Godfather Putin Among the Grapes of Wrath

Uncle Volodya says, "The reasoning man who scorns the prejudices of simpletons necessarily becomes the enemy of simpletons; he must expect as much, and laugh at the inevitable.

Uncle Volodya says, “The reasoning man who scorns the prejudices of simpletons necessarily becomes the enemy of simpletons; he must expect as much, and laugh at the inevitable.

There’s something awkwardly touching about Robert Coalson’s enduring faith. Like a child closing her eyes and reciting “I do believe in fairies” three times, he is imbued with the certainty that Russia’s collapse is just around the next corner. And he yearns for it: hard to say why, he must have his reasons, but he doggedly picks through the gimcrackery on show each month and weeds out the gems he believes showcase Russia’s savagery, authoritarian despotism and unfitness to be part of the civilized world. Although it is clearly a labor of love, it must be a hard row to hoe these days, as the country folk say. Russia’s stubborn refusal to collapse on schedule must be disappointing. But like a good zealot, he simply sighs and moves on to the next article of faith.

This post is only peripherally about Coalson, though, because it was his cautious excitement expressed in a Tweet – which I still think is about as mildly stupid a means of communication as writing simple messages on your naked buttocks with a Sharpie marker and bending over to display your intellectual bankruptcy to the world – over an article by certified paint-chip-eater Leonid Bershidsky (Thanks, Peter).

I don’t mean to imply – by calling him a paint-chip eater – that Bershidsky is stupid: far from it. In fact, he is a gifted writer with an elegant, readable narrative style and a command of English that is nothing short of remarkable, assuming it is his second language and that Russian is his first. But like so many, perhaps all of the kreakly (for those not familiar with the term, it is a portmanteau of “creative class”, but beginning with “k” to ensure the hard sound prevails), his creativity is hopelessly enslaved to saccharine liberal daydreams in which the prodding and jibing of the west against Russia are simply examples of tough love on the part of an exasperated parent who just wants Russia to get off its tookus and be all it can be. These dreamers often come from well-to-do and highly educated families with foreign connections, partially or wholly educated abroad; young Leonid, for example, was educated in California and received his MBA from Insead in Fontainebleu, France. He was the founding editor of Vedomosti, a joint project of The Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal, neither of them Putin fans by any stretch of the imagination. Young Leonid left his university studies to return to Moscow, driven by a dream that Russia would join the European Union, and seems to blame Putin because it never did; it is clear he has a hate on for Putin. But although Putin strove for closer integration with the European Union, highly-placed analysts were unambiguous that Russia would “never be ready“, a view that is all the more comical now for western scrabbling to try to seize Ukraine for a prize for the EU despite its rampant corruption, ruined economy and recent appetite for Nazi displays of repressive power. Russia is too big, and not submissive enough, refusing to tug its forelock to the west.

Depressingly familiar also in Bershidsky’s thinking is the reverence of the kreakly for the oligarchs, and their entirely unsubstantiated conviction that with great wealth comes a great desire to do good, exemplified in his article on Roman Abramovich extolling the good that rich businessmen are capable of – and that much is true – coupled to a naive conviction that they will; “But whatever the businessman’s reasons for running in Chukotka, there is a certain justice in one of Russia’s wealthiest people trying to win votes in one of the nation’s poorest regions. One hopes Abramovich is not without his share of decency and some of the wealth will rub off on Chukotka.” Is it just me, or does this remind anyone else of Yulia Latynina’s batty rant that only the wealthy should be allowed to vote, because only those who are not hungry can be trusted not to vote with their bellies? And is anyone else curious why wealthy businessmen are accorded the status of minor gods in Kreakletown, while Vladimir Putin – alleged by the same social demographic to be the wealthiest man in Russia – is a shitheel they can’t wait to get rid of? Is it perhaps because they know he doesn’t really have any money?

Yes, wealthy businessmen almost invariably lift up the poor around them to an ecstasy of prosperity. Like Kolomoisky did for Dnepropetrovsk. Or Akhmetov for the Donbass coal miners, many of whom are spitting out the window of Rolls-Royces right now, thanks to his munificence.

And so it was with weary resignation that I came upon the latest wild tangent of reasoning by Bershidsky; although he is a “Russian patriot” who was moved to see Russia “get up off its knees” (since 1991, a period that seems deliberately contrived to spread the process so as to make it appear Putin had nothing much to do with that resolution and repair, despite the fact that the late 90’s nearly saw the complete collapse of Russia), he took his place in the “fifth wave of emigration” because it was fundamentally dishonest for him to contribute his Russian tax rubles to the theft of Crimea. Yes, folks, even though Crimea was a gift to Ukraine by the First Secretary of the Soviet Union which was accomplished without soliciting the opinion of anyone else in Russia, Ukraine’s claim on it is the only legitimate one. Fuck what the people who live there think.

It’s a pity I have tired myself out, and just feel disappointed and uninspired now that I have at last come to what I wanted to talk about – not Leonid Bershidsky at all, but an article written by him which overturns the silly story that Capo di tutti cappi Putin not only owned a massive, sprawling mansion in the Marbella Regione of Spain, but that he planned to occupy his twilight years in the sunny vineyards, growing grapes so rare and precious that if a bottle of their wine was stolen, Putin would burn local villages in reprisal. Okay, that’s a little hyperbolic, but apparently these grapes are something else, very rare, just the sort of thing that would appeal to an it’s all-about-me dictator like Putin.

And now it transpires that the ritzy complex has nothing to do with Putin. We know this because Alexey Navalny’s anti-corruption scouts ferreted out the real owner, Zoya Ponomareva, daughter of Valery Ponomarev. Bershidsky spends the rest of the piece reframing “nothing at all to do with Putin” so that readers understand that really all expensive property owned by Russian political figures belongs to Putin, and they’re just kind of holding it for him until he decides to take possession.

I don’t know what’s the more depressing – Bershidsky’s flushed-face defense of all-or-nothing liberalism and its values, or the fact that the kreakly will only believe that a stinking-rich scam has nothing to do with the country’s leader when they are so informed by a twice-convicted criminal who has no regard whatsoever for the rule of law, and picks and chooses those he will obey and those he will not.

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  1. peter says:

  2. peter says:

    • Warren says:

      Kseniya Infinity is a Russian lesbian rock bank equivalent to the American lesbian rock band L7.

      Speaking of L7 who could forget their performance on Channel 4’s “The Word” the yoof show of the early 90s? Only thing that bad about The Word was that it hosted by that annoying Mancunian twat Terry Christian

    • Warren says:

    • yalensis says:

      I notice the other guys on the plane are watching with interest, and even taking photos, while Mironov attempts studiously to ignore them!

        • yalensis says:

          Aha! Mironov is pretending to cover his face from this Gomorrha, but in reality he is taking a photo from his laptop camera. What a pervert!

        • ThatJ says:

          These lesbians and their views of society offer no future for Russia. If the country depended on them, their sponsors and ideological supporters, Russia would be thrown into a demographic abyss, which for the sake of its existence, it cannot afford. The gay lobby — which these lesbians who are proud of their sexual identity endorse and probably agitate for — can bring nothing except the putrification of the country’s moral and cultural foundations. And guess what, the West loves them! In the Western world these people are viewed as modern, open-minded and the kind of people we should strive to emulate. The male should become more feminine, and the female, more masculine, and the less children, the better. Less children, we are told, means that the females are educated and free, whilst more children means they are oppressed by the (white) patriarchy, which is bad. The demographic problem generated by the lack of children, the same people who promote a childless society will tell us, can be easily fixed by mass immigration. Gender studies to sow hatred among the males and females is today the norm in most Western universities.

          The vast majority of homosexuals hold a grudge against the rest of society. That’s why it’s dangerous to propel them into cultural arbiters. The spiteful homos are better left out of state and cultural matters. Simply put, don’t touch their lifestyle choices and hope they won’t promote their way of life to the rest of society or seek to “educate” us about the “normality” of their subculture, as if they are the enlightened people we should aspire for! Of course some are not happy with just being tolerated, they want their views and subcultural trends to be mainstreamed. And here’s the conflict that the West has with Russia: the latter doesn’t allow gender/sexual identity mainstreaming.

          Liberasty is a civilizational disease that must be kept under control, not nurtured.

          • yalensis says:

            Liberasty is a civilizational disease that must be kept under control, not nurtured.

            Dear ThatJ:
            I am interested to hear your political platform.
            Have you written up your manifesto yet?
            How exactly (if you were running for office) would you set about to control or curb “liberasty”?

            For example, (a) would you make homosexuality illegal, if you had the votes to do so?
            And (b) if so, if somebody were to violate the hypothetical laws against homosexual behavior, then what form of punishment would you recommend against these “spiteful homos” ?

            Color me interested to read your manifesto the moment you get it published!

          • marknesop says:

            The gay community, wherever it appears, is naturally less than 10% of the overall population. There is no reason for homosexuality not to be tolerated, as incidences of people “turning gay” just because it’s unpopular so they can get up society’s nose are virtually unknown, and sexuality is only partly choice. But it should not be celebrated as it is in the west. People who do not care for it at all should also be free to express their opinion – what’s freedom all about if only selected groups have it? – so long as they are not violent, and that should restrain flamboyant public displays of gay affection.

            • yalensis says:

              Dear Mark:
              I know your views on the matter of homosexuality, but oy, here we go again, with ThatJ and his blanket assertions.

              “These lesbians and their views of society offer no future for Russia.”

              Yeah, and people goofing around at Brazilian carnival possibly offer no future for Brazil, either. Or maybe they do, who knows? I guess it depends on who the people are, and what they do for a living, when they’re not drunk or goofing around. What if it turned out these girls were important rocket scientists working for a Russian defense facility? (highly unlikely, I concede…; however, as counterpoint I offer you, ladies and gentlemen, Petr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, who did SO MUCH for the future of Russian culture, “despite” the fact that he was as gay as a blade of grass in springtime…)

              Anyhow, if am becoming a good student of rhetoric, and James can correct me if I mis-apply the term, but I believe that ThatJ just employed an “ad hominem” (or should I say “ad feminem”) attack against these girls. Of the nature: “You look like a dyke to me. Therefore your opinions about society are wrong.”

              Odds are, that these particular girls ARE just useless kreakly, of the Pussy Riot sub-species. However, I really don’t know that for sure, and neither does ThatJ. (Maybe Peter knows.) ThatJ is just jumping to conclusion that (a) they are lesbians, and (b) that they have a view of society, and (c) that it is a PARTICULAR view, which he disapproves of.

              In conclusion:
              ThatJ is such a windbag, he sounds like he lives in some cabin in the woods, typing out his 500-page manifesto on how to “fix” Russian society. Starting with what he would do to Trotskyites and Jews, moving onto Central Asian immigrants, and ending with lesbians.

              Then when people like myself try to subject him to peer review and/or debate; whether challenging his assertions or demanding clarification, it is like pulling teeth to get anything further out of him. He think it is enough for him to simply “assert” something and just unleash his brilliant ideology into the surrounding cloud, sans feedback.

              Which is why I asked him to publish his manifesto, so that we can all his gems in one place. For further analysis and peer review, naturally.

              • spartacus says:

                “…as counterpoint I offer you, ladies and gentlemen, Petr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, who did SO MUCH…”

                Another good example would be Alan Turing who, through his ground breaking work in creating the device used to decode Enigma messages, had a major contribution in defeating the German Nazis in WWII. For all his efforts, the British government decided to repay him by prosecuting and humiliating him for being a homosexual.


                • yalensis says:

                  Not to mention, that Turing practically invented (as early as 1936!) the mathematical basis of computer science. Along with another mathematician named Alonzo Church. Turing-Church developed a mathematical model of digital computing, based on the concept of “computability”. This forms the basis of modern computer science. The practical result is a so-called Turing Machine, a mathematical model of a digital computer, which performs primitive operations on a tape. Any algorithm which can be theoretically “solved” by a Turing Machine (even if it took potentially billions of passes of the tape) is considered “computable”. This is the “Turing Test” for whether or not a symbolic language can be parsed.

                  All modern digital computers in use today are physical applications of the abstract Turing machine. (Never mind that they use a different kind of structure, instead of a moving tape head — we’re talking pure math here, not engineering…)

                  For example, an algorithm to find the millionth prime number IS computable, since a Turing machine could do it. (very cumbersomely so)
                  On the other side, there is NO Turing machine algorithm which can “parse” a human language, such as French. (which is why Google translate comes up with such horrendous translations sometimes – LOL! oh well, I admit it’s better than nothing….)

                  In conclusion, Alan Turing was a genius who did quite a lot of good things which benefited humanity. He was awarded the “Order of the British Empire” for his efforts during WWII. The British government finally “pardonned” him in 2013, for the buggery conviction.

                • spartacus says:

                  I so knew that the comment about Turing would get you going 🙂

        • Moscow Exile says:

          Putin’s daughter on the left! I’ve just posted it in Facebook.

      • Warren says:

        One fella in the background wearing a grey cardigan is giving some sort of salute with his right arm.

  3. yalensis says:

    On the war front:
    Russian media is reporting that Zakharchenko has declared “full mobilization” in Donetsk.
    In 10 days he says he hopes to raise up to 100,000 men.

    Some say this number is completely unrealistic.
    Some say this call to mobilize is a sign of Zakharchenko’s desperation.
    Others say that the Rebels are getting ready for their final push.
    I don’t know what to make of it.

    • Southerncross says:

      Why not? The orcs have 60-70,000, they claim the rebels have more. Further, there has been a flood of Ukrainians fleeing to Russia to avoid the draft. If only a tenth of those decide they’d sooner fight against the Ukrainian army than for it that’s a huge boost to rebel numbers.

    • peter says:

      • patient observer says:

        100K seems on the high side but not impossible with Ukrainians who may switch sides. More to the point do the rebels have enough weapons to equip 100K more troops? Will most of the new troops already have some military training? Are there enough officers and NCO’s to lead them? Seems like that there will be a liberal dosing of Russian volunteers to provide critical skills and leadership to make it work but not necessarily a big escalation over what has already transpired.

        This new force is probably meant to finish the Uke army once and for all. Nothing less than a massive NATO intervention will change the outcome. One must assume that Russia has considered all options and is prepared for that eventuality as well.

    • et Al says:

      I would say that it is part PSYOPS. If the Uke army and their Pravy Sektor battalions believe it and turn tail without a further fight or simply surrender, it will have served its purpose. Not everything coming out officially in eastern Ukraine is strictly straight down the middle – it’s just a lot more accurate than anything coming out of western Ukraine.

    • Warren says:

      The West media has misinterpreted Zakharchenko’s words – he said tens of thousands not a hundred thousand would be mobilised in the next 11 days or so. The new recruits will be given 1 month’s training before being deployed.

      • yalensis says:

        Yes, that is a good point. Sorry if I misinformed.
        Taken in context, that he would raise “up to” includes the number ALREADY mobilized rebels, which could be around 30-40K.
        Also, Zakharchenko stressed, that the mobilization was purely voluntary, it is not a draft or conscription.
        The other side reads this as, Russian troops are about to pour across the border, to put an end to this.
        If only that were true! (imho)

  4. yalensis says:

    Also in war news:
    Life News reports that Rebel anti-air systems shot down a Tochka-U rocket in a suburb of Luhansk.

    Apparently Ukies shot a Tochka, probably originating near the town of Artemovsk, in the direction of the town of Avdeevka. Anti-air exploded the rocket. A thunderous blast was created, which made the residents of the town think, that a plane had been shot down. Parts of the rocket fell to earth near a metallurgical factory (see photo). It created a crater around 5 meters deep, and 100 meters in length.

  5. yalensis says:

    Also from Life News, this is a bit of a gossipy piece about Semen Semenchenko’s injuries, and caveat, a lot of this has not really been confirmed.

    The information comes from the Facebook account of a guy named Oleg Voitsekhovsky who claims to have been in the automobile accident with Semen.

    Oleg says that near the Debaltsevo Cauldron, Semen (=leader of the Donbass Battalion of Ukie National Guard) was trying to escape. Not so much from the Rebs, as from another Ukie Battalion, who don’t like him very much. Semen tried to escape, along with Oleg and some other guys. Unfortunately for them, they crashed into a tree. Or something like that. Oleg helped load Semen into an ambulance. Semen got a concussion and a broken collarbone, but was not hurt too badly.
    The driver of the car had his head actually torn off. He died afterwards.

    Oleg felt the need to clarify this matter, since Gerashchenko (Ukie Minister of Defense) was trying to heroize Semen, as usual, saying Semen was gallantly wounded in combat.

    Semen has created for himself many ill-wishers among his own kind. They blame him for “unprofessionalism”, for getting them killed, etc. Well, they have to blame SOMEBODY for this mess, I suppose.

    • marknesop says:

      Interesting. He had his head torn off, and died afterwards? I daresay. How long afterward?

      • ThatJ says:

        That was funny.

      • Jen says:

        The go-to reference on how long heads survive after decapitation is New Scientist’s “Does Anything Eat Wasps? and 101 Other Questions”. The website AintNoWayToGo.com reprints that part of the text where the question was posed.

        If you don’t want to look then the estimate is about 2 – 3 seconds and any reports that suggest longer (as in the case of Antoine Lavoisier and others in France from the 1790s onwards; this question was of great interest to the French) could have mistaken involuntary reflexes for evidence of consciousness.

  6. peter says:

    • patient observer says:

      Is that what the chart really says? The PMI simply indicates whether manufacturing activity is increasing or decreasing at a particular point in time and not an indicator of absolute manufacturing output. That chart in itself is insufficient to make such a claim. I can find no other evidence that supports the claim “Russian manufacturing falls to its lowest level since 2009”. Garbage conclusions. Why post this garbage?

      • kirill says:

        The PMI is another “perceptions” or more precisely “expectations” index and not an actual output measure. So if the survey respondents are pessimistic, due to media hysterics for example, then the PMI goes down.

    • spartacus says:

      From what I can make from the chart linked below, it seems that Russian industrial production, year over year, actually increased by 3.9%.


      I don’t think that the Russians need to jump ship just yet…

      • marknesop says:

        That’s what I’m getting at. Even though production is up, they can shake their heads and say dolefully “manufacturing is down”, as if the function of manufacturing is to provide jobs for operators at firms that use 50 to do the work of 5. The U.S. story makes the same argument – if production is up, I guess we don’t have to be too worried that manufacturing is down. I dispute that, though – the U.S. manufacturing sector underwent such a dramatic decline that it cannot all be written off to inefficient firms getting shut out, and China has largely replaced the USA as a manufacturer for goods sold domestically in the USA.

        Russia is undergoing a period of adjustment, and having relied so long upon Europe as a partner, it is going to take some time to diversify away. But I do not see any alarming signs of collapse out of control. It would be strange to see no effect at all considering the west is pulling out all the stops to crash the Russian economy. Let’s not forget that Russia is also having to adjust to doing much less trade with Ukraine.

  7. peter says:

  8. peter says:

  9. Moscow Exile says:

    Глава МИД Польши предложил перенести празднование Дня Победы из Москвы

    Polish Foreign Minister has proposed to move Victory Day celebration away from Moscow

    Politicians cannot understand why it is held here in Russia

    The head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Grzegorz Schetyna, has once again demonstrated his ignorance of history. The diplomat said he did not understand why Victory Day is permanently observed in Moscow and not, for example, in Poland at Westerplatte. [Where the first shots of WWII in Europe were fired in 1939 by the Deutsche Kriegsmarine against Polish instalations at the Vistula estuary – ME]

    “Why have we so easily become accustomed to the fact that Moscow is the place where the end of hostilities is honoured, rather than London or Berlin, which would be more natural?” he said on the radio station RMF FM.

    The politician also added that it would be more natural to celebrate Victory Day “where the war began”.

    Why? Surely,the celebration is about the end of the conflict, not its beginning?

    Oh, right! Got you! In celebrating its beginning, you can point out how Nazi Germany and the USSR were “allies” and jointly started the war by attacking Poland on September 1st/17th 1939 respectively, though I think you could get away with stating that they attacked Poland on the same day – that’s the line that is usually pitched and swallowed by most, isn’t it?

    Perhaps the USA fellating Pole thinks it better that Victory Day be celebrated in Washington DC?

    After all, the Second World War was brought to a close by the bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki by atomic weapons, designed made in and delivered by the USA. Sadly, there was a lot of civilian collateral damage, but the war was finally ended.

    Well here’s why your reasoning is all wrong, Polish Foreign Minister:

    The battles on the Eastern Front constituted the largest military confrontation in history. They were characterized by unprecedented ferocity, wholesale destruction, mass deportations, and immense loss of life variously due to combat, starvation, exposure, disease, and massacres. The Eastern Front, as the site of nearly all extermination camps, death marches, ghettos, and the majority of pogroms, was central to the Holocaust. Of the estimated 70 million deaths attributed to World War II, over 30 million, many of them civilian, occurred on the Eastern Front. The Eastern Front was decisive in determining the outcome of World War II, eventually serving as the main reason for Germany’s defeat. It resulted in the destruction of the Third Reich, the partition of Germany for nearly half a century and the rise of the Soviet Union as a military and industrial superpower…

    … The Eastern Front was the largest and bloodiest theatre of World War II. It is generally accepted as being the deadliest conflict in human history, with over 30 million killed as a result. The German armed forces suffered 80% of its military deaths in the Eastern Front. It involved more land combat than all other World War II theatres combined – Wiki

    Some statistics for the Polish Foreign Minister to consider:

    “Throughout most of World War II, the United States and the British were fighting 10 German divisions combined. The Soviets were fighting 200” – Peter Kuznick, Associate Professor of History at American University.

    I have left the obvious, essential fact to this point, namely, that it is the Russian Armies who have done the main work in tearing the guts out of the German army. In the air and on the oceans we could maintain our place, but there was no force in the world which could have been called into being, except after several more years, that would have been able to maul and break the German army unless it had been subjected to the terrible slaughter and manhandling that has fallen to it through the strength of the Russian Soviet Armies – Winston Churchill, Speech in the House of Commons, 2 August 1944, “War Situation”

    I have always believed and I still believe that it is the Red Army that has torn the guts out of the filthy Nazis – Winston Churchill, Speech in the House of Commons, October 1944

    • cartman says:

      Latvia and Lithuania will never have to explain that extraordinarily high percentage.

      • Moscow Exile says:

        Yes, it’s strange isn’t it? Statistically insignificant loss of life in the military, but a huge percentage of the civilian population perished.

        Must have been those Bolshevik-Tatar-Mongol beasts that were responsible.

        Oooh look at what I’ve found:

        According to the last official census (1935), there were 93,479 Jews in the country, out of a general population of 1,950,502 (4.79%). In 1939, the estimated Jewish population was about 95,000; the general population was estimated at 1,990,700 (Latvia in 1939-1942, Washington, D. C., 1942, p.29).

        Today, the Jewish population of Latvia is approximately 6,200 people…

        …The Jews were not only persecuted by the Nazis, but by significant numbers of Latvian activists who belong to anti-Semitic organization such as Aizsargi paramilitary and the Einsatzgruppen, or “action commandos.” These groups systematically aided in the annihilation of the Jews of Latvia. In Riga, the Einsatzgruppe started a pogrom against the Jews, destroying all the city’s synagogues and murdering 400 Jews. By the end of 1941, the Einsatzgruppe had facilitated the mass execution of 35,238 Jews in Riga, Mitau, Liepaja, Valmiera, and Daugavpils. Afterward, only 2,500 Jews were left in the Riga ghetto, and 950 in the Daugavpils ghetto…

        …Overall, the Nazis and their collaborators killed 95 percent of the 100,000 Jews in the country before the outbreak of the war.

        About 2,000 Jews died fighting German and pro-Nazi forces in Latvia, and Yad Vashem has recognized 93 non-Jewish Latvians as “Righteous Among Nations” for risking their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust. Because of the devastating effects of the German occupation, only half of the present-day Jewish community has roots in Latvia, and only 60 percent hold Latvian citizenship.

        After the war, the Soviet government investigated crimes committed by German and Latvian fascists during the German occupation … Despite investigations, only a very small percentage of Germans and Latvians involved in the decimation of the Jews of Latvia were brought to justice.


        • yalensis says:

          Only 93 righteous Latvians could be found?
          Oh well, it’s not a lot, but it’s more than 3 times the number of righteous “Sodomites” that would have saved their city from destruction had they been identified. Allude to:

          Genesis 18:30
          [backstory: God tells Abraham he will destroy Sodom. Abraham pleads to spare the city. God agrees, if Abraham can find 50 righteous people in the whole city.]

          “Please don’t be angry, my Lord,” Abraham pleaded. “Let me speak–suppose only thirty righteous people are found?” And the LORD replied, “I will not destroy it if I find thirty.”

    • marknesop says:

      The response you are looking for is “Fuck off”.

    • ucgsblog says:

      Erm, he is aware that the Victory Day Parade in Moscow isn’t transferable, right? What’s next – he’ll demand the return of Moscow to Poland, that was “brutally stolen” from Poland by Minin and Pozharsky?

    • james says:

      thanks for your initial post here moscow exile.. very informative..

    • palmtoptiger says:

      In celebrating its beginning, you can point out how Nazi Germany and the USSR were “allies” and jointly started the war by attacking Poland on September 1st/17th 1939 respectively…

      I actually got taught just that in German highschool history lessons in the mid-90s. sadly back then I lacked the factual knowledge I have today – would have so loved to smack that arrogant history teacher off her righteous high horse.

  10. Moscow Exile says:

    Please arrest me! Perleeeeese!!!

    Opposition figure Navalny announces parliamentary ambitions

    Anti-corruption blogger-turned-politician Aleksey Navalny has announced that his Party of Progress will press for participation in 2016 parliamentary polls using all means, including street protests.

    Navalny spoke at the weekend convention of the Party of Progress and told his allies that the preparations for elections were extremely important even though he expected the authorities to do everything to prevent the “progressives” from taking part in the nearest federal parliamentary polls. He emphasized that the preparations must begin as soon as possible as, he claims, the State Duma elections could be called earlier than scheduled.

    By appearing at the convention Navalny again violated the conditions of his house arrest. The activist had been ordered to stay at home and steer clear from blogs and social networks during the process on the so-called Yves Rocher case – a probe into large scale embezzlement scheme involving Navalny and his brother Oleg. In late December the court found both brothers guilty and sentenced Oleg to three-and-a-half years in prison.

    Putin shitting himself.

    • marknesop says:

      Why does he always have to include the threat of street protests in demanding participation in something that should be perfectly straightforward? It’s like saying “Alexey Navalny has announced that he will go to the corner store for cigarettes, which he means to acquire by all means, including street protests”. Here’s an idea, I’m just throwing it out there – why don’t you just buy them? And if you want to stand for election, check the rules first. If they say “No Convicted Felons”, all the street protests in the world are not going to make them change the rules just for you. This is what comes from letting him get away with crime – he now has the impression he can get anything he wants through street protests.

      Why does anyone even listen to this wet end? Protest away, Lyosha – you will attract the hardcore protest community that would protest if you were arguing a lime should be president. No wonder he’s the favourite son of the Kremlin; he makes Limonov look like a statesman and natural leader.

      • Jen says:

        I think Navalny needs money and the publicity in the Western media, and saying that he will stage street protests publicly and on his social media accounts and website might be his best chance of getting any funding. Don’t forget he has to rely on “small” donations to his Yandex account and the more attention he can get, however outrageous and futile, the more money that (he hopes) will come. He’s becoming quite a pathetic figure.

    • patient observer says:

      I feel kind of happy about Navalny. If he is the best they got, Russia has nothing to worry about. And it shows that the West’s regime change playbook has been exhausted.

      They went to the well to many times with false flags, sanctions, full-on propaganda blitzkrieg, what’s left? Russia has some tough times ahead but not nearly as bad as the 90’s and will end up a lot better off for their trouble. The West not so good…

    • Southerncross says:

      Our story concerns a sadist and a masochist.

      ‘Hit me! Kick me!’ Cried the masochist.

      The sadist smiled cruelly, and said:


  11. spartacus says:

    Linked below is the latest report from Cassad’s blog (the English version of it). It appears that the NAF is squeezing the Debaltsevo pocket wich is not 100% sealed yet, but the junta is finding it very hard to move anything on the M103 without attracting fierce shelling. Summing up, Cassad’s conclusion sounds something like this:

    “Taking the fighting for the airport into account, our forces lost up to 550-650 KIAs during the month, the enemy lost up to 1700-1900 KIAs, the difference was formed due to gigantic losses in the area of the airport during the first half of January. If the airport is set aside, then the losses of the sides are quite comparable and in general such an exchange is more likely to be advantageous for the AFU rather than the NAF, whose mobilization potential from local volunteers and the visitors from Russia is still somewhat lower than the junta’s, which compensates losses by recruiting cannon fodder via mobilization (however, as practice shows the resilience of units with high proportion of fresh recruits is quite low and they are useful mostly for holding on to relatively calm locations of the front), the junta still has quite few seasoned and ready for active engagement units. Besides this, over a month of military action the enemy continued to destroy the Donbass infrastructure quite efficiently by carrying out artillery strikes on the frontline cities of the DPR and the LPR. This shelling wasn’t stopped at this time, despite Zakharchenko’s promises, moreover, they are getting more intensive. Thousands of homes, tens of factories were destroyed over the last month, hundreds of civilians were killed. In essence, a systemic war crime is being committed. The responsibility for it falls on the junta leadership and “partner Pete”. In the end, the “urge for peace” and the attempts to stop the war in the Minsk format ended up with more victims and destruction. As it often happens, the attempts to avoid minor bloodletting led to a situation when there are rivers of blood. This is Yanukovich’s syndrome of sorts. There will be a separate material on the political background of the current stage of the war.”

    It seems that the war is far from over and the murderous junta is doing everything it can to turn Donbass into a wasteland.


  12. ThatJ says:

    US Moscow Embassy’s “Whose Propaganda Do You Trust?” Poll Blows Up In Face

    In the latest in a long list of Social Media embarrassment’s for the status quo administrations around the world, Will Stevens – spokesman for the US Embassy in Moscow – unleashed the following tweet…

    Exxon Revenues, Earnings Tumble 21% From Year Ago, Sales Miss Expectations By $5 Billion; Stock Buyback Grinds To Near Halt

    Moments ago, following our chart showing the devastation in Q1 earning forecasts, Exxon Mobil came out with its Q4 earnings, and – as tends to happen when analysts take a butcher knife to estimates – beat EPS handily, when it reported $1.56 in EPS, above the $1.34 expected, if still 18% below the $1.91 Q4 EPS print from a year earlier. A primary contributing factor to this beat was surely the $3 billion in Q4 stock buybacks, with another $2.9 billion distributed to shareholders mostly in the form of dividends. However, while XOM did the best with margins and accounting gimmickry it could under the circumstances, there was little it could do to halt the collapse in revenues, which printed at $87.3 billion, well below the $92.7 billion expected, and down a whopping 21% from a year ago. And this is just in Q4 – the Q1 slaughter has yet to be unveiled!


    When “Rumor Becomes Reality” – This Is The Devastation Across The US Oil Patch

    “This is going to hurt, no question,” fears a landowner in Santa Barbara with a dozen oil wells. Layoffs are “kind of like a death in the family,” exclaims a geophysicist in the Permian Basin. Houstonians were hoping for a hiccup, says one restauranteir, but now “they’re getting more cautious.” As WSJ reports, rumor is becoming reality across America as “unambiguously good” news of low oil prices turns from a trickle to a deluge of job losses and insecurity. Cutbacks aren’t yet reflected in broad data on employment, home sales or tax collections. But fallout is beginning to affect people, starting with the legions working as suppliers to the energy industry.


    • Moscow Exile says:

      The person who sent that tweet is mistaken: Russia is not trying to teaching “them” how to write propaganda at all, it is simply using Western propaganda methods, as displayed by “The Economist”, to illustrate in a sarcastic fashion a “lesson” in classic propaganda methodology.

      The tweeter seems not to have noticed that in the “lesson” in propaganda, it is a respected Western journal that is used display classic propaganda methodology.

      However, behind this tweet there seems to be barely hidden indignation that Russia is so bold enough to attempt to give the West a lesson in anything – and in propaganda of all things. Firstly, it is implied that the Russians cannot teach the West anything; secondly, the West needs no lessons in propaganda as its declarations are ever truthful, and self-evident: only malevolent “regimes” such as Russia is have need to employ propaganda.

  13. peter says:

    • PaulR says:

      Bound to be compulsory reading, along with The Interpreter.

    • Moscow Exile says:

      So Rothrock writes about the real Russia whilst ensconced in the USA?

      I suppose that’s why he writes stuff like this:

      Thousands to Attend Unsanctioned Protest Outside Kremlin Against Putin-Critic’s Verdict


      Whether it takes place on January 14 or 15, the demonstration promises a conflict with Moscow police, as Volkov isn’t planning to ask the city’s permission. Indeed, he promises not to seek a permit, writing on Facebook, “The time for sanctioned rallies is long passed”.

      If the police want, they might actually use the Facebook event for the January 15 protest to target Volkov or even Facebook, in light of the fact that it is illegal in Russia to call people to an unsanctioned rally. In fact, Russia’s Attorney General has already banned 589 web pages for this and other acts of so-called Internet extremism.

      As things turned out, in fact, at a push, about 1,500 turned up on the big day. They were all dispersed peacefully by 21:30 at the latest. They had been waiting in vain for their leader, but he’d been nabbed strolling down Tverskaya and sent home, whence he continued to tweet to his acolytes that they continue to assemble at the point of confrontation.

      They didn’t. They went home, because if I remember rightly, the temperature was about minus 18C (minus 0.5F).

      Pizda Riot were present – all two of them. (The erstwhile third member is now a non-person amongst PR aficionados.) They chose not to go home with the rest: they “hid” in a giant Christmas Tree decorative ball situated on Manezh Square, where they stayed for a long time undetected and unmolested by the brutal Moscow City police force.

      What brave “girls” they are!

      Well, they acted as though they were hidden, but everyone knew they were there because the “ball” was totally transparent. However, the cops rightly chose to ignore the stupid women, which must have cut them to the quick, as they thrive on attracting attention to their protests against the “regime” and the Evil One.

      And Kevin saw all of this coming from far, far away in the Home of the Brave and the Land of the Free.

      Who exactly is this so perspicacious about all matters Russian Kevin, one might ask?

      Let Kevin explain in his own words that appear on his “A Good Treaty Blog” under “Who the hell writes this crap?”

      My name is Kevin Rothrock and I’m the Project Director of Global Voices’ RuNet Echo. A native son of the San Francisco Bay Area, I have a Masters from UC Berkeley in Soviet History. Between 2009 and 2011, I worked with Leon Aron in Washington, DC, as his research assistant at the American Enterprise Institute. Since 2010, I’ve blogged here at ‘A Good Treaty‘ and tweeted at @KevinRothrock.

      I’m not Russian or funded by either the State Department or the Kremlin, though illicit financial offers and other general inquiries can be submitted below.

      Under the banner for “A Good Treaty” there is the following statement:

      A blog about Russia’s politics & chattering classes.

      I presume it was those “chattering classes” that led him to believe and write on December 19th, 2014, that on January 15th, 2015, “thousands” would attend an unsanctioned assembly outside the Kremlin in order to protest against Navalny’s expected conviction.

      Well they didn’t Kevin – not in the real Russia they didn’t!

      • “To attend”—future infinitive. It was a report based on the number of RSVPs for a protest that was later canceled, when the authorities expedited the reading of Navalny’s verdict.

        Тебе не стыдно?

  14. ThatJ says:

    Paul Craig Roberts On Delusional America

    Robert Parry is one of my favorite columnists. He is truthful, has a sense of justice, and delivers a firm punch. He used to be a “mainstream journalist,” like me, but we were too truthful for them. They kicked us out.

    I can’t say Parry has always been one of my favorite journalists. During the 1980s he spent a lot of time on Reagan’s case. Having been on corporate boards, I know that CEOs seldom know everything that is going on in the company. There are just too many people and too many programs representing too many agendas. For presidents of countries with governments as large as the US government, there is far more going on than a president has time to learn about even if he could get accurate information.

    In my day Assistant Secretaries and chiefs of staff were the most important people, because they controlled the flow of information. Presidents have to focus on fund raising for their reelection and for their party. More time and energy is used up with formalities and meetings with dignitaries and media events. At the most there are two or three issues on which a president can attempt leadership. If an organized clique such as the neoconservatives get into varied positions of authority, they can actually “create the reality” and take the government away from the president.


    [ThatJ: PCR is right, the neocons operate on the sidelines by creating networks of influence around the president’s office. That’s why they are called the “invisible government” or the “Deep State”, their positions are not up for election.]

    How Ukraine Can Save China From Its Existential Threat (Spoiler Alert: Girls)

    In China last year, just over 115 boys were born for every 100 girls, and since sonogram technology was introduced to China in the 1980s – allowing families to determine a baby’s gender during the first few months of pregnancy – the gender imbalance in the world’s largest economy has grown colossal. However, as Beijing News recently explained, there may be a solution for China’s 34 million woman shortfall… Ukrainian women, as “their economy is depressed but beautiful women are running rampant.”


    Beijing News provided a tongue-in-cheek infographic explaining the problems and potential solutions… (our Chinese is not great but the pictures seemed to speak for themselves)…

    Encourage feather-boah tickling parties…?

    or marry a Ukrainian woman…


    [ThatJ: A reader posted a link to China Smack, a well-known blog that, per Wikipedia, “covers Chinese internet culture, trends, and discussion”: Chinese Man’s Life with Beautiful Ukrainian Wife Envied]

    Ukraine “Truce”? Tanks Are Rolling In Poland As NATO Plans Permanent Eastern European Bases

    With Ukraine, Germany, and France all expressing their concern this morning about “conflict escalation” between pro-Russian separatists and the Ukraine military, the so-called “truce” appears to be hanging by a thread of semanticism (despite OSCE’s please for respect of the cease-fire and the demarcation line). Today’s triple whammy of ‘escalation’ appears more focused on the non-Russian side as first, France begins sending tanks into Poland; second, Ukraine shifts its tanks to the front-line; and third – and potentially most inflammatory for Putin – NATO has confirmed plans to create permanent command centers in Eastern Europe. Putin has not responded yet but reports of ‘nuclear bombers’ flying above the English Channel “with transponders turned off,” suggests the sabre rattling continues.


    [ThatJ: I saw a video of the tanks that the Kiev junta is sending to the east. I’m no military expert, but they seem to be old junk from half a century ago. Someone commented that they are movable coffins.]

    • marknesop says:

      Recall that according to a translation at Fort Russ, even the “new” tanks displayed on the last occasion of Porky reviewing the troops were reputedly just old tanks with new paint.

  15. et Al says:

    More on the Hillary Clinton Libya tapes via Antiwar.com. She does like a good genocide. She and Samantha ‘Genocide’ Powers can get together and have little genocide parties if the former is unfortunately elected Dud of the United States in 2016. Links to the actual tape recordings included:

    Washington Times: Hillary Clinton’s ‘WMD’ moment: U.S. intelligence saw false narrative in Libya

    Everyone forgets about the DIA.

  16. yalensis says:

    File this under “Another One Bites the Dust”:

    Isa Musaev dies a glorious death near Debaltsevo.

    Musaev was an old-school Chechen excuse me I mean “Ichkerian” terrorist I mean freedom-fighter associated with Dudaev. And most recently putting his life on the line for Porky, Semen, and the others.

    • yalensis says:

      P.S. – one of the commenters to this tweet indulges in some adolescent bi-lingual punning when he refers to Semen Semenchenko as “Спермен Сперменченко” –
      Spermy Spermenchenko!

    • colliemum says:

      Will he get his 72 Virgins now, seeing that he fought for kuffars? Or is this war now also a jihad?

  17. yalensis says:

    New York Times human interest story about Batya, Ira, and other DPR rebels.

    • astabada says:

      The grand house where Batya and his troops make their headquarters used to belong to a regional prosecutor. But he fled in the face of the separatist advance, so now the rebels are lords of the manor. The soaring, two-story entryway, wrapped in a grand wooden staircase, is now the company canteen, a pot of bubbling stew perfuming the air, boxes of medical supplies stacked in the corner.

      Am I paranoid or did the journalist just give the coordinates of a NAF barracks to the Ukrainians? Is it possible that Batya is so naive? Or maybe where the NAF cooks, eats and sleeps (and keeps its supplies) is not a secret already?

      • james says:

        good questions astabada.. either that or it is an intentional set up in reverse and a complete fiction. hard to know..

      • kat kan says:

        Considering the description includes a “tattered chair” (mandatory indication of how rough these people are) and someone brings coffee not tea (mandatory realism detail), and the brave prosecutor stayed for 10 days of heavy UAF shelling but ran when his friends the NAF turned up (this being DPR Gorlovka) … oh perhaps it was damaged, the roof must be gone off the kitchen for them to have to cook in the hallway. Then the old rebel has laminated cards for every town he’s been in (wow the laminator must work overtime when they’re on a roll, taking a village every 3 or 4 hours) and the mandatory dumb and bit-rough guys don’t let a mandatory pitiful citizen old woman through, though even the Anglo reporter understands she just wants to go buy bread. He fails to notice one rebel in sneakers, and a rustic outdoor bench dragged into the fancy wallpapered room.

        Don’t worry about the co-ords, even the Ukies know not to believe the NYT. Plus even if they did, they don’t pin-point target troops, only civilians.

  18. yalensis says:

    Meanwhile, in Kiev, Aidar Battalion apparently won some concessions from Porky and Ukrainian army.
    Previously Aidar had been disbanded. Their leader Sergei Melnichuk on Monday (Feb. 2) led a protest action in front of the General Staff HQ. They burned some tires and got into some fights.
    Among their demands was (1) to not be disbanded, and (2) to rescue encircled units from Debaltsevo Cauldron.

    It seems, they won (1) but not yet (2).

  19. ThatJ says:

    • Moscow Exile says:

      As regards the Vilnius Polish republic, the Poles did exactly the same thing in 1920, ignoring the frontier set out at Versailles and claiming that Vilnius was a Polish city, Vilno.

      From Wiki:

      1897: According to the first census in the Russian Empire, in 1897 population of Vilnius was 154,500. The majority of Vilnius population at the time was made up by Jews (61,847) and Poles (47,795). Other groups included Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians (37,992 for all three ethnicities combined), Lithuanians (3,131), Germans (2,170) and Tartars (772).

      1916: According to the census of 14 December 1916 by the occupying German forces at the time, there were a total of 138,794 inhabitants in Vilnius. This number was made up of the following nationalities: Poles 53.67% (74,466 inhabitants), Jews 41.45% (57,516 inhabitants), Lithuanians 2.09% (2,909 inhabitants), Russians 1.59% (2,219 inhabitants), Germans 0.63% (880 inhabitants), Belarusians 0.44% (644 inhabitants) and others at 0.13% (193 inhabitants).

      1923: 167,545 inhabitants, including 100,830 Poles and 55,437 Jews.

      1931: 196,345 inhabitants. A census of 9 December 1931 reveals that Poles made up 65.9% of the total Vilnius population (128,600 inhabitants), Jews 28% (54,600 inhabitants), Russians 3.8% (7,400 inhabitants), Belarusians 0.9% (1,700 inhabitants), Lithuanians 0.8% (1,579 inhabitants), Germans 0.3% (600 inhabitants), Ukrainians 0.1% (200 inhabitants), others 0.2% (approx. 400 inhabitants). (The Wilno Voivodeship in the same year had 1,272,851 inhabitants, of which 511,741 used Polish as their language of communication; many Belarusians lived there.)

      1959: According to the Soviet census, Vilnius had 236,100 inhabitants, of which 34% (79,400) identified themselves as Lithuanian, 29% (69,400) as Russian, 20% (47,200) as Polish, 7% (16,400) as Jewish and 6% (14,700) as Belarusian.

      1989: According to the Soviet census, Vilnius had 576,700 inhabitants, of which 50.5% (291,500) were Lithuanian, 20% Russian, 19% Polish and 5% Belarusian.

      2001: According to the 2001 census by the Vilnius Regional Statistical Office, there were 542,287 inhabitants in the Vilnius city municipality, of which 57.8% were Lithuanians, 18.7% Poles, 14% Russians, 4.0% Belarusians, 1.3% Ukrainians and 0.5% Jews; the remainder indicated other nationalities or refused to answer.

      2011: Vilnius is inhabited by people of 128 different ethnicities which makes it the most ethnically diverse city in Lithuania.

    • kat kan says:

      ???it’s not like she’s visiting SECOND and they can’t afford to change the bathwater in Budapest hotels…..
      Then she spent about one hour with him, she could have done it on Skype.

  20. ThatJ says:

    At a time when the EU is pushing for greater diversification of energy sources and promoting renewables that should be in Hungary’s interests, Orbán, whose country is dependent on Russia for its energy, is doing the opposite.


    • kat kan says:

      ThatJ, remember what Vicky Nuland said? “F..k the EU’ that one?

      Hungary is not depended on Russia for “its energy”. Hungary actually exports electricity, for instance. Please don’t bring nonsense here. If you can’t tell it’s nonsense, start checking statements made in likely propaganda publications. Google.com is a good place to start.

  21. et Al says:

    I’ve just been reading (accidentally) the inquiry on Shitvinenko’s death. He comes across as a bitter little fantasist who bigs up his own importance and big downs others as well as quite a few of his tabloid opinions are now out in the open. ‘Proud to be British’ but he converted to Islam on his deathbed. Off his rocker!

    My favorite quote for the day was when his wife was asked if he was a spy for the British secret services, she said he acted as a “consultant”! In the Al Beeb Al s’Allah Gods Own News Agency Direct (GONAD) report, it is carried straight. Not a drop of comment or analysis. What a surprise.

    It’s only just the start of the whole comedy shit-flinging inquiry but I’m actually looking forward to the rest of it now as it will become apparent how casually he threw his opinions about which is really not very smart for someone who claims to have been in the KGB and then goes on to work for powerful (new) patrons.

    • yalensis says:

      I have my own little pet theory about why Lit converted to Islam on his deathbed.
      I think he wanted to make sure his body wasn’t cremated. (Because Islam apparently does not permit cremation.)
      Lit probably figured that whoever poisoned him (mostly likely Berezovsky) would try to get rid of the evidence by having his body burned afterwards.

      That’s just a theory, though.

      • marknesop says:

        And an interesting one. Especially since he had shown no sign throughout his latter life of being interested in following a rigid code of personal restraint such as is encouraged by the Muslim faith. Mind you, not all Muslims obey it, either. But it’s still an interesting theory, and I did not know Islam forbids cremation. You learn something new every day.

        • et Al says:

          I passed by his body in Highgate Cemetery West* which you can only visit in a tour group. The East cemetery ** is much more interesting with Karl Marx, Douglas Adams, George Eliot, Eric Hobsbawn and loads of proper famous people buried there. Quite a few nice sculptures but not a patch on the Novodevichy cemetary. I also saw one mallard enthusiastically rogering another mallard in a small pond in the park next to it. No shame at all!

          * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Highgate_Cemetery#West_Cemetery
          ** https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Highgate_Cemetery#East_Cemetery

        • Jen says:

          Also Islamic tradition is that the dead must be buried as soon as possible after death and the body should not be embalmed. The general idea is to treat the dead with respect and this includes no removal of organs or body parts unless absolutely necessary (to solve a crime for example).

          • marknesop says:

            I knew the part about immediate burial, or as quickly as it can be made to happen. I just put it down to a sensible measure considering so many Muslims live in hot countries where you will begin to pong a bit quite soon after death, and did not know the rest.

          • yalensis says:

            Dear Jen:
            Okay, so that bit about NOT removing organs contradicts my own theory.
            Because if Lit knew he was poisoned, he probably would have hoped they would remove his organs and do a proper autopsy to catch his killer.
            So, we are back to Square 1:
            His conversion to Islam doesn’t really make any sense.
            Unless it was genuine. People do get religion, when they know they are dying.
            And Lit was surrounded by Chechens, so maybe some of their religious views penetrated his consciousness, and he wanted to believe in an afterlife.

            • yalensis says:

              P.S. – I just thought of another theory:

              Maybe Berezovsky and Lit’s other handlers forced him to convert to Islam, precisely SO THAT his body would not be autopsied, or his organs removed.
              That way, they could have a better chance of concealing their crime, if they poisoned him.

              We must start thinking about this like Sherlock Holmes!

        • Moscow Exile says:

          Seems Litvinenko liked visiting lap dancing clubs: he certainly visited one after he had drunk his alleged cup of poison with Lugovoi – the “Hey Jo” In Mayfair.

          Just what would Mohammed (Allah bless him and give him peace) have said to such behaviour?

      • cartman says:

        Catholics forbid cremation too. Unless you committed suicide. Then you are not allowed to be buried, so your family has to cremate you.

        • kat kan says:

          Can’t be buried in hallowed ground not altogether. They’d put you in Potters’ Field, with no priest.

          Islam is very much against autopsies, which causes problems in criminal cases, and accidents such as the recent air crash. However, as only he converted (conveniently when already unable to go lap dancing) and his survivors did not they could have gone against his wishes and new-found faith and allowed it anyway.

          I don’t know if they did or not. He did look fairly sick near the end. I don’t believe one speck of polly-whatever was traced all over the world and all the other people on those planes never got sick. Seeing the interesting bits in this public hearing are going to be in secret, I expect only the Putin Evil bits will come out, so I’m switching off now already.

          • Moscow Exile says:

            “I don’t believe one speck of polly-whatever was traced all over the world and all the other people on those planes never got sick. ”

            Well the counter-argument to that is that p-210 is only deadly if ingested.

            So no matter how much of it was scattered all over the place, such as in lap dancing booths, if you’ve got it on your hands or fingers and you don’t eat it, everything will be fine. That’s what I’ve seen argued in Grauniad comments.

            Of course, nobody licks his lips or puts his fingers in his mouth – we are all adults, aren’t we?

            Lap dancers don’t lick their lips or stick their fingers in their mouths do they?

            Polonium-210 and The Assassination of Alexander Litvinenko

            Litvinenko was a KGB agent who later became an FSB (Federal Security Service) agent when Russia replaced the collapsed KGB in the early 1990s. He was given orders to assassinate an influential Russian business tycoon (whom he knew well), orders he disobeyed and then publicly exposed, among other KGB and FSB activities, on the international stage. His disclosures embarrassed the Kremlin and then-director of the FSB, Vladamir Putin.


            He maintained he had been given orders to assassinate certain people. He revealed this at a “press conference” with his face covered Pussy Riot style – and everybody knew who he was. He was immediately dismissed from the FSB, after which dismissal he illegally left Russia for Turkey, where he applied for political asylum at the US embassy. They fucked him off.

            Enter Godfarb the gofor for Berezovsky. Goldfarb provided illegal documents for Litvinenko to enter the UK, for which criminal activity Goldfarb was chucked out of the UK – for 6 months.

  22. ThatJ says:

    Alexander Zakharchenko seems to agree with me that Jews, not “neo-Nazis”, are running the show. He deserves our respect for his deep understanding of the coup and his courage to speak out the truth. Unfortunately, people like him are attacked when they are honest, because statements deemed semitically incorrect may hurt the feeling of the Chosenites, whose emotional well-being is more important than the life of the goyim.

    Ukraine run by ‘miserable Jews,’ says rebel chief

    DONETSK, Ukraine — Ukraine’s pro-Russian rebel chief on Monday branded the country’s leaders “miserable” Jews in an apparent anti-Semitic jibe.

    Alexander Zakharchenko, leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, claimed that Kiev’s pro-Western leaders were “miserable representatives of the great Jewish people.

    “I can’t remember a time when Cossacks were led by people who have never held a sword in their hands,” Zakharchenko told a press conference in the eastern rebel stronghold of Donetsk, in a reference to Ukraine’s nationalist forebears, the Cossacks.

    Zakharchenko said that the country’s historical nationalists “would turn in their graves if they could see who is running Ukraine.”


    Respect for the man.

    • kirill says:

      Zakharchenko = Sakharov = Zukerman.

    • spartacus says:

      From what I see in your post above, Zakharchenko doesn’t include all the Jews because he says that the Kiev’s pro-Western leaders are “miserable representatives” of the Jewish people. I think that means that he doesn’t blame all the Jews, having in mind only the likes of Kolomoisky or Poroshenko, whose Jewishness is no secret. It seems that the “Chosenites”, as you call them, have nothing to worry about from Zakharcenko.

    • spartacus says:

      I did a quick search on the internet and it seems the piece from the link you posted was originally written by a nameless AFP correspondent in Ukraine. From what I could find, there were a lot of news outlets that chose to misquote Zakharchenko and imply that he has anti semitic views, wich is the impression you get if you only read the headline. Once you get to read the whole quote, namely that the oligarchs are “miserable representatives of the great Jewish people”, you see that this is not the case. All of this assuming that the translation of his speech from Russian is correct.


    • yalensis says:

      This commenter questioned the translation done by The Times of Israel, and accused them of twisting Zakhachenko’s words, in order to do a hatchet job on Rebels.

      A link to the youtube video of Zakhar’s press conference, is included, with subtitles, in English. The entire press-conference is 14 minutes long, the bit about Jews starts at 13:17, link below conveniently jumps to that spot (which, by the way, I didn’t even know you could do, when linking youtube videos; this is EXTREMELY convenient!)

      Here it is:

      Zakharchenko starts this clip by trash-talking Kiev junta as people who claim to be descendants of Cossacks, but in reality never held a sabre in their hand.
      Plotnitsky then jumps in, trying to be funny, but just scoring a potential gaffe. Namely, Plot cracks a joke about a youtube clip he saw with supposedly a song about “when Jewish Cossacks rebelled”. Plotnitsky is like that uncle at the dinner table, as soon as he opens his mouth, you know he is going to say something cringeworthy.

      I think Plotnitsky’s point here is to joke about the fact that so many members of Kiev junta are Jewish, yet they claim to rule a nation of “Cossacks”.

      Next, Zakharchenko, ever the smooth politician, quickly and deftly navigates that potential minefield.
      Without actually rebuking the politically-incorrect Plotnitsky, Zakharchenko quickly smooths over the gaffe: “Well, these people [i.e., the junta] are not even Jewish Cossacks, but only the most pathetic [yalensis: “pathetic” is a better translation thatn “miserable” for the Russian word “zhalkiy”, in this context] representatives of that great nation”. Zakharchenko even tosses in a praise of the “great” Jewish people, probably realizing instantaneously that Plotnisky just let loose an anti-Semite gaffe that will be misinterpreted by their enemies.

      Once again, ThatJ is barking up the wrong tree, trying to find in Zakharchenko a soul-mate. Plotnisky – perhaps….. Plotnitsky might as well have farted in public at the press conference. By the way, a lot of people don’t like Plotnitsky, because they believe he killed Batman. (Batman, the Rebel Commander, not Batman, the Crime-fighter.)

      • yalensis says:

        P.S. – and I hope the Kremlin curators for Novorossiya sees Plotnitsky’s gaffe and GETS RID OF THAT GUY. He is not only an embarrassment, but also a thug. Zakharchenko looks like he can barely stand to even be around him.

        • kat kan says:

          awwww, He’s just shy and misunderstood.

          No, seriously, Zack has to let him say a few words, not to underscore the obvious difference in stature. He’s not a public speaker, cracks the jokes to cover his nervousness. I’ve seen footage of him with his wife, visiting wounded in hospital; in small groups he seems relaxed, responsive and even smiles.

          I think Moscow doesn’t want boats rocked right now, and he’ll be gone once some peace comes. If he didn’t kill Batman it’s still his fault for not controlling his security ministry.

          He’s already only a figurehead. They announced “co-operative” efforts on lawmaking a while back (Lugansk was always months behind with every civil improvement) and very few ministers from LPR have been seen or heard. I think the DPR lot are doing pretty much everything

      • Oreb says:

        I would humbly propose “pitiful” as a more accurate translation of ““zhalkiy”.

  23. Tim Owen says:

    The ironies compound: Bill Mitchell on Europe then – recently enlightened by the world’s most vicious conflict – and Europe now – completely blind to the dangers it is sleep-walking toward:

    The Agreement:

    … relieved … [Germany] … of external debts to the sum of nearly 15 billion Deutsche Mark – i.e., about 50 per cent out of a total external debt of 30 billion Deutsche Mark, consisting of both pre- and post-war debts. This debt relief repre- sented roughly 10 per cent of West Germany’s GDP in 1953, or 80 per cent of its export earnings that year.

    So it was significant relief in the context of the state of the economy at the time.

    Kaiser concluded that the:

    London Debt Agreement, with its very generous conditions, made a significant contribution to West Germany’s post- war »economic miracle« of the 1950s and 1960s, and to a speedy reconstruction of the war-torn country.

    The motivation for giving Germany the relief was to stabilise “the country both politically and economically as quickly as possible”, especially in the context of the growing Cold War tensions.

    The Allies had learned their lesson from the faulty Versailles Treaty at the end of World War I, which made “the mistake of burdening a defeated war enemy with an economic tribute, that would destabilize it for decades and thus pave the way for political radicalisations of all sorts”.

    Wow. Can you imagine a presently seated politician saying that now?


  24. davidt says:

    For polonium buffs:
    From the above article, which is now behind a pay wall at BNE,
    “But Litvinenko described in his own words how the final meeting with his alleged murderers was a hit-and-miss, even casual, encounter rather than a carefully crafted assassination.
    Litvinenko also told officers in his deathbed interviews that Lugoroi introduced him to his eight-year-old son- they even shook hands – after he had drunk the tea.”
    As an aside: “many” people thought that Berezovsky poisoned the Georgian oligarch, and presidential candidate, “Badri”. The evidence seems very strong that he drugged the New York lawyer Emanuel Zeitser. Here is a link in case anyone wants some details:

  25. peter says:

  26. Warren says:

    Published on 2 Feb 2015
    About the Speech:

    The Ukrainian conflict raised fears in Europe about the security of EU gas supplies and Russia’s use of energy for political leverage. In this speech, however, Edward Lucas argued that a mild winter and robust EU policy have blunted the edge of Vladimir Putin’s most effective foreign-policy tool: the politicised export of gas. Contrary to some expectations, gas has continued to flow to Europe, the EU has refocused on energy security and Russia has cancelled its controversial South Stream project. Edward Lucas considered the next steps for European policymakers and whether a new energy strategy can be expected from Moscow.

    About the Speaker:

    Edward Lucas is a renowned expert on energy security and the author of numerous books on Russia and Eastern Europe. He has more than 30 years’ experience reporting on the countries of central and Eastern Europe for the Economist, the BBC and the Independent. He was formerly the Economist’s Moscow Bureau Chief and Editor of its International section. He is the author of ‘The New Cold War: Putin’s Russia and the Threat to the West’, which argues that the Kremlin has used its energy wealth to strengthen at home and extend power abroad. He is a non-resident fellow at the Center for European Policy Analysis in Washington, DC.

  27. Warren says:

    Russian nuclear bombers over Britain and why we should all be VERY scared

    This week, two Russian Bear Tu-95s were intercepted over Bournemouth
    A show of strength by Vladimir Putin, it is a threat that needs addressed
    Latest in a line of incidents where Kremlin is testing Western resolve

    PUBLISHED: 22:16, 30 January 2015 | UPDATED: 01:59, 31 January 2015

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2933765/Russian-nuclear-bombers-Britain-scared.html#ixzz3QgTsK3xw
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    • Moscow Exile says:

      Over Bournemouth!!!

      In British airspace???

      Two Russian Bombers Intercepted by RAF Off Bournemouth

      Britain has summoned the Russian ambassador after two Russian military bombers were intercepted over the English channel by the UK Royal Air Force on Wednesday afternoon. The Russian aircraft, identified as Tupolev Tu-95s which have the ability to carry nuclear bombs, were spotted flying low near the coastal towns of Bournemouth…

      A spokesperson for the ministry was quick to highlight that the Tu-95s were spotted flying “close” to UK airspace, however “at no time did the Russian military aircraft cross into UK sovereign airspace”.

      • kat kan says:

        ….were spotted flying low near the coastal towns of Bournemouth…
        All UK’s fault. If they’d not skimped in building “their” channel, it would be wide enough to fly down without having to go “near” coastal towns.

        Didn’t we already have this story? or they’ve gone and evilly done it again?

  28. Warren says:

  29. et Al says:

    Finally, proof that Russia si f*$£d! My emphais

    IBT: Carlsberg closes two breweries in Russia after revenue decline
    Danish brewer Carlsberg on Thursday (January 29) closed two of its 10 breweries in sanctions-hit Russia as a weak market blighted by the economic downturn has dented demand there.

    Production at the Chelyabinsk and Krasnoyarsk breweries was suspended due to declining demand. Carlsberg said in September the Russian beer market had dropped 24 percent between 2008 and 2013 and an additional 7 percent in the first half of 2014….

    …”The procedure of the liquidation of the branch of Baltika-Pikra will affect 308 people. Of those, unfortunately 265 persons will have to leave the company,” she said.

    Carlsberg, which earns a third of its operating profit from Russia, said the closures will reduce its Russian capacity by approximately 15 percent and will impact 500-600 employees in total….

    Poor, poor Russians. How hard it must be going back to dirt cheap, substandard Russian or Uzebek made vodka, almost like returning to the Yeltsin years!

  30. peter says:

    • marknesop says:

      As soon as I see “attempt to rebuild the Soviet Empire”, I know I can stop reading because the remainder will be twaddle.

      • kirill says:

        Yep. And by their logic, the EU is some empire too.

      • Warren says:

        Western media, analysts and commentator spew the same inane nonsense regarding Russia. Either Putin is the new Hitler or he is just like Stalin or trying to become a new Tsar. Western experts accuse Putin of trying to revive the USSR one day only to accuse Putin re-establishing the Russian Empire the day afterwards.

        West media oscillates from Russia is about collapse to Russia is about to invade Europe and conquer the world!

      • james says:

        haha! true! how about ‘american empire’? will you read more if it says that? lol.. no need to answer.. only those pesky russians do empire, as those sweet americans don’t do empire! up is down and down is up.. i keep getting the same memo!

  31. peter says:

    • Moscow Exile says:

      From the above tweet kindly posted by Peter:

      Extracts from the FT article: “Battle for Ukraine: How the west lost Putin”

      It was past 10pm and the German chancellor was sitting in a Hilton hotel conference room in Brisbane, Australia. Her interlocutor was the implacable Vladimir Putin. For nearly two hours, the Russian president reeled off a litany of resentments. The west had proclaimed victory in the cold war. It had cheated Moscow by expanding the EU and Nato right to Russia’s borders. It had ignored international rules to pursue reckless policies in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

      The chancellor steered the conversation back to eastern Ukraine, where Russian-backed separatists were engaged in a bloody struggle against the western-backed government in Kiev, according to a person familiar with the meeting [WHO? No names, no pack drill?]. Since the crisis began, Ms Merkel [Why Ms? She is “Frau” and she is married. Does the journalist not know that? Does he think that Bundeskanzlerin Merkel wants to keep her marital status a secret? Fucking PC crap!] had worked hard to extract some sense from Mr Putin of what he wanted — something she could use to construct an agreement. When he finally offered a solution, she was shocked. Mr Putin declared Kiev should deal with the rebels the way he had dealt with Russia’s breakaway Chechnya region: by buying them off with autonomy and money. A reasonable idea, perhaps, to an ex-KGB colonel. But for an East German pastor’s daughter, with a deeply-ingrained sense of fairness, this was unacceptable.

      Ms Merkel had asked her closest advisers to stay outside during the Brisbane meeting, on November 15 last year. “She wanted to be alone . . . to test whether she could get Putin to be more open about what he really wants”,says someone briefed on the conversation [WHO?]. “But he wouldn’t say what his strategy is, because he doesn’t know”.

      … For Moscow, too, something snapped. Weeks later, a Kremlin official [WHO?] dismissed the notion, often cited in diplomatic circles, that there had ever been a “special relationship” between the two leaders. “Putin and Merkel could never stand each other”, he told the Financial Times. “Of course, they are professionals, so they tried to make the best of it for a long time. But that seems to have changed now.”

      The Merkel-Putin encounter in Australia marked a turning point. After a year of crisis, the west realised that it had been pursuing an illusion: for all its post-communist tribulations, Russia was always seen to be on an inexorable path of convergence with Europe and the west — what a senior German official [WHO?] calls the notion that “in the end, they’ll all become like us”.

      … So far, the sanctions have acted as what one US official calls an “accelerant” to the unexpected plunge in oil prices, pushing Russia into a deep economic crisis. The rouble has tumbled, leaving Russia facing recession and spiralling inflation, challenging its ability to fund its costly stealth war in Ukraine (where the Kremlin insists there are no Russian soldiers on the ground, despite ample evidence to the contrary [Where is the evidence? Please state what the evidence is.]).

      According to a senior Washington official [WHO?], Mr Poroshenko, the oligarch elected Ukraine’s president in May, was anxious to hold face-to-face meetings with Mr Putin. But he wanted other leaders in the room capable of holding Mr Putin to commitments. Ms Merkel was the obvious choice. “The administration’s view is that she’s the best interlocutor that we have in the west with Putin,” says an ex-US diplomat [WHO?].

      … US President Barack Obama has held his own share of calls with Mr Putin, but he has largely taken a back seat. US insiders [WHO?] say the president feels Mr Putin was unresponsive to efforts to build a relationship. “Obama sees the world in win-win terms, Putin sees it in zero-sum terms”, says the ex-diplomat. The two have a visible lack of chemistry. In Mr Obama’s words, Mr Putin has a “kind of slouch, looking like the bored kid in the back of the classroom”.

      Diplomats suspect [WHICH DIPLOMATS?] Mr Putin is surrounded by yes-men afraid to give him the unvarnished truth. They suggest, for example, that he has been surprised by the strength of EU unity over sanctions.

      … She prepares meticulously, studying maps of eastern Ukraine and poring over them in meetings and phone calls with Mr Putin. “There are maps and charts, with roads and checkpoints”, says a European diplomat [WHO?]. “She has these details. She knows about them.”

      … In public, Ms Merkel has not said Mr Putin has lied, but she has in private [TO WHOM?]. “‘He’s lying’, that’s what she says to all the other leaders,” says the EU diplomat.

      A partygoer [WHO?] close to Ms Merkel recalls her saying little about the disaster. “The chancellor doesn’t like to speak about something until she is sure of her facts. But she was shaken. It was horrendous.”

      “The Russians just weren’t credible. They got beaten”, says a senior Washington official [WHO?].

      … Asked why Mr Putin did not turn MH17 into an opportunity for reconciliation, a former senior Kremlin official [WHO?] said: “Because he was insulted. He acted emotionally. Because your side came out before anything was clear, accusing him of all sorts of things”.

      and on and on and on.

      I’ve just got fed up of noting the unsubstantiated statements. And to make all this even more annoying,each time I cut and pasted, I received the following notification off FT:

      High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article.

      High quality global journalism???

      • et Al says:

        I stopped reading the FT years ago. For the financial stuff it was quite good (!) and had a good level for people not accompli in such matters, but it always sucked ass* politically as it is generally to the far right of Ghengis Khan (my apologies to him as I am probably one of the descendents of the many beautiful ladies he porked – apparently 1 in 7 of us are).

        The thing is, none of this should surprise us as established journalism has only got worse. Alternative media fortunately has grown on the back of this atrophy of the circle jerk club. What this goes to show is that the discerning news consumer now looks elsewhere for its news because the Pork Pie News Networks are so transparently bullshit in the extreme and even more unapologetic when they are caught with their pants down pretending to be milking grandma’s cow in the middle of the night.

      • Fern says:

        If Putin became ’emotional’ every time he was insulted by the west, he wouldn’t have gotten out of bed since about 2003. Jeez, the crap these guys write.

    • marknesop says:

      That could very well be true, since thanks to the NSA, quite a lot of people know what Merkel said that she fancied was private.

      • dany8538 says:

        Hey, I just went to Chase Bank with my wife to draw some money out of an account that she shares with her parents who live in Kiev. The card was issued by VTB bank. We come to draw money out of the account and we are told there are insufficient funds to perform the withdrawal . The mother in law swears that she just put money in there and it cant be empty so my wife’s first thought is that since VTB is the bank where the deposits are held they are purposefully denying these transactions from taking place because they know that this is a Ukrainian deposit. Sounds nutty but I started thinking myself. maybe she is right? and again I can see why they would do this in retaliation to the freezes Visa and Mastercard placed on them although it doesnt really punish the real culprits. Would do you guys think ? conspiracy ? 🙂

        • et Al says:

          First, your MoLa just needs to check her account to see that the money actually went out. Maybe she made a mistake. It’s easy to do. It can also take a few days for transactions to happen. In the EU it is supposed to be done in one business day by (EU) law as the banks had the nice habit of holding on to your cash for a while to profit from interest and a bit of padding.

        • Jen says:

          Depends on when the mother-in-law made the deposit, if she made it online on the weekend, there can be a delay because online or ATM weekend transactions don’t complete until the next business day. Clearance should take no more than two working days.

        • james says:

          interesting dany.. keep us posted on the end result. we are curious..

  32. ThatJ says:

    Updates from mp.net:

    Just today Ukraine has started to demand that Russian citizens show passports in order to enter Ukraine. Until now Russian/Ukrainian citizens only have to show interior passports (id) in order to enter Russia/Ukraine.

    Russia has decided not to demand passports from Ukrainian citizens and Ukrainian citizens who risk being drafted in Ukraine can get their stay extended in Russia.
    Apparently Ukraine hoped that Russia would also start demand passports from Ukrainian citizens in order to lessen the flood of able bodied men going to Russia.

    [ThatJ: Good news! I said previously that Russia should aborb the population of Ukraine as much as it can instead of becoming hostile to them. Medvedev wanted to make it tougher for Ukrainians to work in Russia, and I did not support it. Almost half of the country likes Russia.]

    [MP.net User Asks] You have a point. What’s Russia rules regarding these arrivals? Do they have a free period of stay before being able to ask for a residency permit.

    [Another User Replies] Simply speaking there are three patterns:
    1st – “We want to wait for a bit and then return home” – short-term stay, only border registration is required, allows to stay for 90 days, can be prolonged.
    2nd – “We want to wait until it is over and then return home” – long-term stay, some more steps in registration are required, valid for 1 year.
    3rd – “We want to stay and live in Russia” – just as the second plus simplified application for citizenship due to kinship and being native-speaker of Russian.

    Many restrictions were eased, e.g. HIV positives are fully permitted to enter. Many benefits were issued e.g. regsitred refugee automaticaly acquires job permit.
    Funny, this fancy RU-lang guidance provides all this usefull infomation to the dwellers of South-Eastern Ukraine as stated in its title, I am pretty sure that designers will have to update it soon.

  33. peter says:

    • PvMikhail says:

      Lada Niva is the first SUV (crossover with unibody chassis) in the world and one of the best if not the best light all wheel drive cross country cars. In every major European or South American country, even in Brasil it has a massive fan base who use them in many different roles as hunting car or off road racing sportscar. It is not even comparable to a Land Rover Defender because it is much lighter than those and can climb more easily than body-on-frame heavy AWD cars like old Range Rover, Defender 110, Mercedes G, Toyota Land Crusier, Nissan Patrol. Eventually it is my FAVORITE car. So all ignorant haters can go and fvck themselves.

      • kirill says:

        Indeed. I think Autovaz should reclaim the Niva brand from GM and release a domestic update based on *Russian* sensibilities and not those of corner cutting, marketing bloatware western corporations. The update has to make the suspension even better and remove all the computer crap designed to line the pockets of repair shops typically associated with car dealerships.

        • et Al says:

          I passed my driving test in a Lada as easy as 1,2,3, or should that be а,б,в,г? I must be КГБ! It could be a disco song by Boney M. Heavy steering, stiff gears, crappy clutch, terrible acceleration, impossible to have a conversation above 75kmh without shouting. Solid, cheap to buy and run, easy to fix, reliably gets you from A-B if you remember POWER (Petrol/gas, Oil, Water, Electricity, Rubber). I’m quite fond of them and sometimes wish I could just put a 76mm turret on top and replay the battle of Kursk, taking out Mercedes and Volkswagens!

          The brand may have been a joke, but Lada Nivas never were a joke. They were always exceptional 4×4 off-roaders that just kept going.

    • kirill says:

      Only retards laughed at the Niva.

      If I could buy one today, I would. It was easy, cheap to maintain and had a great suspension. It could have been bigger, but it was from Europe and not America.

      • patient observer says:

        Those self-important jerks at Top Gear laughed at the Niva even after it smoked the Land Rover in a cross-country trip. Idiots. Why is Russian gear not more popular in the West? Its call prejudice by the MSM just like all of the other anti-Russian prejudices they peddle.

      • marknesop says:

        I’m sure we had this discussion before, I remember someone posting a clip of a Lada that had sat all winter (no way to prove that, I’m afraid, but no particular reason to assume the author was lying, and the car was covered with a thick blanket of snow) in some ungodly low temperature (verified with the thermometer), and it started after only a couple of tries and some fooling with the choke.

        • Moscow Exile says:

          -29C degrees cold start LADA

          My first experience of private vehicle transportation in Russia was in a Niva. I used to go in a neighbour’s Niva to his dacha nearly every weekend, sometimes over oceans of mud after summer storms. We always made it. And in winter we used to slog it out in blizzards to his folks in Sergiev-Posad. The mail always got through – well, the sausages, to be precise, because my neighbour’s wife always bought them at an open market near her mother’s house in Sergiev-Posad: she reckoned Sergiev-Posad sausages were much tastier and of a higher quality than were Moscow ones. I think she was right.

          That was about 5 years before I got wed – about 1993.That former Niva owning neighbour must have been one of those gopniki or vatniki, namely one of those as categorized by a recent visitor to the “about” section of this blog, as my former neighbour was and still is not a “liberal”: he is one of the 80% or so here who seems content with the Russian head of state and his policies. He has, however, a degree in something or other – a master’s, I think in something to do with computers. I think he’s a programmer or something like that. My neighbour’s wife also graduated in electrical engineering: typical gopniki.

          I should imagine that a rough translation of the word “gopnik” in my own English dialect would be “gobshite” and “vatnik” would probably be “red neck” in US English. I think “trailer trash” might roughly be a US English equivalent to gopnik.



          The term comes from the name for the quilted jacket of the type that workers wore, usually on construction sites.

          According to the “about” section visitor, all my present neighbours “must” be like those illustrated above.

          US Gopnik?

          • marknesop says:

            In Vladivostok, chickens from Mikhailovka assumed the same mythic status as Sergiev-Posad sausages. My wife and all her friends reckoned they were much tastier and juicier than their local counterparts, and would go to considerable lengths to find Mikhailovka chickens at the open-air market. I’m afraid I couldn’t say, because I never got to taste the local chicken – we were always successful in finding those from Mikhailovka. But I would agree they were very tasty and juicy.

          • Moscow Exile says:

            See, here’s a skit made by a kreakl made at the expense of a photograph taken at Christmas (January 7), when Putin attended a village church service just outside Voronezh.

            Kreakly clearly think that each and every one who does not adhere to their creed (which is, basically, “Me, me, me and fuck Russia!”) is a retarded member of the Lumpenproletariat, who would be better clad in vatnik thus:

            Kreakly at the Moscow Millionaire Fair 2013

            Life is tough in an authoritarian regime!

          • et Al says:

            I always translated Гопники as wide boys, i.e. always doing some kind of dodgy business deal, flashing the cash and total lack of taste.

      • yalensis says:

        Can you get parts and service, though?
        That’s always important to me.

    • spartacus says:

      Well, laugh all you want but in my neck of the woods here in Romania, the Lada Niva is still quite popular among the offroad enthusiasts. It is a rugged and resilient car that can take a lot of punishment if you maintain it properly and you can take it through terrain rough enough to cripple offroad cars from other more famous manufacturers. Its short wheelbase combined with a good ground clearance makes it very agile when you want to drive over obstacles. It has its drawbacks in terms of comfort, handling and fuel consumption is a bit on the high side but hey, it’s a car that feels good on dirt and mud, not on asphalt. The 1.7 litre petrol engine is not that impressive, but having a rugged gearbox with gear reduction and lockable differential, you have no problems having some serious offroad fun. The video clip linked below is from an episode of “Fifth Gear” and it shows what this Russian granny can do. I prefer watching “Fifth Gear” because it is a proper motoring TV show having racing drivers as hosts as opposed to “Top Gear” where a bunch of clowns pretend to know something about cars.

  34. peter says:

  35. PaulR says:

    Interesting comment at the end of this BBC interview with Max Tucker in Debaltsevo, in which Tucker at the end says that the locals are so brainwashed by Russian propaganda that, even though ‘pro-Russian’ shells are falling on them daily, they would rather stay and take their chances with the rebels than evacuate to the rest of Ukraine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9CpbxFISF4

    Tucker should probably consider more deeply why, having had Ukrainian troops in their town for several months, the locals listen to the ‘Russian propaganda’ and prefer the people shelling them to the people currently controlling them.

  36. PaulR says:

    And Kiev Kev, the Ukrainian military spokesman Col. Lysenko, declares that the only reason why the rebels were haven’t retreated from Uglegorsk is that they were stopped by the blocking units set up by Russian interior ministry troops behind their lines! This guy never ceases to amaze, yet our own dear media regularly quote him as gospel. http://uacrisis.org/andrijj-lisenko-29/

    • colliemum says:

      To me, that reads as if they’re reverting to Wehrmacht propaganda, where the ‘kommissars’ were said to shoot every retreating Red Army soldier.
      Perhaps the Ukie army is working on something like the Wehrmacht’s ‘Kommissar Befehl’?

      • Southerncross says:

        They’re aren’t just working on it anymore. The Rada recently passed a law authorising field executions by military commanders.

  37. PaulR says:

    Vice News latest:

  38. PaulR says:

    International Court of Justice rules that Croatia and Serbia did not commit genocide in the 1990s. What does that do for NATO’s justifications of its military interventions? http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/02/03/us-serbia-croatia-ruling-idUSKBN0L70YB20150203

    • et Al says:

      It’s not really a surprise.. The ICJ is a permanent court so any sloppy judgments will always come back to haunt the West. The ICTY, on the other hand, has a much, much lower legal standard for genocide to the point that they reinterpreted it out of its own definition* in to something different, so it would have ruled against Serbia but probably not Croatia for genocide. But it is only an ad hoc court solely for punishing uncivilized balkan savages and not sophisticated technological savages that we are.

      * As can be seen from the judges summing up in the Krstic trial. It was also heavily criticized by the legal community, not that anyone would know it as that would be career suicide.

      • Johan Meyer says:

        Actually, the ICTY and ICTR used to be the same organization, until Del Ponte went after Kagame for assassinating Habyarimana. Despite very strong bias against Hutus, only one of the major government figures were convicted of conspiracy to commit genocide. This conviction was set aside upon appeal.

        Some books that may interest you:
        Robin Philpot: Rwanda and the new scramble for Africa
        One part of the book has a bit of PC rubbish, when he analyzes the popular literature around Rwanda, and he could certainly use more sources, but overall, a very detailed history of the conflict, starting before the Ugandan invasion of 1990. The book also gives a hint at how fraudulent testimony was obtained in the ICTYR (before the split)—Canadian lead prosecutor (ICTYR) Louise Arbour used a corrupt Montreal cop notorious for invention in the Matticks affair, as her chief investigator.

        John Philpot and Sebastien Chartrand: Justice Belied
        John is Robin’s brother, and an ICTR defence lawyer; most of the essays in the book are by lawyers and researchers who were involved in the ICTR, including one by an ICTR researcher, which is the most scathing against the ICTR; the only let-down is Glen Ford’s essay—Ford’s probably the only major black US journalist that gives serious coverage to matters Rwanda and Yugoslavia, but his essay looks poor in comparison to the others in the book. The book is dedicated to Akayesu, who is one of the few people convicted of genocide, but definitely innocent, in the words of the ICTR investigator contributor, Andre Sirois (whose article is probably the best in the book—if you read only his article, you’ll understand about 50% of why the ICTR is a total fraud).

        One of the essays goes into some detail on the granting of protected (anonymous) witness status (almost exclusively to prosecution witnesses), despite the fact that these same witnesses testify freely elsewhere. Because these witnesses are anonymous, it is often impossible for defence attorneys to check prior statements of such witnesses, and they are thus at the mercy of the prosecution to release such information. Often exculpatory information is released toward the end of a multiyear trial, when at all. Many witnesses cannot get exculpatory witnesses to testify, as that places the lives of these witnesses at the tender mercies of Kagame et alia.

        A book frequently cited in Justice Belied is Nancy Combs’s book, Fact-finding Without Facts. I’ve not got around to reading it and Accidental … Genocide (Peter Erlinder).

    • yalensis says:

      Acts of ethnic cleansing may be part of a genocidal plan, but only if there is an intention to physically destroy the target group,” Tomka said.

      Is this accurate definition for genocide?
      Is there a separate law for driving people out of their homes?

    • Jen says:

      At the very least this is a vindication of a sort for the academic Ed Herman who has long argued (and who has been attacked for arguing) that the evidence for 8,000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys being killed in a massacre in Srebrenica in 1995 has always been vague, that the numbers killed are in doubt, and that the notion of the killings being a genocide has been cultivated so as to serve a propaganda purpose.

      • Jen says:

        I should add that Herman does not doubt that the Bosnians were killed; it’s that the period in which the murders were carried out and the context of those killings suggest that they did not occur all at once or that the killings were linked as regards to who killed them, where and when in the case of group murders, and the intent behind them. Many of those killings were actually combat deaths.

        • et Al says:

          Herman is right, but is essentially put on the same level as a Holocaust denier or revisionist by the politically correct luvvies. Most were combat deaths, several hundred were executions of prisoners of war (or revenge as it is know, payback to Nasir Oric’s little helpers who were doing the same to non moslems in the preceding years) but no where near 7k killed in cold blood.

          Why do they still say ‘Men and boys’? Because they cannot legally say ‘Civilians’. It’s quite a cunning trick of omission to avoid mentioning the word because if it was said that they were soldiers, there would be very little sympathy from the great unwashed. Sarajevo itself admits (their missing persons project) that almost all of them were soliders in the army of Bosna i Herzegovina but they claim that as ‘reservists’ they were not necessarily active. As if that makes a blind bit of difference as most didn’t surrender and tried to make it through the forest to Tuzla with their weapons (as a recognized military column) and were ambushed along the way.

          You would think that for genocide you would draw a distinction between soldiers and unarmed civilians, women and children but in the ICTY’s case, no. There’s a reason that the ICC doesn’t take much from the ICTY.

          They simply failed to prove intent beyond a reasonable doubt (because there never was an intent to commit ‘genocide’) so they inferred it instead to get a result. You will also not the careful official wording that what happened at Srebrenica was an act of genocide. So it fails to make the grade at the high bar set decades earlier, so as a solution essentially create a new catch all definition that amounts to a ‘mini genocide’.

          The media loves it as they can lump it in with the Holocaust, the Armenian genocide and Rwanda but ignore others (i.e. the Usashe plan to kill one third of Serbs, deport one third and convert one third to catholicism, not to mention the Jasenovac complex of camps).

          There was also the case of the 200 or so croatian paramilitary scum executed after the liberation of Vukovar when they hid in the hospital pretending to be patients (a grave breech of the Geneva Convention). The croats were absolutely livid that their claim they were civilians was thrown out by the court. It was still a war crime (well there is a ‘civil’ in civil war) but paramilitaries are neither regular soldiers or civilians.

    • patient observer says:

      Since when was fake evidence not accepted as solid-gold truth in a Western court involving a case against Russia? Perhaps those Texans are the exception. If the case were in, say, New York or London you can bet it would be a slam-dunk victory for the plaintiff and Peter would be going in hyper-drive with the white hole of truth Twitter.

  39. peter says:

    • spartacus says:

      So what? I imagine Russians want to even the odds a little. You have to do something if you want to make your side of the story known to the international audience. Since Western MSM is strictly toeing the official Washington – Brussels line, the Russians need to support alternative media outlets that will get their message across.

      • marknesop says:

        I do want to say, though, because this issue is now debated in the context of what we’re doing on democracy and human rights in Russia. I want to be clear on that, too. Even as we’ve pursued this better relationship with Russia and concrete agreements with Russia we’ve been very clear about the importance of democracy, human rights, and civil society in our foreign policy. We’ve done quite a lot in that regard. Since 2009 we’ve spent more than $200 million seeking to promote democracy, human rights and civil society on the recent elections…We have proposed, as you know, using some of the resources that were generated from the U.S.-Russia investment fund and asked Congress to consider taking those resources which would be some $50 million and using it as a further effort to promote democracy, civil society and human rights in Russia.”

        It’s another of those funny conundrums that the United States government keeps pouring more and more money into democracy, civil society and human rights in Russia – through selected NGO’s – but the situation in those categories worsens every year according to reports which are funded by various U.S. government-associated think tanks. And remember that this was before the current chill in the relationship between the USA and Russia. Ummm….what’s all that money actually being spent on?


  40. peter says:

    • spartacus says:

      OK, after reading this I’m a little confused. At one point, Krugman says:

      “So Putin seems to have brought something new, or at least formerly rare, into the world of economic policy: macroeconomic cronyism, an effort to suspend the laws on economics on behalf, not of the broad populace, but a tiny group of well connected malefactors of great wealth.”

      And then just stops there. I would have liked to read about what economic laws Putin wants suspended. This kind of vague wording with no specific examples does not qualify as economic analysis. Plus, I especially like the way he trashes Venezuela. If Venezuela uses the money it gets from exporting its oil to improve the standard of living of its citizens then it’s “macroeconomic populism”. When Saudi Arabia does it, then it is perfectly fine.

  41. ThatJ says:

    I have the feeling that Russia will have to intervene in this conflict, despite the rebels’ costly advances, or accept the rebels’ eventual defeat, followed by Ukraine either 1) joining NATO and the EU, conceding that Crimea is now Russian or 2) a massive attack on Crimea, by which time Ukraine’s army will be bigger and the population more radicalized (forced conscription, namely dragging people from the streets and forcing them to fight, will be a real issue). Oh, and you don’t need to worry about Ukraine’s depletion of military hardware, the Zionists will take care of that. The Zionists want this war to be bloody, it kills two birds with one stone: more European goyim will kill each other for no other purpose than consolidating the Zionists’ grip on the continent in the form of the US presence. What amazes me is how the Zionists manage to successfully fool the goyim by faking their support for patriotism when it is deemed geopolitically necessary, evoking from the clueless goyim an unmatched patriotic fevor bordering on mass psychosis, which is very much the opposite of what the Zionists do to their host countries.

    International Jewry supporting “neo-Nazis” — as bizarre as it sounds — shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering that Jewish bankers from NY bankrolled the communist revolution.

    Wall Street & the March 1917 Russian Revolution

    “There is no proletarian, not even a communist, movement that has not operated in the interests of money, in the directions indicated by money, and for the time permitted by money — and that without the idealists amongst its leaders having the slightest suspicion of the fact.” Oswald Spengler.

    Wall Street & the November 1917 Bolshevik Revolution

    …[T]hompson saw the prospects of the Bolshevik Government being transformed as it incorporated a more Centrist position and included employers. If Bolshevism did not proceed thus, then “God help the world,” warned Thompson. Given that this was a time when Lenin and Trotsky held sway over the regime, subsequently to become the most enthusiastic advocates of opening Russia up to foreign capital (New Economic Policy) prospects seemed good for a joint Capitalist-Bolshevik venture with no indication that an upstart named Stalin would throw a spanner in the works.

    The Times article ends: “At home in New York, the Colonel has received the good-natured title of ‘the Bolshevik of Wall Street.’”[24] It was against this background that it can now be understood why labor leader Samuel Gompers denounced Bolshevism as a tool of “predatory international finance,” while arch-capitalist Thompson lauded it as “a government of working men.”

    By the way, with Ukraine lost to Russia, you can bet that Belarus or Hungary (for being Russia-friendly) is the next in line. I have no doubt that they won’t stop with Ukraine. In Belarus, “patriots” who will be told that their country is Russia’s bitch and not a “sovereign, proud nation” will be used against the authorities as well.

    Numerically, the rebels are no match for the army that the rest of Ukraine can field. A war of attrition is a losing war for the rebels.

    Russia is doing what it can: arming the rebels, sending specialists and welcoming draft dodgers who have no dog in this fight. And they are right: Maidan started the conflict, Maidan has to finish it. Why should any man fight a war that was not of his making, a proxy war waged by Zionists? Russia must convince Belarus to welcome those draft dodgers whose regions border the country, even if only as a transit country. The two countries cover a huge segment Ukraine’s borders.

    NATO is already present in Western Ukraine training the newly recruited cannon fodder. I think they are a trojan horse. Should Russia invade from the east, NATO would send its forces to the west and we’d have a new Berlin wall except that this time in a deeply Eastern European country. Needless to say, Russia would be demonized to no end and more devastating sanctions would be imposed.

    So I am wondering here, should Russia have intervened months ago? Analizing the current situation, I am inclined to say yes.

    • yalensis says:

      Dear ThatJ:
      I think the way it works is something like this:

      The Jews are actually a hive mind, like an ant colony.
      The hive splits into half: One half of the ants become Communists, the other half become Nazis.
      Both seemingly opposite factions are directed by the King Ant, who is a Jewish banker.
      Together, all the ants work together, to bring about Jewish domination of the world.
      But the ants are clever little buggers. Using their ant-like wiles, they enlist the non-ants (let’s say, the hard-working but stupid termite goyim) to do their dirty work for them.

      Yeh, something like that….

      Goyim Suckers!

      • spartacus says:

        I like the fact that the ant is red. Too bad it doesn’t have a hammer and sickle painted on its belly.

      • ThatJ says:

        The Jews are actually a hive mind, like an ant colony.

        The Jews, Zionists, whatever you want to call them, have influential networks, including in the State Dept, which promote their collective interests, and group-based strategies will almost always outcompete individual strategies (and this was an important factor for the fall of the old Anglo elite in the US). The Federal Reserve, which is a private (not federal) institution that prints the dollar, was established by Jewish banking interests and is still governed by Jews. Bernanke, the former Jewish chairman, was substituted by Janet Yellen, a Jewess. The position of Vice Chair is occupied by Stanley Fischer:

        Fischer was born into a Jewish family in Mazabuka, Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia). When he was 13, his family moved to Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), where he became active in the Habonim Zionist youth movement. In 1960, he visited Israel as part of a winter program for youth leaders, and studied Hebrew at kibbutz Ma’agan Michael. He had originally planned to study at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, but went to the United Kingdom to study after receiving a scholarship from the London School of Economics, and obtained his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in economics from 1962–1966. Fischer then moved to the United States to study at MIT, and earned a Ph.D. in economics in 1969 with a thesis titled Essays on assets and contingent commodities written under the supervision of Franklin M. Fisher. He became an American citizen in 1976.

        Your attempt at sarcasm won’t change these realities.

        The hive splits into half: One half of the ants become Communists, the other half become Nazis.

        Nazi Germany was not a Zionist puppet, nor were the Nazis funded by Jews. Ukraine, on the other hand, is totally controlled by the State Dept through their Embassy and offices in Kiev. You had Victoria Nuland, the wife of one of the authors of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), talking on telephone about who she thought must be the new PM, and bingo! Her choice was honored: Yats became the new PM, his party won the elections, and Svoboda was wiped out (remember what she said: “no Svoboda”).

        Both seemingly opposite factions are directed by the King Ant, who is a Jewish banker.

        They are banking dynasties. There is no king, no single player.

        But the ants are clever little buggers. Using their ant-like wiles, they enlist the non-ants (let’s say, the hard-working but stupid termite goyim) to do their dirty work for them.

        Exactly. That’s why they financed communist propaganda in pre-revolutionary Russia, including the spread of propaganda to Russian POWs in Japanese camps. They hated the Czar and agitated a segment of the Russian population that was unhappy with the status quo to fight towards fulfilling their interests, which they succeeded in part (e.g. killing the Czar and his family). Stalin, though, thwarted their plans from being completely fulfilled.

        Today we have a lively example in Ukraine. All the humanistic façade (which is also used as an excuse for the racial replacement of Europe) put up by the West showed to be a lie that is conveniently ignored when their (the Zionists’) interests are not served.

        • spartacus says:

          A couple of points:

          1. “The Jews, Zionists, whatever you want to call them…”

          There is a huge difference between the two terms. You can’t use them interchangeably. One term designates the whole Jewish population, while the other designates only the adepts of Zionist ideology.

          2. “The Federal Reserve, which is a private (not federal) institution that prints the dollar…”

          The actual truth is a little more complicated. A very good review of the Federal Reserve system is provided in the link below.


          “When the Federal Reserve act was passed in 1913, the now-governing Democrats and the newly elected Democratic president—the extreme racist Woodrow Wilson—claimed that the Federal Reserve Act had not created a central bank. The Democrats claimed that instead of creating a Third Bank of the United States, the Federal Reserve Act created 12 Federal Reserve Banks, none of them an actual central bank. The U.S. was divided into 12 districts, each with its own Federal Reserve bank that was and still is owned by the commercial banks in its district.

          You sometime hear complaints from right-wing demagogues that the Federal Reserve that issues U.S. currency is “privately owned.” The 12 Federal Reserve banks that issue paper dollar bills are indeed privately owned—owned by the commercial banks in their districts. When the Federal Reserve System was first created, the commercial banks in each district were encouraged to deposit their individual gold reserves with their district Federal Reserve Bank. In addition, the legislation created a Federal Reserve Board—now officially called the Board of Governors but still commonly referred to by it original name—located in Washington, D.C.

          This board supervises the 12 commercial bank-owned regional Federal Reserve banks. Unlike the Federal Reserve banks, the Federal Reserve Board is a government body. Its members are appointed by the U.S. president with the consent of the Senate for fixed terms. The current chairman is Ben Bernanke, who before his Federal Reserve career was a professor of economics at Princeton University. Bernanke, a Republican, was originally appointed by President George W. Bush and then reappointed by Democratic president Barack Obama.

          In addition, the Federal Reserve banks do not have equal power. The most powerful by far is the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, located in lower Manhattan near Wall Street. The bulk of the central banking operations carried out by the Federal Reserve System are actually carried out by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. This bank is owned by the New York “money center” banks headquartered on or near Wall Street.”

    • spartacus says:

      “…considering that Jewish bankers from NY bankrolled the communist revolution.”

      You are a little late to the party. I and yalensis have debated this with Warren a couple threads ago. This is such nonsense from beginning to end. These accusations were thrown around even when Trotsky and Lenin were alive and they had no problem refuting them. The problem is that nobody bothers to read what they had to say about it.


      The link above takes you to Chapter 25 of Trotsky’s “My life” where he deals with precisely the allegations made in the two “Counter-Currents” articles.

      Trotsky’s take on Zionism (quotes):

      “On the other hand the Jews of different countries have created their press and developed the Yiddish language as an instrument adapted to modern-culture. One must therefore reckon with the fact that the Jewish nation will maintain itself for an entire epoch to come. Now the nation cannot normally exist without a common territory. Zionism springs from this very idea. But the facts of every passing day demonstrate to us that Zionism is incapable of resolving the Jewish question. The conflict between the Jews and Arabs in Palestine acquires a more and more tragic and more and more menacing character. I do not at all believe that the Jewish question can be resolved within the framework of rotting capitalism and under the control of British imperialism.”

      “The attempt to solve the Jewish question through the migration of Jews to Palestine can now be seen for what it is, a tragic mockery of the Jewish people. Interested in winning the sympathies of the Arabs who are more numerous than the Jews, the British government has sharply altered its policy toward the Jews, and has actually renounced its promise to help them found their “own home” in a foreign land. The future development of military events may well transform Palestine into a bloody trap for several hundred thousand Jews. Never was it so clear as it is today that the salvation of the Jewish people is bound up inseparably with the overthrow of the capitalist system.”

      What follows is basically what I wrote in the previous thread. I would have also included yalensis’ very good arguments, but I didn’t want to do it without his permission. Here goes.

      The gentleman who wrote the two articles does more than merely state that the Bolsheviks/Trotsky were financed by Zionists. He just starts from there and then goes to argue that the entire October Revolution is just a big Zionist project and that the Bolshevik leaders such as Trotsky are Zionists. Zionism is a movement that Trotsky never supported, as you can see for yourself from the quotes yalensis and I posted. During his lifetime, Trotsky was accused several times of receiving funds from Zionists and he always denied it. Of course, you can say that his denial is not plausible. In my view, without some hard evidence like, I don’t know, bank account transfers or a testimony from someone who witnessed Trotsky receiving the money, it’s his word against theirs. If you know more, please do share. Even the author of the article does not explicitly write that Trotsky was given money, but that the Schiff sponsored journalist George Kennan, while in Japan, “freedom trained” about 50.000 Russian POWs. This approach towards the Bolsheviks is very popular in right wing circles and, in my opinion, it is used for the purpose of denying the progressive character of the October Revolution, dismissing it as a Jewish plot.

      Concerning sources. One of the sources mentioned by the article is Wickham Steed. He is not what I would call an impartial observer, him being inclined towards sensationalism and, as a journalist always looking for “the scoop”, ready to delve into stories of conspiracies and sinister plots. More on Mr. Steed here:

      Click to access Liebich_Steed.pdf

      One other thing. It is very probable that the American capitalists saw a huge opportunity for business in the new Soviet Russia and tried to get friendly with the new leadership. The article points to NEP as evidence of the collusion between foreign capitalists and the Bolsheviks. The NEP was meant just as a temporary stage towards a true socialist economy and as a means of expanding Russia’s industrial base, damaged after the Civil War. Essentially, Russia was willing to trade material resources and agricultural products for technology products that would enable her to raise the technological level of the economy in order to become a truly modern and developed country. The Bolsheviks were interested in doing business with capitalists for as long as there was something to be gained for Russia. From what I know, the foreign capitalists never achieved control of the economy of 1930’s USSR. So, in the end, whatever plan the Capitalists may have had to use the October Revolution as a gateway to plunder Russian resources and labour, it was a complete failure.

      As an add on: if you read Trotsky’s “My life” you will see that he makes fun of the Capitalists’ unquenched thirst for profit that drives them to do business with anyone, as long there is something to gain from it. For Trotsky’s explanation about the raison d’etre of the New Economic Policy, see below:


      • yalensis says:

        Excellent points, Spartacus.

        To summarize:
        In Cartoon-World, NEP was a Zionist-imperialist plot, that was foreseen and planned for many many years before the Bolshevik Revolution. By world Jewry (who else?) when they sent Lenin and Trotsky back to Russia to kill the tsar! These Zionist master-minds were better than Mission Impossible: they could plan the most vastest, intricate plots, many decades in advance, and pull them off without a hitch.

        Meanwhile, in real history:
        Lenin and the other Bolshevik leaders saw NEP as a setback, a necessary retreat, even a kind of defeat. Wartime communism wasn’t working out, the economy was tanking, and it was necessary to re-introduce market capitalism. But still strictly under Communist Party control, NOT under control of international capitalism, and only allowing very limited foreign investment. It was necessary thing to do, even though it went against everything the Bolsheviks believed. The fact that Lenin was able to see this hard truth, and to get the rest of the party to go along with NEP tactic, is proof that he was a real statesman, and not just some ideology-bound fanatic.

        There was an “ultra-left” faction in the Bolshevik Party which opposed NEP and considered Lenin to be a sell-out for allowing some limited capitalism back in. Lenin had to wage a factional battle within the Communist Party and convince the ultra-lefts that NEP was absolutely necessary compromise.

        This period of Communist and Soviet history is discussed in Stephen Cohen’s excellent biography of Bukharin.

    • patient observer says:

      Demonized by the demons? I don’t think Russia, China, the other Brics and ROW give a flying fig about who’s demoning who. Russia turns off the gas and Europe get economic if not actual frost bite. Western Europe is the one in very deep danger if they overplay their hand.

    • Jen says:

      ” … International Jewry supporting “neo-Nazis” — as bizarre as it sounds — shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering that Jewish bankers from NY bankrolled the communist revolution …”

      ThatJ, you should provide some evidence that there really was a financial connection between the Bolsheviks and Wall Street, and even that there was a considerable Jewish presence in Wall Street or the US Federal Reserve during the time period from 1917 to 1930 at least, something like actual correspondence between Lenin, Trotsky and others on the one hand and US banks and government institutions on the other.

      The fact that the Bolsheviks worked with US capitalist interests after 1917 simply means that after assuming power in the Soviet Union, they still had to run a country and trade with other countries.

      There’s evidence that the Bush family (as in George H W Walker and his sons George, Jeb and their siblings) did have a connection to the Nazis and the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp complex through a network of companies connected to Thyssen. Dubya and Jeb’s grandpa Prescott Bush was a director of a company Consolidated Silesian Steel Company that owned a factory in the vicinity of Auschwitz and that factory employed slave labour during the Second World War. Some of this evidence was found in the US Library of Congress.

      Presumably evidence for Bolshevik / Wall Street collaboration can be found in the Library if you were to ask.

      • yalensis says:

        Dear Jen:
        We need to raise money for a scholar to visit the US Library of Congress and check out these claims about the Wall Street connections, etc. Subject them to the harsh light of reality.
        I realize that you live too far away to visit Washington DC. Maybe Paul Robinson? I previously suggested to him, I think he would be a good fit, since he is an academically-trained scholar who knows how to find, and use, primary sources. I had suggested that he check out a document in the US Library of Congress archives, supposedly penned in Lenin’s hands, which orders local militants in Penza to hang kulaks. The document is probably authentic, but there is also a chance it is a forgery. That’s obviously a completely different debate than the current (NEP) one.

        Meanwhile, your point is a very good one, about the Bolsheviks taking power and then having to run a country and actually try to get a functioning economy working. It doesn’t happen very often when the revolutionary “dogs” catch the car. But when they do, they have to either deal with this automobile, or quit in disgrace.

        It was actually a big deal, the first time that some Bolshevik leaders had to put on suits and ties and meet with foreign trade reps and consuls from capitalist countries who had recently been invading them during the Civil War.

        • yalensis says:

          From a literary POV, I recommend the works of Ilf and Petrov. Their humorous novelettes have been described as “an encyclopaedia of life in the Soviet Union of the NEP era.”

          NEP was actually very UNpopular with many Soviet workers, because it re-introduced the kind of petty capitalism which completely lends itself to criminality. Ilf/Petrov, in their stories of Ostap Bender and his gang, humorously portray (very accurately, according to some), the Jewish Mafia which sprang up in Odessa during that time. Feeding off dodgy schemes, such as the “Hercules” lumber company, which is eerily reminiscent to Navanly’s “KirovLes” scam! Not to mention Bender’s own shell-company “Horns and Hoofs” which putatively traded said animal parts; eventually, willy-nilly actually DID start trading such parts, and ended up becoming nationalized, after Ostap’s front-man Chairman Funt was hauled triumphantly off to prison to serve time for the scam.

          To this day, a statue of the lovable Jewish crook Ostap Bender (not to be confused with Stepan Bandera) stands in a square (also named “Square of Ostap Bender”) in Odessa, as the photo shows, it is a popular tourist attraction:

          • Moscow Exile says:



          • palmtoptiger says:

            Navalny’s similarities to Ostap Bender go beyond that.

            «Медленно, но верно мы ведём работу по строительству Доброй Машины Правды.

            Мы составили первичный список «видов активности», он под катом, предлагаем дополнять его тем, что мы забыли или не придумали.

            Логика такая:
            сидят дома хорошие, честные, активные люди. Думают: а чем я могу помочь ДМП? Готов тратить полчаса в неделю, но объясните конкретно, что делать надо.

            Поэтому начнём со списка что вообще надо/можно делать.
            «Видом активности» является любое действие, направленное на достижение целей ДМП: донесение до сограждан правды о Жуликах и Ворах.

            Предлагаемый список построен по принципу «от простого к сложному».
            Что вам проще всего сделать прямо сейчас? Правильно: шевельнуть мышкой и поставить лайк или плюс.
            Потом отправить пост в твиттер.
            Потом перепостить.
            Потом имейл написать.
            Потом смс отправить.
            Потом позвонить.
            Потом перевести 100 рублей.
            ну и так далее, пока мы не дойдём до строительства космического корабля, который лазером будет рисовать над всей Россией надпись «Путин — вор».
            (c) алексей навальный

            “Slowly but surely we are doing work on building the Kind Machine of Truth.

            We have created a first list of “activity types”, and we suggest to complete it with what we might have forgotten.

            Here’s the logic:
            good, honest, active people are sitting at home. And thinking: how can I help the KMT? I’m ready to use half an hour a week, but explain me what I have to do.

            So let’s start with a list of things you can/should do.
            A “type of activity” is any action directed towards the goals of the KMT: bringing to the citizenship the truth about the Scamsters and Thieves.

            The suggested list is built based on the “from the simple to the complex” principle.
            What is the easiest thing for you to do right now? Right: click your mouse and add a like or a plus+1.
            Then make a Twitter post.
            Then repost.
            Then write an email.
            Then send an SMS.
            Then call.
            Then wire 100 roubles.
            and so on, until we reach building a spaceship, which will draw over the whole of Russia with a laser the slogan “Putin is a thief”.”

            (c) Alexey Navalny

            compare with Bender:

            «А там, как знать, может быть, лет через восемь в Васюках состоится первый в истории мироздания междупланетный шахматный конгресс! Повторяю, что практически дело зависит только от вашей самодеятельности. Всю организацию, повторяю, я беру на себя. Материальных затрат никаких, если не считать расходов на телеграммы.

            — Сколько же нужно денег на эти…телеграммы?
            — Смешная цифра,— сказал Остап,— сто рублей.»

            “And then, for all we know, perhaps, about eight years later in Vasyuki the first interplanetary chess congress in all creation will take place! I repeat – practically everything depends only on your activity. All organization, I repeat, I take upon myself. There are no costs involved, if we don’t count some expenses for telegrams.

            – How much money do you need for those …telegrams?
            – A comical number, – said Ostap, – 100 roubles.”

            Not just the authentic professional con-man ™ style… even the amount is exactly the same 🙂

        • et al says:

          Tito had the same problem as the Bolsheviks. After World War Two, they tried to run Yugoslavia like the mother country but it was really quickly pissing everyone off, to Tito said ‘F*#k it!’, we’ll do it our own way and did so, also found the non-aligned movement with India et Al (not me!). Not one to take orders from Uncle Joe, the Yugoslavs were cast out of the Comintern in 1948. They never really trusted each other as even during the war, Tito refused to let the Red Army on to the territory of Yugoslavia without a written promise from Stalin himself that it would not stop and simply transit the country on the way to smashing Berlin.

  42. ThatJ says:

    This video has over 200k views, what does the title say?

    I have an idea but the translation sucks.

    • Moscow Exile says:

      I should hazard a guess and say it reads: “Ukraine news: Mutiny in the Ukrainian army. Explosive Jew dickheads seize Rada. Mobilization for an independent anti-terrorist operation goes ahead”.

      • yalensis says:

        Ha ha!

        I get the impression that ThatJ, in his delusionary mania, scans the internet with Google search strings, looking for phrases like “Jew dickheads” combined with “Russia” and/or “Ukraine”.
        Then gets REAL excited when he finds one which seems to match.
        This would explain that huge pile of boner ThatJ made about Zakharchenko’s supposed “miserable Jews” quote from the DPR/LPR press conference.

        • ThatJ says:

          Those are your projections, and as with many others, they don’t correspond with reality.

          I found this video on a pro-rebel twitter feed, and I naturally translate the titles using Google or Yandex to get some notion of what the videos are about.

          My sources on the Ukrainian conflict are mostly twitter feeds and MP.net.

          Even though I found the title curious (despite its poor translation), I don’t really know if the people actually mentioned Jews at all. Did they?

          • yalensis says:


            Looks to be a Right Sektor mob, they are bitch-slapping portraits of Poroshenko and chanting “Poro is a dickhead”. (probably as a riff on the approved Ukie chant “Putin is a dickhead”).
            The beefy guy in camo (who comes into frame around :50 seconds in) starts to shout something in Ukrainian and works his way up into a rant.
            Very possibly at 1:01 he mentions “Zhidy” (=”kikes”), but I am not 100% sure. (since it’s so noisy, and he is speaking in dialect).

            I listened to that segment about 5 times, but I am still not sure he mentions Jews. Wouldn’t be surprised. This is Ukraine, after all.

            • Moscow Exile says:

              Yeah, the word Porokh (ророх – gunpowder) must be their skit-term for Poroshenko because of his blood-and-guts speeches to encourage Ukrainians to fight right down to the last man in order to further US interests. So the heading is something like “”Blood-and-guts dickhead Poroshenko Jews capture Rada”.

  43. ucgsblog says:

    I’m sorry that this took forever, so I decided to go with a two part series: https://ucgsblog.wordpress.com/2015/02/04/part-i-the-ironic-double-gap/

    • marknesop says:

      That’s a great piece, very well-written and substantiated. I submitted it to Russia Insider, but if they are on their toes they will have already seen it. Your writing is just getting better and better. You’re quite right that the west listens raptly to pet dissidents like Masha Gessen, who blow sunshine up its ass all day long and convince it to make bad choices over and over. But anyone too stupid to not put their hand on a hot stovetop after once getting burnt deserves to carry around a lot of scar tissue, I guess.

      • ucgsblog says:

        The other thing is that it’s not really a big issue in the US. Taxation’s now dominating, there’s a lot of curiosity about what interest rates the Fed will set, illegal immigration is a huge issue, preparation for the 2016 presidential run, and of course Obamacare. Foreign policy is on the back burner. Few want to fight Russia, and judging by Ukraine’s budget, not a whole lot of people are keen on giving away weapons for free. Sadly, the analytical team on Russia is anything but top notch. They have no idea what they’re doing.

        On the other hand the lobby of businesses that invests abroad have the proper analysis of Russia, and are trying to persuade the government to look at the analysis realistically. The problem with that is that you have too many McPalin’s who see Russia from their front porch and yell about Russia retaking Alaska, because homeless drunk, erm, resident Russia expert, said so. As a result both parties go into “we can bash Putin more than you can!” mode, which is done for domestic purposes, even though most voters don’t care one way or another.

        I did a mini poll asking Americans about Russia – and most ranted about how ubah ebul Putin was, (the few who knew, didn’t,) but when I asked about elections, Russia didn’t even come up. Neither did Ukraine. Aside from “let’s continue to beat the crap out of ISIS and take action to stem illegal immigration”, no foreign policy issues came up. None. I specifically asked about Iraq and Syria, and aside from “bomb ISIS help Kurds and whoever fights ISIS, fuck, if Russians fight ISIS help them” I didn’t get much. Then I specifically asked if Russia was an issue, and it really wasn’t. So I asked why they ranted, and they told me that Putin was crazy and they needed to rant.

        The whole thing is just so… despite quality analysis from the business lobby, neither party will look at it, because they mistakenly believe that Russia still matters enough to voters, that they could change their positions. It’s acting on a myth because of a myth to support a myth, (Ukraine’s democracy,) so when all of these myths fall apart, the backpedaling will be entertaining to watch. I already have several examples, here’s one of them: “when I said that Putin didn’t talk about economics, I meant that he spins it so positively, that not talking about it would be the equivalent!” Putin – so powerful, he can talk and not talk about economics at the same time!

      • ucgsblog says:

        Thank you for the submission!

  44. ThatJ says:

    The Power of the Holocaust Lobby in Britain

    When it comes to a crude illustration of who has power in Britain you could hardly do better than take a look at the plans for the massive new Holocaust Memorial complex to be built in the centre of London (“Britain’s Promise to Remember: The Prime Minister’s Holocaust Commission Report”). This gleaming new temple of worship for the state religion of the Holocaust will be located, most likely, beside Tower Bridge making it an indelible part of the London skyline and as much a city landmark as Big Ben.

    It will be the largest of its kind in Europe and will rival similar memorials such as the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, adjacent to the National Mall in Washington, DC, and the National September 11 Memorial and Museum in New York. The British taxpayer is contributing £50 million to this project on the understanding that at least the equivalent is met from private sources. Doubtless this will multiply before it is all over.

    In announcing it on Holocaust Memorial Day Prime Minister David Cameron was keeping the solemn promise he made to the Jewish people, that “Ensuring that the memory and lessons of the Holocaust are never forgotten lies at the heart of Britain’s values as a nation.” The British Government has agreed that it has to do much more to step up its indoctrination of British schoolchildren.

    With only weeks to go before the next general election this Memorial announcement has given Cameron a golden opportunity to bend the knee and demonstrate his obeisance. Whether it is in front of the Knesset, on a visit to Auschwitz or celebrating Jewish holy days, he never misses a chance to declare his devotion and unswerving loyalty to Jewish power.

    It is far from the first structure built to remind Londoners of their subjugation. The Tower of London on the Thames was built by William the Conqueror as a castle keep but the real message conveyed by its forbidding stone walls could hardly be clearer — remember who your masters are now.

    A thousand years later the message of this new monument to power will be more understated but equally unambiguous. Cameron said “The evidence is clear that there should be a striking new Memorial to serve as the focal point of national commemoration of the Holocaust. It should … make a bold statement about the importance Britain places on preserving the memory of the Holocaust. It will “be a place where people can pay their respects, contemplate, think and offer prayer.”

    The announcement came at the end of perhaps the longest propaganda bombardment that the British public has endured in peacetime. For in the days leading up to Holocaust Memorial Day it has been impossible to open a newspaper or turn on TV without Holocaust remembrance shoved down our throat.

    From approximately 2017, generations of schoolchildren will be processed through the doors of this Learning Centre building to be indoctrinated. Via the modern miracle of virtual reality headsets they will be able to enjoy total 360 degree immersion into a Jewish ghetto or a German town of the 1930s and to learn about the horrors first hand.

    No expense will be spared in providing lectures, seminars, theatre enactments. A professorship will be launched. There will be fellowships.

    And it cannot come a moment too soon. There is an urgent need for it because, despite the tens of millions of pounds already spent on Holocaust indoctrination, the mandatory teaching in the schools, the specialised school courses, the endless BBC documentaries, anti-Semitism in Britain seems to be at an all-time high.

    Full text: http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2015/02/the-power-of-the-holocaust-lobby-in-britain/

  45. peter says:

    • ThatJ says:

      …[M]easures detailed in the plan or pledged earlier include more than $22 billion to shore up banks and major state companies, including roughly $8 billion from the rainy-day Russian National Wealth Fund.

      The plan protected two of Mr. Putin’s most important constituencies — older Russians and the security establishment.

      I see what you did there, NYT. Putin is the party of the KGB and the old people. This disparaging term is used in the US to imply that the GOP is the party of old white men, but for Russia “old people” (code-word for reactionaries?) conveys a picture of SU-raised and bred people, i.e. commies.

      Poor Putin, the young don’t support him. Or so says the NYT.

    • marknesop says:

      And the experts scoff. Oligarch Alexander Lebedev, economics professor Ken Rogoff (who recently attended an economics seminar in Moscow!!) from Harvard, who did such a spectacular job in Russia last time, and the editor-in-chief of Nezavizimaya Gazeta – also an economist, they must have economists driving taxis over there. I think I’ll wait a bit longer to panic.

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