Alexei Bayer Dips a Toe Into the Gene Pool

Uncle Volodya says, "Bullshit is unavoidable whenever circumstances require someone to talk without knowing what he is talking about. Thus the production of bullshit is stimulated whenever a person’s obligations or opportunities to speak about some topic are more excessive than his knowledge of the facts that are relevant to that topic."

Uncle Volodya says, “Bullshit is unavoidable whenever circumstances require someone to talk without knowing what he is talking about. Thus the production of bullshit is stimulated whenever a person’s obligations or opportunities to speak about some topic are more excessive than his knowledge of the facts that are relevant to that topic.”

You all remember Alexei Bayer, right? The “native Muscovite” – which I suppose is technically true although he left the land of his birth while a teenager and moved to the Land Of Opportunity, where he is now an economist living in New York.  For an economist he seems to have an awful lot of free time to write about subjects other than economics, which he does prolifically, for authoritative sources such as The Moscow Times and The Kyiv Post.

Not content with dominating merely two fields, however, he has recently sundered the surly bonds of academia and branched out into genealogy. Making his DNA debut in The Kyiv Post, Alexei solves the mystery of why the rascally Moskali are so scornful of Ukrainians – the true nobility of Eastern Europe. Hold onto your hats, folks; this is big.

Most Russians are not Slavs at all, but descendants of the Finno-Ugric tribes. Lyosha does not advance that theory himself – relying instead on some “recent study” which he does not cite – but he is happy to pass it along as credible. That’s his job.

He hastens to soothe that it doesn’t really matter where you’re from; bloodlines are not important in people the way they are in horses or dogs, and Russians don’t have to hate on Ukrainians because Russians are not real Slavs and Ukrainians are. They should get with the times and acknowledge that nationality has always been a matter of self-identification. Remember that astonishing statement, because you’ll be hearing it again.

First, though, let’s put that startling discovery on hold for a moment, and go back to the beginning; where is Lyosha getting his core tenet – that Russians exhibit “disdain” for Ukrainians? Since, as best I can make out, the situation is completely reversed?

Remember, you’re Olenka; if you want to be called Alyona, you have to pack your bags and go to Moscowexhorts west-Ukrainian mental patient Irina Farion, guardian of the purity of the Ukrainian language, speaking to a child in nursery school who looks to be about four years old. The former member of the Soviet Communist Party and one-time member of the Ukrainian Parliament (from Lviv Oblast, ground zero for Russian hatred and Bandera worship in Ukraine) found her groove as a disciple of Nazi enabler Stepan Bandera and a hater of everything Russian. Responding to a report of arrested protesters in Kharkiv, in eastern Ukraine, Farion said, “I would act much tougher; I would just shoot them. The enemy reigns in our land. These parasites deserve only one thing – death”.  Hear that, Alexei – or should I call you “Oleksandr”? That means you, too. Now might be a good time for you to exercise that self-identification you spoke of, and declare yourself Ukrainian born. Lucky for you the wheels are coming off her wagon and she now sees little Kremlin agents snorkeling in her soup.

Meanwhile, social change was proceeding apace on its own before nutjobs decided to hijack the language issue and ride it into battle. In 1990-91, 48% of schoolchildren nationwide were receiving instruction in the Ukrainian language.  A decade later the percentage was 73.5%.

Fellow Ukrainian government psycopath Arsen Avakov said on television that Kiev should have bombed the  Regional Administration Building in Donetsk when protesters seized it. Nobody from the west said “Shut your mouth, Avakov, protesters have every right to be there”, the way they did during the Glorious Maidan, when Angela Merkel moaned that protesters must be granted a warm room in which they could wind down from the chilly excitement of protesting (thus excusing their occupation of government buildings where they did thousands of dollars worth of damage), and to use as their “logistical base” from which to plan their next move. See how it works? When it’s a group of hairbags who have the west’s backing because what they want to do serves western interests, the crying towel comes out. When that’s not the case, the state is perfectly within its right to suppress dissent.

Where was all that flannel about self-identification, Lyosha, when the people of the eastern Ukraine identified themselves as a distinct society that would not be subject to Kiev’s orders, and would use its language of choice to the extent it chose, although it wished to remain an autonomous republic of Ukraine?

In the world of hate-twisted western bootlicker and useless popinjay Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the U.S. State Department’s hand-picked Prime Minister of Ukraine, it was the USSR that invaded peaceful Nazi Germany. You can only imagine the  collective gasp from the world if Vladimir Putin had so blithely rewritten history on international television. After Yatsenyuk’s reversal of history everyone knows to be correct…crickets.

And Russia’s reaction? Mild official complaints, and an  offer to extend Ukraine’s gas discount for an additional three months, to a country which publicly and regularly vilifies Russia, screams that it is being cheated and refuses to pay its debts. In fact, Lyosha, I challenge you publicly – come on this forum and provide examples of Russia’s “disdain for Ukraine”. Don’t even bother to try on that “Putin said Ukraine is not even a real country”, either, because he didn’t ever say that and the only evidence you will find is westerners who claim to have heard him say it, just like that lying Polish sausage Radek Sikorski said Putin offered to split Ukraine with Poland. “Russia’s attitude to Ukraine and things Ukrainian reflects deeply ingrained imperial complexes, revealing that, while the Soviet Empire collapsed in 1991, the Russian Empire still lingers in the minds of the citizens of the Russian Federation”. That so, Alexei? Explain how, and give examples.

In fact, it is NATO that continued in decades past to aggressively expand its empire, and shouted its right to push right up against the face of Russia itself.

Back to Alexei’s startling discovery that Russians are mostly not even Slavs, which makes ridiculous the notion that Russians and Ukrainians could be “brother Slavs”.

Both “modern Russian” and Ukrainian, as well as Byelorussian, are descended from Common Slavonic or Proto-Slavonic, a language that is itself descended from Indo-European, and which was developed and spoken by the Slavic Tribes after their separation from the Indo-European Tribes. The three languages mentioned at the beginning of the paragraph originated as mutually intelligible dialectal forms, and remain so. Common Slavonic is also referred to as “Old Russian”. From this language there was a further split, into modern Russian, Ukrainian and Byelorussian, spoken by the group identified as Eastern Slavs. Although written Ukrainian emerged in 988, it was not recognized as a language until 1906. Byelorussian was not recognized as a distinct language until after the Russian revolution of 1917.

Every modern study places the Russian and Ukrainian people among the East Slavs, along with the Byelorussians, as reflected in the common root of their present languages. The Finno-Ugric natives in Russia were already there, and were either pushed out or assimilated by the Russian expansion. Doubtless some common roots remain – examples are the present-day Yakut and Udmurt people, although of those only the Udmurt are of Finno-Ugric descent. The Udmurt number only about 1.5 million in a nation of 144 million. Alexei Bayer is full of shit. I would be remiss if I did not point out that the Udmurt in Russia have their own Republic, flag, anthem and coat of arms within Russia.

“Vladimir Putin recently declared that Ukrainians and Russians are “one folk” – meaning, of course, that Ukrainians are Russian. An extraordinary number of his countrymen share this belief. Imagine a prime minister of the United Kingdom insisting that Americans are not a nation but merely Brits with funny accents.” Increasingly bizarre extrapolations from this serial prevaricator. The painstaking research of hundreds of academics suggests if not proves that Russians and Ukrainians are indeed “one folk” – the suggestion that this means Ukrainians are Russians was never offered by Putin, and you can thank Bayer and Bayer alone, the economist/writer/geneticist, for the spurious interpretation. Putin likewise did not ever say that Ukraine was not a nation, and this is merely more of Bayer’s barefaced lying.

Everyone knows who the native Americans are, and there are damned few of them left. He could have picked a better example, considering Russia mostly assimilated the native populations of lands which currently form the Russian Federation, and many still retain their language and elements of their culture. Can one say the same of the Comanche, Apache, Pawnee and Blackfoot tribes?

Winding up this broadside of bullshit, following a brief discourse on “what actually matters in the modern world” according to Alexei the Globetrotting Philosopher, is his hallmark hypothesis that “The Russian Empire is in its death throes”. Bla, bla, fucking bla, how many times have we heard this? Alexei Bayer has been forecasting the “death of the Russian Empire”, whatever that is, for almost 10 years now. Just as well Jimi Hendrix didn’t spend so long in his death throes – he might have lived to write disco.

This specious flattery of the Ukrainians at the expense of the Russians is all of a piece with the western effort to drive a wedge of hate between Russians and Ukrainians that can never be removed. If it continues, the west may well end up with nothing but a tiny piece of what was once Ukraine, populated by Nazi-worshipers with a sense of entitlement the size of the Dubai Shopping Mall, who will expect to be given everything for free in exchange for their steadfast clinging to a fanatic’s ideology. It would be well to remember this sentiment is not shared at the state level by any Russians, nor by most Ukrainians. It is a narrow and western-driven viewpoint that, as usual, serves western foreign policy interests. On the one side, centuries of academic research demonstrating our very best conclusions as questing, curious knowledge seekers that Ukrainians and Russians descend from the same ethnic group, and that origin is neither Ukrainian or Russian. On the other, Alexei Bayer with his oleaginous tapestry of twaddle, the Ukrainian junta of fascists, oligarchs and strategically-injected foreigners, and the western political and business lobby.

You pays your money, and you takes your chances.

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813 Responses to Alexei Bayer Dips a Toe Into the Gene Pool

  1. Moscow Exile says:

    Mama, dat big bad Russian boy is bullying me!


    US recon aircraft intercepted by Russian fighter jet over Baltic – Pentagon

    How far was the US reconnaissance aeroplane from the US border, I wonder?

    • et Al says:

      Alert 5 is a good site.

      BTW, the UK bought three ex USAF RC-135W Rivet Joints that have been delivered to RAF Waddington. One should have entered Initial Operational Service last year.

  2. yalensis says:

    Roster of world leaders who plan to attend Victory Day in Moscow , despite intense pressure from The Empire not to go:

    -Czech President Zeman: At first I was dismayed when I read this headline , and thought that Zeman had caved, but then I read further. Zeman is still going to Moscow, and will participate in ceremonies to honor Soviet soldiers who perished fighting against Nazis. Zeman just might skip the actual Red Square parade later, and use that time to have a meeting with
    -Slovak Prime MinisterRobert Fico.
    -Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić will attend the parade.
    -Vietnamese President Trương Tấn Sang will attend the parade.

    Rogues gallery of world leaders who refused to go (thus implying their support for Adolph Hitler’s goals):

    -U.S. President Barack Obama
    -British P.M. David Cameron
    -Donald Tusk
    -Presidents of Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Finland, Montenegro
    -Prime Ministers of Netherlands and Norway
    -German Chancellor Angela Merkel

    • colliemum says:

      Gotta make excuses for Vichy Dave: he may no longer be the UK PM on May 9th …


    • Jen says:

      The Presidents of China, India and South Africa are also attending the Victory Day parade in Moscow. Chinese and Serbian soldiers will be marching in the parade as well.

      Since Ukraine has threatened to cut off bilateral relations with any country whose leader is attending Victory Day, I guess that means that out of principle Ukraine won’t be joining the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and won’t participate in any projects or ventures that involve a BRICS nation.

      Too bad if the EU doesn’t send any representatives … they just won’t be able to see for themselves how advanced (or not) the Russian military is.

    • marknesop says:

      I’m sure you can add Prime Minister Stephen Harper to the Stay-Aways list.

  3. et Al says:

    A while ago I posted about Judith Miller’s anti mea culpa but didn’t provide any links. It’s all in the piece below: Judith Miller’s Blame-Shifting Memoir

    Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, April 07, 2015

    U.S. intelligence veterans recall the real story of how New York Times reporter Judith Miller disgraced herself and her profession by helping to mislead Americans into the disastrous war in Iraq. They challenge the slick, self-aggrandizing rewrite of history in her new memoir.

    MEMORANDUM FOR: Americans Malnourished on the Truth About Iraq
    FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS)
    SUBJECT: A New “Miller’s Tale” (with apologies to Geoffrey Chaucer)

    On April 3, former New York Times journalist Judith Miller published an article in the Wall Street Journal entitled “The Iraq War and Stubborn Myths: Officials Didn’t Lie, and I Wasn’t Fed a Line.” If this sounds a bit defensive, Miller has tons to be defensive about….

    Posted I think earlier:

    Newsweak: Mystery of Ukraine’s Richest Man and a Series of Unlikely Suicides

    Kolomoisky ally Ihor Palytsia. He is just one of at least eight officials appointed by the Yanukovych regime, ousted by pro-democracy protesters in February last year, to die in mysterious circumstances over the past three months.

    And Ukraine’s law enforcement doesn’t want to talk about them.

    When Melnychuk’s body was found on 22 March, police initially told local journalists he had committed suicide. But it soon emerged that alarmed neighbours had called police on hearing of a late-night struggle. Pathologists found he had been badly beaten before the fall. Later the same day, Odessa prosecutors registered Melnychuk’s “suicide” as a murder, and arrested a former police officer they describe only as “citizen K”.

    In reply to a legal request by Newsweek for information on investigations into the deaths of seven other former officials, all tied to Viktor Yanukovych’s Party of Regions, the General Prosecutor’s Office responded that all the information about all the deaths was a state secret – a staggering claim to make about a series of apparently unrelated civilian deaths they told the press were suicides…

    …At the heart of this murder mystery is one wealthy businessman in particular – 48-year-old billionaire Rinat Akhmetov, Ukraine’s richest man with a fortune estimated at $7bn…

    …“Melnyk knew a lot about Akhmetov, about how he acquired state property,” says Gnap. “Some oligarchs are interested in hiding the people who know a lot about their taking control over big state enterprises.”…

    ..Without the benefit of crime scene evidence, it’s impossible to know if Akhmetov ordered hits on his old allies, if someone else did, or if nine affluent individuals simply succumbed to the pressure of being under investigation.

    Get ready to laugh:

    F’Orbs: Ukraine Debt Rating Now Super-Duper Junk

    …On Friday, Standard & Poor’s cut Ukraine’s long term foreign debt rating to CC from CCC-. The rating of CC is one notch above C, which is used when a debtor is in the process of filing for bankruptcy protection.

    Standard & Poor’s kept Ukraine’s short-term foreign credit rating at C with a negative outlook…

    …On Thursday, the WSJ reported that foreign investors holding $10 billion of Ukrainian bonds “joined forces to develop a restructuring plan” for the country’s debt. The plan does not include a reduction in principal, but interest payments on the other hand will are unpayable….

    …“A detailed proposal is being developed by the committee that provides Ukraine with the necessary financial liquidity support it has requested… without any principal debt reductions,” Blackstone Group International Partners LLP and Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP, which are advising the bondholders, were quoted as saying Thursday in the Journal….

    So expect more western financial wizardry advice of the kind that pushed derivatives….

    NYPastrami: NATO Caps Size of Russia’s Mission After Internal Reports of Espionage

    It’s fairly hilarious how this pristine member of the Pork Pie News Networks goes to such lengths to justify kicking out Russians when no-one would bat an eye-lid if NATO had simply said “There’s no point them being here”. But again, it looks like it is about wiggle room because NATO is being very careful not to cut off all contacts. Also in contradiction to all the NATO propganda bluff about standing up to Russia, they are being incredibly careful not to technically breech the CFE Treaty with Russia by stationing large, permanent forces on Russia’s border – of course they have been quite creative in their own interpretation, but it goes to show that there are still influential voices within NATO saying that “Once we shut the door on Russia, you can forget about any other cooperation vis Afghanistan or a host of other issues that the West requires Russia’s agreement and cooperation”. As is the course, loud braying by the West is to cover its relative inaction.

    Good news and congrats for the frogs!

    Neuters: India orders 36 French-made Rafale fighter jets – PM Modi

    …Indian military officials have warned that their air force risks a major capability gap opening up with China and Pakistan without new western warplanes or if local defence contractors cannot produce what the military needs in a timely manner….

    …Analysts say Dassault’s deal with Egypt may have helped break the logjam in negotiations with other customers, since they are now on notice that if they want to have Rafales they may have to wait for them.

    Since the Egypt deal, Dassault is in the “final stage” of negotiations to sell up to 36 Rafale warplanes to Qatar. It is also in talks aimed at supplying 16 of the multi-role combat jets to Malaysia and has resumed discussions over potential fighter sales to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the source said…

    I’ve also read somewhere that France will add terrain following modes to its Rafales which amongst other things will help it take over the airborne nuclear strike role from the long-in-the-tooth Mirage 2000Ns carrying the ASMP.

    Curiously, one of the solutions proposed to save money for the British nuclear deterrent is to re-introduce air-launched nuclear weapons (discontinued in 1998) that would allow them to build less nuclear missile subs… The LibDims want three boats which is just stupid as there is minimum margin left. Either 4 or none, the latter preferable.

    It’s good to be back after seeing the nephews and nieces. I always feel that we don’t quite have enough anarchy in life…

  4. Warren says:

  5. Moscow Exile says:

    The head of French Intelligence, General Christophe Gaumard, speaking to the National Assembly of the country, said that Russia had never made a military incursion into the Ukraine (the full speech is available on the website The National Assembly)


    • Moscow Exile says:

      His name is Christophe Gomart!

      That “Christophe Gaumard” is how it sounds to Russian ears and then translierated into Latin letters.

      Now RT is reporting the same breaking story:

      French military intelligence rules out ‘Russian invasion plans’ for Ukraine

      “NATO announced that the Russians were about to invade Ukraine. But, according to French intelligence, there is nothing to corroborate this hypothesis – we determined that the Russians were deploying neither command posts nor logistical facilities, including field hospitals, needed for a military incursion,” General Gomart told a parliamentary hearing.

      • james says:

        that is refreshing in a sea of media obfuscation.. of course it is in rt, as no self serving outlet in the west is going to be caught dead voicing an alternative viewpoint to the ongoing agenda to ”isolate” russia or demonize putin… this story won’t be published in any msm in the west, excluding france perhaps..

        “The French intelligence chief’s remarks came in the context of France’s role in NATO. Gomart noted that at the moment the alliance is dominated by US intelligence, while France’s intelligence is not taken into consideration so much.

        “France will not be fooled. France has its own sources of information and we are aware what the explanation for the crisis in Ukraine is,” Philippe Migault, expert on Ukraine from the University of International and Strategic Relations, told Sputnik news agency after Gomart’s remarks were published.”

    • et Al says:

      …L’OTAN avait annoncé que les Russes allaient envahir l’Ukraine alors que, selon les renseignements de la DRM, rien ne venait étayer cette hypothèse – nous avions en effet constaté que les Russes n’avaient pas déployé de commandement ni de moyens logistiques, notamment d’hôpitaux de campagne, permettant d’envisager une invasion militaire et les unités de deuxième échelon n’avaient effectué aucun mouvement. La suite a montré que nous avions raison car, si des soldats russes ont effectivement été vus en Ukraine, il s’agissait plus d’une manœuvre destinée à faire pression sur le président ukrainien Porochenko que d’une tentative d’invasion…

      For those not stomaching frog, the gist is that logistics associated with invasion such as field hostpitals and second level military units have not been deployed. Current manoeuvres are rather just to keep the pressure on Porko.

    • kirill says:

      I refuse to abide by the framing of this whole question of Russian intervention. Especially from imperial meddler NATO. NATO gives itself the right to foist regime change on any country it chooses and that includes full blown invasion (e.g. Iraq) and massive bombing campaigns (e.g. Serbia). They invoke some “humanitarian” right to protect. Well, Russia can invoke the same right and protect the 8 million ethnic Russians in rump Ukraine who are being killed by a war criminal regime that idolizes Stepan Bandera and calls for putting ethnic Russians to the knife and stringing them up from trees. This is not some “humour” it is Rwanda style hate and then genocide agitation. Russia has every right to stop any attempt at ethnic cleansing by the butcher regime in Kiev.

      So NATO and its bitching can go to Hell. The only reason that Russia has not removed the maggots in Kiev is because that would only boost their faction in Ukraine in the long run. The best remedy for the Kiev regime is to let it stew in its own juices of failure. The economy is literally swirling in the toilet bowl as we speak.

      BTW, the “removal” of Kolomoisky and talk of Yatz’s departure are interesting. I think the smarter rats are starting to abandon the sinking ship. You will note that NATO has not put much money where its venomous mouth is when it comes to financial assistance to its puppets in Kiev.

    • PaulR says:

      Your conclusion is sound: ‘Whether or not the people living in the West or the East, would view the Crimean Referendum as legitimate, is irrelevant. The Crimeans view the Crimean Referendum as legitimate, and that is all that matters.’ I wrote something similar about the Donbass referendums a while back – there isn’t an objective standard of legitimacy, it is a purely subjective phenomenon, and from a political point of view the subjective view which matters is that of the participants.

      • marknesop says:

        I agree; it’s very well-written, and the smackdown of Ben Carson’s idiocy is icing on the cake. Wanted; politician to run for President of the USA. Must have loud voice and lots of opinions. No knowledge of anything else necessary.

        • ucgsblog says:

          Carson’s quotes are a gold mine. Here’s his opinion on LGBT issues: Summary: it’s boooring. So no need to talk about it. That’s scary, because the US tax code is truly boring. I mean there are lots of reasons why issues should be sidelined. Boring isn’t one of them.

          “It seems to be a topic — a person’s sexual orientation — that is of fair amount of concern to you. I don’t find it to be anywhere near as interesting,” Carson said Thursday. “I think it’s a personal issue and we ought to leave it as a personal issue… Leave…the personal issues to the personal people,” Carson added.

          Is someone here a personal person? Of course the odds of Carson being elected are nil, but his campaign will take away from real issues, like Rand Paul’s challenge to the IRS, which he launched with GOP backing after Lerner messed up. And that’s why I don’t like that the electoral cycle focuses too much on personality and not enough on the issues at hand.

      • Warren says:

        Unilateral declarations of independence do not contravene international law – this was confirmed by the ICJ in its advisory opinion on Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence.

        cf ICJ Summaries of Advisory Opinions and Orders pages 7 to 8

        Click to access 16010.pdf

      • Warren says:

        ICJ Advisory Opinion on Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence:

        Paragraphs 79 to 84 on General International Law

        Click to access 15987.pdf

        • ucgsblog says:

          “During the eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, there were numerous instances of declarations of independence, often strenuously opposed by the State from which independence was being declared. Sometimes a declaration resulted in the creation of a new State, at others it did not. In no case, however, does the practice of States as a whole suggest that the act of promulgating the declaration was regarded as contrary to international law. On the contrary, State practice during this period points clearly to the conclusion that international law contained no prohibition of declarations of independence… Thus, the scope of the principle of territorial integrity is confined to the sphere of relations between States… The Court notes, however, that in all of those instances the Security Council was making a determination as regards the concrete situation existing at the time that those declarations of independence were made.”


      • ucgsblog says:

        Great article! Would you be interested in having an online debate about the issue of Referendums in general? And we can get into specifics, like DonBass, Crimea, etc, when the call for examples comes up.

  6. Warren says:

    Published on 10 Apr 2015
    Purging Kiev, or the revolution eats its own children: On the back of an economic meltdown and defeat on the battlefield there are signs the Maidan revolutionaries are turning on each other. Walking away from the Minsk ceasefire process, the Kiev regime is looking desperate. Is more war their only option?

    CrossTalking with Anton Fedyashin, Charles Shoebridge and Alexander Mercouris.

  7. Moscow Exile says:

    11.55 now as I write in the dying minutes of 11th April, 2015 in Moscow, the Evil Empire, and outside the bells are chiming away in Holy Mother Russia as midnight and Easter Sunday fast approaches:

    Happy Easter!

  8. Warren says:

  9. Phil K says:

    Greetings to everyone! I’m a long-time lurker from the USA, and first-time commenter. Thanks to Mark for this great site!

    Up above, Warren aptly describes the US view: “Russia is a child that needs to be disciplined and taught how to behave.”

    Just today, I saw a quote in a comment on another blog that so totally demonstrates this attitude. It’s from a 1942 book called “Onward, Christian Soldiers,” by Donald Day, a reporter for the Chicago Tribune based in Europe. Stupidity. Racism. “American” exceptionalism. Self-congratulation. This quote has it all.

    In my earlier contacts with the Russians I was impressed with the great similarity existing between them and the American Negro. Both races are artistic. They have natural gifts for music and dancing. They have a childish love for adornment. Just as the Russian peasant will hang up his new pair of boots beneath the ikon in the comer of the wall to admire them better, so the Negro will place his new shoes on a table to contemplate them with the rapture of a child.

    It is remarkable fact that the best bass voices in the world are to be found among the Russians and Negroes. Both are collective minded, they like to live in groups. Both are lazy and not inclined to work except under compulsion. They are both irresponsible and unreliable. If you send either a Russian or a Negro out to do something for you, you are never certain that it will be done the way you want it to be. This sounds childish but they are childish in many ways. They have many of the good and bad characteristics of children.

    The mentality of the Russians and the American Negroes has been affected by centuries of slavery. Both were freed from slavery about the same time. The Negro in 1863, the Russian 1858-63. These generations of servitude developed an aptitude for petty intrigue and duplicity, which, coupled with their instability, spells tragedy. This comparison could be continued and broadened, but in defense of the Negro I must report that he has a higher conception of honor than the Russian, probably because in his homeland he most generally saw high standards of honesty and honor.

    I know nothing about that site, but a quick glance makes me think they might actually be posting this kind of crap because they approve of it, so I want to make it clear that I’m not promoting that site in any way.

    • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

      People wrote more elegantly in Donald’s day. Now they’d just call Russians ‘snow niggers’ and have done with it.

      Speaking of which:

      Adam Petrovich Hannibal. Ethiopian, slave to the Sublime Porte, soldier of the Tsar – ancestor of Pushkin and the original ‘snow nigger’.

    • Warren says:

      Phil K, welcome to the blog, thank you for the quote from Donald Day, it demonstrates the mentality I cited perfectly.

      I use to be lurker on the blog too, before I took the plunge and started posting.

      Here are a couple of links on the Russian perspective on current affairs and history that you may find interesting:

      • Phil K says:

        Thanks for the links, Warren. I’m familiar with Oriental Review and Global Research, but the other two are new to me – I’ll check them out!

    • marknesop says:

      Hello, Phil, and welcome!!

      The Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg opened in 1818, and the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow in 1825. The Civil War in the United States, which would be fought to decide if the childlike negro was a person and not a possession, was still more than 40 years in the future.

    • Moscow Exile says:

      Yes, some have been fond of drawing parallels between the surly Russian muzhik and the enslaved Afro-Americans, but there are fundamental differences between the two “peculiar institutions” of US African slavery and Russian “serfdom”, about which I have previously written and shall repeat here:

      It is interesting to compare the lot of Russian “serfs” (and that is really the wrong terminology to use: they were in no way the same as Western European serfs, the term being adopted by Marxists in order to include Russia in their theory of the universally linear economic development of society), better said, “slaves” and negro slaves in the United States slave states of the 18th and 19th centuries.

      The legal and social positions of Russian and US Negro slaves roughly corresponded with each other: both could be bought and sold and separated from their families; neither enjoyed legal, political, or civil rights; neither could legally own property, though sometimes they did; the offspring off both were slaves in perpetuity; in both cases, a free person entering into marriage with a slave automatically became one.

      There were divergences, of course, between the positions of both: Negro slaves were outside society, whereas Russian slaves were regarded in some strange fashion as being subjects of the Tsar, even though they never took the oath of loyalty – and Russian slaves were liable to military service, which, in effect, meant their expropriation by the state for 25 years – AND they paid taxes!

      The economic conditions of the Russian and US Negro slaves’ lives were different as well: the latter normally worked on plantations, whereas in Russia the usual forms of slave labour were barshchina (compulsory work on their owners’ fields) and obrok (quit-rent- a payment that would absolve him from his services to his owner). From Empress Ekaterina II’s time, however, plantation slavery was spreading in Russia and under which the Russian slave did not work his own land but was clothed and fed by his owner for working on his owner’s plantation.

      The greatest and most obvious difference, however, between a Russian slave and a Negro slave in the USA was that the former’s skin pigmentation was the same as his owner’s.

      The most surprising aspect, however, of a Russian slave’s life – for historians at least – is this: the indifference of the Russian non-slave class towards them. This is particularly noticeable when one considers the works of Russian 18th and 19th century writers: although they were mostly against this peasant slavery, they wrote amazingly little about it. Apart from Radishchev, some of Turgenev’s writing and some Arcadian nonsense, there is bugger all: we simply have very little idea about how those unfortunate Russian “serfs” actually lived.

      Such indifference is hard to explain, for the crux of the matter when comparing US enslaved Negros and Russian slaves is this: Negro slaves in the United States, about whom so much has been observed and written, never made up more than one-fifth of the population of the USA; in 1861, when the US Civil War broke out, Negro slaves in the USA only constituted about one-eighth of the US population. In Russia, on the other hand, at the height of the system of enslaved peasantry, more than nine-tenths of the population was in bondage.

      Many believe that the “peculiar institution” of US Negro slavery warped the social development of the United States and has created the greatest of social consequences that are still evident in US society to this very day. If that be true, then how much more justice might this not be said of Russia, where slavery was general, lasted for just as long and came to and end at the same time?

      I often think of this. When I look around me, I realize that the vast majority of people with whom I associate must be the great (x5 or 6) grandchildren of Russian slaves.

      I have pictures here of my wife’s great-grandfather and great-grandmother taken in Moscow in the 1890s with their large family. One of the youngest of their offspring in the picture is my wife’s grandfather, who, whilst serving an apprenticeship to a cabinet-maker in Petrograd in 1917, became a Red Guard. In the picture, my wife’s great-grandfather appears to be a successful and well-fed merchant. He was not a merchant, my wife tells me, but a successful “kulak” from the Penza Governorship. He’d done well through hard work. In the picture, my wife’s great-grandfather is wearing a kaftan and has a luxurious spade-beard and looks to be in his mid- to late forties. And that means he was probably born a serf in the 1850s.

      As it happens, all my wife’s kinfolk seem to have been smarter than the average peasant: her mother and father, aunts, uncles and cousins all had higher educations, unlike my forebears. I was the first in my mob to receive a higher education, and that was towards the end of the 20th century. Nevertheless, I thank my Maker for the fact that am a free-born Englishman, morally and intellectually and genetically superior to these Tatar-Mongol-Finno-Ugric deracinated Slavs with whom I am forced to mingle.


      • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

        Still Ukry, still Aryaner than thou, and also freer – marry a slave, become a slave.

        Which of course is rot – most Ukrainians’ ancestors were not Cossacks.

  10. Cass says:

    “Can one say the same of the Comanche, Apache, Pawnee and Blackfoot tribes?”


  11. Gracie A says:

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    Would it be possible to talk to you about this by email, Mark? I’d really like your opinion on something.

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