The Credibility Gap That Ought To Be

Uncle Volodya says, “The habit of disguising ideology as expertise has created a deficit of legitimacy.”

Leap aboard the Lyttenburgh Omnibus; what follows is a looonnngg guest post by Lyttenburgh, one which is going to be like the blind men who are trying to describe an elephant. “An elephant is like a rope”, says the one who is holding the trunk. “An elephant is more like a tree” says the one standing at the foreleg. “An elephant is warm and squishy”, says the one standing….well, never mind that for now. I suspect it is going to be about different things for different readers, but I believe I can promise it will make you think. We are all aware that English is Lyttenburgh’s second language, and he has a unique – though accomplished – delivery which I have not edited (much) so as to preserve its colourful flavour. Without further ado, light it up, Lyttenburgh!

On the current problems of Shamanism of the Global North.

“Let’s decide already,”  the PhD began seriously,  “what we’re talking about.

Okay. The second question: how do you personally feel about the problem of shamanism in certain areas of the North?

The PhDs laughed. Gleb Kapustin also smiled. And patiently waited for the PhDs to finish laughing.

“No, you can, of course, pretend that there is no such problem. I’m happy to laugh with you, too… ” Gleb smiled generously again. Especially he smiled at the PhDs wife, also a PhD, a PhDess, so to speak.  “But from that, the problem as such will not cease to exist. Right?”

” Are you serious about all of this?”  asked Valya.

“With your permission, ”  Gleb Kapustin rose and bowed slightly to the PhDess. She blushed.  “The question, of course, is not a global one, but, from our point of view, it would be interesting to know.”

“But which question? ” exclaimed the PhD.

“Your attitude to the problem of shamanism. ” Valya again involuntarily laughed. But she quickly stopped and said to Gleb, “Excuse me, please.”

“It’s nothing”, said Gleb. ” I understand that maybe I did not ask a question within your specialty…”

“There is no such problem!”  the PhD again rushed with a categorical answer. That was his mistake. He should’ve known better. Now Gleb laughed. And said:

“Well, that solves it!”

The local folks looked at the PhD.

“Good riddance”,  Gleb said. “There is no problem, but these …” Gleb showed something intricate with his hands,  “they dance, they beat their tambourines… Yes?” But if you wish… ” Gleb repeated ” If-You-Wish they do not exist. Right?”

Vasiliy Shukshin

Paging through old blogposts of the fallen Russia-watcher, I’ve been always thinking about Russia and the fates (c). “How come?” and “Why?” are the questions I most often ask myself – facepalming all the way.

For my more than 6 years of Russia-Watching (as, if you will, an “insider” from Russia’s side) I saw a… process… so to speak… of this field both changing and staying the same. i.e. I saw a general trend of it getting worse and worse. No, seriously – the book of Ecclesiastes makes more fun reading, and leaves a much more positive lasting impression afterwards, than any attempt to delve deep into the Wonderland, which is the collective world of those who, correctly or not, are considered to be gurus of Russia Watching.

If you’d like a (probably completely inaccurate, but very colorful) comparison, then the modern and much lauded Global Village of the highly opinionated people is a village indeed. They have at their fingertips the highest amount of data ever accessible to humanity and who either don’t access it at all, or access it without thinking, replacing with this raw, undiluted knowledge without the understanding.

But don’t worry – the globalized world of all-knowing know-nothings is not really a Village! It’s a Cave. Populated by the primitive cavemen. Yup.

Primitive early humans had their own primitive, early worldview. One of the many things they did believe in was the Magic. Before going out and try to hunt a savage beast that could easily defeat and devour one of them, they took all possible precautions. Besides arming themselves with spears they will surely go and visit their local Guru, Shaman, a Wise Person, reputedly all-knowing about the unsafe world beyond and above. Here in Guru’s personal Cave (who, despite not engaging oneself in the daily chores of the Tribe, was always well-fed and taken care of no matter what) they underwent the Ritual, which was, they were assured, to make them successful in their hunt and helping them slay the Beast. After working themselves up into rage, the hunters will then participate in the piece de resistance of the ritual – they will come to one particular wall in the Shaman’s cave where the dreaded Beast is pictured and start hurling their spears at it, imaging that this flat surface with some pigment on it is something more, that it IS the Beast itself, and that they with their sticks do magic – that they are harming the Beast even without engaging it.

Our continuing existence today demonstrates that the Hunters of yore were, mostly, successful in their beast-slaying food-procuring expeditions. The same cannot be said about modern Us. It’s because of the progress, and the urgent need for one. Primitive Hunters were not content to stay Primitive – they had all the incentives to see their “Spears”, to be something more than Pointy Sticks, they fought the Beast, survived the encounters, gained invaluable experience and passed it on to other hunters. Moreover, they took a logical jump from “engaging your enemy from afar” on the example of spear-throwing sessions during the Ur-example of the future “5 Minutes of Hate” at the cave painting of the Beast, and they DID invent something to make it a reality. Because more often than not Shaman’s magic sucked. Still, the sly wily bugger got his share of the kill and was taken care of.

Nowadays, wherever you cast your gaze you find instead our modern-age Cavemen engaged in fighting their Beast of choice in its harmless, painting-on-the-wall incarnation, and calling that process a real fight – while abstaining from the real, physical, up close thing completely. This arrangement is to the mutual enjoyment of both the highly opinionated Hunters/Warriors for such and such cause, who simply MUST have their very valuable opinion (and we are told that ALL opinions are valuable, even the wrong ones, and that trying to suppress the factually incorrect opinions is a despicable Censorship punishable with the Civilian Death) while avoiding making any effort over themselves and to the modern day. And Wise People/Gurus can still live in comfort while basically doing nothing, compared to their less wily and sly Cavemen.


There shall not be found among you any one that makes his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that uses divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.”

– Deuteronomy 18:10-11


Magic(k) operates on one basic principle – it works with the Symbol (image, representation, effigy, etc.) of the Target with the aim to influence it – like throwing Pointy Sticks at the painted Beast. Or the Symbol of an Action is enacted, to bring forward said action in reality – like beating in the drums, calling forth the rain. i.e., if the event “A” is followed by the event “B”, then in order to cause the event “B” you must symbolically recreate the event “A”.

These truly venerable principles are alive and well to this day. Symbolic dumping of “Russian” (actually – Latvian) vodka by the proponents of the Universal and LGBTIQ+ rights serves the ritual denunciation of the “widely condemned” ™ Russian law about “gay propaganda”. Changing your social media userpic to #JeSuis[something currently trending] serves to show solidarity and (magic(k)al) reversion of the aftermath of this or that tragedy. Ritualistic demolition of yet another statue to Lenin in now Free and Independent Ukraine ™ serves as the Symbolical (i.e. – magic(k)al!) act of severing all ties with the past, while summoning the Bright European Future. Also, the now toppled bronze Ilyich could always be sold to the scrapyard dealers .

It might all look funny, clumsy or even sickly adorable – on the outside. Unfortunately, the laws of the magic(k) are implacable and are not the stuff of the jokes. In the end, the most powerful medium and symbol to conduct it is the Blood. Seeing that beating the drums failed to summon the rain, Shamans and Gurus of the world (and blindingly trusting them ordinary population) won’t take the cue that, you know folks – magic doesn’t work, so you better start working hard if you want to survive. No – they will resort to the plan “B”, where “B” stands for “Blood”. They always do. When all the whining and highly publicized coverage by the Free and Independent Media of this or that “peaceful protest” fail to result in the desired magic(k)al effect – a Sacred Victim is bound to be sacrificed. If your country 3 years after the glorious Peremoga of the Revolution of Dignity looks worse than under the Zlochinna Tyranny – you find the scapegoats, lots of them, and sic the crowd (and the TerrBats of the NatzGuard) on them. And when you lose elections to a Deplorable – use your magic(k) to start a Witch Hunt.

Nowhere is this Shamanistic, magical approach more apparent than in the sphere of Russia-Watching, Russian analysis and, the so-called “Putinology” (a personified “Kremlinology” v. 2.0.). The sad thing is – people, so-called professionals, “respected scholars” with a lengthy shop-list of awards and recognitions, published in all handshakable mainstream Free and Independent Western Media ™ – virtually all of them SUCK. And when they suck – it blows. Nevertheless, the wide desperate and ignorant cavemen masses of the so-called “thinking” people keep coming to them, not hindered by the fact that the faces of their Holy Gurus are always smeared by crap they eat regularly.

One of such lauded, respectable and nearly worshipped by both the ignorant masses and the political class of the Western establishment (which is also none the wiser about Russia than the people they rule over) is Mark Galeotti,  owner and proprietor of the “In Moscow’s Shadows” blog full of self-aggrandizement and Russophobia du jour.

Actually, it doesn’t matter who in particular we gonna discuss as the example of the present day horrifically degraded level of the Russia-Watching professional (read: paid) or not. They’re all more or less the same. Modern Gurus fulfill several important functions to their easily panic-stricken passive-aggressive and tad bit butthurt flock. First of all, there is a task of Explaining the World. It’s done in the typical Shamanistic way, i.e. with as little scientific support as possible, while committing an absolute maximum of false cause and effect equivalences. Why the rain pours and the lightning flashes in the sky? Why, because the Sky Spirits are unhappy with us! Is it true that Putin is trying to re-create Russian Empire/USSR? Why, of course – otherwise why would he order the return of the old Soviet anthem and embrace the pre-Revolutionary paraphernalia? This type of “analysis”.

This magical worldview operates on providing the Masses with 2 essential thing. First – the Poison. People are told that the world is ultimately Unknowable by them (emphasis here – on “them”). This serves, primarily, as a venue to scare these poor “them” (because, what’s bigger than the fear of Unknown?), while, simultaneously putting them at a resigned ease of a wounded animal, who found itself sucked into the swamp. People in the West don’t really know a thing beyond the obvious stereotypes about Russia – now you ensure that it stays the same, by claiming that any knowledge they access pertaining to the real picture of Russia and which is not vetted and approved by the Shamans is a false one. Thus, not only the minds of the people are poisoned – entire wellsprings of knowledge are poisoned as well, along with the desire to independently go forth and get the world around you known.

Pre-existing fears are worked with, i.e. they are pandered to and exaggerated. Everyone now in the West knows about “Russian Aggression in the Baltics” ™. It doesn’t matter that any given American can hardly point out where Estonia is, or who knows a thing or two about Lithuanian medieval history, but your average member of the Flock knows like a Gospel (now fallen out of use, ‘cause, you have to actually read it) that The Russians shall not have Constantinople Vlad Putin must be stopped from invading Europe. The best way to conduct that is to be super aggressive towards Russia. Pathetic dangerous weaklings “understand only the language of  force” (c) and “the negotiation from the position of strength” (c) are the must. The West is bound to Win! After all, “We’ve fought the Bear before”!

See? Our Shamans prove themselves the Medicine Men! After delivering poison, they are right here peddling their Cure, while ensuring that they will remain the monopolists on the market and that no one will denounce their snake-oil wonder drug as a fraud. In this, they are no different from drug pushers indeed – they get the people “hooked” on their expensive poison, and then use the same poison to “cure” them from their developed craving addiction… for a time.

They are a class of  parasites (both in the biological and the Ancient Roman sense). And they are here to stay and feed.

________________________________________________________________I.47. If a man or a woman practice sorcery, and they be caught with it in their hands, they shall prosecute them, they shall convict them. The practicer of magic they shall put to death.

– Assyrian Law, c. 1075 BC.


Magic(k) is awe-inspiring to the people ignorant of its inner workings. When your computer suffers some trouble, glitch or problem – as they often do – you, for the most part, go to techno-shamans of the Technical Service, who, by means arcane and profane (the last thing is obligatory) try to cajole the Machine Spirit to perform the task properly. Awed by their shiny instruments, mysterious slang and ease with which they make the impossible (for us, mere mortals) become a reality, an adoration replaces all other thoughts in the brain. So we are willing to follow their advice, to do as they say in fear of, accidentally, incurring the displeasure of the Machine Spirit again, and don’t try to do anything ourselves.

At the same time we are willing to pay any price they charge, to acquire any bell and whistle they claim would be working as a magic(k) talisman and ward for our temperamental Machine Spirit, and, most of all, we are left beholden to them. After all – you’ve just witnessed a work of magic(k), something impossible (for you) made possible (by them). How can you question this authority?

The tragic fact of human life is that we can’t know everything. None of us has the time, or inclination, or the capacity to become an all rounded specialist in all possible fields. So we will have to delegate our trust to often complete strangers, who are specialists in their respected field and that other people will trust us in return, when they will be in need of our skills and knowledge. Ideally, such a system is easy to maintain. If you do deliver a net positive, satisfactory or even above the average result as a specialist there is a good chance that the people around you will keep regarding you as the worthy depository of their trust. If you repeatedly fail to do that due to any combination of factors, the trust in you will disappear sooner than the unlucky caveman hunter’s body parts into a bestial maw.

But we don’t live in the ideal world – and yet strive to perfect the world currently existing, as to make it more resembling said ideal. Rightfully not trusting human nature, we have Rules and Regulations since time immemorial. Amazingly straightforward Assyrian laws punished the architect of a collapsed house with death, and the doctor, whose patient dies due to his actions, should also have his life taken. Thus it’s been ensured that even if the people themselves would be incapable of punishing the one whom they trusted, there will be some external force (e.g. the state) that will do so.

None of these seems to work with the post-modern magic(k) of the Gurus and the Shamans of the Global North. They suffer no consequences for misplaced trust, for either making mistakes or lying outright repeatedly to the very people, who held them, previously, to be the Voices of God(s). They always have an appropriate explanation! What, your horoscope predicted a good fortune and success in all endeavors in the coming week but the opposite happened? Why, the Venus was in Mercury, d’uh! Russia failed to act in accordance with your prediction? Oh, you know – those Russians! Sounds lame? Because it is. It is lame. But no one is calling their bluff – the Flock lacks both the knowledge and the will to exercise this knowledge in order to get their Gurus in line. And, besides – the Shamans are on your side, buddy! Arguing against them is like, siding with the Beast – the dark, always hungry ravenous Beast that’s simultaneously everywhere in the surrounding Darkness beyond the cozy Cave – and nowhere to be found.

By means foul and fair the so-called Russia-Watching experts acquired their own “street-cred” years ago – and now they just live off it, like the rentiers. Maybe there was genuinely a time when they were spry and active, and did try to make an effort over themselves while writing articles, conducting the research or pontificating on this or that issue. Say, when the field of Russian studies and Russia watching became a barren desert following the collapse of the USSR in 1991, only to become a hunting ground for a few crazies with outdated or just simply too wrong to sustain beliefs, they established their respectability just by stating things less crazy and more grounded in reality. When everyone and their dog were barking, that “Russia is dying out fast” (c) or “The territorial collapse of Russia will happen any moment now” (c), they cited hard data showing the amazingly persistent (and still alive and kicking among the Flock) myth about the “Dying Bear” to be a matter of fiction. As for the “Crussionality” of Russia, they had to be more circumspect – after all, denying it outright would be akin to saying that the Beast will always threaten the Flock. So, if these Shamans had the “Hawk” as their Totem, they just postponed the “inevitable” (while not contradicting it), while their colleagues following the “Dove” spirit claimed that the Beast, while still sub-human animal with no positive qualities at all, is too old and frail now and of no danger to the Flock.

With their credentials established, trust gained and then steady flow of income assured, the Gurus became lazy and opinionated. They no longer conducted the actual research or used their brainpower for the lowly matter of real analysis. No, they found out that they can still maintain their life-style, all perks and benefits plus the love and adulation of the not so Enlightened Masses, simply by conducting the most primitive of the rituals. Instead of Research and Facts, they now peddled as the Real Thing their own Opinion. Their opinion was so wrapped in thunder and bluster of the ritualistic magic(k), that the Flock (already not the ones to question their trusted objects of worship) was incapable of distinguishing something that might not be true with the truth itself.


“…You, who talk of superstitions, have you realized that this house is a house of spells? Don’t you know it is chock full of charms and magic rites, only they are all done backwards, as the witches said the Lord’s Prayer? Can you imagine how a witch would feel if two words of the prayer came right by accident? Crundle saw that this clown from the country was reversing all the spells of his own black art. If salt was once thrown over the shoulder, all the great work might yet be undone…”

– Gilbert K. Chesterton, The House of the Peacock


To showcase how the supposedly “professional” (read: paid) analysis of Russia, its past, present and future, have become a shallow exercise of empty formulas and chants of no substance, I’ve chosen the recent activity of the Big Name in the World of Russia Watching – Mark Galeotti. My hope is that my attempt will show all those who are willing to see, that this one Guru (and many, many like him) is not only “naked” like a pretentious king from Andersen’s fairy tale, but also covered in some icky and non-hygienic substance of repugnant manner.

With the power granted to me by Time itself, I will dissect and analyze some of the “analytical pieces” and predictions made by the esteemed (by some) Mr. Galeotti in the November 2015 – March 2016 period, plus some earlier predictions made about 2016 in general, and compare it with the reality at hand – nearly a year after these “prophecies” were made.

Mr. Galeotti is not a shy one. He rushes head-first into the ugly business of making predictions about Russia’s future, knowing full well he won’t suffer the consequences. This “Three Russias” fantasy by Galeotti reads like a “program statement” of what he wants to be true and in accordance to which he conducts his further analytical activity – ignoring the facts and changing circumstances when needed. The following theses were made by Galeotti, the all-knowing Guru of How Russia works:

A) Russia is facing increased dissatisfaction of the general population with the “Regime”, as it is exemplified with the “increased” labor “unrest” (gee, if he calls the heavy trucks dalnoboishiki drivers protest an “unrest”, then how’d we call a riot in Ferguson and all the fracas past Trump’s election?).

B) The three causes of the “failing standards of life” of Russians are the fall of the oil prices, the international sanctions and “official corruption”. We are not told how, why and to what degree.

C) On Duma Elections of 2016: “[I]t will crucial to the government to ensure a high turnout and strong support for its chosen candidates”. Why? We are not told why. We are kinda bludgeoned to assume that low (as in – European and American low) turnout in elections would be something bad for the “Regime”. We are also told that while not an outright revolt (as some Westerners did hope back in early 2016!), the combination of “active anger from the working class (increasingly Putin’s main support base)” and the krealkian bitching over (naturally!) “blatant rigging of the elections” could “prove a serious embarrassment… – and a major challenge” for Putin. He also predicted that “the more vocal and effective Kremlin critics [will be] systematically excluded, vilified and pressurised”.

D) Finally – the main part. The pulsating core of Galeotti’s Credo, on which he bases all his analysis – an attempt of strawmanning and an illusion of choice. It’s a staple of Russia watching. A must-have. In reality, it’s nothing more or better than a juvenile faux “prison folklore” attempt to troll your equally juvenile (and, therefore, not so bright) interlocutor, with the “riddle”, when your interlocutor is faced with the moral dilemma of choosing sitting arrangements for oneself and one’s mother, while having to do with two chairs of  unusual construction. In Galeotti’s edition these “two chairs” are rebranded as “Three Russias” (no proof provided to, well, prove his point that they exist in the first place, besides the usual bleating of chants and spells) and Putin is forced by Mighty Marko to deal with the dilemma – or else! And no matter what Puny Putin (compared to Mighty Marko) chooses – he will lose, and his Regime will face the inevitable, right-around-the-corner-but-not-quite-immediate collapse.

E) Mr. Galeotti calls his exercise in soothsaying “a potentially upbeat one” (c). That, I remind you, was done by the people and for the people who considered the election of HRC an inevitability.

That’s the core of his predictions for Russia in 2016. Well, how did he fare in this regard? Abysmal. No – pathetic. Yeah, that’s the word – pathetic.

Galeotti insisted that the upcoming (for him, now safely passed for us) Duma elections of 2016 in Russia will be seen as “a referendum on the regime” (c). Whyyyyy? We are not told. Again. Nevertheless, United Russia won the elections, steamrolling through all opposition like an unstoppable Juggernaut. Butthurt (as always) free and independent media-sources had to admit that EdRo won fair and square – i.e. without unnecessary ballot-stuffing, carousel voting and other vote-rigging shenanigans. Galeotti also began with a strawman in his prediction, claiming that only the UR and “its affiliated pseudo-parties” will control the Duma in the aftermath of the elections, while all brave, talented and potentially successful Real Opposition Parties would be brutally shafted by the Regime.

If we are to believe Mr. Galeotti’s narrative, then according to dear Marko, “the liberal leader” Mikhail Kasyanov’s ParNaS, Grigoriy Yavlinskiy’s “Yabloko” and once again re-animated pathetic rotten liberal undead of a party “Party of  Growth” (all very handshakable so-called liberal, democratic parties), plus 30+ “independent candidates” funded and supported by Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s “Open Russia”, were Kremlin Stooges (™). Because the Regime not only allowed them to run in the 2016 elections, it also (unbelievable!) allowed them to have a free time on the national (read: Kremlin controlled TV) where they amazed the commoners with their agitation and propaganda, and also engaged each other in the political debates – uncensored and unhindered. Horror, horror!

And with all these incentives, the long-suffering Russian people still voted for the “Party of the Crooks and Thieves” (™), plus for the Systemic Opposition. Even Yabloko finally fell below 3% of the vote, a direct result of their anti-Crimean rhetoric – not some dark Kremlinite magic. Galeottis of this world not only exploit other people’s ignorance for their own profit – they are themselves often clueless and ignorant when it comes to Russian realities, of which they are supposed to be “experts”. All and any accusations of something untoward done by the “Party of  Power”, or of some suppression of the votes for the “True Opposition”, i.e. these typical conspiracy theories that “the vote results doesn’t really reflect the opinion of Russian people” (remember how earlier I mentioned Shaman’s desire to poison the well of knowledge?) comes crashing down if you compare the results of regional elections with the federal. The correlation is obvious to anyone – both the total percentage of votes given to United Russia, let alone in the number of the single-mandate districts won by the EdRo candidates, not to mention the general pattern of the voter’s turnout for the last 2 years.

Elections happened and… nothing happened. One might expect this from some old, boring, “civilized” European country, but, apparently, not from Russia. Because, indeed, there was a faction expecting blood-curdling news coming from  Northern Mordor – a faction supported, to a degree, by a team of professional soothsayers like Galeotti. For them, Russian “Regime” must time and again “prove” its legitimacy to… someone. Once again – they don’t regard Russia as a normal country. No one really spends so much ink and energy writing how, say, Danish government must once again prove their “legitimacy”. Why? Apparently, Danish legitimacy could be sourced by the Heavenly Mandate coming from the twin capitals of the Western World – Washington, D.C., and the Brussels. Works kinda like the Pope’s blessing for the monarch… only with less theology. Oh, and on the inside these old, boring, predictable European countries have their own Regimes legitimacy ensured by the Competent Minority, i.e. by the Creative Class and Big Capital.

Russia, understandably, does not fit into this Procrustean frame – it frankly never did, what with Russia being an Orthodox country and the so-called European Christendom starting out as Roman Catholic. The way Galeotti wrote everything he wrote demonstrates not only his ignorance. While soaking every line on every page of his diatribes with an enormous dose of disdain, typical for a person, who won’t work for a living with his hands even if his own Shamanistic life would depend on it, he stumbled upon the fact that the working class Russians (i.e. the absolute Majority of Russians) DID support Putin. This, paradoxically, makes him less legitimate from the Western point of view – as Galeotti will surely tell you.

So the Gurus had to lie. They had to present the “the growing rash of local labour and social protests” (without providing evidence, naturally), as the proof that Putin’s personal popularity is made up, and that the “unrest”, or better yet (for the West), the proverbial Russian Revolt (Senseless and Merciless (™)) is around the corner, as the facts – not as their deluded opinions.

Galeotti, in his “upbeat” prophecy about Russia in 2016, talked about “labour unrest”, “suicide rates” and “support for local civic initiatives” seen by everyone with the eyes to see as the sure signs of the Regime’s unraveling and the quiet, huddled masses of Russians reacting to that. Did it come to pass?

A little bit of history about the “labour question”, and then we will tune back to the “Downtrodden Russian masses”, and how they reacted to the policy of the Regime. First, the data about the strikes in the Russian Federation’s modern history:

By Heaven Above – what do I see here!? The peak of the strikes happened during the Blessed Democratic 90s?! Why – the West, probably, doubted the legitimacy of Boris Yeltsin’s (Truly) Bloody Regime and predicted with glee its downfall any day now! And the second peak coincides with the still very controversial and the one and only, to boot, genuinely widely unpopular reforms of Putin – the so-called “monetization” of the benefits for the retirees and receivers of the social payments. Were there also talks about the Regime’s imminent collapse then?

The answer to both of these questions is a resolute “No”! Boris the Drunk was the Friend of the West. And even post-Khodorkovsky Putin was still fairly handshakable person, whose soul-possessing trait had been confirmed by the today’s newest darling of the Free and Independent Press (and back then – by Buffoon in Chief) George W. Bush.

Right, but what about the 2008-2012 period? After all, the World Financial Crises surely had done its share of damage to the Regime in Russia! What about the pinnacle of the working class protest, the “strikes” in this period?

According to not “neutered by the Kremlin” yet Lenta Ru, 2012 saw the absolute 5-year maximum of worker strikes in Russia. The progression since the beginning of the World Financial Crisis was the following:

2008 – 93

2009 – 272

2010 – 205

2011 – 262

These were the alarming days, full of (for the time being) vague allusions, like the fact that according to one think-tank’s research, the index of social anxiety has reached the early 90s level. These, I remind you, were the times of the fashionable Bolotnaya Fronde, and when a not so insignificant number of the so-called professionals fell into the trap of wishful thinking, passed as their own analyses.

And so – what can be said about Neo-Putin labour protest?

Huh. How odd! One can imagine that the egg-headed Gurus (with no knowledge of Russia, labour relations or economics) just chanced upon a trend that was, well, trending right before their eyes and then just simply extrapolated it into the future because, obviously, what else is our life if not one giant exponent? Just ask the Sci-Fi authors from the 1950s about the all-conquering atom. Or their counterparts slightly down the historical road who couldn’t ever imagine that humanity by 2010s will not only abandon all attempts to break through to other planets, but instead trust blindly the commercial spacecraft design to a modern version of the carney-barker and all-round fraud Elon Musk. And while you are doing these inquiries, go and troll “futurists” of 1920-30s on whether the fabulously novel invention known as the “airplane” managed to replace the car as the go-to common mean of transportation for the masses.

In short, those who have eyes and can see are gonna notice that despite all doom and gloom, the deepest heart desires of Galeottis of this world failed to materialize. Moreover – Russia have withstood much more serious problems and “unrest” with not much ado.

Right, what’s next? Suicide rates? Anti-Kremlin feisty pro-liberast RBK reports that 2016 was the 50-year all time low in suicides in Russia (yes, that’s right – lowest in FIFTY years), and that the trend of them dropping yearly was not interrupted in 2014-2015 period by the “annexation of Crimea” or the sanctions. Galeottis must be inconsolable! How come Russians are not killing themselves in droves over the lack of jamon and having to withstand the “diplomatic isolation of Russia”!?

Galeotti singles out something ambiguous as the “support for local civic initiatives”, as if it must be something anti-governmental by default. He doesn’t supply us with criterion by which we can judge what he means by that. Did the Russians became suddenly enamored with the foreign NGOs, or the foreign agent local NGOs? Nope. Did they vote for the “true opposition” in the protest of the Regime? No. Are we more likely to embrace freaks and weirdos, who claim to be the “true voice of the Russian civil society”? No again. Is there any sympathy for the “artist” (sorry for the word artist) Pavlensky among the ordinary Russians and his “art performances”, i.e. the acts of criminal hooliganism? Na-ah. Are Russians becoming in their values more like Westerners? What a silly question.

On the other hand – you know what’s true? That by the end of 2016, 81% of Russians considered themselves happy. And that during “crisis” 2014-2016 the index of happiness of the Russians never fell below 80%. Want more Zradas for Russophobes? I’m always happy to oblige! Nearly 150 000 Russians have returned to their ancestral Homeland in 2016 alone, thanks to the state-sponsored program of repatriation – 30 000 of them from the EU countries. Hard year, hard year indeed! Well, so much for the downtrodden masses.


I know of a magic wand, but it is a wand that only one or two may rightly use, and only seldom. It is a fairy wand of great fear, stronger than those who use it – often frightful, often wicked to use. But whatever is touched with it is never again wholly common; whatever is touched with it takes a magic from outside the world.

“What is your wand?” cried the King, impatiently.

“There it is,” said Wayne; and pointed to the floor, where his sword lay flat and shining.

“The sword!” cried the King; and sprang up straight on the daïs.

“Yes, yes,” cried Wayne, hoarsely. “The things touched by that are not vulgar; the things touched by that-“

King Auberon made a gesture of horror.

– Gilbert K. Chesterton, The Napoleon of Nottinghill.


Another quite predictable augury by Galeotti was made regarding the ultimate “futile” attempts of Russian “intervention” in Syria, with this ageing Guru demonstrating what an agile contortionist he is, turning himself into a human-pretzel, trying to unite his desire to jump on “Russia’s Syrian Quagmire” (™) bandwagon (he uses the term “mire”) and to dodge the blame for a factually incorrect and sometimes simply lying narrative of this prophesy.

The genre of “Russia in Syria” predictions is yet another one of those, when the supposedly mature and thinking analysts fall to the level of the above-mentioned prison themed “riddles”, with which they try to “contain” Russia in reality. Mark Galeotti surely does it a lot in his other “program work” of  “Russian Intervention in Syria can only Slow Down Assad’s Defeat” (25 November 2015).

As he points out elsewhere, Mighty Marko truly believes that Putin is surrounded by lying sycophants and, therefore, has no idea about the reality around him. These lackeys are either too afraid of the “Tsar” or have ulterior motives for distorting the information. Naturally, we are told to simply accept this dogma with no proof presented – and then carry on with the wild-wild ride which is the thought-train of one certain professional (read: paid) Russia Watcher, who, subsequently, bases constantly all of his conclusions on something he didn’t even bother to prove.

Magic of spells, chants and words is amazing thing – and as helpful as Dale Carnegie’s self-help books which, nonetheless, are sold by the millions. So it’s no wonder, that Galeotti resorts to it, repeating ad nauseum all the usual clichés and tropes about post-2014 Russia, that it is “diplomatically isolated”, that it’s “bogged down in the Ukraine”, that “attempts to persuade the West to lift its sanctions regime have failed” (no arguing here that Russia ever tried to do that in the first place!) and that Russia spreads chaos around the world for… evulz. Couple the fact that this meme (“Chaos as the only Russian export”) with, apparently, the sincere dogmatic belief of Galeotti that Putin is not a rational actor, and you have a recipe to create an ideal villain for the Western propaganda to crush repeatedly from the safe confines of their Cave.

Galeotti gives voice to his belief when saying the following:

“[T]hey’d like to get out of that particular mire, it’s costing them money and political capital, so given that the West isn’t willing to cooperate, they intervened in Syria and more or less said: “Look, we are willing to play nice in Syria as long as you basically allow us to rectify ourselves from the Donbas,” which is really what they’re after.”

Ah, Mr. Galeotti, Mr. Galeotti, sir! When you say “and [the Russians] more or less said” do you have, more or less, proof or is this yet another of your opinions pulled out of your all-knowing  aphedron? Hey, did you see what I just used here? I ran with the idea (unproved!) that Mr. Galeotti, literally, pulls insubstantial ideas out of his rectal orifice, and then capitalized on that claim even more by going an extra mile, with the claim that Mr. Galeotti’s end of the feed tract possesses the absolute knowledge! And you know what? This is exactly what Professor Galeotti does ALL THE TIME in his so-called analysis. Galeottis of the Russia-Watching world simply dictate us the terms of the narrative. You dare to disagree with them? Bash-bash you on your stupid head, you… stupid caveman!

Pfft – who cares about other damned facts?! Not Galeotti, that’s for sure. Otherwise, he’d know that Russian Ministry of Defenselily-livered market liberal zealot and ex-Finance Minister Kudrin, sickeningly handshakable kvetching hole of RBK and openly Russophobic rag Financial Times were of one opinion – the military operation costs Russia mere peanuts, figuratively speaking, probably in the area of 10% of the overall military budget. And it became apparent to none other than the guys in the Pentagon just one month after Galeotti made his prediction, and 3 (three) months since the inception of the campaign. The same article stresses that:

Russia’s intervention also appears to have strengthened its hand at the negotiating table. In recent weeks, Washington has engaged more closely with Russia in seeking a settlement to the war and backed off a demand for the immediate departure of Assad as part of any political transition.”

There you go, Mr. Galeottis’ claim about “wasting” political capital – in the trash can where it belongs. And that was, I remind you, just late 2015. Further down the road to the future (our present) all think-tankers will keep wailing and gnashing their teeth, that Russia “cheated” and “unfairly” inserted itself in ranks of decision makers and lords of fate for the entire Greater Middle East. Where was the promised “tradeoff” of Assad for Donbas – or vice versa? I remember how such speculations were all the rage for anyone who is someone in the tight knit of professional (read: paid) Russia watchers.

No, we are told – “Ignore that! Don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain”. Didn’t Marko – The Magnificent Prestidigitator! – explain to the dumb-stuck audience in no-uncertain terms that:

Assad’s losing, the ground offensive they launched has bogged down, they’ve had a few minor gains but nothing else. All this current intervention can do is slow down the rate at which Assad losses, that’s the best they can really offer.”


Perversely, although everyone thought that Russia went to Syria to save Assad, what they are actually doing is going there so that Assad can be negotiated out rather than just losing power or facing a coup or whatever.”

And when asked about Putin’s prospects in 2016 vis-à-vis the West:

He basically burned his bridges in terms of friendship [with the West]: No one is going to be a friend of Russia in the West under the current regime”.

It was, I remind you, late November 2015, when all interviews with the Big Names of Russia-Watching were the same. I wonder – does Professor Galeotti feel himself, now, in the Year of Our Lord 2017, a tad bit… stupid? Humbled? Proved wrong? Or does the money he receives regularly for his chutzpah-filled auspices indeed, act as the best healing balm for a so-called expert proved time after time wrong and full of it?

Because come late February of 2016 and Mark Galeotti was singing a different kind of tune. Suddenly, a heretic notion has wormed its way into the esteemed Guru’s cranium – and writings. His Faithful would suddenly have to deal with the uncomfortable to even read and comprehend notion that “many of the rebel groups, some of which are little more than bandits and warlords’ retinues” are, maybe, not so brave, courageous and democratic after all. And saying out loud, in the early 2016, that “the rebels are a ragtag collection of units, leaders and movements, with often wildly different aims and approaches” – gah, what made the Professor so courageous after all?! Did the Kremlin pay him to write that?

What about yet another Downfall of the Regime (™) , propagated by the West – the one of Bashar al-Assad? Nothing… and Galeotti’s moaning could be practically heard while reading this comment:

The Assad regime, which had been on the defensive and even facing potential fragmentation, has been stabilized and revived. Moscow’s claim to a say in Syria’s future cannot now meaningfully be challenged.”

But-but-but! What about Russia’s diplomatic isolation then?! What about “wasted political capital”?

In the process, Western attempts to isolate Russia have been all but abandoned — most vividly shown in January, when US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland sat down with Russian Presidential Representative Vladislav Surkov to talk about the future of eastern Ukraine.”

Obviously upset (and extremely… astral-fisted) Marko the Magnificent had to admit:

“[T]he Russians defied Western expectations and their own track record. The furious “optempo” (operational tempo) was maintained, with sometimes a hundred sorties a day being launched. Planes were generally kept flying; there were not the disastrous mechanical failures one could have predicted.”

By withdrawing, Putin avoids getting sucked into an open-ended commitment, reassures the Russian public that this is no rerun of the 10-year Soviet war in Afghanistan, presents himself as a peacemaker, and reduces the risks to his forces in Syria….”

Suddenly, our brave and outspoken Mr. Galeotti becomes more and more morbidly subdued and quiet on that. What a miraculous transformation indeed – no doubt, a result of this particular Guru’s constant exercises aimed to open all of his chakras and clean his Third Eye’s connection with the Supreme Realm of Gods and Spirits! And, btw – from this very moment onward his articles will go downhill – less blister and jingoism and more whining and pleading. Improvement in quality? Naaaah.


Modern civilization has bred a race with brains like those of rabbits and we who are the heirs of the witchdoctor and the voodoo. We artists who have been so long the despised are about to take over control”.

– Ezra Pound


But there were other – many-many of them! – screw ups in the analytical and saying of sooths field by Mark Galeotti – less global but screwy none the less. Here are some of them, “worthy” of mention.

1) Galeotti infamously claimed on the pages of such “august” magazine as  “Foreign Policy” that Putin “has even physically withdrawn…”, that “in today’s Russia, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu appears not to have been part of the final discussions on whether to seize Crimea” and, most of all, that Sergei Lavrov – of all people! – is sidelined by the increasingly insular and paranoid Putin. Obligatory unsupported claims of “a distinct neo-Soviet flavor that doesn’t even play well on domestic TV” from Galeotti are… obligatory.

This moment is probably as good as any to inform the general public that Professor Mark Galeotti has neither Diplomatic, nor military, no, Heaven forbid, actual political (as being in charge of anything) background. He, as I’ve been saying since the beginning of this essay, is a Guru – a person lacking needed experience in the vast majority of the spheres and who, nonetheless, gets his valuable and purely dilettante’s opinion taken seriously by everyone.

This is also a good moment to draw your attention to the fact that Galeotti claims to have access to many numerous “insiders” all across Russia… and that no one questions his bullshit claim. Like the one source of his, allegedly “close to the Foreign ministry”, which claimed that: “…what Assad was given is you are going to be going. We’re going to help you make sure that it’s as congenial a process for you and your family as possible, but frankly start getting your head around that, you are going to be going.”

We are talking about 100% reliable Mark Galeotti, trusting however imaginary obscure source way back in late 2015 – early 2016. Well… look at the world we live in now! Either our esteemed Russia Watcher was owned, or he made up the source to begin with.

2) An obligatory exercise in Putinology, when Mark Galeotti explains (without any proof, of course!) to the hoi polloi what Vladimir Putin wants; really, really wants:

In many ways Putin’s view of Russia these days is that he wants it out of the global order… Now he’s come back, in part because his views have changed, in part because he feels the West betrayed him and in part, I think, because he is increasingly looking at his historical legacy. In some ways his catchword these days is sovereignty, but when he says sovereignty it’s a slightly different sovereignty than we might understand it. His notion of sovereignty, to be blunt, is that Russia stands alone and that Russia should not be dictated to by any outside force or power—so not the United States, not the European Union, but also not necessarily international law, not necessarily international institutions. It’s frankly a very 19th century notion that we are strong enough to ensure that no one can tell us what to do. And it’s a sovereignty that is clearly linked to your capacity to defend it.”

Perceptive readers, who’ve read all linked articles provided by me here, might notice that in virtually all of them Professor Galeotti basically just repeats the same old and tried clichés one article/interview after another. He said the same thing in the previously mentioned article, when he talked about the horrible gall and nerve of Russia’s which, therefore:

“…deserves to have a voice, to be listened to, he feels Russia deserves to be able basically to veto the impact of international norms and organizations inside its own borders. His sense of Russian sovereignty is that the Kremlin should be able to control everything that happens within Russia’s frontiers and have influence over what happens beyond it.”

For Mark Galeotti, these are Bad Things! In this regard, he reminds of the slavishly faithful to their barin “house serfs” (rus. “дворня”), wistful and hateful when they see another ordinary peasant serf buying himself and his family out of the bondage and becoming a free man. Envy and horror drives them nuts, because serfdom became in their minds a norm and a preferable alternative to the repugnantly dangerous freedom.

3) Most hilariously (and unfortunately) of note, was Galeotti’s prediction that KPRF will turn into a serious challenge come the September elections in 2016. He wasn’t alone – a couple of other pundits on the West (most notably – Fred Weir from the Christian Science Monitor) raised their hopes high in regards of the KPRF future prospects, while, deep inside, they surely were trembling at the thought that their own Russophobia and the personal dislike of Putin made them to root for the gosh-damned-commies! Galeotti in one of his previous articles called the KPRF electorate lumpens (wow… how… thoughtful, humanistic and… handshakable!).

Galeotti is, of course, lying in his piece while perpetuating the fable that Bolotnaya protests were “the largest anti-government rallies since Soviet times”. Saying otherwise would draw attention of goldfish-attention-span Westerners to such “ancient events” as the iconic (back then in 1998) miners’ strike on Gorbaty Bridge in Moscow, or, indeed, to the hundreds-of-thousands-strong protests against the monetization of benefits in 2004-2005. No, the West desires to feel the Sympathetic Magic – to see kreakls and so-called members of the “middle class” protesting – not the filthy proletariat! They, for the west, don’t count.

Another extremely naïve belief held by Galeotti (and by a few western so-called “honest” journalists who bothered to report on KPRF in the 2016 electoral year) was that there appeared “a new generation of Communist Party members, disgruntled 20- and 30-somethings, for whom it offers the only structure able to articulate any kind of opposition politics. They are generally not Soviet-style communists, actually being closer to European social democrats”. Needless to say – not true. Believe me – the Russian LEFT is nothing akin to the SJW-ridden Western Leftists hell of Trots and Identity politics fanatics, though the West did have short period of wishful thinking and Galeotti serves here as an apt example of such misconceptions.


Of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh

– Ecclesiastes 12:12


In the late Perestroika period there was a gigantic paradigm shift, as the people saw old truths and their entire world around them crumble. Non incidentally, it was a time when the great “Healers” and “ESPers” like A. Chumak and A. Kashpirovsky became idols of millions all across the USSR and then Russia. People believed them more than they believed the political leaders and their promises of the miracle. Instead, the people chose to put their trust into words (and intricate hand waves) of peculiarly dodgy characters, who claimed to be “instructed in Arcane arts” by the voices in their heads and who propagated the ideas of “non-traditional medicine”.

They were superstars. They were media legends. They were unquestionable authorities for a people who suddenly rushed with reckless abandon into the dark area of thought of “Nothing is True – Everything is Possible”.

The most memetic achievement of Kashpirovsky and such was the fact that they were allowed on the central Soviet TV (obligatory – state controlled) in prime time for the retranslation of their “séances”. The power of mighty “wizards” was such, that they could “charge” various liquids, salves and objects with their “positive energy”. And they were SO mighty, that could do this even through the TV screen! A picture of 3 liter glass jars, usually used to can tomatoes or cucumbers for winter, now filled with water instead and now standing in line before the TV screen, while the entire family was watching with half-beating hearts the act of magic – these were the pictures of that era.

“Blessed Democratic 90s” (well, “Blessed” according to a certain rather tiny group of people) saw a sucking hell-hole of irrationality and massive all-believing psychosis taking a bold step forward to a full blown Abyssal Pit. It was a time of various totalitarian sects and cults running free and unhindered (Russia’s Western partners call it “freedom of consciousness and religion”), when people were willing to surrender their will, personality – and personal wealth – to various mystic Gurus. It was a time of financial pyramids and fraudsters, of banks going bust on a regular basis and of people willing to surrender their trust, their future – and their remaining personal savings – to various financial Gurus. It was a time when Kashpirovsky volunteered to help resolve the hostage crisis in the aftermath of the terrorist attack on Budyonovsk in 1995 – by using his mighty hypnotic powers to put Shamil Basayev and his goons to sleep. Kashpirovsky fainted at the sight of the hostages, bloodied and frightened, kept in an animal-like state in small tents, 20-30 in each.

It was the time when the Russians were told to “vote with their heart” and surrender their trust, their future – and a mere remaining handful of money somehow preserved to that moment – to the Great Democrat Boris Yeltsin.

…Magic. Hell, yeah… Do you think that you are immune to it?

Magic is a prosthesis of thought for a monkey-like creature which “thinks” itself human, but which, in fact, has not yet learned how to think (or, in our case, it has already forgotten how). Magic is this terrible Law of Simulacrum, unequivocally demanding to eat worthy fellow cavemen to become like them. Magic is the Law of Symbols, when for self-assertion it is important not what you are, but what you have.

Magic is the Law of the Herd, of flocks and generic thinking, when you are not separate, when you are self-identified in the world only insofar as you identify yourself with some gang (group, clan – or a “safespace” in the web). After all, what is “magic(k)”? Magic(k) by definition is the manipulation of information (words, symbols, signs) in order to manipulate reality.

That’s what they do – Gurus. The proverbial Legion of them. They lead the process (and in some areas – the Progress) so back in time to the magical, to the tribal form of existence, as was necessary for them to eke for themselves a lofty parasitic niche, which would allow them carefree irresponsible lifestyle for centuries to come.

And while I don’t hold high hopes for humanity to come back on the road of rational thought and march away from these self imposed intellectual Dark Ages any time soon, there is one nasty thought that makes me smile nevertheless. Even early civilizations, even Dark Ages primitives despised magic – and fought against it and its practitioners. Having for a change one particular parasite stripped of his patchwork “sacral” cloak, magic wand or stuff, of his poultices and potions and just thrown out of his cozy picture-covered cave into the world and told to pull his weight like everyone else – that would be nice. Because the patience of the Tribe is not boundless. And one day, one mistake and false incantation too many, the Guru, the Shaman will find on its own skin a plethora of problems typical for our Global North.


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1,914 Responses to The Credibility Gap That Ought To Be

    • Cortes says:

      The saving grace is that she has the face she deserves.

      • moscowexile says:

        She graduated from L’vov university in 1987 in philology.

        She is a linguist and “politician”.

        At university, she was a member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

        It is said that she was at that time the only student at the university who was a member of the CPSU.

        Слава лицемерам!



        Слава лицемірам!

        She who must be obeyed in Lithuania has a similar pedigree: studied in the USSR, member of CPSU etc.

        Dalia in her glory days


        Grybauskaite, Dalia Polikarpo,
        born 1956, Lithuanian,
        Higher Education,
        Party member since 1979

        Before her work in the Higher Party School, comrade Grybauskaite, D.P. studied at the evening department of Leningrad State University and was employed as a worker at Leningrad Fur Factory №1. She was part of the editorial of the factory newspaper, organized factory lectures and was in the people’s control. She was elected president of the student academic council at LSU. In 1983, she graduated from the LSU Economics Faculty with a degree with a distinction in political economy.

        In 1983 she was accepted into the VHPS [Vilnius Higher Party School — Вильнюская высшая партийная школа (ВВПШ) — ME] as the chief of the Department of Agricultural Economics and in 1984 transferred to the post of teacher at the Department of Political Economy.

        During her work at the Department, Grybauskaite, D.P. developed and mastered a course of lectures on the political economy of capitalism and a course on the political and economic map of the world. She led practical lessons on the political economy of socialism. During that time, she passed candidate [sort of like a master’s exams in UK but higher — ME] with “excellent” and “good” ratings and published a set of works (articles and a thesis) and wrote the first draft of her candidate thesis[in order to get a rough equivalent to a Ph.D, only it is a higher qualification than a UK/USA Ph.D, in my opinion — ME]. From 1985 she has been a non-staffed aspirant [means she was aspiring to become a “Candidate”, namely a (approx.) Ph.D. — ME] of the Academy of Social Sciences at Central Committee of the CPSU in Moscow, working on the approved topic of her thesis under the direction of Suslov, I.F.

        Comrade Grybauskaite successfully balances her scientific work with party and community activity. She was elected into the School’s professions committee, was a curator of a study group, a member of the School’s library council and a deputy trade-union organizer.

        Politically educated, she has her principles and has strict morals. She is very capable and determined and Is respected by her colleagues. She can be a bit hot-tempered when proving her point.

        She has received the official gratitude of the School’s rector for her diligence and active participation in social matters.

        As a young teacher, comrade Grybauskaite needs to raise her competence and gain scientific and practical knowledge in the field of party leadership of national economy.

        This evaluation has been given for the Academy of Social Sciences at Central Committee of the CPSU.

        The evaluation has been approved by party commission protocol №16 from March 19 1987.

        Rector of Vilnius HPS S. Šimkus

        Secretary of the Party Commission R Milto

        President of the Professional Commission V Lukoševičius

        March 30 1987

        See: RED DALIA: The hidden pages of Dalia Grybauskaite’s biography
        Red Dalia greets fat friend in Kiev, the Ukraine

        Porky’s father, who was then comrade Valtsman, was also a party member and politician.

        Comrade Valtsman got sent down in the UkSSR (for 6 years, if I remember rightly) for being a thieving bastard.

    • Matt says:

      Pretty bizarre.

      • Special_sauce says:

        So there WERE nazis at the Maidan, but they were Russians who hate western liberal values(tm)? got it.

        • yalensis says:

          I read that piece and thought it was actually pretty informative. I have little doubt that the author is a kreakl and his motives of the variety, “Russians exagerrate Maidan Nazis, and oh yeah, there are Russian Nazis too.” This is a standard trope of the anti-Russia information war: That Russia contains Nazi groups, the Kremlin sometimes looks the other way when the Nazis do their horrible things, like to gays and so on, and therefore Russia has no right to criticize the Ukrainians. This propaganda meme employes the Russian “sam durak” gambit, known in English as “So’s your mom.”

          Whether or not this propaganda trope has any value depends if one believes the Kremlin has not gone after domestic fascists very hard. I’m not convinced of that — I think the current Kremlin is actually kind of a pussycat who doesn’t go after most political opposition — but nonetheless that is the author’s main propaganda slant, I believe.

          But regardless of his slant or motivation, the piece does make a valuable point about a phenomenon I have been blogging about as well, namely, the Nationalist Internationale, and the various factions of Russian nationalists/fascists. It is important to get to know these guys, like Prosvirnin, Karlin, the pro-Ukrainian Nazis, and the others…

          So, basically, all of these European nationalist movements are openly fascist.
          As the author points out, the Ukrainian Maidan caused a schism in the Russian nationalist movement, with some factions (like Girkin) supporting Donbass rebels, and others (like the hero of the linked piece) supporting the Ukrainian government.
          It’s important to really study and analyze all these fascist movements, otherwise it will be hard to fight against them, know thine enemy, etc. We can’t ignore them.

          • moscowexile says:

            What happened to those Pamyat’ freaks, though?

            In the ’90s, I regularly used to see them standing outside metro station exits handing out leaflets. They wore a black uniform remarkably similar to that of the Italian fascist “Blackshirts” :

            Don’t be stupid, be a smarty!
            Come and join the Pamyat’ Party!

            • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

              Dmitry Vasilev (dead at the moment) and Alexander Barkashov had a quarrel, Barkashkov and his people walked and set up RNE,

              RNE disintegrated and split in the early 2000s, partly due to a focused campaign of legal and extra-legal harassment from federal and regional authorities, and partly because Alexander Barkashov was a hopeless drunk who couldn’t button his own fly without falling over.

              One likes to think that most of those involved back in the 90s have grown up and moved on.

  1. Matt says:

    Fake News Friday:

    Kek, read the comments there. Comedy gold. I never knew people could be so easily brainwashed. Useful idiots.

    There also seems to be some suspicious comment upvote activity there…

    This random comment was given 25 upvotes out of the blue:

    With many of the accounts having a similar naming scheme – “disqus_RaNDOMLettersandnUMBERShERE”. These accounts all have exactly one comment and link to some strange websites in their profiles.

    I think I’ve discovered a spam network being used by Russian trolls.

    • saskydisc says:

      Do not click on his links if you do not have an antivirus installed. I clicked on his link, and within a minute, my phone battery drained by half, and my phone became very hot. I also notice that since this user has come to this site, the website, it loads much more slowly—it may be worth examining his comments for dubious codes—for instance a href tags that include no text, or image links in comments that contain no apparent images. Just typing this, there is often a three word delay between typing and display, while this phone is usually prompt. If your phone starts heating up after visiting his website, close each tab, close chrome, go to settings, stop chrome in apps, switch the display off and on again, close chrome again (it will start again by its itself), stop chrome again, cycle the display again, and see if chrome has stopped. Once it has, the device should stop running down.

      Another comment. Who names a Russophile website “stalkerzone”? The name is pretty much a confession by NATO intelligence services, although boast cuts closer to regular usage.

      Also, with regards to likes given to users, by fake profiles with dubious (soft porn description involving “young women”—presumably a euphemism for pedo content), with a fake link to a “Russian” website, i.e. with a .ru top level domain. A google search and/or a nameserver lookup will frequently bring up a website with the same domain name, but with a Dutch TLD (.nl).

      Finally note that the randomly generated IDs to which “matt” refers, are a result of not filling in all fields of the disqus application for a user account, thus both people seeking relative anonymity for honest, and for dishonest reasons, will have such names.

      • Jen says:

        Thanks for the information – I already have an antivirus program on my laptop so I didn’t notice any problems with loading. There may be WordPress programs that could check comments for dubious metadata attached that Mark can use.

        • saskydisc says:

          It was a bit strange. I did do a quick check and did not find anything obvious in the html that I receive when it is done loading—not sure how capable commenting platforms are of rewriting themselves a la DISQUS. The soft-porn stuff I noticed myself on DISQUS, where I received about six such “likes,” and I have a number of followers whom I cannot see (I can vaguely remember their profiles), and hence cannot remove, but who do get counted. The soft porn “likers” would usually post in only one language—I had Dutch, French, English, and Russian language posters.


          Quote from profile: “myagenkie gracious young women seem to not give you miss then.”
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          English 1:

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          English 2:

          Quote from profile: “enter the majestic Roman love to meet a woman for sex you seem probability then. ”
          “.ru” website: newsvidiotube
          3 comments, 20 followers, following 1000
          NOTE: This user changed his website and quote since I last saw it.

          English 3:

          Quote from profile: “Meet passionately attractive sexy girl you can here.”
          NOTE: Profile picture is an anime depiction of an apparent preschool to fourth grade girl; tineye search reveals no obviously related images.
          “.ru” website: axfxn
          22 comments, 32 followers, following 999

          • saskydisc says:

            Note also matt’s dishonesty—the “likers” generally do not comment, and thus are not traditional trolls—their trolling is by giving “likes” and thereby associating the victims of their likes with their pedo and affiliated content, and they tend to target Russophiles.

            • Matt says:

              You are a… strange person.

              “Another comment. Who names a Russophile website “stalkerzone”? The name is pretty much a confession by NATO intelligence services, although boast cuts closer to regular usage.”

              Uh… are you implying that this spam network is operated by NATO? And that the website, run by a very well-known Russophile, who IIRC, did some translation work over at Fort-Russ, works for “NATO intelligence” all because of the name?

              The accounts you listed are exactly the ones I was talking about.

              But what I find bizarre is your insinuation that I’m responsible for you experiencing some slow downs on this website. How in God’s name is that my fault?

              “Note also matt’s dishonesty—the “likers” generally do not comment, and thus are not traditional trolls”

              I never called them trolls. I merely said the spam network was being run by trolls – i..e being used by trolls to upvote their own comments.

              But you seem to have accomplished the incredible task of blaming all this on “NATO intelligence” and blaming me for your experiencing some speed issues. To be expected, of course. Anything bad that could be blamed on Russophiles/Russian government/Russian media is a “false flag”.

              • saskydisc says:

                Not implying, but stating. Infiltration of solidarity movements go back at least to the central American solidarity movements of the 1980s, and your side cold-bloodedly murdered solidarity activists, e.g. in Honduras, so spare me. Whether the founder of the site him or herself was the infiltrator, or someone else got the founder against all sense to name the site that is immaterial.

                I never called them trolls. I merely said the spam network was being run by trolls – i..e being used by trolls to upvote their own comments.

                Your claim then is that the “spam network,” defined by its upvoting accounts, is not its alleged constituent users, “merely” used by its constituent members to upvote their own comments. A most interesting combination of rot and incoherence on your part, to distract from the fact that your side’s pedo linked accounts are upvoting comments that they oppose to associate the unwanted comments with pedo material.

                • Matt says:

                  You think “NATO intelligence” is behind this spam network and that I’m responsible for slow-downs of this website you experienced. I assume you have evidence to support these claims?

                  “Whether the founder of the site him or herself was the infiltrator, or someone else got the founder against all sense to name the site that is immaterial.”

                  Infiltrator? I think you have Schizophrenia. Have you done any research about that site at all? I’n no fan of the fake news site, but to accuse it of being a NATO asset because of its name is absurd. The name, I assume, comes from the following quote that is displayed in the “About” section:

                  “”The Zone is not a territory, it is such a test which a person can either survive or break. Whether man will remain standing depends on his self esteem and his ability to distinguish the important from the transient.”

                  And stop it with the childish accusations – i.e. ” your side cold-bloodedly murdered solidarity activist”, “your side’s pedo linked accounts are upvoting comments that they oppose to associate the unwanted comments with pedo material.”

                  This may be the strangest conversation I’ve had here yet.

              • saskydisc says:

                You have already confessed on this board to being part of the pro-US government coup-supporting movements against Maduro and Assad. You stand in the proud tradition of the supporters of the contras and death squads in Central and South America during the 50s-90s. So yes, it is your side. It is your side that is shelling residential areas in the Donbass, committing all matter of murder and mayhem in Venezuela, your side that attacks the Syrian Arab Army in support of Al Qaeda and ISIS, much as it was your side that murdered Oscar Romero, and much as it was your side that supported the contras, who would round up peasant families, and with the children present, castrate the father, cut the mother’s breasts off, then slit the father’s face and peel his facial skin off, and for variety would sometimes swap the parents’ and children’s roles. If holding your side to account for your side’s conduct is childishness, then your definition of childishness constitutes a maturity of which you have not shown capability.

                • Matt says:

                  Really, I confessed “to being part of the pro-US government coup-supporting movements against Maduro and Assad”?

                  Pointing out Maduro’s anti-democratic muzzling of the national legislature is not quite the same as wanting to have a coup against him.

                  As for the rest of your sentimental garbage, I have no time to respond to accusations tying me to groups I have never supported. That includes the bizarre use of the term “your side”, deliberately used to provoke me.

                  I am still waiting for evidence “NATO intelligence” is behind that spam network and that I am responsible for some lag you experienced on this website.

  2. Lyttenburgh says:

    Reminder to our fat, obese, Jabba-like new resident troll “MattDown”. About Soros.

    After his “Open Society” was “hacked” last year, the entire World finally received confirmations of everything we suspected, but couldn’t prove for sure about his modus operandi and goals.

    And, yes, Sorosites admitted the data leak is real and that everyone is butthurt by that.

    These things, I want to remind you, “MattDown” considers normal, handshakable and not anti-Russian:

    A motherload of docs about Soros activities in the Ukraine… published on Ukrainian news site!

    – Soros and his funds (“Vidrozhnediya”) had extensive ties with Maidan activists and radical nationalists from Svoboda. Even svidomite press admits it. Soros funds “”, which had been proved of peddling propaganda and lies in the form of “mythbusting.”

    – Soros paid at least $100 000 to “The Guardian” Editorail board (and dozens of thousands of $ to individual journos) for creating “positive image” of the post-Maidan Ukraine. 12 November 2015 Poroshenko awarded Soros with the “Medal of the Liberty”.

    – During his visit to the Ukraine in May 2014 Soros met with then PM Yatsenyuk, with then head of the Justice Dept Pavlo Petrenko, with then Minister of the Economy development Pavlo Sheremeta and with then Minister of the regional development (and the current PM) Groysman. Petro Poroshenko, then just candidate to the President, also visited him in the hotel.

    – Soros consulted the Ukraine how to increase the manpower in the ATO zone on the frontlines in violation of the Minsk II accords and get away with it.

    – Under Soros recommendations the government in Kiev reorganized “Naftagaz” and raised the utility bills for the populace (compared to 2013 they rose 3 times over).

    – $500 000 to be spent of “counter propaganda” against Russia. Soros funded “development of the journalism” in the Ukraine: 50 mln. gryvnias (2013), 103 mlns gryvnias (2014), 200 mln gryvnias (2015). His grant eaters include: “Hromadske TV” (“Icon” on the EuroMaidan), “Krym.Realii” (together with Radio Liberty), “Ostrov”, “Ukrainska Prava” (from which rose Mustafa Nayem). He also paid for the international promotion of such hysterically shitty Russophobik Ukr-rags like “Kyiv Post”, “Vox Ukraine”, pro Mejlis “ATR”, “Evropeyska Pravada”.

    – 21 page of the docs devoted to the EU parties and various organizations, funded by Soros, which pursue pro-US and pro-Soros agenda. Soooo… When Soros “interferes” in the electoral process this “good”, but when Russia allegedly (even Sorosites are not sure) does the same – this is somehow bad?

    – The leaked documents show how Soros’ international organizations attempted to manipulate Europe’s 2014 elections. The “List of European Elections 2014 Projects” details over 90 Soros efforts he had under way that year. E.g., Soros funded the creation of the parties “Siriza” in Greece and “Podemos” in Spain. Soros proposed paying the Center for American Politics $200,000 to conduct a smear campaign against conservative activists.

    In October 2015 Soros’ Open Society U.S. Programs had donated $650,000 to “invest in technical assistance and support for the groups at the core of the burgeoning #BlackLivesMatter movement.”

    • Lyttenburgh says:

      Soros plans concerning Russia:


      – Subverting existing legislative basis, which prevents Soros and his minions from exercising unduly power in Russia and staging riots.

      – Co-option of the potential fifth coulumnists to Soros agenda from among the kreakleriat and liberal urbanites. As the people worth of Soros “handshake” are noted those, who are critical to the traditional Russian values, to the ROC and organized religion.

      – Promotion and popularization of the LGBT, politicizing the movement aka the proverbial “gay propaganda”. “MattDown” supports the idea of destruction of the traditional values system in Russia. Hmmm… Maybe because he is a catamite?

      – Creating a network of the lawyers, who’d both defend Sorosite darlings and support the “civil society” in subverting the law as they want.

      Among the Soros partners in his agenda to influence Russia are named: the “Memorial center”, “AGORA”, “OAK Foundation” and many, many other.

      • kirill says:

        With so much evidence of brazen foreign based sedition in Russia, why is no action being taken against all of the Sorosites in Russia? Any “lawyer” who gets funded from abroad should be disbarred and never allowed to get a law degree in the first place. The whole concept of lawyers being sponsored from abroad like starving children is grotesque.

        The NATzO propagandists keep calling Magnitsky a lawyer. Did he have some sort of token degree in the field? It should not be so easy to become a lawyer.

        • marknesop says:

          Magnitsky never passed the bar and was never a lawyer of any description. He was an accountant from his graduation until his death and never functioned as anything else. The west loves to refer to him as a lawyer because lawyers are allowed an oath which prevents them from revealing anything exchanged in confidence with their clients (the murderess Karla Homolka’s lawyer, you will recall, parlayed the location of video tapes which would convict her and her psycho husband, Paul Bernardo, into a relatively soft billet for her at a women’s prison. Had he not been a lawyer the prosecution would not have negotiated, they would just have clapped him in jail if he didn’t hand over evidence), while accountants have no such privilege. Framing him as a lawyer allows the west to paint a picture of Magnitsky having evidence illegally extracted from him by torture.

    • Lyttenburgh says:

      Granpa Soros via Die Welt. His key claims:

      – The Ukrainian conflict is a proxy war of the EU vs Russia, so the support of the Regime in Kiev is paramount.

      – “Putin’s Russia” is “aggressor”, while the Ukraine “defends EU values” (hussars – silence!).

      – In its support of the Ukraine the EU must do “everything” in the way confronting Russia – including the military confrontation.

      – Soros hopes for Russia’s crush “like the USSR before that”.

      Soros to the Bloomberg:

      “So actually, you now have a race against time. There’s a — the impeding collapse of the Russian economy and the actually occurring collapse of the European Union. And it’s a question which — who collapses more and sooner.

      And unfortunately, the EU is winning that race.


      “ As I say, the situation is not good because Putin, since he’s in a race with the European Union, he wants the European Union to collapse and therefore he’s generating  —  he’s using the refugee crisis as  a way of disintegrating Europe.”

      Once again – how can a normal person (i.e. not a pervert mutant with a chromosomes too many to be considered a human being to begin with) claim that Soros and his aims towards Russia are “okay” or even “good”? Only конченный мудак.

      I can understand why a grant-eater would defend Soros, USAID, NED, State Dept. etc. But to do this for free? Only degenerates and trolls do that.

      As for you, “MattDown” – you were entertaining in the beginning. Now – too fat. Way too fat and unhinged. Well, as they say in Odessa – “kish miri in tuhes und heit gesund

      • marknesop says:

        Let’s stay away from fat accusations – which you can’t know, so it’s a gratuitous insult – and sexual preferences, neither of which – obviously – you need to win your argument. These are political dynamite, open confessions of political meddling at the state level. There’s no realistic method of peddling Soros as a benign engine of social change after this – he’s always been a self-interested disruptor of state power for his own ends and those he serves. If his meddling consistently brought empowerment and advancement for the working middle class (as his supporters claim), everybody would follow him and nobody would object (except the state mandarins losing their jobs), hence no need to conceal his involvement. People consistently fail to see the disconnect between a fabulously wealthy man using his money to lend a helping hand to poor folks. It always happens that way in storybooks, but how often does it happen for real? The wealthy enable and assist members of their own class.

        • Evgeny says:

          Culture difference warning. In Russian, and especially the internet slang, it’s commonplace to use the terms “толстый троллинг” as opposed to “тонкий троллинг”. The first means something which is obviously wrong; the second means a thinly disguised mock, a seemingly thoughful comment with an insult core.

          In English, the adjective “fat” doesn’t have the same meaning and would be interpreted as an allegation of having excess body weight.

          Hope that helps.

          • Lyttenburgh says:

            “Culture difference warning. In Russian, and especially the internet slang, it’s commonplace to use the terms “толстый троллинг” as opposed to “тонкий троллинг”. The first means something which is obviously wrong; the second means a thinly disguised mock, a seemingly thoughful comment with an insult core.”

            Thanks, Evgeny!

            Indeed, here I was refering to the quality of the trolls “food”, i.e. the prevalence of the “fat” (rus. “жыр(Ъ)”, pre-Revolutionay orphography is optional).

            As for me, well, I consider myself a connoiseur of the art and prefere my trolling (when I have to resort to it) to be so “thin” (an antonym to the term “fat”) so you can hardly call it “trolling” at all. More like… “elfing”! 🙂

          • marknesop says:

            Thanks; yes, it does. But we should bear in mind we are on a principally English-language blog, and I want to keep the fight as clean as possible. There’s no need to apply labels, let’s just disagree with the viewpoint and substantiate our own.

            I would have to say the second description fits Matt’s material to a ‘T’ – a seemingly thoughful comment with an insult core.

            • Evgeny says:

              “But we should bear in mind we are on a principally English-language blog, and I want to keep the fight as clean as possible.”

              Indeed, it only makes sense to convince an opponent that he is wrong about something. Even from the psychology point of view, IMO, a lot of what people say about politics is driven by an internal insecurity. Insulting the opponent would only make him feel less secure and have stronger opinions about politics to compensate for that feeling.

              Meanwhile, I think my original motivation to explore the English internet as a teenager was to improve the language skills. Mistakes in the use of a second language are inevitable, but also provide the best possible learning experience.

              • marknesop says:

                I agree. And your investment has obviously paid off – you speak like someone who thinks in English, which I am sure you do not, so kudos for your familiarity with it. Kovane’s ability was also excellent, as is Lyttenburgh’s – most of his errors result from sloppy typing rather than vocabulary shortfall, and attaining such ability in a second language is a rare accomplishment. Leonid Bershidsky’s ability is remarkable, and while we agree on little in the politics arena tribute for his intellect is appropriate. Ditto Vladimir Kara-Murza. I agree with pretty much nothing he says, but he has a remarkable command of his second language. Whatever his folks spent on his education was not wasted.

                ‘Matt’ is not here to discuss anything – he is here to implant his ideas, and wherever he is unsuccessful at doing that, to redirect and dissemble and discredit alternative narratives.

                • Evgeny says:

                  Mark, thanks! Haha, as an engineer, sometimes I think in abstract mathematical objects, and get the best insight when I’m not trying to express my thoughts in a natural language. My investment paid off in the sense that I can easily read technical articles, which I need for my work. I surely do think in English while I write, although I lack the ability to write as clearly and concisely as native speakers do.

                  Meanwhile, some Russians who emigrated to Western countries in young age cannot be distinguished from native speakers. Consider, for example, Gary Shteyngart. I don’t agree with his political views, but “Little Failure” is a good read. Just hinting at the possibility that there might be some ethnic Russians here who pass for native English speakers. 😉

            • yalensis says:

              I agree we should have a clean fight, like civilized English gentlemen, no fat or gay slurs.
              Marquess de Queensbury rules!
              By the same token, I wish Matt would hang up his juvenile sarcasm and the stupid yoda jokes, etc. He also needs to stop the Donald Rumsfeld “pro-dictator bullying” stuff: As in, “So you believe the world is a better place with Dictator X in it?” etc etc.

              To which, by the way, the answer is always a resounding YES.
              Yes, the world would be a better place with Saddam, Gaddafi, Assad, Chavez, Janukovych, even Kim Jong Whomever. Anybody except these freaks whom the U.S. put into power.

    • Matt says:

      Ah yes, good ol’ “DC Leaks”, one of the most obvious front-organsations for Russian state-sponsored hacking.

      While I don’t believe Russia was behind Podesta’s email dumps, DC Leaks is definitely Russian. Here is a victim list for DC Leaks:

      Former NATO General Breedlove
      Soros’ Open Society Foundation intranet
      2016 campaign staff of John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Michele Bachmann
      Former Secretary of State Colin Powell
      200 Democratic lawmakers

      The first three people/entities are staunch Russia hawks. Indeed, DC Leaks’ Twitter feed frequently retweeted articles extremely sympathetic to Russia and against the above entities.

      Here’s a sample from some of their very first tweets:

      “Hacked NATO general defends plotting to push Obama to escalate tensions with Russia

      Breedlove’s war: Emails show ex-NATO general plotting US conflict with Russia

      Dangerous Propaganda: Network Close To NATO Military Leader Fueled Ukraine Conflict

      Emails show Obama saw US involvement in Russia talks as a ‘threat’

      ‘Gen. plotted against Obama on Russia’

      Check George Soros’s OSF plans to counter Russian policy and traditional values”

      Not that difficult to ascertain their agenda.

      Furthermore, our friends from CyberBerkut, whom I discussed earlier as being notorious fakers of “hacked” information, ended up mixing in fake documents with DC Leaks’ release of Soros OSF documents:


      That seems to be what happened when two supposedly independent hacking groups, believed by security experts to have ties to the Kremlin, posted the same documents stolen from a philanthropic organization run by George Soros. But the hack included a twist: Some of the documents taken by one group were altered in a bid to try and link Soros to Russian anti-corruption activist Alexei Navalny, revealing how hackers likely working for Moscow are editing documents to smear their victims.

      After hackers broke into a system for sharing documents at Soros’s Open Society Foundations, material describing the organization’s work in Russia appeared on two different sites: in November on the web platform of CyberBerkut, a pro-Russian hacking group that opposes Ukraine’s current government, and in June on DC Leaks, a website that hosts purloined documents and is believed by security researchers to be a Russian project.

      Among the documents posted, at least three appear on both sites. The documents posted by CyberBerkut have been edited to try to show that Open Society provides significant financial support to Navalny.

      CyberBerkut edited one budget document to include a line describing a grant to Navalny’s Foundation for Fighting Corruption to the tune of either $240,000 or $122,000 — CyberBerkut’s editors managed to put two different amounts on the same budget line. In another document titled, “Russia Project Strategy, 2014-2017,” CyberBerkut added the name of Navalny’s foundation to a paragraph describing the lack in Russia of “institutions that focus analytically on issues of policy relevance.” By adding the Foundation for Fighting Corruption to that paragraph, CyberBerkut falsely implied that Navalny’s group received financial support from Open Society. And CyberBerkut edited a third document, which describes how Russian nonprofits are complying with the country’s harsh laws governing civil society groups, to claim that Navalny receives support from Yandex, a Russian internet services firm that competes with Google.


      Also, I couldn’t help but laugh at this:

      “Soros funded the creation of the parties “Siriza” in Greece and “Podemos” in Spain.”

      On the one hand, we are told Soros is a Jewish neoliberal hell-bent on giving the IMF full control over nations’ economies, but then he is also responsible for funding the creation of the two most staunchly anti-neoliberal parties in Europe, both slightly EuropSkeptical.

      We are also told that the U.S. elite are pro-Israel and that a ZOG is in place in the U.S. But then we see this:

      “George Soros criticised by pro-Israel groups as conspiracy theorists seize on Open Society Foundations leak”:


      Excerpts relating to Israel and the Palestinian territories provoked a particularly strong reaction, with far-right activists calling Mr Soros “anti-Israel”.

      The Jerusalem Post reported that almost $10 million had been awarded to pro-Palestinian groups since 2001 through the OSF’s Arab Regional Office, citing a 2015 document hailing “successes in challenging Israel’s racist and anti-democratic policies in the international arena”.

      The Republican Jewish Coalition said the figures amounted to “undermining Israel”, while Jeremy K Nolt, a volunteer for Donald Trump’s campaign in Arizona called Mr Soros a “terrorist”.


      Lastly, stop giving Soros more power than he has. Just because he gave a $10,000 or something to a random Ukrainian news site, doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing at all. If Malofeev can do the same, then it’s only fair for Soros does so too.

      The sums involved are insignificant in their influence. A single $500,000 donation for a country like Ukraine to fight disinfo is not nearly enough. For comparison, the Olgino troll factory has a monthly budget of ~$560,000 (33.5 million rubles) (source: And that was just one factory, focused on writing comments. Thus, Soros’ funds would cover an equivalent entity in Ukraine for only a month.

      All in all, a very underwhelming release. Most of the causes promoted by Soros are standard left-wing progressive beliefs. A couple of donations here and there is not that big a deal.

      • yalensis says:

        I don’t know if Navalny is connected to Soros, his main Oligarchic Money Bags is Khodorkovsky.
        A Russian journalist recently discovered that Navalny’s campaign HQ in London (headed by Volkov) received $60,000 American dollars from Khodor.
        This is in direct violation to Russian law, which forbids foreign agents to make campaign contributions to Russian elections.

        I reckon Matt’s retort will be that $60K is not all that much dough, and doesn’t constitute meddling in Russian politics.

      • saskydisc says:

        Previously, you wrote,

        But you seem to have accomplished the incredible task of blaming all this on “NATO intelligence” and blaming me for your experiencing some speed issues. To be expected, of course. Anything bad that could be blamed on Russophiles/Russian government/Russian media is a “false flag”.

        I take it that that was a confession by way of psychological projection. The short form of your comment would be FALSE FLAG INSIGNIFICANT CUZ REASONS PUTIN BOT MEME. Using a Russian language webzine was a nice touch, for the NATO propaganda Putinbot meme.

        The notion that funding Palestinian groups is anti-Israel is particularly funny—is MOSSAD anti-Israel for funding HAMAS during the 1980s to undermine Fatah? I can understand the propaganda need to pretend that finance for your subversion and infiltration of your opponents would somehow constitute support for your opposition, and I can understand that the blowback from such operations have the silver lining of said propaganda, but to be pushing it here suggests a certain desparation.

        • Matt says:

          Provide evidence NATO is behind this spam network upvoting some pro-Russian accounts. That’s all I’m asking, sheesh. I didn’t know when I exposed this spam network that I’d be accused of causing slowdowns of this blog and that NATO is responsible for the aforementioned spam network.

          As for the funding of Palestinian groups by Soros, you expose your dishonesty by ignoring the stated aims in the leaked document: a 2015 document hailing “successes in challenging Israel’s racist and anti-democratic policies in the international arena”.

          These are internal documents, so we can assume this is the true purpose. Not even close to being the same as Mossad playing one Palestinian faction against the other.

          • saskydisc says:

            I already did. The spam upvoting accounts are associated with pedo content, which is evidence that the upvoting is an attack on the commenters subject to the upvote. Further, they link to apparent Russian websites. I take it that you will next claim that that is not evidence, because it falls short of prima facie, a standard by which no police investigation could ever get off the ground.

            As for internal documents, any large and target worthy organization should expect to be subpoenaed, let alone hacked, and as such their documents should be presentable irrespective of purpose. Secondly, Soros’s modus operandi is to use activists against purposes that they might otherwise support, much like the FBI’s cointelpro programs—a few individuals might be Adele Stan style political operatives, but usually people who sincerely believe in the beneficent narratives tend to be more usable. Make a set of documents that carry the narrative and suddenly one has an open culture. Allow activists working in the organisation to publish detailed reports about what angers them, and one has a very efficient intelligence network using turned people who do not even realise that they have been turned.

            • Matt says:

              You claimed “NATO intelligence” is behind the spam network. Once again, please provide evidence of this. You also claimed I was behind the slow-downs you’re experiencing on this site. Provide evidence for this too. These are two claims for which you have not provided evidence for and which you realize are impossible to prove, hence your weaselling.

              As for your second paragraph, your original claim that Soros was merely pitting one faction against another like the Mossad is false. The donations went to groups like Adalah, a human rights organization that routinely accuses Israel of war crimes on numerous occasions in international forums, and has called on governments the world over to sever diplomatic relations with Israel. Or groups like I’lam, a Palestinian media center that accused Israel of ethnic cleansing. Thus, your comparison to the Mossad is a dishonest and flawed one when the details of precisely to whom Soros donated to in Palestine are examined. Of course, you’d rather avoid looking at the specific details, since that would debunk your fallacious and evidence-free comparison.

              • saskydisc says:

                Donations invariably go with personnel, and “suggestions,” failure of which to implement means money dries up. I have been in the activist world for a while—Soros’s game is no different from USAID, CIDA and company. Hell, OTPOR was Soros’s little campaign, against Slobodan Milosevic, which speaks to Soros’s commitments in matters such as democracy and interethnic peace versus strife—a brief quote, from Milosevic:
                Serbs have never lived alone in Serbia. Today, more than in the past, other peoples and nationalities also live here. This is not a disadvantage for Serbia. I am truly convinced that it is its advantage. National composition of almost all countries in the world today, particularly developed ones, has also been changing in t his direction. Citizens of different nationalities, religions, and races have been living together more and more frequently and more and more successfully.

                Socialism in particular, being a progressive and just democratic society, should not allow people to be divided in the national and religious respect. The only differences one can and should allow in socialism are between hard working people and idlers and between honest people and dishonest people. Therefore, all people in Serbia who live from their
                own work, honestly, respecting other people and other nations, are in their own republic.

                I have already given you my evidence of NATO involvement—it serves multiple propaganda functions for NATO, attacks only NATO’s opponents on a platform (DISQUS) that runs in a NATO state. I even specified that the evidence falls short of prima facie, and as I predicted, you denied that this evidence constitutes evidence. But at least it is much stronger than the say-so of an alleged hack of an alleged troll factory whose existence is so ephemeral that a troll such as yourself has to go and promote it here. But then again, that is like your denying that you support the coup efforts against Maduro, in the same sentence that you repeat the US pro-coup propaganda against Maduro.

                • Matt says:

                  “I have already given you my evidence of NATO involvement—it serves multiple propaganda functions for NATO, attacks only NATO’s opponents on a platform (DISQUS) that runs in a NATO state.”

                  Uh…that’s not evidence of NATO being involved. The fact that it upvoted some pro-Russian comments on an American commenting system… magically means it serves the interests of NATO? Something is very wrong with your thinking.

                  “But at least it is much stronger than the say-so of an alleged hack of an alleged troll factory whose existence is so ephemeral that a troll such as yourself has to go and promote it here.”

                  That you say this proves you have not bothered doing any reading into the matter. The troll factory’s internal documents were leaked and dissected by many. I posted the leaked communications here numerous times. Topics and websites to focus on, salaries, contact information of the trolls, names, phone numbers, list of troll accounts, etc. All of that is revealed in the leaked documents. Furthermore, both Western and Russian media outlets have interviewed many of these trolls. But even if you don’t believe that, the leaked documents are in a different league of evidence compared to your bizarre claims that “NATO intelligence” is behind that spam network I earlier identified merely because it runs on an American commenting system, which also happens to be the world’s most popular commenting system.

                  And I notice you are avoiding giving any evidence behind your claim that I am at fault for slowdowns you experienced on this website. If no longer believe this, then state so.

              • saskydisc says:

                You claimed “NATO intelligence” is behind the spam network. Once again, please provide evidence of this. You also claimed I was behind the slow-downs you’re experiencing on this site. Provide evidence for this too. These are two claims for which you have not provided evidence for and which you realize are impossible to prove, hence your weaselling.

                I stated my suspicion of you, but stopped short of an outright accusation:
                I also notice that since this user has come to this site, the website, it loads much more slowly—it may be worth examining his comments for dubious codes—for instance a href tags that include no text, or image links in comments that contain no apparent images.
                So just another lie from you. BTW, how about posting the *actual emails* or a link to the *actual emails* of the alleged troll factory? When will you be calling on North Korea to attack USA to disarm USA of its nuclear weapons, and to stop USA violence abroad?

                Another comment. Who names a Russophile website “stalkerzone”? The name is pretty much a confession by NATO intelligence services, although boast cuts closer to regular usage.
                The shoe fits. Put it on. Is the creepy anime account one that you run?

                • Matt says:

                  “I stated my suspicion of you, but stopped short of an outright accusation: ….So just another lie from you.”

                  Pedantry. You tried to, like an utter lunatic, blame your loading issues with this site on me. “Just stopping short” of accusing me is a pathetic way to weasel out of providing evidence behind your insinuation (there, happy now)? What did you base your suspicions on? Nothing. In other words, baseless smears to try and link me to being some nefarious person trying to cripple this website.

                  “BTW, how about posting the *actual emails* or a link to the *actual emails* of the alleged troll factory?”

                  Ah, so you admit now that you earlier did not know these emails existed? That’s why earlier stated your theory of “NATO intelligence” being behind that spam network had
                  more evidence backing it up than the troll factory. But since you asked, I am obliged to do your research for you:




                  Sample of the above files:


                  “When will you be calling on North Korea to attack USA to disarm USA of its nuclear weapons, and to stop USA violence abroad?”

                  As I said before, America’s nuclear weapons arsenal only affects its Great Power relationships. Whether the U.S. has or does not have nukes does not affect its disastrous regime change plans in the M.E. or elsewhere.

                  “The shoe fits. Put it on. Is the creepy anime account one that you run?”

                  I assume that at this point, you are simply trolling. First you insinuate that I’m responsible for this site becoming slow for you, then you claim “NATO intelligence” is behind that spam network I discovered, and now you start asking me trollish questions, implying I own some of these accounts.

              • saskydisc says:

                Of the “emails” that you have linked, I’ve read the first of the short form, as such downloads are large. I see a sober intelligence report on the murder of Boris Nemtsov, from a internal to Russia public relations viewpoint, which is heavily weighted to internal media discussion. For people outside Russia, most of the references are obscure.

                The second report regards the European Union, and the arrest of an ethnic Russian on account of voicing support, online, for reunification, presumably per the Soviet model, of Latvia with the Russian world. This support was voiced in a framework which was set up by Avaaz, the MoveOn petition platform, which raises an interesting question not raised in the (second) report—why would Avaaz be giving such people a voice, that may lead to public disturbances, if not for the purpose of getting lists of people to arrest? I wonder if the author of the second report is perhaps the leaker.

                The third report is about the Ukraine paying for Russian gas a mere day in advance, which the report suggests is due to internal Ukrainian economic collapse. There is a quote of a governmental official to that effect, from an interview with a media outlet called Russia24.

                Little of the content is relevant to the online debunking of lies about Russia, other than what is freely available, and I have seen none of it here, or elsewhere. I therefore conclude that you have not read the materials that you have linked, as being from “Russian trolls”.

              • saskydisc says:

                But perhaps I am wrong, and am missing something truly outrageous. Would you care to quote something damning from the “troll emails”?

  3. Lyttenburgh says:

    And about those whom fat Western trolls consider “patriots of Russia”. Their usual demagogery aka “we are not against Russia, we are against State/Media” serves only as the excuse for all would be traitors. Nazis did the same thing with their “политрук лжёт” leaflets. Tiresome, useless and uneffective. To repeat this faily tactic now? What a mess, what a mess! Gevalt-gevalt!

    “Kovalev makes no secret of his own agenda, either. “I despise [Margarita] Simonyan [chief editor of RT and Rossiya Segodnya] for what she did to RIA,” he says. “After all, my name is on the website, and now it’s filled with all kinds of shit. And it’s really shameful to see my name next to some stupid story about how Obama is a bad dancer. If that kind of story appeared on RIA a couple of years ago, the editor would have been fired.”


    “When confronted with a deluge of information, people instinctively cling to just one source (however biased it may be) just because it’s “ours.” There is a certain degree of doublethink in Russia. How much contradiction can Russians absorb without going crazy? At any point in time, they believe two opposite things. For instance, there are no Russian troops in Ukraine, but we are winning the war. Because we cannot lose. Because Russians can never lose. But there are no Russian troops in Ukraine. So whatever is broadcast, they will believe, because it’s instinctive. Even if it’s lies, we’ll believe them because it’s our guys who are telling the lies. Because everyone is lying, and we’re going to stick to our lies.

    My, what a patriot of Russia! How high he thinks about his fellow people! Oh, and dissing Graham Phillips for his work in “occupied” Donbass – how more pro-Russian can they ever become?! Oh, I know – how about whoring for OpenDemocracy, which, I remind you, is funded by NED and Soros.

    The meaty part? Kovalyov was editor in The Moscow Times, which fired recently its entire crew and stopped running as printed edition. Poor Kovalyov – how can he survive without panhandling and whoring himself even more to the Western press!

    Btw, where is their server situated, oh self-less Patriots of True Russia? Why, in Murika, where else! It’s net trust level? Negligible.

    • kirill says:

      The Duma should get off its lazy ass an legislate a ban on all newsmedia purporting to be “Russian” having its computer servers stationed abroad. I do not mean blocking foreign media, I mean the “Moscow Times” and similar. This is a variation on the foreign agent theme and it seems the Russian law is too crappy to properly act against offshoring of information sources (i.e. propaganda sources).

      • marknesop says:

        Russia has no need to block the Moscow Times; it is such a ridiculous nitpicking parody of actual life in Russia – going on week-long rants because Russia is not receptive to the introduction of crass western ‘holidays’ like Hallowe’en, for example, in which kids stuff themselves with candy until they throw up – that it actually fulfills a valuable service in Russia. It reminds those few Russians who read it and are not kreakl ponces that while it is wise to embrace those western concepts which are beneficial (medical and technological research, for example, which are still traded fairly freely on the world market), it is never wise to get down on the floor and roll in it.

        • moscowexile says:

          On the site Quora, in answer to the question “How credible is the Moscow Times?”, there are two replies.

          The first is from a kreakl — a professional photojournalist, publishing designer, TV cameraman and EN/RU translator, he says — who thinks MT is top hole and gives a list of 5 other arsewipes that he holds in reverence:

          There are five credible Russian media: Vedomosti, Kommersant, RBC, Лента.Ру and Meduza. All of them not without mishaps, but at least more or less readable (between the lines at least). Everything else… Don’t go there.

          The second comment is bang on, in my humble opinion as an insignificant Englishman resident in Moscow for almost a quarter of a century:

          Don’t get me started. It’s really, really bad, almost a cartoon of a propaganda mill.

          It operates as a project to give bonuses to superannuated Radio Free Europe hacks who write articles on yesterday’s news filled with quotes from people who have been dead for years.

          Just one more example of how Putin controls the news.

          For those who “don’t do irony”, the last sentence in the second of the above quotes has been written in irony.

          The op-eds in MT are really over the top. Latynina often did them. (She might still do: it is several years since I picked up a freebie MT.) And then, just to let the readers believe there is a sense of balance at MT, there appears maybe two or three times a year an op-ed that is more positive about Russia.

          That British rag the Guardian used to do the same in its risibly named feature “Comment Is Free”.

          Those 2 answers to the Quora question appeared in 2016, by the way.

          The kreakl got one “like”, the “useful idiot” got 5.

          Two replies since March 2016!

    • marknesop says:

      “For instance, there are no Russian troops in Ukraine, but we are winning the war. Because we cannot lose. Because Russians can never lose. But there are no Russian troops in Ukraine. So whatever is broadcast, they will believe, because it’s instinctive. Even if it’s lies, we’ll believe them because it’s our guys who are telling the lies. Because everyone is lying, and we’re going to stick to our lies.”

      One more time – it is impossible, as in not anywhere on the scale of believability that if the Russian Federation were involved at a state level, militarily, with hundreds of thousands of active-service troops in Ukraine as that country’s head of state claims, that (1) things would still be at a standoff along a line of demarcation, and (2) there would be no evidence of participation on such a scale, as Ukraine admits is the case. It is perfectly possible for the Russian people to cheer for the heroic struggle of their ethnic compatriots in eastern Ukraine without there being any Russian military involvement at all, and if in fact the Russian army was involved in strength, it would have been at Kiev’s gates in two weeks at most, suing for surrender terms. That the heroic Ukrainian Army is holding back the combined strength of the Russian Army and preventing its rampaging through Europe is such an enormous lie that Poroshenko’s tongue should have turned black, smoked and burst into flames when he said it.

  4. moscowexile says:


    Was Juncker pissed again?

  5. moscowexile says:

    Украина в долгах: как закрыть финансовую дыру
    Украина хочет занять на внешнем рынке в следующем году $2 млрд
    Отдел «Бизнес» 15.07.2017, 11:02

    The Ukraine in debt: how to close the financial hole
    The Ukraine wants to borrow $2 billion on the foreign market next year

    The Ukraine will continue to borrow to pay its current obligations to the IMF and other creditors. The Ukraine National Bank plans to borrow $2 billion. To do this will not be easy, because there has been no reform and economic growth remains weak. In order to attract investors, there will have to be either a provision of high returns as a risk premium, or a guarantor has to be found amongst the leading Western countries.

    The Ukraine National Bank (NBU) expects a government placement in 2018 of Eurobonds worth $2 billion, according to the regulator’s report released on Friday.

    “Taking into account the government placement of bonds as an external state loan totaling $2 billion, capital inflows on the financial account in 2018 will increase to $7.1 billion”, states the document.

    The Ukraine Minister of Finance, Aleksander Danilyuk, had spoken earlier of the intention to enter the borrowing market. He noted that the new loans are a way to pay off old debts. [My stress — ME]

    According to the head of the Ukrainian Analytical Centre, Aleksander Okhrimenko, this year the Ukraine has to repay about $1.4 billion of debt, and another $2 billion in interest payment.

    Chief economist of investment company Dragon Capital, Elena Belan, estimates the volume of payments on sovereign and quasi-sovereign debt in years 2017-2019 as $14 billion, of which $11 billion is out of the budget.

    “The key to the payout is entering the market in favourable conditions. We plan to market this autumn. Obviously, obtaining favourable conditions is possible only if progress has been shown in the implementation of reforms and progress in cooperation with the IMF programme. We need to focus on what we can do in the country”, said Danilyuk.

    Ukrainian Premier Signals IMF Delay as Key Reform Not Ready
    July 4, 2017, 9:00 AM GMT+3 updated July 4, 2017, 3:28 PM GMT+3

    Volodymyr Hroisman on July 3 — “I should worry?”

    [The] Ukraine is set to meet some IMF requirements for this latest tranche, namely a revamp of its pension system. The Washington-based lender has backed a plan under which citizens must contribute to the state fund for 25 years rather than 15 at present to be eligible for benefits. The retirement age wouldn’t rise. [My stress — ME.]

    Other reforms are trickier. Lifting a ban on farmland sales is opposed by populists in parliament, who say the authorities and businessmen will cheat farmers and snatch territory. Sunflower oil-maker Kernel Holding SA said in April that the moratorium should remain in place until the authorities come up with a “balanced consolidated position.” The agriculture minister resigned the following month.

    …citizens must contribute to the state fund for 25 years rather than 15 at present to be eligible for benefits. The retirement age wouldn’t rise.

    Such are the fruits of the “Revolution of Dignity”.

    Putin is to blame for all of this, of course

  6. Lyttenburgh says:

    Mental titan and father of the modern гussian natZionalism Egor Prosvirnin (finally!) makes coming out. Quote: “В разговорах сравниваю русский национализм с гомосексуализмом, когда все боятся совершить каминг-аут”

    Translation: “In discussions, I’m comparing Russian nationalism with the homesexuality, when everyone fears to make coming out”.

    Moar fat to the God of Fat! Moar food to the throne of Food!

    In response, how does he regard the criticism of his:

    Translation: “With smugness. People don’t like our position, be we are so good, that they have to read us anyway. We are the magazine for the elite. For those, who will rule. When I said, that in future I will give away apartments based on subscription and bills for “Sputnik and Pogrom”, I was not joking. And it would be service apartments – for future ministers, deputy ministers and governors. ”

    Fearless future fuhrer valinatly fights against the communism!

  7. moscowexile says:

    Front page story published 2013 for the discerning readers of Moscow’s only English language daily:

    Oct 7, 2014, RI article by John Hellevig:

    Russia’s Foreign-Owned Media Are Losing Their Freedom to Mislead

    • Lyttenburgh says:

      From the same pic:

      “Putin Finally Says Navalny’s Name, Journalist Tweets”.

      Uhm, are you sure it was a journalist? No, are you sure YOU are journalists to report this as some sort of “BReAKING NeWS!”

      And the bottom one in the right corner: “Pink $14000 Poodle Flees Russian Circus, Possbily for Mate”

      Why of all western rags the local epigones, hipsters and expat journos decided to become like the “Daily Mail”?!

    • Special_sauce says:

      Speaking of Reddit, Moscow Times is always being cited on that board as an example of how Russians really feel about this and that, and a fearless un-biased account of the Real Russia.

    • marknesop says:

      Jon is actually a very capable writer; I’m reminded of that every time I read one of his pieces, especially in view of the fact that English is not his mother tongue.

    • moscowexile says:

      Funny nobody in Kiev has yet found a pig that looks like Porky.

      Which one of these is Poroshenko? I’m confused.

  8. moscowexile says:

    6 hours ago:

    Four explosions on square Petrozavodsk, capital of Republic of Karelia, Russia

  9. Northern Star says:

    Hmmm..”Gold Command” no less….Well I daresay they’ll get this GrenFelll mess sorted out!!!!

    “At the nearby memorial wall along Bramley Road, people gathered for a vigil. Families were in tears of sorrow and anger. Mrs. Abdo, together with her 12-year-old son Abeer, told the World Socialist Web Sitethat a life-long friend of her mother was living in the tower on the 24th floor. The lady, Fathya, was 70 and lived in a two bedroom flat with her son, her daughter and their respective families due to the housing shortage in London.
    Fathya sent a video footage of her last minutes, filming her daughter and her two children before hot vapours and flames took their lives.** Her son could not withstand the fire and jumped to his death from the flat.** One of his sons tried to escape down the stairwell, but was later found dead. Mrs. Abdo said she wanted those who signed off on the cladding being fireproof to be arrested immediately.
    Two residents of Grenfell have in fact been compiling their own list of the dead and missing — Mahad Egal, who lived with his family on the fourth floor and his childhood friend, Karim Mussilhy. Mahad told the Guardian that he has spent every day knocking on doors, asking residents for information. “My list is still in progress but it is much more than 80 people presumed dead, more than one hundred, even.”

    “But the mass media, the Conservative Party and the Labour Party are all intent on thwarting demands that real justice to be meted out to those responsible for mass murder at Grenfell and are seeking to steer public outrage into the dead end of Prime Minister Theresa May’s bogus public inquiry.”

    But OF COURSE…..!!! That’s what the MSM owned by TPTB does!!!!

  10. Northern Star says:

    Assuming the truth of the Newsweek article insofar as Khalifa Hifter is concerned:

    “It may not end with Syria, either. Russia’s special forces have already reportedly been spotted in Egypt, potentially courting Libyan military leader Khalifa Hifter, who has become increasingly influential politically over his war-torn nation.”
    Then wouldn’t courting a former CIA asset be kinda risky for the Russians??

    • marknesop says:

      Since he emerged as an important post-revolution figure in 2014, Western governments have struggled to define an effective policy to deal with Hifter, who has styled himself as an antidote to extremists while building his own power base and shunning the political process brokered by the United Nations.

      There’s his real crime, right there. Good catch. I read that Russia has also made some tentative movement toward shoring up the Maduro government in Venezuela, and I hope it is successful. If there must be a political transition, so be it, but it must be Venezuela’s choice rather than having regime change foisted upon it by western corporate interests. I suspect the western media is once again being used to magnify the grievances of the opposition and to exaggerate the situation in their favour so as to marshal support for regime change, as it has done successfully over and over elsewhere and attempted before in Venezuela.

        • marknesop says:

          Indeed. It’s actually a fairly-typical regime-change sequence of events and behaviors – the effort is focused on establishing momentum, on emphasizing haste because of crisis and making people react emotionally instead of thinking. In short, they are being rolled, pushed to make a decision with only the ‘facts’ they are given in the narrative. This is what happened in Brazil with the impeachment of Rousseff and the establishment by default of the government of Temer, which has been an unmitigated disaster. But that campaign, too, was portrayed as the people of a developing country lunging for the freedom and democracy western countries enjoy – regime-change efforts are always about freedom and democracy, never mind that Venezuela has been a democracy for generations and has what Jimmy Carter describes as the best electoral process in the world. But westerners get excited about bringing democracy and freedom to oppressed people, sdo that’s what it’s always about.

          Ditto the situation always being portrayed as the government on one side, the people on the other, and westerners on the side of the righteous. When they speak in their news campaigns of the demand for democracy, what they mean is the demand for only one side to be heard – the opposition. As Abby Martin documented recently, not only are the food shortages nowhere near as severe as they are being made out to appear, the products which are in greatest demand are those imported by a small group of oligarchs who have formed a cartel in order to leverage their strength for regime change. An example is Lorenzo Mendoza, Billionaire head of Polar, a food-import company which controls half the staples in Venezuela’s representative ‘food basket’. Martin cites his having been caught on camera plotting with the IMF to inspire a western intervention. He participates in opposition demonstrations and has firmly allied himself with the opposition’s efforts, but she does not mention (unless it is further on in the clip and I missed it) that Mendoza aspires to be president himself. Gee, that sounds so familiar – one of the country’s wealthiest businessmen assuming the presidency; where have I heard that before?

          For obvious reasons, Washington would love a Mendoza presidency, and in the short term many of the people would love it, too – since the economic constraints and shortages are artificially induced, they could be relaxed as quickly and the people swimming in cheap corn flour overnight – hail, Presidente Mendoza!! But a Billionaire Presidente Mendoza would quickly de-nationalize the country’s energy industry as well, offering controlling stakes to American majors, and by the time the people woke up their birthrights would be sold off and owned by foreign interests who called the tune, all puffickly legal and irrevocable.

          “In 2013, during (presidential) elections, production [at Mendoza’s Polar company] fell by 40 percent. In 2014, in the context of the movement to overthrow Nicolas Maduro, it fell by 34 percent, and in the elections in December last year, it fell by 37 percent,” said Brieger, who compared it to efforts to sabotage the socialist government of Salvador Allende in Chile.”

          I have to thank ‘Matt’ for introducing the Venezuela situation as a topic – however inadvertently – because since I was not following it, I completely underestimated the significance of its energy reserves and the leverage they give those who control them, and was mostly unaware of the country’s regional strategic significance as a direct result. Venezuela is a critical game piece, and the west can be expected to fight hard for it. The campaign is rolling, with western interests and national opposition struggling to build momentum up to critical mass where people will just react, without thinking.

          Some of the blame must fairly go to Chavez, who created a vulnerability by progressively relying more and more on food imports. As a well-known western target, he should have known that western analysts and strategists constantly look for vulnerabilities which can be exploited and blamed on the leader to orchestrate his removal. These vulnerabilities may be extremely unconventional, but nothing is sacred to the implacable western desire for control. There is a valuable lesson there for Russia, which may well have dodged a bullet in Washington’s clumsy stumble of an attempt at economic regime change. Becoming a net food exporter will increase Russia’s resistance to further regime-change attempts, which will surely come.

          When you think about it, the latest decade of American assaults on other nations in attempts to change their governments to bodies supportive of American leadership and domination have done irreparable harm to free trade, and no example is more pertinent than that of Russia. Huge swaths of the market have been lost to Europe forever, because Russia fears to depend on them, knowing they will bow to American political pressure. The economic damage that has been done to Europe as a result will not be fully appreciated for some time yet.

          • yalensis says:

            “All of the panelists called for the international community’s support. Beatrice Rangel, of the Miami-based Amla Consulting Group and former chief of staff to Venezuelan president Carlos Andrés Pérez, urged the OAS to declare Venezuela completely outside of the democratic charter and asked the Security Council to see the situation firsthand. “

            Of course the Opps are based in Miami – Gusano Capital of the world!
            I wonder if our own Matt will be on hand, eagerly offering his expertise as a Reddit moderator to the regime changers.

            • marknesop says:

              Regime change is exciting for its proponents and instigators, and every successful op gives them greater confidence that they can duplicate it elsewhere. But it would be a gross underestimation – of which I have been guilty in the past – to assume the template never varies, that they just try the same old formula of growing an opposition movement, bestowing political legitimacy upon it, demonizing the elected leader, arranging a crisis with democracy and freedom cited as the solutions, and then pushing hard for momentum so that decisions are made without thinking and the world’s population emotionally supports the overthrow of what it perceives to be an autocratic regime perpetrating outrages against innocent freedom-lovers. In reality, substantial refinement has crept in, and the fabrication of economic crisis to leverage demonstrations against the government is a relatively new modification. It seems to be a go-to at the moment, but as protections against it evolve I daresay there will be other innovations.

              • Cortes says:

                Sound thinking, Mark.

                Developments in Venezuela are unsurprising. More than a decade ago I had very sour discussions with white Venezuelan tourists in Spain. Without exception they were upper class and rabidly anti Chavez. Their problem is that Chavez learned from the Cuban experience that education of the mainly non-white population provides a bulwark against the sorts of easy regime changes so usual earlier in Latin American countries. Cuba and Venezuela have been the focus of a Miami based programme of land registration interests for at least five years, presumably in anticipation of regime change and change in national property law. And no, I won’t be providing further details.

          • Jen says:

            It’s my understanding that one part of the reason for Venezuela being in crisis is that the low oil prices that were meant to bring down Russia last year were also targeting Venezuela: a case of trying to hit two birds with one stone.

            Chavez or Maduro probably should have nationalised some food staples like grain, beans, maize, cassava and maybe certain fruits and vegetables. Most food imported into Venezuela is imported by private companies, headed by the very people who want to bring down the Maduro government. On top of that, Venezuela has been hit hard by US economic sanctions.



            • marknesop says:

              Apparently the shortage of precooked corn flour is what hurts the most; the price has skyrocketed, and it is nominally only available on the black market. It seems incredible to me that Venezuela cannot grow corn, although it is a wasteful crop in terms of space and is hard on the soil. I believe Maduro will weather this storm if only the people are behind him, although I see the Opposition got its referendum and activists will be pushing hard to overthrow him. If he survives, hopefully he will learn a hard lesson and either nationalize certain staple crops or revoke import licenses for the oligarchy to protect the country from politically-motivated ‘shortages’ in future. But it’s like it is with so many other countries – the government has to win every time, while the Washington proxies only have to win once. They will quickly rewrite the laws to allow broad foreign control and investment, and after that Washington will prop them up whenever there is unrest and jealously guard their succession.

              Quick edit – the opposition referendum is unofficial, and Maduro has deemed it illegal.

              • Northern Star says:

                Well..let’s see..The Western PTB deem the Crimea referendum as an orchestrated Russian hoax..not at all legit..BUT We can be certain that the same PTB will no doubt attribute as much legitimacy as possible to the Venezuelan opposition referndum dog and horsehit show!!!
                I posted these links (supra) in this thread along with a couple of others I can’t find…

                Contrary to the opinion of some .. The reference links I post are sometimes worth checking out..

                • marknesop says:

                  Very interesting information – thanks for it. No mention is made of the apparent fact that a few wealthy opposition figures control most of the import business and appear to be deliberately causing food shortages in order to inspire civic unrest. I’m not sure what the government can do in that case, but if it ever gets the upper hand again it should think about documenting this manipulation and publishing it.

      • et Al says:

        Khalifa has also broken Ganganam Style’s youtube record…. Hang on a sec, that’s a different Khalifa!

        Not a patch on this though:

        Why? Because it is still the weekend!

        I’d just like to warn the easily distressed or of a weak constitution not to watch the second link.

  11. Warren says:

    Trudeau tells US governors to ditch ‘America First’

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has told governors from across the US to ditch the “America First” motto.

    • marknesop says:

      Public policy specialist Maryscott Greenwood said “the timing is perfect” for Mr Trudeau’s visit.

      “This is a big, high stake negotiation,” she said. “I do not think he wants to leave any stone unturned, he has got to try everything.

      “We do not really know who is going to be the most influential, which thing will be the turning point, and what is going to resonate with people, so they have got to try everything and hope that it comes out well in the end.”

      What is more likely to happen is that Mr. Trudeau’s youthful enthusiasm will get him rolled, and he will end up believing he has won a victory when he has instead made concessions which favour the United States. I’m sure his heart is in the right place, and his liberal background will argue against corporatism – but realistically, American corporations are so massive and so powerful, can draw upon such resources and have such unquenchable appetite for power that I have little faith anyone who is already arguing for a ‘thinner border’ will come out on top. For the record, I would not be in favour of scrapping NAFTA; in many ways it has been good for Canadian business, which has been able to hold its own and even benefit in a competitive environment. Similarly, a significant cross-border exchange on the boards of major national corporations has seemed to do little harm and probably good; the current Senior Vice President Financial Analysis and Planning on the board of Air Canada is an American, Amos Kavazz. But corporatist Americans are experts in writing huge tomes of law which are so stifling in their legalese that people cannot bear to read them – the US tax code, is a prime example, at more than 73,000 pages. It is easy to slip in codicils which favour the power of corporations.

  12. marknesop says:

    Before I forget, I must announce that due to the dual conditions of a fairly high volume of comments and my own distraction from being busy off the blog, we ran considerably past the 150,000 comments marker before I noticed. I had to count backward over more than 200 comments, but I am delighted to announce the winner of the Putin T-shirt is Patient Observer.

    I will be in touch soon to arrange to send it. Hopefully I will not be as tardy as I am with Cortes and Viv’s prizes, which are still outstanding. Congratulations, Patient Observer!!

    • Patient Observer says:

      I am honored! Thank you Mark.

      • Jen says:

        Congratulations, you deserve it! Your comments are always very thoughtful and worthwhile reading.

        • yalensis says:

          Ditto, but I was kind of expecting Matt to win this time!

          • marknesop says:

            He certainly did contribute to the rapid rise in commentary, and for a brief time was the top commenter with about 157 comments out of the most recent 1000. Mine also contribute to reaching the goal line, but of course I cannot win, so I just count back and if I land on one of my own I take the one just after mine. But in this case Patient Observer’s was the 150,000th comment.

            If ‘Matt’ had won I would most certainly have offered the prize to him, but I doubt very much he would accept and would probably imagine it was a trick to get his mailing address.

      • Patient Observer says:

        Mark, please use this email to contact me.

  13. Cortes says:

    Here’s one for fans of walking down Memory Lane.

    Addicted to Schadenfreude? Did YOU receive medical treatment on looking through this site’s archives and see La Russophobe mocked repeatedly for outlandish claims about all matters Russian? I haven’t checked just now but I seem to recall she had a poor opinion of Russian tennis:

  14. moscowexile says:

    Джамала выманивает крымскую молодежь на Украину

    Jamala entices Crimean youth to the Ukraine
    Jul. 16th, 2017 at 7:30 AM

    However, for some reason the family of the Mejlis “star” is not going to leave the peninsula

    The winner of the Eurovision 2016 Song Contest has issued an appeal to Crimean higher education candidates on the Facebook page of the Ministry for the Temporarily Occupied Territories of the Ukraine. Singer Jamala (Susana Jamaladinova) asks the youth of the peninsula to enter Ukrainian universities. The motivation to do so, they say, is that the Ukraine is “open to the whole world”.

    Here is the amazing, albeit boring text:

    “Dear Crimea and Donbass school leavers! You were all born in the Ukraine. Now you are experiencing that very important moment when you are determining your future. This is difficult for anyone to do, especially for those who, against their own will, have remained in the occupied territories. You have the opportunity to study in the Ukraine, which is open to the whole world. Make your choice! Dream, act and make yourselves victorious!”

    Jamala almost literally says: after studying at Ukrainian universities, Crimean lads and lasses will have the opportunity to “dump” the self-declared independent state as quickly as possible, namely there will be for them the much desired “visa-free” regime and other such goodies. It goes without saying that it will not be possible to provide such applicants with a decent life in the Ukraine.

    It seems that the youth on the peninsula have figured the situation out. An absolute majority of the Crimean peninsula applicants are selected by the prestigious civil and military universities of the Russian Federation. Their diplomas provide an opportunity for them to earn a decent living in their homeland. Moreover, Moscow, Peterburg and other university centres in Russia have made very important allowances for Crimeans.

    For example, school leavers from the Crimea Republic and the city of Sevastopol can enter higher education according to either the results of their matriculation exams [ЕГЭ (ye-ge) — Единый государственный экзамен: Unified State Examination — ME] or the results of state final examinations. [ЕГЭ was introduced in 2009 in an attempt to standardize matriculation procedure and to counter corruption and cronyism in gaining enrollment in higher education establishments. There is a high pass rate now for ЕГЭ and some educationalists don’t like this — ME.] It is now commonplace for a high percentage of school leavers to pass ЕГЭ. Compared with those applicants who have decided to continue with a Russian education, the number of people wishing to study in the Ukraine has reached a record low.

    As for the “star” of last year’s Kyiv Eurovision Song Contest, Susana Dzhamaladinova is trying her utmost to please the Maidan authorities. “She has really now become a sweet-voiced mouthpiece of anti-Russian propaganda, and for Kiev this is a real gift. She has exchanged her excellent voice for the provocative language of a propagandist”, says Crimea State Duma deputy, Ruslan Balbek. According to him, Jamala actively makes use of the “Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People”, which organization has been banned in Russia*

    “Anyone who cooperates with the Mejlis brings about their rejection by the Crimeans, and Jamala will be no exception. History knows many examples of when creative people have tried to make a name for themselves in politics, after which they have lost their stage appearances and their respect. I should not like this to be Jamala’s fate”, added duma deputy Balbek.

    Anyway, this Tatar singer is already experiencing the fact that she is now being completely ignored in Europe. Many in the West do not agree with her having been awarded the status of a winner of the European song competition. On the concert grounds of the EU, the girl has turned out to be not really needed.

    It is almost laughable, but while the Maidan patriot is calling on Crimean youth to flee to the Ukraine, her parents are really prosperous in Russian Crimea! The whole family has received Russian citizenship and accepts holidaymakers who are “occupants” in their own boarding house near Alushta. Each and every one of her relatives went through the formalities of being issued with “Putin Certificates” on rehabilitation and now receive crazy benefits for utility payments — 50% discount on water, electricity and gas, the use of free vouchers to the sanatorium, free travel, etc.

    The Jamaladinovs own a substantial property in the resort village of Malorechenskoye. In addition to the boarding house, they also have a large market garden and do a profitable trade in figs and persimmons.

    “Fortunately, my mother comes to me often. In Malorechensky she helps her sister look after the children and looks after the big house. Therefore, in Kiev, I try to give her a break and entertain her. We are like two friends: a lot of walking, going to the movies and shopping …

    Naturally, no one in the Crimea hinders these family contacts. No matter what the “crazy” daughter sang, no one throws grenades and “Molotov cocktails” into her parents’ yard. Normal, adequate people live here: Crimeans do not suffer from having a head containing a Vyshivanka for a brain.

    However, the family does have a very specific reason for hating the Russian administration. After the Crimean Spring, the Jamaladinov clan suddenly lost an illegal café on the coast. Like many other Majlis drinking dens, the coastal tavern did not meet any sanitary standards, operated whilst evading taxes and was closed.

    Jamala herself insists that her father does not want to leave the house near Alushta because of his love of gardening: “We are one of the first Crimean Tatars to buy a house in the Crimea. My mother taught the piano, and my father was a conductor by profession. But he realized that he would not be able to provide for his family if he was studying music, and began to grow fruit and vegetables. We have a big garden there: there are figs, persimmons, pomegranates … ”

    Here is another characteristic revelation:

    “My dad sends me fruit from our garden every autumn all and winter. Now, on the so-called border with the Crimea, he should pay a bribe in order to to ensure that this fruit is allowed through and so he leaves a box of persimmons for the border guards.

    * The Supreme Court of he Crimea Republic recognized on 26.04.2016 that the public association “Meijlis of the Crimean-Tatar People” is an extremist organization and banned its activities in Russia.

    I’m telling ya — it’s hell on earth in the Crimea! (Where do I pick up my check?)

    • marknesop says:

      Ukraine periodically tries sweet talk to lure the east back, but the time to do that was immediately after the Maidan – instead, nationalist fervor gripped the capital and giddy nationalists went hard the other way with proclamations that they would delegitimize the Russian language. If anything about those lunatic days can be said to have been the catalyst which set subsequent events in motion, the fatal mistake, that was it. The mayor of Lvov, no less, made a speech the very next day – in perfect colloquial Russian – in which he tried to walk back the disaster and reassure the easterners that there would not be legal action to discriminate against them because of their habitual language, but the die was cast and it was too late.

      Had the nationalists not had their way or had they not given in to the temptation to indulge their hatred of Russia and everything about it, there is every chance regime change would have succeeded in gathering Ukraine to the EU’s bosom. Russia might still have made a grab for Crimea, and for me it would still have been legitimate since it was once part of Russia and was never ceded legally to Ukraine as its other territories were. But the stab in the back over the use of Russian, which once again was only a treat the nationalists foolishly allowed themselves as a reward for victory, provided a perfect catalyst for rebellion and the rapid decision-making it entails. I would be willing to bet Washington and the State Department are still cursing over that tactical blunder, since they are now lumbered with the great corrupt mass of Ukraine, with an active rebellion simmering on its eastern edge, but without the sparkling prize of Crimea. I don’t know if Putin actually said he did not want to be welcomed by NATO sailors in Sevastopol, as he is reputed to have done, but that most certainly was part of the plan.

      • likbez says:

        This is a very good comment. I think you caught the essence of what happened. Essentially nationalists first destroyed the country territorial integrity, and after that, they destroyed its economics. Essentially acting as US stooges, helping the USA to achieve its geopolitical goals (and Ukraine remains the major geopolitical victory of Obama administration).

        Now the majority of Ukrainians exist on around $2 a day. So the social explosion is possible. And they continue digging the hole deeper and deeper. This is a real Ukrainian tragedy: they managed to replicate all the horrors of 90th again.

        I still remember Buss the older speech about “suicidal Ukrainian nationalism” (Chicken Kiev speech It proved to be pretty prophetic.

        Also, idealization of the West promoted by nationalists serves as a trap, consequences of which are yet to come. Being Germany resource base is not a walk in the park. Ask Bulgarians about this experience. Or Greece,

        At the same time Donbas tragedy was partially the result of Putin’s policy )or lack thereof) because there was a vague promise that if on the referendum they vote for joining Russia they will be accepted like Crimea. But he decided not do that. Or, most probably, somebody helped Putin to decide that way. Of course, after Yeltsin drunk orgy Russia remains weak and can’t challenge the USA directly. And that would just that. But truth be told after Odessa civilian burning in the building all Eastern Ukraine up to Kiev was probably ready to accept Russians as liberators. At least nationalists in Kharkov felt that the city is already lost.

        I talked with a couple of Ukrainian refugees from Donbas area and they were not actually too exited about Putin’s policy and think that he shares the blame with nationalists.

        This was a trap that helped to provoke the civil war: the USA pushed for the military solution. May be in order to destabilize the region, and by extension, Russia, which they incorrectly consider the main geopolitical enemy after China. But as a result, they destroyed remnants of Ukrainian economics, and now somebody needs to pick the bill. This process of deindustrialization is continuing as Ukraine lost the major market for its production. 300% devaluation of grivna reflects just that. Just think about it: 300% in three years: from 8 to a dollar to 26

        In essence, the USA position on Donbas conflict was to the right of Ukrainian nationalists. Especially US neocons like Nuland. I remember Yatsenyuk speech (in Russian) at this time in which he backtracked from “Ukrainian language uber alles” position; might be a tactical maneuver, but still…

        In any case, Ukraine remains the worst defeat of Putin in foreign policy area for his whole term in office (Libya was under Medvedev). And the major geopolitical victory for the USA. Nobody cares if Ukrainians will starve. And if Russia stops transiting of gas as they plan to do, the economic situation in Ukraine will become much worse. At this point they might arrive as close to the failed state as one can get.

        • marknesop says:

          Thank you, likbez. Yes, Putin several times referred carelessly to ‘Novorossiya’, which created the impression that Russia was considering accepting it. Also, he obtained the advance approval of the Duma to conduct military operations as he saw fit in order to protect eastern-Ukrainian ethnic Russians. That was perhaps the biggest mistake he ever made, and he withdrew it, but it was too late and it very much played into western hands. Washington was able to portray Russia as ready to invade Ukraine, and it was convincing.

          I think Putin has known all along that eastern Ukraine would be an asset as a frozen conflict, like Abkhazia and South Ossetia are in Georgia, whereas if Russia were to take them in they would be a liability, as Russia would be forced to defend them. But those former Donbas residents who grumble because Putin did not absorb eastern Ukraine should ask themselves if they would be better off if Kiev won and subjugated them, and they joined the people who are living on a couple of bucks a day. Russian commerce still goes on with the east, but not with the rest of Ukraine.

          And it’s true Ukraine represents a major defeat for Russia, but there was little Russia could have done to stop it. Russia was not going to go to war against NATO to prevent it from seizing Ukraine, but NATO is not likely to go to war to hold on to it, either. Russia played by the rules and stayed out of what it labeled Ukraine’s business, but the west had no such scruples, and it meddled, meddled, meddled and instigated a coup. Only a coup will take it back.

          • kirill says:

            I would not call Ukraine a victory for NATzO. It is a loss for Putin and Russia only if Banderastan survives and becomes a functional state aligned with NATzO. Clearly this is not a certainty at present. I see Banderastan falling apart and a rump western part joining NATzO with basically most of historical Novorossiya joining Russia.

  15. kirill says:

    The dumbing down of America is going full steam. This “Rube Goldberg math” is something else.

    • Patient Observer says:

      Common core math is indeed an abomination. It nearly destroyed my son’s interest in math. I’m teaching him old school math. Of course, I am also supplementing his history lessons with alternative analyses and with a more comprehensive range of topics.

      Another thing – most teachers of common core math at my son’s public school do not understand it themselves. I noted errors in homework assignments which only compounded the confusion among the students.

      One more thing – they are expected to learn from online videos and sloppily prepared study sheets – not a real math book. The school system is trying to make education paperless. This, to me, stunts the critical skills of eye-hand coordination, the ability to express abstract concept visually (e.g. making good sketches of ideas), etc. For example, mechanical drafting skills with the associated ability to visualize have been replaced by learning how to manipulate software.

      Perhaps these are cost-cutting measures but the results is that the US public education system, from my experience, is in free fall.

      Here is a tin-foil hat theory based on the linked article. If Bill Gates is promoting a method of education that stunts learning among the masses while sending his own kids to private school that does not use the same method, could this be a way help to create a society of dysfunctional masses ruled by a well-trained elites?

      • yalensis says:

        When it comes to Math, I think the traditional textbook approach is the best.

        For History and the social sciences, though, I would recommend replacing big textbooks with individual monographs and other study materials focusing on specialized themes.

        Reason being: For Math, there is a standard (finite) set of facts and techniques that need to be mastered at the school level; whereas there is no such thing as a “standard” or finite sets of historical facts.

      • marknesop says:

        A commenter to the article suggested Microsoft was setting itself up to step seamlessly into public education when the IT bubble bursts.

        • yalensis says:

          Somebody else suggested they are trying to prepare kids to become programmers of digital computers (like Bill Gates started out).
          But that doesn’t make any sense either, because digital computers do not use this method to subtract. Instead, they use a method called “2’s complement addition”.

          This youtube video explains quite clearly how it is done in binary computer registers:

          • Matt says:

            Computers do use binary arithmetic, but for a human to do so, it involves converting from base 10 to base 2 and then subtracting. In order to convert from base 10 to base 2, you have to follow a step-by-step procedure which involves the remainder.

            Compare converting from base 10 to 2:


            to the image given in the ZH article of the new subtraction method being taught:

            You can see there is some similarity in the thought process, “carrying” the remainder forward is the main lesson being taught.

            • yalensis says:

              That’s a good point, I can see some similarity in the thought process. The methodology is not exactly the same, but the process is one of mechanical iteration, as a computer would use. I wonder if this notion of mechanical iteration rather than memorizing tables, is what attracted the likes of Bill Gates to core?

      • Evgeny says:

        Patient Observer, do you understand Russian? If that’s the case, you might find this of interest:

        It’s a Russian correspondence school, a kind of pre-Internet distance learning. In my country, it’s a good supplement to a public school.

        • Patient Observer says:

          As an American, I only speak English (know a little Serbian and some Romanian from my wife). I do agree that internet schooling can be effective if the parents are fully engaged. Kids learn time management skills and a greater sense of responsibility (again, only if the parents are at their side). Kids from the inner city of Detroit (where public schools are essentially prisons) especially benefit from such opportunities.

    • saskydisc says:

      There is an older abomination, known as outcomes based education, which was a scheme to destroy the syllabus, while keeping teachers too busy with paperwork (recording “outcomes”) to preserve copies of the syllabus or properly teach. It started in USA, was rejected there, got foisted on South Africa and Australia, got rejected by 2008 in RSA, not sure when in Australia, then got foisted on Canada, although opposition is building. Seeing that high school teachers can see through it and opposition precedes it, the OBE clowns changed tack—now Engineering colleges in North America must follow this tomfoolery if they want to retain accreditation.

    • marknesop says:

      That is just bizarre. One commenter suggested the methods might be geared toward more complex problems where numbers do not represent real things, but concepts; but I just can’t see that, either. But then, I’ve never been good at math and was always afraid of it. Whatever the case, I would have dropped out of school in Grade Three if I’d had to learn this way. It makes math problems ten times more complicated than they need to be, and every time you introduce another step you introduce another possibility of making a mistake.

      • likbez says:

        Very true ! I am pretty good in math but this is still too much artificially introduced complexity for too. Still it would be a perfect way to work with roman numbers. And that’s BTW why Arabic notation is so much superior.

        What a bunch of morons !!!

        • yalensis says:

          Ha ha, good point, likbez!
          Roman numerals were so incredibly stupid, this was probably the main reason why Romans never actually created a digital computer. They came this close, but couldn’t quite get there.
          The closest they came (I read this in a book whose title I no longer remember) was in the world of theater. Some Roman playwright invented a fully automated puppet theater, using knotted ropes. HIs system was actually a digital binary computer, with the knots representing ‘1’s and the non-knotted rope representing ‘0’. I forget the description of how it worked, but basically the director could just set it in motion, and the appearances of puppets and scene changes, etc., were all automated and basically ran themselves, based on the program.
          It goes without saying that this director employed sailors as stage-hands, because who knows knots better than sailors?

  16. kirill says:

    Why would an employee at Browder’s company doing accounting be a lawyer? I can see a lawyer consulting on accounting laws, but accountants and lawyers are not interchangeable. Now Magnitsky is also an “activist”. One does not become an “activist” after being busted by the authorities for corruption. All that Magnitsky, the corrupt accountant, was doing was accusing the authorities of being corrupt to escape the law. Thanks to NATzO propaganda and support, clowns like Magnitsky could make any sort of wild ass claim and be treated as “persecuted dissidents”.

    • marknesop says:

      If you read kovane’s original post on Magnitsky and Browder…let me see if I can find it….yes, here, he alludes that the scheme to start up shell companies in Kalmykia for the purpose of acquiring shares in Russian companies at local tax rates was Magnitsky’s, as was that to hire four disabled persons so as to reap that tax benefit as well. Certainly the signatures in their workbooks are all Magnitsky’s, and by their own testimonies it was a scam; they did little but empty office wastebaskets. Several other points came up subsequently, such as if Browder was so concerned about Magnitsky’s safety in prison, why did he not send people to provide for his security and comfort, let the authorities know the eagle eye of the law protected Magnitsky? Although there are good reasons he could not do it himself – he was first banned from Russia and then wanted for questioning – he must have had plenty of people in Russia he could have contacted. It is far more likely that all he wanted to know about Magnitsky was that he had not talked, and all his blather about Magnitsky’s plight and efforts to free him was merely to ensure his continued silence.

      Magnitsky also did not work directly for Browder – he was employed by Firestone Duncan, the accounting firm Hermitage Capital engaged to do its accounting. The firm’s managing partner, Jamison Firestone, is a lawyer and member of the New York bar. But Firestone himself did not hesitate to support the lie that Magnitsky was a lawyer:

      “The Russian government’s cynicism and corruption reached its pinnacle when former President Dmitry Medvedev asked Russians to come forward and fight corruption — and a young Russian lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, did just that…As Sergei Magnitsky’s law partner, I remember arguing with him over whether his actions to expose the thefts were dangerous.”

      The rest of the article is typically-western lurid prose that reads like a detective novel. Putin has systematically crushed every single mechanism that could threaten his hold on power, he owns all the TV stations and has destroyed all opposition parties…and yet American regime-change attempts to overthrow him continue to this very day. I guess they don’t understand what ‘hopeless’ means. Either that, or Putin’s grip on power is not nearly so totalitarian as they make out.

    • moscowexile says:

      With that paragon of journalistic rectitude “Ekho Moskvy” one has a choice when it comes to deciding what Magnitsky’s profession really was:

      Сергей Магнитский был корпоративным юристом или бухгалтером, а не борцом за правду

      Sergei Magnitsky was either a corporate lawyer or a bookkeeper, but he was not a fighter for justice

      Then throughout the above linked article its author refers to Magnitsky as a “lawyer”.

      The newspaper Trud [Labour] (below) thinks the Ministry of Internal Affairs “changed” the lawyer Magnitsky into a bookkeeper:

      МВД превратило юриста Магнитского в бухгалтера

      «Магнитский был по образованию экономист, работал бухгалтером и аудитором. Юристом он не был. И как бухгалтер он разрабатывал схему ухода от налогов», — сказала начальник пресс-службы СК МВД Ирина Дудукина на пресс-конференции в центральном офисе «Интерфакса».

      Как утверждает Следственный комитет при МВД России, в 2002 году Сергей Магнитский включил в налоговые декларации компаний заведомо ложные сведения о наличии в штате организации не менее 50 процентов инвалидов для того, чтобы снизить платежи по налогу на прибыль в два раза. Юрист подыскал в Элисте несколько инвалидов и предложил им за относительно небольшое вознаграждение устроиться на работу в эти фирмы и стать «мертвыми душами».

      «В данном случае Магнитский являлся бухгалтером и участвовал в схемах ухода от налогов, в частности. Поэтому говорить о том, что он просто выполнял волю работодателя, не будучи осведомленным о конечной цели своих действий, невозможно», — продолжила рассказывать начальник пресс-службы СК МВД.

      По мнению СК МВД, «юристом» Сергея Магнитского стали называть лишь для того, чтобы ввести в заблуждение западную общественность. «Термин „юрист“ придуман для западных людей, у них он приравнен к „адвокату“. Если человек — юрист, он выполняет поручения работодателя, не будучи осведомленным об истинном характере данных действий. У нас такими правами обладают только адвокаты», — отметила она.

      “Magnitsky was an economist by education, worked as an accountant and auditor. He was not a lawyer. As an accountant he developed a scheme for evading taxation” said head of the press service of of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Ministry of Interior Affairs, Irina Dudukina at a press conference in the Central office of ‘Interfax’…

      As claimed by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, in 2002 Sergei Magnitsky was involved with company tax returns, knowing that said returns contained false data concerning the presence in the staff of not less than 50 percent of employees having disabilities in order to reduce tax payments on profits twofold …

      “In this instance, Magnitsky was an accountant and was involved in tax evasion schemes, in particular. To say that he was just fulfilling the wishes of his employer, whilst being unaware of the ultimate goal of his employer’s actions is impossible”, the chief of the IC press service of the MIA continued to say.

      According to the IC MIA, “Sergey Magnitsky only became known as a lawyer so as to mislead the Western public. “The term ‘lawyer’ was invented for Western people, who equate it with the term “advocate”. If a person is a lawyer, he then performs tasks for an employer, not being knowledgeable about the true nature of these actions. We have such rights only for lawyers”. she said.

      “In this instance, Magnitsky was an accountant”, summed up the representative of the IC MIA.

      See Trud newspaper, the organ which published the above.

      And then there are many Russian blogs about the myths concerning Magnitsky, one of which being that he was a lawyer and which have statements such as this:

      Стандартная информационная «джинса» Браудера, активно размещаемая в последние годы в российских и зарубежных СМИ выглядит следующим образом:

      «Hermitage hired the Moscow lawyer Sergei Magnitsky to investigate the scam and he publicly named a number of key Interior Ministry officials who he believed were involved. Days after going public he was arrested by the same men he had accused and was held in prison for a year. He died in November 2009 after being refused vital medication following months of increasingly brutal treatment». (британская Independent)

      В подобных материалах Магнитский постоянно фигурирует как юрист. Это стало столь общепринятым утверждением, что юристом Магнитского называют даже государственные российские СМИ: «Первый канал», «Россия-1″ и РИА «Новости». Более того, в большинстве публикаций утверждается, что Магнитский был нанят Hermitage непосредственно для «расследования» дела о хищении нескольких дочерних компаний. Все это — вранье. Но про вторую часть этого вранья будет ниже, а для начала разберемся со сферой деятельности Магнитского.

      Так вот. Сергей Магнитский никакой не юрист и никогда им не был. Он закончил академию им. Плеханова по специальности «Финансы и кредит», имел аттестат аудитора и всю жизнь работал бухгалтером или аудитором. Юристом он никогда не работал и соответствующей квалификации у него не было.

      The standard information actively placed in recent years in Russian and foreign media by “Jeans” Browder, is as follows:

      “Hermitage hired the Moscow lawyer Sergei Magnitsky to investigate the scam and he publicly named a number of key Interior Ministry officials who he believed were involved. Days after going public he was arrested by the same men he had accused and was held in prison for a year. He died in November 2009 after being refused vital medication following months of increasingly brutal treatment”. (British Independent)

      In such materials it has been constantly stated that Magnitsky was a lawyer. It has become such a common statement that Magnitsky has even been labelled as a lawyer by Russian state media such as “Channel Russia-1” and RIA “Novosti”. Moreover, in most publications it is alleged that Magnitsky was hired by Hermitage directly to “investigate” cases of theft amongst several subsidiaries. Everything is a lie. More about the second part of this lie is below, but first let us deal with Magnitsky.

      Sergei Magnitsky was not a lawyer and never was. He graduated from the Plekhanov Academy in “finance and credit”, had an auditor’s certificate and worked all his life as an accountant or auditor. He never worked as a lawyer and did not possess the relevant qualifications to do so…

      See: Myths of the “Magnitsky case”

      And there are many such links on the Russian web as the last above.Just search for Мифы “дела Магнитского”.

      However, that last link above continues:

      Доказательства представлены ниже, нажмите для увеличения:

      Evidence for this is presented below: …

      And below there are five photographs — all have been deleted.

      And they are deleted on all the other “Magnitsky Myth” blogs as well.

      I remember these photographs. I downloaded them and posted them on other sites, this being one of them, I think.

      The deleted photographs were of the qualifications that Magnitsky received from the Plekhanov Academy and of his accountancy/bookkeping qualifications.

      They have all vanished.

      How strange!

      Nice one, Bill!

      • moscowexile says:

        My criticism of what seemed to be at first sight equivocation on the part of Ekho Moskvy (see above) as regards Magnitsky’s profession was misdirected.

        The person who was equivocating was not the author of the Ekho Moskvy article, but cuddly little Dima, who is a lawyer as it happens — well, they say he is.

        Navalny is a corporate lawyer as well — so they say.

        Having read the article in full, right at the end it states that

        Экономист Сергей Алексашенко удивлен заявлениями Дмитрия Медведева по делу Сергея Магнитского. Юрист не может себе позволять себе произносить фразы, в которых настолько нарушена любая логика, — уверен Алексашенко.

        Алексашенко добавил, что Медведеву следовало бы извиниться перед семьей Сергея Магнитского или хотя бы признаться, что премьер ничего не может сделать с бюрократией в России, но точно не обвинять погибшего юриста.

        Economist Sergei Aleksashenko was surprised by Dmitry Medvedev’s statements about the Sergei Magnitsky case. A lawyer cannot afford to pronounce phrases in which any form of logic is so violated, so Aleksashenko believes.

        Aleksashenko added that Medvedev ought to apologize to the family of Sergei Magnitsky or at least admit that the prime minister cannot do anything about Russian bureaucracy but should definitely not blame the deceased lawyer.

        And so Aleksashenko, it seems, believes that Magnitsky was a lawyer.

        He was not.

        Medvedev is still a prat though.

        Medvedev’s address concerning Magnitsky was reported in English here on 23 Jan, 2013 :

        Magnitsky was an accountant, not a truth seeker – Medvedev

        • moscowexile says:

          “He was a corporate lawyer or an accountant and he defended the interests of the people who hired him. He was not a truth seeker”, Medvedev told Bloomberg television. “Nevertheless, I feel pity for him as this man died in prison”, the Russian PM added.

          What a pillock!

  17. kirill says:

    So Putin is responsible for every suspicious death, but when it comes to the Clintons no amount of deaths ***directly*** related to court cases and investigations has any relevance and gets any attention.

    • marknesop says:

      Remarkable. There seems to be no interest at all in connecting the dots. Nobody – in the mainstream – seems to find this at all suspicious, at least those for whom it is even on the radar.

    • Matt says:

      A stunning example of fake news and why ZH is trash.

      ” But not long before his death, he acknowledged that his life was in danger because he was outspoken on the criminal activities of the Clinton Foundation.”

      The above text is hyper-linked to a GatewayPundit article, but nowhere in the article does it mention he “acknowledged his life was in danger” due to Clinton.

      “Eberwein was a fierce critic of the Clinton Foundation’s activities in the Caribbean island, …. “The Clinton Foundation, they are criminals, they are thieves, they are liars, they are a disgrace,” Eberwein said at a protest outside the Clinton Foundation headquarters in Manhattan last year.”

      There is literally no instance of him ever criticizing Hillary Clinton. I checked the web of any instance of him mentioning Clinton…. and didn’t find a single example. Furthermore, the above quote attributed to Eberwein, that he apparently said at a protest, also has no previous record. None. Zero. Not a single example of the internet carrying those words before these articles about his death were published.

      “. Eberwein was due to appear on Tuesday before the Haitian Senate Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission where he was widely expected to testify that the Clinton Foundation misappropriated Haiti earthquake donations from international donors.”

      Utterly false. Nobody “widely expected” him to testify against Clinton. The above text was modified by ZH from the original Miami Herald text, below:

      “During and after his government tenure, Eberwein faced allegations of fraud and corruption on how the agency he headed administered funds. Among the issues was FAES’ oversight of shoddy construction of several schools built after Haiti’s devastating Jan. 12, 2010, earthquake.

      Eberwein was scheduled to appear Tuesday before the Haitian Senate’s Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, the head of the commission, Sen. Evalière Beauplan confirmed. The commission is investigating the management of PetroCaribe funds, the money Haiti receives from Venezuela’s discounted oil program.”

      Thus, he was being investigated for fraud and corruption due to his misuse of funds received by Haiti from Venezuela’s discounted oil program. That is the original story.

      “Eberwein was only 50-years-old and reportedly told acquaintances he feared for his life because of his fierce criticism of the Clinton Foundation.”

      The above text links to a WND article published about his death. But even that article has no mention of Eberwein ever expressing fear for his life.

      ” But, according to Eberwein, it was the Clinton Foundation who was deeply in the wrong – and he intended to testify and prove it on Tuesday: According to Eberwein, a paltry 0.6 percent of donations granted by international donors to the Clinton Foundation with the express purpose of directly assisting Haitians actually ended up in the hands of Haitian organizations. A further 9.6 percent ended up with the Haitian government. The remaining 89.8 percent – or $5.4 billion – was funneled to non-Haitian organizations.”

      Once again, I scoured the entire web for any mention of Eberwein claiming the above… and found nothing. Not one article, in any language, associating Eberwein and Clinton.

      It seems this is what happened: a Haitian man being investigated for fraud and corruption due to his misuse of funds belonging to the state panicked and commit suicide. The Miami Herald then reported on his death. Various right-wing fake news websites, like TheGatewayPundit, WND, and ZeroHedge,realizing an opportunity to spin this news, falsely re-printed the story by creating the narrative that he was due to “testify against Clinton”. In order to mask the fact that he was corrupt, they fabricated quotations they attributed to him and claimed the misuse of funds was due to Clinton.

      Such an obvious example of partisan fake news. And the funny thing is, this is exactly how every.single.conspiracy.theory about the Clintons and people dying gets twisted.

      And what’s even more ironic is that readers of this blog should know better: organized crime has been responsible for many deaths in London, regarding corrupt figures who at one point had links to the Russian government/security services. Remember how the deaths of Berezovsky and Litvinenko were twisted by the Western MSM? No different than right-wing news sites doing the same to Clinton.

      • saskydisc says:

        Zero Hedge got punked by Baxter Dmitri. Which really speaks more to their unwillingness to discuss Clinton’s 2009 Coup in Honduras.

        • Matt says:

          Holy moly, this Baxter character is a fake news God.

          It seems he panders to reactionary right-wingers who have an image of Putin being some some of anti-Muslim, super Christian White nationalist strongman who is against the “Illuminati”, Jewish bankers, and hates Israel… all of which is false.

          As the above link mentions, he’s just like Sorcha Faal.

          A list of his… literary work:


          Putin: Russia Is Ready To Show Proof That 9/11 Was An Inside Job

          Queen Elizabeth Promises To ‘Take Back America’ If Trump Elected

          Vatileaks: Pope Says US Democracy Is Dead, Obama A “Dictator”

          Putin: Human Evolution Under Threat By Big Pharma, GMO, Vaccines

          Pope Warns “End Of Days Begin Now” As Iran-Saudi Crisis Develops

          Putin Unleashes Cyborg Rats In War Against ISIS

          North Korea Threatens Retaliation As Kim Jong-un Deported From UK

          Putin: The Illuminati Hope To Start World War 3, I Won’t Let Them

          Queen’s 2015 Christmas Message: “Enjoy Your Final Christmas”

          Donald Trump Strongly Denies Gay Putin Rumors

          Iran’s Supreme Leader Says New World Order To Be Thwarted In 2016

          Putin: ISIS Was Made In The USA, And We’re Going To Destroy Them

          Former Nanny Says Kim Kardashian An Illuminati Insider

          Putin Has Proof Princess Diana Was Killed By British Royal Family

          Putin’s 2016 New Year Speech – I’m Going To Defeat The Illuminati

          David Icke Didn’t Expose Jimmy Savile Before He Died, But Tells Fans He Did

  18. Matt says:

    A good article on North Korea by the second-best NK watcher (with the best one being Dr. Andrei Lankov).

    • Matt says:

      “Can we learn to live with a nuclear North Korea that sold missile technology to Iran, built a nuclear reactor in a part of Syria now controlled by ISIS, and threatened to sell nuclear weapons to terrorists? That attacked our South Korean treaty ally or U.S. forces stationed in Korea in 1968, 1969, 1970, 1976, 1983, 1987, 1998, 2002, 2010, and 2015, killing 50 South Koreans in 2010 alone? That sends assassins to murder human rights activists and dissidents in exile? That has launched cyberattacks against banks, newspapers, nuclear power plants, and the Seoul subway? That launched another cyberattack against a Hollywood movie studio, made terrorist threats against movie theaters in the United States, and chilled the freedom of expression that Americans cherish and have given their lives for? That murdered the half-brother of its tyrant with a deadly nerve agent, in a crowded airport terminal, in the capital city of a friendly nation, 5,000 miles away? That may already be able to strike the United States with a nuclear weapon? The very idea is madness.”

      • saskydisc says:

        Am I to take it that you would support a military intervention to rid USA of its nukes, based on its genocidal conduct, including but not limited to within North Korea (one in six dead due to US bombing)? Or is your motto “different strokes for different folks”? By the way, posting walls of text is a confession that you seek to make your opponent weary on account of a lack of argument. PS as it is your side (will you again pull “childishness” to avoid responsibility for your own actions?) that helped ISIS along against the Syrian Arab Army with air attacks, will you at least make a pretense of honesty by calling for a war against your own? I am not holding my breath.

        • Matt says:

          No, I would not support that, mainly because even without nuclear weapons, the disastrous interventions in the Middle East or in Latin America during the Cold War would still have had happened. And because the U.S. is a relatively free society. Not perfect, but then no country is. Depriving the U.S. of its nuclear weapons would merely alter the Great Power relationships, and nothing else.

          This is fun. Let’s hypothesize some more: i the U.S. civil war had ended up with the U.S. splitting into two entities, and if the Northern entity sucking the human capital of its people to develop nuclear weapons to protect the dictatorship in power, holding the South hostage and preventing reunification, then yes, I would support an intervention to rid that entity of its nukes.

          • saskydisc says:

            And because the U.S. is a relatively free society. Not perfect, but then no country is. Depriving the U.S. of its nuclear weapons would merely alter the Great Power relationships, and nothing else.

            Go tell that to the 40 thousand dead due to your contra friends, or to the 200 thousand dead due to your friends in Guatemala, or to the 10 million dead in Congo-Kinshasa due to your friends Museveni and Kagame, or to the 1 million dead in Angola due to your friend Savimbi. Or to the one in six North Koreans killed in the Korean war by the US-allied forces, who not only used anthrax in Korea, but in China as well. To name a few cases. Even if your lies were truth, they would still amount to an argument to disarm your favourite state.

            • yalensis says:

              Hear hear! And that’s not even mentioning the hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese people killed and poisoned by napalm and burned by white-phosphorus bombs.
              Oh, and the Libyans who were killed or lost their livelihoods at the hands of Matt’s heroine Hillary (“We came we saw he died”) Clinton.
              Or the wholesale destruction of nations such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria. Ukraine.
              While Matt cheers on the butchers.

              • Matt says:

                You are falsely and fallaciously accusing me of supporting the slaughter in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria, merely because I want the North Korean regime to stop oppressing its people.

                You are lying and you know you are lying.

                • Special_sauce says:

                  spoken like a true bullshit artist

                • yalensis says:

                  I’m not lying, I’m just trying to figure out what you actually believe, for Chrissake!

                  Let’s just take one example: Libya.
                  Did you support Hillary and her Regime Changers there?
                  If so, will you admit that their efforts ended with the slaughter of hundreds of thousands and the destruction of a once-wealthy nation?

                  In an earlier comment you joked about Gaddafi getting it up the ass.
                  (1) Did you support the Al Qaeda jihadists who murdered him and took over the government; and
                  (2) Did you cheer for their torture and murder of Gaddafi? Or do you condemn that act?

                • Jen says:

                  If Matt makes crude jokes about Gaddafi being sodomized, asserts that Venezuelan President Maduro and his family have links to the illegal drug trade in Latin America and constantly bangs on about Kim Jong-un running a despotic regime, with not a shred of evidence other than what he deliberately selects to support his beliefs, all his lies that he does not support regime change in Syria or any other country whose government the US does not like because it follows its own path or refuses to trade in US dollars do nothing other than reveal him for the empty vessel that he is.

                  I frankly see no point in trying to have an honest and open discussion with him because he is unwilling and/or unable to argue properly but instead tries to weasel his way out of trouble, changes the subject or claims to hold certain opinions or agrees with some positions (so as to throw commenters off balance or to insinuate himself into their affections) that might give the superficial sheen of appearing at least two-dimensional in his general outlook and view of the world.

            • Matt says:

              More fallacious accusations. When I said “Not perfect”, I was referring to freedom of speech in the U.S. I never once claimed the U.S. has never done anything bad abroad, as you dishonestly try to claim by repeatedly using the words “you” and “your”.

              No matter how many times you repeat those words, you will only delude yourself into thinking I support the above events/people, even when I clearly don’t.

              Your accusations now consist of me *maybe* being responsible for your speed issues with this site, “NATO intelligence” being behind a spam network I discovered, me owning one of these spam accounts, and me supporting various U.S.-supported proxy deaths and torture in Latin America.

              I see that you are not here for honest discussion and that you are either a troll or have psychological problems. Therefore, I will no longer reply to your posts.

            • Cortes says:

              Even some US citizens seek to rein in the unaccountable deployment of military force. A good recent example, concerning drones, the right to protest and VI Amendment rights:


          • saskydisc says:

            PS: your contra friends:

            And it hasn’t escaped notice that ISIS/Nusrah was funded quite often through the same channel as the contras were: Bandar bin Sultan as Saud.

            • Matt says:

              Uh, I never supported the Contras. So please stop trolling me.

              • Cortes says:

                You support the contras in “your mother country.”

              • saskydisc says:

                Cute: This is comedy gold. The administration in Venezuela has well-known ties to drug smugglers. That includes Maduro’s family and even the Vice President.

                Your link contains accusations, by the CIA/Contras cocaine trader linked organisation, Department of Homeland Security, which has a foreign policy motivation to spread such stories. As such, you links do not nearly rise to the level of evidence that I suggested for NATO involvement in your pedo-liker trolls. At the very best, one could hypothesise that the DHS resents the alleged competition, although nowadays they are more into the captogan networks, as evidenced in Syria.

                • Matt says:

                  Classic attacking the source fallacy.

                  ” in your pedo-liker trolls. ”

                  “saskydisc”, please seek mental help.

                • yalensis says:

                  Matt: At 5:19 PM you said you wouldn’t reply to saskydisc any more.
                  Then you replied to him again at 6:43 PM.

              • saskydisc says:

                PS The butthurt of the US governmental cocaine traders was so intense that they gave a pure example of plea bargain as subornation to perjury—assigning a disbarred attorney to Celerino Castillo III, and using the latter to get the former to accept a plea deal. Remember: it wasn’t only Gary Webb that caught you terrorists trading cocaine—the DEA, in particular agent Castillo, caught you as well. What was that about not supporting the contras, while repeating the contras’ employers’ agit-prop regarding Venezuela?

                • Matt says:

                  “Remember: it wasn’t only Gary Webb that caught you terrorists trading cocaine—the DEA, in particular agent Castillo, caught you as well. ”

                  I was caught trading cocaine? Wow. saskydisc, please inform the Canadian authorities ASAP.

              • saskydisc says:

                The ‘you’ was plural, and you—singular—knew it.

                • Matt says:

                  I know the “you” was plural. It was referring to me as being part of that group. You implied I am part of a cocaine smuggling axis. Which is another baseless accusation.

                  Remember “NATO intelligence” being behind that spam network, my schizophrenic friend? Or me “maybe” causing your slowdowns with this site? Or me owning one of the spam accounts?

                  All this back and forth, and yet, still no evidence provided by my fellow programmer.

                  Did you ever finish that PhD of yours?

              • saskydisc says:

                You are de facto either a part of a cocaine trader axis, or abetting same. To wit, you are performing propaganda services in support of an invasion and associated terrorism in North Korea. My educational status need not concern you.

                • Matt says:

                  K, fine, I admit it: I once sold cocaine to Kim Jong-un. You have exposed me.

                  “My educational status need not concern you.”

                  I’ll take that as a no. No wonder you have such hatred. Hey, I’d be an angry man too if I wasted bucketloads of money on an education program I failed.

              • saskydisc says:

                Oops, I forgot to add—the cocaine trader axis of which you are either a part or which you abet, is the US government, through your propaganda services, although nowadays, captogan is the market, is it not?

                • Matt says:

                  ” although nowadays, captogan is the market, is it not?”

                  Actually, it’s gummy bears. Kim absolutely *loves* those.

          • saskydisc says:

            Should I inform the Canadian authorities of the joint US-Canadian-French cocaine-trader involved invasion and occupation of Haiti, to which the Canadian authorities confessed, on the 9th of November, 2004, in the Canadian Parliament? Go on.

            • Matt says:

              Please inform the Canadian authorities of me owning an account belonging to a spam network and of “NATO intelligence” being behind this network.

              Please also inform Mark of me being responsible for some slowdown you experienced on this site, as you earlier implied. I am sure he will take appropriate action.

              • yalensis says:

                Dear Matt: Please stop being sarcastic, and respond to Sasky’s main point:
                You state that you didn’t support the Nicaraguan contras (Ronnie Reagan is weeping in his grave). This implies, you didn’t support Ronnie’s attempts to overthrow Daniel Ortega.

                And yet the contradiction is that you support the modern-day contras (and yes, they are pretty much one and the same people, and still supported by the CIA, and still financing themselves via drug-running) against Maduro.
                Can you speak to this contradiction, please, and explain your position? And without juvenile sarcasm, please.

    • Matt says:

      Another great quote from the writer, from another post he made:

      “Let’s stop tiptoeing around what most of us have quietly wished for, but which we’ve done nothing — at least nothing I can see — to instigate: North Korea needs a revolution. It is in our interest to be rid of Kim Jong-Un, but above all, it’s in the interests of the North Korean people to be rid of him. The merchants who have waged a quiet war of resistance against the state’s shake-down artists and forced-labor press-gangs want it to be rid of it. The nameless victims of torture who wanted nothing more than the right to live and move freely want to be rid of it. The people of North Hamgyeong, who are still waiting for an uncaring government to help them more than a year after floods devastated their homes and farms want to be rid of it. The dirt-poor private farmers whose land is being confiscated, even as food prices rise, want to be rid of it. The collective farmers whose hopes for agricultural reform were dashed into the reality of exploitative sharecropping want to be rid of it. The poor, who scrape through life inside the confines of a state-imposed class system, want to be rid of it. The soldiers who are killing their abusive officers or walking through minefields to freedom want to be rid of it. The desperately hungry border guards who carry their guns into China and desert want to be rid of it. The elites in Pyongyang, who have begun defecting in greater numbers than ever — to include diplomats, money launderers, security officials, and (most recently) one of Kim Jong-Un’s bodyguards — want to be rid of it. The men, women, and children in the gulags must surely pray that they may live long enough to be rid of it. The 30,000 North Koreans who risked everything to flee to South Korea — and the countless others who died along the way, or in prison camps after they were recaptured — wanted to be rid of it.”

      • saskydisc says:

        Let’s stop tip-toeing around the US’s, and allies’ use of terrorism and mass killing as an instrument of policy.

        PS: The elites in Pyongyang, who have begun defecting in greater numbers than ever — to include diplomats, money launderers, security officials, and (most recently) one of Kim Jong-Un’s bodyguards — want to be rid of it.
        So the various criminals want out—normally that is a sign of health—the must be having a hard time making ends meet. Then again, as the source is a criminal, some caution should be used in interpretation.

        • yalensis says:

          Our friend “Matt” is clearly an anarchistic sociopath who simply wants to sow chaos all over the world.

          • Matt says:

            Sociopaths support the oppression of the North Korean people merely because the regime doing this oppressing said some bad things about the Gringos.

            Anything in the name of “anti-imperialism”, right, yalenis?

            • Patient Observer says:

              Lets broaden this a little. OK? Sociopathic national leaders support oppression throughout the Middle East and much of Latin American. Care to name those sociopaths? Or, will you ignore this inconvenient truth as you have consistently done in your postings. Hit and run (a lot more run than hit).

              • Matt says:

                Sure, I’m no hypocrite. The sociopaths who support the regimes in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Venezuela, etc.

                All non-democracies are supported by sociopaths. And even some democracies have sociopaths. Trump is one example. Ditto for Theresa May.

                “Or, will you ignore this inconvenient truth as you have consistently done in your postings.”

                What, you expect me to denunciate every single dictatorship and its high-profile supporters? I’ve made my views on the matter clear above.

                • Patient Observer says:

                  High profiles supporters like the MSM? A general statement that the MSM supports the most vile dictators is sufficient. Can you do that?

                • Matt says:

                  Reply to PO:

                  “High profiles supporters like the MSM? A general statement that the MSM supports the most vile dictators is sufficient. Can you do that?”

                  I never support generalizations. I’m perfectly willing to criticize any individual media outlet over individual stories/narratives.

                  Who broke the My Lai massacre scoop by Seymour Hersh?

                  “Hersh then went to the small Washington-based Dispatch News Service, which sent it to fifty major American newspapers; thirty of them accepted it for publication. New York Times reporter Henry Kamm investigated further and found several My Lai massacre survivors in South Vietnam. He estimated the number of killed civilians as 567. Time magazine’s article on November 28, 1969 and in Life magazine on December 5, 1969, finally brought My Lai to the fore of the public debate about Vietnam War.”

                  What about the Abu Ghraib prison scandal?

                  “On November 1, 2003, the Associated Press presented a special report on the massive human rights abuses at Abu Ghraib.

                  The scandal came to widespread public attention In April 2004, when a 60 Minutes II news report was aired on April 28 by CBS News, describing the abuse, including pictures showing military personnel taunting naked prisoners. An article was published by Seymour M. Hersh in The New Yorker magazine (posted online on April 30 and published days later in the May 10 issue).”

                  What about Iran-Contra?

                  “Twenty-eight years ago, on November 4, 1986, The New York Times published a story – based largely on a Lebanese press account – that blew the lid off one of the more bizarre U.S. foreign policy initiatives of modern times.”

                  There are many more examples. Can you see the point I am trying to make? Saying the entire “MSM” and therefore, all those involved with it, “support the most vile dictators”, is dishonest and a blanket statement. Many dictators that are pro-American are routinely criticized in the MSM.

                  Again: there there is nothing wrong with criticizing the MSM for a specific narrative i.e. their coverage on Syria, or an individual outlet’s coverage.

                • Patient Observer says:

                  Matt – my question did not require a generalization that all vile dictators are supported by the MSM, If you were able to follow logic – the proper answer is “Yes, the MSM can and has indeed supported the most vile dictators”. With that fact (care to dispute?), then the utility and trustworthiness of the MSM on NK, Russia, Syria, etc. has been reduced to something approaching zero. Now, do you see?

                  Regarding Seymour Hersch – how is he doing lately? Have you kept up with his latest reportage? And, have you noted that near-total censorship of his stories? You see, My Lai was only reported after it was clear the US was losing the Vietnam war so now it was time to end the public support. Not to worry, though, the killers of 500+ men, women and children did not spend a day in jail (I believe there was one under house arrest for a while). So, even when the media appears to “do the right thing”, it doesn’t do it for the right reasons.

                • Matt says:

                  Reply to PO:

                  “Regarding Seymour Hersch – how is he doing lately? Have you kept up with his latest reportage? And, have you noted that near-total censorship of his stories?”

                  I already said it’s fine to criticize the MSM for certain narrative they promote, like about the Syrian civil war. That includes their censorship of not mentioning Hersh’s recent story.

                  “My Lai was only reported after it was clear the US was losing the Vietnam war so now it was time to end the public support.”

                  And how do you know this? Were you privy to the private discussions of the media then? Hersh broke this story – he would know if the media sat on the story, and yet, he has never claimed that, at least from my searching.

                • Patient Observer says:

                  Matt – If you were able to follow logic – the proper answer is “Yes, the MSM can and has indeed supported the most vile dictators”. With that fact (care to dispute?), then the utility and trustworthiness of the MSM on NK, Russia, Syria, etc. has been reduced to something approaching zero. Now, do you see?

                  Just deal with it. I know, your house of cards argument would fall apart. So what? Do you hope to impress anywhere here who has already figured that out? Admitting the obvious may be the first step to give your presence here some credibility. You do want that. Right?

                • Matt says:

                  Reply to PO:

                  “Matt – If you were able to follow logic – the proper answer is “Yes, the MSM can and has indeed supported the most vile dictators”. Just deal with it. I know, your house of cards argument would fall apart.”

                  Nice back-peddling. This is what you originally said:

                  ” A general statement that the MSM supports the most vile dictators is sufficient.”

                  I refused to make such a statement and said i was happy to criticize individual media outlets or journalists over their stories, or criticize the MSM for certain narratives.

                  Let’s stop with this hypothetical garbage. Tell me, PO, what “most vile dictators” specifically does the MSM support? Come on now, be specific.

        • Matt says:

          Criminal? In what sense? Criminal because they defied the state by defecting, or criminal for other reasons? And what about the pro-government criminals in North Korea?

          • saskydisc says:

            Last time I checked, money laundering was a serious crime, yet the person whom you quote so reverently, suggests the opposition of money launderers to the NK state was cause to dismantle it:

            The elites in Pyongyang, who have begun defecting in greater numbers than ever — to include diplomats, money launderers, security officials, and (most recently) one of Kim Jong-Un’s bodyguards — want to be rid of it.

            Quite a confession, and it begs the question of US governmental ties to alleged North Korean money launderers. Such honesty is rare, and should be praised.

            I see that you now pretend to not supporting the contras, while you support de facto (including your support for the US government) the likes of ISIS and Al Qaeda, in light of US attacks on the Syrian Arab Army when the latter faces the likes of ISIS and Al Qaeda. Yet ISIS and Al Qaeda are funded, in part, through the same channels as the Contras—including Bandar bin Sultan as Saud. Do you hold Roman Catholic thugs to different standards than Muslim thugs?

            • Matt says:

              I know I said I wouldn’t reply to your posts anymore, but… wow. You have a stunning inability to do even the most basic research to backup your claims.

              The author who wrote the hyperlinked words “money launderers” linked to the following articles:



              If you had read the original piece by the author, you would have known that the “money launderers” were laundering money… for the North Korean regime, to help evade sanctions! Therefore, these people are “money launderers” from the standpoint of American law and maybe even international law. How the heck could you accuse these people of having ties to the U.S. government?

              This is the original post. Read it, in full:


              Please, think a little more before you post. First with the troll factory documents and now this, you’ve shown an inability to do even the most basic fact-checking.

              • saskydisc says:

                VOA, the US governmental mouth piece, says that the money laundering was done on behalf of the North Korean government. I seem to recall similar stories, since proven to be tall, about Aristide and Yvon Neptune being involved in genocide. Long story short: US government started to enforce arms embargo allegedly against Cedras, once Aristide returns, so government negotiates with gangs not to attack police; some gangs agree, some don’t; one gang that agrees not to attack the police kills the leader of another gang that agrees not to kill the police. Under NATO/Canadian direction—confession of 9 November 2004, in the Canadian parliament—former Gonaives police chief turned international cocaine trader (very cute that they have put up a robots.txt file—too many times breaking in on CIA cocaine dealings? The Washington Post, now competing with the Washington Times, has some delicious butt-hurt) takes over the victim gang, renames it a couple of times, starting from Cannibal Army, ending up with National Revolutionary Front for the Liberation of Haiti. The renamed gang under foreign cocaine-linked leadership starts killing cops in Gonaives, then the cops start winning, then US/Canadian/French special forces land and kidnap Aristide, launch fraudulent genocide charges against Neptune, with charges dismissed two years later, and run a mass terrorism campaign against the population. Early in the terror campaign, the foreign invaders (still occupying Haiti to the present, with multiple fraudulent elections under their belts) behead three Haitian cops, then blame Aristide’s party (Chimeres, for those who consume sufficient cocaine) and Haiti’s Arabised Syriac Christians (Alqaeda in Haiti, for those who consume sufficient cocaine) for the beheadings. Tres chic.

                As to NK, I take it your view is, contra the Dubliners, you have to kill the whole bloody lot (of the population) to set the people free—no one in six this time.

                • Matt says:

                  Those men are self-admitted money launders. They admit helping the North Korean regime evade sanctions, thus, your long-winded distractions aside, these are not “tall” stories. They are true.

                  “As to NK, I take it your view is, contra the Dubliners, you have to kill the whole bloody lot (of the population) to set the people free.”

                  Nope, that is just another trollish comment you are making.

                • Cortes says:

                  An awful lot of unlucky people who have bought the farm around the teflon Clintons, recently there’s Seth Rich and, re the marvellous work of the Clinton Foundation in Haiti there’s:


                • yalensis says:

                  Dear Matt: Up above in thread you wrote: “Sure, I’m no hypocrite…”
                  Yes, you ARE a hypocrite!

                  If you are not a hypocrite, then I urge you, once again, to drop your reddit nik of “DownWithAssad”.
                  Since you say you do not support the jihadists in Syria nor the regime-change there.
                  Therefore it is sheer hypocrisy on your part to wear a nik that you say you do not believe in. It’s like wearing a pro-Trump pin if you are not a Trump supporter.

                  And don’t tell me it’s too inconvenient, or reddit will force you to take another nik or whatever. No matter what the inconvenience, you need to get a new name to prove that you are not a hypocrite. How about “DownWithAlQaeda” ??

        • Patient Observer says:

          I think Mark and/or others have said that Matt has latched on to NK as it is the undisputed evil in the world per the MSM. By extension, he hopes to prove that everything that the MSM states that Russian medial disputes must also be the truth.

          The MSM is a prolific generator of falseshoods fashioned to create the necessary public opinion to generate a call for action in the Congress and at least apathy in the electorate. And one thing for certain, whenever the MSM starts to cry about HR abuse or evil dictators, the real reason for the negative stories is something entirely unrelated.

          In the case of NK, I can only speculate. Certainly a united Korea would no longer need or welcome the ongoing US occupation. A united Korea would be far more than its historical enemy, Japan, could handle. A united Korea could be a major part of the Chinese Eurasian economic development project. In short, a united Korea is a very bad thing UNLESS a pro-US/Japanese regime can be installed. That prospect looks very unlikely as as the memory of what the US did to them is burned into their neurons and Russia nor China would allow the necessary meddling for that to occur.

          The MSM has never found a dictator/thug/mass murder that it didn’t like if said dictator/thug/mass murderer was doing its bidding. IIRC, a US favorite was Pol Pot and the Khemer Rouge – those folks made NK look positively benign.

          Who, again, are the sociopaths? Who, Matt? Or, will you wimp out when your line of attack fails (yet again).

          • Matt says:

            “By extension, he hopes to prove that everything that the MSM states that Russian medial disputes must also be the truth.”

            Nope. Your psychoanalysis is incorrect here.

            “whenever the MSM starts to cry about HR abuse or evil dictators, the real reason for the negative stories is something entirely unrelated.”

            That too is wrong. The MSM is quite critical of Saudi Arabia, yet that doesn’t mean there is a nefarious plot being hatched against them. Such generalizations are only meant for simple-minded people.

            “Certainly a united Korea would no longer need or welcome the ongoing US occupation. A united Korea would be far more than its historical enemy, Japan, could handle. A united Korea could be a major part of the Chinese Eurasian economic development project. In short, a united Korea is a very bad thing UNLESS a pro-US/Japanese regime can be installed.”

            Your speculation deliberately refrains from mentioning China’s animosity towards such a state. A unified Korea would be an economic behemoth and a direct challenger to China’s dominance of Asian trade. Furthermore, there is no “American occupation” in South Korea – that is a meme spread by certain, ahem, “anti-imperialists” who fulfill their sexual appetite by calling random U.S. military bases around the world “occupations”. And yet, South Koreans are quite pro-American, far more than they are pro-Chinese. And if you think China wants a unified Korea, then you are even more naive than I thought.

            “Who, again, are the sociopaths? Who, Matt?”

            Yawn, already answered this question earlier. Did you miss it?

            • saskydisc says:

              Sexual fantasies” (or would that be crimes?) such as sticking a bottle up a vagina, and an umbrella up an anus, for example (Yun Geum-i)? Do tell. How about Park Chung Hee’s interesting practices? Again, do tell:

              Park Chung-hee, who ruled the country for most of the 1960s and 1970s, actually encouraged the sex trade in order to generate much-needed revenue, particularly at the expense of the thousands of U.S. troops stationed in the country.

              • Matt says:

                Not an occupation. Pointing out the sex trade does not prove the claims of an “occupied” South Korea. Most South Koreans support the U.S. military:


                If we are going to fling trivia at each other, here is some for you: the U.S. forced both South Korea and Taiwan to end their nuclear programs.

                How ironic, considering their enemies (North Korea and China, respectively) ended up getting nuclear weapons.

                • Special_sauce says:

                  Lol, the police investigated themselves and found themselves innocent. Quelle surprise!

                • saskydisc says:

                  Like the South Korean experiments in 1982, 2000 and possible further revelations in 2004? In both cases, US non-commitment to the NPT would be justification for Chinese and Soviet non-commitment to the NPT. Both China and Russia tried to prevent NK from developing nuclear weapons, but it was the US that forced NK’s hand. You play with fire, there are consequences. And it is notable that you haven’t played the games in NK that you played in Libya and Syria, or in the Ukraine, for that matter. Had you not chosen the terrorist path, we would not be in this situation. But apologists for empire are not exactly known for taking responsibility for their own actions, let alone for holding their own to account.

                • Matt says:

                  Reply to the “anti-imperialist” useful idiot saskydisc:

                  These games will be played in North Korea – the regime will be dismantled, the North freed from the totalitarian regime that you love so much and fanatically support, and Korea will become an economic behemoth that will challenge China, whose censorship you love.

                  See, I can do it too – accusing someone of something is easy!

                • saskydisc says:

                  I shall bite, regarding those most vile dictators. Let us start with the mukhabarat state par excellence, Jordan—while the media has provided tacit support for Saudi genocidal conduct in Yemen by largely refusing to cover the war, it could at least be argued that Saudi was doing the bidding of a faction of the US elite. Jordan supports largely the same takfiris as Qatar and Saudi do, but are by some measures worse, and do not perform the same terrorist heavy lifting for the US, so they should be more condemnable.

                  Another case in point—until Uzbekistan allowed Russian bases, the media was silent on governmental crimes there. Another case in point: Museveni and Kagame at the height of their crimes in DRC.Your media is still largely silent on Savimbi, Latortue, and at the times were silent on folks like Zia al Huq, and Musharraf, or the Shah, for that matter. The Honduran Junta’s crimes have received no notice. During the war on Laos and Cambodia, your media was also silent, though arguably that was to serve interests of state. Your media remains silent to this day about atrocities perpetrated by Croats, Bosnian Muslims and Kosovo Albanians, against Serbs. Likewise with Saakashvili’s crimes in South Ossetia. Only after Cedras had served his functions was there criticism. Where is the outrage from your media against Charles Taylor’s right hand woman, Sirleaf Johnson?

            • Special_sauce says:

              When Kim starts cruising Catalina Island, get back to us k?

              • Matt says:

                I promise I will gather his cruisin’ corpse and send the ashes to you. You may construct an altar and pray to it as you please.

                • yalensis says:

                  Is that a threat of violence against Kim? Are you actually threatening to kill him, Matt?
                  I know this is considered fun on reddit, where big-talking teenagers like to threaten to kill this one or that one.
                  Have you ever actually taken a human life, Matt?

            • Patient Observer says:

              Matt “By extension, he (Matt) hopes to prove that everything that the MSM states that Russian medial disputes must also be the truth.”

              Nope. Your psychoanalysis is incorrect here.

              “By extension” is term used in logic and not psycho-analysis.

              Matt, I think the limits of your knowledge and intelligence has been reached. Your continued participation seems driven by the need to prove yourself to someone (obviously, no one here as that has been a flop to say the least). As stated earlier, you seem to be posturing for someone else as you have no apparent audience here. I said in half-jest that you are trying to gain the attention of an NGO who could offer you an (unpaid?) internship. It now appears more likely that is indeed the case. If you have any self-respect, it would be a good time to move on.

              • Matt says:

                “By extension” is term used in logic and not psycho-analysis.”

                You tried to “extend” your logic using an assumption that you know what I “hope” to accomplish by criticizing North Korea. There was nothing “logical” about your post – it was a blatant falsehood. You made something up on the spot, saying I was trying to somehow claim the MSM has it right on Russia since I support their news about North Korea. Utterly false.

                “Matt, I think the limits of your knowledge and intelligence has been reached.”

                PO, I’ve thoroughly responded to your comments. Driven by frustration as you are, no need to start throwing around insults.

                “I said in half-jest that you are trying to gain the attention of an NGO who could offer you an (unpaid?) internship. It now appears more likely that is indeed the case.”

                I already told you I got a job at a local Soros NGO, member?

                • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

                  My dear chap, the idea of trolling is to cause butthurt in others, not to display your own butthurt.

                  Stop and re-evaluate, nobody can say I didn’t give you solid advice on how to be a better troll.

                  Я не можу тебе допомогти, якщо ти не допоможеш собі.

                • Patient Observer says:

                  But, Matt, you still never addressed the point of my posting that the MSM is capable of and has indeed supported the most vile of dictators; I dare say dictators worse than in NK (Pol Pat is an obvious choice for that honor). Are you able to articulate an answer to this that does not involve hand-waving and facts by assertion. Can you do this for me?

  19. likbez says:


    You are all over the place, but let’s return to Soros. Soros is a neoliberal, a staunch proponent of globalization. BTW Karl Popper was the member of Mont Perelin Society ( You can’t gen more neoliberal than that.

    Neoliberalism as “Trotskyism for rich” is determined to install neoliberal regimes on all countries, if necessary by force, or subversion (“color revolutions” model. )

    The accusation of totalitarism is a standard neoliberal practice for governments they do not like, especially those who are not very friendly for multinationals.

    BTW Soros as instrumental in the collapse of the USSR due to incompetence of Gorbachov and his clique of neoliberal reformers some of which later became part of Yeltsin entourage (Alexander Yakovlev, Yegor Gaidar, later the architect of the “shock therapy” reforms, Eduard Shevardnadze, etc). Their attempt to establish the second NEP ( which created a caste of “comsomol bankers” (like Khodorkovsky) went out of control and buried the already weakened USSR along with the splash of nationalism (by-and-large induced by the West) in all Soviet republics. .

    BTW he established presence in all major Soviet Republics and promoted nationalism like there is not tomorrow spending tens of million of dollars on bribing key intellectuals and policy makers and working in close cooperation with USAID (and even just one million dollars was substantial money at this period and can get you a substantial leverage) . Often working in close cooperation with emigrant organizations from the USA and Canada.

    Now he complain about rise of ethno-nationalism and cultural-nationalism in Europe 🙂

    • yalensis says:

      Dear likbez:
      That is an excellent comment and description of Soros.
      I particularly like that you used that phrase “Trotskyism for the rich”, as it perfectly encapsulates the vision and methodology of the Sorosites, without being a cheap shot at Trotsky.
      Sorosites borrowed Trotsky’s vision of “permanent revolutions” bringing proletarian/socialist parties into the government; but stood it on its head to mean permanent revolutions to overthrow socialist/secular regimes and bring parties representing the class interests of the multi-nationals into every government.
      In other words, the very opposite of proletarian revolution.

      Speaking of Old Bolsheviks, I here insert a plug for my latest post , which is translation of a biography of Lev Kamenev from the RIA series.

  20. ucgsblog says:

    Sorry about being MIA, I’m probably going to be MIA until mid-August, but in the meantime, here’s an interesting article:

    “We know that we can be an America that works for everyone, because we believe that our diversity is our greatest strength. … And we believe that when we put hope on the ballot we do well, and when we allow others to put fear in the eyes of people we don’t do so hot,” Tom Perez, chairman of the Democratic National Committee.


    “We need to be talking about impeachment constantly. … If you’re an elected Dem & you’re not talking impeachment or 25th amendment then find a new party,” Scott Dworkin, senior adviser to Democratic Coalition Against Trump, on Twitter.


    “We’re advising groups to pay attention to Russia, but the bottom line is they’re trying to take your health care away. That should be the focus. Eye on the prize,” Ezra Levin, co-founder of Indivisible.


    “I focus a lot on good-paying jobs, student loan issues, health care and the effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Those are the issues that are at the top of (voters’) minds. … I don’t think (the Russia investigation) has to interfere with our conversation about every day matters in people’s lives,” Jason Crow, Democratic candidate in Colorado’s 6th Congressional District.


    “Voters are getting plenty about the Russia story, and they don’t need candidates’ help making that case. … I think it’s a fundamental mistake to make this election a referendum on impeachment. That means it’s not an election on a health care bill that will raise premiums and take more than 22 million people off of their health care,” Zac Petkanas, Democratic strategist, former aide to Hillary Clinton.


    “We will both defend the integrity of our democracy (on the Russian investigation) and we will defend access to health care for tens of millions of people. The resistance is big enough and sophisticated enough to track both of those urgent and important issues,” Anna Galland, executive director of Civic Action.


    “All of that (on Russia) is going to come out, and if a politician was lacking in courage and never did anything about it, I think they will pay dearly for it, and they should. … But if you’re a governor candidate next year, you’re a lot smarter saying, ‘Here’s what I’m going to do about jobs and education and wages’ than weighing in every day on issues outside your control.” David Pepper, Ohio Democratic Party chairman.


    “We need to be able to explain what we’re for just as emphatically as who we are against. … Voters need to hear you talking about them more than they hear you talking about yourself, your opponent or the president.” Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana.


    The only two Democrats, out of that random sample, who are going “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia” I mean “Russia, Russia, Russia,” are Dworkin and Galland from MoveOn. I think this blog knows quite a bit about MoveOn, so I don’t need to mention it, and the only other person talking about it, is someone who is trying to make his name by impeaching Trump.

    Looks like the DNC is slowly starting to realize what voters want, despite inner party special interest groups. Levin and Crow summarize mainstream Democrats, so I’ll just requote them:

    “We’re advising groups to pay attention to Russia, but the bottom line is they’re trying to take your health care away. That should be the focus. Eye on the prize… I focus a lot on good-paying jobs, student loan issues, health care and the effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Those are the issues that are at the top of (voters’) minds. … I don’t think (the Russia investigation) has to interfere with our conversation about every day matters in people’s lives”

    Will the DNC lose in 2018, because they’re beholden to inner-party special interests? Stay tuned. Say what you will about Trump, but he certainly made politics a lot more entertaining to watch. Not sure if that’s good or bad, but I’m getting popcorn.

    • Lyttenburgh says:

      “Will the DNC lose in 2018, because they’re beholden to inner-party special interests? Stay tuned. “

      If they keep up their obsession with Russia – YES!

      Also – relevant article, which shows that this “rural/Red State American consensus”, apparently, keeps up, despite the constant propaganda barrage from the mainstream biased media. Oh, and correct me if I’m wrong, but the Vox is dye in the wool liberal outlet with handshakable agenda.

      I asked Trump voters in Michigan about the Russia investigation. They said it’s fake news.

      “It’s been nearly a year since the FBI started an investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Since then, the investigation has turned toward examining links between Russia and President Donald Trump’s associates and members of his campaign, and even possible obstruction of justice by Trump.

      The investigation has been the go-to news item and topic of many heated conversations since last July, at least in DC. But outside of the nation’s capital, many voters aren’t as concerned about possible Trump ties to Russia.

      When I recently visited my hometown and one other small town in Michigan that went for Trump, I talked with residents about the investigation. Nearly every single person I spoke with said the same thing: The media just needs to leave Trump alone, and the Russia investigation is a distraction.

      “I’m tired of hearing about the Russia thing. Let it go and move on. The media is the one that’s propagating it. They just won’t let it die,” said Nancy Androsky, a longtime resident whose grandchildren go to school in the area.

      Conversations with residents of Linden and Argentine, which are located between the cities of Detroit and Flint, confirmed what recent polls have shown — that Republicans don’t think the Russia investigation is a big deal. More than half of Republicans think the investigation is a political distraction, according to Vox’s Alexia Fernández Campbell’s analysis of a June CBS News poll. Only one in five consider it a critical security issue.

      And while nine out of 10 Democratic voters said that an investigation into Russian involvement in the election is somewhat or very important, only 35 percent of Republicans agreed, according to a February poll by Quinnipiac University .

      More important to the residents of Linden and Argentine Township than the Russia investigation are promises Trump made on the campaign trail: building a stronger military, restricting immigration by refugees and asylum seekers, and creating jobs for middle-class Americans.

      And around 60 percent of people in the two towns voted for Trump in the last election, up from the approximately 50 percent of people who voted for Republican candidate Mitt Romney in 2012.

      Despite the fact that he has yet to follow through on many of his campaign promises, including softening his position on China’s currency manipulation, failing to build a wall on the US-Mexico border, and struggling to repeal and replace Obamacare, his supporters keep saying “give him a chance.”

      “I think Trump will be a lot better than our previous president. I think he’s going to get things done,” said Rich Marshbanks, the owner of a local barbershop. “I think he’s basically a good man. His heart’s in the right place.”

      It’s not surprising that nearly every person I talked with said they supported Trump. With a combined population of approximately 6,500 people, the towns of Linden and Argentine are stereotypical small-town America. They’re the kind of place where you’ll run into at least one person you know at the only grocery store in town and the smell of cow manure from nearby dairy farms occasionally wafts in the air.

      “This is such a close-knit community,” said Sharon Stone, the editor of the Tri-County Times, a newspaper covering several towns in the area. “They love the small hometown feel, but all of the perks of having everything available to them. We have so many lakes in this area, and there’s quite a bit of money in this area.”

      These towns are also almost entirely white — 96 percent of Linden residents and 97 percent of Argentine residents identified as white on the 2010 census.

      Stone described the area as “passionate,” but since the last election, people have become disenchanted with politics. “It’s almost like they’re completely fed up with politics in general on both sides,” said Stone. “It’s not necessarily just the whole Russian thing that’s going on. It’s just politics in general.”

      And based on the conversations I had with people in the area who agreed to talk with me, that definitely seems to be true. People said they feel ignored by the Washington establishment, hate the “liberal media,” and couldn’t care less about the Russia investigation.

      “It’s a waste of time and energy for us out here in the hinterlands for us to worry about what’s going on in the cesspool in Washington,” said Norman Schmidt, Argentine’s treasurer who has been on the board for more than 20 years. “And it’s a swamp. It really is a swamp.””

      The article ends with the opinions of the locals.

      • moscowexile says:

        If the Kremlin interfered in the US presidential elections, how come those wily Russkies failed to make the majority of voters at the ballot box nationwide vote for Trump yet at the same time managed to make the majority of voters in the Rust Belt and rural USA not vote for that mendacious shrew Clinton?

        Russian “sleepers” in Pittsburgh, Muskogee etc?

        I’m proud to be a Russkie from Muskogee?

        • yalensis says:

          Russian meddlers must be so adept, they even figured out how to play the Electoral College. And that’s no mean feat, since the Electoral College is sort of like… Quidditch.

  21. Lyttenburgh says:

    As everybody knows ™, Western military fights humane, effective and honorably, cuz they are literally High Elves from Valinor, while Russians/Soviets are wild, brutal ineffective Orkz from Mordor. This is one of those “facts”, which are, really, just a “Pillar of Faith” for any True Believer in the Dar al-Murika. Ma sha Allah!

    So any information running against this holy tenet of Faith is, surely, a blasphemy and potential shriq, punishable in accordance with the Western Liberal Sharia Law, bismillāhi rraḥmāni rraḥīmi!

    After reading this – report yourself to your local democratic mufti, for the subsequent public stoning.

    1) The crimes of SEAL Team 6

    Officially known as the Naval Special Warfare Development Group, SEAL Team 6 is today the most celebrated of the U.S. military’s special mission units. But hidden behind the heroic narratives is a darker, more troubling story of “revenge ops,” unjustified killings, mutilations, and other atrocities — a pattern of criminal violence that emerged soon after the Afghan war began and was tolerated and covered up by the command’s leadership.


    “Inside the helicopters, some of the operators had pushed to hold off any air attack, arguing that they had plenty of time to intercept the convoy before it reached the Pakistani border. “The reason SEAL Team 6 exists is to avoid bombs and collateral damage,” said a retired SEAL Team 6 member who was on the mission. “We said, ‘Let us set down and take a look at the convoy to determine if it’s al Qaeda.’ Instead, they dropped several bombs.”

    The bombing stopped the convoy along a dry wadi, or ravine, with two of the trucks approximately a kilometer apart. Survivors began to flee the wreckage, and over the radio, Hyder and his team heard the order that the convoy was now in a “free fire zone,” allowing the Chinooks’ gunners to fire at anyone deemed a threat, regardless of whether they were armed. The SEALs had no authority over the helicopter gunners.

    The two Chinooks landed separately, one near each end of the convoy. Both teams exited the helicopters to find a grim scene. The SEALs with Hyder came out and separated into two groups. One, led by an enlisted operator, took in the damage to one of the vehicles. Men, women, and a small girl, motionless and in the fetal position, appeared dead. Inside the vehicle were one or two rifles, as is customary in Afghanistan, but none of the men wore military clothing or had any extra ammunition. “These were family weapons,” said the retired SEAL.

    The SEALs from the other helicopter immediately headed up a steep hill after landing to locate an armed man who had been shot from the helicopter. When they reached the hilltop, the operators looked down in disbelief at women and children, along with the man — all were dead or mortally wounded from the spray of gunfire from the Chinook’s gunners, who had unloaded after the free fire zone had been declared. They realized the man had been trying to protect the women and children.

    Other SEALs on the ground proceeded as though the survivors were combatants. Hyder and an enlisted operator named Monty Heath had gone in a different direction and saw a survivor flee the bombed vehicle toward a nearby berm. Heath fired once, hitting the man, sending him tumbling down the back side of the small rise.

    At that point, Hyder began assessing the damage and surveying the dead. “I was going around to the different KIAs with my camera to take photos,” Hyder told me in an interview, using the military term for enemies killed in action. “It was a mess.”

    Hyder said that he and a few other SEALs began to bury the casualties near a ravine by piling rocks over them. As he did so, he approached the man Heath had shot. “He was partially alive, faced down, his back to me, and he rolled over. I shot him, finished him. He was dying, but he rolled over and I didn’t know whether he was armed or not. That was the end of that.” Hyder said that his single shot had blasted open the man’s head.

    According to Hyder, the encounter ended there. But the retired SEAL who was on the mission tells a different story. According to this source, after shooting the man, who turned out to be unarmed, Hyder proceeded to mutilate his body by stomping in his already damaged skull. When Heath, who witnessed Hyder’s actions, reported them to his team leader in the presence of other members of the team, “several of the guys turned and walked away,” said the retired SEAL. “They were disgusted.” He quoted Heath as saying, “I’m morally flexible but I can’t handle that.” Heath refused to comment for this article.”

    Clearly, brave defenders of the Freedoom and ‘Mockracy learned (and changed) so much, after their “adventures” in Vietnam. “Never again”, and all that…

    2) The Afghan Files
    Defence leak exposes deadly secrets of Australia’s special forces

    “Hundreds of pages of secret defence force documents leaked to the ABC give an unprecedented insight into the clandestine operations of Australia’s elite special forces in Afghanistan, including incidents of troops killing unarmed men and children.

    The ABC can reveal that some of the cases detailed in the documents are being investigated as possible unlawful killings.”


    “A large proportion of the documents are reports on at least 10 incidents between 2009-2013 in which special forces troops shot dead insurgents, but also unarmed men and children.

    The Inspector General of the Australian Defence Force is investigating at least two of the incidents as part of its inquiry into the conduct in Afghanistan of special forces, which includes alleged unlawful killing.

    Those two incidents — which both occurred in September 2013 — are the deaths of a man and his six-year-old child during a raid on a house, as revealed yesterday by the ABC, and the killing of a detainee who was alone with an Australian soldier and allegedly tried to seize his weapon.

    A report into another 2013 incident in which an Afghan man riding a motorcycle was killed by Australian troops, and a female passenger possibly injured, states that Afghan authorities were becoming increasingly agitated over Australians allegedly killing unarmed civilians, and threatened to stop working with Australians.

    The documents also provide fresh details of some notorious incidents, including the severing of the hands of dead Taliban fighters by Australian troops.

    White Western Man Person burden is hard indeed – to protect Freedom, Liberty and Western Values all across the world. Surely, the ordinary people must Forget and Forgive. It’s not like all those vaguely brown people massacred by their brave soldiers had verified Twitter account or were gays.

  22. Lyttenburgh says:

    Meanwhile the entire “Civilized World” ™ blissfully and willfully ignores the atrocity happening right now on the Arabian peninsula, because it is “handshakable thing to do”.

    Suspected Cholera Cases Pass 300,000 In Yemen, Red Cross Says

    “The cholera outbreak in Yemen marked a grim milestone Monday, as the International Committee of the Red Cross announced there are now more than 300,000 suspected cases of the disease in the country.

    The epidemic has claimed more than 1,600 lives in roughly 10 weeks and “continues to spiral out of control,” according to the agency.

    In late June, the World Health Organization declared the epidemic in the war-torn nation “the worst cholera outbreak in the world.” At that point, the WHO placed the number of cases at more than 200,000.

    Robert Mardini, the Red Cross regional director for the Middle East, says the epidemic is now growing by about 7,000 new cases per day.

    Half of these cases are children,” UNICEF’s Sherin Varkey told NPR’s Kelly Mc Evers last week. “To understand the scale, we know that one new child is reporting sick with diarrhea every minute. The conflict has had a direct impact on children in terms of many children injured, maimed and killed. But the additional effect on children is due to the failure and collapse of the public service systems.

    “All in all,” Varkey added, “the situation for children is catastrophic in Yemen today.”

    Cholera, a centuries-old waterborne disease that causes severe vomiting and diarrhea, is now treatable in much of the world. With a quick response, medical workers can replace lost fluids and send a sick patient on the path to recovery.”

    Why did it come to that?

    “”In October, the government stopped paying civil servants, prompting strikes from sanitation workers and leading to garbage pileups and septic backups. That contaminated the wells that many Yemenis rely on for water, providing the ideal environment for cholera to spread. The outbreak picked up speed in April, after dirty rainwater further polluted the wells.”

    As the Times notes, the number of cases since late April in Yemen alone now dwarfs the number reported worldwide in all of 2015.

    Reuters reports that there are 30,000 health workers in Yemen who have not been paid in more than 10 months because of the economic collapse there. So the United Nations “has stepped in with ‘incentive’ payments to get them involved in an emergency campaign to fight the disease.””

    No, article, it had come to that, because a so-called “international coalition” under the auspice of the terrorist sponsor Saudi Arabia, arbitrary decided to re-install toppled pro-Saudi puppet Hadi in the country, followed by the military intervention in this country’s civil war by the states, who receive the bulk of their military hardware from the NATO countries, earning the “Defenders of Democracy” a hefty gesheft. I.e. – to the “Civilized World’s” silent approval and diverted gaze. That’s why. Oh, and btw, Vitya from Yenakievo (a current resident of Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation) asks: “Whut, you are allowed to do that?!”

    By doing so, the Saudi army proved to entire world, that it cannot fight out of a paper bag. A short run-down of the events that happened in just two months there.

    – Saudi’s Quisling tried to cement his shaky rule by firing governors right and left. Three governors (in Hadhramout, Shabwa, and Socotra island) were “replaced”, due to their sympathies for the recently refurbished Southern Movement. Hadhramout’s replacement was interesting in that the guy was previously in charge of all military forces in the area and has retained that position in addition to the governorship. Hadi is running out of able and loyal officers in that province if he has to concentrate the power so dangerously.

    – “President” Hadi also has recently fired the governor of Aden, the largest city under pro-government control and their provisional capital while the Houthis still control Sanaa. In response, the ousted governor, egged on by mass protests in Aden supporting him, has now formed a transitional governing council… that seeks to secede and reestablish South Yemen. The Southern Movement, which didn’t have an official leader (with former South Yemen president Ali al-Beidh playing a ceremonial eminence grise role instead) until now, has finally chosen one… the just recently sacked governor of Aden, Aidirous al-Zubaidi, who led the rally. The “Coalition of Unwilling” has rejected it, as has Hadi. But it shows that the southerners are losing patience with Hadi, especially with the war more or less in stalemate.

    Yup, looks like all those Saudi bombings of the weddings and funerals were for naught.

    – Speaking of the territory controlled by the “legitimate leader” – it’s virtually the same as they did around the time they conquered Aden: Mostly just former South Yemen, with a few chunks of Taiz province (now including the town of Mocha, which, btw, gave the drink its name) and Marib province.

    – Hadi only remains in power because of the “Coalition’s bayonets”, and the Saudis know full well they could disengage from the war now and have a puppet state in the south if they would just accede to the Houthis demands… but it would leave a pro-Iranian (if not quite client state) entity on their border. Which, for such staunch wahhabis like them, is haram.

    – As for the Houthis, they won’t end the war until they have all of former North Yemen under their control (Taiz, Marib, Jawf), and until they have an advantage in placement and manpower over former President Saleh’s forces, who they have depended on till now to keep them in the fight. They also can’t end a war, because, you know, it’s more or less became a war of survival for them. Yeah, this little inconvenient tidbit, that tends to be ignored.

    – Another prominent member of the “Coalition” is UAE. And they are far less enthusiastic in this clusterfuck than the mighty and stronK Saudis. They only stay in the game because Hadi is literally willing to sell his own “clay” for the military assistance – e.g. UAE have been all but given the Socotra islands. Oh, and Aden city mentioned earlier, that opted to become a “free city”? In April and May there were reports of the on and off shootouts between Hadi loyalists and UAE backed militias, which, in theory, are all “struggling together” against both the Houthis and Al Qaeda (the last one is funny, astagfir allāh!) ;). And those controls Aden not only controls an important port – they effectively can control entire South.

  23. Patient Observer says:

    Mark, It may sound snarky but I am concerned about Matt’s well-being. He needs a break but doesn’t seem able to disengage. A “therapeutic” blocking of his posts may be in order. He may brag to himself and any one who will listen that he won but at least he will have a break? Again, this is not meant to be snarky.

    • marknesop says:

      I quite agree with Jen, and I asserted some time ago that he is just here to have fun provoking everyone. But quite a few people seem unable to discipline themselves, and as soon as he shows up and shovels out some juicy bait, the whole pack is away after him like hounds. All the enjoyment in baiting someone is in their angry response. No response, no enjoyment. I could see where I might have to remove annoying posts to which nobody replies, because those are spam. But I don’t think I ought to interrupt two or more people who are having a conversation of their own.

      • Lyttenburgh says:

        Mark, I’m the last person to profess innocence and a “clean slate” record, when it comes to things like this, but… I gonna be even more blunt than soft-spoken optly named “Patient Observer” – it’s repression time. I know a troll and master baiter when I see one. No use arguing with him. Only punitive psychiatry can help (somehow).

        All in the name of keeping of peace, order and the karmic balance, of course. I’m even going as far as say, that Northern_Star is not a troll. Just… a pecuiliar person. And that I withdraw all of my previous accusations about him. Userperson “Matt”, OTOH, is dodgy, disengenious chracter with no scruples at all.

        • moscowexile says:

          I suggest he book a flight to Moscow.


        • yalensis says:

          Why, Lyttenburgh, that was very big of you to retract your accusations of Northern Star!
          I reckon God put Matt on this blog in order to show us what a real troll looks like!

          (as opposed to the rest of us eccentrics)

          • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

            Real, but not a very good or efficient one.

            I tried to help, but he wouldn’t listen – the lesson is that you can’t be a proper troll until you master your own emotions.

            • yalensis says:

              Yes, Pavlo, I took note that you were kind to Matt and tried to teach him the true way of the Troll.
              But the stubbornness was very strong in this one.

      • yalensis says:

        Mark: Blame me, I was the one who urged everybody to engage and fight against Matt.
        Against those who said, “Ach Gewahlte, just ignore this noodge…”

        People can disagree with my reasoning, but I figured if somebody shows up spoling for a fight, then they should get what they ask for.

        It’s like, if you were in a space station, and an energetic monster suddenly starts zipping around acting hostile, then you should take note and not ignore it.

        Which is another plug for one of my blogposts, a movie review.
        Sorry, I coundn’t resist!
        As Blanche Dubois used to say: “Attention must be paid.”

        • marknesop says:

          Well, I can’t really blame anyone. Honestly, I don’t mind someone airing opposing views. But I like to see some evidence of engagement on a one-to-one level, a little bit of give and take. ‘Matt’, and he was clear that is not his real name, left no doubt that he was only here to spout propaganda. Every argument you – figuratively speaking; I mean ‘anyone’ – offered was received with assurances that he never said anything of the kind and you are setting up a strawman, the situation he spoke of is completely different and not equable in any way to the one you are describing, or ignored if he did not have a good counter-argument.

          If you see that your opponent in a conversation is stuck on ‘transmit’ and is unable or unwilling to receive, it’s best to just abandon the argument. You will just work yourself into a lather for nothing.

  24. Matt says:

    “If Matt makes crude jokes about Gaddafi being sodomized, asserts that Venezuelan President Maduro and his family have links to the illegal drug trade in Latin America and constantly bangs on about Kim Jong-un running a despotic regime, with not a shred of evidence”

    No evidence that Kim Jong-un is “running a despotic regime”? Jen, this is too much, even for you.

    What has been fascinating is how people have responded on this website and the strange victim mentality they have artificially constructed. I have never been rude or insulting to someone if they didn’t act this way first to me. It is only after they insult me, call me a troll, claim I support cocaine smugglers, work for a Soros NGO, etc. that I insult them back.

    But a strange thing happens when I do insult them back: I’m accused of being an evil rude troll who likes going around and insulting people! The context of me being attacked first is ignored.

    There is not a single example of me insulting someone before they insulted me and I challenge anyone to find one post by me where I insulted someone before they did the same to me.

    So please stop acting like the uppity victims that you’ve made yourselves out to be.

    And yes, the Maduro administration’s links to drug smuggling are well-established, even if some don’t want to accept the reality:

    And yes, North Korea wants nuclear weapons so nobody can force it to reunify with the South, thus allowing the elite in Pyongyang to live the way they do. They’re not doing this to “protect” North Koreans from the gringos.

    I will no longer post here because I have presented my case against Maduro and Kim well-enough, without anyone really addressing what I said without insults. No more RSS feed comment replies for me!

    Au revoir, my friends!

    • moscowexile says:

      I have never been rude or insulting to someone if they didn’t act this way first to me.

      Why, then, earlier on this thread, did you call Maria Zakharova a hag?

      What has she done to you to deserve such an epithet?

      • Patient Observer says:

        Maria Zakharova a hag? Is that what Matt claims?

        Less important than her beauty and grace is her intelligence, wit and command of the facts. Matt seems to have a knee jerk hatred reaction about all things Russian. A hag?

        • Patient Observer says:

          I know, I know that this is Matt’s game of eliciting a reaction from claims free of facts. But, no one can call Maria a “hag”!

        • moscowexile says:

          Way back a couple of pages he referred to her as “that hag Zakharova”.

          • moscowexile says:

            Nope. It was on the previous page:

            Matt says:
            July 13, 2017 at 3:35 pm
            Nope, I never said there should be a disinfo campaign against Russia, merely that the Western media should copy the Russian state media in “debunking” random insignificant things, just like the Russian media does. Like that one Twitter user who said Kislyak should not get life insurance, prompting the hag Zakharova to whine on FaceBook. If only we in the West had such an artificial victim complex!

            [my stress — ME]

            • moscowexile says:

              Shit, didn’t close the thick print properly!

              Should have been:

              Like that one Twitter user who said Kislyak should not get life insurance, prompting the hag Zakharova to whine on FaceBook.

              Note the derisory usage of the term “whine” as well.

              • Jen says:

                No, that last sentence needs emphasis as well since Matt has accused some of us of having an artificial victim mentality of the sort he blurted out the West should have.

            • kirill says:

              I have no victim complex and I am for all intents and purposes a westerner. That does not mean I have to swallow the excremental narratives about Russia and other parts of the world being dished out by the clearly corrupt NATzO mass media. The real issue here is infantile credulity by many as they swallow the fake stream media BS and think it tastes like the finest of pastry. Mark’s board is a forum to debunk and deride the BS narratives. It is not some commiseration club. This clown Matt clearly has nothing to base his pathetic smear on and is engaged in the typical troll tactic of spamming all sorts of false accusations and systematically ignoring any counter-evidence.

          • Patient Observer says:

            Yeah, I saw that. When he is upset, his hatred of all things Russian is most apparent.

            • kirill says:

              Matty baby is a NATzO bootlick who thinks trolling this board will somehow undermine the withering exposition of NATzO war criminal degeneracy and bubble of insane delusion. Matty baby just needs to throw out enough gish gallop and victory is assured, in his feeble mind.

        • Patient Observer says:

          Oops, meant to say the her intelligence wit and command of facts is more important than her beauty.

          • yalensis says:

            Exactly. Even if she were physically ugly, Zakharova would still be beautiful because of her intelligence, wit and the kindness and depths of her emotional responses.
            As it is, she is a physically nice-looking lady as well.

        • Special_sauce says:

          She’s got a beak on her, but I don’t care, lady knows how to talk and think on her feet.

          • marknesop says:

            I don’t mind a big nose – in some faces it looks appropriate and adds character. That blonde bint who is the new State Department spokeshole has a little bitty nose like a dab of butter, and I would throw her out the window rather than listen to her if the choice were mine.

      • yalensis says:

        Exile, Pssstttt! (don’t summon him back!)
        He’s gone! — he said “au revoir” which is French for “You’ll never see my face again!”

        • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

          That would be Adieu.

          • Moscow Exile says:

            Yeah, au revoir is exactly до свиданя — “until we see/meet each other again”. “Adieu” is “God be with you”, which is how “goodbye” comes about: “god be with you” all slurred together.

            “Farewell” is sort of final — “fare ye well”.

            “Прощай[те]” in Russian: the shorter form addressed to one person with whom one has a close relationship or to a child; the longer form to more than one person or to one person whom one feels to be a social superior and with reverence or respect — the thou/you difference in English that I used to use back in the hillbilly land of my birth.

            This is the term that Mikhail Lermontov used in his “Прощай, немытая Россия” (Farewell, unwashed Russia) that he wrote when he had a mard lip on after having been packed off from St. Petersburg for arsing around and dueling. He was sent to the Caucasus, but not forever, and had a rollicking time there by all accounts, killing the natives.

            The Porker in Kiev used the term recently when he announced that the Ukraine was free of Russian thralldom and had been embraced by the EU … sort of.

            • yalensis says:

              I KNOW what “au revoir” means, guys, I was employing superstition to keep him away.
              Now you jinxed it and he’ll be back, I guarantee it!

    • saskydisc says:

      You won’t even quote from the “troll emails” before leaving?

    • Patient Observer says:

      I will no longer post here…
      Goodby and good luck.

    • Jen says:

      Don’t let the KS door hit you on the way out, Matt, and wishing you better luck on the next blog your minders delegate to you to troll.

    • et Al says:

      He was dishonest and lied in the beginning, the middle, and now the end. His only friend the end… He clearly wasn’t interested in constructively contributing here even with alternative options, which we Stoogies are more than happy to entertain, but stomping about in metaphorical size ten boots and whining that he was being picked on when he was all over the place, linguistically, logically & emotionally can only be put down to a false sense of superior intellect. My mother tells me I’m brilliant (I’m certainly not), but I’m normal and don’t take it to heart.

      I doff my hats to my fellow Stoogies for their sterling work and the patience of the Kremlin Stooges very many lurkers! I myself am very much of the ‘don’t feed the troll variety’ most of the time as I’ve long since had my fill starting with what was left of Yugoslavia.

      Mark, can you look at the stats and tell us how stratospheric the blog went since he who shall remain nameless, claimed it would? Is it possible to tell how many referrers came from reddit?

      He may well be back at some point under a different moniker and a new strategy, but will no doubt involuntarily out himself. A sad and sorry tale indeed.

      • yalensis says:

        Friends, Stooges, Countrymen, lend me your ears!
        [I’ll sell them back to you later.]
        I come here to bury Matt, not to praise him.
        They say that Matt was an ambitious troll.
        If it were so, it was a grievous fault.
        And grievously hath Matt repaid us, with his breezy “Au revoir!”
        In sooth he speaketh like the Gauls, and boy did he have a lot of gall!

        Matt was my enemy, unfaithful and unjust to me.
        But et Al says that he was ambitious;
        And et Al is an honorable Stooge.
        When Korean Kimmy gloated, Matt did weep.
        Ambition should be made of sterner stuff!

        Dear Matt! Fare thee well at once.
        The glowworm shows the matin to be near,
        And ‘gins to pale his uneffectual fire.
        Adieu, adieu, adieu. Remember me.

      • marknesop says:

        Is it possible to tell how many referrers came from reddit?

        Sure is. I can’t remember when it was, exactly, that he made his boastful claim that it was about to ‘go viral’, but I went back as far as Monday the 10th. Since that time, inclusive, we have received a total of 6 hits which came from Reddit. The Wednesday of that week was the only day the daily total topped 1000 hits from all referrers.

  25. moscowexile says:

    How could one describe these two women below, I wonder?

    • Patient Observer says:

      I will role-play Matt now that he is no longer available:

      I already addressed that! What does that have to do with North Korea? You love North Korea so why don’t you live there! I never insulted Maria Zakharova but she started it! You’re all nuts I tell you. Your commies!!!!!! All of you! I hate you all!!!!

      • moscowexile says:

        My wife was a party member before it was made illegal by the Yeltsin administration.

        She went through the whole procedure before becoming a fully-fledged “Commie”: first she was a Young Octoberist, then a Pioneer, then a member of Komsomol and then a fully signed-up, card-carrying party member.

        In fact, they only allowed her to become a member of the CPSU the second time round because she failed her test on party history, Marxist-Leninist theory etc., at her first attempt.

        I always imagine them throwing at candidate members such erudite questions as “What colour socks was Comrade Lenin wearing when Fanya Kaplan shot him?”

        And then bugger me, but not quite 2 years after her having become a party member, they banned it.

        And my wife’s parents and grandparents were all unabashed Bolsheviks. In fact, one of Mrs Exile’s granddads had been a Red Guard in St. Petersburg and came to Moscow with his squad in order to help put down the Mensheviks here. In between doing that, he courted one of Mrs. Exile’s grandmas.

        Funny thing is, though, that despite her pedigree and later, though short-lived, party career, very shortly after my wife’s birth in 1965, she was baptized into the Russian Eastern Orthodox faith.

        I don’t know what the former Red guard granddad thought about that: he was alive and kicking then.

        However, even now, whenever I tell newly arrived, unknowledgeable about Russia, fellow countrymen this tale, they almost always ask me how my wife and her family members avoided arrest by the KGB and being sent to a “gulag” in Siberia because they were “believers”.

        • Patient Observer says:

          The amount of misinformation and false assumptions about life in Russia/USSR can fill a library. My wife was also a member of the Romanian communist party. She had to disavow all such things to gain residency in the US.

          • moscowexile says:

            During most of the 19th century there was camped around Europe a veritable army of Russian proto-kreakles of various political persuasions but who were all screaming non-stop blue murder about the Evil Empire to the east.

            What they propagandized from London, Zürich, Berlin, Paris etc. has, I am sure, become the basis of Russian preconceptions amongst the European descendants of 19th century Western European liberals.

    • Northern Star says:

      “How could one describe these two women below, I wonder?'”

      Psycho war criminal whore vermin who belong on the gallows… every bit as much as the handful of Nuremberg nazis executed in 1945/46.

  26. Northern Star says:


    “The most striking feature of the response from survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire and by local residents is the near universal understanding that this was a crime committed by the ruling class against the working class.
    In the days and weeks after the fire, workers and young people of all nationalities, skin colours and religions have united to help victims and provide food, clothing, shelter and other support in the face of government inaction, callousness and indifference.”

    Absolutely as it should be!!
    But read the comment by Charles..
    We-people of color- have the same problem here in ‘Murica…

  27. moscowexile says:

    Clearly the Svidomite dimwit, be he a native “Ukrainian” or not, who created the above (I suspect he hails from the Canadian Ukrainian diaspora) is unaware of the fact that in Russia it has long been tradition to call Kiev the “Mother of Russian Cities”.

    See: Мать городов Русских

    Происхождение фразы

    По мнению Д. С. Лихачёва выражение «мать городов» представляет собой семантическую кальку с греческого «метрополия» (от греч. μήτηρ — мать и греч. πόλις — город), то есть данный фрагмент — объявление Олегом при вокняжении Киева «матерью городов русских» — являлся провозглашением Киева столицей его владений.

    Origin of the phrase

    According to D. S. Likhachev, the expression “mother of cities” is a semantic slip from the Greek “metropolis” (from the Greek μήτηρ – mother and Greek πόλις – city), that is to say, this is a fragment of the announcement made by Oleg when he was being enthroned as Prince of Kiev, “Mother of all Russian cities”: it was his proclamation that Kiev was the capital of his possessions.

    Oleg would not have spoken of “Russia” though, but of Rus’: the term “Russia” having been adapted from the Greek for Rus’ some 600 years later with the rise of Muscovy as the power centre of lands that were once part of Ancient Rus’.

    Not that the fact of one city being older than another makes the younger less culturally worthy, less civilized…

    Baghdad, for example, is much older than Kiev, as is London, Paris Rome etc. Does that make Kiev some sort of hick-town dump when compared to these?

    As regards the dates given below the cities of Ancient Rus’ in the first poster above, the first chronicled mention of Novgorod was in 859.

    Does that make Kiev “inferior” to Novgorod in some way?

    • moscowexile says:

      Although I should add that those dates in the Svidomite poster are the dates of the foundations of the churches pictured above them.

      Most sources say that Kiev was founded in the late 9th century — and Novgorod?

      Some maintain Kiev was founded early in the 4th century.

      Does it really matter?

    • Lyttenburgh says:

      Uh-huh, does it mean that because Berlin was founded much, much later compared to, say, Cologne, then it has no legal right to be a capital of Germany?

      Yeah, imagine that! Someone in early 13th c. “prophesyzing”, that Italy and Germanies will become united, that there will be only two realms on the Iberian peninsula (one in with a capital in “Mad-rid”) – and that wild Finns would have a country of their own by 20 century. That person would probably be burned as, obviouslly, a demon ridden heretic

    • kirill says:

      There was no such ethnic group as “Ukrainians” during the 996-1088 period. Western Ukrs appeared under the assimilation policies of successive Polish and Lithuanian control over those parts of Ukraine. Uniates are basically Catholics resulting from coercion to abandon Orthodoxy (so it is ironic that Orthodox cathedrals are waved in Russia’s face by people who gave up Orthodoxy). The assimilated west has been indoctrinated, thanks in large part to the Catholic Church with its drang nach ost agenda dating back to the Schism, to hate Russians and malo-Russians. The majority of Ukraine is inhabited by malo-Russians. Their distinct dialect does not make them a different race of people.

      But the Catholicized (really Polishified) western Ukraine endlessly generates “nationalist” fantasy where Ukrs are a distinct race and had a country 40,000 years ago. Anybody with a clue about the history of humanity, based on solid archeological evidence, should laugh at the cartoon insanity of this fiction. Going back 40,000 years ago Europe did not have anything that resembled countries and humans were still making their way out of Africa. There were none of the European races 40,000 years ago.

  28. Northern Star says:

    Certain Stooges -who know who they are-have extended an olive branch to NS
    Fair enough..

    My gf -Princess Aura -who did not hesitate for a moment to defend her man (NS)- has employed her SUPER ST\ORM TROOPER bodyguards to pay the above Stooges a visit!!!!

    Dos Vedanya…..Jen..Yalensis…..LYT….!!!!

  29. Northern Star says:

    Musical Interlude
    Americans at their best:

  30. Patient Observer says:

    N.S. – Are you equating Serbs and Nazis? A simple yes or no is sufficient.

    • Northern Star says:

      The *behavior* of those Serbs in that specific instance is indistinguishable from that of Nazis and their allies -e,.g Arrow Cross -in the Reich. wrt to Jews….

      YES or NO PO…!!!!

      As to Serb ‘morality’ as compared to the tenets of the Reich:

      Now let’s take a peek at the racist Serbian anthem:
      “Lord! Avert from us Thy vengeance,
      Thunder of Thy dreaded ire;
      Bless each Serbian town and hamlet,
      Mountain, meadow, heart and spire.
      When our host goes forth to battle
      Death or victory to embrace-
      God of armies! be our leader
      Strengthen then the Serbian race.”

      So are Serbs-for all practical intents and purposes- distinct from Nazis…..??

      Consult the decide

      • yalensis says:

        Oi yoi yoi! You are not correct here, Northern Star!
        And you are confusing (Nazism and racism) with simply patriotism (albeit perhaps bordering on nationalism).

        Do you read Serbian? I actually do.
        srpski rod can be translated as “Serbian people”, just like in Russian “Russkiy narod” is “Russian people”.
        Not quite the same as race, which is a loaded word.

        If Putin were to say something like, “The Russian people will achieve success in their endeavours…” would you consider that to be racist? Because he wouldn’t be talking ’bout chromosomes, he would be talking about a society of people.

        As far as I know, Serbians have not produced any major Eugenics thinkers or “scientific racists”. Quite a different kettle of fish from the Eugenicist Nazis.
        Therefore, your comparison is invalid.

        • Patient Observer says:

          Serbia=Nazi? And the proof of your assertion? Ohh…. I see, a propaganda piece cranked out by the Independent. The rape camp meme was as phony as the WMD of Iraq or the babies being ripped out of incubators in Kuwait. Or do you believes those as well?

          ,,,Human Rights Watch researcher, Fred Abrahams, was forced to admit in the Hague UK’s former foreign minister Robin Cook also lied when he claimed Serbian forces ran the “rape camp” in Kosovo’s Djakovica, in 1999. Abrahams testified that he was in Kosovo and Metohija in 1998 and 1999, collecting documentation and evidence about human rights violations. He thoroughly investigated Cook’s claims on the ground, but wasn’t able to find any proof for Cook’s accusation, nor a single “rape camp” run by Serbs.

          Speaking of national anthems:

          Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps’ pollution.
          No refuge could save the hireling and slave
          From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave:
          And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave,
          O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

          Almost genocidal!

          Serbia paid a heavy price for fighting the Nazis in WW II; perhaps only equaled by the USSR in proportion to its population. Serbia chose to fight the Nazis and suffered hugely but bought the USSR precious time. And Serbia is the only country in Europe attacked by NATO (or NATZO as Kirill prefers). And how well did Serbia resists? 90 days of everything the NATO air force could deliver and Serbia was still standing.

          Serbia has no history of racism nor was its government modeled along Nazi economic policies. What aspect of Nazism do you see in Serbia? No racism, no Nazi economic policies, no desire for conquest, etc. But who were the enemies of Serbia? Germany, NATO, Croatia and the like – all bastions of fascism and racism.

          N.S. – your attack as about as trollish as they come. Simply trying to stir the pot. At least Matt tried while you appear to be lazy judging by the quality of the offered proof.

          • Patient Observer says:

            Sorry Yalensis, meant as a reply to NS.

          • saskydisc says:

            Many of the Bosnian Muslim refugees preferred resettlement in Serbia proper.

          • yalensis says:

            That’s a good point about the “genocidal” nature of the American national anthem.
            In her preface to “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” Harriet Stowe explained how American slaves took every possible political opportunity to achieve freeman status. Which included serving in the English army/navy during the Revolutionary War.
            Which is exactly what Francis Scott Key was alluding to in that particular verse — he was referring to African-Americans and their “foul footsteps pollution”.
            Like, Patient Observer said, Genocidal verses!
            The Serbs never had anything like this. They didn’t keep slaves, in fact they were slaves, of the Ottomans, among others.

            Northern Star, you really need to temper your offensive outbursts which seem to come upon you based on the last thing you read. Are you really that susceptible and that gullible? You’re like some kind of “reading-empath”.
            I remember in the past, you would read some link from Unz, and next thing you know you’re spouting “Jewboy” and shit like that.

            • Northern Star says:

              “Northern Star, you really need to temper your offensive outbursts which seem to come upon you based on the last thing you read. ”

              Exactly what was the offensive outburst….?? You mean my going after the motherfuckers in the vid..? You F.n A I apology….none whatsoever.

              “Are you really that susceptible and that gullible? ”
              According to you?/..GTFOH yalensis

              “I remember in the past, you would read some link from Unz, and next thing you know you’re spouting “Jewboy” and shit like that.”

              post the link or STFU….

              ONLY a fuckin’ moron-having read my posts- would think that I can be programmed by an UNZ article or any other website…

              BTW…out of respect (consideration) for you..I don’t recall sayin’ a MF’n thing about IsraHell or jews within the last year or so…..

          • saskydisc says:

            In your link, there is a broken link to a report on Roy Gutman’s crimes of abetting invasion through rape and genocide propaganda. Unfortunately, it seems to have disappeared off that website, and the webarchive does not return anything. The following link may be helpful:

            On the page after the link, the following beauty:
            After all, the one unquestioned statistic that appeared in Michael Gorndon’s later report on January 23, 1993 in the New York Times was that the International Committee of the Red Cross had determined six months earlier—at the end of July and on the eve of Gutman’s stories about Omarska the first week of August 1992—that there were never more than 10,800 inmates in detention camps tun by all three sides in Bosnia!

            Gutman continued to orchestrate inflated claims more than two years later, attempting to buttress the sagging credibility of his original stories that juxtaposed phrases about “death camps,” “concentration camps,” and “prisoner-of-war camps” depending on the audience.

            Reporting later he’d talked only with unidentified “US. officials” Gutman said “20,000 to 25000 people were killed in camps. The worst slaughters occurreed in June and July 1992.” (Gutman obiously considered that his anonymous sources were more credible than George Kenney’s.)

            • saskydisc says:

              Some more quotes, from chapter 7:

              Gutman then alluded to his “lawsuit” in Belgrade, protesting censorship of his responses to allegations in a TANJUG report (Jovan Babic, “Blatant Lies for 500 pounds,” January 28, 1993.) that he was an “American agent code-named 2-IC.” TANJUG is the official Yugoslav news agency.

              Gutman hung up the phone before he could be asked again about his relationship with a British mercenary Robert Allen Loftus, or an alleged reporter contact of Loftus’, code-named “20IC.”

              Phillips indicated no further references to Gutman from the diary. But French journalist Jacques Merlino reported that when he examined the diary, it showed that Gutman was present on one occasion with Loftus and his unit near one of the combat fronts in Bosnia. Loftus, according to Merlino, said he was amused that supposedly Gutman became agitated after he was shot at by a sniper.

              “I have saved one of the choicest nuggets of ‘Gutman’s’ book for last. Pen your own one-liners for this one,” scoffed Maher:

              “Mrki was take to the White House because he was standing in a prominent location when a guard came into the room looking for scapegoats.” Newsday October 19, ibid.

              The same phenomenon occurred several times in Forging War: The Media in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia Gercegovina, by British author/editor Mark Thompson and published by Article XIX, the London-based International Centre Against Censorship. Article XIX was partly subsidized by the Soros Foundation.

              Gutman sent a congratulatory note to Article XIX executives about Forging War on June 12, 1994. But, Gutman’s note raised another disturbing question:

              “My book just appeared in Croatian, and last week I went to a book presentation, organized by the publisher, Nenad Popovic of Durieaux/Zagreb and the U.S. embassy.” (italics added)

              Joint sponsorship by the U.S. Embassy of Gutman’s private publishing venture in Zagreb was inappropriate unless there was some official U.S. government connection to producing the book, or unless the government had a deeper hand in supplying some of the information for the book.

              There were more questions. Such as, judging from his concerns about skepticism surrounding his connections to the British mercenary, did Gutman ask the Bosnian Serb government to let him examine the Loftus diary himself?

          • Northern Star says:

            I’m NOT going to get into some bullshit back and forth with you over my equating the BEHAVIOR of that Serb pack with the BEHAVIOR of a pack of SA thugs in the streets of 1935 Berlin for example.
            Of course there was no comparison meant on a level of political/economic theory between
            the Serbian state and Third Reich Nazism……

            “N.S. – your attack as about as trollish as they come. Simply trying to stir the pot. At least Matt tried while you appear to be lazy judging by the quality of the offered proof.”

            Ummmm…So I’m guilty of not proving YOUR MF’n non sequitur nonsense -2017 Serbia is the same as the Reich in the 30s becuz of th attack in the video-that YOU concluded (assumed) I intended. Really???

            Keep Matt linked with my name the F out of your mouth …You got beef with me..step to *me* !!!
            Anyone who has read my comments realizes that I **always** identify with the underdog….(unless they happen to be are fascist or racist etc)
            If I read where a pack of blacks had stomped the shit out of PO…I may equate them with a pack of Nazi thugs or maybe a KKK lynch mob….rhetorical hyperbole….

            Your comments about the history of Serbs fighting the Nazis is beyond dispute.
            However that does not excuse the vicious and almost certainly racist motherfuckers in the instant case.Obviously Serbia cannot be summed up by the actions of that pack . But YOU jumped to that conclusion and attributed it to me!!!!

            Just because someone states something that rubs you the wrong way doesn’t mean they’re a fucking troll PO….

            As many times as I have gone after the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization…some of my own fellow Americans (Killary..the Rice girls..Obongo..etc.)…..defended Russia as best I could since I am not Russian in any intimate sense..
            and yet *I”M* a fuckin’ troll in your mind????
            Really PO..?
            Duly noted.
            You surprise me..I did not think you to be so shallow,…but deja vyu..all over again!!!
            Now **please** move the F on….

        • Northern Star says:

          NO..what’s invalid is YOUR false premise assumption that I was indeed making some uber generalized comparison between Serbia and the Reich….
          I wasn’t…

      • saskydisc says:

        Please read Diane Johnstone’s Fool’s Crusade. There are three numbers to keep in mind with regards to rape during the Bosnian war. For both Orthodox (‘Serb’) and Muslim (‘Bosniak’ in Izetbegovic’s terminology), the number of raped women for whom prima facie cases could be prepared, i.e. where they had enough information to prosecute the rapists, was a bit over a hundred, which was per capita more rapes of Serbs. The Muslim authorities also publicised all rape accusations, which summed to about 450 victims, but the Serb authorities only published prima facie cases. Finally, an American scholar of Egyptian background made a (wild) extrapolation, which he called ‘sustainable,’ of 20,000 rapes, for which we have no evidence whatsoever. Johnstone has a lot of material on the alleged rapes in Kosovo, and few of such claims survived cross examination. In one case after HRW made their Kosovo claims, a group of Kosovo Albanians arrived at a refugee center, with the media ready to interview and make human interest individual stories. The men among the refugees were shocked to hear of the mass rapes, and promised their wives and other females that they would not punish or abandon them, and encouraged the women to share what had happened. In this group of 700 refugees, there were three women who were recently raped, with no indication that Serbs were the perpetrators. Note also that the trial against Seselj had descended early on into farce, when it became obvious that the prosecutor had suborned multiple witnesses to perjury, some with access to prostitutes, others with promises of non-prosecution, et cetera. It is doubtful that the individual rapists (a small number of victims, hence likely not many perpetrators) were acting under orders, though if the prosecutor were not a war criminal and abettor of rape, Seselj could perhaps be legitimately charged for failure to prevent and/or prosecute such crimes.

        Regarding war crimes including torture, the Bosnian Muslims and Croats perpetrated similar crimes, likely in much larger numbers. Again, see Johnstone. Fisk may know some Arabic, but the Bosnian muslims are Slavs, speaking Serbo-Croatian. Fisk is not a good source on Bosnia. As for Srebrenica, the 8000 number is an ingention that does not stand up to scrutiny, and consequently the Bosnian Muslim authorities refuse to share the names—a large portion of the dead were soldiers, and because their names are not released, one cannot check for exhumation of people who died prior to Srebrenica. See e.g. Ed Herman on that matter, and Johnstone.

        The ICT(R)Y was very heavily biased against Serbs. I ask that you read some critical materials on precisely that matter. Start with Johnstone.

        • saskydisc says:

          20 000 rape victims

        • saskydisc says:

          Female relatives, glories of android…

        • et Al says:

          Do you mean Cherif Bassouni of De Paul University, Chicago who was at the UN and the one to parrot Sarajevo’s laughable claim carried widely and consistently by all the Pork Pie News Network that 200,000 ‘Bosniaks’ had been killed by the end of 1992?

          Not long after the claimed ‘mass rapes’, the then EC launched Commission led by Dame Anne Warburton of the House of Lords whose final report contained much thin gruel – the closer they got to the sources of the information, the less the claims.

          From not much evidence to certainty by the PPNN:

          Without a doubt there rapes did occur, but making claims of mass rapes in ‘rape camps’ and coming up massively short cannot be simply excused by saying ‘women don’t want to report it’. It’s now been over 20 years and this excuse which in part is true, but still nothing to support the outrageous claims made. The absence of evidence is taken to the evidence being there but hidden – so the House always wins whatever the actual outcome. That’s some pretty dodgy f*£&in legal ground there already, but the ICTY in the Hague has been a pioneer of accepting all sorts of projections made by ‘experts’ and giving it the same legal weight as proven fact. There’s a very good reason the International Criminal Court is not based on the ICTY – the standard and quality of evidence is not something major states would wish to be brought upon charges with.

          Now in 2017, we can all look back and recognize how a key propaganda story is created from experience, sic I-racki WMD’s and the latest ‘Trump-Russia’ collusion. It’s all based on a grain of truth (which truth, partial or not, is not strictly necessary) and spun wildly and most importantly repeated a la Goebbels propaganda. Anyone who reasonably questions the methodology, the evidence, the numbers or the conclusion is cast in to the role of ‘denier’ and is cast out by all right thinking people. That’s far more than enough to keep other curious people’s heads down.

          Case in point, the 200,000 Bosniak casualties by the end of 1992 was easy to debunk at the time (as I did), the war starting in May 1992, so count at most 9 months, sic 270 (9×30) odd days, 200,00/210 = a daily casualty rate of only ‘Bosniaks’ at about 740 a day, nowhere reflected in either Sarajevo or Pale’s casualty figures and least of all the PPNN. To question is to be cast out. Gotta love free speech in a democracy!

          • et Al says:

            For the record, Sarajevo claimed 60,000 raped, which was widely reported before there were any investigations.

            • saskydisc says:

              From here
              On March 15th, 1993 French journalist Jerome Bony, reporting from the Muslim stronghold of Tuzla said: and I quote: “When I was at 50 kilometers from Tuzla, I was told go to the Tuzla gymnasium, there you will find 4,000 raped women.” “At 20 kilometers, this figure dropped to 400. At 10 kilometers, only 40 were left. Once at the sight, I found only four women to testify.” End Quote.

              And this is the sort of evidence that gave us headlines screaming 60,000 rape victims in Bosnia, an absurd claim that to this day has never been exposed as a fraud by the American media.

              I attended a panel discussion at Long Beach State in California on April 15th that year in which Jacques Merlino, Deputy Chief Editor on Antenna 2 in Paris told his audience: And I quote:

              “All journalists in Bosnia are required to submit their articles to Bosnian censors in Sarajevo.” “Notice that any reference to conflicts between Croatians and Muslim forces are heavily edited, visual images of these conflicts are forbidden. Any journalist breaking these rules is expelled from Bosnia.” End Quote.

              In other words John Burns accepted half a Pulitzer and never told his readers that he abided by this kind of censorship. It also makes me wonder what kind of Bosnian democracy did Madeleine Albright built on such deceptions.

              In his December 1993 editorial in Strategic Policy Gregory Copley wrote: I quote: “The big lie technique is alive and well. Croatia has used the media and skillful image manipulation to hide its renewed genocide against the Serbs while at the same time ensuring that Serbs are themselves wrongly accused of the same type of crime, and more. Pictures of dead, wounded (or raped) Serbs often fill the screens of the world’s television and print media, only to be re-labelled as dead, wounded or raped Croats or Muslims. Serbs—not only suffer the indignity of defeat in death; they also are used in death as models in the macabre image manipulation operations of the Croatians and Muslim Bosnians.” End quote.

              • et Al says:

                I remember reading that at the time. One of the few journalists who reported it as it is without projection, though controlled through the Editor’s prerogative, i.e. filtering out any counter view or fact. In quite a few occasions, journalists in the field found that by the time their report was published by the PPNN, it bore little if no resemblance to what they had written.

              • et Al says:

                Thanks for the Horak testimony, saskydisc. It ‘s chilling stuff indeed.

            • marknesop says:

              Not much different than the death toll in Syria, which comes from Rami Abdelrahman and his Observatory For Human Rights road show. The UN uncritically repeats his figures, and has been doing so since the beginning, with the reslt that nobody now has any realistic idea of how many people have been killed in Syria. I would venture to guess it is somewhere between a third and half SOHR’s total, since the activists were bigging up the body count at first, in hopes of inspiring a western intervention.

          • saskydisc says:

            Sounds right, but I don’t have the book with me. As to the death rate, don’t you know that the Serbs had mastered teleportation by then? The bodies were sent to Jupiter…

            Also, regarding the book from which I quote above, some comments by its publisher:

          • marknesop says:

            Shades of Saddam Hussein’s ‘rape rooms’, in which allegedly he and his sons simply snatched women off the street to have at them. Bush the Younger loved to quote that one, how the Yew Ess of Aye was going to settle his hash so that Iraqi women no longer need fear his ‘rape rooms’.

            They should rename the room where the US State Department holds its press conferences ‘America’s Bullshit Room’.

      • Patient Observer says:

        Forgot to provide the answer which is NO. The question now is: what are you?

      • saskydisc says:

        Another matter. During the seige of Sarajevo, the media was concentrated in the downtown, where Muslims lived, and declined to comment on the fate of the Serbs, who lived in the suburbs. Also, there were many nazi collaborator Muslims (e.g. Handzar), and the Croat collaborators referred to them as “Muslim Croats of the purest white race.” Izetbegovic was a member of a pro-SS faction of the Young Muslims during WWII.

      • saskydisc says:

        One more thing. The Croatian pro-Nazi propaganda laid heavy emphasis on the “lack of Slavic character” of Serbs, on account of intermarriage with other groups. As an example, eastern Orthodox Turks intermarried with Serbs, and racist Croats will insist that Serbs are “basically Turks.” As an example of a Turkish derived surname, take that one Bosnian Serb in your one article, Karadzic—Kara is Turkish for dark.

  31. Cortes says:

    History repeats as what Barbara Tuchman described in “A Distant Mirror”, her account of the XIV Century rears up on us: Prince as the Sir John Hawkwood of today.

    • marknesop says:

      This viceroy, under Prince’s plan, would resolve all issues in the country personally, without the bureaucratic delays and endless meetings with Washington, and would answer only to the US president,” Plekhanov wrote.

      If true, this would make Afghanistan an American colony.

    • Lyttenburgh says:



      No, seriously – wat?!

      I’ve read the original article and it is… crack-heroine junkey makes more sense than this “Prince”. Does the author know in the first place:

      a) Why the mecenaries came into vogue in the first place?
      b) What were their MAJOR drawbacks?
      c) What were the reasons for their replacement with the national armies?

      The big damned idea that a bunch of mercs could extricate U.S. soldiers from this quagmire, and SOMEHOW solve it deserves a nomination to the Darwin Award. An American viceroy with a privatized fighting force would make trains run on time in Afghanistan – if they had any trains, that’s it.

      His jerking off Doug MacArthur ignores one sad and incovenient fact – that Truman fired him for abuse of power. Also, the armies of the British East India Company did much harm in India (to put it very mildly!), and bankrupted the company. British taxpayers had to bail it out in 1770, and then the government had to seize control in 1874.

      The thing is – Prince is has been burnout, who wants to come out from the exile after his Iraq fiasko. He is so desperate that going to use every connection (his sis is Betsy De Vos, the Secretary of Education) and half-coocked idea to come back to relevance.

      And he might very well succeed. Because war in Afghanistan from the get go was not about “counter terrorism”, but about making money. Outsorcing to PMCs would be just an honest coming out. They just need to admit – they are here not for “pacification” of the country, but for money. Lots of them. So, in the end, it won’t be a “colony” of the US. It would be a leeching ground for a number of, perhaps, international business interests.

    • Jen says:

      At least Erik Prince is consistent, in the sense that whatever he proposes always turns out to be the worst possible solution. There is a reason that diplomacy, where it exists, is an art which the likes of Prince will never understand.

  32. kirill says:

    Another “suicide” in the USA. Foul play is too much bother for the regime cops to investigate.

    • Cortes says:

      I’d love to see the robot deal with the “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” scenes of the typical British town centre on Sunday circa 0200. “Testing to destruction ” of its programming leaps effortlessly to mind.

    • Lyttenburgh says:

      Oh noes! ;(

      Be kind to your robots, because “Man and Machine Are Frineds”.

      Glory to Robots! Death to Mankind!

  33. shargash says:

    Pussy Riot Founder Says American Liberals Scapegoat Putin To Distract From Democrats’ Problems.

    Jeebus. How bad are the Democrats if they’ve lost Pussy Riot?

    The linked article also contains this gem: “In 2012, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and two other bandmates from punk band Pussy Riot were imprisoned in Russia for daring to speak out against Putin’s regime.”

    • Drutten says:

      “Punk band” haha… Not that punk is typically characterized by virtuosi, but a majority of them clearly do possess some basic understanding of music and know how to at the very least keep a beat and churn out two-three chords on a distorted guitar. Pussy Riot knew neither, they just grabbed the nearest untuned guitars they could find and started screaming incoherent obscenities in a large Orthodox cathedral.

      That whole thing was just a temporary offshoot off “Voina” that came into being as they were looking for other means to piss people off with vulgar/offensive displays (e.g. inserting frozen meat into various orifices at a supermarket, having public intercourse at a museum attended by children etc) and decided that a good way to top those earlier stunts would be to harass church goers during service.

      Speaking out against Putin’s regime my ass, this “Pussy Riot” mythology is absolutely astounding.

    • marknesop says:

      Shargash! Good to see you; it’s been, like, forever.

      So now she’s a ‘prominent anti-Putin activist’. I guess she has to pretend to have a job, although it was once a matter of pride for her that she didn’t. Good to see her also tossing around phrases like ‘hypermasculine bravado’ – those English lessons really paid off.

      I don’t know if I’d be blabbering about how weak and insecure Putin is if I were a refugee contingent on my fear he would kill me if I went back to Russia. People might ask, if he’s such a little wet end as all that, why are we keeping you here so you’ll be safe from him?

      • J.T. says:

        Two things:

        1) If Tolokonnikova’s a ‘prominent Putin activist’, then why have I barely heard anything about or from her in the past three years?

        2) ‘hypermasculine bravado’.
        *grabs soapbox*
        IMHO this ‘hypermasculine bravado’ Putin myth needs to die. And fast.
        That iconic photo of shirtless Putin on horseback which people usually cite as proof of Putin’s “hypermasculinity” was part of a single photo set taken on a single trip to Tuva in 2007. It never happened again. Nor have we seen many such publicity stunts since the 2010s began. If Tolokonnikova were more perceptive, she would notice that Putin’s ‘persona’ has since shifted from ‘He-man’ to a quieter ‘Father of the Nation’. But no – those stunts captivated us in the West and since then it’s been hard to think of any other visual depiction of the Russian leader. We created the myth Putin is regularly presented to the Russian public shirtless with a rifle on horseback, and then started to believe it. And it’s up to you to keep the Narrative alive, dammit!
        Admittedly, I sometimes refer to Putin’s ‘hypermasculinity’ – but the difference between my and Tolokonnikova’s use of the word is that I use it ironically, in satire and comics, mocking both Putin and the myths the West has created around him. Tolokonnikova says it as if it’s Fact, or at least a valid analysis.
        *steps off soapbox*
        Thank you Mark for allowing this tangential rant.

        I direct your attention to a lecture Tolokno gave at NYU back in April 2016:
        She seems similarly uninformed and slightly inarticulate (in fairness, she’s still learning ENG) one year later, but with less profanity.

      • shargash says:

        I was out of the country for a few weeks, and then picked up a new puppy as soon as I got back. I’ve been reading the comments, but I’ve mostly been doing it on my phone while watching the pup. WordPress isn’t great on a phone, and some of those threads with Matt just went on and on and on.

  34. Moscow Exile says:

    Государство Малороссия учредили в Донецке

    18.07.17 11:14
    The state of Little Russia” has been established in Donetsk

    Donetsk. July 18. INTERFAX – the head of the Donetsk People’s Republic. Alexander Zakharchenko, has spoken about the establishment of the new state of Little Russia. [Malorossiya]

    “We believe that the state of the Ukraine, as it used to be, cannot be restored, and we, the representatives of the regions of the former Ukraine, with the exception of the Crimea, declare the establishment of a new state that is the successor to the Ukraine”. We have agreed that the new state will be called Little Russia, since the very name of the Ukraine discredits itself”, the head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic told reporters.

    According to him, the capital of Little Russia becomes the city of Donetsk, and the city of Kiev remains a historical and cultural center without having the status of capital city.

    “The flag of Bogdan Khmelnitsky is recognized as the national flag of Little Russia … We proceed from the fact that the Donetsk People’s Republic, along with the Luhansk People’s Republic, remain the only territories of Ukraine, not counting the Crimea, where legitimate authority is preserved”, he said.

    A. Zakharchenko also added that it would be necessary to introduce a 3-year state of emergency in the country.

    “Having in view the avoidance of chaos, we propose to introduce a state of emergency for 3 years. During this period, the activities of any political parties are banned, and at the same time and with the involvement of the international community investigations are to begin into the crimes in Odessa, on the Maidan, and in the Donbass, and today we are offering an option that will stop the war”, said A. Zakharchenko.

    “We are proposing a new plan: a plan for the reintegration of the country. Not long ago we launched a state programme to unite the peoples of the Donbass. We are offering all citizens of the Ukraine a way out of the war through re-establishment of the country. This is a peaceful way out. We have already held consultations with representatives of the authorities and businesses of the regions, as well as about whether the international community supports the idea. This is our first and last offer”, said A. Zakharchenko.

    He believes that the government in Kiev is illegitimate and unable to stop the war.

    A. Zakharchenko said that the situation in the Donbass had come to a dead-end, had become tied up in “such a knot that could no longer be undone”.

    In turn, Vice-Premier of the DPR, Alexander Timofeev, told reporters: “The Donetsk People’s Republic calls on the representatives of the regional elites to put an end to the coming chaos and civil war in the country, where everyone will be against everyone. “The DPR is ready to assume a coordinating role. For this we propose to choose from all regions representatives for the Constitutional Assembly on the principles of the Zemsky Sobor, at which the new country ‘Little Russia’ and a new constitution shall be established.”

    He noted that when drafting the Constitution of the Donetsk People’s Republic, they believe it imperative to rely on such principles as an independent sovereign state, territorial integrity in recognizing the legitimacy of a referendum on the choice of the Crimean people, as well as a neutral non-aligned status, economic diversity, the rehabilitation of the Soviet legacy and the maintenance of a visa-free regime if the EU should consent.

    “The constitution of Little Russia is being prepared and adopted in the original version by the Constitutional Assembly and then submitted to a nationwide referendum, which will be preceded by a broad public discussion at both regional and federal levels” he said.

      • Moscow Exile says:

        Bonehead comment to the above-linked Sputnik article:

        Malorossiya = Mal-Russia (The Bad, Wrong, Evil Russia)

        That “mal” sounds really uninspired (also it perfectly describes Russia) because most of the people in Europe, US, South America will associate the first three letters of the name of the new state with the French word “mal” which means: bad, wrong, evil, pain, etc.

        All right then, arsehole, what would “most people” in Europe, the USA and South America make of these names: Малороссия, which comes from this: Малая Россия, and this: Малая Русь, and ultimately this: Μικρὰ Ῥωσ(σ)ί

        You see, dickhead, Russian and Greek ain’t Latinate languages.

        • Cortes says:

          Actually my first thought was exactly the same as the comment you’re panning. Names matter (ask FYROM and Greece). Malorussia needs as many friends as possible. The choice of name makes the task of its enemies easier, in my view.

        • marknesop says:

          Mauvais is ‘bad’ in French. Or ‘mechant’ which refers to behavior. Actually ‘mal’ refers more to a condition of sickness, as in how you feel.

    • Moscow Exile says:

      Porky’s press secretary strikes back:

      The project “New Russia” has been buried. The Ukraine will regain sovereignty over the the Donbas and the the Crimea

      When is the mighty Ukraine army going to march through Donetsk City and Simferopol, I wonder?

    • Lyttenburgh says:

      “The flag of Bogdan Khmelnitsky is recognized as the national flag of Little Russia “

      The flag in question:

      • yalensis says:

        Are you sure this Malorossiya story isn’t a fake?
        The Bogdan Khmelnitsky flag, for starters, doesn’t seem like a good choice for DPR/LPR people.

        Flag of Bohdan Khmelnytsky. Bohdan (Б) Khmelnytsky (Х), hetman (Г) of Army (В) of Zaporozhia (З) and of his (Е) king’s (К) majesty (МЛС) of Rzecz Pospolita.

        For starters, Zaporozhie is not within the borders of the DPR/LPR, and secondly, they can’t possibly want to be heirs of Rzecz Pospolita – LOL!

        • Jen says:

          Could be some kind of set-up or smear is being planned. Bohdan Khmelnytsky and his followers were responsible for some of the largest pogroms against Jewish communities in Poland-Lithuania before World War II. Equating Donetsk and Lugansk republics with anything linked to Khmelnytsky looks like a definite smear against DPR / LPR.

    • marknesop says:

      Ambitious and hopeful. Really puts Porky on the spot, as well, which is doubtless the reason for his quick assurances that the Donbas will be restored to Ukraine.

    • Moscow Exile says:


      Streamed live 4 hours ago.

      Unfortunately sound out of sync:

      • Moscow Exile says:

        Конституционный акт:
        “Малороссия – многонациональное государство, государственными языками которого являются малороссийский и русский, при сохранении прав региональных языков.
        Малороссия – федеративное государство с широкой автономией регионов. В ведении центральных органов власти должны оставаться вопросы федерального бюджета (формируется за счёт отчисления установленного процента от каждого региона), армия и спецслужбы, таможня и Центробанк, налоговая политика и экология. Базовые вопросы образования (стандарты) и медицины также должны оставаться в ведении центральных органов власти, но при существенной региональной компоненте.
        Мы исходим из того, что Донецкая Народная Республика (наряду с Луганской Народной Республикой) остаются единственными территориями бывшей «Украины» (не считая Крыма), на которых сохранилась законная власть.
        – В Киеве в феврале 2014 года произошёл антиконституционный вооружённый переворот;
        – Донецк не признал этот переворот и его «правовые» последствия;
        – В условиях фактического безвластия на территории Донецкой области был проведён референдум – самая демократичная форма волеизъявления граждан, – на основании которого путём всенародных выборов была избрана легитимная власть, исполнительная и законодательная;
        – Исполняющий обязанности президента Турчинов был назначен Верховной Радой в нарушение конституции. Выборы Порошенко и самой Верховной Рады в 2014 году были нелегитимными, поскольку, помимо массовых нарушений и политического террора (избиение кандидатов, запугивание избирателей), в этих выборах не участвовали несколько миллионов избирателей (Крым, Донбасс), участие которых декларировалось ЦИК в Киеве.
        На основании вышесказанного Донецкая Народная Республика считает себя вправе инициировать переучреждение того государства, которое ранее называлось «Украина».
        Донецкая Народная Республика призывает представителей региональных элит и гражданского общества регионов бывшей «Украины» объединиться для того, чтобы остановить наступающие в стране хаос и гражданскую «войну всех против всех», а также последующий процесс распада страны. ДНР готова взять на себя координирующую роль и обеспечить безопасность всех участников нового конституционного процесса силами своей армии и правоохранительных органов.
        Для этого мы предлагаем выбрать от всех регионов на персональной основе представителей в Конституционное собрание (принципы Земского собора), на котором учредить страну – МАЛОРОССИЮ, и принять новую Конституцию.
        При подготовке новой Конституции мы считаем необходимым опираться на следующие основные принципы:
        – Независимое суверенное государство;
        – Территориальная целостность, при признании правомерности (референдума) выбора народов Крыма;
        – Нейтральный (внеблоковый) военный статус;
        – Опора на традиционные для наших народов ценности, которые базируются на православной картине мира;
        – Равноправие всех традиционных религий и конфессий и при этом противодействие раскольничеству и тоталитарным сектам;
        – В экономике – разновекторность, «мост» между Востоком и Западом, Севером и Югом;
        – Возобновление участия в деятельности СНГ, ратификация закона о членстве Малороссии в СНГ;
        – Курс на присоединение к Союзному государству России и Белоруссии, при сохранении независимости и суверенитета;
        – Восстановление кооперационных связей с Россией и возобновление сотрудничества с ЕАЭС; проведение переговоров в трёхстороннем формате Малороссия-Россия-Евросоюз для гармонизации взаимоотношений в общей системе;
        – Сохранение безвиза (в случае согласия Евросоюза);
        – Восстановление промышленного потенциала страны; создание госконцернов в ключевых отраслях промышленности;
        – Запрет на продажу земель сельхозназначения; отказ от ГМО;
        – Развитие системы народного (общественного) контроля в экономике и политике, в том числе, как средства борьбы с коррупцией;
        – Борьба с коррупцией как ключевое направление; усиление ответственности (в том числе уголовной) за коррупционные преступления; мониторинг законодательства с целью ликвидации коррупционных «окон»;
        – Деолигархизация, в том числе на законодательном уровне;
        – Отказ от политических партий как субъекта политики, переход к персональному принципу представительства;
        – Введение элементов прямой демократии;
        – Правопреемственность по отношению к домайданной «Украине»;
        – Отказ от долгов майданной власти;
        – Отказ от повышения пенсионного возраста;
        – Заморозка коммунальных тарифов и рассмотрение возможности их дальнейшего снижения;
        – Гарантия 1-го рабочего места для выпускников ВУЗов;
        – Разрешение на хранение и ношение оружия;
        – Системная денацификация;
        – Административная и уголовная ответственность за пропаганду неонацистских идей и героизацию нацистов и их пособников (Бандеры, Шухевича, ОУН-УПА и т.д.);
        – Административная и уголовная ответственность за попытки пересмотра итогов Второй Мировой войны;
        – Реабилитация советского наследия;
        – Восстановление государственного празднования Дня Победы 9 мая”.

    • karl1haushofer says:

      Only words, nothing concrete will come out of this. By concrete I mean expansion of “Little Russian” territory.

    • marknesop says:

      Zakharchenko has acquired a real political and command presence, for someone who was just a regular guy a couple of years ago. I think ‘Little Russia’ is in pretty good hands; about as good as could be expected given the situation and the choices available. Certainly makes Porky look like a self-indulgent manipulator. Oh, wait – he is.

  35. Moscow Exile says:

    Russian Defence Ministry has declassified documents on the liberation of Poland:

    Освобождение Польши

    See: «Сами немцы убили поляков в Катыни»

    The Germans killed the Poles in Katyn

  36. Moscow Exile says:


    Acting Ukraine Minister of Health: United States -Ukrainian Ulyana Suprin

    18 Jul 2017 CNN
    The head of the Ministry of health of Ukraine: Russia must accept the blame for the downing of MH17 [video]

    • Moscow Exile says:

      Detroit born Uniate Catholic.

      Assistant Clinical Professor in Pathology.

      Director of Humanitarian Initiatives of the Ukrainian World Congress and founder of NGO Patriot Defence (medical care and training for the heroes at the front).

      Are these the necessary qualifications for a minister of state, for the Ukrainian Health Minister?

  37. Northern Star says:

    @ All of the Stooges who posted comments (supra) about the alleged Balkans mass rape episodes;
    My bottom line:
    I thought-perhaps mistakenly-that the case of mass rape of muslim women by serbs was a known fact.
    Guess not. Mea culpa
    However we KNOW that rape HAS been systematically used a a tool of war for millenia throughout the planet.
    So the idea that mass rapes could have occurred is not- ab initio- an absurd notion.
    Not everything -or for that matter most things-brought to Mark’s blog table for discussion should be construed as a casus belli between Stooges who upon a first read lapse into a teeth gnashing frenzy of attacking the *stooge* who brought up a *topic*. that has been bitterly controverted in
    different forums.
    The following strikes me as an article that is more or less even handed in arriving at a synopsis-albeit dated (2013)-that reflects the profound shortcomings of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in showing just how problematic it is to establish with certitude who did WTF to whom in the Balkans between 1990 and 1998 (roughly)

    At the risk of incurring the wrath of the blog SS (Stooge Staffel) I think that a discussion as to **why** Yugoslavia disintegrated is -or could be-worthwhile and interesting

    As for the rapes..Are these women FOS or created fakes??

    I dunno….nor do any of you…
    However one thing I am NOT going to do is fervently hope that dozens or scores or hundreds of women were raped and sodomized just to prove that ‘rape camps existed’..
    In other words..I hope they did not exist…

    • et Al says:

      1: The ICTY was a joke from the beginning and was designed to apportion the politically appropriate blame from the beginning.

      2: All civil wars seem to have some element of rape. What the Serbs and their supporters complain about is that they are a) not denying that it may have happened in limited cases and have never denied that war crimes took place in a civil war, but; b) are singled out as the perpetrators and were painted very much as modern day Nazis, accused of using rape as ‘a systematic weapon’, running concentration and death camps.

      The PR Firm Ruder Finn made it very clear that the main goal in the very early days was to paint the Serbs as Nazis and as monsters, targeting American Jews particularly (there’s an interview wih hRuder Finn’s James Harf*) those of influence was essential. The problem was, Jews know who did what to whom during WWII and they all know that it was the Croats, the Bosnian moslems and Albanians in Kosovo that collaborated enthusiastically with the the Nazis and had all their hand covered in blood. Therefore the aim was to bombard the media with horror stories to keep anyone (Jewish or not) to dare to raise their head above the parapet and say “Hang on a minute!!!”. This was also designed to draw attention away from Izebegovic’s WWII past with the Mladi Musilmani collaborators – not to mention his Islamic Declaration (calling for a moslem land across the Balkans) published in 1972 & republished in 1990 to burnish his moslem credentials, and Tudjman’s revisionism who also publicly denied that six million Jews were killed, not to mention that the Croats in WWI were great etc.

      The propaganda was so so successful that the US even invited the Holocaust denying Tudjman to the opening ceremony of the US Holocaust Memorial Center. Izetbgovic was sold as a multi-ethnic ‘democrat’ despite keeping all important roles for his moslem bretheren.

      One of the small ironies is that UN military personnel posted to Bosnia very much appreciated the Bosnian Serb Army’s professionalism (and some of these people have openly said so in their biographies of their time in Bosnia) and deeply disliked the Sarajevo and Zagreb crowd. The complete opposite is true of civilian ‘helpers’ and journalists who went there on and off.

      Remember that in Yugoslavia, all communications to the outside world went through Zagreb, which allowed the Croatians to seize the propaganda narrative, very much in the same way the Slovenes lied outright about fighting off the might of the Yugoslav National Army which was in reality a few dozen tanks, mostly unarmed and driven by young conscripts who thought that they’d just be sitting along the border smoking cigarettes and looking at porno mags. They were massacred and plenty in cold blood, including three conscripts executed by the Slovenian TO and filmed by Austrian ORF TV from the other side of the border. The full report on the Slovene myth and polished up skirmishes was published by the Slovene parliament in 2009 and is only available in Slovene**, having given Marko Prešeren of the University of Ljubljana the role of putting it all together. The Serbs were totally shit at PR and propaganda. They assumed that by being truthful they would get a good hearing. They were naive in the extreme for a long time.


      ** Marko Prešeren
      Tožilska in sodna praska v Republiki Sloveniji glede kršitev
      mednarodnega prava oboroženih spopadov
      leta 1991
      Diplomsko delo

      Ljubljana, 2009

      Click to access preseren-marko.pdf

      Download a copy and learn Slovenian! The sooner it is translated in to English, the better, but basic military terms and key words are easy to figure out.

      An agglomeration In English from numerous Balkan news sources who published the news at the time:

      The link to above doesn’t work, but the below gives his appearances:

    • Patient Observer says:

      NS – Interesting response to having your assertion debunked, destroyed and shown to be entirely a joke. I appreciate the efforts of other KS researchers in doing the heavy lifting.

      Your other posts seem to have an anti-empire, anti-racist bent yet you seem to hold Serbs in contempt. We Serbs pride ourselves on resisting fascism in every form and consider ourselves to be largely free of racism – something that no other European country could rightfully claim. So, other than the Independent, Guardian, WaPO, NYT and other purveyors of BS, what exactly inspires you to at least appear to be anti-Serb? Frankly, I don’t get it and would like to understand the basis of your position.

      • et Al says:

        As PO above certainly knows, but this is for others, the Serb role in standing up to bullying imperial powers and fascist dictators is deeply unappreciated by western historians. Percentage wise, Serbia lost the largest proportion of their able bodied men than any other European nation in World War I (or was it World War II? – sorry, I’m on my third glass of wine). Regardless of whether you are pro-Četnik or Partisan vis WWII, both were predominantly Serb populated, in the latter case less so and particularly when Croats and others smelt the tide of the war turning against them and joined up in droves. Most non-Serbs enthusiastically worked with the Nazis. The Italians though were a bit shit by comparison.

        Not only that, though the Serbs ‘lost’ the battle of Kosovo Polje that also wiped out much of their men stock, this delayed the Ottoman assault on Europe by years which gave breathing time for the rest of Europe to prepare for the inevitable assault and throw the Ottomans back from the gates of Vienna. The 1940 coup in Belgrade against the accord with Nazi Germany led Adolf Hitler to such a fury that he ordered the immediate bombing and invasion of Serbia – that possibly delayed the invasion of Russia by several weeks, though it is impossible to tell if it made a critical difference. Simply put, floods of Serb blood don’t count for much for at all for the rest of Europe and particularly the ‘civilized’ west. In 1389 they chose the heavenly kingdom and got pasted, in 1940, they did the same and got pasted. They certainly had more reason that most to become the most accommodating of collaborators, but they refused to do so on each occasion (not counting when they are fighting each other).

        So you see, the Serbs have done ‘Europe’ plenty of favors only to be f(££(d in return. Currently it looks like Belgrade has lost most of its rebellious spirit after yet again being crushed from the other side, exhausted. Pragmatism vs. ideals. What a choice.

        • Patient Observer says:

          Well said. Actually, it was in both World Wars that Serbia suffered the greatest loss of life.

          Alas, Serbia is indeed in a state of exhaustion after a century of enormous loss of life, seemingly non-stop attacks, blockades, merciless propaganda and dirty tricks as well as NGOs up the wazoo. I hope that there is still a spiritual reservoir that can renew their spirit and recover just as Russia has.

          Please have a glass of wine and enjoy the moment!

      • Northern Star says:

        “Frankly, I don’t get it and would like to understand the basis of your position.”
        No you do not “get it”…You are Serb and obviously have first hand intimate knowledge of matters Serbian .I am not..and I concede I may have carelessly misstated stuff about the Serbian people and Nation..I do NOT pretend to be without flaw..unlike you!!!!!!
        If I got some aspects of the (historical) situation wrong..that does not mean I am anti Serb…

        Here is some drink and gf for you-you probably need a military woman- …now go away!!!!!

        • Patient Observer says:

          Young man, I do not pretend to be without flaws. In fact, I (and others) find my flaws the most interesting part of me:)

    • yalensis says:

      Dear NE:
      What mostly incited the Stooges was your equation of Serbs to Nazis based upon (1) a (relatively benign) verse in the Serbian national anthem; and (2) the alleged rapes committed by the Serbian army.

      I believe that I responded adequately to the “national anthem” argument.
      Sasky and others debunked those Serbian rape stories quite adequately.
      However, I would like to pose a logic question here:

      EVEN IF those rape allegations WERE true, what does rape have to do with fascism?
      Are you logically implying that every rapist is a fascist?
      Can a rapist not be a Republican, a Democrat, or a socialist?
      Is a non-raping fascist a possibility?

      This is basic Aristotelian logic here.

    • saskydisc says:

      Apologies for the very long comment, but this is a large and topic, that will require some discussion.

      If Trump shutters that state department perjury outfit, then good. Some comments. As to the rape camp claims, several things stand out in your link.

      First off, the alleged victims are anonymous, which makes it impossible to cross-check for previous contradictory testimony when the prosecutor declines to provide such in a sufficiently complete form, which is particularly problematic especially in light of the US-sponsored prosecutors’ proclivities to suborn to perjury, in methods that vary from threatening to prosecute should the witness fail to tell the necessary lies (see e.g. the prosecution against Ndindiliyimana, and several at the Yugoslavia tribunal), to payments that vary from financial to sexual (sic), to making death threats against the family members of the “witnesses” to be. None of this is secret, and it was particularly common in the Yugoslav and Rwandan tribunals.

      One thing that makes the trial bizarrely funny is that some of the alleged rapists were granted anonymity, perhaps as a prosecution witnesses (e.g. dp6)—sic. Note that the document is primarily prosecution claims up to page 46. Note the Muslim army practice of booby-trapping the corpses of Serbs whom they had murdered. Read also especially from page 65 to 75. Many of the rapists rape several times per day. Page 103 involves rapes by a rapist with a broken arm and likely broken ribs. One of these very prolific rapists, performing several rapes per day, is in his mid 40s.

      On page 154, the court cites the fraudulent Akayesu case approvingly. Akayesu has been condemned even by the prosecution investigator—Akayesu in fact perpetrated no rapes, at least during the war, but was convicted of rape so as to help build Hillary Clinton’s politial career. On page 216, read paragraph 580, and reflect on the fact that no such prosecutions were brought forward—the ICTY and its prosecutor and sponsors were abetting the rape and mass expulsion of Serbs, and continued to do so to the end.

      So let us do some math. Of the witnesses called by the prosecution, 16 claimed to have been raped by the defendants and on occasion by their fellows, albeit either granted anonymity during the trial, or never identified. Let us assume, not only that their claims are roughly valid, but further, than twice as many were raped in total in the municipality. That would bring us to 48 victims. If you look up the town on Wikipedia, you will find a reference to a mass rape camp—by Roy Gutman, which has since disappeared, and lives on in the archives. 48 victims is about one half to one third of the total that Diane Johnstone refers. Also note that it was not so much a camp for the purpose of rape as much as an (unlawful) detention centre, which certain Serb and Montenegrin soldiers used for the purpose of rape.

      Contra the economist, the court was trying to gain some minimal credibility by charging the Croats and dismissing the charges against the Serbs—the notion of a popular genocidal conspiracy by Serbs was always a product of Gutman’s fantasies.

      Second off—and this is particularly galling in light of the use of Serb rape victims presented as Croat and Muslim rape victims, or for that matter, the invention of Tutsi rape victims (threatened with the deaths of their parental families should they fail to accuse their Hutu husbands of rape) coupled with the mass rape of Hutus by RPF forces, there was no prosecution of the USA and company sponsored forces for the rapes by their proxies, the Croats, Bosnian Muslims or RPF.

      Third off. The tribunals rested in large part in their indictments on documents produced by the likes of Human Rights Watch, yet the material claims in these documents often did not survive cross-examination. If there is a major irritation that I have with you, it is that you repeat citing these documents, despite their authors often going so far as to disown them on the stand; Patient Observer already gave you an example in the Yugoslav tribunal regarding the rape camps, and I shall give you one also. Alison des Forges disowned much of her Leave None To Tell The Story on the stand, stating that she had been misled by Kagame and company; as she had died before the end of the Military II trial, her widower testified that that was in fact her position.

      The attorney for Ndindiliyimana, Chris Black, rightly mocked the prosecutor in this and other regards in his closing argument; the defendant was initially convicted on charges minor relative to the indictment, and these convictions were overturned on appeal, with the decision implying that the prosecutor had lied in setting up the indictment. Yet Leave None To Tell The Story remains available on HRW’s website, without comment, and I recall you linking to it. I shall quote Chris Black, who has written a partial memoir, in precisely regards to the matters raised in this comment:

      However, it is a certainty, in our respectful submission, when one considers the circumstances of his arrest, the history of the troubled indictments, and the several offers made to him by the Prosecutor to release him and drop the charges against him if he would only testify against Colonel Bagosora, coupled with the threat of a severe sentence if he refused to cooperate, that his indictment and arrest were motivated by political reasons and that not even the Prosecutor takes the charges seriously.

      That is, the prosecutor attempted to suborn Ndindiliyimana to perjury using the threat (carried out) of a prosecution on false premises—I am quoting, I remind you, from the closing argument of the defence in the trial that constituted the carrying out of that threat. Seselj’s trial was exactly the same, but with greater urgency—Del Ponte needed to make up with the US in order to fulfil her functions as prosecutor, after her disobedience by actually reopening the case against Kagame, which lead the US to split the Rwanda and Yugoslav tribunals, and had her removed from the Rwanda tribunal.

      Paragraph 22 of the indictment sets out the persons alleged to have been involved in a conspiracy. They include President Habyarimana and General Deogratias Nsabimana who were murdered on the evening of April 6, 1994 when the plane in which they were travelling was shot down by the RPF. The absurdity of the Prosecutor’s theory is exposed by the fact that they allege that those two men conspired to commit genocide when the Prosecutor also has the theory that the shoot down of the plane was a planned catalyst of genocide against the Tutsi ethnic group. No sane person could reasonably imagine that the President of Rwanda and the army chief of staff could agree to their own deaths in order to exterminate Tutsi.

      Chew on that, NS. The conspiracy theory that you advance, in promoting the Rwandan tribunal’s HRW stories, involves conspiracy to commit genocide carried out through suicide. The Yugoslav tribunals contain similar rot.

      The first allegation concerning an alleged conspiracy is a general one contained in paragraph 23 and alleges that in late 1990 an unnamed group of MRND members and unnamed members of the armed forces “conceived the idea that the neutralization, indeed, even the extermination of the Tutsi population of Rwanda would be the best approach in order to defeat the invaders, and by the same stroke prevent the sharing of power, which seemed increasingly inevitable, given the configuration of forces at the time.”[8]

      The complete lack of specificity in this allegation is fatal to the charge. No accused can understand what he is charged with when he is grouped with unknown persons.
      A conspiracy with anonymous individuals—this kind of rot is what you are promoting. Think about it. Regarding des Forges, author of the HRW fantasy piece, Leave None To Tell The Story, and the “Enemy Document,” which was introduced to demonstrate an intention of genocide by the prosecutor,

      The only evidence they produced to establish it had a different meaning from its plain sense was Dr. Des Forges who boldly claimed that the document meant the opposite of what it says and who just as boldly refused to provide any basis for her opinion.
      Remember, I am quoting from the closing argument in the Military II trial, itself not overly competitive for sheer rot with the Yugoslav trials, where the lead defence attorney is mocking—courts frown on such conduct, and the trials were biased against the defendants—the prosecutor. By the way, paragraph 28 is a beauty—you should go read it.

    • Jen says:

      @ NS: My advice to you is to recognize that many if not most websites you cite on issues relating to the break-up of Yugoslavia in the 1990s are going to be highly biased against Serbians generally and individually. This advice applies generally too to most current issues and even blogs and websites professing to be sympathetic to ordinary Serbians and Russians and which may have good analyses may be very prejudiced against their leaders and the policies they follow.

      • Northern Star says:

        I posted a link to **ONE** youtube video on the Yugoslavia breakup…it appeared to be not
        particularly propagandistic insofar as pushing anti Serb NATerroristO themes…Stooges can conduct their own individual voir dire of the vid and evaluate it accordingly

        • Jen says:

          But why should people like Patient Observer, Yalensis and SaskyDisc investigate the source of the video after you put it up? Couldn’t you have investigated it first before making the comment, realized that it could very well be offensive to a number of KS commenters and warned people accordingly in your original comment with the link? I don’t think it is particularly fair to expect other people to evaluate the worth (or otherwise) of links you make if you are not prepared to do this work yourself.

          • Northern Star says:

            “But why should people like Patient Observer, Yalensis and SaskyDisc investigate the source of the video after you put it up? ”

            I dunno Jen…maybe cuz “investigating the source” of a video is a waste of time…it’s simpler to simply view the GD thing….it’s short in duration….concise…I didn’t note any elaborate propaganda stuff on the YouTube page it was on….
            Someone watches it..enjoys it..maybe even learns a little..Hmmm? THEN they go collar Watson and “investigate the source”..(whatever the hell that means)!!.Suppose they find something offensive in the source….BTW even so, that would only be a subjective evaluation on their part..others may NOT be offended…Anyway are they now to backtrack and decide that the vid wasn’t REALLY informative or amusing after all!!!..LOL!!!
            Stooges are adults .not two year olds who need mommy to cut up their cutlets or fish on their plates for them

            “I don’t think it is particularly fair to expect other people to evaluate the worth (or otherwise) of links”

            **Ummm..That’s EXACTLY what critical thinking entails..**
            Moreover who am I to speculate as to what may or may not offend other Stooges??

            Frankly your comment is -IMO-.inane. Stooge regulars post links on this blog ***everyday*** that clearly they haven’t subjected to some onerous vetting of the source of the link nonsense,if for no other reason than time constraints.

            Sure..if the link is obviously fascist or racist or russophobic garbage….then guess what Jen….it doesn’t get posted. ..unless it’s used to illustrate a specifci point.
            end of story

            • Jen says:

              “… I don’t think it is particularly fair to expect other people to evaluate the worth (or otherwise) of links …”

              You deliberately left out the second part of my comment. If you’re not prepared to check out a link (which may contain controversial content) before you post it but expect others to do so, and then on top of that make insinuations about the content, you are not being fair to others who have to do this work. It is no wonder that they doubt your sincerity in posting such links.

              • Northern Star says:

                “If you’re not prepared to check out a link (which may contain controversial content) before you post it but expect others to do so,”

                As is well known I routinely check out the underpinnings of comments (links) posted by other Stooges…

                “and then on top of that make insinuations about the content, ”

                Now you’re just making stuff up…consult the archives of what I’ve actually posted in the last two years…not your fantasy garbage tactic of ‘putting comments in my mouth’ as it were!!!

                “It is no wonder that they doubt your sincerity in posting such links.”

                Nice…the Blog Diva who -of course- speaks for all the other Stooges..
                Who will no doubt come swarming to your defense.. LOL!!

                You question my sincerity….?? Ummm…IMO I thought many of your posts were instructive and worth reading….including more than a few in response to something I had posted…However,at this point, it’s not your ‘sincerity’ that I call into question…

  38. Eric says:

    90000 turnout in Yekaterinburg for the anniversary of the killing of the Tsar and his family….that’s pretty impressive.
    Natalia Poklonskaya went all the way to commemorate it also…..say what you like about her, or whatever your view is on a sitting MP travelling all the way to Yekaterinburg ……but she is genuine, and it’s good to see a young lady sticking up for the ROC.

    • Yalensis and Lyttenburgh must think that killing of Tsar family was justified and these people are who attend the anniversary Fifth Columnists.

      • Patient Observer says:

        You must be a psychic channeler. Go ahead, read my mind.

      • Special_sauce says:

        Meh, not “justified” but “a drop in the bucket”. Well, a few drops, in an ocean.

        Confucious say: Communism doesn’t kill people; communists do.

      • yalensis says:

        Thank you for putting words in my mouth, Karl, everybody likes to have that done to them.

        Actually, I don’t have a particular position about the killing of the Tsar’s family, I understand that the Bolsheviks who did it, at the time, were very worried that the White Army was approaching; and they thought it best to get rid of any royals who could become a rallying flag for the Whites or possibly form the core of a new dynasty. So, the act was understandable, albeit possibly not necessary.

        As for Poklonskaya and the others, I don’t regard them as Fifth Columnists, merely as Russian citizens of the Monarchist political persuasion.
        The only people I regard as Fifth Columnists are those who work directly for NATO.

  39. Northern Star says:

    Good luck with the paywall….but this is an important article..IMO

    “For two decades, the office has spearheaded cooperation with a range of internationally supported criminal courts from Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia to Cambodia and the Central African Republic and pushed for greater U.S. support for the International Criminal Court (ICC).

    “This is a very harsh signal to the rest of the world that the United States is essentially downgrading the importance of accountability for the commission of atrocity crimes,” said David Scheffer, a professor at Northwestern University’s Pritzker School of Law, who served as the first U.S. ambassador-at-large for war crimes issues. “This sends a strong signal to perpetrators of mass atrocities that the United States is not watching you anymore.”

  40. Northern Star says:
  41. Northern Star says:

    Fuckin’ TOTALLY PERFECT…I can’t stop laughing with glee and admiration..!!!!!!

    “We believe that the Ukrainian state as it was cannot be restored,” Zakharchenko said in remarks carried by the Tass news agency. “We, representatives of the regions of the former Ukraine, excluding Crimea, proclaim the creation of a new state which is a successor to Ukraine.”

    • Northern Star says:

      Sorry..I didn’t see the earlier post by ME on this stuff…
      As for it being fake..Well doesn’t TASS publishing it lend it some credibility???

    • It’s still nothing more than empty talk. Even LPR is not on board yet. And they should gain more territory before creating their own state. Slaviansk, Kramatorsk and Mariupol at minimum.

      • On the other hand this is good if Russia goes along with this and sets up its own troops in “Little Russian” territory, as it should stop constant Ukrainian shelling, attacks and killings of civilians. The war has been going on too long already.

    • Moscow Exile says:

      Anybody see “Ukraine” written on any of the above maps?

    • et Al says:

      Sky Nudes via Lavrov: US Preconditions to Return Russian Property Is ‘Robbery’

      Kremlin Officials Urge US to Display ‘Political Wisdom’

      Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov expressed outrage today as, continuing to seek the return of diplomatic facilities seized by the Obama Administration back in December, he keeps running into US officials setting preconditions for any such return.

      Lavrov said the preconditions on returning the two sites, in New York and Maryland, amounts to “daylight robbery,” and that Russia considered such demands unacceptable for something as simple as recovering two sites they legally purchased decades prior….

      A bit more at the link.

  42. et Al says:

    Bloomturd: Trump Just Came Very Close to Killing the Iran Deal

    At the last minute, the president nearly told Tillerson not to certify Iranian compliance.

    Under President Barack Obama this kind of thing was routine. Since the Iran nuclear deal was reached in 2015, every few months the State Department would inform Congress that the Tehran government was in compliance.

    Then Donald Trump was elected president. He had campaigned against the agreement, and many of the top aides he brought into the White House believed the Obama administration had turned a blind eye to Iran’s regional predations to secure a bargain that in the end was harmful to U.S. national security….

    I hope that this is just an alarmist story. If not, PHEW!

  43. et Al says:

    The Intercept: With New D.C. Policy Group, Dems Continue to Rehabilitate and Unify With Bush-Era Neocons

    Glenn Greenwald

    One of the most under-discussed yet consequential changes in the American political landscape is the reunion between the Democratic Party and the country’s most extreme and discredited neocons. While the rise of Donald Trump, whom neocons loathe, has accelerated this realignment, it began long before the ascension of Trump and is driven by far more common beliefs than contempt for the current president.

    A newly formed and, by all appearances, well-funded national security advocacy group, devoted to more hawkish U.S. policies toward Russia and other adversaries, provides the most vivid evidence yet of this alliance. Calling itself the Alliance for Securing Democracy, the group describes itself as “a bipartisan, transatlantic initiative” that “will develop comprehensive strategies to defend against, deter, and raise the costs on Russian and other state actors’ efforts to undermine democracy and democratic institutions,” and also “will work to publicly document and expose Vladimir Putin’s ongoing efforts to subvert democracy in the United States and Europe.”…

    …Indeed, the likelihood of a neocon/Democrat reunion long predates Trump. Back in the summer of 2014 — almost a year before Trump announced his intent to run for president — longtime neocon-watcher Jacob Heilbrunn, writing in the New York Times, predicted that “the neocons may be preparing a more brazen feat: aligning themselves with Hillary Rodham Clinton and her nascent presidential campaign, in a bid to return to the driver’s seat of American foreign policy.”…

    Much, much more at the link.

    OH F(()£*£)$*£)($£K! What a list of total scum. Maybe we’ll get a life on earth ending nuclear war after all, courtesy of the losers in Washington.

    • et Al says:

      Justin Raimondo over at delves deeper in to the story: The ‘Foreign Meddling’ Double-Standard

      Latest anti-Trump group is funded by foreign governments

      We’re all supposed to be outraged by alleged Russian “meddling” in the 2016 election, despite the fact that no actual evidence of such interference has been made public. First it was “17 intelligence agencies” supposedly confirmed that Moscow was behind the DNC/Podesta email releases, and then it was down to just three – with the National Security Agency modifying its judgment to “moderate confidence.” But the media continued to make this claim, as did the Democrats (or do I repeat myself?), and the conspiracy theorizing ploughed ahead. Yet the real meddling by foreigners in American politics has been ignored because it doesn’t identify the right targets….

      More at the link.

      There’s much more at the link, including the relavation that was launched at the ‘GMF’ – German Marshall Fund …

  44. et Al says:

    Independent via The American Conservative via Poll: British Public Overwhelmingly Opposes Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia

    The British public is strongly opposed to the U.K. policy of arming Saudi Arabia while it and its allies bomb and starve Yemen:

    An overwhelming majority of the public believes it is wrong for Britain to supply billions of pounds of weapons to the kingdom, an exclusive poll for The Independent has found.

    Most people also want the Government to release a suppressed report into Saudi Arabia’s funding of Islamist extremism in Britain, even if it damages relations with the key ally.

    The results lay bare the public’s deep unease about Britain’s close relationship with an autocracy embroiled in a devastating war in neighbouring Yemen….

    More at the links.

  45. Cortes says:

    A triumph of the law in the RF:

    As a student I had a vacation job in a warehouse where two of the guys were JWs. Denser than the Amazonian rainforest, sanctimonious and creepier than slugs.

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