Khodorkovsky: Trial 1

The following information was gratefully received from Eugene Ivanov of The Ivanov Report, and was originally circulated by Patrick Armstrong of Russia; Other Points of View, both giants of the Russia-Watchers blogosphere. Highly recommended also at the latter site is the article on the latest verdict, by Sharon Tennison. Teaser: “A friend of T&B was told face-to-face about six months ago by an FT editor that, ‘as a journalist here, one’s role has to be to write about how awful Russia  is”.

The document that follows is a legal analysis of the verdict against Yukos in the first Khodorkovsky trial, conducted in 2006. The legal review was done by Peter Clateman, General Counsel for the Sputnik Group, Moscow.

Note: Owing to the length of the report and to difficulties with formatting that preclude posting it in full here, the document can be found at:

Click to access Yukos-VII-Sentence-and-Appeal.pdf


4 Responses to Khodorkovsky: Trial 1

  1. carole says:

    Khodorkovsky freeeeeee

  2. CalDre says:

    That link is dead – can you pls fix / delete / re-host? I found it archived in the Way Back Machine at

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