As the Quicksand Closes Over WADA’s Head…a Lifeline is Thrown From the Unlikeliest Quarter

Uncle Volodya says,

Uncle Volodya says, “Sports is like a war without the killing.”

On so many evenings in Moscow, when the working day is done and it’s Miller Time, and Vladimir Putin goes home to his disgustingly decadent Italianate palace, he must run up to his bedroom, throw himself upon his giant four-poster (caparisoned in black silk embroidered with the double-headed imperial eagle, £376.00 from Bespoke Bedlinens of London), and laugh until tears come to his eyes at the modern comedy which is human nature.

Oh, I was just kidding about the palace and the fancy bed; I made up the latter, and the former is a perennial fable from circus-clown fatboy and ‘Kremlin insider’ Stas Belkovsky. I personally doubt Mr. Putin needs the trappings of opulence to any significant degree – he rides a high every day of running the world’s biggest country, and diddling the west until it weeps angry tears of frustration.

Consider the classic example of the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) recent fall from grace. It went from thumping its chest and promising the McLaren Report would go through Russia like shit through buckwheat, harvesting government ministers as it went, to making excuses for the debacle whereby it had to admit there was not enough evidence contained in the report for individual prosecutions.

What a bitter pill that must have been to swallow. Note, please, the new appearance of terms like ‘alleged’ and ‘implicated’. Because it wasn’t always that way, was it? No, indeed; it wasn’t. Let’s recall WADA Director Sir Craig Reedie’s gloating tone in the agency’s statement which accompanied the release of the McLaren Report:

The Moscow laboratory operated, for the protection of doped Russian athletes, within a State-dictated failsafe system, described in the Report as the Disappearing Positive Methodology…The Sochi laboratory operated a unique sample swapping methodology to enable doped Russian athletes to compete at the Games…The Ministry of Sport directed, controlled and oversaw the manipulation of athletes’ analytical results and sample swapping, with the active participation and assistance of the Federal Security Service (FSB); the Center of Sports Preparation of National Teams of Russia (CSP); and, both Moscow and Sochi laboratories…Shamefully, the McLaren Report corroborates the allegations

In fact, the McLaren Report does no such thing. It does make a lot of allegations, but it – embarrassingly – relied almost exclusively on ‘disclosures’ from nutball-for-hire Grigory Rodchenkov. Rodchenkov previously spent time in a mental institution, although that was quite possibly a dodge employed to avoid prosecution for involvement in a doping ring, and an investigation which netted his sister Marina.

McLaren claimed to have seen a demonstration of how the tamper-proof sample bottles could be opened, cleaned, refilled and resealed without breaking the cap or leaving any obvious sign of tampering. If he did, it was not to the very best of my knowledge ever repeated for experts in the field. FSB involvement was never substantiated by evidence, and Berlinger (manufacturer of the sample bottles) stood by their product in a statement issued following the release of the McLaren Report. It provided, in part;

In neither its own tests nor any tests conducted by the independent institute in Switzerland has any sealed Berlinger Special AG urine sample bottle proved possible to open.

The people who made the bottles and know them best say their experts and an independent testing entity could not get the sealed bottles open without either breaking the cap – which is designed to happen, verifying the bottle has been opened either by the testing agency, legitimately, or for potentially nefarious tampering with the contents – or showing obvious signs of damage. McLaren has not demonstrated his mystery method which he says convinced him it could be – and was – done, and I’m betting he never will. As so often occurs in sanctimonious western sermonizing on the subject of Russia and its myriad evils, it’s “I just know. Never mind how; just trust me”.

Never mind Richard McLaren being so full of shit he squeaks on the high side of a tight turn. Never mind Richard ‘Dick’ Pound simultaneously holding the chairmanship of the Independent Investigation Commission and a board position at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), to which Russian athletes had to appeal their prohibition from participation in the Rio Olympics. Predictably, none were successful, and I leave it to your imagination what the western reaction would be in similar circumstances, in which a Russian independent investigation team found western sports figures guilty of widespread doping covered up by their governments (an entirely believable scenario, by the way; Sir Bradley Wiggins, Commander of the British Empire, was permitted to ‘retire’ with his knighthood intact although he received a ‘pre-emptive’ intramuscular injection of a powerful steroid on the eve of a major race, ‘just in case’, when he was not even showing any symptoms of the asthma he said plagued him throughout his career although he did not mention it anywhere in his autobiography, My Time), and recommended blanket sanctions against western athletes while the same Russian sports administrator sat on the investigations commission and the court of appeals. You already know all this.

No, what I want to talk about today is the astounding lifeline, thrown to a floundering WADA, by…Vladimir Putin.

According to WADA, Mr. Putin “urged his country to heed the demands of the McLaren Report”. It’s not surprising they would pitch it that way, since Sir Craig Reedie only a week or so ago dangled the possibility of rapid reinstatement for RUSADA – provided there was broad acceptance in Russia of the findings of the McLaren Report. For obvious reasons, WADA wants Russia to admit to systemic cheating in a way that it cannot easily recant, and for equally obvious reasons it is not going to do that.

WADA is resolutely focused on supporting the Russian Anti-Doping Agency in its efforts to return to compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code, but it is first important that there is acceptance of the findings of the McLaren Report in Russia.

Sidebar, please, for just a tick: do you really believe for a second that if a western agency had conclusive, ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ proof of Russian state-sponsored drug cheating, taking into account the number of medals won by Russian athletes in a competitive environment that only becomes more politically-charged every Olympics, that it would abandon the chance to show its evidence to the world in favour of offering a water-under-the-bridge redemption? Really???

Having bungled the investigation, exaggerated the potential for damage, punished the mostly innocent and lied about the evidence contained in the report, what Gods smiled on WADA that caused Vladimir Putin to cave in to their demands just in time to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?

Well, he didn’t exactly do that. What he did say, rather than that Russia should accept the demands of the McLaren Report, was that the Russian sports world “should listen to WADA”.  Predictably, you have to go to RT for what he actually said, rather than what WADA would like you to think he said. If you do that, you will note right away that he specifically repudiates the conclusions of the McLaren Report, and while he stipulates that the Russian anti-doping system failed in that it did not catch dopers before they went on to compete internationally – and sometimes win medals – which is no more than the truth, there is nothing astounding or revelatory about that. Every major country has had such cases. Similarly, he specifically reiterates that there was no state-sponsored support for doping, the exposure of which was the entire mandate of the McLaren Report.

The main thing is that despite the shortcomings in the work of [Mclaren’s] independent commission, we should pay attention to what it did, to the results of its work. We must listen to WADA’s demands. Because we have to admit that we have proven cases of doping useThis is absolutely unacceptable and it means that the Russian anti-doping system failed, and it’s our fault – we should spell it out and admit itIn Russia, there has never been and, I hope, will never be a state doping support system; on the contrary, there will only be anti-doping actionI’m counting on the Investigative Committee to see the probe [into the doping cases] through to the end, and to expose everyone guilty.

To expose everyone guilty. Well, that’s a laudable objective, surely? Did the western proceedings surrounding the McLaren Report – to call it ‘flawed’ is like saying “Citizen Kane” might have had a message to it – expose everyone guilty? It certainly did not. What it did in its place was use trumped up potential evidence which never materialized to substantiate imposing collective punishment – anathema in a progressive democracy – on those who had in the great majority of cases done nothing wrong at all.

I’m getting kind of worked up about this all over again, and I don’t want to sidetrack you with it, because none of that is the point, either, although its all important background.

Consider. WADA, the agency that could not say enough bad things, could imagine no insult vile enough to accurately describe Vladimir Putin and his loser nation only a couple of months ago, when it was still confident that momentum would translate to victory…now regards him as wise and credible. Recognition of Russia’s doping problem ‘at the highest political levels’ is now an encouraging sign of serious leadership, from a government that only months ago was a recalcitrant part of the problem, bursting at the seams with liars who were only interested in covering up for cheaters and protecting their doper athletes. Remarkable. And Mr. Putin admitted to nothing in exchange for this collective outpouring of recognition. Russia has doper athletes. Obviously – and regrettably – that is true, although it should be noted that in the case of ‘whistleblower’ Yulya Stepanova, Russia’s approach was to bar her from competition for two years, while WADA’s approach was to pull whatever strings it could to get her to compete at Rio under the Olympic flag.

Wada president Sir Craig Reedie said investigators had “exposed, beyond a reasonable doubt, a state-run doping program in Russia that seriously undermines the principles of clean sport embodied within the World Anti-Doping Code”.

There was also concern expressed for Yuliya Stepanova, the Russian runner whose evidence helped expose her nation’s doping scandal, but will now not be allowed to compete in Rio under a neutral flag.

Wada has been very vocal in supporting Yuliya’s desire to compete as an independent athlete,” added Niggli.

Never interfere with the enemy while he is in the process of making a mistake. A whole series of them, in fact. Game, set and match.

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1,360 Responses to As the Quicksand Closes Over WADA’s Head…a Lifeline is Thrown From the Unlikeliest Quarter

  1. Moscow Exile says:

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has ordered that the unfinished missile cruiser “Ukraine” be sold. This became known yesterday from a statement of the acting Governor of the Nikolaev area, Vyacheslav Bonia.

    At a rally of workers of the Nikolaev Shipbuilding plant, 61 Communards, Bon said: “You have the cruiser “Ukraine” …. If you remove weapons and sell what remains, there will be enough to compensate for your wages…

    The missile cruiser “Ukraine” was built in the last years of the Soviet regime, between 1984 and 1990. The development of the ship (which originally was called “Komsomolets”, and 1985-1993 – “Admiral Lobov”) was conducted at the Leningrad Northern design Bureau, the actual construction at the Nikolaev shipyard. The cruiser belongs to the project 1164 Atlant class of ships, which occupies an intermediate position between the heavy nuclear-powered cruisers type “Kirov” and destroyers of the type “Modern”…

    In 1993 the cruiser was 75% complete and … and transferred to the Ukraine navy. The following year, the Ukrainian authorities decided to stop the construction because of lack of funding. In 1998 Leonid Kuchma decided to have it completed and it was reported that it had been (5% completed. However, after 10 years the construction was not completed. In 2010, Viktor Yanukovych announced an agreement with Moscow on the completion of the cruiser with Russian help…

    After independence, the newly appointed Governor of Nikolaev, Nikolay Romanchuk, declared tha the cruiser was unfinished and it was necessary to sell it immediately…

    Glory to the Ukraine!

    See: «Такая «Украина» нам совершенно не нужна»

    We definitely need no such “Ukraine”

  2. Northern Star says:
    Well.. stooges. is there any truth whatsoever to the allegations of Medvedyev corruption????

    Hmmm..the woman being carted away by the cops…she’s kinda hot..!!!

    • Lyttenburgh says:

      “Well.. stooges. is there any truth whatsoever to the allegations of Medvedyev corruption????”

      Go and conduct your own investigation. Because there is no substantial proof in Navalny’s video.

      “Hmmm..the woman being carted away by the cops…she’s kinda hot..!!!”

      Tsk, NS! Ready to betray the Dark One’s Regime for a pair of pretty kreaklian legs!

  3. Special_sauce says:

    On reddit this morn: Pretty protestor manhandled by brutal Russian police.

    • James lake says:

      One of the policeman is smiling 😉
      They are not taking this seriously

      She looks like a real poseur getting arrested in style

    • Northern Star says:

      Yeah..but my girl is way hotter than your girl!!!


    • kirill says:

      Brutal? She is still wearing her shades and her scarf is still wrapped around her neck and there is blood flowing down her face.

    • Lyttenburgh says:

      “On reddit this morn: Pretty protestor manhandled by brutal Russian police.”

      How homophobic of them! Surely, they must also think about Diversity and Inclusiveness! What about tates of the penisoid gays? What about zoophiles? How they dare to apply their skin-deep fake standards of the beauty, objectifying a woman?!

      Shoking, simply shoking! “There are no liits to human low morals” (c)

      • Lyttenburgh says:

        Here, I dare the Western Free and Progressive Independent Media ™ to post the following photos with the caption: “Pretty protestor manhandled by brutal Russian police

        Bonus points because the protesters are “body positive” ™.

      • kirill says:

        BTW, resisting arrest is a crime in NATzO. But the NATzO fake stream media pretends that it is a crime to manhandle clowns who resist arrest in Russia. What should Russian police do, let them alone because they “don’t want to be arrested”? Get fucking real.

    • Moscow Exile says:

      Teacher, show us the way!

      Suffer little children to come unto me…
      I am the way, the truth and the life ….

  4. Northern Star says:

    Wonder how tuff these red white and blue painted guys would be up against men with baseball bats, AKs and 12 gauge pump actions…I dunno…. but I think they would be a lot less rowdy….

  5. Northern Star says:

    More good deeds by the armed forces of the exceptional people:

    “[Buffalo Bill ‘s]
    Buffalo Bill ’s
    who used to
    ride a watersmooth-silver
    and break onetwothreefourfive pigeonsjustlikethat

    he was a handsome man
    and what i want to know is
    how do you like your blue-eyed boy
    Mister Death”

    How do these cocksuckers sleep at night…….

    • kirill says:

      They have zero issues, they are psychopaths. They will probably live longer than most of us normal types who get emotional when seeing these events. Since they are not generating stress-inducing cortisol in response.

      Obummer killed 84:16 civilians to militants with his drone attacks. And there were thousands killed. And Putin is a thug because whackjob tin foil hat conspiracy theories about offing of Litvinenko and other “critics” assert him as the perp, while not touching tens of thousands more inside Russia.

  6. Northern Star says:


    Bring it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Russia creates ‘unstoppable’ hypersonic Zircon missile with Navy destroying 4,600mph speed

  7. Northern Star says:

    “Do not say that, do not invite others to leave, because if the European Union collapses, you will have a new war in the western Balkans,” Juncker told Vice President Mike Pence when he visited Brussels earlier this year. “If we leave them alone — Bosnia Herzegovina, Republika Srpska, Macedonia, Albania, all those countries — we will have war again.”

    Why and how -pray tell- could this moron arrive at the above conclusions????

  8. kirill says:

    Millions marched against Putin, eh? They must be counting all the bacteria riding the less than 20,000 nationwide hamsters protesting.

    It says a lot about the media consumer that such BS overstatement and understatement can be made even showing photographs and videos of these events. People with developed IQs should have some sense of the difference in size of crowds. They are looking at discrete, small finite numbers of elements in these images and not at a continuum infinity of points.

  9. Warren says:

    Canada man’s surname too offensive for licence plate

    A Canadian man’s last name was deemed too offensive for a licence plate.

    Lorne Grabher says he has had a vanity plate with his last name for decades.

    But late last year, the Nova Scotia Register of Motor Vehicles refused to renew his plate.

    A spokesperson for Nova Scotia’s Transport Department told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that without context, the plate could be misinterpreted as a symbol of “violence against women”.

    Perfect license plate for the American Commander-in-Chief!

    • kirill says:

      Retards who will be incited by misinterpreting this license plate, will be triggered by a huge number of other signals. Maybe we should shut down all civil life just in case some nut job gets triggered. In fact, violence against women does not require such triggers:

      1) Domestic violence: does anyone think that such license plate signals play a role?

      2) Rape: one would think that the rapist gets triggered by the physical presence of a woman and not by some license plate. The license plate is not like some demonic voice in his head.

    • yalensis says:

      I read of a similar case where a social worker ordered a vanity plate reading “THERAPIST”, but police misread it as “THE RAPIST”.

  10. Warren says:

  11. Warren says:

    • kirill says:

      A discussion about law enforcement? What a joke. These NATzO fucks hope that Putin will be too timid like Yanukovich. I say to Putin, if they try to pull a Maidan with armed militants send in the army to exterminate every last one of them. And bomb their training camps in the Baltic statelets. Any civilians that die will be 100% justified collateral damage. They have no business of being voluntary human shields for armed thugs.

      If Yanukovich had exterminated the 10,000 Maidan thugs instead of coddling them, then tens of thousands of civilians could have lived to see another day. (But in the case of Ukraine I doubt that any response on the Maidan would have been enough, the coup was deep rooted).

  12. Warren says:

    • Moscow Exile says:

      The Tverskoi district court of Moscow has fined Navalny on 20 thousand rubles for the violation of rules regarding the holding mass events.

      Navalny said he did not consider himself guilty of violating the law on rallies.

      Well he would say that, wouldn’t he?

      • Lyttenburgh says:

        “The Tverskoi district court of Moscow has fined Navalny on 20 thousand rubles for the violation of rules regarding the holding mass events. “

        Plus 15 days of the administrative arrest for resisting the police.

  13. et Al says:

    Independent: Qatar to invest £5bn in UK infrastructure over the next three to five years – despite Brexit

    Qatar has already invested £40bn in the UK

    Ah, now we know why UKgov turns a blind eye to state sponsored terrorism! Sell off everything to whomever, complain anonymously about the Chinese, let the Gulfies get their jollies and cover them when their shit get public.

  14. Moscow Exile says:

    Part of speech to the International Security Conference, made on 27 March, 2017, by Her Majesty’s Chief Big Girl’s Blouse, Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon:

    Now pay attention there, you chaps at the back …!

    And when it comes to Russia…we’re clear-eyed about a pattern of behaviour that is becoming more assertive and persistent.

    We want Russia to change tack, abide by the Minsk agreements, to curb the reckless military activity, and to ditch the misinformation.

    If it does, then there is the potential for a better relationship…In the meantime, we should ‘engage but beware’ as the PM has said.

    But talking and engagement is not enough.

    Sir Michael, may I whisper a word or two in your shell-like ear?

  15. yalensis says:

    For Culture Vultures only:
    My 2-part review on the Metropolitan Opera production of Mozart’s “Idomeneo”.

    Well, even if you’re not a culture vulture, it’s a ripping good story, I promise!

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