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On the Art of Noticing the Obvious, and Invisible People, Part II

As promised, we’re going to press on with the conclusion of Lyttenburgh’s piece. So far the first part has racked up 4,404 hits and attracted 996 comments; not bad at all. The premise that Russian liberals are fifth-columnists who are … Continue reading

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Counting The Dead – Soviet Losses in the Second World War

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I’ve added a new page for research papers – entitled, appropriately enough, “Research Papers”. The first contribution to it (well, I may add some older material to it later, like Jen’s research … Continue reading

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Fear and Loathing Behind the Faith

If there’s a rule in international relations (and there isn’t, I’m just saying if there were), it would be, as soon as somebody starts sermonizing about how all-good they are and how all-wicked someone else is, buy defense stocks. Relentless … Continue reading

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The Zombie Myth of Devastating Russian Depopulation

Among the many ad hoc terms coined during the reign of the Bush Administration, by both the administration itself and through the media’s efforts to adequately describe the phenomenon, there is the “zombie lie”.  As described at Balloon Juice, a zombie … Continue reading

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Are Slavs Stupid?

In one of his latest comments, which offer wild conclusions unsupported by any apparent studies or evidence, our pet troll AJ suggests “IQ tests show that Slavs have a lower IQ than Western Europeans”, which purports to support a theory … Continue reading

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