Hello; I’m From the European Council on Foreign Relations – I Hear You Have a Bridge For Sale.

Uncle Volodya says, "Our great democracies still tend to think that a stupid man is more likely to be honest than a clever man, and our politicians take advantage of this prejudice by pretending to be even more stupid than nature made them."

Uncle Volodya says, “Our great democracies still tend to think that a stupid man is more likely to be honest than a clever man, and our politicians take advantage of this prejudice by pretending to be even more stupid than nature made them.”

Are you familiar with the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR)? No? Well, have a look at their website. Not to be a spoiler or anything, but let me quote briefly from it: “Inspired by the role American think tanks played in helping the US move from isolationism to global leadership, ECFR’s founders set about creating a pan-European institution that could combine establishment credibility with intellectual insurgency.”

Intellectual insurgency – now, there’s a phrase that should inflame your mental ganglia with mingled interest and suspicion, and you’re going to see an inspired example of intellectual insurgency in just a moment.

“The European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) is a pan-European think-tank which conducts research and promotes informed debate across Europe on the development of a coherent and effective European values-based foreign policy.” Having, hopefully, established its affinity for intellectual insurgency, I’d like you to take the next step with me, and think about the target of all this intellectual insurgency. The formation of a coherent and effective European values-based policy.

Once again, please expore the website and draw your own conclusions; I have no wish to apply undue influence to your development of a viewpoint – but might I draw your attention to the membership?

Oh, the hell with it. Timothy Garton Ash, obsessive non-participatory warmonger and the biggest, knobbiest Russophobic prick in a waving pink field of turgid Russophobic pricks? Carl Bildt, Psychotic Pswede of the year and compulsive tweeter of everything anti-Russian? Ivan Krastev, Mr. Moscow-is-trying-to-split-the European Union when the European Union gleefully colluded in the manipulation of Euromaidan which started the cycle of violence in Ukraine? Radoslaw Sikorski, who needs no introduction? Toomas Ilves, fourth president of Estonia, who thinks current Russian wages are close to what they are in Ukraine? Russian average wages are more than three times as high as Ukraine’s – assuming people are actually getting paid in Ukraine – when both are converted to a common U.S. dollar value. Heidi “The EU is not trying to extend its sphere of influence to its eastern neighbours ” Hautala? Do tell. Come on, for Christ’s sake – don’t you think people can read?

You might imagine from this that the ECFR’s delight in the appointment of a foreign leader would be directly proportional to how anti-Russian his policies are, and the extent to which he is an irritant to Moscow. And you would imagine correctly (thanks, Tim).

With that in mind, let’s examine the ECFR’s continuing moonie and swoony support for corpulent criminal Mikheil Saakashvili, which I frankly find incomprehensible through any filter except his value as an irritant. Can the ECFR actually believe he is a suitable candidate to fight corruption? Seriously? Using that standard of measure, such a think tank could reliably be expected to endorse Keith Martin, Europe’s fattest man, for Equestrian Jumping in the 2024 Summer Olympics. And that’s even allowing for the fact that he died last year, poor soul. Not to belabor the point, but Mikheil Saakashvili is about as ill-suited – by both his nature and his proclivities – to fight corruption as a cricket bat is unsuitable for cleaning your ears.

Holy Hannah; I’m torn between the urges to scream out the window in frustration, and guffaw like a Seinfeld laugh-track. Well, let’s look at it.

Immediately, the author indulges in wild supposition – one of the reasons, he says, that the Russians did not move on Tbilisi in 2008 was their assumption that the Georgians would finish off Saakashvili themselves. There is no reason at all to believe this, and Sharashenidze is the only person in the world who has ever postulated such a ridiculous theory – it is particularly ludicrous in light of the fact that Tornike Sharashenidze was one of the earliest voices to admit Georgia started the war by attacking Tskhinvali. He voiced his opinion at that time that Saakashvili had listened to dunces in his government and expected the United States to intervene on Georgia’s side. That’s hard to imagine, considering the U.S. Secretary of State visited him less than a month before, and told him he had to “put a non-use of force pledge on the table”  in negotiations wih the separatist provinces. No word on whether she winked broadly and significantly at him as she said it, but there’s no particular reason to imagine so. The Assistant Secretary of State and other American officials also reportedly warned him not to escalate the situation right up until just hours before the conflict went hot. Both Saakashvili’s response to direction and judgment must be viewed as reliable like a chocolate teapot. A brilliant choice for governor. I guess “loose cannon” was already filled.

Note the generous use of the passive voice in excusing Saakashvili’s more glaring failures – some people lost their jobs, some people were sent to jail, Georgian protesters were dispersed by force, the television station which backed them was raided. Nothing in there suggests Saakashvili directly participated in any of these things – they just… sort of…happened. Imagine such things just…sort of…happening in Moscow. The ECFR would scream as if it were being cooked in a giant microwave.

But the author contends confidently that Saakashvili stands a good chance of success in straightening out the situation in Odessa, in the complete absence of any reason to think so. And that is the most maddening thing of all.

Let’s take a stroll together down memory lane, shall we, and have a non-partisan look at Saakashvili’s previous corruption-fighting record. Beeeeeoooowwwowww (that’s supposed to represent a time-bending sound effect). Okay, here we are in Warsaw; March 4th, 2008. The OSCE/ODIHR Election Observation Mission’s final report on the Extraordinary Presidential Election in Georgia on January 5th has just come out – you can smell the photocopier blistering from all the way down the hall, and the pages are still warm. Just before we open it, I want you to imagine two things – one, that the events and actions we read about  took place during a presidential election in Russia, and two, whether the ECFR would regard them as examples of corruption in those circumstances. Ready? Here we go.

Oh, dear. It doesn’t kick off very positively, I’m afraid. “The campaign was overshadowed by widespread allegations of intimidation and pressure, among others on public-sector employees and opposition activists, some of which were verified by the OSCE/ODIHR EOM. The distinction between State activities and the campaign of the ruling United National Movement (UNM) party candidate, Mr. Mikheil Saakashvili, was blurred.” Intimidation and pressure of public sector employees and opposition activists, in Moscow, benefiting Vladimir Putin and his party – examples of a corrupt and rotten government? What say you, ECFR? I think you know. “Opposition parties were underrepresented in managerial positions in Precinct Election Commissions, and the ruling UNM (United National Movement, President Saakashvili’s party) held a de facto majority“. Is that how Putin runs Moscow? Not on our watch, Sunny Jim. Is that a model for governance in Odessa? I guess it doesn’t need to be – regional governors in Ukraine are appointed, not elected – pretty democratic, I think you’ll agree.

Amendments to the election code were adopted only weeks before the election, and their meaning was sometimes subject to interpretation. “[G]overnment distribution of social benefit vouchers was perceived to overlap with the campaign of Mr. Saakashvili, and raised the concerns about an unequal campaign environment.” You could say that – vouchers for utilities and medical supplies were distributed by authorities ahead of the election to pensioners and the poor; a clear case of use of state funds to buy votes, especially as the vouchers were prominently marked as being from Mr. Saakashvili and incorporated his trademark “5” (He was number 5 on the presidential ballot). Some voucher recipients were asked by distributors if they planned to vote for Mr. Saakashvili and were asked to sign documents confirming their intention. How do you think that would go over at the ECFR kaffeeklatsch if it were benefiting Putin in a presidential election? Like a turd in a punchbowl, I suspect.

The last presidential election, held in January 2004, was won by Mr. Saakashvili with 96 per cent of the vote, in a largely uncontested race in which the main opposition figures did not stand.” Well, ‘pon my word; that’s democratic, surely, and just about as non-corrupt as…say…Zimbabwe. I can easily imagine a president elected on such a believable tide of national optimism turning into a finely-honed corruption fighter, especially when the same country issued a warrant for his arrest on charges of abuse of power.

As mentioned just a couple of posts ago, Saakashvili’s reign in Georgia coincided with record high unemployment and record low wages. You can shake and stir that as much as you like without ever being able to pour it out as success. He built himself a multi-million dollar palace that dwarfs the White House, while the Georgian per-capita GDP for a year was less than $6,500.00. His Defense Minister ran an offshore business for three years, right under his nose, that grossed nearly a Billion dollars in 2012. If all of that does not smell to you like c.o.r.r.u.p.t.i.o.n in three-part harmony, your stink-recognition rectifier may need replacement.

The efforts by this author, through “intellectual insurgency”, to repackage the Georgian Misfortune as  Georgiy Washingtonvili are insulting, sophomoric and deserving of nothing but ridicule. I am frankly surprised that even a parcel of pernicious partisan peckerheads like the ECFR would print it.

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  1. Cortes says:

    The official World Cup site Welcome2018 may wish to look at the clip for ideas on how best to tweak English language content to suit Western tastes. Just saying, like.

  2. yalensis says:

    Meanwhile, today was Givi’s 35th birthday, which he celebrated on the front lines, as always, with his comrades.


    Mikhail Sergeevich Tolstykh (aka “Givi”) is one of the true heroes who came out of the Ukrainian civil war. Before the war, Givi was literally just an ordinary working guy: he worked as the security guard at a supermarket. When the war started, Givi joined the peoples militias and became famous with that video (watch the first, 30-second, clip) when he was doing an interview, people started shooting at him, he didn’t flinch, continued to smoke calmly (bad habit – but on Givi it looks cool!), a hot piece of shrapnel lands at his feet, he calmly picks it up to show to the reporter. Givi’s unflichinging courage under fire made him a local hero and media sensation. That, plus his thick Caucasian accent and sociable personality.

    During the course of the war, Givi has remained a brave, and unflagging soldier. He performed true heroics when fighting for Donetsk Airport.

    Watch the second video, it was done by Graham Phillips, who pops up near the end, to wish Givi a happy birthday.
    In the video, Givi is dancing with a short-haired appealing blonde woman, and they seem to be an item!
    Nice to think he has found a girl friend.
    Plus, Givi is a good dancer.

    Happy birthday, Givi!

  3. Drutten says:

    Oh, I have some inside-information about Sweden’s own little Nazi volunteer Mikael Skillt, by the way. This is from other Swedish Azov volunteers that are typically far less talkative about it all, but now they’ve gotten so annoyed with Skillt that they had to open up.

    Here goes:

    When Skillt was a newcomer in Azov, he refused to partake in any offensive action. He did not participate in Azov’s initial attacks on Mariinka and Mariupol contrary to his claims, only entering the latter once it was firmly under NG/Azov control.

    Later, Skillt tricked his way into becoming the leader for the “international component” of Azov. Once this was done, the international component pretty much ceased taking part in any frontline action as well. It soon dawned upon everybody that it was all Skillts doing – he insisted on staying well away from the front and did his utmost to do so, inventing ever more creative excuses.

    One of the few “missions” that this international group actually participated in on Skillts own orders was when Skillt had shot up his own car with his AK-74, claiming it was done by mysterious Spetsnaz soldiers. A few guys from his group then proceeded to try find these alleged Spetsnaz soldiers in an empty village. Not a trace of anybody was found there.

    Skillt used this story as the basis for an interview with the Swedish magazine “Café” to highlight his bravery and how dangerous it was down there. Some of his subordinates knew that he had shot up his own car and let him have fun with it, but when he started making up an elaborate back story with self-made maps over “Spetsnaz” movements and so on and showed these to the magazine, they got rather tired of it.

    Much later, people higher up in Azov discovered that Skillt had lied about this and a whole lot of other things, and that was the main reason for his dismissal.

    On the rare occasion Skillt actually went to any “hot” zone, he typically acted cowardly. For instance, other Azov veterans say that when Azov were told to retreat from Shirokino towards Mariupol again, Skillt fled in panic ahead of everybody else, leaving his subordinates behind without any orders. The guys he was supposed to take care of were subsequently injured in a rebel attack.

    Once back in Mariupol, they were ordered to head for the village of Urzuf (south-west of Mariupol, this was early into the conflict last year). Skillt led the Azov convoy there, but suddenly stopped in his tracks and turned back claiming that there was a heavily reinforced rebel roadblock ahead. The other Azov guys continued on and saw no such roadblock.

    The very next day, new orders came in. Now they were told to try to attack Shirokino again. Skillt said he couldn’t participate in this offensive as his men were injured and he had to wait for them to recover. The men he was referring to denied being injured though.

    Later on, they were all sent back to Kiev for some “vacation”. Skillt was adamant about not going back to the south-east, and complained about all kinds of things, making up one excuse after another. He also tried to get other people to pay for everything he wanted in Kiev, which made people pretty annoyed.

    Another Azov veteran (confirmed) says that throughout it all, Skillt mostly stayed in Kiev living on other people’s money. This he did while claiming he was still “battling” at the front, continously tweeting about his heroism and ever-increasing kill count.

    So there you go. 🙂

    The Azov volunteers that are the source for this information are also rabidly Russophobe thrill seekers (why else would they join Azov) who are convinced they’re fighting the good fight against “Putins evil mongol hordes” (or something to that effect), because if they don’t stop them in Ukraine they’re gonna lay waste to to Europe and enslave it. Or something like that (I reckon that if anything, the Allahu akhbar folks will do it before that, but that’s just me).

    …But anyway, these guys are not nearly as Nazi as some other parts Azov (like Skillt himself).

    • Drutten says:

      And in the light of this information (which I have no reason to doubt as it is being corroborated by several people who are confirmed to have been in Azov and under Skillts command) it becomes absolutely hilarious to consider all those times Skillt was tweeting away issuing threats towards the likes of Motorola and Givi, challenging them to fights, calling them “pussies” and what not.

      • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

        F***ing called it. How else would he have so much time for twitter?

        That said, I’m sure his Azov boyfriends would love to pretend he was the only cowardly blowhard in the outfit, but we all know that isn’t so.

    • ThatJ says:

      …because if they don’t stop them in Ukraine they’re gonna lay waste to to Europe and enslave it. Or something like that (I reckon that if anything, the Allahu akhbar folks will do it before that, but that’s just me).

      And this is the sad irony in all of this.

      Ukraine is a racially homogeneous nation largely because of Russia, not despite it.

      Ukrainian nationalists have little knowledge about the deteriorating cultural and racial condition in the Zionist-led NATO countries and many want to join them. Those who don’t want to join the EU (and there are plenty) have no idea that they’re being used as cannon fodder by their real foes.

      All countries under Soviet (read: Moscow) influence from 1945 until early 90s lack this suicidal mentality reinforced by the culture of critique emanating from Hollywood, a strange hostile media, career politicians who know what side their bread is buttered and shadowy NGOs. They will get all of that, eventually — unless Moscow prevails in Ukraine.

  4. kirill says:

    A sample of liberast propaganda about the “collapse” of the Russian economy:

    The above is cherry picked worst case in many cases. The actual performance in some of these categories from GKS is:

    Meat production (including canned goods): 103.7%
    Fish production: 99.6%
    Production of potatoes, fruits and vegetables: 96.7%
    Vegetable oil production: 96.1%
    Milk and milk products: 100.8%
    Grains and grain products: 101.9%
    Animal feed: 104.5%
    Assorted food production: 101.3%
    Drinks production: 93.2% (big drops in mineral water)
    Tobacco products: 86.5%

    Chemical industry: 109.1%
    Pharmaceuticals: 117.7%
    Soap and detergents: 104.3%


    But it seems May 2015 has shown a large contraction compared to May 2014. I am not sure what to make of it since a collapse should have started last year. Unemployment is low (5.6%) and inflation associated with ruble devaluation has returned back 2014 levels as of March 2015. The June figures show a marked improvement in some areas:

    Food: 103.9% vs. 98.5%
    Textiles: 93.7% vs 76.2%
    Metallurgical: 93.7% vs 88.8%
    Machinery: 78.4% vs 75.1%
    Electrical, electronic and optical: 94.7% vs 87.6%

    There is some sort of transition under way and we’ll see how 2015 turns out.

    • marknesop says:

      Iran was under sanctions – always led and initiated by the USA but imposed from a variety of directions – by the UN starting in 1979, and the sanctions were periodically toughened, never relaxed. Moreover, Iran had no warning of some measures taken against it, such as cutting the country out of the SWIFT banking system, because that was unprecedented. Iran survived for more than 35 years under sanctions, and did not break. Russia is certainly not going to crumble in 2 years, particularly when it could almost recite the progress of sanctions itself because it knows what the USA is likely to do next. Sanctions might have worked if the west had gotten China to buy in; without it, forget it. It cannot work if they keep them in place for 100 years. But I hope they leave them as is long enough for Russia to complete market replacement. Then the EU will be shut out of Russian markets for the foreseeable future. Thanks, Obama. Heck of a job.

  5. ThatJ says:

    The SS Empire Windrush: The Jewish Origins of Multicultural Britain

    ‘Will you find out who is responsible for this extraordinary action?’
    Oliver Stanley, M.P., June 1948.

    The SS Empire Windrush holds a special place of infamy in the minds of British Nationalists. When the ship arrived at Tilbury docks from Jamaica in June 1948, carrying 417 Black immigrants, it represented more than just a turning point in the history of those ancient isles. In some respects it signalled the beginning of mass, organized non-White immigration into northwest Europe. Back in November, TOO published my research on the role of Jews in limiting free speech and manipulating ‘race relations’ in Britain in order to achieve Jewish goals and protect Jewish interests. I’ve recently been revisiting some of my past essays, delving deeper and expanding each of them in an effort that I hope will result in the publication of a book-length manuscript on aspects of Jewish influence. During this process, I’ve been particularly compelled to research further into the role of Jews in Britain’s immigration and racial questions. What I present in this essay is a survey of some interesting facts, which I hope to document and integrate further as my work on the volume proceeds.

    The Beginning of the End: Jamaican Blacks disembark from the Empire Windrush

    One of the things that struck me most when I began looking into the origins of multicultural Britain was the hazy and confused background to the arrival of that notorious ship. First though, I might point out one of history’s bizarre ironies — the vessel that would signal the end of racial homogeneity in Britain started life as a Nazi cruise liner. The ship began its career in 1930 as the MV Monte Rosa. Until the outbreak of war it was used as part of the German Kraft durch Freude (‘Strength through Joy’) program. ‘Strength through Joy’ enabled more than 25 million Germans of all classes to enjoy subsidized travel and numerous other leisure pursuits, thereby enhancing the sense of community and racial togetherness. Racial solidarity, rather than class position, was emphasized by drawing lots for the allocation of cabins on vessels like the Monte Rosa, rather than providing superior accommodation only for those who could afford a certain rate. Until the outbreak of war, the vessel was employed in conveying NSDAP members on South American cruises. In 1939 the ship was allocated for military purposes, acting as a troopship for the invasion of Norway in 1940. In 1944, the Monte Rosa served in the Baltic Sea, rescuing Germans trapped in Latvia, East Prussia and Danzig by the advance of the Red Army.

    Finally, in May 1945, her German career ended when she was captured by advancing British forces at Kiel and taken as a prize of war. The British renamed her Empire Windrush on 21 January 1947, and also employed her as a troop carrier. Sailing from Southampton, the ship took British troops to destinations as varied as Suez, Aden, Colombo, Singapore and Hong Kong. Crucially, the ship was not operated directly by the British Government, but by the New Zealand Shipping Company.

    It is with this little fact that we begin tumbling down the proverbial rabbit hole. I quickly discovered that the New Zealand Shipping Company, like other crucial players in the story of the Windrush, was Jewish owned and operated. The company was for the most part controlled by the Isaacs family, particularly the direct descendants of Henry and George Isaacs. Henry and George left England in 1852 at the instigation of a third brother, Edward, and arrived in Auckland via Melbourne. They established the firm of E & H Isaacs, acting as profiteers during the Taranaki and Waikato war, and winning a number of heavy contracts in connection with the provisioning of the troops.

    Henry took a great interest in shipping affairs, and was for many years a member of the Auckland Harbour Board. He was one of the chief shareholders of the Auckland Shipping Company, which was subsequently merged into the New Zealand Shipping Company. The other major shareholders of the company were Laurence and Alfred Nathan, of L.D. Nathan & Company. The Auckland shipping industry, like many colonial shipping routes, had by the 1890s been effectively monopolized by Jews. During 1947 and 1948 many former German vessels were passed on to several of these contracted private companies at the discretion of the Ministry for War and the Ministry for Transport. The Secretary of State for War during these crucial years was none other than Emanuel Shinwell, the socialist son of Polish and Dutch Jews. With a degree of loyalty and patriotism typical of his race, Shinwell was discovered by MI5 to have been passing British secrets to the Irgun in Palestine in November 1947. To Shinwell, disproportionately handing government vessels and contracts to fellow Jews would have been mere grist to the mill.

    A Vanity Fair Depiction of N.Z. Shipping Company Magnate Henry Isaacs

    In 1948 the British Empire was crumbling. India had been granted independence in 1947, and an exhausted, over-stretched, and indebted Britain was busy arranging for the return of colonial troops to their homelands, and the collection of others for present or future conflicts. The Windrush was used mainly for this purpose until in May 1948 the ship’s Jewish operators were given permission by the British Ministry of Transport to increase their profits by filling to capacity with commercial customers (immigrants rather than contracted troops) at Jamaica before returning to Britain with these new settlers. This momentous decision appears to have been taken very arbitrarily (and certainly un-democratically) since it elicited great shock and confusion among British politicians when it later came to light. They might not have been so shocked had they considered the ethnic origin of the head of the Ministry for Transport who authorized that action. The Minister of Transport in that crucial period was Harry Louis Nathan, formerly a member of the law firm of Herbert Oppenheimer, Nathan and Vandyk, and a distant relative of the owners of the NZ Shipping Company.

    Harry Nathan: Approved non-White Immigration to Britain

    If the web is already beginning to look a little tangled, readers would do well to consider some of these developments and ‘coincidences’ within the context of the Anglo-Jewish Cousinhood, a topic I covered for TOO about three years ago. From the early 19th century until the First World War, English Jewry was ruled by a tightly connected oligarchy. Daniel Gutwein states that this Anglo-Jewish elite comprised some twenty inter-related Ashkenazi and Sephardic families including the houses of Goldsmith, Montagu, Nathan, Cohen, Isaacs, Abrahams, Samuel, and Montefiore. Some of these names have featured already, and will feature again in the Windrush story. At its head, of course, stood the House of Rothschild.[1] This network of families had an “exceptionally high degree of consanguinity,” leading to it being termed “The Cousinhood.”[2]

    Full text:http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2015/07/jews-the-ss-empire-windrush-and-the-origins-of-multicultural-britain/

    • Tim Owen says:

      Look, fucker: those people were in (and are) in the Commonwealth. Meaning that they had a – highly discounted – claim to seek economic opportunity within it.

      I see as much problem with this as I do with the realtionship between say Algeria and France. That is: none. If France saw fit to extend it’s writ to North Africa then the the least it could do is recognize those citizens as participants in the project of building a greater France.

      Ditto Jamaica.

      All any of us have to pay with, ultimately, is our labours.

      Anything else is rank colonialism.

      P.s.: fuck off.

      • ThatJ says:

        Managerial colonialism is reversible.

        Demographic colonialism is, in most cases, not reversible.

        What you preach is worse than British colonialism in Asia and Africa.

        • yalensis says:

          Dear ThatJ:
          Every single word in the English language, you manage to twist into its opposite meaning.
          “Genocide”, “colonialism”, etc., one could write a dictionary with valid definitions based on the exact OPPOSITE of how YOU define it!

          P.S. – please take Tim’s advice.
          It’s really good advice.

        • ThatJ says:


          Colonialism is not a monolithic concept.

          Colonialism does not necessarily involve population replacement. Sometimes colonialism is maintained by the force of arms, with the colonialist country acting as manager of the colony’s resources and labour. India and Hong Kong are examples that fit this description.

          And then there’s demographic colonialism, with the US and Australia as prime examples.

          Hence I do not support Tim Owen’s opinion that British temporary managerial colonialism in parts of the African world should allow for African permanent demographic colonialism of the British isles.

          • yalensis says:

            But that isn’t what Tim said.
            He said that once these people became part of the Commonwealth (either with or without their consent), then they had a right to emigrate to the metropolis, within the laws of that Commonwealth.
            Once again, you are confusing everything under the sun:
            Confusing colonizing with emigration; also confusing legal and illega immigration.
            Either you are deliberately being obtuse, or just stupid, or both. (Probably both.)

            P.S. – you didn’t answer my question whether you support or condemn the terrorist action of Timothy McVeigh.

        • ThatJ says:


          Once again, you are confusing everything under the sun:
          Confusing colonizing with emigration; also confusing legal and illega immigration.

          I take it that the English were “immigrants” to the US:

          The expectation was that the US was multicultural: the English didn’t have to adopt the natives’ customs by abandoning their own. And so it went…

          Would the natives be morally justified if they had defeated and kicked the English out, thus halting the colonisation of their lands?

          My impression of those who support the colonisation of Europe by Africa and the Middle East is that defending against it is only necessary if the enemy have arms, otherwise you must submit to them and fade away as your folk are steadily replaced. It is a strange conception of morality.

  6. Fern says:

    Back to MH17 for a moment. Yesterday was the UNSC debate on the Malaysian/Ukrainian draft resolution to set up a tribunal to prosecute those responsible for bringing down the plane. Russia had a counter-proposal to get the UN more involved in ensuring the transparency of the current investigation. Nether resolution was adopted so Vitaly Churkin was successful in holding off his western ‘colleagues’ in this instance.

    However, it seems, at least to me, that these western colleagues would not be anywhere near as enthusiastic about such a tribunal if they thought there was any possibility of the Dutch investigating team concluding that an air-to-air missile brought down MH17. So they must know that the conclusions of the report are either a) there is definitive proof a BUK missile was involved or b) while definitive proof is lacking, on a balance of probabilities, a BUK downed the plane.

    The Dutch investigative team issued a statement last week in which they said they were still actively considering two theories – a ground-to-air missile and an air-to-air missile. Which is kinda worrying for an investigative team. Don’t you develop a theory from the evidence rather than start with two coppering theories and try to find evidence that fits either/both?

    • marknesop says:

      I imagine that whoever brought the plane down reasoned it would probably rip apart in the air, and even if it did not explode and burn on impact with the ground it would be so broken and crushed that whatever destroyed it would be inconclusive. And they were right, so far as that goes, because the Dutch are afraid to commit and the Robert Parry piece cited the other day confided that the evidence was nowhere near as conclusive as many are pretending. It seems likely to me that some western countries are pushing hard for a tribunal because they will be able to manipulate its outcome and to get a verdict. Anything Russia says after a verdict is rendered is going to be spun as Russia trying to squirm out from under its guilt. And there is no percentage in it for the west if it cannot be pinned on Russia – separatists accomplishing it with a BUK seized from Ukraine is not worth all this effort, since it does not unambiguously imply Russian culpability. The west went there many different ways, suggesting coyly that satellite photography showed men in Russian uniforms manning the launcher (the crew is actually inside and there is no reason for anyone to be outside during a launch; it would be dangerous), granting legitimacy to Bellingcat’s elaborate fairy tale about the travelling BUK that came from Russia and then returned, and suggesting the separatists might have accomplished it using separatists trained in Russia to operate complicated air-defense equipment. RussiaRussiaRussia. If Russia is not fingered for it, the whole thing was for nothing. And I don’t think anyone seriously believes it was an accident.

  7. Lyttenburgh says:

    I’ve found this little gem 2 days ago and I’m still… “overjoyed” by it.

    Despite manichean claims of the Free and Independent ™ Western Media that in Russia “there are no free press”, that everything is controlled by Kremlin and Putin, and only [Radio] Ekho Moskvy, Novaya Gazeta [Newspaper] and Dozhd [TV] are the few remaining honest sources of truth and indpendent journalism ™, there are still a lot of “handshakable” outlets created for kreakls by kreakls.

    In one such handshakeble paper, the “Snob” [well, at least they are honest with themselves and their readers] recently was published this interview with another extreamly handshakable, ah, “person”, who used to be the Chief Editor of the “KommmersantЪ” paper in it’s [even more] handshakable heyday. This particular excerp seems especially “meaty” (translation is mine):

    Snob: And when do you think the era of the “rich cooperators'” of the 90s came to an end?

    AV: I think it happened when they arrestedKhodorkovsky. Then not only the era of cooperators came to an end, the society in this country was fineshed also.

    Snob: Why is society so easily reconciled with this and it’s own end?

    AV: And because it could not be otherwise! Because there are no such country – Russia! This is a huge geopolitical mistake … I do not know whose, Lord God’s or Darwin’s. This country never existed, don’t exist now and never will be. This country is bad.

    Snob: Even if it is so bad, it does not mean that it doesn’t exist.

    AV: Well, fuck with it! Here’s my answer. Fuck with it, that it exists! I wish it to be healthy! But this is not interesting for me. It is a cancer on the body of the world! What, should I fight with it? I’m not a professor Pirogov, I will not cut out this tumor, I just do not know how. Honestly, I don’t know how.

    Snob: What are the symptoms of this cancer?

    AV: There are two evidences of this cancer. Never in my life Russia and its people had any other national ideas then “we are surrounded by enemies” and “Russia for the Russians!”. With such two fundamental attributes there can’t be country. This is just savagery. Can you give me somw other Russian national ideas?

    Snob: Empire from sea to sea.

    AV: This is just “We are surrounded by enemies” and “Russia for the Russians!” in other words. It’s just combined in a beautiful word “empire”. Nothing else! And with such fundamental principles country of course, some country might even exist, but who needs it? I do not! It is necessary to those inside.

    Needless to say, Andrey Vasiliev now is a proud and free emigre.

    So, after reading this little interview I got a proverbial train of thoughts going in my head at a top speed,finally arriving to it’s destination. Now I can say that I “understand” (as in “understand what makes them tic”) all of them – liberasts, Byelarussian zmagars, Ukrainian svidomites, pint-sized Baltic patriots, sausage emigrants forming Brighton Beach Bitching Brigade etc.

    But that’s the topic for another post

    • ThatJ says:

      Does Andrey Vasiliev live in Brighton Beach now?

      • yalensis says:

        No, Vasiliev lives in Geneva, Switzerland.
        And, no, he is not Jewish, in case that’s what you are trying to get at.
        He is of Russian ethnicity.

    • yalensis says:

      Dear Lyttenburgh:
      Thanks for this find.
      These Fifth Columnists are all the same, aren’t they?
      For them, the true litmus test was, and always has been, Khodorkovsky.

      They longed for a world in which Khodorkovsky owned every single thing in Russia that wasn’t nailed down; and everybody else, including these kreakls, just getting crumbs from his table. But the kreakls receiving bigger crumbs, plus an honored place at the master’s side.

    • Moscow Exile says:

      I regularly ask Russians – ordinary work-a-day Russians, be they of the working or the professional classes – if they could imagine leaving Russia forever, if they could consider emigrating, never intending to return. They all say they couldn’t. They say they’d like to travel, but they always feel they would want to come “home”.

      I have never yet met one Russian person who speaks as does Vasiliev, no one who says “I hate this place and my fellow countrymen so much: it’s a shithole; it’s a dump; it’s full of morons etc., etc….”, though I often hear them speaking loudly and clearly in that way from afar through the bullhorn of the Western mass media.

      I ask my children regularly if they would like to live in England. I get a resounding “No!” off them. They speak English fluently now (except the youngest) and say they like visiting the place, that it’s “cool” and, curiously enough, all their pals think it’s “cool” that they are “half-English”. My children do as well, not least because I suspect they can already sense the great advantage that their bilingualism has given them – but they categorically state they are Russian and that Russia is their Motherland, their rodina, the land that “bore” them, their “Mother Russia”.

      My wife is the same.

      None of them are nationalistic, but they are very, very patriotic.

      People such as Vasiliev are a small yet vociferous minority that, I suspect, suffers from some psychological aberration.

      I am so glad that many of them leap at the first opportunity to fuck off away from here.

      • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

        The type is not unique to Russia.

        America has a whole university set aside for people who hate America. A sort of open-air loonybin.

        Your Russian anti-patriots can be corralled and stowed out of sight in the same way, if you wish. Market it right, and they’ll do it entirely of their own accord.

      • Moscow Exile says:

        I should add that I know many who have chosen to leave Russia in search of fame and fortune, education, a better standard of living etc., but none of them left because they loathe the land and its people.

        I also have over the years come across a few who have returned: some because, having achieved success, they preferred to live out the rest of their lives in their Mother Russia; others because they could not adapt to an alien culture (“No ‘soul’ in the USA!” I have often heard such folk say; and others simply because they were homesick.

        Interestingly, and unbeknownst to me, my sister emailed my wife last week when I was in the UK and told her that I was clearly “homesick”.

        I was: for Russia and my wife and children

        Home is where the heart is.

        • marknesop says:

          My parents-in-law are quite happy living in Canada and I doubt they have ever entertained serious thought of moving back to Russia, but they feel useful here because they help to keep up the home and to look after and raise our daughter – her Russian is fluent because of her constant exposure to it. But they hold no negative associations for Russia, and are in touch with family and friends daily through Skype. They love to go back to visit, and although their lives are here now they will always be Russians.

  8. et Al says:

    Vinyard the Saker: Nuland’s Plan For The Balkans (And How It Can Dramatically Backfire) – Part I

    Top Novorussian officials from the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (Zakharchenko, Deinego and Pushilin) have held a joint press conference and officially announced that they had taken the unilateral decision to withdraw by no less than 3km from the line of contact all their weapons up to a 100mm caliber (weapons of a heavier caliber were supposed to have already been withdrawn according to the Minsk-2 Agreement (M2A); the Novorussians complied, the junta in Kiev did not). Before that, the Novorussians had already done a similar unilateral action by withdrawing all their forces by over 1km from the town of Shirokino. Predictably, the Ukronazis did not follow suit and stayed on their positions (but did not dare enter Shirokino either, at least as far as I know).

    This time around, the Ukronazis greeted the new “gesture of goodwill” of the Novorussians with an unprecedented barrage of artillery fire on the city of Donestsk which, again, was shelled all night long.

    So what is going on here? Have the Novorussians suddenly gone crazy?

    Far from it.

    In fact, they have set a very elegant trap for Poroshenko and his western backers. Here is how it works….

    Cue Finnish Cassandra and characters from Asterix who insist the sky is falling at each apparent setback…

  9. yalensis says:

    Meanwhile, Saakashvili has made it clear that Masha Gaidar does not get a free ride:
    He has put her on a 3-month probationary period.
    If she can’t prove herself in 3 months, then he will be forced to let her go.

    (Which, he didn’t say in regard to his other new hires, so this seems a bit unfair to me.)

    I get the impression the powers-that-be will wait 3 months to see if Masha can cut the mustard, before granting her Ukrainian citizenship.
    In the meantime, she still has her Russian citizenship to fall back on, and despite the grumblings of some Duma reps, I don’t see any legal reason why they could take it away from her.

    Plus, as a bonus! Masha can also emigrate to Israel any time she wants. That is her “ultimate fallback” plan. In fact, according to some sources, in her despair (after not succeeding in her bid to run for office in Moscow), she had already submitted papers to Israeli embassy, requesting Israeli passport. Which, as a Jew she is entitled to.
    She was so fed up with Russia that she wanted to just pack it in and leave.

    However, just in the nick of time, Misha Saakashvili came and rescued her. Whisking her off to a much better place.

    But, as stated, she is on 3-month probationary period.
    So…. near the end of October, I guess, is when we know whether or not she could cut the mustard.

    • Moscow Exile says:

      I don’t think a Russian citizen can legally be deprived of his nationality. Dual nationality, however, is not allowed Ukrainian citizens.

      Kolomoisky, however, who has triple nationality, claims that the Ukraine dual-nationality prohibition does not apply to him and there is nothing in the Ukraine codex that forbids triple nationality.

    • Lyttenburgh says:

      “So…. near the end of October, I guess, is when we know whether or not she could cut the mustard.”

      Well, well! What a coincidence!


      “Regularly scheduled local elections will take place in Ukraine on October 25, 2015”

  10. Moscow Exile says:

    Ukrainians celebrate their “independence” by welcoming those who will guarantee it …

    Welcome to the Ukraine, brave defenders of freedom and justice and human rights …!

    The other side of the coin …

    • Moscow Exile says:

      Welcome to the Ukraine, dearest liberators!

      «Народ-победитель» целует руки немецкого освободителя

      “The Victorious Nation” kisses the hands of the German liberator

    • ThatJ says:

      @Moscow Exile

      Welcoming the Germans was understandable. But times change, and the United States has assumed the role of Bolshevism as Russia abandoned it.

      Whereas in Russia they had an enemy class, with the American version of Jewish Bolshevism the enemy is the white race. Kulturkampf has replaced class struggle as the rallying cause of Bolshevism. The well-being of the working class has been replaced by a bigoted coalition of sexual deviants, feminists, traitorous whites with complaints about their society, and racial minorities. The latter is essential, and their importantion greatly secures the success of this unholy alliance.

      Even almost a century ago, in the Germany of the 20s and early 30s, we must remember that the Frankfurt School had its focus on culture, not economy.

      Needless to say, as with Russian communism, modern America has no future, and indeed, modern American-derived and exported Jewish Bolshevism is even worse than Russian communism. Destroying the well-off class of a society is dysgenic enough, but replacing an entire race with others of less IQ is suicidal, and will bear an irreversible result.

      • Max says:

        IIRC Bolshevism is synonymous with majority rule. It can’t be Jewish. Save inside the shtetl.

      • yalensis says:

        “Jewish Bolshevism” “Kulturkampf” “class struggle” “feminists” “traitorous whites”….

        Dear ThatJ:
        I get the impression you just put words together randomly, like a monkey sitting at a typewriter!

      • Tim Owen says:

        Jesus. This is like a solar flare of good sense!

        Why yes, that must be it!

      • rkka says:

        “Welcoming the Germans was understandable.”

        No it was not. The German objective for Op. Barbarossa was the extermination of the subhuman Slavs, Poles and Ukrainians very much included, so that Germans could have their land.

        That welcome merely illustrates the depth of delusion to which Ukrainian Nationalism, then as now, had sunk.

        “Needless to say, as with Russian communism, modern America has no future, and indeed, modern American-derived and exported Jewish Bolshevism is even worse than Russian communism. ”

        Wow, so many confusions, so little time.

        It suffices to say that America’s present troubles are similar to those of the Guilded Age, when the likes of Carnegie, Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, etc. also employed political power to maintain an unsustainable level of income inequality, along with a similar drive to gain (and now, maintain), global empire.

        And nearly all of it at that time done by WASPs of impeccable lineage.

        So spare us all your blather about the Joooooooz.

      • ThatJ says:


        And nearly all of it at that time done by WASPs of impeccable lineage.

        Who were not hostile to the population they ruled over, unlike our current elite that displaced the WASPs, a process that accelerated in the aftermath of WWII (hostility against the majority, cultivated through centuries of disturbed co-existence, also existed in the onset of the revolution in Russia, to the detriment of Russians). Up to 1965, the demographic trends in the US speak for themselves.

        • yalensis says:

          Dear ThatJ:

          Okay, so now we are getting closer to your core values.
          You wouldn’t mind at all being ruled over by all-powerful oligarchs who control every aspect of your life – provided they were ethnically “pure” white oligarchs like Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, or Howard Hughes? Because those guys are similar to you and would take care of your needs, right?

          Confirms my point that racists are essentially “bydlo” who want to be ruled over by an unelected capitalist elite. Hence their virulent anti-socialist views, and their disdain for actual democracy.

          Hence, their love for Adolph Hitler and his ilk.

        • ThatJ says:



          What I meant is that it’s bad enough to have a selfish oligarchy, but it’s worse to have an oligarchy with deep historical animosity towards the people they now administer.

  11. Terje says:

    “Former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych is no longer listed as a “wanted person” on the official Interpol website.

    This action by Interpol to remove Yanukovych follows an application by Joseph Hage Aaronson LLP. They argue that criminal charges brought by the new regime in Ukraine against Yanukovych were part of a pattern of political persecution against him. ”

    Meaning that the Ukrainian regime can’t produce any evidence of him ordering the Maidan snipers to shoot, or even any evidence of embezzlement…..


    • marknesop says:

      Very interesting. First Poroshenko stipulates that the manner of his being driven from power was illegal, and now he is removed from the wanted list. As you say, despite his opulent personal residence in Kiev, they did not find any of his supposed billions in squirreled-away money, and I have frequently taunted commenters on the Kyiv Post forums to produce figures for “Yanukovych’s stolen billions” after the best auditing investigators on the planet went after it once he was deposed. He was far from a good guy, but most of what they said about him was rubbish.

  12. Terje says:

    More on MH 17. This article summarizes the possible Saakashvili/Georgian connection very nicely.
    google translated from Dutch:
    On February 20 I was already sure that Flight MH17 could not be achieved by a Buk missile from the air and when I found out 16 and July 17, 2014 modified SU-25 fighter aircraft were active over Ukraine there was a light on. These devices, SU-25KM from the Georgian air force were not entirely coincidentally involved in NATO operation “See Breeze”. Georgia is a country that is not part of NATO, but that really wants. They have some of their “old” SU-25 aircraft (even from the Soviet period) in Israel have modified to allow NATO to meet specifications, including new weapons systems. More about that later. My knowledge of modern weapons is limited and fortunately some friends this weapon specialists went to work and have come to new insights. The latest research from the Russian side, published by Albert Naryshkin I want therefore not remembered. They come to the conclusion that MH17 was downed by an air-to-air missile of the type Python 4 or Python 5. A modern rocket of Israeli-made, which is much more consistent with the damage done when my earlier assumption that it is a R -60 or R-73 would go.
    There are four air-to-air missiles that meet such a description and which are able to pick up a large passenger aircraft down by destroying the cockpit. These are a French Magis-2, an Israeli Shafrir, an American AIM-9 and an Israeli Python. All four missiles with a small range.
    Upon further investigation and through simulation, the first 3 revolted by things like type warhead or control, but the Israeli Python gave a full match.”

    “Python has an array imaging infrared seeker. This enables the missile with relatively small warhead capable of attacking a large plane and take on the most vulnerable place. The fragmentation warhead consists of elements of fixed size and only one type. In addition, this is also the type of missile which can be fired from a Sukhoi-25KM. Georgia is in possession of 3 such SU-25KM fighter aircraft and has an arsenal of Python-4 and Python-5 missiles. The modification of the device is performed by the Israeli Elbit Systems and the Python missiles are also provided by the Israeli Rafael to Georgia. Location of these devices is the airport of Tbilisi since 2000. An SU-25KM, equipped with 2 missiles Python, for a layman almost indistinguishable from a standard SU-25 is equipped with 2 R-60 / R-73 missiles (such as Ukrainian air force many property). ”
    “Georgian SU-25KM. 4. Georgia had ever there TAM has developed this upgrade with Elbit Systems, in an effort to upgrade many outdated SU-25 aircraft. It was a financial fiasco and ultimately there are only 4 converted, but what does fully meet NATO standards in terms of navigation, communication and fire control. Also this is the only SU-25 model with a pressurized cabin. In the war against Russia, the unit was, however, very disappointing. At present Georgia still has 3.”
    “As I wrote on February 20, there did two Sukhoi-25KM aircraft participating in NATO operation “Sea-Breeze” with. This operation ended on July 17, 2014, after which these devices are flown back to Tbilisi. I now know from very reliable sources that both devices have made ​​a stopover at the airport in Dnipropetrovsk. Officially to refuel, but they are also equipped with weapons again. During exercise “Sea-Breeze” wore both SU-25KM sets no air-to-air missiles, but they left Dnipropetrovsk fully armed with two air-to-air missiles and both with a 23mm cannon in a weaponpod under the wing. ”
    “The fact is that both units are refueled at the airport and left for Donetsk. After their “secret” mission they landed at Tbilisi airport”

    “And Mikhail Saakashvili? Well, that has now become naturalized Ukrainian and is one of Poroshenko’s main advisors. His role in the story states clearly appreciated. His influence on the Georgian air force was large enough 2 aircraft to fly a detour. And even though he is on the list of wanted criminals, nobody will extradite him to Georgia. In return, Georgia will still receive a NATO membership.”

    • marknesop says:

      But that version eliminates Voloshin, and the entire construct exposed by the Ukrainian ground engineer who defected to Russia; if it was a Georgian aircraft and a Georgian pilot, then that whole storyline falls apart.

      I could buy that it was a Georgian missile, or one obtained through Georgia; they were supposed to have the ground-launched version of the Python in 2008. That was never confirmed, though, to the best of my knowledge. But a lot of analysts like Kolomoisky for it, too, and he has Israeli connections and could have fairly easily obtained an Israeli missile. Hard to say; the damage doesn’t look that distinctive to me, although it’s difficult to say from pictures and I am certainly not an expert.

      • Jen says:

        The other thing is that the versions of the MH17 shootdown that propose the use of Python missiles attached to modified Su-25 fighter jets have to account for the presence of round-ish holes found in some of the cockpit wreckage.

        • marknesop says:

          The holes look too widely dispersed to be the cloud of fragments from a missile. But it must be said that the aluminum skin of an airliner is so thin (weight means shorter routes or more fuel) that you could probably make a hole like that by swinging a tire iron. Distortion would be sufficient from a hard, fast-moving projectile that the shape of the hole would not really tell you much. Not unless you can isolate a pattern of similarly-shaped and same-size holes, which would suggest they were made by the same size and type of projectile.

  13. ThatJ says:

    MTV’s new hit, “White People”, pushes white guilt on Americans. If you are curious, a black journalist at the Huffington Post has an article about the documentary:

    White Millennials Explain What It Means To Be White In America, And You Should Listen

    She concedes that

    …[N]ot everyone agrees. The film’s one-minute trailer has already garnered backlash. Some people of color don’t seem to understand why Vargas is making a film about white people instead of addressing the issues facing marginalized groups. Likewise, some white folks accuse Vargas of publicly shaming the white race and making them feel guilty for being white.

    She takes the Boasian position that race is a social construct:

    It’s important to note that race and racism, while interconnected issues, are not the same. Race is a surface-level social construct. Racism, conversely, is political.

    Race is biological and cannot be altered by human constructs such as language or institutions. You can take a native Peruvian child out of Peru and raise him in a white upper-class upbringing, he still won’t cluster genetically with members of the race that adopted him.

    (I dare any liberast proponent of Lysenkoism to socially engineer one’s racial makeup so that he can cluster elsewhere other than where he belongs)

    The Jew Noel Ignatiev plays on human ignorance, conflating race with skin pigmentation:

    Noel Ignatiev, author of How The Irish Became White, believes it is important to talk to the people who, inadvertently or directly identify with the white race. The social and political privilege attached to light skin, he said, explain how America works. 

    “Fair skin, of course, is a type of skin — some people have fairer skin than others — but by itself that doesn’t mean anything,” Ignatiev said. “Thinking of yourself as white means that you accept and embrace a society that attaches social meaning to fair skin. Without the advantages of whiteness in this society, fair skin would have no more significance than big ears or left-handedness — it would mean nothing.”

    The Irish is an ethnic group, not a race. They are not Anglo-Saxon/Germanic (well, the ones in eastern Ireland have a fair input of this blood), that’s why they were not regarded as equals in the Anglo-centric US of the past, and not because they are of a different race.

    White anxiety over racial dispossession is real:

    The concept of America becoming less white, due to immigration and more multiracial babies being born, tends to worry white people. A 2014 study by Northwestern University found that this fear causes white people to take socially conservative positions on both race-related and race-neutral policies. Such concern, according to Ignatiev, stems from a desire to maintain the white identity and the privileges attached to it.

    The Mestizo director of the documentary has the chutzpah of shaming the white race because of its “privilege”.

    The problem with this Trotskyite nonsense is that a privilege is given, not earned. It’s a concession from a person or a group of persons to another. If the status of a race in the civilization they founded is a product of the race’s ingenuity, we call it achievement, or success. Privilege was not conceded to Whites by other races. Our status and social position were earned by our brain and brawl. Whites are heirs to their ancestors’ achievements.

    Here’s the trailer in question:

    If you consider the thumb ups and downs, people are not thrilled by the message.

    • Ilya says:

      Noel Igantiev, his “program”, and the circumstances of his admission to Harvard form something of a touchstone for anti-Jewish conspiracy theorists which couldn’t be surpassed by even a thousand editions of the Völkischer Beobachter.

      • ThatJ says:

        The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race. Until that task is accomplished, even partial reform will prove elusive, because white influence permeates every issue in U.S. society, whether domestic or foreign.
        —Noel Ignatiev, Abolish the White Race – By Any Means Necessary.

        Make no mistake about it, we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females, too, until the social construct known as ‘the white race’ is destroyed. Not ‘deconstructed’ but destroyed.
        —Noel Ignatiev, Race Traitor.

        Ahem, only an antisemite conspiracy theorist, a hater, would oppose such an enlightened idea as the abolishment of his or her race. This is what passes for mainstream view on the White Question in the US and other Western countries. It is common today to learn this trash in social science studies, and increasingly the so-called liberal media is pushing this pathological culture upon society as well.

        The ironies of history. The German “Jewish Question” (deportation) was an unspeakable act of hatred, whereas the Jewish “White Question” (abolishment) is mainstream and respectable. What gives?

        • marknesop says:

          I don’t think anyone sensible subscribes to such a ridiculous notion as the white race being destroyed or abolished. You would be surprised at how colour-blind people are when they move up the social ladder. My daughter worked for a Mexican man in San Diego; he was a banker, and reasonably well-off. His groundskeepers were Mexicans. Do you think that’s because they were in a shared conspiracy to abolish the white race? No, because they did good work for less money.

        • ThatJ says:


          You would be surprised at how colour-blind people are when they move up the social ladder.

          And that’s a huge problem right there. I bet the well-off Pharaohs also didn’t care about who carried the burden of labour for them, so using Nubian slaves (the equivalent of cheap labour today) was all for the good. As Dr. William Pierce used to say…

          • yalensis says:

            Thanks for the propaganda reel, ThatJ! Nice to know who your heroes are.

            But the curmudgeon Pierce only goes so far… he takes it up to the point where the American “white middle class” are supposed to actually stand up and DO something about the 30 million jungle bunnies who threaten their existence… and then he just tapers off.

            A good propaganda reel is supposed to lay out the problem, and THEN mobilize people for the solution to the problem. Even if it’s just something lame like: “Join your local KKK chapter today.”
            But Pierce doesn’t say anything about what he expects the white people to do about their awful plight.

            He doesn’t offer them a plan of action, not even the next operational step.
            He ends up just sounding like a spiteful old man: “I HOPE you suffer, so that you will admit I was right all along…”

            Therefore, I would call his propaganda reel an epic fail, which doesn’t accomplish anything to promote his, or your, cause.
            If your goal is to incite a race war in the U.S., then you are going to have to do better than that.

            • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

              Oh, Pierce wrote a plan of action all right.

              It was called the Turner Diaries, and it began with caving in a deli-owner’s skull with a jar of pickles and ended with using nuclear weapons to destroy most of the planet.

              • yalensis says:

                Oooh you’re right, Pavlushka. I had forgotten about Pierce’s magnum opus:

                The Turner Diaries depicts a violent revolution in the United States which leads to the overthrow of the United States federal government, nuclear war, and, ultimately, to a race war leading to the extermination of all groups deemed by the author as a threat such as Jews, gay people, and non-whites.

                I didn’t read the book, so I don’t know how the nukes are savvy enough to figure out who is gay, Jew, or non-white. (smart nukes equipped with elaborate gaydar?)

                More interestingly: wiki says that a copy of the book was found (by FBI agents) in the car of Timothy McVeigh.

                I seem to recall from a previous debate, I had asked ThatJ to come out on the record and either praise or denounce Timothy McVeigh.

                But all I got was (…..)
                crickets…. – LOL!

              • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

                ‘I didn’t read the book’

                I did. From beginning to end. Polemic clad in a thin, see-through nightie of fiction, so there aren’t really any characters except the titular one, and possibly his Mossad torturer. As hideous as it is, you need a heart of stone not to be slightly cheered up by the scene where Turner obliterates the Pentagon with a nuclear bomb delivered by kamikaze plane.

                ‘ so I don’t know how the nukes are savvy enough to figure out who is gay, Jew, or non-white. (smart nukes equipped with elaborate gaydar?)’

                Pierce desired that only a few would get to enter his promised land. He wrote somewhere else that the ideal population of North America would be around 50 million. Which, in the novel, is the number of people left alive in North America after nuclear fire, famine and brutal race war have taken their toll. The deaths of those white folks not strong or vicious or even lucky enough to survive in Turner’s new world are noted with grim satisfaction – after all, they brought it on themselves by failing to listen to him sooner.

                McVeigh took inspiration from a scene in the book where Turner’s colleagues use a truck-delivered fertiliser bomb to destroy the FBI headquarters and derail the FBI’s plans to institute a nation-wide internal passport system. By his own account, he didn’t share Pierce’s racial ideas (he really ought to have denounced them a bit more forcefully then – the desirability of apocalyptic race war really is something one should have strong opinions on).

                But hey, child-killing bastard though McVeigh was, his view of acceptable collateral damage was much the same as the Pentagon’s.

                • yalensis says:

                  That’s interesting. Pierce’s hatred for “his own” people comes through loud and clear in that radio clip that ThatJ was kind enough to post for us.
                  Pierce wanted the white middle class to suffer every hell in the book, as punishment for “not having listened to his warnings” about the demonic blacks.

                  I know some people like that. They would be glad to see the whole world burn around them, just so they could turn and say, “I told you so.”

                  What an unpleasant old curmudgeon!

    • Max says:

      Yeah, but when someone protests, the divisions in society(that matter) are between classes not races, you lot throw up your arms and cry COMMUNISM! Make up your damn minds. Are we headed for a multi-cultural apocalypse or being crushed beneath a Communist behemoth?

      • yalensis says:

        Different strands of Racists may disagree among themselves on certain political issues, but the one thing that ALL Racists agree on, whatever their other political differences, is their anti-communism.
        They don’t even want to hear about class distinctions.
        For them, it’s all about the eugenics
        It’s about “superior” races vs. inferior” races, and how the former should rule (and kill) the latter.
        At the same time, these political racists portray themselves as the victims of the “inferior” races on whom they project they own strivings to dominate.
        ThatJ (and Professor MacDonald, for whom he is proxy) is a perfect example of this vicious and self-pitying mindset.


    • yalensis says:

      And once again, ThatJ, I guess we are doomed to have this debate unto the gates of hell:
      “The problem with this Trotskyite nonsense ….”
      By “Trotskyite nonsense” you are referring to the concept of “white skin privilege” ?

      In which case, please produce a quote, ANY quote by Trotsky, in which he used this term or even discussed the issue of race in these terms.

      If you can’t find a quote, then please shut your fucking mouth.

  14. Moscow Exile says:

    When’s she going to Odessa?….

    • marknesop says:

      Oh, poor muffin!! They can’t figure out why Russia would be a little nervous of someone who hangs around in Crimea, protested against Crimea’s restoration to Russian control and has a sympathy thing for the Ukrainian army? He’s lucky he doesn’t live in the USA and took part in a protest in favour of the American army getting out of Iraq.

      “On Wednesday this week, an appeals court in New York ruled in favor of the government and once again allowed the White House to legally indefinitely detain persons that fit in the category of enemy combatants or merely provide them with support.”

      I imagine there is more to the story that we are not being told. But as usual, The Graun makes it sound like he’s in jail for being too warmhearted to be Russian.

    • cartman says:

  15. Moscow Exile says:

    And her she is with Shuster:

  16. Moscow Exile says:

    A Russian Liberal’s wet dream:

  17. Moscow Exile says:

    Another exciting image for some:

  18. Warren says:

    New Zealand’s Nigel Richards wins French Scrabble crown

    The French-language Scrabble world championship has been won by a New Zealander who does not speak a word of French, competition organisers say.

    Nigel Richards defeated a rival from French-speaking Gabon in the final in Louvain, Belgium, on Monday.

    Mr Richards is said to have memorised an entire French Scrabble dictionary in nine weeks earlier this year.

    A previous English Scrabble champion, he originates from Christchurch, New Zealand, and is now based in Malaysia.

    He beat Gabon’s Schelick Ilagou Rekawe two games to nil in Monday’s final.


  19. et Al says:

    I do really wonder what is going on in the EuroFarts’ (TM) heads these days.

    A case in point. I’ve just looked at EUobserver.com which has become an enthusiastic and willing source of counter propaganda against Russia (and a whole slew of articles by russophobes, with relevant new comers, the dutchies Sijbren de Jong and Jan Wouters penning opinion pieces).

    There’s this story: Dutch-Polish ‘content factory’ to counter Russian propaganda
    https://euobserver.com/foreign/129724 by Rettmann, and then there is this main headline one: EU states fall short on asylum targets https://euobserver.com/justice/129715 (…He said Poles are afraid that around 1.2 million internally displaced Ukrainians will push across the border if a full-blown war breaks out with Russia…. </i) and this supposedly analytical piece by the dutchies mentioned above Russia’s coalition of the unwilling but really a hackjob

    So let’s get this straight, the EU cannot agree to take a measly 40,000 asylum seekers (only 32k! over the next two years!) – NOT economic asylum seekers – from countries they have either bombed the fuck out of or supported others to do so, but countering Russian propaganda in Eastern Europe and Russia is considered a priority! The phrase fiddling while Rome burns springs to mind. These people are nuts.

    • ThatJ says:

      32000 are 32000 too many. Let ethnically related neighbors take them in.

      Whites have no history of sending our refugees in times of upheaval to non-European derived countries.

      Even today.

      Take Ukraine’s situation. The refugees either flee to a non-conflict zone in Ukraine or to Russia.

      The opportunists in Africa and the Middle East, though, don’t care about inserting themselves where they don’t belong.

      And yes, the EUobserver is a willing source of propaganda against Russia, and against Europeans as well. It is part of a hostile media that gives positive portrayals of European racial displacement.

      • marknesop says:

        Ummm….where else would Ukrainians go? Africa?

      • ThatJ says:


        Maybe Japan, or South Africa (deteriorating but passable).

        Dunno, there are non-white countries that offer a living standard superior than what present day Ukraine can offer.

        Didn’t ethnic Russians flee conflict in Central Asia after the fall of the Soviet Union to a barren and impoverished Russia?

        Didn’t ethnic Germans flee the advancing Red Army and sought refugee in a destroyed — albeit peaceful after the war ended — Germany?

        I mean, there are flashpoints in some countries in Africa and the Middle East, but it’s not like the whole region is being consumed by a glorious flame.

        I do not object to Ukrainians fleeing to Russia, Poland, or Hungary.

        Of course I am being sarcastic when I mention Japan or South Africa, as I know they would not take any Ukrainian refugee. They have as much obligation to take Ukrainians as they have to take Argentines, Eskimos or Australian Aboriginals: none whatsoever. The same rule applies to Eritrean opportunists in Germany or Iraqis in Sweden.

        Europe and North America are badly in need of a place somewhere in the world to house all refugees who are unsatisfied with being safe among people like themselves (safe but poor — so wouldn’t that make them “economic migrants”?). The monetary burden can be shared much more fairly, through the agency of the UN, between half a hundred non-failed nations or so, and no population (read: whites) would fall victim to racial replacement by aliens. Non-failed nations can help by (each) sending some two hundred military personnel, medics and other specialists to a remote place in the world where they can construct a city-sized asylum to house the aforementioned refugees, using the latter’s labour, and temporarily if the conditions of why they fled permit. But I have this feeling that the US/EU hostile elites actually want as much aliens settled in Europe as possible, and what better excuse than inserting them as “refugees”?

        • marknesop says:

          You don’t suppose it’s because they often have nothing but the clothes on their backs and what they can carry, and can’t afford passage to Japan – which is, to be fair, quite some distance away (a little over 8,100 km from Kiev to Tokyo)? And Poland has hardened its border in anticipation of a rush of refugees, and won’t take them in? They’re running to where they can afford to go with almost nothing in their pockets that will let them in, and give them work, and where they can speak the language. I don’t know what’s telling behavior in that, except for common sense.

        • ThatJ says:


          You don’t suppose it’s because they often have nothing but the clothes on their backs and what they can carry, and can’t afford passage to Japan – which is, to be fair, quite some distance away (a little over 8,100 km from Kiev to Tokyo)?

          That’s right. I agree with your take. Northern Europe is also far away from e.g. Iraq and Eritrea, besides being peopled by a very different stock.

          • Jen says:

            All right ThatJ, so you try telling Poland to take in Ukrainian refugees as the two peoples are related by language and common Slavic linguistic heritage, and also have some history in common. Why is Poland reluctant to take in Ukrainian refugees, as Mark says?

          • ThatJ says:


            I see no problem with Poland taking Ukrainian refugees, though I don’t see it as necessary at the moment, to be honest. Whether Poland allows or not is immaterial to my view — I am not a Polish legislator.

            However, my knowledge of the Polish border is that the trespassers are Galician economic migrants, not Donbass refugees. Western Ukraine is not under any threat, other than economic downturn.

            I cited three countries, but there are more countries that could share the burder of white Ukrainian refugees. So far the problem in Ukraine is not generalized. The people either stay in Donbass (under some risk), leave to other regions of Ukraine, or to Russia. Pretty decent behavior, theirs.

            • yalensis says:

              “Whether Poland allows or not is immaterial to my view — I am not a Polish legislator.”

              How jolly decent of you to leave Polish affairs to the Poles!
              And yet you have no compunction about sticking your big nose into the rest of the world, and lecturing, say, European nations, how they should behave towards African migrants and refugees!

              Typical American kibitzer, you are.

              • marknesop says:

                Shhhhh!!!! That’s a hell of a good start!!! Now if we can gradually persuade the Americans to leave Russian affairs to the Russians, who knows what progress might be made?

                I can’t joke about it, not really, because it is a fact that the American political class watches virtually every national election worldwide with a view to how it will affect American interests, and seldom spares much thought for how it will affect those nations themselves. That’s the kind of imperative you feel when you tell yourself you are exceptional and the last superpower.

            • ThatJ says:


              European countries are under the pressure of international bodies, including the EU, to open their doors to the aliens seeping through their borders.

              Indeed, Schulz said that the refugee quota must be mandatory because the EU countries are not being helpful enough:

              EP president Martin Schulz had told reporters earlier on Thursday that “voluntary or intergovernmental schemes have been tried in the past and have failed.”

              “If this is to work, it must be mandatory.”

              The European commission, for its part, in the lead up to the summit has made similar statements.


              The shining light of democracy!

              yalensis’ African “refugees”, young bucks in their prime:

              It is a general trend: not many children, elderly or women. And to Europe… always.

              Clamoring for the sacrifice of a distinct race’s posteriority when you don’t lift a finger to help the world’s downtrodden, not as a volunteer, not as a donor — as if whites are some sort of slave people who should be wasted in an utterly unwinnable humanitarian mission so that you can “feel good”. Typical pseudo-humanist, you are.

      • yalensis says:

        “Whites have no history of sending our refugees in times of upheaval to non-European derived countries.”

        Dear ThatJ:
        You can live in North America and actually write those words with a straight face?

        • ThatJ says:

          North America was conquered by Indo-Europeans and was defined as an European outpost by much of its history.

          You know, conquest is not exclusive to whites. The Turks conquered Anatolia and would have gone further into Europe had Austrians and Poles not stopped them in the past. Nobody challenges the Turks’ ownership of modern-day Turkey.

          Note that I say “European-derived nations”, not European nations per se.

          • yalensis says:

            Dear ThatJ:
            Well, now you’re shifting the goalposts of the argument a bit.
            Being a desperate fleeing refugee is a bad thing, but it’s GREAT to be a conqueror and take somebody else’s land by force?

            Nobody challenges the Turks’ ownership of modern-day Turkey.
            You never heard of the Kurds and their struggle for self-determination?

          • ThatJ says:


            I already argued my view on refugees. Let them live in a country that share a similar racial stock to their own, which are generally neighbouring countries. It may happen that they have in the past conquered a country elsewhere, like the Turkic peoples of Central Asia who conquered Anatolia and named it Turkey.

            A Middle Eastern or African “refugee” who passes through a dozen safe countries to reach Britain, Germany or Scandinavia is an opportunist and cares jackshit about the effect of his selfish pursuit on the posteriority of the alien people whom he cast himself amongst.

            Regarding conquest, well, that’s how it happened and there is nothing we can do about it. Verily, if the conquering English did not face resistance from the Indians, and the Indians would just submit to fate and fade away, then weapons would be of no use. I think you generally support the latter outcome, rather than the former.

            • marknesop says:

              But what about their aspirations for a better life, for themselves during their remaining years and for their children after them? Do you really think you should be limited to the country you were born in, or one of “similar racial stock” just because of where you were born? If we were talking about people who want to come to North America just so they could go straight on social benefits and live off of everyone else’s hard work, I’d agree. But I have yet to see any evidence that indolence is racial. My neighbourhood is fairly affluent, but it is also multicultural. My neighbours are Ukrainian, Chinese, Indian and Iranian. They all must have pretty good jobs to keep up with their mortgage payments, because it takes two of us.

            • Jen says:

              Sub-Saharan African people have been living in England (at least) since the 1500s. A black woman, Catalina de Cardones, is known to have served Catherine of Aragon as her lady of the bedchamber for 26 years.

              A number of former slaves from the American colonies fled to England for having fought on the British side when the US won the Revolutionary War in the 1770s – 1780s.

              So when Africans go to live in England, they’re already joining people of “similar racial stock” as themselves, whatever that agricultural term means. And why should they not, if they are coming from countries that were former British colonies and are now part of the British Commonwealth?

              • ThatJ says:

                Sorry Jen, but that’s insulting to my intelligence. If there were a few Negroes in England, they were almost nonexistent nevertheless.

                • Jen says:

                  Well, why should facts be insulting to your intelligence? If you visit the Kremlin Stooge, you must have an open mind.

                  There was a case of a man living in Yorkshire whose Y-chromosome DNA, when analysed, indicated that an 18th-century male ancestor of his came from west Africa. He was not the only one, a few Yorkshire men tested turned out to have similar Y-chromosome DNA.

                • Cortes says:

                  The surnames Black and Blackie came into being in UK English for reasons unrelated to the hair colour of their bearers (oops). Similarly, the Jolly family of SW Scotland was well known to have been black skinned originally.
                  And the expression “young bucks ” you employed is crass even by your standards.

                • ThatJ says:


                  The origins of the surname “Black”:

                  Says nothing about black ancestry.

                • Moscow Exile says:

                  Morris, Morrisey …from “Moorish”.

                  My Glasgow pal from Cambuslang, best man at my wedding, is a Morris.

                • Moscow Exile says:

                  Schwarzenegger is an interesting name…

                  It means someone from the “black corner/edge”, as a matter of fact (schwarz- black; Ecke = corner/edge): it’s derived from a place name.

          • Jen says:

            The British and French, and even Greece, have tried to challenge Turkish “ownership” of Turkey in the recent past. Do you not consider that Britain and France, and any other part of western Europe, wouldn’t try to do so again if they thought they could get away with it?

            Also try telling Washington to respect Turkish sovereignty and the sovereignty of most Middle Eastern countries generally and to abandon this map:

  20. Lyttenburgh says:

    And now – my Great Theory explaining Liberasts and their ilk outlook and all this jazz.

    After two days of fasting, meditation, opening up my chakras and re-connecting with the Astral Plane via my Third Eye (and a lot of Googling, of course) I can now say what makes “these people” tic.

    Actually, it’s incredibly simple. Understanding these kind of… people is not a rocket science. Really.

    All of the, are just neo-Cathars (Albigensians). You know – The Pure Ones.

    Now, think about it! All of them treat Russian State/Government/Head of the State like God. They ascribe to him the Omnipotence and Omniscience. For them – Russian State is some super-human structure surely capable of all sort of incredible feats. And the current Head of the State serves as it’s Embodiment.

    The fact that such Super-Capable and All-Knowing person can’t make a life better (primarily – for a blessed handshakable “Eloi”) could mean only one thing – that this Embodiment of Divinity is Evil and Maligned. That’s why any of “demiurges” of Russia are treated basically equally by the Pure Ones. It doesn’t matter whom we are talking about here – Putin, Stalin, Lenin, Peter I, etc. All of them are EVIL in their worldview. And, because they were EVIL, everything created by them is equally evil. Be that cities (where a lot of the Pure Ones still live), infrastructure (like Metro, houses, powerstations and hospitals, which our Neo Cathars “had to” use), the fact that USSR won The Great Patriotic War (“Not due to – but in spite of Stalin!!!11!111!!!”) or even the present borders of Russia – they are still EVIL. And by using all these products of the “Satanic Demiurge” our Cathars suffer greatly. Really. Deep down in their souls. They hate every single aspect of it and are not shy about preaching about it’s evils to people around them.

    So, according to these Neo Cathars the Great Satanic Demiurge has already won. All “created World” (in our case – Russia and environs) bears His Unholy Seal. There is no Hope for them. In our Pure Ones worldview there is no place for a Savior. They, and only they can “resists” this “Evil Empire” by staying Pure, upholding Ideals, Values, treasuring their Dignity and Conscience. ‘Cause, obviously, they are better then all those Slaves to Darkness surrounding them. Their Ideal truly belongs not to the Material World (even to parts untouched by the Satanic Demiurge), but to the Ideal Plane as it only exists in the heads of the Pure Ones.

    This even was documented loooooooooooooooooooong time ago. As an example I will cite Alexander Pushkin’s “The Bronze Horseman”. There, we have our krealks counterpart born some 200 years ago, who:

    “Lives in Kolomna: he’s in service,
    Avoids the rich ones, and ne’er sad is
    For his kin which had left the world,
    Or for the well-forgotten old.”

    When a flood strikes St. Petersburg Yevgeniy blames not God, not natures, not the sea, not the Uncaring Bitch Universe. No – he blames Peter the Great personally for the fact, that he envisioned and then built a city on Neva river:

    “The poor madman circled around
    The foot of the black idol’s mass,
    He gazed into the brazen face
    Of the half-planet’s ruler, proud.
    And was his breast oppressed. He laid
    On the cold barrier his forehead.
    His eyes were veiled with a mist-cover,
    His heart was all caught with a flame,
    His blood seethed. Gloomy he became
    Before the idol, looming over,
    And, having clenched his teeth and fist,
    As if possessed by evil powers,
    “Well, builder-maker of the marvels,”
    He whispered, trembling in a fit,
    “You only wait!…”

    Yevgeni’s fate is predictable – and totally justified. But the modern Neo Cathars are enjoying the support of some world powers that if not share their views entirely, come to close in their own Manichean preaching to actually helping these new Pure Ones to destroy the legacy of “Satanic Demiurges” in nuclear fire.

    • yalensis says:

      Interesting theory!

      I remember, last time I was in St. Pete I happened to stroll by the statue and stared up at Tsar Peter’s face. Felt sort of a chill go down my spine. Even though I’d seen it lots of times before. And often degraded by rust and pigeons.
      But probably just awakened appreciation at the artistic merit of the work itself: It is actually quite something to behold.

    • Jen says:

      I’m scratching my head as to how the kreaklies can be neo-Cathars. They sound more like neo-Kabbalists wishing for the Light of God to be channelled through them, the pure vessels who will not convert it into sitra achra as the impure vessels of Putin and his predecessors have done.

      Also the Roman Catholic Church ruthlessly persecuted Cathars, Albigensians and their fellow travellers the Bogomils in Balkan Europe because among other things these groups were no respecters of class hierarchy and did practise a limited kind of democracy and allowed women to preach and lead groups (of other women only, it must be said).

      • kirill says:

        The liberasts are compardor opportunists who are made bold by foreign support. This foreign support cannot be overstated, it is central to this whole phenomenon. Washington’s meddling has fanned civil wars from ex-Yugoslavia to Ukraine. In every case you can see politicians and assorted other scum act brazenly since they fear no reprisal. If the Kiev regime’s war crimes in the Donbas were to impose severe costs on it and risk its leadership facing international criminal tribunals they would have never acted either to stage the coup and the ensuing war of suppression.

        The kreakls are pure bred 5th column trash that should be shot on sight. They don’t have any belief system of political platform that merits respect and tolerance. They are agents of soft terror sponsored by Russia’s enemies. As in Ukraine and over 100 years ago in Russia they can turn into hard terrorists at the drop of a hat if its suits the agenda of their paymasters.

      • Lyttenburgh says:

        “They sound more like neo-Kabbalists wishing for the Light of God to be channelled through them, the pure vessels who will not convert it into sitra achra as the impure vessels of Putin and his predecessors have done.”

        I had to confess to have only very limited knowledge of Kabbalah and related stuff.

        Actually, it was L. Gumilyov who was the first to call Albigenseans as members of “anti-sistem”. Acording to him, this “anti-sistem” was in fact a separate sistem of the worldview with the “negative” perception of the entire world.

        Besides, they treat Russian Heads of the State as God-Like (Evil) figures, that’ve already won in this material plane. Another very handshakable person – Ludmila Ulitskaya – wrote years ago that in “this country” Intelligetsia had to “embark on the spiritual journey in the World of Darkness”.

        “Also the Roman Catholic Church ruthlessly persecuted Cathars, Albigensians and their fellow travellers the Bogomils in Balkan Europe because among other things these groups were no respecters of class hierarchy and did practise a limited kind of democracy and allowed women to preach and lead groups (of other women only, it must be said).”

        While they were “progressive” (sorta) for their own time, today one can’t view them as anything but another totalitarian sect. There was a reason why they stayed “heretic sects” and didn’t actually became a proto-Reformation.

        • Cortes says:

          I fear that the kreaklis’ worldview may have been distorted by over exposure to the “magical realism ” of 1960s Latin American novels. From what you describe, they appear to believe that Russia is a cross between the Paraguay of Dr Francia, where the evil one communes with the Cosmic Darkness by laying hands on the meteorite he keeps in his office (Augusto Roa Bastos “I, the Supreme One “), and the Guatemala of Estrada Cabrera, where conformity to a nightmarish life of Floral Games is enforced by a Mayan secret service (Miguel Angel Asturias “His Excellency, The President “.
          It strikes me that a start at dealing with these delusions woul be to strip citizenship from Ms Gaidar and her ilk with no way back.

        • Jen says:

          These Cathars, Albigensians, Bogomils and other similar Manichaean sects were more or less obliterated by forces allied with the Roman Catholic Church so they were dead and gone by the time Martin Luther nailed his theses to the door of the Wittenberg church in 1517.

          The groups were elitist in the sense that they distinguished between those capable of deeper spiritual learning (ie those who could become gnostics) and those who weren’t. Protestantism would have rejected them because it was based on the idea that everyone was capable of knowing and understanding the essential principles of Christianity.

  21. Fern says:

    An absolutely stonkingly good article on MH17 by Patrick Henningsen. He’s included a lot of material which is new to me such as evidence that the flight data of MH17s in the days BEFORE the crash has been changed AFTER the disaster to make it look as though the route the downed Boeing took was the normal flight path for an MH17 flight.

    He also raises an intriguing possibility about the ultimate endgame of MH17 which hadn’t occurred to me – an attempt to create a UNSC crisis by finding Russia in violation of international norms. Perhaps even get a movement going calling for Russia’s removal from the Council.


    • kirill says:

      If this is the ploy, then the IQ is rather low. If Russia got its rocks off blowing civilian airliners out of the sky it could have been doing it to any of the vast collection of civilian air traffic over its territory. So this angle won’t fly.

      The next angle is to blame Russian “agents” in the Donbas. Here too, we had a zoo of air traffic allowed by the Kiev ATC over a war zone. Yet only one plane was brought down after months of fighting. If the “agents” were targeting civilians they could have knocked out several airplanes out at the same time. This angle requires the world to (and not just the 11% of it in NATO) to buy into cartoon evildoer theory instead of recognizing a collateral damage case. Maybe Washington want the world to think this, but Washington does not create reality with its wishful thinking.

      Sitting on this case for such a long time is going to raise suspicions of a cover up. NATO should have pushed out some biased report in 2014. Nobody would have been able to fault them for producing it “too fast”. It is abnormal to a report to still not be released after this long. They are not deprived of the wreckage as with some other missing aircraft cases. So the story here is that Russia has likely intercepted Kiev ATC communications and other data which can be used to make NATO liars look like retards if they come out with BS claims without releasing the ATC tapes. This is the reason for the delay. I guess NATO technicians are attempting to doctor the ATC tape recordings and other evidence in a convincing fashion and are taking their time. Whatever they release, it will not have Putin giving the order to kill some civilians for sport and we are back to collateral damage as the most plausible theory that the world will buy.

      • Tim Owen says:

        The thing that strikes me as absurd about the MH17 affair is how the corollary of Russian guilt is never allowed to rise above the horizon of consciousness.

        If the “Russians”* didn’t “do it” – as the “lie-early” department would have us believe – then who did? And if they did what does that imply about us and our masters?

        Squinting a bit, for the Russians or their (cough) proxies, there was never a motive for such an attack whereas for their opponents it was mannah from heaven: sanctions.

        The answer appears to be: crickets.

        What’s larger than, say, an elephant in, say, a room?

        This appears to be the case despite the fact that there is certainly enough precedents for a frame up.

        Off the top of my head: Iraq’s WMD; the gas attack in Ghouta; the selective (cough) approach to the Balkan Wars; the bullshit narrative in the Georgia-Ossetian conflict; the rubbish US- hyped attacks against entirely reasonable national leaders in Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia or… worse: the attack on Honduras’s constitutional order with the coup against Zelaya.

        The U.S. is happy to get behind the “Salvador” option in Iraq – that is, death squads a la 1980s Central America – but still wants to have Samantha Power crowing about human rights. It’s a bizarre reality free zone entirely consonant with totalitarian lies, just leavened with the ardour of personal gain.

        • Moscow Exile says:

          What does “crickets” mean in this context?

          I’ve googled this and all I find under “Internet slang” is “said after a lame joke”.

          • Tim Owen says:


            It is meant to indicate an awkward silence where the background noise suddenly becomes audible.


            • Moscow Exile says:

              Got it!

              I am out of the anglophone world here and I, therefore, often fail to comprehend expressions in English that never existed when I Iived in Merry England. I remember well how years ago I did not understand “Keep me in the loop” and there was no Google then for me to refer to: in any case, at that time I had no computer.

            • yalensis says:

              Yes, what Tim said. Americans say “crickets” to indicate a conspicuous and awkward silence. A silence so profound, that one can hear the chirping of crickets in the background.

              If I am not mistaken, the term first arose in connection with those Clint Eastwood cowboy movies made in Italy (“spaghetti westerns”) where there would be some silent town, with nothing but a tumbleweed, a single guitar twang in the background, and the sound of a lonely cricket chirping.

              • Jen says:

                The old Bugs Bunny cartoons of the 1950s – 1960s used to feature episodes where Daffy Duck would tap-dance furiously at close to Mach 2 speed to the music of Franz Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsodies and when he finished, he would fling himself out onto the proscenium, expecting stand-up applause, but all he got instead was dead silence accompanied by the chirping of night crickets.

                • yalensis says:

                  Very interesting!
                  Daffy is a great dancer, but I think one of his problems is that he is not wearing tap shoes.
                  His web feet don’t make the right “clickety-clack” sound, which is why the audience rejects him.
                  Bugs isn’t wearing tap shoes either, but being a rabbit he probably has claws which make at least some clicking sound.

                • Jen says:

                  Close-up of a duck’s feet:

                • marknesop says:

                  Thor, the Norse warrior-duck.

          • marknesop says:

            Sound of crickets chirping, which emphasizes the utter silence. Nobody saying anything, in other words. Dead air. It still fits for after a lame joke, because it implies an awkward silence.

            • yalensis says:

              I hear it more often not in the context of a lame joke, but the context where somebody has issued a verbal challenge and receives only silence in reply.

              Example: “What does my esteemed opponent have to say about the new education budget?”

            • yalensis says:

              And there are also crickets wearing top hats:

              • marknesop says:

                But no crickets with their armpit hair dyed fluorescent green. I’m sure there’s a message there.

                • Cortes says:

                  Judging by the image above, fluorescent green wouldn’t be a good idea for the in your face trendy cricket…

                • Jen says:

                  You guys forget Jiminy Cricket already has a little friend who supplies the fluorescent green.

                • yalensis says:

                  I never knew that Jiminy Cricket and Tinkerbell were, like, an “item”.
                  Makes sense, though. They’re both bugs. Basically.

                • Jen says:

                  Yes, if you swatted Jiminy Cricket and Tinkerbell against the wall, there’d be an awful lot of fluorescent green.

      • marknesop says:

        That’s a good point – reports have taken longer to produce than this by a significant margin, but in those cases the plane was at the bottom of the sea. Not only do they have access to the wreckage, villagers in the Donbas had to ask if they were ever going to come to pick some of it up because they had been told where it was and showed no apparent urgency in collecting it.

    • marknesop says:

      Dear God – I never realized before what large ears Tony Abbott has. He looks like a front view of a Volkswagen with the doors open.

      That does lay it out rather nicely, doesn’t it? However, it still leaves me with a few questions. If it was an SA-11 from a BUK system, why didn’t anyone report seeing or hearing it? Surely the Ukies had some people they could bribe or frighten into saying they saw the launch, and it was rebels wot dunnit? Even in towns well within federalist territory, there are Kiev sympathizers. Bellingcat’s couch potatoes did an extensive study and said they had narrowed down the launch site, but there was no sign anything had been there. If it was cloudy that day, why did so many eyewitnesses report seeing a fighter plane in close proximity to the Boeing? Why did they report seeing the Boeing, comes to that? They shouldn’t have been able to see anything. If the Boeing fell to an SA-11 shot, where did they find a pilot who would mess around the Boeing when somebody was shooting a dirty great 16-foot missile at it? No pilot in his right mind would do such a thing, unless he wasn’t told, but even if that were the case it’s a terrible risk – what if the missile hit the fighter by mistake? There’s no midcourse guidance on an SA-11, and it’s fast enough that you probably would not have time to switch targets anyway; it’s assumed that what you want to hit is the only target out there, once the missile is away. There would be one hell of a lot of ‘splainin’ to do if a Ukie fighter got blown up by a high-altitude surface-to-air missile within shouting distance of a civilian airliner. And last, the Ukies had played the old hide-under-the-airliner game enough times in the preceding weeks that they knew the rebels would not shoot at a civilian airliner even if they had a weapon that could reach it. Once again, an aircraft – even a known enemy aircraft – at 30 kft+ is no threat to anything on the ground. You can’t bomb anything from that altitude.

      The notion that the “rebels” mistook a 777 jet airliner for a twin-engined turboprop Antonov is insulting to anyone it is directed at, but they still drag it out and try it on every once in awhile. I still think MH-17 was shot down by another aircraft, and that there was no surface-to-air missile system involved at all. You could easily keep a single pilot quiet about what he did – kill him, if necessary. Nobody would know what went on up there but him and the people on the ground controlling him. Using an SA-11 would involve a full crew, one of whom might talk unless you killed them all, plus anyone on the ground who might have seen or heard it. If you were going to do a false flag, the fighter-plane route would be the way to go.

      • astabada says:

        I still think MH-17 was shot down by another aircraft, and that there was no surface-to-air missile system involved at all.

        Hi Mark, how do you explain the Almaz Antey stance that it was a BUK missile?

        • marknesop says:

          They didn’t actually say that; they said if it was, then it was a variant that Russia does not have any more. That’s thin gruel, I’m afraid, because although Russia has not manufactured the missile Almaz described for some time, there could still be many in storage. They have to be maintained and overhauled regularly, though – the propellant in them has an expiry date and if you go beyond that the company will not certify that the missile will launch reliably. Anyway, Almaz offered to do a demonstration on a retired Boeing aircraft, inspiring the craziest article in the Moscow Times that I have ever seen from the batshit-crazy Alexander Golts – another “independent military expert” like Pavel Felgenhauer – reporting that the Russians were going to blow up another airliner over Ukraine to prove a point. I was going to do a post ridiculing it, but the moment passed. It hardly needs to be said that they would do the test on the ground and some parameters would be simulated, such as the aircraft actually being in flight. Almaz invited international observers, but they were uniformly uninterested because they do not want to lend legitimacy to a test which might demonstrate that all the western theories are bullshit. If they don’t attend, they can always cling to the straw that the test was totally faked by Almaz to get the results they were looking for so Russia could squirm out from under its burden of guilt.

          I saw in Russia Insider that Almaz is going ahead with the test anyway, which the western media will no doubt characterize as “desperation”.

      • Jen says:

        ” … I never realized before what large ears Tony Abbott has. He looks like a front view of a Volkswagen with the doors open …”

        Were these clowns coming out?

      • et Al says:

        If it was cloudy that day, why did so many eyewitnesses report seeing a fighter plane in close proximity to the Boeing? Why did they report seeing the Boeing, comes to that?

        I would guess that the ‘fighter plane’, which could be anything from an Su-25 to Mig-29 (not many serviceable at the time) or Su-27 would have been at some point below the cloud layer. Ukrainian Su-25s regularly fly at extremely low level to avoid SAMs*, but they do have to ‘pop up’ to drop bombs or fire rockets if they are going to hit something more or less. I understand that the Ukrainian AF keeps the latter away from the Donbass as they fear them being shot down by RuAF aircraft, as has been already at least once alleged. I guess it would also be their argument for deploying BUK units in the region.

        As for a 777 or any airliner, I guess if it depends if it was universally cloudy or patchy, and of course whether the conditions were right to see the unmistakable twin, wide-spaced vapour trails those gigantic turbofans would produce.

        * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNxk-iwUhR0

        You have to wonder why the pilots would do such low level flights on a runway packed with huge Il-76 transport planes. One mistake and you could write off half a dozen of them.

  22. Moscow Exile says:

    Odessa governor signs a cooperation agreement with the US State Dept.

    Saakashvili’s deputy, Gaidar, earning her crust in the background.

    The US couldn’t get Sevastopol, so it is settling for Odessa?

  23. Moscow Exile says:

    А 7 лет назад Маша называла Мишу «отвратным»
    Yet 7 years ago Masha called Misha “disgusting”

    «Ну да, есть отвратный Саакашвили, но в целом грузины достаточно неплохо смотрятся на фоне остального Кавказа и Закавказья…».

    Well yes, there is the disgusting Saakashvili, but overall Georgians are quite nice to look at against the backdrop of the Caucasus and Transcaucasus

    • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

      If she found him disgusting just to look at, she’s not going to enjoy the after-hours component of her new job.

      • marknesop says:

        She won’t have to see anything above his belt buckle. How bad can it be?

        • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

          She still has four other senses to be outraged.

          • Jen says:

            Oh dear, she may not last three months in the job, whatever it entails.

            • yalensis says:

              Not to worry, if Maria is harrassed on the job, even as a probationary employee, she still has the option of filing a sexual harrassment complaint with the Human Resources Office of the Odessa Governor’s office.

              After all, Ukraine is an enlightened European country, where the dignity of every employee is vigorously protected, no?


    • marknesop says:

      I totally agree Saakashvili is disgusting; those expensive suits have their work cut out for them disguising his doughboy rotundity. But what does the physical appearance of Georgians have to do with anything? Where does that fit in the liberal code – is there a Valley Girl Division? I would just love to have her input on foreign policy. Oh, not the Greeks, Darling – they’re hairy and smell of retsina.

      And everyone knows the treatment for a disgusting appearance – simply impose a wad of cash on the line of sight between the individual and the object identified as disgusting. The money kind of fans out and blurs your vision so that the object looks less disgusting. Enough that you can keep your mouth shut, anyway. Not Masha’s strong suit, apparently.

    • yalensis says:

      Dear Moscow Exile:
      I think there is a nuance in your translation which is not quite right.
      You make it sound like Maria is talking about Saak’s physical appearance, and by extension the physical appearance of other Caucasians.

      I read her comment a bit differently. In the context (2008, when Russians were in patriotic fervor, and even the kreakles temporarily shut their traps), and in the comment itself, I believe she is (very weakly) actually trying to defend Saakashvili against his detractors. Using the rhetorical device of conceding half a point. As in “Sure the guy is a thug, but he improved the economy.”

      Here is my preferred translation of the quote to incorporate these nuances:
      “Well yes, for sure Saakashvili is appalling, but on the whole the Gruzians don’t come off half bad at all, (especially) when you look at (what is going on) in the rest of the Caucacus and Trans-Caucasus.”

      In other words, she is saying that Saak is not such a bad guy compared to the (Moscow-sponsored) leaders. [she is probably alluding to Kadyrov]

      • Moscow Exile says:

        Yes, I agree, because she says “against the backdrop of the remainder of the Caucasus and Transcaucasus…”

        [My emphasis.]

        In other words: Sure, he’s appalling but when compared with the others in that region …

        And now she’s his assistant.

        And compared to the Kolomoisky, he’s a perfect darling!

        Isn’t he?

        • Jen says:

          The main physical difference between Kolomoisky and Saakashvili is that one has (or had) abundant hair on his head and the other thinks he has it all on his manboo … er, I mean his chest.

          The other difference is that one has three passports and the other has (or will have) only one, and that one not at all useful once the shit hits the fan as it will inevitably do.

      • marknesop says:

        But he is still physically disgusting, though, right? He was supposed to be riding around on his bike every day when he was in Washington, but it sure didn’t do anything for those muffin-tops – ties are chock full of calories. He probably has one of those pedal-assist bikes, because he hates any kind of work. He just went into politics because he likes power and schmoozing, which is probably why about 90% of politicians went into politics.

        Speaking of Mickey Two-Tummies, here he is doing what the U.S. State Department is paying him for – telling the world that Putin is “obsessed with testing NATO and is coming for the Baltics next”. The Americans have got it made: State Department mouthpiece Saakashvili in Odessa and State Department asset Lyosha Lebedev in the UK running the presses at The Independent to make sure the story gets out. Washington just has to be planning something for the Baltics, because it will not shut up about how Putin is determined to make that collection of caterwauling whiners his own.

        The story is not without its comic moments, though; like this one – “He has embarked on a string of dramatic reforms on whose success, he believes, the future of the region, with its large Russian speaking and perhaps Moscow leaning minority, depends.” Jeez, I think I sprained something. Wooooo…Mickey Saakashvili and his dramatic reforms. The western press just never learns.

        • yalensis says:

          Well, of course Saak is physically disgusting, but I just had to jump in and correct the way people were riffing on that point, because it’s not actually what Masha said.
          In fact, my point is that Masha was NEVER anti-Saakashvili, she only ever said that one bad thing about him, and that was under peer pressure and belied her actual core beliefs.

          She is a kreakl to the bone!

          Despite which some Ukrainians (such as L’ashko’s man Mosiychuk) are criticizing her for being insufficiently svidomite. I don’t think they have to worry about that. Really.

  24. ThatJ says:

    Ukraine’s PM to Greeks: Stick with EU and Be an Economic Success Like Ukraine

    Zakharchenko, Deinego and Pushilin have set a trap for Poroshenko


    I recommend the comments by “Auslander”. He lives in Crimea and has good info coming from the battlefield.

    Judea declares war on Iran:

    PS: I think that all the shit being thrown at the Obama admin by the Zionists is part of a planned strategy of deception. They want the population to perceive them as powerless, as to demolish the claims that the Zionists run the show. The reality is that the Zionists themselves want to keep the US army as far from direct involvement as possible due to public outcry and the negative attention that Jewry receive when they send the goyim to war. The plan for now is to use a foreign army of Jihadists to attack their enemies. Iran’s time will come after (and if) Assad falls.

    US Sanctions Three Hezbollah Officials, Associate for Backing Syria’s Assad


    BRICS bid farewell to dollar [Eng Subs]

  25. Moscow Exile says:

    Moskaly get out of the Ukraine!

    See: Украина создает свой ИГИЛ для нападения на Крым!

    The Ukraine creates its own ISIS to attack the Crimea

    • ThatJ says:

      So I suppose there will be a reversal of this decision:

      Этот человек возглавлял одно из нелегальных добровольческих подразделений, которое по приказу Генерального штаба Украины, было выведено из зоны АТО.

      This man was the head of one of the illegal volunteer units, which by order of the General staff of Ukraine, was removed from the zone ATO.

      I think the author is exaggerating the threat posed by Tatars. Not only are they a minority (10% of Crimea’s population), very few will respond to the call to rise up, because the conditions there are better now than when Ukraine ruled it.

      The photo in question is, thankfully, old. A reverse research found it posted back in Jan 2014.

      Many Ukies are waking up to the stark reality of war and American involvement, so they are less likely to stir the pot today.

  26. Moscow Exile says:

    Mutants yesterday on the Maidan

    С нами Бог и автомат Калашникова

    God is with us – and a Kalashnikov automatic

  27. PaulR says:

    Interesting if true: ‘Rebels have found American Stingers in Lugansk airport ‘
    http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=c28_1437579318 Strange, though, that it has taken a whole year to find these things.

  28. et Al says:

    euractiv: Dutch flowers represent ‘sanitary threat’, Russia says

    …The watchdog said in a statement that a ban on flower deliveries from the Netherlands – a country that prides itself on its tulips – was “highly probable.”

    The statement said that Dutch flowers could be banned because the harmful organisms they contain “pose a serious threat to the country’s economy and agricultural production.”

    According to data published by Gazeta.ru, Dutch flowers could suffer tens of millions of dollars in losses…

    F.Y. NL?

  29. yalensis says:

    Here is more on that story about the American Stingers uncovered at Luhansk Airport.
    In answer to Paul R.’s question about why it took a year to find them, this is what they say:

    A certain Major-General Alexander Nikolaenko, from Luhansk Peoples Republic general staff, was directing a project to clear through the giant field of rubble that used to be the Luhansk Airport..
    When clearing through the bombed and shelled heaps of wreckage, workers discovered a cache of weapons and ammo.
    The reason it took them so long to dig it out, was because the whole area was very dangerous, and the entrance to the cache was covered with the ruins of buildings.

    When they were finally able to dig this stuff out, they discovered the Stingers, among all the other heavy weaponry in the cache.

    Sounds plausible to me. It takes a long time to dig through rubble, even with top-notch construction equipment, which the rebels probably don’t have. I am guessing a lot of the digging was done manually, or with light machinery.

    • marknesop says:

      Makes sense, but I’m sure the cover story will be the Russians planted the stuff there, captured stuff they had left over from “Russia’s invasion of Georgia”.

      Clearing rubble is indeed dangerous; I saw a civilian dockyard worker killed years ago when he was assisting in the demolition of an old brick building in the dockyard. He was part of a team of two machines – one guy was driving a big hydraulic ram that punched down walls like a big fist, and the other was driving a smaller machine like a Bobcat, that was hauling the pieces of collapsed walls away. The second guy got a little overeager and darted in just before a large section of wall fell on his machine, crushing the roof and him as well.

      • PaulR says:

        But of all the weapons the Americans could give the Ukrainian Army, why Stingers? Given that the Ukrainians didn’t face an air threat a year ago when they occupied Lugansk Airport, it seems a little pointless.

        • marknesop says:

          Haven’t a clue. I suspect the frenzy to seize and control the eastern Ukraine’s airports was based on American certainty that Russia would airlift in troops in support, and they wished to prevent it, because American tactical thought is obsessive on the subject of air superiority and airspace control. I suppose every military is prone to looking at the situation through a filter of how they would fight if they were the enemy. The USA loves air power. But it should have been obvious that the land route was close, convenient and defensible. Or perhaps they reasoned that once the Ukrainian army rolled over Lugansk, they would use the airport themselves for strikes on Donetsk, and the Stingers were for airfield defense. But they had Buks for that. So, again, no scenario makes a whole lot of sense.

          • astabada says:

            and the Stingers were for airfield defense. But they had Buks for that. So, again, no scenario makes a whole lot of

            As far as I can remember, Buks and Stingers are complementary: one or the other alone is not sufficient for air cover.

            • marknesop says:

              Not really; the Stinger is at its best against helicopters, although you can shoot down a fighter with it, but the range is pretty short and airfields are typically pretty open; the best tactic is to whack the aircraft before he knows you’re there, and it’s hard to hide on an airfield. A mix of short and long-range weapons is a good idea, but the Stinger does not have a search radar, you have to see the target before you put the Stinger on it and light it up until you get lock. The Buk has a big old search radar and multi-target tracking, plus it can yank them out of the sky far, far beyond what a Stinger could reach. The Stinger has no IFF so you have to know the aircraft is an enemy before you shoot, which means visual identification. The Buk has IFF and the plane should be on the ground and smoking before it ever gets in Stinger range. The USA uses Stingers to provide a limited anti-air capability where you wouldn’t expect to find any at all. That either makes the enemy cautious, or surprised to be losing so many planes.

  30. Tim Owen says:

    Ran across this on Soundcloud by accident:


    There’s some pretty good analysis and some interesting news – especially regarding pipeline politics (which I don’t have the attention span to really understand.) it was posted up on Russia Insider’s SoundCloud account but never noticed the link there.

    • marknesop says:

      That is interesting: to sum up a trenchant point (for those who don’t have the time to listen) made regarding Saakashvili’s appointment, he has been allowed to import his former Georgian fellow criminals and install them in the Odessa governmental structure. He announced that he is reinforcing the border with Transnistria, and S-300 surface-to-air missile systems have been put at his disposal. Tiraspol has no airport, so Russian peacekeepers sent to Transnistria have had to fly into Moldova and go overland to Tiraspol, or use the overland route through Ukraine. The latter is now closed, and Moldova has been arresting Russian soldiers who fly into its capital with the intent of proceeding to Tiraspol. Russia has plans to reactivate the Tiraspol airport, but aircraft proceeding to it would have to enter Ukrainian airspace. The longer route would involve going through Romanian and Moldovan airspace. Speculation is that Saakashvili is planning to shoot down a Russian aircraft, in the ongoing game to try and bait Russia into war.

      What would you do in this situation? That’s a general question to the audience, not just to Tim. I’m interested in what strategies we could come up with that would deny Saakashvili the satisfaction of provoking Russia. Putin is a pretty good strategist, and he has some excellent ones to whom he listens, and I’m sure they’ll come up with something to address this transparent western-backed ploy. Let’s look at the pros and cons – Russia could escort all its passenger aircraft flying into Tiraspol with military ECM aircraft and ground-attack fighters, but then Ukraine would scream that its airspace is being invaded by Russian combat aircraft. I think I would probably have a quiet word with Romania and Moldova and tell them that if there was any funny business at all, the whole of Russian airspace would be closed to their aircraft, and fly in that way. But it might be fun, once the Tiraspol airport is reactivated, to fly in a decoy transport filled with electronic jammer equipment and chaff and see if Saakashvili can be persuaded to take a shot at it, with a satellite overhead to get some good pictures for proof. You know what a hotheaded idiot he is, not to mention he believes himself a great military strategist although his military experience consists mostly of lying on the ground while wearing a combat camouflage jacket, covered with the briefcases of his aides and shivering in fear of a Russian airstrike. His American friends have likely instructed him to provoke an escalation regardless of the cost, and he loves those American dollars. He’s not good enough to get an American visa, but they like him where he is.

      I suppose, on reflection, that it also suggests the Americans have more or less given up on Poroshenko as a means of getting the European war started.

      • astabada says:

        The point of provocation is to raise the notch one level and bait the victim into a disproportionate raise by several levels.

        These (I think) are all proportionate answers. Of course Putin’s team will come up with something better, but as usual everyone will start crying a sell out of Moscow.

        0) declare that from now on, every flight directed to Tiraspol is going to be escorted by military planes.

        1) the rebels could get more support in term of small, high quality units. For example: a couple of salvaged airplanes + anti air units and saboteurs. This would force Kiev to spend on defending the territory under its own control, which it is not doing right now.
        For instance it would be problematic for Kiev to move large formations in columns along major roads if Novorussia had Su 25 available.
        Or it would be impossible to airlift to Kharkov/Dnepropetrovsk if they had S300s.

        2) cutting all gas, coal and electricity supplies to Ukraine.

        3) pay, organise and train Ukrainians refugees to boost Novorussia

        Of these, only 0 allows Russia to save the Transdnestrian enclave.

      • Tim Owen says:

        Thanks for the précis (and snark.) I wish I had consciously gleaned as much from it as you just did. My excuse: I was driving. You might have been spinning plates of course…

        Hard to improve on your strategy for getting around the the anti-Givi – car backfires: dive! – that is Saaks, but my naive suggestion would be to propose enlisting the Hungarians and Slovakians to relieve the Russians as peacekeepers. Unrealistic I know, but their governments are clearly agitated about the situation, no? At least the suggestion would shame some EU members further regarding their vassal status.

        Apart from that, tunnelling perhaps. (Gallows humour: don’t mean to make light of any of it.)

        Really the desperation of western leaders to ramp up at all costs – exhibit A being deploying that clown to Odessa – is kind of unnerving even for this cynic.

        Stephen Cohen, who is usually very measured, was uncharacteristically angry about mostly this on John Batchelor last night:


        • marknesop says:

          Ha, ha!!! Actually, I cannot spin even one plate, I’m not very coordinated. That’s why I avoid dancing – I envy Givi his fluid hips and natural grace. Anyway, I like your plan much better, and I don’t know why I didn’t think of imposing peacekeepers from some country that could be relied upon to be reasonably impartial; I see our master strategist Jen has proposed something very similar, which nails it down tight for me. It just makes sense, it has that multinational flavour so the west can’t scream “Russia is trying to trick us”, and insulting Hungary further – or Brazil – by calling them a Kremlin stooge will not win the west any points with anyone. It makes it look like Russia can work with everyone, while the west can’t work with anyone. Excellent.

          Say, did you see that Sikorski and Applebum got kicked out of Poland? I love Helmer, I just don’t know how he knows the stuff he knows before anyone else does. Doesn’t he have another job? On the positive side, that’s the best photo of Annie Applebum I’ve ever seen – she actually looks quite pretty. The gown was an unfortunate choice further down, where it makes her hips look about five axe handles across, but if you cut off the picture at the waist she looks nice, and red doesn’t work for just everyone.

          • Jen says:

            Someone on the comments forum at RI beat me to it: I was going to say there that Radek Sikorski and Anne Applebaum will soon be turning up in Ukraine and in Odessa oblast especially.

      • Jen says:

        Could Russia persuade Brazil, China or India to send in peacekeepers instead?

        • astabada says:

          (Replying to Mark and Tim too)

          A nice idea, but the threat is to Russian planes supplying the enclave. It will be hard to convince any of the other BRICS countries to undertake such a burden.

          • Jen says:

            I was thinking the Brazilians, Chinese and Indians would use their own civilian or military aircraft to transport peacekeepers. If they need to refuel along the way to Tiraspol, they could refuel in Kazakhstan and Brazil could refuel in Africa or Portugal. Other countries (especially Latin American countries) could send in peacekeepers together with Brazil, China and India to turn the peacekeeping forces into multinational ones. If Ukraine or Moldova tries to stop multinational peacekeeping forces from landing in Tiraspol, the BRICs could threaten either country with trade or investment sanctions or review Ukraine or Moldova’s application (if one exists) to join the new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

          • marknesop says:

            If international peacekeepers were deployed, Russia would not have to resupply the enclave. I mean, there would still be commerce, but thus far Moldova is not interfering with that and there is no reason to think it would. It is just interfering with the deployment of Russian soldiers there. No soldiers, no problem.

      • et Al says:

        I would let Saakashvili shoot down a big plane with a red cross on it. Then I would send in three Mil Mi-24s with two white stripes pained on their tails to pick him up in the middle of the night and bring him back to Moscow on charges of war crimes. It’s the kind of special ops that the US would love too!

    • ThatJ says:


      What would you do in this situation? That’s a general question to the audience, not just to Tim. I’m interested in what strategies we could come up with that would deny Saakashvili the satisfaction of provoking Russia.

      Tangent #1
      Russia will not take the bait and fly over Ukraine. If Ukraine or Moldova senses Russia’s “weakness” and attacks Transnistria, then they would be the ones taking the bait as Russia would have a raison d’etre to intervene, since she has peacekeepers stationed there and everyone knows Transnistria is a Russian protectorate.

      Tangent #2
      But let’s suppose that Russia violated Ukrainian airspace to transport soldiers to Transnistria. Wouldn’t shooting down the plane bring back memories of MH17? It’s a very insensitive thing to do. Then there’s the aspect of the incident as a potential casus belli in Russia’s favor, which along with negative headlines of a plane being shot down, could be explored by Russia in order to act militarily against the Ukrainian government. It’s not an easy sell, I know, but Ukraine having its name attached to headlines describing the downing of a plane, this time verifiably by Ukraine, is not good PR.

  31. marknesop says:

    Excellent documentary on MH-17 at Russia Insider. Dutch guys make the points (1) since a Ukrainian military aircraft was shot down just 2 days before, it was Ukraine’s responsibility to close the airspace. Not only did they leave it open, they altered MH-17’s course to fly right over the war zone; (2) Why did the Ukrainian army shell the wreckage without letup? There was no separatist army there and nothing of significant military gain in so doing. But it served to mess up the evidence and complicate the picture. Who would benefit from that? If they were sure Russia did it, the thing to do would have been to push for a cease-fire so evidence could be collected. Instead, the Ukrainian army intensified its efforts.

    Lots of new stuff, too, a couple of eyewitnesses who say they saw a fighter plane actually shooting at the Boeing, and one who says the fighter followed it down and finished it off when it was quite low, still in one piece, only 100 meters or so above the trees. I don’t know what to make of that. But an independent journalist who went to the site says the suggestion that the debris is scattered over 30 or so square miles is misleading, and there are really only two large debris fields.

    Emotional interview also with the pilot’s sister, who says she identified his body from a photo and the authorities told her it was whole, complete and unmarked except he was a little burnt. But the Malaysian government would not permit the coffins to be opened before burial, and the relatives had to take their word for it. A huge veil of secrecy prevails. Check it out. Everything is awkward and nothing is being done the way you would expect an investigation to be conducted. Very, very suspicious.

    So much for the west’s new war against Russian propaganda.

    • Tim Owen says:

      A moving piece to watch. Again what strikes as dis-consonant is how – somehow – the implications of the “Russians” NOT being responsible is never allowed to surface. That is, if our proxy – the Kiev government – was responsible for this in a deliberate manner what does that mean for the west? Our learned self-regard is so powerful that the idea is simply repulsed, unthinkable.

  32. ThatJ says:

    On July 13th, 2015 the Prime Minister of Carpathian Rus, Petr Gretsko, published the results of the poll:

    75% of responding Transcarpathians agree with the definition that the Carpathian Right Sector in Transcarpathia to be finally named named a “terrorist organization” by the Prosecutor general office.

    100% of respondents Transcarpathians believe that under this scenario, the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine)+RS (Right Sector) will be called “Bandera ISIS” soon.

    87.5% of responding Transcarpathians support the idea that Transcarpathia became part of the Eurasian Economic Union.

    100% of responding Transcarpathians consider spiritual purity is more important than the European overindulgence and faggotry

    100% of responding Transcarpathians agree that Maidan took place so it would be possible to start a Civil War in the country.

    92% of responding Transcarpathians believe that the true separatists were Kravchuk and Kiev residents in 1991 ( the year Ukraine proclaimed independence from the USSR), and not those whom the Ukrainian government is calling “separatists”

    100% of responding Transcarpathians believe that the Ukrainian nationalists including the SBU and all other nationalist organizations are the main threat to the Carpathians, and Central Europe.

    100% of responding Transcarpathians believes that after the Greek crisis assistance to Ukraine, and especially its accession to the EU will be heavily revised

    83,3% of responding Transcarpathians believes that in Transcarpathia there is a handful of Kiev representatives and one thousand of Bandera followers who are considered by Europe and Kiev to be the first rate citizens. And there is one million two hundred thousand other Transcarpathians who are being treated as second rate people.

    91% of responding Transcarpathians believes that the Bandera followers and Ukrainian nationalists are given a license to kill. Ukraine is the territory were the murder is de-criminalized and even encouraged by the ruling elite.

    The poll shows that the people of Transcarpathia want self-rule, the removal of all Kiev representatives, autonomy and self-determination. People want to have a peaceful life. After 23 years of independence the Kiev elite has been only enriching itself and destroying the country and its population.

    As a legal base for our demands we view the Transcarpathian regional referendum of 1991, when almost 80% of Transcarpathians voted in favor of the special self-governing territory of Transcarpathia, as a subject that is not included in any other administrative-territorial formation of Ukraine. The results of this referendum are still valid and legal.

    Source: Saker

    Good summary of the events in Ukraine.

    Will the threat fizzle out?

    • marknesop says:

      This has to be a waking nightmare for western think tanks and analysts – the goal was for Russia to break into small ethnic republics, owing to pressure applied against it from NATO satellites surrounding it…and instead, that’s what is happening to Ukraine.

      Still, I suppose that has to be considered a win in the west’s estimation. At least Ukraine, a former very large Russian ally, is ruined and broken to pieces. Little bits of it might still be useful for hosting NATO bases. Getting the whole of Ukraine as a NATO playground would have been the brass ring, but they’ll probably settle for just wrecking it.

      Ukrainians have to be pissed off, though, seeing their country disintegrate around them. What happened? It was all going to be a sugarplum EuroDream…

      I hope they leave Yats there, and the crowd tears him to pieces. I really, really don’t like him. Poroshenko is just a fat boob, but Yats is an evil creature.

  33. Moscow Exile says:

    KP article that reports several myths about immigration in Russian that have been blown by the Higher School of Economics:

    Детей мигрантов в школах не больше, чем местных, и они знают русский язык

    Immigrant children in schools no higher than the locals, and they know Russian

    Experts from the Higher School of Economics have unexpectedly denied the most common myths about those who have “arrived in large numbers”.

    MYTH 1:
    Half of school pupils students are those who have “arrived in large numbers”.

    MYTH 2:
    Between indigenous and immigrant children there is a cultural gap

    MYTH 3:
    The newcomers do not know the Russian language

    MYTH 4:
    They do not want to learn

    Which allegedly blown myths, as far as I know, mostly certainly do apply to many schools in the UK.

    A former long-time colleague of mine – British, married to a Russian – who now teaches in an inner-city London school, tells me a very different tale of the situation there, where Russian “myths” 1 to 3 most certainly apply as regards British culture and the English language, namely well more than half the pupils in classes are immigrant children who, apart from being illiterate in their mother tongue, have absolute zero English language skills, and belong to a culture that is often in many ways very different to that of the host country. Most of the immigrant children in his classes, he says, are from Somalia.

    • ThatJ says:

      I don’t know the extent of racially alien presence in major ethnic Russian cities. I remember seeing photos from a VK account, including photos of a school in Saint Petersburg. I don’t know if the school was private, but I recall reading that private schools are rather rare in Russia, so it’s probably public. For a major Russian city, the demographics were very good, though not perfect. This is, of course, just an anecdote.

      The problem with the workers from the FSU (excluding Europeans) is that some of them bring their families. The Russian government would be better advised to welcome workers, but not their families, and allow them a temporary stay, after which other workers must replace them. Maybe the Russian government can create a scheme in which these replaced workers indicate close friends or family members, creating a period of rotation between them. This is to avoid their permanent presence in the country. Preferably, the government should have a policy of welcoming young fathers, but only them, not their families. This adds another layer of safety for ethnic Russians, as the fathers have a strong reason to go back to the countries of origin because they have a family.

      It is necessary to take a measure, because if the aliens start developing roots in Russia, there is a real threat that white Russians will be displaced in the long-term, not unlike what is happening in major cities of Western Europe today. Major cities are what really matter. Small rural municipalities don’t make the lion’s share of the population in any developed country.

      Some comments from that article:

      от того, что они идеально выучат русский язык, будут одеваться по европейски, и наизусть перечислят всю династию Романовых- они не перестанут быть врагами белой цивилизации…

      Дело не в том, знают мигранты русский язык или нет, а в том, что идет ассимиляциия русского славянского населения! Метро в Москве! У меня был шок! Постарался как можно скорей убраться из ЭТОЙ Москвы!

      Туфта! Я бы посоветовал автору исследования пройтись около метро «Проспект Мира» в любой день и посмотреть каков процент славянского населения в этом районе. По моим меркам: от 10 до 15% и не более… И это — центр Москвы! И нисколько они не пытаются интегрироваться в общество, а как раз наоборот!

      Москва, к сожалению, делает ту же ошибку, что и Лондон, где этих…пруд пруди, и поверьте, лучше от этого население себя не чувствует, они везде насаждают чуждую мослимскую культуру. Куча замотанных теток везде, бррррр.

      Дерьмо ваши «эксперты» и грош им цена, как специалистам, раз уж они готовы на такие «заказные исследования» и соответствующие выводы. Пусть попробуют поработать хотя бы недельку в такой школе, в классе состоящем наполовину из детей гастарбайтеров. И проблема с этими «учениками» ЕСТЬ и она очень реальная. Подождите ещё лет 10 и она очень чувствительно ударит по нашему обществу и образованию.

      • Moscow Exile says:

        State School № 622, Moscow, The Empire of Evil, 16th May, 2015.

        The last day at school for my son’s class.

        Spot the overwhelming number of immigrants.

        My son, Vladimir Denisovich, is the only one of “mixed parentage”.

        Can you spot him?

      • ThatJ says:

        @Moscow Exile

        I remember you saying he’s tall.

        My guess he’s the tall one in the middle between the two girls, or the guy wearing glasses, first from left.

        • Moscow Exile says:

          He’s the one with the girls.

          He’s going to be a real lounge lizard, I fear.

          • Moscow Exile says:

            That’s better!

            Now you can see that the only “immigrants” in Vova’s class were the boy (his pal, by the way) fourth from the right, whose folks hail from one of the “Stans”. The boy, however, is Moscow born and bred and I have never heard him speak anything but Russian. He has an Islamic name.

            The other “immigrant” is the girl in yellow. Again, she’s a Muscovite. I don’t know where her parents are from. I think she’s Tajik.

            Vova is a British citizen – but he’s not “British”.

            “British” is not a nationality, the noisome term “Brit” notwithstanding, its a citizenship or statehood.

            In any case, there’s no such thing as a “British” passport now – at least, “British” is not written on a “British Passport”: it just reads: “European Union – United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”.

            • Moscow Exile says:

              The above picture blows up if you click it.

              You can also see how the few the parents visible are also so typical of the Finno-Ugric-Mongol-Tatar horde of subhumans that I am forced to live with.

              • Jen says:

                What is it with all these Englishmen, that they go through a lounge lizard stage in their late teens / early 20s?

                At least those days of pretending to audition for membership of Duran Duran, Spandau and Wham! are long past and young English people no longer have such haircuts.

            • ThatJ says:

              @Moscow Exile

              Damnit, I should have refreshed the page before commenting. Yes, those are the two who are visibly non-Europid. The other two possible cases are the third from the right (a boy), and the third from the left (a girl).

        • ThatJ says:

          @Moscow Exile

          Does he study in a public school? The picture quality is poor, but there’s one boy (maybe two) and one girl (maybe two, can’t say with certainty) who are not of European ancestry. Out of 20 students, that’s 10% (if two) to 20% (if four).

          Is the entirety of Moscow ‘blessed’ by non-Europids, or are they concentrated in specific areas of the city?

          Are they prominent where you live? I would venture to say so, if your son’s school is near to your home.

          In 1991, Moscow had few racial aliens among the population. Look at this big crowd:

          This is what I have been told by Muscovites as well. The ‘migrant workers’ are recent arrivals, they started coming some 15 years ago.

          • Moscow Exile says:

            It is Moscow State School № 622.

            The picture quality is poor because it’s a frozen frame from a video clip.

            I can assure you that there are only two children on that picture who have immigrant parents – sorry, that should be three children: I’m an immigrant!

            What leads you to believe that there are others in the picture who are “not of European ancestry”?

            Where do you think this bloke’s antecedents came from:

            And this Jolly Jack Tar’s:

            I live right slap bang in the middle of Moscow, in the Central Administrative Precinct, Taganskiy District.

            The director of my son’s old School № 622 (bottom left and right, with moustache) is, however, from Dagestan. Nice bloke.

            All schools in Russia start the school year on September 1st. Pictured below, the first day at School № 622

            Spot any non-European kids there?

            The oldest carries the youngest pupil on day one, which latter rings a bell:

            Just look at those swarthy features!

            Send ’em all back to where they came from!!!!

            Damned foreigners!

            Finno-Ugric-Tatar-Mongols! Moskaly!!!!!

          • Lyttenburgh says:

            Way back in the mid 90s when I was in school in Yekaterinburgh – aka the Ural’s [Kriminal] Capital – in my class there were:

            – 1 Armenian
            – 1 Gruzian.
            – 1 Ukrainian.
            – 1 Bashkir.
            – 1 Tatar.

            In fact, ethnical diversity was a staple standard for the Soviet Schools/Unis. There “tokenism” had been practisied looooong before it became the American Mainstream.

            • ThatJ says:

              I said 15 years ago, that would be the year 2000. But in fact, the situation started to change soon after the fall of the Soviet Union, when the ‘freemen’ started working for their former ‘occupiers’. So more like 20 years ago (at least).

              2010 census for the Sverdlovsk Oblast where Yekaterinburg is situated:

              3,684,843 Russians (90.6%);
              143,803 Tatars (3.5%);
              35,563 Ukrainians (0.9%);
              31,183 Bashkirs (0.8%);
              23,801 Mari (0.6%);
              14,914 Germans (0.4%);
              14,215 Azerbaijanis (0.3%);
              13,789 Udmurts (0.3%);
              11,670 Belarusians (0.3%);
              11,510 Chuvash (0.26%);
              11,501 Armenians (0.3%);
              11,138 Tajiks (0.3%);
              9,702 Mordovians (0.22%);
              9,358 Uzbeks (0.2%);
              232,978 people were registered from administrative databases, and could not declare an ethnicity. It is estimated that the proportion of ethnicities in this group is the same as that of the declared group.


              The Tatar minority is to be expected when you consider the geography of the Oblast.

          • yalensis says:

            “This is what I have been told by Muscovites as well. The ‘migrant workers’ are recent arrivals, they started coming some 15 years ago.”

            Dear ThatJ:
            Does your anti-immigration political party have a Russian branch now, or Russian emigres working for you?
            I notice you suddenly became fluent in Russian. (above – posting racist comments in Russian now, etc…..)

            • ThatJ says:

              I am not fluent in Russian. You can translate not only texts, but also websites with Google Translate. I copied the comments of those unhappy with the violation of their racial rights from the original Russian text.

              • yalensis says:

                “This is what I have been told by Muscovites as well….”

                Were you speaking as yourself, or quoting somebody else?
                With you, it’s hard to know sometimes, you slippery eel.

                I am aware that David Duke has cells of supporters in some European countries, probably also in Russia as well. He is striving to build an international white supremacist/anti-immigration organization.
                You should probably join up, if you haven’t already.

            • ThatJ says:


              Were you speaking as yourself, or quoting somebody else?

              I am paraphrasing what I have been told by Russians who live in Russia. They say that the immigrants from the Caucasus and Central Asia began moving to Russia as laborers after the fall of the Soviet Union.

              The “occupiers” were not so bad after all, eh?

              I am aware that David Duke has cells of supporters in some European countries, probably also in Russia as well. He is striving to build an international white supremacist/anti-immigration organization.

              To be supreme means to rule over, to govern, to bind others to your will.

              That is the complete opposite of racial rights, namely the right to demographic integrity (to the extent that it is possible) and self-rule.

              You have to learn the difference between supremacy and autonomy, otherwise you are just spewing lies and demonizing whites.

              • yalensis says:

                “I am paraphrasing what I have been told by Russians who live in Russia. “

                Which Russians are you talking about who live in Russia and speak to you?
                You don’t need to name names, but just give me an idea of your sources, so I can decide if you are just bullshitting.
                Did these Russians literally “speak” to you? Or write? Or email? Facebook?
                In which language? English? Russian?

                LOL – I don’t believe you!

              • yalensis says:

                P.S. –
                as for your hero, David Duke, he is just one of the many Western “missionaries” who attempted to colonize Russia when Russia was flat-out and down on its luck.
                Just like a dying animal, lying moaning in a ditch, being swarmed by vile parasites and bitten by predators…
                That was Russia under Yeltsin.
                Everybody from Scientologists to Jehovah’s Witnesses to David Duke, who is only slightly less vile than the American State Department NGO’s.

                Well, granted, it wasn’t until 2001 that David Duke attempted to conduct his “missionary” work in Russia. By then, Russia was slowly getting back on its feet and had no use for the likes of Duke.

                Having failed in the U.S. at his attempt to stop integration and start race war instead, Duke set his sights on Russia.

                Like many non-Russians, Duke looked at Russia through the litmus of his own desires. But whereas some Westerners see in Russia the mirror-image of everything good (i.e., everything evil), Duke, disappointed and disenchanted with his own country, saw in Russia the hope of the white race. Naturally, being American, he then decided to take charge and impose his will on the natives, whom he decided to idealize. But, also being American, he had absolutely no real idea of what Russia actually is. He was clueless and just saw a reflection of his own needs. With his limited and vile brain, he could not possibly grasp the essence of Russia.

                Hence, his project at race war failed in Russia as well.
                However, he still attempts to recruit Russian speakers and form cells, wherever he can.
                Duke thinks somehow that he will succeed in firing Russians up against blacks and Central Asian immigrants. Even though Russia never really had a race problem, so that’s a dead-end.
                Russia DOES have ethnic frictions and problems regulating immigration. But the problems are manageable with good leadership, nor so severe that (I believe) the majority of Russians will ever be attracted to the foreign mindset and ideas of somebody as noxious as David Duke.

                • yalensis says:

                  And P.P.S.
                  Duke has had his major works translated into Russian and maintains a public face in Russia.
                  For example this website in Russian, which espouses his ideas and those of his co-thinkers.

                  Note: this website claims to espouse “only the truth”, and is sort of a “skeptics or contrarian website”; some of their content is valid (like exposes of GMO’s and religion, etc.), but they also espouse some wacky shit, like, that immunization vaccines cause childhood autism; that sort of thing.

                  Plus, hosting the racist ideas of David Duke, which is sort of a deal-breaker for folks like me.

              • ThatJ says:


                You asked if I am fluent in Russian, and then you later replied:

                Were you speaking as yourself, or quoting somebody else?
                With you, it’s hard to know sometimes, you slippery eel.

                I was quoting the comments from the article. I made it very clear in my post. Read it again. Those comments were not from online Russian friends, but from random Russians who read the article and commented there. I have no idea who they are, but their views are commonplace if published research on Russian attitude to racial replacement is anything to go by. Of course — and thankfully — the trend in Russia is not generalized and many of the temporary workers go back to their countries of origin. Can’t say the same for the non-Europids who move to Western Europe or North America.

                What you think of David Duke is insane. I am not his follower and have not mentioned his name here.

                And you are flatly wrong to say that Russia never had a race problem. Plenty of deportations on ethnic basis in the history of Russia. I am not trying to shame Russia, far from that!, but what you say is simply not true.

                • yalensis says:

                  Okay, we are talking about 2 different things:
                  (1) the comments in the article – I get that. You saw an article, had it google-translated, liked some of the comments, whatever.
                  (2) your statement that ““I am paraphrasing what I have been told by Russians who live in Russia.“

                  Or maybe they are the same thing?
                  Are you saying now that “what I have been told” is really just the comments that you read in the article?

                  I’m not being pedantic just to be a pain in the ass. You really made it sound like you have been chatting with Russians from Moscow, and this is what they tell you, that they are unhappy about the arriving immigrants, etc.
                  I challenged you on that (which Russians did you talk to, and do you really speak Russian?)
                  And now you’re saying you were only alluding to comments on a blog which you put through google translate?

                  In which case you are being deceitful, and that is not ethical journalism.
                  You are not allowed to state “I have been told”, if you are just talking about reading a comment on a blog. You should have said: “According to these comments on a Russian blog….(etc.) “

                • yalensis says:

                  As for “refuting” my statement that “Russia never had a race problem” –
                  No, you’re wrong, you are confusing race with ethnicity.
                  Russia never had a race problem in the sense that there was never any caste system based on race, as with American slavery or Jim-Crow segregation.

                  In Russia, the distinctions were based on class, not race. Serfs were mostly the same race as the owners, and race simply wasn’t a factor in any of that.
                  Ethnic differences are different, Russia has always been a multi-ethnic society, and there was always a lot of friction between ethnic groups, but that’s quite different from what happened in the New World.
                  Russia never had the experience that America had in this regard and you, like a typical American, are just projecting your own history onto a country which had a very different arc of development.

                • Jen says:

                  ” … Plenty of deportations on ethnic basis in the history of Russia …”

                  I assume ThatJ is referring to the Stalin government’s deportation of ethnic Germans, Koreans, Chechens and some other groups to Kazakhstan during WW2 and afterwards. All these groups were deported to the same region because they were all suspected of spying for or collaborating with enemies (Nazi Germany and Japan) of the Soviet Union. Korea was a colony of Japan at the time and so Koreans in the USSR came under suspicion regardless of their views (which probably would have been anti-Japanese). However the Stalinist government did not deport all Caucasian-based ethnic groups to Kazakhstan, only those like the Chechens, the Ingush, the Kabardins and Balkars known or suspected to be in contact with the Germans.

                  Significantly the deported groups were allowed to return to their homelands some time after Stalin’s death.

          • ThatJ says:

            @Moscow Exile

            What leads you to believe that there are others in the picture who are “not of European ancestry”?

            The other two students that I mentioned as ‘possible’ non-Europid? I am not sure, the picture is too noisy and the light is poor (hence my uncertainty), but they could be from the Caucasus, or of Caucasian background.

            Spot any non-European kids there?

            The low definition is not helpful. Regardless, if that’s an average school in Moscow (you didn’t say whether it’s private or public), then Russia is light years ahead of Britain, France, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, etc. I know about Russia’s ethnic minorities, but they are different, they are native to the territories — which Moscow isn’t one.

            I never doubted that Russia is demographically healthier than Western Europe — and this much I always made clear — though there is ground to believe that the demographic situation could be moving in that direction, and for this reason Russia must never low her guard.

            • Moscow Exile says:

              …you didn’t say whether it’s private or public…

              Yes I did!

              I have written several times the name of the school that my son attended until quite recently and have even provided a link to the official web site of that school.

              Once again, the school is Moscow School № 622, which is a state school.

              That means that the education there is provided by the state: it is not a private school.

              I do not pay for my children to be privately educated: they are educated at public expense, namely by Russian taxpayers, of whom I am one, by the way, albeit I am not a Russian citizen.

              I feel that I should point out,however, that “public school” means in my mother tongue (English) “private school”, one of the anomalies of “The Queen’s English” that arose from the fact that before the reformation in England, the church provided education, specifically for those who wished to enter the priesthood. Naturally, women were not included in the Holy Mother Church scheme of things.

              When England broke away from Rome in the 16th century, the Roman Catholic educational establishments (monasteries) were disestablished by the state and became “public”, namely non-church. You still had to pay though. Only with the onset of state education in the 1870s was publicly funded education made available to all.

              For your further edification and delight, I enclose pictures of the first day of the school year, September 2nd, 2013, taken by my wife at Moscow PUBLIC, i.e.STATE, School № 622, showing pupils entering that school after their having listened to a welcome speech by their school director:

              But hold!

              What is this I see?

              Lock up your daughters!!!!!

  34. ThatJ says:

    Obama’s Goals For Middle East Hinge On Putin

    Submitted by Robert Berke via OilPrice.com

    Even after a few weeks have passed, the unexpected visit of the Saudi Deputy Crown Prince to the St. Petersburg Economic Forum still has a lot of people scratching their heads. The news is full of widespread and contradictory theories, while questions abound.

    Why had the Saudis accepted an invitation from a country sanctioned by the U.S., its oldest and strongest ally? Had the Saudis chosen to abandon the U.S.? Were the crafty Saudis playing Russia off against the U.S.?

    To confound matters more, why was the desert country proposing a $10 billion investment in Russian agriculture and infrastructure? Rattling everyone’s brain was the Saudi proposal to purchase some 16 nuclear plants to be developed by Russia’s state-owned nuclear monopoly, Rosatom, in a deal that, if concluded, could be worth more than $100 billion. Then there was the matter of the Saudis and Russia announcing the formation of an energy partnership between two of the largest global energy producers.


    Russia Unveils “Terminator T-1” Inspired Killer Robots

    The first time Russia’s armed forces demonstrated the Platform-M combat robot was one year ago in mid-June 2014, when in the course of military drills by the Baltic Fleet near Kaliningrad, the robotic combat platforms, armed with grenade launchers and Kalashnikov rifles saw their first action, executing their military missions alongside their live colleagues.

    But what is the Platform-M aside from looking like a very angry, heavily armed version of Wall-E, or a predecessor of the T-1 Series terminator? As explained by RBTH, “the Platform-M is a remote controlled robotic unit on a crawler” one which resembles the protagonist of the 2008 Pixar computer animation WALL-E as well as the original T-1 terminator.


  35. Moscow Exile says:

    (left, Russian flag backdrop):
    The Crimea is ours!

    (right, Ukrainian flag backdrop):
    The Crimea is ours!

    Immovability and Constancy

    And for three rubles Masha is ours!

  36. ThatJ says:

    Poroshenko orders signing of deal on 30km buffer zone in Donbass, withdrawing tanks, artillery

    18:54 July 22, 2015 Interfax

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has instructed the Ukrainian delegation to the Trilateral Contact Group to sign an agreement on a buffer zone along the line of contact in Donbass.

    “I have instructed the Ukrainian representatives in the Trilateral Contact Group to immediately sign an agreement with the OSCE and the Russian side, which is a party to the Trilateral Contact Group, to guarantee the establishment of a 30-kilometer buffer zone along the line of contact and to withdraw artillery that is still left there, withdraw tanks, and withdraw mortars, making the constant shelling impossible,” Poroshenko said when introducing the new head of the Lugansk regional administration in Severodonetsk on July 22.

    Poroshenko called for doing anything possible so that no shots are fired in Severodonetsk, Rubizhne, Lysychansk, or Popasna. “Ukraine’s proposal was accepted yesterday in Minsk at our diplomats’ and the OSCE’s insistence,” starting “the countdown for withdrawing all heavy weapons under the OSCE’s control,” he said.

    The president said he hoped that this would be “the real start of the real withdrawal” of heavy hardware, providing preconditions for this territory’s political and economic reintegration with Ukraine.

    It was reported earlier that the Trilateral Contact Group on settling the situation in Donbass met in Minsk on July 21. OSCE Chairperson-in-Office Ivica Dacic, who took part in the meeting, said the participants had agreed upon the text of a document on withdrawing weapons smaller than 100mm in caliber.


    • marknesop says:

      That’s big news – good catch.

      • ThatJ says:


        It’s funny how sometimes we (myself included) post very important news that for some reason generate no feedback, implying a lack of interest.

        “I have instructed the Ukrainian representatives in the Trilateral Contact Group to immediately sign an agreement with the OSCE and the Russian side, which is a party to the Trilateral Contact Group, to guarantee the establishment of a 30-kilometer buffer zone along the line of contact and to withdraw artillery that is still left there, withdraw tanks, and withdraw mortars, making the constant shelling impossible”

        The war in Eastern Ukraine may be ending and we don’t seem to care.

        I think this was the purpose behind the police crackdown on RS in Western Ukraine. The government probably knew what the RS was doing all along. They decided that this specific RS gang would be the ‘boogeyman’. The same controlled media that supported the RS in their quest to overthrow Yanukovich is now going after them because of their illegal dealings and murders. The government is using the cover of the ongoing case to divert attention away from the conflict in the east, and in the meantime it is speeding up the process of peace. Or so I hope.

        • marknesop says:

          I don’t think it’s lack of interest so much as that the item is clear and unambiguous. Ukraine is going to struggle in the coming days to hold on to even the territory it has left, because everybody is dissatisfied. The Nazi hardliners – you can say that here, see? NaziNaziNazi. A lot of sites send you to moderation for that, Russia Insider included – are pissed off at Poroshenko because he would not launch an all-out berserker attack against the east and drive them fleeing into Russia or kill them all. The easterners loathe him for shelling and murdering their population. As you have highlighted, the Transcarpathian oblast is ready to fold its tents and leave. Lviv demands autonomy to be a Bandera wonderland. And the general population is fed up with poverty, misery and instability.

    • Moscow Exile says:

      Orders from the Kremlin?

  37. ThatJ says:

    • marknesop says:

      Yes, I’ve seen any number of news items over the last couple of days which put The Donald at the head of the pack. It’s just another symptom of how sick America is – and it deserves our pity – that so many people think Trump could actually lead the country. Don’t worry, though; he won’t be allowed to win, because he is outside the Washington political establishment and has no neocon connections. I suppose the rationale is, he’s a successful businessman, he could fix the economy. Much like the pathetic Ukrainians holding up their hands to Poroshenko and saying, you’re already rich, please don’t steal. But Trump is probably leveraged to the hilt himself, is stubborn to a fault and does not believe in listening to advisers (because he knows so much himself); he would make a terrible president, his contention that he would make a deal with Putin notwithstanding. I admit I admire him for that small bit of stubbornness. He thinks the USA could just dominate Russia by “making it worth their while” to do America’s bidding, but I admire him for refusing to retract it in the face of ridicule. I still think Rubio is going to be the nominee, he’s an ideologue who espouses virtually every neocon holy grail. It’s early days yet and it is common for a candidate to take an early lead and then burn out like a dying star.

  38. ThatJ says:

    Immigration: How the GOP Lost Middle America

    By Pat Buchanan

    Out of the Republican retreat on Maryland’s Eastern shore comes word that the House leadership is raising the white flag of surrender on immigration.

    The GOP will agree to halt the deportation of 12 million illegal aliens, and sign on to a blanket amnesty. It only asks that the 12 million not be put on a path to citizenship.

    Sorry, but losers do not dictate terms. Rich Trumka of the AFL-CIO says amnesty is no longer enough. Illegal aliens must be put on a path to citizenship and given green cards to work—and join unions.

    Rep. Paul Ryan and the Wall Street Journal are for throwing in the towel. Legalize them all and start them on the path to citizenship.

    A full and final capitulation. Let`s get it over with.

    To understand why and how the Republican Party lost Middle America, and faces demographic death, we need to go back to Bush I.

    At the Cold War`s end, the GOP reached a fork in the road. The determination of Middle Americans to preserve the country they grew up in, suddenly collided with the profit motive of Corporate America.

    The Fortune 500 wanted to close factories in the USA and ship production abroad—where unions did not exist, regulations were light, taxes were low, and wages were a fraction of what they were here in America.

    Corporate America was going global and wanted to be rid of its American work force, the best paid on earth, and replace it with cheap foreign labor.

    While manufacturing sought to move production abroad, hotels, motels, bars, restaurants, farms and construction companies that could not move abroad also wanted to replace their expensive American workers.

    Thanks to the Republican Party, Corporate America got it all.

    U.S. factories in the scores of thousands were shut down, shedding their American workers. Foreign-made goods poured in, filling U.S. stores and killing the manufacturers who had stayed behind, loyal to their U.S. workers.

    The Reagan prosperity was exported to Asia and China by the Bush Republicans. And the Reagan Democrats reciprocated by deserting the Bush Republican Party and going home. But this was not the end of what this writer described in his 1998 book, “The Great Betrayal”.

    As those hotels, motels, restaurants, bars, fast-food shops, car washes, groceries and other service industries also relished the rewards of cheap foreign labor, they got government assistance in replacing their American workers.

    Since 1990, some 30 to 40 million immigrants, legal and illegal, have entered the country. This huge increase in the labor force, at the same time the U.S. was shipping factories abroad, brought massive downward pressure on wages. The real wages of Middle Americans have stagnated for decades.

    What was wildly wonderful for Corporate America was hell on Middle America. But the Republican Party had made its choice. It had sold its soul to the multinationals. And as it went along with NAFTA, GATT, fast track and mass immigration, to appease Corporate America, it lost Middle America.

    The party went with the folks who paid for their campaigns, only to lose the folks who had given them their landslides.

    When Republicans accede to the demand for amnesty, and immigration without end, it does not take a political genius to see what is going to happen. For it is happening now.

    Almost all of those breaking our laws, crossing the border, and overstaying their visas are young, poor or working class. Between 80 and 90 percent are from Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

    They are Third World peoples. They believe in government action and government programs that provide their families with free education, health care, housing, food, and income subsidies. They are not Bob Taft or Barry Goldwater conservatives.

    Perhaps 85 percent of all immigrants, legal and illegal, more than a million a year now, are people of color. And while over 70 percent of Hispanics and Asians voted Democratic for Obama, among voters of African descent, the Obama vote was well above 90 percent.

    Four of every five U.S. citizens of Asian, African and Hispanic descent vote Democratic in presidential elections. And it is their numbers that are growing. Already they are well over a third of the U.S. population.

    As has been observed often, America, demographically, is going to look like California. And while Nixon won California all five times he was on a national ticket, and Reagan won California in landslides all four times he ran, California has not gone Republican in six straight presidential elections.

    Democrats outnumber Republicans there by more than two-to-one in the Congressional delegation and in the state assembly, and not a single Republican holds statewide office.

    If Bush I had built that border fence back in 1992 and declared a moratorium on legal immigration that fall, as many implored him to do, the party of the Bushes would not be facing its demise well before midcentury.

    http://www.vdare.com/articles/immigration-how-the-gop-lost-middle-america (links in original)

    • spartacus says:

      Awww, my heart bleeds for middle class white America! The middle class is now beginning to pay the price for betraying the working class and siding with the capitalist elites. That was fine when the US Industry reigned supreme, but once other industrial centres started to emerge, competition put downward pressure on profitability. It is about time they found out that all the capitalists are interested in is their profits. After all, profit is the driving force of Capitalism. Businesses were looking for ways to cut costs and hiring low-wage immigrant workers is one of the ways used to address the problem. Tough luck! Now, when their economic situation is deteriorating and their relative proportion of the country’s population is shrinking, some white Americans are starting to feel threatened and insecure. Nothing wrong with that. The problem is, that instead of directing their anger to the capitalist elites, that in their ever-growing thirst for profit, moved to off-shore big chunks of the manufacturing industry, they turn against their fellow workers. With the working class divided, the elites can go about their usual business. Instead of working with the immigrant workers by teaching them to unionize and mobilizing them to resist the employer’s drive to lower wages and worse working conditions, the white American workers just want them out of the country so they can get rid of the competition on the labour market. Sorry, I don’t think that is going to happen. Capitalists like to maintain a reserve army of unemployed. It helps them to increase their bargaining power against the workers. Deal with it! The “native” American working class is kind of a disgrace. It bought the myth of “upward mobility” and “trickle down prosperity” hook, line and sinker, never realising that the Capitalists make concessions as long as their profits are not threatened.

      Pat Buchanan can bemoan the “nasty influence” of Corporate America on the state all he wants, but that is the natural outcome of Capitalism. You can try to regulate it all you want but, in the end, the financial influence of the capitalist elites will always set it free. Regulation is bad for profits, especially when competition is breathing down your neck.

      • marknesop says:

        Bingo. That is the essence of the Republicans’ fierce resistance to citizenship for illegal immigrants – to cut off their access to trade unions and attendant union rights activism. Union action could force higher wages for the group that does the work Americans don’t want to do, and there would go a big slice of profits.

    • ThatJ says:

      @marknesop & spartacus

      I don’t believe that there’s such a thing as “work Americans don’t want to do”.

      We are hammered with that one-liner constantly, but if benefits for non-work didn’t exist, and the government set up an employment office for vacant jobs where employers and the government itself could announce available jobs, what would the unemployed Americans without benefits do? Work or starve? The reality is that there’s over 50 million Americans receiving some sort of government benefit and for many, it’s more than enough to carry on living. Why work, then?

      I posted a TOO article by Andrew Joyce, a favorite of mine along with Kevin MacDonald, where he uncovers the origins of multiculturalism in Britain. Here’s an excerpt:

      — [START] —

      It was only during the next Churchill government that some reflection took place on the longer-term implications of what had begun, with Churchill recorded by Sir Norman Brook as remarking:

      Problems will arise if many colored people settle here. Are we to saddle ourselves with colour problems in the UK? Attracted by Welfare State. Public opinion in UK won’t tolerate it once it gets beyond certain limits.[16]

      But by then it was too late. Over the course of the following decade, Black immigration to Britain increased dramatically. Between 1948 and 1952 between around 2,000 Blacks entered Britain each year. By 1957 the figure had climbed to 42,000. Government investigations into this new population revealed that the idea that Blacks were helping fill a labor shortage was grossly ill-founded. In one report, completed in December 1953, civil servants stated that the new population found it difficult to secure employment not because of prejudice among Whites, but because the newcomers had “low output” and their working life was marked by “irresponsibility, quarrelsomeness, and lack of discipline.” Black women were “slow mentally,” and Black men were “more volatile in temperament than white workers … more easily provoked to violence … lacking in stamina,” and generally “not up to the standards required by British employers.”[17]

      Worse, future social and criminal patterns were already being established. In 1954 Home Secretary David Maxwell Fyfe issued a secret memorandum to the cabinet on blacks pimping White women, stating that: “Figures I have obtained from the Metropolitan police do show that the number of colored men convicted for this offense is out of all proportion to the number of colored men in London.”[18] Three months later he again wrote to the cabinet stressing that “large numbers of colored people are living on national assistance or the immoral earnings of white women.”[19] While the famed Notting Hill Race Riots of 1958 are often pointed to as an example of Black victimhood and the need for a Black reaction against White ‘oppression,’ the riots were instead the culmination of White reactions against Black crime and miscegenation. Earlier in 1958 the Eugenics Society, now the Galton Institute, issued warnings that the mingling of races that had started in Britain “ran counter to the great developing pattern of human evolution” and attacked the United Nations for minimizing the “quite obvious dissimilarities between people and individuals.”[20] The Notting Hill riots, occurring a decade after the arrival of Empire Windrush, were seeded one August evening when White youths intervened in an argument between a Swedish prostitute and her Black ‘husband’ Raymond Morrison. A brawl broke out between the youths and Morrison’s friends. The following day some of the White youths verbally assaulted the Swede for being a “Black man’s trollop.” The White youths then assembled between three and four hundred fellows to begin a violent demonstration against Black criminality, resulting in six days and nights of almost uninterrupted inter-ethnic warfare.

      The Fruits of the Empire Windrush

      This period represented one of the clearest opportunities for Britain to turn back the tide. But, as I have previously documented, it was also the period in which the efforts of a large number of unelected Jewish lawyers began the British ‘race relations’ sham, choking out free speech, and with it any opportunity for effective White resistance.


      — [END] —

      I can agree with spartacus that the push by Corporate America for cheap labour is real, but it does not explain the Immigration Act of 1924 and others before them. There is another angle that is seldom examined by mainstream historians and authors, and here the analyses provided by TOO are priceless. We are living in 2015. The Immigration Act of 1965 spelt the end for the greatest country on earth (let’s be honest, there is no past equivalent), it’s just that the average white person has not realized it yet. In 2015 the law passed in 1965, and the general trend it set, completed 50 years, which represent only 21% of the 239 years since the US signed its declaration of independence, though whites have been arriving, invited by their racial kin, for a century and a half already. Yet, in this short period the demographic war was so intense and deliberate that what took whites over 300 years to accomplish (become a solid majority at almost 90%), 46 years was enough to reduce white birth to a minority, which was recorded for the first time in the history of the US in 2011 at less than 50% of all births.

      Did whites just decide to wreak their country out of their own naturally evolved mindset? I don’t believe so.

      • marknesop says:

        Then you’ll probably love Robert Lindsay, too. My pleasure to introduce you to another source whose “casual investigations over a period of years” inform him that blacks are racially less intelligent than whites. An ignorant cracker who can barely speak English, although I would bet it is the only language he knows.

        I wonder if that’s what Asians say about whites, since they blow us into the weeds, IQ-wise? In fact, there is nothing about the white race that is so precious that it is worth more than any other race on earth, and must be preserved untainted supposing other races must perish in order to achieve that goal.

      • ThatJ says:


        Then you’ll probably love Robert Lindsay, too. My pleasure to introduce you to another source whose “casual investigations over a period of years” inform him that blacks are racially less intelligent than whites. An ignorant cracker who can barely speak English, although I would bet it is the only language he knows.

        He’s not wrong, it’s no secret that blacks have a lower average IQ. Lindsay’s focus is on racial differences. Joyce’s and MacDonald’s main topics of interest are the origins of multiculturalism, the role played by Jewish intellectuals in shaping our culture and politics, and the Israel lobby. The latter, by the way, are no friends of Russia and Kevin MacDonald has written about this in the past. One example is “The Neocons Versus Russia” that he published shortly after the Russo-Georgian War.

        I wonder if that’s what Asians say about whites, since they blow us into the weeds, IQ-wise?

        It depends on which Asians you’re talking about. In Asia, only the East Asians have higher IQ than whites. Then you have a host of other Asian nationalities with a lower average IQ.

        Asia is not as genetically diverse as Africa, but it’s more diverse than Europe, and larger as well.

        A question that resurfaces once in a while on HBD sites is why the vast majority of inventions have originated in the West. The conclusion that I saw is that “whites” (who are not a monolithic group) have among their population more brainy and dumb people than East Asians. In other words, the IQ distribution curve is narrower for East Asians. I have not yet seen any study on this subject and considering the taboo involved, it’s unlikely that I’ll ever see one that is truly free of bias. But the question of inventions is puzzling. As important as IQ tests are, humans possess other traits that we have yet to standardize, if it is possible at all.

        • Jen says:

          Most black Americans Robert Lindsay would know of, would be people who have grown up in inner city areas where as children they may have been exposed to high levels of lead concentrates in the air or their mothers were exposed while pregnant. Lead can cross the placental barrier and concentrate in the brains of foetuses. The effects of lead on children’s intelligence include low IQ levels, hyperactivity, impulsiveness, poor self-control and juvenile delinquency.

          Saying that most inventions have originated in the West is not the same as saying that all of these inventions were invented by “white” people. Black American inventors invented gas masks and the idea of a blood bank.

          • yalensis says:

            The African-American ethnos have produced quite a few talented inventors.

            Having said that, the statement that most inventions originated in the West – I am not sure if that statement is true, or what is the metric used to assert that.

            For example, Native Americans (I forget if it was Aztecs or Incas) invented the process to make coffee, chocolate, and cocoa. Does that qualify as an invention? I think so, because the process is extremely complicated and counter-intuitive.

            Not long ago, I was discussing this with a friend, as we were sipping coffee. She was telling me about the excruciating long and complicated process: drying out the beans, over the course of several months, grinding the powder; several other stages of processing, etc. It’s seemed completely counter-intuitive that people would even think to do that, or figure out what the ultimate result would be.

            During our chat, while I was just thinking out loud, I believe that I came up with the most plausible explanation: “They didn’t realize at first that they were creating a delicious food product. They were playing with the beans, in the hope of creating a dye, which they already knew how to do. After drying them out for months and then playing around with the powder, trying to create the dye, someone accidentally licked his (probably her) fingers and discovered what a delicious food product they had concocted.”

            I think that is the right explanation. I also think that many great inventions happen by accident.
            For example, glass-making came about as a by-product of pottery.
            When potters, just by chance, found chunks of glass lying near their kilns, and realized that a certain type of sand, when super-heated, makes glass.
            Which was originally used just for trinkets, until people realized it could be used as a construction material as well.

            • yalensis says:

              P.S. – Jen, my apologies, I inadvertently linked exactly the same link that you had already provided!

              • yalensis says:

                And P.P.S. – another example of a complicated food process invented by Native Americans is HOMINY. In which corn kernels are soaked in a mineral lime bath .

                Who would even think of such a thing?
                Obviously, it was somebody’s invention which prolonged the shelf life of the food.
                And afficianados say the resulting taste is something exquisite.
                Also claim it’s good for the digestion.
                See, not all processed food is bad for you!

                • Moscow Exile says:

                  The first human that tried eating an oyster must have been very hungry – and patient as well when trying to open that mollusc with a piece of flint or whatever.

            • marknesop says:

              Actually, chocolate powder made from cocoa beans is bitter and hasn’t much to recommend it; the Aztecs drank it mixed with hot water and whisked to a froth. I think Hershey did a lot of the legwork on turning chocolate into a solid; Hershey was impressed with chocolate’s energizing power and was looking to develop a concentrated superfood for the army; Hershey bars were a staple of GI ration packs during the war. You have to add a lot of fat and sugar to it to make the smooth, sweet delight we know today. You can tell that via a simple experiment – buy one of those choclate bars which are 85% cocoa or more. Some people believe that high-cocoa chocolate is good for your blood pressure, and perhaps it is. Sure isn’t good for your tongue, though – it tastes like Roseanne Barr’s bicycle seat.

              • yalensis says:

                But my point is that the complexity of the chemical processing and know-how involved in working the cacao beans into a beverage qualifies as an invention, I believe.
                An invention doesn’t necessarily mean something like a light bulb or sewing machine. It could also be a process, devised by native cultures. As this piece notes , animals don’t eat cacao bean seeds, they spit them out, because the seeds are inedible.
                The process of MAKING the seeds edible (and delicious) is so involved and complicated, that it is remarkable that anyone would think of it. Apparently, this process was invented by the Olmecs: “The Olmecs had a better idea. They devised the fermenting, drying, roasting and grinding process that remain the basis of today’s chocolate production, which took extensive knowledge of food science and biochemistry. They then passed this knowledge down to the Mayans.”

                My thought is that nobody would have set out to do this, thinking initially that they were making a food. Something that had to be dried and fermented for months.
                My theory is that the Olmecs were experimenting with trying a new dye, they already knew how to make dyes from plants, and that this involved months of effort. So maybe while trying this out with cacao beans, they inadvertently invented chocolate!

                • marknesop says:

                  Yes, true enough; it’s kind of like plantains, which are horrible when raw and only flavourful when cooked. And who was the first one to try eating a crab? Who would know they are delicious, they look like a big spider. I imagine there were a few gross disappointments as well in our endless quest for nourishment.

        • marknesop says:

          “He’s not wrong, it’s no secret that blacks have a lower average IQ.”

          Oh, horseshit. Show me. Let’s see a reputable study, using subjects from identical social conditions and backgrounds, that proves that. People are not inherently more or less intelligent solely because of the colour they were born. Even critical Asians say that Asians are not inherently smarter than whites, they simply work harder at learning and whites are lazy and privileged and take native smarts for granted. Whites who are raised in inner-city ghettos and without any hope of a secondary education, without proper nutrition and in conditions that do not encourage them to excel are dumb as stumps, It has nothing to do with their colour. I don’t know why you keep beating this drum but I wish you had been born anything but white.

  39. Moscow Exile says:

    I keep on getting that arse-wipe Moscow Times mailed to me; it goes straight into the spam folder: I never read it.

    I noticed the top-story headline of the one they have just sent me, though: “Russian Single-Industry Towns Face Crisis“.

    Sort of like Detroit and the rest of the US rust belt, I suppose.

    Former Packard plant, Detroit, USA

    Welcome to Motown!

    • Drutten says:

      There’s a lot of truth to it, but it’s not a Russian-exlusive thing.

      PM Medvedev said the other day that there are 319 settlements in Russia that can be justifiably considered “single-industry towns” and only 70-80 of these have sustainable prospects according to him.

      Here in Sweden, we had heaps back in the day too. Just in my immediate surroundings here I know a dozen towns that are steadily depopulating and “dying” because everything was dependent on particular industries that have since ceased operations. Various attempts to revive these towns have been made, but nothing particularly successful yet.

      Same thing goes for Finland, where regional administrations have sought increasingly desperate means to prevent such settlements from turning into outright ghost towns. Like this one place where they decided to sell prime property for 1 euro a piece, with some contract clauses about having to stay there for a number of years etc:

      • PaulR says:

        It’s worse in Russia than elsewhere, I think, in large part because Soviet planners believed that there were economies of scales in concentrating industrial production in single locations. There is then the added problem that for military-strategic reasons, mono-towns were sometimes placed in remote locations which makes them unsustainable under market conditions.

        • marknesop says:

          It may be worse in Russia than elsewhere, but overall there is a global population shift to cities, and most are creaking under the strain as their infrastructure is forced to take on a load it was never meant to bear. Here’s London, for example.

        • Drutten says:

          Yes, I concur.

          And to be frank, if a place can rightfully be called “doomed” just leaving things as they are will eventually lead to a social misery and an increased strain on society as a whole, and a loss of human potential. Better try to actively get people to resettle by providing them with various tangible incentives.

          Though in some cases it’s definitely worth trying to revive such settlements that are in risk of becoming dying hellholes. There might be other potentials to exploit in the area for instance, and a sober cost/benefit analysis must always be made taking the reality of market conditions into account.

          I think that was what Medvedev was getting at, anyway, so I assume work is ongoing. Russian domestic policies have been rather bad at this kind of thing before, with the federal action plans favoring large scale “strategic” programs with often (though not always) naive “trickle down” assumptions over “finer”, more localized ground-up policies. The economic realities over the coming years might change that though, and I think that they might prove a blessing in disguise in this respect too (as in many other respects that have been discussed here at length before).

          But I’m no expert on these matters, so I’m just speculating (quite possibly out of ignorance).

        • Jen says:

          In most countries, single-industry towns grew up close to where the raw material/s for that industry was/were located. A location close to a river or the sea was an added bonus. From the viewpoint of governments or companies, this was ideal because then the cost of building the necessary special transport infrastructure to haul all those materials to factories was minimised. Labourers could be sent by ship, air or train.

          Over time, there would have been economies of scale gained if corporations (private or state) located manufacturing capability near the sources of raw materials. Factories are built, more people move in, and eventually support industries and services are attracted to the town. The ports or airports that initially just shipped out the raw materials are upgraded to ship out finished manufactures as well.

          I think the issue in Russia is that many of these single-industry towns are located in remote areas where the climate and environment are harsh and prone to extremes of temperature, and buildings and transport infrastructure require high maintenance and expenditure because they are built on permafrost and the extreme temperatures over summer and winter test the stress capabilities of concrete, iron and steel so much and so regularly that they wear out quickly and need frequent replacement. This means that state and private corporations have to spend big on maintaining these towns and so the ROI (for want of a better term) from the industrial output of these places needs to be very high. A lot of these towns originated as gulags as well with prison labour being exploited by Soviet authorities to help found new industries and open up new territories for mining. The areas where the gulags were located would have had military or geopolitical value to the Soviets.

          Detroit on the other hand had the potential to be something other than just Motor-maker to America. The city is ideally located on Lake Michigan to be a transit point between towns and cities on the Mississippi River and those on the St Lawrence River. The city existed – with a city charter, no less! – before Henry Ford founded his first factory there. There can be no excuse for allowing what was once one of the largest and richest American cities 40 years ago to deteriorate so much into a giant slum.

          • Patient Observer says:

            Just to be a nit-picker, Detroit is located adjacent to the Detroit river and Lake St. Clair. These bodies of water along with the St. Clair river link Lake Huron and Lake Erie. Detroit’s long and sad decline has many causes including a war between Detroit and the surrounding cities (Detroit lost). Detroit in the 50’s was a Silicon valley of sorts – a hot spot of industrial power and innovation. It was a cultural center as well with first rate museums, symphony, etc. I remember the “race riots” of 1967 which likely initiated the downturn. The official death toll was something like 40 people but many believed that the number killed was much higher.

          • marknesop says:

            In Russia’s case – I’ve mentioned this before as an example, but there are a lot of new readers since the last time – a lot of industries were not sufficiently profitable after the collapse of the Soviet Union and decentralization, removing at a stroke state management and subsidies that had kept some industries going. Let’s use Mrs. Stooge’s home town, Dalnegorsk, as an example; Dalnegorsk is a mining town, dominated by mining company BOR. When the state ran the show, it paid the town an annual stipend to keep it clean and attractive, paying for infrastructure maintenance and roads and sidewalks, fresh coat of paint for buildings, schools, teachers and school supplies and so on. It also supplied trucking services for the minerals, mostly boron, to be moved to the railhead some 200 km away.

            After the Soviet Union collapsed, the stipend ceased, and the town began to look seedy. Sidewalks cracked and heaved in winter and were only perfunctorily repaired, maintenance of war memorials ceased except for volunteers. The trucking services were no longer paid for by the state, so the company had to pay and that cut into profits. Dalnegorsk is very near the sea (at Rudnaya Pristan), but there’s no harbour. There are no other industries, and without a port there’s no chance for fishing or other marine industry. Dalnegorsk is a fair-sized town, but it’s remote (about 500 km northwest of Vladivostok) and the towns around it are smaller – I can’t think what industry would take off there. But the last time I was there, unemployment was fairly high and BOR remained by far the biggest employer. There’s some forestry too, two lumber companies; Mrs. Stooge worked for one for a while, doing translation work for contracts and such. The company was Russian, the customers mainly Chinese companies, and the contracts were in English.

            • Moscow Exile says:

              My home town is dead after the main industry was closed down 30 years ago by She-Who-Had-To-Be-Obeyed.

              I believe the biggest employer in my home town now is the local government administration and Health Authorities, which administer to the needs of the unemployed and unemployable there.

            • Jen says:

              The automobile industry in Australia survived for a long time in the main due to subsidies (amounting to hundreds of millions of Australian dollars) that Federal and State governments would throw at overseas car companies like GM, Ford and Toyota to keep their factories in South Australia and Victoria going. About every year or so, one of these companies (or another company that’s already left; Mitsubishi used to have a plant in South Australia and would put its hand out for subsidies) would make noises about how it would pack up and close shop if it didn’t get more government money and governments would bend over backwards to give the company whatever it wanted to keep the threats at bay for another year. Because if the factory closed, then a lot of support industries in the town where the factory was located would also have to close, and the town would be in dire straits because car-making happened to be the reason for its continued existence. So the experience of Dalnegorsk and other one-trick-pony towns is not that unique to Russia.

              Ford Australia is closing down its engine and vehicle manufacturing in 2016 and GM and Toyota are also closing down their factories in Australia in 2017.

              I don’t suppose Dalnegorsk could reinvent itself for adventure / nature tourism, could it? Wikipedia also mentions there was a UFO incident in 1986 so maybe Dalnegorsk could become the Roswell of Russia?

  40. yalensis says:

    Gruzian Minister of Defense demands clarification from Ukrainian government.

    Tina Khidasheli, Minister of Defense for Gruzia, is upset at some statements made by Saakashvili.
    Recall that Saak made some sour-grapes types attacks against the very same Gruzian government which had ousted him (Saak) and issued international warrant for his arrest (under 4 violations of Gruzian legal codex).

    Tina demands to know, if Saak’s anti-Gruzian statements are the official policy of Kiev, or just “the position of an isolated Governor, an individual who is known to be of an unstable and abnormal psychology?”

    Tina demands an answer from both Poroshenko and Yats, why they shelter a man “who gave orders to destroy a telecommunications company and disperse a demonstration, under whose rule prison rapes and tortures became a routine and normal practice”.

    She goes on to complain:
    “I have no idea why Poroshenko would appoint Saakashvili. I suppose it is his right to appoint a madman or a normal man, that is Ukraine’s sovereign right. I only regret what it is that Saakashvili will do to them over there.”

    Asked if Saakashvili would ever return to Gruzia to participate in politics, Khidasheli remarked: “You can’t resurrect the dead.”

  41. yalensis says:

    More Saakashvili, for those who just can’t get enough of him:
    According to Odessa political pundit Lev Vershinin (ex-deputy of Odessa city council):
    Saak has succeeded, in just his short time in office of taking over all the narco-trafficking in Odessa.

    Previously, this narco-traffic was owned by the SBU.
    When he arrived in Odessa, Saak brought with him a fellow Gruzian wanted criminal, Giya Lordkipanidze and appointed him chief of police in Odessa. One of Giya’s jobs was to take over the drug-smuggling business. Odessa is a major transit point for this.

    Giya was assisted by the firing of SBU chief Valentin Nalivaychenko, who previously curated the narco-traffic business.

    According to Grigory Tarasenko, who used to work in drug enforcement, Odessa is slowing morphing from a transit point to an area of heightened drug consumption. He says a lot of the Maidan veterans and volunteers are now being used as street dealers and drug mules.

    • marknesop says:

      Things just keep on gettin’ better there, don’t they? The Ukrainians must have to restrain themselves several times a day from jumping in the air and clicking their heels together in a delirium of EuroHappiness.

  42. yalensis says:

    Interesting piece on Transnistria , written by Andrei Chorba. Debunking several stereotypes.

    Stereotype #1: Transnistria is simply a part of Moldavia, only Moldavians live there.
    Chorba: Like all of Novorossiya, Transnistria has a variegated population. Currently the overall balance is (and remember that the overall population is quite small): 30% Russians, 30% Moldavians, 28% Ukrainians, 3% Bulgarians, the remaining 9% consisting of a mixture of: Gaugasians, Belorussians, Germans, Jews, Tatars, Armenians, and others. This mixture of peoples lives together harmoniously and has formed a unique, integrated culture, according to Chorba.

    Stereotype #2: Russian is not the state language.
    Chorba: Not only is Russian the official language of Transnistria, but it is used for everyday communication as well. 90% of Transnistrians speak Russian. It is also the language used in schools, except for a few specialized schools which use Ukrainian or Moldavian. Russian history and geography are taught in all the schools.

    Stereotype #3: Transnistrians are citizens of Moldavia.
    Chorba: The population of Transnistria comprises 500K people, of which just about half of them hold Russian citizenship.

    Stereotype #4: Transnistria is of no military interest to Russia.
    Chorba: [describes how the exact opposite is true: This is a real hotspot for Russia.]

    Stereotype #5: Transnistria is a “black hole” of moochers which Russia is feeding.
    Chorba: Transnistria has a well developed industry and agricultural sector. There are over 140 factories and industrial facilities. Metallurgy, cement, etc. Agricultural products include fruits and vegetables. There is also a thriving tourism industry.

    Chorba concludes: “We have great potential, but cannot use it to the fullest. Moldavia and Ukraine (the only 2 countries which border us) continuously blockade the exports of our products” and demand exhorbitant taxes, tariffs, etc. Internal production is much greater than the local consumers can absorb; export is necessary.

    In conclusion: Transnistrians pine for Russia and wish they could return to the Motherland, just as Crimea did. This is their fervent hope.

  43. Drutten says:

    Regarding the alleged FIM-92 Stingers found in Lugansk, they quickly turned out to be very crude fakes upon closer inspection. There were some dead giveaways, such as misspelled English on the launcher itself (that appears copied straight from the computer game Battlefield 3, which has deliberately misspelled English on its in-game Stingers), the wooden box stenciling being a copy of the stenciling on the original aluminium boxes, the electronic package on the launcher itself simply being painted slabs of (presumably) wood and so on.

    All in all, perfectly set up to be wholly debunked within an hour of the original publication. Even though Russian bloggers beat him to it, Higgins was of course quick to add it to his resumé.

    • marknesop says:

      I wonder if it was another setup by StopFake. But it’s good to know it was a fake considering it did not make any sense. Well done to everyone who was skeptical.

    • Drutten says:

      I want to go there to have a look for myself and see if there’s anything to the neverending stream of accusations of unimaginably vile atrocities.
      – No! You are not ALLOWED!

      Not “it’s totally super dangerous as our mighty qualified assessments have shown, I strongly advise you not to”, “you go at your own risk but we urge you not to lend the ‘occupation’ any credibility” or anything moderately reasonable like that. Instead it’s this collective total breakdown, waving and desperately throwing every politically correct cliché and beaten-to-death buzzword they can think of out there.

      The psychology here is eerily reminiscent of what you see in some criminals when it dawns on them that the coppers are on the verge of figuring everything out and it’s just a matter of time.

  44. dany8538 says:

    Found this song through the Givi Birthday video shot by Graham Phillips. Its been on repeat ever since.

  45. Northern Star says:

    Establishing a Korean DMZ in Ukraine won’t end the war….it may result in a hiatus in the shooting.,but the underlying fundamental political split(s) remains. There are only three options for DPR/LPR;

    Reunification -call it what you will-with the fascist NAZI USA installed puppet regime.,which to me appears to be a ridiculous and untenable concept.USA/NATO/NWO thug psychos-political, military and economic- will continue to stir the pot from within and without Ukraine and how the fuck can that malevolent meddling pan out to even a modicum of relative stability??

    Become part of Russia proper.

    Independent sovereign status.

    • Northern Star says:

      Who respects the legitimacy of this man as Governor???
      A regional government (state)house divided against itself will sooner or later collapse

      • marknesop says:

        Perhaps the aim is to get him out of the way, off in the sticks somewhere, considering his opinions on the subject of “the internal enemy“. Note that he regularly referred to his new consituents as “terrorists” and “the enemy”. I doubt his opinions have changed much. He is also a founder of the civic organization which was responsible for the “Peacemaker” website that published home addresses and other personal details of persons judged to be enemies of the state or separatist supporters, and which led to the assassination of Oles Buzina. He was a tireless advocate for the military conquest of the region he is now charged with ruling. I suppose he’s a better choice than Irina Farion, but barely.

      • Drutten says:

        The most significant thing here is, I think the fact that they refer to prior Kiev policy vis a vis Eastern Ukraine as bearing the hallmarks of “scorched earth”.

        Now I’m just hoping they’ll soon begin to concede ever so slightly that those “6,400 deaths” were chiefly due to Kiev’s artillery shelling and aerial bombardment.

        As for Mr. Tuka, he’s just another Maidanite jackass who comes straight from the Mirotvorets gang (who pretty much openly facilitated assasinations of political opponents, or even people presumed to be such based on the flimsiest data).

        I don’t see how that appointment would in any way signal an “intention to reach out to the Ukrainians living in rebel-held areas“. Rather the opposite, and the article itself even mentions that he’s been actively involved in supporting the Ukrainian armed forces during their siege of Donbass cities.

        How does that make him any less of a “hardliner” than the asshole Moskal? It’s just more bullshit from Poroshenko, yet another blatant wedge in a shoddy disguise that the West happily falls for.

    • marknesop says:

      I completely agree – but it will buy time to commence economic recovery, and hopefully lift the blockade so that the electrical and water situation can be sorted out and the flow of trade can recommence with the region. Meanwhile the embargo on Ukrainian goods entering Russia can remain in place, emphasizing the benefit of association for the eastern republics.

      The best choice for both Russia and the region, I think, is independent sovereign status with an association with greater Ukraine. That would put pressure on Ukraine to repair the war damage, even though at present it can not even begin to afford it. It should not be Russia’s job to clean up Ukraine’s mess. At the same time, I don’t foresee them becoming a part of Russia – although it would serve Kiev right – and I agree that yielding to Kiev now after fighting it to a standstill is most unlikely.

  46. marknesop says:

    “The choice between guns and butter becomes easier when there is no butter.”

    Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon (!???!!) reports the standard of living in Ukraine is plummeting, that retirees are slowly starving to death, and urges that the Donbas be abandoned “like a lizard shedding its tail” in the interests of survival of the remaining Ukrainian people. He seems to be of the quaint notion that the remainder of Ukraine would be eagerly accepted into the EU. If you remember, I proposed probably a year ago that Kiev could pull off a strategic coup by simply recognizing the Donbas as sovereign – thus denying Russia a frozen conflict – and immediately petitioning the EU for membership on behalf of the remaining territory. It might have worked then – it’d never work now that the country has destroyed itself and would just be a great big hungry mouth to feed, one that would subsist on handouts for the foreseeable future.

    The BBC backs this up with its own report. As always, when it’s a personal story, especially one that includes a family with small children, it’s hard not to feel deeply sorry for them wherever they live, and I do. Natalie Jaresko is just so full of shit, I wonder if she is secretly ashamed of herself: “I’m glad we’re not Greece. I’m glad our situation is completely different. In Greece it has more to do with their rejection of reforms.” Is that so? Reforms like doubling the price of household gas (a generalization, it’ll actually go up by 280%) even as householders’ incomes were cut in half? Who ever thought that was going to work? Just you wait until winter, Missy. Like Bob Dylan said, a hard rain is gonna fall.

    Jaresko claims the hike in utility prices is just temporary, and that in as little as six months from now “the results of the reforms will show up in their pocketbooks”. Under what pink sun will that happen? Jacking the shit out of gas prices in Ukraine was always a goal of the EU, and I had a hard time understanding why. It makes sense now – the Ukrainian government was subsidizing the price of gas for its citizens so they got gas so cheap they could waste it, but with the consequence that Ukraine always paid more for gas – when it paid at all, mind you – than it got back in sales to the consumer. The only way that could lead is further and further in the hole. But Jaresko’s claim about reforms returning cash to the consumer in the near term depends on their being able to get gas somewhere which is cheaper than Russia was selling it to them. Ha, ha; good luck with that. Average natural gas price in Ukraine before jacking it is acknowledged to be only about 20% of the market price. But even when they’ve done cranking the prices up and up and up – not forecast (as of March this year) to be complete until 2017 – it is hard to imagine Ukraine is paying more than Europe is for its gas, looking at consumption rates. Ukraine pays slightly more than the European average for industrial use, attributed by some sources to the terrible contract Tymoshenko signed without approval, but household price is far, far lower. So Jaresko’s ludicrous projection depends on (a) finding a cheaper source for gas than Russia is charging, and (b) the hryvna returning to its pre-Maidan strength. Oh, or (c) a miracle.

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