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How Much Of a Nobody Do You Have To Be, To Be Too Much Of a Nobody To Testify Before a Congressional Committee?

Liz Wahl is a proud American. So proud, in fact, that she will hear nothing against the USA, even if it’s true. My country right or wrong, baby. For those who do not know Liz Wahl, she was the news … Continue reading

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Oh Lord, Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood

Baby, do you understand me now? Sometimes I feel a little mad But don’t you know that no one alive can always be an angel When things go wrong I feel so bad. I’m just a soul whose intentions are … Continue reading

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Russian Hackers Are Fiendishly Smart. Good Thing For America They’re So Stupid.

Every fleeting thought is a pearl And beautiful people stampede to the doorway of the funniest fucker in the world They’re here to help you Satisfy your desire There’s a bright future for all you professional liars – “How To … Continue reading

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Abort, Retry, Ignore? The West’s Hate/Hate Relationship with Skolkovo

What is it about President Medvedev’s attempts to set up a “technology city” at Skolkovo that drives some western journalists over the edge? It seems to be more than just the typical desire – again, on the part of some sources … Continue reading

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Will the Real Russian Foreign Policy Please Stand Up?

I admit it: I’m weak. I looked around a little for something to write about, went to The Power Vertical – hey! Robert Coalson appears no longer to be part of that cooperation. Yeah, I’m sure I could have found … Continue reading

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Pass the Salt, and Try Not to Make a Fool of Yourself

It’s funny, the way things take on momentum against your will, and get bigger even as they pick up speed, like a snowball rolling downhill. La Russophobe started writing foolishness for a hobby in 2006 and now, 4 years later, … Continue reading

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