The Weaponization of Ignorance: the West’s Go-To Experts

Uncle Volodya says, "The beast preaches contempt, for that's what arrogance says: that nothing is real but itself, and the bone and blood of another's being are insubstantial as breath.”

Uncle Volodya says, “The beast preaches contempt, for that’s what arrogance says: that nothing is real but itself, and the bone and blood of another’s being are insubstantial as breath.”

Brute Force and Ignorance,
Just hit town,
Looking like survivors,
From the Lost and Found.

Brute Force and Ignorance,
Have come to play,
A one-night stand at eight o’clock,
Then they’ll be on their way.

From, “Brute Force and Ignorance“, by Rory Gallagher

Whooo! Rory Gallagher – remember him? Don’t be surprised if you don’t, because he was probably the best blues guitarist you never heard of.  Born in Ballyshannon, County Donegal just before the nineteen-fifties and rock & roll took off like a scared cat, a teenage Rory Gallagher stayed up late to listen to Radio Luxembourg because he couldn’t afford records. He played entirely by ear, couldn’t read a note, but he could play anything that had strings on it. In 1971, influential British music magazine Melody Maker voted him International Guitarist of the Year, ahead of Eric Clapton, with whom he shared both influences (Big Bill Broonzy, Leadbelly, Muddy Waters) and a soulful blues style. In 1995 he was dead in a London hospital, of liver complications, when he was just 47.

Anyway, this post isn’t really about Rory Gallagher, except perhaps in the sense of what a prophet he was. Because we have entered – are firmly established, in fact – into an age in which a significant group of people in the English-speaking world are proud to be ignorant. George W. Bush was the first president who routinely cited his low academic standings – because he thought it made him sound folksy and one of the little people – and a startling proportion of the general public is now apparently quite happy to be misled by “experts” who don’t know what the hell they are talking about.

It’s still important to the decent, hardworking people who constitute The General Public that they support Doing The Right Thing. The deceitful and manipulative folks who run some of the world’s most powerful countries know this, and so The Things They Want To Do for their own reasons are pitched to The General Public as Doing The Right Thing. Since the world’s leaders only speak directly to the electorate when they’re looking for your vote and perhaps once a year for a State Of The Union Address, they use selected “experts” and analysts to softball-pitch their selected narrative to The General Public – which must be called deliberately ignorant to a large extent, because it unquestioningly accepts the narrative just as if it had never been lied to before, and never will be again. Doing The Right Thing makes them feel good, and they’re proud of it.

In order to be Doing The Right Thing, it is necessary for you to believe Russia is an isolated and reviled international pariah which has invaded its neighbour – Ukraine – with heavy armor, artillery and hundreds of thousands of uniformed soldiers in the country on state orders, and which shot down MH-17 so that it could blame it on innocent Ukraine (among other wild justifications). It is a country which makes nothing and is totally reliant on energy exports; backward, barbaric, uncultured and unlettered, deceitful and underhanded.

An excellent example to start off with is Forbes, featuring the clownish oaf Paul Roderick Gregory. Mr. Gregory was one of the first to latch on to the scoop that Russia had inadvertently published the figures of its dead in the “Eastern Ukrainian Campaign”, in a small, innocuous business newspaper called Delovaya Zhizn (Business Life). Then, the story goes, the government frantically deleted the information, but not before some sharp-eyed truthseekers had pounced on it and exposed it to the world. Yahoo – staunchly Russophobic in its news content – jumped on it as well. Social media dismembered it in hours and revealed it as a fake, while the purported representative of Business Life claimed the site had been hacked from a Kiev-registered IP on August 22nd, and the bogus data inserted long enough to be captured, then erased. The excitement the story caused in the media was something to see, and the Twitter storm – led by luminaries like Michael McFaul drawing attention to it for all they were worth – was furious while it lasted. Once it was exposed as a fake, the story just kind of…went away. Nobody said sorry.

No western news story on Russia or Ukraine is complete without the insertion of the phrase “Russian aggression” like a trademark, and an assertion that Russia has large numbers of military troops in Ukraine although it cynically denies it. News sites regularly claim there is “pretty overwhelming evidence” that Russia and Putin are lying, but none of them ever cite any, and the United States refuses to release any satellite imagery confirming the purported troop movements or transit of armored columns. It must be sensitive about Putin’s feelings, and is protecting him. Ha, ha.

Here’s another comical one – Amanda Taub, at Vox, says a video clip showing Putin and Medvedev working out together showcases Russia’s “fear and insecurity”, which compel Putin to reassure the nation that he is still physically at the top of his game. It includes a gratuitous swipe at Putin’s sweatpants as “unflattering”; Putin is 63, and Ms. Taub, a former human-rights lawyer who appears to have little to crow about in the unflattering department, looks to be about 30 years younger than that. One wonders what she will look like in sweatpants in 30 years. Putin’s popularity is “slipping”, Ms. Taub would have us know – yes, only 72% of Russians said they would vote for Putin in a current election (the poll was in August), and his approval rating is only 83%!! Thus the he-man stunts: Putin must show Russians that he’s still tough enough to bully people, and hopefully get his cratering ratings back on the upswing. To put that in perspective, Barack Obama’s approval rating for the same period was 46% , and David Cameron’s ratings as PM are about the same.

The EU Observer cites Pavel Felgenhauer as a “Russian military expert” who is dicing with death just speaking with a western magazine, since he could be construed as “aiding and abetting the enemy”. Pavel Felgenhauer, once a regular columnist at The Moscow Times, has thoroughly earned the low opinion in which he is held by other analysts, many of them skilled bullshitters themselves. His golden moment came when he successfully predicted the 2008 war in Georgia. Few remember that he also said that it might not happen until 2010, and that Georgia would win it. Outside this one shining moment of prescience, Pavel Felgenhauer is an affable idiot who loves attention, and what he knows about the Russian military you could put in your coffee without noticing any change in the flavour. In 2011, he argued that the MISTRAL assault carriers Russia was buying from France would be employed to guard the Sea of Okhotsk to keep it safe for nuclear submarine operations against the U.S. Pacific Fleet. He claimed to have learned this from “A high-ranking source in the General Staff”. Of the Angolan navy, perhaps – Russian staff officers know better than to discuss anything with Felgenhauer, who will only balls it up anyway. But all his sources are like that: “Oh, a little bird told me”, wink-wink, implying Cosmic Top Secret information, keep it under your hat, old man, when in fact it is pure fantasy. Felgenhauer simply thinks of something that would be an exciting development, and then pretends someone told him about it.

It is only and exclusively in the field of political analysis – with perhaps the occasional exception for “Does this suit make me look fat?” – that leaders will pay someone to tell them exactly what they want to hear, regardless of whether there’s any truth to it. Nobody would pay an auto mechanic to tell them whatever they wanted to hear: say, Sonny – if I put aluminum-alloy wheels on it, will it increase my horsepower? Absolutely, Mr. Obama. How about an accountant? I was wondering, Tiffany; if I withdraw $15,000.00 from my RRSP to gamble in Las Vegas, will it count toward my taxable income for this year? Certainly not, Mr. Cameron; you go on, now, dear, and have fun. As if.

CNN’s “Banned! 10 Things You Won’t Find in Russia” is, unsurprisingly, horseshit. The law forbidding “gay propaganda” does not “mean anyone campaigning for LGBT rights or equating straight and gay relationships can be prosecuted. ” It is quite specific that it may not be pitched to minor children, but the United States has become so chuffed with itself over how gay-friendly it is that it seems to think nobody is too young to learn how to do it the gay way. How about three – is three too young, do you think? Thinking about sending your gender nonconforming three-year-old son to Crossdresser Camp? I wonder if the other boys in his class – when he’s, say 12 – are going to be as supportive? Gay adults can do as they please in Russia, as they always could, and homosexuality was legal in Russia ten years before the USA got around to saying it was okay to be gay.

Anonymous blogs are illegal – oh, dear. That should be of great concern to the civil libertarians who are sharing their phone conversations with the NSA, have been for some time before it was revealed, and the NSA refuses to stop, while the government refuses to make them. National security, you know. Think about that next time you’re discussing your hemorrhoids with your doctor on the telephone.

Western food is banned; quite a lot of it, anyway. Why is that, CNN, again? Because of sanctions imposed against Russia. Why? Well, because the Russians shot down MH-17, of course! And before anyone calls tit-for-tat sanctions “childish”, yes, they are. But you’re talking to the country that changed the name of the American street on which the Soviet Embassy was located to “Andrei Sakharov Street”, just for spite. The Wall Street Journal called it “simple but inspired“. They were half-right: it was simple. Stay tuned for the U.S. Embassy to be on “Edward Snowden Boulevard”.

Foul language is banned from films and television. Oh, no. How could anyone sit through a movie in America if it was not non-stop swearing from start to finish…kind of like conversation is in the USA. Ridden a city bus lately? Honestly, America has become the proverbial caricature of itself, so obsessed with slagging off the Russians in an attempt to humiliate them that it portrays being The Sopranos from sea to shining sea as some kind of virtue.

Drug related websites. The mind reels. Where is I gonna get my hit on, iffen I can’t fin’ my on-line dealer? CNN….man, I just don’t know. I used to think, when I still watched CNN, probably about 10 years ago, that Wolf Blitzer was the worst thing about it. But now you is on a ho’ notha level. Freedom…is drug-related websites.

Lacy underwear. Yes, that’s the money shot, isn’t it? Now the CNN “newsroom” guys can snigger and poke each other as they share jokes about neo-Soviet maidens in their CSMVPvoluminous bloomers.

In fact, lacy feminine undergarments are not banned at all. As the article points out, material that is next to the skin must be at least 6% cotton. Doesn’t mean it has to be all cotton, and the rest can be any material. You can get lingerie in Moscow. You just can’t get it in this size.  There…ummm… doesn’t seem to be any significant demand for it. Another benefit of banning western food.

The Independent (owned by a Russian oligarch – oops! “Tycoon”, I meant, which is how western newspapers sucked up to Poroshenko the Billionaire after he took over the presidency of Ukraine) reports, completely gratuitously, that Moscow is “the world’s unfriendliest city“; so designated by a survey conducted among the readers of Travel & Leisure Magazine! Which had a total circulation, in 2011, of just under 971,000. Ha, ha!! Jesus, listen to yourselves, will you? More than twice as many people read Rolling Stone, Bon Appetit and Golf Digest as read Travel & Leisure. Take a flying leap at a rolling doughnut, Travel & Leisure! Who gives a toss what you think? We’ll see all 971,000 of you in Galway, Ireland (rated the “friendliest” city), and you’d probably all fit.

Timothy Snyder, eminent historian and defender of the Maidan, tells whoever will listen that Kiev is the only bilingual capital in Europe. Mind you, he also says Ukraine is a country of 50 million people, when he’s actually spotting them about 10 million. Ukraine lost around 3 million people in 2014 – and you know where they went – and the population currently stands at just under 43 million according to the state statistics service. But what’s a couple of million more or less? We routinely hear how a million or two well-educated and talented people rush for the exits in Russia every year, but by some miracle the population is increasing! The babushkas must be knitting new Russians in the basement at night, like the Keebler elves.

There’s no need to dissect Snyder’s embarrassing knowledge deficit further – my colleague, Paul Robinson, does a wonderful job of that – but suffice it to say Kiev is far from the only bilingual capital in Europe. More importantly, Snyder is playing up the distinctive nature of Ukrainian as if being able to switch between Russian and Ukrainian is an accomplishment on a par with speaking French and English. Russian and Ukrainian are both East Slavic languages descended from a common root – the language of the medieval Kievan Rus – and are mutually intelligible; that is, the two have sufficient common elements that if you can speak one fluently, you will be able to understand much of the other.

Get the picture? Western leaders, through the western media, rely on feted “experts” who do not know if their ass is bored or punched, but who nonetheless blather whatever their paymasters want to hear – and what they want to hear, pretty consistently, is that Russia is barbaric, weak and surly, reeling from sanctions which are wringing its economy like a dishrag. They want to hear that its population is steadily declining, thanks to its increasingly unpopular and unstable president. Timothy Garton Ash regularly paints a bloodcurdling – if you’re a Russian – picture of a tottering giant about to topple. Edward Lucas, narcissistic British bonehead, rails against Putin’s non-existent determination to bring the Baltics under his dictatorial command. Craaazzzy Annie Applebaum, Mrs former-Polish-political-wunderkind, snaps at her own entrails in a Russophobic delirium. Julia Ioffe. Luke Harding. Shaun Walker and Roland Oliphant. Simon Ostrovsky of Vice News. Rainbow-Brite Hater Jamie Kirchik of The Daily Beast. Too many to name them all, each pumping out soporific smoke that reassures westerners of their ongoing moral superiority and perspicacious judgment. All of it totally manufactured nonsense, delivered with a straight face in an atmosphere in which nobody wishes to challenge their accuracy, because it just feels so good to let go and believe.

I’m not arguing this so the west will come to its senses and try to repair the damage it has done to international relationships, entirely owing to society’s own myopic stupidity and epic eagerness to be fooled. It’s much too late for that; Russia has reached the realization that it cannot be a partner to the west so long as Russia insists upon making its own decisions and following its own policies. Consequently, it is decisively turning away from the west and reordering its markets, its institutions and its partnerships. Some business relationships might recover, but the west will not be trusted again for a generation at least. Because you can’t trust someone who will not listen to reason.

I’m arguing it because the rest of the world is looking aghast at the west as if it had gotten drunk at their kids’ birthday party and made an ass of itself, and it’s embarrassing.


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2,207 Responses to The Weaponization of Ignorance: the West’s Go-To Experts

  1. Johan Meyer says:

    I’m breaking my promise to shut up for a while on Gambia, as things are moving somewhat fast.

    The attacks I predicted haven’t materialised, and probably won’t be successful should they come, as Russia was way ahead of me on the smuggling via Gambia in support of ISIS matter.

    We might yet get an honest accounting of Rwanda’s 1994 events.

    Now that HRW and company are playing labour historians/activists (see recent reports on Cambodia and Bangladesh), their silence on labour in USA is telling.

    • Johan Meyer says:

      Boko Haram attacks near Nigerian border in Niger. But now shipments of arms will be harder. They also attacked in Nigeria yesterday, but that was only reported today. Certainly, ISIS doesn’t seem to be all that ‘racist’ anymore, making stronger ties to Boko Haram, as I had suggested earlier. Are Boko Haram’s people mercenaries? The squeeze is on Nigeria, with the last oil minister now under arrest in UK, although the UK police deny knowledge—does this mean that her arrest is de jure kidnapping?

      Burundi officials call for police to rough up allegedly violent demonstrators, get sanctioned by EU. East African supply route for Boko Haram, with Gambia potentially closed off?

      South Africa is part of a preferential trade pact with USA, but Swaziland, Gambia, DRC, and South Sudan are out. Vewwy cuwwious. For the life of me, I cannot see the other countries put up much of a fight to US production, outside agriculture. Destabilization to make way for agricultural exports by undermining production food aid?

      BBC is very interested in investigative reporting in Ghana; in UK not so much. They are definitely playing the press freedom angle all of a sudden, especially on Gambia.

      • Johan Meyer says:

        So what is happening in Nigeria, and is it coupled to Syria and Ukraine, Russia and Armenia, as I suspect? Some long term planning could have been expected for operations of this magnitude, so it should come as no surprise that Ukrainians, Britons, “Russians,” and “Japanese,” with a very healthy presence of folks with Armenian surnames in the last two categories, were arrested smuggling oil through Nigeria in February; they were arraigned in June, and their trial continued today. They seem to be connected to Glencore Energy UK—are the financial problems of Glencore perhaps on account of US and allied governmental efforts to use the company’s resources for smuggling efforts?

        Such things have happened before in UK, with one company going belly up, in the 1980s or 1990s—I don’t have the company’s name handy, but they were the only organization other than the UK government that was allowed to handle nuclear weapons in UK. Military intelligence used the company as a front, against the will of the CEO. The CEO did internal audits, and exposed the ongoings. The company went under rather fast.

        I’m glad to see Nigeria focusing more on Boko Haram’s logistics rather than battles per se. Large numbers of BH terrorists have surrendered; 280 in the last week alone. Interesting that this doesn’t reach Reuters—panic? Niger, Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon are cooperating to put a stop to Boko Haram. I’m curious as to who arranged that.

      • Johan Meyer says:

        When in doubt, read wikileaks extensively. Who is Glencore? A quick scan of wikileaks would give the impression that Glencore is involved in abetting corruption between oil companies in Venezuela, Russia and elsewhere, but that comes from Stratfor—possible if we are talking about suborned individuals operating within these institutions, and perhaps worth an investigation on the part of the relevant national authorities, if they haven’t done so already.

        Read more diligently, and you discover allegations (also from Stratfor) that Glencore supplied the financing to make/build Russneft (not Rosneft). In other words, Glencore, of Marc Rich fame, is allegedly involved in a successor political struggle in Russia, and is involved in building a fake ownership structure in Russia to take ownership of petrolium concessions. Which may well be false, but if true is a rather curious confession from Stratfor. Anyhow, the Stratfor email claims that Russneft is in the crosshairs of the Kremlin(TM), and should disappear any day now (that was in 2007—eight years is a short time, apparently).

        Performing one’s own corrupt business is one thing, and may be profitable, but performing corrupt business on behalf of intelligence agencies (which is what I suspect is what lead to the Nigerian case, for the purpose of supporting West African Islamists) is another thing all together, and is not guaranteed to be profitable. So why do it? Perhaps it is part of a non-prosecution quid-pro-quo, as Glencore was caught apparently flouting the Iran sanctions in 2012, which if true would suggest the amalgamation of prosecution and intelligence in national structures (it was already obvious in the UN special tribunals, e.g. Yugoslavia and Rwanda; see e.g. Justice Belied, by Philpot and Chartrand, editors), although now extended to operations and not just intelligence gathering.

        For a fair bit of muck on Glencore (albeit from a Soros source—your mileage may vary—did Soros take a disliking to Marc Rich?), see this. Also, stratfor doesn’t like that Glencore gets prosecuted for what appears to be abetting tax/duty evasion. Suddenly Glencore isn’t all that ebil.

        But Glencore was involved in financing arms transfers to Angola before—did they take on the oil (without paperwork?) as a backpayment? And perhaps arms at other times? Nigerian law enforcement may leave much to be desired, and perhaps Glencore became careless. Note that the link is to a rather good NGO report, but that was issued in 2002. Note also that the dirty dealings on the part of Russian arms traders were largely if not exclusively under Yeltsin, including an expat investor by the name of Gaydamek, who has since become a moderate Israeli politician and his business partner Falcone, who were working in the last years of their conspiracy with GW Bush, via former president Mitterand’s son, Jean-Christophe (which would backdate France’s realignment with NATO a bit). No word on whether they were working with Clinton or not. One ship that was caught transporting arms in this affair in 2001 was the Ukrainian-owned, Gruzian-registered Anastasia, and its paperwork suggested that it was transporting car parts…

        So certainly Glencore had the necessary connections to pull off an arms shipment for west-African Islamists.

        • Johan Meyer says:

          If what my hunch is correct, we may see Boko Haram/ISIS end up with some relatively recent Russian kit, perhaps even late 90s/early 2000s. This is in line with US practice of arming rebels with Russian gear, for both plausible deniability, and to further the meme that Russian weapons are terrorist… I’ll shut up if there is no substantial news, or if you guys tell me to…

      • Johan Meyer says:

        Islamic state reaches Bangladesh, allegedly. And suddenly, India’s Modi has problems. Bitterness over the new Silk road?

        What is itinerant arms trader commodity trader Glencore doing, in discussion with the Chinese government, Canadian pension plans and a Saudi sovereign fund?

        Financially, the scheme sounds dubious. A business that is not profitable would hardly become profitable by selling off profitable subunits. Usually, profitable businesses sell off cash cows (sub units that generate a large revenue stream, but whose profitability doesn’t increase much with additional investment) for their expected revenue over their expected remaining business life, as modified by the company MARR (minimum acceptable rate of return). Glencore is in major financial trouble, so revenue streams are rather important for paying bills; sell a revenue stream, and creditors come knocking before the proceeds disappear. It would make more sense to sell off some non-revenue generating subunits that have potentially profitable concessions, but require more capital than the company can obtain, and then invest in say one of those obscene concessions that Glencore has in DRC (the government will add new concessions should the original not produce sufficient revenue).

        If we understand the latter two (Canada pension plans and Saudi sovereign fund) to be representatives of the US and Saudi governments, could this be an end-game negotiation on Boko Haram and ISIS more generally? I take the killing of the Japanese citizen in Bangladesh, and the ‘he now has problems’ story on Modi, to be warnings to Japan and India regarding Shanghai Cooperation Council, CSTO and Eurasian integration generally. Suddenly ‘reading the tea leaves’ provides more insight than taking the news at face value. It certainly is interesting that Israel has just bombed the west bank.

        I said earlier that we may well get honest accounting on what happened in Rwanda in 1994. A baby step: Within a week, the Rwanda genocide ™ changes from 800k dead Tutsis (between 133% and 160% of Rwanda’s prewar Tutsi population—the 1991 census found 600k Rwandan Tutsis, although the war might have caused as many as 100k to flee prior to 1994; k is kilo ie thousand) to 800k dead of unspecified ethnic composition—will it take more than three months to allow for basic facts as enumerated by Herman, Philpot and Erlinder?

    • Moscow Exile says:

      – Can we do it?
      – Yes, we can!

      And fuck you, Obama bullshitter!

      It’s been done before though. The Germans were ready to throw a bridge across the straits so as to by-pass the Stalingrad “bottleneck”. They had started the groundwork in the Crimea, but the loss of their 6th army led to their withdrawal of forces. The Red Army made an amphibious assault on Kerch, took it, and then, using material that the German engineers had left behind, had a road /railway bridge constructed across the straits in record time. The bridge was later demolished after some of its piers had been damaged by ice floes exiting the Sea of Azov in 1945.

  2. et Al says:

    Slashdot: China Beats US In Early Cuban Internet Infrastructure Investment

    lpress writes:
    The US would like to sell Cuba Internet service and equipment, but we have had little success so far. China has won the first round — they financed and installed Cuba’s undersea cable, supplied backbone equipment and public WiFi access centers and will provide equipment for the forthcoming home DSL rollout. That being said, Cuba has very little connectivity today and most of what they have and plan to install is already obsolete by today’s standards, so they will be buying a lot of equipment in the future.


    A very good move to keep the US and ‘friends’ away from your comms gear. Maybe the #Twitelution #Cuba is postponed…

  3. Warren says:

  4. et Al says:

    Something for the weekend:

    The Register: The Steve Jobs of supercomputers: We remember Seymour Cray

    Fast, cool, simple. Repeat

    Before Steve Jobs, there was Seymour Cray – father of the supercomputer and regarded as something close to a God in the circles he moved in.

    Jobs’ Apple Computer is reputed to have bought one of Seymour’s massive machines back in the day: a Cray, to design the brand-new Macintosh personal computer.

    This would have been a significant moment for a man of Jobs’ character, not prone to flattering the inventions or ideas of others. In return, Cray is said to have quipped that he’d bought a Mac to design the next Cray.

    Cray – who would have been 90 years old this week – was the engineering brain behind a family of systems that broke ground in architecture and performance. They broke new ground on price, too: Cray’s computers cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, with the Cray-1 weighing in at $8.8m – an estimated $34m in today’s money….

    I’ve seen one of those CRAYs in the flesh, many years ago. Anyway, read on for a good story and a little about how the US thinks banning US made silicon is going to stop China becoming a super computing behemoth, even trying to control supply GPU boards found in most PCs as they can be run together in their thousands massively paralleled which with enough numbers can be powerful enough to do boring stuff like simulating nukes, make bitcoins etc..

  5. et Al says:

    Aviation Week: PzH 2000 Armored Howitzers For Iron Wolves

    Germany will transfer 21 Panzerhaubitze (PzH) 2000 155 mm armored howitzers and support vehicles to Lithuania under a contract signed between the two countries Sept. 29.

    The contract also includes the transfer of 150 155 mm rounds for the PzH 2000, 26 M577 command post vehicles and six Bergepanzer-2 armored recovery vehicles.

    Four of the PzH 2000s are ready for operations, 12 must be modernized at the cost of Lithuania, three will be used for training, and two for spare parts.

    Five M577s will be used for spare parts.

    The transferred materiel will equip the General Romualdas Giedraitis Artillery Battalion of Lithuania’s Iron Wolf Mechanized Infantry Brigade.

    The Bundeswehr will train Lithuanian soldiers on the operation and maintenance of the equipment in Lithuania and the German army’s artillery school in Idar-Oberstein.

    The Iron Wolf Mechanized Infantry Brigade is hosting a seminar to discuss the organization of a self-propelled artillery battalion, training standards and requirements, unit training, tactics and logistics.

    The first PzH 2000s are expected to be delivered to Lithuania in 2016 and the remainder by 2019.

    I wonder if Germany will be replacing them. The usual trick is to offer them for free but will require extensive and expensive upgrades. Otherwise they are just missile magnets.

    Musical Accompaniment?

  6. Lyttenburgh says:

    I’m just dropping by saying – hi!

    I’ve returned from my nearly 2 week long vacation/business trip and was blissfully away from the Net. Last week’s weather was soooooooooooooooooo amazing, that I’ve got a tan – again! This week is totally “Autumn-ey” – cold and wet.

    So, I decided to catch up with the current reactions, opinions and comments in the Net on the batch of the current important events.

    I’ve got myself into this:

    The fact that Mark Adomanis have completely devolved into shit (there is no other words to describe the last couple of his articles for his newest haunt – the “Russia! Magazine”) had been the last straw for me. I realized once and for all that all those journos, op-ed authors, analytics and – most of all – legions of opinionated and well informed commenters (read – edgy teens and/or ignorant self-absorbed ignorant morons). I’m talking about the Western segment of the Net – knew that EuroUkrs and Russian Liberasts active in the Net are a lost cause and evolutionary dead-end long time ago. It’s the citizens of the supposedly “Free World” sprouting lies, repeating them and then eagerly believing them – ‘cause that’s what they want to hear to confirm their long established biases – who were re-evaluated by me.

    There is hardly any dialog possible or even exchange of opinions – not to mention this absolutely teeny-weeny and unimportant thing like actually listening to your opponents arguments and facts.

    This is a War – pure and simple. The Global Informational War.

    Reading some comments and articles made me realize (deep-deep inside) that Stalin’s methods while dealing with the Enemies were way too humane and ineffective. Oh, no-no! Nope! Only Ivan Grozny – only hardcore! I still find morbidly amusing how Ivan IV executed either some monks or the dyak of the Posolskiy prikaz’s who’ve screwed up big time by ordering them to be tied up to a powder keg and then blown up. And let’s not forget that czar Ivan was most prolific writer of letters and perfected the now much valued art of trolling, dissing and flaming his opponents nearly 450 years ago!

    I won’t wax for a long time about any of such articles – I’ll just comment on one of them which represent a true quintessence of the “Modern Western Journalism” ™.

    Russian Airstrikes in Syria Could Last Four Months, Officials Say

    Yes – this is The Vice News, a №1 choice for any opinionated and conscientious edgy teens, hipsters, San-Franciscan barefooters and Hikkies around the world when they want to learn about the world at large. For me – I think that the name is aptly chosen for this disgusting excuse for the “Modern Journalism”. They do embody one of the Mortal Sins nearly perfectly, namely – the Sloth.

    Article immediately plunges us into the convoluted and weed-brownies destroyed mind of the average VICE NEWS ‘author’:

    ”Russia’s airstrikes in Syria could continue for three to four months, according to the head of the lower house of the Russian parliament’s foreign affairs committee, as controversy continues over what Moscow’s attacks are actually targeting.”

    Wow! What you say – “controversial”, huh? Well, I’m a silly foreigner Not From the West, and English is not my first language. So I’m gonna to recheck what this “controversial” word means. Let’s try Merriam-Webster, shall we?

    ”relating to or causing much discussion, disagreement, or argument: likely to produce controversy”

    Oh, that! Well – there is no “controversy” about airstrikes in Russia. Soviet Federaciy voted unanimously for that. Russians (with the exception of delegated to the very Oblivion of a small bunch of the radical “patriots”, chronic “putinslivshiks” and liberasts) are totally in favor of that. Who’s disagreeing the most are the Western governments and the Free and Independent Western Media ™. But in that case the word “controversial” can (and should) be applied just to about everything. Honest and free-spirited journos are refraining from doing that when it doesn’t suit theig agenda.

    ”Officials announced on Friday that airstrikes had been carried out for a third day in row andthat these hit 12 Islamic State (IS) targets.”

    I will just leave this sentence hanging here for a while – but I will return to it soon!

    ”Yet the US, which is leading its own air campaign against IS, says Moscow has been using its campaign as a pretext to hit other groups opposed to Russia’s ally, President Bashar al-Assad.

    Some of the groups that have been hit are supported by countries which oppose both Assad and IS, including at least one group that received training from the CIA.”

    Well, thank you VICE NEWS for this frankness and honesty! Oh, those vily Ruskies! Bombing poor and innocent “rebels”, who are as pure as baby’s tear!

    ”Russia’s air campaign in a country already being bombed by a US-led coalition of Western and Arab countries means that the Cold War superpower foes Moscow and Washington are now flying combat missions over the same country for the first time since World War II.

    Well, this is not quite true. In fact last time both Washington and Moscow flew combat missions over the same country was in… Vietnam, I think. Everybody remembers brave North Vietnamese ace Li Si Tzeen, right? 😉

    ”Russian Su-34, Su-24M, and Su-25 warplanes flew 18 sorties, hitting a command post and a communications center in the province of Aleppo as well as a militant field camp in Idlib, a Defense Ministry statement said. A command post in the province of Hama was also completely destroyed, it added.”

    Once again – I will just leave it here. And now this:

    ”The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which monitors the conflict with a network of sources on the ground, said IS had no presence in the western and northern areas that were struck.”

    AH, YIISSSSS! Nary an article about Syria by the VICE now goes without referencing this august body of the first hand and reliable reporting of the Sacred Truth! Surely, we must trust it completely, folks! They are UK-based, after all!

    But I will still ask this nagging ugly question – what the hell is this “Syrian Observatory for the Human Rights” which VICEers are so often quote (without providing links to the actual statements, naturally)?

    Oh, you gonna love this! According to the Süddeutsche Zeitung article of 2012 this “SOHR” was the primarily source about the situation “on the ground” for all major Western propaganda outlets. The fact is… there is no such thing as “Syrian Observatory for the Human Rights”. There is only one guy actually- some Osama Suleyman, living in Coventry, who have adopted the nom de plume Rami-Abdul-Rahman ( According to his own words, Suleyman had been jailed 3 times in Syria for the “opposition activism” and then emigrated to Britain in 2000. In Coventry he and his wife own a clothing shop and now both of them are British naturalized citizens.

    In short – the sort of people who absolutely 100500% can keep their arms on the pulse of the current events taking place in Syria and report with absolute accuracy only the Truth. Yay!

    Well, as for the other claims, about “poor kids bombed by Ruskies”, I’ll just leave this picture here:

    Also, as you have probably noticed by now, when the VICEers had to quote despicable Russian sources they all too often use such terms as “they claimed”, “they stated” and “according to them”. So we know from the starters – we should not trust them! They Russians! But is the source is some brave (and, doubtlessly, pro Western/Democracy/Moderate Islamist) they are to be trusted – they “say” and “tell”. Charming fellows. Why should they lie?

    And no – As Everybody Knows ™, the West doesn’t employ propaganda. True story!

  7. Patient Observer says:

    This should make a bad week worse for ISIS and their affiliates:

    • marknesop says:

      You would see the Chechen militants fighting there melt away pretty quickly. Because those are the guys Kadyrov wants to ensure never make it back to Chechnya.

      • Patient Observer says:

        Not sure about the timing but it seems that Hezbollah and Iranian ground forces may have been holding back in overtly helping Syria until Russia made its move. If they had acted sooner, NATO would have focused a stepped up bombing efforts on them. With Russia now establishing an on-site presence, NATO’s hand is much more constrained.

        Hezbollah will enjoy for what must be a unique situation for them; air power on their side. I’m trying to avoid euphoria but it does seem that the ISIS bubble inflated by Western propaganda (and military aid) is about to be popped.

    • Jen says:

      For the time being, Russian involvement is limited to air strikes and advice only. Damascus hasn’t yet requested ground troops from Moscow and if the Syrians do need foot soldiers, they are more likely to ask Hezbollah and then Iraq or Iran to send them.

      Even if Chechen troops were sent, they would not necessarily go to those areas where Chechen militants are fighting with ISIS and Jabhat al Nusra forces, or where Chechen commanders are leading rebel fighters. They would have to go where Syria believes the need is greatest.

      If Chechen militants do leave the battlefield and escape Syria, they’re most likely to go to Turkey or western Europe. I hear there are plenty of Chechens living in France, Germany and Belgium.

      • Moscow Exile says:

        Including former actor Akhmed Zakayev, long resident in London and erstwhile Deputy Prime Minister and Prime Minister of the unrecognised Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (ChRI). He was also the Foreign Minister of the Ichkerian government, appointed by Aslan Maskhadov shortly after his 1997 election, and again in 2006 by Abdul Halim Sadulayev.

        In 2002, Russia accused him, by then well ensconced in London and acquainted with many movers and shakers in Londonistan society of having been involved in a series of crimes including involvement in acts of terrorism.In 2003, a British court rejected the extradition request owing to lack of evidence and declared the accusations to be politically motivated, also saying that there was substantial risk of Zakayev being tortured if he was returned to Moscow.

        The Poles though, thought more of the Russian accusations and in 200 Zakayev was arrested in Warsaw by the police upon his arrival there in order to participate in a conference of Chechens.

        He was later released when a Polish judge ruled that he could not be held because of his political asylum status in the UK. Zakayev then returned pretty fast to the UK, where he is still resident. He was very pally with Berezovsky – and still is with other shite of that ilk.

        • james says:

          the guy in the far left in the picture on the link that post provided looks like one of the pictures they have for Akhmed Zakayev.. i guess those chechens have similar genes or my eyes are going..

          • Moscow Exile says:

            Nay, here’s Zakayev with his fellow luvvie, British actress Vanessa Redgrave, after he got sprung from his very short lived Polish arrest:

            And here he is when he was a freedom fighter:

            • Moscow Exile says:

              No that picture of Redgrave and Zakayev was taken outside the London High Court where a judge had just turned down a Danish request for that nice Mr. Zakayev’s extradition.

              He gets these occasional demands that he face trial here and there – can’t for the life of me understand why.

              ““I am grateful to Great Britain for having offered me safe refuge. If you can’t live in your home, there is no better place than Great Britain. Sasha and I both believed that. Whenever we discussed our security, Sasha always said [the Russian authorities] would never dare touch us here on British soil” Kazayev in a BBC interview.

              The “Sasha” whom he refers to was Alexander Litvinenko.

              • Jen says:

                Litvinenko changed his mind pretty quickly after falling ill with polonium poisoning.

                I wonder if Zakayev had ever been called up as a witness in any of those inquests that always end so inconclusively.

      • marknesop says:

        I imagine, though, that Russia would much rather they were wiped out in Syria. It does not much matter where they go after the war is over – if they go to Turkey, there is always the likelihood they will return one day to Chechnya or Dagestan to stir up trouble and jihad. I understand the Iranian ground component is already a done deal.

  8. Cortes says:

    On a cultural note, RIP for a translator of Turgenev and Chekhov and fine playwright:

  9. Warren says:

    UK policy in Syria hampered by ‘wishful thinking’

    • Cortes says:

      “Amazed ” and “astonished ” that such pearls of wisdom should be articulated just after the pension kicks in.
      My, those “values “…

      • yalensis says:

        Dear Cortes:
        Thank for link, is very interesting.
        I had a sudden thought, that Putin (well, not Putin per se; the Russian government) is doing penance for not doing more to prevent the Libyan Holocaust).

        • yalensis says:

          P.S. – sorry, I meant to thank Warren for the link.

        • Patient Observer says:

          I had the same thought – Syria is a do-over for Lybia. Let hope they keep on having do-overs including Iraq and most especially Serbia.

        • Nat says:

          I think it’s even more than a penance for Libya, for me I see it as a “”damn if we don’t stand up for Syria now like no one stood up for us then”. Putin, at the beginning of his presidency, faced the exact same thing. Alone fighting terrorists in Chechnya, while the rest of the world called them “freedom fighters” and such. 9/11 didn’t happen yet and pretty much no one was interested in the Russian victims. It was unanimous condemnations about how Putin was a heartless murderer killing moderate peace-loving independence-seeking rebels, and not one country recognized the threat that Russia was facing. Now, the same thing is happening in Syria with Assad facing ISIS all by himself, and I think that Putin and Russia, by stating their opinion so clearly, are acting as they know the world should have acted in 2000. It’s part penance, part strategic interests, and part solidarity with a President and a nation that is going through a similar tragedy with a similar solitude.

          This part of Putin’s U.N speech is especially relevant:
          ” Russia has consistently opposed terrorism in all its forms. We think it’s a big mistake to refuse to cooperate with the Syrian authorities and government forces who valiantly fight terrorists on the ground. We should finally admit that President Assad’s government forces and the Kurdish militia are the only forces really fighting terrorists in Syria.”

  10. Warren says:

    No Doubts: Poland Responsible for Beginning WWII

    After taking part in the partition of Czechoslovakia, incidentally, Warsaw also dreamed about the partition of the USSR. In December 1938, a report by the intelligence department of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces emphasised that: «The dismemberment of Russia lies at the heart of Poland’s policy in the East… Therefore, our position will be reduced to the following formula: who will take part in the partition? Poland should not remain passive at this great historical moment… The main objective is the weakening and destruction of Russia». The Poles did not limit themselves to the plans of the General Staff. In January 1939, while engaged in talks with his German colleague Joachim von Ribbentrop, Polish Foreign Minister Józef Beck drew Ribbentrop’s attention to the fact that «Poland is laying claim to Soviet Ukraine and an outlet to the Black Sea».

    It needs to be understood that the Polish Armed Forces were planning on achieving these goals alongside the Wehrmacht.

    It is a faux pas to challenge and correct narrative of Polish victimhood, however the truth must be said. Poland was no innocent victim of German or Soviet aggression. The Poles participated in the dismemberment of Czechoslovakia, the Poles treated its German, Ukrainian and Belalrusian ethnic minorities badly. The Poles considered themselves a great power and had ambitions of conquering even more land, stretching from the Baltic sea to the Black sea.

    • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

      The 1934 non-aggression treaty with Poland really was a stroke of genius on Hitler’s part – not that fooling dishonest and intensely stupid Poles is difficult, but what other German nationalist would have been cunning and pragmatic enough to endure the outraged howling from his Prussian constituents, to make this deal of the century?

      Though humiliating, it was a small price to pay for torpedoing prospects of a French-Soviet alliance and buying the Reich six years of uninterrupted rearmament and easy territorial gains.

      Truly, the Fuhrer’s strategic genius in those years seems even greater when you set it against Poland’s expectation that Germany would not only forget about the little matter of the German military caste’s historic homeland, but would also help Poland become the second great power in Europe – purely out of Kraut kindness I suppose!

      • Moscow Exile says:

        “Душили, резали, кололи, насиловали… ” Поляки во Второй мировой.

        Польский геноцид евреев во Второй мировой носил угрожающий характер. Настолько, что еври были вынуждены обращаться к немцам за помощью от озверевших поляков.

        Strangled, cut to pieces, stabbed, raped…” the Poles during the Second World War

        The genocide of Polish Jews during WWII bore such a terrifying character that the Jews were forced to turn to the Germans for help against the murderous Poles.

        Far more Poles fell victim to the attentions of murderous Nazis during the occupation of Poland during WWII than they did to the Russians from September 1939 until June 1941 or from 1944 until 1991, yet they, the Poles, always howl about how vile the “Russians” were (and are) towards them. Poles suck-hole to Germans, believing that they are not Slavs, as are Russians and Belorussians and Ukrainians – they are good, civilized Western Catholics, aren’t they?

        They were still Untermenschen according to the Nazis, though: vulgar, worthless and indolent Slavs.

        But don’t tell them this: they get very upset about this fact, and in order to distract attention from their shortcomings, they shout out: “Look over there! Look at those Tatar-Mongol-Finno-Ugric barbarians in the East and how they behave and have always behaved towards us!

        • yalensis says:

          And never forget Leon Feldhendler . This hero was one of the main leaders of the Sobibor extermination camp uprising and escape.
          Leon escaped all the horrors of Sobibor, only to be gunned down by anti-Semitic thugs of the Polish Home Army.

      • Patient Observer says:

        “intensely stupid Poles ” that sums up the Polish leadership to this day.

  11. Cortes says:

    My guess is that it’s the older people in the US who support Ron Paul and his initiatives; here a piece on the “blizzard of obfuscation ” by the regime changers and their “media camarilla ” (superb expression ) over recent developments:

  12. Moscow Exile says:

    On the Tatar-Mongol-Ugric Moskali:

    From the scientific community there has come news about research into the Russian (and, in general, Slavic) gene pool. But first, a few words about this matter in general.

    Recent studies on the decoding of the genome of the Russian people have made an enormous contribution to the study of the ethnogenesis of the Russian nation. These major scientific discoveries refute many preconceived myths, including the most common, which read as follows: 1) scratch any Russian and you find a Tatar, and 2) the Russians are, in fact, not a people, but a hodgepodge, at best; a cultural-linguistic community, that has long ago lost any clear ethnic characteristics.

    Actually, already in 30s of the last century, anthropological research had found that of all the peoples of Europe, the Slavs (including the Russians) had been least subjected to assimilation. Of the 11 main anthropological characteristics of the Slavs, there remained unchanged 7-9, while other European Nations had only 4-5 unchanged genetic characteristics. Anthropological differences between Russians living in Kaliningrad and Kamchatka are far less than those between Germans living in neighbouring German regions.

    Research into the X – and Y-chromosomes of Russian people, in turn, has shown the absolute genetic identity of the Russian population in whole of the vast area of Russia. So the Russians consist of a classical ethnos, having its own persistent characteristics and features. Those in possession of the “Russian gene” have the so-called haplogroup R1a Y-chromosome. It is very close to that of some other Slavic peoples.

    Scientific evidence completely refutes that theory which is fashionable in some places abroad that the Russians are a young historic community that emerged in the 13th-15th centuries, they being a mix of Finns Tatars who had some Slavonic features.

    First, the emergence of “Russian” DNA-chromosome appeared at least as far back as the 6th Millennium BC (by the way, this time, saw the beginning of the formation of the Indo-European linguistic community). That’s how “young” the Russian people are.

    Secondly, comparing the y chromosomes of Russians and Tatars shows a distance of 30 conventional units, which does not signify them as being even distant kinfolk.

    And thirdly, investigation of the structure of the y-chromosome in Russian and Finnish men shows a difference in 30 arbitrary units.

    At the same time, the genetic difference between Russians inhabiting the north-east of the country and the so-called Finno-Ugric peoples of Russia (Mordovians, Mari, Komi-Zyryans, etc.) is equal to only 2-3 units. This perfectly illustrates the message told in tales of bygone years that the Slavs “had stolen” the girls of local residents. That’s where some of Russian high cheekbones and dark hair comes from, which feature is so often taken as evidence of their “Mongol” heritage.

    By the way, it has been confirmed that Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians are one ethnic group that has no major genetic differences.

    On the basis of anthropological photographs taken of Russian people that have been collected during almost 100 years of research, there has been constructed a computer made portrait of a typical Russian man, who turned out to be of medium height with light brown hair and grey or blue eyes. Moreover, it was found that a snub nose occurs in only 7% of the Russian people, whereas amongst the Germans and the Finns — every fourth person has such a nose!

    In general, snub-nosed man is not a Russian, and scientific evidence does not disagree with this.

    The article goes on to give details of the latest research into the genetic traits of Russians and their neighbours, with links provided.

    All Kremlin propaganda, of course, as any true Svidomite in Lemberg would be more than willing to tell you.

    Farion should be sent a copy of this research. With a bit of luck, when reading it, she would have a seizure and drop dead.

    • yalensis says:

      So…. Russkies and Ukropy virtually identical, genetically?
      It’s almost like somebody tried a social experiment: Nature vs. Nurture.
      Take the same group of people, split them in half, give one half a semi-decent government, the other half a terrible government.
      See which side does well, and which side devolves into grunting apes.

      • Moscow Exile says:

        They’ve had 20 years of conditioning, 20 years of indoctrination since the end of the USSR. The shit, as always, floated to the surface in 1991 and, feeling secure under the watchful eyes of their NGO brethren, they started their preaching of hatred and their attempts to make the whole of the former territory of the UkSSR, created by the USSR, a greater Galitsia. That’s why 2 years ago you got school kids jumping up and down whilst chanting about Moskali; that’s why you got former CP members such as Farion doing an about turn and spitting bile and venom to infants about the subhumans from the East; that’s why they ridiculed and despised the “Sovoks”, the “Vatniki”, of what was formerly a Russian province in the east of the UkSSR.

        Thirty years ago, I studied with very many Ukrainians at Voronezh State University, Ukrainians who were then 20 or so years younger than I was at that time, Ukrainians who were in their late teens and early 20s and their was none of this hatred towards Russia and the Russians apparent.

        Then came “freedom” and “democracy” in 1991 shortly after Bush senior spoke at the rada in Kiev about their liberation from Russia.

        Plan Brzezinski was already afoot – the separation of the Ukraine from the “Soviet” sphere of influence (Sphere of Influence? – So 19th century!) and the extension of NATO to the western Russian frontier.

        All for the sake of world peace, of course, and not at all in the financial interests of the global hegamon.

        • Patient Observer says:

          Montenegrins, who were Serb as a Serb could be, have been successfully separated from Serbia by the West, a surgical feat comparable to separating conjoined twins. Perhaps Montenegro is now the anti-Serbia (although Serbia seems to have become its own anti-particle as well).

      • marknesop says:

        Not all of them, mind you. We still have to think ahead to the eventual healing between Russia and Ukraine once the western extremists and Right Sector goosesteppers have been made into bacon that nobody will eat.

    • marknesop says:

      Not enough, I’m afraid – the Russians need to have completed a major engineering work together with their bare hands. Any chance they dug Lake Baikal?

  13. Moscow Exile says:

    Should have been italicized from “Recent studies on the decoding of the genome …” to “It is very close to that of some other Slavic peoples”, as that part of the text is also translated from the above linked article about Russian genetics.

    • Moscow Exile says:

      I take it that the map featured above in the Russian gene research story shows the percentage distribution of the “Russian” R1a Y-chromosome.

      • Moscow Exile says:

        Which suggests that those pesky Croats are more “Russian” than are the Serbs!

        • Patient Observer says:

          aaarrrrggggg! T’is more to a man than chromosomes! My “” DNA results indicated a mixture of Greek/Italian and Other which I presume is Slavic. More money would provide more details which may be their business model. If you pay enough money they may discover that you have DNA from Zeta Reticulans greys.

          • yalensis says:

            Dear Patient Observer:
            Didn’t you get the memo? A man is 100% determined by his DNA.
            Everything: IQ, even a propensity to criminality.
            You don’t believe me? Just ask the HBD folks.

    • marknesop says:

      When I fix these errors in the “Comments” page, I select “Quick Edit” (which, unfortunately, you do not have access to or everyone would be able to fix their own errors. I suppose the reasoning is that you could also delete things you said and then swear afterward you never said them). Then I remove the erroneous tag, and after that my whole editing is much like in Microsoft Word. I highlight all the text I want to italicize, and select the little “italic” symbol, and WordPress codes it for me – I am probably worse at coding than any of you, but I never have to do it. The thing is, though, the tags WordPress injects are different. At the beginning of the italicized section appears “left arrow, em, right arrow”; with symbols, of course, rather than the words “right arrow”. To close it, there appears “left arrow, slash, em, right arrow”. All this is automatically input by WordPress. I wonder if those are unique to WordPress, or if they are accepted coding symbology.

  14. Moscow Exile says:

    Kunduz: Nato investigates whether US air strike hit hospital – latest

    It has been a difficult week – in a long and difficult war – for US forces. On Thursday night a C-130 Hercules crashed at Jalalabad airport, killing the plane’s six crew, five passengers and Afghan civilians on the ground.

    • marknesop says:

      Ha, ha; as if. The UN would not indict the United States of a war crime if CNN had live film of American soldiers marching in to the hospital and bayoneting patients in their beds. It will be found by the investigation to have been a tragic accident, as these things always are, and no fault of the U.S. military because the circumstances were beyond their control.

      I am not suggesting, I should inject, that the U.S. Armed Forces did it deliberately, as generally speaking they are a professional military force and not murdering ghouls. But the criteria of an incident being a war crime do not necessarily spell out that you must have done it willfully. Doing it because you were lazy or incompetent and did not check means you did not take all reasonable precautions to prevent it from happening, just as surely as if you planned to do it and bragged about it.

      But the USA owns the UN lock, stock and barrel and it will never convict its puppetmaster of a war crime while any excuse remains in its inventory.

    • marknesop says:

      As predictable as the rising of the sun – a “Syrian refugee” who has fled to (imagine that!) Kiev tells Ukraine Today that the Russians got zero for seven; in seven attacks, the Free Syrian Army was living in only one village of those targeted, and ISIS was in none. The other six were peaceful villages filled with God-fearing civilians yearning to breathe free air – peaceful civilians just like you and me (well, I’m not a civilian, but you know what I mean), with hopes and dreams, and families and mortgages. All snuffed out by the interfering Russians and their clumsiness and poor intelligence. It was so much better when Washington was in charge, with its pinpoint-accuracy bombing and its comprehensive understanding of who was a moderate militant and who was a terrorist and who was a peaceful civilian. And this kack-handed propaganda is what you can look forward to from here on out. It’s hard to imagine anyone would believe it, but I daresay a good many will, because it will suit their worldview down to the ground.

      Of all the spinners, the Ukrainians are the worst by far, with their clumsy propaganda that can be debunked by simply opening your eyes.

  15. Moscow Exile says:

    Iran and Assad make up Mr. Puitin’s coalition at the moment….” [typically long and pregnant pause] “The rest of the world makes up ours” – Obama.

    So China and the rest of the world is with you, Obummer, against the Evil One, Assad and Iran?

    What conceit!

    • yalensis says:

      “Iran and Assad make up Mr. Putin’s coalition.”

      Obama forgot all about Hezbollah. Never underestimate those dudes!
      Hezbollah may not be a “state army”, but they are in fact the only army which ever actually defeated Israeli army on the ground.

      • kirill says:

        ISIS is screwed. It is composed of mercenary elements and they will fold like thin foil sheets when faced with Hezbollah and Iranian forces on the ground. I am quite sure that the NATO “anti-ISIS” bombing campaign was actually aimed at Syrian forces just like they did in Libya. Now that NATO cannot attack Syrian forces indiscriminately, the tide will turn rapidly. Russia has to keep pounding the hell out of all NATO assets which includes Al Nusra and ISIS.

        • marknesop says:

          I completely agree; ISIS – which never really existed as a “grassroots movement” or ever aspired to anything so grand as an “Islamic caliphate”, but was rather just a collection of mercenaries which had no interest in governance, welded together by cynical Washington manipulation and media loyalty – will not be able to hold against professional military troops and Hezbollah irregulars. They never could, and as I have said many times, Assad and the Syrian regular forces were doing a great job driving them out without assistance. Washington saw that, and puzzled “How are we going to insert ourselves into an equation in which our enemy is already winning and does not need our “help”? The answer was to create another threat, hype it as an unstoppable juggernaut that threatened the entire region and not just Syria, and announce Washington intended to save everyone and stop them in…Syria. Then it was just a matter of bombing ahead of advancing “ISIS”, creating a lot of sound and fury but not really doing any damage, while pressing government forces back and letting “ISIS” advance into the cleared area. It was working like a charm, and if they had been allowed to continue it for another month Assad’s government likely would have been overrun. But Russia – which is, paradoxically, actually attacking and destroying militant forces advancing on Damascus that can apparently flip from “ISIS” to “moderate rebels” as required – is ruining everything and “propping up a dictator”.

          • james says:

            “….can apparently flip from “ISIS” to “moderate rebels” as required”…. the lying west/usa wouldn’t have it any other way!

            • marknesop says:

              I think we know all we need to know about the west’s uncanny ability to distinguish between “moderate rebels” and radical Islamists by their latest effort, in which all 70 of their latest graduates from CIA School promptly defected, along with their shiny new weapons, to al Nusra. The west does not have the slightest clue who is what, and there are not any moderates there at all because what they were describing as “moderates” is the Free Syrian Army. That entity has not existed in Syria since last Spring, the last remnants having melted into Jabat al-Nusra (which is al Qaeda In Syria), and from the day of its creation was never a Syrian movement, but mostly Libyan mercenaries under the command of Abdelhakim Belhadj, the “Military Governor of Tripoli”. The “Free Syrian Army” that we all saw was a hundred or so individuals whose job it was to parade for the cameras whenever the western media wanted a story. None of those people are left.

              What the west means when it shrieks “Russia is bombing moderates!!” is “Russia is bombing the people we want to overthrow and possibly kill Assad first”. It does not matter a bit to Washington who that particular militia is. The plan, as I saw elegantly described elsewhere, is for the USA and its allies to swoop in to Damascus as soon as Assad is done for, save the city’s population from whatever marauding militia that might be, and then get about the business of forming a government from its handpicked diaspora Syrians who have been living “in exile” in other countries, mostly western. Just exactly like the plan was for Iraq.

      • marknesop says:

        Decisively, too. It wasn’t like it was close.

    • Cortes says:

      Playpen rhetoric.

  16. Warren says:

    Where are all the Western journalists who were so concerned about alleged civilian casualties due to Russia’s air campaign against ISIS and other fanatic? Surely Afghan civilians deserve pity and concern too?

    US accused over Afghan hospital strike

    The medical charity MSF says air strikes on its hospital in the Afghan city of Kunduz continued for more than 30 minutes after US and Afghan authorities were told of its location.
    In a statement, MSF has condemned “in the strongest possible terms the horrific bombing of its hospital”.

    In a statement MSF says the number of its staff killed has risen to nine, from three.
    US forces were carrying out air strikes at the time. The Nato alliance has admitted the clinic may have been hit.

    At least 37 people were seriously injured, 19 of them MSF staff. At least 100 patients were in the hospital. Many remain unaccounted for, MSF says.

    There has been intense fighting in Kunduz since Taliban fighters swept into the northern city on Monday.

  17. Lyttenburgh says:

    Speaking about the information warfare and MEDIA war – actually, this stuff is literally older than mammoth’s fossilized dung!

    I still like to re-read Evgeniy Tarle’s biography of Napoleon. The current situation in the world and how the Free and Independent Western Media ™ reacts to everything Russian have reminded me of this quote:

    “The pro-government and close to the ruling circles Parisian press moved from the overwhelming self-confidence to the complete decline of the spirit and the unconcealed fear. Typical for its conduct in those days was a strict sequence of epithets attached to Napoleon as his offensive marching from the south to the north.

    First the news had headlines like: “Corsican monster landed in the Gulf of Juan.”
    The second new item – “Cannibal goes to Grasse.”
    The third one: “Usurper went to Grenoble.”
    The fourth: “Bonaparte took Lyon.”
    Fifth: “Napoleon is close to Fontainebleau.”
    Sixth said: “His Majesty is expected today in Paris, right.”

    This entire wide literary spectrum fit into the same newspapers, with the same editorial boards in the span o just a few days.”

  18. Lyttenburgh says:

    Oh, and by the way – zrada!

  19. Warren says:

    Published on 23 Jan 2015
    Rich,Russian Billionaire Living in London Богатый, России Миллиардер живет вЛондоне Documentary 2015
    Who are the super-rich Russian elite who have chosen to make London their home? Why have they favoured the capital city? And why do they obsess about the English education system, polo and the monarchy?
    We enter the lives of an entrepreneur chased out of Russia for his liberal views and growing bank balance, as well as one of London’s biggest art collectors and philanthropists. We tap into the life of Russia’s top supermodel. And as we follow two debutantes preparing for the glitz and glamour of the Russian ball, we meet Princess Olga Romanov, the granddaughter of Tsar Nicholas II’s sister, who vividly recalls her coming out as a debutante.
    Debunking some of the myths about Russians in London, this film takes us further under their skin than before. They love the capital city for its security and freedom, for them it is an English dream. But how do they see us? Why, when in London, do they still feel a need to access their Russian roots and culture? What is it that unites the Russians in London and brings them together for a fairy-tale night by the banks of the Thames? And on what do they spend their wealth?
    Ктосверхбогатых России элита , кто выбрал , чтобы сделать Лондон своим домом ? Почему они выступают в столицу ? И почему они одержимы о системе образования на английском, поло и монархии ?

    Мы входим в жизнь предпринимателя выгоняли из России своими либеральными взглядами и растущей баланса банка , а также в качестве одного из лондонских крупнейших коллекционеров и меценатов . Мы подключиться к жизни топ- супермодели России. И, как мы следуем два дебютанток Подготовка к блеска и гламура Российской мяч , мы встречаемся княгиня Ольга Романова, внучка сестры Николая II , который ярко напоминает она выходит как дебютантка.
    Развенчание некоторых мифов о русских в Лондоне , этот фильм переносит нас в дальнейшем под кожу , чем раньше. Они любят столицу для ее безопасности и свободы , для них этоанглийский сон. Но как они видят нас? Почему, когда в Лондоне, они по-прежнему чувствуют необходимость доступа к своим русские корни и культуру? Что это такое, что объединяет русских в Лондоне и приносит им вместе сказочный ночь на берегу Темзы ? И на что они тратят свои богатства?

  20. Terje says:

    It is Nobel Peace Prize time again on friday 9. October. According to misc. Norwegian press the hot candidates are :
    John Kerry & Iranian foreign minister, Angela Merkel,Juan Manuel Santos (president of Colombia, and not less servile to Empire than any of the others) , Dmitry Muratov and the Novaya Gazeta.

    The Japanese Article 9 Association, campaigning against Japanese remilitarization is also one of the favorites, from what is presented I would actually agree with that one deserving it.

    This is not a complete list, only the press favorites. Poroshenko is not on these unofficial lists, but it does not mean he isn’t a candidate.

    • Moscow Exile says:

      What has Novaya Gazeta done to assure world peace?

      • Terje says:

        The official reasons would be something like:
        «The space for independent media continues to be shrinking in Russia, with the newspaper Novaya Gazeta and its editor Dmitry Muratov impressively holding on to the principles of journalism, despite severe costs. Independent reporting and free media is widely seen to positively contribute to peace, holding governments and others accountable. In spite of this, no Nobel Prize has ever been awarded to the media.”
        «With Russia’s state security apparatus severely restricting the space for public expression, drawing attention to its few remaining independent media would send a strong signal»

        • Moscow Exile says:

          All well and good, but no bugger reads it!

          No Russian bugger, that is, but I suppose it’s only published for Westerners to froth over and for wannabe Westerner Russian Kreakly whingers.

          At the latest check, the circulation of Novaya Gazeta is 184,000 – not enough to wipe the arses of 2% of the Moscow population.

        • kirill says:

          This still has nothing to do with world peace. The “state run” media is not militarist and pumping for WWIII. So the Nobel Peace prize cannot be given. Perhaps some sort of “free press” prize, but even that would be nonsense since Novaya Gazeta is a NATO propaganda parrot. I want to see a single example of a Novaya Gazeta equivalent in the rabid anti-Russian parts of NATO. There is no such thing as the NATO MSM is a propaganda chorus.

        • marknesop says:

          Send a strong signal to who? Obama won the Peace Prize. How many people in Russia think he’s a great peacemaker underneath it all, owing to that?

    • marknesop says:

      Novaya Gazeta. God, give me strength. I would not be surprised if the Nobel criteria has been narrowed to “which candidate will piss off the Russians the most by winning?” I can’t believe the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights didn’t make the cut – maybe it’s not to late to nominate them. Him, I mean.

  21. Moscow Exile says:

    Farewell, sweet prince!

  22. Moscow Exile says:

    And don’t you go telling lies – ever!

  23. Warren says:

  24. Warren says:

    • marknesop says:

      Uh huh – Putin is deliberately ignoring ISIS, and targeting moderate rebels, who had no success at all at trying to overthrow Assad. When Putin is finished annihilating the Free Syrian Army which actually collapsed last spring, the Russians will leave, because ISIS is really allied with Putin. Who created them expressly so the United States could invite itself in to Syria to bomb them.

      Eventually, if we can continue to get people to believe anything, even if the group narrows down somewhat, we will be left with people to whom you could feed bark and tell them it is a chicken sandwich.

  25. It is good to see Russia to take a leading role in the war against ISIS and other terrorist groups in Syria, but disappointing to see the Russian allies like BRICS and Belarus failing to provide any support for Russia. Only Iran is in the game with Russia, and this is mainly because Iran wants to see the Syrian government survive as much as Russia does.

    • marknesop says:

      They might offer support if it were asked for, but it is probably not necessary. A fairly modest air component which is actually serious about attacking ISIS can do a lot of damage, and they are mostly defenseless from the air. For now, anyway, until Washington starts funneling missiles to them.

    • Jen says:

      If Belarus were providing support to Syria (on the assumption that Syria asked Belarus to help), we probably would not hear about it because the support might be limited to humanitarian support and the country would coordinate with Russia to fly any supplies to Syria. The most direct routes from Belarus to Syria probably go through Ukrainian airspace and Kiev might try to stop any flights going to Syria.

    • Patient Observer says:

      You are a cup half-empty kind of guy.

  26. Lyttenburgh says:

    “but disappointing to see the Russian allies like BRICS and Belarus failing to provide any support for Russia.”

    Бацька provides potatoes for free to all RuAF forces in Syria [nods]. Next – Byelarussiaт aircarries in Latakia.

  27. et Al says:

    Just looked at google news.

    1st headline:

    Kunduz charity hospital bombing ‘violates international law’

    4th headline:

    Kunduz charity hospital bombing ‘violates international law’

    You basically have to be dead not to notice the massive disconnect between the western governments media narrative nicely covered by the Pork Pie News Network (PPNN) and WTF?. Massive.

    • Lyttenburgh says:

      From the Telegraph article:

      David Cameron, speaking ahead of the Conservative party conference, said: “It’s absolutely clear that Russia is not discriminating between Isil and the legitimate Syrian opposition groups and, as a result, they are actually backing the butcher Assad and helping him and really making the situation worse.”

      LEGITIMATE OPPOSITION?! Legitimate? Realy?!


      I have no strength to crack jokes or sound sarcastic. Mister Cameron, can you be so kind as to punch yourself in the face to save us all trouble? Thank you.

      • yalensis says:

        Russian intellect not subtle enough to detect the fine fragrances which distinguish Al Qaeda from ISIL.

      • Patient Observer says:

        “Butcher Assad” – its infantile how Western media believes that relentlessly tacking on pejorative adjectives is sufficient to prove that someone is evil and deserves outrage.

        • marknesop says:

          It is enough, for some people, who get all their news from the mainstream media. There is a surprising proportion of people who want to be told how to think.

      • marknesop says:

        That demonstration of stupidity goes far beyond such punishment. He should drive round to the house where he grew up, ring the doorbell and punch his mother in the face. If Cameron thought Russia was going to enter the war in Syria and actually help the west to kill or oust Assad, he…well, he’s just going to be a bit disappointed, is what I mean to say.

        It’s too bad Putin wasn’t there in London. Then he could say, “Tell you what, Dave; let’s look at the map. Sergei, give us the map, would you, please? All right, Dave – you show me on the map where the legitimate Syrian opposition is located, and we won’t bomb them.” In fact, Dave has no idea, and he’s just loyally parroting the American line.

      • Jen says:

        Spoken by a man who, er, has trouble discriminating between the front end of a pig and its back end.

        Therefore if we’re going to tell Mr Cameron to punch himself in the face, we should also ask him to kick himself there, for insurance.

        • marknesop says:

          He is joined by his puppeteer, Obama, and the chattering American media, who all agree that Russia is making the situation worse, and deliberately striking civilian targets – according to the same activists who bring you the fantastic death count and have already been caught faking the injury of a child.

          Yes, so much worse that Syrian ground forces are readying for a ground offensive in company with Iranian troops, when only a little more than a month ago the western media was crowing that the Syrian army was all done, and that they were desperately trying to hold Damascus against the rebel tide.

          Naturally, that is worse from the western point of view, because they want to see Assad’s head on a pike and Damascus fall to the looting and anarchy that overcame Tripoli.

          The new airstrikes came as residents of Syria’s central regions fear the Russians are paving the way for a ground offensive by the government on several towns in the central province of Hama and the northwestern region of Idlib — where the Syrian army suffered major setbacks over the past months, activists said…(of course the residents “fear” a ground offensive, because they love the new Syria controlled by Islamic fundamentalists)…“Our intelligence has determined that the militants are leaving the areas they control. Panic and desertion have begun in their ranks,” Kartapolov said in a briefing transcript posted on the Defense Ministry’s Facebook page. “We will not only continue attacks by our airplanes, but will increase their intensity.”

          That should be clear enough to even the thickest. The Syrian Army – which the United States was “trying to help” by “helping them fight ISIS” – suffered setbacks for the last nine months. Russia has been flying airstrikes for less than a week, and the situation has stabilized so that the Syrian ground forces, augmented by Iranians, are gearing up for a counteroffensive that will push the militants out of Syria. Nine months of steadily losing ground, *poof* breakthrough and the situation is turning around, just like that. Anybody who believes the USAF was really trying to defeat ISIS is a fucking chowderhead.

    • et Al says:

      Second headline should have been:
      Russia risks Western anger by accelerating Syria strikes

  28. Jen says:

    News to cheer up Karl: Russian air force jets located and destroyed an ISIS command centre and underground depot storing explosives near Raqqa.

    Raqqa is right in ISIS-held territory in north-central Syria, on the Euphrates River. If the Russians have been able to get this far in Syria, they should be able to destroy ISIS completely in that country in a fortnight.

  29. kirill says:

    While the NATO media bleats about hoax collateral damage in Syria from Russian bombings it systematically ignores the Saudi butchery in Yemen.

  30. Warren says:

  31. Warren says:

  32. Patient Observer says:

    Certainly the strategic rationale is paramount but Russia is gaining invaluable experience is high tempo air operations on foreign soil. This will refine everything from field maintenance, logistics, coordination of operations, working with foreign military organizations, etc. In that regards, the West had a huge experience advantage with their numerous military interventions. Not that Russia will follow in those footsteps but the Syrian operations will prepare Russia for foreign military operations. When the West contemplates its next invasion, they will need to consider that Russia knows how to take the battle to their own territory.

  33. Warren says:

  34. marknesop says:

    “Gosh!”, as Leddy Ashton was wont to say: in the past few days, 700 militants and persons wanted by the government of Syria have downed arms and turned themselves in to the authorities in Deraa, choosing to take advantage of the Syrian National Reconciliation Program, which will return them, in phases, to civilian life. That’s “Butcher Assad” for you Dave, you ham lancer.

    I wonder why they seem to be losing enthusiasm for jihad? The pension plan? No free dental?

    • Cortes says:

      Ham Lancer Cameron he is henceforth. France had Charles the Fat, Castille Pedro the Cruel and Blighty has Ham Lancer Cameron haha.

      • yalensis says:

        The Charge of the Six Hundred Trotters

        Flash’d all their lances bare,
        Flash’d as they turn’d in air,
        Sabring the hamhocks there,
        Charging the pigsty, while
        All the world wonder’d:

        Plunged in where pork ribs smoke
        Right thro’ the line they broke;
        Cossack and Russian
        Reel’d from the lancer’s stroke
        Shatter’d and sunder’d.
        Then they rode back, but not
        Not the six hundred.

        Cameron to right of them,
        Cameron to left of them,
        Cameron behind them
        Bellowed and thunder’d;
        Doing things we cannot tell,
        While horse and hero fell,
        Waving his you-know-what so well
        Came thro’ the jaws of Death
        Back from the mouth of Hell,
        All that was left of them,
        Left of six hundred.

      • Moscow Exile says:

        Awwwww! Why don’t they give him a break?

        Anyone can make a mistake.

    • Jen says:

      Probably a substantial number of “rebels” were people drafted into fighting for al Qa’ida and ISIS against their will. Many of them might have been teenagers when they first started fighting. Then there are those people who were recruited by Saudi-funded imams in their communities and brainwashed into believing that by joining al Qa’ida or ISIS, they were fighting for a great and noble cause. After experiencing Utopia in the ISIS Caliphate, they came to their senses and now want out.

      Contrast that with, say, the Australian government’s determination to deny ex-ISIS fighters (many of whom regretting their decision to join ISIS and realising they had been duped) the opportunity to return home, reform their ways and persuade kids in their neighbourhoods not to join ISIS. If the ex-jihadis aren’t given the benefit of the doubt and allowed to return to warn others of the dangers, by presenting their own experiences, then Australia is shooting itself in the foot.

      What Syria is doing is really remarkable. I wonder whose idea the reconciliation program was. Bashar al Assad might be Hafez al Assad’s son physically but when it comes to governing and solving major problems he’s cut from different cloth.

  35. et Al says:

    The Aviationist: Hawaiian F-22 Raptors deploying to UAE to join air war on ISIS

    I Declare the Olympic Dick Swinging Games, OPEN!

    The comments here are interesting:


    Frand • 3 days ago

    They didn’t fail. Video shows that the underground bunker was destroyed. 1st and 2nd parts are confirmation of underground bunker being destroyed. White smoke indicates that thermobalic payload hit the bunker and evaporated the water inside of the cave, hence the white smoke which is vapour. (Shrpanel smoke is usually black because of burning/dust that the explosions produces). So basically 1st and 2nd parts are confirmation of the bunker being destroyed. 3rd part shows the initial anti-personal bomb falling and a secondary. After that you can see a 3rd ‘bunker buster bomb’ falling that you see on the 1st and 2nd video in the bottom left.

    Lots of confusion over the footage being shot by a drone rather than a targeting pod, but people see what they want to see.

    • kirill says:

      The deployment of the F-22 jets shows that they are aimed at Russian forces. There is no need to use F-22 jets to attack ISIS since ISIS has no air force and the F-22 are not heavy payload carriers to be used for bombing runs.

    • marknesop says:

      It’s important to keep in mind here that the “Syrian” militants number only a few thousand; they were getting their asses kicked by the Syrian Army before Washington entered the picture and began flying air cover for them and passing them intelligence about troop dispositions and access corridors and so forth. Their numbers are falling thanks to defections to the National Reconciliation Program. Since it is unlikely to accept non-Syrians, there cannot be too many Syrians left among the militants, which must be now almost completely comprised of foreign mercenaries. It is inconceivable there is a need for even more U.S. aircraft to beat them. Therefore it is pretty clear this is a move to outflank Russia. Russia and its allies must be on their guard for a unilateral attempt to impose the no-fly zones (patrolled, naturally, by the United States, because it is so trustworthy) and humanitarian corridors so beloved of the regime-changers, which will quickly be employed to reverse the fortunes of the battle again and allow the militants a path to Damascus. If it is going to be a contest to see who has the biggest balls, Russia should not allow itself to be backed down. Unilaterally-declared no-fly zones are not legal, and Russia should announce that it will not recognize them under such circumstances and will veto them if it comes up in the UN. It is as plain as can be that the United States cares nothing for Syrian civilians and is focused single-mindedly on overthrowing the Syrian government, by whatever means are necessary to accomplish it.

      It is equally plain that the west only allowed grudgingly that Assad might stay on for a bit longer, just until transition can be arranged, because it assumed he was finished and his position was hopeless. It clearly was not even on their radar that Russia could change the situation so quickly. And the west screwed itself by bragging that it was all-in on fighting ISIS – that’s why its only recourse now is to suggest that Russia is not fighting ISIS.

  36. Moscow Exile says:

    From greatness to poverty in 20 years

    I wonder in which other dimension these kreakly exist?

    Here’s the Kreakl site in which the above “demotivator” appeared and with more of the same:

    The catastrophic difference between the words and actions of the Putin regime

    After me, this is all that will remain
    Oct. 4th, 2015 at 11:20 AM

    They advocated the development of a market economy and private business and set up 300 thousand entrepreneurs.

    They said that climate of investment was the chief priority, and destroyed the system for the protection of investors’ rights. The total foreign direct investment in the country has never risen above 1% of the investment in China and capital outflows over the past 15 years have exceeded the total trade surplus.

    They aimed for privatization and increased competitiveness – and almost all nationalized concerns are now concentrated in the hands of a half-dozen “agents”, and the budget dependence on one industry has grown.

    They headed for a two-party system – and created “Fair Russia”.

    They spent three times too much on pension reform, resulting in the bankrupting of the pension fund and they withdrew savings for the third year running.

    They declared war on corruption, resulting in an increase in the average size of a bribe, whilst those who withdraw hundreds of millions of dollars from the budget for a fictitious VAT refund have not even been put under investigation (but the one who reported this died in prison).

    They announced that the country would protect small businesses, but the number of small businesses over the next 2 years fell by 40%, and their share in GDP fell to 18%.

    They twice changed the time – to improve the quality of life and economic efficiency – first there, then – back.

    They claimed that oil could fall in price and that the world would stop when the price was below $80 per barrel – yet oil has slumped to $50 and has been so for six months.

    They publicly pitied those who bought the dollar at 35 rubles, and the dollar is now worth 66 rubles.

    They are updating innovation and have created the SKOLKOVO and RUSNANO zones.

    They began health care reform and hospital mortality has increased by 20%.

    They announced the most important objective was the establishment of an International Financial Centre, and liquid markets have practically ceased to exist: the banking system is kept alive only by injections of equity funds and the Deposit Insurance Agency is bankrupt and crumbling trying to rescue depositors of banks that have not collapsed.

    They adopted a course for the development of industry, and the number of machine-tools in the country has decreased twofold over the past 8 years.

    They announced the development of an Arctic priority, but the consolidation of large parts of the Arctic as their property stands in conflict with our neighbors – and the world has entered a long cycle of low prices for raw materials, in which no projects in the Arctic will ever be profitable.

    They dismissed the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance because they advocated a monetarist course, the free market, and a savings budget, and the government, boards and committees have been filled with admirers of the socialist economy and have not changed economic course, only making their actions unpredictable and chaotic.

    They are offended that the West does not give us money, that they wrongly rate our companies and have decided to make their own rating agency, apparently believing that their agency ratings will be believed more in the West than Western agencies.

    They slowly and painfully entered the WTO and spent $50 billion on the Olympics in order to strengthen the country’s international image and the development of relations with the West and then turned Russia into a country under sanctions and imposed restrictions on trade.

    They proclaimed a course towards the unification of the brotherly nations and in a pan-Slavic world, which first pushed a bandit into power in the Ukraine and had been blackmailing the country with gas prices that eventually turned its population into our enemies, which has resulted in the loss of tens of thousands of lives.

    They decided to punish the Europeans, and food prices in Russia have grown by 25 – 60%, whereas Europe has increased its worldwide sales of foodstuffs by 5-15%.

    They announced a turn to the East (across thousands of kilometres of undeveloped and inefficient Siberia), and trade with China fell by a third and the total turnover with Europe has even increased. They spoke of mega-projects to build pipelines to China, although it is obvious that China, as the only buyer, will never pay for all the supplies above cost – but even in this case, China refused to finance even small part of the projects, unlike those with Iraq, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan, where China is financing everything.

    Three times they declared, that the Russian economy had reached the bottom, and now have announced that it will fall again next year.

    Finally, because popular films are not shown at the Cannes film festival, they decided to do an alternative festival, which will take away the movies … nice.

    Are you still looking for logic in the Syrian operation and waiting for the results?

    Where to begin?

    One could pick through the above word by word and line by line and expose all that is written as utter, unadulterated shite and falsehoods (e.g. Putin is responsible for sanctions being imposed by the USA and its lickspittle lackeys). Furthermore, Putin’s policies are positively rated by a record high percentage of the population, which just shows, the author of the above most likely would riposte, what brainwashed dolts those Asiatic Russians must be, unlike the intelligents that s/he who penned the above clearly thinks s/he is (and he/she regularly churns out similar stuff).

    I often wonder if the blogger is based at Langley, Virginia.

    If s/he is not, if s/he is here, then I only have one thing to say to her/him:


    • et Al says:

      I often wonder if the blogger is based at Langley, Virginia.

      Probably works from home, sitting on the sofa surrounded by junk food and used tissues. The US mil and others may have trouble finding sufficiently physically able young male adults to go and die abroad for freedom, but flying a drone or professional trolling (Brit JTRIG/Brigade 77*) is easy. It’s funny, the UK government only announced its online forum warriors B77 a few months ago but you can bet they they have been active in one form or another for loooooong before that, the B77 being just a useful moniker under which to sweep the odds and ends. Snowden/Greenwald’s JTRIG revelations support this. Black ops go grey, except that they present themselves as white.

      It’s also interesting to note that the UK has just announced it is going to copy US military strategy of the last few years, i.e. putting resources first in to Special Operations with all the regular stuff coming second – i.e. more with less.

      The problem with this is that they are creating a two class military with one class getting all the fancy kit, and the other getting all the shit, being less well protected and used as basic grunts. It is, of course, a strategy created primarily through of lack of money. Not only will it upset Class two grunts, there simply won’t be enough soldiers. Stalin was no dummy when he wrote “Quantity has a quality all of its own.“. Oh, and western soldiers aren’t totally willing to die for their beliefs, unlike the Saudi funded terrorist producing madrassas in Pakistan and elsewhere.

      * Not far off H88! Intentional? 😉

    • Cortes says:

      Makes you wonder why they haven’t upped sticks and moved to London or NYC? Spend some of those free dollars and become gazillionaires.

    • Moscow Exile says:

      Moscow, 22 years ago when the author of the above blog thinks Russia was great, namely before the Putin “regime” began and when Boris the Drunk was president.

      Remember those heady days? That was when male mortality was plummeting, suicides were increasing, alcohol was rampant and a very, very few people were becoming amazingly wealthy in unimaginably quick time.

      The writers of the above blogs always seem to me that they bear a grudge against the present “regime” because the trough was snatched away from their filthy snouts by said “regime” before they could place their trotters in it.

    • marknesop says:

      Boris Nemtsov will never be dead so long as his loyal followers live. They continue to write his comical and mendacious “White Papers” for him, even though he has departed this vale of tears.

  37. Warren says:

    Published on 4 Oct 2015
    Many unemployed Ukrainians seek ways to make money across the border, in Poland. Some apply for underpaid, menial jobs; others simply trade on the road-side. Eking out a living is a daily struggle but they believe they have no other option.

    • kirill says:

      But at least they have their pride and will never submit to “klaty moskaly” “slavery”. Losers.

      • Moscow Exile says:

        Derby Day, Epsom, I believe, ca.1920.

        That’s the Queen of England’s father and grandfather, kings George VI and V respectively in the landau facing the camera..

        Don’t know who the bloke is running alongside, but he seems pretty able bodied and fit, so why he isn’t earning an honest crust instead of malingering at the races I just cannot imagine.

        No doubt one of those socialist blighters with a chip on his shoulder who thinks the world owes him a living.

    • marknesop says:

      Even after all that has happened, it is still possible to feel pity. There’s little dignity in a life like that, which I hope those who continue to chunner and chitter about the “Revolution of Dignity” know in their hearts no matter what their stupid mouths say.

  38. et Al says:

    Groaning Man: Barack Obama promises full probe into suspected US airstrike on Kunduz hospital

    …Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) said patients burned to death in their beds during a bombing raid that continued for half an hour after US and Afghan authorities were informed the hospital had been hit. The United Nations said it could amount to a war crime…

    … MSF said despite frantic calls to American and Afghan military officials in Kabul and Washington, the attack continued for another 30 minutes, with the main hospital building housing the intensive care unit and emergency rooms being targeted.

    “The bombs hit and then we heard the plane circle round,” said Heman Nagarathnam, MSF’s head of programmes in northern Afghanistan. “There was a pause, and then more bombs hit. This happened again and again. When I made it out from the office, the main hospital building was engulfed in flames.”

    “Those people that could had moved quickly to the building’s two bunkers to seek safety. But patients who were unable to escape burned to death as they lay in their beds.”…

    I am proud to bring you the first results of Obama’s investigation:

    When the bombs were dropped, there was no hospital there. While the bombs were still in flight, ISIL moved a hospital directly in to the bombs’ path. Thus, it is no war crime at all.”

    Isn’t it about time the PPNN found some new, massive atrocity caused by Assad in Syria? Maybe they’ll find some chemical weapons?

  39. Moscow Exile says:

    From Fort Russ:

    Russia does not discriminate between the different shades of ‘crap’ (terrorists)

    Russia has created over Syria,a ‘sphere of negation’ which American planes can’t enter” – Blood and Guts Breedlove.

    In the US the two parties argued for a long time and could not agree, about a no-fly zone, and Putin just went ahead and did it” – Bloomberg.

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