Drool, Britannia: The Ongoing Imbecilization of Britain Proceeds Apace

Uncle Volodya says, "The myth of neutrality is an effective blanket for a host of biases.”

Uncle Volodya says, “The myth of neutrality is an effective blanket for a host of biases.”

2016 is already shaping up to be a watershed year in world history in several respects.  It will be – probably – the year that ISIS’ resistance to the Syrian Arab Army collapses, and Bashar al-Assad drives them out and reclaims control of the whole of the country. It will be – probably – the year that something big happens in Ukraine. It’s impossible to say what, exactly, but the present reality is unsustainable, and if Ukraine rolls into spring with nothing much changed about the situation – no visa-free travel to Europe, no resolution on the eastern mess, the economy still passively obedient to the law of gravity – I believe the Poroshenko government will fall. Probably.

It will also be the year that “probably” entered the British official and legal lexicon as an acceptable modifier to judgment. Let’s preview what the updated definition might look like, shall we?


  1. adverb/UK/ˈprɒb.ə.bli

Used to mean, “very likely”

 I’ll probably be home by midnight                                                                                                  I’m probably going – it depends on the weather                                                                          He probably didn’t even notice

2. judicial modifier/UK/ˈprɒb.ə.bli

Used to mean, ” judged to have occurred as described despite the inability to prove it did through the introduction of compelling and demonstrable evidence; based, rather, on a surpassing need for it to be true. Shall be assumed for reporting purposes to constitute sufficient certainty that extrapolations can be made as if they were facts”

The murder was probably carried out by the Russian state, probably on the personal orders of Vladimir Putin

The British press has long been an embarrassment (as is, in fact, the political establishment itself), and it often seems as if every British newspaper is nothing more than a tabloid, filled with the most salacious gossip interspersed with photos of the idle rich or ‘hot’ celebrities capering and mugging and showing off their naughty bits. The Independent is owned by a former Foreign Intelligence officer of the KGB and billionaire, although nobody in the British press ever refers confrontationally to his spy background – instead making excuses for it and suggesting he was not really very interested in British secrets, ho, ho – or calls him an oligarch unless it is immediately followed by an explanation of why the label ‘tycoon’ or ‘businessman’ fits better.

Let’s look at their latest cacophony of outrage over thoroughly un-British evildoing, featuring the British media’s favourite target – Russia, and its president, Vladimir Putin. No barbarism, savagery or disgusting perversion is beneath him, as we will learn. Try to keep a stiff upper lip.

I refer, of course, to the ignoramus festival surrounding the release of the “Owen Report’, which is being presented as ‘findings’ and in which Sir Robert ‘finds’ that the Russian state ‘probably’ killed Litvinenko, and that his killing was ‘probably’ personally ordered by Vladimir Putin…because, you know, only a state can get hold of that quantity of polonium and if the state did so, it must have been at Putin’s order. Or something. Because he is personally in charge of everything in Russia.

Including, I imagine, the transfer to the United States of America of around 8 grams of polonium 210 per month, made in Russian state reactors, at a cost of around $2 million per gram. A milligram, the same article reports, would have been enough to kill Litvinenko. What the United States receives every month – with the telltale signature of having been made in a Russian reactor, ha, ha – would kill about eight thousand Litvinenkos. The United States is Russia’s sole buyer of polonium 210, and the United States has an official government policy of hatred for Russia and is committed to its downfall. Hear that whooshing noise? It’s your beyond reasonable doubt being sucked out the window. At least two states are known to possess easily enough polonium 210 to have killed Litvinenko, and in both cases it would be traceable to a Russian reactor, according to the silliness broadcast by the press. What, the USA would never kill someone just to blame it on someone else? Don’t make me laugh.

Follow this amazing tale, as the British media goes on an extravagant tour of finding polonium traces all over the City of London.  Alexander Lebedev’s The Independent makes clear that when Mrs. Litvinenko originally sought an inquiry, Her Majesty’s government blocked it, because it needed Russian help on the ‘denuclearization of Iran’. But once Britain got its nose out of joint – or, more correctly, was told by Washington that its nose must be out of joint – over Ukraine, despite there being no proof at all of Russian intervention on a scale that would make any difference at all, why, it was ‘game on’ for an inquiry. Comically, there was massive and widely-trumpeted interference from the west on Ukraine’s side. Just before I leave this piece, I could not help laughing at the headline, which includes, “Moscow Fumes at Kremlin-Killing Verdict”, although it does not mention a single word of a Russian response. We’re just supposed to assume Moscow is fuming, because making it fume was the objective. Psychologists call that “projection”.

For her own part, the widow Litvinenko always adamantly denied her husband was working for MI6…until Berezovsky stopped the monthly cheques. Once that happened, she was okay with admitting that Sasha worked for MI6, which employment is now a matter of public record.

Walter Litvinenko, Sasha’s father, described how he told an impromptu press conference that his son had ‘a small atom bomb’ in his body and that he had given his life for Britain – and inspired a very agitated response from Alexander Goldfarb. Goldfarb, you’ll recall, was Boris Berezovsky’s lieutenant, a former research scientist once employed at the Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Energy in Moscow. Walter Litvinenko had the impression, from this, that he had said something too soon, and indeed he did, because he had been prompted with this information by Goldfarb, which suggests that Goldfarb – probably – knew about the radioactive isotope before Scotland Yard did.  Polonium 210 was discovered in Litvinenko’s urine, in a plastic drain bottle under his bed, after he had died. The same source reports that Litvinenko’s head was shaved by someone in the employ of Ahmed Zakayev, the famous (in the UK) ‘Chechen dissident’ who was allegedly a friend of Litvinenko as well as an associate of Berezovsky. We can therefore not know to what extent Litvinenko’s hair was falling out, because it was all removed. Alexander Goldfarb is also the alleged receiver of the ‘deathbed letter’, in which Litvinenko accuses Putin of murdering him in lurid prose which would do Tom Clancy proud, although Litvinenko could barely speak English and, by that stage of his poisoning, should have been incapable of speech.

Edward ‘Snappin’-Turtle Crazy’ Lucas works himself into such a froth that he could shave without even soaping up, over the Owen Report – which, you heard it here first, is rendered all the more credible because “It does not back every allegation against Russia – just those where the evidence is incontrovertible.” The report, such as it was, did not ever say that any evidence it relied upon was incontrovertible, and in many cases simply extrapolated ‘truths’ from previous unsubstantiated statements made earlier in the report. That’s incontrovertible enough for Lucas, though, whose loathing of Russia and everything in it is legendary. He also tries to get the British off the hook for relying on secret evidence; it may have come from an electronic intercept from the Kremlin, and we don’t want them to know that their conversations are being overheard and recorded. At that point, Saddam Hussein rode through the room on a three-legged zebra, wearing a cheerleaders costume of the Los Angeles Rams, and I’m afraid I was distracted and did not catch the rest of what he said.

Polonium 210 traces were found, we’re told, at the Millenium Hotel where the Pine Bar is located, in the Itsu sushi restaurant where Litvinenko met with ‘Italian academic’ Mario Scaramella, in a cab Litvinenko shared with Akhmed Zakayev, in the lap-dancing bar Hey Jo and on the fax machine at Boris Berzovsky’s offices. The machine, allegedly, was used by Litvinenko, probably to send a message to the library to apologize for being late returning his copy of “The Power of Positive Thinking” because he was busy helping old ladies across the street. Because he was just that kind of guy.

Did he lick the fax machine? Because according to all the testimony presented by Her Majesty’s Government, Litvinenko did not ever touch polonium with his hands. He drank it, in tea, presumably by pouring it into his mouth and swallowing it as the great majority of people do. Now the polonium is inside Litvinenko. Polonium, we are told, can be safely held in the hand because it cannot penetrate skin. Litvinenko, presumably, was covered with several layers of skin. Vice News tries to head off this line of inquiry by adding that Lugovoi also visited Berezovsky’s offices ‘in the days before the poisoning’, but we have only Berezovsky’s word for that. Does anyone need a reminder what kind of witness Berezovsky was? According to the trial judge who found against him in Berezovsky vs. Abramovich, Berezovsky was “an unimpressive, and inherently unreliable, witness, who regarded truth as a transitory, flexible concept, which could be moulded to suit his current purposes.”

Even if we spot the Russia-dunnit side the polonium traces in Berezovsky’s office, and stipulate that Lugovoi was there, how do we explain Scaramella’s contamination? Did Lugovoi and Kovtun come along for some sushi as well? No, they didn’t, and Litvinenko should not have had any polonium residue on him at all. Scaramella, who once claimed to work for the CIA. Where did the polonium in the cab, which was allegedly so toxic it had to be withdrawn from service, come from? Only Litvinenko and Zakayev were in the cab, and all the polonium was supposed to be inside Litvenko, safe from transmission behind Litvinenko’s skin.

Which brings up another question – why are Kovtun and Lugovoi still alive, and in apparent good health? They apparently were covered with polonium from head to foot for a month; after not being able to detect it at all, the British suddenly found it everywhere. Lugovoi, according to upstanding, honest citizen Boris Berezovsky, visited his offices days before the poisoning, and left traces of polonium on his fax machine and office furniture. According to the British Embassy in Moscow, Kovtun and Lugovoi came in unannounced, in a great sweat to prove their innocence, after Litvinenko had died. He lived for three weeks after being poisoned, yet Lugovoi and Kovtun were still so toxic that they left traces of it on the table where their hands rested! The British Embassy, or that section of it, was ‘locked down for months’. What does it take to get rid of polonium? Are we to assume these men did not shower or wash their hands for a month? And, that being the case, how is it possible that neither man touched something with his bare hands which later ended up in his mouth – a hamburger, a dill pickle, the rim of his glass or the lip of a bottle? Radiation on the table where their hands touched, a month after they allegedly poisoned Litvinenko – suggesting there was still transferable residue – severe enough to lock down the Embassy, yet they’re still alive? When it takes only a milligram to kill you? Come on – who would believe that?

Anyway, enough about that – I want to move on to Stage Two of the British smear campaign, in which the press gleefully passes on that Litvinenko accused Vladimir Putin of being a ‘practicing pedophile’; gee, maybe that’s even why Putin had him killed!!

All the accusations that Putin has been a pedophile since, like, forever spring from this moment – when he kissed a small boy’s stomach during some kind of public appearance in which onlookers were lining the road. The official story is that the boy did not appear particularly happy to be there, and that Mr. Putin asked him why he was sad. He, or perhaps his mother, replied that it was because he had a stomach-ache. Mr. Putin, apparently spontaneously, ‘kissed it better’ as mothers commonly do with their children. Nobody in Russia appeared to be greatly upset by it or to see anything sexually untoward in it, and the child’s mother was visibly proud. I suppose the western media will counter that of course she appeared happy about it – she would not dare appear any other way, or Putin would have them all killed.

The western press, however, was in an uproar. Litvinenko quickly injected a story that Putin’s superiors during his time in the KGB knew that he was a pedophile, and there were suspicious gaps in his career history. As well, he said, there were videotapes of Putin, while he was a student, ‘making sex with underage boys’. When Putin became Director of the FSB, his story went, he sought the evidence out and destroyed it.

Just one of the many problems with that story is that videotapes did not exist when Putin was a student. The first video recorder – the Sony Betamax – was rolled out the year Putin graduated; 1975. Another problem is why the KGB would record, even if they had the capability, some student ‘making sex with underage boys’, and then stash the tapes away for later leverage – why would they not immediately arrest him instead? Or had they already been to the future in their time machine, and knew he would someday be the President? Shame they hadn’t stopped at the year he was appointed Director of the FSB (1998), because that might have warned them that when he found those tapes, he might not just settle for quietly destroying them, and might come looking for whoever recorded them on a medium which had not yet been invented.

Was there ever any record of Putin being arrested for sex offenses against children? They’d have nothing to fear from him when he was just a snot-nosed student, would they? All right, did anyone ever come forward after the accusations from the western media, perhaps flee to the west where Putin couldn’t reach them, and confess, “Putin assaulted me”. Nope. So what we have is the word of a probable liar – at least, his brother reported that he had proudly recounted his part in the phony ‘poison pen’ attempt to kill Berezovsky (which was a successful fabrication in that it allowed Berezovsky to stay in England), and we know that ‘probably’ is close enough for government work – who worked for a known liar, so assessed by Madame Justice Gloster in Berezovsky vs. Abramovich.

Home Secretary Theresa May, who personifies today’s western weathervane politician, announced that what Russia had done constituted an “unacceptable breach of international law” – probably, because there wasn’t any evidence which conclusively proved it did anything. But Theresa May steadfastly blocked an inquiry until July 2014, after she had been ordered by High Court judges to reconsider. What happened in July of 2014, do you remember? Yes, the shooting down of MH-17, which was immediately and vociferously blamed – by Britain – on Russia in general and Mr. Putin personally. That investigation is now falling apart, as the evidence simply cannot be made to fit the narrative. Britain’s politicians continue to embarrass the country, and its press slathers on the crazy like the frosting on a great big fruitcake.

But Britain has likely made a lifelong enemy this time, and it seems to sense this; several sources suggest the country, having thrown shit at the walls like a two-year-old, wants to move on without making the situation any worse. The talking chancre known as James Nixey, who has popped up here before, offers several possible reasons for this;

  • They fear that a firm response will cause British commercial assets in Russia to be expropriated. Russia is only a moderately important export market but some UK financial services companies and energy companies are over-extended there.
  • It is in the nature of politicians and diplomats to want a quick fix of better relations through mollification. This quick fix necessarily entails drawing a veil over such inconvenient truths as one country murdering the citizens of another in its capital city.
  • Russia is ‘too big and too important’ to antagonize further.
  • Russia has had considerable success in encouraging Western diplomats to believe that no major international problem can be resolved without it.
  • The UK is too caught up in tactical issues to think broadly about what needs to be done with Russia.
  • The government believes, erroneously of course, that Russia has half a point on many international issues, including debates over spheres of influence, missile defence and NATO enlargement.

Incredibly, he seems to think that if Britain would finally get tough with Russia and beat it like a redheaded stepchild, that would promote better trade ties with Russia and safeguard British assets from being expropriated, as he plainly disagrees with the government’s too-tepid response. I don’t know what kind of secret weapon he must be hiding in his basement, but Britain is not in any shape to be slapping anyone around without one.

I think the relationship – such as it was – between Russia and the Russophobic Empire of Formerly Great Britain is at an end. I hope all that bootlicking to Washington was worth it.

Editor’s Note: As usual, I am indebted to the readers for their advice and their provision of great substantiating links. For this post, special thanks to Nat and Russian Bot for their stellar assistance.

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1,367 Responses to Drool, Britannia: The Ongoing Imbecilization of Britain Proceeds Apace

  1. et Al says:

    Toilet Barf: Vladimir Putin wants to destroy Nato: the Syria war may offer him the chance

    The tragedy now unfolding in Aleppo poses a direct threat to European security, including the risk of conflict between Nato and Russia
    By David Blair

    …We tend to associate the latter peril with Nato’s most exposed European members and the possibility of Vladimir Putin invading the Baltic states. But never forget that Turkey is also part of Nato.

    President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has already threatened to send Turkey’s army over the border into Syria, with the twin aims of preventing the defeat of his rebel allies and carving out a buffer zone along the frontier. Suppose Mr Erdoğan were to go ahead and deploy his troops in Syria: the greatest risk would be that Russia responds with air strikes against Turkish forces…

    …After one of his air force bases is pulverised by the Kremlin’s bombs, Mr Erdoğan then declares that Turkey has suffered aggression from Russia. He demands the help of his allies in accordance with Article V of the North Atlantic Treaty, which states that an “armed attack against one” Nato member “shall be considered an attack against them all”.
    Put bluntly, Mr Erdoğan could invite us to choose between going to war with Russia, or shredding the credibility of the collective security guarantee that serves as the bedrock of Nato. How would we respond?..


    You have to be impressed by the gall and sheer stupidity of Mr. David Blair, journalist. But then there’s a reason journalists are so poorly regarded.

    Point 1: This is not about NATO’s ‘credibility’. Every time this bs is rolled out it is because NATO has got itself in to a position where it has no way out or to save face, so bombing is easier. Remember 1999? A few days of bombing would bring the Serbs to heel? Well it didn’t and then they started harping on about NATO’s ‘credibility’ even though they’d run out of target and were having no effect. 70 dd days later, they played their last card, get Yeltsin to stiff the Serbs. So something that NATO could not achieve militarily was achieve by political threats.

    Point 2: Putin doesn’t have to try and bring down NATO. NATO is its own worst enemy. Does anyone seriously think that NATO would respond positively to a failed Turkish invasion of Syria (after it has already shot down a Russian plane) that will kill Russians again through an ‘article 5. request’ when it a) Russia does not threaten the borders or ‘Europe’; b) it is a limited Russian counter attack; c) it wasn’t sanctioned by NATO in the first place because NATO requires voting unanimity?

    Is NATO actually willing to go to war with Russia for NATO’s credibility rather than the slightly less fabulous idea of a Russian invasion of Poland and the Baltics (as the BBC would like us to believe)? Germany doesn’t want moslem Turkey in the EU, so why would ‘Christian Europe’ sacrifice itself for power mad moslem Erdogan?

    Point 3: I think it far more likely that NATO will collapse when a major member, like Germany, pulls out. Behind each NATO adventure is a huge amount of money and the world economy is no-where near recovering, note the Asian jitters and renewed weakness in the West. I doubt NATO would collapse immediately but rather just fall apart. All the US will be left with would be a coalition of the willing, and I’m sure the new government in Poland would be more than happy to host US air-launched B61-12 nuclear weapons there, but by then the whole calculus has been completely changed. Simply put, there is no peace in Europe unless Russia is included as NATO and American policy has only been pushing for conflict.

    As for Mr. David Blair, Mad Man, I would be quite happy for him to lay his life on the line for NATO as long as he stops offering everyone else’s life instead. But he’s a journalist and not responsible for the consequences of his own words. Freedumb of speech. As long as someone else is dying for him and his views.

    • et Al says:

      One final thought – Corbyn said he wouldn’t press the button. Cameron says he would. Even for Turkey?

    • colliemum says:

      It’s just another bit of shouting “squirrel!” to take the attention of the common plebs away from the EU ‘negotiations’ and replace them with ‘be afraid – be very afraid – be so afraid that you don’t dare to vote for OUT’.
      This morning, Cameron was reported as saying that only if “we’ are in the EU can we fight ISIS and – yep – North Korea …

      I wonder what they’ll be coming up with next – they’ve gotta keep our attention until Cameron can come back from Brussels on the 19th this month, with a little white paper …

      • et Al says:


        I’m starting to think it may well be an existentialist crisis for the Conservative party rather than Labor under Corbyn. It’s fascinating to follow, and all bets are off. This is an extraordinary period of history we are going through so the old rules don’t necessarily apply and spoilers are the joker.

        • colliemum says:

          Indeed so!
          There are many Eurosceptic Tory MPs, and everybody knows that Cameron will have to go should he lose the Referendum, which is looking more likely now that a big cross-party group has been formed, with Tory and Labour MPs.
          So the jockeying for position to replace Cameron has begun – and lo and behold, a Tory Big Beast, highly regarded, has joined that cross-party group. He’s David Davis, he stood against Cameron in 2005 for the election toTory Party Chairman, which he lost to the gilb Cameron. Little did we know then …
          It is all very fascinating to watch, regardless of the truly enormous decision to be made in that Referendum – if there is one!
          The Brussels Conference on Feb 18 and 19 will be decisive.

    • Oddlots says:

      Re: “Is NATO actually willing to go to war with Russia for NATO’s credibility rather than the slightly less fabulous idea of a Russian invasion of Poland and the Baltics (as the BBC would like us to believe)? Germany doesn’t want moslem Turkey in the EU, so why would ‘Christian Europe’ sacrifice itself for power mad moslem Erdogan?”

      Gilbert Doctorow wrote quite a great piece about the BBC piece here:


      I think GD is actually right about Russia’s over-reaction:

      “The tragedy of our times of information warfare is that well-educated and sincere citizens are blind-sighted. We have an old maxim that when you cannot persuade, confuse. The fatal flaw is when you believe your own propaganda. If nothing else, the BBC documentary demonstrates that for Western elites this is what has happened. The reaction to the film from the Kremlin, suggests the same has happened to Eastern elites.”

      I think this the first time I’ve seen Russian officials “losing their heads” a little bit.

      • marknesop says:

        Yes, that is a great piece, and Doctorow seldom disappoints. Russia certainly did miss a golden opportunity to highlight those closing quotes, if they are as described (I didn’t see it), although they were perfectly right to rage against the demonization of Russia implicit in the scenario, which supposedly had it attacking Latvia. Why would Russia do such a thing? If left to its own devices and if current trends prevail (plummeting population and a youth unemployment rate of more than 18%), the place will be empty in 20 years anyway.

        Moreover, the scenario proposes that some 20 Latvian towns are ‘taken by pro-Russian separatists’, a la Donbas. What happened to the will of the people? These are ethnic-Russian Latvians, not foreign invaders. The west in general and Washington in particular has always had a soft spot in its heart for popular uprisings, and if there is not a good one happening somewhere it often tries to create one, it likes them so much. are you telling me that’s just a political destabilization device, and not a value the west champions at all?

        • Patient Observer says:

          The Russian outrage, which was genuine I believe, was in support of its own people and not as a complaint to the Western psychopaths.

      • Moscow Exile says:

        Interesting to see how it was Mr. Nice Guy former UK ambassador to the Empire of Evil Brenton who declared that he wouldn’t mind murdering tens of thousands of Russian citizens, four of whom would probably be, if his wish came true, my wife and children.

        This is the person who categorically denied that whilst he was in office here, his minions were operating a secret NGO funding scheme and that this operation included an infamous “spy rock”. “It was an FSB set up!” bleated her Majesty’s diplomats and civil servants here in Moscow. Long after the dust had settled, Brenton’s aide here at the time admitted publicly that the Orcs had not been lying about British underhand operations that took place here under Brenton’s watch.

        Brenton — Let’s call him Sir Tony, shall we? Everyone does because he really is such a sensible, nice person, not at all vindictive — is regularly wheeled out by Auntie BBC to decry the Regime here and the Dark Lord. And wasn’t it just awful how those nasty Putlerjugend filth gave him such a hard time when he was ambassador, simply because he took part in a conference attended by several leading lights here whose stated purpose was to overthrow the Russian government.

    • marknesop says:

      David Blair is the puddinghead who was roaming around one of Saddam’s captured palaces following the American rout of Baghdad’s forces, and ‘discovered’ documents which implicated thorn-in-the-government’s-side MP George Galloway in the corrupt oil-for-food program. Galloway sued The Telegraph, successfully.

  2. Lyttenburgh says:

    Mikhail Kasyanov’s saga took rather predictable turn for the… pathetic.

    Kasyanov left the Nizhny Novgorod under the onslaught of angry citizens

    On Saturday, ParNaS party leader was to meet with the residents of the city, but after the incident in the dressing room, which happened the day before, the politician decided to leave, without talking to the people.

    Several hundred activists of various civil society organizations and groups of concerned citizens staged in the center of Nizhny Novgorod a rally against the stay in their city the party leader of ParNaS Mikhail Kasyanov. People came out with placards: “Misha 2%, for how much did you sell Crimea?” and “Be closer to the people, come out from the wardrobe.”

    “About three hundred people gathered in the center of Nizhny Novgorod at” Marins Park Hotel “. Among them were patriots, representatives of public organizations “Combat Brotherhood”, “Night Wolves”, “Union of Maroon Berets” and Cossacks, “– said co-chairman of the movement” Antimaydan “Anton Demidov.

    He explained that the rally was timed to coincide with the meeting of Mikhail Kasyanov with the residents of Nizhny Novgorod scheduled at 14.00:

    “Those who do not agree with” Misha 2% “, also wanted to ask him questions, especially about the collaboration with the terrorist Mustafa Dzhemilev, whose organization has destroyed the power lines in Ukraine, causing a black-out in Crimea. We would also like him to tell us about his corrupt activities at the beginning of the 2000s. However, we were pleased to learn that the leader of ParNaS fled from Nizhny Novgorod. I believe that this decision he took after what happened last night, when in order to avoid contact with the activists of non-governmental organizations, he, along with the guards, spent six hours in a closet of the hotel “Ibis”. “

    On Friday, February 12, the leader of the party ParNaS Mikhail Kasyanov spent about six hours hiding in the wardrobe of the Nizhny Novgorod hotel “Ibis” from NTV journalists, members of NOD and “Antimaydan”. According to activists, they wanted to ask the politician some qustions questions, but instead he locked himself.

    Anton Demidov, who participated in these events, said to Reedus’ journalist, that after three hours of Kasyanov’s enclosure in the wardrobe one of his guards managed to break through towards the door and in the process broke a camera of the NTV channel journalist.

    Kasyanov was able to get out of the closet only late in the evening. He walked out really quickly, almost running from of the hotel, got in the car and drove away.

    Why, oh why?! Mikhail Kasyanov came to them, stupid vatniks and sovoks, in the spirit of peace! He was offering such swell political programm – “Fall on your knees, return Crimea, repent for everything, NATO is our friend”. Clearly, Russians are “wrong” sort of people – they don’t want to join the civilized world and accept Universal Western Values.

    • marknesop says:

      The funniest part of the whole thing is the characterization of Dzhemilev as a ‘terrorist’. Of course it’s true that his organization does use terrorist principles such as mass punishment of the civilian population to achieve its aims, but it is just too funny to think of that little bundle of sticks who looks like a child dressed up in its father’s clothes as a terrorist.

  3. Moscow Exile says:

    Porky met Grybauskaite at the Munich security conference:

    “The President informed his Lithuanian counterpart about the current situation in the Donbass, noting the need to continue sanctions for non-fulfillment of Russia’s obligations under the Minsk agreements”,it was stated.

    Poroshenko urged European partners to maintain solidarity in support of the Ukraine and to counteract the aggressive policy of Russia directed against the Ukraine and against EU countries.

    The President also expressed gratitude for the consistent support on the part of Lithuania, highlighting the personal efforts in this of President Dalia Grybauskaite.

    See: Глава Української держави у Мюнхені провів зустріч з Президентом Литви

    No sign of Porky tightening his belt during these difficult economic times in the Ukraine.

    • marknesop says:

      “No sign of Porky tightening his belt during these difficult economic times in the Ukraine.”

      No, but perversely, there are signs of his belt tightening! Grybauskaite looks generously padded as well – I wouldn’t want to be sitting between them in economy class in a three-seat row. Not that that would ever happen, of course.

  4. et Al says:


    Every Batman needs a Robin, even when Batman turns evil…

  5. Right now Turkish artillery is also hitting the SAA positions in Latakia. They are hitting both Kurds and the Syrian military: https://twitter.com/AFP/status/698600206997327872

  6. marknesop says:

    Remember that statement of national resolve I mentioned earlier? Well, there it is. Mind you, it’s reported by Al-Jazeera, which is nearly as bad as RFE/RL for spinning, misquoting and exaggerating Russian statements, and Medvedev demonstrably did not warn of a World War – he said a ground operation draws all the participants into a war. But we’ll let it go, since most of the major powers are indeed already involved, except for China.

    It appears from the photo that Saudi Arabia is planning to send the notorious ‘Dancing Pig-Men’ brigade into Syria, which would certainly unnerve all the Muslims at the prospect of being rubbed up by all that pork, and perhaps even captured by the Pig-Men.

    I doubt Saudi Arabia is going to actually deploy regular troops into Syria – thast would be an invasion, as I suggested earlier, and I’m pretty sure they will have to satisfy themselves with paying and arming nutjob militia groups as they have been doing all along. If that doesn’t work, they’ll have to give up. And nobody should fool themselves that if they were going to do it, they’d just send in some soldiers. Nobody in their right mind would do that in a country lousy with competing air power without sending in their own air element as cover, and likely some artillery support as well, and the Saudis are not going to do that. Even if they get it into their heads that they really are going to do it in spite of all the fifty different kinds of reckless endangerment it is, they would be talked out of it by Washington.

    The real thrust of the Russian PM’s statement, and nobody should miss it, is that if the Saudis send troops into Syria, Russia will not withdraw. It will fight.

    It does look, though, as if Washington has vested its hopes in its proxies recapturing Raqqa from ISIL (although, as before, it is a little blurry who is a moderate and who is ISIL). If that were to be accomplished, Raqqa would become Syria’s Benghazi, and the west would argue that it was the capital of the moderate rebels, having been liberated from ISIL. Their stubborn intent is still to partition Syria and, at a minimum, give the ‘moderate rebels’ their own internal state. From that position they hope to slowly expand its gains until they capture Damascus, just like before.

    • Patient Observer says:

      That certainly could be their plan but the Syrian government will not accept it and I doubt the Russians will either. There is too much at stake for Russia to settle for a draw. Syria is the line in the sand for Russia and probably Iran as well.

  7. Moscow Exile says:

    I really cannot understand why that nice Mr. Kasyanov is so disliked by Russians!

    February 22, 2014

    (One year almost to the day after the above photographs had been taken, Nemtsov was shot dead in Moscow.)

    Today, Mikhail Kasyanov laid flowers outside the Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow in memory of victims in Kiev. “It is impossible to imagine that in our time of peace, people are dying, defending their right to be free. I and my associates mourn the lives lost in Kiev. Citizens of Ukraine are tired of the lies, they defended their right to live in an independent and free country. We support the European choice of the Ukrainian people”, said the politician.

    Defending their right to be free?

    They defended their right to live in a free and independent country?

    Learnt your lines well, didn’t you?

    Free from whom or what?

    From the “Empire of Evil”, from “Kremlin control”, from the “Putin puppet” Yanukovich?

    Or free from oligarchs, such as Poroshenko, who was an oligarch then and still is now?

    Or from corrupt government ministers, such as former Ukraine prime minister Lazarenko, who, “while in charge of the Cabinet, … reportedly exercised control over many lucrative business projects and speculatively charged 50 percent of profits for his patronage. At that time, he maintained a close business relationship with Yulia Tymoshenko, then the CEO of Yedyni Energosystemy Ukrayiny (United Energy Systems of Ukraine), a monopoly that imported Russian natural gas“.

    That rather puts you, Kasyanov, in the shade, doesn’t it?

    You, after all, only charged 2% for your ministerial services when you were prime minister and finance minister, didn’t you?



    Are you sure you two are not related?

    • marknesop says:

      Ukraine is free now. How do you like it so far, Ukraine? I did not notice Kasyanov making with the flowers in Odessa, nor the late Boris Bootlick, either; I guess I must have been distracted.

  8. Lyttenburgh says:

    Today is February, 14. Till 1991 it was just an ordinary day in Russia. Well, if its mede “celebratory” why not commemorate something more important then?


    14 February 1943 Rostov-on-Don was liberated from Wermacht forces.

    • marknesop says:

      Yes, Happy Valentine’s Day to all the ladies!! I’m taking Mrs. Stooge to The Keg for a romantic dinner. It’s situated in an old winery, loads of atmosphere and still has the original brick walls inside as well.

  9. TruthSeeker says:

    Man, this blog is FUN to read))) One of the top 10 out there.

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