About That Batumi Miracle…

Uncle Volodya says, "Honesty may be the best policy, but it's important to remember that apparently, by elimination, dishonesty is the second-best policy."

Uncle Volodya says, “Honesty may be the best policy, but it’s important to remember that apparently, by elimination, dishonesty is the second-best policy.”

Hey, remember back when Al Jazeera was the object of loathing and fear in the USA? Bankrolled by the Emir of Qatar – a thriving democracy in the Middle East whose ruler has been a male member of the Al Thani family since 1850 – Al Jazeera was once described by American media as “a mouthpiece for terrorists”, “anti-Semitic” and “anti-American”. It earned the anti-Semitic tag honestly enough, broadcasting an on-air birthday party organized by Al Jazeera’s Beirut bureau chief for a Lebanese militant convicted of killing four Israelis, including a four-year-old girl. And considering it was the outlet which carried Sheik Qaradawi’s weekly program, “Sharia and Life” and Sheik Qaradawi “extended his Koranic blessing to suicide bombing against American civilians in Iraq”, you could make an argument that it earned the anti-American tag honestly as well.

No more, though – all water under the bridge, let bygones be bygones. The outlet’s managers could not now be more pro-American, as this gushing testimonial to Mikheil Saakashvili’s appointment as Odessa’s governor attests. Penned by former United States Army officer Luke Coffey, it is a progressive tongue bath of Saakashvili that is almost embarrassing to read, kind of like watching a bizarre peep show featuring repugnant sex. Unless you’re an admirer of the former Georgian president, of course, in which case it is only his due as the Caesar Of His Time; render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.

Coffey pitches a quick little historical vignette, describing how observers and analysts should not be surprised at Poroshenko’s appointment of a foreigner to lead Odessa, since that was de rigeuer back in 1803. Two French noblemen were appointed during this period, the first by Tsar Alexander himself, as governors of Odessa. These appointments join wife selling, tobacco smoke enemas, lobotomy and the Divine Right of Kings as examples of a progressive society, for the period in which they were common.

But when you top that historical precedent with Mikheil Saakashvili’s success in fighting corruption and improving the Georgian economy, why, as Mr. Coffey avers, the appointment “makes perfect sense”.

Mikheil Saakashvili’s success in fighting corruption and improving the Georgian economy; my, yes. Let’s take a look at that. Especially as Mr. Coffey avers that President Poroshenko appointed Misha specifically to clean up corruption in Odessa; you may want to keep an eye on that, see how he’s doing, from time to time. Mr. Coffey must have had an affectionate little smile on his face as he thought about Misha’s charisma, he positively oozes it. And energy, too – he’s engaging, and “has endless amounts of energy”. I think I can explain that last bit, as his increasingly porcine appearance suggests he is living on a diet of candy bars. Corruption-fighting by Cadbury.

Some more licking follows, as Saakashvili is described as a visionary who gravitated to Ukraine because it was the only way he could help the country of his birth that for some unaccountable reason wants to arrest him for corruption and various other allegations. Yes, you heard it here first: “…he understands that the geopolitical reality of the Black Sea means that a secure Odessa is a secure Georgia. For him, this is part of his destiny”. Jesus wept; I don’t know if I can finish this.

Mr. Coffey is fond of statistics to back up his claims, and that’s good. According to him, the Index of Economic Freedom – compiled by a conservative right-wing Washington think tank and an ideological conservative newspaper – just loves Mikheil Saakashvili for how easy he made it to do business in Georgia. And it hardly needs saying that Transparency International – supported by Shell International, Microsoft, Google, BP and General Electric, among others – saw him as a mythic corruption-fighter of epic proportions, like Batman, The Flash and Diogenes all rolled into one charismatic, energetic package.

I wonder what those organizations think of the current Georgian President. He does not seem to get a mention, nor does the government of Bidzina Ivanishvili, who headed the Georgian Dream party that knocked the charismatic corruption-fighting dynamo off his perch. Because Saakashvili’s crime-fighting spree coincided with record unemployment in Georgia: it was 12.6% when he took office, zoomed to nudge 17% under his able command, and was still 15% when he was ignominiously kicked out of office. It’s back down to 12.4% now. But Mikheil Saakashvili is credited with being “the one reason Georgia did not become a failed state”. You can’t see me, but I am doing that fingers-down-the-throat gagging thing.

Similarly, Georgia’s per-capita GDP is currently at a record high. So are monthly wages , which reached their record low in 2007, while Saakashvili was apparently too busy fighting corruption to look after his subjects. Wages in manufacturing – a critical component in national self-sufficiency –  same story: record high at present, record low under the Cadbury Dynamo. So weary from fighting corruption around the clock, it escaped his attention that his Defense Minister had started up an offshore business in his own name which roared from a paltry $8 Million and something USD in turnover in 2009 – the year he started it up – to nearly a Billion in 2012, three years of non-stop, rolling-in-moola corruption right under Saakashvili’s nose. The profits before taxes (taxes, ha, ha) that year amounted to more than $51 Million USD. That year, the per-capita GDP for Georgia – what your average Georgian would have to live on and support his family for a year, adjusted for purchasing power – was $6,322.50 USD.

But don’t let my stage-setting implant any preconceived notions, as we step uncritically and with open minds into the showpiece of Saakashvili’s renaissance of the Georgian economy – The Batumi Miracle.

“[T]he capital city [of the Adjara Region], Batumi, is booming. Foreign Direct Investment is flowing in. Five-star hotels mark the skyline. The old city has been rebuilt and preserved“, enthuses Coffey. Really? You know, I’m coming around to Mr. Coffey’s viewpoint. Mikheil Saakashvili actually is the one reason Georgia did not become a failed state. Because if he had won another term, it would have been. He saved Georgia, by getting thrown out of office.

The roof of the Batumi Trade Center – a Saakashvili project of which he laid the foundation stone himself in 2010collapsed in 2012, doing about 25,000 Lari (about $11,000.00 USD at today’s exchange rate) in damages. Fortunately it happened at night, when the building was empty.

But nothing says Sweet Smell of Saakashvili Success in Batumi – a miracle, if I may be so bold – like the Batumi Technological University. The American Technological University, as some referred to it, since it was built with American money from the Second Compact with the Millennium Challenge Corporation. MCC itself, if you can imagine the cheek, was unconvinced that Saakashvili’s bold plan to build a technological university was a sensible or justifiable expenditure of grant money (some of that Foreign Direct Investment cash that “flowed in”, according to Mr. Coffey). No, they argued (shortsighted fools) that building a technological university would be more likely to benefit privileged families than poor families, that the money would be better spent on addressing systemic failures in higher education, and refused to approve the project.BatumiTower

And this is where Saakashvili proved his worth as a guy who won’t be told “No”. Undaunted by the unseemly quibbling over poor people’s educational opportunities, he played the wild card that sucked all the air out of the room – our technological university will have the world’s only miniature Ferris Wheel. How do you like me now, bean-counting eggheads?

Of course it did not happen just like that; I have no idea if the Ferris Wheel was Saakasvili’s idea or the architect’s – although Saakashvili would most certainly have seen the designs – and it was not the addition of this feature that swayed the decision. But just imagine it: struggling all day with difficult technological problems, and then the glorious rush of freedom at the end of the academic day – all the students rushing for the roof, shouting “Me first!!” “No, me!!”. And then whirling around and around high above the earth…what a great way to blow American taxpayers’ money!!

Honestly; what kind of lunatic spends that kind of money on a Ferris Wheel on the roof of a technological university, in a country where the average citizen lives on about $6000.00 a year, after being told by the donors it was a stupid idea? The kind of lunatic who would be perfect for fighting corruption in Odessa, obviously.

Saakashvili opened the Batumi Technological University in 2012, just before the Georgian Dream wave rolled over him and swept him away. It was to have its first students in 2013. The incoming government studied the madcap project, and scrapped it. The new government requested proposals for improvements to the higher-education sector – just like MCC had initially suggested – and announced the intent to co-fund successful proposals with $50 million over 20 years. After spending more than $30 Million USD to build it (plus around $90,000.00 USD annually in maintenance in 2012 and 2013, Saakashvili’s ivory tower was sold for $25 Million, to be turned into a hotel.

Where a little Ferris Wheel just might be almost appropriate. Good luck, Odessa. Remember, it’s easy to ride the tiger. The hard part is getting off.

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  1. Jeremn says:

    Oh no, not Blair. Not Blair [weeps quietly in corner].

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has met with former British prime minister Tony Blair (1997-2007) and invited him to join International Advisory Council on Reforms under the Ukrainian president.


  2. Moscow Exile says:

    Having been oppressed by the Mongol-Tatars since Batu Khan razed Kiev in the 13th century, the Ukrainians, newly liberated from the Moskal Yoke by the joint efforts of Exceptional Nation and the EUSSR, symbolically welcomes one of its newly appointed, foreign-born regional governors, by offering him a megaburger, which he mouth-wateringly accepts.

    • Moscow Exile says:

      Above photograph taken in the former Ottoman Empire, namely in the former Governorate of Bessarabia, annexed by the Moskaly according to the terms of the 1812 Treaty of Bucharest between the Ottoman Empire and the Russian Empires, which provided for Russian annexation of the eastern half of the territory of the Principality of Moldavia, including Khotyn and Budjak (Southern Bessarabia).

      At first, the Moskaly administered the region as the “Oblast of Moldova and Bessarabia”, allowing a large degree of autonomy, but in 1828 Russia suspended this self-administration and called the annexed territory the Governorate of Bessarabia, or simply Bessarabia.

      At the time of this cruel Tatar-Mongol-Finno-Ugric annexation of territory that once belonged to those nice Ottomans, a Romanian population predominated in Bessarabia. The colonization of the region in the 19th century led to a large increase in the Russian, Ukrainian, Lipovan, and Cossack population in the region, which, together with a large influx of Bulgarian immigrants, increased the Slavic population to more than a fifth of the total population by 1920.

      With the settling of other nationals such as Gagauz, Jews, and Germans, the proportion of Romanians in the population decreased from around 90% to 64% during the course of the century.

      It’s now “Ukrainian”, I tell yer!!!!!

      With a Gruzian governor.

      Always was “Ukrainian”!

      Always will be!

    • et Al says:

      Is he a beaver (recalling the story in the last thread about Kaliningrad’s infestation)?

      • et Al says:

        I could have made a joke about escaping from a Georgian zoo, but I held myself back. Phew!

        • yalensis says:

          That’s okay, I will do it for you:

          • yalensis says:

            P.S. my conscience forces me to add:
            That hippo (or “behemoth” as the Russians call the thing) was highly traumatized at the time, and should not be mocked by comparison to Saakashvili.

            How do you know it was traumatized?
            Because it didn’t attack and eat those foolish humans who herded it back into its pen, without waiting for the animal control experts to arrive. (I know about this, because I read the whole story.)

            Little did these reckless people know, the behemoth is the most violent and dangerous animal on the whole planet. But once again, the poor thing was injured and traumatized by its ordeal, and trooped willingly back into its pen.

      • Jen says:

        Saakashvili is starting to look slightly crazed like those old photos of Stepan Bandera in the last KS comments forum.

        (Hope he doesn’t see those long red ribbons at the back of the woman’s head-dress, otherwise she will meet a fate worse than death itself!)

  3. ThatJ says:

    Vladimir Putin Talks More Missiles and Might, Cost Tells Another Story

    …They call it “Russia’s military Disneyland,” and the underlying idea that Russia will soon field a high-tech, modernized army was indeed part fantasy

    …Russia feels alone and besieged

    …a military once better known for the drunk, ill-equipped conscripts

    …Russia shattered [the] European order by seizing Crimea and destabilizing Ukraine


    For Jewish-owned NYT, white Americans are all mongrels and Russia is a cesspool.

    And guess who’s the independent (the not-so-subtle hint that the man is not a Kremlin stooge) military analyst? Alexander Golts, who else!

    • yalensis says:

      Dear ThatJ:
      From now on, in order to balance the scales…
      Every time you show an example of a “bad Jew”, I will counter with a “good Jew”.
      Today’s entry: [drumroll]

      Israel Shamir !

      Who admittedly is sort of mulatto-looking, god only knows what is inside HIS DNA…

      • astabada says:

        A very nice initiative yalensis, but I fear you’ll run out of candidates much earlier than ThatJ, for the simple reason that dickheads are grossly overrepresented in any group.

        • Jen says:

          You do realise that Mr Christ was giving the finger to your god for saying that he had set out to rid the world of ice giants and since declaring his mission, he hasn’t seen any ice giants at all?

          • Moscow Exile says:

            Yea verily, whilst 1,992 after his floating off back to his dad’s place on high, his followers are still waiting for his promised return.

            • Jen says:

              He never said he was gonna return straight away after being crucified and post-crucifixion stress disorder takes many years, even centuries, to overcome.

              • Moscow Exile says:

                Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me. In My Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you,I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also.

                John 14:1-3

                Why did he (god, allegedly) need time in order to to prepare?

                “I will come again” is a statement of intention in English.

                The above is from the King James’ Bible.

                Note: he does not say “I shall come again”, which 400 years ago (and also now for me, an Englishman) means “I expect to come”.

                Modal auxiliary verb “will”, 1st person, is a statement of intent: here, a promise.

                No such almost-2,000 year-long arsing around with Woden.

                He never went nowhere, ya hear!

                • Jen says:

                  Yeah but that simply means Jesus just hasn’t fulfilled his promise. He hasn’t exactly broken his promise. For all we know, he’s probably stoking a big bonfire to fit in Poroshenko and Saakashvili.

                  Whereas on the other hand, Woden has never gone anywhere in 2,000 years – but where in all that time, and hundreds of millions of people having come and gone, has anyone actually seen him?

                  And don’t say, “Ah but Woden moves in mysterious ways!”

                • Moscow Exile says:

                  Woden appears at crossroads, where hanging trees were traditionally situated. He also appears as Father Christmas , who is more akin to the Slav “Grandad Frost”, or “Jack Frost” in the UK, than that Coca-Cola employee and erstwhile Bishop St. Nicholas, aka “Santa Claus”. That “Christmas” label was tagged on to Woden’s avuncular appearance at Yuletide so as to keep the Christian colonizers happy.

                • Moscow Exile says:

                  He does move in mysterious ways, though: he has a 6-legged horse.

                • Jen says:

                  The 8-legged horse whose mother was Loki, normally a male god, in the form of a mare when impregnated. Now that really was mysterious.

              • marknesop says:

                Ha, ha!! You kill me, you cut-up!

            • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

              Watch ye, heathen, for ye know not when He cometh.

    • ThatJ says:


      Every time you show an example of a “bad Jew”, I will counter with a “good Jew”.

      Two can play this game. Here’s my “good Jew” for today:

      • marknesop says:

        Brother Nathan is a Jew???

        • Max says:

          ex-Jew, a growing cohort.

        • ThatJ says:

          By ethnicity, yes. A huge number of Jews are atheists. You hear of atheist Jews, but not of atheist Catholics or Protestants.


          • Jen says:

            Brother Nathan (Kapner) is an Orthodox Christian convert.

            Incidentally I was brought up a low-church Anglican but do not now follow any form of Christianity nor do I believe in the Christian God. So if that does not make me an atheist Protestant (because of the low-church bit) or an atheist Catholic (because of the Anglican bit), what kind of atheist am I then?

            • yalensis says:

              Okay, so if Brother Nathan has Jewish DNA but converted to Orthodoxy, and is politically opposed to his fellow Jews, does that not refute Kevin MacDonald’s theory of biological determinism?

              From what I understand, MacDonald asserts that there is a strip of Jewish DNA which actually alters the thinking and behavior of Jews, making them herd-like and prone to protect their own tribal interests.

              I don’t know whether such DNA strands exist. This has neither been proven nor disproven. It cannot be ruled out completely, just based on the fact that, as we know, some animals and insects are driven by DNA to specific behaviors. For example, certain ants, when infected by a parasite, then exhibit the strange behavior of climbing up onto a blade of grass in broad daylight – to increase their chances of getting eaten by a cow. Something in the parasite’s DNA injection causes the ants to alter their behavior, via some mechanism that scientists have not worked out yet.

              Therefore, I do not completely discount the notion that some humans might carry DNA strands which cause a specific behavior, as laid out by Kevin MacDonald.

              But on the other hand, maybe all it takes is one counter-example…. LOL!
              ’cause, see, if you put a dog in a car and open the window, he will ALWAYS stick his head out the window. Any dog.
              But humans seem to be slightly more complicated than that.

              • marknesop says:

                A friend of mine who rides a motorcycle has a sticker on his that reads “Bikers get why dogs hang their heads out the window”. So maybe it’s even more widespread than you thought.

            • Moscow Exile says:

              Do you wanna know the addresses of some sacred groves in NSW?

              • Jen says:

                An entire district of our national capital was named in honour of Wotan so it must Australia’s largest sacred Wotanist grove, only most of its current inhabitants must be unaware of how it was named.

                • astabada says:

                  For the record, I live near there and when I arrived I already knew who Woden was thanks to this blog.

                • davidt says:

                  I had a colleague who many years ago needed to visit a psychiatrist. On one visit, his psychiatrist accused my friend of being angry with him. Despite a number of denials the psychiatrist continued with his accusations until in exasperation my friend said why do you continue saying this.. The psychiatrist pointed to a manila folder/envelope that he had brought with him- it had “Wotam” printed on it, that was the brand- and asked did he know who Wotam was. John twigged and answered the Norse god of war. He continued to patiently explain that he had only brought the file in because it contained exam papers that he didn’t want to leave in his car. (Nice to find out the etymology of Woden Valley- I notice that Wiki says Woden was Old English God of wisdom.)

                • Moscow Exile says:

                  It is a common misconception that Woden (Wotan for the other Germanic tribes; Odin for the Norsemen) was the god of war. He is more than that.

                  He is the wise man. He forfeited the sight of one eye in order to receive wisdom.

                • Jen says:

                  Tyr was actually the god of war in pagan Germanic mythology. He is mostly famous for binding the monster wolf Fenriz while placing his hand in the creature’s mouth. Fenriz was so angry at being bound that he bit the hand right off and so from then on Tyr had to cope with immortal life with only one hand.

                • Moscow Exile says:

                  Plenty of places in England named in honour of the chief Old English god:

                  Odin Mine, Castleton, Derbyshire
                  Odin Sitch, Castleton, Derbyshire
                  Wambrook, Somerset – “Woden’s Brook”.
                  Wampool, Hampshire – “Woden’s Pool”.
                  Wanborough, Wiltshire – from Wôdnes-beorg, “Woden’s Barrow”.
                  Wanborough, Surrey.
                  Wansdyke – “Woden’s dyke, embankment”.
                  Wanstead, Essex – “Woden’s Stead”.
                  Wednesbury – “Woden’s burgh”, West Midlands.
                  Woden Road in Wednesbury.
                  Wednesfield – “Woden’s field”, West Midlands.
                  Wednesham, Cheshire – “Woden’s Ham”

                  and on and on.

                  And there is, of course, “Wednesday” – “Woden’s Day”.

                  Waes hael!

                • yalensis says:

                  Dear David:
                  Your story about the psychiatrist reminds me of that scene in one of those old Woody Allen movies, Woody goes into a music shop to buy some records, and the clerk keeps oozing around him and asking very insidiously: “Would you like to look at some WAGNER records?”

              • davidt says:

                To Yalensis: My favorite example of Freudian analysis comes from A S Neil, who was the Headmaster at Summerhill School, a “progressive” school in England- the school was supported by Bertrand Russell. He tells the story of a young child whom he observed squashing snails. Neil said to the kid write down what you have just killed. The child started to write down “A Snail” but quickly corrected himself, saying “I get it, A S NEIL” (Many of the children at Summerhill had severe behavioural problems- that’s why they were sent to the school. Often kids would come into his office and say little, which would prompt Neil to say “What’s that? You want to know where babies come from?”)

                • Tim Owen says:

                  My favourite: the french man who reported a dream where he gave his father six roses. His father had been an abusive alcoholic.

            • Moscow Exile says:

              The first Christian was a Jew convert: J. Christ, Nazareth, Gallilee.

              • ThatJ says:

                Jews invest heavily in the “Jesus was Jew” meme. The target is American Evangelicals’ sympathy for the Holy Land and the Chosenites. Jesus’s Jewishness is still a matter of debate, though.

            • ThatJ says:


              The Amish, Mennonites, Alawites and Jews all share something in common. They are people whose religions have a strong ethnic core. They are called ethnic-religious for a reason.

              Islam, mainstream Protestantism and Catholicism are universal faiths. You have Middle Eastern Muslims, Asian Muslims, and even Turkic-derived “European” Muslims. The Poles are white and Catholic (those who are religious, anyway), and so are the Central American Mestizos. Protestantism is also a growing religion in Latin America. I would not be surprised if in the future there are more Protestants in Brazil than Catholics.

              Responding your question, you are simply an atheist.

              Jews, on the other hand, belong to an ethnic group, in that they come from a similar demographic pool stretching a long period of time.

              • astabada says:

                even Turkic-derived “European” Muslims.

                Hi ThatJ,

                I assume that you are talking about Turkey and Balkan Muslims.

                If so I strongly disagree that they are “Turkic-derived”.

                In the Balkans, ethnic Albanians are an ethno-linguistic group of the Indo-european family. So they are as “Turkic-derived” as are Slovenians or Germans.
                Muslims from Bosnia are Slavs, as is evident from their language.
                Even in Turkey, the genetic contribution of Turkic people is very small, while on the contrary the Turkish language belongs to the Turkic family.

                To see the difference just search pictures of Kazakh (=Turkic) women and Turkish women on a search engine.

                • yalensis says:

                  Dear Astabada:
                  In the Balkans, there seems to be a lot of confusion about ethnicity and religion.
                  I mentioned in previous comment, how some villages in Bulgaria, if you ask people what they are, they say they are “Turks”. But they speak Bulgarian and look Slavic.
                  They THINK they are Turks, because they are Muslims.

              • Jen says:

                If Jews belong to an ethnic group called “Jews”, that is partly because to begin with, they are not a large religious group compared to most other religions, and about 90% of them (the Ashkenazim) more or less share a common culture, language (Yiddish) and history that includes a long history of ostracism and persecution by Christians for various reasons.

                There is also the fact that Israel has assumed to itself leadership of the Jewish cultural world and in that country there are strong cultural homogenising tendencies that privilege Ashkenazi culture and views over other Jewish cultures, traditions and points of view. So to the extent that the Israeli government, other institutions in Israel and their supporters in other parts of the world are dominating global Jewish cultural, religious and political discourse with a narrow ideology, to the extent of reducing diversity and opposition among Jewish people, then we can say that Jews are becoming an ethnic group because of this homogenisation.

          • marknesop says:

            Sorry; I was being sarcastic. I should have said.

          • Moscow Exile says:

            Many of the Jewish faith, though, are ethnically not Semites. Most Russian Jews are not Semites. I saw a Jewish lad on the metro the other day wearing his little skull cap and dangling from below his jacket could be seen the tassles of his prayer shawl. No one was insulting or assaulting him. And he didn’t look particularly Semitic – not like, say, Weinstein, the former chess champ. And my Jewish neighbour, my wife’s old schoolmate, is beginning to look more like Dyed Moroz now, as his beard has now become quite grizzled and long.

            I’ve never heard him slagging off Russia and Putin either (he works in the the City Police Dept.), unlike his fellow “Jews” such as Gessen, Ioffe, the late and not lamented Novodvorskaya, Albats and native-Muscovite-lived-In-USA-for-50-years-or-so Beyer of the Moscow Times. However, unlike those professional Jewish Russophobes, my grizzled Jewish neighbour attends the Synagogue and Saturdays. And he’s a decent bloke.

      • Cortes says:

        Gerry Adams is looking well.

    • Drutten says:

      God, this pisses me off.

      I’ll just limit my remarks to the missile talk.

      First of all, Russia and USA are keeping tabs on each other and their respective strategic deterrence is pretty much equal numbers-wise. The START numbers from the the fall of 2014 say as much:
      USA: 794 deployed launchers, 1642 deployed warheads, 912 total launchers.
      Russia: 528 deployed launchers, 1643 deployed warheads, 911 total launchers.

      Now, Russia is scrapping strategic land-based missiles at an increasing rate, especially the ageing SS-25 and SS-18. These are being replaced by the new RS-24 Yars right now, and down the line the RS-26 Avangard, which are the missiles Vladimir Putin is talking about when he says they’ll acquire “40 new ones” and so on. These acquisition programmes do not constitute “saber rattling”, a “buildup” or anything of the sort – it’s all about necessary upgrades/replacements to keep the strategic deterrence effective. Needless to say, the US does the very same thing at a similar pace.

      …Unless, of course, you want to argue that Russia should freeze the development and acquisition of new weapons until they reach a point where their obsolete arsenal becomes wholly unable to actually deter a first strike. This seems to be what people are hoping for if you read between the lines, especially considering the recent outrage in Western media and political circles about Putins remarks on “40 new ones”.

    • marknesop says:

      This post was originally going to be on Alexander Golts, the biggest idiot on military issues this side of Pavel Fegenhauer, but I flew into such a temper upon reading that lascivious licking of Saakashvili that everything else went out of my mind.

      • ucgsblog says:

        I wonder, is it actually possible to be a bigger military idiot than Pavel Felgenhauer? Remember, he said that Georgians were going to humiliate the Russians during the Ossetian War.

    • ucgsblog says:

      They’re just seeing how much bullshit they can get away with. Russia’s armed forces are high tech; two of those Iskander thingies wreaked quite a havoc on an entire tank battalion. Just ask the current governor of Odessa, he’ll know. Not sure what they mean by “alone”, since Russia’s got China, India, Brazil and South Africa on Russia’s side. And remind me again, where were the last two World Cups of Soccer held? I’d say that they’re going for BRICS, with a halftime break in Qatar. And yes, the military did have drunk, ill equipped conscripts, but why aren’t the special forces mentioned? Surely it wasn’t drunk, ill equipped conscripts that captured the Presovo Airstrip. Oh wait, NYT doesn’t like to talk about that one, I heard in embarrassed slick willie. If we’re talking about fantasy, NYT’s coverage on Russia certainly qualifies: http://exiledonline.com/how-to-screw-up-a-war-story-the-new-york-times-at-work/

  4. yalensis says:

    In Ukrainian government news:
    Nalivaychenko has been fired as head of the SBU.
    People in the know, saw this coming for a while. The poor guy was about to take a trip to America, to rant to Congress about Russian threat.
    And then his trip suddenly cancelled.
    Next thing you know, he is fired, and the new guy (according to Lyashko) will be some guy named Vasily Gritsak.

    Nalivaychenko is suspected of being corrupt, something to do with the oil company BRSM-Nafta, blah blah blah. Suspected of graves crime, including ruining the ecology of the whole region, blah blah blah.

    Goes on to say, that Nalivaychenko was always the creature of the oligarch Firtash, and that Porky is attempting to cleanse the government of Firtash people.

  5. Fern says:

    Following on from the posts on page 1 of this thread concerning Russian assets in Belgium being seized on behalf of those poor Yukos shareholders, money has also been frozen in French banks. This is nothing more than outright theft – quite shocking. Western values in action.

    • ThatJ says:

      Khodorkovsky is a Rothschild protégé:

      But there was more. Khodorkovsky built some impressive ties in the West. With his new billions in effect stolen from the Russian people, he made some powerful friends. He set up a foundation modeled on US billionaire George Soros’ Open Society, calling it the Open Russia Foundation. He invited two powerful Westerners to its board—Henry Kissinger and Jacob Lord Rothschild.

      Khodorkovsky, Soros, Kissinger and Rothschild are all God’s Chosen People.

      During the ensuing Russian state prosecution of Yukos, it came to light that Khodorkovsky had also secretly made a contract with London’s Lord Rothschild not merely to support Russian culture via the Open Russia Foundation of Khodorkovsky. In the event of his possible arrest (Khodorkovsky evidently knew he was playing a high-risk game trying to create a coup against Putin) the 40% share of his Yukos stocks would pass into the hands of Lord Rothschild.


      Russia is playing with fire and considering the players in question she will most likely get burnt. The central role played by the Rothschilds in the banking sector, that most parasitic but profitable business, for the last two centuries is well known. They are an energic bunch and their agents of influence are everywhere. Orders can be given from the above — starting from the highest ranks — until the “message” reaches the unsuspecting subordinates, which it invariably does. After all, these are the people who bought the elections of an American president who dutifully kept his part of the bargain by granting the Rothschilds & fellow travellers the Federal Reserve that they have long dreamed.

      They have money. They have the proverbial “printing press”. Together, they have a bottomless pocket to fund political opponents, NGOs and back them with a servile media. In short, they have a myriad of options to threaten one’s political career.

      • Terje says:

        Looking at the Khodorkovsky Twitter account I see he has a gap between the 11 and 15 of June, coinciding with the Bilderberg meeting in Austria. The rest of the year there is normally at least one post every day. A not unreasonable guess would be that he was at the conference without being announced.

        • Fern says:

          Terje, great detective work! I suspect you’re right – wow, what a future is being planned for Russia.

          • marknesop says:

            Seconded – that was pretty clever. Doesn’t rise to the level of proof, of course, but it is a step away from the pattern and might be more than coincidence. I would not be at all surprised if your guess is accurate.

      • likbez says:

        This still does not explain inaptitude of Russian government. Fifth column at work ?


    • Russians, read this:
      Rule #1. Don’t you put money to western banks.
      Rule #2. Don’t buy property from the West.

      Problem solved.

  6. Pingback: About that Batumi Miracle… | OffGuardian

  7. BlackCatte says:

    Wonderful article! Reblogged on OffGuardian. “Increasingly porcine appearance”! Hehe.

  8. Erika says:

    “Russia’s former finance minister, Aleksey Kudrin, has proposed an early presidential election to provide a mandate for much-needed economic reforms.”


    Putin has a 88% approval rating, how much more credibility does he need?

    • marknesop says:

      This is one of the things I love about Kudrin; he’s such a reliable western stooge. Of course if Putin was such a fool as to acquiesce to early Presidential elections – I’ll say, three whole years early – the west would pull out all the stops to try and defeat him (maybe that’s why Khodorkovsky was (perhaps) at the Bilderberg meeting), and if they couldn’t do it they would bend all their efforts to showcasing massive electoral fraud and see if they couldn’t shoulder him out on a wave of protest. The west would have everything to gain and nothing to lose from such an early election.

      Of course Putin will not take the bait – why should he? He’s only halfway through his term. And Kudrin, predictably, is full of shit. Nazarbayev ran virtually unopposed in Kazakhstan, he might as well have been running against Kennedy for all the possibility he’d lose. Putin wouldn’t lose, either, but the west would make sure he had a hell of a fight, throwing everything it had behind the oposition. Nazarbayev may well have proposed all kinds of wonderful reforms – and “reform” has become the buzzword that “downsizing” and “outsourcing” once were, where a CEO could get a huge bonus just for sending the company’s work to someplace where workers would do it for a quarter the pay – but Kazakhstan’s Foreign Direct Investment fell off a cliff in 2013 and has made sporadic efforts to recover lost ground since. The bright picture Kudrin descibes as stemming from simple announcement of sweeping reforms is completely unsupported by evidence. As usual.

      • Kudrin visited Helsinki last week and his statements to Finnish media were almost surprising. For example he stated that Finland should definitely not join the NATO and that Russia would see it as a big threat. He also said that Crimea is and will remain Russian. The only criticism he had for Putin was about his economic policies.

        The Finnish hosts were clearly disappointed at Kudrin. He was invited to Finland as a Putin-critic but our media and the hosts of the event that he attended did not get such announcements from him that they hoped.

        • marknesop says:

          Very interesting, Karl – thank you for that inside info as it would not otherwise be available to many readers. I also am surprised, because such remarks are definitely un-stoogey. I’m still not a Kudrin believer yet, though – given a chance at the brass ring, he would revert to type.

          • I don’t like him either (because he seems to be a 5th columnist) and his remarks surprised the hosts as well who were expecting different kind of remarks.

            Here is the only English-language article about the event that I found with a fast search: http://www.finlandtimes.fi/national/2015/06/16/17652/Russia-prefers-non-expansion-of-NATO

            • marknesop says:

              Thanks again, Karl. As usual, Kudrin is full of shit – “Russia needs guarantees about NATO expansion”. As if. They’ve had such guarantees before, and NATO felt comfortable to do as it pleased just as soon as the opportunity arose. They used the excuse that NATO aspirants were knocking at the door, asking to be let in, what were they supposed to do? Reject them? And they would do so again. NATO cannot be trusted to keep its word longer than it takes to pour a glass of beer on the ground. Not that you would ever do that; I’m just saying, time-scale wise.

              • Btw, Kudrin was allowed to participate in the St.Petersburgh Economic Forum and even hold a speech there. Putin still considers him as his friend. Do you have any opinion why?

                • kat kan says:

                  If you want someone inside the opposition, do you choose the cleaner?

                  …though I am sure Putin knows exactly who was there, right down to the cleaner. And who talked with whom. Which he’d not know had the forum not been allowed to go ahead.

                • Jen says:

                  My opinion: Putin is humouring Kudrin and keeping him close. That way, Kudrin thinks his opinions and views still matter. Better that than to ignore him and allow him to be drawn into the orbit of the US embassy in Moscow.

                • marknesop says:

                  As it happens, I have. Putin is a skilled politician, and he knows visible tolerance of criticism is the perfect foil to hysterical accusations in the western press that he is intolerant of criticism, Also, he is well aware that as soon as he identifies a Russian individual in Russia as a threat, the west will try to build a revolution around him or her, and he does not want the headache or the ridiculous headlines English-speaking-world-wide about the massive popular support the person enjoys and how he/she is going to wipe the ground with Putin in the next election, as they did for Navalny. “One of the world’s greatest thinkers” one year, totally invisible the next. It annoys Russians, and Putin does not want annoyances for Russians, there are plenty already.

                  The Russian economy did quite well under Kudrin, but it continued to do even better after he was gone until the deliberate economic war against it by the west, so there is no traction for an allegation Kudrin was the magic ingredient which made the economy work. He is uncharismatic as a speaker and no danger to Putin – why single him out and make him interesting?

  9. marknesop says:

    Oh, dear. Tornado Battalion revolts, and barricades itself in a school in Severodonetsk. They threaten to kill anyone who approaches with the intent of disarming the battalion or arresting anyone in it. The battalion is allegedly formed largely of former convicts. Which, when you think about it, is pretty standard practice – every European military has convict battalions. What? Nobody else does it? You’re shitting me.

    • Drutten says:

      And these guys have systematically tortured and even gang-raped civilians they’ve stumbled upon in Donbass – even Kiev admits it (!).

      The other armed militias “Azov”, “Aidar”, “Donbas” and “Dnipro” have been caught engaging in the very same kind of activities, plus abductions and random executions of civilians. Numerous times, too. It even got to the point where Amnesty and HRW had no choice but to express “concern”, and that says whole a lot…

      The Right Sector obviously did all of this too, and just like Tornado they eventually decided to go full rogue and one of their battalions, companies or whatever it was got themselves beseiged by the regular army just like what’s happening now with Tornado.

      So is the UA regular army the only somewhat decent “faction” on Kiev’s side? Well, arguably – yes, indeed. But they too are guilty of war crimes far too numerous to list. Just the other day it was revealed that a bunch of UA soldiers had simply executed two elderly civilians point blank after having been told that they were sympathizing with the rebel movement.

      This kind of thing goes back to last summer. Something happened then… Before that (i.e. during the activities of May and April), regular UA soldiers deployed to the Donbass were reluctant to follow orders (orders that called for more violence than they were comfortable with, simply put) and they generally behaved politely. Heaps of them decided to give up and flee the country or even defect to the rebels.

      Kiev then realized that they needed indoctrination, radicals and general scum to actually get things done. This is where the “National Guard” comes in, all the fanatical battalions and the general breakdown of order. This process began slowly during the spring and by June, whatever decent people were left were drunk, miserable and generally careless, and the rest had been replaced by ideological extremists and various foreign mercenaries (typically right-wingers from the rest of Europe, but also a whole lot of random shitheads longing for blood).

      Make no mistake however, on the rebel side you got heaps of questionable figures as well. War attracts such folk – it’s like Yugoslavia all over again. The thing here though is that the Kiev side is consistently whitewashed to the extreme whereas the rebel movement is consistently equalled to whatever bad apples might reside therein. That’s bias for you.

      • Moscow Exile says:

        Тем временем, в оккупированной укрофашистами Авдеевке, укрофашисты позируют перед камерами, что бы доказать всему миру, а в частности “зомбированным” людям России, что фашизма на Украине нет, его придумал Киселёв.

        Source: Русские Онлайн | Новороссия

        Meanwhile, in occupied by Yukie fascists Avdiivka, Ukrainian fascists pose in front of cameras to prove to the world, and in particular to the “zombiefied” Russians, that there is no fascism in the Ukraine: this is a Kiselyov invention.

        Note the Uniate Catholic rosary beads: West Ukrainian “pan”.

        Same rosary-beaded moron with retard pals.


        What nazis?


        • Moscow Exile says:

          And this is what the swine do:

          Gorlovka after ATO artillery bombardment

          Похороны Анастасии Буториной. Помним. Скорбим.

          В результате обстрела Горловки украинской армией, Анастасия получила осколочное ранение грудной клетки с повреждением правого легкого, переломы 7,8, 9 ребер справа, а также осколочное проникающее ранение позвоночника.

          Девушка была госпитализирована в городскую больницу №2 , где ей была проведена операция, но состояние оставалось крайне тяжелым. Утром 16 июня девушка умерла. Сегодня 18 июня состоялись похороны Анастасии Буториной.

          The funeral of Anastasia Butorina. Remember. Grieve.

          As a result of the shelling of Gorlovka by the Ukrainian army, Anastasia received a shrapnel wound in the breast that caused damage to her right lung and, fractures of her 7th, 8th and 9th ribs on her right-hand side. The shrapnel penetration went right up to her spine.

          The girl was sent to City Hospital №2, where she underwent an operation, but her condition remained quite severe. In the morning of 16 June the girl died. Today,18 June, there took place the burial of Anastasia Butorina.

          Meanwhile, back in Kiev …

          These bastards have got to pay for this!

          • “These bastards have got to pay for this!”

            I agree, but unfortunately there is no such God that will punish every person who has committed evil deeds.
            And there is no human being on this planet who has both the will and ability punish the Kiev junta. They are invincible.

            • Moscow Exile says:

              They are certainly not invincible: they have suffered defeat already several times.

              However, many of the culprits of war crimes orchestrated by Kiev as well as many who have actually perpetrated such crimes will appear to enjoy a degree of immunity as regards their criminal actions: this always happens during and after hostilities.

              • They have only suffered defeats when Russia has decided to help the rebels. And lately Russia has been toning down its support for the rebels while showing willingness to cooperate with the Kiev regime. There is not going to be any Russian military intervention of any Russian operation to punish those who are responsible of war crimes in Donbass. So, as it stands, the war criminals in Kiev will go unpunished. It is a shitty world, but facts are facts.

                And currently it seems like the Donbass people will have to endure this war for years to come unless DPR and LPR are forced to surrender. Kiev is not going to lose this war because Russia will not intervene (and Russia is keeping the rebels from making any serious offensives).

                So currently the only options on the table are a long war or a defeat for Novorossiya. I again hope that I am wrong, but realistically it pretty much looks like this.

                • Moscow Exile says:

                  There is not going to be any Russian military intervention of any Russian operation to punish those who are responsible of war crimes in Donbass.

                  Of course there isn’t!

                  There won’t but any direct Russian punitative military intervention because – and this may come as a surprise to you – Donetsk and Lughansk Oblasts are not in Russia.

                  Are you saying that the Ukrainian seperatist citizens in those oblasts have only been successful against central government and oligarch forces because the Russian military has been fighting alongside them?

                  Or are you saing that they have only been succesful because of Russian logistic and intelligence support?

                  And if the latter, do you think such support will be withdrawn?

              • marknesop says:

                It results in strong statements such as Zakarchenko’s that the Donbas can never be part of Ukraine again; that it must be independent. I didn’t hear anyone contradict him.

                I don’t know how much longer they can keep taking civilian casualties, though, before so many people leave that Kiev can reationalize there’s nothing left in the towns but militia. It’s a pretty solid strategy, really – if they can argue convincingly that all the people remaining are combatants, they can put the whole area under such an artillery bombardment that nothing will be left alive or unbroken. Ammunition is certainly not a problem, or guns either. If they can’t do that, then the steady accumulation of civilian casualties puts the DNR in a position that they must attack to push them back, and when they do it will be to shouts of “Here come the aggressors, attacking us!!” And the west will plainly not intervene unless it is to stir the pot.

          • Jen says:

            I suppose the good thing about Porky Pig, Saakarkrashianvili and his past cabinets in Gruziya, Tony Bleurgh, Jaresko and various other foreigners (maybe also the current Saudi king and crown prince and their entourages once they’ve been deposed by their disgruntled relatives in Riyadh over KSA’s failed invasion of Yemen?) taking up jobs in Porky’s government and being in the one place at any one time, is that eventually Russia will need only one or two missiles to despatch them all to the Elysian Fields.

          • marknesop says:

            Ukraine’s western backers are so covering themselves with filth and shame that it can never be washed away. Cameron is no less guilty than Blair; Hollande no less guilty than Obama. Harper no less guilty than any of them, for their bellicose support of the war. Had they intervened by now to stop it, it would be stopped – it is only their singsong “President Poroshenko has a right to protect his country” that keeps it going.

            What goes around comes around, motherfuckers. President Al-Assad has a right to protect his country, too.

        • marknesop says:

          The skinny little one on the right looks like he just got out of Dachau himself. He better be careful pulling that bicep – he might turn himself inside-out. Those are the kind, though, that love to be behind a gun.

    • et Al says:

      They interviewed a child on CNN? Should he have been accompanied by at least one parent. God, if only the Guardian would go behind a paywall like the Times, but no. They like spreading their shit far and wide.

    • Cortes says:

      Looks like Dynamo, the gay opera singer psycho from Governor Terminator’s much undermisestimated movie “The Running Man”

  10. et Al says:

    Just for LOLZ.

    Thomson’s Neuter Fountain: EU to launch limited naval operation against migrant-smugglers

    …but it will be limited to intelligence-gathering for now because of a lack of U.N. authority or Libyan consent…

    …but will authorise only a first phase using ships and planes to gather intelligence about the migrant traffickers’ activities in international waters.

    A second phase envisages boarding ships, arresting smugglers and disabling boats on the high seas, while a third could involve similar operations in Libyan waters or special forces missions on land against smugglers’ boats.

    EU governments will not agree to move beyond the intelligence-gathering phase without Libyan authorities’ consent to the mission and a U.N. Security Council resolution — neither of which has so far been obtained…

    We were all told that they were going to bomb the f/k out of the smugglers, wily nily. Why all this concern for international law and sovereignty all of a sudden? Because it is Brussels – all about projecting unity even if there is none and the lowest common denominator. They can get away with the usual bs and hypocrisy, but this is one circle they cannot square.

    If Brussels has any sense, it should provide quotas for migrants to EU states based on the number of military operations they have carried out. The EU, it can bomb a cake but it won’t eat it…

    • ThatJ says:

      Window dressing for the public.

      The boats, many of which are inflatable, can be set up in a matter of minutes. There is no way they can successfully patrol the entire coast of Libya. A more decisive action would be to return the aliens as soon as they are detected in the seas, or land in their destination, and then destroy the boat.

      The European Union won’t do this because they really don’t want the problem solved, and their useless “operation” against the smugglers is to make cover for the fact that they won’t follow the most obvious, less intrusive, less time-consuming path: immediate deportation.

      Unfortunately for the hostile elite of the EU, there is no Rio Grande equivalent between Africa and Europe, hence the alien interlopers cannot swim.

      This complicates EU’s hopes of doing to the EU what the hostile elite of the US had done to their country**, so they have to resort to “saving” the aliens and bringing them to Europe, where their non-deportation leads to a life of clandestinity, and, not unlike in the US, amnesty proposals will eventually be made — and approved. It’s their not-so-stealth way of dispossessing the white race in Europe.

      The scheme is very simple:
      1) the aliens set sail from the shores of Libya;
      2) the European vessels, military or otherwise, get a call;
      3) the aliens are rescued and brought to Europe;
      4) rinse, repeat.

      The EU was proposing to distribute the aliens across all member states, because the USSR/Moscow-maintained homogeneity of countries in Central and Eastern Europe disturbs EU’s Zionist-beholden hostile elites.

      ** white birthrate in the US dropped from accounting to almost 90% of all births in 1960 to less than 50% today, an incredible ~40% drop in 50 years since the Zionists’ long-sought Immigration Act of 1965 became law.

    • marknesop says:

      Create a humanitarian crisis and then make the would-be refugees live in it. The UN would fuck up the Lord’s Prayer. It could not be sent unsupervised to search a green salad for lettuce. Every bit as useless and beshitted as John Bolton once said it was, although Washington has discovered how useful it is as a meaningless debating club so long as Washington can obtain the resolutions it seeks. When it can’t, R2P was specifically engineered to do an end-run around it.

  11. yalensis says:

    Russia promises tit for tat punishment against Belgium, if the latter carries through with its threats.

    On Thursday, Russian Foreign Minister called Belgium Ambassador Alex Van Meeuwen to the carpet and berated him.
    Russia threatenend to confiscate Belgian property in Russia, in retaliation.

    Meanwhile, France is acting in tandem with Belgium to attack Russia. There were reports that France has gone after the offices of “Russia Today” and the TV channel for RT.

    Analysts say there is plenty of Belgium property in Russia, which could be confiscated in retaliation, and that Belgium could feel significant pain, if they don’t back off.

    Ditto goes for French property.

    Furthermore, Article 8, Paragraph #1 of Russian law on foreign investments, foresees the possibility, under exceptional conditions, of nationalising and confiscating property of foreign companies.

    Russia has the ability to freeze foreign accounts and also freeze the flow of profits to the host country, from companies that operate on Russian soil.
    To get the biggest bang for the buck, Russia would focus on companies which have billions of dollars invested in the Russian economy.

    Examples of possible targets:
    Belgium company “Lamifil”., which produces electrical wires for the Russian city of Uglich. (850 million euros)
    Belgian company “Unilin”, which produces laminates for the Nizhegorodskaya region (700 million euros)
    Belgian company Glaverbel,which produces furniture.
    Other Belgian companies which invest in Russia includes pharmaceuticals, chocolate, construction, etc.

    French business is even more widespread in Russia, and there is a lot of money at stake.
    For example, the French bank Societe Generale is a main shareholder in Rosbank.

    Other major French companies include Renault and Peugeot-Citroen (automobiles).
    Also Dannon yogurt, L’Oréal cosmetics, and other big names.
    Analysts warn, that the freezing of French assets in Russia could lead to the loss (by the French) of several tens of billions of euros.

    Bring it on, Frenchies….

    • cartman says:

      I heard the potential penalties for refusing to honor the Mistral contract go into the tens of billions. Russia hasn’t said anything about pursuing those, but it has staked a conciliatory position. That could change.

      • marknesop says:

        I can’t see how they could; the international courts are western-dominated and would cover France’s ass. But those penalties which are spelled out in the contract are certainly enforceable, as France signed it knowing there must be at least a possibility they would be invoked. Russia has a solid chance of getting back at least all it spent, and probably a bit more. And France is stuck with two ships that were on the edge of being operational, are brand-new and now will probably be scrapped to recover their metal value without ever having been used. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, and you sure couldn’t make that shit up. Merci, Washington.

        • ucgsblog says:

          Simple solution: France sells to China, gives money to Russia, then Russia returns said money to China and China gives Russia the Mistrals. And the crew gets to sail the ships all around the World. Make the entire transaction in Yuan, just for the lulz.

  12. yalensis says:

    “Do not go gently into that good night.
    Rage, rage, against the firing of your ass.”

    Nalivaychenko seems to be saying.

    Barely had he slammed the door behind him, when Nalivaychenko was giving an interview to the “Obozrevatel” newspaper.
    Sounding not unlike an extremely ticked off J. Edgar Hoover, Nalivaychenko hinted that he kept copies of his blackmail files and has some juicy dirt on the oligarch Firtash. Plus lots of other stuff, because “in the SBU we do not burn files”.

    “All the people who figured in this affair [Nalivaychenko is talking about some secret trip to Vienna, organized by Firtash back in 2014 just before the presidential elections], all the participants in this Vienna junket (…) will have to stand before a judge. Let me clarify: there exist, at a minimum, two highly-placed individuals of that (Vienna) meeting, and they currently hold positions of power. One of them is a (government) Minister, and the other one works in the Administration of the President. And I can say, very precisely, that they will be summoned to appear in an American court.”

    Nalivaychenko says that the compromising material he has in his files goes back to 2008-2009 and especially to 2014, which is when he returned to government service and took the SBU gig.

    The buried lede in all of this ranting, is that Nalivaychenko threatens to bring his enemies into an AMERICAN court, to face justice. Not a Ukrainian court. An American court.

    • yalensis says:

      Today’s inspirational thought, dedicated to Nalivaychenko:

    • marknesop says:

      It would be too bad if anything were to…happen to Nalivaychenko….Does he forget where he is? Life is cheap in Ukraine right now.

    • ThatJ says:

      Maybe Nalivaychenko has his contacts and we don’t know. Fortruss posted recently about a possible coup in Kiev. Whether “his” people are organized and ready for action we don’t know. I’m of the view that nothing will happen in Kiev. The government has control over the generals, and the Zionists have control over the government. In all likelihood, the army would be summoned to Kiev, there would be a massacre, and the Western media would report that violent Nazis/far-right thugs were dealt with by the democratic government.

      In Germany there was an occultist organization called Thule Society that was instrumental in putting down the nascent Jew-ridden Soviet government in Bavaria. Kiev’s budding Semitic regime is likewise ridden with bad intentions, and the total lack of foresight by high-ranking nationalists like Nalivaychenko makes him an unfit person to lead a nationalist movement.

      The problem with Nalivaychenko is that he himself was a committed Zionist stooge, so from the very beginning he was on the wrong side.

      Did he set up a parallel structure, hidden from his handlers? There was no communist stooge among the Thule Society, so the Reds were left in the dark. I think Nalivaychenko is just too stupid to organize anything along Thule Society’s lines. He did not even consider the possibility of betrayal by Washington because of his nationalist and Semitic-sceptic views. What was this idiot thinking?

      FEBRUARY 21, 1919.

      The idealistic but hapless Kurt Eisner — who preceded political speeches with symphonic concerts — is assassinated by a young count and would-be Thulist.
      The police descend upon Thule headquarters, looking for inflammatory leaflets and other evidence of Thule Society involvement in the plot.
      Was the notoriously anti-Semitic Thule Society somehow responsible for Eisner’s assassination ?

      Kurt Eisner, The Archetypal Jew

      Sebottendorff stonewalls, and threatens to instigate a pogrom if the police don’t leave the Thule Society alone.
      The police comply.

      APRIL 7, 1919.

      A rebel Bavarian Soviet Republic is proclaimed in Munich as the legitimate minister-president of Bavaria flees north with his council to the town of Bamberg to prevent the Communists from taking over the government.
      The Thule organizes among the anti-Communist factions in Munich, and Sebottendorff (together with his friend, the racist priest Bernhard Stempfle) begins conspiring with the “exiled” Bavarian government in Bamberg for a counter-revolt.

      APRIL 13, 1919.

      The Palm Sunday Putsch.
      An abortive attempt by the Thule Gesellschaft — with other anti-Communist groups — to take power in Munich.
      There is bloodshed. The Putsch fails. Munich explodes into anarchy.
      The Communists seize control of the city and begin taking hostages.
      The Red Army is on the march… and hunting for the Thule Gesellschaft.

      APRIL 26, 1919.

      Sebottendorff is away at Bamberg, busy organizing a Freikorps (Free Corps) assault on Communist headquarters, when a Red Army unit raids Thule Society offices and arrests its secretary, the Grafin Hella von Westarp, and seizes the Thule membership lists.

      Munich Counter Revolution – 1919

      Six more Thulists are arrested at their homes, including the Prince von Thurn und Taxis, a well-connected aristocrat with blood relations among the crowned heads of Europe.

      APRIL 30, 1919.

      The High Holy Day of European Paganism and Witchcraft.

      Grafin Hella von Westarp

      The Red Army executes the captured Thulists and other hostages, shooting them against a wall in the courtyard of Luitpold High School.
      It is probably the worst mistake they could have made.
      The next day, an obituary appears in Sebottendorff’s “Münchener Beobachter” — a newspaper which a year later becomes the official organ of the NSDAP, the “Völkischer Beobachter” — giving the names of the seven murdered cultists and laying the blame on the doorstep of the Red Army.
      The citizens of Munich are finally outraged, shaken out of their lethargy.
      Thulists continue their well-organized campaign of propaganda against the Communist regime.
      The people take to the streets.
      The Free Corps — twenty thousand strong — marches on Munich under the command of General von Oven.
      For the first time in history, storm troopers — members of the Ehrhardt Free Corps Brigade — march beneath a swastika flag, with swastikas painted on their helmets, singing a swastika hymn.


      At that time, the great humanitarians, friends of the oppressed (who in Russia killed scores of proletariat peasants, go figure…) failed in their revolution, and Ludendorff played an important role in abolishing Red rule in Bavaria, avoiding its spread to the rest of Germany.

      Wikipedia notes that “[Ludendorff] became a pagan worshiper of the Nordic god Wotan; he detested not only Jews but also Christianity, which he regarded as a weakening force.”

      • yalensis says:

        Dear ThatJ:

        Yes, this is very interesting historical information about the Thule people.
        This goes to Trotsky’s analysis of fascism, as I mentioned in a previous post. During the early 1930’s there was debate within the Communist movement as to the origins and essence of fascism. (It was a burning issue at the time, it goes without saying.) Echoes of this debate actually made their way into the Ilf and Petrov comic novella, “The 12 Chairs”. [citation needed – will provide later, yalensis]

        Ideological specialists in the Comintern took the (incorrect) view that fascism was simply a conspiracy among the elites, purpose being to put anti-Communist junta in power.
        The Trotskyists, based on Trotsky’s analysis, took a slightly different, and in my opinion correct, view:
        According to Trotsky, fascism was a MASS movement, primarily of the petty-bourgeoisie class. With some adherents among the elites, true (as in your example, with the Thule chappies), and using lumpen-proletarians (basically, street thugs), as their muscle. (which, in this case, would be Ludendorff and his pals, which went on to become Hitler’s SA)

        The basis of the “classical” mass fascist movement is directed against the ideas of communism and/or socialism, they don’t like workers, trade unions, etc. They also don’t like Jews, it goes without saying.

        In your own personal case, I suspect you became a fascist because you felt that Jews had thwarted the flowering of your career. You had to blame somebody.
        You also hate African-Americans and other dark-skinned peoples, because you don’t like the way they look, and they make you feel uncomfortable.
        Therefore, fascism is the perfect ideology for you.
        But you are wary, because you see Jews ensconced everywhere, even in the fascist movements. Therefore, you are seeking a pure Aryan fascist movement to join.
        Something like the Thules.
        Oh well, if you can’t find one, you can always start a movement yourself.
        Just make sure to let us know the link of your blogsite when you do. Cheers!

    • Drutten says:

      (…) in the SBU we do not burn files

      Except when they have something to do with the coup, apparently. Really, this is the intelligence agency that eavesdrops on everybody and their mothers, has mysterious photographers and agents everywhere and catches gazillions of Russian GRU spies every week. Yet they apparently have no clue at all about what happened in the very center of the Ukrainian capital during those fateful February days.

  13. astabada says:

    @ThatJ, yalensis

    To respond for brother Nathan, I quote Juliano Mer Khamis.

    I would like to recommend the documentary “Arna’s children”

    • marknesop says:

      That is a great blog, they always have stuff hot off the press, quicker even than The Saker. Quite good analysis, too.

    • yalensis says:

      Well, the night has come and gone, and no Nalivaychenko coup, from what I can see, scanning the Russian press.
      I suspect the coup will fizzle out, since Americans are backing Porky & Co.
      As one commenter put it: “Without Nuland’s cookies, there can be no Maidan.”

      • yalensis says:

        P.S. – and to that point, NATO came out with a statement , that they want to see the “extremists” expelled from Ukrainian army. By which, they mean the neo-Nazi battalions, it goes without saying.

        • The problem is that Right Sector is heavily involved in the corruption and lustration purges here in Kiev. So they are our most effective reformers. Azov can be neutralized because of its locale, But right sector is everywhere, including Kiev, and we need Right Sector to make the government afraid enough to reform (lustration), or the next Maidan will require even stronger action. The people won’t take the post-soviet corruption, Donbas organize crime, and Russian support of crime and corruption any longer. If the people need another revolution they’ll do it. And Right Sector is both extremely intolerant of corruption, and disproportionately responsible for military successes. So they retain credibility.

          • cartman says:

            It’s just a terrorist group like the Taliban. Except the reason they shoot innocent people at restaurants is because they like to get drunk.

            The fact that Yarosh could only win a seat in a single-member district says a lot more about their support. People who tell you they support them are terrified to say otherwise.

          • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

            They’re looters and grifters like all Maidanauts.

            Get to the front.

          • yalensis says:

            Dear Curt:
            I take it, you are a card-carrying member of Right Sektor?
            Please tell me more.
            What is your opinion of Adolph Hitler?

          • marknesop says:

            Why do you keep saying “our”? Do you consider yourself Ukrainian? What is your common bond with them (besides a hatred of Russia and Russians)?

        • marknesop says:

          I suspect they’re just saying that as a fig leaf, for cover, and do not care if it is not enforced. Because the ATO effort would fall apart without the violence and fascist zeal of the Punishment Battalions, while Kiev at least knows where they all are. It is not interested in having them back in civilian clothes and roaming the streets trying to satisfy their blood lust on targets of opportunity.

  14. Moscow Exile

    “There won’t but any direct Russian punitative military intervention because – and this may come as a surprise to you – Donetsk and Lughansk Oblasts are not in Russia.”

    Yes, I was thinking that Russia will eventually intervene in Donbass over a year ago but certainly not anymore. Things have gone past that point. Donbass does not have the same value for Russia that Crimea has. That is why Russia did intervene in Crimea but not in Donbass.

    But those who say that Russia does not intervene in Donbass “beacause Donetsk and Lugansk people are not Russian citizens” are obviously wrong. Russia did intervene in Crimea even if at the time the Crimean people were not Russian citizens. Russia does not see Donbass as a valueble asset as it sees Crimea but more of a burden. This is why it has been left to fight against the Kiev junta.

    “Are you saying that the Ukrainian seperatist citizens in those oblasts have only been successful against central government and oligarch forces because the Russian military has been fighting alongside them? Or are you saing that they have only been succesful because of Russian logistic and intelligence support?”

    Yes, that is partially true. From what I have read from multiple (pro-Russian) sources is that Russia did help the rebels especially in two or three occasions: In Ilovaysk, Debaltsevo and possibly in Donetsk airport. They are calling this help as “northern wind”. People like Colonel Cassad have been writing about it. I don’t know how much direct military support the rebels got from Russia back then, but the support was certainly bigger then than it is now. Russia has toned down its support considerably.

    On their own the rebels are not able even to drive the junta out of Donetsk, as the current situation is. “Northern wind” is not blowing now and the rebels are stuck defending their positions under constant shelling and mounting civilian and military casualties. At the other day Zakharchenko was talking about evacuating whole districts of Donetsk because civilians are dying and in constant danger. That shows how dire the situation there is. The Kiev military has also become better, mostly due to training from US advisers. Their artillery is now more accurate and it causes serious losses for the NAF every day.

    “And if the latter, do you think such support will be withdrawn?”

    I think it was already been withdrawn, at least for temporary. Russia wants the rebels to adhere the Minsk agreement (while their enemy is given a free pass to break it). That means no Russian military support for the rebels (while the US gives a direct military support to the Kiev junta which is against the Kiev agreement) and no heavy weaponry in the front line for the rebels (while Kiev is again allowed to break the Minsk agreement and shell Donetsk every day with heavy artillery).

    If things don’t change the Novorossiya will lose the war. Either by a fast onslaught that breaks the NAF defense line (and Donetsk falls) or more likely with a slow attrition with constant non-stop shelling of civilian and military targets with heavy artillery while the rebels are not allowed to respond in kind (because Russia is not giving them the needed support and a permission).

    I hope that I’m wrong and another Ilovaysk/Debaltsevo comes out of the blue, but I’m not seeing it happening. I’m not even dreaming about taking Mariupol and Slavyansk anymore. I just want the Kiev junta driven out of an artillery reach of Donetsk and Gorlovka. But right now they can’t even do that. They are fighting a losing war.

    • Here is a related story from Lenta: http://lenta.ru/news/2015/06/17/usa_kiev/

      Ukrainian parliamentarian and the head of organization “Brotherhood” and a former leader of UNA-UNTSO calls on to create concentration camps for the citizens of Donbass and a complete destruction of civilian infrastructure in all parts of Donbass in order to “break their will”.

      For him bombing of civilian infrastructure (houses, roads, factories, bridges etc.) is a “necessity to win this war”. He’s taking the USA’s example when they bombed Dresden in order to break the Wehrmach morale.

      This is where I see the war is going. Kiev is becoming more bold. Their last big defeat happened almost half a year ago. Since then the rebels have been rather losing than winning.

      The Kiev junta knows that they are backed by the West and are given a free reign to do just about what they want. There is basically no “red line” for them. They could literally kill every civilian in Donbass without repercussions. The Donbass people have become “personan non grata” for the Kiev junta and for the West. The human rights that the West likes to preach have been denied from the Donbass people.

      But the big question mark is Russia. The Kiev junta knows that the West will cover their asses in any case, but what about Russia? The only thing that can prevent the Kiev junta from “cleansing” Donbass would be Russia. Would Russia risk a bigger confrontation with the West by stopping the genocide of Donbass or would Russia let it happen?

      The Kiev junta is going to “test the waters”, so to speak. They will bring more and more heavy weaponry to the front line (they are doing it all the time). They are gradually increasing the destruction of civilian infrastructure in Donbass. They are gradually killing more and more civilians. They are watching if Russia reacts. If no reaction from Russia, the force against Donbass will be again increased by a nod.

      This is what their attrition tactic will be and it will continue for years, as long as Donbass falls. The West will finance their military so there is no hope of Kiev falling on its own weight.

      • marknesop says:

        Two things wrong with that analysis – one, Kiev doesn’t have years. It is desperately trying to restructure its debt in order to stagger on for a few more months. During that time, the west hopes it can take Donbas. Two, Russia knows very well that Donbas’s chief value to Moscow is as a frozen conflict, with no decisive victory for either side. When Donbas achieves full independence, as I believe it will, the west may decide to settle for half a loaf rather than none, and induct rump Ukraine into NATO so as to use it for bases and as a general thorn in Russia’s side. But it still hopes it will get it all, except Crimea which was the biggest prize of all.

        A couple of things may happen – if Kiev gets confident and makes a rush for Donbas to overrun it, it cannot do it so fast that Russia can’t react. And its eagerness to give it a try can scarcely have escaped Moscow’s attention. Therefore, I believe there is a plan for that eventuality, and forces pre-designated to respond immediately. If such an attack comes, it may well result in the annihilation of the Ukrainian army, or at least such a bloody defeat that it could not mount such an attack again in the time that is left to it. The west will let it off the leash, but they won’t back it up and if they cannot take Donbas they will suffer a counterattack that will have Porky seeing stars.

        Another result is that the situation is destroying the OSCE’s credibility – western institutions in general are losing ground steadily to cynicism as artillery bombardments go on of rebel areas right under the OSCE’s nose. Never forget that Putin is not the villain here – he’s doing exactly what the rules say he must; staying out of it. He didn’t make the rules, yet Russia is the only one respecting them. The west too is suffering steady erosion of its credibility, and you see more and more “Nazi” stories all the time. Once that cat is out of the bag, it cannot be put back in.

        Lastly, the situation in Ukraine is not comfortable for anyone. It’s not as if the rest of Ukraine outside the Donbas is fat and happy, with plenty of money. they’re barely scraping by, too, and under steadily more repressive laws to control their behaviour. The entire country is a powder-keg, and the extremists insist Porky prosecute the war, while that way lies the probable annihilation of his army. Meanwhile, waiting is not a bad strategy for Russia at all. The west may indeed continue to finance the Ukie military, but that is no comfort to the rest of Ukraine.

        I know you agonize over the needless civilian deaths, as do I. But Putin is not the bad guy for not stopping it, because he runs a terrible risk of hurting his own people inside his own country thereby and the rules say he must not intervene. The villains are the Ukrainian government and its debased, sick western backers who almost have an orgasm every time some new rebel group takes up arms against the state all over the world, crooning that it is the holy exercise of freedom and an unquenchable thirst for democracy – except for Ukraine, where the west urgently desires the state use its military might to grind the rebels to powder.

        • Paul II says:

          I would change “Kiev doesn’t have years” to “Poroshenko doesn’t have years”. The US has long and good experience at taking horrible countries with ethnic murder campaigns and civil wars and keeping them afloat. Think Guatemala. Whether or not there is an official default/IMF takeover is not really the big issue.

          So, if the US keeps Kiev on life support for years, and gradually moves in NATO or PMC forces into places like Lvov and Odessa, will the Kremlin be OK with it? Kharkov is a big red line because of reaching the missiles in the Urals, but what about Odessa? Besides, Transdenistria would likely be lost if Odessa became a NATO playground.

          Not trying to give the Kremlin a hard time in this, as all choices were probably somewhere between bad and terrible. There real mistakes were likely years ago, and it is disheartening that those involved, such as Zurabov, are not in front of a tribunal of some sort.

          • marknesop says:

            I don’t think it ever occurred to Moscow that the west would try this sort of full-on regime-change effort in Ukraine. After all, the Orange Revolution implanted a government hostile to Russia, and except for some rude language things went on pretty much as they had before. Russia still rented Sevastopol, and Ukraine still bought and transited Russian gas, because it hadn’t much choice. If it had tried anything too radical, it would have burned up the country without having much serious effect on Russia.

            Therefore, I don’t think it occurred to Moscow that the west – pointed and whipped on by Washington – would actually go to the lengths of burning up the country in order to get at Russia. It probably did not occur to most Ukrainians, either. They’re all learning differently together, now.

            Moscow might have made the mistake of believing Yushchenko was the worst they had. But not many people would have foreseen that the west would implant a fanatical Nazi government in Ukraine and then stand idly by while it killed thousands of its own people in a bloody civil war, while instituting snitch laws and compiling a public website of enemies of the state which would result in their murder by radicals. Who would have thought the beacon of democracy would sign on for that, and make a laughingstock of its reputation as a peacemaker and guiding light of freedom and tolerance?

            • Paul II says:

              Then you are making the case that the Russian establishment is more out to lunch than the creative class. Russia pretty much declared war on the Anglo-American powers in Syria, and the build-up of Nazi armies in the Ukraine over the last few years was just as much of a joke as al-CIAduh was. Besides, in Yuschenko’s days, the Nazi brainwashing and infrastructure wasn’t as solid, and the West still had big hopes that the Kremlin would come to its senses and put in someone like Yeltsin again. That infrastructure became solid because the Kremlin was so . I am reminded of Talleyrand referring to the Bourbons on that point. And it is a safe bet that all the folks involved in this cluster***** will be rotated with the screw-ups in other parts of the great bureaucratic, neoliberal morass in Moscow. Whoever is in charge of fighting corruption can rotate with whoever was in charge of handling the Ukraine. Why not?

              Whoever is shocked with the limited war in the Eastern Ukraine and the events in Odessa must have not noticed what has gone on in the Arab world over the last few years. Compared to Syria or Libya, the US hasn’t even gotten warmed up. Or maybe this goes back to the rather mystifying plaintive cry out of Moscow (and St. Petersburg before that) over the last 30 years (or perhaps 130 years) that all Russia wants is equality or fairness or reciprocity or whatever the term is. A Russian aristocrat who accidentally kills a peasant in an accident in France should be treated the same as a French aristocrat who accidentally kills a peasant in Russia. That kind of thing. The trouble is that equality is something you earn, as China has. If your economy resembles a big Congo with military and nuclear power exports added to the mix, you need fewer speeches, and more hard work. Then you won’t have to ask for equality; it will be understood.

              • marknesop says:

                If refusing to give the Anglo-American side what it wants on its terms is declaring war on it. Russia was extremely cooperative with the west up as far as cancelling the sale of the S-400 to Iran – which to my mind it should not have done – and did not come into open conflict with the west on Syria beyond helping to expose its war-at-any-pretext agenda. Russian ships did not attack American ships in the Med, Russia did not put troops into Syria or sell/transfer advanced AA systems to Syria, although they were accused of doing so almost weekly and there was no end of mysterious Bellingcat-style photos purportedly showing Russian cargo ships loading heavy weapons for shipment to Syria. that’s precisely the problem – the west considers any show of defiance or non-compliance to be a declaration of war.

                I don’t get the aristocrat/peasant analogy – has there been such an instance, where some Russian aristocrat living abroad killed a peasant and got away with it?

                • Paul II says:


                  If your business and survival is based on the model that you boss around the world and force everyone to play by your rules, then interfering in Syria to the extent Russia did is declaring war on the means of the US’s prosperity. Let us say you are the boss of a gang that collects 10% of the profits from all businesses in your area of control. If another powerful player from far away comes in and prevents you from smashing a guy who doesn’t pay the 10%, he is seriously weakening your business and long-term survival. Why should a place like, say, Egypt do what the US wants if the US can’t properly discipline them for not doing what they are told on important matters?

                  Not saying the American model is good for the world, but it is nothing new.

                  The text about aristocrats was simply to point out that Russian leaders and diplomats have rather legalistic and elitist statements about a desire for equality, and one hears them quite regularly. Russian and Soviet elites have been talking like this for decades, but the Chinese approach of reforming and achieving equality is what Russia should do in my opinion. The Kremlin has gone about this all wrong in my view. Instead of political reforms that allow liberal lawyers to achieve positions of power (and give speeches about equality), the Chinese approach of liberalizing the opportunities for economic and technological development has worked much better.

                • marknesop says:

                  I’m sorry, I’m still not getting where Russia interfered in Syria in a fashion that suggested it wanted to boss the world and force Syria to play by its rules (or force the world to play by its rules, I’m not clear). The last I remember, the United States was hopping from foot to foot in its eagerness to launch a leadership-decapatory cruise-missile strike on Damascus, which Kerry promised would be “just a little one”, and which the Arab states were going to cough up the money for. As we well know, behind the cruise-missile strike comes the no-fly zone and then the humanitarian corridors and then the fall of the “regime”. Have I missed an entire bolshie and bourgeoisie interference by Moscow? Is the suggestion that Russia should have butted out of affairs which were not its concern and let American-led regime change take its “natural course”?

  15. Jeremn says:

    The Derbyshire Banderites have their poster exposed by Valentina Lisitsa. She is brave.

    • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

      The PPsH was another Banderite favourite, but showing your heroes using enemy weaponry is ideologically uncomfortable.

      • Jeremn says:

        The comments to the tweet are incredible, that poor woman is getting a lot of hate.

        • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

          That’s what Maidanauts are like. Unavoidable really – beyond a certain point it’s impossible to have a ‘moderate’ outlook the subject, so one is either a frothing Maidanaut or a frothing anti-Maidanaut.

        • marknesop says:

          The battle lines are being drawn, and it is good to have her on the same side.

    • marknesop says:

      I don’t know how long that organizations stuff was up there before Shytehawk drew attention to it, but it came down like somebody tied a cinder block to it. You can’t find that poster now, except in screen caps.

  16. yalensis says:

    Time to boycott the Red Bull soda pop:

    First saw this story on Val Lisitsa’s twitter feed , then, since I don’t speak Twitter, had to figure out what they were talking about.

    Turns out there is this guy named Mustang Wanted. He is a Ukrainian athlete and daredevil, he is the guy who climbed up to the top of those Moscow skyscrapers and raised Ukrainian flag, just to prove a point.

    Mustang is also a member of a punitive battalion, Azov, I believe. And is a known neo-Nazi.
    So, anyhow, this guy was celebrated on the cover of (the French edition of) Red Bull’s marketing magazine. He is shown as a prime specimen of what athletic prowess you can achieve, if you drink enough Red Bull soda pop. Apparently drinking Red Bull gives one the energy to prank Russians as well as kill them.

    The caption reads: “Mustang Wanted Hors la loi sur let toits du monde” (“Above the law on the roofs of the world”).

    So, anyhow, Lisitsa is posting, I believe, some photos from Mustang’s Facebook, in which he shows teenagers giving the Nazi salute, as well as the Nazi-lite “Quenelle” salute.
    Really, though, no need to prove that Mustang is a Nazi, that is fairly obvious.
    And Red Bull knows this perfectly well, when they picked him to grace their cover.

    • No wise person would drink Red Bull or such drinks anyway. They are poison to your body.

    • marknesop says:

      I never drank that rubbish anyway, you’d have to be crazy, just like all those energy drinks. There are even some cocktails which feature it, like vodka and Red Bull, can you imagine? A depressant and a stimulant, you pays your money and you takes your chances. That is in fact the only reason alcohol was ever legalized – because its effects are predictable and we know with a fair degree of certainty how much is too much no matter what your size or fat content. But let’s put a stimulant in it, just to throw the equation off, and then drink it all night long. Might as well put a gun to your head.

      The Quenelle is not a Nazi salute, though, or at least it did not start out that way. I can’t remember where I read it, it was a commenter who is a Frenchman or someone’s blog who ended up in the blogroll. It might even have been The Saker, a long time ago, I originally thought he was from France. It began in France as a contemptuous gesture toward the ruling politicians, and was a game in which you tried to get yourself in a photograph with that particular politician, doing the Quenelle in the photo.

      I looked it up, and it was indeed The Saker, from November 2013. The gesture originates from Dieudonne M’bala M’bala, a French comic of Cameroonian origin. And it appears he committed the cardinal sin of making fun of the Israeli settlers, yes, so I see where the “Nazi-Lite’ connotation comes from. But the Israeli reaction was hysterical and completely over the top, and the Quenelle is not directed at Israel or the Jews but at the repressive French political system which leaped into action to protect them. You can apparently make fun of the blacks, the Russians and Newfoundlanders as much as you like, but the Jews are off limits; they’re sensitive, and any mockery is tantamount to urging their expulsion. The headline in a popular Franco-Israeli blog read “Juif, la France N’est Pas a Toi!” – “Jew, France Is Not For You!”, using the intimate “toi” as one close friend to another or within the same family, outside of which the less-familiar “vous” would be used.

      • yalensis says:

        Thanks for clarification.
        I have been very confused about this whole “quenelle” business, whether it was Nazi or not.

      • Cortes says:

        the response grenouillere was laughable, and the Dieudonne videos posted by the Saker were wonderful. As for the supposedly fascist gesture, one can only conclude Feckin ‘ Ell!

  17. et Al says:

    I was hoping to go and see the Cosmonaut exhibition at London’s Science Museum when I was over but it doesn’t open until September. Tickets £14 squid, but I think definitely worth it.


    The UK government dishes out Russophobic bullshit.

    The Russian government dishes out Cosmos Heavy Metal!

    I do wonder though, as it is a paying exhibition, who exactly does the money go to and if some is to Russia, are cultural exchanges still then exempt from the really strict EU sanctions? I would guess that they are.

  18. et Al says:

    euractiv: Commission unimpressed by Russia’s pipeline offensive

    Russia and Greece signed a deal today (19 June) for a section of the Turkish Stream pipeline across Greece, and Gazprom announced plans to build two additional stretches to the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

    But the Commission said more Russian gas was not needed, and that it would thoroughly scrutinise the new projects for compliance with EU rules…

    …The deal was signed between Russia and Greece’s energy ministers, Alexander Novak, and Panagiotis Lafazanis, for a pipeline with a capacity of 47 billion cubic meters a year (bcm/y).

    Construction of the Greek section of the Turkish Stream pipeline will start in 2016 and be completed by 2019. The two countries will have equal shares in the company,..

    …Gazprom announced that it would build two additional stretches to the Nord Sea pipeline to Germany under the Baltic, with a trio of Western energy companies….

    …Gazprom’s partners in the Nord Stream, a major gas supply artery feeding into western Europe, are Anglo-Dutch Shell, Germany’s E.ON, and Austria’s OMV.

    Gazprom would own 51% in the project to build stage 3 and 4 of Nord Stream, with capacity of 55 bcm/y, Gazprom spokesman Sergei Kupriyanov said on the sidelines of the St Petersburg meeting….

    …Commission reaction

    EurActiv asked the European Commission to comment on Russia’s plans. This is the written answer received:

    “The European Commission takes note of the announcement by Gazprom, together with OMV, Shell and E.ON, to consider building two further stretches of NordStream pipeline, with an additional capacity of 55 bcm per annum. Furthermore, Gazprom had announced in January 2015 that it would build the Turkstream project, which in addition to a pipeline serving Turkey would include a capacity of 47 bcm to Europe, via Turkey.

    “Energy security remains a key priority for the Energy Union. As stated in the Energy Union framework strategy, energy diversification is crucial for ensuring secure and resilient energy supplies to EU citizens and companies. In this context, the European Union is particularly committed to diversification of gas suppliers (countries), counterparties (companies) and routes.

    “To ensure this objective, the Commission aims at more interconnected and competitive gas markets in Europe, with projects such as the Southern Gas Corridor, the establishment of liquid gas hubs in the Mediterranean area and LNG being in the centre of this strategy. It should be recalled that work to that effect is also being carried out among others in the framework of CESEC High Level Group and EU LNG and storage strategies.

    “The EU is currently importing about one third of its gas from Russia, about half or which currently transits Ukraine. While European domestic production is expected to decrease in the coming decade, existing capacity from Russia is currently only used at around 57%. This shows that current transport routes from Russia to the EU, including through Ukraine, already well exceed the EU’s needs for existing and likely future supplies of pipeline gas from Russia to the EU.

    “The European Commission recalls that new pipelines must be built in full compliance with EU legislation and the will be vigilant about the rigorous application of EU law notably in the field of energy, internal market and competition.

    “Finally, the European Commission reiterates its position that Ukraine has been a major reliable transit country and provides an economic route for supplies to Europe. In this context, the EU actively supports the efforts of the Ukrainian Government and Naftogas to ensure that this remains the case, in particular the reforms that Ukraine is currently undertaking to ensure full compliance with the EU acquis it has committed to as a member of the Energy Community. The EU therefore believes that it is in the interest of all parties that Ukraine remains an important transit country.”

    Never underestimate the incompetence of Brussels. Having failed to get Russia to accept EU terms for its trans-national South Stream pipeline and leading to its cancellation, Brussels will be sorely tempted to try and nix this one to make a point. But it can’t. The Nordstream expansion is bulletproof, Greece is about to be ejected from the Eurozone. Dem bureaucrats all outta ammo.

    • kat kan says:

      To sweeten the deal, Brussels just decided to arrest all Russian properties on their territory, to seize them for the $50 billion award to former Yukos shareholders — to compensate them for their losses caused by Russia unfairly insisting they PAY THEIR TAXES.
      Well worth reading, a summary of the legal points. Which the court made up as it went along.

      Lavrov has offered to do reciprocal seizures of Belgian and French properties if they don’t smarten up and stop the nonsense.

    • marknesop says:

      Ukraine has always been a reliable transit country like Metallica has always played country music. The one time Europe got its gas shut off was because Ukraine dropped it in the shit by leveraging it against Russia to convince the latter to overlook its stealing of gas at the selfsame time it was (1) getting its own gas dirt cheap, less than cost, and (2) stiffing Russia with transit fees for letting its Europe-bound gas cross Ukrainian territory.

      Never mind – there is no reason for Gazprom to change its position (that gas will be delivered to the Turkish/Greek border, and if you don’t want it, don’t hook up) so long as Europe’s position is so patently stupid (if it doesn’t cost us more, we won’t have true energy security so we want to pay more and have a more complicated supply chain, and besides we are going to build the Southern Gas Corridor and it will solve all our problems, so there).

      Europe should be allowed to throw its money into a bottomless pit with “throw money at Aliyev here” printed on a sign at the opening, and try to build the Southern Gas Corridor, just to give everyone a bracing refresher course in what a project built by a committee is like.

      Who has a better relationship with Azerbaijan – Russia, or the west? A few years ago that might have been a fruitful question for debate. Not now. A smart Russian president would encourage his friend in Azerbaijan to coax the EU along until their stupid pipeline was almost built and then hit them with cost increases until they gave up. What, nobody’s going to buy his gas if he does that? The Kremlin played this game with the EU before over Nabucco. They never learn. There’s a lesson there, I think, for people who keep electing leaders who keep making the same expensive mistakes.

      • Cortes says:

        and imagine, just for a moment, how happy Merkel and company would be should their Murrikan pals start to to mess about with Nord Stream in the years ahead?

    • ThatJ says:


      James Hetfield had a stint as a country singer once…

      Not as thrash as this:

      Is it?

      • marknesop says:

        I am willing to stipulate that Ukraine was a solidly reliable transit country for gas for about the same length of time, proportionally, as Hetfield spent performing country music.

  19. et Al says:

    euractiv: France, Belgium seize Russian assets to compensate Yukos shareholders

    …In France, accounts in around 40 banks were frozen along with eight or nine buildings, Tim Osborne, executive director of the main shareholder GML, told AFP.

    “It’s bank accounts and real estate,” Osborne explained…

    …In Belgium, the Russian embassy in Brussels and representative offices at the European Union and NATO headquarters were among those affected, the Russian foreign ministry said….

    …GML’s Osborne said that proceedings were “already underway in Britain and the United States and further countries will follow”….

    …Despite not being involved, Khodorkovsky welcomed the move in relation to the Russian assets in Belgium….

    …The Belgian foreign ministry said the seizures had been conducted by bailiffs without the involvement of the Belgian government.

    “It’s a legal decision which was executed by bailiffs. We were not informed by the bailiffs’ office, we do not intervene,” ministry spokesman Hendrik Van de Velde told AFP.

    The Permanent Court of Arbitration declined to comment on the issue…

    Convenient timing, no? I think the calculus here is that the West sees Russia bending over backwards to accommodate ongoing business and investments in Russia, so any Russian counter action that hits western business assets in Russia would directly affect the business climate and direct investment in Russia. A game of chicken if you will.

    Russia has no choice (ok, well it does) but to hit back, but I think it should hit back very hard and very selectively, particularly the big western corporations that have sunk large captial in to Russia and can weather the impact over the short term. Targeting western corporations that compete with domestic Russian industry would make sense too. You can bet though that the West will quickly go squealing to the WTO – the problem here is that the West has already claimed use of the national security get out clause to put sanctions on Russia in the first place, which Russia can of course claim too.

    The problem here is that the West would argue that this is a purely commercial dispute, even though the court ruled Russia was acting politically. This is short-sighted (aka standard western policy) as it would damage the credibility of the WTO as an global organization that is supposed to be even handed (and one that the West created in its own image to maintain their dominance through globalization). The thing is that it doesn’t matter if the West says the WTO is independent and impartial (yup, the Ukraine joined long before Russia was allowed to), but how everyone outside the West thinks it is behaving. That’s one big nail in the WTO.

    Over all, it looks like the West’s traditional methods of carrot and stick are becoming less and less effective and it is increasingly resorting to more desperate measure that ultimately undermine the West’s own carefully crafted system. We see this militarily with NATO and the US generals talking about returning IRBMs and nukes to Europe, politically with ‘casting Russia out of the International community’, and of course economically in this and other cases. These elites never pay for their failures unfortunately and just quite politics and go in to consultancy for business…

    • Ali Cat says:

      This is a good analysis on why that will not happen, but you never know:


      According to the principle of reciprocity, it will be followed by the seizure and nationalization of something Belgian in Russia, and there is a reasonable suspicion that there are many more “Belgian assets” in Russia than “Russian” in Belgium.
      It is worth considering the reputational damage. No need to underestimate the Chinese, Brazilians, Arabs or Indians – all of them understand that tomorrow they may be in Russia’s position , because a reason can be found, for example – the same territorial conflict in the South China sea in the case of China.

    • marknesop says:

      Perhaps Russia should carry out the actions you describe and leave the WTO.

      • et Al says:

        I would think that it is better to undermine it from the inside while working on a credible alternative. Russia should not isolate itself but leave it to the West to do the active ridiculous ‘isolation’ thing that fools no-one (which is their current policy). Then it is clearly all one way.

  20. Moscow Exile says:

    Dooolittle clearly thinks these people shown above are filth – subhuman Mongol-Tatar murdering filth at that.

    They murdered millions of Ukrainians, you know.

    Never forget that!

    • Moscow Exile says:

      The interviews were shot in St. Peterburg.

      All clearly uncultured, vulgar people.

      As Doollittle said:

      Russians are poor, ignorant, rude, stupid, bovine morons.

      Russians are the most ignorant white people.

      Russians are just Mongols who look white.

      You can take the slut out of the village but you can’t take slut out of the girl.
      etc. the list is endless.

      • Moscow Exile says:

        No. Shot in Moscow, at Gorky Park.

        At 03:43 you can see the Moskva River and in the distance, beyond the Crimea Bridge, the cupola of the Cathedral of Christ the Redeemer.

        • Moscow Exile says:

          I wonder what kind of response the interviewers would receive if they asked people in Galicia, in a park in Lvov, for example, what they thought about Russians?

    • bolasete says:

      thanx for the great vid… yet…. they look and sound just like normal human beings. so, they must be pod people. the body snatchers are back!

    • ThatJ says:

      Those girls at 7:14 are hot!

      The guy at 7:55 has what appears to be runic letters tattooed on his arm, indicating he’s a nationalist.

      Overall, the Russians have a healthy mindset and consider Ukrainians a close, fraternal people.

      In the US, Thomas Jefferson was like that, though the target of his sympathy was not the Ukrainians, of course. Benjamin Franklin was not keen on German immigration (historians have linked it to business competition in Pennsylvania), but Thomas Jefferson maintained that the English longing for freedom has its roots in the forests of Northern Germany. Jefferson’s interests in the Anglo-Saxon roots of England likely helped to shape America’s culture and immigration laws, until the Jews deposed the Anglos to become the new elite.

      • It would be fun to ask what people think of Russia and Russians here in Ukraine. Becuase I know what they tell me. They hate them for conquering them, oppressing them, committing genocide against them, ruining their revolution, invading their country, murdering their people, all because Russian government is afraid of a similar revolution against corruption there. They hate Russians.

        You can tell the people from the east who have moved here: they’re trailer trash.

  21. Moscow Exile says:

    Published on 12 Jun 2015

  22. dany8538 says:

    The master speaks again. I can listen for hours 🙂

    Damn it Putler, why don’t you just shut up already so I can enjoy such great speakers like Obama, Harper and the always “great” Tony Abbot.

    • ThatJ says:

      I’ll give Tony Abbot credit for his handling of the alien freeloaders crossing the ocean in search of utopia. If he didn’t put an end to the invasion, word would get out that you will be welcomed, fed and housed, a prospect that sounds too good to be ignored by Australia’s poor neighbors. The result of being complacent would be hundreds of thousands of people arriving in Australia’s shores, to, what else, claim “asylum”.

      • cartman says:

        Australia has supported every Neocon war. The least they could do is take in the people they caused to suffer.

      • kat kan says:

        Nope, the Aussies have just invented a new way to encourage them., That is, they may have been doing it for ages but only just got caught. The Navy PAYS the smugglers to run the boats around. Big scandal , they’re denying it, 65 people on the last boat all swear they saw $30,000 handed over. (I wonder how much they were given for the purpose?).
        So now a group can get on a boat, 5 of them claim to be the smugglers, collect the go-away money, go home, split the loot. ~$5000 each is 2 years’ income in Indonesia, and enough to buy your own leaky fishing boat with.

        The Rohyngia refugee crisis in Thailand has disappeared from the news as fast as it turned up. The colour revolution mustn’t be ready yet.

      • Jen says:

        Tony Abbott’s government pays Australian taxpayer dollars to bribe people smugglers to turn their boats around and return to Indonesia, Malaysia or Thailand. In doing this, Canberra is breaking Australian and international laws on people-smuggling.

        The fishermen themselves who have been paid have hit on a lucrative way to make money for their families: every so often, tow another boat of refugees out towards Australian waters, get paid, go home and then arrange for other family members to tow the boat out again!

        Also when the Abbott government came into power in 2013, it placed restrictions on the ability of the media to report on how many boats carrying asylum seekers were coming to Australia. So simply because we now do not hear as much about boats bringing asylum seekers to Australia as we did during the Rudd and Gillard years does not mean that the boats have stopped or that their numbers have decreased since Abbott became PM.

        Most of the so-called “freeloaders” trying to reach Australia are Tamils trying to leave concentration camps in Sri Lanka or refugee camps in India which refuses to give them any assurances about long-term residency; Iraqis and Syrians trying to leave the chaos in their countries caused by the US and its allies funding, training and arming whacko takfiri groups there; and Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar / Burma being persecuted by nut-job fundamentalist Buddhist creeps and nationalists all lined up behind the oppostion party National League for Democracy (of which Aung San Suu Kyi is the leader) in the government which denies these people citizenship rights and imposes restrictions on their movements which mean the Rohingya have problems finding employment and are more or less forced into poverty.

        • ThatJ says:

          There’s a growing trend of people who consider poverty to be a valid reason for seeking asylum. This is plainly insane.

          The problem of people in Myanmar, Burma, Sri Lanka, etc. are their business, their squabble. Likewise, the problems facing Ukrainian today — or the Balkans in the last decade — are as much the problem of Japan or Argentina as the disputes in the South Sea is the concern of the Pope. In other words, none whatsoever.

          I get the impression that the whole “international law” stuff only applies to European-derived societies (the US violation of these laws notwithstanding). There’s no point, then, in being part of these agreements.

          If there are restrictions on the citizenship of people in Myanmar and Burma, why is this Australia’s business at all? Russians in the Baltics suffer from a similar problem, yet I don’t see them moving to vastly dissimilar societies when they do.

          • Jen says:

            @ ThatJ: Since Myanmar is a member of the United Nations, it’s the business of all nations that are also members to criticise Myanmar’s restrictions on the ability of Rohingya Muslim people to gain citizenship rights that also allow them freedom of movement within Myanmar so they can find employment, earn money and lift themselves out of poverty. And no nation should restrict its own people from moving around within its borders – or outside if necessary – to find work and earn a living, or force them to live in situations and environments that condemn them and their descendants to eternal poverty.

            Also Australia works closely with ASEAN (Association of South-East Asian Nations) because it relies on this organisation and the separate member countries for trade. Myanmar is a member of ASEAN and Australia trades with and invests in Myanmar. Why should we not complain about Myanmar’s treatment of its minorities? Restrictions on citizenship translate into restrictions on the ability of Myanmar people to open and operate their own businesses: if they’re not citizens, they would have to work illegally and risk punishment.

            Anyway if you believe the internal affairs of Myanmar are not worth broadcasting to the rest of the world and Rohingya Muslims should just put up and shut up about how the government and the world’s beloved Aung San Suu Kyi are driving them into extinction, you are welcome to your beliefs, as long as you agree to cheerfully obey and follow instructions when eventually you and your family get frog-marched into your local community concentration camp and you have to surrender your citizenship and all the rights and privileges that go with it.

            • marknesop says:

              I’ve never forgotten the government’s reaction to offers of western aid immediately after Cyclone Nargis came ashore at the Irrawaddy River lowlands and smashed the place to shit. The government sneered that the people did not need “chocolate bars from the international community” and that the roadside ditches were full of fish and edible frogs if the people would just get off their lazy asses and help themselves. As I think I mentioned awhile ago, I was very near there at the time in HMCS REGINA, and an American destroyer (USS MUSTIN) left the group and proceeded at best speed to Myanmar to stand by to assist. She ended up standing off waiting for government permission to render assistance (with two other American ships which had also been sent) which never came. Accepting international aid – which would have consisted at that point almost entirely of American aid – would have been the right thing to do and might well have saved lives.

        • marknesop says:

          Rent-an-enemy is fast becoming the only arrow in the west’s quiver when it needs to manipulate policy for its own ends or create an election issue.

  23. Moscow Exile says:

    Киев сегодня. Тысячи людей требуют отставки Порошенко. 19.08.2015

    Kiev today. Thousands of people demand Poroshenko’s resignation. 19.08.2015

    • Drutten says:

      A protest from the future? Because I don’t think August 19th of 2015 has passed yet. Those sneaky Russian agents – time travel now, what’s next?!

      For the record: Must be a typo, not insinuating anything else.

      • kat kan says:

        Lot of people strolling around, no protest noises or placards. Maybe they are settling in to be first for the August one?

      • marknesop says:

        They probably meant the 8th day of the 19th month – Protestuary.

      • yalensis says:

        My cue to urge the “civilized” nations of the world to settle on international standard for telling date and time. (I realize above is just a typo but my point is still valid).
        This standard should be used in every internet medium. It doesn’t matter what the standard is, whether its (Month-Day) or (Day-Month), or whatever, just so long as there IS some standard.

  24. —“While the post-Cold War West may have hoped that Russia might eventually become a supersized version of Poland,” Mitchell wrote in a March article about Russia, “with liberal institutions and a de-militarized foreign policy, what we got instead was a latter-day version of Carthage — a sullen, punitive power determined to wage a vengeful foreign policy to overturn the system that it blames for the loss of its former greatness.”—-

    • yalensis says:

      Dear Curt:
      Who the heck is Mitchell?
      I realize that you are off your meds, but could you please could you barely just scrape it together to post links?
      That way we can debate and hopefully refute these borks.

        • yalensis says:

          Oh, THAT Mitchell.
          Thanks, Max.

          Wess analysis of Russia:
          “« While the post-Cold War West may have hoped that Russia might eventually become a supersized version of Poland, with liberal institutions and a de-militarized foreign policy, what we got instead was a latter-day version of Carthage – a sullen, punitive power determined to wage a vengeful foreign policy to overturn the system that it blames for the loss of its former greatness. »

          yalensis analysis of Wess:
          “While the post-Cold War Russia may have hoped that Wess might eventually become a normal-sized boy, with a good disposition and a rational view of foreign policy, what we got instead was a latter-day version of Luke Harding – a sullen, punitive pimple-faced sociopath, determined to wage a vengeful policy foreign, as revenge for his failed gamemanship when he spent his entire adolescence playing, and failing at, Online World of Warcraft.

          • bree says:

            To use Carthage in that comparison is hilarious ignorance (“sullen”? “Punitive power”?? So much cluelessness). Carthage was a merchant society, ruled by competing oligarchic families whose main interest was making money, primarily through long-distance (relatively speaking) trade. This trade required the establishment of colonies, in places like Sicily, Sardinia, and the Iberian peninsula, which brought Carthage into occasional hostile military contact with local tribes, Greek colonies, and eventually Rome. Rome’s primary issues with Carthage had nothing to do with the latter’s alleged sullenness though, in fact just the opposite. Carthage was too decadent for the liking of “virtuous” Romans like Cato. But of course good old economic competition was a much bigger reason for their conflicts.

        • marknesop says:

          You will be relieved to know that all CEPA desires is “an economically vibrant, strategically secure and politically free Central and Eastern Europe with close and enduring ties to the United States.” In a totally non-partisan fashion, of course, which non-partisanship leads it to conclude the current mess is all Russia’s fault simply for existing. If there were no Russia, everything else would just naturally fall obediently into U.S. orbit, to be plucked from and exploited like some sort of rotating orchard, as needed.

          It seems to have escaped its devotees that “politically free” and “having close and enduring ties to the United States” are mutually exclusive.

    • marknesop says:

      “The sovereign is he who decides on the exception,” said conservative thinker Carl Schmitt in 1922, meaning that a nation’s leader can defy the law to serve the greater good. Though Schmitt’s service as Nazi Germany’s chief jurist and his unwavering support for Hitler from the night of the long knives to Kristallnacht and beyond damaged his reputation for decades, today his ideas have achieved unimagined influence. They have, in fact, shaped the neo-conservative view of presidential power that has become broadly bipartisan since 9/11. Indeed, Schmitt has influenced American politics directly through his intellectual protégé Leo Strauss who, as an émigré professor at the University of Chicago, trained Bush administration architects of the Iraq war Paul Wolfowitz and Abram Shulsky”, Alfred W. McCoy wrote in Salon in February…

  25. yalensis says:

    The purge continues.
    After firing Nalivaychenko, Porky is turning his attention to SBU cadres appointed by Nalivaychenko. Just today 4 of them were fired from their posts:
    (1) Yury Artiukhov
    (2) Vitaly Tsyganok
    (3) Viktor Yagun
    (4) Vasily Vovok

  26. ucgsblog says:

    Great article Mark! Poproshaika is a shithead when it comes to selecting governors. His choice for Donetsk shut down the Kopanki, which contributed to the popular uprising. Kolomoiski almost started a civil war. And now there’s Saakashvili. It’s like they’re trying to fail.

    “Mikheil Saakashvili’s success in fighting corruption and improving the Georgian economy; my, yes. Let’s take a look at that. Especially as Mr. Coffey avers that President Poroshenko appointed Misha specifically to clean up corruption in Odessa; you may want to keep an eye on that, see how he’s doing, from time to time. Mr. Coffey must have had an affectionate little smile on his face as he thought about Misha’s charisma, he positively oozes it. And energy, too – he’s engaging, and “has endless amounts of energy”. I think I can explain that last bit, as his increasingly porcine appearance suggests he is living on a diet of candy bars. Corruption-fighting by Cadbury.”

    Love it! Especially appropriate since the head of government is a chocolate king. Let’s see, what else did I miss here. Oh yeah, some “brainiac” from Seattle who’s trying to start up an IT company in Ukraine, calling everyone else, “idiots”. Oh the irony! And the ideology he’s professing, what is it with all of these stupid ideologies being made up. Ron Hubbard creates Scientology, and now everyone thinks they can just invent random crap cause Hubbard succeeded? Protip kiddos, Hubbard knew what he was doing. You don’t.

    What else, hmmm, well just to respond to Yalensis’ response – I should’ve mentioned this earlier, but if you have an approval rating below 2%, (the accepted margin of error, Yats’ was 1.6%,) then it’s mathematically possible that the only people who support you are those whom you’re paying. It means no support whatsoever.

    Responding to Mark, neocons and neolibs are effectively neutered. No one pays attention to them anymore. What I find interesting is that every single candidate, (democrat or republican,) except for Bush, Graham and Carson, (let’s face it, they’re not getting elected, especially with Graham’s recent “it may be a racist symbol, oh well” type of comment) wants to scale down America’s foreign involvement, due to lack of funds.

    When do you guys think Russia and China will make the alliance public?

    • Cortes says:

      no need for publicity: “Actions speak louder than words”… refusal of “Observer” status at the SCO for the “indispensable” nation told the whole wide world more than any platitudinous unveiling of “partnership” could ever do. Yes, the same SCO which may soon welcome aboard as full members “pariahs” like Eye Ran…

      • marknesop says:

        Depends who you ask, I guess – to some, NATO and the SCO seem like the best of chums. This was a bit of an epiphany for me; it did not occur to me at the time – although it seemed everything in Afghanistan must have been bombed and shot at least three times over – that the conflict was more about preserving NATO’s purpose than any actual victory or building threat.

        • ucgsblog says:

          “However, similarly to NATO, the SCO has lacked a defining ideology.”

          SCO has a clear cut ideology, namely stabilization, countries having the right to rule themselves, providing a safe border for Russia/China, etc. And how in the World is the SCO China centric, when Kazakhstan singlehandedly gave Belarus observer status? Did China tell Kazakhstan to do that?

      • ucgsblog says:

        SCO wants Iran and Iran wants SCO. The organization is currently built around 3 major powers, Russia, China and Kazakhstan. If Iran joins, China gets more access to the Middle East, Russia gets better access to Syria, and maybe even Iraq, and Kazakhstan gets to solidify the Caspian gains. And Iran needs the SCO to keep certain… from trying to invade it, as it begins to slowly expand its influence in the Middle East. Win-win.

  27. Moscow Exile says:

    Осетин, грузин, азербайджанец, русский, таджик, узбек, белорус, казах, армянин, чеченец, молдаванин, это самый краткий состав этой бригады,и ты бандеровец по-прежнему думаешь что против тебя только русский “москали”?

    An Ossetian, a Georgian, an Azerbaijani, a Russian, a Tajik, an Uzbek, a Belorussian, a Kazakh, an Armenian, a Chechen, a Moldavian – in short, this is how this brigade is made up.

    And you, Banderite, still think that only the Russian “Moskal” is your opponent?

    • kat kan says:

      YIKES. This proves it.
      Somebody is trying to rebuild the SOVIET UNION.

      • Moscow Exile says:


        And if you maintain that it’s the Russians who are the chief protagonists, then it’s clear evidence that the Finno-Ugric-Mongol-Tatar Orcs are up to their usual no-good tricks again; if you say, however, that citizens of former Soviet Republics are supportive of those evil Russkies, well that’s clear evidence that the Evil One is set on resurrecting the USSR – and then leading it towards its true position as Lord of the World!!!, which, by the way, is what “:Vladimir” means.

        All clear, isn’t it?

    • ucgsblog says:

      And now a question for the idiots who are racial purists. Who’s who?

      • ThatJ says:

        A not-so-subtle reference to me, I guess.

        First of all, I need high-definition pictures, with multiple angles of each face. Even then, a sample of each national group would be better to judge than single individuals, especially when you consider the question of border continuity between these nationalities and the existence of Russian minorities in them.

        Regarding diversity in the army, I’m all for it, for a simple reason. Imagine if during WWII, ethnic Russians were concentrated in the east, whereas all ethnic minorities where concentrated in European Russia? Had this been the case, ethnic Russians would comprise a larger percentage of the total population today. The Nazis also didn’t shun the idea of alien volunteers:

        • Jen says:

          The Ottomans in WW1 also celebrated ethnic diversity in their armies by shunting Armenians, Assyrians and other non-Muslim groups, including Turkish-speaking Christians who wrote Turkish in the Greek alphabet, off to the front as shock troops with low supplies of ammunition.

          One of the big issues in the ongoing debate over the 1915 genocide of Armenians and other minorities in the Ottoman empire is how much Germany at the time knew about it and condoned its ally’s domestic policies by saying nothing. Allied to this is how much documentation Germany collected about the genocide and whether or not the Ottomans’ example of deportations, killings and other humiliations forced on these minorities might have been copied by the Germans themselves 25 – 30 years later.

          • ucgsblog says:

            The World’s most victorious army to date, the Red Army, went all out with diversity. It’s truly fascinating. Journal after journal that I’ve read, (soldiers’ journals,) the same narrative appeared: “yes, we have racism, and quite a few racist jokes, but in our unit everyone gets along!” The book, My Just War, is a fine example of one such journal, and it’s written in English, the author had a knack for languages: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41TCAVTFNHL.jpg

            (He also admitted that Bad Russian was the hardest language to learn.)

        • ucgsblog says:

          Nope, that was a reference to Curt.

          In response to your point, we’ve become so integrated as a society, that race/ethnicity no longer matters. It’s all about Culture, and by Culture I mean Real Culture, not the McWorld’s bastardized version. Case in point – Mark. His wife cultured him so well, that he’s thrilled to be Russian by Culture, and about a couple of other things that most guys would be thrilled about 😉

          I’d much rather hang out with someone who understands the difference between Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, (and I’m not talking about literary styles,) understands why Pushkin’s the father of the Russian Language, etc, than someone who’s an ethnic Russian. Furthermore, the Russian ethnos has undergone numerous changes, and like the Anglo-Saxon ethnos, was created by a merger of two groups, the Russes and the Slavs.

          (Quick note: the Primary Chronicle says “all of the Russes went…” ergo it couldn’t be Swedes or anyone who stayed. Apparently the term “all” means something different to Normanist Shitstorians than what it means to the rest of us.)

        • ThatJ says:


          Furthermore, the Russian ethnos has undergone numerous changes, and like the Anglo-Saxon ethnos, was created by a merger of two groups, the Russes and the Slavs.

          The importance of commonality between different (yet close) ethnicites, and how it relates to immigration laws, is what I defend.

          Commonality is the operative word here.

          When I use the term ethnic Russian, I use it loosely. It seems obvious that there are Baltic and Finnic influence in some regions where ethnic Russians inhabit.

          And the Germans, they are a mix of different ethnicities sharing a related evolutionary path. The Franks, Frisians, Saxons, Bavarians and Swabians all became “ethnic Germans” during the last centuries. They separated not long ago, and today are united again, as a single people. The Baltic- and Finnic-influenced Eastern Slavs serve as an analogous comparison with the Germans. They are today’s “ethnic Russians”. Then there’s the Normanist theory of Russia which — if true — we can count on “ethnic Russians” having some Scandinavian influence.

          Here’s the inverse: what a “Norman” (Swede) with Russian influence looks like. Viktoria Tolstoy, the descendant of a refugee who fled Bolshevik Russia to a neighboring country that happens to be not racially divergent:

          The Han Chinese, for example, they inhabit a huge country and there’s some minor genetic differences between the regions, as one could expect. They are still the “Han Chinese”, though. Had the Germanic peoples of Europe been living in a single country, their numbers would be smaller than that of the Han Chinese, and the territory smaller as well. They would have an ethnic designation and all these (former) German tribes, plus the Scandinavians, the Flemish, the Dutch, the English and the Austrians, would belong to this new ethnicity. The “English”, like the “German”, is also the result of an ethnogenesis.

  28. Moscow Exile says:

    The sixth wave of mobilization has begun in Banderastan.

    In Kharkov they have been rounding up college boys as soon as they graduate.

    The Russians are coming!

    The Russsians are coming!

    Kharkov is about 20 miles from the border of the Empire of Evil.

      • et Al says:

        Sting is the Seventh Wave:

        An intolerable twat, but his early post Police career was still good. Still, credit where credit is due, he started out as a ship’s welder.

        • Jen says:

          One other good thing we can say about The Police is that it gave its drummer Stewart Copeland and his brothers Miles and Ian long-lasting and quite lucrative careers in the music business and stopped them from following their dad into the CIA spy business.

          • et Al says:

            U r such a fountain of knowledge Jen. How do you do it?



            While I’m here, Here’s a special Police song for Saakashvili – ‘Message in the Botox’.

        • ucgsblog says:

          Ouch, being worse than Sting, must sting, especially when you’re on a sting operation during the sixth wave and get stung by a communist bee, who just loves to listen to Sting while stinging and isn’t stingy. Now, can someone tell Klichko that what I wrote isn’t rap?

        • marknesop says:

          Oh, I don’t know if I’d go that far; he does have some airy ideas about peace on earth and that, but his heart seems mostly in the right place and it was inevitable fame would go to their heads considering they were on the cover of every music magazine in their heyday. Before that, he was also a teacher at St. Paul’s First for a couple of years. Anyway, I quite liked them, and although his solo stuff mostly had none of the frenetic rhythm of The Police, I quite liked a lot of that, too. “Fields of Gold” is a nice piece, featuring the Northumbrian Smallpipes, no less. Sting wrote the basic guitar line, but I don’t think he plays it on the recording. I’d like to know who does; he has a nice sound.

          Avant-garde he may have been, but Sting would have a tough time topping Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who never got over his infant aversion to clothing.

          • Jen says:

            To be honest, I actually prefer Copeland: he was better looking, he had all those interesting rhythms (he heard plenty of Arabic music while growing up in Beirut) and he’s quite a good compose in his own right. I think he did the soundtrack to the first Highlander film (the original film with Christopher Lambert, Sean Connery and Clancy Brown) that started the whole series of films and the TV show.

            • Jen says:

              Sorry, my mistake: Copeland scored the second movie in the Highlander series (the one where Sean Connery was resurrected only to get wasted). The soundtrack for the first movie was scored by Queen.

    • marknesop says:

      That’s the last one, then – if this doesn’t do the trick, it will be kiss and make up. Because Love is the seventh wave. Sting said so.

  29. yalensis says:

    Putin’s personal life :
    Foreign reporters asked him about relations with his ex-wife and daughters.
    Putin replied that he maintains a good relationship with his ex-wife and 2 daughters.
    Says he often speaks to them on the phone at night, sometimes even after midnight.
    When asked if he plans to re-marry, he joked away the question by saying that Liudmila (his ex) has to get re-married first, before he can think about it.

  30. yalensis says:

    In Ukrainian mooching news:
    Chief Moocher Natalie Jaresko says that she is giving Ukraine’s creditors their final warning:
    Either restructure the debt, or kiss your money good-bye!

    Ukraine currently owes $70 billion.

  31. yalensis says:

    More Ukrainian mooching news:
    Guests at a forum chuckled at the wittiness of Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves (the bow-tie guy).

    Ilves made fun of Ukrainian politicians who basically threw a tantrum, they threw themselves on the floor, kicked their feet, and wept: “We won’t carry out any reforms until you accept us into the EU!”

    Ilves compared them to the bank robber who runs into the bank waving a gun, and demands: “Give me the money, or I’ll shoot myself!”

    This joke was reported by Anatoly Shariy on his blog, the forum was called GLOBSEC. Poroshenko was supposed to be the keynote speaker, but he never showed up to the conference.

    • ucgsblog says:

      Get trolled by Estonians. At this point, they’re trying to fail. It’s the only explanation.

    • marknesop says:

      “Stop me, before I steal again!!” If the world does not give Ukraine a break and “restructure its debts” (code for “take a haircut that is right down to the scalp”), it is the world’s fault for having irresponsibly lent Ukraine more money than it could handle. Not Ukraine’s fault for irresponsibly blowing the money, not to mention insulting its biggest markets until they closed the door to Ukrainian goods and igniting a civil war that cut the country off from its industrial sector.

  32. yalensis says:

    Also in Estonian news:
    Here is an ironical piece worthy of the writings of O’Henry.

    Recall how for the past 2 decades at least, Estonia has discouraged the use, and study of, the Russian language. In a perfect world, Estonian citizens (all 1,313,271 of them will learn only Estonian (and English too, I guess), and ignore Russian.

    Here is the ironical part:
    According to the VZGLIAD piece, U.S. State Department has sharply criticized their own Estonian embassy and ambassador, for the fact that so few of the employees know Russian.
    American Ambassador to Estonia is a guy named Jeffrey Levine.
    He was appointed by President Obama to the post, but recently came under criticism when an audit was conducted, and U.S. State Department officials discovered, that the embassy staff don’t speak Russian.

    Auditors came up with 35 recommendations, including hiring staff who know Russian, even if they don’t know Estonian as well. Currently, embassy requirements are that staff have to have a Level 3 mastery (whatever that is) of the Estonian language.
    The source of this story is the Russian-language Estonian newspaper Postimees.

    Levine was also criticized for his slapdash approach to embassy security.

    • yalensis says:

      And I am forced to add my usual little ideological blast about peoples and languages:

      Estonia, along with Latvia, has population numbers that risk dipping below 1 million, and probably already have. Anything below 1 million, and your right to titular statehood is in question.

      These small countries, along with their languages, were nurtured and kept alive by the actions of the “brutal, repressive” regimes of Lenin and Stalin. In a normal imperialist and Hobbesian world, they would have been swallowed up, and their delightful languages become defunct.

      Therefore, the people of those countries really should get down on their knees every day of their lives, and say thanks to Lenin and Stalin who secured for them their own nationhood and survival of their languages, despite their small (and ever-decreasing) numbers.

      There, I said my piece, once again.

      • bolasete says:

        kudos! if child is father to the man do you suppose Dzhugashvili began as a voice crying in the wilderness? when acquaintances query me as to my politics – democrat or republican – and i reply stalinist they have no idea what i’m talking about. but one can hope that what goes around comes around.

        • yalensis says:

          Dear bolasete:
          Well, in fairness, Stalin was just expressing the official ideology of the Bolshevik Party, which was forged in many Party conferences and plenums. Although I suppose he deserves some recognition as the “specialist” on this matter within the Bolshevik Central Committee.
          Here is a wikipedia entry which is not too terrible.
          The nationalities policy[1] was formulated by the Bolshevik party in 1913, four years before they came to power in Russia. Vladimir Lenin sent a young Joseph Stalin (himself a Georgian and therefore an ethnic minority member) to Vienna, at the time a very ethnically diverse city (capital of the Austro-Hungarian empire). Stalin reported back to Moscow with the ideas for the policy. It was summarized in Stalin’s pamphlet (his first scholarly publication), Marxism and the National Question (1913).[2] Ironically Stalin would also be the major proponent of its eventual dismemberment and the reemergence of Russification.

          Faced with the massive non-Russian opposition to his regime, Lenin in late 1919 convinced his associates their government had to stop the cultural administrative and linguistic policies it was following in practive in the non-Russian republics. As adopted in 1923 korenizatziya involved teaching and administration in the language of the republic; and promoting non-Russians to positions of power in Republic administrations and the party, including for a time the creation of a special group of soviets called “natssoviety” (nationality councils) in their own “natsraiony” (nationality regions) based on concentrations of minorities within what were minority republics.[3] For example, in Ukraine in the late 1920s there were even natssoviety for Russians and Estonians.

          This policy was meant to partially reverse decades of Russification, or promotion of Russian identity culture and language in non-Russian territories that had taken place during the imperial period. It won over many previously anti-bolshevik non-Russians throughout the country. It also provoked hostility among some Russians and Russified non-Russians in non-Russian republics.

          I would say, in the balance, that Lenin was ideologically more “anti-Russian” than Stalin; but Stalin had the practical expertise in dealing with many different ethnic minorities. He was also the guy who knew where to draw the boundaries between different nationalities, often taking many factors into account: natural barriers like rivers and mountains; percentages of populations; historical factors; making sure each side got a fair slice of the water and land, etc. Often also demarcations were made with a view to making traditional enemies more reliant on one another, because they had to share a vital resource. This led to problems later, during the divorce. (As an example, building an electric power station on the border between Kartveli land and Abkhaz lands, to be shared by the two groups. Currently, the Abkhazi control this area.)

    • kat kan says:

      Only 27% of Russian Desk workers at the Foreign Office could speak Russian, leading to UK not knowing what’s going in Crimea, remember?

      This is a huge problem. They can get someone who is a native speaker, in which case you can’t be sure about his loyalties. Or you can get someone who just learned in school, but then why were they that interested?

      That’s the problem with being paranoid. You never know who to not trust more. ANY of them could be after you.

  33. james says:

    soul of the east website. thought folks here would find it interesting if not already familiar with it..

  34. yalensis says:

    Valentina Lisitsa’s take on the Derbyshire Bandera youth club that was discussed above.

    • Jeremn says:

      Yes, the Derbyshire Banderites are a youth organisation trying to promote “Christian values” and peace. By teaching their children about Bandera.

      Radicalisation, isn’t it?

      Won’t that be falling foul of the proposed anti-extremism law in the UK?

  35. yalensis says:

    That was quick:

    Belgium has re-considered its actions and started to unblock Russian accounts, according to Belgian Head of Foreign Ministry, Didier Reynders.

    Mr. Reindeers said they started by unblocking Russian diplomat accounts, then Russian accounts in the bank ING, everything else will be unfrozen by Monday.

    This about-face follows Russian announcement to enact “mirror-like” tit-for-tat measures against Belgium.

    Next, I would wish to see France crawling on its hands and knees….

  36. yalensis says:

    Also in the “Knock me over with a Feather” category:

    Just this very day Poroshenko submitted to Ukrainian Constitutional Court an appeal, asking them to overturn the law (signed by Porky himself, a while back) which deprived Yanukovych of his lifetime title of “President”.
    Porky is saying now, that this law was unconstitutional. Since Yanuk was never formally impeached. Therefore, he still gets to call himself “President Yanukovych”, for the rest of his life.

    Analysts guess that Porky is scared of being overthrown himself, and would like to keep his title after he is driven out of office. Therefore, has to make sure there is no legal precedent.

  37. yalensis says:

    On the culinary front:
    Evgeny Shultz reports that Spanish smoked ham (“prosciutto”) is prevalent in Moscow supermarkets.
    This, despite the liberals complaining that they are starving for Spanish ham, due to European sanctions. Which are Putin’s fault.

    • yalensis says:

      Oops, wrong link. Here is hammy link:


    • marknesop says:

      Prosciutto is Italian, and the Italians and Russians get along fairly well.

      • yalensis says:

        Okay, so I gave it the wrong translation, it’s NOT prosciutto, Shultz is still talking about SPANISH Jamón appearing in Moscow supermarkets, NOT Italian prosciutto. (well, maybe that have that too, I don’t know.)

        Helpful Wiki explains the difference:
        “Jamón is similar to the Portuguese presunto and to the Italian prosciutto but is cured longer (for the maximum period of 18 months) and tastes slightly different.”

        • marknesop says:

          Yes, I’m certainly no expert myself, but I understand that because prosciutto is dry-cured it is typically served uncooked. Although you can do that with western ham, most people don’t unless it is the pre-sliced deli ham. I mean if you buy a large joint of ham such as a smoked pork shoulder, most people bake it before eating. But hardly anyone buys prosciutto in huge joints like that, either, because it’s quite expensive.

    • Moscow Exile says:

      Хамон и аксессуары

      On sale in Moscow.

      Buy now while stocks last – then it’s back to the cabbage soup!

      Jamon Serrano – 12 month cured Spanish ham, a snip at 8,3500 rubles for 5.5 kgs!

  38. Tim Owen says:

    A handy reference guide to thatJ’s forthcoming opus:


    The Rhodesia reference brought this – yes ME again, and I know – to mind:


    • ThatJ says:

      Did he leave a manifesto? Do you have the link?

    • ThatJ says:

      I think Dylann has some sort of mental pathology, and also autism.

      These types may commit atrocities for different — sometimes opposite — reasons. It is however interesting how the media will mass-report this and ignore months-long suffering brought by the Zionist-led West in Eastern Ukraine.

      As I have said previously, the mainstream media modus operandi is to increase sympathy for non-whites — and I’m speaking not only for those who are victims of violence, for they also create a media storm for the smallest harmless insult — with the objective of creating a taboo around opposing white racial dispossession and extinction. On the other hand, the Zionists pour hatred among intraracial, even intraethnic, hostilities among whites in order for them to fight one another and kill as much as possible — or they simply ignore it.

      PS: I found part of his manifesto: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/11688675/Dylann-Roof-The-Charleston-killers-racist-manifesto.html

      Didn’t find a PDF, though.

        • yalensis says:

          Dear ThatJ:
          Hm… just skimming Roof’s manifesto…

          Why, golleee, his ideology sounds quite a lot like yours!

        • ThatJ says:


          Why, golleee, his ideology sounds quite a lot like yours!

          Negative. He thinks slavery is cool. He’s saddened by the fact that the majority of whites did not own slaves. I think whites’ folly was worse than their guilty by bringing so many blacks into the US. The Russians had servants, a polite way to say slaves, and it certainly was a lesser evil. You do not see Russians claiming victim status for their servitude today, do you? Right, because there’s no racial distinction between the “servants” and their masters.

          The application of racial rights is incompatible with the institution of slavery.

          • yalensis says:

            Dear ThatJ:
            Okay, so you oppose the economic institution of slavery. This a good clarification.

            However, in the past I believe that you said you supported Jim Crow-type segregation of the races in the U.S.
            I remember that we had a little debate about the black schoolchild, Ruby Bridges, who was painted by American artist Norman Rockwell.
            You said that you didn’t think Ruby should have been allowed to go to school with white children, and that in general you supported the (legally-enforced) separation of the races, just like in Jim Crow times (presumably with legal penalties for inter-marriage, and so on).

            Is that still your position, yes or no?
            And if YES, then how do you propose to pass, let alone enforce, these Jim Crow laws??

  39. Poster Khepesh (who is very knowledgeable about Ukraine) just posted in russiadefense that the Kiev junta managed to destroy the last working water pumping station in Lugansk. There were originally three of them, but two were earlier destroyed by the Kiev and now the last one.

    Lugansk has stored water for two days. After that the whole city will be left without water. It is impossible to repair the water pumping stations due to constant shelling by Kiev junta.

    • This is their attrition strategy that I wrote about earlier. Kill as many civilians as possible. Destroy as much infrastructure as possible. Make the living of the local people as hellish as possible. They have nothing to worry about. They are protected by the West and this is all that matters. Russia won’t do a damn thing.

      • ThatJ says:

        And not a word in the mainstream media.

        That’s because the victims are whites who identify as Russian, had this been happening to Muslims, Gypsies or Negroes in Europe, we goyim would be alerted on a minute basis.

        • Of course it will not be in the mainstream media. These people are ethnic Russians and they basic human rights do not apply to them. And since Moscow is not doing much to help them they have little hope left. The only instance to protect ethnic Russians in this world is Moscow. If Moscow does not perform its duty, then the Russians will die.

          This is why I think Novorossiya should surrender. Since they cannot win this war on their own and since Russia is not going to save them what’s the point of continuing this madness?

          I don’t believe the Kiev junta would outright kill the civilian population if they surrender. They are going to hunt down anyone who has been cooperating with the LPR and DPR authorities and lots of innocent blood will be spilled and lots of innocent people will rot in prisons for the rest of their lives. But this is still better than have the whole cities destroyed with this long and painful attrition strategy of Kiev junta.

          The DPR and LPR leadership and all the military personnel of the NAF will of course have to go to Russia before the surrender. They will not be spared from death if they stay.

          • marknesop says:

            Having been granted carte blanche by Washington to kill as many civilians as they want in the name of “protecting the country”, what to you imagine would restrain them? Simple humanity? Don’t forget, they want that region sparsely populated anyway so they can frack for shale gas. And the initial “liberators” would be the Nazi punishment battalions. I don’t share your optimism for the well-being of those who surrender.

            I don’t think things are as bad as you make out, or as hopeless. There must be a way of getting water to Lugansk.

            • I know there is little information from places like Kramatorsk, Slavyansk and Mariupol but I don’t remember reading anything like that the whole population in these cities would have been a target of a genocide. Slavyansk was the place where the whole armed rebellion started so if the Kiev junta wanted to commit a genocide it would be logical that it would have directed its rage to Slavyansk population.
              I don’t want to defend the Kiev junta a all and who knows what they would do if they could act freely with no fear at all of Russia’s intervention. But the way I see it is that CURRENTLY the people in the junta occupied Slavyansk live better than people live in those parts of Donbass that are under constant shelling. The best option would be a military defeat of the junta but since that is now going to happen the next best option for these people would be the end of war.

              • kat kan says:

                There is little information from those places for a reason.

                Anyone who complains about anything is accused of being a separatists, and that is the last time anyone sees them. Ditto anyone who complains about those ones disappearing. And those. Every now and then a few perpetrators will get arrested, like the Tornado battalion this week. Generally there is nowhere for people to go with complaints, because the “territorial battalions” (aka Right Sector) are the official police and have at least threat-power over the civilian police, who are relegated to traffic stops and picking up drunks.

                Some Rada deputies have openly spoken of concentration camps. Even a year ago it was proposed that “liberated” populations would have to be processed through “filtration” camps to remove the separatist feeling. If they surrender their arms, how do they protect themselves? What can they expect from an opponent that hasn’t even bothered to make a pretence of planning fair treatment?

                • Then why the hell is Russia not doing a damn thing about this???

                  Didn’t Putin say something about protecting compatriots in Russia’s near abroad a few years ago?

                • And besides, your answer does not really go against what I said. I said that lots of innocent people would still be killed and imprisoned even if they surrender. But the war and the destruction of infrastructure would at least stop. Those who don’t want to continue living in the junta occupied Donbass would be given a chance to move to Russia. And those who want to stay will stay.

                  Donbass people would eventually learn how to be “Ukrainian patriots”. Their school system would be naturally changed and their children “re-educated”. In 10 years these kids will be young adults and they will share the Maidan ideology with their western Ukrainian peers. Those who disagree would naturally be killed or imprisoned, but the majority of the population would learn how to please the Kiev junta and keep their lives and physical freedom (if not the spiritual freedom). After a decade or two Donbass would be fully Ukrainian region with Ukrainian ideology and identity.

                  No more war and destruction. The infrastructure would remain intact. New houses, roads, bridges etc. would eventually be built. People would go to work and children would go to school instead of having to live their lives in bomb shelters. And Russia would be still giving them cheap gas.

                  For Russia this option would suck because Russia would lose Donbass as a friendly base in Ukraine and Donetsk would eventually host NATO missiles. But in my opinion Russia got what it deserved for failing to aid the pro-Russian rebels 10 minutes away from its borders.

                • yalensis says:

                  Dear Karl:
                  If Soviet people had listened to you, they would have surrendered to Nazis, instead of holding out in beleaguered (and infrastructure-destroyed) Leningrad and Moscow.

                  I say it again: If I ever have to fight in a war, I most certainly do NOT want you as my commanding officer. You would surrender to the enemy the very first time we suffered a minor setback.

                • marknesop says:

                  I agree – stay away from situations where you have to make a lot of peoples’ decisions for them. By your logic it is counterproductive to resist determined terrorists – we should just surrender to them and bring the whole of the English-speaking world under sharia law. We would get used to it in time, and our children would learn to avoid honour killings by the females behaving with proper submissiveness and obedience, while the men would learn that beer with the boys while watching the game on the weekend was no longer an option. It would be a little restrictive, but at least the suicide bombings and hijackings would stop.

                  It would be better for everyone in the Donbas to be killed resisting than to surrender. And it is not Putin’s problem – they are Ukrainians. I agree he never should have said he would protect Russian-speakers, that was a big mistake. Is that the object of your stubborn recalcitrance – to make me say over and over again that Putin made a big mistake, that he made a stupid decision? All right – he did. But note that he said that when the Donbas had already declared its independence, to try to keep the Ukrainians off them by bluffing. It didn’t work. But a promise of protection by Russia did not lead to the Donbas declaring independence – it was the other way around.

                • The difference is that Stalin’s USSR threw everything it had against Nazi Germany, drove away the enemy was far as possible and eventually captured Berlin.

                  Putin’s Russia, even by your admission earlier, is holding the rebels back from attacking the Kiev junta with everything that it has.

                • Ukraine is a “torn county” due to Russian conquest, occupation, genocide, and resettlement in the territory, just as Israel has occupied and resettled the west bank. The difference is that Russia is a less civilised and less moral country than Ukraine and Israel is a more civilised and moral moral country than its neighbours.

                  The solution prior to RUSSIA’S most recent invasion was to split the county, primarily because the corruption and organized crime and bribery was primarily located in the Donbas. And it would have been easy to have the majority of Ukraine return to its Polish and Austro-Hungarian origins as a European country and people.

                  Putin hoped to, at a minimum, preserve the divisiveness and thereby keep Ukraine as a satellite in an attempt to restore the despotic Russian empire.

                  What he did not count on was the majority of the people of the area preferring to remain Ukrainian, the universal desire of Ukrainian people to join Europe, and their willingness to fight for their freedom from Russian despotism and corruption even if it required buying their own weapons and supplies, and fighting even harder than they did the last time Russia invaded.

                  Russia had two moral and honest options: repatriate the people they invaded with and resettled, or buy the territory in discounts on energy. Both of which would have been moral and universally crepes as a non violation of the post-war consensus on borders.

                  But this did not achieve his objective which is to retain power, suppress the Russian modernization movement to diversify the economy and eliminate corruption, restore the despotic empire, and resubjugate eastern Europe and parasitically extract income once again from the subjugated people’s.

                  This is the objective analysis and no attempt at false moral equivalence between Russian despotism and eurpean prosperity can withstand scrutiny.

                  Truth is what it is.

                  Russians are the most immoral white people.

                  And that’s just an empirical fact.

                  Sent from my iPhone

                • marknesop says:

                  That someone like you believes this is the best possible argument against it.

                • That you would respond with a non-argument (the intellectual equivalent of a schoolgirl thumbing her nose) to the statement that one of the greatest academics of the twentieth century (huntington) , as well as one of the greatest geo-strategic analysts alive (friedman) that torn countries must resolve their central conflicts in order to become core states – is evidence enough of your your ignorance if not intellectual capacity. 😉

                • marknesop says:

                  Sometimes a yawn is just a yawn. Don’t read too much into it. Ordinarily I would be intrigued at the notion that the best person to reform a country staggering from alleged oligarchic corruption is another even richer oligarch from the same political party, but your manner is not conducive to conversation. I realize you fancy yourself a great and brilliant intellectual, but you must allow the rest of us our opinion based on observed performance.

                • yalensis says:

                  Dear Curt:

                  You have your history completely backwards. I suggest you hit some books and brush up on the real history.
                  For starters, there was no genocide: Neither Russia nor the Soviet Union committed genocide against ethnic Ukrainians; that is a non-fact-based myth. There are many historical sources out there, which you can study. The only genocide was what the Banderites did to the Poles and Jews, followed by Nazi genocide against all Soviet nationalities

                  Oh, I stipulate that many Ukrainians, perhaps even the majority, and certainly the ones that you come in contact with, believe in these historical myths, but that does not make the myths true or fact-based. Your friends probably also believe that the Ukrainian language was invented on the planet Venus, but I am sure YOU are too rational to believe that. (at least on a day when you are taking your meds).

                  Many Ukrainians are suffering from mass delusions, due to 20 years of non-stop Banderite propaganda and being forced to live in a failed state.

                  Not Russia’s fault and not Russia’s problem.

                  Secondly, Russia did not start this war against Ukraine. The war was started by America and the EU. After “their” President (=Yanukovych, like him or not) was overturned by a coup, the people living in Donbass rebelled against the new government. They had every right to do so. It is a genuine national-liberation struggle, and there is nothing immoral about it. The immorality (or perhaps I should say “amorality”) is all on the other side. The Nazi side.

                  Furthermore, Russia has only helped the Donbass liberation struggle a little bit, and not nearly as much as I think they ought to. I really think at this point the Russian army should take Kiev with tanks.

                  The one really good that Russia did, was to act boldly in the case of Crimea, namely, to save the people living there from the fate that now befalls the people of Donbass.
                  I wish they had done the same and rescued the people of Donbass from the violent and immoral Nazis whom you support; unfortunately, the Russian government decided not to do this, probably after considering all the factors and doing a rational calculation.

                  And I will end this post with a bit of advice from Alexander Pushkin.
                  Who basically said: “Yankee Imperialists, stay out of our inter-Slavic disputes, or face a not so pleasant end.” [not in so many words],

                  Learn it,
                  Know it,
                  Live it:

                  КЛЕВЕТНИКАМ РОССИИ.

                  О чем шумите вы, народные витии?
                  Зачем анафемой грозите вы России?
                  Что возмутило вас? волнения Литвы?
                  Оставьте: это спор славян между собою,
                  Домашний, старый спор, уж взвешенный судьбою,
                  Вопрос, которого не разрешите вы.

                  Уже давно между собою
                  Враждуют эти племена;
                  Не раз клонилась под грозою
                  То их, то наша сторона.
                  Кто устоит в неравном споре:
                  Кичливый лях, иль верный росс?
                  Славянские ль ручьи сольются в русском море?
                  Оно ль иссякнет? вот вопрос.

                  Оставьте нас: вы не читали
                  Сии кровавые скрижали;
                  Вам непонятна, вам чужда
                  Сия семейная вражда;
                  Для вас безмолвны Кремль и Прага;
                  Бессмысленно прельщает вас
                  Борьбы отчаянной отвага –
                  И ненавидите вы нас…
                  За что ж? ответствуйте; за то ли,
                  Что на развалинах пылающей Москвы
                  Мы не признали наглой воли
                  Того, под кем дрожали вы?
                  За то ль, что в бездну повалили
                  Мы тяготеющий над царствами кумир
                  И нашей кровью искупили
                  Европы вольность, честь и мир?….

                  Вы грозны на словах — попробуйте на деле!
                  Иль старый богатырь, покойный на постеле,
                  Не в силах завинтить свой измаильский штык!
                  Иль русского царя уже бессильно слово?
                  Иль нам с Европой спорить ново?
                  Иль русской от побед отвык?
                  Иль мало нас? Или от Перми до Тавриды,
                  От финских хладных скал до пламенной Колхиды,
                  От потрясенного Кремля
                  До стен недвижного Китая,
                  Стальной щетиною сверкая,
                  Не встанет русская земля?…
                  Так высылайте ж нам, витии,
                  Своих озлобленных сынов:
                  Есть место им в полях России
                  Среди нечуждых им гробов.

                • Moscow Exile says:

                  Didn’t Putin say something about protecting compatriots in Russia’s near abroad a few years ago?

                  The citizens of the Ukrainian oblasts of Donetsk and Lugansk are not Russian citizens’ compatriots, namely their fellow countrymen.

              • marknesop says:

                No, that’s true, and a valid point. But I still don’t think the situation is as desperate as you describe and that the Novorossiya project will go ahead. Russia might not be doing anything obvious to help them win, but it is not eager for them to lose, either, or the region will likely host a large joint western/Ukrainian military base.

        • yalensis says:

          Dear ThatJ:
          The mainstream media ignores what is happening in Donbass, because it’s happening to people with whom they disagree politically. If these bad things were happening to Iranians or Syrians, they would likewise cheer it on. If they were happening to Poles or Coatians (about as white as white can be), they would weep and gnash their teeth in rage.. West have decided that certain nations are the good guys, these include “white” nations such as Estonia, Poland, Croatia, etc.
          Then there are bad guys, the axis of evil, which include Russia, Iran, Serbia, North Korea
          This has nothing to do with race..

          It’s only your psychotic mind which twists everything to a racial explanation.
          Your perception of reality is like a crazy Rubik’s cube:
          It only makes sense when you have twisted every tiny cubelet into the pattern that you think is correct. But none of your perceptions or theories can bear even the tiniest weight of actual facts and reality.
          In short, you are a lunatic.
          You are also a very bad person.
          I believe that if you saw a struggling refugee drowning and trying to crawl ashore, you would probably call him a “freeloader” and kick him back in the water. That’s the kind of person you are.

          • ThatJ says:

            This has nothing to do with race.

            Negative. If the Poles had large non-white minorities among them and built a huge wall, Israeli-style, to separate the minorities, the response to Poland from the US, England (the leading members of the Anglosphere, therefore the rest would follow suit) and France would be swift, and the country would be forced to back down. Western NGOs and agents would likely get their orders from abroad to start an attack on Polish culture and identity.

            Yet, Israelis have been getting away with it for decades now.

            You may be right that the Poles are favored because of their hostility towards Russia. But you are wrong to extend this favoritism to other areas where Zionist sensibilities are at play.

            • Jen says:

              The Ukrainians were going to build a huge wall, Israeli-style, with IMF loan money to separate them from Russia until they were dissuaded by the cost of its construction. Apart from that, the US and the EU had no qualms about that idea (and Western media would not have said anything about it) because the wall would have stopped Ukrainians from leaving Ukraine to find work in the EU: that was the primary objective of building the wall (not stopping an invasion by Russia).

              • I understand that the wall would have been built only against the Russian border, not against the Polish or Hungarian border.

                • Jen says:

                  Yes that’s true but once construction starts on the border there would be nothing to stop the wall from going right around Ukraine once the border against Russia is finished: the construction would proceed in a way and at a pace (preferably slow) that interested parties like politicians, building companies, the banks and other institutions funding construction and suppliers of building materials, security and security technology come to depend on the wall’s continued construction and it becomes a permanent black hole. Before the Yukies know it, they’ll have built themselves into a permanent ghetto.

                • Actually, if you look at venture capital brought into Ukraine this year, its amazing (billions) and L’viv is booming with new businesses. The economic damage is largely in kiev, where the economy bulit on corruption is reorganizing to be built on industry. So far Ukraine is going the route of India which is to expand technology services and exporting within the time zone. It’s the only poor white country left with moral people who work hard. and it’s only GMT+2 so it’s a better spot than India or China for tech services.

                  As for a wall, yes, we will build a wall. A wall of wire, of concrete, of men, of weapons, and eventually of nuclear weapons. Because what Putin’s invasion did, was tell the whole world, that the postwar consensus is over, and that nuclear weapons are the only possible way to constrain territorial aggression.

                  Putin may hang on like Castro, to a decaying cesspool, but in general, until he’s gone, Russia is behind a wall already.

            • yalensis says:

              Dear ThatJ:
              If the Poles had non-white minorities… if… if ….
              Yeah, your convoluted ideology only works if you postulate a lot of non-existent if’s.

              Yeah, if you stipulate about 1000 non-existent facts and distort most of the others, cherry-picking maybe two or three ACTUAL facts from the real world, then your world-view all fits together seamlessly.

            • Patient Observer says:

              “Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in.”

              Hi everyone,
              the Poles are favored not just because they hate Russia, it is because they share civilizational values (fairly accurately reflected in Catholicism) with the Anglo empire. The Other must be destroyed or conquered – no other option can be considered. Its a milieu consisting of sociopathic values, narcissism and general nuttiness versus a civilization grounded in decency, respect and simple honesty. The West needs electroshock therapy, massive doses of Valium and a straightjacket to stop it from doing further harm to humanity,

              Our friend and colleague Curt is a walkin’ taklkin’ example of runaway narcissism hence his hatred of Russian (and I suspect Serbs) who do not buy into his world view. I laughed when he couldn’t contain himself and bragged about having an alleged several million dollars to invest in an alleged ERP software development. People other than loutish bores and narcissists avoid discussing personal wealth or the age of their wives. Besides its going to take a whole lot more than a few million to develop, test and market a modern ERP package even if using slave labor programmers. He is deluded in business as much as as in politics,

              Rant over.

              Mark, great job as usual on your latest post,

              • marknesop says:

                Thanks, Patient Observer, and it is good to see you again!

              • Actually, my criticism of Russia is:
                (a) Personal
                (b) Empirical
                (c) Rational (Moral)
                (d) Strategic

                PERSONAL: first, I grew up under the threat of the ignorance, poverty, and devastation of world communism, threatening to oppress us if not kill us with nuclear weapons. Second, I live in ukraine, and have my family and business here, and it is Russians who have once again tried to enslave Ukraine, and driven our economy into tragic recession, so that my friends and neighbors and countrymen suffer because of Russian barbarism yet again.

                EMPIRICAL: historically russia has been a tragic, despotic, impoverishing, regressive, influence on neighbors and the world, and russians have never apologized, expressed regret, or offered compensation for the vast damage that they did to both to germany and to the east, and to the rest of the world by attempting to export their barbarism.

                RATIONAL: economic velocity and therefore prosperity increase with trust, truth telling, rule of law, and economic complexity. So the more moral a polity (objectively moral) the higher the economic velocity and the greater the prosperity. So it is rational and moral to contain low trust, corrupt states that export corruption, low trust, and economic poverty. Russia is an expansionist state now exporting its corruption and poverty.

                STRATEGIC: The west ‘separated from the rest’ by the total suppression of parasitism in all its forms. And the way the west did this was to suppress lying, deceit, corruption, fraud, fraud by asymmetry of information, fraud by indirection, and conspiracy. So a ‘good, moral, wise’ man would want to restore truth-telling to the west — even though the art of lying (propaganda) was a french, Russian, and Jewish invention, and high trust westerners are vulnerable to it — and to spread truth telling to the east, so that we could unite the circumpolar people in prosperity.

                Russians always do the wrong thing. Why? Because they are immoral people. The worlds most corrupt people. People who think deception his heroic (like the muslims and chinese do).

                • Patient Observer says:

                  Tell it to the Native Americans, Chinese and the uncounted millions of other victims of Western moral superiority. At first I thought you were simply unhinged but its something worse, something in your early development led to a deficit of empathy – fetal alcohol poisoning, severe abuse or something else.

                  You confuse your failure to develop empathetic based relationships with “clarity” and “freedom” from such “limitations”. So you “play” with us to prove to yourself that you command the situation. However, you showed us that you are in damaged in ways that there is no known cure or rehabilitation.

                  So you are a self-replicating aberration in human development – much like a badly folded protein that creates disease. You wish to attack others either to kill them or, if you can intervene early enough, to destroy their humanness, their empathy. Perhaps it eases your loneliness.

                • So are we back to the central argument that Russia has a record of failure? That Rusisia is a violent, corrupt, lying, low-trust culture that would subsist at subsaharan African levels without the oil industry? That muscovites are not Rus, but Slav? And that Muscovites are practicing the culture of Mongols, not Slavs. And that Putin’s media is lying in order to pollute the informational commons so that when the (admittedly alcoholic, heroin using, superstitious, ignorant) remaining 50% of the population, if it ever gains access to the internet, sufficiently to learn how backward they are, will not revolt? And that Russian stupidly invaded Ukraine and caused death destruction, and displacement, when it could easily have bought the east for discounts on imports of gas? And that because of these factors – the inability to govern, because the inability to act morally, which in turn increases transaction costs, and depresses economic productivity, Russia is a net negative force both regionally and in the world?

                  Fix the economy, corruption, lying, and propaganda, and you might have something. The suffering of the Ukrainian people is caused by, as usual, the evil of russian character.

                  Rather, the lack character in Russians.

                • marknesop says:

                  You don’t have a central argument, Curt. You’re just a rude, deliberately offensive pig. In fact, you fit very well in a country where some twenty-year-old goose-stepper can just blast a woman out of her shoes because he didn’t like her attitude – the gloves are off, and none of the ordinary rules apply. It must be what the grunts felt in Vietnam. This is just an extension of that, in which you don’t have to observe any of the rules of common courtesy, and can just have yourself a pile of fun being a rude, uncultured boor. But I’m damned if I can see where it requires any sort of special talent to do that.

                  By the way, Ukrainians are Slavs. And Russia is just your excuse for the cataclysmic failure of your unfortunate adopted country – never mind, they have you, as a consolation prize for the death of their dreams.

                • I don’t confuse anything. Or rather, I may occasionally experience confusion, but in this case I can demonstrate my lack of confusion by means of explanatory power: Simple facts: Trust = Economic Velocity = Available Consumption. Trust is not sentimental value. It is a measure of the complexity of economic and social relations that can be constructed given the transaction costs that impede them. 50% of the Russian economy is dependent upon oil, and NOT dependent upon russian norms (“character”). If the economy were dependent upon Russian “character” then the standard of living would return to pre-war levels, and Russians would live as do the Muslims and mongols whose norms they inherited..

                  And this is why I’m criticizing your moral equivalency: because you are trying equate things that are not equal. Russia is just another mongolian, tatar or muslim nation with the trappings of christendom, the trappings of an economy, and the trappings of culture.

                  Russians are a negative influence on the world and are responsible for more death, suffering, and impoverishment than any government other than Mao’s. Eastern europe must be free of mongols, muscovites, turks, tatars, and other steppe tribes who would bring their low trust, low economic velocity, to the people of the west. Eastern europe is european. Muscovites are mongols and tatars. Think like and act like muslims, mongols and tatars: steppe and desert people.

                  Ukraine needs to restore its heritage as a european, not mongolian/tatar/muscovite slave pit.

                  The world is a better place without russians in it. Go home.

      • ThatJ says:

        The priorities of the British government: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1223738/Nursery-children-branded-racist-schools-report-40-000-playground-race-spats-year.html

        And it is not limited to Great Britain, either. Every Western country suffers from this same pathology, exported after WWII by the US, England and France, where the Zionists have been entrenched most successfully, and in the case of England and France, for centuries.

        Two authors who have written extensively on the subject are Kerry Bolton, from New Zealand, and Kevin MacDonald, from the US.

        Real social liberalism in the Anglosphere is dead. What passes today as social liberalism or progressivism is Marxist Critical Theory. The working class, who has been replaced by the “oppressed”: ethnic minorities, sexual deviants, women (of all colors, including white). Someone — the oppressor, of course — is left out, I see.

        For Tavan, the new critical theory of the Frankfurt School “played a crucial role in exposing the racist underpinnings of many of Australia’s key institutions and values.”[xx] The Frankfurt School abandoned the White working class because they were insufficiently radical and had succumbed to fascism in Germany and Italy. This caused them to reject the orthodox Marxist emphasis on class struggle, replacing it by advocating non-White immigration and multiculturalism, as well as recruiting Whites who had complaints against the traditional culture, particularly feminists and sexual minorities, into a new coalition of the left.

        It was yalensis who commented about parasitism in ants. There’s a human equivalent:

        • yalensis says:

          Uh huh. And the human equivalent of poisonous scorpions is YOU.
          And MacDonald, and other vicious racists of your ilk.

        • ThatJ says:


          I disagree with your genocidist views that whites must cease to exist. I advocate racial rights — the right to demographic integrity and self-rule — to the extent that it is possible. These rights are the lynchpin of not only whites’, but every race’s survival and continuity. You, on the other hand, support white genocide, namely the demographic dispossession and eventual demise of the white race. Racism exists when the racial rights of a race is violated and its posteriority is threatened. Decreeing a collective death sentence upon a race and condemning it for speaking out will not solve the problem, only aggravate it.

          From the text:


          Here’s a short and very old word: Wasp. Here’s a long and very new word: Neuroparasitology. Despite their differences, the two words go together very well. Neuroparasitology is the study of how parasites manipulate the brains of their hosts. Parasitic wasps are experts at this manipulation. For example, some inject paralysing toxins with their stings and create living larders for their offspring. Mason wasps lay eggs on paralysed caterpillars, then seal them into brood-chambers made of mud. The caterpillars are then eaten alive by the larvae that hatch from the eggs.

          Parasitic wasps induce this suicidal passivity with minute injections of neurotoxin, because tiny amounts of chemical can have huge effects on nervous systems. The way a caterpillar submits to being eaten alive is both grotesque and fascinating, but then parasitism is one of the most interesting aspects of biology. Like predators, parasites have spontaneously evolved again and again in the animal kingdom. There are parasitic mammals, birds, fish, insects and more: Think of vampire-bats, cuckoos, lampreys, mosquitoes and so on.


          So why can’t predation and parasitism have evolved among those animals known as human beings? Why can’t there be predatory or parasitic ideologies, professions and even races?


          One answer might be this: there can’t be because that’s a wicked thing to suggest – it’s bigoted, hateful and racist. But that answer might, in itself, be evidence for the proposition. If parasitism does exist among human beings, it will exploit some particular aspect of our biology. Wasps can easily inject chemicals into the brains of other insects. Human beings can easily inject ideas into the brains of other human beings. They do this using something called language. So words like “hate,” “bigotry,” “racism,” “antisemitism,” “homophobia,” “Islamophobia” and so on may be the verbal equivalents of a wasp’s neurotoxins: cheap and effective ways of inducing paralysis in a nutrient-laden host.

          • yalensis says:

            Dear ThatJ:
            You are literally insane.

          • Jen says:

            @ ThatJ: Of course, you would say that you are not injecting ideas into the mindsets of other human beings when you continually bang on about Jewish people trying to influence cultural and political discourse in Western mainstream media so as to gain advantages for themselves as a group and to further their supposed project of the genocide of white people; and denigrate non-white people’s attempts to save themselves and their families to leave the chaos created by US policies in Africa, the Middle East and across other parts of the world by fleeing to Western countries.

            • yalensis says:

              Of course not!

              Make sure you get your terminology straight, Jennifer:

              When ThatJ/MacDonald “inject their ideas” into the discourse, this is just called “truth-telling”. When people whom they do not agree with, do it, then it is called “ideological parasitism”.

  40. ThatJ says:

    A psychologist professor chimes in.

    Charleston, cognitive psychology, and media influence

    It’s worth thinking about some basic psychology in relation to the Charleston events. Cognitive psychologists study heuristics that people use to make judgments about the likelihood of events that are complexly determined — things like airplane crashes or shark attacks. A heuristic relevant to Charleston is the availability heuristic, where people make judgments and form attitudes based on their memories of past events. Such memories are greatly influenced by media coverage. From Wikipedia:

    [skip text]

    The application to Charleston is obvious. There is wall-to-wall media coverage, so people will easily recall what happened there. Such memories will be easily available to influence attitudes and judgments. Whereas Black-on-White crime motivated by racial hatred is vastly more common than the reverse, such events are rarely reported in the national media, and even local media typically ignore racial designations and downplay racial motivation in such attacks.

    On the other hand, racially motivated crime by Whites gets much more coverage. So most Whites have no idea about the racial disparities unless they read sources like Pat Buchanan, Vdare (this article by Ilana Mercer includes data from both) or AmRen. As a result, the prediction would be that Whites as well as Blacks would assume that murderous, racially motivated attacks are far more common among Whites than among Blacks. Such memories are much more available than memories about racially motivated Black-on-White crimes.

    Whereas the “White racist” narrative of the Ferguson and Baltimore events completely fell apart upon further scrutiny and the riots only confirmed stereotypes of the Black underclass, Charleston will live on as a paradigm of pervasive White racism, and will be used to attack anything remotely connected to White identity. There have been numerous calls for banning the Confederate flag and for stricter controls on guns. Last night on O’Reilly a Black man blamed Fox News for the events in Charleston. But that pales compared to Hillary Clinton’s allusion to Donald Trump’s comments on illegal aliens being responsible for Charleston. On local talk radio I just heard a caller demand in a very morally self-righteous manner that any website or media frequented by Dylann Roof be shut down. I’m sure the SPLC would love to do just that.

    Full text: http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2015/06/charleston-cognitive-psychology-and-media-influence/

    • yalensis says:

      Riddle me this:
      What do ThatJ and the cuckoo bird have in common?

      Answer: 2 things
      (1) They are both parasites, and
      (2) They are both cuckoooooooo!

    • Fern says:

      ThatJ, figures for 2013 from the FBI comparing the ethnicity of murder victims with their killers, show that, like many other aspects of US society, murder is racially divided. The overwhelming majority of white victims were killed by a white perpetrator while the overwhelming majority of black victims were killed by a black perpetrator.

      I have real problems with the concept of ‘hate’ crimes – as opposed presumably to the love-you-very-much-murder-and-robbery-type-crimes – because, in the UK at least, so much depends upon the perceptions of those involved. It’s a hate crime if the victim or the police or the media or some other agent feels it is. If a black guy robs an (assumedly) wealthier white guy, is that a racial crime or one rooted in economics?

      • yalensis says:

        Dear Fern:

        In some countries, including Russia (I believe) they have the legal concept of “hate speech”, which is banned, because it is thought to lead to “hate crimes”.

        For example, if I read some article about how people of ethnicity X are awful people, and then, in the flush of my new-found knowledge, I run out and kill an X-type person, that would be considered a hate crime. Because it was influenced by something I read.

        If I kill X and also steal his wallet at the same time, I could then go to court and argue that it was just an economic crime (maybe sentencing not as stiff). Obviously, there is a lot of subjectivity in these laws (as in all laws), which is they have judges to interpret the facts.
        It is worse for the perpetrator to be convicted of a hate crime than a regular crime.

        Note also that when the Nazis exterminated Jews in the gas chamber, they took all their stuff first. Still hate crime, I think.
        Likewise Bandera’s people, when they slaughtered their Polish neighbors, they didn’t omit to steal their houses and belongings too. Still hate crime.
        Other individual cases might be too grey or borderline to interpret, but, again, this is why they have judges.

        • ThatJ says:

          There’s no such thing as a love crime. No one kills or robs out of love for the victim. There’s always a bad intention involved, unless it’s an accident.

          And six million Jews did not die in gas chambers. This lie was taken by the Zionist lobby two decades later when Israel was in war. Their media apparatus went in high gear with tales of Jewish suffering two decades before to justify Israeli aggression. The goyim were terrified. How could they criticise the victims of such abominable crime? Are they anti-Semites? Do they condone gas chambers and ovens?

          Not one of the leaders of the leading Allied countries, in their autobiography, mentioned Jewish death by gas chambers.

          • davidt says:

            “And six million Jews did not die in gas chambers.” This comment represents a dreadful misrepresentation of reality, and I’m sure that most of us find it offensive. Didn’t you make a decision some months ago that you would censor any comment from ThatJ that mentioned “Jews”? I, for one, am embarrassed to read your blog when ThatJ is so obsessive and relentless about this topic. I can understand that you are reluctant to censor anyone but it is people such as Sinotibetan whom you should try to encourage to make more comments.

            • marknesop says:

              I just got tired of it. Blogging is not supposed to be work and I get tired very quickly of policing it. If it turns out that I have to do that it is simpler just to stop. I now skip right over any posts which mention Jews without reading them because it is generally not a subject which interests me.

            • ThatJ says:

              You can skip the post, davidt.

              I would not have replied that way, had yalensis not mentioned six million gas-induced Jewish deaths. I know it’s taboo, but a taboo that is worth breaking, especially if it’s untrue (as I believe it to be) and used for ulterior motives.

              • Jen says:

                Yalensis did not say that 6 million Jews died in gas chambers, he only said that the Germans took the possessions of those Jews (number not given) who were killed in gas chambers. Please read people’s comments carefully before you start on your usual stereotyped rants.

              • ThatJ says:


                I’ll ask yalensis if he believes in the official narrative.


                Do you believe that six million Jews were killed by the Nazis in WWII, mostly in gas chambers built in death camps?

              • Jen says:

                @ ThatJ: No-one who believes in the truth has ever said that 6 million Jews died in gas chambers except those people who have an axe to grind against Jews and who deliberately want to bait others into arguing in a particular direction that become dead ends. You are trying to talk Yalensis into a trap and everyone else here who has an IQ of more than double digits knows that.

          • Moscow Exile says:

            “Mercy killing” is a “love crime”, isn’t it?

  41. Fern says:

    Georgia’s finest son is temporarily abandoning his post to sell (both literally and metaphorically but mainly literally) Odessa to international ‘investors’ aka Wall Street sharks:-

    “I am presenting the Odesa region’s investment opportunities to international investors in New York. Odesa has a lot of advantages, in particular, a very well-educated and talented population and an amazing tourism potential, and we will guarantee investors’ protection from extortions and racket, which has obstructed economic growth so much until lately,” Saakashvili said on Facebook on Friday.

    • ucgsblog says:

      Of course, promote tourism investment after the tourist season already started! Who needs investment planning when you can just wing it?! I’m also wondering how he’ll protect the investors from tourism and racket, considering that he couldn’t do so in Georgia, when he was president there. Will he be tying them up?

    • marknesop says:

      He said almost word-for-word the same things about Georgia, and that didn’t bear much fruit. The buyers have to think they are going to be able to collect a return, and that doesn’t look very promising in Ukraine at present.

      However, one of the biggest thieves in recent memory offering guarantees against racketeering and extortion does have some value, if only as comic opera.

  42. Tim Owen says:

    This is kind of clasiic in it’s own way:


    Here’s to thatJ and Curt Doolittle. The world appears to be your oyster. Get shucking fuckers.

    Or get to to the front, as Pavlo says.

      • yalensis says:

        Okay, I read the interview in its entirety.
        This Tim fellow refutes every point that was tossed at him by this other (Mark Green) fellow. Mark Green ends up looking like a blowhard and an asshole. Tim Wise comes off looking okay. Maybe Green THINKS he won the debate, because he gave himself the last word. But he didn’t. Wise won the debate hands down.

        • Jen says:

          The difference is that Tim Wise acknowledges that denial of injustice is very powerful among privileged classes (that is, all those layers of society including white and non-white groups we would call upper middle class professionals and beyond) and that he’s aware himself that he may also be in denial about aspects of social / economic / political injustice in Israel / Palestinian territories and in the US; and Mark Green assigns all blame onto Jewish Americans who support Zionism and Jewish-American control of all debate on the Israel / Palestine conflict.

          Green’s argument is a classic example of psychological projection: he accuses Wise and the community he supposedly represents as a Jewish American of denial.

  43. yalensis says:

    Link from Fort Russ:
    Samantha Power in Kiev, the “great humanitarian” showing off what a Nazi psychopath she actuallly is.

    • marknesop says:

      Samantha Power could just as easily buck the Ukrainians up by telling them what stout fellows they are for compromising with the east and working their problems out through dialogue rather than clubbing each other to death like seals. It suits Washington’s foreign-policy ambitions to tell them what fierce fighters and natural soldiers they are. Washington is ready to fight to the last drop of Ukrainian blood.

  44. yalensis says:

    More info coming out about Ukrainian army battalion “Tornado”. Most of this expose actually comes from Ukrainian media itself. Which was then picked up by Russian media.

    The video in linked piece includes an intercepted conversation between Roman Onishchenko (the commander of the “Tornado” Battalion) and one of his subordinates, code-named “Mujaheddin”.
    In the conversation, they brag about their torturing of prisoners.
    Their self-admitted MO is to kidnap civilians from Luhansk, take the prisoners to their base in Privolie, strip them naked, and torture them with electric shocks. They would pour a bucket of water over them, then hook them up to a generator.
    Which is what they brag about.

    • yalensis says:

      More quotes from the Tornado guys:

      — Без пыток жизнь была бы не жизнь. Ничто так не поднимает тонус, когда у тебя в руках чья-то жизнь, — говорит боец с позывным Моджахед.

      Бойцы «Торнадо» рассказали журналистам, как именно они пытали людей. По их словам, пленных они держали в подвале, били палками и насиловали. Кроме того, они отбирали у местных жителей дорогостоящее имущество.

      — Философия такая. Если ты готов умереть — ты имеешь право убивать. Если ты готов терпеть пытки — имеешь право пытать. Это справедливо, — продолжает Фриман (позывной Онищенко) делиться своей философией.

      “Without torture, life wouldn’t be worth living. Nothing raises one’s mood, like having another person’s life in your hands.” (“Mujaheddin”)

      The “Tornado” warriors recounted to journalists, how they tortured people. In their own words, they held their prisoners in a basement, beat them with clubs, and raped them. They also stole valuable property from the local residents.

      “Our philosophy is like this: If you are prepared to die, then you have the right to kill. If you are prepared to endure torture, then you have the right to torture others. This is only fair.” (Freeman, code-name Onishchenko).

      • yalensis says:

        Clarification about Onishchenko name , because I am pretty sure his ethnicity will come up for discussion, so let’s just get this out of the way.

        Напомним, что «Торнадо» — это бандформирование, созданное небезызвестным “опущенным” уголовником Русланом Онищенко (фамилия жены, “девичья” фамилия Абельмаз, позывной «Фриман») из Тореза и бывшим главарем расформированного за зверства в отношении мирного населения на Донбассе батальона «Шахтерск».

        “Tornado” is a (criminal) gang that was formed by the notorious and degenerate criminal Ruslan Onishchenko. Who took his wife’s surname, his own actual surname was Abelmaz, his code-name is Freeman. He is from (the town of) Torez, and the former head of the “Shakhtersk” battalion, which had also been disbanded, due to its atrocities against the civilian population of Donbass.

        • yalensis says:

          And P.S. – above-linked piece makes a very good point, that awful as “Tornado” is, they are really no worse than the other Ukrainian punitive battalions.
          It’s just that they don’t have friends in high places, so they make a convenient scapegoat.

          “Tornado” never had the financial backing of an oligarch, or anybody looking over their shoulder, Abelmaz himself, along with his criminal activities, also ran a small business in Torez before the war, they are all just petty-bourgeois scum who live off the land.

          But the other, more protected, punitive battalions (like Azov), are pretty much cut out of the same cloth, and are not held to account for anything they do.

          And these are the people to whom our own Karl is urging the residents of Donbass and Luhansk to surrender themselves. In the hope of catching a ray of mercy.

        • yalensis says:

          Cassad gives it the other way around:

          That Ruslan was born “Onishchenko” and then took his wife’s name of “Abelmaz”.
          Not sure which version is correct. Anybody know?

          His ethnicity is important, only because ThatJ will seize upon this as proof that all Jews are degenerate criminals.

          • kat kan says:

            One issue for Ukrs is he is from Torez, indicating the criminality of Donbass residents. He has partly redeemed himself by being on the Ukie side, while what he does to his former fellows is an internal (Donbass) matter so Ukies don’t have to feel guilty about it.

            Shakhtersk, meaning “miner” was promising all their members a kopanka (illegal coal mine) and 5 Donbass slaves to work it for them. I don’t know how they went with the slaves bit, but apparently they did have some mines, which previously had belonged to unemployed genuine local residents. This may have caused some issues in the area.

            These, or another group similar to them, may have been involved in the killings of NAF people in the area (the mayor, Mozgovoi) who were trying to keep criminals out.

          • bolasete says:

            don’t mean to bug you but i read (as in google translate) a lengthy piece by dagmar henn on german saker reviewing and analyzing the fascism in the ukr war and she makes the point that there are so many vids where the banderites show and brag about their murders and torture that they undermine doubt about ‘fake’ stories such as the crucifixion you alerted us to. (since you (mo ex, too) are so diligent) i’d be curious as to your opinion on henn’s perspective.

          • Jen says:

            I Googled “Abelmaz” and the results thrown up include Abolmaz, Abelmas and even Aboulmaseh. According to Forebears.io website the surname is most prevalent in Russia and Ukraine but no other information about its origins was available. I am guessing that it could be a Tatar or Crimean Tatar surname. At this point, we really need to know more about Ruslan Abelmaz-Onishchenko’s family background to know for sure if he hasTatar or Crimean Tatar ancestry.

      • astabada says:

        Just wanted to remark that Mujaheddin is a plural genitive/accusative.

        At least get your grammar straight.

  45. yalensis says:

    Meanwhile, Semen Semenchenko’s PR manager, Kirill Sazonov, on his Facebook page, justfies the actions of the Tornado punitive battalion.

    The thugs of the “Tornado” Battalion, who tortured and raped civilians at their base, acted properly, according to Kirill Sazonov, writing on his Facebook page. Sazonov is the former director of the Donetsk site, and the organizer of pro-Ukrainian meetings in Donetsk. After the “Russian Spring”, he fled from Donetsk, and became the PR Manager for Semen Semenchenko and the Donbass Punitive Battalion.

    “Okay, so they captured some Separatists, and fucked them. Didn’t kill them, just fucked them. And I am supposed to condemn this? They were defended our towns and villages from the Orcs, they were risking their lives, and they were shooting Orcs and sometimes fucking them. So what? I regard them as Defenders of the Motherland. The Orcs were divided in their opinions: some liked it, some didn’t. But we have to judge this from our own point of view, and not from the point of view of the anal innocence of these lumpens with automatic rifles. Let Enrique Menendez [yalensis: Who? Is he talking about this guy?] wax on about the sufferings of the bandits and the sinfulness of our heroes, but we will be more laconic. Do what you have to do. And if you have captured a handsome separatist, then go ahead and shoot him, all the same,” Sazonov wrote.

    What is even more noticeable is the reaction of the supporters of the current regime and the Kiev nationalists. Sazonov’s post was “liked” by 300 people.

    True, he quickly deleted that post from his page; however, it had already gone viral in a mass of blogs.

    • yalensis says:

      P.S. – I can’t resist but add:
      These are the guys that Curt considers to be the “morality” side in this conflict!

      • Morality is an objective measure of the suppression of parasitism. So yes, as lying and corruption are parasitism, and invasion is parasitism, then morality is part of the conversation. 🙂 That’s just a fact.

    • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

      ‘Tornado’ is not going to be disbanded. It will be reconstituted under a different name and will carry on as before.

      Meanwhile Ukraine will continue to die. The war results in a disproportionately high death rate among the segment of the population that is needed for work and reproduction. The scum dying in the Kiev army are exactly the people that Ukraine can least afford to lose. Ukraine is killing herself even as she proves she deserves to die. Her daughters will be prostitutes and her sons will be fertiliser (for fields that nobody will be harvesting – the last Ukrainians will live in tent cities on front of western embassies, where they will chug paint thinner and chant demands for Schengen visas).

      Is there a Ukrainian word for self-inflicted genocide?

      • marknesop says:

        Funny you should say that – a recent article claims that half of Moscow’s prostitutes are Ukrainian. I guess that’s an example of that cultural superiority Ukraine holds over Russia. Careful, though – Curt’s job is to exacerbate hatred between Russia and Ukraine while he is actually not a citizen of either. Mustn’t make his work easy.

        • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

          This is purely intra-Ukrainian hatred. I’m sure you have noticed that the actual Russians usually react with sorrow and pity to outbursts of Svidomite barbarity, while obvious delight in Ukrainian suffering is usually the preserve of diasporite Ukrainians such as myself.

          • Actually, I’m a resident, thanks. And I get my citizenship this year. 🙂 !!!! Just as the Schengen visa comes into play.

            BTW: I don’t have to exacerbate hatred of Russians, I have a moral responsibility to mankind to defend the truth from lies, deception, disinformation, rationalization, false moral equivalency, and ignorance. It’s more that I feel the need to deprive you of your own self deception. Lying even to yourself on such a scale is a bad thing, but lying to others, and sponsoring the expansino of lying, and particularly justifying the expansion of an immoral people is something else.

            Seriously. Russians engender hatred of Ukrainians just fine without my help. I mean, Russians engender hatred pretty much everywhere they go. The world’s trailer trash. The white people who failed.

            I mean, is there anything worse than finding out that there are Russians in your hotel? I mean, the men look like fat dockworkers from new jersey and the women look like prostitutes that work the docs. They have the manners of tent-dwellers, and the ignorance of farm animals.

            RUSSKI GO HOME!!!

        • Moscow Exile says:

          It’s been going on for years, this prostitution of Ukrainian women. In fact, it’s been going on for just over 20 years and it has long been commented that the Ukraine is fast becoming the European sex-tourism mecca, an East-European Thailand as it were.

          Just check out “sex tourism Ukraine” on your search engine.

          The forgotten, exploited street prostitutes in Ukraine’s crisis

          And for yalensis, further practice in the tongue of Dichter und Denker

          Teenager-Prostitution in der Ukraine

          (Note the use of the definite article with “Ukraine” in German. Somehow, this doesn’t bother those Banderites who go red in the face if one writes in English “the Ukraine”.)

          Nataliya verdient bis zu 150 Euro in einer Nacht. Sie ist eines von schätzungsweise 11- bis 15.000 Mädchen im Alter zwischen 14 und 19 Jahren, die sich in der Ukraine prostituieren.

          Natalya earns up to 150 Euros a night. She is one of the estimated 11 to 15,000 girls aged between 11 and 19 who prostitute themselves in the Ukraine.

          That’s from an article published 2 years ago.

          Шлюхам слава?

      • We are going to get this matter solved in two years. And it will take ten years to rebuild Ukraine after Russian devastation for a century. But just as Poland saw rapid increases in prosperity after Russian barbarism was expelled, we will see Ukraine prosper. There are too many of us too dedicated to the country.

        • Moscow Exile says:

          But just as Poland saw rapid increases in prosperity after Russian barbarism was expelled …

          BELGIANS must believe Siemiatycze is the capital of Poland, residents of this eastern Polish town like to quip. Those that are left, that is. Since before the fall of Communism Brussels has been the destination of choice for thousands of Siemiatyczans who seek work abroad. Accurate figures as to just how many have left are hard to come by, as people often retain Siematycze as their official place of residence. But it is clear that the real population of the town, at any given moment, is considerably less than the official figure of 15,000.

          Poland’s Central Statistics Office estimates that 2.1m Poles are living abroad, most within Europe. That figure peaked at 2.3m in 2007, after which some people started to move back. Yet predictions of a mass return of emigrants as Western Europe slid into recession (whereas Poland did not) proved wrong. For the past three years, the number of emigrants has been rising steadily again. Alarm bells are ringing in Warsaw.

          The largest number of expatriate Poles are in Britain, followed by Germany and Ireland. But there are sizeable contingents all over Western Europe and Scandinavia. Family and neighbourly connections mean that some towns develop relationships with particular destinations abroad, as is the case between Siemiatycze and Brussels.

          Every Friday morning three coaches leave Siemiatycze for the Belgian capital. The driver of the state-run PKS service jokes bitterly that the biggest change capitalism has brought to the town is competition for passengers from two private companies. On board, those settling in for the 20-hour journey are all going either to visit relations working in Belgium, or to look for jobs themselves. All tell the same story: there is no work in Siemiatycze. Magdalena, aged 26, is considering joining her mother, who left 16 years ago and is working in Brussels, “as a cleaning lady, of course”.

          Unemployment in Siemiatycze stands at 10.5%. That is lower than both the national average of 13% and the 14.6% average for the Podlasie Voivodship, where the town is situated. But to a large extent that is because people prefer to leave to than sign on as jobseekers in a town where positions paying more than the minimum wage of 1,600 złoty ($510) are rare.

          Remittances have visibly benefited the local economy, however. “It’s only thanks to the emigrants that we still have jobs here,” says Alicja from behind the counter of a café by the bus station. Handsome new houses are seen all over town. Shops do a roaring trade during holidays, when crowds come back from Belgium to spend their euros on cheaper Polish products.

          Yet Siemiatycze’s residents are painfully aware that this is neither an economically nor socially healthy state of affairs. Some teenagers left behind turn to alcohol and drugs; older people are distressed to see their grandchildren born abroad. Like countless other Polish towns, Siemiatycze is slowly emptying out. Emigration is exacerbating a demographic crisis that sees hundreds of schools across the country closed every year.

          Siemiatycze is an extreme example of a pattern that has been seen across Poland for many years: low-skilled workers from rural areas and small towns leave for low-skilled, but better paid, work abroad. From bigger cities, graduates and skilled technical workers are also emigrating, usually with a plan to save up for a few years and then return. The statistics suggest that it does not always work out that way.

          Even so, Paweł Kaczmarczyk of Warsaw University’s Centre for Migration Research believes that in the future more and more of those migrants will move back to Poland. Economic uncertainty, he says, discourages them from moving back, but that should abate. The wage gap between Poland and Western Europe is steadily narrowing.

          Mr Kaczmarczyk prefers to stress the positive aspects of the exodus. Some 90% of Polish emigrants have found work in their adoptive countries, he notes, albeit often below their level of qualification. Poles’ willingness to move around in search of better pay has shown, he argues, that a European labour market can exist. Such mobility, and attendant language skills, will be ever more valued in the future.

          Employers value the skills and practices workers acquire abroad, but in many areas they are still faced with a stubborn problem: the salaries they offer cannot compete with those offered by employers in Germany and beyond. Anna Kwiatkiewicz of the Lewiatan employers’ confederation complains of a “skills drain” among technical workers. She says that if Polish workers can’t be lured back, the government urgently needs a pro-active policy to encourage immigration to replace them.

          Poles increasingly bemoan the lack of a coherent government policy on migration in either direction. They are inclined to view the continuing exodus as a sign that their government is failing them—and less inclined to share the optimism of people like Mr Kaczmarczyk. For Poland’s politicians, smiling benignly on a phenomenon that brings the unemployment figures down will no longer do.

          See: Poland’s emigration headache, Nov 5th 2013.

          Sounds great!

          Polish birth rate

          Unemployment Rate in Poland decreased to 10.80 percent in May of 2015 from 11.20 percent in April of 2015, according to the Labour Minister estimate. Unemployment Rate in Poland averaged 13.56 percent from 1990 until 2015, reaching an all time high of 20.70 percent in February of 2003 and a record low of 0.30 percent in January of 1990.

          Record low in 1990.

          Why, that was when this big bad Russkies controlled the place, wasn’t it?

          A shock therapy programme, initiated by Leszek Balcerowicz in the early 1990s enabled the country to transform its socialist-style planned economy into a market economy. As with all other post-communist countries, Poland suffered temporary slumps in social and economic standards, but it became the first post-communist country to reach its pre-1989 GDP levels, which it achieved by 1995 largely thanks to its booming economy> – Wiki

          So the boom brought Polish standards back to what they were when it was part of the Soviet bloc.

        • ThatJ says:

          @Moscow Exile

          I Googled “Anna Kwiatkiewicz”, the Pole who said the government “urgently needs a pro-active policy to encourage immigration”.

          One gets the impression that she lives in Poland. But here’s her resume, from a Polish site, using Google Translator with minor manual corrections:

          Director of the Office of the Lewiatan Confederation in Brussels, acts as Permanent Representative to the BUSINESSEUROPE. Previously, she worked at KU Leuven in Belgium as a Research Associate (2012/2013 academic year), as well as the Polish branch of an international consulting firm BPI Group. By the year 2011 combined work in BPI and employment in the School of Economics as a lecturer in the Department of Human Resources Labour.

          Doctor of Management. Scholarship Open Society Institute in the years 1996/1997 (the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, USA) and Lanckoronski Foundation in the years 2001/2001 (the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium). In 2013 she was selected as an expert in the Chancellery of the President under the Idea Lab, and also nominated for the Marshall Memorial Fellowship, Leadership Development Program (Program of the German Marshall Fund).

          She specializes in the labor market, continuing vocational training and broadly understood social dialogue. She is the author of many reports and analyzes for the European Commission, the European Parliament, the European social partners organizations (BUSINESSEUROPE, ETUC, CEEP and UEAPME) and the International Labour Organisation.

          Source: http://konfederacjalewiatan.pl/dla_mediow/eksperci_lewiatana/anna-kwiatkiewicz

          Another rootless cosmopolitan who fits nicely in the description of an article I posted today from TOO (“Can the Ossis save Europe?“), namely this passage:

          This inequality also explains the fervent Europeanism (pro-EU-ism or even EU federalism) of a fraction of Central European educated elites, especially the young, Anglophone émigrés. When their country joined the EU, they earned the right to immigrate to Western Europe, a move which allows them to metaphorically leap into the future, enjoying standards of living and government far, far superior to that of their home countries — standards which their countries will not achieve for many, many years, and perhaps never in some cases.[1] They resent the allegedly retrograde, “uneducated,” superstitious, and chauvinistic views of most of their countrymen. EU government is preferred to their corrupt national governments. They also see in the EU a protection against Russia, a powerful and legitimate concern. Central European “EU federalism” then draws from many sources, partly from the “liberal cosmopolitan” values spread by the West, but just as much, paradoxically, from narrow ethno-national and class interests.

          These organizations sound familiar, no? Surely they do. She works for the same forces that paved the way for the coup in Ukraine.

  46. yalensis says:

    Putin says that Russia does not accept the jurisdiction of Hague arbitration court, which ruled in favor of Khodorkovsky:

    Putin suggested that part of Russia’s legal strategy will be to deny the jurisdiction of the international arbitration court in The Hague that last year awarded shareholders of the defunct Yukos oil company $50 billion in damages because Russia in 2004 illegally dismantled the company and auctioned off its assets.

    The French and Belgian asset freezes are aimed at enforcing that court judgement.

    “The Hague Court is competent to decide on such cases only in respect of those countries that are signatories of the European Energy Charter,” Putin said.

    “Russia has not ratified this charter, so we do not recognize the jurisdiction of this court.”

    Hence, Khodorkovsky is not going to see $50 billion dollars of Russian taxpayer money pass into his slimy pockets. Not even one dollar, I would hope.

    • likbez says:

      Too late. The train left the station. I wonder who initiate this. See also

      • marknesop says:

        We will see; the entire argument rests on the application of the Energy Charter Treaty, which Russia signed but never ratified. The record reflects that Osborne himself was far from confident that it would stick – although his argument is of course that the signature alone is enough – and relied heavily on the western powers to present their usual united front. As indeed they have, unsurprisingly.

        But I’m sure an enterprising attorney could dig up plenty of precedents in which those countries considered their signature on a treaty to bind them to none of its conditions until it had been ratified by its national legislative body.

        This probably arose out of the Bilderberg Circle Jerk, and Russia’s best defense is to hit back hard. The west cares nothing for crocodile tears about rights and obligations, and cares only about what it will mean in monetary terms. If in the end Russia refuses to pay and the west moves to seize property to make up the amount, it will be daunted only if Russia is in a position to seize an equal or greater amount in western assets in reprisal. I imagine what it will provoke is a general scurrying to move and preserve assets, and that is only going to hurt everyone’s bottom line.

        • cartman says:

          The signature would have been Yeltsin’s right? The fact of the matter is that presidents are not sovereigns. Ratification powers belong to a separate branch of government, and its approval would probably never have been granted by the Russian legislature – even the one before the Putin era.

          • marknesop says:

            I’m not sure who signed it, because I’m not sure when that signing happened. But the western countries cannot stand on their right not to be bound by a treaty because it has not been ratified by their senate or parliament or rada or whatever, and insist Russia regulate itself in accordance with a treaty it also did not ratify. If that’s the way to go, then all the countries who said just a signature was not enough are going to be in for a lot of class-action lawsuits. the USA especially. Precedent is precedent. You know I have no faith in international law anyway, since it is basically just a get-out-of-jail-free card for the west, but if it applies it applies to all.

  47. marknesop says:

    Looks like perhaps another push on Mariupol is going on.

    • yalensis says:

      Mariupol situation confusing.
      Here is a piece from Life News.

      In the area near the town of Shirokino (Mariupol region), insurgents intercepted radio transmissions indicating some kind of fight between Ukrainian army units vs. Gruzian mercenaries.
      The Gruzian mercs in question serve in the Azov Battalion. The mercs were overheard speaking in their own native tongue and discussing how some Ukrainians attacked them. The Gruzians are overheard saying, that they will cut some ears off Ukrainian soldiers, as proof that the latter attacked them.

      The theory is, that there was some confusion, and the Gruzian mistook Ukrainian army for insurgents.

      Then some snippets of conversation, translated from Gruzian into Russian:
      – На тебя идут. Видишь?
      – Вижу.
      – Ты их знаешь? Это не наши?
      – Вижу идут, нет, не наши.
      – Принимай.
      Далее бой.
      – Есть 200, можешь подойти?
      – Идут еще… бой… бой…
      – Отрежь ухо, нужно доказательство

      “They’re coming at you. Do you see them?”
      “I see them.”
      “Do you know them? Are they ours?”
      “I see them coming, no, they are not ours.”
      “Take them on.”
      [sounds of fighting]
      “There are 200 of them, can you approach?”
      “Wait, there’s more of them… fighting… fighting…”
      “Cut somebody’s ear off, we need proof.”

      • marknesop says:

        What is the difference between a Ukrainian Army ear and a “pro-Russian Separatist” ear? I’m not clear on how an ear is going to prove anything. Unless they were talking about cutting off a prisoner’s ear in order to get information. But it doesn’t sound like that at all.

        • kat kan says:

          Cattle often get ear tags, for herd management purposes…..
          Alternatively they may be planning to cut off some ears and release the victims, to see where they end up in a see-the-atrocity video.

          Oh, hang on. It is not for proof of being Ukrainian. It’s for proof of who did the attacking? nope, I don’t know how that works.

          Otherwise the story is quite believable, as the official forces are trying to get rid of the Pravy Sector types, who don’t do as they’re told. In fact the whole attack campaign against Shirokino was their doing. For a while it clearly suited Kiev to be able to break the ceasefire by proxy. Now they need to remove a group even the US finally declared a liability, and which Poroshenko sees as a danger to himself.

          I still don’t see where ears come into it.

  48. marknesop says:

    Russia and Greece sign deal on Greek extension to Turkish Stream. Comment by Terry Ross; “By effectively financing Greece to be a joint owner in the pipeline, Russia has sidestepped the 3rd Energy package monopoly provisions and ensured that the Troika cannot confiscate what would have been a wholly owned Greek pipeline. From Russia’s point of view it gets the pipeline built without EU interference. Clever stuff.”

    And even if the west engineers a colour revolution of the Greek government one day and replaces it with a pro-western anti-Russian government, the most they could do once the pipeline is built is threaten to jack up transit fees. Providing Europe hooks up to Turkish Stream – and I don’t see any practical alternative. And Russia could always say “OK; it’s your pipeline. The new delivery point is the Turkish border”, like they originally were going to do. But I think the Greeks will see which side their bread is buttered on, and being a gas hub for Europe is much more attractive than being scolded and lectured by Europe.

    • ThatJ says:

      The only alternative in Greece is the Golden Dawn, a nationalist pro-Russian party. Unless the conservatives — who lost the last election to Syriza — are somehow attractive to the electorate again and get voted into power, an unlikely event.

      For being real nationalists and not shabbos goyim (“useful cattle” in Yiddish parlance, e.g. the Ukrainian government and its cannon fodders are shabbos goyim), and with the party’s rising popularity in polls, the leadership was rounded up and arrested following “American” orders. The persecution also extended to other party members of the parliament (their immunity had to be lifted before). The arrests on trumped-up charges started after the previous conservative PM visited Washington.

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