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Who’s That Trip-Trapping on my Bridge – the Fable of Putin’s Troll Army

I was thinking, a few days ago, that I might do a post on the bellyaching and caterwauling from the Russophobes about Moscow’s supposed army of “paid trolls”, who are reimbursed by the Russian government for clogging western comment threads … Continue reading

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Achtung!! Ve Have Vays Off Making You Not To Talk!

Customarily, I am not a fan of the play-by-play “Twitter” style post (I’m going into the coffee shop now…whoops! I spilled my goat’s-milk latte). But I just had to share this comedic moment with you – I have been banned … Continue reading

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Rating the Russia Watchers

A little while ago, Anatoly Karlin of Sublime Oblivion did an impromptu update of current Russia blogs for the month of October, rating them in order based on perceived appeal and relevance. The Kremlin Stooge came third, and I mentioned at the … Continue reading

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La Russophobe and Paul Goble; Just Say No to Imperialist Corporatism

    Can anybody tell me what the hell this is about? This crazy rant, third-hand from La Russophobe via The Indispensable Paul Goble via Aleksey Shornikov is suddenly beginning to gain a fair bit of traction with russophobes and … Continue reading

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Where Did I Get my Degree? Uh…. Potemkin University, California

It’s probably not fair, in the strictest sense, to hold up The Power Vertical as an example in the fake-diploma “scandal”, because the entire anti-Russian blogosphere is snickering up their sleeves at the story that some 70 engineers working at … Continue reading

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Uranus is Agape at LaRussophobe

It’s not as if the blogger who calls himself “A Good Treaty” needs the likes of me to defend him. No, I’ll do it for the pleasure of once again discrediting the Duchess of Dunces, the Princess of Prevaricators – the … Continue reading

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Blogging for pay??? Say it ain’t so!

   Well, that was fun; let’s do another one! How about this disingenuous and selective analysis? According to the author, a “network” of (so far) 38 Russian bloggers has been paid to write positive posts about the Moscow Police. She … Continue reading

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