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It Is What It Isn’t: Fake News Comes of Age as Ideology Trumps Evidence

Our deeds still travel with us from afar; and what we have been makes us what we are. George Eliot, Middlemarch We have arrived, in my opinion, upon the moment in the course of human history which marks the nadir … Continue reading

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A Trial of Spiritual Resolve: Sergey Lavrov’s Speech to the Military Academy of the General Staff

“Regimes planted by bayonets do not take root… Our military strength is a prerequisite to peace, but let it be clear we maintain this strength in the hope it will never be used, for the ultimate determinant in the struggle … Continue reading

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What Does Freedom Mean to You? Putin at Valdai, 2016

American protest songs, lyrically at least, showcase that as an expression of national consciousness, Americans lost their understanding of what freedom means somewhere in the early 1970’s. Sentiment against dictatorships and enslavement of populations gave way to more America-centric problems, … Continue reading

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Olympian or Politician? Make Up Your Mind.

The latest Olympian to shoot off his cakehole to the world and bray his catastrophic ignorance is Canadian swimmer Mark Tewksbury. He tweeted earlier, although he has since taken it down, his extreme disapproval that ‘doper’ Yelana Isinbayeva had been … Continue reading

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Putin is Weaponizing Popularity: Newsweek is not Amused.

“The mind, placed before any kind of difficulty, can find an ideal outlet in the absurd. Accommodation to the absurd readmits adults to the mysterious realm inhabited by children.”  – André Breton How appropriate, to say nothing of au courant,  … Continue reading

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Second Annual Fern of England Photo Caption Contest

Okay, this is a blatant play for time. So far I have not made a new post in April at all, and I know I need to do one but I can’t find the time. I have a 2.5-hour exam … Continue reading

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On the Art of Noticing the Obvious, and Invisible People, Part II

As promised, we’re going to press on with the conclusion of Lyttenburgh’s piece. So far the first part has racked up 4,404 hits and attracted 996 comments; not bad at all. The premise that Russian liberals are fifth-columnists who are … Continue reading

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