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Mikheil Saakashvili Channels His Inner Nixon

Once upon a time, posters were youth’s talisman against an ordinary life of mediocrity – large, colourful pictures decorating our walls which advertised not so much who we were as who we wished we were; the circles in which we … Continue reading

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Dancing With Delusion – Military Strategy 101 with Yulia Latynina

Everybody knows someone who is terrible at a particular hobby or chosen field of interest, but who stubbornly continues their pursuit of it in the face of considerable evidence that they have no aptitude for it. Motorhead and music, for … Continue reading

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An Uneasy Peace, a Foundation of Sand

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty asks poignantly, “Is There a Foundation for Peace Between Russia and Georgia?” Unlike some features, this one appears to be serious, and at least starts off with reasoned dialogue and fairness. It cites Director of the … Continue reading

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