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The Weaponization of Ignorance: the West’s Go-To Experts

Brute Force and Ignorance, Just hit town, Looking like survivors, From the Lost and Found. Brute Force and Ignorance, Have come to play, A one-night stand at eight o’clock, Then they’ll be on their way. From, “Brute Force and Ignorance“, … Continue reading

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Alexei Bayer Dips a Toe Into the Gene Pool

You all remember Alexei Bayer, right? The “native Muscovite” – which I suppose is technically true although he left the land of his birth while a teenager and moved to the Land Of Opportunity, where he is now an economist … Continue reading

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I Don’t Know Where I’m Going, But I Sure Know Where I’ve Been.

Yes, I know that’s David Coverdale, and he’s not Ukrainian. Actually, he was born in Saltburn-By-The-Sea, so let’s just thank him for a neat title, forgive him for his stint with Deep Purple, and move on. My patience in waiting … Continue reading

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Are Slavs Stupid?

In one of his latest comments, which offer wild conclusions unsupported by any apparent studies or evidence, our pet troll AJ suggests “IQ tests show that Slavs have a lower IQ than Western Europeans”, which purports to support a theory … Continue reading

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