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On the Art of Noticing the Obvious, and Invisible People, Part II

As promised, we’re going to press on with the conclusion of Lyttenburgh’s piece. So far the first part has racked up 4,404 hits and attracted 996 comments; not bad at all. The premise that Russian liberals are fifth-columnists who are … Continue reading

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On the Art of Noticing the Obvious, and Invisible People

One  principal advantage this blog enjoys over many other Russia-focused blogs in English is the participation of some ethnic-Russian and extremely competent speakers of English, some of whom still live in Russia. We are therefore offered direct access to at … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget Your Lunch

I have been persuaded, because the large number of comments on the last post is causing the post to load slowly, to move on somehow. A “stub” was recommended, which is really just a title page with no content, but … Continue reading

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Dancing With Delusion – Military Strategy 101 with Yulia Latynina

Everybody knows someone who is terrible at a particular hobby or chosen field of interest, but who stubbornly continues their pursuit of it in the face of considerable evidence that they have no aptitude for it. Motorhead and music, for … Continue reading

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The Amoeba That Ate Leningradskoye Schosse Bridge

Regular followers of La Russophobe will remember “Hero Journalist”, part-time-science-fiction-novelist-and-full-time-loose-cannon Yulia Latynina with warm affection. La Russophobe has a soft spot in her heart for her, too, for a couple of reasons. For one, she likes the cut of Latynina’s … Continue reading

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