1350333032_banner-295x184Our new book, Putin’s New Russia, containing essays by Patrick Armstrong, Aleksandr Grishin, Jon Hellevig, Anatoly Karlin, Eric Kraus, Alexandre Latsa, Nils van der Vegte, Craig James Willy and I, with an introduction by the great Peter Lavelle. A truly international effort by authors who have never met but who share a common purpose; to stem the tide of vituperative pap that passes for Russian analysis in the English-speaking world and kick at the pedestals of the feted pudding-heads whose smug prejudice births the greatest of misconceptions. Get it here.

Domenic Lieven’s excellent “Russia Against Napoleon“. Have you pointed out that the Russian Army followed at Napoleon’s heels all the way back to Paris, and reduced the Grande Armée to a shadow of its martial glory, only to be told “Haw, haw!! The Frenchies burnt Moscow!! Some strategy!!”?? Well, ask yourself this – did it work? Yes, it did. Would a more conventional plan have worked? No, it wouldn’t. Napoleon constantly strove to pin the Russian Army against a mountain or river where it would be unable to retreat, and crush it in one orgy of destruction. He’d have done it, too; the huge, decisive battle was Napoleon’s strength, and he was militarily superior. Does it make sense to play to your enemy’s strengths, or his weaknesses? Always the Russians retreated before Napoleon, drawing him deeper and deeper into Russia and further and further from his supply lines. Was it a strategy? It certainly was – discussed, planned and bearing the Tsar’s seal of approval more than a year before the first shot was fired. Get it

41digy9P66L._SL500_AA300_A series of essays which incorporate case studies that discuss seminal events in the region as well as their influence on historical and current events in Russia. Tumultuous, restless, rent by rivalries within and without, the Caucasus has seen 7 wars since 1988. Although frequently a crucible for violence, the ripple effect created ensures the echoes of events in the region shape events and policies far away. Authored by Robert Bruce Ware, with contributing writers like Patrick Armstrong. Get it here.



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