine”. This conflict is littered with examples of random images of Russian hardware deliberately mislabeled as “in Ukraine”. I recall in the first days of the conflict somebody posted up a video of a train filled with Abrams tanks, captioned as “American tanks in Poland heading to Ukraine”, only for it to turn out a years old video from inside CONUS. I also recall somebody posted images of Russian equipment “in Donetsk”, with even a road sign and everything. Problem was it was the Russian Donetsk town, located on the border with Ukraine (its just a little south-east of Lugansk for reference). Anything is possible, but dont take at face value a random picture from some eastern european place with a Pantsir, captioned as being in Ukraine. Chances are its actually some picture of an exercise or dislocation inside Russia.

    A photo of Motorola in civilian life:

    [User Comment] Mariupol was and is a target but mainly so that it acts as a location the UA has to defend. If the Seps did nothing then the troops defending it would move north.

    [Reply To User Comment] Looks like the plan is working:

    KIEV, January 24. /TASS/. Ukraine’s Defence Minister Stepan Poltorak said on Saturday the Ukrainian army was building up its forces near Mariupol.
    “Positions of the Ukrainian military near the city of Mariupol of the Donetsk region have been reinforced. The situation is under control. Measures are being taken to build up forces and weapons in order to enhance defence and protect civilians from shelling,” the ministry of defence said in a statement.
    Earlier on Saturday, Ukraine’s Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said National Guards units near Mariupol were being reinforced.
    In the meantime, Alexander Zakharchenko, the head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) said on Saturday, DPR self-defence forces were not going to attack Mariupol. “No one is going to attack the city. We are not beasts as they in Kiev,” he said.
    He said he ordered to open suppressing fire at the positions of the Ukrainian army east of Mariupol only after Kiev had tried to put the blame for erroneous shelling of living quarters on DPR militias.
    “We have conducted no active combat operations near Mariupol until today. But now, after Kiev decided to place responsibility for erroneous fire from its Grads from Berdyanskogo on Mariupol’s living quarters, I ordered to suppress the positions of Ukrainian troops east of Mariupol,” he said.
    Zakhrachenko said that the Ukrainian side had pulled in additional troops to Mariupol.
    “Our positions near Novoazovsk are shelled round-the-clock from Grad multiple rocket systems and large-calibre artillery. Today, 28th Ukrainian brigade was reinforced by armoured vehicles,” he noted. “It is being done to force us swing our forces to Mariupol from the Donetsk airport in a bid to drive us out of it.”
    The Kiev military, according to Zakharchenko, were simply hiding behind Mariupol residents. “They are our people in Mariupol, they are Donbass too. They have nothing to be afraid of,” he said.

    Watch what really happens when a vehicle is hit by a grad:

    This corroborates the rebels’ and motorist’s view that it was indeed a mine that hit the bus.

    • cartman says:

      Illegal, and entirely necessary to impose sanctions on the Ukrainian regime for. Merkel won’t budge because she seems to be enjoying it all.

  19. yalensis says:

    A view from Mariupol:
    Well-known Ukrainian military reporter Andrei Tsaplienko, who works for Kolomoisky’s TV channel “1 + 1”, posted the following on his Facebook page :

    «Моя коллега из Мариуполя, которая сейчас на всю катушку, изо всех сил помогает людям, попавшим под обстрел, пишет, что вот прямо сейчас, проезжая сдавать кровь, сквозь открытую дверь одного из местных кабаков (по-другому и не скажешь!), заметила веселящихся людей, поднимающих рюмки «за Расею», – сообщает Цаплиенко».

    Далее, по результатам разговора со своим старым другом из Харькова, он информирует о настроениях в Харькове.

    «Рассказал, как в славном Институте криобиологии люди собираются в курилках и обсуждают, что делать, если придут русские танки, – поделился журналист деталями разговора. – По его словам, план действий, выработанный в пропитанных никотином закутках научно-исследовательского заведения, выглядит следующим образом: «Как только «наши» войдут, тут же выходить толпами на улицы и вынуждать «укропов» сдать город без боя».

    My [female] colleague from Mariupol who is now working at full steam to help people who have been injured in the shelling, writes, that at this very moment, on the road to donate blood, through the open door of one of the local taverns (she won’t go into more detail than that), noticed people who were making merry and raising their glasses to toast Russia. [writes Tsaplienko]

    [Tsaplienko also communicates the result of a conversation with his old friend from Kharkiv, who is discussing the mood there]:

    He told (me) how, in the famous Institute of Cryobiology, people were gathering in the smoking rooms and discussing, what to do if the Russian tanks arrive. In his words, the plan of action, worked out in the nicotine-soaked halls of the scientific research establishment, looks to be the following: As soon as “our guys” arrive, then people should rush out into the streets in a vast mob, and force the “Ukropy” to hand over the city without a battle.

    • Oddlots says:

      What did Vita say? God’s speed to them.

      • yalensis says:

        I don’t know what was Vita’s take on this, but I was quite horrified to learn, that they permit indoor smoking in the Institute of Cryobiology!

      • yalensis says:

        Oh wait! I DO know Vita’s take on it, because I just checked her blog. She posted this yesterday.
        Short translation: basically crying crocodile tears over civilian casualties (killed by Separatist shelling) in Mariupol.

        • yalensis says:

          P.S. – I sure hope somebody holds on to Vita’s quote about how “Yeah, sure I commit genocide, but winners are not judged”.
          If there is such a thing as karma, then some day she will be in a courtroom being judged for all the crimes that SHE committed. And the judge, in delivering his guilty verdict, should intone:

          “Winners are not judged, but Losers are – GUILTY!”

  20. ThatJ says:

  21. kirill says:


    Sore losers. Did they think they could piss on Russia and still get the South Stream?

    • et al says:

      It’s irrelevant. Whether Bulgaria or Poland, both need the authorization of RSK-Mig as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for spare parts etc. If Poland starts producing their own without authorization, then they are in fact counterfitting. The point here is that if a country such as Poland ignores these basic rules of trade and IP, then they cannot turn around and complain about piracy or theft without being called hypocrites.

      Pl & Bg can of course get third party parts via authorized manufacturers, Byelorussia is the most obvious example that springs to mind…

    • marknesop says:

      What a terrible blow – Bulgaria has a huge air force. Ha, ha!! Seriously, Bulgaria has to grovel and heap itself in ashes and sackcloth because they fucked up the deal with South Stream. Brussels is not going to step forward and take the rap, so it’s all going to be on Bulgaria. I imagine the USA would give them a great deal on used fighters, because (a) they could bill the taxpayer for it rather than taking the money from other government funds, (b) it would be a propaganda victory – Bulgaria dumps Russian crap for American know-how – and (c), it would give the USA an excuse to permanently station American military personnel in Bulgaria, to maintain their aircraft.

  22. kirill says:

    From a post on MP.net. All the brainiacs there can’t see it is an obvious photoshop job. Like they could not find some paint of the standard military colour and used translucent spray paint. What a joke!

  23. ThatJ says:

    De-Dollarization Complete: Iran Abandons US Dollar In Foreign Trade

    Since last May (and likely long before) when the topic of “de-dollarization” was first uttered in official circles (and not just tin-foil-hat-wearing blogs), the rest of the world (un-isolated as they are) has been warming to the idea that perhaps – just perhaps – it is time to de-dollarize (more or less depending on the despotic region in question). From currency swap agreements to bi-lateral trade agreements to selling US Treasuries and greatly rotating USD reserves into gold, the world’s nations (small and large) appear less and less comfortable holdings dollars in this tempestuous world. Among the supporters of that first “de-dollarization” meeting were China and Iran and while the former continues to work down its exposure, the latter – Iran, according to Tasnim news agency, has almost entirely eliminated USDollars from its reserves and is no longer using dollars in foreign trade.


    • marknesop says:

      I’m glad to see they followed through with their intent, because they paid a terrible price for it. Iran was punished and punished for announcing it would drop the dollar, and is still the only country to ever have been cut out of SWIFT. I think Washington thought they would collapse then, but they didn’t, which is probably why they have not been anxious to use it as a stick to threaten other countries, although they did threaten it for Russia.

      I’m afraid I was not able to catch up on the news today as I was busy and away nearly all day – I will try to catch up in detail tomorrow.

  24. ThatJ says:

    Steiner is a pro-Russian German, he’s always updating his Twitter with the latest NAF advances. He’s anti-Nazi, but pro-Pegida:

    Here’s a re-tweet (i.e. a tweet by someone else that he ‘quoted’):

    Good question!

    • marknesop says:

      He’s pretty feminine-looking, but I suppose that’s OK.

    • Tim Owen says:

      Errrr… I believe Steiner is a woman and a proud communist FWIW. Also, I believe she was fighting in Donbass for quite a while as far as I can remember.

      • ThatJ says:

        I always assumed Steiner was a male. At least s/he sides with Pegida, which is not what “proud communists” do in Germany. Greens, Die Linke, etc. all send their foot soldiers to counter-protest Pegida wherever they show up, instead of, say, organizing their own pro-whatever march. They thrive on harassment.

        Is Steiner even German? I have the impression that s/he doesn’t know much about Pegida, and for a politicized German this is frankly odd.

  25. peter says:

  26. peter says:

    • patient observer says:

      The above graphic reminds of CSI imagery BS of the bullet’s viewpoint as it tears through the body – pornography of violence. Perhaps we can next expect the viewpoint from a polonium atom as it emits an alpha particle that impinges/ionizes various atoms as it careens through various proteins and DNA in cells, then pull back to organs under distress. Pull back again to show the agony of Litvinenko as he gasps out his passionate truth to the saintly scribe Goldfarb. So scientific! All the proof I need!

    • marknesop says:

      Just put up a big statue of Litvinenko in Trafalgar Square, and be done with it. We all get it. Je suis Litvinenko.

  27. peter says:

    • Moscow Exile says:

      Шувалов исключил возможность банковского кризиса в России

      Shuvalov rules out banking crisis for Russia

      Oh goody! That means I can help myself to another fish head!

      «Выдержим любые лишения, которые будут внутри страны — меньше потреблять продуктов, меньше электричества, я не знаю, еще какие-то вещи, к которым мы все привыкли. Но если мы будем ощущать, что кому-то извне хочется поменять нашего лидера и это не наша воля, что это влияние на нашу волю, мы будем просто едины как никогда»,— заверил он участников форума.

      “We shall endure any domestic hardship – we shall consume less food, use less electricity and – I do not know – some other things to which we are accustomed. But if we feel that someone from outside wants to change our leader and that we do not wish that there be such an influence on our will, we shall simply be united as never before”, he assured the participants of the forum.

      For me there is a difference in meaning between I/We will do something and I/We shall do something, a difference in meaning that is now lost, it seems, to most speakers of American English and those whose mother tongue is not English and, of course, to Google Translate.

      If I say I will do something that is my statement of willingness/intent at the moment of speaking to do something: when that intended action actually takes place is determined by a time reference – given or understood in context, e.g, I will do it now/ I will do it tomorrow. When I say I shall do something, I am speaking objectively of an expected future event that obliges me that it be done. Hence, I say “Unfortunately, I shall die one day; we shall all die eventually”. If I said “I will die one day”, that means I intend to die one day in the future. I could say that, of course, e.g. “I am so sick of life that I will end it all! I will take poison at midday tomorrow and I will die!”

      The willingness indicated by the use of the modal verb “will” and the external obligation indicated by the use of “shall” is evident when asking questions: “Shall I open the window for you” – meaning “Am I obliged to open the window for you?” and not “Will I open the window for you? – meaning “Am I willing to open the window for you?” (Do I want to do this?). Compare the difference in Russian: Вам открыть окно? and Открою ли я вам окно?

      So when the English translation of Shuvalov’s Davos statement appears as, for example: “Wealthy Russian Official Says Russians Will “Eat Less” for Putin During Crisis“, it appears that he is making a certain prediction. He did not say that: he was using the first person plural (we), as can be seen above (Выдержим любые лишения…) and uses the infinite (меньше потреблять продуктов..) which is expressed as “shall” in my English, e.g Shall I help you? – Вам помочь? (to help – помочь)]

      Hunger and Poverty Fact Sheet – USA

      Around the Neighborhood – The Heinz-Kerry House

      The sweet digs of the famous flip-flopper and his condiment magnate wife Teresa are found at 19 Louisburg Square. I know this because I went there at 7:30 in the morning last Saturday and looked at their junk mail, but if you don’t believe me, here’s a Herald article that backs me up. I’ve also managed to track down a floor plan [PDF]; it only cost 1.7 million…back in 1995.

      • et Al says:

        I always understand as ‘will” essentially being on the same level as ‘promise’, i.e. set in stone, definite, fixed, with only an act of god stopping it happening. ‘Shall’ as an over-arching goal, i.e. will endeavour to do, if possible, but may not do if events preclude it happening (i.e. I stayed in to watch Breaking Bad back to back), i.e.

        • Moscow Exile says:

          Yep, that’s it! “I will give you a sweet if you answer correctly”, is a promise in that I state my intention.

          When black Americans sang “We shall overcome”, they were voicing their opinion that they expected that racial discrimination would end one day. If, however, they had sung “We will overcome” – and they could have done – that would have meant that they were determined to overcome, which declaration may well have alarmed some.

          It’s the same when Churchill said “We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds etc…..”, he was not promising to do that or stating a collective intention: he was just objectively stating what he believed was the obvious future, namely what he expected to happen if the Germans invaded.

          Another example: “I will read this report over the weekend and, having done that, I shall be able to say what I think of it at Monday’s meeting.

          • Jen says:

            The confusion between the use of “shall” and “will” to express the future or intent arises because the first person use of both auxiliary verbs contradicts their use for second and third persons.

            To express objective future, we say: I shall, you will, s/he will / we shall, you will, they will

            To express subjective intent, determination or compulsion, we say: I will, you shall, s/he shall / we will, you shall, they shall



  28. yalensis says:

    Back to the war front:
    KyivPost is reporting devastating losses in Ukrainian army. Which the government is hiding from the people, naturellement.

    Also sounds like they have a huge medical infrastructure problem: Civilian hospitals are not equipped to handle that many casualties.

    “Usually our hospital can provide services for 23,000 people, but now it has to provide services for about 100,000 people,” Olga Vladimirovna, the surgical director of Kurakhove hospital, told the Kyiv Post.

    “We only provide first aid, stabilize the critically wounded and treat shock, then they are transported to Dnipropetrovsk hospital or the military hospital in Zaporozhye.

    “Even so, we had to put more beds in each room – where there were four beds now there are six, where there were two, now four.”

    Kurakhove hospital takes wounded from around Donetsk, the scene of some of the heaviest fighting on the front. Yet they have to treat military personnel without any additional assistance from the government.

    “Our pharmaceuticals fund didn’t become bigger,” Olga Vladimirovna says.

    “We get most of our medicine from volunteers, charities, even Privat Group. Our hospital is not a military hospital, it’s a hospital for citizens of our district, but in a time of war we have to help everyone.”

    The situation at Artyomovsk central hospital, where the wounded from Debaltseve are brought, is much the same.


    Should be expected lots more casualties too, as the Debaltsevo cauldron narrows, and Ukies are sending more and more cannon fodder into that meat grinder, without proper infrastructure or medical support.

  29. Warren says:

  30. Warren says:

    Guns and Butter
    “Russia, Belarus, France, Greece – The World Rebels Against Wall Street Rule” with Webster Griffin Tarpley

    Western Alliance Discipline; Geopolitical Terrorism; Deflation and Depression; Currency War; $2 Quadrillion of Derivatives; Austerity Measures; the Sequester; Capital and Exchange Controls; Greek Election; Reverend Pinkney Prosecution.


  31. Moscow Exile says:

    My son has just mailed me this clip, asking me if it is a joke:

    I’m afraid not, Vova.

    I did tell him, however, that there are plenty of religious crackpots here as well but somehow I don’t think that the degree of crackpottery here is quite as intense as it is over there in the Bible Belt.

    Ah, well! Must toddle off to my sacred grove and clear away the drifting snow there in order to make a little offering.

    • yalensis says:

      That commentator makes a good point:
      Disney moves are FILTH FILTH FILTH, they promote capitalist greed

      and they lead to 3-year old babies turning into freakish cage-dancing little strippers!

  32. Tim Owen says:

    The selective – shall we call it – blindness that has westerners crowing about Russia’s imploding economy and demographics finds its counterpart in their blindness to the crisis in their own backyard as Ilargi ably illustrates here:


    “Some who have children and are struggling to support them have turned to sex work, to put food on the table.

    Further north, in Larissa, Soula Alevridou, who owns a legal brothel, says the number of married women coming to her looking for work has doubled in the last five years.

    “They plead and plead but as a legal brothel we cannot employ married women,” she says. “It’s illegal. So eventually they end up as prostitutes on the streets.”

    In a way I think the outrageous way that Ukraine has been recklessly torn apart by foreign actors who simultaneously believe they are paragons of civic virtue and enlightenment finds its counterpart in their blindness to the suffering they are inflicting on their own people. They are at least consistent: their answer to those they have trapped, whether in Greece or in the Dobas is the same. “Drop dead.”

  33. Tim Owen says:

    A little obnoxious to say the least, but I’m going to do it anyway…

    I posted this a few pages back. Keen demolishes mainstream economics by showing how it has blinded itself to THE major determinant of “growth” (and, not incidentally, to the major determinant of its paymaster’s source of profit: explosive growth in private debt. No upside to having that exposed is there chief?)

    The next time some “serious” “idiot” in the business pages sounds off, keep this in mind. If they couldn’t identify this then why listen to them now?

    Interestingly, as Warren Mosler demonstrates, the dynamics surrounding public debt are actually completely different. Counter-cyclical growth in public debt IS precisely sustainable while massive growth in private debt is not. As per usual, we have it perfectly backward (to the massive advantage of our financial overlords.)

  34. ThatJ says:

    Latest updates from mp.net and elsewhere:

    CBCAlerts: Obama says U.S. ‘deeply concerned’ about latest violence in Ukraine but says U.S. military action against #Russia ‘would not be effective.

    Obama even saying the words “military action against Russia” proves to me that the Nobel peace prize winner has lost the plot completely.

    Latva, Lithuania and other unspecified states called for emergency meeting of EU MFA heads.


    [ThatJ: The poodles are barking!]

    Phillip Karber, who has briefed the White House and Congress on the Ukrainian military’s needs in its fight against separatists, says the USA should provide Ukraine with Predator drones to help stem the flow of armored reinforcements that have crossed from Russia.

    “For every battalion of combat material or troops the Russians send into Ukraine, the U.S. should send a team with a MQ-9 Predator,” said Karber, who is president of the Potomac Foundation, a think tank. “(The Predator) is not only very effective against dispersed armored vehicles, but greatly reduces collateral damage that comes from ground-attack aircraft.”



    Looks like the civilian casualties in Mariupol are already being put to good use in Germany. Politicians of CDU and the Green Party are demanding new sanctions against Russia.

    [ThatJ: The Green parties everywhere are the scourge of humanity.]

    Again cluster munitions on Gorlovka

    18.29 – break of cluster bomb strikes again or needles. Over CGR explosion in the sky and as gravel sprinkled on the roofs .. this is against the population, anti-personel…

    KIEV, January 25. /TASS/. Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council on Sunday asked the government to file an action with the Hague tribunal into the crimes against humanity committed in 2014-2015, the organization’s press service said.

    The council has also ordered the launch of a procedure of recognizing the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics in eastern Ukraine as “terrorist organizations.”
    The organization has decided on “the application on the territory of Ukraine of sanctions introduced by the EU countries, Switzerland, the US and the G7 countries” against Russia.
    Meanwhile, since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine’s southeast, international observers have registered numerous human rights violations on the part of Ukraine’s military.

    BRUSSELS, January 25. /TASS/. The European Union may organise shortly an emergency Council on Russia at the level of foreign ministers, however it is not likely to adopt additional sanctions against Moscow, a source in European institutions told TASS on Sunday.

    “Organisation of the Council is being discussed now. The meeting may be organised, though it is unlikely the ministers will decide to make tougher the sanctions against Russia. Most likely, they will just publish a statement,” the source said.

    Earlier, Latvia, which currently chairs the EU, called on the community to organise an emergency meeting of the Council at the level of foreign ministers on the situation in Ukraine.

    #NAF is making some progress near #Debaltsevo, fighting reported in almost all perimeter towns of emerging pocket. Let the “boiling” begin.

    Apparently there are up to 8000 #Ukrainian soldiers who are now trapped in #Debaltsevo pocket. This has all ingredients of a new #Illovaysk.

    ANALYSIS: I said it after Ilovaisk & I’ll say it again. Poroshenko needs to sue for peace. The west is not coming to save Ukraine.

    Conflicting reports that #Ukraine is abandoning positions in #Debaltsteve due to overwhelming casualties & encirclement.

    PT: 54th Brigade (UA) denying withdrawal from #Debaltseve

  35. ThatJ says:

    The pseudo-opposition party Syriza won in Greece.

    The party leader and other leading figures have, on more than one occasion, met with prominent representatives of American Jewry — whose long arm reaches all the way to the State Dept. Presumably the nationalist Golden Dawn party and funding were discussed as well.

    Being a controlled opposition, and based on my study and understanding of Zionist objectives and the boundaries they set for the shabbos goyim — or useful cattle — to operate within, this is what I expect from Syriza:

    1) The party won’t leave the EU. As a vetted ‘opposition’ party, Syriza won’t pull Greece out of the EU — a vassal project of the US.

    2) The party will support EU sanctions on Russia. Which should prove how “radical” Syriza really is. Without consensus by all member countries, EU sanctions can’t be applied or extended.

    3) The party will continue the policy of European genocide, welcoming the invaders of other continents by the thousands as Greeks struggle. The Zionists fear that ethnically homogeneous countries may slip from their control, especially with the rise of American-skeptics across the continent who tend to be pro-Russia and anti-genocide. The Great Replacement must rage on.

    4) Default, Greece is considered by many a bottomless pit which can’t be rescued. This is a view one hears from mainstream pundits and politicians.

    5) Geece may leave the Eurozone. For years now I have been reading about how Greece is unfit for membership in the Euro currency zone. As with the question of default, this view is also expressed by pundits and politicians outside Greece.

    Any alternative view by other people who have been following Greek politics?

    • Oddlots says:

      Cudos thatJ, you beat me to the news.

      Like the lead off. The most important news (from where, one wonders): “The party leader and other leading figures have, on more than one occasion, met with prominent representatives of American Jewry — whose long arm reaches all the way to the State Dept. Presumably the nationalist Golden Dawn party and funding were discussed as well.”

      Ahhhh for gawd sakes! Really?

      You are a sick puppy.

    • Oddlots says:

      Arrrgh… fuck, just read on…

      So, after invoking the suffering of the Greeks here:

      “The party will continue the policy of European genocide, welcoming the invaders of other continents by the thousands as Greeks struggle.”

      You immediately cut them adrift here:

      “4) Default, Greece is considered by many a bottomless pit which can’t be rescued. This is a view one hears from mainstream pundits and politicians.

      5) Geece may leave the Eurozone. For years now I have been reading about how Greece is unfit for membership in the Euro currency zone. As with the question of default, this view is also expressed by pundits and politicians outside Greece.”

      Care to reconcile this apparent contradiction or is the arm acting up again?

      • yalensis says:

        Isn’t it cute how Nazis use the word “genocide” in a different way from normal people?
        When normal people say “genocide”, they are thinking of gas chambers and giant pits like Babiy Yar.
        When Nazis say the word “genocide”, they are talking about people of different cultures immigrating, inter-marrying, and having babies.

        So, which is the real genocide, let’s take a vote?


        or this?

        • spartacus says:

          As you can clearly see, the black woman in the first image is pouring in that poor white man’s glass some kind of drink fabricated after a Jewish – Trotskyte recipe in order to bewitch him into submission. There, I think I covered all the usual suspects, plus witchcraft 🙂

          • yalensis says:

            I think the drink is some kind of alcoholic sherbet parfait!
            Which reminds me of a joke I heard:

            A grasshopper hops into a bar and orders a beer.
            Bartender says: “You know, instead of a beer, maybe I could offer you a mixed drink. We even have one named after you.”
            Grasshopper says: “You have a drink called LARRY??”

  36. ThatJ says:

  37. Warren says:

  38. peter says:

    • Oddlots says:

      Now that that’s sorted perhaps Carl would like to look into who was behind those exquisitely timed sniper shootings on Maidan that preceeded events in Crimea.

      • et Al says:

        What infuriates me about Carl Bildt is that he is incomplete.

        Carl Bildt WHAT???? A house? A gocart? A chain of supermarkets specializing in frozen fish? His own anus?

        It really, really bothers me that he exists (though he has a metaphysical presence, the rest of him is made up of hot air) as a subject without an object. Or maybe I simply don’t understand scandinavian humor?

        What a RUNKA!

  39. peter says:

  40. Oddlots says:

    Good news! We have been diagnosed:


    As TheMindUnleashed.org informs us, the definition of this new mental illness essentially amounts to declaring any non-conformity and questioning of authority as a form of insanity. According to the manual, ODD is defined as:

    […] an “ongoing pattern of disobedient, hostile and defiant behavior,” symptoms include questioning authority, negativity, defiance, argumentativeness, and being easily annoyed.

    In short, as Natural News put it: According to US psychiatrists, only the sheeple are sane.

    A commenter on Naked Capitalism (Doug Terpstra) lays it out:

    “Do you suffer from ODD? Both men and women can be afflicted with this debilitating disease which not only causes acute public embarrassment, it may also require hospitalization or compulsory quarantine to prevent contagion. But now even occasional episodes of oppositional defiance disorder can be relieved with a high-dose daily regime of Hopium*. Hopium is available for free withou a prescription. Contact your doctor if you show signs of doubt about the sincerity or integrity of your betters or the veracity/objectivity of major media, if you ever wonder about the manifest benefits and inherent fairness of rigged trade, if you question whether corporations are real persons or deserving of welfare services, if you wonder whether it’s the divine right of 1% of the world’s population owns more than half its wealth and resources, if you don’t understand the need to relinquish your privacy and personal liberties in order to security your freedom, if you worry about global warming or nuclear war with Russia, you find yourself puzzled about what the US Constitutional actually says, or if you oppose the divine right of the wealthy to bribe politicians, conduct a proper one dollar, one vote democracy, or wage war anywhere these rights are challenged. These and other symptoms may be signs of a more serious form of ODD requiring forced quarantine and possibly drone treatment.”

  41. et Al says:

    Daily Toilet Barf: Mark Carney warns of liquidity storm as global currency system turns upside down
    Governor tells audience at Davos that monetary tightening from the Federal Reserve will “test the resilience of the financial system”

    The Governor of the Bank of England has warned markets to brace for possible trouble in 2015 as the US Federal Reserve tightens monetary policy and liquidity evaporates, fearing that the new financial order has yet to face its first real test.

    Mark Carney said diverging monetary policies in the US, Britain, Europe, and Japan may set off further currency turbulence and “test capital flows across the global economy, including to emerging markets.”

    It is the latest sign that officials at Threadneedle Street are worried about the global fall-out from the rising dollar, which poses a mounting threat to companies in the developing world that have borrowed up to $9 trillion in US dollars. …”

    So darlings, who will be mega f*&£$d first, Russia or the experts of financial capitalism, the West? I should point out here that it will be essential for the Pork Pie News Networks to launch a vociferous campaign to inform Russia when it is ‘mega f*&£$d’ just in case the Russians don’t notice (because they cannot see through the fog of vodka that persistently swirls around their heads), obviously

    I thought 2014 was bad, but 2015 is quickly shaping up to be epically bad. God help us all!

  42. ThatJ says:

    The establishment plants in UKIP are doing their dirty tricks now that the election draws closer. More scandals to come:

    UKIP MEP defects to the Tories: Shock as former business spokesman says party is ‘pointless’ and ‘racist’… as Farage’s PR chief admits: ‘We are a party for bigots’

    • MEP Amjad Bashir said ‘Ukip is pointless’ before defecting to Tory party
    • He said Ukip was ‘pretty amateur’ and had a ‘ridiculous’ lack of policies
    • Mr Bashir believes only David Cameron can give us Europe referendum
    • Came as party said he was suspended over ‘extremely serious’ allegations
    • They include claims of interference with the candidate selection process
    • Ukip spokesman said evidence obtained has been forwarded to police

    Nigel Farage was rocked last night as one of his Euro MPs defected to the Tories, saying: ‘Ukip is pointless.’

    In a major coup for David Cameron, Amjad Bashir jumped ship less than a year after he was elected as a Ukip MEP.

    But last night, Bashir’s decision descended into a tit-for-tat battle between the parties. Just hours before news of his defection was due to be made public, Ukip announced they were ‘suspending’ him pending investigations into ‘extremely serious’ allegations.

    Bashir, a Pakistani-born businessman, has been one of the few

    non-white faces in the senior ranks of Ukip and was used to rebut allegations of racism in the party.

    His defection comes four months after two Conservative MPs – Douglas Carswell and Mark Reckless – quit to join Ukip. Now Cameron has turned the tables.

    It was one of several blows delivered to Farage’s Election hopes last night. First, a senior Ukip official admitted the party was chasing the votes of ‘bigots’. Party secretary Matthew Richardson – who, ironically, was hired to stamp out negative media stories about Ukip – said: ‘People talk about Ukip being bigots but there are hundreds of thousands of bigots in the United Kingdom and they deserve representation.’

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2924759/UKIP-MEP-suspended-investigation-extremely-financial-employment-questions.html

    [ThatJ: In my personal observation, DM readers are usually pro-UKIP as can be attested by reading the comments and upvotes/downvotes from older articles about the party or its politicians. However, now that the elections are close, the mostly conservative readers over the DM are making anti-UKIP comments, or, more specifically, the anti-UKIP comments are the ones that people most approve of: at least that’s what the most upvoted comments say. Which doesn’t seem natural, meaning there are ‘hidden forces’ trying to sway public opinion against UKIP. It could be the work of a bot or worse, the DM itself could be manipulating public perception. If it’s not the DM who’s responsible for manipulating the comments, then it could be the Tories and their computer-savvy army. But I can tell one thing: it sure as hell doesn’t read like DM’s readership.]

    Ukip chief’s claim party represents bigots was just pub banter, says Farage as Cameron poses with MEP who joined Tories

    • Farage feels the heat after terrible day of headlines for his party
    • MEP Amjad Bashir said ‘Ukip is pointless’ before defecting to Tory party
    • He said Ukip was ‘pretty amateur’ and had a ‘ridiculous’ lack of policies
    • Ukip claims Bashir was suspended over ‘extremely serious’ allegations
    • Party secretary Matthew Richardson said Ukip should represent ‘bigots’
    • Said the NHS as a ‘waste of money’ and the ‘Reichstag bunker of socialism’

    Nigel Farage today defended a Ukip official who said it was the party of ‘bigots’ as he was left reeling from the defection of a top MEP to the Conservatives.

    The Ukip leader hit out at the party’s former communities spokesman Amjad Bashir after his defection to join David Cameron’s party.

    But he refused to condemn Ukip party secretary Matthew Richardson saying that Ukip should represent ‘bigots’ and labelling the NHS a ‘waste of money’.

    Ukip has been stunned by the Mr Bashir’s shock decision to change parties, claiming only the Tories can deliver a vote on Britain’s membership of the European Union.

    In a stinging parting short, Mr Bashir said he decided to leave Ukip because it ‘has become a vanity project for Nigel Farage and because many of the criticisms made of the party are true’.

    In an article for the Mail on Sunday, he said he had ‘experienced racism in Ukip’ and accused Mr Farage of e runs running the party ‘like a dictator, employs people who are totally inappropriate for party positions and gets rid of anybody who stands in his way’.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2925395/Farage-defends-aide-said-Ukip-represent-bigots-rounds-MEP-defected-Tories.html

    • ThatJ says:

      By the way, there’s a pro-UKIP comment with high upvotes that some readers are saying is “manipulated”.

      The people who are not computer-savvy can read http://www.blackhatworld.com to understand this dark side of the internet.

      By the way, the negative comments which have high upvotes get a lot of replies by UKIP supporters, and, as odd as it seems (nope), these replies get 5+ times more upvotes than downvotes.

      Manipulating a few comments so that they can top the “best” rated comments in order to fool people and bring them into the fold (= herd mentality), believing that UKIP is indeed shit, because everybody says so while they, the manipulators, forget to censor or manipulate the replies and the natural voting that they get makes the manipulation a very shoddy job, though not everyone can understand this.

      I took a screenshot of the obvious manipulation going on, see:

    • colliemum says:

      It really doesn’t do to report what the MSM write about UKIP .
      Both the Daily wail and the Guardinistagraph are firmly supporting Cameron, no matter what, and are thus in constant UKIP-Attack&Smear – mode.
      What the Daily fail didn’t write was that Bashir tried to jump right before he was pushed; that there’s enough evidence of him being a lying toad, and of worse, so that we wish Cameron well with publicly taking Bashir into his fold. But let’s not go into that, and above all, let’s not ever ask about any of the Lieblabcon parties about their candidates, alleged pedophiles and all.

      Finally, while the readers are generally more pro-UKIP, do not use the ‘green arrows of agreement’ as indicators. These arrows are being manipulated, as are the invisible – if you don’t know how to look – downvotes on ‘disqus’ forums.

  43. peter says:

  44. yalensis says:

    German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier sets the record straight:
    Auschwitz concentration camp was liberated on January 27, 1945, by the SOVIET RED ARMY.

    Auschwitz was originally established by the Germans as a camp for Polish prisoners. Until early 1942, the Nazis deported to Auschwitz only a relatively small number of Jews, who were sent there along with the non-Jewish prisoners, mostly Poles, who accounted for the majority of the camp population until mid-1942. Among the first transports of more than a thousand Polish political prisoners sent to Auschwitz in June 1940 from the prisons in Tarnów and Wiśnicz Nowy, there were at least 21 Polish Jews. All of them died in the camp within a short time.

    Extant records from the period January-December 1941 indicate that—not counting Soviet POWs—16,710 prisoners were registered in Auschwitz, of whom 1,055 were Jews.

    After 1942, things changed, as did the composition of the camp. Victims of ethnic genocide included Poles, Jews, and Roma (=gypsies).

    According to Steinmeier, January 27, for Germany it is a day of shame and disgrace.” Germany recognizes its historical responsibility for the Holocaust and the iniquity of the Nazis regarding million people in Poland, in the former Soviet Union and wherever it is, ” said the Minister.

    the 1st Ukrainian front was formed on the South-Western direction 20 October 1943 by renaming the Voronezh front. His new name was not on the national soldiers and officers, and in the direction of solving strategic problems.

    Tuesday, January 27, at the Museum on the site of the former Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau in Oswiecim held a memorial ceremony. Over the years the German concentration camps Auschwitz-Birkenau were destroyed about one and a half million people. Auschwitz was the largest and one of the most famous concentration camps, the symbol of the Holocaust.

    • ThatJ says:

      I remember reading that of all wars through history, Germany is the only country that commemorates its defeat, elevating it to almost state religion. I’m sure the grovelling has a deeper explanation. One could start looking at the American occupation and the lack of independence of the country.

      • Moscow Exile says:

        Scots like singing dirges about their defeats. In fact, Scottish regiments play the lament “The Floores O’ the Forest” [the flowers of the forest] at military funerals. The song is about how they got beat 60 – 0 in an away match against England at Flodden Field in 1513:

        • colliemum says:

          You cannot leave the poor readers of this fine blog here dangling in the air by mentioning Scotland’s anthem and not giving it to them! How are they ever to know … here it is, in an appropriate setting:

          Yeah, well, it’s nice, but not a patch on the Welsh one, that goes without saying!

          • marknesop says:

            I’ll take Runrig’s killer version of the classic “Loch Lomond” – here it is live in Loch Lomond. Watch the audience response in the musical fills – strikingly similar to Queen’s “Radio Gaga”.

            • colliemum says:

              Yeah, ok, righty-ho – but that ain’t singing the National Anthem in front of a home crowd before a vital rugby international match, is it!


              (I’m sitting firmly on my hands so as not to link to the Welsh singing their hearts out – but those who really want to compare the singing, click on the red-shirted lads in the image coming up after the Scots have sung theirs …)

      • yalensis says:

        Dear ThatJ:
        As per usual, you stand reality exactly on its head.
        It is true that Germany is occupied by America currently, that part is true enough, but that is NOT the reason why Germans “commemorate” their defeat in WWII.

        In fact, Americans never had any real beef with the “Nazi” part of “Nazi Germany”. As soon as the war was over, they (Americans) did everything they could to rescue Nazi war criminals, not just the elite, but even at the lowest levels. Also, Americans did everything in their power to continue the Nazi geo-political legacy, the Cold War, “Captive Nations”, crusade against Communism, etc.

        The German government and people, on the other hand, officially took responsibility for Nazi war crimes, they vowed never to do it again. In a huge chunk of society, this repentance was sincere and definitive. This was also part of the Nuremberg legacy, which the Soviet Union, as one of the victor nations, insisted on.

        Therefore, I would say that the “healthy” element in German society continues to abide by the results of Nuremberg, IN SPITE OF American geo-political attempts to reverse that legacy, and to reverse the results of WWII.

        P.S. – you still have not responded to my inquiry regarding your own ethnicity. Normally I am not nosy, and would not consider it any of my business to delve into the demographics of other commenters. However, since you make your philosophy and ideology based on ethnicity, I really think that people deserve to know your ethnic background, and how you came to hold the noxious views that you hold. Please enlighten us.

  45. yalensis says:

    Child prisoners in Auschwitz:
    On the basis of the partially preserved camp records and estimates, it has been established that there were approximately 232 thousand children and young people up to the age of 18 among the 1.3 million or more people deported to the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp.

    This figure includes about 216 thousand Jews, 11 thousand Gypsies, at least 3 thousand Poles, over 1 thousand Byelorussians, and significant numbers of Russians, Ukrainians, and others. The majority of them were deported to Auschwitz along with their parents in various campaigns directed against whole ethnic or social groups. Slightly more than 23.5 thousand children and young people were registered in the camp, out of the total of 400 thousand registered prisoners.

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