Ukraine – Hey, Russia!! What Have You Done for Me Lately?

Uncle Volodya says, "The Edge; there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over."

Uncle Volodya says, “The Edge; there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over.”

I never ask for more than I deserve
You know it’s the truth
You seem to think you’re God’s gift to this earth
I’m tellin’ you, no way

You ought to be thankful for the little things,
but little things are all you seem to give
You’re always putting off what we can do today
Soap opera says, you’ve got one life to live
Who’s right, who’s wrong?

Janet Jackson, from “What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Did you happen to catch, “The Wedding Singer” when it was playing, circa 1998? Set in the 80’s, it is the somewhat sappy story of Robbie (played by Adam Sandler) and Julia (Drew Barrymore), two ordinary people who are each engaged to someone who is breaking their heart and is all wrong for them. What they really need, of course, is each other. Predictable, quite a few funny moments, okay light entertainment. Boy meets girl.

But there’s this great scene in it, in which Robbie is playing a song he has been writing for his fiancee Linda, to Julia. Alternating between his wistful love for Linda and his fury at her endless manipulation and shallowness, the lyric swings wildly from

And when we kiss I know that you need me too.
Can’t believe I found a love that’s so pure and true…


But it all was bullshit.
It was a goddam joke.
And when I think of you Linda,
I hope you fucking choke…

As he screams out his pain to the accompaniment of the final discordant chord, we see his musical rival, Jimmie Moore (Jon Lovitz) concealed behind a curtain in the wings, having heard the entire performance. He remarks quietly to himself, “He’s losing his mind…and I’m reaping the benefits!”

I was reminded of that scene as I digested Mark Adomanis’s  “While The West Was Debating About ‘Defensive Weapons,’ Ukraine’s Economy Collapsed“, in Forbes (thanks for the link, Moscow Exile). Of course the news that Ukraine’s economy is collapsing like a grand piano that has had its legs kicked out from under it is unremarkable to anyone who has been following the slow-motion nightmare of the Ukraine conflict and civil war. What is remarkable is seeing Mark Adomanis defend the viewpoint that Russia is acting the dog in the manger, denying Ukraine its chance to blossom and become a prosperous western democracy at Russia’s expense, and not doing enough to help poor Ukraine even as it is the target of daily vilification and vituperation from both Ukraine and its western backers. The latter apparently want Russia to open its markets to Ukrainian goods even as Ukraine’s lunatic Ichabod Crane Prime Minister drives on the building of a wall between the two countries. Expect Russia to front Ukraine gas on credit even though Ukraine has a terrible history of refusing to pay for what it has already consumed and – when its friends calm it down from its fist-shaking tantrum – announces it will be mature and reasonable (take the high road, as it were) by naming a much lower figure that it considers fair discharge of all debts. And for Russia to stand aside as Ukraine’s army rolls over its own eastern regions and crushes their rebellion.

That last part is particularly resonant, for me, because it’s not the first time we have seen Mark Adomanis go off the rails as if his breakfast cereal had been liberally dusted with cocaine. For instance, back in 2012 he went all foamy about free speech and Pussy Riot, confiding to his audience, “After all, it’s not hard to imagine why people would support the young, female rock musicians in their struggle against a brutal, corrupt, cynical, and increasing unpopular system.” Take note, folks – that’s one of the fairest and most balanced among the “Russia analyst” community from the United States speaking. The Russian system is brutal, corrupt and increasingly unpopular. Perhaps that’s how it looks from Washington; I shouldn’t be at all surprised.

Oddly enough, the current conflict in Ukraine results also from a freedom of speech issue, in which the eastern regions said “Stuff it, Kiev” after the U.S. State Department-backed-and-financed coup drove a democratically-elected leader, who had already agreed to all of the opposition parties’ demands, out of the country and brought to power a self-appointed junta supported by fascist flag-wavers sporting Nazi regalia. The Donbas said “No, thank you”, and refused to accept the authority of the unelected government. Apparently they did not have the right to do that, or at least Mark Adomanis did not respond with a fiery denunciation of the junta for rolling against them with a military operation. Not that I saw.

Then there was the Edward Snowden affair. Mr. Adomanis capered about, figuratively speaking, hurling vituperation at Mr. Snowden for essentially defending the right of people around the world to speak freely without their conversations being listened in on by the National Security Administration of the United States; they had tapped Angela Merkel’s telephone for years, and Germany was one of America’s staunchest allies. Then it developed that Mr. Adomanis also worked as a consultant to Booz-Allen Hamilton, the management company for whom Mr. Snowden had worked in the USA. Booz Allen enjoyed a very close relationship with the U.S. leadership and the intelligence services – current U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper is a former Booz Allen executive. Former DNI Michael McConnell is Booz Allen’s current vice-president. Former CIA director and raving neo-con James Woolsey was also a former Booz Allen vice-president. Mr. Adomanis subsequently deleted his posts on that subject, but I think it should be clear that he has a sliding scale of grief over free-speech issues when he slobbers and moans about the cruel dictatorship that will not permit homeless unemployed delinquents to shout about shit and bitches and Putin in its houses of worship, but maintains that Edward Snowden is a traitor who should be shot because free speech is just a commodity to be harvested and exploited like any other.

But let’s not get too far off the subject – free speech was not the issue I wanted to look at today. No; as I mentioned earlier, I was intrigued by Mark’s position on Russia’s responsibility to help Ukraine move as painlessly and joyously as possible from its own orbit to that of the EU, just as if no harm to Russia was intended thereby, and such a move would be mutually beneficial. Because that’s pretty much the official stand of the U.S. State Department.

Russia is damaging Ukraine’s economy faster than the US and its European allies can provide support”, Mark squeals, parroting Bloomberg. Come again? What’s this based on? Oh, I see: “Gazprom, the Russian natural gas monopoly that still provides the lion’s share of Ukraine’s energy,  is threatening to cut off gas supplies unless it receives prepayment for future deliveries. Given Ukraine’s incredibly precarious state finances and its extreme shortage of foreign currency (Ukraine pays Russia for natural gas in US dollars) this new effort is tantamount to driving Kiev into bankruptcy.”

Let’s recap. Russia shut off Ukraine’s gas back in 2009, complaining that Ukraine was siphoning off and stealing Russian gas even though it got it at an attractive, subsidized price. Ukraine denied it, insisting it was diverting gas for technical reasons, to maintain pressure in the pipeline and ensure the transit of Russian exports. Some said Ukraine had actually blocked deliveries through its pipelines itself, in an attempt to get the EU onside and force Russia to come to terms. Sound familiar? In the current crisis, as soon as gas shortages began to bite, Ukraine asked Poland for free coal. On the occasion of the 2009 energy battle, the EU blustered that the situation was “completely unacceptable”. Sound familiar? Ever afterward, Russia was accused of “using energy as a weapon”, although the alternative was to supply Ukraine with free gas for ever and anon while paying it transit fees for Russian gas exports to cross its lands. Now Ukraine wants the EU to help it pay its transit fees, while it has raised consumer gas prices 300% in an effort to show its EU friends that it is serious about reforms, please give us 17, no, make that $40 Billion. Whose fault is that? Russia’s?

In the latest row, Russia sold gas to Ukraine for nearly $100.00 per 1000 Cubic meters less than the price it was asking in 2009. Russia extended the deadline for a decision, while it was the EU which took credit for brokering the deal whose terms were that Ukraine would prepay for its gas and pay its arrears. I’m damned if I can see how Russia is the villain in all that hot mess, but that’s what the west – and Mark Adomanis – say. Tantamount to driving Kiev into bankruptcy, or something.

Should any of this have been a surprise? Not to anyone who can add and subtract. Back in August 2013 it was acknowledged in print, for anyone who could read as well as add and subtract, that more than 60% of Ukraine’s exports go to the former Soviet market, with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan the most important. Ukraine yelled for western sanctions against Russia, and then begged for more sanctions to be levied against it to bring it to its knees. Ukraine was quick to blame the shooting-down of MH-17 on Moscow, although Russia stood to gain nothing by doing such a horrible thing and in fact suffered for it since it overcame European resistance to sanctions. Is anyone surprised that Russia shut its markets to Ukrainian goods? Would any country in the same situation have continued to buy from and assist a neighbouring country that daily asked for new challenges to prove its enmity? Remember the “Don’t Give It To a Russian” campaign? How about “Why Ukrainians and Russians Can Never Be Brothers“? You are big, but we are grand? Fine. Grandeur yourself out of your problems.

Now, when Russia wants Kiev to stop murdering its own citizens in the east by firing heavy artillery into population centers, to pay for gas it consumes after having agreed to pay for it, when Russia wants the west to hold Kiev to long-established standards of international law, Russia is – according to Mark Adomanis, “ratcheting up the tension”.

Kiev and its western “partners” are like a couple of drunk good ole boys at a fishing camp, egging each other on with ever-wilder stories until bullshit becomes reality. The west is making parody obsolete. It deserves to fail. And Ukraine’s problems are entirely of its own making.



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  1. Warren says:

  2. kirill says:

    Weekly inflation in Russia:

    • Moscow Exile says:

      Retailers are implementing voluntary price controls and folk are shopping wisely for discounted goods I read in KP the other day. There’s been a rush on non-perishable household goods – soap, washing powder, detergents, shampoo etc. – so as not to pay inflated prices later, and top of the line stuff is being avoided. I was in Pyatyorochka after work yesterday and they were selling off premium grade tea and coffee (real coffee – ground Arabica beans, German and Finnish brands) at a very large discount.

      There are rip-offs around though. I needed some filter papers for my coffee percolator the other day. A pack of filters cost me 80 rubles at the end of January. The impudent bugger asked for 250 rubles for the same brand (Rombout of Belgium) the other day. I told him I had paid 80 rubles previously: he said that they had not cost that “for ages and ages”. Lying bugger! I checked out on the Internet and found the same brand for 75 rubles.

  3. Fern says:

    The Baltic Chihuahuas Brain Trust is active again with obscure members of the European Parliament, particularly from Estonia, calling for an international investigation into the killing of Boris Nemstov. These Heroes of Lilliput are quite extraordinary to listen to – according to them “Boris was our man”. They’re calling for the ‘education’ of Russian youngsters so they learn not to ‘elect dictatorship after dictatorship’ and one called for some kind of punishment for any journalist caught repeating any ‘Russian propaganda’ gleaned from RT or Sputnik.

    The performance in the European Parliament was clearly a coordinated set piece since John McCain, was, by a remarkable coincidence, also ramping up the rhetoric by laying the blame for Nemstov’s murder at Putin’s door and calling for, well, the US to do something. I guess the answer to the question of who benefits from Nemstov’s death is becoming a little clearer.

    Anybody feel they’ve got a handle on what the murder was all about and, probably more important now, where the investigation’s at?

    • Tim Owen says:

      “They’re calling for the ‘education’ of Russian youngsters so they learn not to ‘elect dictatorship after dictatorship’…”

      Disappointing: they don’t actually say that according to the article. (Though I’m sure that’s what they are thinking, the sad little moppets.)

      Who’s paying you?

      • Fern says:

        Tim, the remark about ‘teaching democratic values’ so Russian don”t ‘elect dictatorship after dictatorship’ came from an RT clip of the debate in the European parliament in the run-up to the decision to call for an international investigation into Nemstov’s death. I’ll try and find it – some of the comments are truly extraordinary.

      • yalensis says:

        They want to teach Russian youth to vote for Navalny, even though he looks like a crazy survivalist now, with that Grizzly Adams beard. Navalny looks like he lives in a cabin in the woods, pecking out his 5,000 page manifesto on an old, manual typewriter.

        You be the judge:


        • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

          The comparison is insulting. Theodore Kaczynski was a highly intelligent and thoughtful man whose mind was twisted into madness by MKUltra research. Even in his madness, he looked like an eccentric university professor, whereas Navalny just looks like a bum.

    • yalensis says:

      Dear Fern:
      I just saw this in KP, they claim to have an insider source in the FSB.

      Unburied lede: The killing was likely on the orders of the Ukrainians.

      KP’s correspondent me with the source inside the FSB, he is a member of the “brigade” which is investigating the Nemtsov murder.
      Source: investigators looked at all the phone records, both of Nemtsov and the guys who were following him around. Phone records show that he was being tailed constantly. Wherever he was, with his phone, there they were, also yakking on their phones. At the time of the actual murder, all the suspects currently in custody, were on the spot: some under the bridge, some in the car, some hanging out nearby.

      Zaur Dadaev is the guy who actually pulled the trigger, says the Source. Initially he confessed, then he retracted his confession; but it doesn’t matter, because the proof is incontrovertible. After he shot Nemtsov, he tossed the gun into the river. It was retrieved later, by divers.

      Also, when Dadaev proclaimed his love for the Prophet Muhammad, he was just B.S.’ing people. These guys aren’t religious at all, they are just bandits who carried out a contract killing.

      Now the main point: Dadaev was in close contact with one Adam Osmaev, who works for the Ukrainians, he recently became the Commander of the Ukrainian Battalion named after Jokar Dudaev. They talked a lot on their cellphones, (we have their conversations).
      Dadaev and his co-conspirators were working with Osmaev, and also with some Chechens who were fighting in Ukraine, on the side of the new regime there (=junta).

      Remember that incident when Russian LifeNews correspondents were arrested in Ukraine, and Chechens were sent to negotiate their release? Zaur Dadaev participated in that operation. He was in constant contact with Osmaev.

      You can actually consider Adam Osmaev to be the main suspect in the murder of Boris Nemtsov.

      In 2012 Adam Osmaev was the main suspect in a plot to assassinate Vladimir Putin. Who at that time was the Prime Minister of Russia, and was getting ready to run for President. Osmaev planned to blow up Putin’s cortege. Evidence was found in his laptop. He admitted to the plot and cut a deal with the investigators. He also admitted that he was sent by the United Arab Emirates to Odessa with instructions from Doku Umarov to the local commanders. Later, in court, Osmaev retracted his confession and said he had been tortured. His attorneys appealed to the European Court of Human Rights.

      (The rest of the article goes on to detail more about Adam Osmaev and his many deeds. Currently he appears to be living in Odessa and working for the Ukrainian army. Recently Osmaev took command of the Dudaev Battalion from its former leader, General Isu Munaev, who was killed at Debaltsevo.)

      [yalensis: This new information about Osmaev might change the way we look at Nemtsov’s girlfriend, Anna Duritskaya, although it might just be total coincidence that he had a Ukrainian girlfriend. After all, he had many girlfriends, and some of them were bound, by the laws of averages, to be Ukrainian.]

  4. Tim Owen says:

    Okay, I’ll do it:

    The West’s Plan To Drop Russia From SWIFT Hilariously Backfires

    If Vladimir Putin is remotely capable of laughter (the jury is out on that one…) then he’s probably doing so right now.

    Russia is once again Arch-Enemy of the United States. It’s like living through a really bad James Bond movie, complete with cartoonish villains.

    And for the last several months, the US government has been doing everything it can to torpedo the Russian economy, as well as Vladimir Putin’s standing within his own country.

    The economic nuclear option is to kick Russia out of the international banking system. And the US government has been vociferously pushing for this.

    Specifically, the US government wants to kick Russia out of SWIFT, short for the Society of Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications.

    That’s a mouthful. But SWIFT is an important component in the global banking system because it lays the foundation for banks to communicate and transfer funds with one another.

    It’s a network protocol of sorts. Whenever a bank in Pakistan does business with a bank in Portugal, the funds will clear through the SWIFT network.

    According to the SWIFT itself, they link over 9,000 financial institutions worldwide in over 200 countries, which transact 15 million times per day.

    Bottom line, being part of SWIFT is critical to conducting business with the rest of the world. And if Russia gets kicked out of SWIFT, it would be a disaster.

    Now, SWIFT is technically organized as a ‘Cooperative Society’ and governed by a board of directors.

    There are 25 available board seats, and each seat is allocated for a three-year term to a specific country.

    The United States, Belgium, France, Germany, UK, and Switzerland each hold two seats. A handful of other countries hold just one seat. And of course, most countries don’t hold any seats at all.

    Here’s what’s utterly hilarious—

    On Monday afternoon, not only did SWIFT NOT kick Russia out… but they announced that they were actually giving a BOARD SEAT to Russia.
    This is basically the exact opposite of what the US government was pushing for.


    But this story is even bigger than that.

    Because at the same time that the US government isn’t getting its way with SWIFT, the Chinese are busy putting together their own version of it called CIPS.

    CIPS stands for the China International Payment System; it’s intended to be a direct competitor to SWIFT, and a brand new way for global banks to communicate and transact with one another in a way that does NOT depend on the United States.

    We’ll talk about CIPS in more details in a future letter. But in brief, it addresses some serious weaknesses, inefficiencies, and technological challenges of SWIFT.

    And it should be ready to go later this year.

    Make no mistake, this is the beginning of the end of the US dollar’s global hegemony. It’s time to stop hoping that it won’t happen and time to start preparing for it.

  5. davidt says:

    The Yahoo7 news here in Oz is suggesting that Putin is dead- even Kevin R is “worried”. Rumor is that this was announced on Medvedev’s website, though the announcement has been removed. I suspect that Putin is going to die a few more times than we lesser mortals. (As long as I outlive McCain!)

  6. kat kan says:

    Putin’s disappearance implies a Russian dictatorship

    Okaaaayy….. guy doesn’t jump on a plane or on TV for a few days, that equals dictatorship??? are these guys picking random words from the thesaurus in a language they don’t understand?

    ….”Russia has become an outright dictatorship. No other kind of state would be so opaque, nor its citizens so preoccupied with their ruler….” hmm I don’t see any RUSSIAN sites looking for him. It’s all the WEST making a fuss about it. So, US and UK word outlets miss “Vlad” that makes him a dictator?

    I must be getting dementia. I can’t follow this logic any more.

  7. Moscow Exile says:

    English science fantasy writer Terry Pratchett died yesterday and his passing is deeply mourned world wide. I never read any of his works, – that genre is not really my cup of tea – but I know plenty who have and who became ardent fans of his works.

    Anyway, here is Pratchett’s death as reported in some of today’s Russian papers:

    Скончался автор культовых книг о «Плоском мире» фантаст Терри Пратчетт

    The picture shows the late Mr.Pratchett in front of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, St. Petersburg

    Смерть в 66 опередила самоубийство писателя Терри Пратчетта

    Песок в часах закончился
    (Article consisting of Pratchett quotations)

    Умер Терри Пратчетт

    Чем запомнился писатель-фантаст Терри Пратчетт?

    etc., etc.

    And, of course, RT published an obituary to Pratchett.

    Unfortunately, RT is plagued by the most base of vile trolls, one of whom having seen it fit to use Pratchett’s death as yet another means by which he could voice his seemingly pathological hatred of Russians:

    Szymon Zycinski 1 hour ago

    He wrote to weise [sic]books … so Russian did not know his novels.

    “The Truth” should be punished and forbidden by Putin. If russian could read it they will see throught [sic] their official media propaganda.

    Thank you for your comment, Mr. Zycinsk.

    • et Al says:

      The summer of ’96, white nights and the overnight train. Picknicking behind the commander’s house in the Peter & Paul fortress. Finland Station & battleship Aurora etc! I’ll have to dig out my pictures.

  8. PaulR says:

    Putin’s approval rating reaches a new high of 88%:

    • Moscow Exile says:

      Which just goes to show the profound wisdom of the United States government in its decision to wage merciless economic warfare against Russia, which hostile engagement, if successful, will result in penury and misery for ordinary Russians who have done nothing against the Great Hegemon, argue Putin apologists.

      But those people that will suffer are not innocents! The vast majority of them (88%!!!) support Putin and his Evil Regime, so they too must be evil and, therefore, a dire threat to United States security.

      The only real way of ridding the world of this perennial threat to Pax Americana, is, of course, the systematic extermination of them all.

  9. Moscow Exile says:

    Another “Great White Hope” that many in the West felt had a chance of toppling that uppity Tatar-Mongol-Finno-Ugric despoiler of all that we love and hold so dear bites the dust!

    Billionaire Prokhorov calls own party ‘senseless’ and quits

    • marknesop says:

      “Prokhorov said the reason behind the move was an urge to avoid any authoritarian tendencies in the party, but many analysts suspected that the real reason could be in the relatively new Russian law that forbids senior officials and legislators to possess foreign bank accounts and securities. Prokhorov holds a lot of his multi-billion dollar property in foreign assets (that include the Brooklyn Nets NBA club) and once admitted that selling them in a hurry could lead to large losses.”

      I imagine that is not far from the truth. Politics was fun while it lasted, but so long as it does not look particularly promising that he will be the next president, Mr. Prokhorov is not going to risk the Prokhorov fortune – an asset which appears not to trouble the blabbering hui-poloi (I made that up myself, feel free to use it liberally) who start to roll their eyes and go into spasmodic jerks whenever they talk about Putin’s castles and yachts and jets and hidden bank accounts.

  10. et Al says:

    With experts an anal-ysts like these:

    Neuters (March 9th): Germany finally seeing Vladimir Putin for who he really is
    By Lucian Kim

    When Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited Berlin on Thursday, he heaped praise on his hosts: “At no time in my experience has the relationship with Germany and the United States covered more issues around the world, covered them in a deeper fashion and in a more collaborative fashion than we’re doing today. It is truly extraordinary.” President Barack Obama is especially grateful for his partnership with Chancellor Angela Merkel, Blinken added.

    Blinken’s effusiveness went beyond diplomatic protocol. Ready or not, Merkel has become the unlikely leader of the pro-Ukrainian cause. The war in Ukraine followed a long chain of unintended consequences, of which Germany’s new role may be the most surprising. Before Russia’s intervention in Ukraine a year ago, Obama was happy not to think about Europe at all. Russian President Vladimir Putin counted on commercial ties and World War II guilt to keep Germany neutralized. And Merkel placed an emphasis on “dialogue” with Russia and stability in Europe.

    Russia’s unilateral redrawing of Ukraine’s borders has refocused minds in Germany…

    …Germany is learning to think strategically again….

    …It was unclear whether Ischinger was being more critical of Merkel for barging forward alone or Obama for holding back. …

    LOLZ! LOLZ! And more LOLZ!

    • ThatJ says:

      Russian President Vladimir Putin counted on commercial ties and World War II guilt to keep Germany neutralized. And Merkel placed an emphasis on “dialogue” with Russia and stability in Europe.

      More than anyone, it’s the Zionists who skillfully exploit this guilt, not the Russians. In Germany you can deny or reaffirm the evils done by the Communists, but try revisioning the Holocaust and see what the German state does to you. Germany even donates top-notch submarines to Israel to atone for a crime that you cannot even dispute certain aspects of.

      And to make the matter more revolting, Tony Blinken is a Jew:

      Tony says the Russians are exploiting German guilt. Not a peep from the West. Now imagine if a top Russian official said to the German government that the Jews are abusing German guilt over the Holocaust. The country would be demonized as a Nazi, antisemitic dictatorship. The Jews in the US and the UK would, in their paranoid fashion, see to it that Russia is dangerous and must be mercilessly crushed.

      Actually, the Holocaust is a powerful weapon used not only in Germany, but throughout the West to explain to the clueless goyim why it’s their moral imperative to accept their dispossession and eventual demise because opposing it leads to Auschwitz. I kid you not.

      It’s the US, more than anyone, who have made moralism a tool of foreign policy.

      • yalensis says:

        Dear ThatJ:
        When you speak about the Holocaust, you must clarify your own point of view.
        You are still a “Holocaust Denier” – correct?
        You believe there were no gas chambers – correct?
        Your answers to those questions put a slightly different slant on your self-righteous blustering over “German guilt”.

      • yalensis says:

        “Actually, the Holocaust is a powerful weapon used not only in Germany, but throughout the West to explain to the clueless goyim… (blah blah blah)

        P.S. ThatJ:
        What did you think of this quote from the Counterpunch piece which I linked above –
        (1) Agree or
        (2) Disagree? (please just mark one answer)

        You know that the three greatest movements of the last 2,000 years have been Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Judaism allowed Jews to conquer and rule the world. I believe only a religious fervor can save our kind now. The 14 Words must be a divine command of Nature’s God whom we call Wotan Allfather.
        As the 666 man, and the Joseph Smith of Wotanism my rewards will be zero. Death in prison, scorn from those with no vision, and hate from the stupid goyim and their kosher masters. But sometimes a man is condemned to a higher cause. And cheerfulness in adversity is still a virtue. Take care. 14 – 88

        [To those not in the know: Anybody who uses the “goyim” is bound to be either (1) a Jewish stand-up comedian, or (2) an American fascist – it’s apparently one of their important code words, just like “ZOG” !]

      • ThatJ says:

        To those not in the know: Jews often use “goyim” to refer to us in their publications:

        “Goyim” used in JPost articles:

        “Goyim” used in Israel National News articles:

        When a gentile mentions “goyim” (or goy in singular) in criticism of the organized Jewish community (or lobbies), the implication is that the community’s or lobbies’ loyalty are not the same as the rest of society, or that they are involved in some sort of serious hypocrisy regarding their support for certain laws and policies in the Diaspora whilst favoring the opposite for the nation of Israel. In other words, the use here is sarcastic, in that we non-Jews are aware that we are being mislead by liars or fooled by hypocrites.

        About the quote: David Lane is a familiar name, but I never had interest in his writings and he’s no intellectual. I came to my beliefs slowly. It isn’t like certain literatures found me and converted me — far from it. The sheer number of observations that I made concerning the rapid change engulfing the West in the last decades obviously deserved a proper inquiry, and today here I am, reading (interestingly, John Schindler from used it as a source in one of his articles) and, and neither have radical contributors (or activists) such as Lane.

  11. et Al says:

    Frogs & Injuns caught in a Rafale update:

    AW&ST: Dassault, HAL To Be Co-Contractors On Indian-Built Rafales

    France’s bid to sell 126 Rafale combat jets to India moved a step closer to reality in recent weeks, with Dassault Aviation and Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (HAL) reaching an agreement as to who will be responsible for guaranteeing 108 Indian-built aircraft required under the deal…

    …”This is the first time Dassault agrees to be a co-contractor,” Dassault CEO Eric Trappier said following his company’s annual earnings conference March 11. “Dassault and HAL will both take responsibility for the part they will each build on the Rafale aircraft made in India,” he continued, asserting the commitment is in line with the Indian government’s initial request for proposals under the Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) tender…

    …”The first check arrived at the beginning of the week,” Trappier said, adding that three of the aircraft will be delivered this year. He said Paris and Cairo are now discussing delivery rates for the coming years. Dassault is currently producing 11 Rafales a year for the French air force and navy, but Trappier says the factory could raise production to “a bit over 2.5 a month, if needed.”…

    Good one for the Frogs for once! I do wonder about the negotiations and who caved in first.

    • marknesop says:

      That – building them in India – was the sticking point for France previously, so it looks like they caved in first; as he mentions, it is a first for them, being co-contractors. However, France still managed to extract an important concession; previously, India wanted them built in India but for Dassault to still assume overall responsibility for the quality of the finished product and delivery milestones. That they could even suggest such a thing is a measure of what a heavyweight India is becoming in the defense-procurement world. But France managed to negotiate joint responsibility, with Dassault only responsible for what it builds itself.

  12. Moscow Exile says:

    Ксения Собчак исполнила прощальный номер

    Ksenia Sobchak performs farewell number

    So long, Ksenia! I won’t be missing you.

    Russian Journalist Ksenia Sobchak Flees Russia After Reports of Hit List

    Terror stalks the streets in Putin’s Mafia State?

    • Moscow Exile says:

      I wonder if she’s going to stay in Banderastan until the heat is off?

    • marknesop says:

      “Flees” typically implies abandoning everything and doing a surprise runner in the middle of the night, feeling glad to escape with your life. I suspect such a panicked dash for freedom will not characterize Sobchak’s departure, and that she will have taken the time to transfer her accounts and pack all her nice things, perhaps have a farewell gathering with a few friends…

      Interesting to see she’s now a journalist; when did that happen? So versatile, it’s no wonder the west likes to get its money’s worth out of her.

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