Navalny Hearts Trouble

Uncle Volodya says, "Enter, stranger; but, take heed Of what awaits the sin of greed: For those who take, but do not earn Must pay most dearly in their turn."

Uncle Volodya says, “Enter, stranger; but, take heed
Of what awaits the sin of greed:
For those who take, but do not earn
Must pay most dearly in their turn.”

Longtime readers will recall that Yalensis has sort of a thing about Alexei Navalny, and worked harder than any real journalist I know of to get to the bottom of the KirovLes timber scandal for which he was found guilty of embezzlement. Navalny surfaced from time to time in the news after that, but any political gravitas he may have accumulated was spent when he failed in his gambit to win Mayor of Moscow. Although he actually made a surprisingly credible showing – largely thanks to Sobyanin’s not bothering to campaign – the government wisely gave him a suspended sentence for his financial crimes rather than jailing him, which I believe is what he hoped for. It would have allowed him to mount a political comeback by bleating that The Kremlin had locked him up to prevent his storming to victory in the election, while leaving him completely free to run gave him no excuse for failure except that the population of Moscow did not want him for mayor. He kind of hit the skids after that, largely disappearing from view except for cameo appearances to argue that sanctions are killing Russia, and basically adopting an opposite view to the official narrative, in an eerie imitation of the recently-assassinated Boris Nemtsov.

But he loves to be noticed, even if it’s just so that he can pretend he is a private person who doesn’t like being noticed. So we’re going to help a little, or Yalensis is. What follows is (potentially) yet a little more dirt on Navalny, a possible link between him and Hermitage Capital Management bad-boy William Browder, and a murky plot to discredit Russian businessman Denis Katsyv. Kastsyv is on the USA’s “Magnitsky List”, and the region in question is the Khimki Forest beloved of western lapdog Evgenia Chirikova. The final element in this crazy circus tent of disparate interests – furniture giant IKEA. I should mention that the case is currently before Arbitrage in Moscow, and ongoing. But I don’t imagine they will mind us kicking it around a little. Take it away, Yalensis!

IKEA, Browder, Navalny; A Tango For Three

Most of the material for this post comes from an interesting expose done by investigative journalist Oleg Lurie on his blog. The blogpost is entitled “IKEA, Browder, Navalny. A tango for three?

Executive Summary: Lurie alleges that William Browder secretly requested Alexei Navalny to launch a specific media campaign against Denis Katsyv.

[yalensis: I checked Navalny’s blog, but a word search on “Katsyv” didn’t produce any results.]


Once upon a time there was a wealthy kolkhoz in the woods near Moscow named “Path of Ilyich” («Путь Ильича»), which held more than 3000 hectares of land. By the beginning of the 1990’s it was down to 1500 hectares, not all of them contiguous.

Later, this kolkhoz evolved into the “Collective Agricultural Enterprise” (КСХП) known as “Khimki Forest”. By 2010 Khimki was fully inventoried and reorganized as a contiguous public area, after resolving many disputes with former kolkhozniks and owners of private plots.

At the same time, mysteriously, 2 office buildings suddenly sprang up in one of the previously empty plots, around 20 hectares in size. In 2012, it was discovered that this plot of land containing the office buildings, had been surveyed and registered on behalf of IKEA. Apparently this plot had been sold to IKEA, which now held the title to it. The land deal was all the more lucrative, since the office buildings were also thrown into the deal, along with the land.

The Khimki Collective then initiated a lawsuit against IKEA, demanding the return of the plot of land, which they claim was fraudulently obtained by the latter. Currently the lawsuit is in its second phase, at the 10th Arbitrage Court of Moscow.

Allegations against the Katsyv Family

Khimki is represented in court by Natalia Veselnitskaya, whose law firm also represents the Katsyv family. Natalia is the wife of Alexander Mitusov, who is Assistant Prosecutor for Moscow Oblast. One of the commenters to Lurie’s piece, “Pakhomov” accuses Mitusov/Veselnitskaya and Katsyv families of being financially intertwined, although I am not sure any of this sounds actually illegal:

“Кстати, почему Вы не написали, что Наталья Владимировна Весельницкая – это жена Александра Митусова, первого зампрокурора Московской Области, а позже… первого заместителя Кацыва-старшего! А ещё Кацыв-старший будучи министром транспортам МО, а ранее – руководителем ГУП “Мострансавто”, передал обязанность взыскания денег за транспортное обслуживание этой организации с районов… адвокатской фирме Весельницкой! За 6%. Так что Весельницкая не только Кацывов защищает, а ещё себя и своего мужа. Похоже на то, что они все там финансово повязаны.”

“Why didn’t you [Lurie] mention, that Natalia Vladimirovna Veselnitskaya is the wife of Alexander Mitusov, the Deputy Director of the Moscow Oblast Prosecutor’s Office, as well as the Deputy of Katsyv the Elder! And also, Katysv the Elder while he was Minister of Transport for Moscow Oblast (…) hired the services of Veselnitskaya’s firm, granting them 6% commission for finding new funding sources. In other words, Veselnitskaya defends not only the Katsyv family, but also herself and her husband. It seems like they are all financially intertwined.”

The younger Katsyv, Denis, is notorious for being on the Magnitsky List. As Lurie points out, these past few months, as the Khimki lawsuit heats up, the liberal part of the Russian press has been flooded with a stream of articles “all with identical talking points”, exposing the Katsyv family and their connections.

Here is a link to one of these typical exposes, from the “Moscow Post”:

Here is a summary of the talking points made by the anti-Katsyv press:

Petr Katsyv is the (retired) ex-Minister of Transport for Moscow oblast. His son Denis is a prominent businessman. Both are suspected of massive corruption. Fearing prosecution, they have fled the country. Petr lives in Israel, allegedly frequenting gay nightclubs, along with his male secretary “Ilya”; while son Denis is hiding out in the U.S. One of their associates, a business partner of Denis and former top manager of Sberbank, Alexander Altunin, is suspected of being complicit in the bankruptcy of the Moscow bank Elektronika. The bankruptcy was investigated by Novaya Gazeta. The Moscow Post piece goes on to list other scandals associated with Denis Katsyv and his associates. A rogue’s gallery, including Vasily Dupak and Alexei Kuznetsov, and others.

Meanwhile, in 2013, Denis Katsyv was put on the American Magnitsky List. The Americans claim that the company called “Prevezon Holdings Ltd”, which is registered in Cyprus and lists Denis Katsyv as the sole stockholder, laundered $230 million. As alleged by the auditor Sergei Magnitsky, this money was allegedly stolen from the Russian state budget and laundered by Katsyv. Katsyv’s “laundromat” allegedly consisted of freezing the liquid cash into New York City real estate. As a result of being put on the Magnitsky List, Katsyv had his American accounts confiscated. He initially contested the confiscations in American court, but later withdrew his suit.


According to Lurie, the recent flood of anti-Katsyv exposes, and the regurgitating of all the Magnitsky List charges, is just part of a new propaganda war waged by IKEA supporters. One of the main talking points is that “foreign investors” such as IKEA are being persecuted in Russia. Trying to deprive Russian citizens of that wonderful Swedish furniture.

The pro-IKEA articles in the Russian press all say the same thing, and all attack the same people. Specifically, two people: (1) Denis Katsyv; and (2) Katsyv’s attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya.

Oleg Lurie interviewed Veselnitskaya, which interview makes up the body of this interesting blogpost. According to Veselnitskaya, she has discovered the Holy Grail: namely, a direct connection between Alexei Navalny and William Browder.


Before we get to the Veselnitskaya interview, let us take a trip down memory lane, to around 2010-2011.

See, for example, this link, which leads to a PDF file:

“The Great Combinator” Ashurkov figures prominently in Navalny’s biography. Ashurkov has always been there, acting as Navalny’s puppet-master and middleman. According to some, he actually created Navalny in a secret laboratory. Their email correspondence, laying out various money-making and political scheming, was brought to light by notorious hacker “Hell”.

Recall that Hell hacked into Navalny’s google-mail account, probably just by stealing or guessing Navalny’s password. The archive of hacked emails later became the basis for Navalny’s successful prosecution in the KirovLes case. But KirovLes constitutes only a fraction of Navalny’s prolific opus.

Navalny’s emails with Ashurkov show that Navalny did not know Browder personally. However, Navalny HAD met with Jamison Firestone. Also, Ashurkov acted as intermediary of Browder’s interests, within the “Navalny Project”, which was created by Ashurkov’s “Alfa-Group”. The peak of this project occurred in the years 2010-2011, AFTER Navalny had been forced to flee Kirov, finding sanctuary at Yale University. At the time, Browder was involved in various conflicts with Gazprom and Price-Waterhouse. Navalny’s assignment, apparently, was to use his “anti-corruption” blog, Rospil, to attack companies on Ashurkov/Browder’s hit list, and also to support the various projects of the Alfa Group.

More recently, Ashurkov himself was indicted, and fled to Great Britain, where he was granted asylum.

How was Ashurkov finally nailed? Not for any of his major schemes, involving big money. For just a minor scheme, involving only 1 million rubes! For creative methods of campaign financing.

Recall that Ashurkov, along with Navalny, when the latter was running for Mayor of Moscow, came up with a cute scheme, whereby Navalny’s often passionate and dedicated supporters simply transferred (via Yandex) their small donations into HIS (Ashurkov’s) bank account, thus bypassing the campaign-funding laws! Which state that a special bank account must be set up to receive campaign contributions.

In retrospect, it is a sure bet, that Navalny’s run for Mayor was simply another money-making project for this duo of rogues. To their credit, they figured out the secret alchemy: how to turn thousands of small donations into a nice little stash of cash: 1 million rubles – not big money, but still money, and not bad for a pilot project. Thus, as Leonid Volkov noted, proving that money for political donations can be raised over the internet.

Imagine how Ashurkov/Navalny must have sweated, when it started to look like Navalny might actually receive enough votes to pass through to the second round! If Navalny had actually won the election and become Mayor of Moscow, that would have been a disaster for him, on the scale of Max Bialystock actually producing a successful Broadway show!

The Veselnitskaya Interview

With this historical background in mind, let us return to the Lurie material, and the interview with the attorney Veselnitskaya.

Veselnitskaya: “A month ago I received some information from our private investigators (who operate abroad); they reported on contacts between Browder and certain Russian citizens, who were called [in the correspondence] by the mysterious initials FBK. Of which one of the individuals involved was referred to by initials NAA. The aim of these contacts was to plant into Russian media negative exposes about Denis Katsyv and also his father, Petr Katsyv (….). And also negative exposes about myself, Katsyv’s attorney. The communications even included instructions about which media outlets to use, and the talking points to employ.”

And then the penny dropped,” Veselnitskaya continues, “that Browder’s so-called FBK shares the same initials with Navalny’s “Fund for Fighting Corruption” (Russian «Фонда борьбы с коррупцией»). And the initials NAA: Navalny Alexei Anatolievich! The media attacks against Denis and myself came from the usual ‘independent’ publications, such as Moscow Post, Novaya Gazeta, Vek, and others. Moreoever, the text and talking points are identical to those laid out in the ‘theses’ of William Browder.”

Lurie: “So where does IKEA come into all this?”

Veselnitskaya: “As the attorney, I defend the interests of Khimki, which is suing in Arbitrage Court for the return of those 20 hectares, illegally taken by IKEA. Therefore, as far as IKEA is concerned, I am the enemy. They don’t want to lose this golden plot of land! (….)

Lurie: “ But why did Browder feel the need to launch this information war against you and Denis Katsyv at this moment in time?”

Veselnitskaya: “For the first time in all the years since he launched this Magnitsky campaign, Citizen Browder was actually questioned in a courtroom. An American courtroom. In connection with some companies belonging to Denis Katsyv, a case initiated by Browder himself on the basis of the so-called Magnitsky Act.”

And any person who reads the record of his testimony will see, that Browder did not present one shred of evidence, that Katsyv’s companies have even the faintest connection to criminal money. To every question posed to him [in the courtroom] Browder replied that ‘he doesn’t know, he doesn’t remember, he doesn’t understand…’ This is the whole basis of his ‘proof’ against Katsyv, and moreoever, this is identical to Browder’s ‘proof’ in the Magnitsky case too. A transcript of Browder’s testimony is available, by the way. (….)”

Lurie concludes his blogpost by issuing a challenge to Alexei Navalny. Lurie claims he has read the the “technical instructions” issued by William Browder to his agent “NAA” at “FBK”, and challenges Navalny to either confirm or deny, that he, Navalny was the recipient of Browder’s instructions to launch a media campaign against Denis Katsyv.

It’s me again; fascinating, Yalensis, and thanks for giving us a glimpse of a gripping legal yarn most English-speakers will never see. Considering it involves William Browder, alleged criminal and international fly-by-night, I dare to hope it might even lure our old and recently-wed friend, Alexander Mercouris, here for a visit. I miss him, and it would be good to hear from him again.

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302 Responses to Navalny Hearts Trouble

  1. et Al says:

    On the Russian interior ministry produces guide story about its guide to taking selfies safely, here’s the link for the original article and the guide itself:

    СКАЧАТЬ PDF-версию ПАМЯТКИ (download link)

    • marknesop says:

      The USA is not going to just go away. It wants control of the Black Sea, which is why it is particularly furious at Ukraine for losing control of Crimea. Washington is a determined adversary, and it will not stop until it cannot go on any longer.

      • kirill says:

        Romania was allied with Nazi Germany during WWII, it is now allied with the logical successor of Nazi Germany, the USA, to wage war on Russia again. These maggots always screech about Russia being a threat, but they are the ones doing all the warring.

  2. Warren says:

    Russia is top threat to national security, US general says

    Gen Dunford said it would be “reasonable” to provide lethal weapons to Ukraine’s government

    A general in line for the highest US military post says Russia poses the greatest threat to national security.

    During his confirmation hearing to become chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine Gen Joseph Dunford called Russia’s recent actions “nothing short of alarming”.

    Relations between the US and Russia have deteriorated since Russia annexed Ukraine’s Crimea region last year.

    A pro-Russian insurgency in eastern Ukraine has also prompted US sanctions.

    “So if you want to talk about a nation that could pose an existential threat to the United States, I’d have to point to Russia.” Gen Dunford told senators on Thursday.

    Some US lawmakers have pushed for the military to provide lethal weapons to Ukraine’s government, a move Gen Dunford called “reasonable”.

    “Frankly, without that kind of support, they are not going to be able to defend themselves against Russian aggression,” Gen Dunford said.

    Thus far the US has only provided non-lethal equipment and training for Ukrainian forces.

    More than 6,000 people have been killed in fighting in Ukraine, which began in April 2014,
    between government forces and pro-Russian rebels in the eastern Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

    Russia denies arming the rebels or sending troops there.

    I think Russia should be flattered, Russia will always pose an existential threat to the US, so long as Russia has a second strike capability. Something the US wants to disable through its ABM programme and deployment in Europe, supposedly against Iranian ICBMs.

      • marknesop says:

        The will of the people is always sacred, except where it goes against western interests. Then they have no right to reject whatever government is imposed upon them, and neighbouring countries have no right to intervene on humanitarian grounds when the government uses the state military to force its will. Both are conditions under which the United States would normally start a regime-change campaign and if it felt that would not take effect quickly enough, intervene directly using R2P protocol. But in this case it supports state murder by Kiev, and is happy to do so. And without Russia to blame, the whole deception would collapse. The USA needs Russia as an enemy, but it is burning bridges that will never be reconstructed in the lifetime of any generation currently living.

    • marknesop says:

      Russia will always be able to supply eastern Ukraine with more and more comprehensive weaponry than the United States can front Kiev, unless America is going to go straight for weapons of mass destruction so Kiev can wipe all of the Donbas off the map in a single strike. The conflict will just escalate and escalate, and Kiev will get the ability to kill more eastern Ukrainians but it might well lose what remains of its army in the effort. The sad thing is, Kiev’s leaders bear no personal risk and they are fanatics, so they would probably accept the risk. And Washington will let them. It is prepared to fight to the last Ukrainian.

  3. Warren says:

  4. Warren says:

  5. yalensis says:

    Meanwhile, in Ukrainian political news:
    The Yatsenuk government actually came out and declared that UNA-UNSO Party (=the core of “Right Sektor”) collaborated with Nazis in WWII.

    This is a change from their usual b.s. about how UNA-UNSO fought AGAINST the German invaders. This rewriting of history went to ludicrous extremes, when Ukies claimed the Banderites should be designated as “victors” of WWII, along with England, France, etc.
    Instead of the losers that they actually were.

    But anyhow, what happened yesterday was that Minister of Justice in Ukraine refused to register UNA-UNSO, stating that “this political party fought on the side of the fascists in 1942”.

    Pundits see this strange (strange for Ukies, not strange for normal people) step as part of a plan to discredit Dmitry Yarosh and push him out of public life.

    • bolasete says:

      it’s hard to resist the temptation to blather, even if i’m showing my ignoramusnuss…
      i suspect that the oppositon in russia itself is at an ebb of influence and normal legalities will proceed at its universal snail’s pace and if navalny’s smoking gun exists it will turn up. and the many lawsuits in the previously linked saker piece are more s sign of desperation than strength. see this from today: – time is probably on russia’s side. if the us econ collapses which could happen if china tries to dump trillion$ of treasuries – us fed would have trouble covering and private buyers, such as lloyd “we are doing god’s work” blankfein also can’t find suckers, then i expect us would have to turn inward – open the fema camps – or launch the missiles.

    • marknesop says:

      I’m not surprised, considering how unstable and intractable his Nazis are getting.

  6. yalensis says:

    I concur, it is necessary to invest every effort to keep Oleksiy Pavlenko in his office of Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food. His discharge will create additional obstacles on the way of widening cooperation between the U.S. and Ukrainian agricultural companies.

    From the alleged letter written by alleged U.S. Senator Dick Durbin to alleged Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenuk.

    Pavlenko is mentioned again in this piece.
    In which he communicated on Ukraine’s successful grain harvest.
    Ukraine set a record this year in export of grain.
    As of the end of June, 2015 a record 33.4 million tonnes of grain had been exported.

    In the Nikolaevskaya region of Ukraine operates the largest exporter of grain, a company called “Nibulon”. Its owner is a man named Aleksei Vadatursky. This oligarch is loyal to the Kiev government, and even raised his own militias for raids into Donbass. In return for his loyalty, Vadatursky is allowed to export as much grain as he pleases, without any governmental controls.

    Here is the problem: Statistics show a drop of 14% in agricultural production in NIkolaevskaya, in comparison with last year. Agri-business has seen an overall drop of 31% this year; family farms a drop of 9%.

    The drop in overall production, in combination with a record amount of exports, is predicted to lead to a fall of grain reserves, along with increased prices.

    • marknesop says:

      Remember, at least some of this is likely to be seed grain, for next year. I’ve seen what Ukraine is going through this year described as a “mini-Holodomor”; I think it might have been on Russia insider. If they are selling off their seed grain for hard cash, next years crop is likely to be tiny in comparison to this year, and they will need to depend on food aid to keep from starving. If things don’t pick up, of course. And it seems clear that the west is not interested in saving Ukraine until there is some resolution of the Donbas question.

    • kat kan says:

      A full year June to June I’d believe. Six months of 2015 it cannot be. Summercrops (corn, sunflower) are nowhere near ready to harvest, while the winter wheat harvest only started few weeks ago, then got delayed by 10 days of rain and has only just restarted.

      Total areas planted were probably the same as usual on agri-business farms, but less on family farms, as many “family” are away at war or sitting in Russia avoiding it. .Many fields are chopped up with mines or UAF trench networks in Ukraine, and mines or being shelled in Donbass. Their production would not be exportable anyway because of “border” controls, and they’d be holding onto it for their own needs.

      I suspect there is some kind of subsidy racket going on here, and maybe some attempt to increase the value of big farms for the purpose of selling them off at a better price.

      • kat kan says:

        Oh-oh. Was a very hot summer before that rain. Further east in Russia they didn’t get the rain. So it’s drought. Volga, Stavropol and Rostov regions are forecasting up to 20% crop losses because of this. Problem, as they provide about 23% of Russia’s wheat crop. However they have plenty for themselves, so this will only affect exports, which are likely to be in big demand because of wet conditions in the US wheat growing areas.

  7. yalensis says:

    Update to the Pamela Anderson story:
    Russia has declined Pamela’s request.

    Russian Minister of Ecology explained that he has no legal basis to detain the whaling ship “Winter Bay”), which is halfway on its voyage from Spain to Japan.
    Valery Fedorov explained that Russia is a signatory to the U.N. Convention on Ocean Rights, and have to follow those rules. If the “Winter Bay” were to dock in a Russian port, things might be different, maybe they could detain the vessel if there was some evidence it was transporting illegal goods. However, when it is sailing out in the sea, Russia does not have the right to intercept the ship nor board it.
    The crime, if there was one, was committed in another country, Fedorov explained. He suggests that the authorities in those countries look into, whether or not the finwhales were killed illegally.

    On the other side of the fence, they argue that the whale meat is perfectly legal, since neither Norway, nor Iceland, nor Russia are participants in a moratorium on whale-hunting.

  8. Warren says:

    • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

      A sign of the times that Trump actually looks like Presidential material next to the others.

      • marknesop says:

        Remember Fred Thompson and his Li’l Red Truck? He was actually the front-runner for about a week, and what he knew about foreign policy – the world in general outside the set of “Law And Order” – you could put in your eye without blinking.

  9. Warren says:

  10. Warren says:

    • Tim Owen says:

      The whole thing is one gigantic costly modification.

    • Terje says:

      This refers only the VTOL version.
      Politics always trumps actual military needs:
      Australia “therefore will only operate the standard F-35A variant, of which 72 are on order and two are currently used for training in the United States”

      • marknesop says:

        Oh. I guess I was too quick, and did not actually read anything past the headline. The VTOL version was always kind of a non-starter; it didn’t have enough power and there was not enough of a requirement for it. The USA most certainly can do VTOL, but doesn’t really need it – it has big carriers and the power projection capability to take over an airfield most anywhere; most of the allies who flocked to buy the F-35 envision their role as supporting military activities initiated by the United States.

  11. Warren says:

    Maybe the Aussie Navy made their decision to decline to buy the F35 after watching these documentaries?

    • marknesop says:

      I think a lot of people figured that was going to happen, but it must be a tremendous blow nonetheless. The F-35 is edging into the position the Rafale was in before India agreed to buy a few – that of on the verge of being scrapped because it would be too costly to produce without any foreign sales. And Canada has an election looming, in which the F-35 purchase will be a political hot potato. But the reality is we can’t afford it, and neither can the USA if it is forced to commit to giving it to Canada without raising the unit cost, because the unit cost has risen inexorably because of failures experienced during testing, and it rises again every time a customer backs out because unit cost already budgets for foreign sales that are planned but not signed.

      I could see Canada hanging on stubbornly and agreeing to take fewer aircraft to keep the price down, but that would be unpalatable politically as well and the Conservatives are already on thin ice. I think Canada will drop it, too, and probably soon. The USA might continue to produce it as a domestic design just to save face, but it’s gonna be expensive and it really isn’t a very good plane.

      I bet that’s the last time anyone puts a plane into series production before it has even completed flight testing and trials.

  12. ucgsblog says:

    San Francisco is under fire. Apparently releasing felons on the streets might cause them to kill innocent people. Despite 4 innocent people being shot and killed, police chief Mirkarimi is boldly going to continue his program. The current story highlights the latest killing and/or murder.

    An illegal immigrant who served 5 years for a felony in Victorville’s jail, after illegally crossing the border after being sent back 5 times, was released by San Francisco’s city police. The story gets worse. After his jail service, ICE was ready to deport him back to Mexico, but SF, (as a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants,) intervened, asking for him to be sent to their jail for selling marijuana in SF. (Cue laugh track.) Despite a request from ICE to be notified when he’ll be released, Mirkarimi released this know felon, who served five years in a horrible jail, onto the streets of San Francisco, who he “allegedly” murdered Kate Steinle.

    After this occurred, Mirkarimi claimed that ICE didn’t present him with a court order, so he could ignore the detainer. However, the reason that ICE had no court order, is because San Francisco snatched him up just as ICE was about to deport him, after he served his jail time. Instead of backing down, he doubled down, effectively becoming the liberal version of Arpaio.

    I know where I’m not going to take a vacation. It starts with “San” and ends in “Francisco”. We have a sanctuary city policy nearby where I live, but our police chief is sane enough to exclude convicted felons from said policy. We’re not asking for the exclusion of illegal aliens, or ending the policy. We’re simply asking for convicted felons to be dealt with, as convicted felons. Apparently it is too hard to Mirkarimi to understand.

  13. Warren says:

  14. Warren says:

  15. Moscow Exile says:

    Policing reforms in Banderastan already showing results.

    Members of the newly installed Kiev Police Academy bravely tackle a dangerous and loudly abusive old alky who was terrifyingly armed with a walking stick. Stealthily they stalked their prey before swiftly and effectively disarming him of his lethal weapon, thereby making Kiev a happier and safer place to live in – just like the USA, in fact.

    Mission accomplished!

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