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The Bolotnaya Politburo Lays An Egg

As readers are doubtless aware, this weekend marked the occasion of online “elections” in Russia which are supposed to fire up the opposition and elevate new leaders who will establish a “shadow parliament”. Quite often in this brave new world … Continue reading

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Russia at the WTO Gate: Locking the Status of a Raw-Materials Supplier, or Striding Toward a Modern Economy?

Once again, kovane has been busy in his secret lair, this time researching and understanding trade relations, so you won’t have to. I’m being flippant because it’s all I know, but I have to say it is a very good … Continue reading

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Abort, Retry, Ignore? The West’s Hate/Hate Relationship with Skolkovo

What is it about President Medvedev’s attempts to set up a “technology city” at Skolkovo that drives some western journalists over the edge? It seems to be more than just the typical desire – again, on the part of some sources … Continue reading

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Dave Essel – A Train Wreck as a Prophet

Hi, Dave – yeah, this is your ass calling. Good, I’m doing good; how was your summer? Anyway, I was wondering if you could take your head out of me. Seriously, it’s getting uncomfortable. What? You’re doing research? Well, like, … Continue reading

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La Russophobe and Paul Goble – Unlikely UNESCO Crusaders

Russian cultural heritage acquired two surprisingly ardent new supporters recently, as evidenced by this article. Yes, La Russophobe and Paul “The Indispensable” Goble have joined ranks with angry residents of St Petersburg who oppose the building of the proposed new Okhta … Continue reading

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Freedom is Slavery: Ignorance is Strength

In the up-is-down Orwellian bizarro world of La Russophobe, the references say what she thinks they say. We’ve spoken before about her tendency to turn an essentially positive story into a nosediving negative one, but she has – sadly – … Continue reading

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Let The Train Take The Strain, or, Dave Essel Is Just Special

Mark Adomanis made a fan of me when he referred (during an online interview rating the Russia bloggers by La Russophobe) to Paul Goble as a “whore” whose methodology is “to studiously dig through rags like Novaya Gazeta, find the … Continue reading

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