Hello; I’m From the European Council on Foreign Relations – I Hear You Have a Bridge For Sale.

Uncle Volodya says, "Our great democracies still tend to think that a stupid man is more likely to be honest than a clever man, and our politicians take advantage of this prejudice by pretending to be even more stupid than nature made them."

Uncle Volodya says, “Our great democracies still tend to think that a stupid man is more likely to be honest than a clever man, and our politicians take advantage of this prejudice by pretending to be even more stupid than nature made them.”

Are you familiar with the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR)? No? Well, have a look at their website. Not to be a spoiler or anything, but let me quote briefly from it: “Inspired by the role American think tanks played in helping the US move from isolationism to global leadership, ECFR’s founders set about creating a pan-European institution that could combine establishment credibility with intellectual insurgency.”

Intellectual insurgency – now, there’s a phrase that should inflame your mental ganglia with mingled interest and suspicion, and you’re going to see an inspired example of intellectual insurgency in just a moment.

“The European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) is a pan-European think-tank which conducts research and promotes informed debate across Europe on the development of a coherent and effective European values-based foreign policy.” Having, hopefully, established its affinity for intellectual insurgency, I’d like you to take the next step with me, and think about the target of all this intellectual insurgency. The formation of a coherent and effective European values-based policy.

Once again, please expore the website and draw your own conclusions; I have no wish to apply undue influence to your development of a viewpoint – but might I draw your attention to the membership?

Oh, the hell with it. Timothy Garton Ash, obsessive non-participatory warmonger and the biggest, knobbiest Russophobic prick in a waving pink field of turgid Russophobic pricks? Carl Bildt, Psychotic Pswede of the year and compulsive tweeter of everything anti-Russian? Ivan Krastev, Mr. Moscow-is-trying-to-split-the European Union when the European Union gleefully colluded in the manipulation of Euromaidan which started the cycle of violence in Ukraine? Radoslaw Sikorski, who needs no introduction? Toomas Ilves, fourth president of Estonia, who thinks current Russian wages are close to what they are in Ukraine? Russian average wages are more than three times as high as Ukraine’s – assuming people are actually getting paid in Ukraine – when both are converted to a common U.S. dollar value. Heidi “The EU is not trying to extend its sphere of influence to its eastern neighbours ” Hautala? Do tell. Come on, for Christ’s sake – don’t you think people can read?

You might imagine from this that the ECFR’s delight in the appointment of a foreign leader would be directly proportional to how anti-Russian his policies are, and the extent to which he is an irritant to Moscow. And you would imagine correctly (thanks, Tim).

With that in mind, let’s examine the ECFR’s continuing moonie and swoony support for corpulent criminal Mikheil Saakashvili, which I frankly find incomprehensible through any filter except his value as an irritant. Can the ECFR actually believe he is a suitable candidate to fight corruption? Seriously? Using that standard of measure, such a think tank could reliably be expected to endorse Keith Martin, Europe’s fattest man, for Equestrian Jumping in the 2024 Summer Olympics. And that’s even allowing for the fact that he died last year, poor soul. Not to belabor the point, but Mikheil Saakashvili is about as ill-suited – by both his nature and his proclivities – to fight corruption as a cricket bat is unsuitable for cleaning your ears.

Holy Hannah; I’m torn between the urges to scream out the window in frustration, and guffaw like a Seinfeld laugh-track. Well, let’s look at it.

Immediately, the author indulges in wild supposition – one of the reasons, he says, that the Russians did not move on Tbilisi in 2008 was their assumption that the Georgians would finish off Saakashvili themselves. There is no reason at all to believe this, and Sharashenidze is the only person in the world who has ever postulated such a ridiculous theory – it is particularly ludicrous in light of the fact that Tornike Sharashenidze was one of the earliest voices to admit Georgia started the war by attacking Tskhinvali. He voiced his opinion at that time that Saakashvili had listened to dunces in his government and expected the United States to intervene on Georgia’s side. That’s hard to imagine, considering the U.S. Secretary of State visited him less than a month before, and told him he had to “put a non-use of force pledge on the table”  in negotiations wih the separatist provinces. No word on whether she winked broadly and significantly at him as she said it, but there’s no particular reason to imagine so. The Assistant Secretary of State and other American officials also reportedly warned him not to escalate the situation right up until just hours before the conflict went hot. Both Saakashvili’s response to direction and judgment must be viewed as reliable like a chocolate teapot. A brilliant choice for governor. I guess “loose cannon” was already filled.

Note the generous use of the passive voice in excusing Saakashvili’s more glaring failures – some people lost their jobs, some people were sent to jail, Georgian protesters were dispersed by force, the television station which backed them was raided. Nothing in there suggests Saakashvili directly participated in any of these things – they just… sort of…happened. Imagine such things just…sort of…happening in Moscow. The ECFR would scream as if it were being cooked in a giant microwave.

But the author contends confidently that Saakashvili stands a good chance of success in straightening out the situation in Odessa, in the complete absence of any reason to think so. And that is the most maddening thing of all.

Let’s take a stroll together down memory lane, shall we, and have a non-partisan look at Saakashvili’s previous corruption-fighting record. Beeeeeoooowwwowww (that’s supposed to represent a time-bending sound effect). Okay, here we are in Warsaw; March 4th, 2008. The OSCE/ODIHR Election Observation Mission’s final report on the Extraordinary Presidential Election in Georgia on January 5th has just come out – you can smell the photocopier blistering from all the way down the hall, and the pages are still warm. Just before we open it, I want you to imagine two things – one, that the events and actions we read about  took place during a presidential election in Russia, and two, whether the ECFR would regard them as examples of corruption in those circumstances. Ready? Here we go.

Oh, dear. It doesn’t kick off very positively, I’m afraid. “The campaign was overshadowed by widespread allegations of intimidation and pressure, among others on public-sector employees and opposition activists, some of which were verified by the OSCE/ODIHR EOM. The distinction between State activities and the campaign of the ruling United National Movement (UNM) party candidate, Mr. Mikheil Saakashvili, was blurred.” Intimidation and pressure of public sector employees and opposition activists, in Moscow, benefiting Vladimir Putin and his party – examples of a corrupt and rotten government? What say you, ECFR? I think you know. “Opposition parties were underrepresented in managerial positions in Precinct Election Commissions, and the ruling UNM (United National Movement, President Saakashvili’s party) held a de facto majority“. Is that how Putin runs Moscow? Not on our watch, Sunny Jim. Is that a model for governance in Odessa? I guess it doesn’t need to be – regional governors in Ukraine are appointed, not elected – pretty democratic, I think you’ll agree.

Amendments to the election code were adopted only weeks before the election, and their meaning was sometimes subject to interpretation. “[G]overnment distribution of social benefit vouchers was perceived to overlap with the campaign of Mr. Saakashvili, and raised the concerns about an unequal campaign environment.” You could say that – vouchers for utilities and medical supplies were distributed by authorities ahead of the election to pensioners and the poor; a clear case of use of state funds to buy votes, especially as the vouchers were prominently marked as being from Mr. Saakashvili and incorporated his trademark “5” (He was number 5 on the presidential ballot). Some voucher recipients were asked by distributors if they planned to vote for Mr. Saakashvili and were asked to sign documents confirming their intention. How do you think that would go over at the ECFR kaffeeklatsch if it were benefiting Putin in a presidential election? Like a turd in a punchbowl, I suspect.

The last presidential election, held in January 2004, was won by Mr. Saakashvili with 96 per cent of the vote, in a largely uncontested race in which the main opposition figures did not stand.” Well, ‘pon my word; that’s democratic, surely, and just about as non-corrupt as…say…Zimbabwe. I can easily imagine a president elected on such a believable tide of national optimism turning into a finely-honed corruption fighter, especially when the same country issued a warrant for his arrest on charges of abuse of power.

As mentioned just a couple of posts ago, Saakashvili’s reign in Georgia coincided with record high unemployment and record low wages. You can shake and stir that as much as you like without ever being able to pour it out as success. He built himself a multi-million dollar palace that dwarfs the White House, while the Georgian per-capita GDP for a year was less than $6,500.00. His Defense Minister ran an offshore business for three years, right under his nose, that grossed nearly a Billion dollars in 2012. If all of that does not smell to you like c.o.r.r.u.p.t.i.o.n in three-part harmony, your stink-recognition rectifier may need replacement.

The efforts by this author, through “intellectual insurgency”, to repackage the Georgian Misfortune as  Georgiy Washingtonvili are insulting, sophomoric and deserving of nothing but ridicule. I am frankly surprised that even a parcel of pernicious partisan peckerheads like the ECFR would print it.

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  1. marknesop says:

    So the battle lines are drawn between Ukraine and the people who were so foolish as to lend it money – a 40% haircut on the debt, or default. The creditors have reportedly offered a longer term to pay, and been spurned. Ukraine wants nearly half its debt forgiven, or it will default.

    Perhaps the most amazing thing in this report – from the Financial Times, so it is understandably pro-west and anti-Russian – is that the west had a rescue plan!! You’d never know from the hamfisted manner in which it handled everything following Maidan, and it is evident it thought Ukraine would just fall into its cupped hands like a ripe plum. I guess that’s what happens when you entrust coup planning to the photocopier boy. Certainly nobody higher than that is willing to take credit for this dog’s breakfast.

  2. yalensis says:

    More on David Duke and his Russian thematic. I am finding this research into the American Right highly interesting. It is thanks to ThatJ that I even learned about such a thing: that there is actually a wing of the American Right (in this case, extreme Right) which is pro-Russian.

    Of all of them, David Duke is probably the most interesting character.
    In above link (from February 2011), Duke was interviewed in regards to his book being translated and published into Russian.

    But for me, the most interesting part of the interview is the final paragraph, I call this the “Hecuba” explanation. In other words, what is Russian to him, or he to Russia?
    And this goes into the deeply philosophical question of why Western “thinkers” must project their own thoughts and desires on Russia.

    [yalensis: This is translated from Russian to English. I don’t have the original Duke quotes in English, which is what I assume he spoke during the interview; and which was probably translated into this Russian; hence, I cannot guarantee that my translation back to English matches his original words to a tee!]

    Q: You said it was important to you that your book was published in Russia. Why?

    A: David Duke:
    Russian people possess that same European heritage, the same European traditions, as White Americans. In American media, the Russian people are constantly subjected to attacks. The most widespread meme in American media – is the Russian Mafia. This is a double lie. For starters, the members of the criminal gangs and the so-called Russian Mafia – are in the main, Jews and Caucasians, products of the USSR. Secondly, the media knows this fact. Hence, they consciously subvert Russians, in order to put them in the most negative possible light before the American public. And the Jews, who are responsible for these criminal groupings, are Russian speakers – removed from suspicion. This is all done very cleverly, and very consciously.

    And we Americans, just like you, Russians, should realize, should feel, that we are brothers and sisters. During the Vietnam war I happened to be working in Laos. At that time, I, like many (Americans) had many prejudices about Russia and Russians. We identified Russians with the idea of world communism. Anyhow, I happened to be driving in an automobile, on my way to work. Suddenly, right under my wheels, darted out a Laotian woman on a bicycle. To avoid killing her, I abruptly swung the wheel of my car, and collided directly with the automobile of the Soviet consul. Out of that car emerged a tall young man. He had seen everything that happened, thus he knew that I didn’t have a choice. We chatted, and I came to understand, that before me stood, not an enemy, but a person whom I could see as my own brother. He said one thing, which I have remembered ever since: “This is off the record, but we have to support each other. Otherwise, civilization will come to an end.” I never met that man again, but I hope that he is still alive and well. I understood at that moment, that the politics of a country does not always represent the interests of the people who live in that country. Asking myself why this is, I began to do some research, how this can come about. The result of my research – is in my book. And the first edition of this book – is not in English, but in Russian. Because I believe that the Fate of Russia will determine the Fate of Civilization. You (Russians) are on the front lines of this struggle. A struggle which encompasses the survival of Americans (as well). It is in the interests of America and Europe that Russia should be a flourishing and powerful state.”

    • yalensis says:

      yalensis: My thoughts.

      (1) It is laudable that Duke did not run over the Laotian woman.

      (2) But I suspect that he misinterpreted the words of the Soviet consul, which had such a powerful effect on his psyche.
      What the consul probably said was something like: “We have to stick to the same story, otherwise things will go badly for us.”
      Alternatively, the consul could have been one of those idealistic Soviet types who was always promoting world peace, and might have said something like “We have to achieve peace between our two nations, otherwise, the nukes will fly and kill the world.”
      Alternatively, the consul could have been a proto-kreakl who was tickled pink to run into (literally) an actual American and meant something like, “We supporters of Democracy have to stick together.”

      (3) Note the apocalyptic and eschatological language: Only Russia can save the flame of civilization from the forces of darkness! So typical of Western kreakles!


    • One of Duke’s opinions is that the Jews killed 100 million Orthodox Christian Russians during and after the Bolshevik revolution. This is a reason why be become a critic of Jews.

  3. yalensis says:

    Tee hee!

    French Senator Yves Pozzo di Borgo during his trip to Crimea (in which French politicians called for the lifting of sanctions against Russia) bought and showed off a tee-shirt reading: “Obama – you’re a chump!”

  4. yalensis says:

    On the demographic front:
    According to Statistics Bureau of Ukraine, the Ukrainian population decreased by .4% (in comparison with prior year) during period Jan-May 2015.

    Officially, Ukraine’s population now stands at 42,883,000 people.

    Number of newborns as of 1 June 2015 was 166K babies.
    This was 26K fewer babies than on 1 June 2014.

    If you look at the history, the highest pop Ukraine ever had, apparently, was in 1993, at 52 million.
    Since Independence, it’s been steadily downhill since then.

    • marknesop says:

      But do you see western articles shouting that Ukraine is in a “demographic death spiral”? Nope.

      • rkka says:

        Very true. I like teasing people:

        “When Soviet genocide ended, the Baltic States had a combined population of eight million and growing. After 25 years of the delights of Free Market Democracy, there are now 6.3 million, and yearly deaths there exceed births by 1.35 to 1.”

        Its amusing to see otherwise well-informed, educated people deal with the cognitive dissonance.

    • Northern Star says:

      Now exactly which NATO countries would spearhead the invasion of Russia????
      The Krauts… Poles…French…Brits….????? Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      As for USA to the rescue…it would be kinda tough for troop carriers to land on european airfields that have been tac nuked….Since 1945 USA not been up against ONE adversary that could give as good as it gets….this has made her foolhardy and arrogant…..pride goeth before the nuclear abysss

    • astabada says:

      Lovely infographic. Notice that whenever NATO surrenders, this leads to a big ugly red circle stating that Russia will dominate Eastern Europe. However, all scenarios where Russia withdraws or surrenders end with a nice white dove labelled “peace”.

    • marknesop says:

      Ha, ha!! What a “B” Movie!! It’s like “War Games” – remember that? “Hello, Professor Falken; how about a nice game of chess?”

  5. ThatJ says:

    I was digging a little deeper on Trump (he’s worth $10 billion, more than I thought), and if Wikipedia is correct, he’s a Slavophile as far as his taste for women is concerned. Of his three marriages, two were to Slavs, one being Czech and the other — out of all nationalities — Slovenian!

    The first wife, Ivana Zelníčková (Czech):

    The second wife, Marla Maples (American):

    The third wife, Melanija Knavs, germanized to Melania Knauss (Slovenian):

  6. Tim Owen says:

    This is kind of wonderful:


    “In effect we are talking about a revival of the institution of commissars,” a Kremlin official told Kommersant, referring to the Soviet-era institution of Communist Party political officers dispatched to ensure ideological discipline and purity.

    “All decisions on key issues relating to the life of Crimea will be made exclusively in coordination with the officials sent from the center,” Kommersant quoted one official as saying.

    Let The Purges Begin

    And before Crimea’s new commissars arrive, Moscow is already beginning to clean house.

    Over the past month, the Federal Security Service (FSB) and the Investigative Committee have launched criminal corruption cases against three top Crimean officials, Industrial Minister Andrei Skrynnik, Chief Tax Inspector Nikolai Kochanov, and Yalta Port chief Dmitry Petrov.

    Meanwhile, federal officials have accused Crimea’s Ministry of Construction of misappropriating approximately two-thirds of the funds provided to rebuild the peninsula’s roads.

    Russian media has naturally presented the cases as evidence that the Kremlin is determined to combat corruption, and suggested there would be more to come.

    But corruption investigations in Russia are almost never really about corruption; they’re almost always about power struggles and battles over resources.”

    Typical Moskals. They have a shining example of how to sort out a country properly just to the north of Crimea and haven’t even noticed.

    • Drutten says:

      Just take a look at how Crimea’s been (mis)managed (by Ukraine) before this. Jesus, anybody with a brain would go on a purging bonanza.

      But as you say, it’s evil Russia all the way, and throw in references to Soviet-style commissars to really cement the general idea. Things sure were better when the odd blue-and-yellow flag was waving here and there, while the peninsula’s inhabitants were Mad Maxing their way through life. As long as those Kievan oligarchs kept their fenced-in personal resorts nice and tidy, ’twas all good.

      Sigh. Why won’t people even bother reading up on Crimea?

      • Tim Owen says:

        Totally off topic but there was a great interview with James Risen by Glenn Greenwald here that I listened to today:

        How does one explain the madness? Risen tells a good, believable story about the most recent drift into “group-think” / conventional opinion insanity and he convincingly puts it down to entirely mundane causes: momentum and careerism.

        In a way that answers your question: no one looks into the real situation in Crimea because there’s no apparent upside to that (and plenty of downside) as their peers – in media, government etc – don’t do so within their bubble reality. Crimea means whatever the majority of their most powerful peers say it means.

        And the fuckers who are profiteering on this – e.g., Legatum whores like Michael Weiss etc. – have the gall to suggest that Russia is “weaponizing relativity.”

        Washington is a glass-bottomed party boat sailing over the world where the party-goers long ago lost interest in even casually looking down.

        Can’t last.

    • marknesop says:

      The west wants Crimea to be a failure under Russian control so badly they can taste it.

  7. Fern says:

    A report detailing how German exports to Russia are expected to fall by around a third in the current year. Tim mentioned above how the West generally maintains an iron discipline on MH17 so that even the faintest possibility of the Russians NOT being responsible for the downing of the plane is ever contemplated.

    Well, the basis for sanctions is another area where the West dare not go for fear of what might be unearthed by questioning the official line. Veep Joe Biden was very upfront about the Obama administration forcing the EU to get in line and impose sanctions on Russia – sanctions which have been, and will continue to be, hugely damaging to the economies of many European countries. But what if the US knew, from its own intelligence and that satellite conveniently in just the right position to cover the shooting down of MH17, that the plane was not destroyed by the actions of separatists? What would it do for the Exceptional Nation’s ‘leadership’ of the West if it became known that the US knowingly lied to force the EU to inflict great harm on itself? What would happen if the EU leaders were forced to acknowledge a version of Victoria Nuland’s famous phrase – hey, we’ve been f****d?

  8. ThatJ says:

    Gearing Up for More War in Ukraine?

    In spite of near continuous ceasefire breakages on both sides in Ukraine, media has turned its attention elsewhere, especially to Greece and China.

    Today I have some Ukraine anecdotes from reader Steven, who lives in Prague. He has family ties to Ukraine. Steven writes ….


    [ThatJ: Is Porky bluffing again? The recent news that he ordered the military to withdraw all the hardware from the contact zone so that the sides couldn’t engage one another sounded quite convincing. But the junta’s continued forced mobilization makes the plea for peace suspicious.]

    Supposedly a BTR column arriving in Rostov:

    • marknesop says:

      Hard to see any other explanation for it: you could say that Ukraine is merely trying to build up a very large military quickly because it had let things slide for too long, but taking men aged 60 would be foolish in those circumstances. A few would be in surprisingly good shape and you could get a couple of years of soldiering out of them, but most would be a liability. It’s also possible Porky wants a large military in a hurry to control an increasingly restless and disillusioned population, but putting them in uniform is no guarantee they won’t join the rioters themselves at the first whiff of smoke, only now they’ll have a gun. Neither fits as well as the two explanations Steven offers. Perhaps Porky does not intend another offensive, but wishes to ensure the demarcation line does not move an inch, so that the federalists do not get Mariupol. Poor fool, he does not see that if he turns his country into an armed camp with a wartime mentality, his support will bleed away quickly and he will lose Mariupol anyway, probably more.

      Whatever the case, I doubt very much a career in the infantry was what any of those young fools had in mind when they were screaming “Yurrup!!” on Maidan and prancing around with the starry flag wrapped around themselves. You can be sure if Vladimir Putin wrecked his country this way and was conscripting people right at their place of employment, the news would be gloatingly reporting the smallest detail non-stop as a “breaking story” and Wes Clark would be on CNN all day long helpfully analyzing the latest developments. Since it’s happening in a country the west wishes to succeed and become a Washington satellite, not a word. They must want Ukraine awfully badly – although not badly enough to pay for it – because they even critically reported rioting in Georgia when Saakashvili stepped on his dick.

  9. ThatJ says:

    Enough is Enough: Swedish Public Lets PM Know About Immigration Policies

    Swedes expressed discontent with their government’s immigration policies, after Prime Minister Stefan Lofven’s announced he’d be glad to invite “all of Europe” to next year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

    After Mans Zelmerlow won the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest this past weekend, Stefan Lofven, the Prime Minister of Sweden, sent his congratulations to the winner; however, the Swedish public did not share his feelings, causing quite a reaction among the Swedes.

    “Congratulations, Mans! Next year, we’ll invite all of Europe,” Lofven wrote on his Facebook account, pointing out that next year, Sweden will host the Eurovision contest, as this year winner.

    The public didn’t share the prime minister’s desire to invite everyone to their country, as a series of anti-immigration comments quickly filled Lofven’s account. A small vocal group of internet users not very inclined to “invite all of Europe.”

    “Ah, all of Europe? Like it’s not enough that we already have the entire Middle East and Africa visiting?” — one person commented.

    “And all of them will also get our social benefits?” — another person asked.

    “Yes, we’ve already invited the whole damn world. Yes, invite more ISIS terrorists.” — wrote a third man.

    “Will we have enough taxes? Or we’ll once again use parts of the pension fund?” — asked a fourth person.


    • Tim Owen says:

      God you are tiresome.

      Here’s what I believe: it’s every individuals labours that earns them their citizenship ultimately. Our labours are all we have to contribute to the fate of say, a nation. What else ultimately do we really have to give? Dust to dust, no?

      In this spirit I think it’s a rare moment of justice that, for instance, members of the commonwealth who had contributed to Britain’s wealth were given preferential treatment in immigration to the UK. Ditto the French policy that the citizens of its North African colonies were considered French citizens.

      in the same spirit as others here who have pointed out the rank absurdity of Europe complaining about refugees from the other side of the Mediteranean while staying silent about or participating in wars that have set that entire region alight with suffering that is off the charts.

      It seems obvious to me that, if Europe doesn’t want to be “overrun” it should first figure out why it has pursued policies and prosecuted wars that makes these people’s existence at home untenable.

      • Jen says:

        ThatJ would quote Bellingcat and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights if their views corresponded to his own and he saw them in the comments forum attached to that Sputnik article. Most of these commenters which he probably mistakes for genuine people are astroturfing personas of one or two deluded souls.

      • ThatJ says:

        @Tim Owen

        There are over 20 European countries and the most vicious in pursuing wars are the US poodle UK and to a lesser extent France.

        I agree that we have no business in the Middle East, but let’s not forget that sectarian Muslim-on-Muslim violence needs no European cunning to spontaneously break out, as a thousand years of history can attest.

        And without considering the role played by organized Jewry, you can’t talk seriously about the Middle East. And when you concede that they have been a driving force behind American/British/French foreign policy, you will also find out that the white inhabitants of these countries are no less victims of their machinations than the targeted countries in the Middle East. And it is here that your argument in support of white genocide falls apart. Had you considered that we have as much business intervening in the Middle East as the aliens of Africa and the Middle East have in displacing us, then your position would be morally consistent.

        Plus, it’s not Sweden’s fault that Eritrea, Somalia or Syria have problems.

        • Jen says:

          Where is your proof that so-called organised Jewry are driving US, British and French foreign policy in the way you believe? How can you accuse other KS commenters of supporting white genocide with nothing to back up your statements? If you resort to slandering people, it is because your arguments and assertions have nothing to stand on.

      • Cortes says:

        Odd that permitting the largish influx of Hugenots who spoke an alien tongue and whose tradespeople supplanted natives in the provision of goods and services to the upper classes is generally seen as a positive factor in enabling the development of English capitalism., but the energies and talents of more recent immigrant communities are disparaged.
        On the question of North American immigration, for about two hundred years the emerging countries benefitted from the investment in their youth of mainly Northern European countries in a basically parasitic fashion by attracting the most dynamic and better educated and continue to follow the same policy today. It is not the useless or the indigent who make the effort to uproot and make a fresh start, but the very cadres who could best benefit their native lands. Statistics reported at the time of the recent major Ebola outbreak in West Africa regarding the numbers of doctors and other health care professionals from the affected countries actually working there compared to the number working in the US made harrowing reading.

    • marknesop says:

      I’m tired of saying it: don’t invite immigration if you don’t have jobs and can’t forecast any. Make the people you let in work for a living. We can provide no end of enforcement and administration for social “gimme” programs; why can’t we provide the same level of support for matching people with jobs and guarding against people who just come for a free ride? Under such a system, the colour of people’s skin, country of origin and customs should make no difference at all. If an active volcano rose in the middle of Sweden and all the Swedes had to flee, they’d expect anyone to take them just because they’re white and they’d be damned glad to live in Africa or the Middle East if there was nothing else.

  10. Moscow Exile says:

    Я всегда была за территориальную целостность Украины, против «аннексии» Крыма и категорически против войны, которая ведется на востоке Украины. Данную позицию я неоднократно озвучивала в России, и мое несогласие с политикой и войной, в том числе, является причиной того, что я пришла работать сюда и собираюсь получить украинское гражданство, — написала Гайдар на своей странице в «Фейсбуке».

    Примечательно, что ровно год назад в интервью российскому изданию «Йод» девушка заявила, что полуостров — это часть России.

    Крым сейчас просто по факту наш. Я полностью согласна с Навальным. Просто так его действительно вернуть невозможно. И это большая проблема для нас, которую надо будет как-то решать. Возможно, проводить референдум — когда-нибудь, через много лет, — говорила помощница губернатора Одесской области.

    “I have always been for the territorial integrity of the Ukraine, against the ‘annexation’ of the Crimea and strongly against the war being waged in the east of the Ukraine. This position I have repeatedly voiced in Russia, and my disagreement with [Russian] policy and the war is part of the reason for my coming here to work and why I am going to get Ukrainian citizenship” – Gaidar wrote on her page in “Facebook”.

    It is noteworthy that a year ago in an interview with the Russian newspaper “Iod” [Iodine] the girl said that the peninsula was part of Russia.

    “It is now a simple fact that the Crimea is ours. I fully agree with Navalny. It is simply quite impossible to give it back. This is a big problem for us, which will have to be solved somehow – perhaps by holding a referendum sometime or other after many years”, said the [now] assistant governor of the Odessa region.

    See: В Одессе Марию Гайдар заставили оправдываться за «Крым наш»

  11. ThatJ says:

    IT BEGINS: Swedish Anti-Racists Furious About Gay Pride Parade Near Muslim Area

    The Coalition of the Fringes is having trouble keeping it all together.


    Italians Protest Their Government’s Immigrant Dumping

    Not that many years ago, when a nation was invaded, its government organized resistance through its military forces. These days, the governments of Europe are facilitating the invasion by rescuing the thousands Africans headed north for plunder and depositing them in the desired end point of their journey.


    Sweden To Provide Benefits and Counseling to ISIS “Veterans”; Swedish Soldiers Get Nothing

    News from the world’s most advanced multicultural dictatorship.


    • yalensis says:

      So, VDARE is named after Virginia Dare , the first English child born in the New World.

      An example of “positive colonization”, ’cause it’s white people doing it.
      Except that she got eaten by a bear.

      • marknesop says:

        Which rhymes with “VDARE”! Coincidence? Some would have you think so.

        • yalensis says:

          Later arriving colonists noticed that Indian children were dancing around and singing a little ditty:

          “Little Ginny Dare
          Got eaten by a bear!”

          • marknesop says:

            You made that up. Because the Indian word for “Bear” is “ooglookarpikwak”, and it’s kind of like “Orange”; nothing rhymes with it.

            • Drutten says:

              Speaking of gays, Stephen Fry said on Quite Interesting (QI) that there actually is one generally accepted English word (though it is a name) that rhymes with “Orange” and that’s the mountain of “Blorenge” in Wales.

              • marknesop says:

                See what I mean?? The things you learn! I would never have known that otherwise. Similarly, I could employ creative license by singing “porringer” but using the “r” in the next line to make it rhyme, a la “Alice’s Restaurant” – “I don’t want to die/Just want to to ride my motorcy/cle”.

            • yalensis says:

              THE Indian word for….[whatever]”

              Please… you just made every linguist sob with anguish, and an angel lose his wings.
              There were probably over a thousand Native American languages , from several different groups and language families, many of them not even distantly related to the others!

              North America thus had much more linguistic variety than Europe at the time of Columbus. The present territory of the continental United States was home to several prevalent language families, in contrast to the two of Europe.

      • Moscow Exile says:

        I am sure there was a Virginia Dare, a US citizen, who caused a bit of a scandal a few years back when she started a column devoted to tales of her sexploits, which lurid accounts appeared in the usually staid, russophobic Moscow Times. She was a kind of female Mark Ames, he who used to write graphically and at length in The Exile about his sexual dalliances with often under-age pick-ups whom he had located in the bars and night clubs of 90s Moscow’s version of Sodom and Gonorrhea. Anyway, the sexually derring-do Dare of MT infamy got fired by her full-time employer here in Moscow, mamely Price-Waterhouse Coopers, for her bringing the good name of that firm into disrepute.

    • Drutten says:

      It’s pretty funny. I mean, this “Pride” thing is obviously only done as a provocation and not as a manifestation of any genuine concern about LGBT rights.

      Kinda like the “Pride” provocations planned in Russia for VDV day. The only reason they’d want to stage it on that day, in conjunction with the VDV celebrations, is in the hope of catching some kind of scuffle on camera as drunk macho desantniks beat up some poor guy in lipstick, a wig and high heels after the latter’s been taunting them. It’s become a recurring thing, and puts a huge strain on police resources. But that kind of blatant provocation is A-OK, even commendable in the eyes of the LGBT mafia, since it’s in the Empire of Evil. Foreign media’s quick to pick it up (though curiously they hardly ever mention that the supposedly homophobic police that supposedly arrests and beats up gays for no particular reason, probably on the direct orders of Darth Putin, are actually working their butts off trying to keep the flamboyant provocateurs safe).

      So, yeah, this Swedish thing is done for the same purpose. They want to be able to catch the notoriously homophobe immigrants, conservative muslims etc causing a scene. Preferably violent. The LGBT mafia is going apeshit over this, because that ain’t kosher man.

      • Moscow Exile says:

        I still say that the so-called paratroopers who roughed up that ginger-haired homosexual in St. Pete last year on Palace square were sham: they all looked like body builders and not like the pissed-up and often pot bellied vets that one sees carousing here on Paratroopers’ Day.They also were wearing spanking new blue berets and army vests and para regalia, which are all easily available here. Real vets wear their beloved and often somewhat battered old gear. The whole show was a fake.

        That attention-seeking carrot-top has appeared before in photo-shoots, gum-sucking with a boyfriend and surrounded by photographers in touristic places. The last of such events I saw photos of him took place on Red Square last year.

        All this “Russian homophobia” line is just so much bullshit.

        See (and hear!): Gay Moscow Radio

  12. Pavlo Svolochenko says:


    Something for everybody in this one – Poroshenko’s ineptitude, foreigners’ wretched meddling, the utter worthlessness of all Ukrainians, schadenfreude at the fate of the Euromaidan GLBTWTFBBQs, Jews, you name it.

    And it even comes with a reminder that the Montyan bitch is a Ukrainian nationalist who’s now being made to eat her own excrement casserole.

    • Moscow Exile says:

      WTF does GLBTWTFBBQ mean?

      • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

        Mashup of GLBT and WTFBBQ (what-the-fuck-barbecue – an expression indicating extreme bafflement at some new concept). Meant to ridicule the additional bullshit ‘queer’ identities that Berkley graduates are inventing these days.

        • et Al says:

          You are behind the times Pavlo. The latest is GLBTI* So you would have to make it GLBTIWTFBBQ.

          I prefer LB-GTI because it sounds like a Volkswagen Golf GTI ‘Rabbit’:

          * I for ‘Intersex’

    • yalensis says:

      Very interesting interview!
      Thanks for posting.

    • marknesop says:

      That’s pretty explosive. Montyan is a graduate of the law program at Lomonosov Moscow State University. She’s not dumb. A lot of her countrymen are, though. All those who thought that the movement to shift Ukraine to Europe’s sphere of influence was (a) a grassroots rising-tide intiative born out of discontent, and (b) something which was going to bring about immediate benefits and prosperity for everyone.

  13. yalensis says:

    Extry! Extry!
    Ukraine averts default at 11th hour!
    The graphic shows our 2 intrepid lovebirds at the helm of the Titanic, headed straight for that iceberg.

    But suddenly, even though Jaresko yesterday had sneered and said she wouldn’t pay the $120 million Eurobond, all of a sudden, today (=Friday = the deadline), she did pay the coupon.
    And the ship swerved at the very last minute, and did not hit the iceberg.

    P.S. – I remember having this discussion with Mark, what is a “coupon”.
    It is my understanding that the debtors are literally given a book of coupons.
    Each time they pay an installment on the load, they rip off one of the coupons and mail it in the envelope, along with the cheque.
    I am not kidding about this.

    • bolasete says:

      in my youth, i was told that in ‘the old days’ bonds which had periodic interest payments had coupons printed in newspapers for that bond’s investors to cut out and mail in for redemption. thus, the wealthy, the investors, became known as ‘coupon clippers’ though by my adulthood (which should be any day now!) few of my contemporaries knew the expression. in 1915 coupon clippers were the idle rich; by 1965 they were the ‘financially constrained.’ sic transit gloria mundi.

  14. jeremn says:

    Democracy at work in Ukraine.

    Justice Minister Pavlo Petrenko has issued orders to quash the status and rights of the Communist Party of Ukraine, the Communist Party (renewed) and the Communist Party of Workers and Peasants of Ukraine.


    • marknesop says:

      Says they passed a law including condemnation of the Nazi regime and a prohibition on propaganda of its symbols. That one’s not enforced very well, is it?

      Oh, I forgot – Azov Battalion’s symbol actually means “New International”. Even though neither word starts with those letters in Ukrainian. They were so visionary they decided to call themselves the “New International” Battalion in English, because they were focused on a European future.

    • Northern Star says:

      and jewish….

      any ‘Aryan’ thoughts on that???

    • yalensis says:

      Wache! Wache!
      These images of Nazi youth might give ThatJ a stiffie.
      And that would be wrong.

      • marknesop says:

        The National Socialist Party ran on a platform of Order and Discipline, and you can see what would be alluring about that. God knows every one of The Great Democracies is now badly in need of order and discipline, not to mention an evenly-applied rule of law and a social conscience. Maybe their motives were even pure at the outset, although I doubt it. But even supposedly enlightened democracies feature election campaigns in which campaigners single out a particular race or distinct group as “the cause of all our problems”. The flavour of the month is immigrants.

        • Northern Star says:

          TJ’s flavor of every month is men of color-most especially blacks- lusting after white european women and girls….
          The specter haunts and torments him-I assume TJ is male- no end….
          TJ sees himself as a 21st Century Charles Martel….valiantly leading a courageous ‘300’ in stalwart defense of the beleaguered homeland(s) of flaxen haired maidens….As a matter of fact….he has been elevated to the rank of Field Marshall…We are confident that he will do the right and honorable thing..

  15. Warren says:

    The right-wing group threatening to overthrow Ukraine’s government

    23 July 2015 Last updated at 19:16 BST

    A right-wing, nationalist group in Ukraine is demanding a referendum on whether to impeach the Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko.

    The organisation, known as Right Sector, attracted thousands of supporters to an anti-government rally in the capital, Kiev.

    The BBC’s Gabriel Gatehouse has had exclusive access to the group.


  16. Warren says:

    Ukraine: Inside the devastated Donetsk airport

    24 July 2015 Last updated at 00:05 BST

    All week Nato has been holding military exercises with Ukrainian troops in the west of the country as the conflict in the east of Ukraine continues.

    Most of the fighting between rebel forces, backed by Russia, and the Ukrainian military is concentrated to the north and west of the city of Donetsk.

    The BBC’s Tom Burridge has been to Donetsk’s former airport, which has been devastated by the fighting, and where there are fierce exchanges almost every day.


    • marknesop says:

      “Most of the fighting between rebel forces, backed by Russia, and the Ukrainian military (backed by America and Europe) is concentrated to the north and west of the city of Donetsk.”

  17. Warren says:

    • kirill says:

      It is no secret the US imperialists wanted to depose the Czar. That is why they funded the revolutionaries, including Trotsky and the Bolsheviks. The UK and Germany were allies in this endeavour. The Germans wanted the Blosheviks to win and stop the war on the eastern front. The UK and USA are basically the same entity.

      • Max says:

        What about the UK? What did they get out of Russia relieving the East?

        • kirill says:

          The UK got out of it what it has been getting out of it for centuries in the case of Russia. The behaviour of the UK today is the same as it was 100 years and earlier. Russia is the UK’s main enemy. The British did everything in their power to frustrate the liberation of south-eastern Europe from the Ottoman yoke as if the Turks are blood brothers to the English.

      • yalensis says:

        Dear Kirill:
        You’re just repeating the same old slanders about Trotsky and the Bolsheviks being foreign agents. As opposed to honest-to-god genuine Marxist revolutionaries.

        When Trotsky refuted these slanderers in his autobiograpy, he pointed out that some of these lies came right ouf of the mouth of Kerensky.
        Who was a sore loser and probably an agent for English interests.
        Kerensky wanted Russia to continue to fight the war for English imperial interests, even though Russia was drained and on its knees by that point.

        In any case, as Max pointed out, it makes more sense to accuse the Bolsheviks of their German ties than to claim they were funded by the U.S. That allegation makes absolutely no sense. It only makes sense to anti-Semites who believe that Trotsky, being a Jew, was naturally (of course!) in league with Wall Street bankers.

        Do you seriously believe that Lenin, who tilted towards alliance with Germany, would have accepted an alliance with Trotsky, if he thought the latter was an American or English agent?.

        • kirill says:

          All you have is a collection of plausibility arguments. Trotsky was let out of a Halifax jail even though he was supposed to be deported and allowed to proceed to the US where he as engaged in fund raising and even got a US passport.

          I could care less how committed Trotsky was in his head to some cause. Suicide bombers are also very committed to their cause. The main point, which is rather obvious, is that Trotsky was either a malicious agent or useful idiot financed by the US to destroy Russia. The US is engaged in exactly the same activity to destroy Russia today. Be it Navlany or whatever other maggot crawled out from some carcass, they are paid agents of the congenital Russophobes in America and the UK. The US lucked out in 1917 thanks to WWI and assorted poverty issues in the Russian Empire. This time around it is gaining zero traction with all its support for the liberast 5th column.

          • yalensis says:

            Dear Kirill:

            You fail to prove your point that the United States had anything to gain by the Tsar’s overthrow. You can’t just throw out vague comparisons with the modern era.

            And even if the U.S. WAS plotting against their wartime ally (which I wouldn’t put past them), you haven’t proved that they recruited Trotsky, or Lenin, or any of the Bolsheviks, as American agents. More likely they would enroll types like Kerensky.

            Trotsky was let out of the Halifax jail because the Canadians did not have a legal grounds to hold him. Trotsky was able to get out using a visa (visa, not passport), because he had friends and contacts in the U.S. who were also members of the Socialist Party.
            Due to his role as a leader of the Second International, Trotsky had many connections, some in high places..
            And sometimes things just happen by luck, and it’s not a conspiracy.

            Trotsky was neither a malicious agent, nor a useful idiot. He was exactly what he said he was: a Marxist revolutionary. As with Lenin, his main goal was to promote communist revolution in Germany. But then Russia happened instead, almost like a detour.
            Trotsky was a member of the Socialist International. He was very clever, savvy, cosmopolitan, and had no love for the Romanov monarchy.
            How can you even compare him with Navalny, who doesn’t believe in anything, except his paycheck from the U.S. State Department?
            The two men are complete opposites, in terms of their class allegiance: Navalny is a true believer in American capitalism/imperialism and exceptionalism; Trotsky was a true believer in the international proletarian dictatorship.

            Your comparison of the two men is breath-taking, but unfortunately typical of the kind of ahistorical and non-classed-based type of political thinking which permeates today.

            • yalensis says:

              And furthermore!

              Kirill, when you accuse somebody of being a paid agent for a foreign government, you have to show proof that they actually advanced the interests of that government.

              For example, in the world of espionage and counter-espionage, sometimes it gets so murky who is working for who, double agents, triple agents, etc., that intelligence agencies use the principle of “By their fruits ye shall know them.”

              In other words, prove that somebody benefited a specific side in a conflict. By producing good intel, promoting a project, etc.

              To return to the comparison of Navalny and Trotsky, which as I said before, is completely a-historical and void of any class-based or even just remedial political, analysis:

              To prove that Navalny is an American agent is the work of just 5 minutes. Even without doing any research, just off the top of my head, I could rattle off 10 examples of things that Navalny did or said, to earn his American paycheck; by benefitting American policy-makers. For example: lobbying for the Magnitsky List.

              I challenge you to do the same for Trotsky:
              Produce even ONE example, anywhere in Trotsky’s biography, of a case where he specifically promoted American aims in ANY foreign policy issue whatsoever.

              In other words, PROVE that Trotsky was a paid American agent.
              That is my challenge to you.

      • Warren says:

        From the Battle of Waterloo, Congress of Vienna and second half of the 19th century. Britain’s primary imperial rival and strategic competitor was Russia. The British and Russians were involved in a ‘Great Game’ for supremacy in Central Asia and Indian Sub-continent.

        The British supported the Japanese in the Russo-Japanese War 1904/05

        Despite all that Tsar and Russia signed a treaty with the British – The Anglo-Russian Entente of 1907.

  18. Warren says:

    Power Vertical with Brian Whitmore of RFE/RL

    Podcast: Russia’s Money Laundromat


    • marknesop says:

      The realtors went along with the conditions of the deal, knowingly breaking the law, and none of the people involved in the story is actually Russian – but the story is all about Russian corruption!! Brian Whitmore would do a swan dive into his own asshole to write a story about the bone-deep evil of Russia, I just have to shake my head in wonder. Would the realtors have gone along with the demands if the journalists had pretended to be Lithuanians? I suspect so, because I suspect that what was dancing in their heads was commission and not nationalities.

      “It has also opened a much-needed discussion about how Western countries are complicit in Russian corruption — and are aiding and abetting Vladimir Putin’s authoritarian and increasingly aggressive regime.”

      Oh, you Johnny-come-lately; it’s been going on a hell of a long time before Vladimir Putin came along. Where were you when America was doing a roaring money-laundering trade with Boris Yeltsin’s Russia? During the 90’s the U.S. Federal Reserve and Edmond Safra’s National Republic Bank of New York funneled some $40 Billion in cash to the Russian mob, and made a pile of money themselves doing it while the money went to fuel Russian corruption, lawlessness and destabilization.

  19. ThatJ says:

    Economic Endgame: Russia Is on a Gold Buying Spree

    A Russian central bank official says gold is “a 100% guarantee from legal and political risks”


    Instagram is Crowdsourcing Great Photos from All Over Russia

    Interview with the creator of Every Day Russia, Mikhail Mordasov


    Pentagon’s Panic Over ‘Russia Threat’ May Well Be Genuine

    • Pentagon has a long tradition of hyping up ‘a Russia threat’ to secure a larger cut of the budget
    • But with a burgeoning Russia-China alliance US generals may well be geniuninly panicking


    Saakashvili Already up to His Neck in Ukraine Oligarch Wars

    Having been appointed by oligarch Poroshenko Saakashvili publicly vows to take on oligarch Kolomoisky


    BBC More Sympathetic to Al Qaeda Than East Ukraine Rebels


  20. ThatJ says:

    Oligarch-Backed Moscow Art Museum to Award Grants to Young Artists (Garage)

    Garage Museum of Contemporary Art is pleased to announce that from July 15 they will be accepting applications for the young artist support program for the year 2015/2016.


    ThatJ: My impression of this museum is not positive. When I first heard about it, some googling soon revealed that they promote degenerate ‘art’ — those formless paintings and deformed structures that you can’t comprehend — and also seek to spread men-women hatred (modern feminism), introduce the concept of body-shaming to Russia and other degeneracies. Far from being only a museum, it is also a center for ideologues.

    Official website: http://garageccc.com/en/page/about

    It was founded by Dasha Zhukova, wife of Roman Abramovich. She’s a Kreakl to the bone, and one wonders what motivates her to open this museum. Abramovich is supposedly a ‘neutral’ oligarch, so if the authorities decided to keep an eye on the museum’s activities, distrust between the government and the oligarch could become a problem.

    Profile: English Businessman Turned Russian Farmer Who Met Putin (Video)

    John Kopiski is a British-born business executive who came to Moscow for a 3-day business trip and ended up staying for more than 20 years


    Bernie Sanders Is a Russia-Bashing, Pro-Israel, Militarist Tool

    He’s not what he seems to be

    The presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders — an anti-Russia, Israel-supporting politician from Vermont — revives an archaic feud among leftists. The old debate about “sewer socialism” is back.


    The UK and Germany Conspired With the Bolsheviks to Murder the Last Tsar

    And the Revolution of 1905 was an orange revolution, a “Maidan” orchestrated by foreign interests

    • Opinion of Russian historian Pyotr Multatuli

    Entire family was murdered along with servants nine months after the Bolshevik putsch


    • Moscow Exile says:

      Most favoured-thief Abramovich stumped up the readies as regards a deal with Moscow city whereby he would foot the bill for the refurbishment of Gorky Park on condition that his artistic little chickadee, with whom he lives in sin, have her own gallery wherein her own works and those of others of her “artistic” ilk be displayed.

      Gorky Park is now a splendid place once more.

    • Max says:

      “…but I certainly believe that the Russian monarchy was the best form for the Russian government.” except for the part where it fell with a crash.

  21. ThatJ says:

    EU and US Plan to Spend Big Money on Russian Language Info Wars

    A “Content Factory”, 90 experts hard at work – it should be quite a fireworks show


    The Amazing Implosion of Ukraine’s PM Yatsenyuk

    Support for PM Yatsenyuk’s People’s Front party has slipped to a pitiful 3%

    A new round of polling by the professional and usually reliable Kiev International Institute of Sociology is just out. It reveals something which is at the same time expected and extraordinary. Support for the major party of the governing coalition has shrunk to a pitiful 2.8%.

    Where in the first parliamentary elections in post-Maidan Ukraine held last year in October Yatsenyuk’s People’s Front received 22% of all the votes cast – polling shows that just nine months later the party only retains a fraction of that.


    Since Maidan the EU Much More Likely to Deny Visas to Ukrainians

    The pro-Maidan EU has actually increased the barriers to travel for Ukrainians – their visas are now being denied at a much higher rate than before


    Stephen Cohen: Ukraine Crisis Triggering End of US World Domination (Podcast)

    To be replaced by an emerging multipolar world


    A Glimpse Inside Russia’s Orphanage System

    RT has been running charity programs aimed at helping disadvantaged children and other people in need. For the past 10 years we have been friends with two orphanages and took part in many charitable initiatives. We are happy to share our experience in charity work and the amazing stories of people we met on this path.


  22. ThatJ says:

    60,000 March in Russia’s Yekaterinburg to Pay Respect to Murdered Royal Family

    The Bolsheviks killed the tsar, his wife and their five children who had been in their custody in Yekarinburg on July 18th 1918 as anti-Bolshevik forces were approaching the city

    On the evening of 16/17 July, to honour the memory of the murdered Russian Emperor Nicholas II and his family, more than 60,000 Orthodox faithful took part in the 20-km royal procession pilgrimage from the Church on Blood in Honour of All Saints Resplendent in the Russian Land in Ekaterinburg to the Monastery of the Royal Martyrs at Ganina Yama.


    Russia to Launch Its Own ‘National Guard’

    • Putin has ordered the formation of a new military reserve
    • The force will be distinct from the existing reserve mobilization pool
    • Its part-time personnel will be paid a monthly sum and train regularly

    Fifteen years after Vladimir Putin first walked into the Kremlin, Russia’s army is bigger, stronger, and better equipped than at any time since the end of the Cold War.

    Able to call on three quarters of a million frontline troops, The Telegraph reports, with more tanks than any other country on the planet, and the world’s third largest air force, Russia retains much of the brute force associated with a former superpower.


    How China and Russia Are Running Rings Around Washington

    By Pepe Escobar

    • A massive overview of all the recent exciting developments on the Eurasian landmass
    • Conclusion: an alternative to the US-led world order is definitely taking shape and at a lighting pace – giving Washington the creeps

    Let’s start with the geopolitical Big Bang you know nothing about, the one that occurred just two weeks ago. Here are its results: from now on, any possible future attack on Iran threatened by the Pentagon (in conjunction with NATO) would essentially be an assault on the planning of an interlocking set of organizations – the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa), the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization), the EEU (Eurasian Economic Union), the AIIB (the new Chinese-founded Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank), and the NDB (the BRICS’ New Development Bank) – whose acronyms you’re unlikely to recognize either. Still, they represent an emerging new order in Eurasia.


    In Bleak Ukraine City, a Duo’s Odd Experiments Win a Niche Online

    LUHANSK, Ukraine — THE microwave was a loaner, left for repairs by a family that fled last year’s shelling and never came back. With a few tweaks and the judicious use of a soup can, it had been weaponized, shooting microwave rays capable of blowing up a boombox.

    Or, say, fry two eggs on a plate in a backyard experiment. That was what Kreosan, the do-it-yourself science duo with a cult following on YouTube, planned to do one chilly morning this spring. When the time came to flip the switch to power up the magnetron, Pavel Pavlov, 21, urged a reporter to step back.

    “Whatever this does to the eggs, it can do to your eyes,” he said, and turned the dial of the disemboweled microwave to the max.


  23. ThatJ says:

    US Stops Pretending Missile Shield Was Aimed at Iran

    Not that anyone with half a brain cell was buying it – US will press ahead with the missile shield despite Iran deal proving it was always aimed at Russia

    The U.S. has announced that it will press ahead with its plan to station an anti-ballistic missile system in Poland notwithstanding the recent nuclear deal with Iran.

    This is despite the fact that the deal with Iran robs the system of its announced rationale.

    The U.S. has always insisted that the anti-ballistic missile system was intended to protect Europe from attack by nuclear tipped missiles launched from Iran. It has repeatedly denied that the system is aimed at Russia.


    French MP visiting Crimea buys T-shirt that says ‘Obama, you’re a schmuck’

    One of the French parliamentarians visiting Crimea has spoken his mind through fashion. Senator Yves Pozzo di Borgo from the center-right UDI party has acquired a T-shirt with Putin and Obama portraits, the caption saying: “Obama, you’re a schmuck.”

    The senator, currently on a two-day visit to Crimea, was strolling along a picturesque quay when he reportedly came across an article of clothing that spoke for itself. Yves Pozzo di Borgo (who is also vice-president of the French-Russian Friendship Group of the Senate and member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and OSCE) immediately snapped the T-shirt up and even tried it on, Lifenews reported.


    Ukraine Army Is Smuggling Goods Into Blockaded Donbass

    • Author says Kiev’s blockade of east Ukraine has given rise to widespread smuggling which Ukraine army officers are very much a part of
    • While impossible to verify this is very believable and would fit perfectly with what we have seen of other conflicts in eastern Europe
    • Between the trade and aid from Russia and smuggling from Ukraine bread is now reportedly actually remarkably cheap in Donbass – thank god people aren’t at risk of starving as during last winter


    A Short List of Russian Successes Over the Past Few Months

    Russia is on a roll, but you would never know it reading the mainstream media

    At the moment the internet is full of complaints about the mistakes and betrayals by the Russian government–it’s a fashionable and well-paying enterprise. There’s a national proverb–“thin tea for some, a small pearl for others”–it’s always easy to find reasons to be dissatisfied.

    But we shall talk about the Kremlin’s most recent accomplishments and how they are changing the global balance of power.


    1 Minute Propaganda Clip Reveals Intellectual Level of Ukraine’s “Democracy” (Video)

    Free advice to Obama, Cameron, Merkel, et al: You are backing the mental midgets in this affair. Note giggling of viewers in the background.


  24. et Al says:

    RI: Murdoch’s NewsCorp Australia Blows Up the West’s Blame Game on MH17

    Hoisted by their own petard:

    Video released to damn them actually establishes the rebels observed both an airliner and a Ukraine Sukhoi
    And that they believed that the Sukhoi brought down the airliner and they brought down the Sukhoi…


    This is what I’ve been waiting for since the ‘EXCLUSIVE LEAKED FOOTAGE’ by SKYNudes from a rebel’s gsm at the MH-17 crash site. I knew when I saw the original footage that a) I was being told what I saw; b) it was cherry picked. The article above follows through, unlike the Pork Pie News Network, SkyNudes.

    • marknesop says:

      I’m so confused. So now the rebels did have a Buk after all? And knew how to use it? Because they didn’t have anything else that would reach a Sukhoi supposedly flying at more or less the altitude of the Boeing. And if they did have a Buk after all, then it’s quite possible it was supplied by Russia, or at least it’s hard to prove they got it from Ukraine, and the expertise to use it in its designed role is hard to come by so it’s perfectly believable that Russia helped them. This does nothing to help the rebels’ story, but cements Kiev’s latest narrative – that the rebels shot down MH-17 “by mistake”. What about all the eyewitnesses who saw a fighter near the Boeing, but not one of them saw a huge pillar of smoke going up from the ground to the Boeing to knock it out of the sky? This story just keeps getting more and more convoluted and unbelievable, with so many contradictory testimonies that it is going to be simplicity itself to arrive at a ruling that nobody knows what happened, death by misadventure, nothing to see here. And Ukraine will get away with it, and everyone will believe in their secret heart that Russia was responsible.

    • yalensis says:

      Thanks for posting, Al.
      This is HUGE.
      Like they say, Murdoch proved the opposite of what he was trying to prove:

      The rebels were searching for the Sukhoi pilots, who they believed to have ejected and were crawling around on the ground somewhere.
      Eventually, in the confusion, while rummaging through the debris, they start to realize that this is a civilian plane, and not the one they were looking for.

      Rebel chatter:
      “The other plane that went down, they are after the pilots.”
      “The second plane?”
      “Yes, 2 planes were taken down, we need the second one.”
      “The second plane is also civilian?”
      “The fighter jet brought this one down, and then our people took down the fighter jet.”
      “They decided to do it this way, to make it look like we brought down this (civilian) plane.”

      Still the best theory yet, and the Rebs figured it out within 5 minutes!

  25. et Al says:

    This too:

    RI: A Short List of Russian Successes Over the Past Few Months

  26. et Al says:

    And this is an interesting analysis:

    RI: Russian Analyst Nails It: Poroshenko Too Weak to Implement Minsk

  27. et Al says:

    Independent: Alexander Litvinenko murder inquiry: Suspect Dimitry Kovtun unsure over whether to give evidence

    Dimitry Kovtun may have had late change of heart over testifying to inquiry, reports Mary Dejevsky

    How convenient of D2 to bring this up after the initial police interview off his own conscience, not to mention D3, something which is not questioned by the PPNN (or Dejevsky). Working illegally in the UK in the hospitality industry and open to suggestion perhaps? See, it is an easy game to play from either side…

    • marknesop says:

      It doesn’t matter – the UK will find that Moscow killed him on Putin’s orders no matter who testifies or does not, and these latest shenanigans have only prepared western viewers for being told a tapestry of lies by the lying Russians. Just let it drop and take the rap, Moscow. You’re going to get it anyway. Berezovsky is conveniently dead, where his clumsy tongue can never trip him up again the way it did in his contest with Abramovitch.

  28. Warren says:

    Arrogance and delusions of Michael Weiss (professional pro-US empire propagandist)

    • More to the point, why on earth is RT reaching out to Kirchick in the first place? Did the Kirchick affair not teach them anything?

      • marknesop says:

        Why is RT reaching out to Weiss, I think you meant. Yes, I recall the set-to you had with Weiss almost two years ago. He is an unbelievably smug and self-righteous asshole, very much in the Kirchik mold except for the in-your-face-gay-politics angle. That type always portrays every effort to offer them a platform with “the enemy” to expound their views as desperation and some sort of trick which the network will use to legitimize itself. You can hardly blame them, though – I would not appear on any western network, either. Well, I can’t because of my ethical position and because I am not authorized for any such appearance, but even if I could I would not. Western networks would not know how to do an interview which was not exploited for political gain, and hardliner pro-westerners expect the same treatment on a network like RT. Besides, Weiss is blinded by his own hatred for Russia and everything it represents so that he would not be able to handle questions on MH-17 which were not in the comfortable softball format. As I commented earlier, the story has taken so many twists and turns now and the waters are so thoroughly muddied that I think it inconceivable we will ever arrive at the truth. I’d love to question Weiss myself, though; I’d love to hear his substantiation of motivation on Russia’s part for such an action, as well as his denial of how convenient it was for Kiev.

      • Warren says:

        Someone in RT Espanoi didn’t get the memo or had forgotten Weiss previous snub. Contrary to popular belief RT aren’t as slick and well oiled as West propaganda media portray its to be.

  29. ThatJ says:

    This comment by Moscow Exile sparked a lengthy discussion, but since that page has become too heavy to load and the replies are nested narrowly making them difficult to read, I’ll continue the dicussion here.

    @Pavlo Svolochenko

    I would not have guessed Circassian as the ethnic background of that boy. A mystery meat from the Caucasus — or even from the Middle East (could pass for a Pakistani in England) — sure, but the Circassians are the most European-looking (that is to say, the less mixed with the numerous past invaders and occupiers of that volatile region) among the “Caucasian” ethnic groups. I am speaking of the Circassians of good stock, not those Circassians who were kicked out to Turkey and absorbed by the Turks. Here they are in Turkey, protesting the ethnic cleansing inflicted on them by the Moskaly:

    Regarding those who stayed in Russia, Wikipedia informs us that:

    There remain about 700,000 Circassians in historical Circassia (the republics of Adygea, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia, and the southern half of Krasnodar Krai), as well as a number in the Russian Federation outside these republics. The 2010 Russian Census recorded 718,727 Circassians, of which 516,826 are Kabardians, 124,835 are Adyghe proper, 73,184 are Cherkess and 3,882 Shapsugs.

    The Circassians of Russia, in pictures:

    @Moscow Exile

    I have written several times the name of the school that my son attended until quite recently and have even provided a link to the official web site of that school.

    I visited the website but it’s in Russian and I did not bother to find out whether the school is private or public. I do recall you writing in the past that private schools are rare in Russia.

    Thanks for the clarification. For a public school in the middle of Moscow, one can conclude that the country is indeed not under the control of a hostile elite, as is England:

    One in four primary school pupils are from an ethnic minority and almost a million schoolchildren do not speak English as their first language

    More than a quarter of primary school children are from an ethnic minority – an increase of almost half a million since 1997, it emerged yesterday.

    The Government’s annual school census painted a picture of a changing Britain where schools are under mounting pressure from mass immigration.

    In some areas, only 8 per cent of primary pupils are from a white British background. Nearly one million children aged five to 16 – 957,490 – speak English as a second language, up from almost 800,000 five years ago.

    This is the general direction of the West under “Anglo”-Zionist hegemony since 1945. Central and Eastern Europe were spared from this treachery, though the American poodle known as the European Union is now eyeing the white question in Central and Eastern Europe, demanding them to take Africans and Arabs. They are quite open about it nowadays — which could prove to be their downfall, if Russia were to capitalize on white anger in the United States as to frustate that government’s unchallenged anti-white policies, which it exports abroad to its fearful colonies. Defections and denunciations, followed by speeches by the Russian president and the implemention of new policies, could force the EU to stop being too confident and open with their plan. The EU would not abandon its treason of Europe, but it would be forced to revert to stealth methods.

    Elena Denisovna is, in fact, present in that last picture shown above.

    Is her face visible? If you say so, I’ll make two guesses. I correctly spotted your son, though my guesses were based on previous description by you, namely, his height — he’s taller than you. I recall no physical description of Elena, so I would have to rely on her being half-English.

    • Jen says:

      Elena Denisovna, holding red and yellow flowers, is facing the camera and is to the left of centre in the photo. She’s standing in front of one of the older women.

      And please stop referring to people as if they were cattle.

      • Tim Owen says:

        “And please stop referring to people as if they were cattle.”

        Beautiful. Thank you.

      • ThatJ says:


        Elena Denisovna, holding red and yellow flowers, is facing the camera and is to the left of centre in the photo. She’s standing in front of one of the older women.

        You spoiled it!

        And please stop referring to people as if they were cattle.

        Cattle are mammals, just like us. They feel pain, just like us. And they bleed red.

        Time to become a vegan?

        • Jen says:

          Talking about people as if they were animals – or plants for that matter – to be bred on the basis of spurious notions of genetic hygiene or purity is a form of dehumanisation / degradation and reveals a mind-set concerned with hierarchy and elitism, usually with one’s own group at the top. It usually goes hand in hand with a belief that other people, living things and the whole of the natural world generally exist to be dominated and exploited for the benefit of one’s own group.

          • yalensis says:


            This mind-set also goes hand in hand (it goes without saying) with a disdain for democracy.
            Which is why these people are inclined to support a totalitarian leader.
            Also goes hand in hand with a propensity for using violence as a way to solve political conflicts.
            Because they don’t believe in voting.

          • marknesop says:

            You notice that whites expect to be able to go anywhere and live anyplace they like, and other countries should be damned glad to get such a civilizing influence. And I don’t have to tell you how they would view a suggestion like “Why don’t you stay in your own country?”

        • marknesop says:

          I think it’s a pretty big step from “mammals” to “just like us”.

        • ThatJ says:


          This mind-set also goes hand in hand (it goes without saying) with a disdain for democracy.
          Which is why these people are inclined to support a totalitarian leader.
          Also goes hand in hand with a propensity for using violence as a way to solve political conflicts.
          Because they don’t believe in voting.

          Are you talking about your mindset?

          It’s the so-called “antifa” thugs that use violence most of the time, with the tacit approval of the government and a sympathetic mainstream media (just compare the different labels given to each opposing side), while the population recoil in fear of voicing their opinion. The only undemocratic side here is the treacherous government of England which to the discontentment of the population welcome an insurmountable number of aliens that would stand no chance of ever stepping on English shores if a referendum held by the native Englishmen and women were ever called.


          And I don’t have to tell you how they would view a suggestion like “Why don’t you stay in your own country?”

          If it’s not the Anglosphere or Europe, I would not care if whites were not welcomed. Not that whites rush in large numbers to any other place other than where the population are historically more similar to them.

          The problem is that we are too Euro-centric, so we have this unconscious belief (a bias, in reality) that the world revolves around us, whereas in reality the world is much larger than us (in population) and our countries (in territory). I don’t like this globalist tendency.

          It’s a liberast behavior to try to appear “nice” to everyone, or to have others drooling over our societies. Have you noticed that with the rise of liberasty in the last decades, we have more wars than ever before? Our hostile liberasty-promoting elites want the world molded to their liking. See:

          Television in Iraq

          It is instructive to look at what Jewish-Leftist forces do when they overthrow nations. In particular, how do they use the media, especially television, in conquered countries to mold elites and masses to their will?

          The American invasion and occupation of Iraq furnishes an example.


          Whites a century ago represented a larger share of the world population than we do today, but thanks to our scientific and medical discoveries and endless aid to the third world (not every country, mind you), their numbers are exploding amid extreme poverty.

          • marknesop says:

            Nobody wants to welcome a bunch of criminals and drug dealers and welfare slackers – nobody likes working every day so types like that can stay home and shoot up while they wait for their government cheque. But that’s not your argument. Your argument is that the blacks and the “muzzies” should stay with their own kind in their own country and not mix with whites, because they’re a lower-grade “stock” than we prime Aberdeen Angus, and these scrub cattle will swiftly breed us out of the pasture.

            But you would figure that a white man who went to their country to marry into their bloodline would be a godsend, and they should consider themselves lucky for such an improvement. Whites should be welcome wherever they choose to go, because they are our world’s “prime stock”. Oh, you can say whites almost never go to Africa or the Middle East – why would they, when they can live in an all-white paradise and not have to look at those ugly black folk? That’s not the point. White people consider it their birthright because of their colour to be welcome wherever they go, and they would be extremely put out to think that any culture rejected them because it found them lacking.

            You should try the red-light district in Tokyo, and see the way the Japanese girls look right through you as if you weren’t even there, because of your funny features and your weird eyes, and even though they’re not close enough to smell you they know you stink because of all the red meat in your diet. It doesn’t matter how much money you have – you’re not getting to ride, because you’re an animal. They’re scrupulously polite to your face if you speak to them, but you faintly disgust them.

      • Moscow Exile says:

        Right! That’s my Lenochka – a typical Finno-Ugric-Tatar-Mongol Mischling!

      • yalensis says:

        If I had children, I certainly wouldn’t want the likes of a ThatJ knowing where they live or what they look like.

    • Tim Owen says:

      ThatJ I have to say that you make the Banderites look good.

      They at least come from a land that has been fubared beyond recognition right up to the present day simply by being contested territory.

      What on earth is your excuse?

    • Tim Owen says:

      Beyond that last summer I happened to be in Manchester in early summer and it was the season for University graduations. I was struck by the preponderance of East Asian families about town, out with their sons or daughters going to the ceremonies.

      It almost felt like Canada. You know, people thriving regardless of where they were from and what hardship lay behind. And they were ready to deploy their newly acquired skills in Britsih society. Like all rites of passage moments it was touching to see.

      Care to piss on that impression?

      • Ilya says:

        Certainly not the Canada in which I was born, raised, and currently live. Non-Europeans hive themselves off in their own communities in every major city; veritable states within a state.

        Taxpayers funding Chinese-only retirement homes — you know, so that they can maintain their culture and values.

        The taxpayer-funded Canadian Human Rights commission forcing an avowedly secular private school in Calgary to provide compensation to Muslims who took umbrage at the school’s unwillingness to provide a forum for Islamic religious observance for their children.

        Ezra Levant being fleeced by the Canadian Human Rights Commission at the behest of outraged Muslims for having the temerity to publish the infamous Danish Muhammad cartoons.

        A Somali cemetery in Fort McMurray full of dead drug dealers — you know, in a city in which there are virtually no non-Europeans.

        Sikh establishments in Surrey, B.C. which refuse to serve non-Sikhs.

        Anyone with eyes to see can recognize multiculturalism, in all of its guises, as ultimately nothing more than an agency of dissolution which has been force-fed to developed nations in an effort to smooth over the entry of economic migrants as a means of off-setting a nation’s plummeting birth rate and the consequent effects on the economy. Only an idiot, coward, or beneficiary of such surrender would subordinate a functional culture to the sensibilities, values, and practices of dysfunctional, unaccomplished, misogynistic, insular tribalism.

        • kirill says:


          Canada discriminates against European immigrants. You have way more chance to enter this precious land of self-righteous, credulous twits if you are some under-educated 3rd world resident then if you are from Romania or Russia. Canada needs conformist meat to stoke the GDP stimulus via the immigration Ponzi scheme. Those educated eastern Europeans would bring too much developed brain function and hence non-conformity with them and disturb the “indigenous”, racist whites who are most racist to other whites.

          I have stopped caring about Canada’s future. It will get what it deserves.

          • Ilya says:

            It really is pathetic.

            “An inbred, blood-fueding Pakistani? Come on in!”

            “A Russian with a PhD in engineering? Oh, I don’t know….”

            • Oddlots says:

              In the early 90s I worked my way through University teaching the university level English proficiency exam (TOEFL) and my students at the time were 95 % Russian. All the adults had degrees.

              How did these people get in?

              • kirill says:

                They first opened the doors and then slammed them shut. The early 90s are not some constant relevant for discussion about today.

        • Jen says:

          It is actually quite usual for immigrant groups to keep close together when they first arrive in a foreign country where the language, customs and traditions are unfamiliar. They need to help one another find jobs and give support to families struggling to fit in. This support includes setting up retirement homes for elderly people as the migrant community ages over time.

          In Australia after the Second World War, there was a huge influx of European refugees and migrants and particular suburbs of capital cities like Sydney and Melbourne became associated with particular groups. In Sydney, Leichhardt (named after a German) and parts of southwest Sydney came to be associated with Italians. Rockdale became associated with Greeks. Estonians established a community in the rural hamlet of Thirlmere. The children and grandchildren of these migrants later began dispersing generally into the wider community. Italians and Greeks later moved out into other parts of Sydney and have been replaced by South Americans and people from the Middle East.

          During the 1980s, Lebanese and Vietnamese refugees fleeing instability or Communist regimes arrived. In Sydney, Cabramatta became the focus of Vietnamese immigration, Lakemba and Bankstown for Lebanese. Initially Vietnamese migrants were scapegoated as drug dealers and criminals working for Chinese triads – replacing previous Maltese immigrants as scapegoats to be dumped on for crookedness – and Cabramatta did suffer a lot of drug-related crime, but over time the suburb cleaned up its act and it now attracts a lot of tourist money precisely because of its Vietnamese identity. Other suburbs like Campsie and Eastwood (both dominated by Koreans), Ashfield (Mandarin-speaking Chinese), Petersham (Portuguese) and Blacktown (Filipinos) have come to acquire distinctive identities because of their immigrant mix and that distinctiveness attracts tourists locally and from overseas.

          I looked up the story of the Calgary school and discovered that the school had been hounding 2 students (out of a total population of 900 students) who had been trying to find private space to pray in at school. Initially teachers had allowed the two boys to pray in an empty classroom but the school administration stopped that and forced the boys to pray away from school buildings in their own time (while still expecting them to adhere to their class schedules). This meant the boys sometimes had to pray in freezing winter weather during lunch breaks because they couldn’t find a building away from school to pray in and still be able to get to class on time when breaks were over. The school then refused to re-enroll the boys for the next school year. It seems to me that Webber Academy was happy to take the parents’ money (without warning them of the school’s policy on religious worship) and then to harass the kids in the way it did.

          • Ilya says:

            Muslims don’t like praying outside in the winter?

            What is the old Russian proverb? If you can’t face the wolf, don’t go in the forest?

            • marknesop says:

              Are Orthodox Christian religious rites typically held outside in winter?

              • Moscow Exile says:

                Are Orthodox Christian religious rites typically held outside in winter?

                I know of least one: Крещение [Kreshcheniye] – the Feast of the Epiphany in the West and celebrated on the 19th January in the Gregorian calendar in Russia (6th January, Julian calendar):

                • marknesop says:

                  Brrrrr!!! But that is a specialized test of faith. I don’t think anyone reasonably expects those who pray every day to endure discomfort as an expression of faith, although it is passing strange that the Catholic Church reveres humility and simplicity while Catholic churches are some of the most over-the-top gilded piles on the face of the earth.

                • Jen says:

                  Not to mention of course that worshipping Woden has its own special outdoors rituals such as standing under an ash tree with a fake noose around your neck for three days and three nights in a row in remembrance of his search for knowledge which led him to the underworld. Although gouging out your own eye in remembrance of Woden’s ultimate sacrifice to be a Know-All is a bit extreme.

            • Jen says:

              Webber Academy had a duty of care to those boys. Had any one of those boys ended up in hospital and lost a finger or toe to frostbite, there’s no doubt the school would have lost more than $26,000 in fines.

              The school billed itself as non-denominational to attract families who didn’t want to send their kids to schools that might bully the children into attending religious classes of a certain stripe or discriminate against them by marking them down in other subjects if the kids refused. By calling itself non-denominational, Webber Academy was making a claim that it respected freedom of religion, not that it was enforcing religious atheism. Those two Muslim families who enrolled their sons in the school had a right to expect that the school would respect the boys’ freedom to pray in a private place and help them do that. The kids were not out to preach to others or convert other students to Islam.

              As a matter of fact, it’s not unusual for Muslims to pray outdoors if the need arises, as sometimes happens at the end of Ramadan and during Eid al Fitr.

          • marknesop says:

            But hooligans breaking the public peace are having their rights trampled on if they are not allowed a warm room from which to plan their protest actions, according to great humanitarian Angela Merkel.

            Any of the protesters could have offered his home as a logistical base and there would have been nothing the government could have done.

      • ThatJ says:

        One man’s happiness may be another man’s sorrow.

        • Ilya says:

          Hopefully bleeding-heart liberals will comfort themselves with the same thought once they find themselves on the business end of sharia….

          • kirill says:

            But where is the evidence that the conservatives are acting any different from the liberals in regards to immigration? Dear leader Harper is pursuing the same policy as his predecessors. It is obvious that this is a systemic problem and not a mere political one that changes on electoral whims. The bleeding-heart liberals don’t control anything but they are useful for keeping the sheeple distracted.

            • Ilya says:

              The NDP and Libs want immigration for reasons of “loving-kindness”; the Cons want immigrants for the economic benefits to their business-owning base.

              • kirill says:

                But it is rather implausible that such a persistent operation could result from this in the face of actual opposition in the country. This policy is being foisted on Canada regardless of what the electorate wants.

          • Tim Owen says:

            In the race between the crop top, Lulu Lemon yoga pants on the one hand and the burka on the other, I’ll bet on the former winning out over time any day… So I’ll take my chances with Sharia law being imposed thank you very much.

            Incidentally my son’s excellent French tutor was turned down for a job job at a prestigious French school in Toronto because she wears a head scarf. That is, because she covers her hair, as is tradition in Morrocan society. You know, like nuns do. Apparently they actually said as much to her when they turned her down, which I thought was actually kind of decent of them.

            I’ve known several people who have been discriminated against in Canada. My sister’s Jamaican boyfriend was streamed into a vocational school in his teens and it was only because his mother was a real fighter and insisted they had him all wrong that he was returned to an academic stream. (And no, I don’t think academics is right for everyone, just that it was right for him.) Last time I saw him he was pursuing a PHD in applied physics at Columbia.

            My mother when she worked in HR at Lucas-Rotax in England in the 50s and 60s was instructed not to hire anyone of colour because it was bad for shop-floor morale. She is still quite ashamed she went along with it.

            (The daily beat-down from the police that the African-American population of the U.S. suffer makes these stories pale in comparison, but I raise them because they are within my own experience.)

            I think behaviour like the above is ignorant and wrong. You?

            I love the “bleeding heart” smear. I’ll cop to that. It’s the same impulse that brought me here as I found the vilification of Putin, Russians and Slavs generally perplexingly widespread, virulent and content-free. Like your smear against Muslims. The horrifying result of course is that Slavs can be bombed at will by people simultaneously singing self-serving hymns to human rights.

            But it’s not just the Slavs is it though? It’s also Muslims and to a much larger degree. How many people died in Yemen today? Or Iraq? Or Syria. Do the Houthis want Sharia law? No, but the Saudis and Quataris attacking them might, though that’s not what their aim is. And whose side is the west generally supporting? Who are “our” allies in the region? Yes, that’s right: the medieval crazies.

            Have you not noticed that your prejudices align quite nicely with those of the people who are prosecuting the wars in both Ukraine AND the Middle East? Doesn’t that give you pause?

            My modest thesis is that the vast majority of us of any group want to live their lives in peace and that it’s the minority of well-connected war-mongers who want to whip up ethnic or religious hatred.

            Where does that place you? In the peace camp or the war camp?

            Beyond that, and in the spirit of Malcolm Tucker, don’t you ever call me a liberal again.

            • Ilya says:

              “Prejudice is an indispensable houseboy who turns away tedious impressions at your doorstep.” – Karl Kraus

              • Tim Owen says:

                Ha. That’s great. I love me some Karl Kraus.

                Now I assume you are a Slav, no? Every government that on paper represents me – Canadian, British, EU – would have me believe that you are worthy of, to roughly quote their spokesperson, “living in a basement.” That is, worthy of being slowly eradicated.

                Given your hatred towards other groups, why should I give a fuck about the plight of yours anymore?

                • Ilya says:

                  Where in what I wrote did I imply that I hate Muslims?

                  Could it not be that certain cultures are incompatible with the modern world?

                  Does merely suggesting this make one a Hateful Racist Imperialist™?

                  Wee Timmy, you’re flailing….

                • marknesop says:

                  What is it about the Muslim culture that makes your life hard to bear?

                • yalensis says:

                  Dear Ilya:
                  “I have not the pleasure of understanding you.”
                  (Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice)

              • Oddlots says:

                Hmmm… This one’s tricky.

                I think i need to reverse the order.

                We’ll start with:

                “Could it not be that certain cultures are incompatible with the modern world?”

                And then quote:

                “Where in what I wrote did I imply that I hate Muslims?”

                Jesus, I think I did it. High fives!

            • ThatJ says:

              Discrimination is a human quality with evolutionary basis. You discriminate everyday.

              Universities discriminate against the feeble minded because they want good students.

              Beauty pageants discriminate against the aesthetically unpleasant because they want pretty women.

              The well-to-do discriminate against poor neighborhoods because they want to feel safe.

              Etc, etc.

              We would be swinging baboons if we lacked this utmost human quality. Of course it has its downsides when not applied with reason, but its abandonment is sheer folly.

              • Patient Observer says:

                “The well-to-do discriminate against poor neighborhoods because they want to feel safe.” I fear the rich far more than the poor.

              • Oddlots says:

                They also discriminated at the railway sidings on the killing fields of eastern europe, no?

                Surely more to the point.

              • marknesop says:

                Deciding you don’t like someone based on their individual characteristics is a human reaction; it is unreasonable to expect us to “love everyone” and just hand out flowers to criminals and ne’er-do-wells. Deciding you like or do not like someone based on their skin colour makes as much sense as deciding a Thai birdseye chili must taste sweet because a cherry does, and they’re the same colour. I’m not going over my immigrant philosophy again, because you keep ignoring it and banging the anti-immigrant drum your own way. If immigrants had jobs to come to and if the host country made them work or leave, prosperity would be a whole lot more likely than race riots. It is stupid to let people in when there’s no work for them, and expect society to take care of them, but it certainly isn’t their fault for taking a deal like that.

            • Ilya says:


              I make the point, based on my own experiences, that multiculturalism in Canada isn’t a utopia and in fact exists by presuming upon those who didn’t ask for it and are often punished because of it, and I’m smeared as a racist imperialist of kith and kin with those sowing chaos in Ukraine and the Middle East.

              Congratulations on a knee-jerk, thoroughly liberal response.

              • Tim Owen says:

                So what exactly are those experiences? I’ve shared mine.

                How have you been “punished” exactly?

                Did I say it was a Utopia. No, of course not.

                And when you refer to those who didn’t ask for it (multiculturalism), which privileged group is this that can pick and choose about which group comes next to this country?

                Are you Scots-Presbyterian? That might be close to the founding nation. But that stream died out a century ago.

                But thanks for getting the point. Yes, I think this casual racism is completely analogous to the attitudes that allow Donbass residents to be indiscriminately shelled.

                When it comes to casualties in the Western mind-set Slavs just don’t count in the same way that Arabs or Persians don’t. That strikes me as sick.

                • Ilya says:

                  So you subscribe to the notion that the citizens of any country are not entitled to an opinion as to who is admitted? That strikes me as sick.

                • Ilya says:

                  Have you ever applied for a job with the Government of Canada, Tim? Go ahead, and enjoy your rejection based purely and overtly on your non-minority status (government applications actually go so far as to make sure there is no confusion between an American Hispanic and a Spaniard). It seems wrong-headed when citizens pay taxes to support a system which discriminates against them. But wrong-headedness is liberalism’s stock-in-trade, so perhaps reverse discrimination is utopia.

                • marknesop says:

                  So the Government of Canada is comprised of visible minorities? Wasn’t the last time I looked. Here’s a simple premise that would satisfy even Stormfront – the blacks and the muzzies will never get rid of whites, because they are too idle and stupid to make the system work without us. And because whites are so much more clever and industrious than they are, we can always make sure we have the top jobs and the nice cars and all the money. Whereas if they are our intellectual equals or betters, then it’s just evolution, right? Some cultures are incompatible with the modern world.

                • ThatJ says:

                  The Ukrainian conflict is not based on race, in the same vein that the English civil war, the Spanish civil war and the American war for independence were not racial.

                  Now if you said it’s a matter of ideas — a war based on culture and politics, with one side wanting to prevail over the other — then I would agree.

                • Oddlots says:

                  Yes that’s exactly what I’m saying. No input whatsoever.

                  Doesn’t it strike you as weird that we’re having a conversation about something as comparatively anodyne as Canadian (!) immigration policy when people are being bombed because they happen to have group allegiances that, to the US / EU / NATO happen to be geo-politically inconvenient.

              • Oddlots says:

                Re. applying for a government job: no I haven’t happily. But my sister is well ensconced in that world so I don’t buy the idea that being “white” is quite the impediment you make it out to be.

                Perhaps they just found you underwhelming.

                • Ilya says:

                  I know someone who did apply for a gov’t job and they showed me the text. Utterly pathetic.

                  I also know a 30-year veteran of Parks Canada who was passed over for promotion by a functionally illiterate Chinese immigrant on a diversity quota. Awesome.

                • yalensis says:

                  “Perhaps they just found you underwhelming.”

                  Ha ha! Excellent point. Almost every time somebody applies for a job and doesn’t get it, they take to blaming somebody else, e.g., “They had an internal candidate who is the boss’s paramour”, or “They had a to hire a black guy.”

                  You very rarely hear somebody just honestly come out and say, “I guess I wasn’t qualified”, or “They had too many other excellent candidates”, or “Maybe I need to work on polishing my resume.”

                  By the way, Tim, speaking of immigrants. I live in the U.S., as everybody knows by now, but I was not born here. That makes me an immigrant. I am always conscious (sometimes painfully so) of that fact, and therefore, out of just a sense of primal decency, I refrain from criticizing other immigrants, the ones who came later than me, and the ones who came recently.

                  I can’t help but wonder If Ilya was actually born in Canada, or is he an immigrant too?
                  He seems to feel like he is entitled to a cushy government job.

                • marknesop says:

                  I’m sure he is entitled to his opinion. It is perfectly true that the government’s hiring of minorities is a matter of policy. However, the aim of it is sensible; if a visible minority makes up X percent of the population, then it is reasonable to expect them to have X percent of representation based on proportion. Nobody seems to mind cruising on infrastructure paid for with their taxes along with those of everyone else. I don’t think whites would like it much if they made up a significant portion of the population in Africa, but the government was all black, and you can see how popular it was when the government was, in fact, all white.

              • Jen says:

                @ Ilya: Multicultural policy in countries like Australia and Canada never set out to create a paradise. The aim was basically to ensure that everyone was treated on the basis of merit irrespective of origins or background and that everyone had the same legal rights and responsibilities, and the same level of access to basic services or help. Multiculturalism was supposed to be part of a cultural package emphasising equality and democratic freedoms and responsibilities for all. But over time, the nature of democracy has changed, societies now emphasise consumerism and citizens have become clients. In this changed situation, multiculturalism has become a mantra whose original meaning has either been lost or hollowed out.

                The fact is that multiculturalism originally arose in Australia, Canada and other similar Anglophone settler societies as a result of past economic policy. In those countries, governments were always concerned that the population base was too small to enable the kind of economic development and advancement needed to combat external threats. For Australia, the external threat was Indonesia and China in that order, because of the size of their populations and their perceived racial degradation. Initially the source of immigrants was the British Isles, as long as there was poverty in those lands, but Australia always had to compete with North America for migrants. For much of the 20th century, Australian politicians always fretted there were not enough people in Australia; hence there was that harebrained policy of bringing out British “orphans” to foster care in Australia, where they ended up being abused by priests and nuns, during the 1950s. In that same decade, the Australian government decided to start up the Snowy Mountains hydroelectric scheme to provide the energy that would kick-start mass manufacturing in Australia to bring the country up to a level where it could defend itself against an imagined Chinese invasion; to do that, Australia needed mass immigration. Conveniently there were thousands of Greeks trying to escape repression after a disastrous civil war in which monarchists, aided by Britain and the US, crushed the republican side, plus thousands of Italians and others displaced by the Second World War, and these people came to Australia (and went to North and South America as well).

                Once western Europe was back on its own feet economically and Greece finally threw off repression in 1974, European immigration dried up. But Australian politicians were still committed to bringing migrants in: once a particular policy is started, it has a life of its own, supporting agencies and jobs and needing more money as its life-blood. In addition, the business world loves immigration because it helps to weaken trade unions and of course the business world is a big contributor to politicians’ election war-chests. Now of course, immigration and multiculturalism are talked up because immigrants bring money and skills into countries where past government policies influenced by neoliberal / free market ideology have degraded education and vocational training, and allowed companies to send jobs offshore.

    • Tim Owen says:

      PS: can you please stop posting a digest of postings on sites all of us are more than aware of, especially when you are not adding anything to the post itself. It’s patently obvious that this is a ploy to make your occasional, more “editorial” posts look more legitimate.

      It’s completely obvious to most of us.

      • ThatJ says:

        Do you read the Saker, Russia Insider, Zero Hedge, Paul Craig Roberts, Cassad and other pro-Russian websites everyday? Do you spend all your time on sites that you are “aware” that exist?


        So why are you bothered with me posting SUMMARIES — not the full text — resting basically on the headline and maybe one or two paragraphs? I visited Russia Insider today and decided to link the most interesting articles from the last few days. If you are bothered with that, don’t read my comments, simple!

        As for myself, I have no problem whatsoever with readers who share items of interest, because I also visit this blog to keep myself updated on the events in Ukraine & Russia.

      • Cortes says:


        • Cortes says:

          Tim, that is.

          • yalensis says:

            Me third too.

            I have been pointing out for quite a long time that ThatJ posts in cycles:
            There is a latency period, where he posts digests of legitimate sites in order,as Tim says, to “legitimize” himself as a pro-Russian blogger.
            Then, once he feels that he has achieved a certain gravitas, he feels that he has earned his right to spew out with the pure hate-stuff, the “young bucks” and all that. Which, by the way, I have a feeling is how these “scholarly racists” actually talk in the back rooms, among themselves, when they think nobody else is listening.

            I also strongly suspect that ThatJ belongs to some kind of David Duke organization, they have their sights set on Russia. These old farts feel like they have lost the race war in the U.S., so now they want to teleport American race war to Russia. Hence, ThatJ’s “Russophilia”.
            Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t read Russian, so in addition to spewing his own B.S., he uses Mark’s site as a way to mooch Russian to English translations off other people, and to try to get some “inside scoop”. He is always on the look-out for blog comments involving Russians complaining about immigrants, or whatnot. So that he can whatever he gets, put his twist on it, and pass it along in his “package”.

            • Tim Owen says:

              Acknowledged. You have been doing most of the heavy lifting when it comes to opposing ThatJ’s efforts to launder his hard-core racist views through the site, an interpretation I completely concur with.

              Maybe we should get more creative and produce a “workplace injuries” style update post… “Number of posts since ThatJ posted something hardcore racist: 5” for example.

              Could be fun.

              FWIW I think it’s to Mark’s credit that he hasn’t censored the board far as I can tell.

              From my partisan point of view you want your opponents out in the open, no?

          • ThatJ says:


            to “legitimize” himself as a pro-Russian blogger

            So you honestly believe that I’m here spreading propaganda in the name of some shadowy nationalist organization? Don’t you think it would be a total waste of energy?

            I also strongly suspect that ThatJ belongs to some kind of David Duke organization


            These old farts

            Wrong again. I’m 24 yeard old.

            He is always on the look-out for blog comments involving Russians complaining about immigrants

            I’m not. Those comments you saw are from a story linked by Moscow Exile. In that case, I did read the comments, but generally I rarely frequent Russian-language websites, with the exception of Cassad in times of heightened conflict. I do have online Russian friends, the majority of whom I did not meet in politics-related boards or blogs. The latest is a programmer who’s coding a customized program to me.

            • Tim Owen says:

              Not propaganda. That wouldn’t get past anyone here.

              You are spreading hatred of ethnic groups… On a board that’s mostly concerned with how Russia itself – exemplified by how Putin is presented – is the victim of a concerted campaign of distortion and lies in the majority of western media.

              In your world this appears to be a winning strategy. I’m skeptical but glad you are here so we know you are not somewhere else. In the same spirit I always take telemarketers calls when I have the time because I know if they are on the line with me they are not talking to my aged parents.

              • yalensis says:

                Dear Tim:

                I hope I didn’t make it sound like I was complaining about my bitter lot. I don’t think I do most of the the heavy lifting. Some heavy lifting, yeah…
                It’s a tough job, and it takes a whole team to do it! (=new slogan for U.S. army!)

                Anyhow, I think the main reason that ThatJ is here, is precisely because Mark doesn’t ban or censor, therefore ThatJ can spew whatever vile nazi filth he pleases On other sites he would have his comments deleted with a terse “Comment does not meet community standards.”. That’s why he hangs out here, and he is also hoping to attract a larger audience for his racist views, no doubt, among the Russophile lurkers.

                Just for the record, and I can prove this if anyone checks my whole thread of comments:
                I NEVER called for ThatJ to be banned or censored. Never. I never did, and I don’t now.

                In any case, even if I did, it wouldn’t make any difference, because this is Mark’s blog, and that’s how he rolls.

                It’s kind of a shame, though, because if I didn’t have to spend so much time fighting ThatJ, then I would have more time to do what I think is my forte: translating interesting blogs and analysis that would never otherwise see the light of day in the Anglophone sphere.

                Google translate is not a substitute for my skills, because it can only translate (badly) things that have already been identified; but it can’t go out there and actively find interesting stuff.

                • Tim Owen says:

                  I kinda think of it as maintenance. As long as he/she/it gets a verbal beat-down every 5th or 6th post the impression left by our general silence in the face of his posts will be dissipated.

                  Tiresome for sure.

                • yalensis says:

                  Yup. It’s a dirty job, but has to be done.
                  Otherwise, when results are aggregated or “trended” on Google/Twitter or wherever, it will appear that racists/Jew-haters are correlated with Russophilia.

                  Russophilia is actually a completely diverse concept. Which makes sense, since “Russia” is a nation as opposed to a class, or political tendency.
                  Therefore, there are Russophiles from every possible part of the political spectrum: from commies to nazis; monarchists to peasants; and everything in between!

                • Patient Observer says:

                  Yalensis – AP (remember him?) was similar to ThatJ but more deceptive. He was easy enough to pin down, however, as a western Troll (either witting or unwitting) once he was backed into a corner. One corner was he inability to disavow genocide. Another was his manic conviction that Slavs were genetically damaged and doomed to a brutish life.

                  He sought to minimize his flaming racism by saying the harsh history of Russia had resulted in an inverted evolution – survival of the un-fittest.

                  I must say it is emotionally draining dealing with such people. Thanks for taking out the trash.

                • yalensis says:

                  Any time!

            • yalensis says:

              “The latest is a programmer who’s coding a customized program to me.”

              Is that your youtube spambot program?

      • Northern Star says:

        “It’s patently obvious that this is a ploy to make your occasional, more “editorial” posts look more legitimate.”


    • Moscow Exile says:

      I can almost guarantee that the school photos posted by ThatJ above are from London inner-city schools or from schools situated in the English Midlands or Northern England conurbations.

      Such pictures, however, can give a distorted image of the demography of the UK.

      As I have mentioned several times before in other threads, my home town in North West England, has, according to the last government census, a population that is 98.2% “White British”. And I’m pretty sure the majority of the remainder labelled themselves as “Irish”.

      I have also mentioned earlier that during my visit last week to my sister’s in Salford, England, I neither saw nor heard any Poles.

      Here’s Mrs. Obama at a London school:

      • Moscow Exile says:

        The school where the above photograph was taken is the Mulberry School for Girls on the Commercial Road in Tower Hamlets, London.

        When I lived in London 1967-69, Tower Hamlets was a pretty rough area in the now defunct London docklands. Then, ocean going ships docked there and it was most definitely “white working class”, full of East-Enders born within the sound of Bow bells – “Cockneys”.

        Oh yes, and there were loads of Jews there – descendents of immigrants from the Russian Empire, mostly from the Baltic States and Poland.

        The Commercial Rd., London, 1946

        The Railway Tavern on the Commercial Rd., May, 2006

        I have the sneaky feeling that the school Mrs. Obama visited (above) is specifically for Muslim girls.

        The school site simply says it is a girls’ school.

        • Jen says:

          The Wikipedia article on Tower Hamlets states that, according to the 2011 Census, 45% of residents were white and 41% were Asian or British-born Asian. The largest ethnic minority is Bangladeshi.

          It is understandable that Muslim families might prefer to send their daughters to girls-only schools, especially if the families are of working class origins and are fairly conservative in their beliefs (but not fundamentalist), and the girls are the first females in the families to attend high school. The parents want their daughters to succeed academically and go on to further education without being distracted by boys. So it’s no surprise that most of the girls in the photos happen to be Muslim.

          Once upon a time in Sydney, before schools catering specifically to Muslim students were established, Muslim parents used to send their kids to single-sex Roman Catholic schools. Some Muslim families probably still do send their kids to schools run by Christian denominations if they live in those schools’ catchment areas.

          • yalensis says:

            Well, study after study shows that girls of this age do better academically in single-sex schools. They also learn better leadership skills and have improved confidence.
            The reasons should be obvious without spelling them out.

      • ThatJ says:

        @Moscow Exile

        I can almost guarantee that the school photos posted by ThatJ above are from London inner-city schools or from schools situated in the English Midlands or Northern England conurbations.

        Such pictures, however, can give a distorted image of the demography of the UK.

        Official government statistics estimate that 1 in 4 primary school pupils are from an ethnic minority.

        You gave the example of your city, which is almost 100% English (with a Irish minority), but how many people live there? Your city’s population is likely dwarfed by cities like Manchester and its horrendous demographics. I see no reversal of this trend, indeed, it continues unabated under the ‘conservatives’, so I feel like we are counting beans, to paraphrase Saker.

        Regarding that school picture, it can by no stretch of the imagination be called an English class. Though they will inherent England by displacing the previous race-stock, it is still too early to call that an English class, in the strict sense of the word. Here’s how that photo would look like if England was ruled by patriots instead of traitors, also taken in London:

        • Moscow Exile says:

          According to the last census, my home town had a population of a 103,000.

          My home town was a typical boom town of the 19th century that previously had been a sleepy crossroads hamlet, albeit that coal had been mined there since at least the 16th century. However, with the onset of the steam age and the transport revolution that the railway age brought about, my old town became one of the fastest growing in what was then known as “the workshop of the world”.

          Abundant supplies of coal attracted other industries to the coalfield and with them came workers from far and wide. They say in my home town that the last immigrants there were the Irish. That is not true: the Irish were in the 19th century British subjects, as were the Welsh and Scots, and were migrant workers who had every right to seek employment in my part of England. Some of these “immigrants” became captains of industry. One of the coal company founders and in whose then nationalized mines I worked was a Welshman; another coal company was owned by a Scottish Laird; a chemical company was founded by an Irishman ….

          However, when the post-WWII immigration of Commonwealth citizens began, none seemed attracted to the delights of employment in my home town, which had long been in economic decline – since at least the turn of the 20th century in fact.

          The only British Commonwealth citizens who come to my hometown nowadays to seek fame and fortune there are Aussies, Kiwis and Pacific Islanders who play in the local Rugby League team.

          And in my parlance, my home town is a “town”, not a “city”: it has no cathedral and no Royal Charter granting it city status.


          • Moscow Exile says:

            From Wiki on my old town:

            Christianity is the main religion [in] the Borough, [it] being [the religion of] about 87% [of the population] according to the 2001 census. This makes [the place] the “most Christian town in Britain”. Nearby Wigan is also in the top 3. Conversely [the town] shows the second least number of people (out of 376 local authorities) that actively describe themselves as having no religion at all.

            A proto-West Virginia, perhaps?

            I always considered the place as “Hill Billy Land”.

            It’s worse now – something like that backwoods place in the film “Deliverance”.


    • Moscow Exile says:

      And the next most spoken language after English in the UK is not Scots Gaelic, Welsh or Erse; it is not Hindi, Punjabi, Gujurat or Urdu; it is …

      Polski język!!!

    • ThatJ says:


      Deciding you don’t like someone based on their individual characteristics is a human reaction; it is unreasonable to expect us to “love everyone” and just hand out flowers to criminals and ne’er-do-wells. Deciding you like or do not like someone based on their skin colour makes as much sense as deciding a Thai birdseye chili must taste sweet because a cherry does, and they’re the same colour.

      We diverge on the acceptance of biological equality. You assume the supremacy of environment, and that’s fine.

      I assume that races are different at a biological level, and that the environment can only serve to stimulate or suppress the expression of genes that are liable to environmental stimuli, but that the environment itself cannot do miracles. I also see human mimicry as a deception. The trajectory of Indo-European populations is different to those of Africa and other continents. Different environmental pressure (imagine the impact of the Ice Age) and sexual selection are responsible to the propagation of advantageous traits (and the opposite too, depending on the situation, e.g. skin cancer rate in Australia) that are antipodal to traits that nature and evolution bestowed on other human subspecies. Consider the fact that Sub-Saharan Africans, unlike us, don’t possess Neanderthal DNA, and that Neanderthals existed 300k years ago, well before we (supposedly) left Africa, and the “out of Africa” theory (challenged by Russian scientists, paper here) falls apart. If scientists accept that Europeans possess Neanderthal DNA, then they concede that the Neanderthals were not of a different species, but a difference race. When two different species can interbreed, then one wonders whether they are really different species or different races — the latter being different branches of the same “tree” (species) that grow after a long period of isolated reproduction. If we have Neanderthal DNA in us due to interbreeding, then it can be argued that the Neanderthals were not at all a species apart from the first modern humans that supposedly left Africa. They were, like Caucasians and Negroes today, members of the same species. Our races are not physiologically equal, neither when “modern humans” bred with Neanderthals (or so the theory goes…), nor today.

      Australian Aboriginal and White SKull:

      White, Asian and Black Skulls:

      What would scientists make of this physiological inequality 50k years from now if we left nothing written to our descendants and modern science wasn’t developed until then? Would they say that these skulls belong to the same species, or would they call them different species, like we do to our forebears today?

      • ThatJ says:

        Regarding Canada’s multicultural lunacy, which Ilya says he has personally experienced, here are some examples:

        White males need not apply

        A major federal department has temporarily banned the hiring of able-bodied white men in an unusual move critics say could spark a backlash against the very disadvantaged groups it is meant to help.


        Universities hiring, but white males need not apply


        Fight over racial quotas in government jobs continues


        • marknesop says:

          Do white males still hold all the positions of power? Yes, they do. So what’s your argument? Jobs for whites first, and then leftovers in descending order? In fact, it is precisely because of jobs-for-whites-first nuttery such as you propose that minority groups feel they have no representation in any department charged with oversight. Have you any evidence which suggests that Indians, say, hired for government positions favour other Indians in the daily discharge of their duties? Do we have to have white people in every supervisory position to make sure whitey gets a fair shake?

      • Jen says:

        Skull shapes are quite susceptible to environmental influences. The general trend since humans took up agriculture and cereal cultivation in particular has been towards broader skulls. Diet, nutrition and exposure to cold or illness can influence head shapes. A 2014 study on the lengths and breadths of skulls belonging to two groups of Cherokee people who lived in the 19th century, and one of these groups having been forced to migrate to Oklahoma and the other being affected by the American Civil War, found sharply decreasing lengths in skulls that corresponded to the periods when the groups suffered stress as a result of deportation or war.

        If you want to blag on about race and biology, since this is your obsession, you should establish your own blog instead of flooding someone else’s blog with the same old tiresome idiocy based on dubious and biased sources specifically selected to back your opinion.

        • Moscow Exile says:

          You looking at me …?

        • yalensis says:

          There oughta be a law:

          (1) Anyone who is NOT a licensed anthropologist, who blathers on about other people’s skulls, should be forced to submit X-rays of his own skull, for group critique and peer review.
          (2) Similarly, anyone who blathers on about other people’s IQ scores, needs to submit his own test scores. Again, for the amusement of the group.

          Hello, there, handsome!

      • marknesop says:

        I see. So a Rottweiler is a dog while a chihuahua is…something else? Different species based on the shape of our skulls, I never heard anything so ridiculous. Well, I shouldn’t say that; I have heard that argument before – at the yacht club in Halifax, Nova Scotia in the mid 1980’s, aboard the boat of a visiting South African. I didn’t take it very seriously then, and I’m not going to now.

        I have an idea – let’s all relocate to Africa for a decade or so, and have enormous numbers of children. We’ll drive them into the sea!!

        Seriously, this is the worst sort of terrible discussion. It argues for the extermination of all non-white races – oh, I know, you say, “I just don’t want them here – I want them to stay in their own niggery bush-bunny countries.” Because we have been favoured with a temperate climate which will support growing more food than we can eat, and plenty of water, and we want to keep it all…for white folk. But we expect to be able to advantage ourselves of everything they have to sell, because we also control all the money. But we need a few of them around to hew wood and draw water, so we tolerate that number although they are not “good stock” like ourselves.

        I am not going to participate in any more of these discussions. I’m going to take a holiday from blogging, the Missus and I are off to a resort for an overnighter, but given how depressing it is that every discussion turns into a heated debate on race relations, I am not sure when I will be back. I don’t see any future in arguing until the end of time when neither of our positions is going to move at all. You believe everyone who is not white is “inferior stock” and have gone further in offering that they will never be any better, because of what colour they are, while the most ignorant no-synapse white cracker could always improve because he’s white and has a bigger skull. I say every race is made up of individuals, and if we only use about 10% of our available brain (I assume that’s the same for everyone who has a brain, and that white people do not have an inherent advantage there as well) you could have a skull the size of a fucking grapefruit and still blow the doors off Stephen Hawking. There’s just no room for negotiation in our positions, nor will there ever be. I’ve politely suggested in the past that we agree to disagree because I find your theories repugnant, but you’re not having any and come back around to the same well-worn Nazi Herrenvolk ideology every time.

      • ThatJ says:


        The police and army everywhere do seem to favor certain dog breeds, as opposed to equally accepting every breed under the soon.

        The Red Army:

        The Wehrmacht:

        Rottweiler is a dog breed (= race), and so is the Chihuahua. They belong to the same species, but not the same breed.

        I don’t see how defending Indo-Europeans from racial dispossession equals extermination of other races. That’s the sort of argument trotted out by hostile Trotskyite organizations. They make ample use of Hegelian dialectics, constructing their arguments in a way that only two outcomes are possible: (1) white people must wholeheartedly welcome their dispossession (2) white people who don’t accept the aforementioned destiny for their race are white supremacists.

        In America, there are dozens of these organizations, many of which were founded by Jewish communists decades ago. Needless to say, their “rationale” is pure hogwash… until we start understanding their ethnic motivation. This is not to discount the obvious appeal that such messages have to a segment of the white population, which, as Kevin MacDonald concedes in his works, was always there — even before Jews began arriving in large numbers in 1890s onwards. The Jews however were a critical element for this sentiment to evolve into the modern day lunacy of political correctness.

        Regarding skull shape, it was meant to be an example of where races differ. The differences go much deeper than that — and no, race is not only skin deep. Although you are Canadian, you probably have heard the stereotype that whites can’t jump and blacks can’t swim. There’s a biological explanation for this popular joke, and recognising that blacks also dominate sprint competitions is allowed by the equality dogma. However, when James Watson, the co-discoverer of the DNA, stated the following…

        [O]n October 25, 2007, Watson was compelled to retire as chancellor of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory on New York’s Long Island and from its board of directors, after he had been quoted in The Times the previous week as saying “[I am] inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa [because] all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours—whereas all the testing says not really.” He went on to say that despite the desire that all human beings should be equal, “people who have to deal with black employees find this not true.”

        …all hell broke loose and he was forced to resign from the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory that he headed. Eventually, circumstances forced him to sell his Nobel Prize medal:

        [I]n 2014, he decided to auction off his Nobel prize medal in view of his diminished income after the 2007 incident and to use part of the funds raised by the sale to support scientific research. The medal sold at auction at Christie’s in December 2014 for US$4.1 million. Watson intended to contribute the proceeds to conservation work in Long Island and to funding research at Trinity College, Dublin. Watson is the first living recipient of the honor to auction the medal.

        The medal was subsequently returned to Watson by the purchaser, Russian tycoon Alisher Usmanov, who stated that Watson deserved the medal and that it was “unacceptable” that he should be compelled to sell it.

        The South African that you met is of the sound type. If I were him, I would move out of that hellhole as soon as I had the opportunity to do so. That is what many well-to-do white and (obscenely disproportionate) Jewish anti-apartheid activists did right after black rule was introduced. So typical of this crowd.

        Africa is quite big, I don’t think we owe them Europe:

        With the exception of South Africa, there’s no significant white minority in Africa. How many Africans, of all stripes, are in Europe today?

  30. ThatJ says:

    Ukraine amasses up to 7,000 troops on border with Transdniestria — republic leader

    Earlier, the head of the Ukrainian State Border Service said that Russia’s military threat was coming from Transdniestria

    MOSCOW, July 24. /TASS/. Ukraine concentrates its armed forces and equips firing points on the border with Transdniestria, from 5 to 7 thousand troops are currently deployed there, head of the unrecognized Transdniestrian Moldovan Republic Yevgeny Shevchuk told the Rossiya 24 TV channel on Friday.

    “After the events in Ukraine, we feel the pressure of some negative factors. One of them is the concentration of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the National Guard, reinforcement and expansion in the number of Ukrainian frontier guards along the border, additional equipment of engineering constructions, the digging of trenches… Some firing points are equipped along the border, and substantial amounts of troops are being concentrated – according to our estimates, from 5 to 7 thousand are deployed in close proximity to the border with Transdniestria,” he said.

    On May 21, 2015, Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada denounced the agreement with Russia on transit of the Russian military personnel and cargo via Ukraine’s territory, and on May 29 head of the Ukrainian State Border Service Viktor Nazarenko told Ukraine’s Channel Five that Russia’s military threat was coming from Transdniestria.


  31. ThatJ says:

    Murder, Poisoning, Raids: It’s Election Season in Russia

    Mikhail Khodorkovsky, former oil tycoon and main owner of Yukos Oil Co., in Zurich, in 2014. Photographer: Gianluca Colla/Bloomberg

    Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the only billionaire jailed by Vladimir Putin, is assembling an army of volunteers to challenge the electoral system that supports his nemesis. Accusations of murder and poisoning are already flying.

    Khodorkovsky, freed 18 months ago, has said he hopes to spark a palace coup from self-imposed exile in Switzerland, exploiting what he predicts will be rising discontent with a contracting economy. He’s starting with a project to hunt for violations in the first major elections Putin and his ruling United Russia party will face since the president returned to the Kremlin in 2012 after a four-year stint as prime minister.

    The tycoon, who says his 10-year imprisonment for financial crimes was retribution for funding Putin’s opponents, is teaming up with Golos, a vote monitor whose reports of fraud in the 2011 contest for parliament helped trigger the biggest protests of the Russian leader’s 15-year rule.

    “Monitoring elections will be seen as a provocation,” said Alexei Makarkin, deputy director of the independent Center for Political Technologies in Moscow.

    Khodorkovsky’s Open Russia foundation [ThatJ: He displays a total lack of originality, basing the name of his NGO on that of fellow Jew Soros] and Moscow-based Golos plan to dispatch 1,000 observers each to regional polls in September and thousands more for early legislative elections next year, as well as the presidential vote due in 2018 that may give Putin another six years in power. He’s funding his monitoring project with some of the $100 million he says is left from a fortune that once stood at $15 billion.

    ‘Unpredictable, Irrational’

    The Putin era in Russia is drawing to a close, Khodorkovsky said on his website on Thursday. The former KGB agent is “unpredictable, irrational and living in a different reality,” Khodorkovsky said.

    Authorities are preemptively pressuring both Golos, or Voice, and Open Russia.


    EU Sanctions Are Influencing Russia Over Ukraine, Envoy Says

    European Union sanctions over the conflict in Ukraine are having a positive effect on Russia’s actions, the EU’s ambassador in Moscow said.

    The 28-member bloc is “facing a severe rift in our relations” with Russia because of the Ukrainian crisis, Vygaudas Usackas told Bloomberg Television in an interview on Thursday. At the same time the EU and the U.S. have leverage over Russia, which is going through “tough times” amid huge investor uncertainty, he said.

    Pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine aren’t fully honoring the terms of the peace agreement negotiated in Minsk, Belarus, in February, Usackas said. The EU is keeping all options open in its response to Russia as it considers how to proceed with sanctions against the Kremlin, which were extended on Monday for six months until the end of January.


    • marknesop says:

      Poor Misha, having to scratch out a living from a mere $100 million! Russia is merely taking steps to ensure the next president is elected by Russians and not by Washington. See how many international observers and Russian activists are in the USA for the presidential elections. As I believe I’ve mentioned before, OSCE observers who wanted to watch the vote in Texas for the 2012 Presidential election were told they would be arrested if they came within 100 feet of a polling place. Golos expects to be actually inside the polling place and in a position to watch individuals cast their ballots.

    • Moscow Exile says:

      Occupied by Russians?

      What do the citizens of the Crimea think of this effrontery of the Russian state, regardless of the fact that the vast majority of the peninsula not only considers itself to be of Russian ethnicity but has democratically decided that the Crimea be re-united with the Russian state?

      How does that nice turn of phrase that is bandied about in the USA go …We, the people…?

  32. Warren says:

    More VICE News propaganda.

    • Lyttenburgh says:


      Sometimes I wonder – “Why do I still watch this VICE crap?”. I watch it primarily, because it’s (unfortunately) popular especially among the youngsters. It IS influencing their outlook, and for them it IS the primarily source of the news about the world at large.

      Some people praise the VICE for it’s “original, gonzo-style journalism”. For me “gonzo-style” makes only sense if the journo in question is heavily influenced by “two bags of grass, seventy-five pellets of mescaline, five sheets of high-powered blotter acid, a saltshaker half-full of cocaine, and a whole galaxy of multi-colored uppers, downers, screamers, laughers…” – and not by personal biases, lack of education, professionalism and an occasional weed-brownie and vegan sandwich as the only source of food.

      I’d call their “Russians are coming” series of reports self-ironic, given the fact that irrational believe in this “fact” drove Sec. of Def. Forrestohl to his practice EXTREME pogo jumping… Unfortunately, they are serious. When all their interviews go by this pattern:

      1) Do you know that Russians are coming?
      2) What will you do when the Russians invade?
      3) So, you KNOW they are coming?
      4) Yeah, right, now stop pretending and admit that RUSSIANS ARE COMING!

      • Lyttenburgh says:


        Granted, this particular journo looks (and acts) as a typical member of the target reader/viewership of “50 shades of Grey” and “Twillight” – busting a myth that only gorgesous looking tall blondies can be super stupid.

        But she says one important thing (verily, “Out of the mouth of babes speaks the truth”!). She notes, that:

        “For hours, masses of military weponry were paraded across the field and it started to feel more like NATO showing off it’s toys then a real military excerscie meant to counter the hybrid warfare”.

        Hell, they even had a mannequin just STANDING in front of the house posing as “terrorist”!

        What’s interesting, pretty much the same sentiments were expressed in another “Russians are coming” report, by a more professional journo (and a full grown Russophobe now) Henry Langston.

        What the NATO is doing here is the equivalent of the “Bear Patrol” from the old “Simpsons” episode.

  33. Warren says:

    Published on 24 Jul 2015
    Ukraine Today presents the second part of the interview with the outgoing UK Ambassador to Ukraine, Simon Smith.

    Check out our website: http://uatoday.tv
    Facebook: https://facebook.com/uatodaytv
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/uatodaytv

    • marknesop says:

      “It has become somewhat of a threat to us by virtue of its clear willingness to violate international law”.

      Fuck yourself sideways, you toffee-nosed git. The vaunted Budapest Memorandum is NOT international law, Britain and the United States look the other way while Kiev violates international law on a daily basis and do not seem to consider it a threat, and Britain and the United States assume unto themselves the right to violate any country’s territorial integrity, anytime, using the excuse that a portion of the population is crying out for democracy. Any twat movement bigger than a dozen in a strategically-important non-aligned country can get its government overthrown merely by tipping off the British or American embassy that it is going to stage a demonstration in support of democracy and freedom. Or they will at least give it a hell of a good try, territorial integrity be damned. The west beggars description in its insufferable sanctimony. That wasn’t an interview, it was a softball propaganda movie.

      I don’t know why I even watch things like that, they are terrible for my blood pressure.

  34. Warren says:

    This article will confuse and antagonise Hitler supporters, and racially orientated/conscious right wingers.

    The 20th-Century Dictator Most Idolized by Hitler

    Historians may credit Mussolini with inspiring Hitler’s rise to power, but the despot called a different contemporary his ‘shining star.’


    • marknesop says:

      Ha, ha!! Target, Turkey – what a surprise! Erdogan turned out to be such a disappointment to the west, and after he appeared so cooperative at first.

  35. yalensis says:

    As follow-up to the French delegates visit to Crimea, a second delegation of Europeans intends to visit the peninsula. This one consisting of delegates from Belgium, Spain, and Poland.

    I guess they heard back from the French that a good time could be had by all.
    And I never heard of a European politician who ever passed on a free vacation!

  36. yalensis says:

    And this is a follow-up to the news about new Head of Luhansk Province being appointed by Kiev. This was noted in some comments above.
    The man’s name is Georgy Tuka. Poroshenko appointed him “head” of Luhansk Province, even though (1) Luhansk is actually controlled by the Seps, and (2) Tuka doesn’t even live there.
    But some of the commenters (mistakenly) saw Tuka’s appointment as a reconciliation gesture to the locals. ’cause, see, Tuka replaced the odious Hennadiy Moskal, who was transferred to Transcarpathia to deal THOSE OTHER Seps. Bad as Moskal was, Tuka is apparently even worse.

    Tuka participates in social media and had posted the following statement on his Facebook (this was in response to some pro-Separatists complaining that the Nazi militias had cut off a guy’s finger):

    “Vata! Take a look at my photo! Do I look like a dove of peace?
    Vata! You make a stink about a killer’s fingers?
    I will hunt you down and destroy you to the last man.”

    [“Vata”, as people know by now, is a derogatory word for Donbass residents of Russian ethnicity. Means “wadding” and refers to the quilted jackets of Russian armymen.]

  37. yalensis says:

    And this one from Cassad TV.
    Not sure the exact date when this demonstration happened, I think it was 2 or 3 days ago.
    Some extreme Ukrainian nationalists/Banderites rallied in Lviv, calling for pogroms against Jews.
    In their slogans and chanting they were demanding 2 different kinds of pogroms:

    (1) To eject Jews (such as Poroshenko) from the government; and
    (2) To continue on and attack ordinary Jews as well via street pogroms.

    From looking at the vid, it doesn’t look like the demonstration was huge, though. Maybe only a thousand people or so.
    Vid emphasizes that the police looked on benignly. But it was a “legal” demonstration, approved in advance with the authorities.

    • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

      Christ. I didn’t think those pictures were real, but there it is on camera.

      What have we got? ‘Petya Valtzman – you betrayed the people’ ‘Valtzman – Poroshenko, Kogan – Tyahnibok, Etizon – Klichko, Groisman (?), Kapiteliman – Timoshenko, Bakai – Yatsenyuk, some other guff I can’t make out, and some reference to a ‘Jewish brotherhood’.

      That is one strangely inoffensive-looking crowd. Not a skinhead in sight, no flags but the standard water-and-piss – surely there ought to be at least one red-and-black?

      Well, the message is clear. Nobody in Lvov is normal.

      • yalensis says:

        Correction (tee-hee, here I am, a Russian, correcting your Ukrainian!)
        “Valtzman – Poroshenko – Kogan – TURCHINOV (etc.)”

        You bad boy, you slandered the right-wing hero TYAHNIBOK, by calling him a Jew!
        No, no, these people LIKE Tyahnibok!

        Also, I had to squint at it, but I think after “Klichko” it reads “Jaresko” not Hroisman.
        Although Hroisman would have been a good candidate, too.

        And continues on with the rest of the list of nogoodniks: “Kapitelman, Tymoshenko, Bakai (?), Yatsenuk, [illegible], [illegible].”

        Yes, quite a nicely dressed, respectable-looking crowd.
        I have a feeling these are the REAL Galicians, not those apish interlopers from Kiev!

      • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

        You correct me?

        I KILL YOU

        Could have sworn it said Tyahnibok. Just saw what I wanted to see I guess.

        That said, didn’t he have a maternal grandmother named Frotman?

      • marknesop says:

        Not very many of them, though. It’d be hard for even The Wall Street Journal to make them look like 80,000. If they were of a mind to, of course. In this instance, as it would be somewhat gauche to make it look like Ukraine is falling apart – and only a year or so since it was taken under western management, that must be somewhat of a record – it will not likely be mentioned.

  38. yalensis says:

    Meanwhile, the U.S. and her proxies have gotten their way about bringing to UN Security Council a resolution on setting up international inquiry for MH-17. The resolution will be voted 4 days from now, on 29 July.

    Russia and China were opposed to even bringing this matter to the UN Security Council, on the grounds that the crash of the Boeing does not fall under “threats to world peace and security”.

    However, the U.S. and her proxies (Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and Ukraine) managed to ram this through for a vote. The vote will be to set up an international tribunal, which has already decided, in advance, that Russia is guilty for the crash of the airplane.

    Vitaly Churkin, Russia’s envoy to the UN, told Reuters, that he still has not received official instructions from Moscow, how to vote.
    But odds are, Russia will veto the resolution, and China will abstain.

    • yalensis says:

      typo: very first sentence should read “international tribunal” instead of “international inquiry”

    • cartman says:

      Well, it’s not too late to start an inquiry into Iran Air Flight 655, either.

      • cartman says:

        BTW, the US used its veto to block enforcement of the ruling that required it to pay compensation for the Contra terrorists it unleashed on Nicaragua.

    • et Al says:

      Another ad hoc tribunal? Now where have I heard that before? I guess this is where the West is yet again planning to spend great sums of money to get the results they like (i.e. not just supporting the Tribunal, but the journalists and media who are to report it ‘correctly‘ – maybe Marylise Simons could be brought back as she did such a sterling job for the last one…).

    • ThatJ says:

      Russia can veto this resolution and propose her own initiative, demanding more transparency in the investigation.

    • Northern Star says:

      Don’t fret…If there is an inquiry..the standard USA/NATO revised and updated Völkischer Beobachter editorial safeguards will be in place to see to it that the news coverage is…appropriate.

  39. yalensis says:

    At press conference, Odessa Governor Saakashvili explains to Odessans why he hired Maria Gaidar:

    “Many residents of Odessa and the region are convinced, that life is better in Russia than in Ukraine. But Maria Gaidar will convince them that it isn’t so. Maria will tell everybody what horrific problems the residents of Russia experience, and thus any grounds for discontent [here] will vanish.”

    • yalensis says:

      P.S. – some of us had been worried that Masha wouldn’t be able to cut it in her new job.
      But her job actually sounds easy.
      All she has to do is tell anecdotes about her life of horror in Moscow.
      “And there was this one time when I saw a spider in my bathtub – eek!”

    • Lyttenburgh says:

      Eh, genatzvali! Don’t worry! Mishiko is an honest batono. I’m sure he will make Mariko Aidar an honest woman – or face the Law of the Mountains!

  40. yalensis says:

    The worst defense attorney in history , Mark Feigin, excuses his incompetence in advance by predicting, that his client, Nadezhda Savchenko, will be convicted and given a very long prison term.

    “There is no other way to save Nadia,” Feigin declares, “except through international pressure”.
    In other words: “International community, do my job for me, because I am lazy, stupid and incompetent!”

    Feigin is such a lousy lawyer, not only can he never win a case in court, but he can’t even get the judge to mitigate the sentence. In the past his clients such as Pussy Riot have received unusually long sentences, for what was essentially an infraction.
    Which might have something to do with the fact, that Feigin doesn’t even take the time to prepare a case; plus he trumpets to the press in advance how the judge is biased and is going to throw the book at his client.

    Feigin, a word of advice: sometimes honey will attract more flies than vinegar. Did you ever try to work with the judge and maybe actually present a case, and give them a reason to spare your client the harsh sentence? Or do you WANT them to suffer, just to prove a point?

  41. Cortes says:

    I may just have to try to get access to a TV this afternoon to see what kinda stunts are pulled during the World Cup draw. Already Hulk the not very good footballer has withdrawn…


  42. Warren says:

    • Drutten says:

      There’s a tribute show to him on Channel 1 right now. Well, it’s a regular show (Dostoyanie Respubliki, a music show about Soviet/Russian music, where various known artists interpret the classics and so on). Today’s it’s about Vysotsky.

      • Tim Owen says:

        All this Russian television reminds me of the television of my childhood. Perfectly lampooned by Second City. I believe the town was called Melonville.

    • Moscow Exile says:

      “Morning Gymnastics”:

      which exercises I rememember very well taking place when I was a resident of the USSR, when gymnastical instructions were transmitted by community radio into every dwelling early in the morning following the opening of the radio station in Moscow by its theme tune: “Moscow Nights” played on a vibrophone.

      This warm-up for the proletarian day transmission continued into the ’90s during the Yeltsin “Golden Years”.

      Vysotsky’s songs drove me to distraction when I was a student in the Soviet Union: the boys with whom I shared a broom-cupboard of a room at a students’ hostel played him day-in, day-out.

      When I complained about the endless playing of this “bard’s” songs, they simply said that one had to be a Russian, have a Russian “soul” to understand his performances.

      In the above performance, Vysotsky sings:

      Take a deep breath, then some more.
      Do not hurry – three-four!
      Spirit, grace, and plasticity are emphasized
      All around strengthening;
      In the morning sobering
      (If you’re still alive, of course) is exercise.

      Those of you who have to clean the floor
      Can lie down – three-four!
      Do the exercises, don’t say a word.
      Try to get rid of the tension.
      You will learn to pay attention.
      Take a deep breath so it really, really hurts.

      Very active ’round the world
      Is the ‘flu – and three-four!
      The disease is spreading and deepening
      If you’re frail – you will die,
      So in order to survive,
      Take a cold wet towel and rub yourself with it.

      Now please don’t talk at all.
      Do the sit-ups till you fall.
      Try your hardest not to look all grim and cross
      If you can’t stand it any longer,
      Rub yourself with something colder,
      Then proceed to the shower which is right across.

      Those of you who are fatigued,
      Stand andsit! – And-stand-and-sit!
      We’re not afraid of the Arctic and Antarctic.
      Our main professor Joffe
      Proved to us that booze and coffee
      Can be both replaced by sports and a prophylactic.

      We’re not scared by life’s pace;
      In response, we run on the spot.
      Even a total novice will be happy here.
      It’s wonderful: from the beginning:
      No one’s losing, no one’s winning
      Stationary running is agreeable.

      It was a woman that I remember giving out the physical jerks instructions on the Moscow community radio. She didn’t say “Three-four!” but “Raz -dva!” [One -two!] and she said: “Nalevo! Napravo!” [To the left! To the right!] all the time.

      I used to imagine her as having a laugh at everyone’s expense when giving these instructions for physical jerks, in that I pictured her in my mind’s eye as being a fat-old granny sitting in the studio and dragging on a cigarette and takingslugs of vodka in between her giving out of instructions to the obedient proles.

  43. ucgsblog says:

    I know this is probably an old question in terms of Ukraine, but who’s couping who now? Does Yarosh really stand a chance against Poroshenko/Yatsenuyk?

    • yalensis says:

      In a word:

      Because the U.S. has Porky/Ratso’s back.
      Yarosh was always to be just cannon fodder.

    • marknesop says:

      No, because it would be impossible for Ukraine to be even casually associated with the EU with Yarosh at the helm. Now if they thought Russia was going to get it back, Yarosh would be perfect.

  44. Northern Star says:


    “Micha was at first impressed by Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. “One had the impression that with his referendum he wanted to unite society and call all citizens to action. Then he apparently recoiled. He made a big mistake there”

    Huge error….It seems to me that the entire austerity concept as a means by which to pull a nation out of severe economic distress is in contradistinction to what a (semi) capitalist economy demands on the part of the consumer. There has to be investment to facilitate industry creation that in turn provides jobs that give the consumer disposable income that stimulates the economy…
    What am I missing here….??
    Has austerity EVER worked???

    • ucgsblog says:

      “Has austerity EVER worked???”

      No. The concept of austerity fails in theory. “Hey guys, we’re having production issues, so let’s produce less!” It’s like punishing your kid for being bad due to lack of sleep by making him sleep less.

      • Tim Owen says:

        It’s simpler than that. In a pure fiat economy:

        – the currency is a public monopoly.
        – the economy has two basic sectors: private and public.
        – if the private sector creates a credit bubble by issuing more loans than justified in non-bubble business terms…
        – the only actor that can right the ship by: a) resolving insolvent banks by wiping out share and bond-holders and recapitalizing them (because: fiat) b) spending counter-cyclically (again, because: fiat)…. is the Government.

        Squinting hard, I would go long Government here if there were such an option…

        It’s all perfectly foretold here:

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