What if Trump Were Running Against Putin? The Struggle to Sell Clinton as a Democratic Inevitability.

Uncle Volodya says, "And thus I clothe my naked villainy With odd old ends stol'n out of holy writ; And seem a saint, when most I play the devil.”

Uncle Volodya says, “And thus I clothe my naked villainy, with odd old ends stol’n out of holy writ; and seem a saint, when most I play the devil.”

The fortuitous discovery of perhaps thousands of emails exchanged with Hillary Clinton’s private email server, recovered from the computer belonging to sexual cluster bomb Anthony Weiner and his estranged missus – Clinton Chief of Staff and vice-chair of her election campaign Huma Abedin – has once again interrupted the manufactured momentum of Clinton inevitability. First and foremost, it reemphasizes the transient nature of Clinton’s understanding of ‘truth’; she clearly did not turn over to the FBI all emails on the server which were not of a personal nature. Or perhaps it is the concept of ‘personal’ with which she has an imperfect understanding, so that it includes ‘things which might get me in trouble’.

Several sites have attempted to make sense of this election campaign, which is noteworthy as it pits perhaps the two most despised people in America against one another for the increasingly tawdry prize of President of the United States. Let me say that again – the only thing unusual in these times of negative campaigning and character assassination is that a popular candidate has not emerged – it remains to be determined only who is less hated. Anyway, of those sites, the best I have seen can be found at the Archdruid Report (thanks, Cortes); poignantly entitled, “The Last Gasp of the American Dream”, it is at pains to explain – among other things – that the claim this is the most important election in American history is simply a flailing attempt to lend some dignity and appearance of deliberation to a process that has become nine parts entertainment mixed with one part immature graduation kegger. There’s an old military parable which is a cruder analogy of “You can’t put lipstick on a pig”, and it’s, “You can’t buff a turd”.  It is, frankly, impossible to invest the ongoing election process in America with anything like dignity, and it is instead increasingly apparent to uncomfortable Americans and gobsmacked internationals that it is a desperate contest by a serial liar to prevent an interloper from outside the insular American political class from occupying the highest office. The Clinton campaign’s subtext that repudiating Clinton is spitting in the face of women everywhere is a cheap trick – no further demonstrations are necessary to prove women can do anything men can do which does not require superior upper-body strength, and there are a few women who can do even that. Speaking in the broadest and most general terms, there are some fields in which women are a little better than men, and some in which they generally do not perform as well. But there are virtually none women just can’t do, and it should be clear that gender has nothing to do with a natural ability to assume the office of president.

Having led in with that, we’re going to change direction a little. Things here generally have a Russian angle, and this is no exception. We’ve all seen the ludicrous accusations that Russia is backing Donald Trump, and is inveigling to rig the election for him – might even tamper with the votes counted by voting machines which are not connected to the internet, while Moscow feeds Trump a steady stream of hacked emails it steals from honest politicians, which begs the question of how they could be incriminating if that were the case. But that’s not the angle I want to look at, either. Nope – what I’d like to review today is the unremitting demonization and public vilification of Donald Trump, in the framework of America’s political dissections of how autocratic and savage Russia treats its political opposition. So what I’d like you to imagine is that Donald Trump is running against Vladimir Putin, for the presidency of the Russian Federation.

In 2007, onetime chess champion and part-time aggrieved political dreamer Garry Kasparov told the New York Times that the Russian government led by Vladimir Putin had blocked his presidential run by putting the word out that nobody in Moscow was allowed to rent a building to him, so that he and his unregistered political organization could hold a nominating convention, without which he could not register as a candidate. Since those who own such buildings in Moscow take their rental orders directly from the Kremlin, it is impossible to imagine they just don’t like Kasparov and don’t want to rent to him; no,  “It was clear that there had been an order from above to prohibit us from gathering anywhere.” Couldn’t have had anything to do with his holding Bosnian citizenship at the time and living in New York.

What would the New York Times think, I wonder, about an article in Russian activist media which suggested Garry Kasparov was a threat to Russian national security because of a comment he had made about another politician’s dangerous access to classified information, owing to his inability to control his sexual appetites? An article which went on to say that since Garry Kasparov had had a number of affairs and bragged about them, he was in effect admitting that he himself was a national security risk? That’s the article RedState published on Donald Trump. Who was the politician he assessed had dangerous access to privileged information? Anthony Wiener. Was Trump right? You tell me.

In 2014, Russian real-estate lawyer and self-professed anti-corruption activist Alexei Navalny was arrested for breaking the conditions of his house arrest by appearing at a demonstration. The Washington Post was openly admiring of his chutzpah. When he was given a suspended sentence with no jail time for a fraud conviction, State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke called the Moscow court decisions a “disturbing development designed to punish and deter political activism.” The following year, the daring political activist sawed off his ankle bracelet and announced he would not comply with the conditions of his house arrest, and he was fined the equivalent sum of $10.00 for destroying state property. Barbarism!!

I wonder what those publications would think about an article in the Russian press which announced that Alexei Navalny might be sent to prison for three years because the registration on his private jet had expired three months before. An article that managed to work in the opinion that Alexei Navalny was an odd colour. I suspect they might scream as if they were being microwaved alive.

Look, you get it. The American press demands the coddling of opposition politicians in Russia to the extent that the ruling government must almost help them win, while at home a standard prevails which mocks and reviles the political opposition in everything from ads for underwear which will let women menstruate on a picture of Trump’s face to articles which announce the dropping of a rape lawsuit against him as if it were affirmation of his guilt.

“Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. If national pride is ever justifiable or excusable it is when it springs, not from power or riches, grandeur or glory, but from conviction of national innocence, information, and benevolence. Officeholders are the agents of the people, not their masters.” Once the possibility of holding influential public office in the United States of America uplifted, inspired. Now, as the character of Colonel Nathan Jessup spits in “A Few Good Men”, politics is a punchline.

That might not be so hard to understand if America did not have such lofty democratic demands of its enemies.


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  1. Northern Star says:

    A little visual entertainment!!!!!

    Santana plays Black Magic Woman dubbed over video of Alla Kushnir (Liela) as she dances a beautiful and mezmerizing belly dance. The video was filmed at the City festival in Nikolaev, Ukraine 2006, she was Miss Belly Dance of Europe 2008, winner of Ukranian Belly Dance Championship 2007 and 2008 and runner up in a few others.
    East European belly dancers…..!!!!! She was born in Ukraine….

  2. Moscow Exile says:

    Клинтон готовит цветную революцию в США

    Clinton is preparing a colour revolution in the United States

    In the United States protests in connection with the results of elections there are not being curtailed. Clinton supporters have come out to protest in New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia and other major cities. The protesters have been supported by celebrities: Madonna, Cher and Mark Ruffalo. In the social media, there has been launched the hashtag #TrumpProtest. The demonstrators are behaving aggressively and threatening to murder Trump supporters. There have been cases of burning the American national flag. Doesn’t this remind you of something?!


    In my opinion, this is a typical colour revolution. The US has so often used the mechanism of “colour revolutions” in other countries that they were unable to remove this cup from their lips.

    On the Internet there have been discovered vacancies for special jobs and groups, for which protesters have been paid. Clinton is making use of such “love of the people” that she has to buy support. I am curious about when the protesters are going to start building barricades and setting up tents. Stocks of Victoria Nuland biscuits will certainly come in useful.

    As with the Ukrainian events, the driving force of the protest consists of a minority. However, the threats issuing from them should hardly be ignored. Experience of colour revolutions has repeatedly proven that an active minority is able to win over a passive majority.

    Meanwhile, the majority of Americans are looking on with bewilderment and humour. Most Americans say that media lies have been involved in causing the protests. As you know, until the last moment the media and sociologists in the US preferred that Clinton win, which has caused this dissonance on the part of the people after the announcement of the election results. Press propaganda was so strong that a fortnight before the election an Irish bookmaker lost any belief that Trump could win and began to pay out to those who had put money on Clinton.

    Dissonance has served as an additional catalyst in conjunction with bribery. Many Americans in the social media have been wondering why the protesters have so much free time. The very possibility of protesting has surprised US citizens, because the protest is against the legitimately elected President. Republicans noted that in 2008 and 2012 there were no protests, although they, too, were not satisfied that Obama had become President.

    A split has been planned in American society, which many have heralded regardless of the outcome of the election. However, the elite group standing behind Clinton intends to extend this split. Truly, these crazy people are willing to do anything for the sake of having power over everything.

    Trump’s elite group is also not sitting by idly, for the police are on their side in that they are preventing riots and arresting provocateurs. In addition, they have shown that if police measures fail to suppress the protests, then it will come to using unidentified snipers. Events in Seattle, where unknown persons shot five Clinton supporters, have served as a kind of warning.

    • Moscow Exile says:

      Remind you of anything?

      (Failed link above, forgot to clear the .jpg ending of the link))

    • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

      ликвидировать сепаратистам

    • saskydisc says:

      A website that gives a representative presentation of the mentality is We Hunted The Mammoth. The presentation story is that they are attacking the “alt right” by mocking the latter. In general, the website is suspiciously ad-heavy, but a perusal of the comments on a typical blogpost is enlightening—these are the kind of people who get used in a Maidan type of scenario. Note that they are not trying to make fun of the Maidan.

      The attitude is heavily unthinking, and there is a code for commenting, failure of complying with which is a short route to being banned. The few regular members of their community that do tend to think tend to suffer abuse for their “transgressions” that makes the stereotypical student Maoist party look sober by comparison. And they completely buy the Russia-phobia, and “Putin stole our election” is an important topic in the discussion on the top posting. The blog postings are insubstantial button pushing exercises. These people are a very representative example of the (so-called middle class) North American rejection of the modus tollens, although that may be giving them too much credit—I doubt that they could enumerate their own premises. Most of the regular comments are highly emotional exchanges that are frankly embarrassing.

      I call them representative. I have had several North American roommates who could easily be among their regular commentators. As an example, they refuse to see blood-shed, even for the purpose of being aware of ongoing state crimes. But they are very happy to believe that enemy states are committing vast crimes, thus a certain emotional and pseudo-intellectual posture, reminiscent of BH Levy. To engage in what appears to be their premises is to become fodder for their abuse. The tragedy is that youth from poorer families get pulled into these cults, and their fathers don’t have funds to retain lawyers when said youth get into trouble on account of these clowns. It is hipster/kreakl incubation, and the poorer youth that get involved simply become a loss to their parents and friends. That website is a hipster/kreakl incubator cult.

      • Moscow Exile says:

        Dear saskydisk,

        Yes, I know what exactly what you mean and recognize the types that you describe.

        When I was 20, I dropped out of higher education and drifted for a while, eventually finding my niche in society working in a local coal mine. I worked there until I was 35, and then I found myself out on my ear — along with about 180,000 others — in 1985, I left the UK to work in Germany, only to return to higher education in the UK in 1988. That’s when I first came across these intolerant “liberals”.

        My first altercation with such types, the existence of which I had scarcely noticed some 20 years previously, was the result of my stating in their company that I, as a devout unbeliever, needed no middle-eastern superstitions and moral strictures rammed down my throat under the guise of religion.

        Because I said “middle-eastern”, a young woman then started screaming at me that I was a racist and threatened me with physical violence, presumably to be meted out by those who thought like her and with the purpose that I be mended of the errors of my “racist” ways.

        Ironically, I left for foreign shores in ’85 after having served time in prison following my conviction for public order offences 2 weeks before the year-long British coal-miners’ strike, a dispute in which the police had labelled me as an “activist”.

        Even more ironically, I remember a police sergeant saying to me when I was arrested for the umpteenth and final time during the course of a year, which arrest led to my receiving a custodial sentence: “Why don’t you just fuck off to Russia and join your Commie pals?”

        • Moscow Exile says:

          Bloody typos!

          Should have been:

          Yes, I know exactly what you mean…

          I worked there until I was 35, and then I found myself out on my ear — along with about 180,000 others — in 1985. I left the UK to work in Germany, only to return to higher education in the UK in 1988. That’s when I first came across these intolerant “liberals”….

          …2 weeks before the end of a year-long British coal-miners’ strike, a dispute in which the police had labelled me as an “activist”.

        • kirill says:

          So, do you regret f*cking off to Russia? I guess the commie pals sort of disappeared.

          • Moscow Exile says:

            I never knew any Russians before I arrived here, and it wasn’t Russia then: it was the Soviet Union. I wasn’t a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain either, and never was acquainted with any.

            I left the SU in June 1990 and when I returned to Mother Russia 2 years later, the USSR was history.

            The only former CPSU party member here that I now know really well is my wife, and she was only a party member for less than a year before the CP was abolished in 1991.

            The cop who suggested that I go to join my “Commie friends” in Russia was just a dimwit trying to be smart and who thought that the bulk of the members of organized labour in the UK were foolishly led by Kremlin agents.

            In view of the fact that I had just made an open-air speech in London when I received his boorish advice, he no doubt took me for one of “the enemy within”, as the then prime minister once publicly labelled trade union “militants”.

            • Moscow Exile says:

              And no, I do not regret moving here. In fact, I wish I had come here years earlier and met my wife when she was in her 20s — she was 32 when we married — rather than living a life that I now, in hindsight, recognize as having been one of sheer, mind-numbing drudgery, not to mention the inherent dangers and unhealthy nature of my old job, albeit that I thought I was living the life of Reilly when I was in my 20s and early 30s.

              And I never have even the slightest desire to move back to the UK or to anywhere else, for that matter.

              • marknesop says:

                Sure you wouldn’t like to move here? According to The Economist, we are shaping up to become the New Exceptional Nation. We’re showing America the way now, by taking in lots of refugees.

                Seriously, although I have not spent the time to take this apart, it seems like typical Economist lazy analysis. Canada is considerably larger than the USA, yet has about a tenth of its population. We certainly have the room for refugees, provided they want to work and contribute, although we clearly don’t have the tax base to support them if they intend to dog it on welfare. But if we are to experience workforce growth it is most likely to come from immigration. Still, I suspect The Economist’s praise is a biscuit thrown us to reward us for doing what other countries don’t want to do, perhaps in the hope we will take them all. I also suspect some of our politicians will see sincere praise in this when it is actually motivated by cynicism.

                • Moscow Exile says:

                  I’ve said before that when I was at school, I always wanted to emigrate to Canada. I guess this was partly because I used to like a French-Canadian TV series about some 18th Quebec fur fur trapper who always seemed to be paddling off to some place called Three Rivers and was regularly battling with the Iroquois, whose fearsomeness used to put the fear of God into me.

                  It was the rivers and lakes and forests that I liked. And when I occasionally used to go to Liverpool in the 50s, there was usually a Canadian Pacific liner tied up at the quay -— Empress of Britain or Empress of Canada or Empress of England — on board of which I always wished I could sail away across the Atlantic.

                  Empress of Canada at, Liverpool, 1971, with Isle of Man ferry Manxman.

                  I only managed to sail away on Manxman one summer about 35 years ago — to the Isle of Man, of course.

                  Anyway, as fate would have it, I set off east instead of west and ended up in a land full of forests and lakes. And it is snowing heavily right now in Mordor as I write, so it’s a bit like Canada — sort of.

                  No Iroquois here, though, but the local squaws are still very pretty!


                • marknesop says:

                  It might be a bit like the rest of Canada, but not Victoria; at least, not yet. Our neighbours still have dahlias in bloom, there is a climbing rose on our front step which still has blooms on it, and there is a bush in the front garden which flowers twice in a good year – in spring and again in late fall/early winter if it’s not too cold. The fragrance is wonderful, very similar to jasmine. We still have a few diehard geraniums and marigolds which have yet to succumb to the season. Election day USA (Tuesday past, wasn’t it?) was almost uncomfortably hot here; too warm for a jacket, certainly. But that was a one-off, and it is supposed to be a rough winter, for us, although it’s just hearsay so far as I know.

                  Sveta said they had a heavy snowfall in St Pete, and it was still there 3 days later, which is unusual for this time of year for them.

  3. Northern Star says:


    If they pulled this shit….
    …..Civil war would quickly ensue..at the very least martial law would have to be declared in some parts of America…..

    • Moscow Exile says:

      Damn right it could!

      Hello again 1861?

      • Northern Star says:

        Hmmmm..American MSM is trying to keep the Seattle shootings ‘hushed up’…so to speak..
        When gfs or bfs start dying….people are gonna start to shoot back…then it’s on….
        My read of it is that the heavily militarized American police are decidedly with Trump. not to mention National Guard and Army Reserves and regular Army combat units if needed.
        So it would be a bloodbath for the anti Trump people ..initially…but then again those who were to become partisan guerlla units in Nazi occupied europe..at first suffered huge losses under the SS and Wehrmacht reprisals and attacks…but then the tide turned….

        • yalensis says:

          Well, not to burst your bubble, N.S., but the anti-Nazi partisans in Europe never stood a chance against the German war machine. A few underground spies and resistors here and there can do basically zero against a machine. And all that propaganda about the so-called “French Resistance” is basically a B.S. myth creaed by losers trying to regain a shred of dignity retroactively.

          The only “tide that turned” for the “Resistance” was when the Red Army was approaching, and the underground could finally get some real support on the ground.

    • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

      The civil war will be laughably one-sided

    • yalensis says:

      That’s very interesting. According to that Post piece, at least 20 Trump electors would have to become “faithless” and vote for Clinton, in order for her to get the presidency.
      I doubt if this could happen, but you never know.

    • Moscow Exile says:

      That’s referred to in the translation of the article “Clinton is preparing a colour revolution in the United States” I posted above:

      Trump’s elite group is also not sitting by idly, for the police are on their side in that they are preventing riots and arresting provocateurs. In addition, they have shown that if police measures fail to suppress the protests, then it will come to using unidentified snipers. Events in Seattle, where unknown persons shot five Clinton supporters, have served as a kind of warning.

      [my stress]

      And hardly reported at all by MSM!

      • Lyttenburgh says:

        “Events in Seattle, where unknown persons shot five Clinton supporters, have served as a kind of warning.”

        Vitya from Yenakievo (now resident of Rostov-on-Don, Russia) asks: “Wut, you could do that?!”

      • Cortes says:

        The tweet about welcome to WW2 is stellar.

      • Moscow Exile says:

        The sweet tones of Sheffield!


        • Moscow Exile says:

          I sent that clip to an old acquaintance of mine, who happens to be basking with his wife right now at Venice Beach, California. I didn’t know he was there when I posted the clip: thought he was in the Septic Isle.:

          He sent me this sniffy reply:

          We have listened to a lot of disgruntled Clinton voters but have yet to hear anyone condoning the violence that is plastered on your screens. I wouldn’t have liked to be here if she had won. The nutters who support the lying prick, Trump (shades of lying by Brexit campaigners), as well as his pro gun lobby supporters, had been primed by Trump to be ready not to accept the decision if he lost. Shades of Munich?

          Anyway, nice to hear from you, I hope you are wrapped up warm, It’s mid to high 20C here.

          I wonder how he thinks he knows what is “plastered” on our screens if by “plastered on your screens” he means Russian TV screens?

          He’s never been to Russia, but knows, it seems, what is plastered on “Kremlin controlled” Russian TV screens.

          Since reading that email from California 2 hours ago, I have been going through all the top news stories in today’s Russian news media (it’s 08:00 Moscow time now).

          Not one story about the rioting in the USA.

          Main USA linked stories are Clinton’s blaming of the FBI boss for her defeat and the UK urging Trump to be pals with Russia.

          Second biggest stories: some old actor dropped dead on stage in Tver; Putin has given the OK to pump gas to a freezing Yukie city; some Russian no-rules fighter has beaten his American opponent; heaviest November snowfalls in Russia for 50 years.

    • Cortes says:

      Robert the Bruce and the spider time….if at first you don’t succeed try again:


      • yalensis says:

        This bit is alarming:
        Trump, who has been complimentary about Putin and Russia in a manner that prompted accusations from his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton that he was a “puppet”, has in the past mused about having Snowden killed. Trump’s major national security ally, the retired general and former Defense Intelligence Agency chief Michael Flynn, oversaw a highly speculative DIA report that claimed Snowden took from the NSA a larger trove of documents than ever confirmed based on what Snowden could access as a contract systems administrator.

        “Snowden is a spy who has caused great damage in the US. A spy in the old days, when our country was respected and strong, would be executed,” Trump tweeted in 2014.

        I am really impressed by Snowden’s response to this, his quiet bravery, and his overall philosophical outlook. He is a real man and a real thinker.

        • marknesop says:

          It’s quite possible Snowden did/does know information which could be incredibly damaging to US national security. But he has chosen to reveal only information which bears on Washington’s spying upon Americans and close American allies. He may, for example, know – or may have been able to guess from putting related information together – the identity of American intelligence assets in Russia. But so far as we are aware, he has not disclosed that information. His purpose seems to have been to force the US government to curtail or abandon certain intelligence-collection practices because they contravened privacy laws.

          Besides, he would know that the very possibility intelligence assets have been blown is sufficient to cause their withdrawal or abandonment. It’s similar to security orders regarding the combinations of combination-lock safes which protect classified files, documents or publications; if someone who knows the combination is posted out from the unit, the combination must be changed.

          Americans consider any thwarting of national will as having ‘done great damage to the United States’. Even the forced abandonment of practices which were illegal under the US Constitution. Whenever Washington incrementally advances its personal power, it attributes that advance to national security, and thus it is right and necessary and anything which reduces it or forces a rethinking of it is damaging to national security and all Americans.

    • marknesop says:

      What was it? It’s been removed.

  4. cartman says:

    An army of anti-Russian robots. They seem to have a UK origin.

  5. Moscow Exile says:

    Porky rumbled again: undeclared villa in Spain owned by him discovered by Yukie journalist:

    Media reported undeclared Poroshenko Villa in Spain

    November 11, 2016, 01:48
    Ukrainian TV channel “First” journalists have discovered in Spain an undeclared Villa of the President of the Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

    As reported in the broadcast “Scheme”, the Ukrainian leader owns a villa in the South of Spain near the resort town of Marbella. This property is absent in Poroshenko’s electronic declaration , because it is in his Spanish firm, Feruvita SL.

    According to journalists, the Mediterranean style villa was built in 1993 and acquired by Poroshenko in 2008. Its area is 0.26 hectares, and the cost is estimated at €4 million.

    See also: Poroshenko in March visited Spain on a private visit. Media: he has a Villa there

    Undeclared Poroshenko villa found

    The criminal liar only made a declaration of his assets public a mere one hour before the deadline for doing so had been reached.

    • Jen says:

      Did Ukrainian TV channel “First” reporters stumble across Porky Pig’s little patch while looking for Putin’s bodega in Malaga with a fine-toothed comb?

      • Moscow Exile says:

        I suspect that might have been the case.

        Remember when they started crowing with delight that they had something BIG on the Evil One out of which there was no way he could wriggle, namely (ta-ra!) The Panama Papers!!!!

        And then — Oh shit!

        Porky was in it deep, whereas Putin had no known offshore account with the Panama outfit, but he knew someone who had, an old pal of his.

        And following that, you have heard sweet fuck all about this earth shattering financial scandal.

        Putin still has gazillions stashed away though — and castles and palaces and … and … well, everything!


        And he’s shagging around everywhere as well.

        Everyone knows this — coz it’s true!

        It is, it is!

  6. Moscow Exile says:

    German Defense Minister urges Trump to take harsh measures against Russia – TV

    ‘Trump should clearly say whose side he is on,” German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen said.

  7. Moscow Exile says:

    “Downfall” (2004) vs.”Downfall” (2016)

    “Der Untergang” was a 2004 award winning film depicting Hitler’s last days in the Berlin Führerbunker as the victorious Red Army was drawing ever closer.

    There is a memorable scene in the film where Hitler goes into a magnificent rant against some generals whilst outside in a corridor his entourage, secretaries, servants and lackeys listen on dismayed. This scene has been dubbed many times and gone viral with subtitles showing that Hitler is ranting against more mundane, present-day events.

    I am sure there will soon be another “Der Untergang” clip done showing Hitler ranting on about Trump’s victory/Clinton’s defeat.

    Here is a typical example of such a mischievously subtitled rant that shows Hitler going lulu about the UK Brexit vote:

    The 2016 picture (above) was allegedly taken yesterday, Thursday,10th November, and claims to show White House staffers witnessing Donald Trump’s visit to Obama on Thursday.

    It went viral after having first appeared thus:

    However, the photo was actually taken when President Obama spoke from the Rose Garden the day before,on Wednesday, 9th November, congratulating Trump on winning the election.

    Trump was not there.

    Nevertheless, the gang looks glum.

    Bear in mind, that sad-sack in the middle always has a face that looks like a slapped arse.

  8. Moscow Exile says:

    Трамп Тауэр превращен в крепость с бесполетной зоной над ним.

    Trump tower turned into a fortress with a no-fly zone over it.

    barricade of sand-filled tipper trucks to offer protection against car bombs

    arrival of concrete barriers

    their emplacement

    Ready when you are!

  9. Moscow Exile says:

    Brace yourselves guys!!!

    Here they come! ….

  10. Moscow Exile says:

    What you gonna do now, Porky?

  11. Moscow Exile says:

    Over 2 million make on-line petition to electoral college to vote for Clinton:

    Petitions Ask Electoral College to Make Hillary Clinton President

    • Moscow Exile says:

      From above:

      Nonetheless, the plan is unlikely to succeed. According to the Daily Dot, at least 29 states, along with the District of Columbia, require electors to vote for the candidate who won their state’s vote. In U.S. history, there have only been 157 “faithless electors,” who defy their state’s vote. That’s less than 1 percent, and 71 of those 157 faithless electors changed their vote because of the death of the candidate their state had voted for.

      In fact, I read earlier today that Clinton’s majority of 200,000 in the popular vote represents about 1% of the electorate.

      Reminds me of when much was made of by the MSM that protests in Moscow against alleged discrepancies in the presidential ballot peaked at about 800,000 (a very liberal estimate — no pun intended). That represents about 0.5% of the Moscow population, and none of the protesters were bused in, of course, or received payment: the very thought!

      • Chinese American says:

        Nah, it was about 0.15 percent, the last I saw. And according to reports (from pro-Trump sources, though), the entire popular vote counting actually hasn’t been completed yet.

        • Moscow Exile says:

          I know. I see contradictory reports and it may yet not be true that she won the popular vote.

        • Jen says:

          The overseas votes have to be counted as well and those would surely include all those stationed in the 1,000+ US military bases around the planet. How many of those people are likely to vote for someone who declared in one public debate that she’ll push for a no-fly zone over Syria?

  12. Moscow Exile says:

    One of Russia’s “cultured” liberal elite’s tweets:

    What did Cameron say about twats and tweets?

  13. Moscow Exile says:

    Intelligent folk that voted for Clinton.

  14. et Al says:

    I’ve just received a chainmail requesting me to ‘sign’ a letter to Trump from a contact I’ve not spoken to in years who is not even an American citizen. WTF? Well the exceptionalnation sure is looking like just about every other unexceptional nation these days…

  15. et Al says:

    Neuters via Antiwar.com: Bulgaria signs deal to buy 10 Russian engines for aging fleet

    Bulgaria’s defense ministry has signed a 21.8-million euro ($23.75 million) contract with Sofia-based company Aviostart for the supply of 10 Russian engines for its aging fleet of Russian MiG-29 jet fighters, it said on Thursday.

    The deal includes the supply of four new and six repaired engines. The first two engines will be delivered by the end of next April, the ministry said, adding that the deal will ensure the operations of the Black Sea country’s air forces….

    …The ministry signed the deal with Aviostart after failing to attract any other offers which were qualified to supply it with the Russian-made engines, which must be certified by Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG.

    Prime Minister Boiko Borisov said Bulgaria is holding talks with Russia to overhaul the aging MiG-29 fleet at Bulgaria’s state-owned military plant Avionams. …

    I assume that this mainly happening as there is an ongoing Presidential election in Bulgaria, which itself is fairly split between those who have an affinity for Russia, and pro-western gobshites, of which Borissov is one who thinks he is particularly clever, having lost Bulgaria South Stream and a €600 odd billion fine to Rosatom. Russia can easily afford the magnanimity of this deal and unlike the US in particular does not see this as a zero-sum game, instead looking to the long term.

  16. yalensis says:

    My latest blogpost .
    I started a 2-part series on an actual Potemkin village in Crimea.

  17. PaulR says:

    Leonard Cohen’s death provides an excuse for some extremely ignorant Russia-bashing from novelist/former MP Louise Mensch: https://irrussianality.wordpress.com/2016/11/11/what-a-mensch/

    • cartman says:

      Her twitter feed is full of racist shit. Will her employer – the Guardian – ever take notice of this festering herpes sore?


    • Moscow Exile says:

      She is just an attention seeker.

      She also seems to be pretty dumb in that she mouths it off about things she knows little about.

      Russia is “joyless” she says.

      Sparrow Hills, Moscow, Mordor.

      26 February, 2012.

      Miserable bastards!

      • Moscow Exile says:

        Since that clip first appeared almost 4 years ago, it has had almost 1 million hits and received 6,500 “likes” and 170 “dislikes” and over 1,000 comments

        However, only 3 weeks ago somebody posted this:

        3 weeks ago
        I would like Putin a lot more if there was a cease fire in Syria and little children were not being blown to pieces. He can have the Crimea. It belongs to Russia anyway. Always has.

        A Russian speaker replied as follows:

        Ух-ты Фига Себе3 weeks ago
        Авиация РФ не работает по населенным пунктам, хватит верить основателям терроризма в мире!!! Я так же могу вас обвинить в убийстве сирийских детей. Идет информационная война. Доказательства? Их нет! Есть только эмоции и пиар, с целью сформировать негатив к России. А вы знаете, с какой радостью города в Сирии А вы знаете, с какой радостью города в Сирии встречают русских солдат? Там начинается праздник) Много обмана, к информации нужно относится избирательно.

        Russian aviation does not go to work against civilian areas. Quit believing the founders of world terrorism!!! I could just as well accuse you of the murder of Syrian children. There is an information war going on. Have you any evidence? There is none! There are only emotions and PR that have the purpose of creating a negative image of Russia. And do you know what joy Russian soldiers are met with in Syrian cities? Festivities then start. There is a lot of deception going on and you should treat information selectively.

      • marknesop says:

        She keeps saying that ‘Russia is mad at her’. Talk about your delusions of grandeur.

  18. Moscow Exile says:

    So whose president have those folks in the counties that appear red below?

    These California kreakles know full well that the system of an electoral college was put into place in order to prevent the opinions of voters in the populous centres overwhelming those in the backwoods, that on the popular vote count Clinton won by a margin of about 300,000 in fewer states but more populous states, whereas Trump, though having won fewer votes than Clinton, won far more states than did his opponent. They know that the president is chosen according to the number of electors’ votes, i../ the votes of states, that are cast for a presidential candidate.

    They know that. They know the rules, the system. They just do not like the result.

    And if the boot were on the other foot, would they howl “Unfair”?

    • yalensis says:

      Of course these kreakles would and did howl “unfair”.
      When Gore won the popular vote but W became Prez, they screamed bloody murder and vowed to abolish the electoral college. But then they never did it.

      Many people in America have called for the abolition of the electoral college and switching to popular vote. It might happen someday. The reality is that it would take a constitutional amendment to pull off. And that takes a lot of work and organization. Which everybody is too lazy to undertake.

      • Moscow Exile says:

        When by asking: “And if the boot were on the other foot, would they howl “Unfair”?” I meant would the Hillary supporters have thought the system flawed if she had won the electoral college vote and had, therefore, become president, but Trump had won the popular vote and not been elected president.

        I think not.

        • yalensis says:

          No, if Trump had won the popular and the Killery the electoral, then her supporters would have been happy. “That’s the way the system works,” they would have opined philosophically.
          People’s opinions about the electoral college are a function of whether or not their candidate won.

          • yalensis says:

            P.S. – I was reading one account of Trump’s campaign. He focused on getting the electoral votes that he needed. He had hired pollsters who were giving him very accurate information. He was confident that he would take Florida. He had his game plan down to a tee. A couple of days before the election he posted an appeal on his website, telling his supporters that they needed 4 more electoral votes.
            His predictions were all accurate, and it all came to pass, just like he planned.

            • Moscow Exile says:

              So it seems that the Democrat party machine was a victim-of its own hubris and underestimated the “clownish” Republican candidate. And regardless of Trump’s real or imagined clownishness, the Republican party machine certainly seems to have known where its supporters were and worked on it.

              Many thought the first Republican president was a clown as well, with his frontier humour, anecdotes and saws. They laughed at him and called him a gorilla, an ape, a backwoods lawyer.

              I am not comparing Trump with Lincoln, of course, but both men’s political opponents thought they were buffoons. They changed their opinion about Lincoln. Don’t know about Trump, though.

              Come to think of it, the then “Manchester Guardian” was still scathing about Lincoln right up to and immediately after his assassination:

              October 1862:

              “.. it is impossible not to feel that it was an evil day both for America and the world, when he was chosen president of the United States”.

              April 1865 editorial on the president’s assassination:

              “Of his rule we can never speak except as a series of acts abhorrent to every true notion of constitutional right and human liberty…it is doubtless to be regretted that he had not the opportunity of vindicating his good intentions”.

              Bloody “Grauniad!

  19. Moscow Exile says:


  20. J.T. says:

    I’ve aggregated and summarized several expert opinions on what the Trump presidency might mean for U.S.-Russian relations in my latest post.

    Also, if anyone’s interested, here are some recent, new and upcoming Russia books.

  21. et Al says:

    Daily Fail: Democrats at war: Staffer screams at pro-Clinton DNC leader Donna Brazile for helping Trump take the White House while her DNC pals ‘plotted against Bernie for their own gain’

    The staffer, named ‘Zach,’ showed her up in front of 150 DNC employees
    He called her ‘part of the problem’ and Hillary Clinton ‘a flawed candidate’
    Zach also blamed the DNC for ‘plotting’ against Bernie Sanders
    Sanders could have taken Trump due to anti-status-quo attitude, fans say
    Democrats are divided into Clinton elites and Sanders progressives
    The party must now embrace Sanders’ vision, insiders say

    By the rivers of Klintonshire, where the shock sets in,
    Ye-eah we cried, for we stiffed dear Bernie…

    I wonder if the British Labor party is taking any note over what was done to Bernie and the self-inflicted consequences? Jez we can!

    • marknesop says:

      I, too, believe that Sanders could have beaten Trump. But that’s based on projections, which turned out to be completely wrong for Clinton, so who knows? But I believe Clinton’s demonizations and hysteria mobilized Trump voters, where Sanders would likely have taken a less confrontational stand.

    • ucgsblog says:

      The Dems did get totally creamed. They lost the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial Branches of Government. Ouch!

  22. Moscow Exile says:

    (as we know it)

    German Minister of Defence, Ursula von der Leyen, with German soldiers.

    She has stated: “Donald Trump muss sehr klar sagen, auf welcher Seite er ist: ob er auf der Seite des Rechtes, der Friedensordnung, der Demokratien steht, oder ob ihm das egal ist und er so eine Art Männerfreundschaft macht”.

    Donald Trump must say clearly which side he is on: whether he stands on the side of law, of peace, of democracy; or whether it is all the same to him and he just makes some kind of male friendships.

    Says that woman.

    Has she got a thing against men?

    I don’t think so: she has 7 children.

    She has also said that Trump must be mindful of the Russian occupation of the Crimea and of Russian bombing of Aleppo.

    She is the defence minister of a country that has been occupied by the USA and the forces of the victorious allies since 1945 — except for those of the Soviet Union, which pulled out, as agreed, 20 years ago.

    And Clinton then gave Gorby the sucker punch and NATO moved eastwards.

    Germans know that their constitutional democracy is bullshit, because they have no constitution (Verfassung) but a Basic Law (Grundgesetz), whose drafting was carefully controlled by the victorious allies.

    The German word Grundgesetz may be translated as either Basic Law or Fundamental Law (Grund is cognate with the English word ground). The term Verfassung (constitution) was not used, as the drafters regarded the Grundgesetz as an interim arrangement for a provisional West German state; expecting that an ultimate reunified Germany would adopt a full-blown constitution enacted under the provisions of Article 146 of the Basic Law, where it is stipulated that such a constitution must be “freely adopted by the German people”. Nevertheless, although the amended Basic Law was to be approved in 1990 by four Allied Powers under the Treaty on the Final Settlement with Respect to Germany, neither in 1949 nor in 1990 was it submitted to a popular vote Wiki

    So that German army, of which some members can be seen standing by Minister Ursula von Leyen in the picture above, is the army of a country which is not really a sovereign state: it is a sham and, most importantly, served as a buffer against the Red Menace and was the projected battlefield of a very short lived conventional war if the Cold War had got hot — and then it would have had to go nuclear if the Exceptional Nation wanted to be victorious.

    These are Ursula von Leyen’s fellow countrymen, long since dead, who were real soldiers serving a real sovereign state that was Germany:

    Smart, aren’t they?

  23. Moscow Exile says:

    If true: good.

    You have been fucked off, officially, and no one will miss you!

    Have a good weep: you’ll feel better.

    • marknesop says:

      It’s a pity Russia chose to go that route, as it confers unmerited recognition. They might have been better to just go with a list entitled, “Americans We Think Are Dozy And Delusional”. McFaul would certainly have made that one, as would most of his contemporaries.

      • Moscow Exile says:

        A source in Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed to the TASS news agency that McFaul has indeed been added to the Kremlin’s sanctions list. “Michael McFaul is in fact on our ‘mirror’ list of sanctions, which he knew,” the source told TASS. “He was added to it in response to the U.S. visa sanctions on Russian citizens. Only Michael McFaul is wrong, as usual: he wasn’t put on the list for being ‘close to Obama,’ as he wrote, but for actively taking part in the destruction of bilateral relations and his consistent campaign lobbying to pressure Russia.”

        That’s from Moscow’s only weekly on-line English language “newspaper”.

      • kirill says:

        If it serves to reduce the number of US 5th column supervisors active in Russia then it is a very good idea. The US meddling in Russia is brazen. At the same time that US politicians bitch about Putin “meddling” in the US election. I bet not a single American 5th columnist has been hired by Russia to undermine the US. The US has several hundred thousand 5th columnists on its payroll in Russia.

  24. Special_sauce says:

    This just in. Sahra Wagenknecht on The Donald:

    Somebody tell me what she is saying.

    • Hoffnungstirbtzuletzt says:

      Not the most up to date video but it explains how to activate subtitles in the language of your choice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjlMFHY3cX8

      • Moscow Exile says:

        Trouble is, the You Tube machine translator is a voice translator and it often gives garbled subtitles in both the source language and any others. Hence in the above clip it gives for “establishment”, an English word that has become part of German politico-talk and which Wagenknecht uses, “asset management”.

        • yalensis says:

          Yes, voice translation is not really a good option for youtube.
          The only decent translation is when people take the time to do a written transcription into the source language, and then employ a translator to translate to a different language and create the subtitles. That’s obviously a lot of effort, and not possible for every single youtube video.

          Voice recognition translation only works with a technology that trains to a specific voice, and even then it is only about 90% accurate.
          For example in the medical field there is a product called Dragon Speak, which doctors use to dictate their notes. The doc speaks into a microphone, and the product spits his speech out into written text. The technology is advanced, and is based on the laws of scientific linguistics. This is how it works:

          In any language, for example English, there is a finite catalogue of phonemes, vowels and consonants. For example, standard American English dialect has 24 consonants and 11 vowels. Producers of the software create a text which exercises all of the vowels and consonants in every possible environment (beginning of word, end of word, etc.).

          (The text is a variation on the standard typing exercise, something like “The quick brown fox jumped over the …. etc.)

          The text is rather long, a full page of words and sentences. The doctor, while “training” his dragon software, reads the text into the microphone. The software creates an acoustical mapping between the individual’s speech and the known catalogue of phonemes in the language. Thus, even if the doc is a foreigner or has a funny accent (for example, if he always pronounces the phoneme “a” as “ae”, the software can make the appropriate mapping and draw the appropriate conclusions.

          It is only when the software has been “trained” to this individual’s vocal peculiarities and speech mannerisms, that the software can make educated guesses as to what he is saying when he is off-text, and be able to transcribe his spoken words given any utterances.
          And even then, it is only about 90% accurate, and needs somebody to manually edit afterwards.

          Given this, it is no surprise that youtube makes appallingly bad translations of spoken speech when given by complete strangers whose voice pattenrs have NOT been stored in a customized database.

      • Special_sauce says:

        I clicked all the buttons with reckless abandon. All I could come up with is Bad-Deutsch.

      • Special_sauce says:

        My apologies. I gave it another try and a strange, incomprehensible dialect of english was displayed: “As a flooded can with Moscow say because the industry…” Much preferred ME’s version.

  25. Moscow Exile says:

    Quick translation:

    Interviewer: Sarah Wagenknecht of the Linke Party. Frau Wagenknecht, during recent weeks and over the last few days the Linke Party … has been saying that Hillary Clinton could possibly start a war. What kind of feelings have you and what kind of analysis can you make this morning? Are you now just a little relieved?

    Wagenknecht: No. We were not hoping of course that Trump would win this election, but I have to say that I was not as surprised as everyone else, and it is really still not clear whether the Americans have not really voted for Donald Trump but have rather voted for for a change. If the Democrats put forward a candidate who represents the establishment, corruption and so on, well there is then nothing offered to the electorate and the situation that you have in the USA is that average earnings are lower than they have been for 40 years and there is an unbelievable social divide; the profits from economic growth have all ended up in the pockets of the richest and people have just had enough and it is just too bad that this man has been able to make use of all this to his advantage..

    Interviewer: If we just take a look at his policy towards Russia. Trump has in a way been infiltrated by Moscow, can we say that Trump’s policy towards Russia is even more important than Clinton’s?

    Wagenknecht: I think that no one can say yet what kind of policies he will undertake. With Clinton it was relatively clear, and it worried me greatly. She was receiving donations from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, from the armaments lobby and it was very, very clear that she was for a militarized foreign policy and that she was for war and even more war in Syria. With Trump it is not so clear, but during the election campaign he gave a speech about how one would have to use nuclear weapons, but this was contradictory and I hope that much of what he said during the campaign speeches were just that, namely electioneering and that his foreign policy will no longer be one of escalation, but one will just have to wait and see because no one can yet say what it will be.

    Interviewer: This is the ominous black box, about which we we had spoken, but thanks a lot for your assessment. Thank you very much, Sarah Wagenknecht.

    • Moscow Exile says:

      And this is what I see in many comments: everybody in both parties dislike Clinton. That’s why the knives are out with the Democrats now because too late are they asking themselves whose great idea was it to have Clinton as a candidate.

    • Moscow Exile says:

      Not “against Clinton” but more so “for a change”, and if “change” meant voting for Trump, then so be it!

    • Special_sauce says:

      Disappointed that she didn’t “hope” for Trump. Even if only as the proverbial lesser-of-two-evils

      • yalensis says:

        She can’t do that. She is the leader of a Leftist/socialist party, and she would lose all credibility if she supported a bourgeois candidate in any election.

        • Moscow Exile says:

          Yeah, I thought that too. She clearly couldn’t say, “Great! Trump won and has sent that

          warmongering, mendacious, corrupt, freaky Clinton into political retirement, thereby hopefully making the world a safer place to live in!” because Trump is a Capitalist and is filthy rich etc. So she’s doing some double talk, namely “I hoped he wouldn’t win, of course, but I’m glad she didn’t win”.

          The thing is with hard core leftists — and she is hard-core (:-)): the party Die Linke is the inheritor of the former “German Democratic Republic” Communist Party and its support is, basically, only in the former “Soviet Occupation Zone” — is that it is de rigeur for such leftists to loathe stinking rich capitalists. When they say “Smash Capitalism!” they mean it, or are supposed to.

          It’s not a sin being rich: it’s just harder to get into heaven if you’re rich — or so it says in the Bible that Jesus said so — if there was a Jesus, that is.

          I’m sure, however, that there are plenty of rich, successful folk who are good. I’ve met some. I’ve even met two Lords (both dead now) who I realized after having met them were decent blokes. They were rich of course, but they weren’t wicked men.

          Bear in mind, being a gift-giver was a star quality in Old English culture that created loyalty. But to be a gift-giver, one had to be wealthy, and my forebears of 1,300 years ago still reckoned Woden was top dog and there was, therefore, no talk amongst them of camels passing through the eye of a needle.

          That’s why the word “lord” (with a capital “l” now meaning an aristocratic title) derives from the Old English hlaford. The “hl” in hlaford was pronounced as the Cyrillic letter “x”, hence hlaf in Old English (“loaf” in Modern English) and is related to the Russian хлеб [khleb] — “bread” (Laib [loaf] in German).

          Hlaford in Old English literally meant “bread giver”. You worked for or served a “bread giver” because he gave you bread, either real or in kind, and was, hopefully, a good Lord.

          The feminine of the OE hlaford is hlafdi, by the way, from which word “Lady” is derived.

          The thing was that in pre-feudal England, you were free to change “bread-giver”: if word got round that there was a more munificent bread-giver in the next shire, then you could go off and serve or work for him. Hence in OE there were many expressions describing the bounteousness of “Lords”: ring-giver, sword-giver, brooch-giver etc.

          And then came the Normans and their feudalistic system that enslaved the peasants, tying them to their Norman feudal Lord and his land. The same thing happened in Rus’: the bottom stratum of society became tied to the land.

          • yalensis says:

            When I called Trump a “bourgeois” candidate, I wasn’t actually alluding to him being rich himself. I don’t share that infantile perception that every rich person is evil. And I am pretty sure that Sarah doesn’t believe that either.
            In the past, there have been many rich people who supported leftist causes and even became socialists.
            So, the principled issue here is not that Trump is rich. It’s the fact that he is the leader of a bourgeois (capitalist) political party, the Republicans.
            As a socialist/communist Sarah could not possibly endorse neither a Republican nor a Democrat. Since they are both equally capitalist parties.
            It’s okay to have personal feelings about the candidates, but she cannot endorse one of them. She could only endorse a socialist or Labor type candidate.
            Bernie Sanders – maybe. Although even Bernie is a stretch, since he technically belongs to the Democratic Party, not to an independent Labour party.

      • Jen says:

        Had Sahra Wagenknecht uttered something publicly that appeared to favour Trump over Clinton, she’d have got more than Black Forest cherry cake in her face.

        • kirill says:

          Neoconized PC intolerance in action. Somehow not voting for or supporting Killary makes one a racist, xenophobe, rapist, etc.

  26. Northern Star says:

    As cI have previously stated and as is reflected in many of the comments to this article:
    If they-the Dems- somehow are able to somehow able to install her corrupt warmonger carcass in the WH by this electoral college ploy….it will be Civil War….. a cascade of bloodbaths….the Republican Party may not survive Trump’s (primary) candidacy and eventual win…The Democratic Party may not survive Killary’s loss.

    One thing..several comments pointed out that her formal concession to Trump has the effect of making her POTUS candidacy-and that of her VP- null and void. She has in effect stated that she accepts the expressed will of the people, with her having full knowledge that said November 8 vote was in the context of the electoral college. She did NOT state that I (will) concede only if I can’t get enough people in the college to betray the charge given them by their respective state electorates.

    • yalensis says:

      That’s a good point.
      Part of the ritual of American politics is the traditional “concession speech”.
      After the losing candidate concedes, there is supposed to be a closure to the matter.
      This is one of the reasons why Bushies were so incensed in 2000.
      When it looked like Bush had won Florida (which tipped him over the edge of the 270 votes needed), Gore sort of conceded; but then, a few hours later, he retracted his concession, once it became known that batches of punch-card ballots still remained to be counted.
      The election then dragged on for weeks with the tedious process of counting and recounting ballots in the various Florida hamlets, until the American Supreme Court finally put an end to the farce by declaring Bush to be the winner.
      Democrats to this day believe, and are probably correct, that if all the punch-card votes had continued to be counted, Gore would have won by a hair.
      And then maybe we wouldn’t have had the Saudi terrorist attack of 9/11 or the war in Iraq (?)
      Lots of what-if scenarios…

    • Moscow Exile says:

      I second Yalensis!

      Good point!!!

  27. marknesop says:

    A note to all the readers to check out Marko Marjanovic’s new project, Checkpoint Asia (added to the blogroll). You all know Marko; he’s a Slovene whom we first met as The Hero Of Crappy Town (hoct). From there he went to Russia Insider, and now I believe he’s a deputy editor or something. Anyway, I’m sure it’s going to be great, although I imagine he will find it hard to keep it updated because he’s a very busy guy. Nonetheless, he always has something interesting to say, and often approaches things from a different perspective owing to his personal philosophy.

  28. Patient Observer says:

    Factoid: A significant majority of white women voted for Trump:


    Trump beat Clinton among white women 53 percent to 43 percent.

  29. Lyttenburgh says:

    Legatus praetor Gaius Anonymus brings forth the news from far away Partian kingdom:


    Incredible events in Parthia

    It’s only been three days, oh, worthy of Quirites, from the moment that the Epicurean Trumparamp was elected as the new king of Parthia, but one might think that instead the depths of Hades were unleashed upon the world and that an unstoppable stream most incredible monsters poured out of it!

    Messengers convey that in the Parthian kingdom reigns mourning, though by no means among all of the subjects – the heart-rending screams and rolling in the dust, while scratching one’s face with the nails is popular exclusively among the adherents of the king Abamarak and his chosen Illariya, the priestess of the temple of the Giant Golden Toad – all sorts of Greeks (in both senses of the word), painted buffoons, owners of amphitheatres and Nubians each of whom Illariya promised free distribution of bread and five silver coins from the treasury. It is interesting that here in Rome takes place exactly the same thing –capital dwelling useless loafers and Judean owners of galleries with indecent murals, all wrapped in a black cloaks and shedding fiery tears, realizing that the flow of Parthian gold into their mad undertakings might soon dry up.

    What is happening in the Umbria defies any description. The local savages made countless sacrifices to the good deity Peremogiks, daubing it in tasty pig fat and even proclaiming it a kinsman to the Golden Toad. But, as it appears to be, the dreadful witch Gan’ba called forth the black forces and summoned the sinister demon Zradiks, who plunged the Umbrians into utter despair. Witnesses say, that the grieving barbarians gorged themselves on peas, trying to scare Zradiks off with most powerful spell known to Umbria – the blowing of trhe Black Winds – that’s why after hearing the news from Parthia the sky over the city Kuyavis was colored with multicolored fire lanes, and some Umbrians as a result flew up to the Moon and do not know now how to return back… And it’s not only because the priestess Illariya did not become the queen – they began to realize that rich, but cost-wise Trumparamp, now won’t give Umbria even a broken copper, especially after the local leaders slandered him with unspeakable words and even splashed the statue of Trumparamp’s genius with pig’s dung!

    But how did it happen that the priestess of the Giant Golden Toad was denied the throne of Parthia? And it wasn’t even due to the story about the clay tablets – Illariya sent secret dispatches using ordinary slave, and not purposely trained guard, making Parthian judges to begin an inquiry of the matter. The last straw was the story of the Greek Pipisyandr, husband of one of the younger priestesses, who assisted Illariya: this Pipisyandr became infamous for his habit of nightly break ins into the houses of Parthian matrons and even innocent girls, whom he revealed his “riches” of questionable value, and also ran away, filling neighborhoods with sinister laughter – all of which, of course, caused considerable outrage. Perhaps this is the first and only time in history when the king’s elections were decided by someone’s phallus!

    The storm that broke out, however, does not abate day after day, and the Quirites in the Forum only shrug never before a new king of Parthia caused this kind of whirlwind, streams of tears and wailing chorus. Let’s see what will happen next.

    • yalensis says:

      Gaius Anonymus omits to mention that

      (1) Illariya was specifically instructed by KIng Abamarak to enscribe her clay tablets using the secret cypher known as “Caesar’s 4-letter shift”. And to attach them to the legs of specially trained evasive pigeons. Yet in her arrogance and contempt for her Nubian overlord, she enscribed her instructions in cleartext and sent them in the hands of ordinary house slaves; and
      (2) Pipisyandr was even better known for making impressions in clay of his enormous phallus, then sending such impressions to the matrons of Rome, but verify at least he did attach these clay phalluses to the legs of sturdy pigeons, which is what they called “tweeting” or “cooing” the disgusting replicas.

      • Lyttenburgh says:

        Gaius Anonymus most notably omits (although inquisitive quirites remind him in comments beneath this news-scroll) that Illariya and the wife of Pipisyandr might have engaged in the sapphic pleasures of the flesh. This sad fact forced the spurned husband to steal some clay tablets with sensetive data and plant his phallos unto them – without clearing what’s been written on these tablets. Thus the general public of Parthia became partial to the most scandalous exposure of secrets of the state.

        • Jen says:

          But has it also not been whispered among patricians and plebeians alike – though few dare breathe the rumour openly – that Illariya’s husband also made regular visits to a legendary island of nymphs said to be owned by Galfridus Eburstanius?

          • yalensis says:

            And verily the scandal reached into the inner workings of the Vestal Virgin network. Malicious plebeians gossip that Illariya’s husband, Bubbus Primus, who disguised himself with cloaked hood, also went under the alias of “Bigus Dickus” as he penetrated into the Vestal sanctum, a holy place where technically males are not allowed.
            But those rules are only for plebeians.

            • Lyttenburgh says:

              Illariya’s husband Clintius used to be a king of Parthia – and very lecherous one. No female slave or servant was safe from his attention, and the scandalous affair with the “maid” Levinia nearly costed him a crown. Given the fact that Illariya publicly supported and even forgave her husbnad back then – and now dares to object Epicurean moral of Trumparamp – strikes lots of people as hypocritical. Besides, a number of previous rulers of Parthia were also unfaithful husbands, but are stil beloved by the people and hailed by the elite.

              True – the number of Illaryia’s transgressions is the legion and the way how eunuchs, put in charge of the Parthian Judicary fail to persecute her for that is simply amazing. But remember – she was (and still is) the High Priestess in the temple of the Giant Golden Toad. This temple receives donations and tithes from high and low, and even Parthian foederati from Arabia pay eneormous tribute to it in hopes of gaining the Deity’s blessing in the afterlife… and the priests assistance to their mundane affairs now. And as Phillip II of Macedon said years ago: “A donkey laden with gold will canquer any stronghold”.

              Besides, investigating Illariya is dangerous for one’s health – the number of “suicides” and “accidents” suffered by those who tried that is now more than the number of the love affairs of Illariya’s lecherous husband. Verily – the Giant Golden Toad looks after her own.

              • Jen says:

                Yes that’s right, there was one such Parthian king, Ioannis Galeis Princeps, who reigned a short three years over fifty years ago who once dallied with a famous theatre entertainer (primarily a stage actress / singer / hetaira) before he came to an unfortunate end in a ceremonial chariot parade around the hippodrome in a provincial city of the Parthian empire during a visit there. The fellow who apparently hit him with sharpened stones he aimed through his long pipe-shooter was arrested by local centurions but was knifed by another unknown assassin while being escorted to prison. By then, the famous theatre entertainer had taken her own life with dubious potions supplied by unlicensed apothecaries after the king had spurned her attentions.

      • Jen says:

        Also Gaius Anonymous omits to say that the most senior Parthian judge Iacobus Brianus Comnenus twice declared that the investigations begun against Illariya for her use of personal slaves instead of government messengers to transact government business had no merit, against the wishes of his fellow judges and their clerks, scribes and centurions, that Illariya now blames IBC for her loss in the elections, and that the judges may now be preparing to dethrone IBC himself and to reopen their investigations against Illariya.

  30. Cortes says:

    As a counter current sort myself there is a certain off key logic in the article following:


    • Patient Observer says:

      Skimmed it. He makes an interesting proposition that Obama was installed to drain off any nascent anti-war movements (probably true). Likewise, the deep state installed Trump to drain off any movements of the 80% left out of the so-called economic recovery. The theory, however, can not account for the actions of the MSM and that both major political parties who wrecked their credibility among a majority of Americans.

      BTW, my county must be populated mostly by deplorables as it went overwhelming for Trump.

  31. Moscow Exile says:

    Избирательная толерантность и тираническая демократия

    Selective tolerance and tyrannical democracy

    And now, from the one and only Masha Gessen writing in NYRB:

    I have lived in autocracies most of my life, and have spent much of my career writing about Vladimir Putin’s Russia. I have learned a few rules for surviving in an autocracy and salvaging your sanity and self-respect. It might be worth considering them now
    “Autocracy: Rules for Survival”

    She survived so well in the Russian “autocracy”, in fact, that she buggered off from Russia in 2013 to the USA, from where she had previously returned to Russia in in 1991 after she and her parents had earlier buggered off to the USA in 1967, when she was 14.

    Gessen singing that same old song.

    • Moscow Exile says:

      Sums it all up, really.

      The contempt of the liberal “elite” for the быдло “rednecks”.

      • Jen says:

        Colorado and New Mexico should be blue states in that map. Whoever created that map sure wasn’t paying attention to the geographic breakdown of how states voted.

        • yalensis says:

          Yeh, well spotted!
          That was so unfair to include Colorado and New Mexico in Dumbfuckistan.
          They are very cultured states. Probably because of the massive ski industry.

      • et Al says:

        The BBC is in on it too. I’ve been a fan of British comedy since I got my degree in Russian & Funny Stuff in the UK so I enjoy the News Quiz, Just a Minute and the currently on Friday night, the Now Show. Have I Got News for You on the TV is also very good.

        I was listening to the podcast this morning and it was a half-hour not very funny whinging affair about Trump and other stuff. It got right down and nasty, in particularl their sketch of a journalist trying to ask a strong, slow southern accented Trump supporter (at 6 minutes in on the link below) a question. In short, treating all rural Trump votes as a bunch of slow witted, inbred morons – open bigotry by the BBC. It’s usually a pretty good show (I prefer the News Quiz), but they really lost it in this episode.

        They also like to have an ‘expert’ on once a week to explain to the supposedly educated middle classes (i.e. that listen to BBC radio) a chosen subject. This week it was Dr Tomila Lankina* from the LSE (London School of Economics) (@17:40, who’s expertise turned out to be character assassination, that Trump & Putin are drawn together by their narcissism i,e. thin skin & that dictators are drawn to each other, and quoting a joke from the Russia blogosphere that when the streets are unswept etc. and that all Putin has to do to divert attention is blame the US. The show even went on about how Trump is the one bringing the threat of nuclear war – a complete transposition of Clinton’s position. There’s a lot of other shit she spouts & the show’s regular repeat the usual bollox too.

        Also at the top link ‘Friday Night Comedy Podcast’

        * An old link, but at least in her own words:

        So this looks like a taste of things to come, ‘liberals’ being intolerant of intolerance as an excuse to behave and do as they wish simply because their views and their votes are more important that other people’s views and votes.

        • marknesop says:

          I think they are going to have to abandon, or at least to place on the back burner, Project Democratic Transition in Russia. They’re just going to be too busy trying to restore democracy to the United States.

      • ucgsblog says:

        They lost Michigan and Wisconsin, but also forgot about Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, and Virginia. Then again, being “elite” automatically means sucking at geography. I’ll never be “elite” since I love geography.

    • yalensis says:

      Masha’s rules for surviving the autocracy:
      #1: Believe the autocrat. He means what he says.
      #2: Do not be taken in by signs of normality.
      #3: Institutions will not save you.
      #4: Be outraged.
      #5: Don’t compromise.
      #6: Remember the future.

      She omitted to write about Rule #7:
      Get money from George Soros, and start agitating for regime change!

    • marknesop says:

      Of course their wishes must be respected, and the President-Elect should immediately enter into negotiations with them to determine how much power they are willing to let him exercise. He may have to appoint some dissident hooligans to cabinet positions.

      At least, that’s the way Washington expects protesters to be treated in Russia.

      Masha Gessen has lived in a victim bubble for most of her life, in which she is so much smarter than everyone else – being a fabled Ashkenazi Jew – that it’s as if she is a different species which we are privileged to have among us. This bubble and its contents have no bearing on reality.

    • Lyttenburgh says:

      Read Gessen’s… “thing”. NB:

      – She herself uses the term “liberal commentariat”. Well, I guess we can appropariate it now since she deemed it kosher!

      – Calls Trump “not normal” president and implies that he somehow “cheated” to be elected. Stay classy, so-called Russian liberastia!

      – Brings in the Munich 1938 comparison. Because when all else fails – bring in Nazi comparison.

      – She even utilizes “not thanks to but despite of!” trope while talking about protests and Hillary’s speach after losing. No new tricks here.

      – “Trump is anything but a regular politician and this has been anything but a regular election” – she’s right! Only she says this not as a compliment.

      – “Most important, Trump is the first candidate in memory who ran not for president but for autocrat—and won” – for a second I thought my monitor will start crying bloody tears of the countless liberals personally executed by Trump-Stalin.

      Rule #1: Believe the autocrat. But you were telling us not to believe Putin and his filthy lies! That Russian threats are empty! Or that they don’t want a rapproachment with the West. When shall we believe Putin and when not?

      “If Trump does not go after Hillary Clinton on his first day in office… it will be foolish to breathe a sigh of relief. “, Oh, I have an idea! Trump could always send her as and ambassador. To Lybia.

      “One of my favorite thinkers, the Jewish historian Simon Dubnow, breathed a sigh of relief in early October 1939… Shortly after that, Latvia was occupied by the Soviets, then by the Germans, then by the Soviets again—but by that time Dubnow had been killed.”. Yes – by Nazis. Why not tell that instead of maling your readership guess which of the 2 “equally repulsive regimes” did that?

      – Rule#3. Okay, I’m done with Maria Alexandrovna (she is not a young girl to be called “Masha”) Gessen. As the expression goes: “Each talks about its own, and the flea-ridden talks about sauna”.

      “Rule #4: Be outraged.” and “Rule #5: Don’t make compromises.”. Does the US have an equivalent of the Riot Act? I gues erecting a pillory and stacks will be a matter of several minutes.

      Gessen is truly some alien creature from beyond – not fit to live in Russia and incapable of understanding and accepting the fact, that her new “Homeland” is not the land of Elfs after all. So she reverts t the tried and tested (and proved faily) methods of so-called Russian liberals. Now she is infecting with these thoughts Americans.

      • yalensis says:

        Well, she’s not the first and won’t be the last Russian “thinker” to infect Americans with their stupid ideas.
        And no, I wasn’t necessarily alluding to Ayn Rand. I was thinking more, like Elena Bonner.
        Who, by the way, is beaming down from Heaven in pride at the rioting American kreakles.

  32. Moscow Exile says:

    The Ukraine is starting a new economic attack against Russia — it will be a powerful blow

    Oh no!!!!!!!!

    • marknesop says:

      Ha, ha, ha!! I thought you said the hapless economic drive-by victim called Ukraine intended to launch a new economic attack against Russia!! Can you imagine? What are they going to do – send twice as many of their citizens to Russia to beg for jobs? Announce that the price of pig fat has doubled? Oh, wait – I know. They’re going to quadruple Gazprom’s transit fees!! Brilliant – bring it on, Klueless Kiev!! Nothing like furnishing to your enemy the sinews of your own destruction, and there is nothing that will so convincingly make the case for routing pipelines to exclude transit through Ukraine like highway-robbery fees which are adjusted upward on a whim and for obvious political reasons only.

    • ucgsblog says:

      Yikes! I’m terrified. I heard that Ukraine will send the Oligarch Brigade to Russia, ordering them to charge, because they certainly know how to charge…

  33. kirill says:


    ” No sooner had Trump been declared the 45th president of the United States, Soros-funded political operations launched their activities to disrupt Trump during Obama’s lame-duck period and thereafter. The swiftness of the Purple Revolution is reminiscent of the speed at which protesters hit the streets of Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, in two Orange Revolutions sponsored by Soros, one in 2004 and the other, ten years later, in 2014.

    As the Clintons were embracing purple in New York, street demonstrations, some violent, all coordinated by the Soros-funded Moveon.org and «Black Lives Matter», broke out in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Oakland, Nashville, Cleveland, Washington, Austin, Seattle, Philadelphia, Richmond, St. Paul, Kansas City, Omaha, San Francisco, and some 200 other cities across the United States.

    The Soros-financed Russian singing group «Pussy Riot» released on YouTube an anti-Trump music video titled «Make America Great Again». The video went «viral» on the Internet. The video, which is profane and filled with violent acts, portrays a dystopian Trump presidency. Following the George Soros/Gene Sharp script to a tee, Pussy Riot member Nadya Tolokonnikova called for anti-Trump Americans to turn their anger into art, particularly music and visual art. The use of political graffiti is a popular Sharp tactic. The street protests and anti-Trump music and art were the first phase of Soros’s Purple Revolution in America.”

    • marknesop says:

      Realistically, how many more colour revolutions is George Soros going to be around for? Come on, he’s 86. Let an old guy have some fun.

      • kirill says:

        He will be staging them as long as he has enough health to try. Of course he is not the only player. Soros is just one of the agents of western imperialism.

      • Jen says:

        Convenient that Prince died earlier this year as he might have objected to the use of his favourite colour and his own Purple Revolution slogan by Soros-funded agitprop groups. From reading something of his religion and politics (not much admittedly – Prince kept his views private) and the fact that he once supported Republican senator Rudy Boschwitz in his 1990 campaign to regain his senate seat (Boschwitz failed on that occasion) I have a hunch Prince wouldn’t have approved.

    • yalensis says:

      Well, the one good thing about Tolokonnikova’s video is that it proves that she stages masochistic acts as part of her performance art.
      Previously, she had a lot of kreakles believing her bullshit that she actually got whipped by Cossacks in Sochi during the Olympics. The whole thing was a staged bit of performance art. Just like the horrific acts which she has to endure in her latest music video! I mean, Lordy, she imagines Trump branding her and forcing her to have an abortion. What’s next?

  34. Moscow Exile says:

    Stupid old bag Akhedzhakova has now entered the anti-Trump fray:

    Ахеджакова запретила Трампу смотреть фильмы с ее участием

    Akhedzhakova has banned Trump from watching films in which she has taken part.
    Nov. 12th, 2016 at 8:03 AM

    The once popular and now forgotten Soviet and Russian actress Liya Akhedzhakova has forbidden the newly elected President of the United States, Donald Trump, and his wife, from watching films in which she has taken part, says “Dozhd” journalist Pavel Lobkov.

    “”I forbid Melanie Trump and her vulgar husband from watching films in which I have taken part”, said Liya Akhedzhakova in her address to the American people. “Yes, sometimes a whole people makes mistakes: so did our people when they overthrew the Tsar and when they elected Putin as president. But now we all need to stand in front of the White House and say” “Trump, go! You are not worthy of standing in Lincoln’s and Jefferson’s great shadows!” the actress said”, wrote Lobkov on his Facebook page.


    I wonder if the Trumps have, indeed, ever wished to watch any of that stupid old fart’s films?

    And if they should now wish to watch any of them, is it at all likely that her not allowing them to do so would ever deter them from watching them?

    Furthermore, of those US citizens who by some chance are aware of Akhedzhakova’s address to them, I wonder how many knew or even cared who the stupid old trout is?

  35. et Al says:

    Antiwar.com: Arab Group Withdraws From Kurdish Invasion of Raqqa

    Efforts to brand the invasion of Raqqa as a broad-based coalition, as opposed to just a Kurdish invasion of the ISIS capital, appear to be crumbling, with the Thuwar ar-Raqqa, the main Arab group involved in the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) invasion, formally withdrawing from the group today….

    …The group however, is arguing that the Kurdish forces had reneged on an agreement on the Raqqa invasion, in which the Kurdish YPG would let them “lead” the operation, and retain control of the city afterward. Instead, they say the US and the YPG have moved to sideline them.

    Now they say they aren’t going to participate in the invasion at all, and that the “SDF” forces attacking Raqqa are exclusively the Kurdish YPG. This is likely to add to concern about Kurdish territory expansion, particularly by Turkey.


  36. et Al says:

    Three Trump family members are now part of the transition team. Quite a smart move as they can be counted on for loyalty and muscle.

  37. Moscow Exile says:

    Crimea turns on gas supply to freezing Ukrainian town

    Gas has begun flowing into a southern Ukrainian town that pleaded for Russian help during a bitter cold spell. Amid regular blackouts caused by the Kiev administration, Crimean authorities have fulfilled President Vladimir Putin’s order to prevent people from freezing

    And at the same time demands are still being made by the filth in Kiev to further increase sanctions against Russia, which is waging war against the Ukraine.

    • Moscow Exile says:

      Kyiv Post gives the bare facts:

      Putin orders help for Ukrainian city of Henichesk with gas supplies

      A pretty non-aggressive act from an aggressive state., don’t you think, Porky?

      What were you once saying about certain folk sitting in their cellars and freezing and how that was the way you were going to win the “war”?

      • Don’t expect these Ukrainians to show any gratitude though.

        • kirill says:

          Who cares. They and Banderastan are going down the toilet anyway. They will show gratitude when there is nowhere else to run. Then Russia needs to treat them with whip and rod so that they learn to respect the help instead of being the bunch of parasitical welfare leeches with a hate on for Russia (their benefactor) and the desire to suck Uncle Scumbag’s cock. Russia needs to start factoring human psychology into its foreign policy. Abused slaves are loyal slaves.

          The above was somewhat sarcastic but not totally.

        • yalensis says:

          As usual, Karl, you’re full of shit. You can’t even distinguish between Banderites and normal Ukrainians. A LOT of people in Kherson are normal people and not anti-Russian at all. If you had been following the news, you would know that there had been anti-government demonstrations and actions in Kherson oblast. Ordinary people can’t do much, because they are kept in a state of terror by the Kiev junta. But I am sure they will remember, and appreciate, the Russian gesture.

          • yalensis says:

            And P.S. – I had a post last month which discussed the issue, why Ukraine is screwed if they don’t get a mild winter.
            It has to do with “technical gas” and the minimum pressure needed in the pipes.
            The RT piece sort of confirms this is happening. Unfortunately for the ordinary people.

        • Patient Observer says:

          Crazy thought but helping others is its own reward. Recognition and gratitude by the recipient is not mandatory.

          Bethink me that Russia’s growing dominance in international affairs is based on its adherence to moral behavior. People notice those things especially in contrast to the bloodsucker globalists. Radical? Indeed unimaginable by the Western mind. But, what if that is the case?

          • Patient Observer says:

            Having thousands of nukes, a power conventional military and a largely moral population makes the forgoing possible.

    • Moscow Exile says:

      Which reminds of something else that the “Aggressor State” Russia did not long ago but has now, it seems, gone down the black hole in the collective memory:

      Russian fuel tanker reaches Alaskan town bound by ice

      A Russian tanker carrying fuel arrived in the Alaskan town of Nome on Saturday night, the Coast Guard said, as officials started preparations on delivering the much-needed supplies.

      Aw, wasn’t that nice of those murdering Russian barbarians to help those freezing US citizens?

  38. marknesop says:

    Yup, those who postulated here that Saakashvili was angling for a place in the American political administration were right. Sort of. Saakashvili – seen here in his ‘Two-Gun Misha, Corruption Buster’ pose – wants nothing less than to replace Poroshenko as Washington’s Man In Ukraine. Saak has excitedly announced his formation of a new Clinton Trump-inspired political party, so new he apparently has not thought of a name for it yet.

    I would not be at all surprised if this is the result of a plan cooked up by the two dorks, Saakashvili and Poroshenko, since it has become painfully obvious that Poroshenko sucks like a black hole at leadership, and is really only good at increasing his fortune. He must therefore be aching to get back into private life where people don’t ask you to be transparent about your moneymaking, and are not forever ferreting out your possessions and acquisitions and nepotism as if they were something to be ashamed of. Meanwhile, it is necessary that some horrible accident not result in the coming to power in Ukraine of some jellyfish who is soft on Russia, and that the hatred and distancing continue.

    Enter Misha.

  39. ucgsblog says:

    Sorry about my absence guys, but I was doing a lot of election analytics and making money and moving funds around. Couple of things about the election:

    I called it, two days before the election. From my private discussion with Lytburger, he can confirm: “Evs – 298 vs 240, Trump wins, calling it now” Evs = Electoral Votes. My mistakes were calling Nevada and Colorado for Republicans, and Michigan and Wisconsin for the Democrats. In my defense, Michigan was a very close race, and almost everyone missed Wisconsin. Either way, I had the winner right, since even without those four states, Trump got 280 electoral votes. I also thought that Clinton would peel off a single vote in Nebraska, but she was dominated in that state. Nebraska and Maine are the only two states that split their Electoral Votes. 46/50 is still an A-, and I did better than the DNC. Then again, so did most people.

    So what happened? First: http://www.cracked.com/blog/6-reasons-trumps-rise-that-no-one-talks-about/ “Trump’s voting base, are getting the shit kicked out of them. I know, I was there. Step outside of the city, and the suicide rate among young people fucking doubles. The recession pounded rural communities, but all the recovery went to the cities. The rate of new businesses opening in rural areas has utterly collapsed.”

    Yep, you read that right. The Democrats did not tend to the needs of their own voting base, and that’s how Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin flipped to the Republican side, and won Trump the presidency. Pennsylvania was the must win state for Trump, the other two were just an added bonus.

    Second, more Latinos and Blacks voted for Trump than for Romney. Why? Because he brought up inner city politics and the struggles of the legal Latino immigrant. You think those Latinos who got here legally enjoy the treatment that they get due to illegal immigrant bias? I doubt it.

    Third, the traditional Democratic Voters were just not energized. A lot of it was due to the loss of Bernie Sanders. This was the first time that the Democrats and Republicans got less than 96% of the vote in the 21st century.

    Fourth, Trump won the Independent Vote: 47% – 42%. Meanwhile the Democrats and Republicans increased their divide. Clinton won 88% of the Democratic vote, and Trump won 89% of the Republican vote. As a fun fact, married men were overwhelmingly pro-Trump, whereas unmarried women were overwhelmingly pro-Clinton. That has no bearing on analytics, I just thought it was funny. Trump also carried a majority of the Christians.

    Fifth, Trump carried two thirds of Rural America and most of the suburbs. That carried him to the presidency and destroyed the Blue Wall. It was also the first election in the 20th century, where a Democrat could not carry 48% of the vote.

    • Patient Observer says:

      The makers of things rebelled against the acquisitors. Per Ravi Batra via Wikipedia:

      The key reason that capitalism, as a self-perpetuating social formation, was seen to be on an unsustainable path, was the relentless drive of acquisitors to acquire ever more capital. Over time, this activity was seen to gain momentum and result in financial booms and busts. A depression would then follow and as it came on top of extreme inequality it would quickly bring social chaos and revolt. As anarchy was not a normal state of affairs, the class of military leaders would step in the breech and reestablish order and thereby usher in a new age of “commanders”.
      On September 9, 2007, Batra predicted

      “A political revolution will take place in the United States by the end of this decade…by around 2010. And the revolution could go on for four or five years before it is complete. So, from 2010 to 2016 we could see major changes in US economy and society. It will be a peaceful revolution and it will bring an end to the rule of money in society.“[14]

      The 2008/9 financial collapse and the ensuing depression followed by a major shift of asset wealth to the 0.1% seems in line with the forgoing prediction.

      I fear that Trump may be a false dawn but his effort will eventually help foster an overturning of the financial elites. I don’t think that it will be peaceful nor will the US ever rise again as the dominant global power. Like Europe, the US will become a regional power while Russia+Asia will be the center of the world.

      • ucgsblog says:

        I don’t think that the US will become a regional power in the modern sense of the word, nor do I think that would matter. The US is no longer a Superpower. In order to be a Superpower, one has to be able to take down the next two most powerful countries. The US is unable to handle Russia and China when they unite, as we’ve seen in Syria and in the South China Sea. Duterte is a lucky bastard that he’s living at this age; a decade earlier, and he’d be taken out for his shenanigans.

        Right now we are back at the Age of the Great Powers – the 1800s. There’s no doubt in my mind that the US will have influence in the Americas and Europe, thus excluding it from regional power politics; but it will not be hegemonic, and therein lies the rub.

        The question is whether or not the US will be able to make the transition from a Superpower to a Great Power, because one cannot be a Great Power with a Superpower mindset; otherwise one could end up challenging Russia in the Caucasus and lose all Soft Power in Russia, oh wait… I think that happened already.

        Most Americans already accepted the Realist School, and America’s Great Power status, which is evident by the Clinton Campaign’s attacks on Trump, which revolved around five words: “oh noes, Trump nuke access!” The bankers in the US are ok with being a Great Power, as long as the Dollar remains untouched. Will the rest of the establishment accept it? I hope so, otherwise it could be bad.

      • marknesop says:

        One codicil; this must take place, or be well on the road to completion, while Putin still leads Russia. I cannot imagine any other leader – unless perhaps it were Lavrov – bringing it about. Medvedev means well and he does all right so long as he is supervised by Putin, but he is a kreakl at heart himself, and western leaders would quickly bamboozle him into Russia assuming a subordinate role.

        • Jen says:

          By now though, the Kremlin should be able to predict Medvedev’s thinking and behaviour and he is likely to continue being sidelined into positions where any major decisions he makes are not likely to have long-lasting or deeply penetrating influences. He’s likely to remain Prime Minister up to 2024, by which time he might no longer be considered a potential President.

  40. Northern Star says:

    “It is unclear what Abedin, 40, will do now that her boss’s political career is over; she has never worked for anyone else”

    I dunno..she’s kinda hot…she can probably get some NYC area ‘Playa’ to get her some escort work…..after all..she would just be gettin’ cash from men who would do to her what hubby pervert wanted to do to 15 year old girls!!!


    • yalensis says:

      Badly formed sentence:
      “She approached the tall building with stunning views which had until Tuesday been filled with staff an volunteers carrying a bag and a purse.”

      Makes it sound like Huma had stunning views; and the volunteers were carrying a bag and a purse.

      Better writing:
      “Carrying a bag and a purse, she approached the tall building, knowing for its stunning views, which had until Tuesday been filled with staff and volunteers.”

      Damn Murdoch cockneys, don’t even know how to write English any more!

      • marknesop says:

        What she was carrying, unless it was a bazooka, is completely irrelevant to the sentence. Consequently, that information should just have been left out, and the resulting sentence would have been much less unwieldy as a result. A woman carrying a purse is hardly newsworthy, and adding a bag is not the kind of wild card which makes a sensational story.

        • yalensis says:

          In this case, the bag was probably relevant, because it turns out to be one of those suitcases on wheels. Which one of her aides was actually dragging behind her.

          The purse was IRrelevant, agreed. Most women carry purses.

          Huma was also carrying in her paw a large Starbucks coffee, which might have added an element of local color to the story, or just confirmed a stereotype!

    • marknesop says:

      She is indeed in a bad spot; the boss she was sure would carry her forward to greater power and influence failed to get elected, and her marriage failed. Moreover, as the article is at pains to point out, Clinton is a dead letter as far as politics is concerned – she may try to hang around on the fringes, and the family will always be influential because of their wealth and background, but this was Hillary’s one and only shot and she imploded. Abedin will have to find another benefactor if she wants to stay in politics.

      Considering how delighted I am at Clinton’s failure, it’s tempting to rejoice at Abedin’s tears, but I can’t. I know how it feels to be both deliriously happy and utterly miserable in marriage, and I always feel bad for people when it doesn’t work out. As well, even with the liberalization of gender roles, I think women still invest more in relationships and have higher hopes and expectations of marriage than men do – generally speaking – and feel it more deeply when it falls apart. Although it’s rare to find a blameless partner in a marriage breakup, it’s hard to see what Abedin could have done differently to hold it together. And its hard to see how she should share the blame for the blowup of the Clinton campaign considering the emails were discovered as a result of the investigation of her sicko husband.

      She did a lot of things wrong, and I’m not sure she’s sorry for any of them while I’m quite confident she would have credited them as the reason for her success if Clinton had been victorious. But look at who she had for a mentor.

      She really is a lovely woman, and I hope she will find someone else who will make her happy, although she will likely have to settle for a far less ambitious life than she planned.

      • Jen says:

        Huma Abedin undoubtedly wants to do good and to make a difference but was dealt a bad blow in her destiny by the parents she had and the surrogate mother she gravitated to. Ma and Pa Abedin look like ideal parents for a Muslim girl to have – they’re both university scholars – but they had Muslim Brotherhood associations and of all people the mother apparently has advocated for sharia law and FGM. Mother and daughter must have had a fraught relationship in the past (and probably still do) for Abedin to have followed HRC and for those two women to have become so close that HRC regards Abedin as a second daughter.

        Also the fact that Bill Clinton was marriage celebrant to Abedin and Weiner’s wedding suggests there is something unhealthy in Abedin’s relations to Weiner and the Clintons: she’s just too close to them and you wonder how she might survive if she were ever separated from them, which she will have to be if they are charged, tried, found guilty and imprisoned.

        • yalensis says:

          Wow, that’s disturbing that Huma’s mom advocated for Female Genital Mutilation.
          Do you think that actually happened to Huma when she was a little girl?
          That kind of trauma might explain a lot about her emotional immaturity and why she would end up in a terribly wrong marriage.

          FGM, by the way, is not considered a necessary component of shariah law. I learned this while researching for one of my blogposts. Reputable Muslim scholars consider this disgusting practice to be a regional/cultural thing that is independent of shariah law.
          Even the Saudis don’t do this, from what I read, except maybe in some remote villages.

          • saskydisc says:

            The practice appears to be Egyptian pre-Islamic. As an example, it is prevalent in Nigeria’s South (predominantly Christian and pre-Christian ethnic religious areas), while nearly absent in the North (predominantly Muslim Hausa and Fulani; 90% Muslim, 0.6% FGM IIRC, while 10% Christian—it may have been southern Christian missionaries that brought the practice north). It is missing in coastal Muslim North Africa outside Egypt. In India and Pakistan, the practice is almost exclusively among African descendants (e.g. those that spoke Swahili into the 1960s, in Gujerat, Maharastra and the Konkan), mainly descendants of slaves kidnapped by Ethiopian and Arab slave traders. In Iran, it is mainly Marsh Arabs (Khuzestan/south) and Kurds; ditto Iraq—the practice appears to be missing among Sunni Arabs. Yemen has a large Ethiopian descendant population, with about 20% cut. The practice is absent among Palestinians, but present among Israeli Bedouin.

            • yalensis says:

              There was recently a scandal in Dagestan when some local Mufti declared that the practice was alive and well in Dagestani villages. The practice is, of course, against Russian Federal law. A cursory investigation was done, and nothing was found.
              Which, of course, if it WAS happening, then the people doing it would do it in secret, and nobody would ever talk about it, least of all the girls themselves.

              I don’t know for sure, but it doesn’t seem likely that the custom was ever native to the Caucasus.
              If anybody actually is doing it nowadays in Dagestan, it’s probably just a relatively new thing coming out of the mistaken belief that this has something to do wtih Wahhabist customs and Shariah law. Maybe being pushed by some local Muftis. As far as I know, there are not any recent African immigrants to Dagestan.

  41. Northern Star says:

    Remember..the composition of the electoral college is NOT the same as the literal compositions of the House and the Senate…they are distinct sets of people..which calls into question whether the USA (currentlyGOP controlled) Congress can (will) override any detemination of the electoral college???
    Apparently my-and others-query on this are not too far off the mark:
    The signiicance of Congress:
    “Furthermore, electors overturning Trump particularly would certainly cause a constitutional crisis, because there is no world in which the Republican Party — who, again, control Congress — would accept Clinton taking the presidency in this way. (Likely, as mentioned above, they’d refuse to recognize the returns.) And furthermore, when this sort of thing happens elsewhere in the world, it often creates a military crisis. (Hillary Clinton is not very popular among the military, so I’m not sure liberals want to make that play.)”

  42. Patient Observer says:

    One of many compilations of crying kreakles:

    On a slight tangent, there is no chance of a successful color revolution to overturn the Trump election. The supporters of Trump are passionate (not to mention often gun owners) and are itching for a fight. The crybaby kreakles will not venture outside of Starsbucks much less out of their urban bubbles. The anti-trump strategies may focus on early impeachment efforts led by a MSM attack. One could imagine a Monica Lewinsky scenario.

    On a bigger tangent, Trump’s alignment of Putin was pretty clever. Many many many Americans have wished for a leader like Putin (for real and imagined reasons) so in a sense Trump was riding on Putin’s coat tails. Now that the election is over, the Putin connection may no longer have much utility to Trump. On the other hand, Trump’s ego is big so he may want to rub shoulders with Putin. Who knows?

    • ucgsblog says:

      Trump needs to win on all fronts, including foreign policy. He could hand Putin Syria & Ukraine, if Putin helps Trump destroy ISIS and Nusra. I could certainly see the two making that compromise. Just have to get the PR right, so that Trump gets most of the credit, which would enable him to pursue a Realist Foreign Policy, like Russia and China are doing. With the US, Russia, and China being Realists, the rest of the World will follow suit, and we’ll have much less international violence.

  43. Patient Observer says:

    Had to laugh at this headline:
    From New York, to Chicago to Los Angeles, Thousands take to the Streets
    A more accurate headline would be:
    New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, Thousands take to the Streets
    We are pretty much in a straight line between Chicago and New York and have not seen any anti-Trump protests. I did note a very large home-made sign in the neighborhood expressing high expectations for Trump.

    • ucgsblog says:

      I was in LA when the protests hit. All they did was block the roads, as if LA didn’t have enough traffic. Apparently their slogan was “elect Clinton or we’ll create gridlock!” My response: “Telecommuting FTW!”

      • Patient Observer says:

        You may find this interesting:


        In another instance, a Craigslist ad exposed paid Anti-Trump protesters being recruited for a staged event in Los Angeles. And this time the Soros link is quite clear and in the open. TruthFeed reports:

        In this case, a Craigslist ad in Los Angeles shows that activists are wanted to block traffic in the heavy traffic intersection of Highlands and Hollywood.

        • ucgsblog says:

          Thank you! I find it very interesting, even a bit comical. They were blocking the intersection of Hollywood and Highland, where the Liberals party, the same ones supporting Move On. So not only did their candidate lose, not only did they lose all branches, not only did they waste their donations, but now their funds are used to block traffic, in a manner that prevents them from partying and blowing off steam. Thank you for the link, I enjoyed the read.

  44. kirill says:


    Swirling down the toilet bowl but still bitching at Russia. “Naturally conformist and trusting of the media”, sums up everything that is wrong with much of the west. By objective metrics, it is the west that is Orwellian.

    • kirill says:

      They don’t really have the capacity to maintain the engines. I expect that this plane will crash in the near future due to mechanical failure.

      Well, “Serbs them right”.

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