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Noun, Verb, Kurils (Again)

The first two of Russia’s new Assault Carriers, the French-designed Mistral Class, will allegedly be based in or near the Kuril Islands, the disputed island chain that Japan keeps forgetting they don’t own any more. The ships will likely be … Continue reading

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Will the Real Russian Foreign Policy Please Stand Up?

I admit it: I’m weak. I looked around a little for something to write about, went to The Power Vertical – hey! Robert Coalson appears no longer to be part of that cooperation. Yeah, I’m sure I could have found … Continue reading

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Naturally Kurilly

“Diplomats are honest people sent out to lie for their country”. Ever heard that particular turn of phrase? I hadn’t, but it’s apparently quite well-known in political circles, and I can’t deny it has a nice ring to it. Anyway, … Continue reading

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