About That Batumi Miracle…

Uncle Volodya says, "Honesty may be the best policy, but it's important to remember that apparently, by elimination, dishonesty is the second-best policy."

Uncle Volodya says, “Honesty may be the best policy, but it’s important to remember that apparently, by elimination, dishonesty is the second-best policy.”

Hey, remember back when Al Jazeera was the object of loathing and fear in the USA? Bankrolled by the Emir of Qatar – a thriving democracy in the Middle East whose ruler has been a male member of the Al Thani family since 1850 – Al Jazeera was once described by American media as “a mouthpiece for terrorists”, “anti-Semitic” and “anti-American”. It earned the anti-Semitic tag honestly enough, broadcasting an on-air birthday party organized by Al Jazeera’s Beirut bureau chief for a Lebanese militant convicted of killing four Israelis, including a four-year-old girl. And considering it was the outlet which carried Sheik Qaradawi’s weekly program, “Sharia and Life” and Sheik Qaradawi “extended his Koranic blessing to suicide bombing against American civilians in Iraq”, you could make an argument that it earned the anti-American tag honestly as well.

No more, though – all water under the bridge, let bygones be bygones. The outlet’s managers could not now be more pro-American, as this gushing testimonial to Mikheil Saakashvili’s appointment as Odessa’s governor attests. Penned by former United States Army officer Luke Coffey, it is a progressive tongue bath of Saakashvili that is almost embarrassing to read, kind of like watching a bizarre peep show featuring repugnant sex. Unless you’re an admirer of the former Georgian president, of course, in which case it is only his due as the Caesar Of His Time; render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.

Coffey pitches a quick little historical vignette, describing how observers and analysts should not be surprised at Poroshenko’s appointment of a foreigner to lead Odessa, since that was de rigeuer back in 1803. Two French noblemen were appointed during this period, the first by Tsar Alexander himself, as governors of Odessa. These appointments join wife selling, tobacco smoke enemas, lobotomy and the Divine Right of Kings as examples of a progressive society, for the period in which they were common.

But when you top that historical precedent with Mikheil Saakashvili’s success in fighting corruption and improving the Georgian economy, why, as Mr. Coffey avers, the appointment “makes perfect sense”.

Mikheil Saakashvili’s success in fighting corruption and improving the Georgian economy; my, yes. Let’s take a look at that. Especially as Mr. Coffey avers that President Poroshenko appointed Misha specifically to clean up corruption in Odessa; you may want to keep an eye on that, see how he’s doing, from time to time. Mr. Coffey must have had an affectionate little smile on his face as he thought about Misha’s charisma, he positively oozes it. And energy, too – he’s engaging, and “has endless amounts of energy”. I think I can explain that last bit, as his increasingly porcine appearance suggests he is living on a diet of candy bars. Corruption-fighting by Cadbury.

Some more licking follows, as Saakashvili is described as a visionary who gravitated to Ukraine because it was the only way he could help the country of his birth that for some unaccountable reason wants to arrest him for corruption and various other allegations. Yes, you heard it here first: “…he understands that the geopolitical reality of the Black Sea means that a secure Odessa is a secure Georgia. For him, this is part of his destiny”. Jesus wept; I don’t know if I can finish this.

Mr. Coffey is fond of statistics to back up his claims, and that’s good. According to him, the Index of Economic Freedom – compiled by a conservative right-wing Washington think tank and an ideological conservative newspaper – just loves Mikheil Saakashvili for how easy he made it to do business in Georgia. And it hardly needs saying that Transparency International – supported by Shell International, Microsoft, Google, BP and General Electric, among others – saw him as a mythic corruption-fighter of epic proportions, like Batman, The Flash and Diogenes all rolled into one charismatic, energetic package.

I wonder what those organizations think of the current Georgian President. He does not seem to get a mention, nor does the government of Bidzina Ivanishvili, who headed the Georgian Dream party that knocked the charismatic corruption-fighting dynamo off his perch. Because Saakashvili’s crime-fighting spree coincided with record unemployment in Georgia: it was 12.6% when he took office, zoomed to nudge 17% under his able command, and was still 15% when he was ignominiously kicked out of office. It’s back down to 12.4% now. But Mikheil Saakashvili is credited with being “the one reason Georgia did not become a failed state”. You can’t see me, but I am doing that fingers-down-the-throat gagging thing.

Similarly, Georgia’s per-capita GDP is currently at a record high. So are monthly wages , which reached their record low in 2007, while Saakashvili was apparently too busy fighting corruption to look after his subjects. Wages in manufacturing – a critical component in national self-sufficiency –  same story: record high at present, record low under the Cadbury Dynamo. So weary from fighting corruption around the clock, it escaped his attention that his Defense Minister had started up an offshore business in his own name which roared from a paltry $8 Million and something USD in turnover in 2009 – the year he started it up – to nearly a Billion in 2012, three years of non-stop, rolling-in-moola corruption right under Saakashvili’s nose. The profits before taxes (taxes, ha, ha) that year amounted to more than $51 Million USD. That year, the per-capita GDP for Georgia – what your average Georgian would have to live on and support his family for a year, adjusted for purchasing power – was $6,322.50 USD.

But don’t let my stage-setting implant any preconceived notions, as we step uncritically and with open minds into the showpiece of Saakashvili’s renaissance of the Georgian economy – The Batumi Miracle.

“[T]he capital city [of the Adjara Region], Batumi, is booming. Foreign Direct Investment is flowing in. Five-star hotels mark the skyline. The old city has been rebuilt and preserved“, enthuses Coffey. Really? You know, I’m coming around to Mr. Coffey’s viewpoint. Mikheil Saakashvili actually is the one reason Georgia did not become a failed state. Because if he had won another term, it would have been. He saved Georgia, by getting thrown out of office.

The roof of the Batumi Trade Center – a Saakashvili project of which he laid the foundation stone himself in 2010collapsed in 2012, doing about 25,000 Lari (about $11,000.00 USD at today’s exchange rate) in damages. Fortunately it happened at night, when the building was empty.

But nothing says Sweet Smell of Saakashvili Success in Batumi – a miracle, if I may be so bold – like the Batumi Technological University. The American Technological University, as some referred to it, since it was built with American money from the Second Compact with the Millennium Challenge Corporation. MCC itself, if you can imagine the cheek, was unconvinced that Saakashvili’s bold plan to build a technological university was a sensible or justifiable expenditure of grant money (some of that Foreign Direct Investment cash that “flowed in”, according to Mr. Coffey). No, they argued (shortsighted fools) that building a technological university would be more likely to benefit privileged families than poor families, that the money would be better spent on addressing systemic failures in higher education, and refused to approve the project.BatumiTower

And this is where Saakashvili proved his worth as a guy who won’t be told “No”. Undaunted by the unseemly quibbling over poor people’s educational opportunities, he played the wild card that sucked all the air out of the room – our technological university will have the world’s only miniature Ferris Wheel. How do you like me now, bean-counting eggheads?

Of course it did not happen just like that; I have no idea if the Ferris Wheel was Saakasvili’s idea or the architect’s – although Saakashvili would most certainly have seen the designs – and it was not the addition of this feature that swayed the decision. But just imagine it: struggling all day with difficult technological problems, and then the glorious rush of freedom at the end of the academic day – all the students rushing for the roof, shouting “Me first!!” “No, me!!”. And then whirling around and around high above the earth…what a great way to blow American taxpayers’ money!!

Honestly; what kind of lunatic spends that kind of money on a Ferris Wheel on the roof of a technological university, in a country where the average citizen lives on about $6000.00 a year, after being told by the donors it was a stupid idea? The kind of lunatic who would be perfect for fighting corruption in Odessa, obviously.

Saakashvili opened the Batumi Technological University in 2012, just before the Georgian Dream wave rolled over him and swept him away. It was to have its first students in 2013. The incoming government studied the madcap project, and scrapped it. The new government requested proposals for improvements to the higher-education sector – just like MCC had initially suggested – and announced the intent to co-fund successful proposals with $50 million over 20 years. After spending more than $30 Million USD to build it (plus around $90,000.00 USD annually in maintenance in 2012 and 2013, Saakashvili’s ivory tower was sold for $25 Million, to be turned into a hotel.

Where a little Ferris Wheel just might be almost appropriate. Good luck, Odessa. Remember, it’s easy to ride the tiger. The hard part is getting off.

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  1. marknesop says:

    According to NATO, Russia’s sale of gas to Europe at much cheaper prices than it would pay for LNG shipped in in uncertain quantities is an example of “Russia’s destabilization efforts”, while paying much higher prices for a less certain supply would be an example of Europe’s “political will and strategic vision”. You might think that is an easy choice, but it reckons without the desperately inbred gits in Brussels who do not spend their own money and are incapable of thinking within that framework.

    • kirill says:

      Russia should wean itself off the EU market, ASAP. These idiots are irredeemable. I am not happy that Russia is going to build another pipe to Germany. This is a mistake.

      • marknesop says:

        Not necessarily. Russia wants to encourage close ties with Germany in the hope that it can inspire a business revolt against the German government. Washington, which is pulling all the strings behind the scenes, cares nothing about Germany’s economic interests so long as it does what it is told and helps America against Russia. Besides, it’s not as if Germany is taking gas for free – it’s a moneymaker.

        However, I’m pleased to see Russia take a harder line on Europe as gas customers, and make them build their own infrastructure if they want to hook up to Turkish Stream. Europe needs to know Russia has alternatives, because at present Europe is puffed with its own importance and figures “You need us”.

      • ThatJ says:

        Economic clout is one of America’s leverage over Germany. I believe Russia must also play this game, and what’s better than energy?

        Watch this:

        The conclusion of this study by the German army is terrifying.

        Without any leverage whatsoever, there will be less, not more, restraint in Germany’s foreign policy towards Russia.

        Another economic aspect is the dollar’s reserve currency status, whose pre-eminence Russia is doing her best to sideline, with the help of China.

        • ThatJ says:

          Here’s the PDF of the German army study:

          Click to access Peak%20Oil_Study%20EN.pdf

          • Germany is the world’s sponsor of the Principle of Borders that constitutes the postwar consensus. German identity and the german narrative is that the world wars must not happen again. They will bear any cost to ensure that Russian aggression is contained.

            So far, Americans have trained only a few hundred soldiers in Ukraine, even if it sometimes feels like there are legions of DoD guys here doing research. American independents (former field officers) are training dozens of volunteers every week in the major cities, ( I know the people in Kiev and L’viv). And (someone I won’t name) has supplied training plans which are used all over the east. But the nationalists Right Sector, still do a disproportionate amount of the front line fighting. They are heroic patriots fighting for the future of their country, to free it from Russian sponsored corruption.

            But just as Putin is prolonging the conflict by a constant supply of technicals, soldiers, heavy arms, ammunition and supplies, (it appears that there are in excess of 10K Russian soldiers in Donbas), the west is simply waiting until the Russian economy runs out of cash (another 18-20 months) and is slowly, incrementally pivoting to contain Putin’s aggressions.

            Kinda outnumbered. There are what, 1.2 billion of us? And 140M ‘Russians’? Of whom, how many are actually ‘Russian’, we don’t know?

            Russia is a gas station masquerading as a country.

        • ThatJ says:

          This study reveals the cautious approach of the Krauts to the crisis in Ukraine, in that they avoid being too confrontational while trying to be “firm” at the same time (page 68), resulting in shallow sanctions (to please Washington) but no more than that (to not piss off Russia):

          (click to enlarge)

  2. yalensis says:

    Saakashvili is shocked by Ukraine’s poverty.
    In an interview with the newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche, Saakashvili noted that in terms of GDP and other metrics, Ukraine is the poorest country in Europe. This goes against the laws of nature, he says, given Ukraine’s resources, industrial development, and educated population.
    Saakashvili had also noted, that it will take Ukraine at least 20 years to regain the economic level that it had in 2013, under Yanukovych. (Which was still nothing to write home about.)

    [yalensis comment]:
    Saak is right. The condition that Ukraine is in today, goes against the laws of nature.
    Somewhere there is a Biblical parable, and if there isn’t, there should be.
    This would be the parable about the wasteful son who inherited a huge estate from his dying father.
    (Hint: The son = Ukraine; and the father = the Soviet Union).

    So, the father left his son an enormous estate, which he had added to every decade, full of flowering orchards, rich soil for farming, abundant industries, even rocket-making; ports and waterways; highly-educated labourers. Everything that the son could possibly need, in order to flourish and pass on to the next generation.

    And the son then proceeded to squander and waste, and ultimately lose, everything, that he had been given. Became a beggar and a moocher. Went into debt and could not pay his debts. And blamed everything on his neighbour.

    We should call this “The Parable of the Wasteful Svidomite”.

      • marknesop says:

        I just knew it was going to turn into a gay orgy. “Some said, “Give him the bone”.

        • yalensis says:

          Mark: Only in your filthy mind is this song a gay orgy!
          (Pavlo: thanks for this wonderful song, I really like it!)

          Anyhow, the buried leid is that the wastrel son finds more gold in the end, just when he had ran out of hope.

          Moral of the story: Ukraine should never stop hoping that the IMF will cough up a few more bucks! Then it can be Lord of the Linne again!

          • Moscow Exile says:

            English folk songs almost always have sexual inuendos. The Victorians tried to clean them up, but the unexpurgated versions still remain in the folk memory.

            I remember singing “The Keeper” at school, and it really is near the knuckle if you read between the lines. The keeper is not hunting a doe, but a girl – any girl.

            It’s the same with “Strawberry Fair”.

            The non-sanitised version runs thus:

            As I was going to Strawberry Fair
            Singing, singing buttercups and daisies
            I met a maiden taking her ware
            Her eyes were blue and golden her hair
            As she went on to Strawberry Fair

            Kind sir pray pick of my basket she said
            Singing, singing buttercups and daisies
            My cherries ripe and my roses so red
            My stawberries sweet I can them spare
            As we go on to Strawberry Fair
            Ri-tol-ri-tol-riddle-tol-di-dee break from BG published to James Masters version
            O I have a lock that doth lack a key
            O I have a lock, sir, she did say
            If you have a key then come this way
            As we go on to Strawberry Fair

            Between us I reckon, that when we met
            The key to the lock it was well set
            The key to the lock it well did fit
            As we went on to Strawberry Fair

            O would that my lock had been a gun
            I’d shoot the Blacksmith, for I’m undone
            And wares to carry I now have none
            That I should go to Strawberry Fair

            At school, we did not sing about the girl having a lock and the man I key that would fit it.

          • marknesop says:

            I think actually the moral of the story was that you have to be at your lowest ebb and willing to die for your wastrel ways before you can discover what you need to go on – the son only discovered the store of gold by putting his head in the noose and stepping off the stool. Under all but allegorical circumstances he would have hanged himself.

            Ukraine, far from being at its lowest ebb, is still giddy with the exhilaration of regenerated and empowered Naziism and is willing to sit up and beg or go through the motions of “reform” or do whatever the west requires of it in exchange for a huge wad of cash to build its Nazi temple. Ordinary Ukrainians will awake from this nightmare when the nutjobs are either swinging from lampposts or have fled to Los Angeles, or whatever is the preferred destination of war criminals these days.

    • marknesop says:

      Somewhere there is a biblical parable, and it is “Kiev offers growth-linked bonds to end impasse with creditors“. Yes, you read that right – the country that will take 20 years to get back to the shaky but relatively stable economic state it was in two yeas ago, in which its currency was worth about 40-45% more than it is now and which actually had some reserves, is offering creditors “growth-linked bonds”, which are promises to pay when the economy improves enough that they have some strutting money, to allay creditors’ fears that if they take a haircut now it will be construed later as payment in full. What a confidence-builder it is to see Ukraine finally make it to a prosperous western-oriented market democracy.

      Snapping out of pouty-tantrum mode for a moment, Ukraine confirmed it will make the “coupon payment” (whatever that is) of $75 Million next Saturday (unless they were talking about yesterday) on their $3 Billion debt to Russia, tough talk notwithstanding.

      • yalensis says:

        I think a coupon payment is when you literally have a book of coupons, each one denoting, say, your monthly payment. You tear off the coupon and put it in the mail, along with your check. I’m not kidding.

    • ucgsblog says:

      Wait, 20 years to regain the level it had under Yanukovich? So the Maidanuts destroyed 20 years of progress in 2 years of stupidity? Yats’ record is 1.6%, (with a 2% margin of error, so his actual approval rating could be at 0,) they have 3 failed governors out of 3, are they trying to make the Guinness Book of Records for most failures?

        We threw out a Russian-sponsored crook that stole billions from our people.
        Russia objected to losing their pet criminal, so they invaded to make sure that the revolution against corruption didn’t spread to Moscow and st Petersburg (where it started to).
        The war created economic uncertainty, and consumed what little money we had.
        And it left our new administration with the problem a war of aggression on the border, and the threat of having tanks in kiev, AND at the same time, trying to reform the Russian sponsored corrupt government through lustration.

        Russians are worse than Nazis. By far. The nazis are gone. Russia is the new Nazi.

        • ucgsblog says:

          Your ignorance is hilarious. Anyone who actually studied even a smidgeon of Ukraine’s recent history, comprehends with ease that your economy started being damaged as soon as the USSR fell apart. Various thieves, or what you call presidents, continued to ravage your economy. When Yanukovich, (granted after his ravaging as well,) finally decided to make a responsible act, the Maidanuts couped him, for making the only economically responsible and sane choice. Then they proceeded to install oligarch idiots, who fucked up the economy beyond all saving. Now Ukraine will fall apart primarily for economic reasons, and whatever’s going on in Donetsk, Lugansk and Crimea cannot actually destroy the economy as badly as Ukraine’s economy was destroyed by its own looting oligarchs, two of whom you dub president and prime minister.

          Economic uncertainty was in Ukraine before the war. There’s a reason that I wisely kept my investments out of Western Ukraine, Curt. And this was in 2013, before the war. Claiming that the war is destroying Ukraine’s economy is like Yeltsin claiming that the Chechen War was destroying Russia’s economy. You’ve fallen below drunkard level Curt. That’s how low you are. As for lustration, I have friends and business contacts in Ukraine, and some of them even supported Maidan. There aren’t enough curse words on this blog to adequately summarize their description of lustration Curt.

          On a final note, Russian is either an ethnic term or a cultural term. Nazism is an ideology that involves rabid racism. If you cannot grasp that, well, actually then you would be the idiot who invests in Ukraine from Seattle. Now it all makes sense. How’s your business doing Curt? When’s the liquidation date? My business is expanding, do you still have any assets in Seattle? Those are still worth something, when’s your bankruptcy sale Curt?

          • My entire history is available on the web. I’m a pretty public person. I’ve built ten or so companies depending upon how you count them. I have my most recent company (companies really) for the purpose of personal satisfaction. My efforts these days are in helping build a free, prosperous and happy ukraine for myself, my family, and my friends. I mean, if I built a software company on the west coast, then it’d cost me 5M, and I’d give up half the company to early investors. But by moving to Ukraine, I can do it for a fifth of that, entirely out of pocket, and bear the entire risk without even thinking about it. I love ukraine. And I’m clearly not the only guy investing here. It’s awesome.

            (Its most likely that I could buy and sell you ten times over, without even thinking hard. )

            Anyway. Now I can walk around all day with a smile on my face. 🙂

            Hugs and kisses.

            FREE KOENIGSBERG!!!
            (new bumpersticker.)

            • yalensis says:

              “My entire history is available on the web.”
              Can you provide the links, please, Curt?
              I would like to study your companies sheets and specs, to verify what you just said.

              • yalensis says:

                P.S. – Okay, I’ll bite – what is your plan for Königsberg?
                Back to Germany, I assume?
                Second question: what is your strategy to take it away from Russia?

                • It took 700 years to rid Spain of Muslim invaders, it needn’t take that long to rid Europe of Mongolian Muscovite invaders. Right?


              • Jen says:

                I think even Mitt Romney and his Bain & Co would marvel at how many shell companies Curt D created with his brand of get-rich-quick asset-stripping. 😉

            • ucgsblog says:

              Curt, I’ve been against the crowd when it came to Iraq War, the housing market, the Ossetian War, and now this. I’m used to being harassed for being right, and making money off of idiots. Do you really think that bumper sticker is going to bug me? Actually, someone of your limited intelligence, just might. Furthermore, building a software company on the West Coast for $5 million? What the actual fuck? What do you have, blow and hookers for every programmer? Actually wait, that would explain quite a bit. Oh, and if you’re bearing a million in risk, then… actually wait, YOU wouldn’t be thinking about it. You’re right Curt, Ukraine’s a perfect opportunity to squander your money. Just don’t come back crying for handouts. As for buying and selling me, if you cannot afford $5 mil, you cannot afford buying/selling me, but you remind me of a character, Panikovsky, from Ilf and Petrov’s Golden Calf. I think you’re trying your best to emulate him.

              • What. Is that supposed to be cogent? I’ve already built multiple 100M run rate tech companies in Seattle. Not rocket science. A top guy in kiev costs 50-60K fully burdened, and a top guy in Seattle or SF can run four times that or more fully burdened. Just how it is. Plus taxes on tech in Ukraine are excellent. Lviv is amazing. Rusisan invasion destroyed the economy in Kharkiv and a lot of the tech talent moved west to the civilized area. And it’s booming.


                • ucgsblog says:

                  So Russia destroyed Kiev’s economy, which is why Kiev’s economy is booming. Just Curt being Curt. And if you built multiple 100 mil tech companies, you would be able to afford 5 mil, unless you sold them for much less, and someone else had to do the hard work, whilst you tried taking the credit.

                  Mark, is there any way to change Curt’s name to Panikovsky?

                • No, LVIV not KIEV. Literacy. Literacy. Literacy.

                • ucgsblog says:

                  Oh, so Russia destroyed Lvov’s economy, but didn’t destroy Kiev’s? Did the side effects somehow go around Kiev, to end up in Lvov? Or do you have no geographic knowledge whatsoever?

                • I live in both cities. And, I have wonderful geographic knowledge (and much better restaurant knowledge). As I stated (for those who can still read through the bottom of a vodka shot-glass) the Russian invasion collapsed the tech sector in Kharkiv and they moved to the Ukrainian tech hub L’viv. Second, a lot of the people who had to leave because of the Russian invasion have moved east to be near European civilization – increasing demand. Third, which I haven’t mentioned, because Ukrainians are poor (because of the Russian invasion) they travel to L’viv, because it is cheap, and because it’s effectively a European city (just like the rest of Ukraine wants to be.) So they get all the benefits of Europe (architecture, good manners, civilized behavior) at Ukrainian prices.

                • marknesop says:

                  I see. Lviv is cheap, but booming. Some radical economics happening there. I bet you live in both cities at the same time, you’re such an amazing guy.

                • Moscow Exile says:

                  Literacy. Literacy. Literacy.

                  I’ll ask the guys in Azov to raffle off “Russian Hunting Tickets”. Whomever wins the raffle, gets a borrowed rifle, 200 rounds, a daily packed lunch, and a week of Russian Hunting across the border? I hear the Russian girls make good money off the Volunteer battalions. So at the very worst it’ll be sex tourism. ( The women outside of Donbos are rather prudish, and it gets much more conservative as you move west.)


                  As the subject of a verb?


                  And I live in Moskva, by the way, but Muscovites don’t get upset like soft kids when foreigners say Moscou or Moskau or Moscow etc.

                • ucgsblog says:

                  Oh, you live in both cities, so you’ve discovered teleportation? Are you a member of the Tomorrow People, Curt? The Ukrainian tech hub in Lvov? Wow, you’re certainly going for comedic relief, if you weren’t so stupid, I might’ve actually paid you money to entertain me.

        • rkka says:

          “Russians are worse than Nazis. By far.”

          The Nazis intended the extermination of the Slavs, Poles & Ukrainians very much included. And the Ukrainian Nationalists under Bandera facilitated the Nazis.

          That your hate and ignorance extends so far indicates all we need to know about you, loser.

          • I may be many things, but hateful and ignorant are pretty unlikely to stick. 🙂

            The Nazis used propaganda. Just like the Russians did and do. And we should remember that the Nazi’s existed only because Russians embraced the most insane religion of all time, and slaughtered their own people with it. No Communists, no fascists, no nazis. Russians created the nazis.

            • rkka says:

              “I may be many things, but hateful and ignorant are pretty unlikely to stick.”
              Hateful, ignorant statements like “Russians are worse than Nazis. By far.” are sufficient to prove both blind hatred, and blind ignorance.Your mouth is your worst enemy.

              “The Nazis used propaganda. Just like the Russians did and do.”

              Americans use propaganda. Usually its called advertising. The methods and principles are largely the same.

              “And we should remember that the Nazi’s existed only because Russians embraced the most insane religion of all time,”

              Pre-WWI Vienna gave Adolf his education in the political use of antisemitism and hatred of Socialism. Though his taste of gas at the Front didn’t improve his disposition any. And the Versailles Treaty, especially the German-Polish border that Versailles dictated, gave Adolf everything he needed to succeed politically in Germany. The one issue in which every element of German political life was agreed between the World Wars, except the Left, was revising the German-Polish border.

              So the USSR had little to do with either Adolf, or his coming to power. Everything he needed to produce 1 September 1939 was provided by his young adulthood, WWI, and Versailles

        • yalensis says:

          Dear Curt:
          It sounds strange to my ears to hear an Ayn Randite blaming all his problems on somebody else.
          Shouldn’t you be blaming the actual MOOCHERS for everything that went wrong?
          Or don’t you believe in personal responsibility?
          Anyhow, if you are true Rand-ite, and if your version of history were true (which it is not), then you should be celebrating the “selfishness” of the Russians, wo exploited their weak Ukrainian brothers.

          Or as John Galt was known to say:
          ““In this world, either you’re virtuous or you enjoy yourself. Not both, lady, not both.”


          • How did you get the impression I’m a randite? I’ve written enough against Rand, Rothbard and Mises that one would have either be pretty ignorant, or a liar to say so. I mean, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and just assume you’re ignorant, if that’s ok.

            • yalensis says:

              But… but… it says in your CV that you are a member of Mises!
              Are they not Randites?
              And is a poodle not a dog?

          • cartman says:

            He should go back to school:

        • Moscow Exile says:

          Pavlo Lazarenko, former Ukrainian politician and Prime Minister who in August 2006 was convicted and sentenced to prison in the United States for money laundering, wire fraud and extortion.

          According to United Nations, approximately $200 million was embezzled by Lazarenko during 1996–1997 from the government of Ukraine.


          i>For the foregoing reasons and based on the record herein, the United States respectfully moves to admit statements of Yulia Tymoshenko made in furtherance of the conspiracy and scheme to defraud.

          Another Kremlin stooge?

          Who will get stolen Lazarenko money? – Putin?

          The so-called Jeanne d’Arc of the Ukraine implicated with Lazarenko!

          Is she not the one who wanted to nuke East Ukraine.

          Is she yet another Kremlin stooge hired to cause the ruination of that territory that was formerly known as the Ukraine Soviet Socialist Republic?

          Or was Yushenko really a Kremlin agent?

          See: Yushchenko’s hand in the imprisonment of Yulia Tymoshenko

          In interviews given to the BBC Ukrainian service on Oct. 12 and Der Spiegel on Oct. 18, Yushchenko publicly supported Tymoshenko’s sentence …

          In his final press conference, Yushchenko revived criminal charges from the Leonid Kuchma-era related to Tymoshenko’s chairmanship of United Energy Systems in 1995-1997. The same charges were revived on Oct. 12; the day after Tymoshenko was sentenced, by the Security Service.

    • Moscow Exile says:

      1991 – In 5 years, we shall be living as they do in France.

      2004 – In 10 years, we shall be living as they do in Poland.

      2015 – in 20 years, we shall be living as we did under Yanukovich

    • Jen says:

      I think you have in mind the Parable of the Talents, in which a man entrusts his assets to his three slaves and goes on a trip. On his return, he queries each of them what they have done: two of them have invested the assets and these have increased; but the third man hid his share because he was unsure of where his share had originally been obtained. The master punished the slave by taking away his share and giving it to the other men and the slave ended up with nothing.

      The lesson is that if we receive God’s bounty, we should use it and increase it for God’s pleasure (not our own, mind) but those of us who use God’s bounty for our own purposes (and this means not using it or squandering it in our own self-interest) will lose it. The Parable of the Wasteful Svidomite is a modern variation of the Parable of the Talents.

      • marknesop says:

        Oh!! Oh!!! I know one like that!! I heard it years ago, and it was a life-changing experience for me.

        A company is told that the current climate is such that all-male executive cadres are no longer acceptable. The company must promote a woman to an executive position. The boss, who is a man, decides to try out three candidates and decide on one of them, but he devises a clever scheme by which he will carry out an unspecified assessment. The first pay period, he deposits $1000.00 extra in each of the women’s pay, then waits to see what will happen.

        The first woman goes straight to the accounting department and advises them there has been an error, and ensures all the overage is returned to the company.

        The second woman says nothing about the money, invests it in a short-term bond and in three months, gives back the money and keeps the interest.

        The third woman says nothing about the extra money, puts it in high-risk derivatives which she watches carefully, doubles her outlay in three months and then gives the original $1000.00 back.

        So which one did the boss hire?

        The one with the biggest tits.

        I know that is a sexist joke, but I am not really a sexist myself; I only thought it was funny because it perfectly summarizes how shortsighted the hiring process is, although it is slowly improving. I suppose that does not really qualify as a parable. But by rights if I were the boss I would have hired the woman who gave back the money immediately. Although she made no profit, she did not usurp to herself the method of making profit for her own benefit, and it engenders the same sort of renewed confidence as one of those stories where a homeless man or woman finds a fortune and returns it all.

      • kirill says:

        There are many elements of the Bible that preach conformity to existing authority, no matter how vile and illegitimate it is. One would think the Bible was concocted by established elites to keep their serfs down.

        • yalensis says:

          In my day, I read some books about Biblical scholarship.
          The Old Testament is basically a compilation of many different written sources, which include histories, stories, poems, pornography, and even jokes.
          Some religious people don’t even realize there are jokes in the Bible.

          For example, according to one Biblical scholar I read, the story of Lot and his 3 daughters is actually a pornographic joke, making fun of the Moabites and their supposed origins.
          It would be the equivalent today of making a rude joke about, say the Polaks and how they came to be.

          But religious people don’t realize this, of course, and take all this Old Testament nonsense very seriously.

          • Jen says:

            Is that porn joke the one about Lot offering his daughters to a bunch of thugs who want to sodomise two angels disguised as men in his house or the one where the daughters get their father drunk, have sex with him and as a result conceive sons, one of whom is an ancestor of King David and thus of Jesus? Or is the entire life of Lot the porn joke?

            • yalensis says:

              Dear Jen:
              It might seem that Lot’s entire life was full of porn!
              But I was specifically referring to the story where he had sex with his daughters, in the cave.

              It took me a while to remember the name of the book I had read that went over this story pretty well, it was “The Good Book” by David Plotz.

              Plotz is a good Jewish boy who decided to actually sit down and read the Old Testament, with a modern mind. He finds a lot of humor and also horror in it, for example, coming to the conclusion that Samson was a vicious psychopath, who abused animals as well as human beings. He doesn’t understand why his ancestors would honor such a creep. He is also down on certain other Jewish heroes like Isaac (=dishonest wimp), Rebecca (=controlling witch), and Jacob (=thieving conniver). Plotz also heartily dislikes the Prophet Jeremiah, whom he considers to be a vicious traitor and quisling to the Babylonians.

              Anyhow, returning to Lot:
              Plotz goes over the Lot story and the origins of the Moabites. His take on it is that the ancient Hebrews of that time had a lot of neighbours, there was a lot of ethnicities living close together, inter-marrying, but not always getting along. If I remember correctly (it’s been a couple of years since I read Plotz’s book), he thinks that the Lot/daughters story is basically a cruel ethnic joke, at the expense of the Moabites.

              • yalensis says:

                P.S. the bible notes say that Jesus was descended from Ruth, the Moabite lady who has her own story in the Old Testament. In the story, Ruth the Gleaner marries her employer Boaz son of Salmon, they have a son Obed, who has a son Jesse, who produces the Davidian line:

                The Genealogy of Jesus the Messiah

                1 This is the genealogy[a] of Jesus the Messiah[b] the son of David, the son of Abraham:
                2 Abraham was the father of Isaac,
                Isaac the father of Jacob,
                Jacob the father of Judah and his brothers,
                3 Judah the father of Perez and Zerah, whose mother was Tamar,
                Perez the father of Hezron,
                Hezron the father of Ram,
                4 Ram the father of Amminadab,
                Amminadab the father of Nahshon,
                Nahshon the father of Salmon,
                5 Salmon the father of Boaz, whose mother was Rahab,
                Boaz the father of Obed, whose mother was Ruth,
                Obed the father of Jesse,
                6 and Jesse the father of King David.
                David was the father of Solomon, whose mother had been Uriah’s wife,
                7 Solomon the father of Rehoboam,
                Rehoboam the father of Abijah,
                Abijah the father of Asa,
                8 Asa the father of Jehoshaphat,
                Jehoshaphat the father of Jehoram,
                Jehoram the father of Uzziah,
                9 Uzziah the father of Jotham,
                Jotham the father of Ahaz,
                Ahaz the father of Hezekiah,
                10 Hezekiah the father of Manasseh,
                Manasseh the father of Amon,
                Amon the father of Josiah,
                11 and Josiah the father of Jeconiah[c] and his brothers at the time of the exile to Babylon.

                12 After the exile to Babylon:
                Jeconiah was the father of Shealtiel,
                Shealtiel the father of Zerubbabel,
                13 Zerubbabel the father of Abihud,
                Abihud the father of Eliakim,
                Eliakim the father of Azor,
                14 Azor the father of Zadok,
                Zadok the father of Akim,
                Akim the father of Elihud,
                15 Elihud the father of Eleazar,
                Eleazar the father of Matthan,
                Matthan the father of Jacob,

                16 and Jacob the father of Joseph, the husband of Mary, and Mary was the mother of Jesus who is called the Messiah.

                17 Thus there were fourteen generations in all from Abraham to David, fourteen from David to the exile to Babylon, and fourteen from the exile to the Messiah.

                And so it traces down to Joseph, who was Jesus – er – stepfather (?)

                • Jen says:

                  He was … but don’t forget Mary is supposed to be Joseph’s cousin and also a descendant of King David. The genealogies in the New Testament say nothing about Mary’s male ancestors but you can assume that Mary would have been married off to a male relative on her father’s side of the family. It was and still is a Jewish custom for young women to marry their fathers’ brothers or male cousins – I’ve heard the state of Rhode Island in the US bans all marriages between closely related people except for marriages between nieces and paternal uncles – and as you would be aware from past discussions on Anatoly Karlin’s blogs the custom has passed on to Muslim communities in the Middle East and then to other parts of the world where Muslims now live. I remember the issue was brought up by HBDChick.

                • Cortes says:

                  no. 17 there may mean that the answer to “Life, the Universe and Everything really was 42. Douglas Adams, what a guy.

  3. ThatJ says:

    Can the Ossis save Europe? Part 1 of 3

    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán tells the European Parliament: “We Hungarians would like to keep Europe for the Europeans, and we also wish to keep Hungary as a Hungarian country.”

    Today, over 25 years after the destruction of the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain which split Europe asunder, profound social and cultural differences persist between the two halves of the continent. In the West, the ideology of “anti-racism” is largely hegemonic. The idea that indigenous Europeans should defend their culture and interests in general, and should oppose Africanization or Islamization in particular, is considered heresy — grounds for excommunication from civilized humanity.

    Among the Ossis in Central and Eastern Europe, on the contrary, a casual and open ethnocentrism is remarkably common. (Ossis is the German nickname for former citizens of the communist German Democratic Republic. In this article I extend the term to all formerly communist Central and Eastern European countries.)

    Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borisov has said that Muslim immigration threatens the “demographic balance” of his country (which has had a Turkish minority of 10% of the population since Ottoman days). His Hungarian counterpart Viktor Orbán makes remarkable speeches. He recently highlighted the civilization-threatening and irreversible character of the demographic changes in Europe:

    A modern day mass migration is taking place around the world that could change the face of Europe’s civilization. … If that happens, that’s irreversible. … There is no way back from a multicultural Europe. Neither to a Christian Europe, nor to a world of national cultures.

    In Hungary, the even more nationalist Jobbik party commands over a fifth of the vote.

    Central and Eastern European ethnocentrism is also evident at street level. The PEGIDA movement (Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West) in Germany has organized demonstrations with tens of thousands of people, the biggest being in the former communist cities of Dresden and Leipzig. During my visit to an Identitarian event in Great Britain, I was pleased to see that the security was provided by sturdy Polish nationalists. No Bruderkrieg here! And while the current Polish regime likes to give off airs of being a progressive “European” (read: hypertrophied liberal) country, Poland’s annual Independence Day rally attracts thousands of nationalists, including toughs who insist on asserting the primacy of heteronormativity by burning down a rainbow arch. In Greece (a strange case) and Ukraine, we even have outright popular and battle-ready National Socialist movements.

    In short, in the East nationalism appears much more palatable to a significant part of both the ruling establishments and the public than in the West. Why the difference? In part, the reasons are likely indigenous. Northwest Europeans (British, French, Scandinavians…) have long been more liberal than the rest of the continent, a fact which may well be related to a higher frequency in the genes of Ice Ace survivors. However, it seems clear that the degree of difference of ethnocentrism between Western and Eastern Europeans today is more because of their exposure to two very different forms of Marxism since 1945.

    In the West, there was the affluent society, bourgeois regimes and the cultural Marxism documented in The Culture of Critique, associated with figures such as Herbert Marcus and Jürgen Habermas. This culture, which put individualism, egalitarianism and anti-ethnocentrism above all considerations of the public good, gradually attained a Gramscian hegemony through the efforts of Hollywood, Anglo-American pop culture and media, the Ivy League universities, and local European liberal and/or Zionist ruling elites. There is of course regional variation: In France, local Zionists play a major role, in Germany an indigenous liberal elite imposed these ideologies upon a nation totally destroyed and traumatized by the world wars, and in Italy there is actually a relatively high degree of cultural freedom, with not-inconsiderable neo-fascist movements and intellectuals.

    Full text: http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2015/06/can-the-ossis-save-europe-part-1-of-3/

  4. marknesop says:

    No sign yet in the mainstream western press of any backing down by Belgium on the Russian asset seizures; they’re all about how “furious” Russia is, and many reports feature a jubilant Khodorkovsky slobbering his liberal mush about “This is a symbolic moment for our country…a signal that theft will not escape punishment, no matter how all-powerful the thief was”. Pretty cheeky now that he is safely out of Russia. If Belgium really is backing down, perhaps they hope nobody will notice.

    Incidentally, with regard to that article, despite Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s blattering about having no personal stake in recovering Yukos’s assets for its honest shareholders, Counsel for the case (Tim Osborne) works for Khodorkovsky, and GML Holdings was formerly the more-familiar Group Menatep.

    While Khodorkovsky was in the slammer, his good friend Leonid Nezlin, who fled to Israel ahead of an international warrant for tax evasion and financial crimes, babysat GML for Khodorkovsky, although he may have taken a more active role now that he is a free man.

    • kirill says:

      This whole case reeks of corruption. The corruption of the west. Since when has shareholder, aka stock market casino gambler, risk been legally nullified. These investors bought stock of a crooked company that faced justice in Russia for its gross criminality. Tough shit for the investors. They took a chance and lost. So cry me a river. The poor dears. Nobody and no entity is obliged to cover their losses to *any* degree. Also, Russia is governed by Russian laws and not western improvisations created by BS case “law”.

      Case “law” is BS because it solidifies whatever whim the elites have. So in Canada it was common for “I was drunk” being used as a defense in court cases associated with car crashes. The whole notion is ludicrous and had to be corrected by statutory law, aka real law. Case “law” will also impose the BS about fence lines turning into de facto property lines after 10 years. Another ludicrous concept that basically overrides a proper survey. I have a couple of experiences with the latter in Ontario. One of them involves a municipal road that was pushed through a section of a hinterland township outside the original road allowances. But instead of this being a straightforward case of cutting from a portion of existing concession lots, the whole thing is treated as an actual road allowance and the concession lots are literally pushed into one another forcing legal costs and hassle on owners as they need to defend their original concession surveys with quit claim deeds, etc. A lawyer racket if there ever was one and one that would never exist in a proper statutory framework.

    • yalensis says:

      Russian press insists that Belgium blinked.
      Here is another link.

  5. ThatJ says:

    Can the Ossis Save Europe? Part 2 of 3

    Sikorski: “The Polish-U.S. alliance… is downright harmful, because it creates a false sense of security.”

    Contemporary Central Europe: Towards Decadence and Decline

    The ruling establishments in Central Europe today — by which I here mean Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Baltic states and the Balkan countries — are for the most part not an impressive lot. There is little original or interesting about them. Their only ambition is to “rejoin the West,” few ponder whether this is wise at the very moment when this civilization is committing suicide.

    This ambition is understandable. The Ossis want Western standards in all things: Western wealth, Western security (notably vis-à-vis Russia), and Western good government. They rightly feel that their historical trajectories and national life have been distorted, that their destiny in the European mainstream was stolen from them, because of violent occupation by the Ottoman and Russian/Soviet empires.

    The inequality between the West and Central Europe is enormous. On the one hand we have the Central and Eastern European Kleinstaaterei (“small-state mess”): twenty or so recently-established regimes, the biggest having 38 million souls and many being mere statelets. These countries are still recovering from the economic deformation and intellectual stunting imposed by communism.

    In the West, there is the still-awesome power of the Euro-Atlantic constellation: NATO, the NSA, the EU, the enormous influence of Anglo-Zionist academia, media and pop culture . . . with all their seductive promises of wealth, law, and liberty. It would take a very self-confident regime indeed to be immune to this power of attraction. This makes the relative independence of mind of the nationalist Hungarian Viktor Orbán or the eurosceptic Czech Miloš Zeman all the more impressive.

    This inequality also explains the fervent Europeanism (pro-EU-ism or even EU federalism) of a fraction of Central European educated elites, especially the young, Anglophone émigrés. When their country joined the EU, they earned the right to immigrate to Western Europe, a move which allows them to metaphorically leap into the future, enjoying standards of living and government far, far superior to that of their home countries — standards which their countries will not achieve for many, many years, and perhaps never in some cases. They resent the allegedly retrograde, “uneducated,” superstitious, and chauvinistic views of most of their countrymen. EU government is preferred to their corrupt national governments. They also see in the EU a protection against Russia, a powerful and legitimate concern. Central European “EU federalism” then draws from many sources, partly from the “liberal cosmopolitan” values spread by the West, but just as much, paradoxically, from narrow ethno-national and class interests.


    Central European Russophobia is furthermore eminently understandable, even if I do not condone it personally. The Russian Empire’s oppressive presence in Central Europe long predates the existence of the Soviet Union (although that entity was certainly far more oppressive still). The Baltic states could well be re-annexed and indeed they have little history of national independence. Poland, that great martyr-nation, has been sovereign for less than 50 of the past 220 years.

    Hence, one cannot blame Central Europeans for being too careful. In terms of Realpolitik, it is understandable that so many Central European governments collaborated in in the illegal invasion of Iraq or the CIA’s “extraordinary renditions” (in effect, a government program establishing a small, international “gulag archipelago” enabling the torture of Muslims in the context of the so-called “War on Terror”). They did this to curry American favor, to bolster ties with the only ally that can really stand up to Russia (the Germans and French being both largely unwilling and unable).

    This collaboration does however make any Central European moralistic accusations against Russia rather hypocritical. The allies of Saudi Arabia, the collaborators in torture, and the destroyers of the enemies of Israel (entire nations: Iraq, Libya, Syria…) do not have much moral ground to stand on. But that is, unfortunately, the nature of tribal disputes: The in-group’s crimes are forgotten or excused, the enemy out-group’s crimes are magnified out of all recognition. Tribal manichaeanism takes hold, all nuance is lost, and the enemy is collectively demonized. This is very frustrating for outsiders trying to have an objective view or to foster reconciliation. These disputes are extraordinarily difficult to overcome when the tribes are intertwined with each other, even under extremely stable and favorable circumstances, as in Northern Ireland for example.


    The case of Poland, by far the biggest and most powerful of the Central European post-communist nations, is emblematic. Polish leaders — who imagined themselves to have a “special relationship” with the United States under President George W. Bush — have been bitterly disappointed by lack of support from Washington. As then Foreign Minister Sikorski said in 2014 (he did not know his private conversation was being recorded):

    You know that the Polish-U.S. alliance isn’t worth anything. It is downright harmful, because it creates a false sense of security. Complete bullshit. We’ll get in conflict with the Germans, Russians and we’ll think that everything is super, because we gave the Americans a blow job. Losers. [We are] complete losers.

    Sikorski went on to describe Poles as having “a Negro-like attitude” of deference [murzyńskość] towards America. U.S. diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks show similar disenchantment in the Polish government more generally. There is no question Poles have also been disappointed by the EU’s lackluster response to Russia’s annexation of Crimea and interventions in eastern Ukraine.

    Central Europeans have not been satisfied by their Western allies in their pursuit of security. Perhaps their best hope is that Russia be corrupted, as they are being corrupted, by Western liberalism — what Gregory Hood has called “geopolitical dysgenics”: Russian patriotism and power would then be dissolved by anti-nationalism, individualism, and egalitarianism, each Russian selfishly pursuing his plutocratic or consumer interest rather than that of his motherland. Russia would then, like Western Europe, be reduced to a vast glorified retirement home and open-air museum, impotent to oppose the American Empire, destined to be gradually submerged by the desperate masses of the Third World and their sullen, aggressive progeny. President Vladimir Putin, however, may have other plans.

    Full text: http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2015/06/can-the-ossis-save-europe-part-2-of-3/

  6. ThatJ says:

    Can the Ossis save Europe? Part 3 of 3

    Scene from Russian Victory Parade, 2015

    Putin’s Russia: Imperfect Allies

    It would be wrong to either idealize or demonize the government of President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation. He is neither as sound as White Nationalists would like nor as devilish as many mainstream democrats assert.

    But Russia has one great, indeed unique, virtue. Gregory Hood has termed Putin’s regime “the one powerful white government that is not completely under the rule of the bankers and politically correct bureaucrats that rule the West.” Indeed, Russia is the last fully sovereign European-derived nation. Sovereignty exists in all spheres or not at all. Whatever one thinks of them, the Russians are indeed militarily, economically, geopolitically, culturally, and indeed psychologically sovereign like no other.

    Russia today is more independent still than was France under President Charles de Gaulle in the 1960s, and is far likelier to remain so. In the rest of Europe, every nationalist government has gradually been subverted by the forces of disintegration at work in the West. France has grown weaker and less sovereign every year and is but a shadow of her former self; Spain and Portugal were seduced by the material promises of the European Economic Community, and Serbia was simply bombed and dismembered by NATO in collaboration with ethnic Albanian criminals and terrorists. Every attempt at emancipation from the American Empire, whether General de Gaulle’s Fifth Republic, François Mitterrand’s creation of a European currency, or Slobodan Milošević’s efforts to maintain Yugoslavia, has ended in failure. All have been dissolved by the culture of critique, multinational corporate interests, and the pleasures of individualist consumerism, or simply destroyed through violence.

    The current crisis over Ukraine has in some ways been beneficial in terms of Russia’s independence. The Western sanctions do not appear to have had much effect on the Russian economy, but they have encouraged group solidarity, self-reliance, and pride. Russia is working with renewed effort to enhance its independence further, notably in IT and finance. GDP may well be a little lower than otherwise possible, but self-reliance has other advantages: “Autarchy is a good idea. Puts a nation on its toes. Makes more work. Stimulates invention. Of course we can’t do it a hundred per cent. But the nearer we can come to it, the better.”

    This feeling of national unity is visible in the aid given to Crimea, where the people overwhelmingly support having rejoined Russia. Putin’s approval ratings are astronomical. Western governments, with few exceptions, are unpopular and are struggling to contain nationalist parties voicing opposition to being permanently demographically replaced through Third World immigration. While the West showcases deviants like Pussy Riot and Austrian pop singer and drag queen Conchita Wurst, Russia promotes the attractive Prosecutor-General of Crimea Natalia Poklonskaya.

    In short, on the one side patriotism and cohesion, Sobornost, on the other neurosis and decadence, Poshlost.

    The results of the Putin regime have been impressive. In the 1990s, Russia fell into chaos and poverty, mortality skyrocketed and fertility collapsed, whatever was left of the former Soviet command economy was plundered by well-networked oligarchs with the “advice” of a small clique of Harvard economists, including Stanley Fischer, Larry Summers, Andrei Shleifer, and Jeffrey Sachs, all heavily Jewish. The nation’s recovery under Putin has been nothing short of remarkable. GDP has more than tripled. A shocking demographic collapse (the population falling from over 148 million in 1992 to under 143 million in 2008) has been arrested, and there has even been a moderate return to growth (albeit through immigration, much of it from ethnic Russians and other Slavs from the near abroad). Even fertility has steadily recovered, reaching 1.76 in 2014, insufficient, but still a remarkable rise from 1.17 in 1999. Putin has made raising fertility still further an explicit objective, spending billions to this effect.

    Russia, like other Eastern Europeans, wants to rejoin “Europe” (really Western Europe). In Putin’s speeches, at least before the Ukrainian crisis, Western Europe was the explicit standard for wealth, social well-being, and good government to which Russia aspired. But he will not crawl to Europe; he will not compromise on Russia’s fundamental interests.


    Russia’s ethnocentrism, like that of the Central Europeans, is too instinctive, too intuitive. They know themselves to be themselves, and that the others are “Other,” because it is common sense. Russians will likely retain this common sense longer than will Central Europeans. But there is no explicit ethno-national doctrine. I do not know the Russian scene well enough to comment fully on this. What is the ethnic break down of fertility? What is the ethnic composition of immigration to Russia? (In the 1990s immigration was largely made up of Slavs repatriating themselves, but now immigration appears to be made up of various Caucasians [as in, from the Caucasus], central Asian Muslims, and Ukrainian refugees). The iconoclastic Russian thinker Alexander Dugin does not appear to have an ethno-national doctrine.

    But there are also other tendencies in Russia. The popular nationalist website Sputnik i Pogrom is strongly concerned with Caucasian Muslim criminality. Alexander Solzhenitsyn, perhaps the most powerful Russian moral figure in recent memory, was an ethno-nationalist. In 1990, before the total collapse of the Soviet Union, he called on the country to shed its non-Slavic republics, leaving only a union of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and the Russified north of Kazakhstan.

    I am personally convinced the salvation of the European peoples and the restoration of our national and civilizational sovereignty will require a reconciliation between Western/Central Europe and Russia. I have the utmost respect for Ukrainian nationalists and their struggle to defend their people, well understood. But, as Western Europeans, there is little question that Russia is less hostile to our interests than America.

    Russia is in objective alliance with Western European nationalist parties, providing both cultural and economic support. If a nationalist government were to take power in Western Europe, such as France, Russian support would be critical to preventing subversion or outright aggression by the EU and U.S. authorities, as occurred against Serbia. Beyond ideological considerations, Russia would do this for geopolitical reasons, in order to split Europe from the United States. More constructively, we can imagine renewed intergovernmental cooperation with Russia on mega-projects, already there is collaboration in aerospace, and the creation of a vast economic area, in Putin’s words, “from Lisbon to Vladivostok.” This would give a concrete unity to what Jean-Marie Le Pen has called “Boreal Europe.”

    Such a scenario would likely be anathema to many Central Europeans vulnerable to Russian power. But the relative Russophilia of the Hungarian and Czech governments does show that a different attitude is possible (Czech President Miloš Zeman has asserted that Islamic expansionism is more dangerous than Russia). Personally, I do not think any homogenous country (such as Poland) has much to fear from Russia. I am frankly struck at how conservative Moscow has always been since 1945. The Soviets and Russians have since then never used their armed forces to expand, but have always used force (typically unjustly) to maintain a shrinking sphere of influence. I do not think Putin or anyone else sees any benefit in occupying any Russophobic people outside of the Russian Federation.


    Make no mistake: The cultural masters of America have only contempt for Europeans in general and for Slavs in particular. They have always feared and loathed Slavs, with their goyische kopf. The pejorative stereotype of the hateful, idiotic Slav is alive in well in Anglo-Zionist media. Recall Seinfeld’s “Ukraine not weak” scene. This caricature was also evident in Sacha Baron Cohen’s 2006 film Borat, portraying vaguely Slavic villagers as idiotic, inbred and joyously anti-Semitic (notably in the, admittedly hilarious, “running of the Jew” scene). Borat also mocked rural conservative White Americans, clad in cowboy gear, as anti-Semitic, having them join in a song called “Throw the Jew down the well!”

    More generally, for Hollywood and American TV, the Russians are “the go-to bad guys,” and they are a virtual obsession for the neoconservatives who have been strong opponents of Russia in Georgia, in the annexation of Crimea, and now in eastern Ukraine. Under the culture of critique, all ethnic European groups are understood to be evil, be it the Anglo-Saxon, the German, or the Slav. The same ethnic resentments that drove the Bolsheviks’ lust for blood are still at work in the highest cultural institutions of the West.

    This hostility towards Europeans among the American elite is evident to this day. As Jean-Marie Le Pen has pointed out:

    Concerning Europe, the Americans have taken the side of the Muslims, of Bosniaks and Kosovars against Christian Orthodox Serbs. They are pushing incidentally for Turkey, 95% Muslim, to enter the European Union. There are political ulterior motives whose results, I am forced to observe, are hostile to the survival of Europe.

    This hostility is also evident in the New York Times’ push to open Europe to the teeming masses of Africa, even as that continent’s population is expected to reach a terrifying 4.2 billion by the end of the century, and even though no nation anywhere in the world has succeeded in happily integrating their African diaspora.

    Meanwhile, the Times has not reported on Israel’s forced sterilization of its Black Ethiopian population. If any European nation attempted such a thing we would never hear the end of it! It would be portrayed as nothing less than a return to Nazism and a new Shoah. None of this is understandable except in terms of the ethnic biases and interests, conscious or not, of hostile elites in the West. It is cultural-demographic warfare.

    Full text: http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2015/06/can-the-ossis-save-europe-part-3-of-3/

    [ThatJ:</b The original text contains links to the sources. I couldn't link everything because it would trigger moderation.]

  7. ucgsblog says:

    @ThatJ – the nationalist-Russophile treaty of amity is one that’s mostly based on common sense policies. If the EU was to either implement austerity and border controls, or to implement open borders and anti-austerity measures, the nationalist-Russophile TOA would be demolished, if not collapse outright. However, as long as EU continues to run the policies of austerity and open borders, the TOA will continue to grow.

    Tens of millions of Russians remember the disaster brought by Glasnost and Perestroika, and we’re bewildered by the EU attempting to implement the exact same thing in Europe. There have been numerous historical examples where said combination failed, and such failures, ones that lead to wars and famine, depravity and starvation, will bind those who are against it into a treaty of amity, and when Russia is your ally, for that time period, Russia’s quite reliable.

    However, one need not be racist or ethno-Europeanist to oppose the stupidity of Glasnost and Pere-, excuse me, of austerity and open borders. One just has to have common sense and realize that two sides, perhaps apart, are fighting against idiocy for the goal of prosperity.

    The question becomes – what happens to the TOA after the idiots are removed from power? The answer depends on what the nationalists will do. Will they prioritize education, infrastructure and investment, or will they begin to pass anti-language and anti-religious laws, focusing on destructive instead of constructive policies. Should the nationalists come to power and focus on constructive policies, eventually ethno-Europeanism will be replaced by Cultural Europeanism, rather than what’s going on today, and that just might be the answer to the upkeep of the TOA: constructive policies and common sense.

  8. Moscow Exile says:

    Arrived back in the capital in the early hours of this morning, 22 June, from my usual weekend foray to my country estate.

    My son and heir stopped in Moscow. He had spent all weekend gaming online.

    He asked me in English why everyone thinks Russians are “retards”. I asked him what gives him that idea. He answered that when he chats with players online, having asked him his nationality, their response is always: “Russian retard!” Some, he added, ask what he is doing using a European server.

    Those who pose these questions are not US citizens, it seems. He tells me most are Swedes and Finns. They all converse with each other in English, of course. They also very often comment that they wish “Hitler had won”.

    “Why do they wish that?” asked my son, genuinely perplexed.

    Just noticed the date: Hitler’s massed armies, together with those of his alllies, kicked off at the same time as I went to bed 3 hours ago (04:00) in 1941.

    They thought Russians were retards as well.

    • ThatJ says:

      I’m afraid in-game trolling is common.

      These same players probably refer to Poles as Pollacks and indulge in all sorts of nationality-related jokes.

      The next time a Swede makes a joke about your son being Russian, tell him to ask the Swede how’s the Caliphate in Malmö and Gothenburg doing, and whether he can piss while standing without breaking feminist laws.

    • NOT TRUE
      (a) We don’t wish Hitler had won, we wish we hadn’t stopped Patton and Macarthur. We could have saved eastern Europe 50 years of suffering under Russian poverty and despotism, and the world from 50 years of Russian and Chinese barbarism. How much better the world would have been if Russia had not been able to sponsor postmodern propaganda and cause the progressive movement that as a consequence opened our borders.
      (b) It’s hardly heroic or particularly brilliant to use vast numbers of bodies as bullet magnets so that the only successful Russian generals: January and February could do exhaust the Germans. It’s just what ‘retards’ do. Because it’s all that ‘retards’ CAN do. Especially poor, ignorant, ‘retards’.
      (c) And it’s pretty evident that only ‘retards’ would believe in ‘communist economics’, ‘electromagnetic’ pseudoscience, perpetual motion machines, and state propaganda.
      (d) It’s only a corrupt barbaric body politic that heralds lying as heroic, and the subjects of lies as fools, rather than decent people. Corrupt people get the corrupt government that they deserve.
      (e) It’s only ‘retards’ that could be sold the ‘nazi’ ghost as the only binding narrative that holds the empire-of-‘retards’-together – albeit it’s because Russians have no history that they can admit to. Everything they were told about their history is a lie. Because the truth is just too humiliating. The Mongols still rule Muscovy, and the Rus were minority scandinavians, whose name the muscovites adopted as false history. Just like Muscovites adopted the Kiev narrative as a false history. So the only honorable thing the Russians have to use as a binding narrative is two battles in which the winter was their general. Because without the winter, Russians have failed at pretty much everything. Everything.
      (f) Only ‘retards’ would think that the Putin government has any interest other than the accumulation of personal wealth, and the maintenance of the vast network of corruption that maintains central power.
      (g) The fact is that Russia remains a force for ill in the world, both for its own people, and for its neighbors. Without nuclear weapons – the plans for which were stolen from white people, because the ‘retards’ couldn’t invent it themselves – Russia would be just a variation on the Muslim desert: a cold one.

      I was an advocate of the “Oasis Theory” and for the withdrawal of America from Europe, and for enabling the combination of Russian resources and population with German technology and rule of law.

      But in one idiotic moment of panic, the ‘retards’ stole the hope of the circumpolar people, and returned Russia to a backward state to be bankrupted yet again, and sold off to china in debt slavery.

      If any group of people can be called ‘retards’ it’s certainly Russians.

      Every single time Russians have an opportunity to do the smart thing, they do the ‘retarded’ thing.

      Invading Ukraine was just the most recent action of the only white people who failed. And failed again. And failed again. And again.

      No one wants to invade Russia. What we want is what we have always wanted: to keep the barbarians of the steppes out of Europe.


        • That is not an argument. 🙂

          • ucgsblog says:

            Neither is the poop that you reblogged from some idiotic racist website.

            • Tim Owen says:

              “Corrupt people get the corrupt government that they deserve.”

              A classic pronouncement coming from Kiev.

              • ucgsblog says:

                I don’t feel bad for Maidanuts. I don’t feel bad for idiots. I just feel bad for the people of Ukraine who are somewhat intelligent and had nothing to do with this Maidan crap, but are stuck repaying Maidan debt. The Greeks are in a similar boat. It’s why I’m ok with common folk coming into other countries, but Maidanuts and idiots should fully “enjoy” the “prosperity” that they brought to Ukraine.

      • Moscow Exile says:

        It’s hardly heroic or particularly brilliant to use vast numbers of bodies as bullet magnets so that the only successful Russian generals: January and February could do exhaust the Germans.

        Yeah, Generals January and February really had their work cut out in July 1943 at Kursk.

        And during Operation Bagration as well, which took place in June-August 1944 and which resulted in the almost complete destruction of an entire German army group, with the loss of Army Group Centre Fourth Army, the Third Panzer Army and the Ninth Army and the extirpation of fascist armed forces from Belorussia and Eastern Poland.

      • rkka says:

        “(a) We don’t wish Hitler had won, we wish we hadn’t stopped Patton and Macarthur. ”

        Curt, Teh Google is your friend. The search term “Operation Unthinkable” will give you a highly professional staff evaluation of how that would have gone.

        Hint: Not well.

        “(f) Only ‘retards’ would think that the Putin government has any interest other than the accumulation of personal wealth, and the maintenance of the vast network of corruption that maintains central power.”

        Curt, usually vast corruption networks leave the government bankrupt, like Ziare under Mobuto, or The Philippines under Ferdnand Marcos, or like Russia under Yeltsin.

        The Russian government under Putvedev is many things, but bankrupt isn’t one of them…

        • Oh. Gee whiz, look!

          -A Sfincter Sayswat

          • Um,… I don’t really need to teach you how to use Google do I?

          • ucgsblog says:

            Oh look, that shows that Putin mismanaged cash flow. But the question was about bankruptcy, Curt. And, amazingly enough, you can mismanage your cash flow and *gasps* not be bankrupt. If someone with millions of assets gambles away all of their cash in Vegas, they don’t become bankrupt Curt. This is Finance Management 101. How do you, as a self-proclaimed investor, not know this?

            • Well, technically speaking a state with fiat money cannot ‘become insolvent’ in the sense that it cannot fail to meet its local obligations. However, bankruptcy and insolvency are two different things. Insolvency is a financial matter. Bankruptcy is a process whereby one appeals to an arbiter for the purpose of holding it’s creditors from engaging in suits. Insolvency is a financial matter, and bankruptcy is a legal matter if possible or at least a strauctured negotiation. Since states have no one to appeal to as a third party, in practice a state cannot go bankrupt. But I was not engaging in precise language, but using the colloquial meaning, in which the “organization cannot continue as a going concern.” Which means that the organization is no longer able to construct a voluntary order of production. Which some states – Argentina and possibly ukraine, but certainly collapse-era russia, and now greece are examples of.

              You are welcome to criticize my arguments which position Russia as an incompetent culture, state and civilization, exporting its incompetence – since this may be a matter of opinion. But if you take it upon yourself to debate me on something substantive, you know, you are kinda outmatched. The entire reason that you can conduct debate on this blog is because of false moral equivalencies and justification of those false moral equivalencies. , (I wasn’t sure but that’s what I wanted to figure out). And you skate into every rhetorical fallacy in the book. So I am relegated to the same. But if you want to play big boy games have at it. I just kind of doubt that anyone able to play big boy games is in this forum. -Cheers.

              (Lab rats. The intenet is a cheap means of experimentation.)

              • ucgsblog says:

                “I was not engaging in precise language”

                The first honest thing you said on the blog, congratulations Curt. Additionally you’ve been caught bullshitting, so now you’re telling me that I’m outmatched when debating against you in substantive economics? Maybe your argument wouldn’t sound so utterly pathetic, if you said something substantive, but here’s the thing Curt; even someone as stupid as you, figured out that people on this blog are smart, so you’re too chickenshit to say something substantive, because you know that you’ll get owned harder than Poroshenko’s economic proposals got owned by reality. Thus, all you engage in are personal attacks, those against Russia, those against Putin, etc, blah, blah, blah; it’s like a really bad rerun of the idiots who continue to claim that Iraq was super awesome. You’re dumber than Felgenhauer, Curt. Quite frankly, to be curt, I’ll just say that you’re simply living proof of Einstein’s point about the human stupidity being infinite.

          • rkka says:

            J.P. Morgan was once asked “What will the market do?” His reply: “It will fluctuate.”

            A declining commodity price coupled with a large decline in currency value is terrible for a commodity-exporting country with large foreign currency denominated obligations. But that isn’t Russia.

            In Russia’s case, the exchange rate mitigates the oil price decline, since Russia is more self-sufficient than most countries, and most of the Russian government’s bills are in Rubles. So fewer dollars per bbl, but more Rubles per dollar.

      • yalensis says:

        Dear Curt:
        You keep mentioning “electromagnetism” as pseudo-science.
        Can you please explain what the hell you are talking about?
        You only hint at your own brilliant scientific theories, apparently you are an intellectual Superman, a financial genius who understands all of science and philosophy, not to mention European history.

        So, what is the deal with electromagnetism?

        • So are you denying that Russians engage in vast quackery such as:

          OR THIS

          Click to access 1312.1148.pdf

          Or that Russians when traveling are notorious for engaging in superstitious discussions about the it? And even that travel agencies warn them not to talk about it when traveling?

          OR that the Russian Government has conducted a Social Media campaign to combat pervasive Pseudoscience in Russia?


          OR that the academy has had to hold conferences to deal with it?

          SEARCH FOR
          Russian ant gravity
          Russian perpetual motion.
          Russian psychotronic
          Russian pseudoscience

          I could go on all day with this….
          It’s like an idiot factory over there. It’s amazing. I mean, between alcohol, lies and corruption and propaganda the people will believe anything. I mean, look at Pravda any day, and all the nonsense.

          ANd what Russia as six prototypes and no money to build the new planes?
          And what, India says that Russian tech is smoke and mirrors and they planes can’t fly?

          I guess nothing has changed from the time where “people pretend to work and the bosses pretend to pay us”. Now it’s “we pretend its going to work and the government pretends we are right’.


          Russia should trade the bear for a duck.

          What quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck, is a duck.

          • What? You went all quiet on the psudoscience thing? Russians are a source of endless material for ridicule.

            Captain friend of mine and I were laughing at some video of a couple of hundred russian soldiers in Crimea. “Um with that lack of discipline I could take them all out with five guys.” Too bad we won’t get the chance. Russia is poor an weak. In twenty years maybe. But at present without nukes russia is a paper tiger. Woof woof.

            We can turn LNG into gasoline cheaper that russia can pull oil out of the ground. This iwll turn saudis further toward russia. 70% of the world oil reserves are between saudia arabia and russia’s european plain. But it the USA doesn’t need the saudis, and we can depress the price of oil below ground cost for ten years (we can) then we can destroy both regimes.

            Big boys play big boy games. a 1.7t undiversified economy is chump change.

            • Tim Owen says:

              “Captain friend of mine and I were laughing at some video of a couple of hundred russian soldiers in Crimea. “Um with that lack of discipline I could take them all out with five guys.””

              Errr… Well that’s entertaining. They managed to take control of the entire peninsula with – granted – resounding popular support with, what was it, two deaths or something. I believe that’s what you American’s describe as a “cake walk” crept i don’t recall a recent example of the same achievement somehow. Maybe Grenada?

            • yalensis says:

              Dear Curt:
              As far as I know, Electro-magnetism is actually a real thing.
              Astrology on the other hand is NOT real.

              Yes, sadly, there are many Russians who believe in pseudosciences such as astrology and ESP. Partly due to deterioration of education system after collapse of Soviet Union.
              However, on the positive side,the links you posted show that the Russian government is concerned about this ignorance and trying to do something about this.

              In this regard, Americans are VASTLY more superstitious and ignorant than Russians.
              Americans spend billion of dollars every year on quack potions, homeopathis “medicines”, chiropractors; have their palms read and seek the advice of “psychics”.

              Speaking of which, what is your opinion of Ronald Reagan?
              Were you aware that he had an official White House astrologer and would not make any serious decision without consulting her first?

              Just enough indication how ignorant so many Americans are.

              • yalensis says:

                And yes, Virginia, Electromagnetism DOES exist .
                At least, physicists believe that it does, and that it is one of the four basic forces of the universe. According to modern science and what is understood today, not to mention all the practical devices which have been built based on this theory.

                But Curt probably knows better…. He says it’s all just quackery!

          • Tim Owen says:

            Sigh. Wasn’t one of these scholars just given a new appointment:

            What were you saying about quackery.

            Then of course there’s this:

            Or perhaps:

            I really don’t think that taking Russia on based on basic education levels attained compared to the U.S. is a winning strategy.


            Hmm…. 5th versus 18th.

          • ucgsblog says:

            Quackwatch? Is that when you watch yourself in the mirror, Curt?

    • ThatJ says:


      White people in America, England and France failed, since Jewish money now decides the political process and cultural trends in those countries, both to the detriment of whites everywhere, including, in the long-term, in Ukraine, but only if the US and EU prevail there, which seems unlikely now, thankfully.

      What Englishman would have believed you if, in 1945, you told him that in 70 years’ time, Mohammed and its spelling variations would become the most common name for male newborns in London?

      It is now clear that Churchill’s masters had different plans for the country than the man himself had:

      How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries, improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.

      A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement, the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.

      • Well, I don’t disagree that westerners have been suckers. I disagree that looking to “Muscovite Mongolian Corruption Incorporated” for inspiration is any better.

        Fixing banking and deception isnt’ that hard. Fixing a corrupt immoral lying people is nearly impossible.

        Truth-telling is the most expensive institution a people can develop.

        Thats why only the west did it.

        • yalensis says:

          Dear Curt:
          Please name just one example, in the past 50 years, where the West told the truth.

          • You want to narrow that for me, Because we don’t have state sponsored media over here. Putin prepares the day’s news in advance to be read by the media in Russia. We have millions of these people called journalists and scientists and statisticians and such that publish a lot of stuff every day, and finding a true statement isn’t very hard. So you must give me a greater challenge. lol

            • Jen says:

              Try spelling your last name correctly then.

            • Moscow Exile says:

              Did Putin draft this then? …

              Если перевести это на простой язык, то президент выглядит как банальный капитан футбольной команды, который, проиграв решающий матч, от досады валит все на плохое судейство…

              If we translate this into simple language, the President looks like a banal captain of a football team, who, after losing a decisive match, in vexation blames everything on bad refereeing. No – he’s just like a losing-side player, who, after the final whistle suddenly declares that the rules of the game were unfair and that it had been impossible to beat one’s opponents using one’s feet so then tries to use one’s hand, refusing to accept defeat.

              Let us play with our hands and we shall be world champions!

              That’s from Echo Moskvy, partner to Novaya Gazeta, the EM article appearing as an inset in today’s NG. It’s about the Yukos settlement and appeal.

              So Putin writes NG and EM stories?

              • I thought you were asking me for a true statement from the west. And I asked you to narrow it down so that it was at least moderately challenging. Is that difficult? I mean, there isn’t any sport in producing peer-reviewed publications. (Not that it would work in Russia.)

            • Tim Owen says:

              Ha, Jesus. So if the West’s media environment is so free and open how is it we keep getting suckered into conflicts on false pretences sold to us by a stenographic chorus of journalists who simply regurgitate government lies: WMDs in Iraq, The Gouta Gas attack, the coup in Honduras or Ukraine for that matter etc. etc. etc.

              But back to Russia:


              Your strategy is an interesting one: repeat cultural stereotypes about Russia at the top of your lungs and claim your authority is beyond question because you are super smart and successful as attested to by the fact that your – cheaply bought – office staff find you every bit as hilarious and brilliant as you yourself do.

              Quite a charm offensive.

        • marknesop says:

          Ha, ha!! Yes, the west are great truth-tellers.

    • kirill says:

      In this case it is rather clear that the ones doing the name calling are best examples of “retards”.

      • Moscow Exile says:

        No US kids were involved in the name calling this weekend, but Volodya’s usual response to them is to ask if they speak Russian. The reply is always in the negative. He then points out that the conversation is being held in English solely for the American kid’s benefit and then poses the question: “You were talking about retards …?”

        I’ve told him to add on: К сожалению, я не говорю по-испански.

    • “Those who pose these questions are not US citizens, it seems. He tells me most are Swedes and Finns”

      This is not surprising. Based on what I have read in different messageboards and forums the Americans are not that hostile towards Russia. Finns and Swedes on the other hand are. There is a strong ground-roots level hostility against Russia in Finland that is lacking in the Anglosaxon countries.

  9. marknesop says:

    A titillating tidbit from The Daily Fail: apparently, someone has come forward to claim an award of £30 million and a new identity which was allegedly put up by some “mystery benefactor” in exchange for solid information on who was responsible for shooting down MH-17, and with what weapon.

    The entire manner in which the investigation has been handled is so tabloid-like and driven by overblown rhetoric that I would not doubt such a reward exists. The veracity of the information remains to be seen, but obviously, the “benefactor”, once satisfied by the evidence provided, intends to reveal it. Which may put the cat among the pigeons in rare fashion, if it is not just a nutty hoax. I would feel more comfortable on that score if someone had it other than the lurid and sensationalistic Daily Fail.

    Stay tuned. I am sure interest is intense. Note in the video clip furnished with the story, glimpses of the sky reveal that there was indeed broken high cloud.

    • Jen says:

      Ah yeah, I heard about that mysterious person in Switzerland or somewhere near there who hired a German investigator to research the cause of MH-17’s shoot-down and who offered a huge reward about a month or so after the plane went down. So this news is not entirely unexpected although I am surprised that someone has claimed the $30 million reward.

  10. marknesop says:

    And there it is – reasonably reliable confirmation that Belgium did indeed blink and back off on the seizing of Russian accounts, at least for now. Kind of leaves Francois Hollande looking like un grand fou once again, so that one wonders how many more such episodes of leadership incompetence the French electorate will tolerate.

    It’s not as if France can pretend not to know. Good catch, yalensis – you were a day ahead of the English-speaking world.

    • kirill says:

      Mr. Khodorkovsky, the gangster with dozens of dead people to his name from the take over of Apatit alone. A go to source of objective opinion on cases pertaining to himself as far as the “free” (of facts) western media is concerned. Was Al Capone afforded this level of respect by the US media during the 1930s? I routinely see no chance given to certain people and countries to state their case in the western media. Instead a parade of narrative enforcers is given the pulpit. What does it say about the western media when it treats gangsters such as Khodorkovsky with such respect?

    • yalensis says:

      Yay, I got the scoop!

      Even so, I hadn’t caught this tidbit, namely the Chinese connection:

      While visiting China, Belgium’s Foreign Minister Didier Reynders said: “A solution has been found to unblock as a priority accounts for the running of the embassies, and the rest will follow.”

      Seems like China has Russia’s back and told this nasty Mr. Reindeers a thing or two..


    new web site. coming soon.

    • ucgsblog says:

      You’re so broke that you freelance for trolls?

      • Eh. The privilege of wealth. My time is my own. And I feel that counteracting propaganda is a moral responsibility of western man. 🙂

        • ucgsblog says:

          Let me ask you this: do you make out with portraits of Chamberlain and Churchill too, or is it just Kipling?

          • Damn. I missed this one. Awesome. Elegant. I don’t have any heroes of history really. Maybe Socrates. Liked to fight and was good at it. Like to stir up rebellion. Kinda built like me. Although while I look 15 years younger than I am, I don’t always feel it.

            • Tim Owen says:

              Yeah Socrates was a famous rebel who gloried in the heroism of shelling apartment blocks of civilians, intentionally destroying infrastructure essential to the civilian population, cutting off water supplies to same and… Raping helpless civilians and then killing them in basements AND BRAGGING ABOUT IT. And a thousand other vicious crimes.

              Yep, that’s what he was about.

              You are quite a singular specimen to come up with that. Your narcissism definitely puts you in the nightmare boss category, but that’s the least of it.

            • ucgsblog says:

              Of course, your ego cannot fit well with any heroes.

    • rkka says:

      Got an army, Curt? You’re welcome to try your luck.

      Just remember to equip The Troops with some SPF 50,000,000,000,000 sunscreen, cuz the Russians have several thousand cans of Instant Sunshine(TM).

      • (That’s the great thing. Russia has precisely two cities. No one needs thousands of warheads. Oh…. and btw: did you know the condition of those missiles? lol)

        Rotting corpse.

        • Moscow Exile says:

          Some shots of Russian villages that lie in the hinterland of the two Russian cities of St.Petersburg and Moscow:








          Boltino (where my dacha is)

          • (You don’t really think I’m unaware of this do you? My visa is even still valid you know.)

            • ucgsblog says:

              You claimed that Russia had two cities. Exile proved you to be 100% wrong as usual. So yes, most of us think that you’re unaware of this.

              • So you are claiming that I was making an empirical statement? Or was I making the obvious point that Russia can be toppled with the destruction of two cities (if not one)? China already plans to retake the east. That’s unnecessary.

                • Jen says:

                  Sad to see Curt Doopiddle going down in a flood of his own sh*te when pressed lightly by the likes of Moscow Exile and Ucgsblog.

                • ucgsblog says:

                  Russia and China have a de facto military alliance, and Hitler also thought that destroying two cities would make Russia surrender. How’d that work out for Nazi Germany? Oh yeah, here’s how: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/1/14/Reichstag_flag_original.jpg

                  The closest people that came to conquer Russia were the Mongols. The only reason that they didn’t conquer Europe, was because their leader died. Those Europeans/Americans who seek to conquer Russia by the sword, are never going to beat the Mongols, and will perish like Nazis. So just stop wasting taxpayer dollars on pointless tasks, quoting dumber versions of Kipling’s poems, and generally engaging in bullshit, whilst claiming that it’s your moral duty. It’s not. It’s your amoral duty to troll, just like it’s the amoral duty of every failed investor. Call it what it is.

                • Of course, no one wants to conquer Russia – it’s a wasteland full of heroin addicts, alcoholics and prostitutes. We just don’t want the trailer trash in our neighborhoods. We want a gated community to keep them out. (And apparently, from the data, Russians escape as soon as its economically possible.)

                  The big scary NATO monster that Putin tilts like Quixote against as a rhetorical windmill exists not to conquer Russia, but to contain Russian barbarism. And Putler knows it. But he needs a scary bedtime story for those alcoholics, heroin addicts, prostitutes and illiterates, to scare them into accepting their poverty. So he drags up the Nazi history without reminding everyone that Fascism rose to combat communism authored by Russian peasantry that murdered its own people by the millions, and murdered Ukrainians as well by the millions.

                  I am endlessly fascinated by the Russian invocation of nazi past as ever-urgently still extant, while at the same time arguing that the Holodomor – the Russian genocide in Ukraine – was a long time ago.

                  But you should never expect a Russian to be intellectually consistent. First, they’re so used to lying that the don’t know how, second the alcohol makes it impossible, and third they’re genetically inferior in the honesty department. It’s gotta be genetic. You’d think they could have at least caught up to the Romanians or Gypsies by now.

                  ( Did you know we sell toilet paper in at stands on the street with Putin on it? Big seller. )

                • ucgsblog says:

                  So if no one wants to conquer Russia, why did all of the funding from the West go to support Yeltsin over Zuyganov? Did the West hate Russians so much, that they wanted to elect a drunkard? Or was it simply to control resources? You throw terms like “trailer trash” around, I’m guessing to show your superiority to compensate for something, perhaps something small, but when we look at actual emigration data, Ukraine’s rate is negative, and Russia’s at around 1.75. That means that Ukrainians are fleeing from Kiev’s Junta, and people are coming to Putin’s democracy, and no amount of toilet paper rolls will change that.

                  Also Curt, why would you need a bed time story for alcoholics, prostitutes and heroin addicts? If there’s no prosperous middle class or well equipped armed forces with awesome special forces, why are you so afraid? Ahh, I can tell you why. It’s because Russia and China are following a different economic model, one that’s not based on austerity, and that absolutely terrifies the inept leaders of EU. Colliemum would obviously prefer Farage, but let’s ask her who she’d like more, Putin or the current leadership?

                  Then you go into Nazis vs Holodomor, trying to pretend that they’re somehow the same. They’re not. Nazis were seeking to wipe out the Slavs, Communists and Jews in a massive genocide, whereas Holodomor occurred in a certain area, irrespective of ethnicity. Hunger didn’t suddenly go, “well this guy ain’t Slavic, he can live!” Not sure why you’d think that I think toiler paper with a politician on it, to be offensive, but then again, with your intellectual capacity, I probably shouldn’t be surprised.

                  Oh, and it’s hilarious to see an “investor” in Ukraine insult Romanians. That’s like an idiot trying to insult a normal person. So Curt, before posting again, you might want to check up on your facts, like the recent emigration statistics of Russia vs Ukraine.

                • ucgsblog says:

                  @Jen, “Sad to see Curt Doopiddle going down in a flood of his own sh*te when pressed lightly by the likes of Moscow Exile and Ucgsblog.”

                  Thank you Jen, it’s always a pleasure to work with Moscow Exile 😀

        • rkka says:

          Tactical nukes on The Troops do not necessarily mean an exchange of cities.

          And the Russian gvt have been replacing ’70s vintage ICBMs with modern ones.

  12. kirill says:

    Mark, please delete this troll’s excrement. Thanks.

    • This is of course, what 99.9999% of the world says about Russian trolls. But you know, I write this criticism out of the goodness of my heart, and out of moral responsibility, and love for my friends and neighbors.

      I don’t have to get paid 100 bucks a month in depreciating Rubles to do it. 😉

    • marknesop says:

      Why would I do that? A fairly broad sampling of readers seems to find his commentary of consuming interest, since they keep getting involved in pointless attempts to reason with him. His entire philosophy could be summed up in two sentences – (1) I hate Russia and Russians, and (2) I love myself. But I’m just doing my best to give people what they want.

      The best refutation to Curt’s deliberately-offensive baiting will be the passage of time, cataclysmic failure for Ukraine under western stewardship, and Russia’s further consolidation of its position in the world. And all these will happen. None of them rely on choleric exchanges with him.

      • kirill says:

        I should have been more specific. The short posts with all capital lettering should be cleaned up. Spamming this board with little turds makes it unpleasant to read.

        • (My entire philosophy can be summed up as “Russia can perform as the Oasis if and only if it ends postmodern propagandism (lying), and suppresses corruption, and implements rule of law. ” That summarizes my philosophy. If you can’t say it truthfully then it means you are weak, cowardly, and incompetent.)

        • ( All caps for is preferred form for headlines where bold fonts or font size are not available. I don’t write in all caps. That would be rude. And spoil the fun. I mean, C’mon. “FREE KOENIGSBERG!!!!” bumper stickers are fun. Really. 😉 It’s like the Frenchman in Monty Python’s Holy Grail. “Your father smelled of elderberries!!!” Sort of more subtle than “Your father was as drunk as an average Russian.” Just doesn’t have the same oompf. You know? No wit. Too obvious. …. eh. See? 🙂 )

  13. The Ad Homienm is the last refuge of the intellectually incompetent. Or, wait. The first refuge? Or, wait. The only refuge? The latter I think.

    Stay with the central argument:
    Is russia a net exporter of poverty, corruption, deceit, propaganda? Yes.
    Is russia justifying a strategic utility under the guise of moral obligation? Yes.
    Is russia a net force for ill in the world? Yes.
    Is ukraine fighting for freedom from russian sponsored corruption? Yes.
    That’s the argument.

    • yalensis says:

      Proof by assertion – LOL!

    • ucgsblog says:

      Hmm, ok, I can do that:

      Is russia a net exporter of poverty, corruption, deceit, propaganda? Poverty – nope. Corruption, not really. Deceit – only by reciprocation. Propaganda – show me a great poiwer that isn’t.

      Is russia justifying a strategic utility under the guise of moral obligation? Russia isn’t the country going around the World claiming “we’re in it for Human Rights, let us bomb you please!”

      Is russia a net force for ill in the world? Nope. Kind of obvious.

      Is ukraine fighting for freedom from russian sponsored corruption? Funny, according to investment reports, Crimea’s least corrupt, and most likely to join Russia. Oh wait, they already joined Russia.

      So what’s your argument? That Russia, like any other great power, engages in propaganda? Thanks Captain Obvious. Because the rest of your argument isn’t worth the electrons used to spread it.

  14. The west has to fix being idealistic, naive, and vulnerable.
    Russia has to fix being corrupt and malevolent.

  15. Fern says:

    Guys, please, please, PLEASE, pretty-please DO NOT keep feeding this troll. His views could not be held by an intelligent, informed person so he’s either a) exactly what he seems or b) a wind-up merchant. In either case, it’s hard to see any point in responding other than to collude with him in derailing threads. So let’s not. Please.

    • yalensis says:

      Dear Fern:
      I hear your plaint of Yaroslavna.
      And I picked Borodin as beautiful musical accompaniment to express your emotional agony:

    • Jen says:

      I’m sure Mischa didn’t befoul the KS comments forums as much as Mr Un-curt Deep-doodoo-piddle and he got thrown off.

      • Am befouling the comments, or am I making arguments that you disagree with? Becuase I can empirically test it. I mean, If I pull this comment stream, and rank the arguments by:
        Ad Hominem
        False Equivalency
        Selection Bias
        Rallying and Shaming,
        Straw Man (putting words in anothers mouth in this case)
        Sentimental Expressions
        Moral analogy
        Historical analogy
        Operational (Testimonial)

        Then I think I would end up with myself making arguments that you disagree with, but the responses are, to the last, rhetorical fallacies.

        Now, the working theory we have over here in Kiev, is that you make this category of arguments for the same reason that you are attracted to Russian postmodern propaganda, because in both cases, your arguments and the kremlin’s propaganda are designed to produce the same effect: excuses for moral righteousness without dependence upon internal consistency.

        This is of course, the postmodern strategy – it is the strategy that succeeded in undermining the west. Because it is cheaper to produce fallacies, than it is to correct them, and because humans rarely rely on internal consistency, but instead resort to introspection: moral intuition.

        (You may not like being lab rats, but the truth is you’re perfect for it. Because you’re entirely predictable. If I am right then it is possible with very little money to counter the putin strategey of poisoning the internet so that the ignorant Russian populace, the majority of whom lack access to the internet, will not be inspired to revolution, because they ability to become informed has been poisoned against late entrants. 100K per month from my buddies at State and I think we could flip the strategy around. It’s not hard. My Russian isn’t good enough. But I can hire plenty of people whose is.)


      • marknesop says:

        Misha got booted off because he had copied his own comments – which were irritating to everyone except him – and reposted them as fast as I could delete them. There was indeed a common thread, though – both fancied themselves brilliant intellectuals who were wasting their time trying to enlighten we dolts.

        • (Well, I guess it’s all good to dish out the nonsense, but it has to be in an echo chamber, right? Can’t make arguments? Can’t counter? Nothing more you can pull of RT? )

          • rkka says:

            We counter plenty well-enough. And an echo-chamber this ain’t. When the Russian gvt do something dumb, we point it out.

            The main thing we agree on is that Russia was dying under Yeltsinian FreeMarketReform, but under PutVedev, Russia has been recovering, and now has a chance of surviving as a political/historical entity, which wasn’t so clear in 1999.

  16. jeremn says:

    Some interesting stuff on the far-right in Ukraine:


    Including this article on Bandera:


    “Ultranationalist and revolutionary Ukrainians like Bandera dreamt in the 1930s of becoming leaders of fascist states like Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler. The Ukrainian equivalent to duce and Führer was vozhd’ or providnyk. In the late 1930s and early 1940s the generation born around 1910 took the initiative and continued elaborating Ukrainian fascism on their own. They invented the Ukrainian fascist salute “Glory to Ukraine!” while answering “Glory to the Heroes!”; wanted to take care of the “Ukrainian race” and claimed that Ukraine needed a fascist state without national minorities – in particular without Jews, Poles and Russians. They wanted to be a part of the new fascist Europe like Ante Pavelić’s Croatia or Josef Tiso’s Slovakia. Bandera was supposed to become the leader of a Ukrainian fascist state after Ievhen Konovalets’ was assassinated in 1938 in Rotterdam and his follower Adrii Melnyk was considered inappropriate for the position.”

    European values (of 1941)!

  17. Moscow Exile says:

    ВСУшники запечатлели процесс убийства мирных жителей
    Ukrainian Army personnel capture the process of murdering civilians.

    “Доблестные герои”, а на самом деле каратели показали процесс зарядки, корректировки и стрельбы из кабины самоходной артиллерийской установки.

    “Valiant Heroes” – but in reality they are a punishment squad shown in the process of loading, training and firing from the turret of a self-propelled artillery unit.

    Героям сдава!

  18. I don’t know how it matters that Ukrainians were like all other idiots looking for socialism in 1940, but I know that all Ukrainians today just want to joining European prosperity and abandon russian corruption.

    It’s not complicated. Unnecessarily poor people oppressed by russian corruptionn want stuff.

    That shouldn’t be hard to grasp.

    • rkka says:

      Curt, poverty is returning to Europe. European companies producing personal care products like Unilever are looking at introducing the marketing and packaging strategies they now use in the Third World in Europe, because a growing segment of the European population can no longer fit a whole 500ml bottle of shampoo in their shopping budget.

  19. If for some reason the ukrainian state ‘fails’ we will just join Poland (and nato). And Poland will immediately become a world power and the central state of eastern europe.

    Easy peasy.

    • jeremn says:

      So Poland can pay Ukraine’s debts and gas bills? Sounds reasonable, although it won’t be much of an empire after they have coughed up the money.

    • rkka says:


      Again, Teh Google is your friend.

      The search term you want to use is “Volyn Massacre”

      Hint: The Poles don’t like Western Ukrainians, or their hero-saint Bandera very much.

  20. dany8538 says:

    I am begging my fellow KS readers to not respond to this idiot. He is seriously polluting the amazing discourse that I thoroughly enjoy on this blog. Nothing is being accomplished by responding to him.

  21. Dany,
    Now you know what it feels like to have paid Russian trolls spinning nonsense on our sites.

    Tell you what. Send the Kremlin a request: ask them to stop the organized lying, and shut down RT. That would be the right thing to do, right?

  22. Moscow Exile says:

    March of “zombie” dimwits in Kiev.

    Shouldn’t those girls rather be doing discount knee tremblers and other prostituted sexual services rather than arsing around in such a silly fashion? I mean, somebody’s got to bring home the bacon.

    As regards the boys, here’s a row of accomodation provided by Porky, Yats and Nudelman that some of their compatriots have recently moved into – and there are plenty more similar plots waiting.

    Anyone for the front? …

    For glory and heroism?

    • kirill says:

      Parade of retards. Too bad that more decent Ukrainians are dying for this vermin and their precious regime.

      • I have a lot of friends in the volunteers and they are pretty dedicated guys who seem to really like putting Russians in body bags. Not that it matters. ‘Cause Putin burns them anyway and sends letters to mom that they were killed in ‘traffic accidents’ or died heroically. lol…. the stuff Russians do. I mean you can’t make this stuff up. It’s like lying is required even when the truth is just easier.

        I mean, getting behind the lines and killing 70 Russians in an artillery group with knives while they lay drunk and sleeping is enough to puff the chest of any man. I wonder where those ‘car accidents’ happened.

        • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

          Get to the front.

          Your fat corpse will make a good sandbag.

          • marknesop says:

            Didn’t he say he was getting his Ukrainian citizenship any day now? That’s a distinct possibility. They’ll certainly take a 55-year-old, and I think all Ukrainian males are eligible to serve – weren’t they cleaning out the dance troupe just a month or so ago?

            • Seriously. I am not fat. Although I have managed to pick up an extra inch in my waist this past winter – too much stress combined with too much time in L’viv restaurants. But I’ll lose it again this year. 🙂 -Hugs. 🙂

    • Jen says:

      Maybe that’s how they have to tout for business these days. So many Banderettes walking up and down the streets trying to catch men’s attention that to stand out from the crowd, enterprising ladies of the night must turn to novelty tactics like pretending to be undead. This is classic free-market competition, you know.

  23. Moscow Exile says:

    The Empire of Evil strikes back:

    • Um. Hasn’t even registered on European economies. Look what it is doing to russia’s economy. It’s like schoolgirls saying “nya nya nya”. Oops! Did you say that 70K people are about to become unemployed because one of the major industries is insolvent? Propping up the oligarchs. 🙂

      • Moscow Exile says:

        Hasn’t even registered on European economies.

        Können Sie Deutsch?

        Sanktionen kosten Europa bis zu 100 Milliarden Euro, Freitag, 19.06.2015, 10:09

        Russlands Wirtschaftskrise hat verheerende Folgen für Europa. Zu diesem Ergebnis kommt eine Studie aus Österreich. Besonders betroffen ist Deutschland. Die Krise könnte das Land mittelfristig eine halbe Million Arbeitsplätze und Milliarden Euro an Wertschöpfung kosten.
        Die Wirtschaftskrise in Russland hat weitaus schlimmere Konsequenzen für die Länder der Europäischen Union (EU) und die Schweiz als bislang erwartet. Nach einer Berechnung des Österreichischen Instituts für Wirtschaftsforschung (Wifo), die der europäischen Zeitungsallianz “Lena” exklusiv vorliegt, sind europaweit weit mehr als zwei Millionen Arbeitsplätze und rund 100 Milliarden Euro an Wertschöpfung in Gefahr.

        • So you mean Russia (140M people),, with roughly the same GDP as Canada(35M people) is affecting the euro zone (18T), with 10X the Russian economy 1.7T, by 100M? And that is somehow more than a scratch-of-the-nose? I mean, the west has what, 40T+ and Russia has 1.7T, and a standard of living like Mexico? And is about as economically diverse as Saudi Arabia? (I suppose at least the women are better looking. And the vodka helps).

          • Moscow Exile says:

            No, it’s not what I maintain, it’s what these people report is happening:

            German businesses suffer fallout as Russia sanctions bite (Financial Times)


            German Businesses Urge Halt on Sanctions Against Russia – Wall Street Journal

            In most countries, it would be highly unusual for corporate executives to inject themselves into geopolitics and matters of national security with the forcefulness that a number of German business leaders have. But many of Germany’s largest companies have substantial Russian operations, built in some cases over decades, and worry that tough economic sanctions would rob them of a key growth market when their home market—Europe—is stagnant.

            Germany’s economy hit by trade sanctions on Russia – FT

            The sanctions being placed on Russia by Europe are having a negative impact on the bloc, experts have said.

            European countries have implemented a series of trade embargoes as a punishment for Russia’s moves to annex Crimea and for its ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

            Rowan Dartington Signature’s Guy Stephens said the eurozone had been “rife” with weak economic data and one of the biggest concerns was Germany because of its relationship with Russia.

            “Sanctions against key trading partner Russia, coupled with declining demand from China, have begun to take their toll on Europe’s largest economy,” he said.

            “Business confidence is also waning and GDP growth for next year has been downgraded to just 0.8 per cent, well below the government’s forecast of 1.3 per cent. All in all, the decline of Europe’s powerhouse could just turn out to be the ammunition that European Central Bank president Mario Draghi needs to begin a prolonged quantitative-easing campaign.”

            Michael Hartnett, chief investment strategist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, said Europe’s share of global profits had “collapsed”.

            “And complicating the immediate path of liquidity and corporate earnings in Europe is the ongoing collapse in the Russian rouble,” he said.

            • Of course it’s going to have a ‘negative’ effect in the sense that it is lost opportunity, and in the sense that some businesses are affected more than others. But that’s different from saying that the effect is meaningful. 100M is not meaningful. People always interject what they comprehend into any economic statement of conditions when asked, because they cannot comprehend an economy (which is why we need prices). However, their interjection of what they understand is a statement about human cognitive bias, not one about economic realities. As far as I know long term sanctions against Russia are priced into the market, and so is a Greek exit.

              • marknesop says:

                Mmmm hmmm. Like funding for the Iraq war was “priced into the budget”, and then funded with emergency supplemental appropriations. Stuff always costs more than you thought it would; what’d Paul Wolfowitz say the war would cost? Oh, right – he said it would pay for itself. And Lindsey got fired for saying it would cost $200 Billion. Like Eric Shinseki got fired for saying the war would require several hundreds of thousands of soldiers. Which it did. The American administration has budgeting covered like a boss.

    • dany8538 says:

      Hey ME, don’t forget to visit my precious preobrajenskaya ploshad. 🙂
      I miss that place.

      • Moscow Exile says:

        Not been that side of town for a few months now. Was working over that way early last year, but now I’m in the southside most of the time, near where I liveat Taganka: I work at Total-Vostok near Dobryninskaya metro station, most of the week.

        Total is the French oil firm whose boss unfortunately died in an accident at Vnukovo airport last year. The Frenchies here seem happy enough working in the Empire of Evil.

    • ucgsblog says:

      I think Russia should expand sanctions. Take the initiative. Renewing them might not be enough, time for tough love.

      • marknesop says:

        Russia seems to be pursuing a strategy of mostly ignoring what the EU does against it, to guard against a temperamental exchange in which it might say things it can’t take back. It is therefore “being the bigger person” in occupying itself with how to improve the lives of its own people, and fuck the EU without saying it out loud. If there is indeed a wave of resentment in Europe against the high-handed ways of its leaders, as I think there is, it will be reflected in elections. But Russia seems to be looking ahead to a time when Europe is not merely a U.S. puppet. Let’s hope their optimism is not misplaced. Meanwhile, it’s certainly not hurting Putin, which was the entire objective – make life so uncomfortable for Russians that they would rise up and overthrow him. I’d have to give that a fail. At the same time, it is hurting Europe’s economy at least as much as it is hurting Russia, while strengthening the alliance between Russia and China. Heck of a job, Obama.

        • ucgsblog says:

          Obama doesn’t understand History, see the Libyan example for proof. He desperately needs a victory somewhere, but instead of focusing on a key issue that he can score on, (reforming US education,) he’s all over the place. With Obamacare the healthcare industries handed his ass to him, with bipartisanship the Dems sank the first TPP draft, with social issues – he’s been forced to curtail them, immigration is where the judiciary and the legislators are against him, the economy’s been limping along with the rich getting richer and his base is cursing his name. Foreign policy, I’m sure you guys already know. Desperate leaders make foolish choices; thankfully Russia has great armed forces which prevent the enforcement of a “no fly zone”.


    It’s like tags for wildlife. Hunting season! 🙂

    • Tim Owen says:

      You sure it’s just Russians your mates are targeting or are they after all those that don’t fit their mouth-breather “up with us” ideology?

      This is the handiwork of those your mates lionize. You wanna share the gallows with them… Just so you can – cough – get rich a little quicker? Curious, do you actually identify yourself as a rabid, racist genocidaire when you are back in your native Seattle or do you have to go to not-quite-Yurrup to indulge these proclivities?

    • Tim Owen says:

      Or like Untermenschen, no?

  25. I have a really good money-making idea!

    I’ll ask the guys in Azov to raffle off “Russian Hunting Tickets”. Whomever wins the raffle, gets a borrowed rifle, 200 rounds, a daily packed lunch, and a week of Russian Hunting across the border? I hear the Russian girls make good money off the Volunteer battalions. So at the very worst it’ll be sex tourism. ( The women outside of Donbos are rather prudish, and it gets much more conservative as you move west.)


  26. Moscow Exile says:

    Очевидно, эти люди никогда не разговаривают с Дулитлте.

  27. BTW: straw men are mostly air. 😉 if you got nuthin’ you got nuthin’.

  28. sophie says:

    love your blog but please block the troll

    • kirill says:

      I agree. Now this turd spreader is filling up this board with retarded image spam.

      • So, you mean, you can resort to ad hominems, engage in straw men, and use false moral equivalency, and evade the central argument, and then show me videos, tell me to “get to the front” and you can’t handle a little humor? Sigh. Very sad state of affairs. 😦

  29. An Ordinary Day In Russia!!! Say hI!!!

  30. Max says:

    Here’s a test. Let Curly Doodle go here:


    It’s the transcript in English of Putin’s recent speech in St Petersburg, including the follow up interview with Charlie Rose. Let’s have Droolspittle pick it apart and report back, demonstrating conclusively, in succinct sensible prose, unencumbered by spite or incoherent passion, by the Ogre’s own words, Russian Crimes.

    Failing that, turf the wretch!

    • Moscow Exile says:

      Listen, Senya, I’ll be brief: how about this for a new line?

      Russians and Ukrainians are one and the same people and Yanukovich was neither a Kremlin puppet nor a thief?

      Waddya think???

    • marknesop says:

      Possibly. Certainly a black eye for Kiev as is. I would not be at all surprised to learn the professional army is deeply dissatisfied with its orders. However, before the army deserts en masse to the DNR it would be more likely to turn on the volunteer battalions and massacre them. Those are the guys who should be looking over their shoulders all the time. Good catch!!

  31. Fern says:

    In the light of today’s announcement from NATO head-honcho Stoltenberg that the Rapid Response Force parked in eastern Europe might reach 40,000 troops instead of the original number of 4,000,(and you wouldn’t want that guy estimating numbers for catering a party would you?) this article dating from 1996 is well worth reading. Its focus is NATO’s involvement in Bosnia and the factors underpinning its out-of-area missions. Its author has subsequently died but he was remarkably prescient about what was, at the time of writing, the shape of things to come. It’s long and heavy on fact but worth sticking with. The emphasis is mine.

    NATO had never carried out a formal study on the enlargement of the alliance until quite recently, when the Working Group on NATO Enlargement issued its report. No doubt there were internal classified studies, but nothing is known of their content to outsiders.
    Despite the lack of clear analysis, however, the engines for moving things forward were working hard from late 1991. At the end of that year, NATO created the North Atlantic Cooperation Council. NATO member nations then invited 9 Central and East European countries to join the NACC in order to begin fostering cooperation between the NATO powers and former members of the Warsaw Pact.
    This was a fìrst effort to offer something to East European countries wishing to join NATO itself. The NACC, however, did not really satisfy the demands of those countries, and in the beginning of 1994 the US launched the idea of a Partnership for Peace. The PFP offered nations wishing to join NATO the possibility of co-operating in various NATO activities, including training exercises and peacekeeping. More than 20 countries, including Russia, are now participating in the PFP.
    Many of these countries wish eventually to join NATO. Russia obviously will not. join. It believes that NATO should not be moving eastwards. According to the Center for Defense Infromation in Washington, a respected independent research center on military affairs, Russia is participating in the PFP “to avoid being shut out of the European security structure altogether.”
    The movement toward the enlargement of NATO has therefore been steadily gathering momentum. The creation of the North Atlantic Cooperation Council was more or less an expression of sympathy and openness toward those aspiring to NATO membership. But it did not carry things very far. The creation of the Partnership for Peace was more concrete. It actually involved former Warsaw Pact members in NATO itself. It also began a “two-track” policy toward Russia, in which Russia was given a more or less empty relationship with NATO simply to allay its concerns about NATO expanslon.


    • marknesop says:

      Russia can never join western organizations because it is the designated enemy with which Washington frightens its children so they will be obedient. Without such a big bad wolf with which to terrify them, they might be cheeky and ask what’s in it for them, instead of settling for security which is largely imaginary. As most on this forum are aware, Russia indicated that it would apply for NATO membership if there looked to be a reasonable chance of success, and was told to get lost – but NATO has eagerly gobbled up as many countries around it as it can, largely using a portrayal of Russia as a slavering enemy to frighten them. It has been plain for decades that the United States means to conquer Russia, using surrogates to the extent that is possible so as to limit the damage to itself.

      Russia needs to forge a new security relationship, and it has made significant progress in doing so. Nobody in their right mind wants to fight China, and if the BRICS took it into their collective head to put together their own rapid-reaction force, that might be money well-spent, too.

  32. Fern says:

    The crazies are on the loose again in Washington – flushed with the success of sanctions against Russia, they now itching to take a pop at the Big One, China:-

    The US government must impose economic sanctions on China at this week’s inter-government meeting in retaliation for China’s alleged role in the giant data hack of federal employees, Senator Marco Rubio said in a letter to President Barack Obama on Monday……..

    Rubio demanded that Obama impose real world consequences on China for its actions around the world and demanded Beijing take steps to reduce tensions in the South China Sea region.


    • marknesop says:

      Rubio is just about as crazy as Donald Trump – and what a delight it is to hear that he will be running again for President – leading to a question as to whether there are any sane political figures left in the United States. Rubio is a weathervane, pointing in whatever direction he believes will get him the most votes – a strategy with which it is hard to disagree, since the object is to win, but the contest has devolved into a win-at-any-cost goal. I can’t believe Rubio actually believes now would be a good time to take on China as well, since China only has to call in its debt to make the USA either default or collapse. Or maybe it’s just all out of choices, and it’s now because it has to be now.

      • Northern Star says:

        This clown has ZERO credentials w.r.t international political dynamics….If by chance he WERE-God forbid-to become POTUS..it would be one foreign policy clusterF-up after another….probably leading to a nuke holocaust….

    • Northern Star says:


      “The United States does not want to make Russia an enemy. It is not seeking to have another Cold War or a hot battle with the Russian government. However, the United States will not allow Moscow to re-create a Soviet-era control in Europe, according to Defense Secretary Ash Carter.
      During his speech in Berlin on Monday, Carter said, “We do not seek a cold, let alone a hot war with Russia. We do not seek to make Russia an enemy. But make no mistake; we will defend our allies, the rules-based international order, and the positive future it affords us.
      Carter added, “We will stand up against Russia’s actions and their attempts to re-establish as Soviet Era sphere of influence.”
      (From Wiki):

      “Carter was a supporter of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, as well as an advocate of preventive wars against North Korea and Iran.[40][41][42] Carter is considering deploying ground-launched cruise missiles in Europe that could pre-emptively destroy the Russian weapons” ( Virtually guaranteeing a full scale nuke exchange).

      Another psychopath at the helm of the American ship of state…!!!!!

  33. Northern Star says:

    Hmmmm…Well I see the Eliza drag queen is still chattering its nonsense…..I detect a note of incipient senility…e.g its apparent fixation with the term “ad hominem”….

  34. yalensis says:

    FYI, I found some info on Curt’s CV, in case anyone wants to hire him to implement a technology solution:

    Mr. Curt Doolittle is the Founding Partner of SMITH and serves as its Chief Executive Officer and Chief Strategy Officer. Mr. Doolittle is a Managing Partner of Ascentium Corporation of Cactus Commerce Inc., and serves as its Chief Executive Officer and Chief Strategy Officer. Mr. Doolittle served as the Chief Technology Officer of ContractorHub. He served as the Chief Executive Officer of Ascentium at Chief Executive Officer of Ascentium. Previously, he served as Chief Technology Officer of Data Dimensions from 1997 to 1999. He has more than 15 years of experience building organizations that deliver leading-edge and sometimes radical solutions to business. He was the founder of Redmond Technology Partners. He is a Member of the Mises Institute. He holds an M.S. in Computer Science from Central Connecticut State University and a B.F.A. from the University of Hartford.

    “This person is connected to 0 Board Members in 0 different organizations across 1 different industries”

    “Annual Compensation
    There is no Annual Compensation data available.
    Stocks Options
    There is no Stock Options data available.
    Total Compensation
    There is no Total Compensation data available


    Looks like Curt’s only real job was the 2-year gig with Data Dimensions.
    They are a reputable company, even I have heard of them, I wonder why Curt left after only 2 years?

    One of his past shell companies (circa 2009) Curt apparently co-founded with this guy, Jim Beebe .

    Who is a retired Rear Admiral!

    From this it seems there is a probability that Curt is well connected with American military.
    Which might explain his presence in Kiev and his connection to the “Volunteer” Battalions.
    In which case, Curt may have gone off the reservation, in the last couple of days.
    Maybe even blown his cover.

    • kirill says:

      Remember the yapping about Kremlin trolls? Well, it seems we have a Pentagon troll right here.

      • Drutten says:

        Speaking of government-directed trolls and what not, secret documents from the UK were leaked the other day and published by Glenn Greenwalds (of Snowden fame) outlet The Intercept/First Look. Turns out the UK has engaged in professional internet trolling and manipulation for years and years:

        The guys over at Pando Daily in California likewise killed the whole immensely contrived “Russian troll” outrage by illustrating some basic facts about it (i.e. everybody does it, and what’s been revealed about Russia’s involvement with these practices is not even particularly noteworthy) a few months ago. Good read, if you can dig it up.

        Pando did an exposé on the oft-mentioned “propaganda machine” in Moscow too a while ago which was rather eye-opening (several Pando people operated in Russia at the time and were eventually forced out of there by said machine, so they know exactly what it’s all about). To summarize: it’s there, it was essentially built from the ground up by western “benefactors” to make sure that Yeltsins place wasn’t threatened and it’s actual reach and influence these days is exaggerated in the West, which is a 180 from what contemporary MSM would have you believe.

    • Jen says:

      For services to Kremlin Stooge above and beyond (or, in this case, below and far beneath) the call of duty to go trawling through nightsoil, we salute Yalensis!

    • Jen says:

      “… Mr. Curt Doolittle is the Founding Partner of SMITH and serves as its Chief Executive Officer and Chief Strategy Officer. Mr. Doolittle is a Managing Partner of Ascentium Corporation of Cactus Commerce Inc., and serves as its Chief Executive Officer and Chief Strategy Officer. Mr. Doolittle served as the Chief Technology Officer of ContractorHub. He served as the Chief Executive Officer of Ascentium … Previously, he served as Chief Technology Officer of Data Dimensions from 1997 to 1999. He has more than 15 years of experience building organizations that deliver leading-edge and sometimes radical solutions to business. He was the founder of Redmond Technology Partners …”

      Any prizes for guessing some or all of these companies have the same address in Delaware or somewhere in the Cayman Islands?

      • marknesop says:

        Well, the first one is pretty easy, because Ascentium relaunched as Smith. So it’s not hard to imagine our favourite business genius going from Chief Executive Officer at Ascentium to Chief Executive Officer at Smith. He wouldn’t even have to change his shirt unless it had the company name on it. Listen to Smith’s “Who We Are” – “SMITH is a leading, independent digital experience agency that creates and delivers effective digital marketing experiences and global ecommerce solutions based firmly in strategy, intelligence, branded experience design and technology.”

        Sounds straight out of the Corporate Bullshit Generator – my experimental phrase turned out to be “authoritatively customize real-time information”. Not too far off from “delivering effective digital marketing experiences”. Try it, see what you get. Great fun. Oooooo…”monotonectally implement wireless growth strategies”. Beat that, branded experience design technology hermaphrodites.

        I’m sure you noticed several of Curt’s responses – those in which he was not just deliberately being offensive – sound like the same kind of word-generator gobbledegook. He would tell you that’s because his vocabulary is on so much higher a plane than our own that we are incapable of following his scintillating syntax streams. But it sounds to me very much like the jive talking dissected in this interesting piece. In fact, it sort of sounds like the business he’s in.

        • I did a complex merger acquisition deal before resigning to write full time, and I felt it was important to rebrand the company to reflect the new market position.


          The business was becoming too large for a midmarket company to handle. So I sold it off to Avanade.

          And then

          Then we sold the license business to Sitecore.

          Fully repositioning the company. Genius really. It’s OK. I know. You don’t have to congratulate me. 😉

          That’s why I have time to hang out with you Munchkins for the practical purpose of teaching other people how to counter Russian propaganda constructed on lies and false moral equivalency. 😉 I mean, if you’re talking Russia, it’s pretty hard to find target with a greater record of incompetence. So I feel a little like John Stewart making fun of Bush. It’s too easy. Too much material: The white people who failed (again, and again, and again).

          You wanna keep attacking me (ad hominem fallacy), and it’s ok. I understand that you’re unable to defend Russia rationally, and have to attack me personally. Only people who would engage in false moral equivalency would resort to personal attacks as a means of avoiding the reality of the country that they’re defending.

          But you’re unable to see what’s sitting in front of you. I’m doing exactly what I said I was doing, for exactly the reasons I said. Which is why it doesn’t make sense to you. You can’t imagine someone would spend his time on such a thing. And no one would, unless it was for illustrative purposes.

          Russia is a sick country with a sick populace, and none of us cares as long as that sick country doesn’t try to usual tactic of creating nationalism to cover for its sickness by attacking neighbors. This is the technique used by idiots who lack the competence to run their countries competitively. And that is what Russia does: distract from the local troubles by creating an external demon that does not exist.

          The west’s strategy is to create successful consumer capitalist economies that are constrained from ill actions by the value of international trade. This forces human rights, and prosperity into the world.

          Now, it may be true that the west overextended this approach in the belief that all civilizations (even Islam) are capable of development. And it may be true that the west foolishly advocates democracy rather than consumer capitalism and human rights regardless of means of political organization. And it may be true that the Americans talk about the carrot (use democracy to select the government of your choice) without the stick (if you choose a government that violates the international goal of peaceful commercial cooperation then we will punish you very, very harshly for choosing that government). But that does not distract from the fact that a the general direction that the west has taken the world is to consumer capitalism and human rights. And has dragged humanity out of ignorance poverty and totalitarianism kicking and screaming.

          On the one hand we have a positive influence that makes mistakes (the west) and a negative influence that can’t do anything right at all (Russia), who has a “black-thumb” when it comes to government (everything it touches gets worse).

          Ukraine has had enough of “Russia’s Black Thumb”. We will take the problem of democracy in the midst of prosperity, rather than the problem of Russian corruption in the midst of poverty. That’s not a very hard decision to make. The west is naive but prosperous and fixable. Russia is a collection of hopeless corrupt incompetence that has murdered tens of millions of its own, and untold numbers of its neighbors, and set eastern Europe behind by the centuries it will take to recover.

          I don’t hate anyone. I just state the facts. I love mankind, that’s why I want to save as many as possible from the sick and evil people we call ‘Russians’.


          • rkka says:

            “The west’s strategy is to create successful consumer capitalist economies that are constrained from ill actions by the value of international trade. ”

            Which is why pretty much everywhere the US has predominant influence, Poland, the Baltics, Romania, Bulgaria, the East Asian Tigers, all have collapsing female fertility, while two countries ‘Murican’s hate the most, France and Russia, have among the highest birth rates of major European countries.

            The collapse of the Soviet Bloc led to demographic catastrophe in pretty much every country that went through it. Russia has been recovering, but most have not been.

            You’re pretty clueless, aren’t you.

            • Well we agree that the entry of women into the workplace has been a catastrophe, but if that was a property of consumer capitalism it would be unique to consumer capitalism. However, theh country most successful at adding women to the work force was Russia. And it led to the dead-bleeding-bear commercial and collapse. And the program to increase reproduction. We still don’t know how much of it is ethnic slav, and how much muslim though. Same problem in the west.

              That the west is naive is different from the fact that russia is evil.

              • rkka says:

                “Well we agree that the entry of women into the workplace has been a catastrophe,”

                The Baltics, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, etc., all had women in the workplace under ‘Soviet Domination’, and yet their birth rates were all higher than they are now.

                Which of course means that your fixation on “the entry of women in the workplace” has nothing at all to do with the collapse in the birth rate all of these countries have experienced since the end of ‘Soviet domination.’

                But thank you for revealing one of your hilarious psychological fixations.

                “We still don’t know how much of it is ethnic slav, and how much muslim though.”

                Actually, we do.

                The higher Muslim birth rate compared to the Slavs of Russia is sufficient to cause the percentage of the Russian population that is Slavic to decline by about a tenth of a percentage point per decade.

                In other words, its a total non-issue.

          • yalensis says:

            Dear Curt:
            but..but… I checked the links for all those companies you say you bought and sold, and not one of them mentions your name. Wouldn’t your name at least come up in a string search? And wouldn’t at least one of them put you on the Board?

            I guess what I am trying to say, is that I don’t believe you actually owned any of those companies or had the ability to sell them.

            Color me skeptical. You Sir, are no John Galt!

            • yalensis says:

              And P.S. – my comment most certainly does NOT qualify as ad hominem attack, since you are the one who is boasting about yourself; and your main point is, “Look how great I am, I’m rich, therefore I am right.”

              So it is fair game to question whether or not you actually ARE rich, or owned those companies you said you owned.

              • yalensis says:

                P.P.S. – I also question whether you actually graduated from University of Hartford as you claim, since I do not see your name on this list of alumni.

                • ( Despite having 6 years worth of credits because I switched majors twice – I would have stayed in college for life if I could have afforded it – I had a 1k dispute over fees and they held my diploma for years. I had to pay it off to buy my first house. But I was petulant about it. I have a copy now. I had to get it to get my citizenship in Ukraine. Pls don’t blame me for the various bios running around, most of them are produced by marketing people and go through multiple hands and it’s like stomping on cockroaches at a Chinese restaurant to correct them. Same nonsense happens to politicians. The correct bio is on linked in and has been always as far as I know. While it’s still an ad hominem attack to try to discredit an author rather than falsify his argument, I have to give you
                  props for the investigatory work, but you know, I’m pretty public. you can find this stuff out pretty easily and it’s all pretty boring. If you get my tax returns somehow you’ll see it all. )

                  Anyway. Thanks for letting me play in your sandbox. You folks are harmless. And I won’t spoil your fun. It’s a great example though of how easy it is for russians to sucker people into their narrative. They are the masters of it.

            • That’s a really good point. Thanks for bringing it up. And while you can use google to find the term pairs, the truth is that first, I shun the public eye in business and always have. And second, I try to make all acquisitions and divestitures about the other parties. I don’t need street cred. I get more cred by sharing the glory. My phallus does not expand from the stimulation of petty fame. I prefer closing deals. 😉

              (BTW: aren’t you the nazi whackjob everyone is always teasing on this site?)

  35. yalensis says:

    But wait, there’s more!
    In his CV, Curt bragged that Previously, he served as Chief Technology Officer of a company called Data Dimensions from 1997 to 1999.

    Internet research is a bit confusing, because there are 2 companies out there with similar names: Data Dimensions and Dimension Data. I think the latter is more important, and the one that I was thinking of, when I said that I had heard of the company. Anyhow, Curt’s claimed company, “Data Dimensions” has a position called Chief Information Officer , which is currently filled by a man named Mark Golino.

    I looked back into the past, as far as I could, back to 1995; also here, which goes back to 1997 , and there is no mention of Curt, among the officers of the company.
    In fact, it looks like their Technology go-to guy back in 1997 was a man named Eugene M. Stabile.
    Is it possible (gasp!) that Curt might have been gilding the lily on his resume?

  36. Tim Owen says:

    Indulge me.

    One of the things that fascinates me about this current moment in the argument about security (mine, theirs, yours… whatever) is this bizarre juncture where we’re seeing this attack against Russia as the author of some sort of post-modern trap, a sneaky attempt to make everything slippery and, ultimately, meaningless and unverifiable.

    I’m not saying it’s the biggest issue by far, I just find it particularly weird that this has been rolled out all over the place over the last few months. And I think it’s telling.

    Principally it’s weird because it is diametrically opposed to the current-era Russian arguments which have been made in exquisite detail as if speaking to a toddler. In fact this kind of claim is absolutely dripping with the kind of circular, self-referential arguments that were the hallmark of the darkest days of Soviet era repression and propaganda. In other words, content-less ideological denouncement

    In other words, it is EXACTLY the opposite of what is claimed.

    The joke of course is that accusing Russia of being post-modern in any form is laughable.

    Does anyone else find this argument particularly jarring and bizarre in the same sense? It’s like listening to a drunk mutter to himself?

    • yalensis says:

      Dear Tim:
      Good points, but I think it’s more like listening to a bipolar coke-head at the height of his manic cycle.

      After doing just a bit of googling, I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that this troll has a fake biography: To date, it has been established that: (1) He didn’t graduate from University of Hartford, (2) he didn’t own all those companies that he said he bought and sold.
      I am still working on researching his claim that he received a masters degree in Computer Science from Central Connecticut State. That will probably turn out to be a fake, too.

      • in response to Tim Owen:
        –“Indulge me. One of the things that fascinates me about this current moment in the argument about security (mine, theirs, yours… whatever) is this bizarre juncture where we’re seeing this attack against Russia as the author of some sort of post-modern trap, a sneaky attempt to make everything slippery and, ultimately, meaningless and unverifiable. I’m […]”—

        Tim / Yalensis / ALL:

        If you go back to the beginning of the thread (and notice I maintained just one thread – I didn’t pollute the whole blog) that is exactly what I said I was doing: demonstrating the propaganda technique used by Russian trolls to poison the well.

        Why? BECAUSE I HAVE AN INTERVIEW TONIGHT ABOUT RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA IN UKRAINE and I want examples to work from. (Assuming my new microphone arrives on time. These cheap ones are awful.) The original interview was scheduled for Sunday and they had sound problems so we had to postpone. So I had a little extra time to extend the experiement.

        I’ll post the link when they publish it. It should be out in a couple of weeks. (Usually takes a week or two).

        I have saved the entire thread as a pdf, and posted the choice bits to my FB page.

        So thanks for being lab rats. But I made my point: look at all the effort you are spending. I have total control of this conversation. Nothing but vitriol.

        Libertarians put up a much better fight, but I suppose it’s because they tend to be smarter. You have a pretty good grasp of history, but you are relying on moral introspection and moral justification rather than constructing a rational argument in support of your biases. Right now all it sounds like is that you parrot RT propaganda.

        Anyway, thanks munchkins. I hope the post-count helps your web metrics.

        Signing off.

        • marknesop says:

          The American Way; declare victory.

          And what a breathtaking technique. Show up somewhere, claim loudly and obnoxiously “All black people are niggers”, and then keep hammering on that point, which you declare your “central argument”. Claim vast experience in the field despite having personally met maybe a dozen black people out of, say, 50,000. Then cast all attempts to rebut your “central argument” – although you have made many errors which have been pointed out and substantiated – as “vitriol”, to your immense satisfaction, just to be expected since you are so brilliant that nobody can match you.

          I don’t see how you could lose when you are the ultimate judge of who is the winner. I have an idea – why don’t you become President of the EU? No need for a messy and time-consuming “election” that would just waste a lot of money. Just announce that you have won and will be giving the orders from here on out. A fascinating example of social engineering.

          • yalensis says:

            I wonder if the interviewer will ask him about his fake biography.

            • marknesop says:

              I devoutly hope he makes good on his threat to showcase this blog as an example of his magnum opus of Russian propaganda control, and a demonstration of how he “owned” us all and controlled the conversation with the consummate skill of a genius manipulating idiots. Any casual observer who stops by to check out the show can’t help but see that all he did was drop in, fire off some wild assertions – without any substantiation – which turned out to be completely inaccurate (Ukraine’s birth rate is not falling, yike!!), insult everyone in the rudest terms and string together a bunch of impressive-sounding big words. Then he announced – nearly hugging himself with glee – that it had been a stupendous victory for Curt, in Curt’s judgment, and departed, leaving nary a ripple to mark his passing. The conversation goes on without him, and if anyone is so shattered and demoralized by his appearance that they are crying into their pillow, please let me know, because I haven’t heard about it.

              He was easily able to divert the conversation because the conversation here tends to ramble and does not necessarily follow any subject. But he believes this was a signal success which validates his technique completely. How many times have you seen that happen here over movies or family or a trip someone took? But the single most important thing is that he believes he has developed a template to interfere with comment forums and “bomb Russian propaganda”. And jumping in, changing the subject, firing around some insults and shouting “I won!! I so kicked your asses!! By the way, I have piles of money and a gorgeous young wife, I’m rich and successful and you are not” just makes people think “Jeez – what a fucking dork. I’m glad I don’t have to sit next to him on a long bus ride”. It does not build disciples. It does not change minds. Clearly explained opinion backed up with solid, generally-reliable substantiation changes minds. Demonstration that public declaration in no way resembles private practices, and in fact is just a smokescreen, changes minds. Curt is so busy wallowing in the Curt Cult of Personality that he grossly overestimates his effectiveness. I wish him many happy employments of that technique.

  37. Moscow Exile says:

    Хребет Гитлеру сломала Красная Армия или американская тушенка?

    (Was Hitler’s Backbone Broken by the Red Army or American Stew?)

    Rather than тушенка (stew) in the headline, I should think “spam” would be more appropriate, a substance that I well remember as a child in 1950s Britain:

  38. from the west coast says:

    If you check out Curt’s rambling blog with his pseudo philosophy then you will realize that it is completely unreadable. You will fall asleep trying to understand the babble that his is in mind. Also, nobody actually does read it or comments on any of his postings except himself.

    And the reason Curt is so into Ukraine is for one reason only. Women. He can’t meet women in his own country because he’s such a creep but he’s had some luck in Ukraine. Admit it Curt that this is the true reason you got interested in Ukraine you pathetic man. BTW, doesn’t your name Curt sound so nice when spoken by a Ukrainian? LOL. It’s not the most pleasant sounding name when Ukrainians say it. All the romance is gone in a second when your girlfriend or wife (what’s with that Curt? You have both you cheater?) says “oh Curt oh Curt….” when in bed.

    Also Curt, you’re not Ukrainian so stop saying “We” all the time. You’re not Slavic so shut the f#ck up about that.

    You will soon be back in Seattle though when all the sh#it goes down leaving your wife behind to fend for herself you coward.

    • Clearly you haven’t done any research on me, because my ex-wife Allora is often described as “regal” and one of the better people in her field; and Amanda is certainly devastatingly beautiful, charming and an excellent mother. I don’t name names but my girlfriend in between them is one of the most accomplished women in technology in America, having worked at IBM research, Xerox PARC and Intel Research. I had to choose between extreme hotness and extreme intelligence and you know, I went with hotness (and a little crazy). I’ll never know if it was the right choice. So, I had to leave Amanda when I moved to Ukraine. Wouldn’t have been fair. Although, I have considered moving back to NYC because of a long-standing relationship with a Russian woman who lives there. I just hate NYC. Too noisy.

      Very hard to attack me. So it’s much easier to attack my arguments. Besides, ad hominem’s just demonstrate that you’re incompetent at constructing arguments.

    • Well you can hardly claim to criticize my philosophical work if you don’t understand them. As a purely empirical measure, very sophisticated people do understand them – albeit, it’s a non-trivial exercise to get into epistemology at any substantive level. So the fact that you don’t understand it, is a statement about you not necessarily about my work. (although I do cop to being turgid – operational arguments are turgid so I can’t get away from it – and I do place a great deal of burden on the reader to deduce relations without explicitly stating them.) 😉

  39. from the west coast says:

    Sorry Curt but you know I’m right about how you view women. I’ve read a posting you wrote about women from Ukraine though I can’t remember where. I know your type because I’ve met a lot of american men like you when I lived in Saint Petersburg. I also don’t have the time to waste to “research you” because you’re kind of boring like your philosophy. Did you actually write all that nonsense? My god you have a lot of time on your hands. BTW, why don’t you post some photos of all these women that dumped you?

    You also look a bit ridiculous in those photos on vk Curt. What’s with the devil ears? If I was looking for a software developer I certainly wouldn’t hire somebody that stupid and unprofessional.

    • Well, thankfully no one has to hire me, and thankfully I’m not a software developer, and thankfully I have the confidence and independence to enjoy life. That’s probably because I don’t have to pretend to be competent and intelligent. But I understand why you would need to do so. 😉

      It’s ok. You can keep trying. All you do is prove my point. (over and over and over again) just like Russians keep proving my point (over and over and over again). It’s kinda ironic really. 😉 Monkey see, monkey do. Sorta’ like that, right?

      Really. Let me help you. I’m generous. I am: Silence is your only possible means of success. Unless you don’t grasp that you’re really responding to yourself, for the purpose of textual catharsis and dysphemism. That’s because silence (ignoring someone) is the strongest negative reinforcement you can provide.) But it requires a mature discipline.

    • yalensis says:

      Dear West Coast:
      Is this the social media page you are talking about?

      Sorry girls, Curt is “in a relationship” !
      tee hee….

  40. from the west coast says:

    No more time for you Curt. It’s my wedding anniversary so now that the kids are in bed we’re going to have a little party. BTW Curt unlike you I am from a Slavic background (Russian) and my wife is half my age and beautiful and brilliant but not in the superficial ways you believe in. She’s also Russian and Ukrainian and can’t understand why the Ukrainians are acting so stupid to believe the west (you’re part of that problem but you’ll soon be running home to the usa leaving your wife or girlfriend or boyfriend or whatever) because Russians and Ukrainians are the same people. If you don’t understand that then you don’t know anything about Ukraine unless maybe you’re in Lvov.

    When are you going to start your ridiculous revolution to liberate Kaliningrad? I bet you actually did print that bumper sticker. You’re a strange guy Curt with delusions of grandeur. Reality will soon force you to run home though probably before this year is up. Then you can move to Cuba or somewhere else white gods are needed.

    • 🙂 So you mean you will give up on the ad hominems and return to the central argument that Russia is a negative influence on the world and Russians are responsible for more death, suffering, and impoverishment than any government other than Mao’s. And that Eastern Europe must be free of Mongols, Muscovites, Turks, Tatars, and other steppe tribes who would bring their low trust, low economic velocity, to the people of the west. Eastern Europe is European. Muscovites are Mongols and Tatars. Think like and act like Muslims, Mongols and Tatars: steppe and desert people.

      Or are you merely afraid of that argument? Becuase it’s true? Is that why you have to keep attacking me personally (and ineffectively)? Because the central argument is true? Right? I mean, if you COULD attack the central argument that Russian history is a contrived lie, to cover for their long list of failures, wouldn’t you do that? 🙂

      • Jeremn says:

        Could you explain how Eastern Europe can be freed from Mongols, Muscovites, Turks, Tatars?

        What do you propose to do with the Pomaks of Bulgaria, the Tatars of Crimea, the Russians of Estonia? Or even the Turks of Germany? What of those who are in mixed marriages and have children? After all, thse groups have lived in eastern Europe for centuries. Do you propose to send them away? If so, who will resettle the lands they vacate or the jobs they leave? And how, using the rule of law, will you do this? Or ban them from reproducing? If so, using which laws?

        • So first, you are agreeing then that Muscovites are not rus, but Eastern Slavs who have inherited and practice the low trust steppe culture of Mongols, Tatars, Muslims and Turks?

          And second, you’re attempting to create a false equivalency between a minor genetic distribution in the extant population, and the expansionary conquest of a regressive poverty-inducing empire that practices low trust steppe culture of the Mongols, Tatars Muslims and Turks?

          (um. that’s pretty weak. I think my ten year old would probably call you out on that abuse of the logic-gods.)

          • Jeremn says:

            No. You said eastern Europe must be free of Mongols, Muscovites, Turks, Tatars. I’m asking how you propse to do this in a society based on the rule of law. What steps, within existing rules, will you take to free Europe of these people?

            You didn’t reply to that, but you did add Muslims as a new category.

            • So you’re engaging in rhetorical fallacy by stating that I was not referring to Russian government with the collection: “Mongols, Muscovites,Turks, Tatars.”?

              You have spent too much time with Russians. Lying is so natural to you, that you don’t know how to speak without relying upon it. Or, (as it appears) are you simply unable to hold more than one sentence worth of content in your short term memory?

              My grandmother would have said that it’s because you masturbate too much, but I suspect that it’s both environmental, cultural and genetic. Next holiday, ask your parents to apologize to you for not doing a better job of mate selection. Their offspring appear to be not only morally, but logically, and conceptually challenged.

              Now, where were we?

              Oh. Yes, I was saying that we Russia is a depraved degenerate low trust, politically incompetent failed civilization that has adopted the steppe culture of the Mongols Tatars Turks and Muslims, and as such has the economic potential Pakistan without oil revenues to bribe everyone into submission. And that Ukrainians, who are culturally and ethnically European, want to be free of expansionary Russian despotism and its pervasive corruption and poverty.

              That’s where we were. Yes.


              (thus endeth the lesson)

              • Jeremn says:

                I’ll ignore the ad hominem. You said “Eastern Europe must be free of Mongols, Muscovites, Turks, Tatars, and other steppe tribes”. Plural, therefore you meant the peoples themselves. You did not say “free of the influence of”. (You support this notion that you meant the peoples themselves by saying that Ukrainians are culturally and ethnically European. Ethnically European.)

                I’m asking you how you propse to “cleanse” Europe, and Ukraine, of those groups so that Eastern Europe can be free of them? But using the rules-based system you, as a US citizen, uphold?

                • Straw man. You have returned to the straw man argument of conflating individuals with the muscovite state. In other words, you intentionally conflate genes and culture, whereas any six year old will discern from the argument the difference between ethnic slavs (80% of russia from what I gather) who have “inherited the low trust steppe culture of mongols, tatars, muslims and turks”, and the genetic distribution of such self same in europa.

                  You can do better than that, can’t you? Or are you so used to moral equivalency, rational fallacy, lying and propaganda that you can’t construct a rational argument?

              • Jeremn says:

                Let’s try this again. You said “Eastern Europe must be free of Mongols, Muscovites, Turks, Tatars, and other steppe tribes who would bring their low trust, low economic velocity, to the people of the west [sic].” You did not say “the Russian government, influenced by Mongols, etc” or “the Russian people, a Mongol-Tatar people”. You listed a group of what you called tribes and added Muslims for good measure.

                East Europe is European, according to you. You go on to include Ukrainians as they are “culturally and ethnically European” (conflating genes and culture). Again, according to you, in order to be free, “the Europeans” (including Ukraine) need to free themselves from the Mongols, Muscovites, Turks and Tatars, and Muslims. I’m asking you, given that these peoples already live amongst “the Europeans” (including Ukraine), how you intend to get rid of them? In Ukraine, that would involve getting rid of Russians and Tatars, for example. How would you do this?

                And, how would you get rid of the sons and daughters of Russians and Tatars?

    • ThatJ says:


      What do you propose to do with the Pomaks of Bulgaria, the Tatars of Crimea, the Russians of Estonia? Or even the Turks of Germany? What of those who are in mixed marriages and have children? After all, thse groups have lived in eastern Europe for centuries. Do you propose to send them away?

      The Turks were supposed to be temporary workers, weren’t they?

      Germany was egged on by the US to welcome the Turks, who clearly never had the intention to leave. The US has likewise pushed the EU to accept Turkey’s membership, a move that Germany opposes. The consistent hostile actions by the United States in Europe didn’t escape Jean-Marie Le Pen’s attention.

      Russians and Ukrainians who live the borderland, what today we call Ukraine, are both Eastern Slavs who you can hardly tell apart from one another. There’s no ground for comparison with the Turks in Germany.

      I believe in the importance of commonality, otherwise a country’s immigration laws may well lead to a loss of identity among the majority, and, depending on the type of people you welcome, to a loss of human capital (which translates to a slow, long-term degradation of the standard of living).

      To know [how a civilization comes into being] you must be aware of two prerequisites . . . namely leadership and problem-solving ability on the part of the general public. They are necessary not only as preludes to a civilization but as a continuing requirement for its survival.

      Where whole segments of population, either geographic segments or classes within an area, are bungling their problems, the chances are not only that the leaders are inadequate as leaders, but that the masses are mostly composed of far-down specimens of humanity, biologically incapable of producing wise leaders. Essential to wise leadership are high quality brains. The only source of brains is heredity . . .

      Problem-makers reproduce in greater percentage than problem-solvers, and in so doing cause the decline of civilization.

      Since civilization is an accumulation it must necessarily lag behind the concentration of brain power on which it depends . . . [Since] the manifestations of a civilization, its visible structures, are an accumulation, they may linger on for decades after the average intellect, the inherited brain power, has declined below the level that would have been necessary to initiate it.

      In short, if capable, intelligent people had most babies, society would see its problems and solve them.

      Elmer Pendell, from Sex Versus Civilization, 1967

      “What is typically German?” — see how the English teens can fit (read: integrate) just fine in Germany, from 1:48 to 2:18 and then again from 4:25 to 4:37:

      In the same video above, see how the Turk complains about feeling like an outcast, starting from 6:06 to 6:16.

      Now in the video below, a Turk casts himself apart from Germans by recognising the obvious, from 4:47 to 4:53:

  41. ( It’s OK. Don’t feel bad. The distance between you and I is the same as between you and a six-year-old. You really never had a chance. You’re backing the wrong horse. And you just needed a big brother to help you understand. ) 😉

  42. You see, the whole trick is to attack people with truthful statements, and to keep them engaged with subtle defamations. They will, usually, retort with additional incompetence, which increases the more frustrated that they get, further demonstrating their inferiority.

    it is very easy to conduct a truthful debate, as long as you are correct. They must resort to rhetorical fallacies precisely because they are incorrect.

    trivial really.

    • rkka says:

      Trouble is, many of your statements aren’t truthful, as I have noted. For instance, you attribute to Russia what Pre-WWI Vienna and Versailles are responsible for in the case of the Nazis. And you think Poles will take Western Ukrainians back.


      • Well lets test that hypothesis:

        Your first statement is a logical fallacy, since it presumes exclusivity of a non unique object. In fact, the Russians copied the Nazis.
        Your second statement confuses a prediction of future incentives (which my be an error) with a statement of testimony (a lie). This is a logical impossibility. I cannot construct a lie as such, only err.

        I mean, c’mon. You must have graduated from 8th grade by now. Surely you can do better than these bumbling attempts. I can’t imagine you can lose your virginity with this degree of incompetence.

        (ok. that was cheap. but i am working on something else and don’t have the mindshare to be creative)


        • rkka says:

          “Your first statement is a logical fallacy, since it presumes exclusivity of a non unique object. ”

          Your claim that Russia caused the Nazis is false. The smokescreen you desperately lay above will not suffice to conceal your ignorance of how Naziism developed.

          “Your second statement confuses a prediction of future incentives (which my be an error) with a statement of testimony (a lie). This is a logical impossibility. I cannot construct a lie as such, only err”

          I do not say that you lie, I say that your statement is false. Which is another way of saying that you have no clue how many Poles now view Western Ukrainians now, given the statue of Bandera in Lviv and his portrait in many places.

    • rkka says:

      Oh, and Happy Bagration Day!!

  43. Moscow Exile says:

    The Ukraine is part of Europe….?

    Для украинцев ужесточаются условия получения шенгенской визы

    For Ukrainians – more stringent requirements for obtaining a Schengen visa

    For Ukrainians, the EU has tightened the conditions for obtaining a Schengen visa. The changes come into force from 23 June.

    From June 23, Ukraine citizens will need to provide fingerprints

    As reported by the Ukraine media, fundamental changes have been implimented as regards the procedure for “Schengen” registration for a tourist trip and for working abroad.

    For example, now a visa cannot be issued “in absentia” by transferring the documents to a tour operator or Agency. On June 23, a man requiring a visa will have to personally visit a consulate or visa application centre in order to submit biometric data – fingerprints and a digital photo.

    Fingerprints are now no longer only being demanded from children up to 12 years of age.

    Experts report that many Ukrainians are going to the EU in order to work. These new procedures will complicate this process.

    According to the visa information system of the European Union, these measures have been taken to strengthen security measures in the Schengen area.

    By the way, according to a report from the International Fund for Agricultural Development, the Ukraine is the leader as regards transfers of money earned by migrant workers in the EU; in second place is Poland, and in third place is Nigeria.

    Last year Ukrainians transferred from abroad to their families the sum $7,587 million dollars. The biggest money transfers to the Ukraine from EU countries were from Germany and Greece.

    Ain’t life a bitch, Khokhly?

    You so want to be “real” Europeans, yet the “real” Europeans don’t seem to be all that welcoming to your charms – apart from the welcome that is afforded to Ukrainian whores, that is.

  44. yalensis says:

    Meanwhile, in Ukrainian politics, new polemic opening up , this time it is Ihor Shevchenko vs. Yatsenuk.

    Until recently, Shevchenko was the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources.
    Then he was fired by Yats.
    After which, he has gone on the offensive against his former boss, accusing him of corruption.
    Here is what Shevchenko said:

    “At my post of Minister, I started a campaign against corruption, and I returned to the state 22 sources of gas and oil, which were stolen from the people by relatives of Yanukovych. But I did this IN SPITE of the position of the (new) government, which continues to maintain ties with all the Ukrainian (oligarchic) clans, and continues to further their interests.
    “I am convinced, that it is because of my uncompromising position and anti-corruption activities, that Arseny Yatsenuk started to mess around in my personal life, seeking my dismissal…”

    Shevchenko goes on to accuse Yats of wanting to stuff the positions with cronies from his own political party.

    Technically, Shevchenko is still at his post, but his dismissal has been initiated by Yats, and it is only a matter of time.

    For his side of the story, Yats accuses Shevchenko of going on foreign junkets during working days. For example, he went on vacation to Nice (Italy?) at the very time when the Kiev oil refinery was burning. Even worse, he (Shevchenko) used a chartered jet for this, which is why Yats accuses him of corruption.

    Article concludes that Shevchenko is no innocent lamb. He is and always has been a creature of the millionaire oligarch Onishchenko. Who got him the lucrative position as Minister of Ecology.
    Onishchenko, in turn, is just a pilot fish for the larger shark, Yulia Tymoshenko.

    • marknesop says:

      Interesting. Oh, Nice is in France. Capital of the French Riviera and all.

      Tymoshenko will make a great President once she deposes Poroshenko. They should just put “shenko” on the towels, with a blank in front of it. She will fix Ukraine; she’s great with money. Other people’s money.

      • et Al says:

        In some prisons (i.e. the US), you can get shanked.

        In the Ukraine(Europe’s most open prison), you get Shenko’d

        • yalensis says:

          Wotta country!

        • Jen says:

          Hmm … wonder what a film called “The Shawshenko Redemption” would be like? I guess in the Kiev prison, everyone screws one another, the money-laundering operation involves siphoning money to NGOs in Russia with Washington’s blessing and the oligarch banker tunnels his way out of prison to freedom only to be arrested in Russian territory, charged with sending money to NGOs and thrown into prison for another 20 years.

          • marknesop says:

            I know I’d pay to go and see it.

          • yalensis says:

            All the prisoners are forced to wear embroidered blouses over their jumpsuits.
            The oligarch banker digs the tunnel using a souvenir wooden spoon.
            He hides the entranceway to the tunnel with a big glam portrait of Stepan Bandera….

            Yes! This will work!
            Now if we can just book Ruslana to croon the opening theme song:
            “Shawshenko…. he’s a man…. a man with a plan….” [sung to tune of “Goldfinger”]

            or maybe this one:

            Who’s the white oligarch
            That’s a sex machine to all the tarts?
            You’re damn right
            Who is the man
            That would risk his neck for his brother svidomite?
            Can ya dig it?
            Who’s the cat that won’t cop out
            When there’s danger all about
            Right on
            You see this cat Shaw is a bad mother
            (Shut your mouth)
            But I’m talkin’ about Shawshenko!
            (Then we can dig it)
            He’s a complicated man
            But no one understands him but his woman,
            And that’s me, Ruslana…

            I know, I know, it needs some work…

  45. Jeremn says:

    Ukraine’s debt to Russia not to get a haircut:

    “IMF officials have formed a preliminary view that $3 billion in bonds sold to Russia by Ukraine should be classified as official rather than private debt, referring to a source familiar with the issue. The status of the bonds is subject to approval by the IMF’s executive board. Treating the bonds as official debt, as Russia has sought, would exclude them from the bond restructuring Ukraine is negotiating with a creditor group led by Franklin Templeton, which would place a greater burden on private bondholders, Bloomberg said.”


    Money for the Mongols to waste on Vodka?

    • marknesop says:

      Ha, ha!!! They tried everything they could think of to squirm out of that, even soliciting legal opinions from their western cuddle-buddies, and concluded in the end that it was airtight and if they welshed on it, it would be too damaging. This will promote a flood of foreign investment in Ukraine, I should think; it’s so easy to reap huge returns. Private investors are going to be happy – it will be a frosty Friday in hell before they see any more of Franklin-Templeton’s money. Despite all the claptrap about “Ukraine is Europe”, if you go to Franklin-Templeton’s page and select “Europe”, Ukraine is conspicuous by its absence. I don’t blame them – I wouldn’t advertise investments that were forced into a minimum 40% write-down, either.

      Ukraine has two options – Russia can save it, or it can stagger along for a decade or so on western subsistence handouts until it is a completely depopulated ghetto or broken up and absorbed by surrounding countries. Who in their right mind is going to invest there?

      • Jeremn says:

        It was a bribe, but they will still pay it back. They are most honourable.:-)

        • kat kan says:

          Once a bribe, always a bribe.

          This time they are paying it back as a bribe to ensure they get gas this coming winter.

          • marknesop says:

            Here’s a little amusement for you, on that note:


            The sum of this complaint is that Kiev – in the person of none other than that great international energy lawyer, Arseny “Yats” Yatsenyuk – seeks the help of the EU to force Slovakia to permit reverse flow through Eustream of Slovakia’s pipeline, prohibited by its contract with Gazprom. That contravenes EU law, says Yats, so he wants the EU to come down on Slovakia so they have to reverse-flow gas to Ukraine, which it will likely expect to schnorr for free given its cataclysmic financial state and imminent default. As you can imagine, this will greatly enhance Slovakia’s interest in helping Ukraine, not to mention how welcome Yat’s request will be to the EU, which must be getting tired of being extorted by Kiev to push its member states around so they will give Ukraine great deals on stuff they have to pay full price for.

            That’s not the funny part, though. The punch line is “Ukraine, seeking energy independence from Russia, has repeatedly asked Slovakia to allow reverse flows through one of four main pipelines at the Uzhgorod-Velke Kapusany gas transit points on the Ukraine-Slovak border; but Eustream has declined, citing the agreement with Russian supplier Gazprom’s export arm.”

            Seeking energy independence from Russia. By schnorring gas from Slovakia, which gets almost 100% of both its oil and gas…from Russia. So Ukraine figures it will achieve energy independence by getting Russian gas through a third party, and will not even get transit fees from Gazprom for it. If Slovakia takes twice the gas in order to support its freeloading neighbour, Slovakia will have to pay twice as much. I’m at a loss to see how this is either (a) a thumb in the eye to Gazprom and Russia, or (b) representative of energy independence for Ukraine.

            Click to access EnergySupplySecurity2014_TheSlovakRepublic.pdf

            • et Al says:

              Thanks for that. The doubling of Nordstream sure will help not only the Ukraine, but the rest of Europe, and most importantly the eggheads in Brussels achieve energy independence too!

              I’ve had an idea. You know in greyhound racing they have an electric rabbit running on a rail? Maybe Gazprom should do something similar, like a circular pipeline with a moving connector? If you can catch it, you can get some gas…

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