As the Quicksand Closes Over WADA’s Head…a Lifeline is Thrown From the Unlikeliest Quarter

Uncle Volodya says,

Uncle Volodya says, “Sports is like a war without the killing.”

On so many evenings in Moscow, when the working day is done and it’s Miller Time, and Vladimir Putin goes home to his disgustingly decadent Italianate palace, he must run up to his bedroom, throw himself upon his giant four-poster (caparisoned in black silk embroidered with the double-headed imperial eagle, £376.00 from Bespoke Bedlinens of London), and laugh until tears come to his eyes at the modern comedy which is human nature.

Oh, I was just kidding about the palace and the fancy bed; I made up the latter, and the former is a perennial fable from circus-clown fatboy and ‘Kremlin insider’ Stas Belkovsky. I personally doubt Mr. Putin needs the trappings of opulence to any significant degree – he rides a high every day of running the world’s biggest country, and diddling the west until it weeps angry tears of frustration.

Consider the classic example of the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) recent fall from grace. It went from thumping its chest and promising the McLaren Report would go through Russia like shit through buckwheat, harvesting government ministers as it went, to making excuses for the debacle whereby it had to admit there was not enough evidence contained in the report for individual prosecutions.

What a bitter pill that must have been to swallow. Note, please, the new appearance of terms like ‘alleged’ and ‘implicated’. Because it wasn’t always that way, was it? No, indeed; it wasn’t. Let’s recall WADA Director Sir Craig Reedie’s gloating tone in the agency’s statement which accompanied the release of the McLaren Report:

The Moscow laboratory operated, for the protection of doped Russian athletes, within a State-dictated failsafe system, described in the Report as the Disappearing Positive Methodology…The Sochi laboratory operated a unique sample swapping methodology to enable doped Russian athletes to compete at the Games…The Ministry of Sport directed, controlled and oversaw the manipulation of athletes’ analytical results and sample swapping, with the active participation and assistance of the Federal Security Service (FSB); the Center of Sports Preparation of National Teams of Russia (CSP); and, both Moscow and Sochi laboratories…Shamefully, the McLaren Report corroborates the allegations

In fact, the McLaren Report does no such thing. It does make a lot of allegations, but it – embarrassingly – relied almost exclusively on ‘disclosures’ from nutball-for-hire Grigory Rodchenkov. Rodchenkov previously spent time in a mental institution, although that was quite possibly a dodge employed to avoid prosecution for involvement in a doping ring, and an investigation which netted his sister Marina.

McLaren claimed to have seen a demonstration of how the tamper-proof sample bottles could be opened, cleaned, refilled and resealed without breaking the cap or leaving any obvious sign of tampering. If he did, it was not to the very best of my knowledge ever repeated for experts in the field. FSB involvement was never substantiated by evidence, and Berlinger (manufacturer of the sample bottles) stood by their product in a statement issued following the release of the McLaren Report. It provided, in part;

In neither its own tests nor any tests conducted by the independent institute in Switzerland has any sealed Berlinger Special AG urine sample bottle proved possible to open.

The people who made the bottles and know them best say their experts and an independent testing entity could not get the sealed bottles open without either breaking the cap – which is designed to happen, verifying the bottle has been opened either by the testing agency, legitimately, or for potentially nefarious tampering with the contents – or showing obvious signs of damage. McLaren has not demonstrated his mystery method which he says convinced him it could be – and was – done, and I’m betting he never will. As so often occurs in sanctimonious western sermonizing on the subject of Russia and its myriad evils, it’s “I just know. Never mind how; just trust me”.

Never mind Richard McLaren being so full of shit he squeaks on the high side of a tight turn. Never mind Richard ‘Dick’ Pound simultaneously holding the chairmanship of the Independent Investigation Commission and a board position at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), to which Russian athletes had to appeal their prohibition from participation in the Rio Olympics. Predictably, none were successful, and I leave it to your imagination what the western reaction would be in similar circumstances, in which a Russian independent investigation team found western sports figures guilty of widespread doping covered up by their governments (an entirely believable scenario, by the way; Sir Bradley Wiggins, Commander of the British Empire, was permitted to ‘retire’ with his knighthood intact although he received a ‘pre-emptive’ intramuscular injection of a powerful steroid on the eve of a major race, ‘just in case’, when he was not even showing any symptoms of the asthma he said plagued him throughout his career although he did not mention it anywhere in his autobiography, My Time), and recommended blanket sanctions against western athletes while the same Russian sports administrator sat on the investigations commission and the court of appeals. You already know all this.

No, what I want to talk about today is the astounding lifeline, thrown to a floundering WADA, by…Vladimir Putin.

According to WADA, Mr. Putin “urged his country to heed the demands of the McLaren Report”. It’s not surprising they would pitch it that way, since Sir Craig Reedie only a week or so ago dangled the possibility of rapid reinstatement for RUSADA – provided there was broad acceptance in Russia of the findings of the McLaren Report. For obvious reasons, WADA wants Russia to admit to systemic cheating in a way that it cannot easily recant, and for equally obvious reasons it is not going to do that.

WADA is resolutely focused on supporting the Russian Anti-Doping Agency in its efforts to return to compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code, but it is first important that there is acceptance of the findings of the McLaren Report in Russia.

Sidebar, please, for just a tick: do you really believe for a second that if a western agency had conclusive, ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ proof of Russian state-sponsored drug cheating, taking into account the number of medals won by Russian athletes in a competitive environment that only becomes more politically-charged every Olympics, that it would abandon the chance to show its evidence to the world in favour of offering a water-under-the-bridge redemption? Really???

Having bungled the investigation, exaggerated the potential for damage, punished the mostly innocent and lied about the evidence contained in the report, what Gods smiled on WADA that caused Vladimir Putin to cave in to their demands just in time to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?

Well, he didn’t exactly do that. What he did say, rather than that Russia should accept the demands of the McLaren Report, was that the Russian sports world “should listen to WADA”.  Predictably, you have to go to RT for what he actually said, rather than what WADA would like you to think he said. If you do that, you will note right away that he specifically repudiates the conclusions of the McLaren Report, and while he stipulates that the Russian anti-doping system failed in that it did not catch dopers before they went on to compete internationally – and sometimes win medals – which is no more than the truth, there is nothing astounding or revelatory about that. Every major country has had such cases. Similarly, he specifically reiterates that there was no state-sponsored support for doping, the exposure of which was the entire mandate of the McLaren Report.

The main thing is that despite the shortcomings in the work of [Mclaren’s] independent commission, we should pay attention to what it did, to the results of its work. We must listen to WADA’s demands. Because we have to admit that we have proven cases of doping useThis is absolutely unacceptable and it means that the Russian anti-doping system failed, and it’s our fault – we should spell it out and admit itIn Russia, there has never been and, I hope, will never be a state doping support system; on the contrary, there will only be anti-doping actionI’m counting on the Investigative Committee to see the probe [into the doping cases] through to the end, and to expose everyone guilty.

To expose everyone guilty. Well, that’s a laudable objective, surely? Did the western proceedings surrounding the McLaren Report – to call it ‘flawed’ is like saying “Citizen Kane” might have had a message to it – expose everyone guilty? It certainly did not. What it did in its place was use trumped up potential evidence which never materialized to substantiate imposing collective punishment – anathema in a progressive democracy – on those who had in the great majority of cases done nothing wrong at all.

I’m getting kind of worked up about this all over again, and I don’t want to sidetrack you with it, because none of that is the point, either, although its all important background.

Consider. WADA, the agency that could not say enough bad things, could imagine no insult vile enough to accurately describe Vladimir Putin and his loser nation only a couple of months ago, when it was still confident that momentum would translate to victory…now regards him as wise and credible. Recognition of Russia’s doping problem ‘at the highest political levels’ is now an encouraging sign of serious leadership, from a government that only months ago was a recalcitrant part of the problem, bursting at the seams with liars who were only interested in covering up for cheaters and protecting their doper athletes. Remarkable. And Mr. Putin admitted to nothing in exchange for this collective outpouring of recognition. Russia has doper athletes. Obviously – and regrettably – that is true, although it should be noted that in the case of ‘whistleblower’ Yulya Stepanova, Russia’s approach was to bar her from competition for two years, while WADA’s approach was to pull whatever strings it could to get her to compete at Rio under the Olympic flag.

Wada president Sir Craig Reedie said investigators had “exposed, beyond a reasonable doubt, a state-run doping program in Russia that seriously undermines the principles of clean sport embodied within the World Anti-Doping Code”.

There was also concern expressed for Yuliya Stepanova, the Russian runner whose evidence helped expose her nation’s doping scandal, but will now not be allowed to compete in Rio under a neutral flag.

Wada has been very vocal in supporting Yuliya’s desire to compete as an independent athlete,” added Niggli.

Never interfere with the enemy while he is in the process of making a mistake. A whole series of them, in fact. Game, set and match.

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  1. et Al says: via Another Dangerous Rush to Judgment in Syria

    Exclusive: The U.S. government and the mainstream media rushed to judgment again, blaming the Syrian government for a new poison-gas attack and ignoring other possibilities, reports Robert Parry.

    By Robert Parry

    With the latest hasty judgment about Tuesday’s poison-gas deaths in a rebel-held area of northern Syria, the mainstream U.S. news media once more reveals itself to be a threat to responsible journalism and to the future of humanity. Again, we see the troubling pattern of verdict first, investigation later, even when that behavior can lead to a dangerous war escalation and many more deaths.

    Before a careful evaluation of the evidence about Tuesday’s tragedy was possible, The New York Times and other major U.S. news outlets had pinned the blame for the scores of dead on the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad. That revived demands that the U.S. and other nations establish a “no-fly zone” over Syria, which would amount to launching another “regime change” war and would put America into a likely hot war with nuclear-armed Russia….

    …Reporting by investigative journalist Seymour Hersh was-turkey-behind-syria-sarin-attack-2/ and statements by some Turkish police and opposition politicians linked Turkish intelligence and Al Qaeda-affiliated jihadists to the Aug. 21, 2013 sarin gas attack outside Damascus that killed hundreds, although the Times and other major U.S. news outlets continue to blame that incident on Assad’s regime….

    Read on about Judith Miller and her buddies who weren’t fired (i.e. behind the recent reporting).

    A helpful reminder of how it all shook out last time and the NYT’s full on respect for the basic tenets of journalism is non-existent.

    • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

      Four months of relative quiet were better than nothing.

      Perhaps it is time for a first strike – why give Trump the opportunity to bring the American nuclear forces up to scratch?

  2. Moscow Exile says:

    EU arseholes:

    Европарламент призвал Россию освободить Алексея Навального
    European Parliament calls for the release of Navalny

    “(The European Parliament) calls on the Russian authorities for the immediate release of Alexei Navalny and all peaceful demonstrators, journalists and activists who were arrested after demonstrations against corruption that were held in Moscow and in several Russian cities on March 26, and April 2, 2017, and withdraw charges against them; [The parliament] insists that the Russian authorities bear full responsibility for the safety and welfare of persons in custody”, reads the non-binding resolution adopted at a plenary session of the assembly in Strasbourg.

    Immediate release, no less.

    Those Strasbourg shits must be fully conversant with each individual case and also believe they have the right to demand that all charges be dropped, notwithstanding the fact that the charlatan and twice convicted embezzler Navalny acted in open breach of the law as regards public assemblies, refused to hold his meetings at other venues offered him by the city authorities and has a suspended sentence hanging over him.

    • kirill says:

      This is pure propaganda posturing. Keep pouring shit over Russia and distract the EU lemmings from domestic problems and abuses. I have to really emphasize this pathology of the “free” west. While in “totalitarian toilets” like Russia the masses mind their own business, in the “free world” they are always agitated about the problems of foreigners. This tells you a lot about where the real totalitarianism is.

      Russia needs to change its constitution so that citizens can be expelled from its territory. Navalny is a 5th column hack who takes money from NATzO and hangs out with US ambassadors (note the hysteria about Trump officials meeting Russian diplomats). He should be put on a one way flight anywhere out of Russia. All his hamster/lemming followers can vacate Russia as well. Set up a government in exile, make big plans, whatever. Just don’t stage this propaganda street theater custom tailored for NATzO fake stream media anti-Russian hate campaigns. These 5th column maggots are only relevant if they are inside Russia.

    • Fern says:

      Good to see the EU laying down the law for a country that’s not a membr while remaining quiet about the street protests in France (which is the last time I looked) and the French police’s lack of attention to the ‘safety and welfare of persons in custody’.

      Navalny’s missing a trick in my book – if he wants stratospheric support and attention from the west, he should come out as transgender. Gotta keep up with the zeitgeist.

  3. et Al says:

    Al Beeb s’Allah GONAD (God’s Own News Agency Direct): Syria chemical ‘attack’: Damascus attaches conditions to UN inquiry

    …How plausible is the Russian version of events?

    Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, a former commanding officer of the British Armed Forces Joint Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Regiment, told the BBC it was “pretty fanciful”.

    “Axiomatically, if you blow up Sarin, you destroy it,” he said.

    “It’s very clear it’s a Sarin attack. The view that it’s an al-Qaeda or rebel stockpile of Sarin that’s been blown up in an explosion, I think is completely unsustainable and completely untrue.”…

    Finally an expert on the record! It must have taken them ages to find one. Either ways, a) it is not impossible and could well be a secondary effect of the bombing; b) it was prepared before by IS/ISIS/ISIL/DAESH/Whatever and this was the opportunity to mix it all up – after all they have a record of doing so. And still little detail or actual evidence short of Social Media has surfaced as to what exactly happened. I do wonder if the expert above was asked if there was any military or political rationale for such an attack.

    As usual, when interviewed the answers the media don’t like usually get cut. No-one has provided such a normal rationale except on the basis that Assad is a blood thirsty tyrant dictator who enjoys killing women and children, which is essentially what the many anonymous sources used by the media tell us. The longer they treat the public as f/kwits, the less anyone will listen to them. DO SOMETHING!. Absolutely nothing has been learned by the West from the last 25 years and they are still not held to account for their actions, just promoted and given much more money once out of political office. The sweetness of establishment corruption indeed!

  4. Warren says:

    Atlanticists would have you believe that Russia is the “police state”!

    Published on 6 Apr 2017
    Two years have passed since the establishment of the Pitchford Inquiry into Undercover Policing. Participants say that as of yet, no oral evidence has been taken and that the police are seeking to delay the process in perpetuity. TRNN Researcher Mohamed Elmaazi attended the first Hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice on April 04th 2017, and interviewed participants and their supporters.

  5. Warren says:

  6. Lyttenburgh says:

    Legatus Praetor Gaius Anonymus returns with more news from all corners of the Acumen:

    About maid Miriam, daughter of Gaius Darius

    Humorous news has once again come from Umbria.

    The maid Miriam, the daughter of Gaius Darius, who was a consul at the times of Alcoligula’s reign, continues her rapid career in the land of the barbarians. It should immediately be noted that this Miriam began her career long time ago in the Empire, under the procurator of one of the remote provinces, one Nikitos Albus – the very one that was not so long ago caught in Rome and thrown into the Mamertinian prison for bribery. Quirites say that Albus demanded for his services a whole cart loaded with sesterces, and did not hesitate to sit down at the driver’s seat straight on Roman via Nova, intending to transport the precious cargo to his villa, but was captured by a city cohort…

    Let us return, however, to Miriam. In the office of Albus the procurator, this lady was in charge of care for widows and orphans, but her success in this field was questionable: orphanages and clinics in remote villages were closed, and once Miriam was accused of running over a child by her posh chariot, while the court persecuted for this act absolutely different person…

    Two years ago, the former king of Colchis, Sakashid, who ran to Umbria and received the seaside province as his personal fief, proposed Miriam to do the same thing in his office: the care of charity for the poor. Although, for starters she had to withstand several humiliating tests organized by the barbarians – to star wearing a shirt that usually wear only the slaves; to publicly curse Caesar Augustus; to renounce Roman citizenship; to declare at the request of the savages, in public, that it is the nasty Romans who are to blame for all the troubles of Umbria, from the defeat in war to indigestion and diarrhea; to learn a few words in the unpronounceable dialect of the barbarians. And only then did she get a job, performing under Sakashid duties either of the hetaera, or of someone unknown.

    However, riotous, reportedly crazy, and even prone to eating suspicious mushrooms from the Umbrian forests Sakashid soon had been thrown with a scandal out from the post of the governor, which was announced by the leader of the barbarians – a seller of the bean sweets Porselanux. Miriam followed her master.

    And today the messenger reported that Miriam appeared in the tent of Porselanux, where he gifted the fugitive Roman woman with unheard-of favors: he fed her from his hand with delicious pork fat, a favorite dessert of the Umbrians, gifted an even more elegant slave shirt with exquisite embroidery with colored onion broth threads, and appointed her his personal adviser!

    I do not know what the daughter of Gaius Darius will offer as the advise to the Umbrian leader, although both her undertakings in Rome, and under Sákashid’s reign, were not successful: widows and orphans did not move to the marble palaces, and the patients remained uncured. Apparently, Miriam brings her patrons only misfortune – the former procurator Albus awaits trial in the Mamertinian prison, and the half-witted Colchis native once again became a universal butt of all jokes. As Aristotle used to say – two cases, this is not yet a system. But three…

    Curiously, in what form will the “curse of the maid Miriam” express itself at Porselanux’s court? And when the disorder that is going on in Umbria will end (and it will surely end, whether the barbarians want that or not), Miriam will inevitably turn up somewhere in Londinium (that is on the isles of Britons), where she will shedding bitter tears, lamenting that “she always wanted like better”.

    And the end result was as usual. It is well known that fortune does not accompany traitors and slanderers.


    Good Legatus didn’t mention only one fact – Saakashivili will become a TV show host. Indeed, what a splendid career – from the president of the “favorite wife” of the USA for a time being, to the governor… to the TV host!

  7. Northern Star says:

    “There are certain bylines that appear on such articles that brand them as the product of direct collaboration with US intelligence. In this case, it was that of Anne Barnard, who has provided such services over the entire course of the US-orchestrated war for regime change in Syria. Her work was supplemented by that of Thomas Friedman, who has backed every US imperialist intervention over the course of over a quarter century. He offers a modest proposal for the “partition of Syria” and the creation of “protected” zones enforced by the US military. “It won’t be pretty or easy,” he allows, noting reassuringly that the US maintained 400,000 troops in Europe during the Cold War.
    What is also strikingly uniform in the media propaganda campaign over the events in Syria is the across-the-board indictment of Iran and Russia as equally culpable in the alleged chemical attack. The Times editorial charged that the attack speaks to Assad’s “depravity and that of his enablers, especially Russia and Iran.”
    A Washington Post editorial insisted: “Now it is Mr. Trump’s turn to decide whether to stand up to Mr. Assad and his Iranian and Russian sponsors.”
    The aim is clear. The murky events in Syria are to be exploited in order to shift the bitter internal debate on foreign policy within the US ruling establishment. The intention is to bring the Trump administration into line with the predominant tendency within the US military and intelligence apparatus which is pushing for an uninterrupted buildup to military confrontation with both Iran and Russia.
    That these efforts are having their desired effect found concrete expression Wednesday not only in Trump’s remarks on Syria, but also in the removal of Stephen Bannon, Trump’s fascistic chief strategist, from the principals committee of the National Security Council. The ouster of the ideological architect of Trump’s “America first” right-wing nationalist demagogy was reportedly dictated by Gen. H.R. McMaster, the president’s new national security adviser, an active duty officer who speaks for the Pentagon. Faced with intractable social and political crises at home, Trump, like his predecessors, appears to be turning toward war abroad.

    **The working class in both the US and internationally must take these developments, along with the CIA provocation in Syria and its accompanying media propaganda campaign, as a deadly serious warning. It faces the threat of being dragged not only into a renewed bloodbath in the Middle East, but a far more dangerous conflagration involving the world’s two major nuclear powers.”***

    I wonder if the shitstain ‘journalists’ in the MSM studios of NYC and DC think that somehow they will miraculously survive -unscathed-coiffed – their $2000 suits immaculate-a 10 meg airburst over their zipperheads…

    Well worth reading …some of the comments are very instructive……

  8. Northern Star says:’s a white hot smokin’ gun.or vagina..or something:

    “She quickly and flatly denied that she had had any sexual involvement with either man, and despite inconclusive phone logs and speculative, hearsay e-mails, ”

    Hmmm..that’s not exactly convincing proof that she did not assume the open legs position for at least two other men beside her spouse…

  9. Warren says:

    Published on 6 Apr 2017
    *DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME – the actions shown are dangerous and can lead to fatal accidents* – Young Russians are at the forefront of a growing trend for extreme selfies and social media videos, performing life-threatening stunts to attract fans. Lucy Ash has travelled to Siberia to find out why this is a particularly Russian phenomenon – and asks what drives someone to risk their life for internet fame?

  10. Warren says:

    This is an opportunity for Rusatom, Russia should take advantage of its historic friendly relations with India, and promote a nuclear energy deal.

    Published on 30 Mar 2017
    Westinghouse, a leading nuclear reactor manufacturer has filed bankruptcy in U.S. dealing a blow to the nuclear power industry. Newsclick spoke to Prabir Purkayastha, on the impacts this will have globally and in India. The filing ends the takeover of Westinghouse by Toshiba, one of a handful of nuclear contractors left worldwide. It will also have an impact on India, as Westinghouse was a part of the Indo-US nuclear deal.

  11. Northern Star says:

    Michael Waltz- Warmonger- Then (March 2016):

    Michael Waltz Warmonger Now:

    So why the F should Trump listen to him????

  12. Pavlo Svolochenko says:

    That does it.

    America is a mad dog.

    Put it to sleep.

    • Special_sauce says:

      There’s gotta be some sorta “quid pro quo” between Washington and Kremlin. Trump can’t be that incautious.

      • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

        Why not? Perhaps his detractors were right – he really is just a flabby, impulsive idiot.

        Not that his motives matter at this point.

    • marknesop says:

      I can’t believe I thought Trump would be less likely than Clinton to start a war. Or that people still don’t laugh when they hear Washington call for civilized nations to join in avoiding bloodshed by attacking somebody. Isn’t that just about the best way to achieve bloodshed?

  13. Pavlo Svolochenko says:

    Don’t care anymore. America needs to die, and die hard.

  14. Pavlo Svolochenko says:

    About 6 am in Finland, so Karl should just be getting up now.

    Well, congratulations you Finn-golian non-human, you were right.

    • karl1haushofer says:

      And not glad about it!!!

      Those idiot Trump voters who thought that he would bring a change need to be ashamed now. The only sensible thing to do is to move out of America, because the that country is impossible to change from within. Move out of the Babylon.

  15. Moscow Exile says:

    Interesting readers’ comments to Lebedev’s Independent story on the Exceptional Nation’s attack on a Syrian government airfield:

    59x missiles
    1.5 million $ a piece
    $88,500,000 for the missiles only; launch not included
    you can safely price the strike at over $100 millions
    not including logistic and intelligence

    Target: a cracked runway with probably a dozen of rusty SU-25 from the 80s and a stock of outdated soviet era ammo
    residual assets value: $12 millions max

    Bottom line, we need to use much cheaper weapons for cheap assets. Tax payers cannot be milked forever and pay for million dollar missiles to blow up $10k pickup trucks and ak47s. The military industrial complex is really ripping off the tax payers so hard

    $60m, 60,000 pounds of high explosive and all in the name of the Syrian people – who he won’t allow into the country.

    And evidence? That little thing called evidence, sir? Where is yours? What compelling evidence do you have for who is culpable for the chemical attacks on Syrian civilians?

    I fear – I truly fear – that this man is insane.

    ive been on twitter all night and been reading the backlash from hardened trump supporters and most of 4chan everyone has turned against Trump for this, i would say easily 60% of his base followers.. people are going mad at him and these are what people would have called the alt right racist Trump supporters..
    Its totally surreal, at grass roots level in trump support land its hatred for him but CNN are singing his praises.. its like some bad dream….

    Boris the Buffoon Johnson believes that “all the evidence” that he has points to Assad as having been responsible for the gas attack:

    And Boris adds that there “may be more evidence to come out of this, by the way”.

    Well there you have it!

    Case proven, m’lud: Boris he has seen “all the evidence”, take his word for it, and there may be more to come..

    Just as Kerry said he had the evidence for who was responsible for downing MH-1.

    And Blair had the evidence for Hussein’s WMD arsenal …

    • Moscow Exile says:

      It never ceases to amaze me how, in my motherland, such tossers as Johnson manage to get to the top of the pile.

      Bear in mind, some of them are born into the top positions, such as Charles “Windsor”, who was spouting in Israel the other day about his “amazing” grandmother, “Princess Alice of Greece”, who sheltered a Jewish family in Nazi occupied Athens during WWII.

      He, not surprisingly, failed to mention his SS-Obergruppenführer uncle and paternal aunts, daughters of Princess Alice, who married SS big noises.

      Chuck Windsor’s dad (circled above), spouse of the present born-into-the-job head of the British state, attending his sister Cecile’s funeral in Germany in 1937 in the company of relatives wearing Nazi uniforms. The deceased party had been killed in an air crash.

      (Above) That’s Sophie, one of Charlie’s other aunts sitting opposite Hitler at fatty Goering’s wedding. Sophie was wed to Prince Christoph of Hesse, an SS officer.

      Three of Charlie’s four aunts on his father’s side were well ensconced in the Nazi regime: they joined the Nazi Party and married princes who were prominent Nazis, That is why none of them were invited to their brother’s wedding to the then Princess Elizabeth in 1947. Charlie’s “amazing” grandma was,invited, though.

      Philip broke a 60-year public silence about his family’s Nazi ties in 2006. In an interview for a book titled Royals and the Reich, he said that – like many Germans – they found Hitler’s early attempts to restore Germany’s power and prestige ‘attractive’.
      ‘There was a great improvement in things like trains running on time and building,’ he explained.

      See: Philip at a Nazi funeral and the day his sister had lunch with Hitler: TV documentary reopens painful chapter of duke’s family past

      And irony of ironies! That linked article above is from the Daily Mail, which supported the Nazi regime right up until the start of hostilities between the UK and Germany in 1939.

      I wonder if the word “lunch” is considered posher than dinner?

      She is not having “lunch” with Hitler: she’s at a wedding dinner.

      I have noticed the term “Christmas lunch” in recent years as well.

      What the f**k is “Christmas Lunch: a turkey sandwich?

      • James lake says:

        I’m just in shock regarding this air strikes.
        Trump under pressure showed how truly weak he is.
        Who will he strike next to “prove” he is not weak.

        • karl1haushofer says:

          Trump is just an empty suit as I wrote before. Once the Deep State got rid of Flynn, Bannon and other non-neocons I knew it was all over. I never had any hope from the beginning anyway and hoped for a Killary victory because it would have made America weaker in a long run.

          Now we have a pro-white president with a hawkish and anti-Russian foreign policy. The worst possible outcome for Russia and other Eurasian countries.

        • Moscow Exile says:

          So I am I. That’s possibly why I went right off topic above and also in another comment above about the use of the passive voice in Russian and English.

          I just cannot believe Trump’s stupidity.

          What would happen if Russia, Syria’s ally, suddenly whacked the US warship that launched the attack.

          I am quite sure that it is within Russian capabilities to do this.

          • karl1haushofer says:

            What was “stupid” about it? Ousting of Assad serves US interests and Trump will always put “America first”.

            His action was not stupid if he gets away with it. And he will because Russia is in no position to do anything about it. Russia could intervene in Syria only because of Obama’s non-interventionist foreign policy. With Trump things changed.

            We are probably going to miss Obama…

            • Moscow Exile says:

              What was stupid?

              This possible result of the US attack against Syria, that’s what:

              • karl1haushofer says:

                This is not possible as long as Putin is in charge.

                • Moscow Exile says:

                  Which leads one into as conundrum, does it not, for Washington’s wet dream is all about Putin’s removal.

                  And if Putin were replaced as head of state, who would the new president be?






                • karl1haushofer says:

                  If Washington could decide then probably Kasparov or Khodorkovsky.

                  But anyway, this is not the topic of discussion. As I said there was nothing “stupid” about attacking Syria from the US point of view. I mean what is going to happen? Someone is going to retaliate? Economic sanctions will be put to US?

                • Moscow Exile says:

                  I am not talking about Putin being replaced by Washington placemen: I am talking about his being replaced by a Kremlin hardliner, by a Kremlin palace revolution as it were, as a result of some in the inner circle feeling that Putin and Medvedev have played patsy far too long with the US.

                  There is no way the vast majority of Russian citizens would accept such traitorous shits as Kasprov and Khodorkovsky as their head of state, nor would they accept any other arse-licking Western sycophant. Remember, these Western liberal stooges cannot get 5% of the vote.

          • Moscow Exile says:

            Warships. There were 59 Tomahawks launched from several vessels.

        • karl1haushofer says:

          I like Mercouris analysis but he wrote this piece just yesterday:

          Not one of his best.

        • karl1haushofer says:

          Jihadi Julian who previously hated Trump is now praising him 😀

  16. Moscow Exile says:

    Moscow suspends US-Russia memorandum on flights safety in Syria
    April 07, 10:43 UTC+3
    The Russian Foreign Ministry calls for urgent UN Security Council meeting to discuss the aftermath of the US missile strike on a Syrian base

    MOSCOW, April 7. /TASS/. In the wake of the US strike on a Syrian air base, Russia has suspended the memorandum signed earlier with the United States on preventing incidents and ensuring flight safety during operations in Syria, the Russian Foreign Ministry reported on Friday.

    “The Russian side is suspending the memorandum signed with the US on preventing incidents and ensuring flight safety during operations in Syria”, the ministry said.

    “We are urging the UN Security Council to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the current situation”, the ministry said.

    The ministry claims the strike was prepared in advance. Washington made the decision on a missile strike against Syria prior to developments in Idlib province, the statement said.

    The Russian Foreign Ministry is calling for an urgent UN Security Council meeting to discuss the aftermath of the US missile strike on a Syrian base.

    The US strike on Syria is an attempt to divert attention from the situation in Mosul, the statement said.

    [Edited – ME]

  17. Moscow Exile says:

    Interesting point: how will all those liberal, freedom loving US citizens who loath both Putin and Trump explain this action of Putin’s puppet president, who only won the presidential election because of illegal Russian interference in the US elections, which alleged interference has been declared by some US fucktards as “an act of war”?

  18. Moscow Exile says:

    The running dogs yap with delight:

    and sniff around the US arsein the hope that something tasty will emerge.

    Meanwhile, the leader of the pack congratulates its obedient servant:

  19. James lake says:

    The Daily Mail the Guardian have articles are smearing Russia saying they were invaded lived in the “chemical attack”

    Trump had just shown he is a liar and a dangerous war monger

    They launched these strikes so quickly – this was obviously preplanned and what Trump was doing all along with Israel, Turkey, and the gulf monarchies

    They will be going for Iran next and North Korea then Russia.
    Those troops are on the border tothreaten Russia.

    I am not sure what the answer is for Russia
    I am not one of these people that think they war makes you strong.
    China have been put in a position of confining this as President Xi is on a state visit.

    This was all planned

    • James lake says:

      Sorry I meant to write

      “Involved with the chemical attack”

    • karl1haushofer says:

      Of course it was planned. Ever since I read about that “sarin attack” I suspected they would strike Syria.

      “I am not sure what the answer is for Russia”

      Russia has one “trump card” (pun intended) against the US. It can strike US bases in the Middle East from its own territory. If it ever goes to that I mean. Since Russia cannot win a conventional war against the US and its allies in the Middle East, the last option for Russia should be to withdraw its military from Syria (to spare the life of its soldiers) and then launch cruise missile attacks against US military bases around the Middle East.

      If the US wanted to retaliate it would have to strike Russian territory (since Russian troops are not in Syria anymore). Russia would have to let them know that if Russian territory is attacked, then American territory will face the same fate.

      This is the only way Russia can really fight America.

      • karl1haushofer says:

        In fact take out the NATO bases in the Baltics at the same time. And then threaten a nuclear attack against USA if Russia is attacked.

  20. Pavlo Svolochenko says:

    Austrian pigs sobbing over their losses due to EU sanctions.

    I can only assume the troll army is real, because the Putin-verstehern seem to have the field – that doesn’t reflect even the Austrian middle class (based on my own personal experience), and the hillbillies out in Steiermark and Kaernten are still expecting good news out of Stalingrad any day now.

  21. kickingtoes says:

    This may be of interest re WADA’s scientific methods and their ability to function as an NGO for the sporting world on doping

    • marknesop says:

      “When a social order remains unchecked, social disorder usually results – social entropy being the outcome from inwardly focused organizations [sic]. Through the failure of both WADA and the scientific community to perform adequate scientific work in a field that should be based in science, a gradual decrease in social value of WADA and an increase in its social threat have resulted.”

      Brilliant!! You have long been a warrior for this cause, and it must be sweet indeed to be so thoroughly vindicated, as are we all. Tremendous job!!!

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